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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lawn mower with a dual-tubular frame
Monoalkyl sulfosuccinates in pesticide formulations and applications
Isoxazoline derivatives as insecticidal compounds
DNA sequence, and recombinant preparation of group 4 major allergens from cereals
Process for producing slowly digestible starch
System for charging a power supply in a closure element of a household appliance
Expanding surgical access port
Gas-operated surgical instrument
Access assembly having undercut structure
Anastomosis device and related methods
Bone anchoring device
System and method for performing an electrosurgical procedure using an ablation device with an integrated imaging device
Optical measurement apparatus and endoscope system
Grooming systems, devices, and methods including detection of hair-covered skin lesions during grooming and including topographical analysis
Grooming systems, devices, and methods including detection of hair-covered skin lesions during grooming and including topographical analysis
System for quantifying the discrepancy between a patient receiving assisted breathing and a corresponding assistance device
Grooming systems, devices, and methods including detection of hair-covered skin lesions during grooming and including topographical analysis
Prosthetic implants
Parenteral formulations of rasagiline
Therapy for hyperexcitability disorders
Powder composition for disinfection of the teats of dairy animals
Conjugated blood coagulation factor VIIa
Anticonvulsive pharmaceutical compositions
Multi-modal shape memory polymers
Lyophilized formulations of bendamustine hydrochloride
Synthetic serous membranes and methods for making the same
Disposable device for centrifugal blood separation
Aerosol medication inhalation system
Patient interface having wrap around fabric headgear
Substance delivery devices
Plunger rod and syringe
Retention member and application thereof
Processing apparatus and article manufacturing method using same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microbial composition
Method for purifying aqueous compositions
Filter with localized flow attachment and filter head
High permeability polyimide membranes: gas selectivity enhancement through UV treatment
Process for obtaining highly pure methane from biogas, and plant for carrying out the process
Method and system for using an ozone generating device for air purification
Water dispenser system
Hydrogenation catalysts with cobalt-modified supports
Method and apparatus for separation of mixture
Portable air cleaner with improved multi-stage electrostatic precipitator
Screen panel
Clinical analyzer wash and method
Welding gun with debris removal and motor cooling
Tool of machine tool
Conveyor system and associated product carrier
Abrasive articles, method for their preparation and method of their use
Moulding element comprising a plurality of ribs and at least one rib-free measurement zone
Apparatus and method for a sub microscopic and optically variable image carrying device
Door of refrigerator and method for manufacturing the same
Epoxy resin composition for resin transfer molding of fiber-reinforced composite material, fiber-reinforced composite material, and method for producing same
Apparatus for manufacturing hybrid stabilizer link
Process for preparing pellets of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
Method and apparatus for making an apertured web
Apparatus and process for joining homogeneous and heterogeneous materials with customized interface properties
Method and device for placing a printing plate in its register position
Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus, and optical scanning method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Sensor for determining ink drying time in a page-wide inkjet printer
Recording material
Method for producing molds
Vent plug for a hubcap and method of manufacturing the same
Pneumatic tire having turn-up pad
Pneumatic tire comprising an air pressure regulator and pressure regulator kit
Compressor for a pneumatic tire and a pneumatic tire comprising a compressor mounted within the tire cavity
Robotic weight apply station
Method of controlling the pressure of a fuel system of a hybrid vehicle
Hybrid powertrain
Reachable range calculation apparatus, method, and program
Method for operating railbound vehicles
Regenerative braking emergency stop system
Optical element storage package, optical filter device, optical module, and electronic apparatus
Reversible 3-point to 4-point seat belt system
Tilting hood assembly having fender-mounted handle
Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage material having a filling machine
Device and method for singling out products
System and method for order picking
Apparatus and method for product counting, grouping and discharging
Rolled sheets of floor covering and manufacture
Sheet processing apparatus that aligns sheets and image forming system
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of purification of biomass syngas under positive pressure
Preparation of graphene by mechanically thinning graphite materials
Tagged scale inhibitor compositions and methods of inhibiting scale
Method for allylating and vinylating aryl, heteroaryl, alkyl, and alkene halogenides using transition metal catalysis
Method for producing nitrile compounds from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Hydroxyphenyl derivatives and biological applications thereof
Aromatics isomerization using a dual-catalyst system
Inhibitors of catechol O-methyl transferase and their use in the treatment of psychotic disorders
EP2 receptor agonists
Macrocyclic urea and sulfamide derivatives as inhibitors of TAFIa
Derivative of epichlorohydrin of natural origin
Method for manufacturing neuraminic acid derivatives
JAK kinase modulating compounds and methods of use thereof
Substituted 6-fluoro-1H-pyrazolo[4,3-b]pyridines and use thereof
Pyrazolopyridine compounds, compositions and methods of use
Nickel-based complexes and their use in a process for the transformation of olefins
Process for the silylation of 2-amino-1,3,5-triazines
Anthrax carbohydrates, synthesis and uses thereof
Method for modification of organic molecules
Anti-MCSP antibodies
Immunoassay method for human CXCL1 protein
Polyurethane foams made with blowing catalyst compositions containing primary hydroxyl groups and high ethylenediamine backbones
Crosslinkable siloxanes by acid-catalyzed polymerization of oxasilacycles
Polymeric composition with intermixed color balloons
Composition for flexible membranes
Media sheet coatings
Ink and printing process
Process for producing organic thin film laminate using solid or oily material for organic thin film formation applications
Cellulose ester based quarter wave plates having normal wavelength dispersion
Heat transfer compositions
Decontamination of deoxygenated biomass-derived pyrolysis oil using ionic liquids
Membrane-based processes for reducing at least one impurity and making a concentrate comprising at least one natural component from a non-marine fatty acid oil mixture, and compositions resulting thereof
Reaction container plate and reaction treatment apparatus
Chimeric rat produced using rat embryonic stem cells in the presence of an ES cell differentiation suppressant
High affinity binding site of HGFR and methods for identification of antagonists thereof
MicroRNA compounds and methods for modulating miR-122
Modulation of meiotic recombination
Reversible, parallel and multitask cloning method and kit
Polypeptides having glucoamylase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Genetically modified filamentous fungi and uses thereof
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase I activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Methods and kits using extended rhodamine dyes
Textiles; Paper
Water-conducting household appliance having a rotatable component
Laundry handling apparatus with a cuff and a filling support
Compacted hybrid elevator rope
Fixed Constructions
Systems and methods for gathering water
Subsea mining tool including a suction mouth
Working machine and method of measuring work amount of working machine
Striker cover for a vehicle
Hinge kit and related methods
Transmission mechanism of window covering
Enclosed coiled tubing boat and methods
Thermal expansion accommodation for circulated fluid systems used to heat subsurface formations
Drive mechanism for a longwall mining machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Seal assembly for turbine system
Steam turbine and steam turbine blade
Assembly for directing combustion gas
Valve timing control apparatus
Piston arrangement for a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, having a variable compression ratio
Regulating device for an actuator
Cylinder head with liquid-type cooling
Sensor structure for EVAP hydrocarbon concentration and flow rate
Assembly for a speed reducer of a rotary electric machine, and related heat-engine starter
Internal combustion engine control device
Solar thermal energy generating plant and method for obtaining energy by means of a solar thermal energy generating plant
Fluid transporting device of the peristaltic type with a push pin and push plate arrangement
Downhole motor or pump components, method of fabrication the same, and downhole motors incorporating the same
Supersonic compressor
Closed impeller with a coated vane
Flow control valve for construction machinery
Bearing structure for internal combustion engine
Yoke with stiffness ring
Hydrodynamic coupling
Spring type one-way clutch
Pendulum mount
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Shifting device of manual transmission apparatus for automobile
Device for controlling power transmission apparatus
Belt-type continuously variable transmission
Vehicle device temperature adjustment system
Electro-hydraulic servo valve
Valve device and manufacturing method for the same
Directional fluid line
Cable fastening device
Method for illuminating space
Vehicle headlamp
Optical lens and light source module having the same
Lighting assembly with adjustable light output
Backlight unit and display device having the same
Adhesive tape and solar assembly and article made thereof
Electrocaloric effect heat transfer device dimensional stress control
High performance refrigerator having sacrificial evaporator
Template for marking conveyor belt splices
Optical fibre sensor interrogation system
Apparatus and method for autonomous control and balance of a vehicle and for imparting roll and yaw moments on a vehicle for test purposes
Double isolation for double chamber differential pressure meter
Spectrophotometer for the automated optical characterization of solar collector tubes and method for the operation thereof
Temperature estimation circuit and count value correction circuit
Determining an equivalent mechanical load
Low profile pressure sensor
Muzzle exit tester
Automated pelletized sample blotting apparatus and methods
Identification of molecules based on frequency responses using electromagnetic write-heads and magneto-resistive sensors
Systems, devices, and methods including a dark-field reflected-illumination apparatus
Reaction vessel for carrying out array processes
Device for inspecting substrate having irregular rough surface and inspection method using same
Method for detecting defective electrodes in a micro-electrode matrix
Sensor system, computer, and machine
Sugar chain array
Process and materials for the rapid detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae employing purified antigen-specific antibodies
Multi-branch current/voltage sensor array
Capacitance-to-voltage interface circuits
Magnetic field measuring apparatus and method for manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for probing a wafer
Correction for stress induced leakage current in dielectric reliability evaluations
Selectively accessing test access ports in a multiple test access port environment
Method and system for correcting timing errors in high data rate automated test equipment
Nuclear-spin polarization detection device and nuclear-spin polarization detection method
Magnetic resonance-based method and system for determination of oxygen saturation in flowing blood
Methods to process seismic data contaminated by coherent energy radiated from more than one source
Optical films containing optical retardation-enhancing additive
Glass substrate with interference colouration for a facing panel
Antireflective film comprising large particle size fumed silica
Compound microscope device
Color electrowetting display having high resolution monochrome mode
Optical connection techniques and configurations
Optical printed circuit board with two light waveguide layers optically coupled to each other
Mode size converters and methods of fabricating the same
Multimedia data transmission device
Fiber-optic connection arrangement and adapter sleeve
Photoelectric conversion device and optical fiber coupling connector
Telecommunications cabinet modularization
Patterned retardation film for three-dimensional display and method for producing mold for patterned alignment film for three-dimensional display
Illumination system for illuminating a mask in a microlithographic exposure apparatus
Printing apparatus, control method for printing apparatus, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge capable of suppressing filming and image forming apparatus with same
Image forming apparatus and cleaning of image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Analytics for optimizing usage of cooling subsystems
Vehicle pedal assembly including pedal arm stub with inserts for actuator bar
Data reception apparatus
Monitoring power source redundancy via a power distribution unit
Multiple active vertically aligned cores for three-dimensional chip stack
Liquid cooling of multiple components on a circuit board
Managing an operating system to set up a computer association tool
Power gated and voltage biased memory circuit for reducing power
Instruction that specifies an application thread performance state
Associating energy consumption with a virtual machine
Remote copying management system, method and apparatus
Power outage operation of a cable modem
Decoding apparatus, decoding method, and storage medium
System for disaster recovery backup and a method thereof
Information processing apparatus, and method and computer program for controlling same, for detecting certain failures
Method and system for error manipulation
User interface testing abstraction
Mechanism to support reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) flows in a peer monitor
Threshold decoding of data based on trust levels
Minimizing data recovery window
Circuit arrangement and method for testing same
Accessing private data about the state of a data processing machine from storage that is publicly accessible
Systems and methods for backward-compatible constant-time exception-protection memory
Analyzing computer programs to identify errors
Power reduction in server memory system
Memory with mixed cell array and system including the memory
Techniques for memory de-duplication in a virtual system
Hierarchical storage for LSM-based NoSQL stores
Virtual attribute federation system
Systems and methods for handshaking with a memory module
Method and apparatus for automated migration of data among storage centers
Method and apparatus to write modified cache data to a backing store while retaining write permissions
Thinly provisioned flash cache with shared storage pool
Managing translation of a same address across multiple contexts using a same entry in a translation lookaside buffer
Approach for printing policy-enabled electronic documents using locked printing and a shared memory data structure
System and method for flying squad re authentication of enterprise users
Re-ordering of iFrame execution to reduce network activity window
Remote user interface proxy apparatus and method of processing user interface components thereof
Infrastructure identification of available platforms for migration in place
Eliminating inconsistencies between objects and page attributes in an electronic document
Intelligent automatic expansion/contraction of abbreviations in text-based electronic communications
Automatically notifying a computer user of internet content
Methods and systems for displaying web pages based on a user-specific browser history analysis
Archival management of database logs
Parallelization method, system, and program
Procedure extraction and enrichment from unstructured text using natural language processing (NLP) techniques
Computer-readable recording medium having template for easy preparing multimedia contests
Correcting N-gram probabilities by page view information
Enhanced answers in DeepQA system according to user preferences
Protecting data segments in a computing environment
Processing spatial joins using a mapreduce framework
Agent communication bulletin board
Method and system for backup and recovery
Restoration apparatus
Taxonomy driven site navigation
Association of data to a biological sequence
Information processing system and method for controlling the same
Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
System and method for generating dynamically filtered content results, including for audio and/or video channels
Cluster shared volume replication
Utilization of data structures to synchronize copies of a resource
Indicating level of confidence in digital content
Customizing web 2.0 application behavior based on relationships between a content creator and a content requester
HTTP request pipeline optimization
Using a sequence object of a database
Method and system to process navigation information
Content recommendation for groups
Layout method and layout program for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Methods and apparatus for implementing parameterizable processors and peripherals
Method of manufacturing photomask
Uniquification and parent-child constructs for 1xN VLSI design
Method for identifying nucleotide sequence, method for acquiring secondary structure of nucleic acid molecule, apparatus for identifying nucleotide sequence, apparatus for acquiring secondary structure of nucleic acid molecule, program for identifying nucleotide sequence, and program for acquiring secondary structure of nucleic acid molecule
Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image forming system, information processing method, and image forming method
Semiconductor memory card, playback apparatus, recording apparatus, playback method, recording method, and computer-readable recording medium
Auto-negotiation of content formats using a secure component model
System, method, and computer program for distributing payment to digital content owners
Multi-level password authorization
Security system based on questions that do not publicly identify the speaker
Methods and apparatus for authenticating user login
Identification of code changes using language syntax and changeset data
User interface for a DICOM transfer configuration
SCSI reservation status information on a SAN disk
Processor provisioning by a middleware processing system
Driving device, electronic device, and drive control program
Stylus testing system
Display device
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Apparatus and method for controlling an interface based on bending
Systems and methods of moisture detection and false touch rejection on touch screen devices
Virtual world teleportation
Control elements of graphical user interfaces
Method of controlling three dimensional object and mobile terminal using the same
Designing task execution order based on location of the task icons within a graphical user interface
Navigation through historical stored interactions associated with a multi-user view
Border menu for context dependent actions within a graphical user interface
Scroll end effects for websites and content
Method to prevent I/O starvation of slower hosts in a multi-host environment
Configuring registers into low power conditions
System, control method for same, and image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, energy saving control method, and medium
Document printing system and method
Data processing system and method of data processing
Method, system, and apparatus of vehicle and fleet operator profile automation and deployment
Multi-operator, multi-robot control system with automatic vehicle selection
Variable compression ratio V-type internal combustion engine
Multi-level inline data deduplication
Systems and methods for improving the execution of computational algorithms
Geospatial database integration using business models
Semantic and contextual searching of knowledge repositories
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information providing medium, information decryption apparatus, and information recording medium
System to improve numereical conversions and associated methods
Indirect instruction predication
Local instruction loop buffer utilizing execution unit register file
Intra-instructional transaction abort handling
Delaying interrupts for a transactional-execution facility
Automation of software verification
Consolidating and reusing portal information
System and method of monitoring dynamic scopes in synchronous and asynchronous calls
Patching devices and methods thereof for patching firmware functions
Parallel development of a software system
Parallel development of a software system
Generating and employing operational abstractions of transforms
Prioritizing test cases using multiple variables
Visual editor for editing complex expressions
Enhanced security and resource utilization in a multi-operating system environment
Dynamic display overlay
Sharing of classes for modular programs in a multi-tenant environment
Dynamically recommending configuration changes to an operating system image
Automated creation of executable workflow
System, method and program tool to reset an application
Composite propensity profile detector
Automated analysis of code developer's profile
Techniques to initialize from a remotely accessible storage device
Distributed installation configuration system and method
Profiler-based optimization of automatically generated code
Data splitting for multi-instantiated objects
Apparatus and method of supporting plurality of operating systems
Bandwidth-Efficient virtual machine image delivery over distributed nodes based on priority and historical access criteria
Method and system for application profiling for purposes of defining resource requirements
Allocating all or a portion of the memory in a cache module in each hypervisor in a pool of hypervisors to form a shared cache module to be utilized by the virtual machines run by the pool of hypervisors
Methods and systems to identify and reproduce concurrency violations in multi-threaded programs
Scheduler and scheduling method for reconfigurable architecture
Monitoring and dynamically reconfiguring virtual machine patterns
Method and apparatus for dynamic resource allocation of processing units on a resource allocation plane having a time axis and a processing unit axis
Strategic placement of jobs for spatial elasticity in a high-performance computing environment
Core affinity bitmask translation
System management interrupt handling for multi-core processors
Controlling memory access conflict of threads on multi-core processor with set of highest priority processor cores based on a threshold value of issued-instruction efficiency
Detecting deployment conflicts in heterogenous environments
Methods and systems for managing content delivery
Graphical simulation of objects in a virtual environment
Orientation-dependent processing of input files by an electronic device
Motor and storage disk drive apparatus
De-swage machine for removal of a head from a head stack assembly and method of using the same
Method and system for syndrome generation and data recovery
Process for fabricating a magnetic tweezer
Method and integrated device for analyzing liquid flow and liquid-solid interface interaction
Light emitting device with multilayer silicon-containing encapsulant
Light collector device
See-through type photovoltaic module including 3-dimensional photonic crystal, manufacturing method thereof, and insulated glass unit including the same
Phosphor dispersion liquid and method for manufacturing LED device
Light emitting module and lighting device using the same
System for identifying connection between devices
Compact infrared countermeasure emitter
Method and system for protecting a wireless network
Method for transmission/reception of contents usage right information in encrypted form, and device thereof
Preventing network traffic blocking during port-based authentication
Method and apparatus for setting access restriction information
Terminal for exchanging electronic business cards
Methods and systems for device-independent portable session synchronization
Stereoscopic image capturing device and method of controlling thereof
Collaborative capture of photographic images
System, method and computer program product for calculating the cost of an advertisement
Seamless digital channel changing
Data rate compression device for cable television return path using bandpass puncturing
Mobile device for estimating location using particle filter generated based on three-dimensional (3D) magnetic field map and method using said mobile device
Locating a mobile computing device in an indoor environment
Fastener assembly
Plasma spray nozzle with internal injection
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Heavy duty quill assembly for a lawn mower
Direct shredding process and apparatus
Degradable animal chewing article possessing enhanced safety, durability and mouth-feel
Systems for customizing pet food
Transplacental delivery of oligonucleotides
Vertebrate tissue pattern-inducing proteins, and uses related thereto
Manually manipulable game call apparatus
Method of retaining antimicrobial properties on a halamine-treated textile substrate while simultaneously reducing deleterious odor and skin irritation effects
Insect repellent
Method for inhibiting trimethylamine formation
Production process for drinks
Process for extracting polyphenolic antioxidants from purine-containing plants
Anti-stress composition intended for incorporation mainly in nutritional vehicles
Cactus fruit drinks and food products
Food bars containing nutritional supplements
CO2-hydrate product and method of manufacture thereof
Carbohydrate mixture
Method for thermal processing and acidification of pasta products
Dietary supplementation with, and methods for preparation of yeast-derived selenium salts
Edible fat-based discrete flavoring additive with anhydrous dextrose and optional fructose component
Dietary supplement and method of using same
Cholesterol lowering beverage
Method for inhibiting inflammation using bioflavonoids
Tomato-based caramelized sauce and process for making same
Calcium-fortified, grape-based products and methods for making them
Method and apparatus for spinning a web of mixed fibers, and products produced therefrom
Zip wire brassiere
Therapeutic slipper for retaining heat or cold and method of fabricating same
Reclosable bags having a removable member encapsulating a slider
Hunter's gear bag
Depilation system with a depilation device and a cooling device which are interconnected by snap connection means
Inclusion packaged product and preparation of the same
Food basting device
Device for the treatment of a region of a human body, in particular facial treatment device
Method and apparatus for sterilizing and disinfecting bedclothes using ultraviolet rays and ozone
Method for uniform contact of brew ingredient with beverage brew liquid
Centrifugal blower and power working machine
Dental mirror stem
Intraoral device and method of using the same
Breast self-examination alarm and data logging apparatus
Sealant applicator and method employing impulse clearing
Devices and methods for tissue repair
Scaffold fixation device for use in articular cartilage repair
Vessel eversion instrument with conical holder
Medical devices utilizing optical fibers for simultaneous power, communications and control
Method for treating tissue and apparatus for use therewith
Method and apparatus for femoral resection
Quick connect bone suture fastener
Ultrasound signal and temperature monitoring during sono-thrombolysis therapy
Embolic basket
Circumferential resecting reamer tool
Surgical rongeur
Shaped scalpel
High speed vitreous cutting system
Hand-held instruments that access interior body regions
Wrap spring clamp
Method and apparatus for use in operating on a bone
Bone fixation method
Apparatus configuration and method for treating flatfoot
Self locking intramedullary nail
Surgical device and method for connection of fractured bones
Medical sling procedures and anchor insertion methods and devices
Medical sling procedures and anchor insertion methods and devices
Endovascular cryotreatment catheter
Mechanical support for an expandable membrane
Guide wire having extendable contact sensors for measuring temperature of vessel walls
Filter for use in medical procedures
Cardiac valve leaflet stapler device and methods thereof
Cool-tip radiofrequency thermosurgery electrode system for tumor ablation
Catheter with injection needle
Method and systems for volumetric tissue ablation
Selective aperture for laser delivery system for providing incision, tissue ablation and coagulation
Durable fiber optic diffuser tip and method of making same
Angioplasty apparatus facilitating rapid exchanges
Laser scanning apparatus and method
Apparatus for the percutaneous marking of a lesion
Method and apparatus for identifying heartbeat
Biodata interfacing system
Distal tip portion for a guide wire
Apparatus and method for detecting very low frequency acoustic signals
Method and apparatus for real-time estimation of physiological parameters
Meter with integrated database and simplified telemedicine capability
Vascular pressure measuring device
Relating to sphygmometers
Assessing heart failure status using morphology of a signal representative of arterial pulse pressure
Balance body ultrasound system
Distributed real time replication-based annotation and documentation system for cardiology procedures
Non-invasive device and method for the diagnosis of pulmonary vascular occlusions
Device for heart measurement
Determination of fetal weight in utero
Vigilance monitoring system
X-ray apparatus with non-contacting transmission of data or energy between mechanically connected components
Protective-sleeve cartridge and stethoscope incorporating same
Rapid-heating ultrasound gel warmer
Ultrasonic image persistence using contrast agents
Integrated cardiac resuscitation system with ability to detect perfusion
Titanium alloy intraosseous anesthesia delivery device
Interactive dental restorative network
Gingival retractor
Endodontic instruments adapted to provide variable working lengths and related methods for using the instruments
Dental tool
Orthodontic bracket positioning system for lingual orthodontic treatment
Osteogenic support device for orthodontic treatment
Individually packaged absorbent article
Sanitary napkin
Body fluid absorbent inner panel
Absorbent article having a multilayer absorbent core
Perforated stretch ear diaper
Stretch ear diaper having perforated backsheet
Absorbent articles having hinged fasteners
Deployment apparatus for supple surgical materials
Suspension device for treating prolapse and urinary incontinence
Expandable cage embolic material filter system and method
Filter device for embolic protection system
Stent deployment device and method for deploying a stent
Self-expanding stent delivery system
Methods and apparatus for intraluminal placement of a bifurcated intraluminal graft
Bifurcated intraluminal prostheses construction and methods
Methods and device for inserting and withdrawing a two piece stent across a constricting anatomic structure
Methods and apparatus for uniform transcutaneous therapeutic ultrasound
Expandable tissue anchor
Eye prosthesis
Binocular lens systems
Multifocal ophthalmic lens
Bone material and collagen combination for repair of injured joints
Enhanced fatigue strength orthopaedic implant with porous coating and method of making same
Spinal implant with attached ligament and methods
Adjustable height fusion device
Methods and instrumentation for vertebral interbody fusion
Method and apparatus for providing posterior or anterior trans-sacral access to spinal vertebrae
Methods and instruments for endoscopic interbody surgical techniques
Ratchet type prosthetic lock
Ratchet type prosthetic lock
Adjustable connector assembly for a prosthetic limb
Myofascial strap
Oral anchorage
Finger splint
Wrap-ons aromatic thermal wraps
Lumen design for catheter
Isolated selective organ cooling method and apparatus
Adjustable stiffness membrane scraper
Pumping chamber for a liquefaction handpiece
Apparatus for modifying the surface of the eye through large beam laser polishing and method of controlling the apparatus
Wheelchair restraint method for a transportation vehicle
Prewarning device for instillation of medical liquid
Safe needle, placebo needle, and needle set for double-blinding
Head-massaging apparatus
Stability for injection solutions
Nipple pacifier
Reclosable baby bottle liner and baby bottle having reclosable liner
Method for enhancing outflow of aqueous humor in treatment of glaucoma
Extracts of celery seed for the prevention and treatment of pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal irritation
Compositions and methods for reducing or controlling blood cholesterol, lipoproteins, triglycerides and atherosclerosis
Treatment of patients at elevated cardiovascular risk with a combination of a cholesterol-lowering agent, an inhibitor of the renin-angiotensin system, and aspirin
Potentiation of inclusion complex formation of cyclodextrin derivatives
Synthetic soil-extract materials and medicaments for influenza viruses based thereon
Biocidal mixture of 2-propenal-releasing polymer and isothiazolones
Bone putty and method
Crude drug extracts, and methods for making and standardizing same
Reovirus for the treatment of neoplasia
Local delivery of agents for disruption and inhibition of bacterial biofilm for treatment of periodontal disease
Methods for treating HIV-Infected Patients by the Administration of GM-CSF and a protease inhibitor
LT and CT in parenteral immunization methods against helicobacter infection
Targeted drug activation
PEG-urate oxidase conjugates and use thereof
Angiogenic homing molecules and conjugates derived therefrom
Cascade polymer bound complexing compounds, their complexes and conjugates, process for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing them
Bioabsorbable brachytherapy device
Tooth surface treatment composition and methods
Dental embedding material, dental kit and method for making a prosthesis
Dental care composition
Pigmented vitamin C composition
Personal wash sunscreen compositions which deposit and lather well
Sustained-release aromatic and method of detecting micro-organism by using the same
Peroxidase-activating oral compositions
Pharmaceutical compositions for rectal and vaginal administration
Polyamino acid vesicles
Non-invasive methods for surgery in the vasculature
Injection molding method for (meth)acrylate copolymers having tertiary ammonium groups
Pharmaceutical formulation with controlled release of active substances
Sustained-release form of administration containing tramadol saccharinate
Sustained release formulations containing tacrolimus
Iron-containing nanoparticles with double coating and their use in diagnosis and therapy
Device and method for pathogen inactivation of therapeutic fluids with sterilizing radiation
Surface and air sterilization using ultraviolet light and ultrasonic waves
Bladder reconstruction
Method and apparatus for overcoming infection in a tissue pocket surrounding an implanted device
Non-sticky medical tubing
Portable aspirating device with anti-splash baffle
Circular artificial heart
Apparatus for blood oxygenation
System and method for determining blood flow rate in a vessel
Aerosolized anti-infectives, anti-inflammatories, and decongestants for the treatment of sinusitis
Adapter for localized treatment through a tracheal tube and method for use thereof
Apparatus for facilitating analysis of dream activity
Catheter incorporating an insert molded hub and method of manufacturing
Low profile catheter
Adjustable multi-balloon local delivery device
Electrosurgical system for treating the spine
Inflation device with storage chamber
Devices and methods for removing cerebrospinal fluids from a patient's CSF space
Method and apparatus concerning bypass grafts
Catheter with improved transition
Bleed back control assembly and method
Injection needle unit for portable automatic syringe device
Disposable set package for infusing a medicinal fluid into a patient's body
Fluid delivery device and associated method
Agitation devices and dispensing systems incorporating such agitation devices
Infusion system with improved control valve
Liquid infusion apparatus
High-sterility and high-capacity connector for lines for outflow from bottles
Device for automatic injection of a dose of medicinal product
Permanent locking mechanism for sharp-instrument safety guard
Iontophoretic treatment system
Rapid locking connector head for active implantable medical devices
Magnetic field applicator for heating magnetic substances in biological tissue
Water tub for applying magnetic flux to human body
Methods and devices for ex vivo irradiation of autologous coronary bypass conduit
Manual ribbon delivery system for intravascular radiation therapy
Medical instrument
Devices for the inhibition or suppression of cellular proliferation in tubular body structures
Scanning and flexing charged particle beam guide
Rescue device
Process for the reductive dehalogenation of liquid and solid halogenated hydrocarbons
Multiple torque arm exercise device
Exercise device having weights and safety mechanism to maintain weights in place
Automatic safety shut-off switch for exercise equipment
Support belt device
Method and apparatus for assessing a user athlete
Inflatable device and method for using the device
Exercise wheel assembly
Anterior loading apparatus for strengthening a user's mid-torso and inner spine, and for posture training
Abdominal exercise machine
Exercise trainer with interconnected grounded movement
Low modulus golf ball compositions and methods for making same
Multilayered golf ball
Golf ball
Golf ball
Day and night croquet and bocce
Golf ball and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus for molding and stripping golf ball cores from a three plate mold
Automatic adjusting device for adjusting the position of the center of gravity of an object
Metal wood golf club head with selectable loft and lie angulation
Multiple material golf club head
Portable beach basketball system
Golfing game with undulating surface
Rebound wall for ball sports
Fencing scoring apparatus and system
Putting and chipping training kit
Golf stance and movement training device
Football centering machine
IC card, terminal device and service management server
Game device
Game using game and outcome indicia
Method and apparatus for gaming with simulation of telephone for player interaction
Pool slide
Non-latex centerpiece balloon
Balloon locking cup and securing system
Running toy system
Animated, foam filled toy figure
Pom-pom puppet and method of cheering with pom-pom puppet
Illuminating toy figure
Built-up card holder
Robotic toy modular system with distributed program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Quench water pretreat process
Method and system for RNA analysis by matched ion polynucleotide chromatography
Method of sample introduction for chromatographic systems
Chromatography device
Commercial kitchen sink drain improvement
Process control method to increase deaeration capacity in an ECR by constant voltage operation
Filtration element employing improved backwash feature and method of utilizing same
Automatic belt positioning assembly
Electrostatic filter for dielectric fluid
Recyclable filter cartridge and pressure vessel
Particle filter of metal foil and process for producing a particle filter
Process for purifying photoresist composition employing a filter sheet
Noise abatement device and separation aid for use in fluid flow systems
System for separating an entrained liquid component from a gas stream
Droplet separator including a flow tube, and a droplet separation tube surrounding a portion of the flow tube
Method for complete destruction of carbon in high temperature plasma waste treatment systems
Filtering apparatus
Method for removal of mercury from various gas streams
Recovery of nitrogen and light hydrocarbons from polyalkene purge gas
Process for the purification of nitric oxide
Modular VOC entrapment chamber for a two-chamber regenerative oxidizer
Environmental control system including ozone-destroying catalytic converter having anodized and washcoat layers
Gel tray structure of an electrophoresis trough
Method and apparatus for removing floating substances and salts from a liquid by means of a membrane filtration
Fluorinated ionomers
Method and apparatus for manufacturing microspheres
Synthesis gas production by steam reforming
Oxygen storing material with high thermal stability and a process for preparation and use thereof
Catalyst for selective oxidation and elimination of carbon monoxide present in hydrogen-containing gases
Catalytic converter for automotive pollution control, and oxygen-storing complex oxide used therefor
Methanol reforming catalyst, method of manufacturing methanol reforming catalyst and method of reforming methanol
Catalytic dewaxing process
Methods and apparatus for particle formation
Residual gas extraction process
System and method for hydrothermal reactions-three layer liner
Crystal-containing material
Malononitrile-derivative anion salts, and their uses as ionic conducting materials
Multiple parallel catalytic reactor assembly
Differential and continuous separation process with controlled paramenters for solids and liquids
Method and device for revealing a catalytic activity by solid materials
Sheath flow assembly
Device and method for collecting and testing fluid specimens
Method for dispensing reagent onto substrate
Method of separating hydrocarbons from mineral substrates
Magnet assembly for removing ferrous metal particles from fluids
Modular electrostatic precipitator system
Chambered doctor blade system for water-based and UV-based coatings
Method and apparatus for controlling air over a spinning microelectronic substrate
Tip assembly for extrusion die assembly
Web coating method and apparatus for continuous coating over splices
System for continuous processing of powder coating compositions
Coating method
Resin film forming method and resin film forming apparatus employing said method
Ultrasound probe having transducer elements with different frequency centers
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Advanced containment system
Method and composition for treating volatile waste
Bayonet roll end adaptor
Method and apparatus for metal pouring
Tilting tank for processing liquid metal and device for sealed connection with fixed chute
Grain growth inhibitor for superfine materials
Method to agglomerate metal particles and metal particles having improved properties
Cutting tool assembly and cutting insert therefor
Reaming tool and process for its production
Superfinishing tool
Setting up process for a tool or workpiece on a gear making machine
Composite bearing with double ball bearings, process for its assembly and tool for the realization of a pair of collars of said bearing
Airfoils with improved strength and manufacture and repair thereof
Parallel structure of a spatial 3-axis machine tool with three degrees-of-freedom
Guiding apparatus for a slidable member driven by a linear motor
Boring tool
Advanced aerospace drill motor
Apparatus and method for polishing multiple semiconductor wafers in parallel
Dry polishing of intraocular lenses
Process for calibrating throttle bores, in particular in injection valves for internal combustion engines, and device for executing the process
Abrasive molding and abrasive disc provided with same
CMP polishing pad
Abrasive belt for a belt grinding machine
Floor accessory driver
Sanding glove
Polishing pad and method for in situ delivery of chemical mechanical polishing slurry modifiers and applications thereof
Dual purpose handoff station for workpiece polishing machine
Transfer arm
Profile cutting apparatus
Method of tempering composite board panels without use of a bake oven
Apparatus for the production of ring-shaped bodies from concrete
Apparatus for roughing surfaces of concrete casted blocks
Method of recycling scrap material containing a thermoplastic
Method of manufacturing sound-proof products
Apparatus for producing and cooling polymer pellets
Carrier release sheet for styrene molding process and process system
Resin sealing apparatus and resin sealing method
Gas-assisted injection molding of thermosetting polymers
Injection molding machine
Molding system with integrated film heaters and sensors
Apparatus for distributing melt in a multi-level stack mold
Method for injection molding of weld line free thermoplastic articles such as ophthalmic lenses
Arrangement for a two-stage ejector in a moulding tool
Mold base system
Injection molding process using a pair of reservoirs and an injection device
Rubber tape having specific shape for tire rubber component
Process and apparatus for changing the wetting agent of pigments
Apparatus for cooling an extruded plastic sheet
Process for the production of corrugated plastic tubes
Machine and process for moulding by stretching and blowing
Flashless hot melt bonding of adhesives for imageable seamed belts
Method of making and using a flexographic plate mounting tape
Methods and apparatus for eyeglass curing using ultraviolet light and improved cooling
Method of cooling an optical fiber while it is being drawn
Package having a multilayer film disposed around a layered coil of filament strands
Process for producing shrinkage-matched ceramic composites
Wooden tiles and method for making the same
Method for forming barrier film
Composite container having barrier property
Thermoplastic compositions having high dimensional stability
Adhesive transfer device
Method and apparatus for improving resist pattern developing
Index bar device including keystroke function
Pen holder
Pressure sensed ink-filled pen
Brake rotor and wheel bearing assembly
Amphibious vehicle drive train
Blower for vehicle
Transaxle with differential lock mechanism
Three-speed transfer case
Driving apparatus
Hybrid drive system for motor vehicle with powershift transmission
Driving force control system for front-and-rear wheel drive vehicles
Locking cylinder
Secure accessory system for a truck box
Display device for vehicles
Modular central electrical unit for motor vehicles
Power supply apparatus for slide door in motor vehicle
Reduction of ice adhesion to land surfaces by electrolysis
Hay bale cart
Assembling a steering column bracket with a steering gear of an automobile vehicle
Precast modular marine structure & method of construction
Device for attaching a flexible linear element to an inflatable tube of an inflatable craft
Boat lift
High speed wrap-around multipacker
Die for stay--on--tab
Selectively closeable plastic film bag structure
Closure device
Collapsible bag
Method of unloading of solid substance having high degree of water content
Cargo-transfer apparatus and method
Hoisting platform system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing chlorine dioxide
Generation and delivery device for ozone gas and ozone dissolved in water
Process for the production of carbonized material
High modulus, low dielectric constant coatings
Method for purifying semiconductor gases
Process for producing sodium salts
Bicarbonate conversion in a carbonate monohydrate process
Process for the production of alumina
Metal micropowders based on tungsten and/or molybdenum and 3D transition metals
Method for preparing lithium manganate having spinel structure
Method of manufacturing lithium-manganese oxide for use in lithium secondary battery
Method for reducing the crystallinity of nickel hydroxide powders
Water quality management system and method
Arrangement for removing heavy metal ions from roof runoff waters
Device and method for exposing liquids, including pretreated wastewater, to x-rays
Device for magnetically modifying fluid
Method of treating agricultural equipment, alleys and lagoons in confined animal feeding operations
Method and apparatus for pretreatment of wastewater streams by chemical oxidation
Absorption field reclamation and maintenance system
Method and device for parting laminated substrate for liquid crystal cell
Process for the production of a glass article having at least one recess
Optical fiber coating method and coating apparatus
Method for manufacturing a porcelain body in a desired shape
Production process of Mn-Zn ferrite
Process for producing fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composites
Oxygen reduced niobium oxides
Process for making carbon foam induced by process depressurization
Stabilized enhanced efficiency controllable release calcium cyanamide compositions
Insensitive high energy booster propellant
Catalytic direct production of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen feeds
Fluoroionophores and their use in optical ion sensors
Method for separating lactone-containing high-molecular weight compounds
Polyphosphate ester morpholides, mixtures thereof, and thermoplastic resin compositions containing polyphosphate ester morpholides as flame retardants
Polynucleotide vaccine formula against porcine reproductive and respiratory pathologies
Antigenic structural peptide, antigenic and immunogenic compounds, and uses for detecting, preventing and treating an HCV infection
IL13 mutants
Ectoparasite saliva proteins and apparatus to collect such proteins
Methods for stimulating T cell responses by manipulating a common cytokine receptor .gamma. chain
Propylene polymers for films
Method for producing paper, paperboard and cardboard using an uncrosslinked fixing agent during paper stock draining
Curable resin compositions
Soft absorbent tissue containing polysiloxanes
Rubber/rubber laminates
Hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants for use in centrifugal chillers
Titanium dioxide pigment, process for producing the same, and resin composition containing the same
Surface-modified filling material composition
Polymer-pigment composites
Use of high bulk density methylcelluloses in aqueous fluid polymer suspensions
Method of making a high gasoline permeation resistant plastic container
Method for preparing a bitumen emulsion, corresponding bitumen emulsion and use thereof
Purification process for improving total yield of curcuminoid colouring agent
Primer composition and bonding method
Method of preparation of an electrically conductive paint
Fluorescent ink compositions comprising functionalized fluorescent nanocrystals
Phosphors with nanoscale grain sizes and methods for preparing the same
Vacuum ultraviolet ray-excited light-emitting phosphor
Liquid crystal compounds exhibiting negative anisotropy of permittivity
Process for the catalytic hydrotreating of silicon containing naphtha
Method of producing middle distillate products by two-stage hydrocracking and hydrocracking apparatus
Lubricant qualified for contact with a composition suitable for human consumption including a food, a conveyor lubrication method and an apparatus using droplets or a spray of liquid lubricant
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Process and plant with oxygen-enriched air feed for a non-ferrous metal production unit
Method and apparatus for chemical processing
High toughness plate alloy for aerospace applications
Tantalum-silicon alloys and products containing the same and processes of making the same
Chromium-containing cemented tungsten carbide body
Friction material
Method of producing stainless steels having improved corrosion resistance
Enhanced machinability precipitation-hardenable stainless steel for critical applications
Steam turbine blade, and steam turbine and steam turbine power plant using the same
18 carat grey gold alloy, without nickel and without palladium, for jewellery
Method of forming highly adhesive copper thin films on metal nitride substrates via CVD
Protective gas shield apparatus
Film forming apparatus and film forming method
Support apparatus for semiconductor wafer processing
Apparatus and method for use in manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for producing a metal oxide and method for forming a minute pattern
Fabrication of an article having a protective coating with a polished, pre-oxidized protective-coating surface
Dry etching method
Reactant source for an electrolysis cell
Metal cathode sheet
Process for the copper plating of substrates
Electroplating composition bath
Method of electroplating of high aspect ratio metal structures into semiconductors
Coated anode apparatus and associated method
Method of forming zinc oxide film and process for producing photovoltaic device using it
Method for fabricating bulk AlGaN single crystals
Method of forming thin film using atomic layer deposition method
Configurable wafer furnace
Correction of wafer temperature drift in a plasma reactor based upon continuous wafer temperature measurements using an in-situ wafer temperature optical probe
Preparation of nanocrystallites
Textiles; Paper
Method of manufacturing a graded-index plastics optical fiber
Mixture for the oxidation tinting of keratin fibres containing a laccase and tinting method using said mixture
Fabric blends of aramid fibers and flame resistant cellulosic fibers
Process for preparing dry broke
Deinking of waste paper
Method of pretreating pulp with yield or strength-enhancing additive
Deflection member having suspended portions and process for making same
Multi-layer deflection member and process for making same
Paper sizing compositions and methods
Paper bulking promoter
Paper making mold for pulp mold molding production and method and device for producing pulp mold molding
Fixed Constructions
Temporary road bed
Pavement marking system
Crawlspace encapsulation system
Seawall panel
Apparatus and method for collecting floating debris
Structural elements forming a pump
Pull pin assembly for canopy
Drive mechanism for selectively opening and closing a closure panel manually or automatically
Security air vent
Sealing arrangement
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Planetary rotary machine using apertures, volutes and continuous carbon fiber reinforced peek seals
Labyrinth seal for rotating shaft
Turbine disk side plate
Turbomachine and sealing element for a rotor thereof
Device for fixing a turbine ferrule
Sealing of a thermal turbomachine
Gas turbine engine and a rotor for a gas turbine engine
Gas turbine engine blade containment assembly
Method and device for controlling a turbo-machine so as to limit clogging of the turbo-machine internal parts with impurities derived from a process gas
Process for treating the interior of a hollow component
Oil drain system for an outboard motor
Multi-stage diesel particulate collector system with combined processes of inertial impaction, virtual impaction, and filtration
System for controlling an automatic transmission throttle valve
High pressure fuel supply apparatus
Compressor head with improved oil retention
Linear compressor
Air compressor having thermal valve
Air compressor system
Compressor with blocked suction capacity modulation
Magnetically levitated pump
Vaccum pump
Submersible pump and sprinkler system
Method of sound attenuation in centrifugal blowers
Vacuum-assisted pump
Jet pump throat pipe having a bent discharge end
Conical screw connection for multi-disk shaft couplings
Quarter turn fastener
Resin clip
Fastening devices
Profile system
Rolling element chain
Hydraulic bearing motor
Multi-layer sliding bearing
Printer carriage bushing
Belt tension adjusting device
Rolling bearing and rolling bearing device
Roller retainer, roller screw using roller retainer and rolling guide apparatus using roller retainer
Bearing and shaft cooling device
Structural couplings and system
Apparatus for damping torsional vibrations in the power trains of motor vehicles and the like
Toothed belt power transmission system
Inwardly cambered rocker joint for a power transmission chain
Traction-drive, continuously variable transmission
Jointed support structure
Method and apparatus for making smooth shifts during mode changes of an HMT when using mechanical clutches
System and method for molding a plastic gear suppressing shrinkage
Sprocket and chain for limiting chordal fall motion
Variable drive transmission
Drive system and method for driving a drive assembly in a drive system
Working vehicle
Arrangement and method for controlling an adjusting speed of a shift operation in a continuously variable transmission
Belt tensioner for a power transmission belt system
Compensating drive belt tensioner
Fuel transporting tube
Motion isolating support system
Infrared radiator that is designed as surface radiator
Low emissions burner with premix flame stabilized by a diffusion flame
Fuel combustion method and reactor
Portable lighter
Temporary vent opening cover
Supercritical drying method and supercritical drying apparatus
Composite refractory insulating tile
Firearm laser training system and method employing an actuable target assembly
Information processing device
Method for transferring levitated objects
Container seaming driving cam with load cells
Time-lapsed IC defect analysis using liquid crystal
Dew point hygrometers and dew sensors
Method and device for visually measuring structural fatigue using a temperature sensitive coating
Electrochemical sensor and method thereof
Correction device of air-fuel ratio detection apparatus
Method for separating and assaying lipoprotein, an assembly for performing such a method, and a system including such an assembly
Apparatus and method for reading gel electrophoresis pattern
Pteridine analysis by capillary electrophoresis using laser-induced fluorescence detection
DNA detector and DNA detection method
Method and apparatus for electrochemical measurement using statistical technique
Method for displacement chromatography
Separation column for analyzing gases
Method for the removal of sulfide interference in common tests for arsenic
Hybrid joule heating/electro-osmosis process for extracting contaminants from soil layers
Electrochemical transducer and a method for fabricating the same
Contact pin assembly, contact pin assembly manufacturing method, contact pin assembling structure, contact pin assembling structure manufacturing method, and socket for electrical parts
Method of producing contact structure
Lighting system and projection type display unit using thereof
Optical fiber connectors
Optical adapter
Fiber optic connection system
Laser diode module
Optoelectronic module apparatus and method of assembly
Detachable connecting system
Lens barrel
Camera apparatus
Illumination device
Method of layout compaction
Wafer transport system
Method for assembling a casing ring in a watch case and casing ring for such method
Collapsible keyboard
Method for implementing scheduled return play at gaming machine networks
Gaming device having apparatus and method for producing an award through award elimination or replacement
Gambling games
System and method for remote roulette and other game play using game table at a casino
Battery powered gaming machine security Monitoring system
Device and method for teaching mathematical properties associated with even and odd numbers
Fraction circle
Mathematical teaching apparatus
Computer based instrumentation and sensing for physical examination training
Display holder and method for using same
Protective coating for a magneto-optical disc
Thermal compensation without creep in a hydrodynamic bearing
Non-homogeneous laminate material for suspension with electrostatic discharge shunting
Method of producing an anode body having a laminate of a plurality of sheets of valve metal foil
Highly efficient compact capacitance coupled plasma reactor/generator and method
Method for fabricating cathode in color cathode ray tube
Automated semiconductor immersion processing system
Adhesive control during stiffener attachment to provide co-planarity in flip chip packages
Adhesive, bonding method and assembly of mounting substrate
Method to improve copper thin film adhesion to metal nitride substrates by the addition of water
Etching of silicon nitride by anhydrous halogen gas
Apparatus and method for processing a substrate
Method and apparatus for improved substrate handling
Installation and method for chemical treatment of microelectronics wafers
Method and apparatus for application of spray adhesive to a leadframe for chip bonding
Electroluminescent element and method of producing the same
Method of producing organic light-emitting devices
Method of manufacturing a lithium battery
Impedance-tuned termination assembly and connectors incorporating same
Electrical connector for terminating an external cable
Plug connector and method for phase adjustment of a coaxial cable
Connection of coaxial cable to a circuit board
Molded connector and method of producing the same
Shielded cable terminal with contact pins mounted to printed circuit board
Interconnect assembly for an electronic assembly and assembly method therefor
Means for providing electrical contact
Connector with shorting terminal
Rear holder-attached connector and method of producing the same
Electrical connector assembly with retaining frame
Waterproof connector with cover having tubular portion
Power connector for high current, low inductance applications
Triaxial connector and method
Electrical connector providing reliable electrical interconnection with mated devices
Split connector with a cover
Audio jack connector
Partition wiring system
Punch down insulation displacement connector housing
Pressure-contact terminal
Connector for surface mounting and method of manufacturing the same
Connector for a shielded wire
Coaxial connector module and method of fabricating same
Electrical apparatus including a bus conductor section
Device for fastening attachment elements on a frame leg of a switchgear cabinet rack
Power supply apparatus with power cord securing device
Flexible snap-together cable enclosure
Image projection method and image projector
Jack assembly
At least partially implantable system for rehabilitation of a hearing disorder
Ponderomotive force plug for a plasma mass filter
Device for transporting objects and use of said device
Placement head and placement system for a placement apparatus for placing components
Laminated socket contacts
Dense contact tail alignment of connector
Convective cooling vents for electrical connector housing
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