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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Topical gel formulation comprising organophosphate insecticide and preparation thereof
Anti-gastritis and anti-ulcer agent containing Momordicae semen extract and momordica saponin I isolated from the same
Cardiac muscle repair or regeneration using bone marrow-derived stem cells
Cardiac muscle regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells
Controlled viscosity oil composition and method of making
Surgical instrument
Flexible stabilization device for dynamic stabilization of bones or vertebrae
Method and device for performing cooling-or cryo-therapies for, e.g., angioplasty with reduced restenosis or pulmonary vein cell necrosis to inhibit atrial fibrillation
Apparatus and methods for mapping and ablation in electrophysiology procedures
Medical liquid container
System, method and medium editing moving pictures using biometric signals
Method and apparatus for auto journaling of continuous or discrete body states utilizing physiological and/or contextual parameters
Methods and apparatus for lancet actuation
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method
Disposable body waste handling article
Absorbent product for protection of disposable tape from ultraviolet ray
Tissue marking implant
Apparatus and method for the repair of articular cartilage defects
Histamine-3 receptor antagonists
Tricyclic compounds, compositions and methods
Pharmaceutical compositions of 1,3-dioxo-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-4-amino isoindoline
Pyrazolopyrimidine derivative
Bicyclic indole-pyrimidine PI3K inhibitor compounds selective for P110 delta, and methods of use
Modulation of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 expression
Bioactive fraction from Zingier officinale and a process for the preparation thereof
Dextrin-containing composition for preventing surgical adhesions
Use of cyclodextrins as an active ingredient for treating dry AMD and solubilizing drusen
Composite biocidal particles
Fusion protein of an exendin to modified transferrin
Cross-.beta. structure comprising amyloid-binding proteins and methods for detection of the cross-.beta. structure, for modulating cross-.beta. structures fiber formation and modulating cross-.beta. structure-mediated toxicity
Compound having histone deacetylase-inhibiting activity, and pharmaceutical composition comprising the compound as an active ingredient
Soluble pharmaceutical compositions for parenteral administration comprising a GLP-1 peptide and an insulin peptide of short time action for treatment of diabetes and bulimia
Pharmaceutical composition useful for vaccines
Imine based liquid crystals for the controlled release of bioactive materials
Foamable suspension gel
Nanoparticulate bisphosphonate compositions
Use of aerosolized cyclosporine for prevention and treatment of pulmonary disease
Modified release formulations of at least one form of tramadol
Continuous hot fill process
Postoperative fluid monitoring and alert system
Wound drainage suction relief
Medical catheter assembly including a balloon bolster
Interventional procedure drive and control system
Burn patient resuscitation system
Fused heterocyclic compound and use thereof
Dibenzothiazepine derivatives and uses thereof--424
Cosmetic composition and a process for preparing said composition
Multi-layer core golf ball having opposing hardness gradient with steep gradient inner core layer
Swarming behavior in wagering game machines
Systems and methods for casino gaming haptics
Wagering game with pyramidal bonus selection feature
Apparatus and methods for implementing bonuses in gaming machine networks using weighted pay tables
Accounting system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sprayer for at least one fluid
Wafer-shaped hollow fiber module for in-line use in a piping system
Method for magnetically supported extraction
Filter relief valve and filter cartridge assembly seal
NO.sub.x reduction device for diesel vehicles
Dispersion liquid of metal oxide fine particles, and molding products using the same
Multi-well rotary synthesizer
Methods of attaching or grafting carbon nanotubes to silicon surfaces and composite structures derived therefrom
Method of forming coated structures
Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
Control device for a dishwasher appliance and associated method
Tools and methods for making and using tools, blades and methods of making and using blades
Slurry composition containing non-ionic polymer and method for use
Radially expandable polytetrafluoroethylene
Composite ceramic green sheet, ceramic sintered body, gas sensor device, gas sensor, and method for manufacturing composite ceramic green sheet
Method of fabricating slag fiber friction material
Process for producing pneumatic tire
Mold for fine pattern transfer and method for forming resin pattern using same
Labeling apparatus with pay-out and take-up stepper motors and related methods
Film forming apparatus and method for manufacturing light emitting element
Composite material for electrical/electronic part and electrical/electronic part using the same
Porous light-emitting compositions
Ultralight soundproof material
Methods for making a supported graft
Sulfur tolerant alumina catalyst support
Stock shape for machining and production process thereof
Reactive ink and ink-media system for reduced air fade on porous media
Identification medium
Ink jet recording medium and production process thereof, and fine particle dispersion
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the production of synthesis gas and of operating a fixed bed dry bottom gasifier
Methods of preparing metal carbides
Fluidized bed reactor for production of high purity silicon
Systems for treating water using iron
Multi-exposure lithography employing differentially sensitive photoresist layers
High performance concrete with a quick resistance development lacking added materials with latent hydraulic activity
Pyrrolopyridine-2-carboxylic acid amide inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase
Solid forms comprising 4-[9-(tetrahydro-furan-3-yl)-8-(2,4,6-trifluoro-phenylamino)-9H-purin-2-y- lamino]-cyclohexan-1-ol, compositions thereof, and uses therewith
Process for preparing stable pigmented curable solid inks
Scrub and stain-resistant coating
Adhesive bonding system having adherence to low energy surfaces
Plastic mixtures comprising thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and impact-resistant poly(meth)acrylate
Rosin phenolic resins for printing inks
Additive for aqueous polyurethane dispersion
Silver polyamide composite
Polymer composition and pneumatic tire
Binder resin composition
Moisture cross-linkable adhesive compositions
Aldimine and composition containing aldimine
Red light fluorescent material and manufacturing method thereof, and white light luminescent device
Process for producing optical film, optical film, polarizer, and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal element, optical path deflecting element, and image displaying apparatus
Oil-in-water emulsion for delivery
Scale and corrosion inhibitors for high temperature and pressure conditions
Delayed hydrocarbon gel crosslinkers and methods for making and using same
Sealant composition
Process for catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons using UZM-35HS
Apparatus and process for isomerizing a hydrocarbon stream
Molybdenum alkylxanthates and lubricating compositions
Fabric treatment composition comprising a core-shell particle bound to a phthalate-containing polymer
CDNA corresponding to the antigenome of nonsegmented negative strand RNA viruses, and process for the production of such viruses encoding additional antigenically active proteins
Chimeric alphavirus replicon particles
Transgenic non-human animals for producing chimeric antibodies
Polypeptides having lipase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Products and methods for in vivo secretion of monatin
Bacillus 029cel cellulase
Ethanol fermentation process and products
Method to generate or determine nucleic acid tags corresponding to the terminal ends of DNA molecules using sequences analysis of gene expression (terminal SAGE)
Methods for rapid purification of nucleic acids for subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry by solution capture
Labeled oligonucleotide
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Wear-resistant aluminum alloy material with excellent workability and method for producing the same
Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Sc high strength alloy for aerospace and automotive castings
Interconnects for solid oxide fuel cells and ferritic stainless steels adapted for use with solid oxide fuel cells
Sputtering target fixture
Etching system and method for forming multiple porous semiconductor regions with different optical and structural properties on a single semiconductor wafer
Method of converting PCA to sapphire and converted article
Substrate surface modifications for compositional gradation of crystalline materials and associated products
Textiles; Paper
Method of recovering a base paper for gypsum board
Method and system for the large scale collection of ligno-cellulosic biomass
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll compressor with back pressure pocket receiving discharge pressure fluid
Rolling-sliding unit and jointed shaft comprising the same
Drive joint and drive shaft
Belt driving apparatus and image forming apparatus that uses the belt driving apparatus
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transaxle for a front wheel drive vehicle
Differential assembly with bearing discs in openings for mounting purposes
Data center cooling
Fitting methodology of etching times determination for a mask to provide critical dimension and phase control
Methods, systems and apparatus for detecting material defects in combustors of combustion turbine engines
Analyte monitoring devices
Tandem mass spectrometry for detecting and/or screening for conditions associated with altered sterols
Fabricating methods of multi-domain vertical alignment display panel and color filter substrate
Exposure method using charged particle beam
Aberration evaluation pattern, aberration evaluation method, aberration correction method, electron beam drawing apparatus, electron microscope, master, stamper, recording medium, and structure
Methods for forming a composite pattern including printed resolution assist features
High etch resistant material for double patterning
Image forming apparatus for forming a color image, and image forming method for forming a color image
Organic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing toner and toner produced by the method
Adjustable hierarchical scoring method and system
Method for preparing metal nanoparticles using metal seed and metal nanoparticles comprising metal seed
Ferrite sintered body and manufacturing method therefor
Fabricating method of electron-emitting device
MEMS microphone with cavity and method therefor
Particle emission analysis for semiconductor fabrication steps
Backside-illuminated imaging device and manufacturing method of the same
Method for manufacturing solar cell module
Quantification of hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of materials
Semiconductor device fabrication method using multiple resist patterns
Methods for retaining metal-comprising materials using liquid chemistry dispense systems from which oxygen has been removed
Plasma etching method and apparatus, and method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
Method of manufacturing solar cell and plasma treatment apparatus
Two step post-deposition treatment of ILD layer for a lower dielectric constant and improved mechanical properties
Gate electrodes of HVMOS devices having non-uniform doping concentrations
Capacitorless DRAM on bulk silicon
Multilayer interconnection substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Method of depositing a uniform barrier layer and metal seed layer with reduced overhang over a plurality of recessed semiconductor features
Integrated circuit system employing backside energy source for electrical contact formation
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, semiconductor chip and semiconductor wafer
CMOS structure and method for fabrication thereof using multiple crystallographic orientations and gate materials
Field effect transistors (FETS) and methods of manufacture
Bipolar plate and fuel cell unit
Fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system
Hydrogen recirculation system using integrated motor generator energy
Energy stations
Card edge connector with an improved latch mechanism
Connector hat with extended mounting posts for securing a connector shell to a circuit board
Connector stabilizing coupling body assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Process and device for the parallel capture of visual information
Performing Operations; Transporting
Printing head structure of large-size drafting machine
Thermal transfer printer, thermal transfer recording method and thermal transfer recording web roll
Thermal printer for compact disks and other media
Method of encapsulating an electronic tire tag
Apparatus and method for tracking an abnormal tire condition
Method and apparatus for identifying remote sending units in a tire pressure monitor system of a vehicle using secondary modulation of wheel rotation
Activation device for a functional component of motor vehicle equipment equipped with a safety device
Entrapment detection device of opening/closing member
Moving apparatus with drive force assist mechanism and movement control method
Power charging device using multiple energy sources
Protecting device of electromobile
Vehicle locator device
Umber paint for turn signal lamps and bulbs coated therewith
Aural warning system for buses
Electrical control circuit for a switched load
Car-mounted image record system
Device for the ratiometric measurement of sensor signals
In-vehicle key check system having check history memory
Control system and method for controlling motor vehicle functions
Advanced personal identification systems and techniques
Electronic safety system having an authentication element range determination, particularly a vehicle locking system
Monitoring apparatus
Ram air turbine with high power density generator and self-contained fluid cooling loop
Vehicle internal image surveillance, recording and selective transmission to an active communications satellite
Method and device for measuring the position of a metal strip
Automatic electronic device detection
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Light emitting device with phosphor composition
Piezoelectric single crystal wafer
Elimination of contaminants prior to epitaxy and related structure
Fixed Constructions
Remote door entry system
Opening/closing control apparatus of opening/closing body for vehicle and method thereof
Sucker rod dimension measurement and flaw detection system
Borehole inspection instrument having a low voltage, low power fiber optic light-head
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Manual control apparatus and method
Pulsed charge starter/alternator control system
Balance correcting method for a high-speed rotatable body, a dynamic pressure bearing, and an optical scanning apparatus utilizing the dynamic pressure bearing
Low voltage speaker and lighting system
Measuring travel instrument with low-frictional slideable magnet
Attitude determination using a global positioning system
Data processing system for a vehicle information system and method
Magnetic sensing devices and systems
Position detector with magnetic core and detection and auxiliary coils
Transistor device having an enhanced width dimension and a method of making same
Multilayered gas sensor and a related gas concentration detecting system
Method of extending the utility of an integral driving-sensing pot-core half eddy current probe
System and method for evaluating automotive vehicle oil deterioration
Input device of detecting acceleration
Machine for testing electronic chips
Tap switch for frequency response and partial discharge measurement
Method and apparatus for checking the capacitance of a storage capacitor provided in an occupant protection system
Technique for the measurement of reflection coefficients in stored energy systems
Single sensor control of power converters
Wafer level burn-in and test methods
Externally induced voltage alterations for integrated circuit analysis
Cell architecture to reduce customization in a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for determining an operating state of a motor which is connected to a rigid network
Magnetoresistive sensor or memory elements with decreased magnetic switch field
Thin film delamination detection for magnetic disks
Magnetic field sensors
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Side-looking NMR probe for oil well logging
Method and system for global positioning system mask angle optimization
Finding the range to a moving object by means of an angle-only sensor
Track prediction method in combined radar and ADS surveillance environment
Dual mode transmitter-receiver and decoder for RF transponder tags
Object detection system
System and method for determining the location of a transmitter using passive reflectors or refractors as proxy receivers and using database querying
Calculation methodology for complex target signatures
System and method for processing radar data
Digital beamforming for passive detection of target using reflected jamming echoes
Nuclear magnetic resonance logging based on steady-state free precession
Backlight for color liquid crystal, color liquid crystal display device, and EL element for backlight of color liquid crystal device
Flat panel display device and method for manufacturing the same
Lithographic template and method of formation and use
Color image forming device with simplified optical unit incorporating a laser source
Active damping and backlash control for servo systems
Jerk-limitation with adaptation of the path dynamics
Robot touch shield
Voltage regulator incorporating a stabilization resistor and a circuit for limiting the output current
Low current open loop voltage regulator monitor
Apparatus for generating stable high voltage signal
Generating a clock signal
Method and apparatus for a clock circuit
System, method, and computer program product for intelligent memory to accelerate processes
Signal transmission system
Multi-property microprocessor with no additional logic overhead to shared pins
Systems and methods for maintaining uniformity in a presentation environment
System for organizing videos based on closed-caption information
Semiconductor integrated circuit and layout design method thereof
Information processing device
Graph-based visual navigation through store environments
Touch-based information processing device and method
Dot matrix display
Spread spectrum FIFO and method for storing data for multiple display types
Zipper domino carry generate cell for fast adders
Datapath control circuit with adjustable delay elements
System and method for automatically creating and updating a graphical user interface
Graphical user interface for providing component relational information for a uniform configuration controller for replicated component systems
Automatic reverse method for reversing the black-and-white monochrome image, and printer unit using the same
Handle tag for identification of a container
Method of generating data for three-dimensional graphic recording medium and three-dimensional graphic system
Halftoning without a full range of equally-spaced colors
Method and apparatus for providing improved fog effects in a graphics system
Method and system for identifying peripheral elements of a complex model
Electronic tag assembly and method therefor
Conveyor vehicle delay detecting circuit
Audible communication system
Vehicle information dispatch system
Method for transferring characters especially to a computer and an input device which functions according to this method
Cathode ray tube and intensity controlling method
Signal display apparatus and associated method
Flat-type display
Power controlling circuit in plasma display unit and method of controlling power in the same
Plasma display panel, manufacturing method thereof, and plasma display
Device for driving capacitive load
Electro-luminescent display including a current mirror
Liquid crystal display
Latch circuit, shift register circuit and image display device operated with a low consumption of power
Method and apparatus for the low cost formation and control of images on conformal materials
Overlay early scan line watermark access mechanism
Terminal device for mobile communication and screen display method performed by such device
Circumferential confronting type motor
Motor driver
Three input sense amplifier and method of operation
Double flux quantum superconductor driver
Array of flash memory cells and data program and erase methods of the same
Circuit configuration for supplying voltage to an integrated circuit via a pad
Laminated electronic component
Monolithically integrated transformer
Guiding device for guiding conducting wire soldered on printed circuit board
Magnetic core that is suitable for use in a current transformer, method for the production of a magnetic core and current transformer with a magnetic core
Flat magnetic core
Switching device
Laser adjusted set-point of bimetallic thermal disc
Ground fault interruption receptacle
Color display apparatus having electroluminescence elements
Cold cathode
Plasma display panel device having reduced turn-on voltage and increased UV-emission and method of manufacturing the same
High contrast PDP and a method for making the same
Hook assembly for use in shadow mask frame assembly
Frame assembly of shadow mask in flat braun tube
Color display device with a deflection-dependent distance between outer beams
Deflection unit for color cathode ray tubes
Deflection unit for a color cathode ray tube
Method of manufacturing an electron gun, electron gun, display device with such an electron gun, and sub-assembly for use in such an electron gun
Glass funnel for a cathode ray tube having outwardly protruding portion surrounding the yoke
Triode assembly for carbon cold cathode
Electron-beam generating device having plurality of cold cathode elements, method of driving said device and image forming apparatus applying same
Discharge tube
Discharge lamp and manufacturing method thereof
Metal-insulator-metal capacitor
High performance thin film transistor and active matrix process for flat panel displays
Thin-film transistor and its manufacturing method
Boost circuit with normally off JFET
Method for manufacturing a low-profile semiconductor device
Semiconductor device protective overcoat with enhanced adhesion to polymeric materials
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Solid-state imaging device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing gallium nitride compound semiconductor
Two bit non-volatile electrically erasable and programmable memory structure, a process for producing said memory structure and methods for programming, reading and erasing said memory structure
Capacitor electrode for integrating high k materials
Ball grid array (BGA) semiconductor package improving solder joint reliability
Method for forming bumps, semiconductor device, and solder paste
Method for fabricating an open can-type stacked capacitor on an uneven surface
Multilayer wiring structure of semiconductor device, method of producing said multilayer wiring structure and semiconductor device to be used for reliability evaluation
Processing methods of forming a capacitor, and capacitor construction
Non-volatile semiconductor memory cell having a metal oxide dielectric, and method for fabricating the memory cell
Semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device, and processes of production of same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Trench capacitor and method for fabricating a trench capacitor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Compound semiconductor device with depletion layer stop region
Semiconductor layout structure for a conductive layer and contact hole
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) structure operable at a low trigger voltage
Double sidewall short channel split gate flash memory
Stacked gate field effect transistor (FET) device
Housing for an electronic component
Semiconductor device and method of making the same
Integrated circuit device packages and substrates for making the packages
Heat spreader with spring IC package
High frequency semiconductor device
Power transistor module, power amplifier and methods in the fabrication thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Coupling spaced bond pads to a contact
IC chip packaging for reducing bond wire length
Flip chip with solder pre-plated leadframe including locating holes
Semiconductor wiring device
High-frequency communication apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Flexible substrate mounted solid-state light sources for use in line current lamp sockets
Rectifier assembly for an air-cooled generator
Multigate semiconductor device with vertical channel current and method of fabrication
Circuit-containing photodetector, method of manufacturing the same, and optical device using circuit-containing photodetector
Integrated circuit device including two types of photodiodes
Electro luminescence display device
Display device with improved contrast
Solid-state relay
GaN-based compound semiconductor device
Low voltage power MOSFET device and process for its manufacture
Voltage-controlled vertical bidirectional monolithic switch
Power semiconductor device containing at least one zener diode provided in chip periphery portion
Four-terminal system for reading the state of a phase qubit
Insulated gate bipolar transistor decreasing the gate resistance
Level shift circuit without junction breakdown of transistors
CMOS image sensor with complete pixel reset without kTC noise generation
Window for light-emitting diode
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting devices
Electrical power extraction from mechanical disturbances
Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Monolithic battery protection circuit
MEMS switch
Method of producing band-pass filter and band-pass filter
Apparatus for improving communication systems
Dielectric duplexer and communication apparatus
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, communication apparatus, and method of designing dielectric resonator apparatus
Nonreciprocal circuit device for a communication apparatus with matching capacitors having specific self-resonance
Dielectric waveguide with pairs of dielectric strips connected in an off-set manner
Waveguide-transmission line transition having a slit and a matching element
Dual-band antenna with three resonators
Primary radiator having improved receiving efficiency by reducing side lobes
Antenna integrated ceramic chip carrier for a phased array antenna
Bifocal planar antenna
Antenna alignment system and method
Antenna system having positioning mechanism for reflector
Arrangement for a mobile terminal
Low profile antenna
Method and apparatus for providing uninterrupted service in a hybrid fiber coaxial system
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp having adapter including contact element provided with barbed hook
Electrically conductive sealing mass for spark plugs
Method of detecting pinching of object in power window device
Integrated system of a permanent magnet excited motor and a non-contact power feeding apparatus
Intelligent serial battery charger and charging block
Power supply apparatus for vehicle
Fuel cell powered magnetically driven shaft assembly
Motor having noise limiter circuit
Direct-current motor and manufacturing method of the same
Disk motor
Rotary electric machine and manufacturing method therefor
Stator coil support device for electric rotating machinery
Vibratory motor having a self-contained continuous bearing lubrication system
High efficiency AC-DC converter with power factor corrector
Voltage-boosting generator for reducing effects due to operating voltage variation and temperature change
System and method for remote regulation of a switching power converter
PWM feedback control by using dynamic pulse-to-pulse error compensation
Boosting and step-down switching regulator controlling circuit and boosting and step-down switching regulator for use in the same
Control circuit and method for maintaining high efficiency over broad current ranges in a switching regulator circuit
Motor control device
Electric motor with two modes of power supply switching
Brushless motor drive circuit having low noise and high efficiency
Polyphase signal generator
System and method for providing single pin bypass for multiple circuits
Voltage controlled oscillator for oscillating signals with high C/N ratio
Dual-function connection pads for TCXO integrated circuit
Frequency comparison circuit
Amplitude and phase transfer linearization method and apparatus for a wideband amplifier
Signal processing apparatus
Active clamping circuit for power amplifiers
Dynamic switching frequency control for a digital switching amplifier
High-bandwidth low-voltage gain cell and voltage follower having an enhanced transconductance
Apparatus, method and system for common-mode stabilization in circuits having differential operation
Amplifier with miller-effect frequency compensation
Low-noise broadband amplifier device having negative feedback via a controlled current source, and use of the amplifier device
System and method of maintaining an amplifier common-mode output voltage
Method and apparatus for protecting radio frequency power amplifiers
Electronically controllable slope equalizer
Apparatus and method for introducing signal delay
Surface acoustic wave device having a thin metal oxide film fully covering at least the electrodes and method of fabricating same
System and method for dissipating static charge generated in a surface acoustic wave device
Ladder-type piezoelectric filter using resonators with nodal cuts and made from materials with equal frequency constants
Surface acoustic wave apparatus
Selectable input buffer control system
VDS protection for high voltage swing applications
Adaptive gate drivers for zero voltage switching power conversion circuits
Integrated circuit with protection device
Switching circuit utilizing a high voltage transistor protection technique for integrated circuit devices incorporating dual supply voltage sources
High voltage output buffer using low voltage transistors
Output buffer circuit with switching speed control circuit
Open collector/drain and SSTL compliant output driver circuit and method for operating the circuit
Interface circuit for a differential signal
Universal PECL/LVDS output structure
Low power differential conductance-based logic gate and method of operation thereof
Body-contacted and double gate-contacted differential logic circuit and method of operation
Lock detector for phase locked loops
Apparatus and method for decimating a digital input signal
Digital circuit for, and a method of, synthesizing an input signal
PLL bandwidth switching
Injection locked oscillator automatic frequency centering method and apparatus
Analog-to-digital converter with complementary transistors
Apparatus and method for testing linearity of an analog to digital converter
Programmable gain analog-to-digital converter
High resolution ADC based on an oversampled subranging ADC
Arithmetic decoding of an arithmetically encoded information signal
Huffman decoding using cascaded sub-table lookup method
Method and apparatus for digital data enumeration
Bit rate discrimination device with temperature compensation function
Demodulation system and method for recovering a signal of interest from a modulated carrier sampled at two times the phase generated carrier frequency
Electric circuit shielding
Method and apparatus for determining whether to employ an antenna array beamforming technique
Method and apparatus for active line termination
Apparatus and method for providing span power to communication equipment at a customer premise
Dynamic focus voltage amplitude controller
Communication apparatus, image processing apparatus, communication method, and image processing method
Video signal switching arrangement and conference video display system using same
Satellite signal loss on-screen notification
Inverter for driving EL lamp and light emitting diodes
Supply assembly for a LED lighting module
Series connected light string with filament shunting
Method for triggering a sensor-controlled lamp
Color mixing in HID lamp at VHF frequencies
Discharge lamp lighting device
Circuit device for sustaining illumination of vehicle used high illumination discharged lamps
Energy conservation dimmer device for gaseous discharge devices
Vented vias for via in pad technology yield improvements
Smart table
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew