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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for prescribing site-specific fertilizer application in agricultural fields
Magnetic attachment of a bed knife in a reel mower assembly
Four wheel-drive vehicle
Mower with vertically movable platform
Plant protector securing device
Multi purpose fish-hook case including fishline binding device
Restorative tea system and associated method
Preparation of baked product from dough
Apparatus and method for removing poultry tenders
Acidic protein foods, process for their production and stabilizer
Aerated and grained sugar-free boiled sweet
Sensate composition imparting initial sensation upon contact
Method of forming gusset and knitwear comprising gusset formed
Ring and mounting for a plurality of gemstones
Applicator assembly, applicator system, and method of using the applicator assembly
Pivotal mounting mechanism
Chair having a seat with adjustable front edge
Coil spring containing mattress and method
Shelf tray apparatus for absorbent articles packaged in flexible film
Clean-in-place automated food or beverage dispenser
Food processor
Video laryngoscope with detachable light and image guides
Method and apparatus for closing vascular puncture using hemostatic material
Electrical discharge devices and techniques for medical procedures
Exothermic topical delivery device
Joint angle indication system
Anchor implanting device for orthodontics
Labial pad having a tab
Tampon, especially for feminine hygiene, and a process and apparatus for producing this
Tampon applicator
Selective coating of a balloon catheter with lubricious material for stent deployment
Low disturbance pulsatile flow system
Vessel valve
Driving apparatus for massaging device for sexual organs
Sliding reconstitution device for a diluent container
Method for enhancing production performance in an animal
Compositions of chemically modified insulin
Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal
Immunization against herpes simplex virus
Vaccine formulation
Methods and reagents for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Thermally stable ferulic acid derivatives
Composition and method to whiten and exfoliate skin
Liposome compositions of porphyrin photosensitizers
Manufacturing therapeutic enclosures
Medical device formed of ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefin
Tubing set for blood handling system and methods of use
Defined deflection structure
Retrofitted non-Halon fire suppression system and method of retrofitting existing Halon based systems
Golf putt-line variance determining system
Safety binding with purchase on the upper
Video game apparatus, method and recording medium storing program for controlling viewpoint movement of simulated camera in video game
Therapy buddy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and methods for controlling the separation of particulate material
Process for extracting fixed and mineral oils
System for treating wastewater
Dried product discharge system
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Layered filtering structure
Kneading apparatus, including selectable discharge ports, for kneading rubber or rubber compositions
Crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic composition: UZM-15
Apparatus and method for dry beneficiation of coal
Bell cup skirt
Fume hood exhaust stack system
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and apparatus for cleaning substrate
Method for ultrasonic cleaning using phased transducer arrays
Post etching treatment process for high density oxide etcher
Tool assembly
Full mold casting process and device for a differential case with cast-in bolt holes
Device for the continuous casting of metals, especially steel
Device to discharge liquid steel from a container to a crystallizer with rollers
Diamond coated cutting tool and method for making the same
Drill chuck with cushioned tightening ring
Entry boards for use in drilling small holes
Method of producing endodontic instruments
Apparatus, system and method for cutting a crystal ingot
Fusion-welding of defective components to preclude expulsion of contaminants through the weld
Inserta clamp
Lens processing management system
Manual machine-tool comprising a braking means
Polishing pads and planarizing machines for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies, and methods for making and using such pads and machines
Diamond blade having rim type cutting tip for use in grinding or cutting apparatus
Reusable retainer and assembly
Apparatus and method for consistently retaining a gas turbine engine blade in a predetermined position and orientation
Combustion-powered nail gun
Compressed-gas canister for a fastening appliance and adapter cap for fitting an intermediate seal
Setting tool
Battery-powered manual machine tool
Wafer blade contact monitor
Oval frame razor
Method for forming on-site a coated optical article
Plastic pipe and manufacturing method therefor
Biaxially oriented polyester film and method for production thereof
Biaxial press molding system
Self-adhering image
Grafted isotactic polypropylene obtained by metallocene catalysis
Surface formed lenses on voided polymer light diffuser
Method and device for generating an air stream in a duplicating machine
Method for drawing a printing master onto a printing form cylinder
Conversion curve setting system
Ink jet recording apparatus and method for performing ink jet recording
Ink-jet recording apparatus and ink-jet recording process
Tab paper 2-sided print method, tab paper 2-sided print program, computer readable storage medium storing program, and print control apparatus
Computer system for collaborative document markup
Under actuation detection in a micro electromechanical device
Printhead and image printing apparatus
Ink-jet printhead and method of manufacturing the ink-jet printhead
Compact full-width array architecture without satellite and butting errors
Ink containment system for an ink-jet pen
Inkjet printer waste ink storage apparatus
Printing system, method of recording images, and ink cartridge attachable to printing system
Tape printers
Ink-jet receptor sheet containing nitrile polymer
Inkjet recording element
Sheet finisher with air blowing member
Method of forming sheets of printable media
Tire chain
Vehicle chassis having systems responsive to non-mechanical control signals
Torsion beam suspension
On-vehicle air conditioner
Visors for automotive vehicles and methods of forming the same
Steel fuel flange with plastic strut mounts and grounded struts
Driveline for mobile vehicles
Normal travel securing device for automobile equipped with accelerator mal-operation preventer
Head-rest arrangement
Energy-absorbing bumper
Inflatable head protection system for occupants of motor vehicles
Variable output inflator
Air bag inflator
Collision energy absorbing structure of vehicle
Method of producing a vehicle steering wheel as well as a vehicle steering wheel
Frame assembly for scooter-type vehicle
Seat rail structure
Measurement device and method of use with curves
Face mask retaining system
Compact jack plate with improved access to hydraulic components
Antilock brake systems employing a sliding mode observer based estimation of differential wheel torque
Steerable parachute control system and method
Apparatus and methods for increasing useable space within aircraft lavatories
Center dispenser cap assembly
Ophthalmic lens storage container
Accumulation-capable curved element for a transfer system
Sheet-like medium alignment apparatus including device and means locatable at different positions
Container strengthening system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Silica additive for use in rubbers and similar cross-linked materials
Alumina hydrate particle, alumina hydrate particle dispersion sol and liquid coating for forming ink-receiving layer and substrate having ink-receiving layer
Hydrate formation and growth for hydrate-based desalination by means of enriching water to be treated
Buoyant media flotation
Systems and methods for treating waste water
Ozone treatment of fly ash
Cementing compositions and methods of cementing in a subterranean formation using an additive for preventing the segregation of lightweight beads.
Non-luminescent substrate
Method for assessing the effect of a drug on long term memory formation
(Meth)acrylate compositions having a self-indicator of cure and methods of detecting cure
Flexographic ink containing a polymer or copolymer of a 3,4-dialkoxythiophene
Low loss dielectric material for printed circuit boards and integrated circuit chip packaging
Conditioning of organic pigments
Decorative paper base with improved opacity
Coating compounds for imitation pearl
Solvent extraction refining of petroleum products
Diesel fuel compounds containing glycerol acetals
Controlled surface-associated delivery of genes and oligonucleotides
Method for processing elemental sulfur-bearing materials using high temperature pressure leaching
Extraction of metals with diquaternary amines
Biaxially textured articles formed by powder metallurgy
Deposition methods
Modular injector and exhaust assembly
Apparatus and process for controlling the temperature of a substrate in a plasma reactor
HDP-CVD uniformity control
Thermal barrier coating material
Semiconductive polymeric system, devices incorporating the same, and its use in controlling corrosion
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode and conductor assembly
Textiles; Paper
Method of forming carbon fibers
Heat-resistant crimped yarn
Textile cleaning processes and apparatus
Composition for the production of improved pulp
Method and apparatus for tightening a shoe press roll mantle and/or reducing its wear
Method and apparatus for producing calendered paper or board
Method of controlling tackiness in papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Device for forming tight radius curbs and gutters with a paving machine
Vapor barrier for use in the heat insulation of buildings
Modular wall panel construction
Standing seam roof assembly having increased sidelap shear capacity
Decorative window cap
Method of reinforcing concrete electric pole
Lock cam with resilient arm for a cabinet lock
Shape memory metal latch hinge deployment method
System for removing and opening the lid of the distribution box of vehicles
Horizontal directional drilling in wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Castellated turbine airfoil
Transition duct cooling system
Cam mechanism with decompression device
Internal combustion engine comprising an electromagnetic actuator which is situated on a cylinder head
Internal-combustion engine having balancing shafts
Cam sensor elimination in compression-ignition engines
Electromagnetic valve for regulation of a fuel flow
Tank-venting system in a motor vehicle and method for checking the operability of the tank-venting system
System for extending an elastomeric vapor flow control actuator
System and method of managing pressure in a fuel system
Intake system for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injector
Fuel pressure control apparatus for cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Engine fuel injection apparatus
Matching or not matching flow rates in two fluidly-unconnected flow paths
3D array integrated cells for the sampling and detection of air bound chemical and biological species
Disposable fluid delivery system
Submersible well pumping system with improved flow switching mechanism
Fuel pump having electrically biased shell
Fan blade
Method of processing inner surface of bearing
Clutch hydraulic mechanism
Method for producing a brake shoe
Adjusting element having a cylinder
Shift actuator for a transmission
Sandwich-molded guide for transmission device
Manifold valve
Adjustment device
Leveling shoe
Electronically controlled multi-light flashlight
Laser measuring device
Illumination apparatus
Gas burner of atmospheric type
Gas turbine combustor
Ventilation system
LNG production in cryogenic natural gas processing plants
Capillary tube heat pipe and temperature controlling apparatus
Lateral plate finned heat exchanger
Model 1911 type firearm safety lock
Rifle comprising a stock, a forearm and a barrel
Long-distance blast banger
Blank cartridge devices and firearms designed therefor
Recoil pad, particularly for firearms
Planar mechanical resonator sensitive along an axis perpendicular to its plane
Electronic clinical thermometer
Process and device for tire unseating test
Network and topology for identifying, locating and quantifying physical phenomena, systems and methods for employing same
Denuder assembly for collection and removal of soluble atmospheric gases
Bubble-free and pressure-generating electrodes for electrophoretic and electroosmotic devices
Head stack assembly installation system for a disc drive
Self-formable optical waveguide material composition
Light-mixing rod
Optical compensatory sheet, liquid-crystal display and elliptical polarizing plate employing same
Method of providing optical quality silicon surface
Optical systems and refractive index-matching compositions
Device for fixing a cable in a pipe
Spectacles with lenses
Method of manufacturing different types of image display apparatuses and image display apparatus manufactured by the method
Process of forming a pattern on a substrate
Integrated socket for microprocessor package and cache memory
Vehicle parking system
Bill processing device
Bill receiving/paying device and automated cash transaction apparatus
Modular tilt handling system
Display card for merchandising strips and method of manufacturing same
Projection type image display apparatus and image display system
Leader block rotary mechanism for cartridge magnetic tape device
Dual-surface flexible magnetic tape
Soft underlayer structure for magnetic recording
Data input method for a holographic digital data storage system
Method for manufacturing laminated electronic component
Producing high pressure discharge lamp of plural glass members having different softening points producing high pressure
Method for drying a wafer and apparatus for performing the same
Cathode electroactive material, production method therefor and secondary cell
Connector which can be simplified in structure of an end portion in a card inserting/removing direction
ZIF connector having a contact of unique shape
Three-phase connector for electric vehicle drivetrain
Connector and electronic device and information processing apparatus using said connector
Electrical connector
Bipin lamp socket
Cable connector assembly with IDC contacts
Card connector reduced in operating force
Pressure welding terminal for plate connector
Electromagnetic coupling characteristic adjustment method in non-contact power supply system, power supply device, and non-contact power supply system
Method for manufacturing printed-circuit board
Method of manufacturing double-sided circuit board
Earthquake-resistant equipment rack
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Telescoping marker arm
Implement suspension with lost motion coupling
Row finder for a harvesting unit
Reel drive shaft for windrow pickup attachment
Variable chamber round baler having a bale core formation chamber with a variable geometry
Method and a device for drying
Automatic soil moisture sensing and watering system
Planter and method of use
Self-watering planter employing capillary action water transport mechanism
Method for decreasing hydrophobicity of peat, bark and rock-wool, soilless mixes used for plant growth, promoting easier, faster and more even watering of such mixes without plant injury and providing residual activity for future watering
Accordion-type plant cover with attached skirt and methods
Greenhouse structure
Apparatus and method for making cheese
Implement for automatically milking animals
Evaporative cooling system for cooling a poultry house
Animal grooming restraint
Milking stall for housing an animal to be subjected to an animal-related action
Cat litter-tray
Portable canine waste station
Removable dairy free stall base
Pet car seat
Leash attachment for a truckbed
Animal training apparatus and method
Apparatus for warming water in an ice fishing hole
Animal watering system & methods
Stock watering tank with a photovoltaic de-icer
Fishing lure
Motion actuated light
Fishing lure scent strip
Adjustable bobber system
Ice fishing system
Tail hook a device for forming a slidable loop around an object
Elastic fly holding mat
Horse leg and hoof cleaning tool
Method and apparatus for the removal and elimination of fire ants
Systems and methods for controlling insects under solid substrates
Methods and apparatus for pest monitoring or control
Apparatus for conditioning game to occupation of a hunting blind
Motion system for decoys
Apparatus for customizing the rate at which farming material is applied to an agricultural field
Door for a high-temperature oven
Method for freeze granulation
Tobacco products with dry powdered vitamin E
Pucker free garment side seam and method for production
Non-visible clip for head covering
Multilayer sole for sport shoes
Shoe construction
Liner with a composite upper
Skate boot construction with integral plastic insert
Self-ventilating insert for footwear
Boot for gliding sports
Golf shoe and its spike
Band of articulated links and watch provided with such a band
Body-worn ornament, body-worn ornament kit, and method of attaching a body-worn ornament
Automatic fold-up umbrella
Binder with outwardly biased gusset
Retractable handle for wheeled luggage
Highlighting comb
Hair curler
Braid clipper and sealing device
Taper comb set
Makeup applicator and method of producing the same
Power driven tree stand
Collapsible leisure table
Shelving system
Removable corner table
Dividing element in panel form to produce partitions and presentation facilities for temporary displays
Knife holder
Refrigerator for securely accepting deliveries
Removable screen apparatus
Two-surfaced grill with computer controlled two-stage upper platen positioning mechanism
Disposable beverage maker
Insulating press-type coffee maker and accessories
Beverage extraction apparatus
Beverage brewer chamber assembly
Beverage filter cartridge holder
Container with in situ dual food product mixing and heating
Domestic electric device for cooking food
Rotary roasting food holder for a barbecue stove
Broiler assembly
Rolled web dispenser and cutting apparatus
Bandage package and method of dispensing
Garbage and refuse screening system for dish machines
Device for connecting two panels together and for adjusting their spatial arrangement
Method for thoracoscopic intracardiac procedures including septal defect
Method and arrangement for tensioning dental floss, and a device for cleaning teeth
Machine for making up ready to use doses of animal semen and dose of semen made up by this machine
Method of altering the shape of the cornea of the eye
Underarm cane device
Rollator braking device
Compounding assembly for nutritional fluids
Method of forcing the reverse transport of cholesterol from a body part to the liver while avoiding harmful disruptions of hepatic cholesterol homeostasis
Methods of collecting, thawing, and extending the useful life of polarized gases and associated accumulators and heating jackets
Process and device for controlling and assisting natural breathing and mechanical respiration
Intubating laryngeal mask
Catheter system for delivery of aerosolized medicine for use with pressurized propellant canister
Control of fluid flow by oval shaped valve member containing a cam interface
Abseil rescue device
Outdoor fire prevention system
Process station fire suppression system
Miniature sports radar speed measuring device
Indoor type skiing ground, and method and controller for indoor type skiing ground
Ring airfoil and launcher
Performing Operations; Transporting
Triple effect, pressurized deaeration system for boilers
Method for making drying more effective
Ventilator hood for a stove
Gasification power generation process and gasification power generation equipment
Ultrasonic processors
Carbon acid dispenser
Method for aspirating sample liquid into a dispenser tip and thereafter ejecting droplets therethrough
Apparatus for coating a solution onto a sheet substrate
Visual inspection apparatus for tablets
Control process for continuous skin pass operation for metal strip
Method of production of welding wire
Drawing process and machine
Device and method for straightening out damaged metal and plastic elements
Methods and apparatus for forming a beaded can end
Method and apparatus for reshaping a container body
Adjustable mechanically operated hemming apparatus
Apparatus for sheet-metal plate processing to be employed at inclined C-frame presses
Sheet metal bending machine with offset press rollers
Universal machine for bending pipes or section bars to both fixed and variable curvatures
Device for the continuous casting of steel
Thin cast strip formed of molten steel, process for its production, and cooling drum for thin cast strip continuous casting apparatus
Twin roll continuous casting installation
Semi-solid metal forming process
Automatic adjustable power chuck system and method
Saw and saw blade for simultaneously cutting and beveling
Cutting-off machine for a venetian blind
Metal-cutting saw bow frame including a device for tensioning of the blade
Chainsaw blade sharpener with stop
Rocket engine with one-piece combustion chamber step structure, and its fabrication
Valve assembly tool
Cutting guide with integral supportive clamping and alignment
Wrench having a socket with circumferentially spaced recesses
Multi-wrench tool kit
Optical clearance devices for adjustable wrenches
Slide switch selectable one way clutch
Ergonomic handle and driver incorporating same
Device for positioning an object relative to an opening
Knife blade locking mechanism
Trimming device for beards
Adjustable attachment comb
Paper cutter
Trackless gantry press system
Method of manufacturing a molded door skin from a wood composite, door skin produced therefrom, and door manufactured therewith
Pinch blade tool and method for patterning asphalt shingles with indentations
Wetting indicator for composites
Packaging container production equipment and packaging container production method
Induction heat sealing of a closure to a container
Plate making device and printer and printing system using the plate making device
Method and apparatus for using workpiece registration to inline decorate and cure workpieces
Rotary press having a heating roller for drying
Method for producing printed matter and printing form attachment means for use in the method
Securing device for a printed carrier
Dual color non-impact printing for postage meters
Paint roller cleaner
Powder chalk line dispenser with demounted chalk reservoir
Pneumatic tire with air permeation prevention layer
Rubber article containing a bismaleimide and a bis benzothiazolydithio end capped compound
Polymer composition for tire and pneumatic tire using same
Studless tire having lateral grooves
Heavy duty radial tire with specified arrangement of chafer and carcass turnup
Pneumatic radial tire with band-belt and triple radius tread profile
Motor vehicle wheel end assembly
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle air-conditioning system with seat heating and cooling device
Air conditioner for vehicles
Window stabilizer
Sun-shade assembly
Core metal insert with stagger and offset backbone
Transfer case with disconnectable transfer clutch
Vehicle drive force control device
Torque control for direct injected engines using a supplemental torque apparatus
Unsprung third rail collector beam support for a swing arm primary suspension railway truck
Use of inert gas in transfer of comminuted product to tank
Motor vehicle actuating unit
Method and apparatus for leather wrapping of a steering wheel
Steering wheel assembly, and a mounting structure and boss structure of the steering wheel assembly
Turn assisting mechanism for a vehicle
Master cylinder with hydraulic reaction capable of being cancelled
Combined valving system for spring brake actuator
Energy supply device for a compressed air brake system for commercial vehicles
Two-part manual test connector
Laminate bulkhead with flared edges
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Detent mechanism for a hydraulic power steering gear
Bicycle brake adapter
Bicycle hand brake
Bicycle crank and method for manufacturing same
System and method for controlling the flow of a conductive fluid over a surface
Canoe and boat seat incliner apparatus
Mouthpiece with orthodontic tooth grip for divers
Collapsible snorkel
Diving apparatus and method for its production
Small watercraft with fin and sail
Tugboat having azimuthal propelling units
Strapping tool with improved strap guide and method therefor
Sealless strapping tool and method therefor
Article holders for use in creating display articles
Automated loading of pickles into jars
Method of making vacuum-packaged, capacitor-grade tantalum powder
Transverse seam sealing device for a bag forming and filling machine
Apparatus for packaging flexible duct for shipment and method for performing the same
Supporting structure
System for delivering and maintaining the sterility and integrity of flowable materials
Apparatus for cutting a web of paper and for applying an adhesive tape to the cutting edge of the web of paper
Method and arrangement for levelling out tension variation of an optical fibre
Measuring elevator position with scanning laser beam
Method of retro-fitting elevators to existing buildings
Rotary filling machine for filling containers with liquids
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Forming method of glass element
Method for the production of a quartz glass blank and apparatus suitable therefor
Apparatus for preparing quartz micropipettes
Method for manufacturing bent and tempered glass sheet and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Method for installing glass sheet quench module set
Process for improving the thermal profile of glass ovens
Method of forming a glass parison
Brake unit consisting of a brake disk and a brake lining
Article for thermal energy storage
Clathrate forming medium and its use in thermal energy storage systems and processes for thermal energy storage and transfer
Thermal storage system
Methods of rapidly consolidating particulate materials in wells
Thermal post-deposition treatment of halogen-doped films to improve film stability and reduce halogen migration to interconnect layers
Method and apparatus for determining the endpoint in a plasma cleaning process
Reactor optimized for chemical vapor deposition of titanium
Chamber for reducing contamination during chemical vapor deposition
Apparatus for forming thin film
Push rod ball
Method and device for releasing cathode plates
Textiles; Paper
Procedure for re-equipping and simultaneous modernization of an open end rotor spinning machine
Device for controlling the transverse movement of at least one thread in a textile machine
Reed with reed dents having modified chin sections
Patterned float plated fabrics and methods for manufacturing aforesaid
Widening method
Flat knitting machine with movable loop forming plates
Stitch loop holding apparatus for a flat knitting machine
Yarn feeder for a jacquard knitting machine
Elastic knitted band having stretch woven band feel and appearance and method of making same
Quilting machine with stitchers moved by linear electric motors
Needle support for sewing machine
Device for removing moisture from textile webs
Humidity-modulated dual-setpoint temperature controller
Steam iron with anticipating power control
Loop/tie-back woven loop seam press base
High temperature Yankee hood
Duct configuration for a through-air drying apparatus in a papermaking machine
Fixed Constructions
Device for collection of debris
Portable gold mining dredge
Operation control device for three-joint type excavator
Excavating tooth assembly
Insulated valve housing
Faucet mounting system with improved stand
Faucet assembly of a water treatment system
Construction anchor bolt and retainer for poured concrete
Knock-down portable partition system
Wall construction
Wall panel having movable cap
Cementitious structural building panel
Removable ceiling panel assembly
Roof closure vent system
Continuous ridge skylight system
Friction clutch
Floor panel compressing apparatus and method
Insulated concrete wall
Apparatus and method for bracing vertical structures
Disabled or handicapped accessible non-elevator building and method for making
U-shaped stackable truss
Method and apparatus for lock mounting
Modular removable core cylinder assembly
Tamperproof lock
Door mounting
Electrically locked motor vehicle door lock
Door and latch assembly for a housing
Partition forming a draft-free fire barrier; and a draft-free fire barrier; and, further, methods of their operation
Adjustable door frame
Partially transparent storm shutter
Illuminated security barrier for passageways
Security screen
Roller shutter arrangement more particularly for obliquely arranged roller shutter areas
Cordless, balanced window covering
Drill bits with enhanced hydraulic flow characteristics
Remotely accessible mobile repair unit for wells
Pipe die method and apparatus
Methods of completing a subterranean well and associated apparatus
Reduced-shock landing collar
Pressure equalizing safety valve for subterranean wells
Heater well method and apparatus
Methods of completing and producing a subterranean well and associated apparatus
Lateral liner tieback assembly
Underground mining drill rig with safety interlock
Method and equipment for the flow of offshore oil production
Dual injection and lifting system using a rod driven progressive cavity pump and an electrical submersible progressive cavity pump
System and method for the acquisition of physical data linked to a drilling operation in progress
Boring tool control using remote locator
Method for establishing branch wells at a node of a parent well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air cooled power machine
Fuel-injected piston combustion engine
Rotary machine
Method for preparing deep-frozen liquid gas
Valve-timing controller for an internal combustion engine
Locking device for a device for varying valve timing of gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine
Outboard motor and engine thereof
Electronically controlled lubricating oil and fuel blending system
Auto-matic back pressure relief muffler
Diesel exhaust analysis system and method of using the same
Apparatus and method for detecting deterioration of NO.sub.x catalyst in diesel engine
Debris entry preventing member of air-cooled type internal combustion engine
Rotational speed control arrangement for a fluid friction coupling
Suction device for a supercharged engine
Mechanical supercharger for an internal combustion engine and a method of making same
Continuously variable electrically actuated flow control valve for high temperature applications
Two-stage supercharging systems for internal combustion engines
Gas engine with a gas fuel reforming device
Arrangement for driving engine accessories
Fuel injection device for model engine
High temperature compression and reheat gas turbine cycle and related method
Pressure compensated fuel delivery system for the combustors of turbomachinery
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Air intake control system for engine equipped with exhaust gas recirculation feature
Control apparatus for controlling engine driving watercraft
Apparatus and method for estimating concentration of vaporized fuel purged into intake air passage of internal combustion engine
Fuel vapor control system of an internal combustion engine
Automotive cold start fuel volatility compensation
Plant control system
Apparatus and method for a diagnostic check of the electrical wiring of an internal combustion engine electronic unit injector system
Throttle device for internal combustion engine
Coolant jacketed cylinder liner with stiffening ribs
Low vibration link
Self-closing pivoting door thrust reverser
Reloadable/modular solid propellant rocket motor
Metal diaphragm type pulsation absorber for high-pressure fuel pump
Fuel injection system
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Pneumatically controlled compressed air assisted fuel injection system
Pulseless, reversible precision piston-array pump
Hydraulic power conversion device
Ducted fan gas turbine engine with fan shaft frangible connection
Standing wave pump
Hydraulic system and a method for degassing same
Journal bearing method employing self-stabilizing, true-tilting pad with abruptly-stepped pocket
In-line axle disconnect assembly
Clutch mechanism for friction clutch with low declutching force
Freewheel device
One-way clutch
Centrifugal backspin retarder and drivehead for use therewith
Automatic stop mechanism for a rolling door
Engine balancer unit
Reversing valve with a cross section which is dependent on the direction of flow
Damping force control type hydraulic shock absorber
Locking device
Lockup damper, lockup mechanism and damper mechanism of torque converter
Torque converter
Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, particulary for a motor vehicle
Gear arrangement and method for selecting gears of an automatic transmission
Valve system
Valve actuator
Valve device for controlling the filling level of cylinders and the like with liquefied gases
Diaphragm valve with flow control stem air bleed
Adjustable electronic position indicator apparatus
Coupling for connecting vacuum-insulated line ends
Quick universal joint of auto-separating two-way check valve
Forming a flange on a tubular member lined with a thermoplastic liner
Pipe coating
Combined fill and relief valve
Controller for tank-filling system
Double pass air impingement and air film cooling for gas turbine combustor walls
Venturi tube mounting system
Single knob rotary oven control apparatus providing continuous and discrete control information
Portable camp kitchen
Universal and multi-functional building component
Air conditioner
Temperature/humidity controller for use in an air conditioner and a recording medium storing temperature/humidity control programs used therefor
Sun-ray tracking system
Viscous fluid heater
Method of regulating the filling level of a refrigerant evaporator
Method and system for the determination of a ternary refrigerant mixture composition
Refrigerator water tank
Cryogenic air separation system for producing moderate purity oxygen and moderate purity nitrogen
Continuous drying system
Weighing dryer
Method for producing pre-treated molten metal castings
Heat exchanger
Gun noise and recoil suppressor
Folded delay blowback operating system for automatic hand held firing weaponry
Archery box accessory
Portable launcher
Tombstone mounted, torpedo tube flow control valves
Sight apparatus for archery bow having range finder and pendulous sight
Grenade for a grenade thrower
Shock-resistant electronic circuit assembly
GPS controlled blaster
Mechanically coupled alternatively usable cantilever structures for scanning a surface
Universal transducer
Ball spline joint slackness measuring method and measuring apparatus
Methods and sensors for detecting strain and stress
Electronic radius gauge
Method and apparatus for generating driving signals for a vibratory rotation sensor
Gyroscopes and compensation
Single-jet liquid meter with improved driving torque
Insertion paddle wheel flow sensor for insertion into a fluid conduit
Compound water meter having impeller rotatably supported between main meter measuring and switch-over valve insets
Suspended-body flow meter
Thermal flow sensor supporting element having a gradually increased portion between its distal ends
Fluid-level measurement by dynamic excitation of a pressure- and fluid-load-sensitive diaphragm
Capacitive force sensor
Vibration wave detecting method and vibration wave detector
Signal detection instrument with touch probe resonator assembly for use therewith
Instrument valve manifolds for use with pressure transmitters
Sintered pressure sensor for a pressure transmitter
Servo-driven elevator for dynamic balancer
Method and apparatus for measuring gravitational acceleration utilizing a high temperature superconducting bearing
Method for analyzing the driving behavior of motor vehicles
Digital control for dynamometer
Robotic sampler for remote sampling of liquids in a process stream
Method and apparatus for measuring selected properties of a fluid of interest using a single heater element
Leak detection device, and fluid vessel assembly comprising same
EMAT inspection of header tube stubs
Process for evaluating the damage induced in skin by UV-A radiation
Method for attaching and insulating resistors
Fiber optic precision linear stripper
Overlay alignment measurement of wafers
Propane regulator with a balanced valve
Current to pressure converter
Coin identification procedure
Coin mechanism for bulk vending machine
Lighted message system for use with trailer hitch arrangements
Device for attracting attention--(taxi hailer)
Wire loom
Flexible identification collar for hoses
Protective tag receptacle
Acoustic horn transducer with a conic type diffuser having and exponential profile in wood
Scanning force microscope with automatic surface engagement and improved amplitude demodulation
Alignment aid for an electrode plate assembly
Plasma processing apparatus
Apparatus for removing coated film from peripheral portion of substrate
Spring clip for attaching an electronic component to a heat sink and an assembly utilizing the same
Wire-connecting apparatus
Stripping tool
Electric wire cover peeling tool
Cable sheath stripping tool
Integral corrugated jacket pipe and method of producing the same
Rear mounted retractable weather shield
Speaker enclosure
Component mounting apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing substrates
Method of making a printed circuit board having filled holes and fill member for use therewith
Electronic component manufacturing method
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