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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Buckle switch, buckle including buckle switch, and seat belt device including buckle
Juvenile vehicle seat base with cup holder
Illuminated modular display
Substrate cleaning device and substrate processing facility
Thermally protected reservoir for onboard fire suppression system
Apportionment of pay out of casino game with escrow
Methods and apparatus for managing network linked gambling video games
Gaming system and method for offering simultaneous play of multiple games
Gaming system and method for offering simultaneous play of multiple games
Gaming system and method for offering simultaneous play of multiple games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Continuous magnetic separator and process
Apparatus for cleaning a machine tool
Control device for servo die cushion
Keyless chuck with automatic and manual locking
Method of manufacturing rocker arm
Method for changing removable bearing for a wind turbine generator
Folding stand for a portable crimping device
Drive mechanism for power tool
Printing up to edges of printing paper without platen soiling
Image forming apparatus and method
Inkjet apparatus and a method of controlling an inkjet mechanism
Waste ink tank and inkjet recording apparatus
Inkjet printer and method of controlling the inkjet printer
Image processing and ink-jet recording apparatus for carrying out processing for reducing amount of ink delivered from recording apparatus to recording medium
Image forming system and image forming apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Ink cartridge, detection device for cartridge identification and ink level detection, and image formation apparatus comprising thereof
Position deviation detecting method and image forming device
Planographic printing plate feeding apparatus
Barcode copy protection system
Composite file folder
Method to fabricate a magnetic head including ion milling of read gap using dual layer hard mask
Bicycle hub
Pneumatic tire with tread including circumferential rib region, block regions and sipes
Tire having narrowing sipes
Cast trailing arm assembly for trailer suspension
Vehicle air-conditioning system
Shingle recliner cover
Alert signal control using message priority
Bumper for a motor vehicle
Airbag with tie panel
Airbag device for front passenger's seat
Horn switch device, airbag system, and steering wheel
Buckle apparatus and seat belt apparatus
Parallel relay circuit for hydraulic braking device
Structure for fixing steering column with fastener and disk spring
Suspension cross member of automotive vehicle
Apparatus for dispensing a plurality of fluids and container for use in the same
Beverage bottle cap treatment device
Lightweight stackable horizontal dispensing container with braces
Apparatus for transferring products to a conveying arrangement
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polymer and photoelectric conversion element
Photolabile pro-fragrances
Method for producing a substrate having a colored interference filter layer, this substrate containing a colored interference filter layer, the use of this substrate as a colored solar cell or as a colored solar module or as a component thereof, as well as an array including at least two of these substrates
Disk handling apparatus and method for supporting a disk during material deposition at a deposition station
Textiles; Paper
Fabric for embroidering with removable delimitation
Fixed Constructions
Handle apparatus for vehicle door
Home-bar door opening/closing device for refrigerator
Submersible well pump installation procedure
Subsurface safety valves and methods of use
Drill bit assembly for directional drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Opposed piston engine
Method and apparatus to control operation of a homogeneous charge compression-ignition engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Fuel level measurement and run time interpolation
Fuel injector with grooved check member
Reusable preload indicating washer assembly
Double clutch transmission
Sealing arrangement
Coupler for cable trough
Top firewall cover assembly for laundry dryer
Pistol with firing pin blocking magazine disconnect mechanism
Spin-stabilized artillery projectile
Poured concrete column alignment and plumbing tool
Sample resistance measurement device
Ceramic oscillation flow meter having cofired piezoresistive sensors
Ultrasonic flow sensor having reflecting interface
Non-contact condensation detecting apparatus
Ultrasonic fluid measurement instrument having a plurality of split channels formed by partition boards
Flow sensor
Board deflection metrology using photoelectric amplifiers
Method for determining a fuel pressure related fault and operating an internal combustion engine based on the fault
Leak detector for evaporated fuel
Gas sensor
Method and apparatus for detection of biological conditions
Gas sensor and fuel cell system and automobile employing the same
Micro corner cube array, method of making the micro corner cube array, and display device
Communication system having a floatable connector assembly
Glasses lens designing method, production method for glasses lens and computer program
TFT array substrate, LCD panel and wiring repairing method
Light source device, method for manufacturing light source device, and projection type display apparatus
Teaching system and teaching method
Method and apparatus for providing a determined ratio of process fluids
Storage control system and method, and replacing system and method
Medical analysis application and response system
Electronic mail reply with update
Message challenge response
Network enabled audio device and radio site
Providing contextual relevance of an unposted message to an activity stream after a period of time elapses
Adaptive streaming for on demand wireless services
Information processor and information processing method
Device and method for content delivery adapted for synchronous playbacks
System and method for establishing a secure wireless communication path
Predictive caching of game content data
IT system infrastructure prediction based on epidemiologic algorithm
Object oriented networks
Object oriented networks
Policy approval layer
Caching natural language questions and results in a question and answer system
Homomorphic cryptography modeling in support of privacy policies
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor and storage medium
Condition-based management of power transformers
Adaptive pause detection in speech recognition
Social networking utilizing a dispersed storage network
Complementary item recommendations using image feature data
Federated transaction path and service level agreement monitoring across service oriented application partner domains
Vehicle control device and method
Method and system for monitoring application program of mobile device
Secure search method and secure search device
Activation processing of information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Output system for secure image processing, image processing apparatus, and output method thereof
Device for locking a card in a card reader
Data printing method using a small printer and a commodity data register
Apparatus, system, and method for printing on variable form media
Apparatus and method of identifying a SIM card owner
Method and device for protecting text for reading
Semiconductor device
Magnetic stripe data emulation rate adjustment based on swipe speed
Method and system for proffering multiple biometrics for use with a FOB
Multidimensional color barcode
Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and image display method
Device and method for detecting the presence of a logo in a picture
Device for the hardware detection of local extremes in an image
State based adaptive compression of performance traces
Methods for memory management in parallel networks
Early generation of individuals to accelerate genetic algorithms
Infrastructure asset management
System to view and manipulate artifacts at a temporal reference point
System to view and manipulate artifacts at a temporal reference point
Managing the purchase of multiple items with multiple modes of fulfillment
Computer-implemented method and system for managing keyword bidding prices
Method and system for discovering significant subsets in collection of documents
Automated privacy level suggestions for social networking
Aggregating graph structures
Differential resource application in virtual worlds based on payment and account options
Color enhancement for graphic images
Local game-area network system
Automated transaction machine with sheet accumulator and presenter mechanism
Wireless financial transaction systems and methods
Systems and methods for avoiding collisions with mobile hazards
System and method for automatically setting up a universal remote control
Driver with separate power sources and display device using the same
Method and apparatus for gray-scale gamma correction for electroluminescent displays
Display with active matrix lightguide
Liquid crystal display device and drive method for same
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Display device with timing controller
Multi-primary colour display device
Method and device for reducing a mutual influence of pixels of a pixel group
Convergent matrix factorization based entire frame image processing
Detecting and describing visible features on a visualization
Detecting and describing visible features on a visualization
Sensed sound level based fan speed adjustment
Diaphragm and process for producing a diaphragm for an ultrasonic transducer
Information processing device, information processing method, and program
Semiconductor memory device and method of performing setting operation in semiconductor memory device
Information processing apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium and refresh control method
Systems and methods of storing data
Deflection plate and deflection device for deflecting charged particles
Ink for producing compound semiconductor thin film, compound semiconductor thin film produced using the ink, solar cell having compound semiconductor the thin film, and process for producing solar cell
Tinsel wire
Integrated connector modules for extending transformer bandwidth with mixed-mode coupling using a substrate inductive device
Contact slider unit for a switching unit, in particular for a circuit breaker
Sample holder
Reduction of native oxides by annealing in reducing gas or plasma
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Block patterning process for post fin
Processing of integrated circuit for metal gate replacement
Replacement metal gate stack for diffusion prevention
Vapor phase chemical mechanical polishing of magnetic recording disks
Structure and method to reduce crystal defects in epitaxial fin merge using nitride deposition
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits with improved implantation processes
Conformal nitridation of one or more fin-type transistor layers
Intelligent chip placement within a three-dimensional chip stack
Dual damascene structure with liner
Removing conductive material to form conductive features in a substrate
Semiconductor structures having low resistance paths throughout a wafer
Formation of metal resistor and e-fuse
Methods of forming a TSV wafer with improved fracture strength
Conductive bump, semiconductor chip and stacked semiconductor package using the same
Methods of forming parallel wires of different metal materials through double patterning and fill techniques
Semiconductor device, wireless device, and storage device
Semiconductor device with semiconductor chip and wiring layers
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and image pickup system
Semiconductor device
Light emitting module, lighting apparatus, and lighting fixture
Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Light apparatus for generating light
Phase changing on-chip thermal heat sink
Method of forming high-density arrays of nanostructures
High voltage transistor device with reduced characteristic on resistance
Self-aligned contacts for vertical field effect transistors
Semiconductor device
Partially-blocked well implant to improve diode ideality with SiGe anode
Bipolar transistor with extrinsic base region and methods of fabrication
Bipolar junction transistors and methods of fabrication
Implementing buried FET utilizing drain of finFET as gate of buried FET
Conductive paste composition for solar cells and solar cell
Pixel circuit with capacitor discharge indicative of number of events
Apparatus and method for generating sinusoidal waves, and system for driving piezo actuator using the same
Method of manufacturing an ultrasonic transducer electrode assembly
Mobile battery modules for high power applications
Secondary battery and secondary battery assembly
Battery cell plate frame assembly and method
Platinum and palladium alloys suitable as fuel cell electrodes
Fuel cell
Stainless steel material for a separator of a solid polymer fuel cell and a solid polymer fuel cell using the separator
Coil antenna with plural radial lobes
Antenna device including reflector and primary radiator
Connecting element for a storage battery
Electronic card connector and electronic device using same
Connector and wire harness
Electrical adapter system
Shielded connector assembly
Direct coolant contact vapor condensing
Method and system for controlling charging parameters of a battery using a plurality of temperature ranges and counters and parameter sets
Armature of linear motor, linear motor and method of manufacturing armature
DC-DC converter efficiency improvement and area reduction using a novel switching technique
Apparatus and method for controlling bidirectional DC-DC converter
Power supply device
Control method during zero-crossing operation of bridge arms in UPS
Leakage current detection and switched on/off compensating current
Motor position controller
Circuit for switching-on and/or switching-off an electrical load
Filter circuitry
Level shifter for a time-varying input
Semiconductor circuit
Glitch suppression in an amplifier
Gated differential logic circuit
Method for controlling a multiphase machine
Method and apparatus for spectrum spreading of a pulse-density modulated waveform
Clock phase adjusting circuit and semiconductor device including the same
Analog-to-digital converter and image sensor
Method and apparatus to reduce the impact of raman interference in passive optical networks with RF video overlay
Establishing wireless communication via proximity detection
Matrix for use with a radio transceiver and methods thereto
DC offset filter for wide band beamforming receivers
Universal IO connector and interface capable of both wired and wireless operation
Methods and arrangements for channel updates in wireless networks
Method and apparatus for in-device coexistence interference information in wireless communication system
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same for tagging different NFC tags
Computing system with location detection mechanism and method of operation thereof
Communication apparatus and resource derivation method
Test device and test method
TDMA-based self-adaptive channel switching
Communication fabric for a cluster of network hosts
Packet loss recovery on a wireless link in a transmission layer protocol session
Packet loss recovery on a wireless link in a transmission layer protocol session
Methods and apparatus for resource element mapping
Radio communication system, radio base station apparatus, user terminal and radio communication method
Creating packet flows to reduce redundancy
Communication system, network apparatus, gateway apparatus, computer program, data transmission method and data transfer method
Frame transmission system, frame transmission apparatus, and frame transmission method
Physical port sharing in a link aggregation group
Dynamic social networking content
Dynamic social networking content
Adaptive phase shift apparatus and method
Dynamic adjustment of authentication mechanism
Verification of configuration using an encoded visual representation
Intelligently detecting the leader of a co-browsing session
Inter-domain replication of service information
Generating and processing an authentication certificate
Notification of a change to user selected content
Using a same program on a local system and a remote system
Voice response systems browsing
Communications system, mobile communications device, transition control device, transition control method, and transition control program
Wireless communication system and mobile information terminal
Method of handling emergency session and related communication device
Testing computerized analysis of communication data
Image test apparatus and system for calculating a stack position of a sheet including a defective image
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program therefor
Image reading device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Method for compressing image data collected by camera and electronic device for supporting the method
System for low resolution power reduction using deblocking
Software-implemented graduated neutral density filter for balancing exposure of a photograph
Display apparatus
Reducing roll-induced smear in imagery
Camera interfaces for electronic devices
Method for photographing control and electronic device thereof
System and method for identifying people in an image
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Solid-state imaging element having image signal overflow path
Image pickup device
Apparatus and method for simulcast over a variable bandwidth channel
Chroma motion vector processing apparatus, system, and method
Bandwidth extension in a multipoint conference unit
Broadcasting method and broadcast signal receiving apparatus
Image capturing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Scalable acquisition of telemetry data from instrumented systems enitities over a wireless network
Portable terminal device having sound emission hole which changes orientation based on rotation of casing about biaxial hinge
Method of fitting a binaural hearing aid system
Ranking representative segments in media data
Low-power method and circuitry of determining headphone type and monitoring activity
Method of minimizing inter-element signals for surface transducers
Method and apparatus of adjusting distribution of spatial sound energy
Inter-cell interference mitigation
Coordination of spectrum usage rights among entities
Method and apparatus for supporting communication in pico networks
Apparatus and method for calculating location of mobile station in wireless network
Mobile wireless access point geolocation services proxy for mobile devices
Method, apparatus, and system for performing unsolicited location-based download
Method for measuring position in wireless communication system
Data relay apparatus for transferring data to a mobile terminal via a plurality of base stations
Methods for call management with multiple subscriber identity cards and apparatuses using the same
Mobile apparatus and method
Communication system, base station device, gateway device, method for controlling base station device, and method for controlling gateway device, for enabling to connect user terminal to appropriate core network from among plurality of core networks when making or receiving call
Method for handover from home cell to public cell in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for acquiring cell identifier in radio communication system
Real time SMS delivery mechanism
Radio base station, mobile station, communication controller, and communication control method
Operating network entities in a communications system comprising a management network with agent and management levels
Wireless emergency caller profile data delivery over a legacy interface
Communication apparatus, communication method, program and storage medium
System and method for determination of proximity between wireless devices
Communication terminal, communication system and communication method
Methods for efficient power management in 60 GHz devices
Apparatus and methods for managing hyper frame number (HFN) de-synchronization in radio link control (RLC) unacknowledged mode (UM)
Radio communication terminal and communication method
Method and device for transmitting downlink control signal in wireless communication system
Signaling connection admission control in a wireless network
Method and device for random access in wireless communication system supporting multi-carrier wave
Systems and methods for driving light emitting diodes
Control circuit for LED backlighting
Lighting device and luminaire
Process for producing a cover with a glass pane and electrical function elements
Techniques for manufacturing a circuit board with an improved layout for decoupling capacitors
Cold air containment system in a data centre
Enhanced stacked microelectronic assemblies with central contacts and improved thermal characteristics
Electrode substrate and planar optoelectronic device
Wrap around heat sink apparatus and method
Multi-level redundant cooling system for continuous cooling of an electronic system(s)
Multi-level redundant cooling method for continuous cooling of an electronic system(s)
Heat dissipation device
Universal/portable cable support and EMI reduction bar
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for clearing trash from furrow opener path
Apparatus for applying and retrieving protective ground coverings
Apparatus and method of processing logs
Apparatus for automatically milking an animal
Animal control system
Suspended dog amusement apparatus
Rain responsive animal feeder
Livestock mixer and feeder
Valve assembly
Fly fishing reel with a sealing member
Pull cart
Baking device for producing endless bands
System for, and method of, irradiating food products
Peeling apparatus with enhanced abrasive rollers and associated methods
Method and apparatus for expanding tobacco material
Tiltable and rotatable canopy frame for a sunshade
Tiltable and rotatable canopy frame for a sunshade
Adjustable pulling handle for rollaway luggage
Collapsible trolley
Expandable luggage with locking expansion mechanism
Braiding machine
Ultrasonic device for the treatment of hair and other fibers
Automated nail polish remover
Disposable nail polish removal pad with handle
Bag with two convex lids
Shafted sports equipment carrier
Hair grooming brush
Convertible table and easel
Foldable frame
Picnic table dolly and method therefor
Reclining chair with adjustment telescopic tube
Towel retaining device and pillow
Beach chair having a swivelable means
Bed lifting system
Rod type foldable furniture
Device for lumbar support
Child carrier
Apparatus and method for displaying goods
Display rack with repositionable shelf
Golf club display rack
Support bracket for garden hose attachments
Beverage container holding device
Apparatus for pivotally supporting a liquid container
Adjustable length over-the door hanger
Mailbox post assembly
Rural mailbox flags
Coffee maker
Pouring device
Portable grill and cooler apparatus
Basting device
Gas-fired, infrared, warmer
Air funnel roaster
Prescented and custom scented card insert
Dispenser for sheet material
Bathroom column hanging holder assembly
Interfolded towel dispenser
Self-contained viscous liquid dispenser
Self-contained viscous liquid dispenser
Direct dual filling device for sealing agents
Protection device for hand held ultrasound needle procedures
Moveable power operated instrument stand
Surgical instrument holder
Method and apparatus for measuring optical aberrations of an eye
Method and apparatus for measuring a corneal profile of an eye
High-resolution retina imaging and eye aberration diagnostics using stochastic parallel perturbation gradient descent optimization adaptive optics
Fundus camera
Aspiration device including pressure measuring system
Method for calculating the instantaneous inspired volume of a subject during ventilatory assistance
Monofilament dental tapes with soft abrasive coatings
Fluid-dispensing and refilling system for a power toothbrush
Guided cutting system
System and method for percutaneous coronary artery bypass
Lateral torso supports for folding wheelchairs
Wheel attachment
Support structures
Spa nozzles with air entrainment
Example bearing guide to the use of a set of products and method of using the same
Disposable sterile bag, e.g. for breast milk
Method and apparatus for use in treating a patient with any drug to optimize therapy and prevent an adverse drug
Inhalation device
Inhalation device
Powder classification device
Reliability-enhanced apparatus operation for re-breathing and methods of effecting same
Endotracheal tube guide and related tracheostomy surgical procedure
Tracheal catheter
Apparatus and method for breathing apparatus component coupling
Sprinkler head deactivating tool
Human controlled towable device for water surface and subsurface operation
Collapsible structures
Adjustable pad for foot binding
Snowboard rotatable binding conversion apparatus
Method and apparatus for playing a word game
Game of chance
Multi-staged poker game and method of playing game with changing wildcards, winning hands of cards and payout odds at each stage
Playing card poker game with opportunity to bet with "the house"
Card game
Gladiator game and method of play
Game machine using self-propelled member
Fluoroluminescent lighted kite
Decorative structure having dispersed sources of illumination
Maze structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter for fluids
Self-cleaning water filter
Stepped downcomer apparatus and vapor-liquid contact apparatus with same
Spa filter cleaning and rinsing device
Counterflow column with a liquid distributor
Filtration system suitable for microfiltration, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis
Impeller and shield for mixing apparatus
Static mixer with profiled layers
Methods and systems for fluid control in microfluidic devices
Proportioning head
Mill with quick change, unitized, dynamic elements
Rotating cutter system
Dispenser having a fixing member with peripheral sealing
Annular trigger lever guard for garden hose nozzle
Sprinkler spacer and guide system
Fluid dispenser and lens inspection device
Adhesive cartridge
Vibrating screen apparatus
Installation for sorting flat articles
Sorting device for laminae
Arrangement of an apparatus intended for process washing
Probe wash vessel having removable inner cannula
Cleaning and drying method and apparatus
Method of connecting two elongated portions of metallic plate, method of manufacturing exhaust pipe of two-passage construction, and exhaust pipe of two-passage construction
Self-extruded bushing assembly and method of making the same
Rivet feed slider
Bearing system for a sand container to be vibrated in a lost foam casting apparatus
Non-rotating, levitating, cylindrical air-pillow method for supporting and guiding an endless flexible casting belt into the entrance of a continuous metal-casting machine
Method for the continuous casting of a thin strip and device for carrying out said method
Apparatus and method for controlling the flow of molten metal
Bar material supporting device for automatic lathe
Drill chuck with cushioned full-open position
Quick change true length collet chuck assembly
Chuck for holding a hub assembly
Table saw
Return conveyor belt system
Method and apparatus for reducing oversized wood chips
Method of applying braze materials to a substrate
Apparatus and method for soldering electronic components to printed circuit boards
Reducing metals as a brazing flux
Solder application technique
Wire bonding apparatus with spurious vibration suppressing structure
Work/head positioning apparatus for ball mount apparatus
Method of holding a part in position in an assembly station
Variable length sheet feeding mechanism
Method and apparatus for wheel spindles and the like with improved LRO
Apparatus for assembling parts
Portable sawing apparatus
Electrical hand operated tool driving device with an electropneumatic striking mechanism
Multi-functional work support
Lithographic printing plate support having a roughened surface
Swivel-base work-manipulating platform
Reversible ratchet wrench
Analog position ratchet mechanism
Broken heater hose coupler removal tool and method of use
Wrench structure
Beam-type torsion applying and measuring tool
Clamping device
Modular stamped parts transfer gripper
Accommodating head for a tool with an actuating tip
Adjustable height workstation
Structure for firmly resting tools thereon
Light system for battery powered drill
Method and apparatus for cutting sheet material
Method and apparatus for cutting elastomeric materials
Sheet cutting device and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Rotary bridge assembly
Device and method for adjusting a cutting gap
Safety switch for power tools
Studless tire including tread comprising short fibers
Injection-moulded card with decorative layer
Arrangement for identifying and removing associated preforms from a continuous transfer line
Fabric venetian blind and method of fabrication
Method and apparatus for automatic fabrication of three dimensional object
Press machine having suspension mechanism
Press lock
Method and device for interlocking stackwise plastic bags, especially bags for automatic machines, by welding
Bag stack and method of making same
Screen printing machines
Color supply device for a color ductor
Recording-medium transport device
Ticket printer for gaming machines
Ink jet printer, ink jet printing method and continuous recording sheet
Printing apparatus and substrate feeding system particularly useful therein
Optimizing driving pulses period to prevent the occurrence of satellite droplets
Ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording method using high viscous substance and apparatus for carrying out the same
Determining performance of a fluid ejection device
System and method for controlling energy characteristics of an inkjet printhead
Continuous inkjet printhead with selectable printing volumes of ink
Power/volume regime for ink jet printers
Performance inkjet printhead chip layouts and assemblies
Piezo-electric actuator of ink jet printer head and method for producing same
Recording unit and ink jet type recording apparatus equipped with the recording unit
Liquid discharge recording head and liquid discharge recording apparatus
Modular printhead alignment system
Joining of different materials of carrier for fluid ejection devices
Inkjet residue cleaning system for inkjet cartridges
Self-cleaning print head for ink jet printer
Ink jet fault tolerance using adjacent nozzles
Ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid delivery system, liquid container, and head cartridge
Inkjet printer
Impact reduction of slew decap by multi-dotting
Recording apparatus
Single-pass inkjet printing
Apparatus for adjusting a head gap of ink-jet printer
Machine for printing on flat supports
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having sheet finisher
Jacket-laying-on device for bookbinding machines
Pen holder for interactive board
Apparatus and method of heat embossing thin, low density polethylene films
Wheel and method for viewing the interior of a tire wheel assembly under dynamic conditions
Bolt structure for fastening a truck wheel
Pedal mechanism for operating brake and directional lock on lever-operated caster wheels
Double deck wheel cover
Vehicle tire including tread portion defined by cycloid curve or epicycloid curve
Device with components concentrically disposed and rotational in relation to each other and utilization of said device in tire inflating installation
Tire air pressure determining apparatus and method of determining tire air pressure
Vertically adjustable trailer hitch
Coupling arrangement for a train of highway trailers
Resilient joint with variable radial rigidity
Dual mode regenerative suspension for an off-road vehicle
Solar radiation detection unit and vehicle air conditioner using the same
Evaporative cooler
Reinforced door frame for a motor vehicle
Container for removable windows of a soft top vehicle
Flexible cover system for an open-topped container
Actuation mechanism for a tarping system
Cover system for truck box with tension control
Composite removable hard top
Electric current and controlled heat co-generation system for a hybrid electric vehicle
Safety fuel tank and filler cap apparatus
Non-return valve for fuel tank
Coupling device
Drive-force distribution controller
Electronically controlled pedal assembly having a hysteresis generating structure
User controllable color lighting in a vehicle instrument cluster
Diagnostic apparatus for an evaporated fuel system, and vehicle control apparatus for a vehicle equipped with the diagnostic apparatus
Method for controlling vehicle drive motor
Adjusting device for a vehicle seat with a spindle and an associated spindle nut
Rotating and adjusting mechanism of seat for vehicle
Drive acting on both sides for adjustment devices
Withdrawal mechanism and cup-holder unit using the same
Tailgate ramp and load locking accessories for a pickup truck
Boat launching/retrieval/transport apparatus and method
Gasket valve
Hydraulic synchronizer mechanism for a slide-out room
Support, especially for taillights of motor vehicles, as well as method for fastening electronic components, preferably leds, to such a support
Vehicle lamp fixture
One piece molded pick-up bed
Vehicle headliner assembly and method of installation
Flat conductor folding and fixing device
Bumper system with face-abutting energy absorber
System and method and method for seam profile minimization for an inflatable curtain
Fabric with a variable width
Active head restraint with gas bag module
Airbag mounting module
Seat belt retracting device
Webbing retractor
Modular overhead console assembly
Drawing sheet and file folder portable retaining apparatus
Universal bicycle rack using a seat post clamp
Extendable bumper for external vehicle transportation and storage
Apparatus for removing snow from motor vehicles
Brake mechanism for resilient wheel
Vacuum servo unit
Method and device handbrake setting
Temperature controlled railway car
Carriage for suspended transportation of harvested game animals
Three runner sled
Versatile cart for transporting packages to a vehicle
Add-on section for attachment to a cart with a convertible seat
Core bar for steering wheels
Reactive energy absorbing system
Skid steer loader frame
Hydroform structural reinforcement system
Vehicle with movable spoilers
Automotive body structure
Linear differential assisted controlled steering
Precision electro-hydraulic actuator positioning system
Torque device for electronic steer-by wire steering systems
Rubber-band track with various hardness
Seat assembly of bicycle
Motorcycle swing arm having removable section to facilitate removal of flexible drive member
Motorcycle having jack shaft to accommodate wide rear tire
Suspension system for a bicycle trailer
Folding structure of a children tricycle
Air induction system for marine vessel
Method for tendering
Elevated tow apparatus
Expansion joint within an anchor rode
Docking slip guide
Device for transporting loads under water and usable as a lifting pontoon
Thruster screen
Mast track slide for a sail
Rotary gear for sailing boats
Personnel lift device with automatic ascent and descent control
Integrated and/or modular high-speed aircraft
Control system and method for a semi-levered landing gear for an aircraft
Cooling system for a hybrid aircraft
Vertical-lift and horizontal flight aircraft
Subdermally-reinforced elastomeric transitions
Soft landing assembly for a parachute
Air intake and flying device, particularly a missile, equipped with such an air intake
Cooled jet blast deflectors for aircraft carrier flight decks
Strapping machine strapping head with pivoting anvil
Method and apparatus for filling a multi-compartment container
Apparatus for opening continuously conveyed bags
Apparatus and method for feeding spout-equipped bags to bag filling and packaging machine
Labeling machine capable of detection of defective products and removal of the defective products at a take-out end of a conveying unit thereof
Articulated pull tab opener for container
Dosing container for repeatedly withdrawing flowable administration products used in healthcare
Display type packaging system
Plastic bag package
Evacuable container having one-way valve with filter element
Tab construction for threaded closures having tamper-indicating ring
Closure with dispensing flap stay-open construction
Container cap
Container with locking reinforcement panels
Meal kit packaging system
Child resistant spout closure
Device for sealing an opened carbonated beverage can
Fluid product dispenser
Bottle-type plastic container with vacuum absorption panels for hot-fill applications
Container with integrated vacuum panel, logo and grip portion
Paint brush bristle cover
Conveyor belt skirt assembly
Connector and connection method for conveyor slats
Apparatus and method for the controlled lubrication and cleaning of conveyors
Conveyor belt cleaner and tensioner assembly
Pop-up mail tray stop for conveyor
Product conveying and accumulation system and method
High capacity document sheet processor
Apparatus for inverting and returning sheets from a printer for large-sized paper
Method and device in winding of a web
Device for splicing webs for manufacturing corrugated cardboard
Track assembly for cutting tape
Web control matrix
Device for held conveyance of flat articles in a dense conveying stream
Single/double sheet stacker
Pressure-adjustable mechanism for paper feeding roller of automatic paper feeder
Singulation mechanism
Mechanism for automatically and adjustably feeding sheets
Sheet feeder
Rolled sheet material dispenser with safer sheet cutting means
Mark transfer tool and mark transfer tape
Device and method for feeding objects
Torque capstan that improves reverse oscillating lay (ROL) consistency during an optical fiber cable manufacturing process
Printer sheet deskewing system
Reel for embossed carrier tape
Locking unit for a telescopic jib of a crane and telescopic jib
Pendant-responsive crane control
Motorcycle lift
Jack for vehicles
Fuel dispenser having an internal catastrophic protection system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low temperature heat transfer methods
Internal combustion system adapted for use of a dual fuel composition including acetylene
Pretreatment apparatus for raw materials for production of reduced iron
Printer head
Method for producing tin-silver alloy plating film, the tin-silver alloy plating film and lead frame for electronic parts having the film
Textiles; Paper
Weaving machine and method for manufacturing fabrics with pattern-forming weft threads such as Kelim or Gobelin fabrics
Fixed Constructions
Railway tie insertion guide
Apparatus and methods for strengthening guardrail installations
Re-inforced vinyl extrusions
Automatic hammer system for standard penetration test
Tear-out rubber coupling
Joint compound container and insulating pad
Ladder scaffolding support apparatus and scaffolding system
Void forming device
Stem clip for high intensity discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for single handed erection of large tents
Retractable barrier system
Bayonet locking system and method for vending machines and the like
Power-actuated motor-vehicle door latch
Handle with unidirectional counterweight
Door lock system for vehicle
Closure apparatus and method for lid of compartment applicable to vehicular trunk lid
Latch apparatus and method
Clutch and drive device having the clutch
Concealed type lifting control mechanism for venetian blind
Drill bit with lateral movement mitigation and method of subterranean drilling
Method of applying a wear-resistant layer to a surface of a downhole component
Pantograph underreamer
Downhole communication apparatus
System for controlling the operating pressures within a subterranean borehole
Device for manipulating a tool in a well tubular
Ball and plug dropping head
System and method for driving pipe
Hydraulic well control system
Device and method for injecting fluids into a wellbore
Gravel inflated isolation packer
Apparatus and method for locking open a flow control device
Method and apparatus for gravel packing with a pressure maintenance tool
Zonal isolation tool with same trip pressure test
Valve system and method
Well cleaning tool
Expanding a tubular element in a wellbore
Apparatus and methods for gravel pack completions
Method and apparatus for measuring forces in the presence of external pressure
Fuel cell for downhole and subsea power systems
Method and an apparatus for use in production tests, testing an expected permeable formation
Subterranean drainage pattern
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid motor having fluid actuated advancing elements to advance an advanceable part of the fluid motor relative to a stator part of the fluid motor
Dual torque barrel type engine
Valve operating control system in engine
Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Engine crankcase gas blow-by sensor
Exhaust component having multiple-plated outer shell
Cooling system of multicylinder engine
Check valve for a prechamber assembly
Direct injection, spark ignition internal combustion engine
Monocoque manifold assembly
Method and arrangement for monitoring the operation of a gas flow control element in an internal combustion engine
Throttle valve control device
Electronic governor for a gasoline engine
Humidity compensation system for an internal combustion engine
Method of reducing emissions in the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine
Method for controlling an engine utilizing vehicle position
Batteryless fuel injection apparatus for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Method for controlling the titre of the exhaust gases in an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for detecting crank angle position in an internal combustion engine
Electronic throttle control mechanism with reduced friction and wear
Light metal cylinder block, method of producing same and device for carrying out the method
Cylinder block of multi-cylinder engine and process of molding same
Exhaust gas regulator including a non-contact sensor
Fluid supply pipe
Fuel injector with a control rod controlled by the fuel pressure in a control chamber
Solenoid actuated engine valve for an internal combustion engine
Piston and barrel assembly with stepped top and hydraulically-actuated fuel injector utilizing same
Fuel injection apparatus for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection with air blasted sheeted spray
Directly actuated injection valve
High-pressure fuel system for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection valve
Injection device comprising an actuator for controlling the needle stroke
Fuel injection valve
Fuel supply system for four-cycle outboard motor
Ignition coil for internal combustion engine
Ignition timing control device for internal combustion engine
Hydraulic installations
Hydraulically and volumetrically dispensing and filling fluid
Single-headed piston for swash plate type compressor wherein head portion has a curved surface at axial end
Swash plate compressor
Wall mount assembly and apparatus for mounting FSO equipment to a wall
Driver, fastener and forming tool
Device for retaining a sheath of a remote control via cable
Actuation device for a friction clutch
Laminated one way clutch race
Ratchet one-way clutch
Freewheeling bi-directional clutch
Clutch of a beach buggy
Yaw damper for a two wheel drive motor vehicle
Ring shaped spring device
Dual layshaft transmission
Torque converter
Transmission and transaxle casing
Shift lever device
Torque sensor for a continuously variable transmission
Metallic gasket
System for sealing relatively movable elements
Cylinder for a hydraulic system
Non-contacting face seals
Bypass valve
Dripless hose bib
Valve cartridge with reduced tolerance stack-up
Three-way plastic valve
Control valve device of a pressure tank
Multiple speed slit valve controller
Interface valve for vacuum sewer systems
Weir-type diaphragm valve with raised arcuate bead
Conduit connector and method
Tube sealing bushing
Hydraulic coupling with dovetail seal having multiple radial sealing surfaces
Support for pipelines and process for mounting such a support
Device for connecting a pipe socket, a tubular mounting part or a fitting to a pipe
Double-layer pipe for fluidic transport of abrasive solids
Universal support system for displays
Portable liquid oxygen unit with multiple operational orientations
Electrical circuit distribution structure for decorative lighting string
Low voltage decorative theme outdoor lights
Portable special effects illumination device
Lamp device which is worn on the head
Bulb holder for decorative lamp
Light with clamp that fits into a headband
Device for connecting the plug-in base of a mast top unit luminaire to a carrier tube
Light source device for projection apparatus
IEEE 1394 or USB powered computer light
Non-lethal visual bird dispersal system
Vehicle indicator lamp
Lighting fixture optical assembly including relector/refractor and shroud
Focusable spotlight with a negative lens
High bay compact fluorescent light fixture
Vehicle headlight
Vehicle lamp
Split reflector
Luminaire with a light reflecting coating
Light guiding plate with internal micro-prisms
Multiple light valve lighting device or apparatus with wide color palette and improved contrast ratio
Oscillating sootblower mechanism
Heat shielding system for downdraft cooktop fan
Frame structure with far infrared heating function
Dynamic heating and cooling of a building using liquid foam
Ventilating dehumidifying system
Housing for a hot water system
Battery warmer
Artificial snow producing and releasing apparatus and method thereof
Cooling apparatus using boiling and condensing refrigerant
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Omega firearms suppressor
Tube barrel weapon
Archery bows, archery bow cam assemblies and methods of adjusting an eccentric profile of an archery bow cam assembly
Full size service handgun holster and mounting bracket assembly
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Composite armor panel
Three-dimensional game target
Method and apparatus for implementing a two projectile electrical discharge weapon
Practice cartridge
Large caliber case telescoped ammunition
Thickness gauge pin
Sensor positioning assembly
Air mass flow measuring device and method of use
Transit-time flow sensor combining high resolution and wide dynamic range
Mass flow sensor interface circuit
Apparatus and method for measuring enthalpy and flow rate of a mixture
Method and apparatus for characterizing flows based on attenuation of in-wall propagating wave modes
Auto-cleaning oil-gauge for axle-ends of vehicles
Automatic verification equipment
Capacitive strain gage and method
Combustion pressure sensor assembly
Apparatus and method for measuring internal stress of reticle membrane
Measuring absolute static pressure at one or more positions along a microfluidic device
Pressure sensor and method for assembling the same
Brake rotor mill balance clamping apparatus
Transducer for measuring displacement of a vehicle spindle
Characterization of environmental and machinery induced vibration transmissivity
Multiple degree of freedom vibration exciting apparatus and system
Processing a product including aggregate materials and a volatile component
Method for in-situ nondestructive measurement of Young's modulus of plate structures
Apparatus and method for testing tires and calibrating flat belt tire testing machines
Silicon flexure suspension for single degree or freedom floated gyroscope
Highly sensitive accelerometer
Gravity gradiometer accelerometers
Optic reflection device
Automatic optical projection scanner with improved activation controlling mechanism
Combination stylus and laser pointer
Headlight glare reducing ophthalmic lens system
Spectacle frame
Method and apparatus for increasing the spatial resolution of a projected pixelated display
Projecting device with a cylindrical color tube for displaying color images
Photographic material guiding arrangement
Computer controlled mixing of customer-selected color inks for printing machines
Glide slope tracking system
Automatic valve
Mixing valve
Combination radiant and forced air climate control system
Single stick control for backhoe
System with improved methodology for providing international address validation
Lighting unit
Device and method for personalizing chip cards
Methods and apparatus for embedded magnetically recordable labeling
Security card and a computer system provided with an interface for reading a security card
Secure multi-application IC card system having selective loading and deleting capability
Portable integrated circuit device and method for the production thereof
Coupling antenna with high inductance
Multiple aperture data reader for multi-mode operation
Electro-optical scanning assembly with one-piece, oscillatable, focusing/scan element
Image data binarization methods enabling optical reader to read fine print indicia
Secure money order issuing kiosk
System of automated teller machines
Method for doing business with collision centers
Translucent monitor masks, substrate and apparatus for removable attachment to gaming device cabinet
Automatic empty container return machine equipped with self-cleaning arrangement
System and method for managing stored-value card data
Vending machine
Semiconductor substrate cleaning system
Heat sink having folded fin heat exchanger core
Spiral step-shaped heat dissipating module
Sealing element for cable fittings
Electrical signal pass through arrangement
Method and apparatus for calibration
Light source mounting apparatus for liquid crystal projector
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