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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
High-speed transmission system for optical channels
Stable millimeter wave source for broadband wireless signal transmission using optical fibre
Human Necessities
Image guided therapy
Automatic femur segmentation and condyle line detection in 3D MR scans for alignment of high resolution MR
Extended optical range system for monitoring motion of a member
Systems and methods for monitoring DP, IVRT, DiFT, diastolic function and/or HF
Electrode device and electrocardiographic measurement device
Systems and methods for bioluminescent computed tomographic reconstruction
Methods and devices for relieving stress
Method for reconstruction of a three-dimensional image data set and x-ray device
Nerve cuff, method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Adapter, adapter retail unit and system of the adapter, an implantable medical electronic device and an electrode line
Video processing methods for improving visual acuity and/or perceived image resolution
Moldable charger with shape-sensing means for an implantable pulse generator
Respiratory stimulation for treating periodic breathing
Lead locking device and method
Hybrid multichannel printed circuit board microdrive
Implantable medical electrode device
Telemetry protocol for ultra low error rates useable in implantable medical devices
Self-test for analgesic product
Current control for electrotransport drug delivery
Simultaneous stimulation for low power consumption
Methods for treating the physiological electric conduction of the heart
Implantable defibrillation output circuit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of processing mailpieces using customer codes associated with digital fingerprints
Vehicle cooling fan control system and vehicle cooling fan control method
Engine load management for traction vehicles
In-vehicle charge and discharge control apparatus and partial control apparatus
Method of actuating external active safety system for vehicle
Method of determining a steering angle in a motor vehicle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel injection control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Malfunction diagnostic apparatus and malfunction diagnostic method for intake air temperature sensors
Gas heating apparatus and methods
Method and device for diagnosing a position encoder
Federated route production
Use of statistics to determine calibration of instruments
Multi-step valve lift failure mode detection
Virtual screening of chemical spaces
Signal processing algorithms for impedance biosensor
Apparatus for testing a conducted energy weapon
Method and device for determining a speed of an object
Downhole drilling utilizing measurements from multiple sensors
Fiber distribution hub with internal cable spool
Bend insensitive optical fibers with low refractive index glass rings
Device and method for transmitting light signals
Optical sensor module
Image forming apparatus and computer readable medium
Image forming apparatus for detecting speed fluctuation
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image density adjustment method
Belt pressurizing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Driving device and image forming apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Wet type developing apparatus
Coatings for LEP printers, LEP printer structures, LEP printers, and methods of inhibiting sludge formation
Fixing device, image forming apparatus incorporating same, and method of dimensioning fixing device
Belt-type fixing device and image forming apparatus using same
Waste toner container and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring a temperature controlled fan
Method, system and apparatus for controlling an electrical device
Providing recommendations using information determined for domains of interest
Universal quality assurance automation framework
Mobile communication device and method for using the same
Network infrastructure supporting a multi-seller promotion and transaction environment
Method for building adaptive soft sensor
Method for selecting features used in continuous-valued regression analysis
Data driven frequency mapping for kernels used in support vector machines
Dynamic gazetteers for entity recognition and fact association
Apparatus and method for single unit access display
Method for controlling torque at one or more wheels of a vehicle
Object graph editing context and methods of use
Data embedding device, data embedding method, data extraction device, and data extraction method
Goal based system utilizing a table based architecture
System and method for occupancy estimation
Prose style morphing
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
Linguistically enhanced email detector
Simulation method and simulation apparatus
Signal processing device and signal processing method
Methods and systems for dynamic wrinkle prediction
Product integrity tracking system, shipping label, and associated method
System and method for tracking medical imaging quality
Methods of automated spectral peak detection and quantification having learning mode
Method for scheduling a production process by supporting the visualization of material shortages
Spin coating modeling
Method for cutting out a panoply of parts
Engine control program, method and apparatus
System and methods for transmitting data
Driving-force transmitting apparatus for four-wheel-drive vehicle
Protein synthesis modulators
Method for processing a digital file notably of the image, video and/or audio type
Database restructuring apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium recording database restructuring program
Systems and methods for preventing digital asset restoration
Modeling of the radiation belt megnetosphere in decisional timeframes
Method and simulator for real-time calculation of state variables of a process model
Framework and system for identifying partners in nefarious activities
Demand based USB proxy for data stores in service processor complex
Method system and program storage device for simulating a multilayer reservoir and partially active elements in a hydraulic fracturing simulator
Virtual simulator method and system for neuromuscular training and certification via a communication network
Automatic measurement of morphometric and motion parameters of the coronary tree from a rotational X-ray sequence
Strategies for processing image information using a color information data structure
Color correction apparatus, method and computer program
Phase subtraction cell counting method
Systems and methods for performance training
Apparatus and system for imaging currency bills and financial documents and method for using the same
Screen space plane identification
Scene matching reference data generation system and position measurement system
Apparatus for calculating 3D spatial coordinates of digital images and method thereof
Retrieving scenes from moving image data
Systems and methods for ultrasound simulation using depth peeling
Color processing apparatus, color processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
Automatic spine creation for book cover images that do not have spines
Radical-base classification of East Asian handwriting
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
Image processing apparatus, image display apparatus, image forming apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
Predictive-transform source coding with subbands
Apparatus and method of embedded quantization for the improved SNR scalbility
Multi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method for image texture analysis
Using separate coefficients to weight and add separate images together from a spatial filter process
Generating sharp images, panoramas, and videos from motion-blurred videos
Method for distributed source coding of wavelet coefficients in zerotrees
Apparatus for determining motion vectors and a reference picture index for a current block in a picture to be decoded
Meta-classifier system for video analytics
Method and system to determine whether an image includes spatial adjustments
Method and system for automatically measuring retail store display compliance
System and method of solving large scale supply chain planning problems with integer constraints
Method and apparatus for risk identification and mitigation in shift work fatigue
Facilitating availability of information technology resources based on pattern system environments
System for location based transaction security
System and methods for servicing electronic transactions
Method and apparatus for providing supplementary product sales to a customer at a customer terminal
Calculation method of sales commission using transformation coefficient in on-line, calculation system and recording medium thereof
Method and apparatus for providing supplementary product sales to a customer at a customer terminal
Method and apparatus for providing supplementary product sales to a customer at a customer terminal
Universal affinity system
CM data management apparatus/method, pay-program reception terminal/method, pay-program transmission/reception system, and computer-readable storage medium storing computer program to realize these methods
Electronic book having electronic commerce features of recommending products and providing samples
Special-ordered-set-based cost minimization
Sales apparatus, sales method and program
Method for determining effectiveness of display of objects in advertising images
Method and apparatus for configuring and establishing a secure credential-based network link between a client and a service over a data-packet-network
Paired basis swap risk and credit mitigation system and collateral minimization system
Systems and methods for managing account information lifecycles
Managing security holdings risk during portfolio trading
Method and system for providing electronic option trading bandwidth reduction and electronic option risk management and assessment for multi-market electronic trading
Management of business processes
Information record management system
Traffic-jam state calculation systems, methods, and programs
Audio decoding device, audio decoding method, program, and integrated circuit
Acoustic signal classification system
System and method for multi-channel multi-feature speech/noise classification for noise suppression
Speech recognition apparatus, navigation apparatus including a speech recognition apparatus, and a control screen aided speech recognition method
Spectral noise shaping in audio coding based on spectral dynamics in frequency sub-bands
Decoder for audio signal including generic audio and speech frames
Integrated tunable RF notch filter
Techniques for optimizing gain or noise figure of an RF receiver
High-frequency receiver with multiple-channel digital processing
Mobile communication system, position registration method, terminal, and home agent
Multi-mode terminal device
Optical fiber communication method and transmitting device
Methods and devices for detection of a first signal superimposed on a second signal
Optical access system for dual service network
Apparatus and method for detecting acoustic feedback
Margin design apparatus, margin design system, margin design method, and program
Wireless digital transmission system for loudspeakers
Automatic gain control configuration for a wideband distributed antenna system
Method for controlling an uplink power in a wireless communication system and an apparatus in the system
Asymmetric and asynchronous energy conservation protocol for vehicular networks
Apparatus and method for allocating downlink control channel
Method, pre-coding apparatus and wireless communication system for multiple-input multiple-output collaborative communication
Method of transmitting and receiving a midamble for channel estimation of multiple antennas
Optical I/O bus system
Wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network having multiple branches of optical distribution
Sweeping mode of jamming system
Apparatus and method for crest factor reduction
Decision directed DC offset removal
DC offset suppression circuit for a complex filter
Method and apparatus for correcting I/Q mismatch in a wireless communication signal
Receiver with analog and digital gain control, and respective method
Display window control system and method
Low complexity fine timing synchronization method and system for stimi
Apparatus and method for controlling a master/slave system via master device synchronization
Distributed generation of mutual secrets
Method and terminal for implementing hot-plug of smart card
Intelligent resonant vibration amplifier
Sharing at least one functional block in a communication system
Sliding mechanism
Portable terminal device
Radio base station apparatus
Integrated lighting accessory and case for a mobile phone device
Method for transmission line analysis
Unified communication system
Mobile telephone having broadcast reception function
Communication apparatus performing communication via network using phone number, control method for the same, and storage medium
Signaling in wireless communication systems
System and method of wireless communication device provisioning for prepaid service
Unified customer service interactions
MDN switching between telematics devices
Information processing apparatus
Selective caching of real time messaging threads
Cordless telephone unit including audible confirmation of called party
Optical disk for high resolution and general video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk recording apparatus, and reproduction control information generation apparatus
Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
Reproduction device and program
Video reproducing apparatus, video display system and record medium
Moving picture multiplexing apparatus, audio and video recording apparatus and moving picture multiplexing method
Reproduction device, integrated circuit, reproduction method, program, and computer-readable recording medium
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, program, and recording medium
Television program transmission, storage and recovery with audio and video synchronization
Headphone adaptation and positioning device
Manufacturing method of paper making part for loudspeaker, paper making part for loudspeaker, diaphragm for loudspeaker, sub cone for loudspeaker, dust cap for loudspeaker and loudspeaker
Acoustic transducer
Hearing aid with an interchangeable earpiece
Small hearing aid
Ear jack for detecting earphone plug
Method and apparatus to select an optimum site and/or sector to provide geo-location data
Methods and arrangments for dynamically adjusting the rate of sub cell searching in coordinated multiple point transmission/reception, comp, cells
RAN node and method thereof
Paging method in area where macro ASN and femto ASN are linked in mobile network, and system therefor
Controlled mobile communication as a service
Securing quality of service (QoS) according to type of wireless local area network (WLAN) service
Method for reducing signalling
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data processing system, storage medium and program
Content-based notification and user-transparent pull operation for simulated push transmission of wireless email
Method and system for network support for optimized paging of communication devices
Wireless communication system, base station device and mobile station device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Vehicle-mountable particle spreader
Combine harvester grain tank cover
Mixer with helical feeder and recirculation scroll for preparing material for animal feeding
Atomizer with tilted orifice plate and replacement reservoir for same
Apparatus with bellows for calling game
Fabric protectant against pests
Cookie dough dispenser
Color fading/discoloration preventive agent
Miniature hat light
Headgear with illumination and message indication means
Device for mounting an item
Illuminating umbrella grip detachably mounted with cassette LED illuminating unit
Pressible receptacle for a fluid sample
Identification holder system
Rotational holster for an electronic device
Liquid lipstick dispensing device
Light emitting tooth brush having whitening and sterilizing effects
Portable work station for a laptop computer
Storage apparatus
Locking and removable step
Sports equipment storage rack
Guide fittings for pulling out drawers
Modular furniture frame
Collapsible frame for furniture
Rocking chair
Collapsible wheelchair
Two-position collapsible reclining chair
Juvenile seat with pivotable armrest
Stool apparatus
Adjustable chair
Infant support cushion with adjustable side flaps
Product display system using radio frequency identification
Display device
Collapsible display shelving
Clamping device and method for grasping a workpiece
Splash-proof beverage lid slide closure
Device for attaching at least one flower pot to a tree trunk
Hanger for hanging objects from a vertically extending structure
Extraction bag with support for containing a material to be extracted and sheet composite therefor
Garlic processor
Attachment providing comfortable grip
Method and device for lifting lids
Support sled for rolls of absorbent sheet and dispenser incorporating same
Stacked paper product dispensing cartridge
Endoscope and endoscope cap with recessed focal point
Endoscope apparatus
Core bite biopsy needle
Surgical biopsy system with remote control for selecting an operational mode
Surgical forceps
Body tissue retrievel bag arrangement
Combined vessel dissection and transection device and method
Cooled stabilizer for surgical procedures
Medical clamp
Methods and devices for capturing and fixing leaflets in valve repair
Metal probe for intracorporeal calculi crushing
Laser-resistant medical retrieval device
Endoscope pincers with rotary connector
Devices for minimally invasive pelvic surgery
Powered surgical handpiece with removable control switch
Needle control device
Bone distractor with shaft extension
Transverse rod connector clip
System and method for reinforcing bone in preparation for screw implantation
Instrument and method for pulling and twisting a tie onto two separated items
Removal of waste products by suction during the ablation of biological tissue
Method and apparatus for the prevention of endometrial hyperplasis and uterine cancer
Surgical ablation probe for forming a circumferential lesion
Unrollable tip for a catheter
Ablation system and method having multiple-sensor electrodes to assist in assessment of electrode and sensor position and adjustment of energy levels
Method and apparatus for applying energy to biological tissue including the use of tumescent tissue compression
Remote actuation of trajectory guide
Localization element with energized tip
Myopia progression control using bifocal contact lenses
Pocket sphygmomanometer
Apparatus for measuring visceral fat
System and method for analyzing a region below one or more layers of tissue
Split pressure ring for lancing device and method of operation
Method and apparatus for ultrasound contrast imaging
Air-driven dental vibratory instrument with a replaceable vibrator module
Device and method for registering the use of an odontological instrument
Tooth reduction measuring tool and methods
Dental retractor and fluid control system
Disposable pant type absorbent article
Disposable pull-on undergarment
Artificial rectum and related method
Nested stent apparatus
Layered stent-graft and methods of making the same
Stent with channel(s) for containing and delivering a biologically active material and method for manufacturing the same
Devices, systems, and methods for subcutaneously placing an article
Delivery catheter
Apparatus and method for reconstructing a ligament
Artificial valve
Vertebral implant and setting tool therefor
Plug for insertion into a bone canal
Tetraxial-link artificial limb joint
Tension assisted ankle joint and orthotic limb braces incorporating same
Brace hinge with telescoping condyle pad
Stoma dilator
Moving heat exchange catheter system
Controlled volume eye drop dispensing device
Moving unit
Manipulation device with dynamic intensity control
Body support harness
Cardiac assist method using an inflatable vest
Bathtub chromatherapy system
Bubbling bath mat
Ready-to-use sensory diversion device
Composition for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres and dyeing processes using these compositions
Bone cement compositions comprising fused fibrous compounds
System and method for treating process material
Method for disinfecting and stabilizing organic wastes with mineral by-products
Method for disinfecting and stabilizing organic wastes with mineral by-products
Membrane for in guided tissue regeneration
Oxidation-resistant coatings
Biocompatible osteogenic band for repair of spinal disorders
Adjustable fluid flow resistor cassette
Blood pump
Blood component collecting apparatus
Method and device for sleep monitoring
Method and device for endoscopic injection of at least one fluid
Catheter handle for controlling the advancement of a guide wire
Vacuum therapy and cleansing dressing for wounds
Methods and apparatus for delivering fluids
Vaginal cleaning apparatus
Dosage vessel for use with an indwelling feeding tube
Syringe plunger locking mechanism
Leak detection system and method of using the same
Cost-sensitive application infusion device
Durable hypodermic jet injector apparatus and method
Intradermal injection system for injecting DNA-based injectables into humans
Labor efficient safety syringe
Syringe needle cover
Retractable needle medical device for injecting fluid from a pre-filled cartridge
Automatically retractable safety syringe
Safety device for syringe
Method and apparatus for monitoring heart rate and abnormal respiration
Multi-source x-ray catheter
Brachytherapy instrument and methods
Wood pole fall protection device
Fire resistant air transfer grille or damper
Exercise device
Exercise apparatus
Multi-directional swivel body builder
Abdominal exerciser
Exerciser for the muscles of the pelvic floor
Golf ball having direction-sighting indications and mold for manufacturing the same
Basketball having nine to twelve cover panels
Adjustable jump rope apparatus with adjustable weight and length
Slotted hosel for a golf club
Golf club head and method of manufacturing the same
Aim visualization, anti-torque stabilized, and resonant-structured golf putter head
Handle for a lacrosse stick
Combination bat knob and handle grip
Connection member for connecting parts of frame assembly
Basketball practicing and collecting device
Golf stance guidance system and method
Five and seven card stud game method and card playing surface
Controller and expansion unit for controller
Game machine for simulating vibration
Role playing video game using cards
Mobile remote control video gaming system
Method of playing card games
Lottery game tickets and methods for making same
Combination puzzle toy
Method and system for playing trivia games
Methods of temporal knowledge-based gaming
Animated figure
Radio controlled toy vehicle with transforming body
Hand-launched toy rocket
Double doll figurine
Toy building set with a measuring sensor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solution treatment system and solution treatment method
Apparatus for separation of a fluid flow, especially into a gas phase and a liquid phase
High temperature polymer filtration medium
Sand/dust filtering system
Device for the separation of liquid and/or solid pollutants entrained by gaseous streams
Feedback loop controlled multistage aerosol removal device
Closed capture emission system
Panel type air filter element with integral baffle
Venturi scrubber plate, waste capture system, and method
Air cleaner assembly for reducing pollutants from being discharged into the atmosphere
Gas separating and purifying method and its apparatus
Lensless laser focusing device
Methods and apparatus for materials processing
Light inexpensive cross for mixers of concrete, mortar and similar materials
High intensity blending tool with optimized risers for increased intensity when blending toners
Method and an apparatus for mixing and gasifying a reactant gas-liquid mixture
Asphalt emulsion producing and spraying process
Granules based on pyrogenically prepared silicon dioxide doped with aluminum oxide by means of an aerosol, method of producing same, and use thereof
Apparatus for removing moisture from fluids comprising acid gases; methods of using same, and compositions
Ball mill
Mobile crushing apparatus
Log washer with staggered paddles
Carpet recycling method
Apparatus for separation of a liquid from a multiphase fluid flow
Circumferential air knife and applications
Pivoting blow-gun
Bi-injection trigger sprayer nozzle cap
High-speed fluid jet blocker
Dispenser drain attachment for flowable media
Liquid droplet ejection apparatus and liquid droplet ejecting method
Waste reducing dispensing container
Apparatus and method of delivering a beam of a functional material to a receiver
Liquid sprayers
Air-pressure sprayer structure
Hot melt material application system with high temperature pressure monitoring and heated recirculating manifolds
Orthogonally reconfigurable integrated matrix acoustical array
Method and waveguides for changing the direction of longitudinal vibrations
Motor housing for range hood
Cleaning method and polishing apparatus employing such cleaning method
Expandable serving tray
Apparatus for draining fluids from vehicles
Strengthening member for automobile
Servo-driven clamping unit for use in injection molding machine
Feed system
Device for smoothing gear wheels
High-speed, low-cost, machining of metal matrix composites
Process for the modification of tooth traces and/or for the correction of tooth trace deviations of a gear
Diebond strip
Water soluble fluxes and methods of using the same
Machining center
Customizable nest with the option of conversion to a permanent nest
Tool, tool holder, and machine tool
Circle cutting accessory for a powered rotary hand tool
Working method for curved surface of a work and an apparatus thereof
Apparatus for and method of wafer grinding
Method of simultaneously polishing a plurality of diverse fiber optic cable connectors
Adjusting device for the sanding drum of a double-drum sander
Method and apparatus for an air bearing platen with raised topography
Method and apparatus for conditioning fixed-abrasive polishing pads
Grinder with easily installable/detachable grinding disc
Pneumatic tool with safety effect
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and methods with porous vacuum chuck and perforated carrier film
Workpiece handling end-effector and a method for processing workpieces using a workpiece handling end-effector
Wood floor sanding machine
Planarization apparatus with grinding and etching devices and holding device for moving workpiece between said devices
Apparatus for optical inspection of wafers during polishing
Afferent-based polishing media for chemical mechanical planarization
Apparatus and method for chemical mechanical polishing of a substrate
Method of polishing disks
Adaptive nozzle system for high-energy abrasive stream cutting
Method and apparatus for fluid jet formation
Method of making polishing pad for planarization of semiconductor wafers
Raised island abrasive and process of manufacture
Pad conditioner for semiconductor substrates
Knife sharpener
Pry bar
Bit storage holder
System for improving wood strand orientation in a wood strand orienter using rotating orienting fingers
Water spray for smooth surface gypsum fiberboard panels
Cutting solution supplying and controlling apparatus for dicing machine
Apparatus for removing and transporting articles from molds
Forming mold for a lens sheet
Apparatus for preparing an eyeglass lens having a controller for initiation of lens curing
Stroller wheel structure
Optical disk mold tooling for reduced edge wedge
Injection manifold having a valve pin guiding device
Unit for actuating the rod of a closure element in a mould for the injection-moulding of plastics materials
Mold device for injection molding of synthetic resin
Dry, lubricated ejector pins
Injection molding machine having a dynamic brake apparatus provided for an electric driving machine
Plasticating screw for efficient melting and mixing of polymeric material
Method of detaching a film of material from a substrate
System and method for retaining and displaying piece of material
Rimless spectacles and method for making the same
Coating press for sheet-like work-pieces
Formed energy absorber
Device for picking up a sheet trailing edge from an upstream cylinder and for transferring the sheet trailing edge to a gripper system
Ink-jet recording apparatus and ink-jet recording process
Recording apparatus
Image forming device
Holding mechanism for replacement ink ribbon
Liquid droplet patterning apparatus
Device and method for driving jetting head
Method for detecting drops in printer device
Integrated-circuit apparatus and ink jet recording apparatus using the same
Print head and ink jet printing apparatus
Inkjet print head
Micro fluid dispensers using flexible hollow glass fibers
Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing the liquid ejection head
Liquid discharging head, method for manufacturing a liquid discharging head, and liquid discharging apparatus
Printing apparatus and suction recovery control method
Inkjet printing system having extended heater resistor life
Fluid delivery techniques with improved reliability
Ink jet recording apparatus and method having double-sided recording capability
Mobile document handling system
Print engine for a modular commercial printer
Binding sheets by activating a microencapsulated binding agent
Folding booklet
Methods of forming informational items
Identification card with embedded halftone image security feature perceptible in transmitted light
Time dependent color-changing security indicator
Indexing system package and display system
Indexing system package and display system
Sweat absorbent sleeve for pens and pencils
Retractile pen
Glass panel with simulated metal strip
Composite wheel assembly
Quick chains traction device for light and heavy duty trucks
Biased cable mechanism for trailer hitches
Multi-stage torsion axle
Independent suspension for low profile vehicles
Level control system for a motor vehicle
Spring-mounting arrangement
Highway/rail trailer axle/suspension lift assembly
Vehicle suspension
Working apparatus
Vehicle roll control
Shock, vibration and acoustic isolation system
Wheel suspension for driven rear wheels of a motor vehicle
Windshield assembly for an all terrain vehicle
Vehicle shield device and methods for manufacturing and shipping a vehicle shield device
Roll up tonneau cover system
Fuel door assembly for automobile
Internal combustion engine efficiency unit
Foam lined propshaft
Power distribution method and power distribution control apparatus for vehicle
ISA engine start-stop strategy
Electrical connector system for a vehicle seat assembly
Device for managing the kinematics of a seat with mobile seating element
Seat framework for bus
Vehicle seat having a back that can be folded down forwards
Load floor system
Vehicle seat, especially a motor vehicle seat
Vacuum truck dump container apparatus
Safety device and safety procedure in the case of a tipping dump body of a truck
Mobile material segregation and delivery apparatus
Method and apparatus for transporting a recreational vehicle
Portable, scalably adjustable cargo securement apparatus
Headlamp system for vehicle
Lighting arrangement for public transport vehicles
Device installation apparatus for moving body
Method and structure for fixing a locking connector to a vehicle member
Inflatable curtain
Protective assembly for a motor vehicle passenger's lower limbs
Restraining system for a driver of a vehicle
Vehicle seat
Airbag module Z-height control tab
Airbag module using active venting membrane
Knee protecting airbag device
Airbag inflator
Protective device for fastening detachably to a shoulder harness for use in a motor vehicle
Rear cargo storage assembly
Collapsible rack for use in truck beds
Carrier device
Motor vehicle integrated carrier rack system
Valve assembly for vehicle washing system
Electric parking brake control
Method and an assembly for braking a selectively moveable assembly having a controllably varying amount of self energization
System and method for managing electric brakes
Method of mounting a brake line to a frame or an anti-lock brakes wire
Wheel positional restraint device and method for using the same
Electromagnetic valve and method of manufacturing same
Electronically controlled brake system for automobiles
Adjustable toilet dolly
Brake-operated dolly
Convertible twin/single seat stroller
Baby carriage holding mechanism for a folding baby carriage
Semi-active control of automotive steering system vibration with magneto-rheological damping
Cable type steering system
Rear wheel steering apparatus
Seat adjusting device of an exercising cycle
Sportboard fin attachment system
Water jet propulsion type outboard engine
Cooling arrangement for outboard motor
Ship propulsion system comprising a control that is adapted with regard to dynamics
Control device and method for emergency opening of an aircraft evacuation door
Method and system for emergency escape from an aircraft
Laminar flow control system and suction panel for use therewith
Optimal control design for aircraft antiskid brake control systems
Rotary-wing aircraft rotors with manually folding blades and electrical connection installation
Slotted air distribution nozzle restrictor assembly
Distance measuring using passive visual means
Lighting device for installation in plane surface
Device for transferring blister packs and the like from a cutting station to the feeding line of a packaging machine
Apparatus for dispensing plastic fasteners and needle lock therefor
Synthetic resin container with thin wall
Storage and shipping bin
Container for an object which can be refolded to serve other purposes
Packet for articles of elongated shape
Flat blank for the formation of a rigid carton for cigarette packets
Pizza packaging system and method
Magnetic tape cassette storage case
Flexible pouch having system for mixing two components
Windshield packaging system using synergistic clamp jaw components
Cartridge set for dispensing in-situ foam
Paint brush case
Packaging for long-stemmed flowers
Structure of a garbage-box
Guide rail support bracket for conveyor system
Belt conveyor side rail
Fixed shaft cat drive
Method for improving the operating reliability of a reel-up
Device for rolling up material
Machine and method for the production of rolls of impregnated web material
Winding device, and method for performing a winding shaft change in a winding device
Rewinding machine and method for winding up rolls of weblike material on extractable mandrels
Reception station on a shaping press and a set of tools for a said station
Folder with multiple-motor drive
Winding fabrication method and apparatus for electric coils
Composite reel apparatus
Water operated device for winding and/or unwinding a length of flexible material about a spool
Handrail-forming device for a high-speed moving walkway or the like
Speed governor and elevator employing the speed governor
Apparatus and method for handling cables
Swing drive assembly
Rope hoist provided with traversing machinery
Concrete form puller
Device for lifting partitions
Conveying device comprising a packages carrier
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Connector ferrule and method of sealing
Process for manufacturing of high iron hydraulic cement clinker
Liquid soil conditioner
Process for modifying a polymeric surface
Ceric-ion slurry for use in chemical-mechanical polishing
Lamp and candle with a colored flame
Object storage station and climatic chamber
Preparation of chemical pulp and xylose, utilizing a direct acid hydrolysis on the pulp
Articles having improved residual stress profile characteristics produced by laser shock peening
Soaking apparatus
Acoustic microbalance for in-situ deposition process monitoring and control
Wet etch system with overflow particle removing feature
Textiles; Paper
Device for forming synthetic fiber materials
Denim-like article of clothing and method of producing the same
Assembled clothes hamper
Use of thickening agents in pattern dyeing of textiles
Process for removal of lignin from lignocellulosic material
Method for mitigating the interference caused by high-molecular weight by-products in pulping processes
Method of manufacturing a press fabric by spirally attaching a top laminate layer with a heat-activated adhesive
Fixed Constructions
Method of constructing a rail track on a track-receiving concrete slab
Concrette curb form spacer
Apparatus for managing degree of compaction in a vibratory compact vehicle
Device for placement of temporary pavement markers
Symmetrical coupler apparatus for use with precast concrete segmental construction
Roadway barrier for protecting pedestrians
Covered highway structure with means for easy and quick access to tunnel interior
Safety cone placing device and method
Shoring system apparatus and method for shoring
Manhole cover system
Valve actuator having small isolated plunger
Railing system
Outdoor garden post
Fence with sliding lock bar
Aperture closure system
Fastening mechanism for a cover, door or the like
Adjustable gate hinge and latch, and system
Underwater tool
Redundant metal-metal seal
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotation preventive device for scroll compressor
Compressor crankshaft with bearing sleeve and assembly method
Apparatus for reducing friction loss in scroll compressor
Automatic wear indicator for sliding vane vacuum and gas pressure pumps
Supplemental seal for the chordal hinge seals in a gas turbine
Method and apparatus for retrofitting a steam turbine and a retrofitted steam turbine
Device for immobilizing blades in a slot of a disk
Split blade frictional damper
Valve stem seal assembly
Muffler arrangement structure
Fuel injection control for marine engine
Low mass flow reaction jet
Fuel injection device
Injector for a fuel injection system for internal combustion engines, with hydraulic prestressing of the pressure booster
Electronic fuel injection valve
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injector and method for controlling fuel flow
Propeller type windmill for power generation
Compressor with sealing coat
Apparatus for photoresist delivery
Horizontal two stage rotary compressor with a bearing-driven lubrication structure
Modular fan assembly
Vacuum pump
Water pump and impeller therefor
Duplex shear force rotor
Fluid system
Dismountable clip, and a tool and method for producing the clip
Quick install positive lock pin
Device for flexibly fastening a thermally stressed component
Air bag sensor module fastening device
Positioning device with a solid cylindrical pin
Rolling elements for rolling bearing, method of producing the same, and rolling bearing
Thrust bearing
Flange bearing having reinforced molded housing
Foil thrust bearing cooling
Removable splined shaft end for submersible pumps
Multiplate clutch
Constant velocity universal joint
Electronically controlled viscous fan drive
Method and apparatus for diagnosing a malfunction of a clutch actuator
Multi-disc brake structural asymmetry
Actuating unit for an electromechanically actuated disc brake
Mount having integrated damper and load carrying spring
Spring arrangement having a double rolling-lobe flexible member
Continuously variable transmission
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Feed screw device
Transmission mechanisms with three gear sets and a stationary gear member
Gear speed-changing apparatus for automatic transmissions
Eight-speed automatic transmission
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having a stationary fourth gear set member
Switch valve
Vat seal
Valve assembly with integral seat
Pressure relief valve with selectable orifice size
Solenoid-operated valve
Fluid controller
Fatigue-resistant threaded bevelled tubular element
Swivel coupling
Tube expansion joint
Pipe supporting structure
Hydraulic hose holder for an agricultural implement
Device for tiltable mounting of a display screen on a wall
Camera steadying device
Guard means for machines, more particularly pressbrakes, guillotines, stamping machines and the like
Decorative lamp-tree
Retrofit recessed fluorescent strip fixture and method
Vehicle lamp
Fixing support for a recessed mounting luminaire
Light fixture mounting
Optical or styling component for a lighting or indicator device for a motor vehicle
Apparatus and methods for providing emergency lighting
Backlight module structure
Spread illuminating apparatus with light reflection member
Light redirecting films and film systems
Large scale vortex devices for improved burner operation
Method and apparatus for a fuel-rich catalytic reactor
Method for setting the performance of gas-operated cooking devices as well as a cooking device using this method
Cool air ventilation system
Holster for a handgun
Gun-launched rolling projectile actuator
Combined optical light pipe and protective enclosure
Watthour meter socket adapter
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and power supply apparatus
Pin mounted reflector for precision optical devices
Parabolic membrane mirror having a shape-restorative force
Optic fiber connector secondary latch
Apparatus and system for providing optical bus interprocessor interconnection
Stabilizer tool for fiber optic cable
Cable and connector system for optical and electrical signals
Plastic folding and telescoping eyeglass frames
Single vision spectacle lens
Illumination device and reflection type liquid crystal display device using the same
Camera jib
Rear surface projection type display device
Lens shutter mechanism
Photosensitive material processing rack and apparatus
Liquid delivery system and method
Developing apparatus and developing method
Alkali-based treating liquid, treating liquid adjusting method and equipment, treating liquid supplying method and equipment
Article and method for elimination of hydrocarbon emissions from printer exhaust
Vertically expandable keyboard
Heat sink fastener
Adaptive autostereoscopic display system
Method and apparatus for high-concurrency client locking with java in a data processing system
Printer and print system
Two-dimensional code
Smart card and method that modulates multi-color LED indicative of operational attributes and/or transactions between the smart card and USB port of a USB host
Card reader including/having a particular card stop
Optical symbol reading device
Detector assembly for use in a bar code scanner and methods for fabricating the same
Method and system for establishing a credit card transaction processing merchant account
Lottery ticket machine
Banknote handling device
Gaming machine with hopper and printer
Redundant coin processing system for automatic coin machines
Security tags with a reversible optical indicator
Teaching apparatus and method of enabling use of keyboard by young children
Peel-back, re-sealable multi-ply label
Snap on flag for flag seal
Sound attenuator for a supercharged marine propulsion device
Pinch roller apparatus
Light emitting device providing a collimated light beam
Magnetic tape cartridge
Compact disc holder
Valve magnet
Locating key for a keyboard or keypad
High-pressure discharge lamp for motor vehicle headlights
Methods for producing electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Method for recycling cathode ray tube bulb
Method and apparatus device for the heat treatment of substrates
Substrate processing apparatus
Vacuum loadlock ultraviolet bake for plasma etch
Vacuum processing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing line using the same
Vacuum processing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing line using the same
Method and apparatus for transferring a semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor device-socket having rotationally movable heat sinks
Manufacture of flexible thin layer electrochemical cell
Wireless communication device card and an antenna structure
Male terminal fitting and method of manufacturing the same
Terminal fitting, connector provided therewith and method for producing the terminal fitting
Electrical connector
Low insertion force electrical connector assembly
Elastomeric connector assembly and method for producing the assembly
Retainer device for electronic package
Flexible circuit relay
Bus cable connector having bent soldering pins soldered to wire conductors
Modular cross-connect with removable switch assembly
Compressor plug cap assembly
Waterproof connector
Watertight connector
Connector marked with polarity
Connector interface pad for structurally integrated wiring
Connector with slider detecting half-engagement
Electrical cable terminal part structure and treatment method
Circuit board having an emission reducing ejector
Electrical connector with a common ground plate
Metal shield having bent edges and method of manufacturing
Receptacle assembly having shielded receptacle connector interface with pluggable electronic module
Serial advanced technology attachment connector
Electrical connector with staggered securing elements
Modular jack having magnetic module with support and alignment mechanism
Connector with retainer members to be attached to a panel, method of attaching the connector to the panel, and method of coupling the connector with another connector
Electrical extension cord with capability for multi-positional fixed mounting
Illuminated indicia power supply apparatus and method of manufacture
Bulb socket and a method for mounting it
Low crosstalk insulation displacement connector for terminating cable to circuit board
Rotary insulation displacement connector
Electrical connection element and a housing for an electrical connection element
Method for producing spark plug
Flashlight charger and rechargeable battery
Marking medium area with encoded identifier for producing action through network
Structure for mounting speaker
Water resistant audible toys with sound effects
Temperature sensor
Portable electronic apparatus having external connector fixed at internal circuit board
Component feeding method, component feeding apparatus, and component feeding unit
Contact array for semiconductor package
Printed circuit board mounted electrical connector
Electrically conductive wire
KGD carrier and an IC mounting socket mounting it
Comb-shaped land grid array (LGA) socket contact for improved power delivery
PCI card support
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