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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for seed devitalization
Sale of fluorescent transgenic ornamental fish
Drying apparatus
EEG control of devices using sensory evoked potentials
Lie detection method and system
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Magnetic detection coil and apparatus for magnetic field measurement
X-ray imaging apparatus
Active noise control apparatus
Breathable absorbent articles and composites comprising a vapor permeable, liquid barrier layer with thickening capabilities
Tricyclic N-heteroaryl-carboxamide derivatives, preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Homoallyl alcohols useful as fragrances
Medical lead system utilizing electromagnetic bandstop filters
Method for fabrication of low-polarization implantable stimulation electrode
Cuff electrode having tubular body with controlled closing force
Pharmacokinetics of iontophoretic sumatriptan administration
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for controlling a power source and power source having such a device
Heat exchanger and moisture removal for a plasma cutting system
Apparatus and methods for improving the intensity profile of a beam image used to process a substrate
Method and apparatus for dispatching workpieces to tools based on processing and performance history
Apparatus and method of controlling light level of a light source, and recording medium storing program of controlling light level of a light source
Device and method for emergency electricity supply on board an aircraft
Method for supporting a brake system in case of reduced effectiveness of the vehicle brake system
Vehicle automatic operation control device
Steering system and method for quadrant dependant adapting of return torque
System and method for electronically power assisted steering
Control device for vessel equipped with exhaust heat recovery system and the vessel equipped with the control device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Antibacterial agents
Method for synthesis of keto acids or amino acids by hydration of acetylene compound
Dihydropyridone amides as P2X7 modulators
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Synthesis of azido heterocycles
Process for production of 3-[5-[4-(cyclopentyloxy)-2-hydroxybenzoyl]-2-[(3-OXO-2-substituted-2,3-di- hydro-1,2-benzisoxazol-6-yl)methoxy]phenyl]propionate ester and intermediate for the process
Pseudoproline dipeptides
Sulfonamide derivatives
Two-photon absorbing diphenylaminofluorene-benzothiazole bis(aminophenoxy) monomers
Optical molecular sensors for cytochrome P450 activity
Inhibitors of 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1
Imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazines, processes, uses, intermediates and compositions
Substituted 1-oxa-3,8-diazaspiro[4.5]-decan-2-one-compounds and the use thereof for producing drugs
Alkylidene complexes of ruthenium containing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands; use as highly active, selective catalysts for olefin metathesis
Production method of asymmetric copper complex crystal
Fullerene derivatives
Composition for palladium-mediated cleavage of peptides containing CXC, CXH or CHM sequences
Process for the preparation of an aqueous polymer dispersion
Equipment and method for producing polyhydroxycarboxylic acid
Fluorine-containing monomer, fluorine-containing polymer and surface treating agent
Heat-vulcanizable polyorganosiloxane compositions and electric wires/cables produced therefrom
Biaxially oriented polyphenylene sulfide film
Organosiloxane compositions
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for providing a gaseous substance mixture
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for producing a hole
Wind power installation and method of modifying the blade pitch in a wind power installation
Appearance inspection device
Method and system for the optical measurement of large radii of curvature of optical functional surfaces
Optical interferometric sensor
Bearing display apparatus and bearing display method
Navigation system and method for navigating route to destination
Method of determining appropriateness of satellite orbit modeling, method of providing long-term predicted orbit data, and device for determining appropriateness of satellite orbit modeling
Current position information reporting system, information center apparatus, and method thereof
Method and apparatus for indoor navigation
Electric field sensor and method for fabricating the same
Sensor element structure, sensor element array, and manufacturing method of sensor element array
Electronic device for minimizing laser light leakage
Terahertz wave generating device and apparatus using the same
Method and systems for particle characterization using optical sensor output signal fluctuation
Analytical equipment enclosure incorporating phase changing materials
Apparatus for detecting an electrical variable of a rechargeable battery, and method for producing said apparatus
Energy flow measurement in gas pipelines
Exhaust gas analysis method and exhaust gas analysis apparatus
Method for assessing degree of reliability of nucleic acid base sequence
Flexural disc fiber optic sensor and method of forming same
Capacitance sensor with sensor capacitance compensation
Method and apparatus for locating a wireless user
System and method for managing network connectivity of a CPE using a CMTS
Self-isolating and self-healing networked devices
Thin film lamination, thin film magnetic sensor using the thin film lamination and method for manufacturing the thin film lamination
Registration of latitude/longitude coordinates using range detection sensors and digital nautical charts
Method for acquiring signal of satellite
Positioning method, program thereof, and positioning device
Projectile for focusing a kinetic pulse array
Oilfield area network communication system and method
Non-external static magnetic field imaging systems, devices, methods, and compositions
Zoom lens system and camera including the same
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Universal cable management panel
Plasmon photocatalysis
Fiber optic cable furcation assemblies and methods
Light control device, semiconductor wafer, and light control system
Display apparatus and electronic apparatus having the display apparatus
Light emitting element and liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method for same
Planar illumination device, and image display device
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and method of driving same
Liquid crystal display device with link lines connecting to tape carrier package
Camera system and method for controlling the same
Camera system and camera body
Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus having the same
Image reading apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of reducing a lengthy duration of an adjustment control
Developing device and image forming apparatus with the same
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with electrostatic capacity detection
Optimized limit gain compensation for dispense time accumulators of toner concentration control
Image forming apparatus and image adjusting method involving a fluctuation-information acquiring unit and a control unit that forms a gradation pattern
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Holographic image projection systems
Air conditioner and method of controlling the same
Demand control system, demand controller, demand program, and demand controlling method
Automatic machine system
Method of scanning backlight driving lamps for an LCD
Charge pump circuits, systems, and operational methods thereof
Header conversion technique
Method and apparatus for three dimensional calibration of an on-board diagnostics system
Increasing efficiency of memory accesses by selectively introducing a relative delay between the time that write addresses are provided to the memory and the time that write data is provided to the memory
Memory register encoding systems and methods
Transaction-safe FAT files system
Managing memory systems containing components with asymmetric characteristics
Data processor coupled to a sequencer circuit that provides efficient scalable queuing and method
Flash memory module and storage system
Image forming apparatus, tray ID allocating method thereof, computer program product, and recording medium
Method and system for controlling transmission and execution of commands in an integrated circuit device
Non-volatile data storage system and method thereof
Multifunction peripheral
Dynamically setting burst length of double data rate memory device by applying signal to at least one external pin during a read or write transaction
Methods and apparatus for providing data transfer control
Image processing apparatus and image processing method with color shift correction
External terminal control apparatus and control method thereof
Byte-level file differencing and updating algorithms
Method and system for organizing electronic messages using eye-gaze technology
Performance information collection method, apparatus and recording medium
Autonomic control of a distributed computing system using finite state machines
E-mail messaging system and method for enhanced rich media delivery
Method and system for sharing data between radiology information systems
Distribution of binary executables and content from peer locations/machines
Contextual data communication platform
Merging network device configuration schemas
System and method for device management
Method for accepting QoS request, and apparatus and computer readable recording medium providing the same
System and method for utility usage, monitoring and management
Processor chip for reconfigurable data processing, for processing numeric and logic operations and including function and interconnection control units
Control method of traveling dolly
Workflow management including determination if a requestor is in charge of tasks
Method to retain an inherent and indelible item value in a relational database management system
Data structure based variable rules engine
Filter circuit, image processing circuit, and filtering method
Particle-surface interaction model and method of determining particle-surface interactions
Method and apparatus for assessing polypeptide aggregation
Terminal and data distribution system
System and method for user skill determination
Method and system of using information banners to communicate with users of electronic dictionaries
Accounts payable tax rules processing system and method
Geodesic search and retrieval system and method of semi-structured databases
Translation apparatus, translation method and computer readable medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer-readable medium and computer data signal
Method and system for storing, searching and retrieving information based on semistructured and de-centralized data sets
Method and system for generating playlists for content items
Substantially similar queries
Document-based networking with mixed media reality
Simulation apparatus, method and program
Method for generating data of plant construction simulation and system thereof
Linear-program formulation for optimizing inventory allocation
Use of taxonomized analytics reference model
Flat panel touch interface for vehicle climate control system
Fluid heating apparatus
Method and apparatus for increasing the speed of cryptographic processing
Apparatus and method for block-based data striping to solid-state memory modules with optional data format protocol translation
Computer system, device sharing method, and device sharing program
Methods for sampling and relaying patient medical data
Systems and methods for storage management in a data processing device
Resistive actuator with dynamic variations of frictional forces
Mouse dongle storage
Liquid crystal display device
Display apparatus and position detecting method
Apparatus for low cost embedded platform for device-side, distributed services enablement
Information processing device
Printer and image output apparatus
Delivery expert system, method and computer program product
Digital broadcast reception apparatus and method of printing information contents in the apparatus
Apparatus, method, and program for processing job data from a network
System for controlling peak torque in manual transmissions
On-vehicle database distribution node and on-vehicle database system
Information reproduction device and method and program
Steering angle sensor and vehicle system having the steering angle sensor
Transfer of data from positional data sources to partitioned databases in restartable environments
Global metadata embedding and decoding
Method and system for data arbitration
Recording medium storing system analysis program, system analysis apparatus and system analysis method
Sharing of instructions across model boundaries
Document encoding apparatus, document encoding method, and computer-readable storage medium
Systems for comparing image fingerprints
Mechanical time dilation algorithm for collision avoidance system
Incremental state updates
Inventory commingling and reconciliation of inaccuracies
Apparatus and method for adjusting inputted color concerning total and specific colors
Printer testing system that conserves paper and toner
Image processing device, image forming system, image forming method and computer readable medium storing program
Iris authentication apparatus
Face tracking in a camera processor
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing device, image processing method and program storage medium
Device, method and computer readable recording medium containing program for separating image components
Automatic generation of optimal views for computed tomography thoracic diagnosis
Image processor, image forming apparatus, image processing method and computer readable medium
Image display device and image display method
System and method for lesion segmentation in whole body magnetic resonance images
System and method for tracing bank notes
Display apparatus and its control method
Image extracting apparatus, image extracting method and computer readable medium
Systems and methods for color data compression
Image capturing system and method thereof
Image information decoding apparatus and image information decoding method for motion prediction and/or compensation of images
Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding multi-view image
Image data processing method and imaging apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Method for deciding image data reduction ratio in image processing, pattern model positioning method in image processing, pattern model creating method in image processing, image processing apparatus, image processing program, and computer readable recording medium
Determining points of parabolic curvature on surfaces of specular objects
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
System and method for information provider communication with information requester
System and method for a merchant loyalty system
Method, medium, and system for associating graphical icons with destination addresses using drag and drop
Regulating order entry in an electronic trading environment to maintain an actual cost for a trading strategy
Technology portfolio health assessment system and method
Rational Z-buffer for decreasing a likelihood of Z-buffer collisions
Charge managing system, image forming apparatus, charge managing server, and image forming method
System comprising a plurality of electrical switches, especially for a magnetic levitation railway line
RFID product identification and tracking system
Radio frequency tag and method for manufacturing radio frequency tag
Systems, methods, and kits for automatically activating a garage door opener
Method of operating a networked CBRNE detection system
Systems and methods for collecting data with sensors
Method and arrangement relating communication devices
Real time temperature and location tracker
Method and system for automatically updating traffic incident data for in-vehicle navigation
Mobile terminal
Display element
Display apparatus
Image display device with liquid crystal modulation elements
Electro-optical device, method for driving the same, and electronic apparatus
Display system, display method, and display program
Products and processes for providing haptic feedback in resistive interface devices
Flat-panel display device
Method and arrangement for improving the grayscale resolution of a monochrome monitor
Color filter
Rotary control device for manipulating digital audio signals
Voice recognition apparatus and method for performing voice recognition comprising calculating a recommended distance range between a user and an audio input module based on the S/N ratio
Adaptation of automatic speech recognition acoustic models
Voice query extension method and system
Recording and reproducing apparatus for use with optical recording medium having real-time, losslessly encoded data
Thin-film magnetic head with variable-volume cavity in medium-opposed surface
Condensing a defect scan log for a disk of a disk drive
Systems and methods for generating equalization data using shift register architecture
Method of evaluating reproduce signal and optical disc drive
Magnetoresistive effect element in CPP-type structure and magnetic disk device
Information recording and reproducing apparatus, information recording and reproducing system, information processing apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Holographic data storing method and storing device
Servoing system for multiple spot registration for holographic replication system
Reflecting wavelength plate and optical pickup using reflecting wavelength plate
Reflecting wavelength plate and optical pickup using reflecting wavelength plate
Optical storage system and spherical aberration compensation apparatus and method thereof
Optical disk apparatus and focus jump method for multilayer optical disk
Method and apparatus for optimizing optical recording
Semiconductor memory device
Mode-register reading controller and semiconductor memory device
Bit line decoder architecture for NOR-type memory array
Circuit providing load isolation and noise reduction
Apparatus and method for measuring and setting perpendicularity of an upper tie plate of a nuclear fuel bundle
Nuclear fuel rod for fast reactors with oxide coating layer on inner surface of cladding, and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for adjusting displacement current in an energy transfer element
Electric double layer capacitor
Touch panel roll and manufacturing method thereof
Switching distribution board
Fuel injector control
Diamondoid monolayers as electron emitters
Electrode unit and charged particle beam device
Integrated optical imaging systems including an interior space between opposing substrates and associated methods
Methods for acquisition and deductive analysis of mixed fragment peptide mass spectra
Fixing mechanism for an inner assembly to outer bulb
Plasma display rear panel and its manufacturing method
Process for fabricating a structure for epitaxy without an exclusion zone
Performance enhancement in PMOS and NMOS transistors on the basis of silicon/carbon material
Compliant spring interposer for wafer level three dimensional (3D) integration and method of manufacturing
Polymer interlayer dielectric and passivation materials for a microelectronic device
Semiconductor device having a chip-size package
Methods for wafer-level packaging of microelectronic devices and microelectronic devices formed by such methods
Hybrid Compton camera/coded aperture imaging system
Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device and method of driving solid-state imaging device
Solid-state imaging device and driving method thereof
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Coating and developing system and coating and developing method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Low area screen printed metal contact structure and method
Semiconductor device and fabrication method of the semiconductor device
Selective spacer formation on transistors of different classes on the same device
Nitride semiconductor device
Group-III nitride for reducing stress caused by metal nitride reflector
Module comprising radiation-emitting semiconductor bodies
Light emitting diode package structure and method for fabricating the same
Electrooptical device, electronic apparatus, and method for producing electrooptical device
Control device for an ultrasonic piezoelectric actuator
Piezoelectric frame surrounding a piezoelectric vibrating piece and package with exhaust channel
Nanoscale wire-based data storage
Organic thin film transistor and organic thin film light-emitting transistor
Multilevel antennae
Multilevel antennae
Mobile communications systems and methods relating to polarization-agile antennas
RF powder-containing base
Multi-band antenna
Compact fiber panel with sliding tray having removable hood
Vertical patching system
Weatherproof while-in-use electrical box cover with insertable hinge pin
Reliable drive cut off device
Method of fully charging an electrical energy storage device using a lower voltage fuel cell system
Motor and disk drive apparatus provided with a circuit board with wirings
General purpose engine with axial gap type motor/generator
Operating mode detection in a flyback converter
In-vehicle electronic control apparatus and steering control system
Control apparatus for electric railcar
Motor controller and vehicular steering system using said motor controller
Electric drive
Modulation for amplitude-modulating a signal
Frequency shift keying (FSK) digital signal receiving apparatus
Synchronizing circuit and controlling method thereof
Sound signal output device and program for controlling sound output
Power amplifying apparatus
Adaptive cable equalizer
Keyboard device
Voltage level shifter
Method and apparatus for reducing interference
Data generator providing large amounts of data of arbitrary word length
Vehicular audio apparatus, and tone generating method and program therefor
Method of characterizing parameters and removing spectral components of a spread spectrum clock in a communications signal
Matched filter
Asymmetrical multicarrier interference avoidance
Antenna apparatus of portable terminal
Method for transcoding a data stream comprising one or more coded, digitised images
Switching distortion metrics during motion estimation
Optical packet switching apparatus
Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, apparatus control method, and recording medium on which program for the apparatus is recorded
In-wall optical network unit
Optical receiver
System and apparatus for cascading and redistributing HDTV signals
Dynamic adjustment of power offset for UE/BS based on error event of NACK to ACK
Method and apparatus for adjusting power control mode in wireless communication system
Mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for selecting bandwidth for peer to peer communication in a broadband wireless communication system
Prioritized and piggy-backed ACK/NACK reports
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving a signal in a communication system
Method for the flexible demodulation of estimated complex symbols
Apparatus and method for reducing latency in the transmission control protocol layer of a portable communication terminal
System and method of processing CDMA signals
Method and system for exhibiting media segments
Method for generating mutually orthogonal signals having a controlled spectrum
Domain transform compaction and recovery
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Method and system for telecommunications using layer 3 packets obtained from a sequence of layer 2 radio link control layer data frames
Method for preamble-based bandwidth request in wireless portable internet system
Stateless packet segmentation and processing
Method and system for transmitting a multicast stream over a data exchange network
Video watermarking using temporal analysis
Encryption processing circuit and encryption processing method
Apparatus and method for peak suppression in wireless communication systems
Regional quality correlation for wireless communications
Packet forwarding apparatus with function of limiting the number of user terminals to be connected to ISP
System-on-chip communication manager
Detection of physical movement for document sharing
System, apparatus, and method for a two-stage mechanism for quiet period management in spectrum agile radio networks
Fly-by serial bus arbitration
Control of mobile packet streams
SS7 ISUP to SIP based call signaling conversion gateway for wireless VoIP E911
Methods and apparatus for clock and data recovery using transmission lines
Modulation scheme estimation apparatus and method
Message decoding with a priori information and soft combining
Receiver with frequency offset compensation for M-state phase modulation
Frequency offset correction
Quantum cryptography communication system
Adaptive scheduling for half-duplex wireless terminals
Key derivation functions to enhance security
Data storage device, management server, integrated circuit, data update system, home electric apparatuses, data update method, encryption method, and encryption/decryption key generation method
Uplink radio frames apportioned for plural multiple access technologies
Mobile phone having communication system and entertainment system detachably connected to the communication system
Telephone system and server apparatus
Apparatus and method to improve WLAN performance in a dual WLAN modality environment
Radio communication apparatus, position measurement method for radio communication apparatus, and radio communication system
Voice input-output device and communication device
Method and system for monitoring and improving the quality of interconnecting cabling systems
System and method for generating an alert signal when an additional data line between a packet-switched network and a wireless communications network should be installed
Systems and methods for remotely controlling mobile stations
System and method for restricting and monitoring telephone calls
System and method for providing information services to subscribers in a GPRS network
Multichannel scanning apparatus and method for dual DMB-enabled mobile phone
Method, system, and article for audibly identifying a called party
Filter bank optimization for acoustic echo cancellation
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus capable of using memory-equipped sheet and sheet selection apparatus
Systems and methods for generating and processing evolutionary documents
Image communication apparatus and image communication control method
Optical unit, image reading device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Image forming device, color data conversion method, and color data conversion program
Interframe prediction processor with mechanism for providing locations of reference motion vectors used in macroblock adaptive field/frame mode
Image decoding apparatus and image decoding method
System and method for partial intraframe encoding for wireless multimedia transmission
System and method of coding mode decision for video encoding
Optical disk for high resolution and general video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk recording apparatus, and reproduction control information generation apparatus
Apparatus and method of displaying the three-dimensional image
Solid-state image pickup device and radiation image pickup device
Solid state imaging apparatus and method of driving the same
Imaging device
System and method for manipulation of a digital image
Method and system for distributed multiple target tracking
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
Imaging apparatus having enhanced zoom operation
Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
System and method for indexing commercials in a video presentation
Method of disaster recovery for re-writable disk media
Mobile communication terminal
Frame interpolation device, frame interpolation method and image display device
Method of and apparatus for estimating motion vector based on sizes of neighboring partitions, encoder, decoding, and decoding method
Interpolated frame generating method and interpolated frame generating apparatus
Image coding apparatus and method
System and method for encoding scrolling raster images
Multi-camera residential communication system
Display device with capture capabilities
On-vehicle emergency call apparatus
Imaging apparatus and method for setting the same
Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and system LSI
Electroacoustic transducer
Method for improving spatial perception in virtual surround
Apparatus and method of reproducing a 7.1 channel sound
Wireless listening system
Adaptive receiver based on mobility information of user device
Wireless communication device
Wireless communication system, mobile station and handover control method
Mobile messaging short code translation and routing system and method
Automatic re-connection of a previously lost connection in a frequency hopping communication system
Broadcast router with multiple expansion capabilities
Wireless local network reconnecting system and method
Method for transmitting/receiving data with transfer obligation delegated in WSN
Mobile terminal and system scan method thereof
Wireless communication system for switching to a preferred carrier
Method and device for managing resources shared by different operators in a communication system
Method and apparatus for automatically determining neighbor cells in a wireless telecommunication system
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing wireless communication operable on frequency selective channel, and channel compensation method
Scheduling apparatus and method for proportional resource allocation among mobile virtual network operators
Physical downlink control channel specific scrambling
Method and apparatus optimizing receipt of call/broadcast paging messages by self-powered wireless communications devices
Fluid-heating device comprising a thermal fuse
Method of heating superposed components and heating apparatus therefor
End-of-life protection circuit and method for high intensity discharge lamp ballast
Circuit arrangement and method for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp
Switching power supply for an illumination device with precision current control
Circuit for driving light sources and related method
Radiation-shielded semiconductor assembly
Cooling structure of electronic device
Portable hand held multi-source power inverter with pass through device
LED display module having a metallic housing and metallic mask
Method and device for cooling heat-generating computer components
Circuit board and image display apparatus
Electronic device with electrostatic protection structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Vermiculture composting device
Apparatus for intestinal sampling and use thereof
Treating open skin lesions using extract of sea buckthorn
Anticancer agents based on prevention of protein prenylation
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
Synthetic antigens for the detection of antibodies to hepatitis C virus
Methods and compositions for wound healing
Antibodies that bind to .alpha.2-antiplasmin crosslinked to fibrin which do not inhibit plasma .alpha.2-antiplasmin
Tumoricidal T lymphocytes
Plant extract based on glycerides, a method for the preparation of this extract and a cosmetic composition containing the same
Herbal composition and medicament against diabetes mellitus type II manufactured thereof
Delivery systems using preformed biodegradable polymer compositions and methods
Tissue regenerative composition, method of making, and method of use thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hydrogen permeable membrane and hydride battery composition
Arrays and methods for detecting nucleic acids
Process and facility for examining chemical reactions in miniaturized reactors arranged parallel to each other
Insoluble drug delivery
Photocatalyst article, anti-fogging, anti-soiling articles, and production method of anti-fogging, anti-soiling articles
Solid-phase materials for chelating metal ions and methods of making and using same
Sample preparation and detection device for infectious agents
Method for pipetting solution, and a pipetting apparatus using the same
Method to fabricate smooth-surfaced crystalline phase-change layer for atomic resolution storage device
Gas assisted method for applying resist stripper and gas-resist stripper combinations
Method for polishing semiconductor device
Rubber articles adapted to make weldable seals; their manufacture and use
Optical disc and injection compression molding die for producing the same
Composite materials with negative elastic constants
Load-carrying structures comprising bamboo fibers and polymers
Multi-ply resealable label
Bonded laminate structure, hose containing the bonded laminate structure, and methods for producing the same
Sound absorbing and vibration damping metal strip, molding, and method of producing a sound absorbing and vibration damping metal strip
Heat treatable low-E coated articles and methods of making same
Multilayered article including a vulcanized elastomer associated directly with a thermoplastic
Multilayer film with lamination and heat-sealable sides, and having antifogging properties
Multilayer thermoplastic film
Thermoplastic resin structure
Optical information medium and evaluation method
Fabric cleaning article with texturing and/or a tackiness agent
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Processless printing plate with high ratio of inorganic pigment over hardener in a hydrophilic layer
Radiation-sensitive recording material for the production of waterless offset printing plates
On-press developable thermosensitive lithographic plates utilizing an onium or borate salt initiator
Multi-layer, flexible transfer tape
Printing medium
Ink jet recording sheet
Saw wire
Fuel cell system and method
Methods of forming microstructure devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanotechnology for electronic and opto-electronic devices
Graphite powder suitable for negative electrode material of lithium ion secondary batteries
Oligomers for polymerizing to produce hydrous gels entrapping microorganisms
Glass substrate for use as information recording medium and method of manufacturing such glass substrate
Boron nitride paste composition, boron nitride "shell" coated ceramic structure, and process of manufacturing
Chemical constructs for solution phase chemistry
Assay system and novel labelled compounds for use therewith
Tag reagent and assay method
Process for producing high 2-O-.alpha.-D-glucopyranosyl-L-ascorbic acid
Methods for selectively isolating DNA using rolling circle amplification
Modified enzymes and their use for peptide synthesis
Inducible methods for repressing gene function
Chimeric adenovirus fiber protein
Methods for identification of agents which modulate chloride channel activity
Chemokine .alpha.-4
IRAK3 polynucleotides
Methods of detecting .alpha.v.beta.6 ligands
Method for determining the nucleotide sequence of the gene for the .alpha.5(IV) chain of human type IV collagen
Human cartilage glycoprotein
rdgB proteins and related products and methods
Methods for obtaining microbe-resistant mammalian cells from hypermutable mammalian cells
Stimulus-inducible protein kinase complex and methods of use therefor
Semaphorin Z and gene encoding the same
Thermostable DNA ligase mutants
Methods for producing recombined antibodies
Composition for photoimaging
Photosensitive paste a plasma display, and a method for the production thereof
Thermosetting anti-reflective coatings comprising aryl urethanes of hydroxypropyl cellulose
Acid dyeable polyester compositions
Solid electrolyte battery
Polymer compound, binder resin, composition for ion-conductive polymer electrolyte, and secondary cell
Biologically active fraction of vegetable melanin, process for its production and its use
Electrically conductive and electromagnetic radiation absorptive coating compositions and the like
Stable pigment dispersion and photosensitive recording material prepared therewith
Metal articles having a cured topcoat from an acrylate copolymer having a pendant glycidyl groups and an acid-terminated poylester
Semiconductor device
Slurry for CMP, method of forming thereof and method of manufacturing semiconductor device including a CMP process
Cell and tissue culture device with controlled culture fluid flow
Fungal media and methods for continuous propagation of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi in root organ culture
Structure-based designed herbicide resistant products
Hybrid vectors for gene therapy
Replicon based activation of endogenous genes
Methods for providing differentiated stem cells
Method for identification of cell growth or differentiation factors
Human bone accessory cells
Direct selection of antigen-specific T cells, compositions obtained thereby and methods of use thereof
IKK3 kinase
Microbial production of epoxides
2,5-diketo-L-gluconic acid reductases and methods of use
Polyhydroxyalkanoate production from polyols
Electrochemical affinity assay
Method of determining thiopurine methyltransferase activity
Method for predicting refractory periodontal disease
Microdevices for high-throughput screening of biomolecules
Method for synthesis of nucleic acids
Methods for testing oligonucleotide arrays
Methods and compositions for the detection of chromosomal aberrations
Method for early diagnosis of, and determination of prognosis in, cancer
Method for identifying products employing gene expression
Specific mucin expression as a marker for pancreatic cancer
Assay procedure using fluorogenic tracers
Layered product, capacitor and a method for producing the layered product
Apparatus and method for forming thin film at low temperature and high deposition rate
RTCVD process and reactor for improved conformality and step-coverage
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Capacitor for semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Composition and method for metal coloring process
Method and structure for producing bumps on an IC package substrate
Method for thermal spray coating and rare earth oxide powder used therefor
Carbon-doped hard mask and method of passivating structures during semiconductor device fabrication
Solid polymer electrolyte-catalyst composite electrode, electrode for fuel cell, and process for producing these electrodes
Electrochemical cell system
Textiles; Paper
Polyester-staple fibres and method for the production thereof
Yarn and method for manufacturing a yarn containing super absorbent fibers
Chemiluminescence detection method and device
Semiconductor manufacturing methods, plasma processing methods and plasma processing apparatuses
Apparatus and method of monitoring an analyte
Removable test kit and method of use for vapor compression systems
Detection of ligands by refractive surface methods
Filtration-detection device and method of use
Analyte measurement device and method of use
Contact structure and production method thereof and probe contact assembly using same
Color-converting film and light-emitting apparatus using the same
Deferred assembly construction of electrochemical cells
Method of fabricating a liquid crystal display device having an improved storage capacitance
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing instant photographic film units
Method of passivating a silver donor with a dye and photothermographic systems made thereby
Photothermographic materials with increa sed photosensitivity
High-speed thermally developable imaging materials and methods of using same
Core/shell silver donors for photothermographic systems comprising an oxidatively more reactive shell
Photothermographic recording material with increased photosensitivity
Hydrophilic colloid composition
Tri-tone mask process for dense and isolated patterns
Mask blank and method of fabricating phase shift mask from the same
Unlanded process in semiconductor manufacture
Phaseshift mask and manufacturing the same
Positive-working radiation-sensitive composition and process for forming a pattern
Negative-acting chemically amplified photoresist composition
Pattern formation material and method
Positive photoresist composition
Photosensitive resin composition and method for formation of resist pattern by use thereof
Composition for resist underlayer film and method for producing the same
Amorphous carbon layer for improved adhesion of photoresist and method of fabrication
Method of improving astigmatism of a photoresist layer
Mask image scanning exposure method
Method of varying stepper exposure dose to compensate for across-wafer variations in photoresist thickness
Extreme ultraviolet soft x-ray projection lithographic method and mask devices
Photo mask pattern designing method, resist pattern fabricating method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Photomask and exposure method for large scaled LCD device
Micro-lithographic method and apparatus using three-dimensional mask
High aspect ratio photolithographic method for high energy implantation
Multilayer electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method, image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the photoreceptor
Toner coagulant processes
Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method
Methods, systems, and computer program products for analyzing and presenting NMR lipoprotein-based risk assessment results
Magnetic disk
Magnetic thin film media with a protective layer of CNx having a plurality of compositions
Optical recording information medium
Optical information medium and making method
Structure and method for transverse field enhancement
Process for making surface mountable electrical devices
Method of manufacturing a luminescent screen for a CRT
Method for forming vertical ferroelectric capacitor comprising forming ferroelectric material in gap between electrodes
Method for transferring and stacking of semiconductor devices
Method for micro-fabricating a pixelless infrared imaging device
Method of making a prismatic capacitor
Bonding materials
Method of forming semiconductor device with LDD structure
Method for avoiding the fluorination of the metal contact of the semiconductor device
Double side polished wafers having external gettering sites, and method of producing same
Chemical mechanical planarization of conductive material
Semiconductor processing methods
Darc layer for MIM process integration
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacturing infrared image sensor
One step deposition process for the top electrode and hardmask in a ferroelectric memory cell
Chemical mechanical polish planarizing method with pressure compensating layer
Method for forming nitride read only memory
Method for forming LDD/offset structure of thin film transistor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device employing a fluorine-based etch substantially free of hydrogen
Method of plasma-processing a board, chip attachment to the board and resin encapsulation of the chip
Microelectronic assembly with pre-disposed fill material and associated method of manufacture
Method of connecting a conductive trace and an insulative base to a semiconductor chip using multiple etch steps
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device using mask pattern having high etching resistance
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with reliable contacts/vias
Method of producing a semiconductor memory device using a self-alignment process
Method and apparatus for fabricating self-aligned contacts in an integrated circuit
Method of enhancing adhesion of a conductive barrier layer to an underlying conductive plug and contact for ferroelectric applications
Method for forming a thin film transistor with a lightly doped drain structure
Fabrication of a metalized blind via
Electronic device assembly and a method of connecting electronic devices constituting the same
Damascene capacitor having a recessed plate
Method of forming transistor gate
Methods for deuterium sintering
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for selectively depositing diffusion barriers
Photo-assisted remote plasma apparatus and method
Dielectric films with low dielectric constants
Backside cannelure to provide for wafer shift detection
Recessed encapsulated microelectronic devices and methods for formation
Method for obtaining a multi-level ROM in an EEPROM process flow
Electrostatic discharge protection in double diffused MOS transistors
High aspect ratio shallow trench using silicon implanted oxide
Method of making upper conductive line in dual damascene having lower copper lines
`Via first` dual damascene process for copper metallization
Residue-free contact openings and methods for fabricating same
Semiconductor devices with dual nature capping/ARC layers on fluorine doped silica glass inter-layer dielectrics and method of forming capping/ARC layers
Local interconnect
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing an EEPROM device
Selectively removable filler layer for BiCMOS process
Method to distinguish an STI outer edge current component with an STI normal current component
Method of manufacturing a mask ROM semiconductor device
Method of forming a three-dimensional polysilicon layer on a semiconductor wafer
Nand-type flash memory device and method of forming the same
Formation of a frontside contact on silicon-on-insulator substrate
Method and apparatus for encapsulating a multi-chip substrate array
IC die analysis via back side circuit construction with heat dissipation
Methods for producing high reliability lead frame and packaging semiconductor die using such lead frame
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Conductive lines, coaxial lines, integrated circuitry, and methods of forming conductive lines, coaxial lines, and integrated circuitry
Method of forming an alignment feature in or on a multilayered semiconductor structure
High voltage power MOSFET having a voltage sustaining region that includes doped columns formed by trench etching and diffusion from regions of oppositely doped polysilicon
Using electrophoresis to produce a conformally coated phosphor-converted light emitting semiconductor
Barrier region for optoelectronic devices
Ultra-thin electrochemical energy storage devices
Non-aqueous electrochemical apparatus and electrolyte thereof
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell, and material for negative electrode used therefor
Hydrogen storage alloy for use in alkaline storage batteries and method for production thereof
Positive active material for use in sealed alkaline storage batteries
Positive electrode and lithium battery using the same
Method and apparatus for isolating a fuel cell assembly from its surroundings
Preconditioning membranes of a fuel cell stack
Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell system and method for wetting and/or cooling a fuel cell stack
Method of discharging reaction water in PEM fuel cells and fuel cell for carrying out the method
Controlled air injection for a fuel cell system
Laser diodes and manufacturing methods
Method for producing wiring configurations having coarse conductor structures and at least one region having fine conductor structures
Chip-type electronic component
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