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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Mobile military satellite receiver architecture for accommodating wide carrier offset and method of performing coarse carrier offset adjustment
Human Necessities
Steering haptic feedback system for vehicle active safety
Method of molding silicone elastomer drug carrier in an endocardial lead
Coatings comprising self-assembled molecular structures and a method of delivering a drug using the same
Augmenting hypoventilation
Capture verification in respiratory diaphragm stimulation
System and method for providing preventive overdrive pacing and antitachycardia pacing using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Intracardiac polarization signal stabilization
System and method for providing bradycardia therapy by implantable device in presence of system faults
Flexible subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Controller of electric power steering apparatus
Digital holographic microscope for 3D imaging and process using it
Sensor device
Method of adjusting the operating region of a tool component to a pre-determined element
Specular surface flaw detection
Navigation device and method for determining orientation of vehicle
On-vehicle information terminal abridged map generation apparatus and abridged map generation method
System and method for mass flow detection device calibration
Optical switch
Wide spatial frequency topography and roughness measurement
Modulated reflectance measurement system using UV probe
Method and device for detecting decompression of tires, and program for judging decompression of tires
Analysis of signal oscillation patterns
Method and apparatus for measuring the relative duty cycle of a clock signal
Method and device for OMP load distribution
Packet network monitoring device
Method of determining resistivity and/or dielectric values of an earth formation as a function of position within the earth formation
Method for updating a geological reservoir model by means of dynamic data
Rotationally asymmetric optical system
Lens apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
Serration apparatus for portable terminal
Microscope apparatus
Tiltable-body apparatus, and method of fabricating the same
Opaque additive to block stray light in amorphous fluoropolymer light-guiding flowcells
System and method of grounding fiber storage trays
Optical fiber, optical fiber amplifier, and optical fiber laser light source
Optical connector
Optical connecting device and connector
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
In plane switching liquid crystal displaying apparatus for improved luminance including a thin film transistor array substrate
Transreflective liquid crystal display panel having a wide viewing angle
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Image-taking control apparatus for controlling a plurality of drivable parts of said apparatus such that each drivable part finishes its operation at substantially the same time
Controlling apparatus for photographing system
Duplicate apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Electronic device for compressing image data and producing thumbnail image, image processing apparatus, and data structure
Image-forming apparatus with inertial means selectively connected to fixing drive
Transfer device and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus for image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Control system for a multi-compartment dishwasher
Method and apparatus for automatic transfer switch
Control and evaluation system for a compound sensor
Printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and replaceable part and IC chip for the same
Anonymous trading system with improved quote input capabilities
System and method for dynamic playlist of media
Dynamic synchronization of tables
Mapping of data from XML to SQL
State exploration using multiple state groupings
Method and device for warning the driver of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for simulating soft object movement
Search system using user behavior data
System and method for controlling data processing in a computer transaction
Methods and systems for performing reliable asynchronous notification of high-level document operations
Database aggregation query result estimator
Method and system for modifying schema definitions
Work monitor with file synchronization
Centralized terminology and glossary management
Method and system for providing a hardware sort for a large number of items
System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine
Power consumption estimation
Analytical shell model forming apparatus
Systems and methods for predicting runability of a print substrate
Method for correcting sensor signal
Integrated circuit metrology
Backlash compensation control method, backlash compensation controller and backlash compensation control program
Parking assist systems, methods, and programs
Method and device for operating a vehicle
Network device and printer
System and method for obtaining keyword descriptions of records from a large database
Modular arithmetic apparatus and method selecting a base in the residue number system
Apparatus and method for isolating noise effects in a signal
System and method for controlling jobs of a production device
Process for developing an agent-based control system for an industrial flexible production system
Image forming device for processing a file containing raster data and vector data
Print job substitution in a copy job
Image processing device and image processing method thereof
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Image processing apparatus, image-taking system and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Interpolation processing apparatus and recording medium having interpolation processing program recorded therein
Unresolved target detection improvement by use of multiple matched filters approach at different spatial phases
Obstacle detection system and method therefor
Adaptive generation of Q-table2 for improved image quality
Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding apparatus and image decoding method
Method for generating customized photo album pages and prints based on people and gender profiles
Coding device and method and decoding device and method
Image processing device, image forming apparatus, program, and storing medium
Wavelet-based mesh coding method
System and method for de-noising multiple copies of a signal
Removal of stationary noise pattern from digital images
Method and system for immediately determining incorrect pixel values of a captured image
Image database apparatus and method of controlling operation of same
Image storing apparatus and image storing program
Enforcement process for correction of hardware and software defects
Arrangement for producing complete or partial dental products
Electronic product packaging and distribution for e-Commerce
Online product ordering method and system
Market center based purchasing system and method
Apparatus unit replacement assisting method and system
Method and system for in-line secondary transactions
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
Method and system for representing dependencies in a financial plan
Method and system for enhanced medical triage
Processing business transactions using dynamic database packageset switching
Access right contradiction detection apparatus and analysis rule creation apparatus
System, apparatus and method for reticle grade and pricing management
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Methods for estimating the position and shape of lips and for estimating the position of teeth in a sequence of digital images of a human face
Compressing language models with Golomb coding
Psychosomatic diagnosis system
Policy analysis framework for conversational biometrics
Coding device, decoding device, and methods thereof
Audio data processing apparatus and audio data distributing apparatus
Method for speech coding, method for speech decoding and their apparatuses
Systems and methods for managing multiple grammars in a speech recognition system
Method of noise reduction using instantaneous signal-to-noise ratio as the principal quantity for optimal estimation
Hard disk device having normal and low density memory regions
System for detecting a change in head-to-disk contact status in a disk drive
Pressure control system for sealed enclosures
PRML based magnetic servo position demodulator
Disk drive with variable density data tracks
Magnetoresistive/inductive write head assembly formed with seed layers having a uniform thickness
Disk drive that compensates for phase incoherence between radially adjacent servo tracks and methods thereof
Optical information reproduction method and apparatus
Optical pickup and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus adopting the same
Optical disc apparatus
Optical recording method and apparatus using this method
Information storage medium and method of recording and/or reproducing with respect to the medium
Optical recording medium having recording capacity information and method for indicating recording capacity
Recording medium type determining apparatus and method for determining presence of wobble on a recording medium
Optical recording method
Optical disk medium and method and apparatus for reading information
Film measurement using reflectance computation
Phase change memory fabricated using self-aligned processing
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of rewriting data thereof
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor circuit
Asynchronous, high-bandwidth memory component using calibrated timing elements
Semiconductor memory device and refresh control method
Current switching sensor detector
Register file with a selectable keeper circuit
Data strobe synchronization circuit and method for double data rate, multi-bit writes
Memory arrangement having a plurality of RAM chips
Ceramic chip-type electronic component with electrode covering resin and method of making the same
Liquid crystal display having gate driver IC chip COG-mounted on glass substrate
Patch panel with modules
Optical amplifier with pump light source control for Raman amplification
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and semiconductor device
Method, apparatus and article for bi-directional DC/DC power conversion
Method and apparatus for cycle error correction for a power converter device, such as an electronic power inverter
Switching control circuit for primary-side controlled power converters
Power supply device and image forming apparatus
AC voltage generating apparatus and motive power outputting apparatus
Transformer balance circuit
Power supply device
Audio amplifier circuit and audio IC having the same
Spectrum sharing in the unlicensed band
Phase lock loop applying in wireless communication system and method thereof
Diversity receiving apparatus and method
Dynamic special character selection for use in byte alignment circuitry
High frequency module and manufacturing method thereof
Data distribution network and method for managing a breakdown in said network
Method for accurate estimation of noise for data modems
Auto-configured equalizer
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Cell phone extension using wireless piconet
Load control scheme and process with power control
Method, system, and computer program product for providing multi-tiered broadcasting services
Methods and apparatuses for detecting clock failure and establishing an alternate clock lane
Frame synchronization circuit
Router with routing processors and methods for virtualization
Programmable identity of I and Q channels
Method and apparatus for wireless communication network operating in compressed mode
Exchange mechanisms for digital information packages with bandwidth securitization, multichannel digital watermarks, and key management
Concatenated transmission of synchronous data
Method for deflection routing of data packets to alleviate link overload in IP networks
Method and system for using distributed name servers in multi-module fibre channel switches
Maintaining membership within a federation infrastructure
Variable length switch fabric
Fibre channel arbitrated loop bufferless switch circuitry to increase bandwidth without significant increase in cost
Method and apparatus for encoding information
Distributed packet processing with ordered locks to maintain requisite packet orderings
Integrated circuit with on-chip clock frequency matching to upstream head end equipment
Maximum ratio transmission
Techniques to adjust vertical offset
Clock generator circuit and related method for generating output clock signal
Circuit and method for adjusting timing alignment using programmable codes
Method and apparatus for clock deskew
Portable electronic apparatus
Method and system for presenting a graphical representation of telephone keys on a wireless terminal
Subscriber line interface circuitry transceiver
High-speed telephone connection
Subscriber line interface circuitry transceiver
Subscriber line interface circuitry transceiver
Method and arrangement for estimation of line properties
Information processing unit
Cost negotiation for communication sessions
Image reading apparatus
Image processing technique for tone number conversion of image data
Digital image capture having an ultra-high dynamic range
Multimedia photo albums
Camera using conductive camera element as radio antenna
Portable electronic device with protected built-in camera
Correction of level difference between signals output from split read-out type image sensing apparatus
Autofocus lens apparatus and image pickup system
Method and system for assessing the photo quality of a captured image in a digital still camera
Apparatus and method for feed-forward image rejection in a dual conversion receiver
Electronic device with an imaging function, image data output system, and image data output method
Disk playback apparatus and disk playback method
Video recording and reproducing apparatus
Apparatus for playing back a video content storage medium
Combination system using set-up value commonly, and method for setting up value of the same
Method of and device for encoding an information stream
Method of edge based pixel location and interpolation
Method and apparatus for video deinterlacing and format conversion
Video interlacing using object motion estimation
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Computational reduction in motion estimation based on lower bound of cost function
Graphical symbols for H.264 bitstream syntax elements
System and process for adding high frame-rate current speaker data to a low frame-rate video
Multi-participant conference system with controllable content delivery using a client monitor back-channel
Image data encryption method, image data transform method, apparatus for the methods, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Methods and apparatus for protecting information content
Method and apparatus for controlling reproduction of video contents
White balance correction including indicative white color determination based on regions in a divided image
Handover control apparatus, relay router, gateway apparatus, access router base station, mobile communication system, and handover control method
Mobile node, mobile communication system, and communication control program
Radio station, operation control program, and operation control method
Interference avoiding radio transmission unit
Communication management system, mobile terminal device, and communication management program
Method of and system for testing equipment during manufacturing
Cellular docking station
Sequential multimodal input
Radio terminal unit and radio communication system
Wireless information transmitting system, radio communication method, radio station, and radio terminal device
Speaker system having a front speaker integrated with a reflection-type surround speaker
Docking assembly for coupling a nonvolatile memory device to an electronic device
Disk drive support system
Fan bearer
Heat sink fixing device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Refillable filter bag with ribbon-lock seal for tea or coffee
Adjustable bra
Youth baseball/softball pants
Weight vest
Square headwear
Piping visor
Footwear tread design
Shoe cover traction pattern with heel and toe areas
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe upper
Stackable container
Shoe shine handle
Pouch for an absorbent article
Electronic device holder
Bar-b-que sauce, spice, and accessory organizer
Fishing lure organizer
Tool box
Electric toothbrush bristle pattern
Disposable sheet
Leisure chair structure
Golf club support
Spacesaver cabinet
Side panel for furniture
Chair base
Magnetic locker drawer
Wall mirror
Soap bar dispenser
Tooth brush stand
Human Necessities
Evaporator device
Method and apparatus for determining analyte concentration using phase and magnitude detection of a radiation transfer function
Method and system for stabilizing reflected light
ECG electrode structure and method for measuring ECG signal from a person in water
Use of multiphoton excitation through optical fibers for fluorescence spectroscopy in conjunction with optical biopsy needles and endoscopes
Method and apparatus for diagnosing sleep breathing disorders while a patient in awake
Heart activity detection apparatus
Method and system for reducing background artifacts from uniformly redundant array collimators in single photon emission computed tomography
Image-guided thoracic therapy and apparatus therefor
Optical high speed communications for a computed tomography x-ray machine
X-ray CT apparatus
Contrast adjustment of a decomposed X-ray image relative to the contrast of another X-ray image
Implantable electrode lead
Interface devices for instruments in communication with implantable medical devices
Pressure-modulated rate-responsive cardiac pacing
Magnetic field sensor for an implantable medical device
Defibrillator using low impedance high capacitance double layer capacitor
X-ray system with implantable needle for treatment of cancer
Bowling center system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Time and work tracker for wireless devices
Method of efficiently laser marking singulated semiconductor devices
Arm structure of human-type robot
Method for aligning a spatial array of pattern pieces comprising a marker method
Image forming apparatus capable of inverting sheet, control method thereof, and recording medium recording program for such control
Method and device for recognizing cornering and for stabilizing a vehicle in case of over-steered cornering
Vehicle air conditioning apparatus
Driving force controlling apparatus and method for four-wheel drive vehicle
Vehicle adaptive cruise control system and method
Method and device for supplying information to a driver of a vehicle
High efficiency fuel cell and battery for a hybrid powertrain
System and method for barrier proximity detection
Rear view mirror tilt control
Method of response synthesis in a driver assistance system
Methods and apparatus for very close following train movement
Method and apparatus for monitoring the control of operational sequences in a vehicle
Remote verification of software configuration information
Method and apparatus for vehicle data transfer optimization
Motor vehicle steering system
Driver assistance system for a vehicle
Integrity check for electric steer system
Legged mobile robot and method and apparatus for controlling the operation thereof
Rear wheel steering control
Raw garbage liquefying apparatus and method of managing same
Method of manufacturing a window transparent to electron rays, and window transparent to electron rays
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for making shaped highly birefringent optical fibers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Process for adapting automatic transmission shiftings
Module to module attaching and securing apparatus
Accurate contact critical dimension measurement using variable threshold method
Calibrations of an analogue probe and error mapping
Path following using bounded beacon-aided inertial navigation
Position location system and method
Portable terminal with the function of walking navigation
Vehicle position calculation apparatus and method
Systems and methods for a navigational device with forced layer switching based on memory constraints
Vehicle-mounted navigation system, and recording medium having recorded thereon a processing program for use therewith
Route navigation system, client terminal, server, route navigation method, and route identicalness determination method
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
Method for downloading and managing test tool of test system
System and method for testing deflated tire handling
Inspection device
Apparatus and method for analysis of guided ultrasonic waves
Automated laboratory software architecture
Technique and apparatus to control the transient response of a fuel cell system
Apparatus for accurately measuring impedance and method used therein
2nd level power fault testing apparatus for testing telecommunications equipment
Multiplexer select line exclusivity check method and apparatus
Computer-system-on-a-chip with test-mode addressing of normally off-bus input/output ports
On-board testing circuit and method for improving testing of integrated circuits
Circuit configuration for the burn-in test of a semiconductor module
Coloring method and apparatus for multichannel MRI imaging process
Method for optimal imaging of the peripheral vasculature emphasizing distal arterial visualization in a multi-station examination
Aircraft internal EMI detection and location
Semblance processing for an acoustic measurement-while-drilling system for imaging of formation boundaries
Interface for light barrier arrangements
Space weather prediction system and method
Quantitative precipitation prediction method
Cylindrical covering cap for eyepiece tubes
High-resolution variable optical attenuator with mechanical adjustment
Method and device for switching wavelength division multiplexed optical signals using emitter arrays
Optical waveguide grating and method of making the same
System and method for providing integrated optical waveguide device
Integrated optical circulator array
Optical waveguide multimode to single mode transformer
Birefringence free optical waveguide structures
Optical fiber probe and cantilever with microscopic aperture, and method of forming microscopic openings
Optical waveguide circuit
Broadband wavelength-division multiplexer/demultiplexer
Wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing devices using homogeneous refractive index lenses
Optical switch incorporating stepped faceted mirrors
Actively-controllable optical switches based on optical position sensing and applications in optical switching arrays
Support for small-diameter filamentary elements and a bundle of filamentary elements held together by the support
Optical fiber systems
Micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS)
Fiber splice holder with protected slack storage feature
Bandwidth tunable gratings for dynamic dispersion compensation in lightwave
Resonator fiber bidirectional coupler
Chirped fiber acousto-optic bandpass filter
Optical device
High efficiency electro-optic modulator with equalized frequency response
Method and device for switching, amplification, controlling and modulation of optical radiation
Photographic firearm apparatus and method
Simplified shutter release assembly and camera having same
Apparatus and methods for modeling process effects and imaging effects in scanning electron microscopy
System and method for monitoring and improving dimensional stability and registration accuracy of multi-layer PCB manufacture
Clear toner for conditioning of development systems
Electrophotographic process control and diagnostic system
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communication modes for sending messages to users
Method and system for managing replenishment of toners
Image forming apparatus including structural members between consecutive optical writing devices
Automatic mechanism for cleaning corona wires
Developing roller and image formation apparatus
Low cost trim-gap-conductivity TC sensor
Contact development system reference structure
Apparatus and method for non-interactive magnetic brush development
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the device
Fixing apparatus
Fusing system including a heat distribution mechanism
Image heating apparatus
Image-forming device controlling a cooling fan according to a position of a transfer sheet being conveyed
Fusing roller assembly for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Cleaning device, and image forming method and image forming apparatus using the cleaning device
Method of detecting waste toner in a container of an image forming apparatus
Communications distribution apparatus and method
3-brain architecture for an intelligent decision and control system
Internet based home communications system
System for controlling power plants and method for arranging the system
Electrical control apparatus including retrievable stored operationing program
Positioning system
Multipoint inspection system
Method for providing distributed material management and flow control in an integrated circuit factory
Circuit production method
Electric caliper hardware topologies for a safety system
Lane-following system by detection of lane marking
Method and apparatus for terrain reasoning with distributed embedded processing elements
Method of charitable giving/investing
Revocation information updating method, revocation information updating apparatus and storage medium
System for asynchronously transferring timed data using first and second clock signals for reading and writing respectively when both clock signals maintaining predetermined phase offset
Method and apparatus for automatic receive verification
Method for recording a data state in a data processing system
Method and apparatus for verifying that data stored in a memory has not been corrupted
Data processing method and apparatus for enabling independent access to replicated data
Storage system
Method and device for automatic computer testing on a plurality of computers through a local area network
Methodology for classifying an IC or CPU version type via JTAG scan chain
Supervisory system and method
Computer program language subset validation
Fibre channel data storage system having expansion/contraction
Information storage system for redistributing information to information storage devices when a structure of the information storage devices is changed
Data flow control circuitry including buffer circuitry that stores data access requests and data
Reclaiming memory from deleted applications
Logic partitioning of a nonvolatile memory array
Method and apparatus for storing short-lived objects in a virtual machine
Flash memory system including a memory manager for managing data
Dynamic remapping of address registers for address translation between multiple busses
Branch-prediction driven instruction prefetch
System and method for enabling advanced graphics port and use of write combining cache type by reserving and mapping system memory in BIOS
Set-associative cache memory having asymmetric latency among sets
Method and apparatus for improving access time in set-associative cache systems
Method and apparatus for efficient cache mapping of compressed VLIW instructions
Computer program product and method for partial paging and eviction of microprocessor instructions in an embedded computer
Maintenance link system and method
Toggle for split transaction mode of PCI-X bridge buffer
PCI bridge having latency inducing serial bus
Multiple source generic memory access interface providing significant design flexibility among devices requiring access to memory
System and method for minimizing delay variation in double data rate strobes
Interrupt controller and a microcomputer incorporating this controller
Method, system and apparatus for a computer subsystem interconnection using a chain of bus repeaters
Multiply and accumulate unit (MAC) and method therefor
Direct memory access (DMA) receiver
Intelligent PCI/PCI-X host bridge
Data storage system
Apparatus and method for transferring frame data between a host system memory and a network interface buffer memory employing transmit descriptors without transmit status information
Data processing system with configurable memory bus and scalability ports
System and method for communication parameter determination
Method and apparatus for high performance transmission of ordered packets on a bus within a data processing system
Framework and method for inter-element channel transmission
Information processing apparatus, method and memory medium therefor
Integrated circuit
Adaptive size filter for efficient computation of wavelet packet trees
Phonetic distance calculation method for similarity comparison between phonetic transcriptions of foreign words
Method for providing a compressed rendition of a video program in a format suitable for electronic searching and retrieval
Techniques for identifying and accessing information of interest to a user in a network environment without compromising the user's privacy
Method and apparatus for maintaining a linked list
Intelligent compilation of materialized view maintenance for query processing systems
Agent presentation apparatus
Dynamic insertion and updating of hypertext links for internet servers
Technique enabling end users to create secure command-language-based services dynamically
Directory synchronization
System and method for database synchronization
Process-linked data management system
System and method for instant consolidation, enrichment, delegation and reporting in a multidimensional database
Method and system for efficient file archiving and dearchiving in a DMD system
Test generator for database management systems
Dynamic query model and method
Query optimization with switch predicates
Information retrieval system providing secondary content analysis on collections of information objects
Software tool for creating databases
Scalable system for clustering of large databases having mixed data attributes
Remote web site authoring system and method
Method and apparatus for storing semi-structured data in a structured manner
Method and apparatus for rapidly producing document summaries and document browsing aids
Report searching in a merger and acquisition environment
Automated profiler system for providing medical information to patients
Modular tracking and profiling system
Digital persona for providing access to personal information
System and method for RDBMS to protect records in accordance with non-RDBMS access control rules
Message store architecture
Load balancing in a distributed computer enterprise environment
Engineering-change method of semiconductor circuit
Method and configuration for comparing a first characteristic with predetermined characteristics of a technical system
Semiconductor device and method of designing the same
Automated crosstalk identification system
Computer implemented method and program for automating flip-chip bump layout in integrated circuit package design
Minimal level sensitive timing representative of a circuit path
Method and arrangement for extracting capacitance in integrated circuits having non Manhattan wiring
Hardware debugging in a hardware description language
Method and system for providing a heuristic approach for testing cell libraries
Abstracting netlist to manage routing information
Method and system for optimizing execution of a collection of related module sequences by eliminating redundant modules
Methods and systems for providing logic cores from third party logic core providers
Method for reducing simulation overhead for external models
Automatic design of VLIW processors
Profile extraction method and profile extraction apparatus
Online database that includes indices representative of a tissue population
Automated activation and deactivation of operational data logging on medical imaging device
System and method for remote direct material deposition
System and method for automatically tracking and utilizing excess material on a CNC machining system
Device and a method for the automatic control and administration of medical apparatus and installations
System and method for analyzing human behavior
Secure method of updating bios by using a simply authenticated external module to further validate new firmware code
System, apparatus and method for controlling access
Policy validation in a LDAP directory
Method for securely creating, storing and using encryption keys in a computer system
Out-of-order probing in an in-order system
Method and system of determining a job ticket for a print stream determining process
Virtual zero task time speech and voice recognition multifunctioning device
Method and logic for initializing the forward-pointer memory during normal operation of the device as a background process
Floating point adder capable of rapid clip-code generation
Approximation circuit and method
Apparatus for computing transcendental functions quickly
Random number generating circuit and process
Circuit for multiplication in a Galois field
Parallel processing apparatus and method of the same
Expanding microcode associated with full and partial width macroinstructions
Pipelined, superscalar floating point unit having out-of-order execution capability and processor employing the same
Apparatus and method for improved non-page fault loads and stores
Methods and apparatus for instruction addressing in indirect VLIW processors
Apparatus and method for speculatively forwarding storehit data based on physical page index compare
Technique for visually creating and adding members to a class
System and method for detecting and updating non-volatile memory on an electronic adapter board installed in a computing system
Method for the resetting of a microcontroller based upon a level of a supply voltage
Program parameter updating method
Computer implemented method and system for simulating strategic planning and operations using operations control image
Smart stub or enterprise javaTM bean in a distributed processing system
Apparatus and method for determining bus use right
High performance internal bus for promoting design reuse in north bridge chips
Interrupt controller
Smart card which operates with the USB protocol
Compression of optical readout biomolecular sensory data
Method and apparatus for parametric representation of handwritten symbols
Neuronal phase-locked loops
Method for a sequential prediction of binary element's state in a binary process and the system for the method implementation
Artificial neurons including power series of weights and counts that represent prior and next association
Asset management system for analyzing the condition of assets and evaluating repair/replacement options
Dynamic maintenance management system
Learning by observing a user's activity for enhancing the provision of automated services
Apparatus, method and medium for enhancing the throughput of a wafer processing facility using a multi-slot cool down chamber and a priority transfer scheme
Apparatus and method for improving e-mail routing in an internet protocol network telephony call-in center
Surveying system and method
Remote automated notice system
Project specific communications system and method
Method and system for providing administrative support
Routing number variable and indexes
Method for enhancing the edge contrast of a digital image
Scan line rendering of convolutions
Up-sampling decimated color plane data
System, method, and program for detecting approach to object
Picture decoding method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for entropy coding
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding signals
Detecting and coding flash frames in video data
Apparatus and method for coding/decoding scalable shape binary image, using mode of lower and current layers
Device and method for reproducing information in a motor vehicle
Secure remote voice activation system using a password
Consumer transaction facility
Control apparatus for dispensing machines
Data carrier having address mode or command extension capability
Hierarchical traffic control system which includes vehicle roles and permissions
System and method for estimating aircraft flight delay
System and method for correction of speech recognition mode errors
System and method for voice-enabled transactions
Speech encoding method and speech encoding system
Bitstream protocol for transmission of encoded voice signals
Target signal reference shifting employed in code-excited linear prediction speech coding
Dominant error correction circuitry for a Viterbi detector
Information recording medium, information recording method and information recording/reproduction system
Apparatus and method for reconstructing data using cross-parity stripes on storage media
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Recording medium of stream data including management information used to access the stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
Systems and methods for reproducing audiovisual information with external information
Digital video system
Serial command port method, circuit, and system including main and command clock generators to filter signals of less than a predetermined duration
On-chip testing circuit and method for integrated circuits
Burst-type transmission output power control apparatus capable of reducing phase errors
Cooling system for stationary anode x-ray tubes
Method for identifying compounds in a chemical mixture
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and device manufacturing method
System and method for finding an operation/tool combination that causes integrated failure in a semiconductor fabrication facility
Method for power routing and distribution in an integrated circuit with multiple interconnect layers
Method and apparatus for extracting parasitic element of semiconductor circuit
Frequency stable resonator with temperature compensating layers
Communication method between a base station with N antennae and a mobile phone and base station for implementing same
Interface of hard discs body device for hot swap memory
Field current control method in motor
System and method for controlling the level of signals output to transmission media in a distributed antenna network
Digital filters
Tuning arrangement
Reduced gate count differentiator
Syndrome generator and method for generating syndromes in a video/audio processing system
System and method for performing a Chien search using multiple Galois field elements
Error correction coding/decoding method and apparatus
Iterative decoding with post-processing of detected encoded data
System and method for resynchronization of transmit and receive compression dictionaries
Portable telephone set
Mobile phone charger also functioning as a remote sound monitoring device
Generic number cellular telephone
Wireless mobile telephone system with voice-dialing telephone instruments and DTMF capability
Apparatus for reshaping optical pulses
Dispersion map for slope compensating fibers
Printed circuit board including EMI reducing circuits, an information processing apparatus having the board and a method to select the circuits
Adaptive forward power management algorithm for traffic hotspots
CDMA transmission power control capable of preventing call disconnection and degradation of capacity of subscribers
System for adjusting gain of a mobile station during an idle period of the serving base station
Frequency translation using optimized switch structures
Dual-mode mobile telephone terminal
Methods for generating side information in the presence of time-selective fading
Tokenless biometric electronic check transactions
Signal detector selector and method for selecting a detector
Method and system for synchronizing serial data
Method for transmitting control frames and user data frames in mobile radio communication system
Apparatus and method of requesting retransmission of a message across a network
Multi-access, collision-based communications
Apparatus for generating and transferring managed device description file
Apparatus for matching a large amount of configuration data between exchanger and telecommunication management network repeater in code division multiple access system and control method thereof
System and method for providing wireless telematics store and forward messaging for peer-to-peer and peer-to-peer-to-infrastructure a communication network
Apparatus and method for simultaneous multiple telephone type services on a single telephone line
Communications system and method based on the relative positions of mobile units
Internet communication system
Accessing sources of resources within standard request-response protocols
System and method for integrating arbitrary isochronous processing algorithms in general media processing systems
System to dynamically adjust image colors in client/server environment to assure accurate color reproduction
Method and system for reading and propagating authenticated time throughout a worldwide enterprise system
Method for internet radio broadcasting including listener requests of audio and/or video files with input dedications
Scalable computing system for managing dynamic communities in multiple tier computing system
Service framework for evaluating remote services based upon transport characteristics
Apparatus and method for identifying a digital device based on the device's uniform device descriptor file that specifies the attributes of the device in a XML document in a networked environment
Server providing access to a plurality of functions of a multifunction peripheral in a network
Fast address lookup in routing tables
Method of allocating computer addresses to units of a system for running an industrial installation
Managing multiple private data networks using network and payload address translation
Network fault detection and recovery
Method and apparatus for encoding license parameters within a license number for authentication purposes
Foldable keyboard for mobile communications device
Handy phone
System and method for urgent phone message delivery
Circuit and method for recording and playing back voice and other sounds in digital mobile radio devices
Mobile station for use in mobile radio systems
Mains loss detection apparatus and method
Interactive telephone response module
Method of providing directional assistance to a mobile telephone subscriber
Integration of voice mail, email, fax and personal calendar systems to automatically update messages
Fast decoding
Information filtering system and method
Up-converter and down-converter for in-building CATV system
System for adjusting clock frequency based upon amount of unread data stored in sequential memory when reading a new line of data within a field of data
Source coding to provide for robust error recovery during transmission losses
Multistage photonic switch fault isolation
Method of transmitting telephone number in wireless local loop system
Authentication and security in wireless communication system
Arrangement relating to telecommunication
Method and apparatus for automatically providing location-based information content on a wireless device
Clutter database enhancement methodology
Wireless co-tenant base station
Cellular telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for a high-capacity cellular network by improved sectorization and interleaved channel assignment
Method and apparatus for dynamic channel allocation for wireless communication using channel occupancy data
Mobile communications
Method and system for improving handoffs in cellular mobile radio systems
Vehicle audio adapter
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