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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Agricultural compositions employing organosiloxanes containing polyhydric groups
Aryloxypropanolamine derivatives, method of preparation and applications thereof
Therapeutic compressive cushions having buckwheat hulls therein
Treatment of addiction and addiction-related behavior
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of diseases associated with decrease in bone mass
Compositions containing HMG Co-A reductase inhibitors and policosanol
Lapachone delivery systems, compositions and uses related thereto
Hyaluronic drug delivery system
Geminin and Orc3N inhibit replication of herpesviruses, papillomaviruses, and polyomaviruses
Method for the treatment of inflammation
Regulated apoptosis
Modified ribozymes
Fiber-softening compositions containing non-ionic surfactants
Comb-shaped copolymers based on acryloyldimethyltaurine acid
Pharmaceutical compositions including ACE/NEP inhibitors and bioavailability enhancers
Ion beam scanner system and operating method
Golf ball cores with improved durability
Biaxially stretched polyester as a photo-receptive layer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Semiconductor component
Acceleration conveyor
Product for vapor deposition of films of amphiphilic molecules or polymers
Ultrasound transmit pulser with receive interconnection and method of use
Backing layer of a donor element for adjusting the focus on an imaging laser
Optical scale formed from mold having fixed and movable platens
Magnetically modified electrodes as well as methods of making and using the same
Image printing method and apparatus
Card-making method and system as well as heat treatment mechanism for cards and image-forming apparatus incorporating the same
Image forming system
Thermal dye-transfer receiver element with microvoided layer
Rotary electric machine having a flux-concentrating rotor and a stator with windings on teeth
Vehicular vision system
Steering apparatus for a vehicle
Inertial reference system for a spacecraft
Electrode design and positioning for controlled movement of a moveable electrode and associated support structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Gas-to-liquid CO2 reduction by use of H2 as a fuel
Substantially pure bulk pyrocarbon and methods of preparation
Branched polyvinyl imidazoline acid salt, polymeric flocculant comprising same, and process for preparing same
Fiber coated with water blocking material
Wax emulsion formulation and gypsum composition containing same
Production of hydrofluoroalkanes
Cyclic substituted aminomethyl compounds and medicaments comprising these compounds
Aminomethyl-phenyl-cyclohexanone derivatives
Process for production of dimers or aromatic monohydroxyl compounds
Branched primary alcohol compositions and derivatives thereof
Process for forming vinyl ester from carboxylic acid with water treatment of the reaction mixture
Solution and solid phase synthesis of pyrrolinones and polypyrrolinones
Process for the preparation of amorphous atorvastatin
Halogenated styrene compounds and very low-loss polymers made therefrom
Organic acid salt of amlodipine
Muscarinic antagonists
Fluorinated polyurethane elastomers prepared from polyether prepolymers formed from mono-substituted fluorinated oxetane monomers and tetrahydrofuran
Alkylenedioxythiophene dimers and trimers
Process for the preparation of ribofuranose derivatives
Methods for producing amino acids in coryneform bacteria using an enhanced sigD gene
Sequence and method for increasing protein expression in cellular expression systems
Cytotoxic modified lactoferrin peptides
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the prostate
Prolactin antagonists and uses thereof
Transgenic non-human animals expressing a truncated activintype II receptor
Nucleic acid encoding the FUS6 antimicrobial polypeptide of Agrotis ipsilon and its use to enhance disease resistance in a plant
Monoclonal antibodies to Sarcocystis neurona and uses therefor
Methods and compositions for neural progenitor cells
Antibodies and Fv fragment recognizing antigen IOR C2
Compositions and methods for counteracting effects of reactive oxygen species and free radicals
Processes for producing fluorided catalysts from nitrogenous metallocenes
Process for the gas phase polymerization of olefins
Silicone hydrogels based on vinyl carbonate endcapped fluorinated side chain polysiloxanes
Coating powder of epoxy resin and low temperature curing agent
Powder coating of free radical curable epoxy resin and another free radical curable resin
Fatty acids, soaps surfactant systems, and consumer products based thereon
Method for selecting recombinase variants with altered specificity
DNA encoding raffinose synthase from soybean
Phosphoinositide 3-kinases
Process for typing of HCV isolates
Titration method for a complex viral composition
Heat treatment apparatus, heat treatment method, medium on which heat treatment program is recorded, and steel product
Method of depositing metal film and metal deposition cluster tool including supercritical drying/cleaning module
Co-sputter deposition of metal-doped chalcogenides
Embedded electroconductive layer structure
Method of depositing dielectric materials in damascene applications
Thermal processing system
Polymer film metalization
Compound semiconductor structure including an epitaxial perovskite layer and method for fabricating semiconductor structures and devices
Textiles; Paper
Fibers comprising starch and biodegradable polymers
Fixed Constructions
Electronic cam assembly
Self-aligning safety sensors
Resonant acoustic transmitter apparatus and method for signal transmission
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Chromatic wind instrument
Slant reflector with bump structure and method of fabricating the same
Cooking apparatus
Penetration-resistant material
Apparatus for automatically detecting size to be detected and automatic analyzer using the same
Caching of intra-layer calculations for rapid rigorous coupled-wave analyses
Method and apparatus for determining two dimensional doping profiles with SIMS
Bolometric detector with antenna comprising a switch and imagery device comprising same
Method of wafer band-edge measurement using transmission spectroscopy and a process for controlling the temperature uniformity of a wafer
Sample inspection system
Flame treated turbidity sensor
Methods and systems for determining an implant characteristic and a presence of defects on a specimen
Portable diagnostic system
Integrated semiconductor circuit configuration
Three-dimensional characterization using a one-dimensional electrode array
Lead protrusion tester
Probe card cooling assembly with direct cooling of active electronic components
Synchronous semiconductor device, and inspection system and method for the same
Circuit analysis using electric field-induced effects
Static field controlling method and MRI apparatus
Receiver, apparatus, and method of despreading GPS signals
Method and apparatus for physical layer radar pulse detection and estimation
Method for the detection of dyes in fluorescence microscopy
Method and apparatus for steering an optical beam in a semiconductor substrate
Light source device and liquid crystal display employing the same
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus
Photographic article
Method for fabricating a mask configuration
Method of and apparatus for generating color conversion table and apparatus for generating proof using color conversion table
Differential pumping system and exposure apparatus
Refractive projection objective for immersion lithography
Polymer material having a low glass transition temperature for use in chemically amplified photoresists for semiconductor production
Method of reducing consumption of developer used in electrophotographic processor, and electrophotographic processor performing the method
Organophotoreceptor with an electron transport layer
Toner processes
Nano-lithography using squeezed atomic and molecular states
Structure for holding battery of electronic timepiece
Actuator with an electric motor
Method and apparatus for on die clock shrink burst mode
Variable pulse width and pulse separation clock generator
Casing structure for charger with upper cover
Touch panel-including illuminator and reflective liquid-crystal display device
Printing system with printer drivers selection
Method and apparatus for selecting print strategy for optimal performance
Low-power passive transponder
Electromagnetic identification label for anti-counterfeiting, authentication, and tamper-protection
Electronic locating systems
Apparatus and method for line drawing
System and method for calculating a texture-mapping gradient
System and method for modeling graphics objects
Apparatus, method and system for image processing with a color correction device
Camera messaging and advertisement system
Display apparatus capable of maintaining high image quality without dependence on display load, and method for driving the same
Active matrix led pixel driving circuit
Electronic apparatus with backlighting device
Image manipulation software
Guitar shaped guitar stand
Steplessly adjustable shoulder rest for violin or the like
Multi-pick apparatus for a stringed instrument
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Auto-adjustment of self-refresh frequency
Particle-optical apparatus and method for operating the same
Method and system for ion beam containment using photoelectrons in an ion beam guide
Method for checking positional accuracy of the leaves of a multileaf collimator
Integrated transformer
Rotor transformer positioning mechanism and operating method therefor
Switch assembly for a sunroof
Method and device for atomic interferometry nanolithography
Arc tube capable of preventing occurrence of leak due to cracks and manufacturing method therefore
Plasma display unit and production method thereof
Measurement box with module for measuring wafer characteristics
Compound semiconductor substrates and method of fabrication
Transparent layer of a LED device and the method for growing the same
Method for controlling dopant profiles and dopant activation by electron beam processing
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, utilizing a laser beam for crystallization
Dual gate logic device
Method of forming a thin film transistor
Method for controlling electrical conductivity
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Fabrication process of a semiconductor device
Low k film application for interlevel dielectric and method of cleaning etched features
Methods of forming materials over uneven surface topologies, and methods of forming insulative materials over and between conductive lines
Methods of forming semiconductor capacitors and memory devices
Method and system for forming source regions in memory devices
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including thin film transistor over thermal oxidation film over a glass substrate having distortion point of not lower than C
Polynorbornene foam insulation for integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for performing nickel salicidation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Yield based, in-line defect sampling method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with capacitor electrodes
Trench isolation employing a doped oxide trench fill
Device for sealing and cooling multi-chip modules
Method for producing a semiconductor die package using leadframe with locating holes
Semiconductor device with protrusions
Method for accommodating small minimum die in wire bonded area array packages
Semiconductor device including semiconductor bare chip mounted by flip-chip bonding, and board member with thin-film structure capacitor for semiconductor bare chip mounted by flip-chip bonding
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic semiconductor device and method
Micro power micro-sized CMOS active pixel
Semiconductor component having field-shaping regions
Stability in thyristor-based memory device
Lateral thyristor structure for protection against electrostatic discharge
Reduced cap layer erosion for borderless contacts
Bipolar ESD protection structure
Semiconductor device
Light emitting device
Method for forming an electrostatically-doped carbon nanotube device
Safety method, device and system for an energy storage device
Lithium-containing phosphate active materials
Fuel cell and membrane
Fullerene based proton conductive materials
Method of operating a fuel cell system, and fuel cell system operable accordingly
Electromagnetic coupling connector for three-dimensional electronic circuits
Dual-band antenna
Variable shape antenna etching system and antenna formed thereby
Device for receiving and/or emitting signals with radiation diversity
Composite antenna
Antenna with dynamically variable operating band
Jump start and reverse battery protection circuit
Motor with a plurality of pole teeth
Rotary electric motor having both radial and axial air gap flux paths between stator and rotor segments
Magnetizing structure of motor
Flywheel magneto generator
Brush DC motors and AC commutator motor structures with concentrated windings
Multiphase motors with single point sensing based commutation
Alternating current axially oscillating motor
Electric motor vehicle comprising same
Semiconductor power module and power converter
Circuit for providing multiple voltage signals
Ring oscillator gates in a matrix for aberrant logic gate timing detection
System and method for a startup circuit for a differential CMOS amplifier
Method and apparatus for determining a processing speed of an integrated circuit
Level shifter and flat panel display
Low power analog to digital converter
Sigma-delta conversion with analog, nonvolatile trimmed quantized feedback
Analog-to-digital converter with digital signal processing functionality to emulate many different sample frequencies, resolutions, and architectures
Analog signal level detecting apparatus
Analog-to-digital converter
Lossless coding method for waveform data
Interspersed training for turbo coded modulation
Phase modulator
Imaging device and imaging method
Method and apparatus for converting number of colors and processing image data
Image recording method and image recording apparatus
Method and adaptively deriving exposure time and frame rate from image motion
Method and apparatus for improving video quality
Electrical heating device
EL device
High pressure discharge lamp lighting apparatus and luminaire using thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Spread path modifier for agricultural spreader
Self-propelled hay bale retriever and stacker
Mounting device for a lamp for a birdcage
Method and device for the contamination-free metering and conveying of solid powders which are to be dispersed or dissolved
Comprehensive product delivery system
Apparatus for varying the distances between the ends of rod-shaped articles of the tobacco processing industry
Light device for attachment to a key ring
Backpack quick release system
Combination backpack and seat cushion
Device for removing individual fiber tufts from up to three fiber bins of a brush making machine
Keyboard support system
Adjustable mouse pad support
Mechanical arm mechanism for movably supporting multi-position multiple user surface members
Closet organization system and method for installing same
Multilayered rack assembly
Storage cart
Pivot connector for easel lamp
Spring assemblies for mattresses and the like
Screw spindle assembly of swivel chair
Padded chair cover and method for covering chairs
Structure for supporting skin of seat
Seat construction which corrects the pelvis so that it influences a proper alignment of the human body
Adjustable back support pillow
Chair having adjustable lumbar support
Back-rest with adjustable lordosis support for seats
Armrest mechanism for dental chairs
Seat compartment
Combination chaise lounge and tote cart
Hutch and chest combination
Display and storage system
Socket receiving device
In-line skate wheel rack and carrying device
Tool holding apparatus for persons with limited use of hands
Modular pants hanging unit
Tray support apparatus
Barbecue grill artificial lighting apparatus
Electric mixer
Grip device for a food cooking vessel, in particular a frying-pan
Under the counter paper towel dispensing system
Surgical stapling apparatus
MR compatible neurosurgical positioning apparatus
Ophthalmic measurement apparatus
Device and method for mapping the topography of an eye using elevation measurements in combination with slope measurements
Fiber optic eye-tracking system utilizing out-of-band light source
Eye measuring apparatus having signal processing means for calculating eye information
X-ray exposure system for 3D imaging
Foot pedal control holders
Bag for folded disposable diapers
Static mixer
Folding wheelchair with improved suspension system
Intravenous stand support assembly
Multidirectional, switchless overhead support system
Electrostatic spraying
Roadway cover system for utility lines
Big scale (500cc) golf club head fabrication method
Wing shaped security device for golf bag
Clap skate
Walking attachment for in-line skate
Ski conversion apparatus
Binding supporting plate for a ski
Platform for mounting a ski binding on a ski
Educational number game
Method of playing a game of chance
Combination bingo and poker game
Screen segment, viewing isolation apparatus
Wagering game and table layout for playing same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oil/water separator
Dual deck dewatering screen
Flagella device for mixing of viscous substances
Height locating washer for the stirrer shaft of a stirrer lid for a paint stirring machine
Apparatus for automatically creating blended stream of promotional articles
Horizontal flow generation system
Method and device for combining at least two fluid media
Mixing apparatus for mixing thermosetting and thermoplastic resin blends prior to molding
Storage container for stackable consumer articles
Millennium rotor assembly
Blade ring for air-swept roller mills
Arrangement for securing a vane wheel assembly to a grinding table of a pulverizing bowl mill
Desktop shredders
Separator for separating particles from a slurry
Nozzle assembly improvement
Auto underwasher
Auxiliary handle with latching trigger for power washer pressure gun
Liquid jetting apparatus and operation method of the liquid jetting apparatus
Water display nozzle shields
Automatic adjustable sprinkler for precision irrigation
Efficiency ultrasonic sieving apparatus
Method and device for controlling an arrangement to distribute articles to be sorted to physical target locations
Object sorter and sizer
Container gripper, in particular for bottles
Connection between the spindle head of a gear-type or universal joint spindle and a roll neck
Vented container end apparatus and method
Rivet tool escapement mechanism
Rotary power tool with remotely actuated chuck
Tool spindle clamping device
Horizontal lever actuated chuck
Rotary power tool with hydraulically actuated chuck
Universal drill jigs
Cutter insert for roughing and finishing
Chain saw mini-workbench
Wire bonding method
Method for high frequency bonding
Method for compaction and subsequent welding of electric conductors
Method of joining a member of soft magnetic material to a member of hardened material using a friction weld
Heat suppressing wrap
Plunge router depth stop system
Removable chuck
Method for tandem edging complementary lenses
Timing device for workholding apparatus
Tire changing system with frame mounted jacks and lug wrench
Socket having a light device
Clamping/securing/connecting system
Clamp with improved internal cam action
Quick exhaust remote trigger valve for fastener driving tool
Method and apparatus for securing material
Pavement composite material with elastic surface layer and production method thereof
Self-cleaning, mixing apparatus and method for the production of polyurethane formulations
Dispensing package with a self-sealing closure constructed from a thermoplastic material
Wet colorant hard copy apparatus media handling to reduce cockle
Print mode mapping for plain paper and transparency
Printer with an improved feeding system
Feed system for a marking system and laser marking system
Printing device and photographic paper
Driving method of printing apparatus
Electrostatic ink-jet recording head
Ink jet printer having improved ink droplet placement
Continuous ink jet printer with asymmetric heating drop deflection
High speed thin film stressed membrane print head
Ink jet printhead and ink jet printer
Ink jet printhead having a unitary actuator with a plurality of active sections
Ink jet printhead having a low cross talk ink channel structure
Methods and apparatus for adhesively bonding an orifice plate to the internally chambered body portion of an ink jet print head assembly
Ink jet recording apparatus and method including prevention of color mixing through selective predischarge of nozzles adjacent to differing color groups
Ink bottle with puncturable diaphragm closure
Recording device capable of setting drive voltage of print head based on analog signals
Ink jet recording apparatus
Apparatus for producing halftone images suitable for lithographic printing plate
Ink-jet printing apparatus for printing with a plurality kinds of same color type inks having different density
Image forming apparatus forming images using jumping toner/developer
Traveling wave and vertical toner transfer
Electrostatic image forming apparatus having control electrode protection means
Printer device for printing a strip medium
Label printing apparatus
Ribbon cassette having leveraged movement during installation or ejection from printing apparatus
Hole-punching and binding apparatus for papers
Passive lead-in for paper stack into stapler
Mailer assembly
Book with storage for manipulatives
File holder
Safety device and method for reducing the likelihood of tire and rim mis-match
Motorcycle hitch
Rear wheel suspension system of vehicle
Vehicle shock absorber spring seat pad having a spring--containment peripheral flange
Front suspension for vehicle
Ventilated child restraint seat
Vehicle heating apparatus having combustor
Angle adjustable support for a sun-shade device
Cover of an openable motor vehicle roof and motor vehicle roof equipment therewith
Small bracket for sun visors of vehicles
Side wall for a vehicle body
Durable doors for a recreational vehicle
Power sliding door for a motor vehicle
School bus escape door system
Fuel feed port sealing apparatus
Quick-on filler neck cap
Tank closure for the fill opening of a fuel tank
Attachment of a lock to a slide section of an automobile vehicle seat
Seating height indicator for car seat
Foldable multi-position automotive vehicle seat
Headrest for a vehicle seat
Device and method for diffusing light
Auxiliary light
Automotive interior lamp assembly having polypropylene body, a lamp and switch, and transparent/translucent polypropylene and/or polycarbonate cover with izod impact values
Method and apparatus for providing a mirror for assisting in the hitching of a trailer to a towing vehicle
Side view mirror with detachable flashlight
Apparatus for mounting a mobile device on a support surface
Truck waste system
Wire holding clip for trim panel
Wiring harness arranging construction
Occupant presence and position sensing system
Air bag cover assembly having a switch module and method of making same
Steering wheel and horn switch assembly for the steering wheel
Trim piece construction for an air bag installation
Arrangement of an inflatable lateral head protection system in a motor vehicle
Structure for arrangement of occupant protective apparatus for vehicle
Steering wheel
Gas generator
Pyrotechnic gas generator with an adaptable flow rate for air bags
Device to detect seat belt buckle status
Pyrotechnical linear actuating means for a belt tensioner
Truck box with improved operating rod
Vehicle bed ballast apparatus
Anchorage device
Trailer braking system
Brake-actuating device
Method for electrically actuated braking of a motor vehicle and electrically actuated brake system
Active brake control with front-to-rear proportioning
Load proportional brake cylinder pressure limiting system
Method and apparatus for controlling the brake system of a motor vehicle
Brake pressure control device
Brake control system
Dual action ball screw pump
Brake system
Hydraulic brake system for a vehicle
Brake system for a trailer vehicle and a valve for use therein
Golf club cart collapsing device
Portable stackable wagon assembly
Basket assembly for golf bag carts
Steering mechanism for non-riding ground engaging equipment
Motor vehicle steering column unit
Retractable air turbulence device for vehicles
Rubber crawler
Seat for a bicycle
Ergonomic bicycle saddle
Direct drive bicycle
Occupant pedaled skateboard
Retractable grappling hook
One-shot pedestal swivel seat lock/release mechanism
Self-propelled boat launch vehicle
Passive porosity airfoil management device
Aileron for fixed wing aircraft
Mid-air cargo relay system
Dual pivot expandable lavatory
Hot air diffuser for a jet engine air inlet cowl with de-icing circuit
Auxiliary inlet for a jet engine
Portable helipad
Pallet and bin wrap
Plastic bag with triangular cut tabs
Reclosable bag with profile strip fastener assembly, and bag body
Stable liquid container
Preform for making a container
Combination cup and food container
Resealable container cover
Drinking receptacle covers
Adjustable box
Corrugated board packaging box
Container for compressors and other goods
Opening arrangement for packaging containers
Containment system
Beverage can tray with improved handling features
Packaging and display apparatus
Sloping container bottom with drain
Corrugated cushioned inserts
Absorbent food product support
Packet of cigarettes
Molded tank
Bag extraction device
Idler support system for tubular conveyors
Conveyor chain
Carrier chain
Method for carrying containers such as bottles and the like, and plant for its implementation
Lane-divided plastic conveyor belt
Dividing wall for installation above a belt for conveying articles such as bottles and the like
Differential impulse conveyor and method
Vibratory conveyor
Driver unit for an electrically driven vibratory conveyor
Hose carrier
Apparatus having document transport mechanism
Automatic splicer for unwinder
Device having tension control means including a coil spring for controlling the tension in an elongate material
Gear arrangement for driving the spool core of a take-up spool for the transfer tape of a transfer dispenser
Spooled barbwire dispenser
Sheet feeding apparatus with skew correction for fed sheets
Thread feed device for elastic yarn
Method for detecting an end portion of a recording medium in a recording apparatus and end portion detection apparatus
Slip shaft assembly having core axial position fixing mechanism
Hooks and loop fastener attached to a bobbin by ultrasonic welding
Structure telecommunications cable reel
Spreader bar apparatus
Control device for a hoist mechanism of a crane
Non power tool for mounting doors
Chemical solution dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass cutter's table
Process for producing briquetted and pressed granular material and use thereof
Cutting tool, process for coating a cutting tool and use thereof
Temperature probes for measuring substrate temperature
Textiles; Paper
Plant material processing system
Inlet element arrangement for a spin draw winder
Fixed Constructions
Rail-fastening assembly
Paving machine capable of spraying a liquid binding material
Railway grade crossing apparatus and method of installation
System and method for widening a highway and supporting a sound wall
Raised road marker
Transportable collapsible protective barrier, especially against high water
Revetment system
Bracket assembly for lifting and supporting a foundation
Reinforcements and a reinforcement system for stabilized earth
Method for making foundation piling with drilling machines
Drain channel system
Latching assembly for insulation panels
Light fixture thermal insulator
Stabilizing elements for mechanically stabilized earthen structure and mechanically stabilized earthen structure
Electromagnetic lock device
Oven door latch
Door latch with manually resettable deadbolt lock
Step ladder bracket
Method and apparatus for lifting oilfield goods to a derrick floor
Column cribbing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for fast start fuel system for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection valve with a piezo-electric or magnetostrictive actuator
Fuel injector with rate shaping control through piezoelectric nozzle lift
Fuel injection valve and method for producing a valve needle of a fuel injection valve
Metering and dispensing assembly
Fluid pressure device
Threaded insert with flange tabs
Anchor bolt for friable material
Releasable lock for bearing assembly
Captive fastener
Hybrid panel fastener
Integral snap button and anti-rattle member
Hydrodynamic bearing
Method of manufacturing ventilated brake disc
Isolation system for vibratory equipment
Cable splice
Rotary shaft seal having a PTFE seal lip and a method and apparatus of manufacturing same
Brush seal and method for the manufacture of a brush seal
Butterfly valve construction
Isolation valves
Pinch valve assembly
Combination diaphragm and groove coupler seal for automatic control valves
Preassembled fitting for use with corrugated tubing
Segmented flange including a shim
Suspension clamp having flexible retaining arm
Transmission line hanger
Sanitary quick connector
Integrated hose body quick connects
Flexible entry boot assembly for use with a fluid containment region
Chemiluminescent lighting device
Lamp unit with improved push-in type bulb holder
Cammed rotating gobos
Detachable decorative system for lamp shades
Vehicular lighting device having a shade component
Programmable signal light
Fluorescent lighting fixture having two separate end supports, separate integral ballast subassembly and lamps sockets, and hood positionable above end supports for mounting in or below opening in suspended ceiling
Lighting device
Light emitting panel assemblies
Lighting device for display of graphic characters
Surface light source device having shielding layer
Apparatus for increasing a polarization component, light guide unit, liquid crystal display and polarization method
Optical switch for dental/medical light guide
High efficiency high intensity backlighting of graphic displays
Method and apparatus for measuring airflows in HVAC systems
Terminal unit with active diffuser
Real time boresight error slope sensor
Hyperspectral air-to-air missile seeker
Tape-thickness measuring method, and tape-running control method using the tape-thickness measuring method
Apparatus for measuring the temperature of an object with a temperature sensor and method of making the temperature sensor
Flow cytometer droplet break-off location adjustment mechanism
Micron-scale differential scanning calorimeter on a chip
Automatic tracking lighting equipment, lighting controller and tracking apparatus
Fiber optic connector receptacle assembly
Optical combiner for redundant optical paths in seismic data transmission
Connector for at least one optical fibre
Nose pad and hanger assembly for eyeglasses
Method for identifying characteristics of contact lenses
Camera having multipurpose cover
High speed optical image selection system
Adjustable laser projector
Annotation displaying projector
Method and apparatus for producing roll photo film
Photographic processing apparatus
Watch case
Self-contained temperature and pressure operated pinch valve
Thermostatic mixing valve
Printer with variable image processing corresponding to image size
System and method for processing object-based audiovisual information
Data processing form using a scanning apparatus
Secure card for E-commerce and identification
Identification tag for wireless communication with remote controller
Reservation control method for facilities
Method and apparatus for verifying the integrity of a mail piece
Apparatus for mapping memory PCMCIA cards into I/O window address space to select an internal register and perform read and write operations using an index mechanism
Drive for handling multiple size information storage media cartridges and cartridges therefor
Tape coupling arrangement for single reel cartridge
Packaging for accommodating a disc-shaped information carrier
Non-contact information storage medium and data transmission method for the medium
Clipless tray
Board adapter
Connector supply method and device
Adjustable bracket assembly for a building entrance box
Electric motor and method of manufacturing the same
Laser imaging using a spatial light modulator
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew