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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Control handle of a bush cutter and a bush cutter therewith
Washing apparatus and method for cleaning milking related equipment
Apparatus for manufacture of frozen elongated pasta
Retrieval device for use with a compartment or pocket
Accepting device for refrigerator
Bracket for thermal expansion valve bulb
Collapsible seat and system
Safety bow for a children's chair
Adjustable support arm for a vehicle exterior rearview mirror assembly
Over wire hook latching bin or tray
Adjustable supporting mechanism
Apparatus for preparing beverages from soluble preparations with aroma-preserving device
Apparatus for preparing beverages from soluble preparations with improved aroma-preserving device
Juvenile bathing unit
Fundus camera
Onboard fire suppression system with nozzles having pressure-configurable orifices
Ordinary hazard extended coverage sidewall sprinklers and systems
Performing Operations; Transporting
Plastic septic tank having layered composite wall
Horizontal belt vacuum filter with overhead fluid removal
Systems and methods for reducing the particle size of a pozzolan
Faucet spray head
Elongation rolling control method
Method for producing a threaded tubular connection sealed by radial expansion
Porous metal article and method of producing a porous metallic article
One-piece manufacturing process
Sliding nozzle device and plate used for the device
Method and structure for adapting solder column to warped substrate
Method of forming member, valve guide and method of forming the same, and method of forming tubular member
Device and method for green machining bevel gears
Device for positioning components
Impact device and method for generating stress pulse therein
Razor handle and shaver including such a handle
Tools and methods for making and using tools, blades and methods of making and using blades
Rotary laying arm comprising an on-board thread feed means
Surface protection film peeling method and surface protection film peeling device
Apparatus with electrical crush protector and printing press having the apparatus
Ink absorbing particle, material set for recording and recording apparatus
Compact front-operable image forming apparatus
Inkjet head and inkjet head assembly having the same
Droplet discharge device and method of manufacturing droplet discharge device
Method of making an inkjet printhead
Liquid ejection head having substrate with nickel-containing layer
Image forming apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus
Waste ink absorbent member, and waste ink container and ink jet recording apparatus equipped with waste ink absorbent member
Ink supply device and inkjet image recording device
Ink cartridge assemblies
Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
Image forming apparatus
Spine elements for use with albums
Tire with reduced rolling noise
Vehicle door structure
Rear door
Closure assembly for vehicle
Vehicular seat device
Selective remote head restraint actuation
Vehicle front-end upper load path assembly
Securing device for a load system in a cargo compartment of an aircraft, comprising at least one securing catch
Motor vehicle front structure
Vehicular occupant sensing techniques
Side airbag structure
Airbag apparatus with multi-ply airbag cushion
Cooling system, control method of cooling system, and vehicle equipped with cooling system
Bidirectional guidance system with lateral oscillation limiting, for road axle guided by a rail on the ground
Drawing device
Sidewall for a motor vehicle
Fuel efficient hydraulic power steering
Wheeled inverted pendulum mobile unit
Friction clutch and vehicle equipped with the same
Bicycle frame and drive link case therefore
Stabilizing and directional-control surface of aircraft
Aircraft hold with deployable bench to accommodate baggage stowage
Hydrogen compressor system
Partitioned container and method of making same
Suspension device for linked products
Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
Envelope feed apparatus
Hybrid control of sheet transport modules
Printing apparatus having optical sensor unit
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine and method of controlling a washing machine
Door for washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Construction assembly of skim coated prefabricated elements and jointing material, a kit therefor, and method of assembling the same
Thermal barrier
Panel substrates for vehicle finish panels and vehicle finish panels incorporating the same
Delay apparatus for opening of vehicle door
Door latch device for a motor vehicle
Self-driven articulation for an articulated assembly such as a satellite solar panel
Power sliding window assembly with caps
Expandable packer with mandrel undercuts and sealing boost feature
Downhole apparatus with a swellable support structure
System and method for controlling flow in a wellbore
Combined development of oil shale by in situ heating with a deeper hydrocarbon resource
Technique and apparatus to deploy a perforating gun and sand screen in a well
Downhole burner wells for in situ conversion of organic-rich rock formations
Apparatus and methods for collecting a downhole sample
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Deactivating hydraulic lash adjuster for oriented mounting in an engine
Intake pipe structure of internal combustion engine
Muffler device for motorcycle
Exhaust gas purification system for an internal combustion engine
Power source system of internal combustion engine
Control method and system for dual-fuel engine
High vacuum crankcase ventilation
Breather device in engine
Engine with belt/alternator/supercharger system
Opposed piston electromagnetic engine
Control system for a variable compression engine
Engine balance shaft housing and method of assembling same
Engine fuel supply system
Synchromesh device for transmission
Drum brake apparatus
Single motor electronic wedge brake system locking parking force
Vibration damping apparatus
Electric dual input clutch transmission
Anti-rotation mechanism for a closed piston torque converter
Valve with regulating function
Stainless-steel fitting for resin tubes
Connection devices and male-female connection system comprising them
Method for rehabilitating existing pipe
Dialysate bag seal breakage sensor incorporated in dialysate bag management
Rod assembly connector for mounting light emitting display apparatuses
Double-shaft hinge and lamp using the same
Removable LED light module for use in a light fixture assembly
Light source unit, manufacturing method thereof, and display device having the same
Optic system for light guide with controlled output
Surface emission apparatus, light guide, and method of manufacturing light guide
End reflector for a flat panel lens
Optical system for a light emitting diode with collection, conduction, phosphor directing, and output means
Tube shield assembly and method of securing same
Link chute ejection adapter
Ammunition canister and feed system
Shrapnel and projectile containment systems and equipment and methods for producing same
Projectile in particular an anti-infrastructure penetrating bomb and method for penetration of said projectile through a wall
Surface ship, deck-launched anti-torpedo projectile
Supercavitating projectile with reduced-drag control surfaces
Anti-setback spin clip application
North finding device, system and method
Indicator apparatus
Temperature sensor circuit with reference voltage that exhibits the same nonlinear temperature response as the temperature sensor
Method and apparatus for determining temperature in a gas feedstream
Method for controlling solenoid pressure
Device for measuring the axial position of a piston rod relative to a cylinder housing
Quantitative fit test system and method for assessing respirator biological fit factors
Methods for manufacturing unleaky closed containers and leak testing apparatus
Machine tool having a tool checking device
Method for measuring the creep of a thin film inserted between two rigid substrates, with one cantilever end
Device for non-destructive testing of a structure by vibratory analysis
Sensor for quantifying widening reduction wear on a surface
Method for measuring surface smoothness of hair
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for evaluating and optimizing a signaling system
Apparatus and method for automatically self-calibrating a duty cycle circuit for maximum chip performance
Flat-panel optical projection apparatus with reduced distortion
Display apparatus and light control method of the same
Apparatus and method that present projection image
Apparatus and method for controlling CPU speed transition
Methods for adaptive problem determination in distributed service-based applications
Lossless recovery for computer systems with remotely dependent data recovery
Systems and methods for replicating virtual memory on a host computer and debugging using replicated memory
Built-in self test circuit
Method and apparatus for handling SAS/SATA communication deadlock
Computer platform memory access control method and system with memory configuration automatic setting capability
Hierarchical virtual model of a cache hierarchy in a multiprocessor system
Storage system and data management method
Determining when to evict unused items from storage
Method and apparatus to enable I/O agents to perform atomic operations in shared, coherent memory spaces
Encryption of data in a range of logical block addresses
Storage system with multiple copy targeting and disk failure protection
Storage controller, storage control system, and storage control method
Portable high speed internet device integrating cellular telephone and palm top computer
Method and apparatus for importing digital switching system data into a spreadsheet program
Web page display system
Work space formation apparatus
System and method for secure network connectivity
Methods and systems of providing information to computer users
Universal media player
Method and apparatus for characteristics impedance discontinuity reduction in high-speed flexible circuit applications
Method and apparatus for enabling waveform display in a system design model
Delta information design closure integrated circuit fabrication
Layout design apparatus, layout design method, and computer product
Methods for producing equivalent logic designs for FPGAs and structured ASIC devices
Enhanced structural redundancy detection
Method and system for reducing delay noise in an integrated circuit
Use of models in integrated circuit fabrication
Method and apparatus for performing retiming on field programmable gate arrays
Overlay management
Addresses as objects for email messages
Method and apparatus for secure distribution of software
Specialized processing upon an occurrence of an exceptional situation during the course of a computation
Thread interleaving in a multithreaded embedded processor
User interface system and methods for providing notification(s)
Methods and apparatus for multi-threading using differently coded software segments to perform an algorithm
Method and system for displaying integrated log information
Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records and user input of a phone received security code
Time limited business reply mail
Systems and methods for producing and processing time dependent dynamic barcodes in a mail delivery system
System and method to lock TPM always `on` using a monitor
Surface light source device
Flexible display supported by hinged frame
Optical disc cartridge and apparatus having a disc fixing/releasing mechanism for recording or reproducing data
Method for providing and utilizing an electronic lapping guide in a magnetic recording transducer
Multi-stack optical data storage medium and use of such medium
Method of testing memory device
Method of providing crosstalk compensation in a jack
Supporting carriage for a power conducting device, and power conducting device
Inverse function of min*:min*- (inverse function of max*:max*-)
Second stage SOVA detector
Securely processing client credentials used for Web-based access to resources
Non-transferable anonymous credential system with optional anonymity revocation
Marking and identifying web-based authentication forms
Method and apparatus for providing secure streaming data transmission facilities using unreliable protocols
System and method for authentication of JPEG image data
Communications control method and information relaying device for communications network system
Systems and methods for operating a peripheral record/playback device in a networked multimedia system
Data reception apparatus, data communication apparatus, information presentation apparatus, television control apparatus, data reception method, data communication method, information presentation method, and television control method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and system for electronic pasteurization
Driving system and actuator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Lens-free ion collision cell
Method and apparatus for screening combinatorial libraries for semiconducting properties
Feedback control system for ultrasound probe
Method of optimizing a mail sorting process
Method and apparatus for removal of mold flash
Small hole electrical discharge machining method and small hole electrical discharge machining apparatus
Resistance welding fastener electrode
Laser trimming program generation method
Method of producing a printer head
Method and apparatus for drilling microvia holes in electrical circuit interconnection packages
Method of laser welding
Method for bonding heat sinks to overmolds and device formed thereby
Two-layered elastic tubular covering for electric components, in particular terminations for electric cables, and related manufacturing method and mounting
Laser-scribing process for rubber and thermoplastic materials such as a hose
Hybrid car and dynamo-electric machine
Method and apparatus for providing and storing power in a vehicle
Circuit arrangement for supplying electric power to a network comprising a fuel cell and an accumulator system
Process for the capacitive object detection in the case of vehicles
Occupant detection system
Electrical wiring system for the drive unit in vehicles
Wiper control apparatus
Angle sensor
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering controller
Device for disconnecting a neutral point of a motor
Methods of sampling specimens for microanalysis
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Laser welding of fused quartz
Surface treatment anneal of hydrogenated silicon-oxy-carbide dielectric layer
Method and apparatus for fine feature spray deposition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for controlling a synchronous machine using a changeable cycle-conduction angle
Inductive measurement of armature travel within a solenoid valve
Pressure control system using input current sensing
Rotation sensing device of fan apparatus adapted to chamber of handler
Light guide for use with backlit display
Magnetic detection apparatus with multiple pole projection guide
Magnetoresistive sensor for measuring relative displacement of construction parts
Linear output non-contacting angular position sensor
Pedal position sensor with magnet movable relative to a magnetic field sensor located in a stator channel
Display controller including a multifunctional encoder
Linear position sensor assembly
Device and method for detecting rotation angle
System and method for measuring liquid metal levels or the like
Load cell diagnostics and failure prediction weighing apparatus and process
Adjustable bore capillary discharge
Infrared imaging device
Infrared detector with feedback
Transition edge detector technology for high performance IR focal plane arrays
High temperature circuit structures with expansion matched SiC, AlN and/or AlxGa1-xN(x>0.69) circuit device
Ultra high pressure transducers
Method and assembly for gas detection via a convergent birefringent filter
Method and apparatus for nondestructive determination of polymer hydrolytic stability
Correction method of scanning electron microscope
Structure for FIB based microanalysis and method for manufacturing it
Method and apparatus for on-line monitoring of quality and/or condition of highly resistive fluids
Apparatus and method for determining a drying time of a piece of wood
Sensor and sensor system for liquid conductivity, temperature and depth
Method and device for measuring the acidity or basicity of insulating fluids, particularly mineral and synthetic oils
System and method for capacitance sensing of pavement density
Electroosmotic fluidic device and related methods
Apparatus with separated conductors
Unit with inspection probe blocks mounted thereon in parallel
Circuit test light
Passive system for the detection and indication of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations and static electricity
System and method for sensing and controlling potential differences between a space object and its space plasma environment using micro-fabricated field emission devices
Method of burning in an integrated circuit chip package
Method and apparatus for resisting probe burn using shape memory alloy probe during testing of an electronic device
Inspection device for wiring of an integrated circuit
Apparatus, method, and wafer used for testing integrated circuits formed on a product wafer
Testing apparatus and method of measuring operation timing of semiconductor device
Modular self-diagnostic and test switch assembly for controlling inverter operations
Reverse inertial load test
Method of testing a lead battery for the purpose of charging it under optimal conditions
Magnetic field sensor with perpendicular axis sensitivity, comprising a giant magnetoresistance material or a spin tunnel junction
Temperature compensated magnetic field apparatus for NMR measurements
NQR method and apparatus for testing a sample by applying multiple excitation blocks with different delay times
Magnetic resonance imaging method for imaging time-dependent contrast
Method of producing magnetic resonance images
High count rate gamma camera system
Electrical voltages and resistances measured to inspect metallic cased wells and pipelines
Well logging system for determining directional resistivity using multiple transmitter-receiver groups focused with magnetic reluctance material
Arrangement for scanning a specimen receiving device
Light receiving module includes a signal processing semiconductor element
Cable sealing cover including stress relief
Method for structuring transparent electrode layers
Dynamic control of polarization of an optical signal
Semiconductor device having at least a pixel unit and a driver circuit unit over a same substrate
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Thin film transistor, liquid crystal display panel, and manufacturing method of thin film transistor
Method of determining movement sequence and apparatus for realizing it
Lithographic projection apparatus equipped with extreme ultraviolet window serving simultaneously as vacuum window
High contrast alignment marks having flexible placement
Brushless alternating current electric servo motor drive
Correction system of resistance inaccuracy in an integrated circuit process
Voltage level detector and voltage generator using the same
Clock selection circuit for eliminating short clock signal generated when switching clock signals produced by one clock generator to another clock generator
Uni-sized clock buffers
Clock signal generating circuit using variable delay circuit
Phase lock loop system and method
Clamp to secure carrier to device for electromagnetic coupler
Method and apparatus for automatic high-speed bypass routing in a cell matrix self-configurable hardware system
Interconnect circuitry for implementing bit-swap functions in a field programmable gate array and method of operation
Device with integrated circuit protected against attacks made by the controlled destruction of an additional layer
Stress-free silicon wafer and a die or chip made therefrom and method
System and method for automatic vehicle unlock initiated via beam interruption
Display device
Method and apparatus for vertical S linearity correction with no external components
AC type plasma display panel
AC type plasma display panel
Data driver circuit for a plasma display device
Electro-optical element driving circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic device
Closed loop spindle motor acceleration control in a disc drive
Optical pickup position control method
Magneto-resistive device having soft reference layer
Isolating phase change material memory cells
CMOS SRAM cell with prescribed power-on data state
One cell programmable switch using non-volatile cell with unidirectional and bidirectional states
Track and hold circuit
Method and apparatus for initializing an integrated circuit using compressed data from a remote fusebox
Method for generating internal clock of semiconductor memory device and circuit thereof
Container and method for transporting a syringe containing radioactive material
Container for transporting antiprotons and reaction trap
Power superconducting power transmission cable
High-strength light-weight conductor and twisted and compressed conductor
Chip type electronic part
Array resistor network
Use of non-ion-implanted resistive silicon oxynitride films as resistors
Continuous multi-turn coils
Electrical equipment winding structure providing improved cooling fluid flow
Switch exhibition non-unidirectional displacement
Thermal protector
Waterproof switch
Sheet shaped key top
Motor terminal fixture
Rocker switch
Switching device
Safety switch
Fuse having improved fuse housing
Protective cover and fuse box
Injection cold emitter with negative electron affinity based on wide-gap semiconductor structure with controlling base
Plasma display apparatus
Surface discharge type plasma display panel with blue luminescent area substantially wider than red and green luminescent areas
Plasma display panel
Frame for color cathode-ray tube having two-stepped beads for improving impact and vibration character
Inner shield for color CRT
Cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube having a frame/mask assembly
Flat cathode ray tube
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Electron gun for CRT with helical multi-lens electrode assembly
Deflection coil having a winding window
Deflection yoke for braun tube
Glass funnel having arch-like ridge portions and cathode ray tube using same
Display and method of manufacture
Ion generation chamber
Sample holder, sample mount and sample mount jig for use in electron microscope
Beam column for charged particle beam device
Focused ion beam apparatus having a gas injector in which one of a plurality of nozzles can be selectively driven for elevation
Redundant printing in e-beam lithography
Plasma processing method and apparatus for eliminating damages in a plasma process of a substrate
Apparatus and method for measuring substrate biasing during plasma processing of a substrate
Reduced particulate etching
Direct detection of low-energy charged particles using metal oxide semiconductor circuitry
Coaxial multiple reflection time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Method of trapping ions in an ion trapping device
Mass spectrometer with multipole rod type ion lens
Electric discharge lamp with forked contacts
Electric high-pressure discharge lamp
Electric lamp with light source extinguishing arrangement and method of operating same
Compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
Cold-emission film-type cathode and method for producing the same
Plasma display panel enabled to tightly combine two plates together and the method for fabricating the same
Four-terminal system for reading the state of a phase qubit
Increasing the brightness of III-nitride light emitting devices
Trench DMOS structure with peripheral trench with no source regions
Use of selective oxidation conditions for dielectric conditioning
Semiconductor structure and process for forming a metal oxy-nitride dielectric layer
Low cost bias technique for dual plate integrated capacitors
Vertical semiconductor component with source-down design and corresponding fabrication method
Semiconductor device and GaN-based field effect transistor for use in the same
Low-profile semiconductor device
Stepped photoresist profile and opening formed using the profile
Semiconductor device having transistor
EEPROM type non-volatile memory cell and corresponding production method
Cylindrical capacitor and method for fabricating same
Field-effect transistor having multi-part channel
Trench MOSFET formed using selective epitaxial growth
Premold type semiconductor package
Laser defined pads for flip chip on leadframe package
Semiconductor device
Partial slot cover for encapsulation process
Semiconductor device and the method for manufacturing the same
Bonding pad structure of semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having adhesive inflow preventing means
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device comprising capacitor cells, bit lines, word lines, and MOS transistors in a memory cell area over a semiconductor substrate
Etch-stopped SOI back-gate contact
Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing method
Schottky diode on a silicon carbide substrate
Semiconductor device with lightly doped drain layer
Semiconductor processing methods, methods of forming electronic components, and transistors
Fine protuberance structure and method of production thereof
III-V nitride based semiconductor light emitting device
Diffusion prevention film and a semiconductor storage device
Dielectric layer for a semiconductor device having less current leakage and increased capacitance
Semiconductor device capacitor with high permittivity tantalum pentoxide/niobium pentoxide dielectric
Integrated circuit having optimized gate coupling capacitance
Manufacturing process for borderless vias with respect to underlying metal
Self-aligned nitride pattern for improved process window
Structure and method for a compact trench-capacitor DRAM cell with body contact
Chip interconnect wiring structure with low dielectric constant insulator and methods for fabricating the same
Use of sion for preventing copper contamination of dielectric layer
Semiconductor integrated circuit with an insulation structure having reduced permittivity
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Rectifier unit of vehicle AC generator
Semiconductor package
Locking of mold compound to conductive substrate panels
Thin semiconductor package with semiconductor chip and electronic discrete device
Chip size semiconductor packages with stacked dies
Semiconductor apparatus and electronic system
Controlled impedance leads in a leadframe for high frequency applications
Housing for semiconductor chips
Packages formed by attaching a semiconductor chip to a leadframe with a footprint of about the same size as the chip
Solder ball landpad design to improve laminate performance
Integrated circuit device having reduced bow and method for making same
Bond pad having vias usable with antifuse process technology
Semiconductor device packaging assembly
Semiconductor device with resin package
Interdigitated leads-over-chip lead frame, device, and method for supporting an integrated circuit die
Mounting structure for an electronic component having an external terminal electrode
180 degree bump placement layout for an integrated circuit power grid
Alignment and orientation features for a semiconductor package
Bipolar transistor with an insulated gate electrode
Use of sic for preventing copper contamination of dielectric layer
Integrated circuit chip wiring structure with crossover capability and method of manufacturing the same
Metal redistribution layer having solderable pads and wire bondable pads
Chip scale stacking system and method
Method and device for addressable failure site test structure
Inspectable buried test structures and methods for inspecting the same
Ferroelectric capacitor plasma charging monitor
Device and method of low voltage SCR protection for high voltage failsafe ESD applications
Substrate resistance ring
Image sensor
ESD protection networks with NMOS-bound or PMOS-bound diode structures in a shallow-trench-isolation (STI) CMOS process
Electrostatic discharge protection device having a graded junction and method for forming the same
Embedded SCR protection device for output and input pad
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Integrated circuit configuration and method for manufacturing it
Semiconductor device for reducing leak currents and controlling a threshold voltage and using a thin channel structure
Static-type semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device having a solid state image sensing device and manufacturing method thereof
Image sensing array with sweep means for sweeping charges in non selected registers in the array
Led lamp
Organic semiconductor devices using ink-jet printing technology and device and system employing same
Bipolar junction transistors for on-chip electrostatic discharge protection and methods thereof
Semiconductor device and power amplifier using the same
Bidirectional semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Insulated gate field effect semiconductor device
Non-linear gain compensation for optical scanners
Ferroelectric capacitors on protruding portions of conductive plugs having a smaller cross-sectional size than base portions thereof
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescence conversion element
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Multi-output composite piezoelectric transformer with expansion vibration mode
Battery pack with monitoring function utilizing association with a battery charging system
Circuit and device for protecting secondary battery
Mechanism for assuring proper loading of battery packs in electronic equipment
Device for connecting a window with electrical functions
Semiconductor chip carrier affording a high-density external interface
Night lamp with a revolving switch
Connection structure of coated electric wire
Switching system using laser induced discharge
Structure for protecting and guiding flat cable of traveling module
Outlet box cover with mounting clips
Apparatus for detecting arcing and overcurrents in dc electrical systems subject to cyclic disturbances
Voltage regulation of a utility power network
Apparatus and methods for determining appropriate timing for recharging rechargeable batteries
Method and apparatus for controlling a charge current of a battery in a portable chargeable electronic unit
Medical device battery system including a secondary power supply
Apparatus and method for providing a mobile AC power supply
Multi-functional AC/DC converter
Emergency power system, and system for automatically detecting whether or not failure of single cell occurs in battery for use in the system
Electric motor-driven mechanism
Design for frameless cartridge motors
Stator bar header with hollow strand package
Self-unloading magnetic coupler
DC fan motor and method of manufacturing same
Sealed motor rotor with ball bearing
High temperature superconducting rotor power leads
Geared motor
Driver circuit for a power element connected to an inductive load
Step-up circuit
DC-to-DC converter with constant ripple current regulation for continuous and discontinuous conduction mode operation
Interleaved power converters incorporating bang-bang control
Inductive load driving circuit
Controlling magnetizing current in a transformer by comparing the difference between first and second positive peak values of the magnetizing current with a threshold
Sensorless vector control system of induction motor and method thereof
DC motor control apparatus
DC voltage level shifter
Multilevel DC link inverter
Control of a brushless motor
Non-linear distortion generator
CMOS transconductor with increased dynamic range
Calibration circuit
Impedance converter circuit
Dynamic line termination with self-adjusting impedance
Apparatus and method for impedance control
Converter for surface acoustic waves
Piezoelectric resonator and electronic device incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for generating a signal having at least one desired output frequency utilizing a bank of vibrating micromechanical devices
Methods and apparatus for preventing inadvertent activation of power devices
High speed charging/discharging circuit having a capacitive element to provide a negative reference potential
Noise suppression circuit for suppressing above-ground noises
Configurable PCI clamp or high voltage tolerant I/O circuit
Transient gate tunneling current control
Constant impedance driver for high speed interface
Fully programmable I/O pin with memory
Programmable logic device with hierarchical interconnection resources
Complement reset latch
Clock signal producing circuit immediately producing clock signal synchronized with input signal
Output circuit for a transmission system
Gimbaled scanning system and method
High voltage flash detection
Method and system for gating a sensor using a gating signal
Method and system for controlling a light source
Power supply and LED lamp device
Thin-film EL device, and its fabrication process
Lighting entertainment system
Safety shield assembly for electrical apparatus
Lighting system
Circuit arrangement
Adaptive control for half-bridge universal lamp drivers
Electronic ballast with intermediate circuit regulation
Electronic ballast with lamp run-up current regulation
High intensity discharge lamp magnetic/electronic ballast
Bond-ply structure for interconnection of circuit layer pairs with conductive inks
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew