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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar S06-MT9152077
Inbred corn line G06-NP2742
Material and method for treatment of timber
Screening method and anti-tumor drug candidate obtained therefrom
Agents for controlling plant pests
Alkyldienamides exhibiting taste and sensory effect in flavor compositions
Combined toaster and microwave oven
Apparatus and methods for creating anastomoses
Man-portable optical ablation system
Adding microscopic porosity to the surface of a microcoil to be used for medical implantation
Disposable pull-on wearing article
Bioabsorbable casing for surgical sling assembly
Metallic bearings for joint replacement
Corrugated mattress vibrator longitudinally vibrated
2-phenyl-3-heteroarylpropionic acid derivative or salt thereof and medicine containing the same
Neospora caninum isolate
Peptide, immunogenic composition and vaccine or medical preparation, a method to immunize animals against the hormone LHRH, and analogs of the LHRH tandem repeat peptide and their use as vaccine
Self-assembling recombinant papillomavirus capsid proteins
Immunisation against Chlamydia trachomatis
Methods for reducing morality associated with acute myocardial infarction
Co-administration of a thrombolytic and an-anti-CD18 antibody in stroke
Cosmetic composition
Waterless lotion and lotion-treated substrate
Pressure jacket system with pivotal locking members
Medicinal syringe with piston stopper withdrawal and rotation-limiting means
System for regional data association and presentation and method for the same
Brachytherapy system for dispensing medication
Golf ball with large inner core
Compositions for use in golf balls
Metal wood club with improved hitting face
Gaming device having a game with incremental value disclosure and value modification
Device and method for providing payouts based on activity and ranks of other gaming sessions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cyclone dust separating apparatus and vacuum cleaner having the same
Chromatography oven with heat exchange and method of use
Disposable cartridge for air/gas dryer
Apparatus and method for water vapor removal in an ion mobility spectrometer
Exhaust stream treatment
Method to increase low-energy beam current in irradiation system with ion beam
Dialysis machine blood circulating circuit fitting
Apparatus and method for osmotic membrane distillation
Supported catalyst
Matrix storage and dispensing system
Electrostatic precipitator
Method for manufacturing hot-dip plated metal strip and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Process for improving corrosion resistance of thin-film recording media & media obtained thereby
Method for manufacturing coated sheet, optical functional layer, optical element, and image display device
Method of registering a spacer with a conducting track
Machine tool gear mechanism
Laser marking system for dice carried in trays and method of operation
Tube and duct edge cleaner
Apparatus for forming an air spring flexible member
Injection molding of polymeric material
Panel element, particularly for a motor vehicle, and method for the production thereof
Compressible printing blanket and method of manufacturing a compressible printing blanket
Solvent casting process
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Cushioning conversion machine and method
System for production and subsequent palletizing of tube segments, bags or sacks
Multi-ply wiping products made according to a low temperature delamination process
Metalized film laminates with anticorrosion agents
Cross-linked primer composition and use thereof in thermoformable films
Synchronizer ring
Apparatus for applying a removable cover to a ticket substrate
Prism, method of producing a prism, and optical head apparatus using a prism
Carbon fiber-made reinforcing woven fabric and prepreg and prepreg production method
Surface coverings containing fused recycled material and processes of making the same
Printer apparatus
Printer apparatus
Rail road car with reduced slack
Mirror assembly for vehicle
Method of controlling vibration damping in a helicopter, and apparatus implementing the method
Automatic analyzer and part feeding device used for the analyzer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Water soluble glass as corrosion protector in dishwashing machines
Hydrocarbon conversion using nanocrystalline zeolite Y
Direct alkylation of N-alkyl-N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine
Process for preparing fluorochemical monoisocyanates
Mixed metal oxide catalysts for the production of unsaturated aldehydes from olefins
Process for preparing 1,3-dichloroacetone
N-sulfonyldicarboximide containing tethering compounds
Analogs of benzoquinone-containing ansamycins and methods of use thereof
Method for synthesizing esters of N-[(S)-1-carboxybutyl]-(S)-alanine and use thereof for synthesizing perindopril
Heteroarylacetamide inhibitors of factor Xa
Process for the preparation of CCR-2 antagonists
Process for the preparation of bisphosphonic acid
Mouse CXC chemokine receptor
Poly(hydroxyalkanoate-co-ester amides) and agents for use with medical articles
Water- and oil-repellent, antistatic composition
Water-based pigment inks, image recording method, and image recording system
Liquid-crystalline compounds having a tetrahydropyran ring
Method of refining petroleum and refining apparatus
Transition-metal-catalyzed process for the conversion of alkenes to sterically hindered substituted n-alkoxyamines
Alkyl substituted octennitrile derivatives
Apparatus and method for electrically contacting biological cells suspended in a liquid
Transgenic plants expressing a cellulase
Compositions and methods for the targeted insertion of a nucleotide sequence of interest into the genome of a plant
Production of urokinase in a three-dimensional cell culture
Non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus isolates
Nucleic acid archiving
Hydrogen closed-cycle hardening unit
Martensitic stainless steel
Showerheads for providing a gas to a substrate and apparatus
Method for etching structures in an etching body by means of a plasma
Method for producing silicon wafer and silicon wafer
Fixed Constructions
Z-shaped sheet piling
Method of cleaning out blockages which prevent operation of a reciprocating downhole tubing pump
Yieldable prop
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fatigue resistant large hollow rotor blade for underwater energy converter
Tandem pump unit
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly
Bicycle derailleur
Convertible flashlight and area light with an aperture shutter
Illumination system using a plurality of light sources
Mounting structure for vehicle headlamp
Backlight module with means for fixing circuit board to light guide plate
Surface light-source device and display unit using the same
Light supply unit, illumination unit, and illumination system
"I" beam bridge interconnection for ultra-sensitive silicon sensor
Overload protection system
Analyzer system having sample rack transfer line
Sensor element and gas sensor
Biological fluid constituent sampling and measurement devices
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapon detection system with environmental acuity
Serum macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) as marker for prostate cancer
Cellular controls for glycated hemoglobin Hb A1c
Dynamic metered fluid volume determination method and related apparatus
Integrated current sensor
Measurement cell for liquids
Method and apparatus for testing liquid crystal display using electrostatic devices
IC selectively connecting logic and bypass conductors between opposing pads
Cooling fin connected to a cooling unit and a pusher of the testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for die testing on wafer
Universal wafer carrier for wafer level die burn-in
Method for probing impact sensitive and thin layered substrate
Method and circuit for extracting current-voltage characteristics of device
Undulating transmit patterns to support signal separation at a receiver
Method of using continuous-wave radiation for detecting and locating targets hidden behind a surface
Board-mounted optical connector
Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming the same, and semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
Real-time configurable masking
Phase shift mask
Photomask for forming photoresist patterns repeating in two dimensions and method of fabricating the same
Multilayered resist systems using tuned polymer films as underlayers and methods of fabrication thereof
Positive-working photosensitive resin composition, method for producing pattern-formed resin film, semiconductor device, display device, and method for producing the semiconductor device and the display device
Anti-reflective coatings
Image forming method
Lathe surface for coating streak suppression
Color toner, and full-color image-forming method
Control device with a disengageable crown for a wristwatch
Rotation control device, rotation control method and construction machine
Branching device for transmission line and monitoring apparatus using the same
Voltage source inverter control method
Pre-charge method for isolated boost converter
Apparatus for polarity-inversion-protected supplying of an electronic component with an intermediate voltage from a supply voltage
Method and apparatus for identifying features of multidimensional image data in hypermedia systems
Electronic device having a light emitting/detecting display screen
Multi-biometric finger sensor having different selectivities and associated methods
Stereo image display apparatus and method, and storage medium
Occlusion culling for object-order volume rendering
Information acquisition apparatus
Modular rearview mirror assembly
Device and method of driving light source in display devices
Image signal correcting circuit, image processing method, electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device, driving circuit for the same and driving method for the same
Liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal panel
Liquid crystal display
Controllable pixel border for improved viewability of a display device
Method of driving image display, driving device for image display, and image display
Pixel circuit, display apparatus and electronic apparatus equipped with current driving type light-emitting device
Display apparatus provided with decode circuit for gray-scale expression
Keyboard musical instrument displaying depression values of pedals and keys
Substrate for a perpendicular magnetic recording medium, perpendicular magnetic recording medium, and manufacturing methods thereof
Image forming apparatus capable of forming image on optical disk, and image forming method
High modulus, nonconductive adhesive useful for installing vehicle windows
Wire recycling method
Method for producing dispersed oxide reinforced ferritic steel having coarse grain structure and being excellent in high temperature creep strength
Inductance element and case
Apparatus for preventing corrosion of contact
Key sheet
Operating element for a multi-media system in a motor vehicle
Electrical switching apparatus and limiter including trip indicator member
Ceramic discharge vessel having aluminum oxynitride seal region
Pressure-flow reducer for aerosol focusing devices
Time of flight mass spectrometer
External electrode fluorescent lamp
Growing lower defect semiconductor crystals on highly lattice-mismatched substrates
Method of etching a glass substrate
Single-crystal silicon-on-glass from film transfer
Method of forming a metal line and method of manufacturing display substrate having the same
Method for multi-layer resist plasma etch
Method and system for forming a feature in a high-k layer
Passivative chemical mechanical polishing composition for copper film planarization
Semiconductor device, manufacture and evaluation methods for semiconductor device, and process condition evaluation method
Non-volatile nanocrystal memory and method therefor
Trench-gate transistors and their manufacture
Method of fabricating semiconductor side wall fin
Method of making a metal gate semiconductor device
Method of forming poly-silicon thin film transistors
Method of forming a nanocluster charge storage device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a DRAM and an analog circuit
High surface area aluminum bond pad for through-wafer connections to an electronic package
Method of forming a damascene structure with integrated planar dielectric layers
Method for producing a component comprising at least one germanium-based element and component obtained by such a method
Methods of forming vias in multilayer substrates
Etch process for CD reduction of arc material
Manufacturing method for an integrated semiconductor structure
Method of fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit that includes patterning a semiconductor substrate with a first photomask that uses metal for blocking light and patterning the same substrate with a second photomask that uses organic resin for blocking light
Methods for increasing photo-alignment margins
Method to form large grain size polysilicon films by nuclei-induced solid phase crystallization
Programming optical device
Method of fabricating CMOS image sensor
Semiconductor device
Chip package structure
Thermally enhanced molded package for semiconductors
Apparatuses and methods to route line to line
Closed air gap interconnect structure
System to control signal line capacitance
Semiconductor device-based sensors
Image display apparatus and image pickup apparatus with two dimensional scanning
Vehicle headlamp control utilizing a light sensor having at least two light transducers
Ganged detector pixel, photon/pulse counting radiation imaging device
Integration of a MIM capacitor with a plate formed in a well region and with a high-k dielectric
Optical transmission and/or receiving device
Actuator chip for inkjet printhead with electrostatic discharge protection
Semiconductor device with fuse wires and connection wires
Controlled equivalent series resistance capacitor
Field-effect transistor
White-light emitting device and the use thereof
Driving circuit of LCD panel
Molded high density electronic packaging structure for high performance applications
Power semiconductor device
Method and apparatus with varying gate oxide thickness
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for production of a buried stop zone in a semiconductor component and semiconductor component comprising a buried stop zone
Semiconductor device
Transistor, circuit board, display and electronic equipment
Device for opening and closing a mobile element
Piezoelectric element, method of manufacturing the same, liquid-jet head, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid-jet apparatus
Integrated circuit having a memory including a low-k dielectric material for thermal isolation
Remaining capacity calculating device and method for electric power storage
Surface structure for enhancing catalyst reactivity and method of manufacturing thereof
Fuel cell system and method for discharging reaction gas from fuel cell
Multi-band antenna
GPS-equipped meter
Dual band antenna device, wireless communication device and radio frequency chip using the same
Multipolarization radiating device with orthogonal feed via surface field line(s)
Planar antenna for radio frequency identification tag
Electrical connector
Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
Printed circuit board assembly and method of producing the same
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Electrical connector
Mechanical spring component for use in memory device
Multimedia outlet box
Electrical connector
Ear-jack of portable terminal
Microswitch connector
Base with integrated heatsink for compact fluorescent lamps
Electromagnetic welding method and conductor module
Pan type ceiling box
Outdoor electrical enclosure and hinge-less door assembly therefor
Chain reaction control circuit for parallel power supply
Electric machine with a laminated rotor core
Motor spindle control system and method
Method and arrangement for operating a magnetically levitated vehicle
Vehicle alternator
Column capillary seal for FDB motors
Sequential VCO phase output enabling circuit
Oscillator circuit and L load differential circuit achieving a wide oscillation frequency range and low phase noise characteristics
Protection circuit of digital amplifier
Power amplifier
Method and apparatus for providing non-linear, passive quenching of avalanche currents in Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes
Low-consumption voltage amplifier
Method and apparatus for generating delays
Reconfigurable integrated circuit device to automatically configure an initialization circuit
Circuit and method for latch bypass
Integrated circuit
Oscillator circuit with regulated V-I output stage
Receiver latch circuit and method
Line filter
Timing circuits with improved power supply jitter isolation technical background
Systems and methods for minimizing delay in a control path
Apparatus and method using color-coded or pattern-coded keys in two-key input per character text entry
User programmable input apparatus with a keyboard
Method for capturing an image with an electronic handheld device
Light emitting device with blue light led and phosphor components
Plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide
Plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide
Plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide
Supply generator for an oscillating circuit, particularly for an induction cooking hob
Coffee maker and microwave oven and method for controlling the same
Variable serving size insulated packaging
Expired Patents Due To Time
Reversible closure
Dispensing and washing apparatus
Mop head
Billiard ball rack
Test tube receptacle
Leg and ankle pillow
Side posture pillow
Tray stand cover
Tortilla warmer
Combined cooling and heating unit
Child cup and remote locating combination
Vacuum jug
Middle band flared base beverage holder
Basketball through hoop drinking cup
Portable barbeque grill
Cookware lid rim
4-slice toaster
Steam iron
Combined spoon and lid rest
Plate with cover
Beer keg nozzle cover
Tap for drinks
Multi-purpose lighter
Ice cream scoop
Grass shears
Snow shovel replacement blade
Garden shovel
Grave marker with flag holder
Retractable blade utility knife
Handle arrangement for a reciprocating saw
Ball holder
Display rack for sportsballs
Link for a security chain
Link for a security chain
Link for a security chain
Container cap
Container cap
Beverage bottle
Combined bottle and cap
Container cap
Container body portion
Package for portable incendiary apparatus
Cosmetic carrying case
Packaging for foodstuffs namely cheeses
Flexible pouch
Cover assembly
Paint cap closure with pull ring attached to exterior wall
Garbage can
Decorative compost collector
Garbage can
Magnifying globe clock
Clock and radiation detector combination
Time clock
Watch case
Bath scale
Locator device
Laser level
Weighing scale
Display for motor vehicle
Line locator
Hand-held wireless transmitter
Smoke alarm
Fire detector casing
Decorative bow with doll top
Canoe/kayak carrier
Sport utility vehicle cargo area protector
Surface/underwater vehicle
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and miscellaneous consumer products incorporating the design
Motor scooter
Collapsible infant jogging stroller
Snow sled
Fifth-wheel hitch handle
Safety cover for trailer ball hitch
Floor mat
Front truck grille
Automotive wheel
Surface configuration of an instrument display for a vehicle
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Surface configuration of a vehicle cab, toy and/or other replicas
Surface configuration of an instrument display for a vehicle
Automotive wheel
Front facia for an automobile
Radio/CD charger
Narrow gear box
Surface mount electrical connector
Integrated circuits substrate
Plug connector
Semiconductor device
Co-axial cable connector
Spacing frame device for electric facilities
Spiral grip coaxial connector for electronic and like devices
Co-axial cable compression connector
Coaxial BNC connector for electronic and like devices
Co-axial cable compression connector
Optical sub-assembly module
Circuit breaker face
Interconnect enclosure for computer and audio visual equipment mountable on an edge of a table
Gantry control panel
Interconnect enclosure for computer and audio visual equipment mountable on an edge of a table
Optical switch
Headset amplifier and multimedia adapter
Stanchion base
Speaker box
Image scanner
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Computer processor enclosure
Computer system status display
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Housing for electronic components
Infrared tether device
LCD display
IC card
Liquid crystal display
IC card
LCD monitor
Keyboard with access buttons
Soccer ball shaped computer mouse
Hockey rink mouse pad
Multifunction inkjet printer
Handle unit for a mobile terminal
Program guide display screen
Key buttons for a handset
TV remote control
DVD LCD monitor
Universal serial bus interface housing for communications devices
Video phone
Keypad for a handset
Communication device
Keypad for a handset
Cellular phone
Function key area for a handset
Radio tuner
Pad foot for roller
Power tool housing
Vacuum cleaner
Compact agitator nozzle
Cutting tool
Combined video camera and video tape recorder
Video camera
Electronic still camera
Video projector
Universal camera holder
Innovative micrometric measuring instrument
Bottom section of ribbon cartridge
Type font
Indicia for a cutting device
Label sheet
Electric stapler
Tape dispenser
Writing instrument
Barrel end portion for a writing instrument
Printer bracket for point of sale terminal
User interface bracket for a point of sale terminal
Horizontal ornamental hand sign with message
Solar powered display
Sign holder
Scooter frame
Craft kit construction component--quarter-circle petal form
Laughing clam device
Handrail of a treadmill
Golf tool
Golf putter with a mirror-finish insert in its face
Wedge type golf club head
Hockey stick handle/grip
Rear portion of a wedge golf club head
Salamander skate deck
Baseball batting stride device
Abdominal exercise machine
Removable plastic cover skirt for a golf tee holder
Checkered pattern on a forend of a gun
Shower head
Dispenser for lavatory cleansing composition
Dispenser and chemical cartridge combination
Cylindrical filter element
Shower head fixture
Stock car sprinkler
Cup for paint sprayer
Pedestal for lavatory
Handle for soap
Liquid container
Duct tap with a crimped end
Ceiling fan housing
Air purifier
Fragrance dispenser
Electrical air freshner
Air freshener
Cooling device
Housing for a ventilation unit
Protective HVAC duct cover
Instrument for pulling and twisting a wire
Urine collection bag
Sanitary napkin having an intergluteal strip
Absorbent article
Medication dispensing pacifier
Labial pad
Sanitary napkin
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Embossed acoustical ceiling panel
Crash rail
Vehicular tail light
Pocket light
Lighting device
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Integrated grab rail and map light
Detachable computer light
Medical lamp head
Light fixture
Light fixture
Detergent capsule
Beehive hair bun clip
Man's razor
Body for an electric razor/hair trimmer
Foot care station
Skin remover
Pocket planner
Air delivery device
Bird feeder frame
Rawhide chew roll
Rural mailbox drawer
Human Necessities
Plant grafting system
Combination lawn care sweeper thatcher shredder
Methods and devices for removing dew from grass areas such as golf courses
Hydroponic apparatus using elliptical conduit
Snapdragon plant named `Drarose`
Petunia plant named `Kakegawa S28`
Baccharis plant named `Kolmstar`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meiceppus`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomindy`
Apple tree named `Scifresh`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yopresidio`
Lavatera plant named `Red Rum`
Plum tree named `Jayfree Plum`
Impatiens plant named `HGI-1043-3`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoglenda`
Impatiens plant named `HGI-1038-1`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomary-Jayne`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Jam`
Dianthus plant named `Double Spotty`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Pra`
Echinacea plant named `Vintage Wine`
Blackberry plant named `Chesapeake`
Gladiolus plant named `Siberia`
Echinacea plant named `Razzmatazz`
Illuminative safety garments for working animal
Fishing lure with spring loaded hooks
Retractable hooking mechanism for fishing lures and the like
Fishing lure
Device to automatically deploy the weight on a fishing line
Fishing device container
Tackle organizer
Shock-absorbing gaff device
Flying insect trap
Pipe or beam mounted rodent trap
Insect capturing device
Apparatus for simulating the movement of an animal
Waterfowl decoy with realistic motion and interchangeable wings and feet
Wind activated decoy
Semiochemical and sonic signals for monitoring and control of clothes moths
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Ter`
Apparatus for rapidly producing cryogenically frozen dessert particles
Anti-osteoarthritis and anti-hypothermia garment
Garments for support, concealment, and accessibility of medical drainage apparatus
Face mask
Machine for automatically applying snap fasteners on a support
Expandable shoe and shoe assemblies
Footwear and its method of construction
Flexible shoe sole
Footwear with reversible tongue
Counterbalanced jewelry ring
Plastic hinge for cases, particularly for glasses cases
Beverage bottle container
Hand-held scrub brush with integrated detailing brush
Furniture bed
Pocketed spring assembly and associated method
Pillowtop/panel attachment gusset with ruffled corners
Bedding or seating product having filled tube topper
Apparatus and method to measure and align aircraft seat back positioning
Infant seat
Infant seat rocking device
Infant activity panel
Fitting for walls or panels
Product merchandising cooler
Glass plate picture frame
Display frame assembly and method of use
Marker for indicating site for a fastener
Method of containing a pot or floral grouping in a sleeve having expandable sidewalls
Floral wrapper having printed design with shaded and highlighted areas
Floral sleeve having an arcuate upper end
Cleaning device for electronic devices
Electric vacuum cleaner having increased stability and resistance against inadvertant falling over of the vacuum cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaner having detachable upright handle
Leaf receptacle lid
Vacuum cleaner for stationary use
Vacuum operated cleaning accessory with roller brush
Sample surface component for an instrument that measures viscosity and viscoelasticity
Organ separation for thermal therapy
Imaging table leveling system
Brush head for toothbrush
Method and apparatus for bilateral intra-aortic bypass
Stent made by rotational molding or centrifugal casting and method for making the same
Pet burial kit
Lightweight burial casket
Air fluidized bed
Luer-receiving medical valve
Dual single-eye swimming goggles system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oil separator and outdoor unit with the oil separator
Method and apparatus for desulfurizing a nitrogen oxide adsorber
Beverage dispensing with cold carbonation
Paint roller thumb locking means
Method for producing an ultrasonic transducer
Optimized scraper for a conduit
Method for deforming through high inner pressure at least two hollow bodies having each at least one opening, especially metal tubes or metal hollow profiles
Method and pipe-bending device for manufacturing a pipe-offset for a connector
Device for forming a hollow profile by means of internal high pressure forming
Mandrel insertion type metal forming of rack bar
Metal shears with an attached tag
Machine tool for cutting work
Arch cutting jig
Power tool
Tool set for replacing brake pads of disc braking systems
Complex tool kit
Method and apparatus for installing and replacing valve stems
Pincers for assembling and disassembling the spring of the brake shoes in a drum brake
Valve keeper installation device
Folding pocket knife with a lock
Hair removing apparatus comprising plate-shaped carriers which care positioned and movable with respect to each other
Emergency tool for automobiles
Knife with replaceable cutting element
Utility knife
Toe kick saw system
Method and device for end closure of packaging tubes
Apparatus for producing re-closable bag packages
Passive film protection system for walls
Pencil sharpener and method
Tape measure and marking apparatus
Two-piece letter opener
Tire balancing and changing apparatus and method
Lock for a trailer
Refrigerant cycle system and valve device for the same
Heat pump cycle
Assist device for entering and exiting a vehicle
Vehicle pedal lock and method therefor
Control pedal disabling device
Electric brake booster with unrestricted manual push through
Method for manufacturing shock absorbing type steering shaft
Apparatus for detecting rotational angle
Safety and life-saving device for aquatic environment
Tie-down device and method
Method and machine for banding groups of sheets
Method for manufacturing a projectile containing chemiluminescent compounds
Conveyor assembly for packagings, and method for delivery of a pack
Method for manufacturing a suspension bag with suspension hole
Method and system for ultrasonic sealing of food product packaging
Packing machines of products in mesh bags with handle
Inner plug and cap for liquid injection containers, and jig used to fix cap to inner plug
Refrigerator door mounted water dispensing assembly
Method of making a saddle pad
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production of potable water and freshwater needs for human, animal and plants from hot and humid air
Pure fused silica, furnace and method
Process for bend-shaping a glass plate
Method and device for curving and tempering a glass sheet
Method of manufacturing multi-segmented optical fiber and preform
Method of manufacturing a preform exhibiting a precisely defined refractive index profile by means of a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique
Method of making high-Tc superconducting ceramic oxide tape
Cyclone heat exchanger
Ternary refrigerant compositions containing fluorinated ethers as replacements for R-22
Fatty-acid thermal storage devices, cycle, and chemicals
Textiles; Paper
Pneumatic control ring
Latch needle comprising a relieved latch shank
Coupling device for coupling a frictional damper to a machine frame of a washing machine
Tub sump dam
Dispensing for dryer
Blowing apparatus in a paper machine or the like
Fixed Constructions
Provisional bridge of prefabricated elements
Excavation bucket incorporating an impact actuator assembly
Method and system for supporting construction of underground continuous wall and excavator therefor
Combination snowplow and bucket
Retainer pin having an internal secondary retainer pin
Collapsible sink device
Dual volume toilet tank
Block forming dead form work element for a reinforced concrete wall
Constructional sandwich panel for high strength wall and covering assemblies, and method for making said panel
Roof construction
Fabric wall panel system
Clean room and method
Movement joint
Embeddable air duct block and method
Residential dwelling system and building
Emergency stairwell for multistory buildings
Arrangement for a grandstand
Locked/unlocked indicator for a key
Combination lock system
Door lock for a vehicle with electrical locking/unlocking
Padlock with a U-shaped lock casing
Link for a security chain
Fitting for a window and parts for such fitting
Hinge friction device for barrel-type hinges lockable hinge
Hinge for an over-head storage compartment having non-centered pivoting motion
Closure operator having a handle that rotates as the closure rotates
Door trimming panel having a window-lift mechanism
Fire-resistant element for the closure of a room
Opposite inserted structure for injecting frame of door leaf with glass
Yieldable guide for a door
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine for power generation
Electrical energy-generating heat sink system and method of using same to recharge an energy storage device
Thermally responsive recuperator housing
NOx purge air/fuel ratio selection
Apparatus and method for interrupting regeneration of a particulate filter in a diesel engine
Direct-injection engine with turbocharger and method of controlling the same
Electronic control unit for controlling ignition timing during reduction of NOx occluded by lean NOx catalyst
Apparatus for controlling the flow separation line of rocket nozzles
Rocket nozzle contour for flow separation control and side load reduction
Tidal/wave compressed air electricity generation
Shape memory alloy actuators and control methods
Solar thermal rocket
Method and apparatus for maintaining the correct oil overflow quantity in diaphragm compressors
Rotor tip bleed in gas turbine engines
Swivel snap hook of synthetic resin
Self-retained wheel bearing assembly
KOH flue gas recirculation power plant with waste heat and byproduct recovery
Ejector cycle system with critical refrigerant pressure
Cooling and heating apparatus using thermoelectric module
Very low temperature refrigeration system with controlled cool down and warm up rates and long term heating capabilities
High frequency thermoacoustic refrigerator
Icemaker electronic control methods and apparatus
Icemaker fill tube assembly
All purpose portable ice chest
Process and plant for producing argon by cryogenic distillation
Circuiting arrangement for a closed circuit cooling tower
Dual evaporative pre-cooling system and method therefor
Firearm frame and barrel assembly
Tripod-mounted combined gun rest and armrest
Auxiliary device for a weapon and attachment thereof
O'Malley's weapon aiming system
Two piece alignment head
Pen type curve length measuring apparatus having caster
Method and apparatus for aligning shafts
Method and system for detecting and cross-checking faulty sensors in liquid level indicators and controllers
Torque sensor and manufacturing method of the same
Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring a gaseous component emanating from a vehicle
Silicon micro-machined fixed-volume back-flush injector having no unswept dead volume during injection
Reciprocating drive/pump system and reciprocating capillary viscometer utilizing same
Transducer for microfluid handling system
Electronic odor sensor
Blade tip clearance probe and method for measuring blade tip clearance
Sample and carrier gas pre-heat system for gas chromatograph
Method for determining oil viscosity
Fluid dose, flow and coagulation sensor for medical instrument
Computer room air flow method and apparatus
Electronic combination lock utilizing a one-time use combination
Framed calendar holder
Sign frame assembly and system for advertising
Method for reducing magnetic head write gap curvature of a plated write gap
Method for manufacturing a contact arrangement for a vacuum switching tube
Method for coupling PCB sheet
Ball grid array module
Interconnection process for module assembly and rework
Assembly device
Method of manufacturing a chip package
Method of making a switch-equipped coaxial connector
System and method for solder ball rework
External utilities manager for post and beam furniture systems
Comb filter
Thin core substrate for fabricating a build-up circuit board
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