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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Cable connector including intermediary interconnection board
Human Necessities
Bail for spinning reel
Central shaft controlled braking of fishing reel
Strap for portable devices
Cabinet assembly including a scissors lift
Wine-barrel wine rack system
Connection device for connecting box to bicycle handlebar
Accessory holder
Motorized bicycle storage and retrieval assembly
Lid for beverage container
Serving tongs
Storage rack
Food pan having elastomeric heat and scratch resistant protective flange gasket
Fluid feeder of applicator
Medical system
Adjustable angle pawl handle for surgical instruments
Device for end-to-side anastomosis
Methods for forming an anastomosis with a vessel having everted tissue
Devices and methods for accessing the epidural space
Surgical instrument with trigger control
Method and apparatus for selecting operating parameter values in electrophysiology procedures
Graphical user interface for monitoring and controlling use of medical devices
Apparatus and method for illuminating and viewing the anterior segment of an eye of a patient
Fast response eye tracking
Electromagnetic flow sensor device
Method of identification of living body and apparatus for identification of living body
Implantable ultrasound system for maintaining vessel patency and perfusion
Capsule for storage, mixing and dispensing materials
Method and apparatus for isolating a work object
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Degradable polymeric implantable medical devices with continuous phase and discrete phase
Vascular conduit
In situ trapping and delivery of agent by a stent having trans-strut depots
Apparatus for restoring aortic valve and treatment method using thereof
Total knee arthroplasty endoprosthesis with third condyle and rotating polyethylene insert
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and deformable spinal disc annulus stent
Pulsating pressure chamber and method for fluid management
Bifurcated stent delivery system
Expression and purification of HIP/PAP and uses therefor
Methods for decreasing osteoclast formation or bone resorption using an antibody to osteoprotegerin binding protein
Antibodies to lymphotoxin-alpha
Medicinal agent and method for curing prostate diseases
Method and composition for delivery of medicants to animals
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections
Agent-encapsulating micro- and nanoparticles, methods for preparation of same and products containing same
Spray freeze dry of compositions for pulmonary administration
Pharmaceutical composition for oral use with improved absorption
Use of sonication to eliminate prions
Rotatable catheter assembly
Catheter accessory devices and methods of use
Circuit for extracorporeal blood treatment and flow-inverting device therein
Self adjusting hydrocephalus valve
Composition for coating keratin fibres comprising a tacky wax
Lightening and dyeing of human keratin fibers using an anhydrous composition comprising a monoethyanolamine/basic amino acid mixture, and device therefor
Energy-absorbing device
Pull exerciser
Multifunctional physical training device
Adaptive motion exercise device with oscillating track
Adjustable-load unitary multi-position bench exercise unit
Golf club
Vertically curved face putter with multiple horizontal contact facets
Ball marker for golf
Martial arts practice assembly
Conveyor structure, tread mill, and conveyor
Active play interactive game system
Electronic game table with multifunction legs
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for desalinating water combined with power generation
Leaf filter system and replaceable filter leaf apparatus
System for water treatment
Removable shield in an engine oil strainer
System for inertial particles separation
Granulator device
Method for sequestering CO.sub.2 and SO.sub.2 utilizing a plurality of waste streams
Hollow fiber membrane module, hollow fiber membrane module unit, and water treatment method
Cavitation chamber degassing system
Spherical carbon nanostructure and method for producing spherical carbon nanostructures
Thrust bearing for a gyratory crusher and method of supporting a vertical shaft in such a crusher
Decorative waterfall
Atomizer adapter for paint sprayer
Valved misting system for vehicle
Cleaning system for flat-plate membrane cartridges
Roller with interchangeable sleeve for embossing units and embossing units comprising said roller
Nanoparticle production method and production device and nanoparticle preservation method
Welding railway lines
System for providing quantitative process control of finesse polishing
Nail gun with an angle-adjustable magazine
Housing for an energy source in a hand-operated device having a mechanism for ejecting the source
Handheld power tool with vibration-damped handle
Industrial robot
Fine resist pattern forming method and nanoimprint mold structure
Method for producing a rubber diaphragm, especially for motor vehicle brakes
Molded plastic container having insert-molded insert and method of manufacture
Rotating machine with a fluid supply rotating column
Control device using a follower member and a cam path to control an element of a machine for processing containers, and a container processor machine including such a device
Blowing plant comprising a nozzle provided with a lip sealing joint
Process for the production of a component, and fibre-reinforced thermoplastic component
Method for guiding everting form employed to carry repair material into pipe or conduit
Blow mold and backfill manufacturing process
Method for forming composite components and tool for use therein
Method of producing dispersion
Method and arrangement for manufacturing a web-shaped packaging laminate
Ink jet printing apparatus, data generation apparatus and printed product
Method of operating a nozzle chamber having radially positioned actuators
Ink jet printing method and apparatus
Electrostatic attraction fluid ejecting method and apparatus
Solid semiconductor element, ink tank, ink jet recording apparatus provided with ink tank, liquid information acquiring method and liquid physical property change discriminating method
Image recording apparatus
Image generating apparatus
Method and system for protecting privacy of signatures on mail ballots
Vehicular wheel with replaceable protective ring
Reconfigurable body exterior panel assembly for vehicle
Articulating fastener assembly
Movable multisection roof for a motor vehicle
Saddle seat type fuel-cell electric vehicle
Saddle riding type fuel cell vehicle
Vehicle seat with a seat tilt adjustment
Mounting structure for storage battery device
Air-bag cover arrangement
Sensor integration for airbag deployment
Apparatus and method for controlling an inflatable cushion
Airbag and method of manufacture thereof
Airbag and airbag device
Booster seat equipped with a seatbelt adaptor
Apparatus for transporting bicycles and method of use
Method for controlling regenerative and hydraulic braking
Motor vehicle body with an adapter carrier for a roof module, accompanying adapter carrier, as well as a method for its manufacture
Soft trim for motor vehicle component and related component
Amphibious all terrain vehicle with track assemblies
Chain tensioning device
Oar with pivotal blades
Telescopic stowage bin
Methods and apparatus for handling products
Insulator sleeve for a beverage container
Universal lid for underground access boxes
Concentrate cartridge for sport drink
Condiment packet
Degassing container
Thin plate container with a stack of removable loading trays
Hoisting and lowering driving engagement multi-row chain
Device and method for vertical adjustment in container processing machines
Display system, dispensing device and package for use therein
Container for dispensing wipes
Device for manually dispensing medications
Friction retard feeder
Method and device for transporting a sheet
Apparatus for handling documents of value
Expanding-mandrel winder for reel
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen generation apparatus and method for using same
Method for making silicon for solar cells and other applications
Apparatus, system and method for recovery of artifacts and eradication of invasive species in aquatic environments
Process for water treatment
System for water treatment
Systems and methods for removing contaminate material from a flowable material
Ceramic hollow fibers made from nanoscale powder particles
Method of producing pigment dispersion
Inkjet ink and printing method using the same
Method of preparing oxidized modified pigments and inkjet ink compositions comprising the same
s-Indacene and indeno[5,6-d][1,3]dioxol-derivatives and use thereof as components of liquid-crystal mixtures
Reactive fine particles
Method and system for the pyrolysis of whole tires
Process for improving the lubricating properties of base oils using a Fischer-Tropsch derived bottoms
Compositions for processing of semiconductor substrates
Method of using a polynucleotide encoding 2.5-diketo-D-gluconic acid reductase
Method for brake rotor assembly and manufacture
Corrosion-resistant nickel-base alloy
Ferrous abrasion resistant sliding material
Semiconductor manufacturing device
Ion exchange membrane electrolyzer
Metal structure and method of its production
Production process for high purity polycrystal silicon and production apparatus for the same
Textiles; Paper
Time and temperature additive scheduling
Method for producing paper, paperboard and cardboard having high dry strength
Fixed Constructions
Support point and fastening for rails on a wooden tie
Barriers with kiss-offs
Adhesive masking article for corners and door hinges
Engaging apparatus and electronic equipment utilizing the same
Auxiliary drive
Circular-shank tool comprising a tool holder
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for determining gas turbine tip clearance
Turbine blade with blade tip cooling passages
Process for preparing turbine blades or vanes for a subsequent treatment, and associated turbine blade or vane
Lightweight components
Gear pump with improved inlet port
Passive deicing for wind turbine blades
Pressure generation device
Fan bearing structure
Laminated nut with center tension sleeve
Quick-positioning screw assembly
Connecting element
Propeller shaft for motor vehicle
Lockable manual release device for a brake
Two-speed transfer case with ballramp clutch actuator
Power supply structure for bicycles
Ferrule with radial crown
Cast-in-place gasket for pipe joints
Mounting device
Method and device for interconnecting, sealed against contamination, the ends of elongate elements such as tubes or pipes
Connector structure with lock mechanism
Fixture for data access device
Vehicle seat suspension with stabilized isolator
Cable management apparatus, system, and furniture structures
Overload protection device
Tactical illuminator
Illumination apparatus for conducting and dissipating heat from a light source
Light-emitting diode illuminating equipment with high power and high heat dissipation efficiency
LED street lamp
Two-way backlight assembly and two-way liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Illumination device, luminaire and display device
Rotary hearth furnace
Methods and apparatus to provide training against improvised explosive devices
Arrow nocks
Method and apparatus to facilitate forming detector-level calibration information for a high energy-based scanner
Device for measuring the pressure in a gas mixture
Method and apparatus for improving vision
Camera rig with center-of-gravity correction system
Piezoelectric drive device and electronic device
Slot machine game having individual line-win multipliers
Cash dispensing automated banking machine maintenance system and method
Method and apparatus for protocol selection on ICC
Information storage medium and medium processing system
Support for a cartridge for transferring an electronically readable item of information from the cartridge to an electronic circuit
Payment programs for healthcare plans
System of staging props for simulating staging furniture and method of using same
Ink jet print head manufacturing method and ink jet print head
Fine silver particle colloidal dispersion, coating liquid for silver film formation, processes for producing these, and silver film
Systems, methods, and apparatus of a low conductance silicon micro-leak for mass spectrometer inlet
Organic light emitting display device and laser based method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus for integrated gas and radiation delivery
Electrical terminal
Connection structure
Cable connector
Vertically stackable sockets for chip modules
Card edge connector
Rotationally adjustable electrical connector assembly
Socket connector having adjustable aligning arrangement
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with shielding means for grounding and impedance metching
USB electrical connector
Sound socket connector with built-in sound processing capability
Floating connector with an impedance adjusting member
Electrical equipment
Cable assembly with locking member
Electrical connector having contacts each with free guiding end
Rotors of high power engines
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Shielding method for microwave heating of infant formula to a safe and uniform temperature
System and method for charging a capacitor using a variable frequency, variable duty cycle current waveform
Golf equipment inventory device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Buzzer drive circuit
Device for driving vibration actuator
Cylindrical transducer apparatus
Cleaning device and method for cleaning resin sealing metal mold
Contour forming of metals by laser peening
Laser welding method
MIG brazing power source
Robot system
Cooking unit, such as a stove, for cooking food
Induction heating coil unit for manifold in hot runner mold
Metallic overcoat for thick film heater termination
Plastic shaped body with an integrated optoelectronic luminous element
System and method for representing and controlling a production printing workflow
Piezoelectric device, ink jet recording head, and methods of manufacturing said device and head
Circuit configuration for a motor vehicle control system
Device for control of an electric compressor for an air-conditioning circuit
Obstruction detection system for power liftgate
Display device with indicators having increased brightness
Battery power source with coolant flow
Electrical system
Method and apparatus for operating a magnet vehicle
Apparatus for monitoring the adhesion of an electric rail vehicle set
Vehicle lamp unit
Deceleration based anti-collision safety light control for vehicle
Display unit
Apparatus and method for data communication between heavy duty vehicle and remote data communication terminal
Vehicle sensor apparatus
Vehicle disabling system
Brake monitoring system
High performance brush motor driver in conjuction with low cost SR motor driver
Laser lighting assembly mounted on a forklift
Method for reducing variations in arrays of micro-machined cantilever structures using ion implantation
Semiconductor assisted metal deposition for nanolithography applications
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for heating LowE glass panels in a tempering furnace
Thermally-conductive, electrically non-conductive heat transfer material and articles made thereof
Coating with optical taggent
Method and apparatus for reducing contamination in a wafer loadlock of a semiconductor wafer processing system
Fixed Constructions
Optical methods for detecting the position or state of an object
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Signal processing method for a variable reluctance vehicle speed sensing mechanism
Scope analyzer for direct ignition engines
Variable ratio angled magnetic drive
Motor with a cooling means
Wedge base bulb with color coating
Apparatus and method for cleaning the interior of a cooking device
Cooktop having a flat glass ceramic cooking surface
Three-dimensional map navigation display device and device and method for creating data used therein
Radiation-sensitive-device based level
Multi-turn, non-contacting rotary shaft position sensor
Linear position sensor using magnetic fields
Method and apparatus for sensing and measuring plural physical properties, including temperature
X-ray image recording system and x-ray image recording method
Installation structure of engine component with combustion pressure sensor in engine
Capacitance type sensor
Nondestructive detection of steel surface corrosion
Room temperature IR camera
Diffusion-type NDIR gas analyzer with improved response time due to convection flow
Method and apparatus for moisture sensing using microwave technologies
Stray-field sensor
Electron-electro-optical debug system E2ODS
Method and apparatus for detecting a target material in a sample by pre-screening the sample for piezoelectric resonance
Apparatuses and methods for determining if protective coatings on semiconductor substrate holding devices have been compromised
Selective polarization matching filter with an electret for triggering and optimizing rapid dielectrokinesis response
Method for detecting defects in work pieces and facility and magnetic field measuring apparatus for implementing said method
Magnetically activated well tool
Radio frequency test fixture
Method and apparatus for testing bumped die
Noncontact signal analyzer
Off-axis contact tip and dense packing design for a fine pitch probe
Connecting lug used as a current-sense resistor
Current sensor apparatus
Method for sensing electrical current
Optical-voltage sensor
Analog signal processing circuit photo detector and image forming apparatus
Method for minimizing the number of delay lines required in instantaneous frequency measurement receivers and apparatus which uses same
Electronic frequency measuring device and its use
Method and apparatus for testing frequency-dependent electrical circuits
Apparatus and method for detecting electromagnetic wave source, and method for analyzing the same
Pulse width modulated cable signal injecting apparatus
Printed circuit board testing apparatus with dedicated test head and versatile-use test head
Method for testing a product integrated circuit wafer using a stimulus integrated circuit wafer
Apparatus for testing a semiconductor and process for the same
Dynamic register with IDDQ testing capability
Apparatus for evaluating magnetoresistive head
Electronic circuit for measuring series connected electrochemical cell voltages
Energy device analysis and evaluation
Differential solenoidal magnetic field sensing device and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic resonance imaging transmit coil
Coil for MRI apparatus
Clad metal foils for low temperature NMR probe RF coils
Frequency generator for NMR applications with direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS)
Adjustable hybrid magnetic apparatus
Magnetic resonance apparatus for obtaining a transparency image
Two-dimensional phase-conjugate symmetry reconstruction for 3d spin-warp, echo-planar and echo-volume magnetic resonance imaging
Satellite positioning reference system and method
Electromagnetic sensor system
Device and method to detect an object in a given area, especially vehicles, for the purpose of traffic control
Method and apparatus for aligning a color scannerless range imaging system
Apparatus and method for the monopulse linking of frequency agile emitter pulses intercepted in on single interferometer baseline
Method for measurement of the radar target cross section of an object with both moving and fixed parts
Equalization system using general purpose filter architecture
Method and apparatus for aircraft protection against missile threats
Positron gun for pet attenuation measurements
Method and apparatus for performing correction of emission contamination and deadtime loss in a medical imaging system
Method and device for locating a metal line
Apparatus and method for locating an object
System and method for determining orientation to an underground object
NMR logging tool with Hi-Tc trap field magnet
Multi-beam emitting device
Plasma display with discharge medium containing hydrogen or a hydrogen isotope
CR reader with integrated control mechanism
EUV illumination system
Semiconductor wafer alignment method using an identification scribe
Oscillation circuit, electronic circuit using the same, and semiconductor device, electronic equipment, and timepiece using the same
Power control apparatus for timely powering down individual circuit block
Bias stabilizer circuit and method of operation
Circuit for controlling current levels in differential logic circuitry
Bandgap reference voltage with low noise sensitivity
PWM power supply with constant RMS output voltage control
Clock signal switching circuit
Spike-free clock switching
Conditional clock buffer circuit
Low jitter external clocking
Method and apparatus for reducing skew between input signals and clock signals within an integrated circuit
Priority-encoding device selection using variable arbitrary rankings
Multi-option setting device for peripheral control chipset
Scalable edit window and displayable position indicators for an electronic typewriter
Apparatus and method for providing images of real and virtual objects in a head mounted display
User interface for transferring items between displayed windows
Method and system for transferring data using a graphical user interface
Processing apparatus
User interface for creating a spreadsheet pivottable
Software notes
Method and apparatus for addressing multiple frame buffers
Radio frequency identification tag system using tags arranged for coupling to ground
Transponder arrangement
Radio frequency identification system
Card reader/writer and communication method of card reader writer
Electro-optical reader with hands-free and hand-held modes of operation
Method and apparatus to select the best video frame to transmit to a remote station for CCTV based residential security monitoring
System and method of controlling an electronic price label
Processing text for display on medical images
Method and apparatus for applying modulated lighting to volume data in a rendering pipeline
Method of efficiently recording a number of texture images in memory
Method and apparatus for determining visual point and direction of line of sight in three-dimensional image construction method
Image display apparatus and image display method
Generating image data
Graphics system interface
Image magnification and selective image sharpening system and method
Apparatus and method for Z-buffer compression
Huffman decoder with reduced memory size
Data transmission system and components thereof
Strobe alarm with strobe intensity selector switch
Personal alert device
Adaptive radio communication for a utility meter
Traffic paging system
Monitor adjustment by data manipulation
Column charge coupling method and device
Plasma display unit with number of simultaneously energizable pixels reduced to half
Flat type plasma discharge display device with discharge start parts
Display device compensating for color irregurality between pixels
Amplifier device and LCD device
Automatic luminance and contrast adustment for display device
Color cathode ray tube
Disk drive apparatus and motor
System and method for stabilizing disk drive rotation control
Signal processing circuit
Trellis codes for transition jitter noise
Apparatus for effectively detecting foreign particles adhered to magnetic head
Circuit arrangement for parallel/serial conversion
Method for differentiating a differential voltage signal using current based differentiation
Logical circuit for serializing and outputting a plurality of signal bits simultaneously read from a memory cell array or the like
Chemical vapor deposition techniques and related methods for manufacturing microminiature thermionic converters
Electron beam irradiation apparatus
Pointing stick with increased sensitivity
Production method of thin film resistance element formed on printed circuit board, and thin film resistance element employing the method
Amorphous metal transformer having a generally rectangular coil
Structure of spool of electromagnetic relay
Circuit breaker
Electromechanical contactor
Mechanical interlocking device for electrical apparatuses, and use thereof in a motor start assembly
Circuit breaker
AC plasma display with apertured electrode patterns
Adjustment of luminance balance of red, green and blue light emissions for plasma display by using different sized areas of phosphor layers producing corresponding colors
Discharge electrodes for a color plasma display panel capable of lowering a discharge voltage
AC type plasma display panel having improved partitions
Color picture tube
Color display device having quadrupole convergence coils
Conductive anti-reflection film and cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube
Flat CRT display
Magnetic lens apparatus for use in high-resolution scanning electron microscopes and lithographic processes
Energy filtered focused ion beam column
Vacuum processing apparatus and ion pump capable of suppressing leakage of ions and electrons from ion pump
Single tilt rotation cryotransfer holder for electron microscopes
Ionization chamber for atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry
Multi-inlet mass spectrometer for analysis of liquid samples by electrospray or atmospheric pressure ionization
Fragmentation in quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometers
Support wire for centering ceramic metal halide arctubes inside par capsules
Display cold spot temperature regulator
Discharge lamp for dielectrically impeded discharges with improved electrode configuration
Arc tube for discharge lamp device and method of manufacturing the same
Plasma display panel having a gas flushing system
Current-limiting device employing a non-uniform pressure distribution between one or more electrodes and a current-limiting material
Process chamber cooling
Semiconductor device with barrier layer
Silicon nanoparticle electronic switches
Method and system for using a spacer to offset implant damage and reduce lateral diffusion in flash memory devices
Hybrid integrated circuit component
Integrated circuit device with MIM capacitance circuit
Comb-shaped capacitor for use in integrated circuits
Multilayered capacitor structure with alternately connected concentric lines for deep sub-micron CMOS
Epitaxial structure for low ohmic contact resistance in p-type GaN-based semiconductors
MOSFET with a thin gate insulating film
Transistor having enhanced metal silicide and a self-aligned gate electrode
Structure for improving static refresh
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Integrated circuit chip carrier
Ball-grid-array semiconductor device with protruding terminals
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Memory cell arrays comprising intersecting slanted portions
Method of forming poly tip to improve erasing and programming speed in split gate flash
Flash memory device with monitor structure for monitoring second gate over-etch
Power integrated circuit
Thin film SOI MOSFET
Semiconductor-on-insulator device with nitrided buried oxide and method of fabricating
Silver metallization by damascene method
Integrated circuitry having conductive passageway interconnecting circuitry on front and back surfaces of a wafer fragment
Conductive structure in an integrated circuit
Vented semiconductor device package having separate substrate, strengthening ring and cap structures
Semiconductor device
Thermally enhanced and mechanically balanced flip chip package and method of forming
Heatpipesink having integrated heat pipe and heat sink
Semiconductor device, circuit board electronic instrument and method of making a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and an electronic device
Electronic part with groove in lead
Chip-scale package
Integrated circuit device having C4 and wire bond connections
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Multi-layered titanium nitride barrier structure
Universal test coupon for performing prequalification tests on substrates
Semiconductor device
Simplified high Q inductor substrate
Structure for SOI wafers to avoid electrostatic discharge
Semiconductor device having a plurality of multi-chip modules interconnected by a wiring board having an interface LSI chip
Differential line driver
Electrostatic discharge protection circuits with latch-up prevention function
Semiconductor device capable of preventing gate oxide film from damage by plasma process and method of manufacturing the same
Ratio circuit
Standard cell having a special region and semiconductor integrated circuit containing the standard cells
Polarization-sensitive corrugated quantum well infrared photodetector array
Forming contacts on semiconductor substrates for radiation detectors and imaging devices
Solid-state image sensor and method of driving the same
Image sensor having blooming effect preventing circuitry
Active pixel sensor with bootstrap amplification and reduced leakage during readout
Reconfigurable systems using hybrid integrated circuits with optical ports
Micro-size LED and detector arrays for minidisplay, hyper-bright light emitting diodes, lighting, and UV detector and imaging sensor applications
Bipolar transistor with reduced base resistance
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and its manufacturing process
Power MOSFET having laterally three-layered structure formed among element isolation regions
Thin film semiconductor device and display device
Geometrically coupled field-controlled-injection diode, voltage limiter and freewheeling diode having the geometrically coupled field-controlled-injection diode
Annular SCR device
Semiconductor device and process of production of same
Semiconductor device with source and drain electrodes in ohmic contact with a semiconductor layer
Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having a P-N junction with a photosensitive region
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device contact layers having substantially equal spreading resistance and method of manufacture
Enhanced light extraction through the use of micro-LED arrays
Thermoelectric module with thin film substrates
Drive device for vibration type motor and image forming apparatus
Magnetostrictive magnetically controlled sprag locking motor
Multilayer piezoelectric element and method of producing the same
Piezoelectric actuator with improved electrode connections
Displacement control device and actuator
Piezoelectric actuator
Piezoelectric actuator system
Piezoelectric generating apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device
Voltage-controlled duplexer and communication apparatus
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Cavity resonator for reducing phase noise of voltage controlled oscillator and method for fabricating the same
Compact four-way waveguide power divider
Power distribution/synthesis apparatus
Dielectric resonator, inductor, capacitor, dielectric filter, oscillator, and communication device
Automobile antenna device
Antenna adapter
Shaped reflector antenna system configuration for use on a communication satellite
Narrow band millimeter wave VNA for testing automotive collision avoidance radar components
Multi-mode horn
Artificial magnetic conductor system and method for manufacturing
Hot melt radar absorbing material (RAM)
Two-element driven array with improved tuning and matching
Planar antenna array for point-to-point communications
Reduction of local oscillator spurious radiation from phased array transmit antennas
Reflector antenna comprising a plurality of panels
Triple frequency, split monopole, emergency locator transmitter antenna
Modular power strip
Voltage source converters operating either as back-to-back stations or as parallel static var compensators
Integrated control system and method for controlling mode, synchronization, power factor, and utility outage ride through for micropower generation systems
System and method for dual mode control of a turbogenerator/motor
Power source for a hearing aid
Quick release battery and clip for portable device and method of implementing same
System to improve the torque smoothness of an electric machine
Axial field electric machine
Electric rotary machine
Internally loaded universal motor
System and method for grouped gating control logic
Self-oscillating switching regulator
Lag compensating controller having an improved transient response
Universal pulse width modulated zero voltage transition switching cell
Continuous capacitor divider sampled regulation scheme
Self-refresh on-chip voltage generator
Switched-mode power supply and method for determining the supply voltage in a switched-mode power supply
Light emitting diode power supply
Method to control the flow of active power in a high voltage direct current transmission system and device for the same
Microactuator array with integrally formed package
Driving device for switched reluctance motor and method therefor
Method and apparatus to compensate for resistance variations in electric motors
Voltage-controlled oscillator and communication apparatus using same
Oscillation circuit
Voltage controlled oscillator
Oscillator circuit with reduced capacity for AC coupling capacitor
Method and system for reliably providing a lock indication
Fully differential, switched capacitor, operational amplifier circuit with common-mode controlled output
Transconductance amplifier circuit
Precision low power operational amplifier with gain invariant bandwith
Amplifier output stage
AC coupling circuit
Active common mode feedback for unbalanced input and feedback signals and methods thereof
Matched current differential amplifier
Amplifier having a noise source for an analog-to-digital converter
Sample rate converter
Method to achieve a DC balanced signal databus interface using combination of ethernet and RS-485 protocols with step-up transformer coupling
Multi-layer composite electronic component
Load drive apparatus having parallel-connected switching devices
Output slew rate control for a differential transmission line driver
Output buffer drive circuit with initial drive for semiconductor devices
Dynamic control of input buffer thresholds
Systems and methods for adjusting signal transmission parameters of an integrated circuit
CMOS bus driver circuit
Power-off protection circuit for an LVDS driver
Logic circuit with output high voltage boost and method of using
Employing transistor body bias in controlling chip parameters
Multi-level bonding option circuit
Mode control circuit
Programmable logic device logic modules with shift register capabilities
Method and device for controlling a circuit for the vertical deflection of a spot scanning a screen, in particular for a television set or a computer monitor
Frequency doubling circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device operable with low power consumption at low power supply voltage
Feedback control of clock duty cycle
Semiconductor device
Phase startable clock device for a digitizing instrument having deterministic phase error correction
Common bias and differential structure based DLL with fast lockup circuit and current range calibration for process variation
Lock detector for a dual phase locked loop system
Phase-locked loop circuit
PLL circuit
Nonlinear digital-to-analog converters
A/D converter
Digital-analog and analog-digital converter
Oversampling analog-to-digital converter with improved DC offset performance
Analog/digital converter
Digital to analog converter with step voltage generator for smoothing analog output
Method and apparatus for direct RAM analog-to-digital converter calibration
Method and system for determining an element conversion characteristic contemporaneous with converting and input signal in a signal converter
Continuous input selector switch
Folding circuit and A/D converter
Generating high weight encoding symbols using a basis
Apparatus and method for compressing pseudo-random data using distribution approximations
Dual mode data compression for operating code
Encoding, decoding, and probability estimation method
Variable length decoder
Apparatus and method for receiving an interleaved selective calling signal
Delay estimation method and a receiver
Optical receiver
Radioshielded assembly
Dynamic range extension with gain correction
Antenna angle-of-arrival estimation using uplink weight vectors
Programmable priority encoder
Apparatus and method for dynamic on-die termination in an open-drain bus architecture system
Circuit arrangement with a reduction circuit for reducing interfering longitudinal voltages on a two-wire line
Kerberos interface enabling menu-assisted resource control program to recognize kerberos commands
Telemetering apparatus
Portable terminal device
Color data gamut conversion using three color lightness ranges in an apparatus, method, and computer-readable recording medium with a program making a computer execute the method recorded therein
Photosensitive device equipped with an illumination measurement device
Rotary menu wheel interface
Television graphical user interface having variable channel control bars
Method of signalling a structure of a code stream
Multiple piezoelectric transducer array
Nitinol heater elements
Effective modeling of CIE xy coordinates for a plurality of LEDs for white LED light control
Non-thermionic fluorescent lamps and lighting systems
Switching device
Apparatus and circuit for operating a discharge lamp of a motor vehicle at two power levels
Induction plasma torch liquid waste injector
Device with a plasma torch
Process for manufacturing electronic circuits
Tray adapted back up power supply for avionics equipment
Apparatus for testing various structural parameters of an electro-magnetic radiation barrier
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