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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Integrated RFID tag in a card holder, cage, lid, and rack for use with inventorying and tracking of cage occupants and equipment
Door for closing a washing machine or a tumble dryer
Basket lifting arrangement for a dishwasher
Electronic device with support
Zone lumbar massage system
Adjustable seat assembly
High load operation of an industrial roll door
Automatic dispenser of ground coffee
Handheld electric mixer
Shower enclosure and base
Systems and methods for applying a selected treatment agent into contact with tissue
Methods for treating asthma by damaging nerve tissue
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of providing a moisture vapor barrier layer to a core of a golf ball
Dish-washing machine
Recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing recording head
Method for manufacturing a door-trim assembly and its assembly line
Micro-fluidic injection molded solder (IMS)
Infra-red thermal imaging of laser welded battery module enclosure components
Rotor attachment apparatus and rotor attachment method
Backlight module assembling apparatus
Method of manufacturing an articulated shaft structure
Automated dolly assemblies
Hand-held power tool
Systems and methods for gripping a component
Cutting machine and method for controlling head moving device of same
Table cutting machine
Method and device for attaching a supplementary product that is at least approximately flat to a side of a printed product
Register mark to be detected by a register sensor
Variable cutoff printing unit with belt blanket and method of printing
System and method for registering color ink jet printing in a mailing machine
Paired drop ejector method of operation
Printing head and manufacturing method of printing head
Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Check valve unit for solid ink reservoir system
Inkjet recording apparatus and ink supply method
Inkjet printing system with at least one ink cartridge and an associated ink cartridge receptacle
Inkjet printing head and inkjet printing cartridge
Liquid discharge device
Waste phase change ink recycling
Rotary printhead disc in a rotary inkjet imaging apparatus
Image forming apparatus and maintenance method
Spoked wheel
Workcell for tire and wheel assembly including a tire inflating sub-station that utilizes a flexible flip seal
Protection device for a vehicle interior
Hydraulic hybrid vehicle with large-ratio shift transmission and method of operation thereof
Mounting foot cover for a motor vehicle seat
Bogie structure for a track vehicle
Vehicle steering system of the by-wire design type
Integrally forged link for endless track
Bicycle battery holder
Rest module with a first partial module with direct access to a possible second partial module
Aircraft ejection seat with passive limb retention
Launch and capture systems for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles
Resin-made storage container
Hole plug
Mail flat assembly for automated processing and method of distributing promotional items using same
Box for transporting
Dynamic storage for objects
Support device for conveying heavy loads
Method and device for forming batches of substantially parallelepiped objects moving on a conveyor belt
Conveyance means
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Elevator having a limit switch for controlling power to the drive system as an elevator car approaches a shallow pit or a low overhead
Rope tension equalizer and load monitor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electronic firing systems and methods for firing a device
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine with a removable basket
Laundry treatment machine and door switch thereof
Fixed Constructions
Compressible insulation element with reduced friction
Perimeter insulation strips
Door structure of automotive vehicle
Hinge Bi-directional rotary hinge
Window securing means and methods
Shutter with side pull bar
System and method to expand tubulars below restrictions
Application of degradable fibers in invert emulsion fluids for kill pills
Using tunnels for treating subsurface hydrocarbon containing formations
Systems and methods for providing electrical transmission in downhole tools
System and method for reducing the borehole gap for downhole formation testing sensors
Formation tester with low flowline volume and method of use thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve system for overhead-camshaft-type internal combustion engine, and engine incorporating same
Camshaft for a variable lift valve train of an internal combustion engine
Device and method for controlling internal combustion engine
Electronically controlled blow-by gas returning apparatus for internal combustion engine
Silencer for motor vehicle exhaust line
Exhaust purification system for internal combustion engine and control method of the exhaust purification system
Heat storage apparatus and engine including the same
Adsorbent structures for removal of water and fuel contaminants in engine oil
Multi-part piston for an internal combustion engine and method for its production
Multi-part piston for an internal combustion engine and method for its production
Pressure boosting system for at least one fuel injector
Control device for internal combustion engine
Bicycle brake control device with reach adjustment
Cable operating mechanism
Back torque reducing device of a friction clutch and motorcycle comprising the same
Brake caliper with reduced brake squeal
Sliding device composed of combined structure of screw bolt and nut
Leaf seal arrangement
Compliant plate seal with an annular ring for turbomachinery and methods of assembling the same
Valve with operating means between two outlet passages
Multipurpose flow module
Twistable hydraulic brake hose unit
Illumination device with a fire-fighting function
Full or near-full cut-off visor for light fixture
Cavity reflector light injection for flat panel displays
Reflector and system
Backlight unit, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Vehicle air conditioning system
Modular food preservation system
Device for generating a pulsed magnetic field
Heat pipe structure and flattened heat pipe structure
Recoil-actuated gun scavenger
System and method for explosively stamping a selective fragmentation pattern
Flash-bang grenade with greater flash intensity
Propellant charge
Laser deflection vibration test of door mirror
Control device of the internal combustion engine
Sampling device for low volatility hazardous chemicals
Apparatus and methods for maintaining proper test piece orientation during corrosion testing
Sulfur component detecting device
Device for detecting a flaw in a component
Particulate matter sensor with an insulating air gap
Interior rearview mirror assembly for vehicle
Display device having high brightness uniformity at positions close to light source
Projection display apparatus
Video projection system
Peeling device, fixing unit, and image forming apparatus
Emergency unlocking device for a parking lock
Portable power management for a computing device carrying case
Method and apparatus for high-speed input sampling
Memory modules that receive clock information and are placed in a low power state
Method and test device for detecting addressing errors in control units
Semiconductor memory having sub-party cell array error correction
Increasing software fault tolerance by employing surprise-removal paths
Race condition prevention
Managing method of electrical device, management apparatus, electrical device, communications device, program therefor, and management system of electrical device
Use of incarnation number for resource state cycling
Digital license with referral information
Configuring and managing resources on a multi-purpose integrated circuit card using a personal computer
Updating electronic files using byte-level file differencing and updating algorithms
Method for addressing configuration registers by scanning for a structure in configuration space and adding a known offset
Virtualization controller and data transfer control method
Method and system to locate a storage device
Element management system with data-driven interfacing driven by instantiation of meta-model
Computer system and storage area allocation method
Enqueueing entries in a packet queue referencing packets
Protected configuration space in a protected environment
Storage system and control method thereof for uniformly managing the operation authority of a disk array system
Using digital objects organized according to histogram timeline
Storage system
Portable media synchronization manager
Heterogeneous multiprocessor system and OS configuration method thereof
Event queue in a logical partition
Frame order processing apparatus, systems, and methods
Method in a frame based system for reserving a plurality of buffers based on a selected communication protocol
Memory control device and image forming device equipped with a selection circuit selectively applying a reference clock or a modulated clock to a synchronous memory as an external clock based on a selection signal
Dynamically mediating multimedia content and devices
Packages that contain pre-paginated documents
Phonetic searching using multiple readings
Method and system for creating a grid-like coordinate system for addressing data contained in an irregular computer-generated table
System and method for server-side optimization of data delivery on a distributed computer network
Method and levels of ping notification
Methods and apparatus to provide dual-mode drivers in processor systems
Method and apparatus for converting a network description into a computer program for disambiguating transmit-by-exception telemetry from a multi-path, multi-tier network
Item, relation, attribute: the IRA object model
Methods and systems for generating a viewable document using view descriptors and generic view stylesheets
Processor based system and method for virus detection
Method for simulating power voltage distribution of semiconductor integrated circuit and simulation program
Method and apparatus for designing a layout, and computer product
Method of routing a design to increase the quality of the design
Adjustment of masks for integrated circuit fabrication
Method, system and computer program product for verification of digital designs using case-splitting via constrained internal signals
Method and system for parametric reduction of sequential designs
Method for BIOS security of computer system
Programmatic time-gap defect correction apparatus and method
Interrupt processing in display control
Method and system for providing an extensible user interface
Text based markup language resource interface
Method and apparatus for staggering execution of an instruction
Context switching system for a multi-thread execution pipeline loop and method of operation thereof
System and method for organizing and sharing of process plant design and operations data
Method and system for software program editing in common language runtime environment (CLRE)
Method and apparatus for generating multiple processor-specific code segments in a single executable
Source code transformation based on program operators
Method and system for managing user activities and information using a customized computer interface
RFID tag printer and printer
Magnetic card reader
Apparatus and system for imaging currency bills and financial documents and method for using the same
Methods and apparatus for providing security to a computerized device
Vehicle interior structure
Data recording device having a pressing mechanism
Disk player, and turntable incorporating self-compensating dynamic balancer, clamper incorporating self-compensating dynamic balancer and spindle motor incorporating self-compensating dynamic balancer adopted for disk player
Recording/reproduction apparatus, driving method therefor and disk cartridge
Method of making a write head lapping guide about aligned to a non-magnetic layer surrounding a write pole
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Ignition coil device for internal combustion engine
Methods of fabricating an array capacitor
Methods for forming a single cap via in pad of substrate
Method of fabricating a printed circuit board
Lamp base
System and method for implementing a Reed Solomon multiplication section from exclusive-OR logic
Architecture and method of multilayered DRM protection for multimedia service
Platform-neutral system and method for providing secure remote operations over an insecure computer network
Digital watermarking with content dependent keys and autocorrelation properties for synchronization
Digital certificate management system, digital certificate management apparatus, digital certificate management method, program and computer readable information recording medium
Systems and methods for limiting access to potentially dangerous code
System and method for enrolling in a biometric system
Method and apparatus for hyperlinking in a television broadcast
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for displaying information retrieved from an implanted medical device
Wetness signaling device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-mode pipe projector
Method and measuring device for measuring a rotary tool
Patterned roller for the micro-replication of complex lenses
Chip antenna and method of manufacturing the same
Birefringent interference polarization
Color thermal printer
Thermal printer, thermal printing method and conveyor for recording material
Thermal printer with sacrificial member
Multibeam scanner
Exposure unit for image forming apparatus using electrophotographic system, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Display apparatus and display drive mechanism for vehicle
Surveillance apparatus for a vehicle
Electrochromic anti-glare mirror
Trim tab position monitor
Antidetection by radar device for a flattened superstructure of a ship
Apparatus, method and computer program product for helicopter ground proximity warning system
Systems and methods of estimating sheet supplies in a printing system
Method of manufacturing a microstructure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electro-optical glazing structures having bi-directional control of electromagnetic radiation during total-reflection, semi-transparent and totally-transparent modes of operation
Method and apparatus for measuring a diameter of a single crystal
Fixed Constructions
High frequency power system and related methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
In-hub spindle motor with separate fluid dynamic bearings
Apparatus for detecting and preventing chemical or biological contamination of buildings
Monitoring temperature and sample characteristics using a rotating compensator ellipsometer
Method of aligning an ACC-sensor on a vehicle
Apparatus and method using digitally controlled integration for signal detection with improved noise characteristics
Rangefinder apparatus
Motion sensor
Double beam spectrophotometer
Spectrometer with holographic and echelle gratings
Portable colorimeter
Spectrometric apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Process for performing operations using a 3D input device
Method and apparatus for inspecting phosphor screen of cathode ray tube
Process and apparatus for measuring optical parameters on liquid media
Alternative detector configuration and mode of operation of a time delay integration particle analyzer
Spectroscopic measurement system using an off-axis spherical mirror and refractive elements
Apparatus for optical measurements of nitrogen concentration in thin films
Benchtop spectrophotometer with improved targeting
System and method to measure closed area defects
Electrical conditioning monitoring module for a vehicular electrical system
Memory reduction method for a DSP-based GPS processor
Method for determining a position, a positioning system, and an electronic device
Fast fourier transform signal processing method for doppler radar speed sensor
System for data transfer between moving objects and fixed stations
Process for radar measurements of the movement of city areas and landsliding zones
Vehicle back-up and parking aid radar system
Combined telescope and telemeter device
Non-contact positioning apparatus
Method and apparatus for recognizing object
Single photon imaging and timing array sensor apparatus and method
Range finder
Method and apparatus for using satellite status information in satellite positioning systems
Method and device for determining a position
Method and apparatus for locating a terrestrial transmitter from a satellite
Method and apparatus for satellite positioning system (SPS) time measurement
Wide-band radar detector having electronic compass
Device for receiving seismic waves and method for coupling them with a solid environment
High data rate acoustic telemetry system using multipulse block signaling with a minimum distance receiver
Low reflection, high transmission, touch-panel membrane
Method and apparatus for presenting images from a remote location
Auxiliary imaging lens and imaging apparatus using the same
Illuminating system of a microlithographic projection exposure arrangement
Projection system
Tunable Fabry-Perot filter and tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Micromechanical device and method for non-contacting edge-coupled operation
Device for scanning an object
Linked scanner imaging system and method
Optical devices having a wavelength-tunable dispersion assembly that has a volume dispersive diffraction grating
Optical system for diffusing light
Diffraction grating-based wavelength selection unit
Reflective diffraction grating
Light-polarizing film
Ellipsoidal polarizing plate comprising two optically anisotropic layers and polarizing membrane
Projection optical system, production method thereof, and projection exposure apparatus using it
Modular fiber-optic transceiver
Method and apparatus for controlling the focus of a read/write head for an optical scanner
Display system with light-emitting elements
Display device using a micro light modulator and fabricating method thereof
Optical shutter assembly
Optical device and projection display
Optical intensity modulation device and method
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Dual display arrangement and a terminal device
Liquid crystal display device of reflective type fringe field switching mode
In-Plane switching LCD panel wherein pixel electrodes and common electrodes having plurality of first tips and second tips respectively
In-plane-switching liquid crystal display unit having tinting compensation
Bidirectional dichroic circular polarizer and reflection/transmission type liquid-crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and its manufacturing method
Liquid crystal display having an opening in each pixel electrode corresponding to each storage line
Electrooptical device, projection-type display apparatus, and method for manufacturing the electrooptical device
Liquid crystal display device including pixel electrodes with slits and protrusion between common electrode and alignment film
Bistable liquid crystal display device using polymer stabilization
Optical pickup system
Adhesive, liquid crystal device, process for manufacturing liquid crystal device, and electronic equipment
LCD module
Display device and drive method thereof
Self alignment of substrates by magnetic alignment
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device having a dielectric structure controlling alignment of the liquid crystal molecules
Liquid crystal display device with spacer covered with an electrode
Liquid crystal light modulating device, and a manufacturing method and a manufacturing apparatus thereof
Liquid crystal display element with comb electrodes having reflective projections and producing method thereof
Alignment films in a liquid crystal display device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for aligning optical interconnections between printed circuit boards
Photographic and video image system
Stage device, an exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method using the same
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Apparatus, architecture and method for high-speed printing
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of circuits for a large display device using stitch exposure
Method of measuring exposure condition in projection exposure apparatus
Optical system
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Substrate holder for lithographic apparatus
Exposure apparatus and its making method, and device manufacturing method
Lithography using quantum entangled particles
Exposure apparatus and fabrication method of semiconductor device using the same
Spinodal copper alloy electrodes
System for managing service access in a multifunctional printing system
Clock structure
Electronic timepiece
Electronically controlled mechanical watch and method of preventing overcharge
Method and apparatus for transmitting and downloading setup information
Unidirectional segmented digital time displays
Positioning system
Thermoelectric cooler driver utilizing unipolar pulse width modulated synchronous rectifiers
Elevationally adjustable portable computer docking station
Intrinsically safe enclosure and method
Multi-position computing device docking station
Computer system
Computer casing with fastening device
Storage device counting error correction
Memory device which samples data after an amount of time transpires
Network topologies
Method and system for processing glyph-based quality variability requests
On-object user interface
Interface system for information mapping
Method and device for finding, collecting and acting upon units of information
System and method for providing location-relevant services using stored location information
Image uploading
Menu management mechanism that displays menu items based on multiple heuristic factors
Methods, systems and computer program products for controlling events associated with user interface elements by capturing user intent based on pointer movements
Pointing device based upon the hall effect and method for operating the same
Data processing apparatus utilizing proximity sensing to determine whether user's hand is within predetermined distance
Output control apparatus and output control method to recognize a drawing ability of a printer
Printer status monitoring method and storage medium using packets
Display controller for controlling multi-display type display, method of displaying pictures on multi-display type display, and multi-display type information processing system
Method and apparatus for improving page description language (PDL) efficiency by recognition and removal of redundant constructs
Apparatus to control optional paper conveyance device and image processing apparatus using the same
Transponder system with acknowledgements associated with respective transponders
Display control apparatus, message display method, and storage medium for message display control software product
System and method for capturing and searching image data associated with transactions
Method for reproducing information data from magneto-optical recording medium using linear polarized beam
Color modification on a digital nonlinear editing system
Efficiently rendering line segments on a computer display
System and method for accurately displaying superimposed images
Rendering pipeline for surface elements
Method and apparatus for mapping live video on to three dimensional objects
Apparatus for and method of converting height fields into parametric texture maps
Method for dimensioning graphical objects displayed on a display device
Non-local approach to resolution enhancement
Tomographic reconstruction of electronic components from shadow image sensor data
Method of controlling access to a movable container and to a compartment of a vehicle, and a secure cargo transportation system
Method and system for unlocking and/or opening at least one openable member of a motor vehicle
Supervisor and subordinate lock system
Human interface system using a plurality of sensors
Self service terminal
Intrusion detection fence with trip wires and common actuator
Patient detecting apparatus
Pool alarm system
Command console for home monitoring system
Apparatus and method for synchronizing visual/audible alarm units in an alarm system
Fault detection for traffic light systems using electronic lighting elements
Enhanced vehicle hazard warning and safety features integrated with an onboard navigation system
Method for producing display panel and display panel
Display device
Image display apparatus
Light-emitting device
Method and apparatus for color-correction of display modules/LEDs of red, green and blue color-correction combinations
Active matrix type liquid crystal display device, and substrate for the same
Method for driving liquid crystal display apparatus
Virtual force feedback interface
Variable clock rate display device
Magneto-optical recording apparatus using multiple magnetic field strengths for recording different mark lengths
High speed magnetic coil for magneto-optical head
Optical recording device, optical reproducing device, and optical memory medium
Clamping device of disc
Shuttle motion mechanism
Disk device for disks having different sizes
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing disc-shaped recording medium including switching mechanism for selectively supplying driving force
Disk array unit
Disk recording and/or reproducing device
Method and system for compensation for spin speed variation in a magnetic disk storage device
Method for irreversibly write-securing a magnetic storage cartridge
Disk recording system
Method and apparatus for thermal asperity recovery for word sync detection in data channels
Head slider supporting device, disk device and suspension having thermal protection for head IC chip
Air bearing facilitating load/unload of a magnetic read/write head
Apparatus to improve shock capability of disc drives
Disc cartridge
Tape cassette having first and second write inhibit mechanisms
System and method for providing nonadjacent redundancy synchronization bytes
Method and apparatus for determining equalized signal-to-noise ratio in a storage device
Inertia ring for improved rotational vibration performance
Information storage and retrieval device provided with shock-absorbing mechanism
Disc drive bottom mounting through a shield plate
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage system using same
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Pinned layer structure having nickel iron film for reducing coercivity of a free layer structure in a spin valve sensor
Elimination of electric-pop noise in MR/GMR device
Magnetoresistive head device incorporating joints between magnetoresistive layer and sense current conductors
Method to make a high data rate stitched writer for a giant magneto-resistive head
Spindle motor hub having equivalent MR read element bias voltage to mitigate potential between disk and MR read element
Disk drive with mode canceling actuator
Ramp load slider with trailing edge extenders controlling load wear
Disc recording/reproducing apparatus and servo signal writing apparatus
Method of providing read bias during servo block write
Read write head assembly having air bearing features for contaminant control in flexible media head-disk interface
Magnetic hard disk having concentric magnetic tracks with flat surface and fabrication method thereof
Silicon carbide overcoats for information storage systems and method of making
Near-field optical recording apparatus assistively heating recording medium
Optical storage medium in which sector address information is recorded using MSR techniques
Optical recording medium having a recording/reproducing area with a shaped region
Focus jump device for reproducing information from a storage medium
Pickup actuator
Device for reducing cross talk in signal detecting apparatus used in an optical pickup device
Optical recording method and optical recording device
Information recording medium apparatus for forming the same and information recording and reproducing systems
Methods of determining the optimal erase and write power, and recording apparatus with devices for said methods
Optical storage device and liquid crystal device having separate liquid crystal layers with opposing electrodes
Optical pick-up device for recording/reading information on optical recording medium
Optical pick-up device
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Semiconductor memory device having increased memory capacity while reducing mounting area and stand-by current
Magnetic random access memory
Ferroelectric non-volatile memory device including a layered structure formed on a substrate
Selective device coupling
Memory system and semiconductor memory device for enhancing bus efficiency and refresh method of the semiconductor memory device
Dynamic random access memory having a low power consumption mode, and method of operating the same
SRAM emulator
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of adjusting input offset voltage
Electrically alterable non-volatile memory with N-bits per cell
Low power content addressable memory architecture
Method of querying a four-transistor memory array as a content addressable memory by rows or columns
Non-volatile memory architecture and method of operation
Leakage detection in flash memory cell
System for implementing a column redundancy scheme for arrays with controls that span multiple data bits
Semiconductor memory device with simultaneous data line selection and shift redundancy selection
Nonvolatile storage system
Memory testing
Circuit and method for testing a ferroelectric memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Memory circuit regulation system and method
Semiconductor memory device having intermediate voltage generating circuit
Method for programming a reference cell
Read compression in a memory
Semiconductor memory device preventing erroneous writing in write operation and delay in read operation
Flash memory array structure suitable for multiple simultaneous operations
MRAM bit line word line architecture
Semiconductor memory having a delay locked loop
Supply noise reduction in memory device column selection
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Memory integrated circuit with improved reliability
Nonvolatile memory structures and access methods
Toroidal choking coil
High current inductor and method for making same
Apparatus and method for the manufacture of large transformers having laminated cores, particularly cores of annealed amorphous metal alloys
Ceramic condenser module
Limited restrike electric power circuit interrupter suitable for use as a line capacitor and load switch
Fuse cutout with integrated link break lever and fuse link ejector
Zipper fuse
Temperature sensitive circuit breaker
Substrate support tolerant to thermal expansion stresses
Electrostatically attracting electrode and a method of manufacture thereof
Electromagnetic interference and heatsinking
One-time programmable memory using fuse/anti-fuse and vertically oriented fuse unit memory cells
Electronic circuit package
Simulated defective wafer and pattern defect inspection recipe preparing method
Multi-finger current ballasting ESD protection circuit and interleaved ballasting for ESD-sensitive circuits
Chip antenna
Suppression of mutual coupling in an array of planar antenna elements
Multi-arm elliptic logarithmic spiral arrays having broadband and off-axis application
Slot antenna having independent antenna elements and associated circuitry
Antenna structure and installation
Loop antenna device
Dual mode switched beam antenna
Light emitting device
Efficient pumping for high power rare-earth doped fiber amplifiers
Optical amplifier incorporating therein holmium-doped optical fiber
Optical fiber amplifier
Optical amplifier site with reduced noise and transmission system utilizing such
High power laser
Single-longitudinal-mode solid laser
ArF excimer laser device for exposure
Folded cavity laser
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser diode and method for manufacturing same
Frequency-narrowed high power diode laser array method and system
Multiple semiconductor laser structure with narrow wavelength distribution
Ultra-wide input range switching power supply for circuit protection devices
Aircraft applicable ground fault circuit interrupter
Method and system for detecting a negative sequence for three phase grid-connected inverter systems
Permanent magnet generator and generator control
Power supply regulating having novel charging circuitry
Self-driven synchronous rectification scheme for wide output range
Method and apparatus for soft switched AC power distribution
Low output voltage, high current, half-bridge, series-resonant, multiphase, DC-DC power supply
Power converter module
Power semiconductor device
Control circuit for eliminating a voltage and current spike
Analog input selection circuit protected from negative over-voltage
Autocalibration of the A/D converter within the CMOS type image sensor
Bitcode sequence coding of frequently occurring values
System and process for shared functional block CDMA and GSM communication transceivers
Multiuser interference canceler for DS-CDMA system
Method and apparatus for eliminating intermodulation interference in cellular telephone systems
Optical transmission device and method for checking transmission in an optical transmission device
Device provided with an optical communications function and optical communication system
Optical communications by frequency content of femtosecond laser pulses
Optical transmitter and optical communication system using the same
Pre-shaping laser modulation signals to increase modulation index
Optical amplifiers with age-based pump current limiters
Optical communication system and optical signal control method therefor
Optical amplifier
Automatic protection system for an optical transmission system
Optical communications system and method of operation for performance recovery by post-transmission dispersion compensation
Apparatus and method for reducing SPM/GVD in optical systems
Method and system for controlling polarization mode dispersion
System and method for monitoring optical fiber integrity between the telecommunications provider and a customer's premises
Method of employing weighted open loop power control in a base station
Method of controlling forward power of mobile communications system
Power control during inter-generation soft handoffs
Transmitter, receiver and transceiver apparatus
CDMA base station having an improved antenna system
Wireless burstable communications repeater
Internet over satellite method
CDMA radio multiplex transmitting device and CDMA radio multiplex receiving device
Coding process for inserting an inaudible data signal into an audio signal, decoding process, coder and decoder
Optical communications system with dynamic channel allocation
Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and optical terminal station
Data multiplexing apparatus and method
Apparatus for utilizing spare E1 channels
Deactivation of extended basic rate ISDN link
Payload mapping in synchronous networks
Cell multiplexing apparatus handling multiple items of information
Efficient caching of routing information for unicast and multicast connections
System and method for remote configuration and management of customer premise equipment over ATM
Method for determining the drop rate, the transit delay, and the break state of communications objects
Setting apparatus and setting method each for setting setting information in electric power line carrier communication terminal apparatus
Exchange guaranteed to have same terminal identifier information as that of subscriber terminal equipment
Apparatus and method of implementing a home network by filtering ISDN-based signals within the customer premises
Automatic speed switching repeater
Method for realizing emulated ring network structures in a communication network that is designed according to asynchronous transfer mode
Backbone forwarding scheme for multiport network switch
Scheduling apparatus, scheduling method and communication control apparatus
ABR flow control using single bit congestion indication and wavelet transform filtering
Routing with service level guarantees between ingress-egress points in a packet network
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of multiple signal processing resources among multiple channels in voice over packet-data-network systems (VOPS)
Voice gateway and route selection
Lost-packet replacement for a digital voice signal
Device and method for compensating for propagation delay
Apparatus and method for OFDM communication
Prototype signals construction for multicarrier transmission
Spectrum efficient fast frequency-hopped modem with coherent demodulation
Apparatus, method and article of manufacture for transmitting data over a satellite
Packet communication apparatus provided with manager means for managing packet labels
Packet filtering apparatus that applies a plurality of filtering conditions including different comparison criteria to a single packet
Data transfer module and system using same
Method and apparatus for adaptive bus coding for low power deep sub-micron designs
Asymmetric modem communications system and method
Method and system for accessing ports of a fixed-size cell switch
Method of protecting a radiocommunications terminal against unauthorized use
Method and system for providing voice and data service
Telecommunications conferencing method and apparatus
Facsimile apparatus and program rewriting method
Power supply device and method utilizable in electronic apparatus
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Electronic imaging apparatus
Photographic system for recording data and reproducing images using correlation data between frames
Method and apparatus for data compression
Solid state image sensor with readout modes having different drive phases
Timing recovery device of digital TV
Methods, apparatuses, and mediums for repairing a pixel associated with motion-picture processes
Imaging circuit and method of spatial compensation
Electronic camera with movable optical element
Controlling method and apparatus for an electronic camera
Intermediate frequency circuit in television tuner with large attenuation of audio if signal in adjacent channel
Image sensing and transfer apparatus and method
Videoconferencing hardware
Videoconference system for wireless network machines and its implementation method
Method and system for stereo videoconferencing
Video teleconferencing system with digital transcoding
Coding/decoding apparatus, coding/decoding system and multiplexed bit stream
System for correction of convergence in a television device related application
Synchronizing apparatus for a compressed audio/video signal receiver
Switch architecture for digital multiplexed signals
Dialable data services/TDM bandwidth management
Apparatus for and method of allocating D-channel to minimum channel when performing basic rate interface service in wireless local loop network system
Control of the change of telecommunications channels in a DECT-specific RLL/WLL partial system bound to an ISDN-system
Method for scheduling packet data transmission
Expanded carrier capacity in a mobile communications system
Method of transmission in a UMTS mobile telephone network enabling preparation for handover to a GSM cell during a call in a UMTS cell
Electronic stabilizer
Method for making steel with electric arc furnace
Apparatus for exposure of photo-curing resin applied to printed circuit board
Flexible circuit board and connect structure thereof
High air flow inlet bezel
Encapsulated power supply
Method and apparatus for managing thermal energy emissions
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