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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lettuce variety 41-137 RZ, "delibes RZ"
Lettuce variety big thunder
Method of and an installation for milking an animal
Microbicidal composition
Plant growth regulation
Method and device for treating eggs in shells
Garment having cup part
Shoe, in particular a sports shoe
Checkpoint-friendly bag for a laptop computer
Wrist strap for an electronic device
Electronic device enclosure
Panel support
Beverage container having built-in infuser and passive cooling element
Multi-single serve beverage dispensing apparatus, method and system
Foreign matter removing apparatus at track branch, and nozzle used in the same
Surgical access assembly with sleeve and adjustable fastener
Systems, devices and methods for minimally invasive pelvic surgery
Pin locking mechanism for a surgical instrument
Dispensing device for bone cement
Vacuum-stabilized ablation system
Method of using the detection of early increase in microvascular blood content to distinguish between adenomatous and hyperplastic polyps
Tissue penetration device
Extracorporeal physiological measurement device
Cardiac signal recording using dynamically generated detection thresholds
Apparatus for making bodily fluid absorbent pad
Absorptive article
Tissue graft fixation
Axially-radially nested expandable device
Joint for articulations with pseudo-elastic elements
Portable multifunctional mobility aid apparatus
Diamine derivatives as inhibitors of leukotriene A4 hydrolase
Tricyclic and tetracyclic systems with activity on the central nervous and vascular systems
Formulations of 14-epi-analogues of vitamin D
Oligosaccharide compounds
Elevation of the plasma HDL-cholesterol level
Use of PI3K M-TOR and AKT inhibitors to induce FOXP3 expression and generate regulatory T cells
Treatment of streptococcal infections
Methods for intracellular delivery of nucleic acids
In vivo imaging method for cancer
Ingestible salt grabber
Devices and methods for vessel occlusion
Robotic catheter manipulator assembly
Injection device with means for signalling the time since the last injection
Functional electrical stimulation (FES) method and system to improve walking and other locomotion functions
Integrated implantable hearing device, microphone and power unit
Topical use of ingenol-3-angelate or a salt thereof to treat skin cancer
Oral care compositions comprising phytic acid
Performing Operations; Transporting
Inlet particle separator systems and methods
Carbon dioxide recovery apparatus and carbon dioxide recovery method
Cup holding assembly for a food mixing machine
Structured packing for gas-liquid mass transfer unit
Apparatus for dispersing nanocomposite material
Plastic container with internal mixing ribs
Method of making a catalyst and catalyst made thereby
Resin-supported catalyst and method for preparing resin-supported catalyst
Lid separation device and methods
Process and apparatus for treatment of incinerator bottom ash and fly ash
Method of manufacturing a cooled turbine blade with dense cooling fin array
Non-destructive aluminum weld quality estimator
Lead-free solder flux and lead-free solder paste
Temperature triggering ejector mechanism for lock pin soldering type component
Device and method to accurately and easily assemble glass slides
Clamping assembly
Electric boring tool
Heat shield element, method and mold for the production thereof, hot-gas lining and combustion chamber
Production method for a splash shield using a continuous extrusion-injection-foaming moulding process
Multi-component synthetic closure and method of manufacture
Coated pelletizing extrusion dies and method for making the same
Blow-molding machine with pressure cylinder with force equalization means for piston compressor
Production process of a nonwoven fabric sheet
Clamping device for clamping a workpiece, and installation comprising such a clamping device
Label forming apparatus and label forming method
Method and apparatus for aligning an illumination unit to a slider for a magnetic recording device
Transparent conductive film and method for producing transparent conductive film
Machine having a pneumatic drum for processing sheets of different formats
Velocity estimation methods, and imaging devices and printing devices using the methods
Systems for erasing an ink from a medium
Image forming apparatus configured for rolled printing media having adhesive face
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Printhead cleaning assembly
Liquid supplying device, droplet discharge device, and image forming apparatus
Multilayer film for multi-purpose inkjet systems
Bogie shaft for a railway vehicle having a stone guard and method for producing same
Urea solution venting system for vehicle
Power source apparatus for electrically powered vehicle and control method therefor
Power assist device and ambulatory assist vehicle
Comfort recline seat for a vehicle
Vehicle seat
Refuse vehicle including a CNG tank compartment
Water dispenser
Cargo gate for holding at least one cargo item within a cargo hold of an aircraft, cargo deck with a corresponding cargo gate, and method for converting or fitting out a cargo deck for the purpose of airdropping cargo items
Harness protector and wire harness routing structural part
Vehicle interior device
Brake light control device
Steering lock with a deadlock for a motor vehicle and method of assembling same
Control device for internal combustion engine
Antilock braking system with directional control
Rail vehicle with air-conditioning duct in the roof region and method for constructing a roof region of a rail vehicle
Water sports towing vessel and method
Buoy for automated data collection and transmittal
Landing gear electrical swivel
Container for transporting items of luggage in a sorting system and sorting system
Material transfer device
Accumulation pallet conveyor
Hand tool
Water dispenser
Smart multi-soap dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Wastewater treatment systems and methods
Methods and apparatuses for fabricating continuous glass ribbons
Environment-friendly natural-like artificial stone containing fly ash and the method for producing the artificial stone
Process for producing light olefins by using a ZSM-5-based catalyst
Process of fluorination in liquid phase
Styrenyl derivative compounds for treating ophthalmic diseases and disorders
Process for reducing inorganics from anionic surfactant solutions
Method for producing hydroxyphenylcyclohexanol compound
Method and a device for generating a carburizing gas mixture
Photoreactive monomers
Crystalline polymorphic forms of an antidiabetic compound
Process for preparing pyrrolidine
Derivatives useful as antiviral agents
Imidazopyridine derivatives
Benzodithiophene derivatives and their use as photoluminescent compounds
2-amino-6-methyl-4,4a,5,6-tetrahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-8a(8H)-yl-1,- 3-thiazol-4-yl amides
Modified neurotoxins with poly-glycine and uses thereof
High-strength collagen fiber membrane and a manufacturing method thereof
Pathogenic mycobacteria-derived mannose-capped lipoarabinomannan antigen binding proteins
Hepcidin mimetic peptides and uses thereof
Catalytic system for conjugated diene polymerisation, polymerisation method and functional polymer obtained
Process for producing procatalyst composition with alkoxyalkyl ester internal electron donor and product
Binding Bisphenol A in a polycarbonate container
Hydroxypolyamide gel forming agents
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Sound damping compositions and methods for application and use
Fiber reinforced resin molding compound and manufacturing method for fiber reinforced resin molded article therefrom
Low-VOC aqueous hybrid binders
High impact polystyrene flame retarded compositions
High temperature refractory coatings for ceramic substrates
Method of making EU.sup.2+ activated inorganic red phosphor
Heat-transfer compositions exhibiting improved miscibility with the lubricating oil
Flakes management in hydrocarbon processing units
Gasification system and method
Immune function modulating agents
Cyanobacterium sp. host cell and vector for production of chemical compounds in Cyanobacterial cultures
Salt tolerant organisms
Metabolically enhanced cyanobacterium with sequentially inducible production genes for the production of a first chemical compound
Crosslinked hyaluronan hydrogels for 3D cell culture
Culture medium and method for inducing differentiation into bone cells
Nitrilases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Direct starch to fermentable sugar as feedstock for the production of isoprene, isoprenoid precursor molecules, and/or isoprenoids
Manufacture of xylonic acid
High strength and low density particle-reinforced steel with improved E-modulus and method for producing said steel
Isolation of microwave sources through bellows
Laser microcladding using powdered flux and metal
Electrolyzer apparatus
Method for manufacturing zirconium metal and hafnium metal
Textiles; Paper
Increasing the specific strength of spun carbon nanotube fibers
Fixed Constructions
Self-anchoring turf reinforcement mat and reusable sediment filtration mat
Adjustable slurry spreader plate assembly
Multiple pump system
System for assembling wind bracing on a glazed wall
Roof drainage system
Method for attaching a photovoltaic panel
Striker plate assembly
Cylinder body for a cylinder for locks
Blind hinge used for furniture
Door protector
Contingent continuous circulation drilling system
Torsional shearing of oilfield tubulars
Expandable seat assembly for isolating fracture zones in a well
Sealing by ball sealers
Hydraulic high pressure valve controller using the in-situ pressure difference
Riser system for transporting a slurry from a position adjacent to the seabed to a position adjacent to the sea surface
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll expander
Scroll expander with adiabatic layer
Method and damping device for vibration damping of a blade of a turbomachine as well as turbomachine
High-pressure pump
Adjustable camshaft drive
Dual independent phasing system with separate oil feeds
Anti-clog and non-metallic debris detector for lubrication system inlet
Internal combustion engine
Heat storage device
Pre-chamber system for an internal combustion engine
Method for determining a phase position of an adjustable camshaft
Variable venturi and zero droop vacuum assist
Carburetor with one piece choke valve and shaft assembly
Saddle-ride type vehicle
Injector for injecting fluid
Laser-induced spark ignition for an internal combustion engine
Blade connection for a rotor blade of a wind turbine
Fluid transporter and fluid transporter driving method
Rotor fastening arrangement
Method and a system for establishing and executing correct automatic relubrication for a number of bearings
Shift device with synchronizer
Selectable valve assembly for a vehicle transmission
Hydraulic control system for machine
Friction-ring transmission having two roller bodies spaced apart from one another by a gap
Shift selector
Mechanical tensioner strut with uni-directional friction damping
Sealing arrangement and pump having a sealing arrangement
Fluid valve
Marine pipeline-installation tower and tensioning assembly
Vehicular lamp
Lighting device and display device
Lens with diffusion structure and backlight module incorporating the same
Device for discharging an explosive gas
Combustion chamber with a wall section and a brim element
Articulated curtains for ice making machines
Two beam small arms transmitter
Self displacement sensing cantilever and scanning probe microscope
Measuring device
System and method for monitoring the state of structural components
Systems, devices, and methods including a wheelchair-assist robot
System and method for calibrating sensors for different operating environments
Patient support apparatus for a medical imaging apparatus and a medical imaging apparatus having the patient support apparatus
Torque insensitive header assembly
Information acquiring apparatus and information acquiring method of acquiring information of sample by using terahertz wave
Apparatus for controlling and monitoring reactions
X-ray backscatter detection using modulated X-rays
Method and apparatus for non-destructively determining features in a planar specimen
Sensors for layout validation of an oxygen module
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
TAZ/WWTR1 for diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Device for measuring the activity of a liquid in a complex medium and associated method
Determination of local contact potential difference by noncontact atomic force microscopy
Data recirculation in configured scan paths
Vertical hall effect-device
Position determination of devices using stereo audio
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Head mounted display and display control method
Method of manufacturing microlens array substrate, microlens array substrate, electro-optic device, and electronic
Lithography projection objective, and a method for correcting image defects of the same
Producing polarization-modulating optical element for microlithography system
Faceted, germanium slotted waveguide
Optical fiber cable having reinforcing layer of tape heat-bonded to jacket
Self-protecting optical connector
Electronic device display with damage-resistant polarizer
Display device
Liquid crystal display device and method for producing liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Device and system for reflective digital light processing (DLP)
Micro-projection system
Image projection apparatus with an enclosure and air supply
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Lithographic apparatus, excimer laser and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Recording medium discharging device
Image formation apparatus and image formation method for forming an image on a folded print medium
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus for determining remaining amount of developer in developer container
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and fixing method
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that selectively recycles developer
Power on circuit
Computer system selectively directing power to a battery from either a backup power supply or a normal power supply based on a reduction of voltage measured from one or more detection circuits
Information processing device, subsystem, information processing method, and recording medium storing information processing program
Mesh performance improvement using dual voltage data transfer
Characterization of within-die variations of many-core processors
Efficiency adjustments in power supply system
System and method of caching decisions on when to scan for malware
Method, apparatus and system for performing voltage margining
Method and apparatus for faulty memory utilization
Dynamically determining an external systems management application to report system errors
Storage device with error recovery indication
Machine check summary register
Apparatus and method for controlling the reliability stress rate on a processor
Information processing system and control method thereof
System and method for archive verification according to policies
Device state capture during operating system dump
Head start population of an image backup
Preserving management services with self-contained metadata through the disaster recovery life cycle
Replicant simulation
Generating test scripts through application integration
Testing functional correctness and idempotence of software automation scripts
Management of a secure delete operation in a parity-based system
Cache memory apparatus, cache control method, and microprocessor system
Managing out-of-order memory command execution from multiple queues while maintaining data coherency
Method and apparatus for automated migration of data among storage centers
Memory management method in embedded system
Address generator, address generation method, and encapsulation-decapsulation device
Direct memory access (DMA) address translation with a consecutive count field
Indexed page address translation to reduce memory footprint in virtualized environments
Graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for leveraging overlapping group areas
Apparatus, system, and method for automatically generating a reusable software component for interfacing with a web service
Processing element data sharing
Apparatus for displaying formation of network
System for predicting lifetime of battery
Methods for generating data sets using catalog entries
Distributed high performance pool
Identifying syntaxes of disparate components of a computer-to-computer message
Organizing nearby picture hotspots
Scene change detection around a set of seed points in media data
Multi-way number partitioning using weakest link optimality
Method and apparatus for reduced memory footprint fast fourier transforms
Data security system for natural language translation
Optimizing generation of a regular expression
Hashing scheme using compact array tables
Storing changes made toward a limit
State scope data file sharing
Determining a relative importance among ordered lists
System and method for managing and identifying subject matter experts
Method and system for database partition
Dropping columns from a table with minimized unavailability
Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
Usage reporting from a cloud-hosted, distributed system
System and method for managing user data in a plurality of databases
Offloading projection of fixed and variable length database columns
Query method for a distributed database system and query apparatus
Highly specialized scenarios in random test generation
Logic transformation and gate placement to avoid routing congestion
Improving test pattern coverage through parallel discard, flow control, and quality metrics
Method and system for implementing timing aware metal fill
Method of predicting reliability of semiconductor device, reliability prediction system using the same and storage medium storing program causing computer to execute the same
Utilizing an unSAT proof for model checking
Systems, devices, and methods including a wheelchair-assist robot
Interactive discovery of display device characteristics
System and method for managing multiple content feeds
System and method for generating an informational media display on a document processing device
Arrangements for managing processing components using a graphical user interface
Systems and methods for haptically-enhanced text interfaces
Providing greater access to one or more items in response to verifying device transfer
Electronic device, handwriting input recognition system, and method for recognizing handwritten input thereof
Setting a display position of a pointer
Intermediate viewer for transferring information elements via a transfer buffer to a plurality of sets of destinations
Multiple sorting of columns in a displayed table in a user interactive computer display interface through sequential radial menus
Re-writable cover sheets for collection management
Interaction between real-world digital environments and virtual worlds
Assistive group setting management in a virtual world
Apparatus and method for processing data of mobile terminal
Method and algorithm for content layout across diverse and dynamic displays
Balancing traffic through logical unit range partitioning
Image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
Time-series database setup automatic generation method, setup automatic generation system and monitoring server
Declarative specification of data integration workflows for execution on parallel processing platforms
Authenticating users with memorable personal questions
Semiconductor device
Hands accelerating control system
Implementing concurrent device driver maintenance and recovery for an SRIOV adapter in a virtualized system
Establishing a branch target instruction cache (BTIC) entry for subroutine returns to reduce execution pipeline bubbles, and related systems, methods, and computer-readable media
Multiprocessor system
Dynamic validation of models using constraint targets
Program-level performance tuning
Assisting a Basic Input/Output System
Replay execution of instructions in thread chunks in the chunk order recorded during previous execution
Merging automated testing reports
Prioritizing test cases using multiple variables
Server providing cloud service, terminal for developer and method for supporting application development using the same
Deployment and deployment planning as a service
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Computer program installation across multiple memories
Updating software
Method of pre-processing conditional region
Hardware compilation and/or translation with fault detection and roll back functionality
Identification of code synchronization points
Systems and methods for data brick creation and use
Augmenting profile data with information gathered from a JIT compiler
Hypervisor-based server duplication system and method and storage medium storing server duplication computer program
System and method for registering a subscription of interest of needed new resource in a store accessible by a plurality of resource creators and pushing the needed resource thereto by the creator based upon the registered subscription
Resource sharing and allocation between a plurality of different raid policies on groups of disks
Storage apparatus and load distribution method
Prevention of deadlock in a distributed computing environment
Performing an allreduce operation using shared memory
Strategic placement of jobs for spatial elasticity in a high-performance computing environment
Arbitrating resource acquisition for applications of a multi-processor mobile communications device
Intelligent virtual machine (VM) re-location
Resolving deployment conflicts in heterogeneous environments
Information processing apparatus including an execution control unit, information processing system having the same, and stop method using the same
Decision tree insight discovery
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
Autocaptioning of images
Appliance control method, speech-based appliance control system, and cooking appliance
Support system for magnetically supporting an object on a support
Reducing the impact of charged particle beams in critical dimension analysis
Polymer compound, luminescent material, and light emitting device
Signs-of-deterioration detector for semiconductor laser
Underwater cable deployment system and method
Electricity generation method using an air gas separation unit and a combustion unit
System for efficiently handling cryptographic messages containing nonce values in a wireless connectionless environment without comprising security
Method for defending against denial-of-service attack on the IPV6 neighbor cache
Three-dimensional vehicle backup camera display system and method
Image content and advertisement data providing method, system, and apparatus
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Program guide system with video-on-demand browsing
Motherboard mounting structure, image forming apparatus and method for performing the same
Electronic device enclosure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Incline responsive sieve for a harvester thresher
Compressed bale method
Decorative sleeve cover formed of a polymeric material having a texture or appearance simulating the texture or appearance of cloth
Ruminant tissue analysis at packing plants for electronic cattle management and grading meat
Vented beehive cover
Liquid herbicidal compositions and use thereof in a granular herbicide
Oxidative fluorinator compounds as antimicrobials
Acidic copper--aluminum nitrate wood preservative
Method of mistletoe control
Treating feline-specific disorders by orally administering Hydrastis canadensis
Freezer-to-oven, laminated, unproofed dough and products resulting therefrom
Method of making refrigeratable dough compositions for the preparation of baked products
Method of making microwavable yeast-leavended bakery product containing dough additive
Method for removing skin from the body and/or parts of the body of animals, and device therefor
Packaged cooked meat and low pH sauce
Method for producing slices of bulk foodstuff materials
Ambient stable beverage
Crystallization of sugars
Chewable tablets containing mannitol and Aspartame
Coated chewing gum products containing an antigas agent
Soybean processed food and method of producing the same
Stabilizing of extruded vegetable protein with the addition of further soluble proteins
Method for treating heart disease and cardiovascular disease in diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Surface treating method of polished rice
Aglucone isoflavone enriched vegetable flour and vegetable grit and process for making the same from a vegetable material containing isoflavone
Flavoring materials from filamentous fungi
Process for manufacturing an oil-in-water type emulsified food
Method for supplementing the diet
Composition containing soy hypocotyl material and plant sterol for reducing LDL-cholesterol
Baby-food compositions containing egg yolk and methods therefor
Method of making a granular food product
Confectionery food piece having colored fine line
Food product comprising gas bubbles
Textile products constructed using curable adhesive threadless sewing and processes for producing same
Rapid fabric forming
Buoyancy regulator for diving
Abrasive article
Abrasive article
Novelty attachment for a drinks receptacle
Multi-purpose glue applicator for sheet products
Multi-purpose absorbent and shred-resistant sheet material
Flexible, open-pored cleaning body
Cyclone dust collecting apparatus for vacuum cleaner
Method for interstitial transvascular intervention
Expansion catheter for bypass surgery including two expansion zones and therebetween an intermediate constriction
Method of forming medical device; intravascular occlusion device
Surgical clamp with improved traction
Intramedullary rod with interlocking oblique screw for tibio-calcaneal arthrodesis
Intraosteal ultrasound during surgical implantation
Atherectomy device
Method and apparatus for treating vein graft lesions
Total occlusion guidewire device
Instrument stabilizer for through-a-port surgery
Connection assembly for spinal implant systems
Devices and methods for the treatment of spinal disorders
Locking nail for fracture fixation
Method and apparatus for clamping
Cryosurgical ablation device having sequential injection and method therefor
Connection assembly for conduits
Fluid cooled apparatus for supporting diagnostic and therapeutic elements in contact with tissue
Steerable sphincterotome and methods for cannulation, papillotomy and sphincterotomy
Probe electrode
Apparatus and method employing a single laser for removal of hair, veins and capillaries
Ultra long pulsed dye laser device for treatment of ectatic vessels and method therefor
Laser irradiation apparatus
Foreskin restoration device
Method for monitoring intraocular pressure using a passive intraocular pressure sensor and patient worn monitoring recorder
Vital sign monitor
Method and apparatus for providing patient care
Occlusal force measuring apparatus
Coronary guidewire system
Catheter with thermal sensor for detection of vulnerable plaque
Blood analyte monitoring through subcutaneous measurement
Implantable blood glucose sensor system
Personal medical monitoring unit and system
Urinary incontinence diagnostic system
Enhanced diagnosis of psychiatric disorders with heartbeat data
Biofeedback device
Device for underpressuring collection and dosage liquid samples, in particular for analytic tests
Diagnostic ultrasonic imaging system having organic light emitting device display
Device for monitoring bladder urine distension in patients, and a method thereof
Ultrasound display of selected movement parameter values
High speed turbine cartridge for use with a medical/dental handpiece
Mating parts scanning and registration methods
Dental instrument with machined handle and method for forming
Endodontic instruments with means for breakage containment
Arrangement for coupling hearing implant
Reusable baby diaper having reusable absorbent insert
Forming element for an absorbent article and an absorbent article containing the same
Pant-like disposable absorbent articles with releasable seams and a folded fastening feature
Liquid transport member for high flux rates between a port region and an opening
Breathable laminate permanently conformable to the contours of a wearer
Safety indicium to protect body extremities
Patient discharge system and method for self-care of a post-surgery drain
Apparatus and method for inserting an adjustable implantable genitourinary device
Implantable actuating mechanism
Delivery of cardiac constraint jacket
Stent devices with detachable distal or proximal wires
Stent for vessel branchings
Stent having overlapping struts
Stent delivery system using shape memory retraction
Method and apparatus for delivery deployment and retrieval of a stent comprising shape-memory material
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Endovascular prosthesis having a layer of biological tissue
Covered stent with encapsulated ends
Tendon anchors
Segmented scleral band for treatment of presbyopia and other eye disorders
Penile prosthesis and method of implantation
Intervertebral spacer
Orthopedic mixtures prepared by supercritical fluid processing techniques
Surgical implant and surgical fixing screw
Intervertebral disc prosthesis with contact blocks
Facet joint replacement
Intervertebral disc replacement prosthesis
Ratchet type prosthetic lock
Intragastric balloon device adapted to be repeatedly varied in volume without external assistance
Elastic harness for holding a prosthesis aid
Liquefracture handpiece tip
Pressurized flow of fluid into the eye using pump and pressure measurement system
Device and method for creating a corneal reference for an eyetracker
Therapeutic aid apparatus and method
Massage device having an oscillating active contact surface
Chairmat with foot massage area
Storage container for platelets and the like
Methods of delivering materials into the skin, and compositions used therein
Sustained release and long residing ophthalmic formulation and the process of preparing the same
Use of physiologically acceptable vanadium compounds, salts and complexes
Transplants for myocardial scars
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising erythropoietin for treatment of cancer
IL-17 related mammalian cytokine polypeptides (IL-17E)
Stabilizing diluent for polypeptides and antigens
Artery- and vein-specific proteins and uses therefor
Methods of therapy for HIV infection
Polymyxin B conjugates
Replication deficient adenoviral TNF vector
Assessment of concentration of inhalational compounds in the brain
Method and system for selectively staining dental composite resin
Composition for topical application to skin
Organometallic monoacylarylphosphines
Anti infective periodontic compositions
Hygiene mouthspray composition
Preparation of antiperspirant gels which obviates the use of simple glycols
Cosmetic product
Cosmetic powder pencil or powder chalk
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Topical steroid spray
Sustained-release pharmaceutical preparation containing tilidine mesylate as active ingredient
Process and device for sterilizing and dispensing a liquid for medical use
Sterilization tray
Cyanoacrylate solutions containing preservatives
Method for producing fibronectin and fibrinogen compositions using a polyalkylene glycol and glycine or .beta.-alanine
Tissue regenerative compositions for cardiac applications, method of making, and method of use thereof
Biomedical material for improving the adhesion and proliferation of cells and a modified artificial vessel
Instrument for subretinal implantation
Methods for implanting cells
Bioabsorbable drug delivery system for local treatment and prevention of infections
Balloon for medical tube and medical tube equipped with the same
Dual mode antimicrobial compositions
Ceramic deodorizer
Air cleaning filter
Breast pump insert
Blood pump
Artificial heart power supply system
Artificial kidney and an insertion guide used therein
Automated occlusion clamp for centrifugal blood pumps
Dialysis apparatus using a blood pressure meter and a controller
Apparatus for implementing hyperthermia
Fluid processing systems and methods using extracorporeal fluid flow panels oriented within a cartridge
Medication adapter and method for use thereof
Variable stiffness medical device
Endovacular cardiac venting catheter and method
Steerable catheter device
Co-extruded taper shaft
Bi-directional steerable catheter with asymmetric fulcrum
Catheter support pouch
Double lumen-type catheter
Device for putting a catheter tube into place in a vein
Proximal catheter shaft design and catheters incorporating the proximal shaft design
Method and apparatus for the delivery of contrast fluid to a patient
Pivoting joint infusion assembly
Generic multi-step therapeutic treatment protocol
Dosage device
Ocular iontophoretic device and method for inhibiting vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) using the same
Magnetic treatment device and method
Photoablation with infrared radiation
Brachytherapy needle implantation template
BiOC1 pigment
Posture training machine
Exercise arm assembly for exercise machine
Treadmill with a supporting unit
Software product for preventing and treating repetitive stress injuries
Exercise methods and apparatus with flexible rocker link
Putter head
Golf putter, components therefor and methods of making the same
System and facility for educating students concerning the game of golf
Basketball training device
Baseball swing trainer device
Mobile golf practice device
Laser putter device
Ball motion measuring apparatus
Golfing exercise machine
Modular all sports net assembly
Computer game and procedure of aligning objects in a field and applications of the procedure
Video game system, a video game display method and a readable storage medium storing a video game display program
Game score determination apparatus and method
Multi-player game system
Game system for occupying a team position in a game area disposed between a plurality of teams
Portable electronic device and entertainment system
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Arcade game having interchangeable features
Modular yo-yo
Toy comprising interconnected figures having directionally selectable spring-loaded propulsion mechanisms
Twisting and dancing figure
Robotic sailing device and design
Method of manufacturing environmental protective paper doll
Performing Operations; Transporting
Centrifugal filter utilizing a partial vacuum condition to effect reduced air drag on the centrifuge rotor
Method and device for precipitating beverage sediment
Non-metallic tooth segment and bar rack design
Method for producing a sealing connection
Self-cleaning pre-filter system
Filter and valve apparatus
Liquid filter with a bypass valve
Oleophobic membrane materials by oligomer polymerization for filter venting applications
Air laid/wet laid gas filtration media
Integrated filter and adsorbent unit for an integrated receiver-dryer and related method of manufacturing
Reversed cube air filter assembly
Air purifier with a rotatable plug
Reinforced, bendable filter element
Method for removing sulfur compound present in city gas
Pressure swing adsorption process
Purification of gas with liquid ionic compounds
CO2-Selective membrane process and system for reforming a fuel to hydrogen for a fuel cell
Nitrogen gas separation using organic-vapor-resistant membranes
Treatment of gas streams containing reduced sulfur compounds
Method for controlling absorbent at decarboxylation facility and system therefor
Method of cleaning of harmful gas and cleaning apparatus
Water desalting installation through reverse osmosis with pressurized supply tanks in continuous kinetic cycle
Laminated glass with functional ultra-fine particles and method of producing same
Method of producing ceramic slurry, ceramic slurry composition, ceramic green sheet and multilayer ceramic electronic part
Patterned deposition of antibody binding protein for optical diffraction-based biosensors
Apparatus for carrying out wet chemical reactions under pressure
Methods of forming a plurality of spheres; and pluralities of spheres
Catalyst based on palladium, gold, alkali, and lanthanoid, and a method for producing vinyl acetate
Catalyst composition
Process for converting a metal carbide to carbon by etching in halogens
Method for reactivating solid catalysts used in alkylation reactions
Process and composition for removing toxins from bodily fluids
System and method for performing polynucleotide separations using liquid chromatography
SPOX-enhanced process for production of synthesis gas
Liquid collector assembly for a reactor
Apparatus for coating tablets
Liquid compound pin replicator with weight bias
Apparatus and method for spotting a substrate
Dispensing method and apparatus for dispensing very small quantities of fluid
Dispensing method and apparatus for dispensing very small quantities of fluid
Apparatus for separating magnetic particles
Magnetic separator
Electrostatic precipitator
Disposable, self-driven centrifuge
Centrifuge bag and methods of use
Centrifuge rotors including displacement control
Method of washing the media bed of a pollution abatement reactor
Variable electrostatic spray coating apparatus and method
Protective cap for use in electrostatic coating method
Chemical liquid processing apparatus for processing a substrate and the method thereof
Apparatus for the application of a liquid or pasty medium to a moving fiber web
Fluid dispenser with fluid weight monitor
Coating machine for direct or indirect coating of a material web
Dry paint transfer process for making deep draw high DOI automotive body panels
Multi-stage processes for coating substrates with liquid basecoat and powder topcoat
Fluid treatment device with vibrational energy means for treating substrates
Cleaning device for cleaning air ports of a furnace
Method and apparatus for opening resin-sealed body
Fixtures for processing a workpiece in a supercritical fluid
Method and apparatus for cleaning molds used in the glass fabrication industry
System for reproducing and dispensing bio-cultures for bio-augmentation and method therefor
Dispersible compositions and articles of sheath-core microfibers and method of disposal for such compositions and articles
Container made of a light metal alloy and process for its manufacture
Aqueous release agents for low speed injection die casting
Apparatus for generating compression waves in conductive liquid
Process for removal of binders from parts produced by powder injection molding
Forged in bushing article and method of making
Diffusion bonding of high purity metals and metal alloys to aluminum backing plates using nickel or nickel alloy interlayers
Method for laser cutting
Filler wire for aluminum alloys and method of welding
Multi-layered anti-coking heat resistant metal tube and method for manufacture thereof
Chemical planar head dampening system
Tool exchanging apparatus for a processing center
Machine tool management system
Method of working hub ring of wheel bearing assembly
Polishing pad ironing system and method for implementing the same
Blade sharpening assembly
Polishing apparatus
Holder for polished work and manufacturing method thereof
Polishing apparatus
Dual detection method for end point in chemical mechanical polishing
Chemical mechanical polishing endpoint detection
Dry chemical-mechanical polishing method
Retaining ring with active edge-profile control by piezoelectric actuator/sensors
Method and apparatus for form machining the peripheral edge of spectacle lenses
Method of altering and preserving the surface properties of a polishing pad and specific applications therefor
Method and apparatus for controlling chemical interactions during planarization of microelectronic substrates
Metal-bonded grinding tool and manufacturing method therefor
Acidic copper salt-fatty amine salt wood preservative composition and method
Method of making a consolidated cellulosic article having protrusions and indentations
Method for molding ophthalmic lenses made of plastic material
Method for making optical components by replication
Method and apparatus for forming a thermoplastic part with injected elastomer seal
Process for producing a thermoplastic resin molded article
Process for manufacturing a capital for an architectural column
Manufacturing method for flanged resin product
Method of injection molding around the surface of an object
Process for gas assisted and water assisted injection molding
Method for forming a polymeric container system for pressurized fluids
Method of maintaining an exterior of an operating die system
Apparatus and method for forming complex-shaped components in a heated polymeric film
Multi-layer sheet material web assembly
Segmented compliant platen for film sealing on ink jet cartridges
Method and system for manufacturing an air bag cover assembly including a switch
Tennis racket with shaft having light weight metal piece
Method of making precision geometry advanced composite honeycomb material for spacecraft applications and honeycomb material made thereby
Progressive lens apparatus and process
High strength flexible film package utilizing thin film
Paint masking for corners
Wet-formed mat applications for cement backerboards
Tin-clad substrates for use as current collectors, batteries comprised thereof and methods for preparing same
Copper foil for printed wiring board having excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance
Layered composite with welded intermediate metal layer, gasket, gasket sheet, metal layer and method of manufacturing a layered composite
Multilayer capacitor and method
Light transmitting electromagnetic wave filter and process for producing the same
High thermal conductivity lossy dielectric using co-densified multilayer configuration
Conformable multilayer films
Multilayer synthetic wood component
Composite container having barrier property
Permeable packaging film
Moisture barrier film
Composite facestocks
Resin film for producing decorative laminate and decorative laminate containing the resin film
Liquid absorbing sheet for an exuding food product
Insulated cover for torpedo cars and method of forming an insulated cover
Thermal switchable composition and imaging member containing complex oxonol IR dye and methods of imaging and printing
Durable electrostatic printing plate and method of making the same
Cleaning composition, method for cleaning a silk screen and cleaning device
Laser-heat transfer recording method and image-receiving sheet
Photopolymerizable composition for the production of flexographic printing forms for corrugated board printing
Multi-color image-forming medium
Developer composition and heat sensitive recording material
Multi chromatic thermally sensitive recording medium
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium and image forming and erasing method using the recording medium
Transfer sheet, method of manufacturing the same and transfer printing method
Ink-jet recording material
Simulated wood tone member and method of manufacturing simulated wood tone member
Process for transferring an image onto a surface
Pneumatic tire and method of improving high-speed RFV thereof
Pivot slide door for ventilating system
Coordinated control for a powertrain with a continuously variable transmission
Synchronized two-speed transfer case with lockable limited slip differential
Electric hybrid four-wheel drive vehicle
Lubrication and cooling system for power receiving and delivery units in an electro-mechanical vehicular transmission
Clearance take-up joint for an adjustable mechanism
Motor-pump assembly
Antifouling system for structure exposed to seawater and heat exchanger
User-propellable sport board device
Outboard engine
Systems and methods for containing and delivering protective materials to raw water passageways within liquid-cooled marine engines
Boat positioning apparatus and system
Marine outboard electrical generator and assembly method
Methods of manufacturing high performance insulations
Coating having high resistance to heat and oxidation and multi-coated material having high resistance to heat and oxidation
Container patch and method of formation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen absorbing alloy for electrode, hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode and alkaline storage battery
In situ chemical generator and method
Potassium titanate powder
Piezoelectric ceramic composition, piezoelectric ceramic element, and method for manufacturing the piezoelectric ceramic composition
Lithium cobalt oxides and methods of making same
Hand-held ultraviolet water purification system using solid state devices
Multi-process disinfectant delivery control system
Carbonated water supply system
System for the production of laboratory grade ultrapure water
Interference pigments
Dielectric ceramic composition and method for producing the same, and device for communication apparatus using the same
Glass ceramic sintered product
Protective coating
Coated articles
Coated optical fiber and radiation curable resin composition
String binders
Ferroelectric composition, ferroelectric vapor deposition target and method of making a ferroelectric vapor deposition target
Silicon nitride sintered products and processes for their production
Controlled release urea-formaldehyde liquid fertilizer resins with high nitrogen levels
Apparatus for bio-conversion of putrescent wastes
Linkers for synthesis of oligosaccharides on solid supports
Methods and compositions for inhibiting polymerization of vinyl monomers
Transition-metal-catalyzed process for the preparation of sterically hindered N-substituted aryloxyamines
Catalysts containing per-ortho aryl substituted aryl or heteroaryl substituted nitrogen donors
Substituted benzene derivative, liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal display element
Radiation curable fluorinated vinyl ethers derived from hexafluoropropene
Method for purifying norbornene by distillation
Substituted isonipecotyl derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Carbazolylvinyl dye protein stains
Organometallic luminescent materials and organic electroluminescent device containing same
Fluorinated 3,4-dihydroquinoline derivatives used as NOS inhibitors
Selective iglur5 receptor antagonists
Aryl and heteroaryl substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines and use thereof
Compositions for dyeing keratin fibers, containing cationic indolizine derivatives, and dyeing process
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Cell adhesion-inhibiting antiinflammatory compounds
Polyolefin production
Alkynyl-substituted quinolin-2-one derivatives useful as anticancer agents
Method for label-free detection of hybridized DNA targets
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Cold-adapted equine influenza viruses
Viral material and nucleotide fragments associated with multiple sclerosis, for diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic purposes
Feline immunodeficiency virus nucleotide sequence
Enhanced protein thermostability and temperature resistance
Better emergence characteristics and improved seedling growth under low-light environments
Compositions and methods for plant pathogen resistance
Malaria vaccine
Method for selective inactivation of viral replication
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
NPY family member
Modulator of TNF/NGF superfamily receptors and soluble oligomeric TNF/NGF superfamily receptors
Mammalian cortexin-like proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Rapid mutational analysis method and compositions
Method of recovering highly purified vWF or factor VIII/vWF-complex
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Drosophila homologues of genes and proteins implicated in cancer and methods of use
Method of screening apoptosis inducing substances
Protein kinase NPK-110
Method for examining central nervous system diseases and method for screening remedies
Assay of YKL-40 as a marker for cancer
Mammalian tolloid-like gene and protein
Stabilized proteinaceous protease inhibitors and variants thereof
Polymerization stabilizers
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Polyurethanes having a low friction coefficient
Hot melt adhesive
One-component epoxy resin system for trickle impregnation and hot dip rolling
Sulphonated polyesters as finishing agents in detergent, rinsing, softening and textile treatment compositions
Method for preparing or purifying aqueous solutions of a tertiary amino-oxide
Composite material and process for production thereof
Process for use of crumb rubber in moldable formulations
Terephthalic polyester composition and its use as soil release agent
Polymer blend having good low-temperature impact strength
Silicone compositions for treating wool materials
Pigment materials and their preparation and use
High strength Fe-Cr brown with excellent weathering
Water-repellent coating and coating film
Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing and chemical mechanical polishing process
Substrate provided with removable adhesive of polyepoxide, curing agent and microspheres
Electroluminescence device and method for manufacturing the same
Polymer assemble liquid crystal used in liquid crystal display
Method for treating drilling fluid using nanoparticles
Water-based system for altering wettability of porous media
Reactor modifications for NOx reduction from a fluid catalytic cracking regeneration vessel
Removal of sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon feedstreams using cobalt containing adsorbents in the substantial absence of hydrogen
Countercurrent hydroprocessing with treatment of feedstream to remove particulates and foulant precursors
Haze-free lubricating oils
Method of compressing gaseous hydrocarbon-containing medium
Alternative fuel to gasoline
Mixture suitable as a fuel additive and lubricant additive and comprising amines, hydrocarbon polymers and carrier oils
Detergent compositions or components comprising hydrophobically modified cellulosic polymers
Agents for eliminating the adhesive capacity of helminth eggs
Laundry compositions
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Liquid laundry detergent compositions having enhanced clay removal benefits
Method of culturing algae capable of producing phototrophic pigments, highly unsaturated fatty acids, or polysaccharides at high concentration
Rapid thermal cycle processing methods and apparatus
Genetically engineered yeast strains
Human uridine kinase
Modulation of .gamma.-secretase activity
Stabilization of enzymes during freezing
Method for producing fermentative product and stress-resistant microorganism
Process for preparing non-proteinogenic L-amino acids
Lactic acid bacteria species
Modified nucleotides and methods useful for nucleic acid sequencing
Retentate chromatography and protein chip arrays with applications in biology and medicine
Agar medium for the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Phosphopantetheinyl transferases and uses thereof
Methods for identifying nucleic acid sequences encoding agents that effect cellular phenotypes
Test system for detecting a splicing reaction and use thereof
Biosensing using surface plasmon resonance
Instruments, methods and reagents for surface plasmon resonance
Method of producing iron oxide pellets
Hydrometallurgical treatment process for extraction of platinum group metals obviating the matte smelting process
Copper scrap processing system
System and process for removal of pollutants from a gas stream
Aging treatment for Ni-Cr-Mo alloys
Continuous casting process for producing aluminum alloys having low earing
Free machining steel for use in machine structure of excellent mechanical characteristics
Process for selectively masking turbine components during vapor phase diffusion coating
Tunable nanomasks for pattern transfer and nanocluster array formation
System and method for forming base coat and thin film layers by sequential sputter depositing
Nickel-base superalloy with modified aluminide coating, and its preparation
Metallized polyester composition
Arc evaporator, method for driving arc evaporator, and ion plating apparatus
Functional film having optical and electrical properties
Transverse magnetic field for ionized sputter deposition
Method for the production of substrates, magnetron source and sputter-coating chamber
Apparatus and method for uniformly depositing thin films over substrates
Method and apparatus for modifying the profile of narrow, high-aspect-ratio gaps through wafer heating
Method of achieving high adhesion of CVD copper thin films on TaN Substrates
Apparatus and method for depositing thin film on wafer using atomic layer deposition
Structure having refractory metal film on a substrate
Corrosion inhibiting sol-gel coatings for metal alloys
Plated steel wire with corrosion resistance and excellent workability, and process for its manufacture
Nanostructured feeds for thermal spray systems, method of manufacture, and coatings formed therefrom
Ball for constant-velocity joint and method of manufacturing such ball
Method of etching tungsten or tungsten nitride in semiconductor structures
Method and apparatus for aligning and setting the axis of rotation of spindles of a multi-body system
Method of producing copper surfaces for improved bonding, compositions used therein and articles made therefrom
Hydrofluoric acid generating composition and method of treating surfaces
Molten salt electrolytic cell having metal reservoir
Method of producing a surface-treated copper foil
Semiconductor wafer plating cathode assembly
Electrolytic aluminum polishing processes
Heat shield assembly for crystal puller
Semiconductor single crystal pulling apparatus
Method for growing a compound semiconductor, quantum well structure using the same, and compound semiconductor device including the same
Apparatus for fabrication of thin films
Chemical vapor deposition epitaxial reactor having two reaction chambers alternatively actuated and actuating method thereof
Method of crystal growth and resulted structures
Method of growing protein crystals
Textiles; Paper
Spontaneously degradable fibers and goods made thereof
Method for foam bonding of spunlace fabric to produce enhanced fabric characteristics
Method of increasing the wet strength of a fibrous sheet
Method for enhancing the softness of a fibrous web
Non stain flooring
Bleaching medium consistency pulp with ozone
Process for ozone bleaching of low consistency pulp
Screening device
Leakage control system for treatment of moving webs
Soft tissue paper having a softening composition containing an electrolyte deposited thereon
Flocculation method for making a paper sheet
Fixed Constructions
Encapsulated insulation batt assembly
Window fan assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pump assembly comprising two hydraulic pumps
Swash plate pump with low stress housing
Structure for suppressing pulsation in compressor
Oil separator and cooler
Method of manufacture of a suspended nitride membrane and a microperistaltic pump using the same
Diaphragm type fuel pump
Shaft load balancing system
Deep well submersible pump
Multi-stage centrifugal compressor driven by integral high speed motor
Shield for use in a constant velocity joint
Constant velocity universal joint
Spider having a support surface for use in a universal joint
Silent chain with a guide washer having a single aperture for a rocker joint pin
Full-time transfer case with synchronized range shift and controllable bi-directional clutch
Hydraulic control method of an automatic transmission and apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for providing synchronization of low to high shifts in a transfer case
Linear tensioner
Liquid fuel burner
Ventilation assembly
Rigid foam air duct system
Fume dust suppression during pouring of molten metal, and apparatus
Laser transmitter assembly configured for placement within a firing chamber and method of simulating firearm operation
System and method for training in military operations in urban terrain
Apparatus and method for determining weight loss of a heated material
Temperature measuring method and apparatus in semiconductor processing apparatus, and semiconductor processing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining photoresist pattern linearity
Monitoring process for oxide removal
Replaceable reference junction including an ion-barrier for an electrochemical sensor
Electrode with reversibly sealed fluoride sensing crystal
Gas sensor
Gas sensor and method of producing the same
De-staining composition and apparatus
Electrochemical measuring cell for detecting hydrocyanic acid
Protection of gas communication in an electrochemical sensor
Chromatography apparatus with direct heating of the capillary column
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Chemiluminescence chemical detection of vapors and device therefor
Specimen collection fluid
Method for activity profiling compound mixtures
Method and apparatus for screening microscopic cells utilizing light scatter techniques
Methods for the assay of troponin I and T complexes of troponin I and T and selection of antibodies for use in immunoassays
Constitutive androstane receptor
Methods and tools for identifying compounds which modulate atherosclerosis by impacting LDL-proteoglycan binding
Specific solution handling method for calibration and quality control by automatic analytical apparatus
Contact structure and production method thereof and probe contact assembly using same
Magnetostrictive sensor structure
System and method for automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast in images
Medical ultrasonic imaging system with adaptive multi-dimensional back-end mapping
Back light reflection sheet for liquid crystal
Method of manufacturing optical waveguide
Optical semiconductor module, its manufacture, reflection film, its manufacture, and laser and optical devices using reflection film
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display with glass spacers
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Recording materials with improved shelf-life, image tone and/or stability upon thermal development
Slide bead coating with a low viscosity carrier layer
Method to reduce corrosivity of photographic processing effluent
Half esters of isobutylene/maleic anhydride copolymer as attenuators of photographic film development
Process for direct digital printing of circuit boards
Methodology to introduce metal and via openings
High performance, photoimageable resin compositions and printing plates prepared therefrom
Chemically amplified positive resist composition
Exhaust flow control system
Apparatus and method for coating treatment
Solvent prewet and method and apparatus to dispense the solvent prewet
Modification of mask layout data to improve mask fidelity
Material for forming a fine pattern and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
Photoresist remover composition
Method of removing a photoresist layer on a semiconductor wafer
Method of alignment for buried structures formed by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state materials
Ethylene propylene rubber foam and image formation equipment
Oil application apparatus
Binding resin for toner, toner, and electrophotograph
Method for indicating a selected region on a computer display while allowing the user to see the formatting of the background and content items within the selected region
Method and kit for treating illnesses
System and method for evaluating task effectiveness based on sleep pattern
Fabrication of a high resolution, low profile credit card reader and card reader for transmission of data by sound
Computer-based growing simulation method and system
Coin bag support system
Coin hopper with peripheral coin transport device
Gaming device having a cash out menu screen and a system and method for enabling a player to retrieve money from a gaming device
Slot machine with in-built security system
Electronic amusement device and method for operating a game offering reels having puzzle pieces
Apparatus and method for stimulating creativity, spontaneity, and inspiration
Freehand drawing training and guiding device
Basic mathematics teaching and learning aid
Interactive learning system method for infants, toddlers and young children
Foldable ornament frame structure
Partially-secured label, label sheet and manufacturing method
Thin-film magnetic recording head manufacture
Recording medium with limited using period
Magnetic recording tape with controlled Hc and magnetic flux/unit area value and controlled Cl/Fe intensity
Magnetic recording medium
Thermally-assisted magnetic recording disk with multilayered thermal barrier
Memory cell configuration and method for fabricating it
Self-aligned, programmable phase change memory
Integrated circuit memory devices having non-volatile memory transistors and methods of fabricating the same
Smoothing and stabilization of domain walls in perpendicularly polarized magnetic films
Powder magnetic core
Cylindrical high voltage supercapacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating GaN field emitter arrays
Use of variable impedance to control coil sputter distribution
Method of fabricating row lines of a field emission array and forming pixel openings therethrough by employing two masks
Film formation method, method for fabricating electron emitting element employing the same film, and method for manufacturing image forming apparatus employing the same element
Method for producing electron tube
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Apparatus and method for etching wafer backside
High dielectric capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
DRAM processing methods
Method of forming smooth morphologies in InP-based semiconductors
Processes for chemical-mechanical polishing of a semiconductor wafer
Plasma surface treatment method and resulting device
Method for removing residual polymer after the dry etching process and reducing oxide loss
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of etching platinum using a silicon carbide mask
Semiconductor wafer with crystal lattice defects, and process for producing this semiconductor wafer
Discrete semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors
Fabrication method and fabrication apparatus for thin film transistor
Cleaning brush conditioning apparatus
Composite laminate and method for manufacturing the same
Electrical interconnections, methods of conducting electricity, and methods of reducing horizontal conductivity within an anisotropic conductive adhesive
Phosphorus dopant control in low-temperature Si and SiGe epitaxy
In-situ gate etch process for fabrication of a narrow gate transistor structure with a high-k gate dielectric
Semiconductor device having a metal gate with a work function compatible with a semiconductor device
Method for forming aluminum oxide as a gate dielectric
Method for high temperature metal deposition for reducing lateral silicidation
Method for forming a metal gate integrated with a source and drain salicide process with oxynitride spacers
Tungsten layer formation method for semiconductor device and semiconductor device using the same
Method of fabricating a semiconductor storage device having a transistor unit and a ferroelectric capacitor
Method for fabricating metal wiring and the metal wiring
Method for forming isolation regions on semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device having ferroelectric film and manufacturing method thereof
Process for the preparation of an ideal oxygen precipitating silicon wafer having an asymmetrical vacancy concentration profile capable of forming an enhanced denuded zone
Monolithically integrated sensing device and method of manufacture
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Self aligned compact bipolar junction transistor layout, and method of making same
Transistor device and fabrication method thereof
Vertical power component manufacturing method
Using scatterometry to measure resist thickness and control implant
Method and apparatus for controlling material removal from a semiconductor substrate using induced current endpointing
Wire bonding method
Support and alignment device for enabling chemical mechanical polishing rinse and film measurements
Method and system for handling semiconductor components
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Removal of copper oxides from integrated interconnects
Method for enhancing shallow trench top corner rounding using endpoint control of nitride layer etch process with appropriate etch front
Method and installation for fabricating one-sided buried straps
Process for selectively sealing ferroelectric capacitive elements incorporated in semiconductor integrated non-volatile memory cells
Semiconductor device manufacturing method including forming FOX with dual oxidation
Method of forming local oxidation with sloped silicon recess
Method of making a semiconductor device that has copper damascene interconnects with enhanced electromigration reliability
Method to form dual damascene structure
Dual damascene manufacturing process
Method of forming conductive interconnections on an integrated circuit device
Semiconductor processing methods of forming integrated circuitry
Method for fabricating semiconductor device which prevents gates of a peripheral region from being oxidized
Dual gate oxide process without critical resist and without N2 implant
Elimination of n+ contact implant from flash technologies by replacement with standard double-diffused and n+ implants
Nonvolatile semiconductor device having a memory cells each of which is constituted of a memory transistor and a selection transistor
Methods of forming an array of FLASH field effect transistors and circuitry peripheral to the array
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of making multi-level wiring in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with a fluorinated silicate glass film as an interlayer metal dielectric film, and manufacturing method thereof
Formation of self-aligned buried strap connector
Source bus formation for a flash memory using silicide
Field effect transistor and method of fabrication
Method for depositing a two-layer diffusion barrier
Fabrication method of an electronic component
Composite material member for semiconductor device and insulated and non-insulated semiconductor devices using composite material member
Method of making electronics package with specific areas having low coefficient of thermal expansion
Chip packaging system and method using deposited diamond film
Electrical connecting structure of a tape carrier package for a LCD driver
Conductive composition
Method and apparatus for coupling a semiconductor die to die terminals
Method for mounting chips on board using magnetic positioning
Fabrication of molecular electronic circuit by imprinting
Manufacturing method for fully depleted silicon on insulator semiconductor device
Magnetoelectronics element having a magnetic layer formed of multiple sub-element layers
Method and apparatus for manufacturing flexible organic EL display
Sidewall process and method of implantation for improved CMOS with benefit of low CGD, improved doping profiles, and insensitivity to chemical processing
Method to improve the coupling ratio of top gate to floating gate in flash
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Method of making a thin film sensor
Fabrication of high temperature superconductors
Deuterated semiconducting organic compounds used for opto-electronic devices
Process for fabricating polarized organic photonics devices
Cathode layer in organic light-emitting diode devices
Polymer electrolyte battery
Battery device
Sealed rectangular battery and manufacturing method for the same
Nonaqueous secondary battery
Connecting structure for battery terminals
Battery and process for preparing the same
Separator having a plasticizer coating for use in electrochemical cell devices
Storage battery
Fuel cell system having a compact water separator
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Regenerative fuel cell system
Slip-fit transformer stud electrical connector
Battery holder
Electrical connector having associated card-ejecting means
Shielded electrical connector
Connector attachment structure
Electrical connector assembly
Connector pin for an edge of a circuit board
ZIF socket with improved cam mechanism
Electrical contact
Low profile electrical connector
Wear-preventive memory card connector
Coupling connector
Connector assembly
Cable connector assembly with reliably terminated wires
Inertial locking connector
Quick release spring connector adaptor for a computer cable
Supporting configuration for a connector
Half-fitting prevention connector
High speed modular connector
Double row modular gang jack for board edge application
Connector for portable or hand-held electronic device
High frequency electrical connector assembly such as a multi-port multi-level connector assembly
Roller connector mounted on steering device
Electrical connector
Clip connector, method of attaching clip connector, and assembly of clip connector and support member
Retractable jack
Optical transmitting and receiving device and the manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for assembling an ultrasonic transducer
Clad sheet for printed circuit board, a multilayered printed circuit board using thereof and manufacturing method thereof
Sleeve assembly for an electronic chip
Back-up DC vent system for equipment enclosure
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