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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Nonlinear blind demixing of single pixel underlying radiation sources and digital spectrum local thermometer
Device for the transvenous cardioversion of atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter
Controlled delivery of intermittent stress augmentation pacing for cardioprotective effect
Polymer lead covering with varied material properties
Method and a system for using implanted medical device data for accessing therapies
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for moving a handling system
Recording head with temperature sensor and printer with the recording head
Roll stability control system for an automotive vehicle using an external environmental sensing system
Methods and apparatus for inspecting an object
Signal-processing unit for fluxgate magnetometers
Method and apparatus for determining telecentricity and microlithography projection exposure apparatus
Method of pilot support in landing helicopters in visual flight under brownout or whiteout conditions
Converter control with LC filtering
Optical spectrum analyzer
Measuring method and measuring apparatus utilizing attenuated total reflection
Apparatus and methods for high speed RGB color discrimination
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a data communications network
Positioning apparatus, control method of positioning apparatus, control program for positioning apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium having control program for positioning apparatus recorded therein
System and method for distributed signal compression for cooperative geolocation
Measuring wind vectors remotely using airborne radar
Location services system that reduces auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Imager apparatus
Optical module
Optical devices
Electronic image pickup system
Scanned light display system using array of collimating elements in conjunction with large numerical aperture light emitter array
Pattern generator
Forming methods, forming devices for articles having a micro-sized shape and optical elements
Optical multiplexer
Optical fiber and optical interconnection system
Multistep index optical fiber
Plasmon switch
Liquid crystal display having dummy bump connected to dummy lead for heat reduction
Flat panel display apparatus with grounded PCB
Transflective type liquid crystal display device
Autofocus system for an image capturing apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Color processing apparatus and method and image processing apparatus
Rotary-type developing device and image forming apparatus
Constant-velocity joint and image-forming device
Image forming apparatus and method with variable photosensitive drum to developing roller speed ratio
Image forming apparatus having an optical sensor provided in opposition to a transfer belt formed of an endless belt
Developing unit, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Developer supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Xerographic developer unit having multiple magnetic brush rolls rotating against the photoreceptor
Image forming apparatus
Wafer polishing control
Clustering based text classification
System and method for deconvoluting the effect of topography on scanning probe microscopy measurements
Storage component and storage system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Method and system for proxying telephony messages
Communication system of an automation equipment based on the soap protocol
Multi-media jitter removal in an asynchronous digital home network
Network apparatus for switching based on content of application data
System and method for securing privacy of chat participants
Output terminal apparatus for printing data by email
Internet-enabled service management and authorization system and method
Method and apparatus for media data transmission
Scalable notification delivery service
System using weighted fairness decisions in spatial reuse protocol forwarding block to determine allowed usage for servicing transmit and transit traffic in a node
Method and apparatus for adaptively coupling processing components in a distributed system
System, method and computer program product for a universal communication connector
Dictation system employing computer-to-computer transmission of voice files controlled by hand microphone
System and method for improved client server communications of email messages
Apparatus & method for automatically switching media connections when operating in forced speed and duplex mode
Programmable analog input/output integrated circuit system
Abnormally detecting apparatus for automatic speed changer
Method and device for controlling and/or regulating an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for solution-template based deployment and management of an integration solution
Finite impulse response filter method and apparatus
Method of generating a labeling guide for spoken dialog services
Learning translation relationships among words
Project management system and method for assessing relationships between current and historical projects
Multi-document summarization system and method
System for remote share access
Fully capable minimally inflatable object model system for multidimensional applications
Systems and methods for automatic maintenance and repair of enitites in a data model
Software and hardware simulation
Work management support method and work management support system which use sensor nodes
Mass determination for biopolymers
Distributed control system for forklift
Client computer system, method and computer readable medium comprising executable instructions for rendering printable documents in a native printer language on the network
System for compressing a search tree structure used in rule classification
Integrating vertical partitioning into physical database design
Method of judging practical conditions for use of an ordered alloy under irradiation environments
Halftone dot-growth technique based on morphological filtering
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling printing, computer program, and printing system
Authentication apparatus
Fingerprint input device
Surface shape recognition sensor
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Simultaneous computation of multiple points on one or multiple cut lines
Embedding a multi-resolution compressed thumbnail image in a compressed image file
Method of and system for generating image signal
Method and system for generating an index of investment returns
Credit/financing process
Electronic money system, electronic money terminal device, and information card
Method and system for in-service monitoring and training for a radiologic workstation
Copy protection of data
Computer readable medium for modifying an animation wire frame
Preventing removal of persons without an approved escort
Method and device for wireless monitoring of system status
Optical watermark
Backplanes for electro-optic displays
Shift register and display device
Display circuitry of display
Four color liquid crystal display and driving device and method thereof
Texture engine state variable synchronizer
Flight control display
Display system for displaying images within a vehicle
Driving circuit for double display panel
System and method for applying color management on captured images
System and method for scaling data according to an optimal width for display on a mobile device
Methods and devices for selectively generating time-scaled sound signals
Method and system for aligning natural and synthetic video to speech synthesis
Acoustic model creation method as well as acoustic model creation apparatus and speech recognition apparatus
Media cartridge autoloader
Media cartridge autoloader
Information-recording/reproducing apparatus and method of detecting the gap between a head and a recording medium
Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, and method and system for recording and reproducing information in a plurality of levels of recording units
Inert gas atmosphere replenishment structure
Disk drive comprising an optical sensor for vibration mode compensation
Method for forming optical aperture, near-field optical head, method for fabricating near-field optical head, and information recording/reading apparatus
Auto-adjusting system for an optical incident angle
Optical pickup apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus provided with the optical pickup apparatus, optical element, and information recording/reproducing method
Flash memory device capable of preventing an overerase of flash memory cells and erase method thereof
Nonvolatile memory
Memory arrangement and method for addressing a memory
Word line driver circuitry and methods for using the same
Capacitor element, solid electrolytic capacitor, processes for their production and capacitor element combination
Solid-electrolyte capacitor, manufacturing method thereof, and digital signal processing substrate using the solid-electrolyte capacitor
Capacitor having a feedthrough assembly with a coupling member
Capacitor and method of connecting the same
Antenna tuning of portable terminal using EMI paint
Active smart antenna system and fabrication method thereof
System and method for RF power control
Apparatus for radio telecommunication system and method of building up output power
Antenna device
Discharge lamp lighting device, lighting system and method
Unregulated isolated DC/DC converter with ripple control
Switched-mode power supply
Clock and data recovery device coping with variable data rates
Communication channel with undersampled interpolative timing recovery
Power converter circuitry and method
Method of context adaptive binary arithmetic coding and coding apparatus using the same
Transmission power control method and controller
Mixing console having visual marking system applied to manual operators with subgrouping
Synchronization detecting apparatus
Transmission device, transmission output control method, and radio communications device
System and method for coarse/fine PLL adjustment
Hand-held communication device as pointing device
Mobile telephone fitted with a pivotal camera
Power control in mobile radio communications systems
Method and device for the automatic selection of the bit rate in high frequency transmissions
Integrated mobile terminal device and method for controlling external display unit
Method for allocating channels, and base station apparatus and communication system utilizing the channel allocating method
Source adaptive system and method for 2D iDCT
Signal relay apparatus of optical communication system
Line driver with variable bandwidth control
High-speed wireless personal area network system for extending service area
Dispersion compensating device and optical transmission system
Optical add/drop interconnect bus for multiprocessor architecture
Signal strength measurements in cellular telecommunication systems
Apparatus and method for processing data in high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) communication system
Data receiving and transmitting method with coding type determination
Wireless communication apparatus, method thereof, and wireless communication system employing the same
Optimized high rate space-time codes for wireless communication
Method for transmitting optimally interleaved data in a MIMO telecommunication system
System for detecting the characteristics of a time varying multipath component
Space time block coded transmit antenna diversity for WCDMA
Military UHF and commercial Geo-mobile system combination for radio signal relay
Forward error correction scheme for high rate data exchange in a wireless system
Method and apparatus for scheduling data packet transmission over a multihop wireless backhaul network
Increasing the accuracy and efficiency of admission control for data streams
Method for synchronizing nodes of a communications system
System and method for channel transport format allocation in a wireless communication system
Seamless roaming options in an IEEE 802.11 compliant network
Method for encrypting and decrypting data using derivative equations and factors
Methods and apparatus for implementing a cryptography engine
Smartcard internet authorization system
Method and apparatus for input policing a network connection
Arrangement for providing optimized connections between peer routers in a tree-based ad hoc mobile network
Communication network control system, control method, node and program
Network topologies
Methods and system for fast session establishment between equipment using H.324 and related telecommunications protocols
Virtual private network (VPN) with channelized ethernet over sonet (EoS) interface and method
Data switching using soft configuration
Fibre channel zoning by logical unit number in hardware
Gateway for supporting communications between network devices of different private networks
Communication connection method, authentication method, server computer, client computer and program
Network switch with high-speed serializing/deserializing hazard-free double data rate switch
Method of determining service trends
Method and apparatus for associating PVC identifiers with domain names of home gateways
Methods and system for routing emergency calls through the internet
Method and device for transmitting packet data in mobile communication system
Time domain estimation of IQ imbalance in a wireless OFDM direct conversion receiver
Method and modem for phase synchronization and tracking
Carrier recovery device of digital TV receiver
Method and system for antenna interference cancellation
Device and method for transmitting and receiving data by a transmit diversity scheme using multiple antennas in a mobile communication system
Radio communication terminal and radio signal receiving method
Apparatus and method of multiple antenna receiver combining of high data rate wideband packetized wireless communication signals
Integrated, self-optimizing, multi-parameter/multi-variable point-to-multipoint communication system [II]
Clock data recovery with double edge clocking based phase detector and serializer/deserializer
Reduction of near field E-M scattering using high impedance coating materials
Sports channel
Mechanically rotatable wireless RF data transmission subscriber station with multi-beam antenna
Communications apparatus that displays data in a standby screen
Apparatus and method for discontinuously receiving MBMS notification indicator in mobile communication system
Billing method in electronic switch in a cellular network
Method and system for mobile location detection using handoff information
Sending method of pay contents, radio terminal and carrier
Image read apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
Halftone screen frequency and magnitude estimation for digital descreening of documents
System and method for transparency optimization
Display synchronization signal generation apparatus in digital broadcast receiver and decoder
Built-in camera module suitable for cameras built into mobile communication terminal and mobile communication terminal using the camera module
Autofocus method and apparatus
Solid state image sensing apparatus with enhanced sensitivity realized by improving linear characteristic of photodiode and its driving method
Video signal identification device and video signal identification method
Image pickup device and method for enabling switching between a first recording medium and a second recording medium
Method and apparatus of recording a high definition digital television broadcast signal
Method and apparatus for storing MPEG-2 transport streams using a conventional digital video recorder
Low complexity real-time video coding
Endoscope apparatus and function adjusting circuit for endoscope
Input line interface device and packet communication device
Power saving method in a mobile communication terminal
Radio channel assignment method and recording medium of program for controlling radio node
Communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications
Radio access point testing method and testing apparatus
Method of handing off a packet switched to a circuit switched call
Method and system for providing location-based services
Method and apparatus for providing improved border paging in a wireless network
Communication device for transmitting/acquiring a phone number via a link network and method thereof
Context synchronization method in mobile communication system
Method of dynamically setting at least one threshold at an access point in a wireless local area network and the access point
Fast recovery from unusable home server
Indoor local area network system using ultra wide-band communication system
Apparatus for creating motion amplification in a transducer with improved linkage structure
Electronic apparatus
Micropin heat exchanger
Circuit board arrangement including heat dissipater
Expired Patents Due To Time
Medical scrubs set
Garment combining body armour and outer shell
Shoe cover traction pattern
Bow tie knot cover
Seat belt for a vehicle
Button engaging device
Human Necessities
Yield monitoring system for grain harvesting combine
System for measuring the amount of crop to be harvested
Aquarium heater
System for a retail environment
Method and device for heat treatment of body tissue
System and method for assessing transmurality of ablation lesions
Method and apparatus for collecting and processing physical space data for use while performing image-guided surgery
Registering image information
Universal/upgrading pulse oximeter
Method and apparatus for detection of defects in teeth
Method for diagnosing proliferation regions and device for realizing the same
Method for measurement of electrical characteristics of tissue
Living body information measuring apparatus living body information measuring method body fat measuring apparatus body fat measuring method and program recording medium
Analytical device for in vivo analysis in the body of a patient
Method and apparatus for measuring heart rate
Apparatus and method for measuring a plurality of electrical signals from the body of a patient
Multi-electrode panel system for sensing electrical activity of the heart
Disturbance-free electromyographic probe
Method and system for extended volume imaging using MRI
Method and system for rapid and reliable testing of speech intelligibility in children
Process and apparatus for selecting or designing products having sound outputs
Scan data correction view weighting of computed tomographic images
Methods and apparatus for increasing scanning modes
X-ray computerized tomographic apparatus
X-ray imaging detector and x-ray imaging apparatus
Method and system for forming an acoustic signal from neural timing difference data
Leads for pacing and/or sensing the heart from within the coronary veins
Implantable lead with dissolvable coating for improved fixation and extraction
Low cost electrodes for an iontophoretic device
Cosmetic use alternating current wave forms and cosmetic device
Electro therapy method and apparatus
Implantable cardiac stimulator with circuitry for removing noise in sensed electrical signals
Leadless fully automatic pacemaker follow-up
System and method for measuring battery current
Downloadable software support in a pacemaker
Operating method for an implantable cardiologic device, in particular a heart pacemaker
Implantable stimulation device and method for determining atrial autocapture using PVC response
Apparatus and method for R-wave detection with dual dynamic sensitivities
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of creating tool wear data, estimating tool wear and judging use of tool
Legged robot and method for teaching motions thereof
Robot device and method of adjusting origin of robot
System for providing information for a customer replaceable unit
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Method and apparatus for estimating tire air pressure
Vehicle leveling assembly
Method and device for exercising a differential blocking function for a vehicle
Traction control system of vehicles combining feedback control with feedforward control
Vehicle running controller and vehicle
Information specific actuatable control system
Adaptive rollover detection apparatus and method
Method for controlling an occupant protection device in a vehicle, and a control device therefor
Vehicle occupant presence and position sensing system
Device for exchanging data with a motor vehicle
Method for determining the lateral acceleration of a motor vehicle
Vehicle posture control apparatus
Method and arrangement for neural modeling of a paper winding device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber coating compositions and coated optical fibers
Methods to facilitate the calculation of yields of reaction products
Chromophores for polymeric thin films and optical waveguides and devices comprising the same
Polymorphism detection utilizing clustering analysis
Textiles; Paper
Dye rate control for paper web color change
Fixed Constructions
Downhole process control method utilizing seismic communication
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Powertrain output monitor
Engine torque calculation
Method for controlling an automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle which is driven by an internal combustion engine having an exhaust-gas catalytic converter
Shift control system of automatic transmission
Input/loss method for determining boiler efficiency of a fossil-fired system
Cooking system and method for controlling the same
Device and a method for determining coordinates and orientation
Method and apparatus for the real time determination of deformation of test pieces
Source, system and method for generating amplified stimulated emission using a coupler mechanism
Automated vehicle tracking and service provision system
Automatic gathering and analysis of data on commute paths
Wireless communication system that uses keywords to find and display map graphic data
Communication navigation system and method, program storage device and computer data signal embodied in carrier wave
Device, method and computer program product for altimetry system
Position sensor for a motor vehicle
Apparatus and system for multivariate spectral analysis
Systems and methods for determining spectra using dynamic karhunen-loeve algorithms with measurements from led color sensor
Smart thermometer
Radiance modeling
Electronic thermometer
Reflectometry system with compensation for specimen holder topography and with lock-rejection of system noise
Automated photomask inspection apparatus
Method and apparatus for inspecting an object, particularly a piece of luggage
X-ray mapping analysis method
Fiber optic cable tensioning and positioning apparatus
Parking lot pavement analysis system
Electro-optical device and a wavelength selection method utilizing the same
System and method for enabling an operator to analyze a database of acquired signal pulse characteristics
Method and directional element for fault direction determination in a capacitance-compensated line
Timing control for input/output testability
JTAG port-sharing device
Method for monitoring electromechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, and implementing device
Semiconductor testing apparatus for testing semiconductor device including built in self test circuit
LED illumination device for a scannerless range imaging system
Use of received signal strength indicator (RSSI) and global positioning system (GPS) to reduce power consumption in mobile station
Object-oriented system for simulating sonar target acoustic scattering
Seismic processing method to improve spatial resolution
Formation resistivity measurement method that eliminates effects of lateral tool motion
Subsurface formation parameters from tri-axial measurements
Finder optical system and camera having the system
Temperature-compensated optical grating device
Use of sol-gel as an inorganic adhesive for high stability, self organizing, fiber optic array
Dual fiber variable optical attenuator
High speed data link including a superconductive plate assembly for use in a data transmission scheme and method
Optical fiber alignment element using integrated micro ball lens
Miniature optical dispersion compensator with low insertion loss
Optical fiber cable and optical fiber cable with plug
Switched filter for optical applications
Fixed component and optical component employing the same
Method and system for providing fiber optic cable to end users
Optical fiber ribbon peel tool
Solid stranding flextube unit
Sealed cable connection
Method for manufacturing optical fiber cable with optical fibers whose chromatic dispersion value are uniformed
Fiber optic assembly and method of making same
Cable management system
Method for securing cables in duct or pipe system
Camera provided with focus adjusting apparatus
Electro optic modulator
Optical modulator having ridge and associated structure on substrate
Fast, environmentally-stable fiber switches using a Sagnac interferometer
Optical waveguide element having a single crystalline substrate with a crystal axis angled with respect to a surface of the substrate
Optical gating apparatus and methods
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method of producing photographic print
Device for detecting loading of film cartridge
Camera and image forming system using the camera
Incrementally resolved phase-shift conflicts in layouts for phase-shifted features
X-ray projection exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and developer container assembly
Method and apparatus for setting transfer roller engagement
Electro-mechanical roll with core and segments
Fuser and intermediate transfer drums
Image fixing device and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Small sized fixing device capable of securing a heat generation area, and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Method and apparatus for forming an image in a duplex print mode
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method and system for dispatching semiconductor lots to manufacturing equipment for fabrication
Controlled device, controller, information control center, initialization-allowing communication system, and communication control system and medium
Stage position control method and stage position control apparatus capable of improving positioning precision
NC controlling system with independent programs for appended equipment
Method for controlling a CNC machine tool
Method and apparatus for process control of semiconductor device fabrication line
Method for data filtering and anomoly detection
User configurable multivariate time series reduction tool control method
Anti-hijacking security system and apparatus for aircraft
Intuitive vehicle and machine control
Mobile robot and method for controlling a mobile robot
Arbitration circuit with plural arbitration processors using memory bank history
Network provider loop security system and method
Placing a computer system into a sleeping state
Docking system for a computer
Firmware download scheme for high-availability systems
Codec system with shadow buffers and method of performing a power down/suspend operation on this codec system
System and method of computer operating mode clock control for power consumption reduction
Processor and multiprocessor system
Remote diagnosis of data processing units
Watchdog method and apparatus
Reconfigurable memory with selectable error correction storage
Data pre-reading and error correction circuit for a memory device
Technique for correcting single-bit errors in caches with sub-block parity bits
Continuous flow checkpointing data processing
Method of file system recovery logging
System and method for automatic dynamic expansion of a snapshot repository
Information storage system
Arrangement for monitoring a progress of a message flowing through a distributed multiprocess system
Apparatus and method for capturing and transferring internal system activity
Processor and method for generating a pointer
Microwave paging architecture
Method and system for sequentially programming memory-containing integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for preparing a disk for use in a disk array
Data-cache data-path
Method and apparatus for community management in remote system servicing
Intermediate buffer control for improving throughput of split transaction interconnect
Method for storing digital information in write-once memory array
Flash memory rewriting circuit for microcontroller
Cycle saving technique for managing linked lists
Transparent garbage collection of resources
Microprocessor allocating no wait storage of variable capacity to plurality of resources, and memory device therefor
Method and apparatus for invalidating data in a cache
System and method for updating a head entry from read-only to read-write and allowing a list to expand in a cache-coherence sharing list
Highly efficient design of storage array for use in first and second cache spaces and memory subsystems
Multiplier array processing system with enhanced utilization at lower precision
Shared cache structure for temporal and non-temporal instructions
System and method for prefetching data into a cache based on miss distance
Loop initialization procedure exception handling for fibre channel transmissions
Method, system, and program for returning a file requested through a network connection
Adaptation of standard microprocessor architectures via an interface to a configurable subsystem
System and method for providing call-handling services on a data network telephone system
Combined isochronous and asynchronous communication apparatus, method and interface
Information processing system
Device for and method of processing information
Configurable serial interconnection
Device for organizing the access to a memory bus
Branch searching to prioritize received interrupt signals
Communication DMA device for freeing the data bus from the CPU and outputting divided data
Direct memory access (DMA) transmitter
Apparatus and method for address modification in a direct memory access controller
Information processing system, bus arbiter, and bus controlling method
Multiple subscriber interface and simplified provisioning process for installation of multiple cellular and/or mobile SatCom services
System and method for initializing source-synchronous data transfers using ratio bits
Extender for universal serial bus
Communication between processors
Inserting bus inversion scheme in bus path without increased access latency
Memory system using complementary delay elements to reduce rambus module timing skew
Overlay presentation of textual and graphical annotations
Structured documents in a publishing system
Applying interpretations of chemical names
Multi-layered semiotic mechanism for answering natural language questions using document retrieval combined with information extraction
System and method for enforcing referential constraints between versioned database tables
Information storage and retrieval system
Automatically initiating a knowledge portal query from within a displayed document
Method of searching documents and a service for searching documents
High speed system and method for replicating a large database at a remote location
Sequential subset catalog search engine
Grammar template query system
Method and system for search and retrieval of similar patterns
Method and apparatus for fast and comprehensive DBMS analysis
Method and apparatuses for creating a full text index accommodating child words
Database extender for storing, querying, and retrieving structured documents
Method and apparatus to retrieve information from a network
Parallel data base record distribution method and parallel data base management system
System for controlling database growth in a read-repeatable environment
Internet document management system and methods
Method for dynamically generating a file allocation table base upon files storage information on a CD-ROM for retrieving compressed files directly from the CD-ROM
Image search apparatus and method
Method for image retrieval with multiple regions of interest
Model selection in machine learning with applications to document clustering
Three-dimensional display of document set
System and method for the adaptive, hierarchical receipt, ranking, organization and display of information based upon democratic criteria and resultant dynamic profiling
Dynamic preloading of web pages
System and method for device monitoring
Method and apparatus for mixed-mode optical proximity correction
Apparatus and method for determining a circuit floor plan
Apparatus and method of layout generation, and program thereof
Method of performing timing-driven layout
Hierarchical metal one usage tool for child level leaf cell
Interactive designing process and system of a printed circuit board pattern
Modeling of phase synchronous circuits
Method for forming a relative placement of components of an integrated circuit using a structural similarity group
Apparatus for optimized constraint characterization with degradation options and associated methods
Fast method of I/O circuit placement and electrical rule checking
Method of designing a voltage partitioned solder-bump package
Hardware and software co-simulation including executing an analyzed user program
System and method for predicting design errors in integrated circuits
Deriving time-averaged moments
Method, system and article for creating and managing proprietary product data
Default operator preference processing for a picture archiving and communication system
PDA instrument/process calibrator
Unshared scratch space
Method and apparatus for restoring data damaged by a computer virus on a magnetic information recording disk in a hard disk drive
System and method to modify CD boot
System for determining web application vulnerabilities
Authenticating access to a network server without communicating login information through the network server
Virtual device driver and methods employing the same
Multiparty conferencing and collaboration system utilizing a per-host model command, control and communication structure
High-speed servo data interface system
Maximizing sequential output in a disk array storage device
Optical drive controller with a host interface for direct connection to an IDE/ATA data bus
Computer and a method of operating a computer
Incorporation of split-adder logic within a carry-skip adder without additional propagation delay
4 to 2 adder
FPGA implemented bit-serial multiplier and infinite impulse response filter
System and method for efficient hardware implementation of a perfect precision blending function
Method, system, and apparatus for managing tasks
Controlling allocation of system resources with an enhanced priority calculation
Modulo address generation method and apparatus
System and method for converting graphical programs into hardware implementations which utilize probe insertion
Transparent loading of resources from read-only memory for an application program
Method and system for booting a multiprocessor computer
Critical path optimization--unload hard extended scalar block
Method and system for scheduling the use of a computer system resource using a resource planner and a resource provider
Directed allocation of coupling facility structures
Method of communication between remote terminals and a central station
Article for providing event handling functionality in a processor supporting different instruction sets
Method for mathematically processing two quantities in an electronic circuit
Inductive reader device and method with integrated antenna and signal coupler
Method for standardizing the MR image intensity scale
Harmonic average based clustering method and system
Template matching using correlative auto-predicative search
Communication support method and communication support system
Method of calculating low level codes for considering capacities
Method and computer program product for weather adapted, consumer event planning
Medical system for shared patient and physician decision making
Internet banner advertising process and apparatus having scalability
Facilitator for aggregating buyer power in an on-line market system
Vending machine purchase via cellular telephone
Method of and system for distributing and redeeming electronic coupons
Method and apparatus for renting items
Reversible move/merge operation for a general ledger
System for underwriting a combined joint life and long term care insurance policy which is actuarially responsive to long term care demands and life expectancies of the individual insureds
Method and apparatus for obtaining data from vendors in real time
Digital watermark image processing method
Wide dynamic range fusion using memory look-up
LSI Architecture and implementation of MPEG video codec
Method and apparatus for expanding image data
Feature-region extraction method and feature-region extraction circuit
Apparatus for and method of processing image and information recording medium
Image processing apparatus and method for image processing
Defect examination apparatus
2D/3D image conversion system
Apparatus for motion estimation with control part implemented by state transition diagram
Method and apparatus for implementing motion estimation in video compression
Motion matching method
Method and system for estimating motion vector
Computer system and process for capture, editing and playback of motion video compressed using interframe and intraframe techniques
Data structure and methods for providing an interactive program guide
Image coding embedded in matrix operation
Image encoding apparatus, image encoding method, and recording medium in which image encoding program is recorded
System and method for selective grayscale compression for defect images
Macroblock-based object-oriented coding method of image sequence having a stationary background
Image decoding of image content within a boundary based on a map resolution transformed signal
Moving-picture coding and decoding method and apparatus with reduced computational cost
Identification and verification using complex, three-dimensional structural features
Mobile object combination detection apparatus and method
Schedule activated management system for optimizing aircraft arrivals at congested airports
Time-stamping of merchandise prior to sale
Method and apparatus for compressing and generating waveform
Method and apparatus for improving the utility of speech recognition
Method and apparatus for controlling voice controlled devices
Frame erasure compensation method in a variable rate speech coder
Method and apparatus for coding successive pitch periods in speech signal
Mobile telephone with voice data compression and recording features
Adaptive postfilter
Recording/reproducing apparatus, program recorded medium, recorded medium, cache device, and transmitter
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Frame-accurate editing of encoded A/V sequences
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Video searching method, apparatus, and program product, producing a group image file from images extracted at predetermined intervals
Optical disc for storing moving pictures with text information and apparatus using the disc
Arbitration method and circuit for control of integrated circuit double data rate (DDR) memory device output first-in, first-out (FIFO) registers
Method of designing DRAM macro-cell and arrangement template therefor
Method of writing, erasing, and controlling memory for memory device
Method and apparatus for detecting errors in a First-In-First-Out buffer
System signalling schemes for processor & memory module
Self-testing of magneto-resistive memory arrays
System for measuring response time of a circuit by determining the time difference between the earlier and the later clock pulses applied to the circuit
Data input-output circuits that selectively invert bits
X-ray examination device comprising a manually adjustable filter
High performance X-ray target
System and methods for forming data storage devices
Electronic equipment
Protected superconducting component and method for producing the same
Process for heat treating superconductor wire
Electronic trip device with offset correction means
Method and apparatus enabling communication between an electric device and a battery
Remote automatic volume control apparatus
Loudspeaker system with feedback control for improved bandwidth and distortion reduction
Electronic inductor with transmit signal telephone line driver
Method and apparatus for optimizing corner frequency calibration of a tunable filter using a programmable diode
Sample rate converter
Method and apparatus sample rate conversions in an analog to digital converter
Block-mode equalization for data communications
Approximate third-order function generator, temperature compensation quartz oscillation circuit made by using the same, and temperature compensation method
Flexible phase-locked loop system to indicate synchronization using difference between internal and external clock signals
Receiver having integrated mixer and Sigma-Delta analog-to digital conversion
Communication command system and method
Switchable wide band receiver front end for a multiband receiver
Mobile telephone instruments and wireless telecommunications system
Matched filter
DS-CDMA system with high resolution timing
Method and apparatus for the optimization of dispersion map using slope-compensating optical fibers
Apparatus and method for audio data/audio-related information transfer
Mixed-mode next/echo canceller for pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) signals
Method and apparatus for automatically identifying a function module in a modular transceiver system
Method and arrangement for forming a beam
Concatenation of turbo-TCM with space-block coding
Transmit diversity method and system
Communication satellite resource trading techniques
Scaleable bandwidth interconnect for simultaneous transfer of mixed pleisiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH) clients
Devices enabling radiotelephones to manage filtering and interference
Power monitor with indicators
Virtual private network service provider for asynchronous transfer mode network
System and method for internet reservation service
Method, system and program for establishing network contact
Method to display information representing network traffic on a computer display monitor
Technique for providing automatic event notification of changing network conditions to network elements in an adaptive, feedback-based data network
System and method for testing digital subscriber lines
Distributed help system for consumer electronic devices
Telecommunications system
Circuit and method for supporting multicast/broadcast operations in multi-queue storage devices
System for establishing a transmission sequence for plural terminals in a wireless network
Communication network apparatus and method
Communication method for packet switching systems
Secure e-mail system
Parallelism and crosstalk check on a printed circuit board (PCB)
Method and apparatus for connecting a home network to the internet
Communications of telephony control signaling over data networks
Dual direction channel estimator
High speed modem for a communication network
Robust adaptive equalizer
Method and apparatus for joint detection of a coded signal in a CDMA system
System and method for reducing the effects of clipping in a DMT transceiver
Dynamic connection to multiple origin servers in a transcoding proxy
Advanced data guard having independently wrapped components
Linking external applications to a network management system
Methods and apparatus for performing mass operations on a plurality of managed devices on a network
Method and apparatus for monitoring internet traffic on an internet web page
Method and apparatus for automatic inter-domain routing of calls
Recognizing audio and video streams over PPP links in the absence of an announcement protocol
Method and apparatus for long term verification of digital signatures
Protecting communications network integrity
Method and system for message broadcast flow control on a bus bridge interconnect
Direct conversion radio receiving system using digital signal processing for channel filtering and down conversion to base band
Vertical adaptive antenna array for a discrete multitone spread spectrum communications system
Bus transaction accelerator for multi-clock systems
Shared data and clock recovery for packetized data
Method for forming a training sequence
Distributed group key management for multicast security
User support system for cryptographic communication in network systems
Device for securing a telephone link between two subscriber sets
Loop loss measurement and reporting mechanism for digital data services telephone channel equipment
Method and apparatus for spectrum analysis
Telephone or communication terminal with improved calling alert signal detection by using an activity detector
Intelligent telephone set
Automatic voice response system using voice recognition means and method of the same
Power-limited remote termination converter with wetting current and emergency power operation for digital data transmission equipment
Device and method for monitoring shock
Control device for displaying a short message in real time in a digital mobile station and method therefor
Telephone apparatus
System and method for communicating between a special number call answering agency and a mobile action asset
Method and apparatus for communicating data over a telephone line using an acoustic modem
System and method for providing sponsored of universal telecommunications service and third party payer services
Two-way radio with silent annunciation
Monitoring device and method for monitoring a telecommunication network
Selecting communication link between client and server
System, method, and computer program product for network telephone queuing
Method and apparatus for skills-based task routing
Staffing-based percentage-allocation routing using real-time data
Method and system for an intelligent partitioned communication system
System and method for organizing multi-media messages folders from a displayless interface and selectively retrieving information using voice labels
Method and system for termination blocking of message delivery service in a switch-based telecommunication system
Transfer service method for telephone network
Frequency domain halftoning
Method for determining the components of image noise patterns of an imaging device and use of this method in an imaging device
Dynamic range modification
Control of consumer recording equipment
Conditional access system and method thereof
Image scrambling method and apparatus therefor
Simplified TV viewer response system and method using special codes and subscriber custom calling codes
Computer-readable medium having image decoding program stored thereon
Data recording apparatus
Switching device for an optical transmission network
Data routing in a communication network
Concurrent ringing on multiple network telephones
Techniques for providing telephonic communications over the internet
Telephone abstraction layer and system in a computer telephony system
Call routing data management
Information transmission reception system and information transmission reception method, and information receiver used therein
Method and apparatus for wireless data services over a selected bearer service
Server based provision of map data to terminal devices
Method and system for supporting wireless communications within an internetwork
Method for dynamically associating announcement groups with talkgroups in a radio communication system
Adaptive power management for a node of a cellular telecommunications network
Systems and methods for wireless communications
Offline page of monitoring
Method for dividing traffic in a cellular radio network
Subscriber unit and method of cell selection for a cellular communication system
Method of allocating frame offset and link in base station
Handoff of phone calls from wireless to wireline network
Adaptive subscriber service allocation
Method and apparatus for performing authentication in communication systems
Techniques for facilitating optimal service acquisition
Location management in a mobile telecommunication system
Open-type magnetic circuitry of loudspeaker
Ear transceiver
Speaker apparatus
Molded hearing aid housing
Modulator processing for a parametric speaker system
Second-order adaptive differential microphone array
Method and device for reproducing a stereophonic audiosignal
Heater sealed with carbon wire heating element
Electronic flash device
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