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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Tip-sleeve silent plug with 360.degree. sliding ring contact
Human Necessities
Production of low calorie, extruded, expanded foods having a high fiber content
Yogurt with a two-phase structure and method for production thereof
Laryngoscopes and rechargeable illumination units for use therewith
Plate for osteosynthesis device and method of preassembling such device
Intramedullary nail comprising elements of shape-memory material
Polypectomy snare having ability to actuate through tortuous path
Registering intraoperative scans
Tissue penetration device
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Hand scanner with moveable platen
Device to permit offpump beating heart coronary bypass surgery
Prosthetic device for cartilage repair
Active blood vessel sleeve methods and systems
Methods of making and using surfactant polymers
Composites and methods for treating bone
Method and apparatus for the treatment of the intervertebral disc annulus
Dressing material
Selective organ cooling catheter with guidewire apparatus and temperature-monitoring device
Amide-substituted 8-N-benzimidazoles, method for the production thereof, and use of the same as medicaments
Acylated indanyl amines and their use as pharmaceuticals
2,3-dihydro-6-nitroimidazo (2,1-b) oxazole compounds for the treatment of tuberculosis
Pyrimidine compounds, compositions and methods of use
Use of aryl-substituted polycyclic amines as medicaments
2-arylthiazole-4-carboxamide derivatives, their preparation and use as pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical formulation for contraception and hormone-replacement therapy
Starch foam microparticles
Dual chain synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
Dolastatin 15 derivatives
Treatment of melanoma
System, devices, and methods including actively-controllable superoxide water generating systems
Delivery system
Needle guard mechanism with angled strut wall
Bariatric sleeve
Audible and tactile feedback
Zero-G condensing heat exchanger with integral disinfection
Golf club, head of golf club and method for adjusting property of golf club
Magnetic resistance trainer power measurement
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter housing structure of projector
Blending apparatus, blending method, phase inversion emulsifying method, and method for producing resin particle dispersion
Microfluidics system for mixing at least two starting materials
Carboxylic acid salt articles and methods of making and using them
Start-up process for a unit for producing highly thermally-integrated hydrogen by reforming a hydrocarbon feedstock
Fluid dispenser
Method for coating substrates with coating systems containing reactive hydrophobic inorganic fillers
Implantable or insertable medical devices visible under magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste
Cleaning operations with dwell time
Method to improve indium bump bonding via indium oxide removal using a multi-step plasma process
Apparatus and method for supporting continuous casting nozzle, sliding nozzle system and continuous casting nozzle
Highly heat-conductive composite material
Stamped stator assemblies and methods for assemblying stamped stator assemblies
Method of polishing a tungsten carbide surface
Abrasive, method of polishing target member and process for producing semiconductor device
Method and device for processing lens
Apparatus for feeding resin
Apparatus for making three-dimensional preforms using electroluminescent devices on a mold surface
Blowing agent introduction systems and methods
Apparatus for the production of a detergent bar
Die for extrusion forming head
Multi-layer laminate structure and manufacturing method
Component having a coating system
Radiation-curable compounds
Write-once-read-many optical recording medium
Formation of close-packed sphere arrays in V-shaped grooves
Bifurcation catheter dual balloon bond and methods
Method, system and article for producing a mailpiece envelope having improved seal integrity
Organic friction modifier comprising laminar graphite and aramid resin
Fine hollow powder thin flaky titanium oxide powder obtained by pulverization of the fine hollow powder and processes for producing the same
Glass ceramic self-supporting film and process for its production
Ceramic powder, ceramic layer and layer system with pyrochlore phase and oxides
Process of producing liquid discharge head
Thermal recording medium, and apparatus and method for image formation
Pigment dispersion and inkjet recording medium using the same
Actuator for a ring binder mechanism
Method and apparatus for lifting off photoresist beneath an overlayer
Marine propulsion system
Watercraft steering system, and watercraft
Capsule for the preparation of a beverage
System for producing a cross-folded sheet material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of cell culture observation, carbon substrate for cell culture observation, and method for manufacture thereof
Mechanically stable catalyst based on alpha-alumina
Apparatus for removing dissolved hydrogen sulfide in anaerobic treatment
IAP BIR domain binding compounds
Purine derivatives having, in particular, anti-proliferative properties, and their biological uses
Extraction of ingredients from biological material
Glycolipid and use thereof
Metallocene-substituted pyridyl amines, their metal complexes, and processes for production and use thereof
Chlorinated ethylene-based polymers and compositions and articles prepared therefrom
Crystalline copolymers having high solubility in non-halogenated solvents, and their use
Polymeric salts and poly-NHC-metal complexes
Resinous composition comprising special visual effect additive and method
Additive for polymers and process for preparation thereof
Nanoclays in polymer compositions, articles containing same, processes of making same, and systems containing same
Methacrylic resin composition, resin modifier, and molded article
Transparent composite material and process for producing the same
Production process of liquid composition, image forming process and image forming apparatus
Phase change inks containing colorant compounds
(Oxy) nitride phosphor, white light-emitting device including the (oxy) nitride phosphor, method of preparing phosphor, and nitride phosphor prepared by the method
Hydrocarbon fuel compositions
Systems and methods of producing a crude product
Cell culture apparatus and control method thereof
Device and method for multiple analyte detection
Disposable tubing set for use with a cell expansion apparatus and method for sterile sampling
Selection of ADH in genetically modified cyanobacteria for the production of ethanol
Comparative analysis of extracellular RNA species
Fertility restoration for Ogura cytoplasmic male sterile Brassica and method
High-density hafnium-based metallic glass alloys that include six or more elements
Formation of carbon-containing material
Enclosing manufacture with a magnesium sacrificial anode for corrosion protection
Method of producing a hydrogen production filter
Textiles; Paper
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine sealing apparatus
Multistage compressor for a gas turbine, comprising discharge ports and injection ports to stabilize the compressor flow
Stepped stator blade
Surface treatment method and repair method
Compressor sound suppression
High-pressure liquid supply pump
Method and device for controlling pump torque for hydraulic construction machine
Fastener assembly
Threaded connection piece
Undetachable plastic anchor
Constant velocity universal joint
Fixed type constant velocity universal joint
Boot for a constant velocity joint
Method for introducing waste and/or alternative fuels into a clinker production method and device for carrying out said method
Manufacturing method of three-dimensionally shaped object
Luminescence measurement system
Photon reducing agents for fluorescence assays
Kit for taking biopsies, autopsies, excisions, and resections and methods thereof
Devices and methods for removing target agents from a sample
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor and methods of making
Mediator stabilized reagent compositions for use in biosensor electrodes
Biosensor having improved hematocrit and oxygen biases
Gas sensor and method for detecting particles in a gas flow
Combination of sPLA2 activity and OxPL/apoB cardiovascular risk factors for the diagnosis/prognosis of a cardiovascular disease/event
Methods for predicting pregnancy outcome in a subject by hCG assay
Method for determination of molecular weight of hyaluronic acid
Method for assessing metastatic properties of breast cancer
Methods of identifying compounds that bind TANGO509
Methods and compositions comprising capture agents
Use of toll-like receptor-expressing cells
Biological markers predictive of anti-cancer response to insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor kinase inhibitors
Optical subassembly manufacturing method
Image pick-up apparatus
Optical assembly and photographing apparatus including the same
Method for selectively adjusting local resist pattern dimension with chemical treatment
Photoresist composition, method of forming pattern using the photoresist composition and inkjet print head
Dummy light-exposed substrate, method of manufacturing the same, immersion exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method of reducing photoresist defects during fabrication of a semiconductor device
Anti-static and slippery anti-curl back coating
Toner for image formation, method for producing toner, container containing toner, two-component developer, process cartridge, and image forming method
Photosensitive resin composition for volume phase hologram recording and optical information recording medium using the same
Manufacturing method of a photoelectric conversion device
Image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Method of making a nonvolatile phase change memory cell having a reduced contact area
Method of minimizing beam bending of MEMS device by reducing the interfacial bonding strength between sacrificial layer and MEMS structure
Method for manufacturing a sensor element, and sensor element
Irradiation with high energy ions for surface structuring and treatment of surface proximal sections of optical elements
Method for forming a sacrificial sandwich structure
High performance LDMOS device having enhanced dielectric strain layer
Nanocrystal memory with differential energy bands and method of formation
Ultraviolet energy curable tape and method of making a semiconductor chip using the tape
Multiple patterning using improved patternable low-k dielectric materials
System for modifying small structures
Clipless integrated heat spreader process and materials
Method and apparatus for semiconductor wafer alignment
Method for fabricating an isolation structure
Enhancing NAND flash floating gate performance
Semiconductor device fabrication method and semiconductor device
Vapor deposition apparatus and process for continuous deposition of a thin film layer on a substrate
Electronic device with battery securing mechanism
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and method of manufacturing the same
Electrochemical device
Composite electrolyte membrane, production method thereof, membrane-electrode assembly, and fuel cell
Fuel cell integral bundle assembly including ceramic open end seal and vertical and horizontal thermal expansion control
Receptacle structure, printed wiring board structure, and electronic device
Electronic device using earphone jack assembly
Socket connector having a locking member to restrict upward and downward movement of a fastened portion of a load lever
Connection block mounting frame
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
X-ray detector
Systems and methods for monitoring wear and/or displacement of artificial joint members, vertebrae, segments of fractured bones and dental implants
String drawing device for a racquet
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sealing apparatus used in a wire cut electric discharge machine
Method for soldering surface mount components to a substrate using a laser
Welded silicon member
Heating apparatus for a welding operation and method therefor
Apparatus for fabrication of miniature structures
Device and method for marking copper-clad laminates
Method and apparatus for cutting a semiconductor wafer
UV curable overlays for laser shock processing
Method and system for weld monitoring and tracking
Sleeve shrinking system with forced fluid adjusted thermal profile
Process chamber for selective laser fusion
Apparatus for creating re-entrant nozzles
Array of light-emitting elements and emission-altering elements
Apparatus for generating and distributing electrical power to loads in a vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling battery charging in a hybrid electric vehicle
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Seat with moving parts
Discharge lamp device for vehicle
Device for automatically switching color of luminescent dashboard
Magnetic sensor
Electric power steering apparatus
Robot and joint device for the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ultraviolet water purifier
Magnetic material and inductor
Electrostatic-erasing abrasion-proof coating and method for forming the same
Charged particle beam lithography apparatus for forming pattern on semi-conductor
System for digital radiography and dosimetry
Aperture grill material for color picture tube, production method thereof, aperture grill and picture tube
Surface treatment of c-doped SiO2 film to enhance film stability during O2 ashing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electroactive polymer electrodes
Viscosity regulating valve
High performance composite flywheel
Manual operating means for valves
Discharge lamp with light-intercepting film bands
Fluorescent lamp with improved productivity, and manufacturing method for the fluorescent lamp
Magnetostrictive sensor device having one interface providing information regarding mode converter signal volatage and sensed object position
Uncooled IR detector array having improved temperature stability and reduced fixed pattern noise
Measuring device, especially for a heating/air-conditioning installation
Method and system for dynamically polarizing electro-optic signals
Infrared optical gas-measuring device and gas-measuring process
Optical resonator microsphere sensor with altering Q-factor
Scanning system with calibrated detection and method
Device for detecting characteristics of a moving paper web, said device comprising a polychromator and an IR detector matrix
Method of inspecting pattern and inspecting instrument
Method of inspecting a circuit pattern and inspecting instrument
Modulation method and apparatus for thermally analyzing a material
Multiple local probe measuring device and method
Process and apparatus for testing multi-layer composites and containers produced therefrom
Remote magnetic field material analyzer and method
Barkhausen noise measurement probe with magnetoresistive sensor and cylindrical magnetic shield
Squid microscope
BGA on-board tester
Device and method for measuring an electric current
Precise dielectric constant sensor
Method of determining very small capacitances
Charge measuring device with wide dynamic range
Static event detection/protection device
Method of determining integrity of a gate dielectric
Inspection stage and inspection apparatus having a plurality of Z axes
Method of inspecting circuit pattern and inspecting instrument
Apparatus and method for automatic determination of operating frequency with built-in self-test
Reduced cost, high speed circuit test arrangement
Method for compensating for measuring error in detecting current in an energy storing means
Back-up battery management apparatus and method for charging and testing battery cells in a string of battery cells
Plane magnetic sensor and plane magnetic sensor for multidimensional magnetic field analysis
NMR field-cycling spectrometer in which the sample is conveyed on a circular path at a predetermined angular velocity
Apparatus for passive control of magnet homogeneity
Method and apparatus for nuclear magnetic resonance measuring while drilling
Method for visualizing charged particle motion using magnetic resonance imaging
Interleaved water and fat dual-echo spin echo magnetic resonance imaging with intrinsic chemical shift elimination
Object detecting device, and travel safety system for vehicle
Dosimetry using silver salts
Device and system for improved imaging in nuclear medicine and mammography
Metal detector and method in which mineralization effects are eliminated
Range finder structure allowing easier filling of the transparent filler
Solid-state imaging device
Field programmable optical arrays
Semiconductor parts and semiconductor mounting apparatus
Electro-optical element having protective film on top and side surfaces of buffer layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device
Stage apparatus including non-containing gas bearings and microlithography apparatus comprising same
Induction heating fixing device with an extended pressure contact area for use with magnetic toner
Image heating apparatus, heater for heating image and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor processing techniques
Calibrated current source
Linear regulator with a selectable output voltage
Circuit generator of a voltage signal which is independent of temperature and has low sensitivity to variations in process parameters
Method and apparatus for generating a clock signal
Reduced clock-skew in a multi-output clock driver by selective shorting together of clock pre-outputs
Dual-switching and dual-linear power controller chip
Method and apparatus for fine granularity clock gating
Process and device to determine malfunctioning detectors acting as current sinks in a danger signaling system
Photoelectric smoke detecting apparatus
Test device for testing a liquid crystal display (LCD) unit
Backlight device and a backlighting element
Method of driving electron source and image-forming apparatus and method of manufacturing electron source and image-forming apparatus
Energy recovery sustain circuit for AC plasma display panel
Organic light emitting diode display and operating method of driving the same
Electro-luminescent display and driving method thereof
Light-emitting device, and electric device using the same
EL element driving circuit and method, and electronic apparatus
Server for use in rating of music contents
Optical transducer and recording/playback device comprising the transducer
Variable capacitor and memory device employing the same
Random access memory cell and method for fabricating same
SERODS optical data storage with parallel signal transfer
Scanning tunneling charge transfer microscope
Method and apparatus for improved ion bunching in an ion implantation system
Article irradiation system with multiple beam paths
Coaxial audio cable assembly
Flexible coaxial cable and a method of manufacturing it
Fence or post mounted insulator
Variable inductor
Transformer assembly for environmental lighting system
Electrical apparatus having an electromagnetic device operable at multiple inductance values
Wire core inductive devices
Inductor with variable air-gap separation
Drive rod for a high-voltage circuit-breaker
Interrupting subassembly for switching appliance
Housing for switchgears
Incandescent multi-filament light bulb
Electron emitting apparatus
Plasma display panel
Material for converting ultraviolet ray and display device using the same
Electron tube device mounted with a cold cathode and a method of impressing voltages on electrodes of the electron tube device
Ion source having replaceable and sputterable solid source material
Cathode ray tube with UPF type electron gun having particular electrode structure and spacing
In-line type electron gun in cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube
Image-forming apparatus
Electron tube
Apparatus for the backside gas cooling of a wafer in a batch ion implantation system
Extended life source arc chamber liners
Projection ion beam machining apparatus
Electron beam exposure method and apparatus
Inductive plasma processor including current sensor for plasma excitation coil
Method and apparatus for selective ion delivery using ion polarity independent control
Ionization source utilizing a jet disturber in combination with an ion funnel and method of operation
Mass analysis apparatus and method for mass analysis
Filament lamp with pinch-sealed base plate-shaped terminals connecting an outer lead to a feed line
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and compact fluorescent lamp
Low wattage fluorescent lamp having improved phosphor layer
High pressure discharge lamp
Flat-type fluorescent lamp for illumination unit and liquid crystal device
Ceramic discharge chamber for a discharge lamp
Flat luminescent lamp and method for manufacturing the same
Tube, with bore having convex sides, for emitting electromagnetic radiation, and method thereof
Metal halide lamp with gas-tight seal
Fluorescent tube with light emitting diodes
Flat fluorescent lamp and optical fixing device
Getter device employing calcium evaporation
Field emission-type electron source and manufacturing method thereof
Device for mounting a light source
Multiple, sequential filament lamp
Temperature-controlled semiconductor wafer chuck system
Schottky diode
Self-aligned dog-bone structure for FinFET applications and methods to fabricate the same
Bladder insert for encapsulant displacement
Semiconductor device with a binary alloy bonding layer
Semiconductor die with attached heat sink and transfer mold
Method and structure for joining two substrates with a low melt solder joint
Barrier for capacitor over plug structures
Strain-engineered, self-assembled, semiconductor quantum dot lattices
Fabrication of low resistance, non-alloyed, OHMIC contacts to INP using non-stoichiometric INP layers
Capacitor constructions comprising a nitrogen-containing layer over a rugged polysilicon layer
Reduced base resistance in a bipolar transistor
Semiconductor element
II-VI semiconductor device with BeTe buffer layer
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor die test carrier having conductive elastomeric interposer
Semiconductor packages having light-sensitive chips
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Microelectronic fabrication having microelectronic capacitor structure fabricated therein
Recessed container cells and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Capacitor element having a contact hole structure in an electrode structure
Vertical split gate flash memory device in an orthogonal array of rows and columns with devices in columns having shared source regions
Semiconductor memory device and its method of manufacture
Semiconductor devices containing surface channel mos transistors
Single-control monolithic component for a composite bridge
Low density, tensile stress reducing material for STI trench fill
Semiconductor device having a voltage-regulator device
Power component bearing interconnections
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process for fabricating a network of nanometric lines made of single-crystal silicon and device obtained
Method of forming a metal to polysilicon contact in oxygen environment
Transfer circuit of semiconductor device and structure thereof
Method of manufacturing photodiode CMOS image sensor
Vertical DRAM having metallic node conductor
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a DRAM and an analog circuit
Memory cell using amorphous material to stabilize the boundary face between polycrystalline semiconductor material of a capacitor and monocrystalline semiconductor material of a transistor
Semiconductor package with stacked substrates and multiple semiconductor dice
Cross-diffusion resistant dual-polycide semiconductor structure and method
Methods and compositions for ionizing radiation shielding
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Integrated circuit package with an IC chip and pads that dissipate heat away from the chip
Electrically isolated power device package
Lead frame for an integrated circuit chip (integrated circuit peripheral support)
Quad flat non-leaded package and leadframe for use in a quad flat non-leaded package
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and a method of producing the same
Thin tin preplated semiconductor leadframes
Ball grid array package for enhanced stress tolerance
Integrated circuit with active regions having varying contact arrangements
Method for forming interconnect structure with low dielectric constant
Conductive pads layout for BGA packaging structure
Method and apparatus for evaluating insulating film
Optoelectronic component with a conductor strip element
Electrostatic discharge protection for integrated semiconductor devices using channel stop field plates
Apparatus for package reduction in stacked chip and board assemblies
Semiconductor device
Radiation tolerant back biased CMOS VLSI
One time programmable semiconductor nonvolatile memory device and method for production of same
Code addressable memory cell in a flash memory device
Semiconductor device having first and second insulating films
Field emission device
Image sensor with light receiving elements of differing areas and image reader both having semiconductor device
Electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device and method of forming a semiconductor device
Nitride based transistors on semi-insulating silicon carbide substrates
Semiconductor device with varying thickness gold electrode
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with information storage capacitor having ruthenium dioxide lower electrode and crystallized TA2O5 capacitor insulator
Single event upset hardening technique for bipolar devices
Thyristor-based device having extended capacitive coupling
Semiconductor device
High thermal efficiency, small form-factor packages including thermally insulative cavities, and transfer molded variants
Solid state radiation detector with enhanced life duration
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Solar energy converter using a solar cell in a shallow liquid layer
Sidewall NROM and method of manufacture thereof for non-volatile memory cells
Integrated electronic-optoelectronic devices and method of making the same
Hetero-interface avalance photodetector
Light emitter device and a method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting diode and method of making the same
Thermophotovoltaic energy conversion using photonic bandgap selective emitters
Light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
Multiple LED chip package
Zirconia-stabilized multi-filamentary niobium-tin superconducting wire
Piezoelectric transformer, piezoelectric transformer drive circuit, piezoelectric transformer drive method and cold cathode tube drive apparatus using piezoelectric transformer
Organic el material
Organic luminescent element
Device for rotating the polarization of an electromagnetic wave at the exit from a waveguide, and a corresponding system
LC-included electronic component
Multiple passband filter
Nonreciprocal circuit device and communications device
Nonreciprocal circuit device with vertical capacitors above half thickness of the ferrite
Method of and apparatus for connecting waveguides
Method for controlling bias in an active grid array
Electromagnetic shielding structure
Emergency illuminator
Superconducting cable-in-conduit low resistance splice
Electrical junction box
Spark plug
Spark plug with built-in resistor
Spark plug with center electrode and surrounding ground electrode
Cable retention system
Wire protection grommet for high-speed communications cabling
Universal cover plate
Cover for electric meter
Linear motor and apparatus and method for protecting it
Parallel DC power sources with different characteristics
Energy management system which includes on-site energy supply
Charging method and charger
Method for charging determining life of and detecting state of charge of battery
Portable battery charger for a mobile device
Battery pack charging device
Battery capacity recovery apparatus and method
Vehicular power supply apparatus and method of controlling the same
Switchable multiple source power supply
Motor with permanent magnet
Generator stator core vent duct spacer posts
Rotating electrical machine having a permanent-magnet rotor
Composite stator structure having corresponding concave embedding receiving grooves and arc-shaped teeth surfaces
Wiring arrangement for a rotating electrical machine
Load-control-type actuator
Power integrated circuit with distributed gate driver
Method of reducing conducted EMI in motor drive applications
Virtual ripple generation in switch-mode power supplies
Automatic bandwidth and stability control for switched pulse width modulation voltage regulator
Voltage/current controller device, particularly for interleaving switching regulators
Quadrupole mass spectrometer driver with higher signal levels
Micro-mover with balanced dynamics
Circuit for operating a plurality of bi-directional motors
Method and apparatus for position-sensorless motor control
Oscillator and an oscillator characteristic adjustment method
Electrical circuit and method for pulse modulation of a carrier signal
High-efficiency high-power amplifier
Apparatus and method for efficiently amplifying wideband envelope signals
Compensation mechanism for compensating bias levels of an operation circuit in response to supply voltage changes
Feed forward distortion reduction system
Stability enhanced multistage power amplifier
CMOS current amplifier
Differential amplifier having active load device scaling
Apparatus and method for a compact class AB turn-around stage with low noise, low offset, and low power consumption
Stable AGC transimpedance amplifier with expanded dynamic range
Wideband variable gain amplifier with low power supply voltage
Balanced circuit arrangement
Highly linear programmable transconductor with large input-signal range
Active auto zero circuit for time continuous open loop amplifiers
Multichannel receiver circuit for parallel reception
High frequency CMOS differential amplifiers with fully compensated linear-in-dB variable gain characteristic
Tunable filter arrangement comprising resonators with reflection layers
Lamination type LC filter
Antenna arrangement
Longitudinally coupled resonator type surface acoustic wave filter with an IDT having a narrow pitch portion
Saw filter manufactured by using GaN single crystal thin film, and manufacturing method therefore
Four-pole monolithic filter held in a container by conductive adhesives at four connecting electrode locations
Proximity/touch detector and calibration circuit
Overvoltage-tolerant interface for integrated circuits
Output buffer for reducing slew rate variation
Latching annihilation based logic gate
Fractional multimodulus prescaler
Signal converting system having level converter for use in high speed semiconductor device and method therefor
Neural network output sensing and decision circuit and method
Circuit and method for implementing an integrated continuous-time smoothing filter
Differential clock driver with transmission-gate feedback to reduce voltage-crossing sensitivity to input skew
Single-edge clock adjustment circuits for PLL-compatible, dynamic duty-cycle correction circuits
Clock synchronization device
Clock control circuit
Apparatus and method for phase lock loop gain control using unit current sources
Subranging analog to digital converter with multi-phase clock timing
Correction circuit for beta mismatch between thermometer encoded and R-2R ladder segments of a current steering DAC
Differential bipolar stray-insensitive pipelined digital-to-analog converter
A/D converter with high speed input circuit
A/D converter
System and method for self-calibrating a multi-bit delta-sigma analog to digital (A/D) converter during operation of the A/D converter
Digital to analogue converter with dynamic element matching
Magnetic digital signal coupler monitor
Method of designing an equalizer and like electronic components
Signal transmission apparatus for setting delay amount based on operational speed
Image sensor
Horizontal drive circuit incorporating an integrated boost switch-mode power supply for a CRT display
Apparatus and method for determining properties of a cooktop using ultrasound techniques
Glass breakage detection using gas discharge lighting
Photosensor and control system for dimming lighting fixtures to reduce power consumption
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
System and method of automatic cycling control for HID lamps
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Power saver for discharge lamps
Brightness- regulating voltage-transforming circuit for high-pressure discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for dimming high-intensity fluorescent lamps
Apparatus and method for processing ceramics
Focusing microwave applicator
Plasma machining electrode and plasma machining device
Integrated circuit packaging with tapered striplines of constant impedance
Method of reforming reformable members of an electronic package and the resultant electronic package
Ultrasonic manufacturing apparatuses, multilayer flexible wiring boards and processes for manufacturing multilayer flexible wiring boards
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew