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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Transgenic organism expressing fungal MRP-like ABC transporters
Emulsions of oil-in-water for cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions
Method for manufacturing sausages, and container for containing sausages to be processed
Acid beverage composition utilizing an aqueous protein component
Clip device for endoscope and clip for endoscope for use therein
Rotating ring ligament fixation
Tissue specimen isolating and damaging device and method
Activity-induced energy expenditure estimating instrument
Compositions, systems, and kits for administering zotarolimus and paclitaxel to blood vessel lumens
Self-retaining stent
Patient-support apparatus having line management system
Identification of genotype-selective anti-tumor agents
Imidazole derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Fused bicyclic-substituted amines as histamine-3 receptor ligands
Method for treating atherosclerosis employing an aP2 inhibitor and combination
Heterocyclic compounds having inhibitory activity against HIV integrase
Method for the antibiotic coating of bodies with interconnecting microcavities as well as coated bodies and their usage
Particulate acellular tissue matrix
Method for treating disorders and diseases treatable with human fibroblast interferon
Use of serum amyloid a gene in diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma and identification of anti-glaucoma agents
Death domain containing receptors
Adjuvant systems and vaccines
Sulfacetamide formulations for treatment of rosacea
Pharmaceutical preparation in the form of a suspension comprising an acid-labile active ingredient
Controlled release ceramic particles, compositions thereof, processes of preparation and methods of use
Blood processing systems and methods that alternate flow of blood component and additive solution through an in-line leukofilter
Connector device
Positive push medical valve with internal seal
Safety system for a blood collection device
Device for administering an injectable product
Pyrrolidinyl, piperidinyl or homopiperidinyl substituted (benzodioxan, benzofuran or benzopyran) derivatives
Micropigment mixtures
Fully-neutralized ionomers for use in golf ball having a large core and a thin, dense layer
Compositions for use in golf balls
Method and gaming device of operating a multiple round game that includes diminishing selection sets
Method and apparatus for providing an advantage to a player in a bonus game
Electronic game and method for playing a game based upon removal and replacing symbols in the game metrix
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for evaluating cation-exchange resin and method for controlling water treatment system using the same
Disposable filter within a removable chamber
Filter control apparatus
Exhaust gas purification device for an internal combustion engine and exhaust gas purification method for an internal combustion engine
Production of crystalline materials by using high intensity ultrasound
Preparation of multimodal polymer dispersions using polymeric stabilizer, and use thereof
Applicator with spring-mounted nozzle lip
Apparatus and method for seaming a metal end onto a composite can
Self-advancing step-tap tool
Rotary tapered tool holder
Apparatus and method for extruding a multilayered structure
Optical filter
Multilayer composites with special visual effects
Homogenously branched ethylene polymer carpet backsizing compositions
Flexible electric paper display apparatus
Fabric care composition comprising a polysaccharide-grafted polymer particle
Nonmagnetic powder comprising acicular iron and having specific porosity for a magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing same, and magnetic recording medium using same
Multilayer densified surface to improve air flow resistance and structural properties
Printing tape, tape cartridge provided therewith, and tape printing apparatus
Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
Liquid container with internal liquid pack
Method of filling liquid into liquid containing member, liquid filling apparatus and method of inspecting liquid containing member
Eliminating printability of sub-resolution defects in imprint lithography
Foldable shipping container bulkhead
Multi-focal lens for bi-functional headlamp
Method for fractionating single-wall carbon nanotubes
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process conditions for Pt-Re bimetallic water gas shift catalysts
System for converting fuel and air into reformate
System for converting fuel and air into reformate
Cement composition for use with a formate-based drilling fluid comprising an alkaline buffering agent
Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer electronic component
Preparation of optically active amines
Hydrocracking of diphenylalkanes
Processes for the recovery of optically active diacyltartaric acids
Process for the removal of oxygen from olefin-containing process streams
Para-xylene process using perm-selective separations
Inhibitors of caspases
Method for the synthesis of perindopril and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Antibacterial agents
.delta.-crystalline form of ivabradine hydrochloride, a process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing it
Oxa-and thiadiazoles and their use as metalloproteinase inhibitors
Processes for the preparation of paclitaxel
Schweinfurthin analogues
MEN1, the gene associated with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1, menin polypeptides and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding human TNF-.alpha. convertase
Preparation derived from shark cartilage for treatment of diseased related to excessive PHF or excessive intracellular calcium
Truncated fragments of alpha-synuclein in Lewy body disease
Aqueous polyurethane coating compositions
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulator film, and semiconductor device
Aqueous dispersions of fluoropolymers
Crosslinking of unsaturated polymers by the use of hydroxylamine-esters
Grafting-modified cyclic polymer, process for producing the same, and curable composition
Latex particles having incorporated image stabilizers
Silicon-based composition, low dielectric constant film, semiconductor device, and method for producing low dielectric constant film
Reactor for chemical conversion of a feed with added heat, and crosswise flow of feed and catalyst
Metathesis depolymerizable surfactants
Flow cell array and the utilization thereof for multianalyte determination
Process for producing a substrate for attachment of cells
Vector constructs
Fermentative production of mannitol
Process for formation of pattern of polyhydroxyalkanoate
Nucleic acid adsorbent; methods for adsorbing, removing, dissociating, and recovering nucleic acids using the same; and method for regenerating the same
Methods of forming circular nucleic acid probes and uses thereof
Electroplating apparatus with segmented anode array
Relaxed silicon germanium substrate with low defect density
Textiles; Paper
Stain-masking cut resistant fabrics and articles and processes for making same
Fixed Constructions
Reinforcing device and a bifacial reinforcing unit for earthworks and a method for the production of a reinforced earthwork
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for ride-through operation of a complementary device to a transient power source
Scroll fluid machine
Adjustable steering tie-rod with longitudinal locking device
Cross joint
Damper apparatus
Boot for constant velocity universal joint
Variable damper
Power train system having creeper module
Apparatus for differential power distribution
Limited slip differential
Travel working machine
Night vision system for motor vehicles
Backlight unit and method for controlling temperature thereof
Light source for projector and projection type image display apparatus using thereof
Vehicular headlamp employing semiconductor light-emitting element having improved light distribution
Surface light source device and display
Liquid crystal display and assembly thereof
Method for weighing items moving over a weighing plate in succession
Low power phototransistor-based welding helmet providing reduced sensitivity to low intensity light and sharp phototransistor response to high intensity light
Sensing photons from objects in channels
Material composition analysis system and method
Electrochemical cell
Making a matrix of random encoded arrays
Input by-pass circuit for a current probe
Signal detection circuit and signal detection method
Methods and systems for determining a property of an insulating film
Method and measuring appliance for locating enclosed objects
Method and apparatus for testing liquid crystal display device
Contact pin assembly and contactor card
Method for testing the serviceability of transducers
Accumulated current counter and method thereof
Semiconductor device and electronics device
Testing method and testing apparatus
Measuring method and measuring arrangement for measuring currents with a large dynamic range
Integrated three-dimensional magnetic sensing device and method to fabricate an integrated three-dimensional magnetic sensing device
Radiation detection by dual-faced scintillation
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging data processing method
System, method, software arrangement and computer-accessible medium for providing real-time motion correction by utilizing clover leaf navigators
Method of effecting nuclear magnetic resonance experiments using Cartesian feedback
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Dynamic range and contrast enhancement for microdisplay
System and method for driving semiconductor laser sources for displays
Methods and systems for improving operation of a video projector
Projector, method of controlling the projector, program for controlling the projector, and recording medium storing the program
Lighting optical system
Copolymer for use in chemical amplification resists
Low activation energy dissolution modification agents for photoresist applications
Substrate for electrophotographic photoreceptor, process for producing the substrate, and electrophotographic photoreceptor employing the substrate
Method for producing toner, toner and printed matter
Power supply circuit
Power supply control circuit and control method thereof
Method and system for minimizing an amount of data needed to test data against subarea boundaries in spatially composited digital video
Tapping to create writing
Manipulating association of data with a physical object
XOR circuit
Multi-biometric finger sensor including electric field sensing pixels and associated methods
Multi-biometric finger sensor apparatus and associated methods
Global positioning systems applications
Road-ice detecting sensor, method for installing same, and road-ice detecting method
Field emission display apparatus with improved white balance
Circuit and method for driving pixel of organic electroluminescent display
Image display apparatus using current-controlled light emitting element
Electro-optical device, circuit for driving electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display having gray voltages and driving apparatus and method thereof
Signal processing circuit, low-voltage signal generator, and image display incorporating the same
Display device for displaying a plurality of images on one screen
Display driver and electro-optical device
Automatic accompaniment apparatus and a storage device storing a program for operating the same
Magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording device, and method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Powder for underlayer of coating-type magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium comprising the same
Dynamic pattern generator for controllably reflecting charged-particles
Conductive ink composition
Soft magnetic metallic glass alloy
Noise rejection device and cellular phone including the noise rejection device
Cable limiter and crab limiter employing replaceable fusible element
Amorphous diamond materials and associated methods for the use and manufacture thereof
Ion implanter, and angle measurement apparatus and beam divergence measurement apparatus for ion implanter
Mass spectrometer multiple device interface for parallel configuration of multiple devices
Scribe-line structures and methods of forming the same
Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing the same and interline transfer CCD image sensor
Wafer machining adhesive tape, and its manufacturing method and using method
Surface emitting laser package having integrated optical element and alignment post
Imageable bottom anti-reflective coating for high resolution lithography
Method of growing a semiconductor layer
Photo-coupler semiconductor device and production method therefor
Methods of forming channels on an integrated circuit die and die cooling systems including such channels
Method for fabricating packaged die
Image sensor having inner lens
Methods of forming conductive interconnects, and methods of depositing nickel
Method of forming a capacitor
UV-activated dielectric layer
Coating process for patterned substrate surfaces
Method of forming a field effect transistor including depositing and removing insulative material effective to expose transistor gate conductive material but not transistor gate semiconductor material
Pattern density control using edge printing processes
Method of selective formation of compound semiconductor-on-silicon wafer with silicon nanowire buffer layer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of forming a conductive via plug
Poly filled substrate contact on SOI structure
Copper clad laminate
Substrate conductive post formation
Screen printing method of forming conductive bumps
Stacked die in die BGA package
Method and apparatus for material deposition in semiconductor fabrication
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including air space formed around gate electrode
Device having contact pad with a conductive layer and a conductive passivation layer
Semiconductor substrates including I/O redistribution using wire bonds and anisotropically conductive film, methods of fabrication and assemblies including same
Semiconductor structures
Adjustable self-aligned air gap dielectric for low capacitance wiring
Trench isolation structure for a semiconductor device with reduced sidewall stress and a method of manufacturing the same
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) read only memory (ROM) array and method of making a SOI ROM
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and a method of the same
Interposer for interconnecting components in a memory card
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Heat dissipation structure for electronic device
Semiconductor stacked die/wafer configuration and packaging and method thereof
Substrates and systems to minimize signal path discontinuities
Liquid crystal display panel
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Plasma treatment at film layer to reduce sheet resistance and to improve via contact resistance
Ultralow dielectric constant layer with controlled biaxial stress
Method of forming a low k polymer E-beam printable mechanical support
Mask-programmable logic device with programmable portions
Solid-state imaging device and camera
Semiconductor device
Silicon-on-insulator wafer having reentrant shape dielectric trenches
Semiconductor integrated circuit having layout in which buffers or protection circuits are arranged in concentrated manner
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Active matrix display devices, and their manufacture
Heterobipolar transistor and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting device having a layer of photonic crystals and a region of diffusing material and method for fabricating the device
Microelectronic package having multiple conductive paths through an opening in a support substrate
Sustain driver, sustain control system, and plasma display
Field effect transistor
Semiconductor device
Low resistance semiconductor process and structures
Semiconductor device having improved insulated gate bipolar transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Light emitting device and illuminator using the same
Small piezoelectric air pumps with unobstructed airflow
Method for controlling an actuator and control device belonging thereto
Backing, transducer array and method for thermal survival
Organic EL devices and production process thereof
Nanocomposite electrolyte membrane and fuel cell employing the same
Cooling structure for fuel cell vehicle
Exhaust gas processing device for fuel cell
Transmission line voltage controlled nonlinear signal processors
System and method for providing a distributed loaded monopole antenna
Remote-control device, particularly remote-control central lock for motor vehicles
Motorized, retractable antenna system for recreational and similar vehicles
Vehicle roof antenna with a mounting part for an antenna rod with simultaneous securing of a cover hood
Triple-band embedded antenna
Cavity embedded antenna
Planar antenna apparatus
Tapered slot antenna end caps
Phase shifter module whose linear polarization and resonant length are varied by means of MEMS switches
Card edge coaxial connector
Telecommunications patch
Electrical energy disconnection device
Fuse holder for flat fuses
Brush device for rotary electric machine
Method and apparatus for PWM drive
Low voltage differential signal driver with high power supply rejection ration
Programmable capacitors and methods of using the same
Class AB operational buffer
Current feedback amplifiers
Driver circuit
Efficient multiplexer for programmable chips
Efficient 4:1 multiplexer for programmable chips
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
Switchable high pass configuration and an optical receiver with a switchable high pass configuration
Compound semiconductor switching circuit device
Voltage, temperature, and process independent programmable phase shift for PLL
Mixed-mode analog offset cancellation for data conversion systems
Dynamic bias circuit
Content independent data compression method and system
Method and apparatus for converting parallel data to serial data in high speed applications
Device for detecting a photonic flux with self-adaptive scanning
Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable program for implementing the control method
Multiple resolution optical imager using single size image elements
Imaging apparatus with delay and processor to weight lines of delayed image data
Bi-level and full-color video combination for video communication
Systems and methods for computer-assisted meeting capture
Ultrasound probe
Plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide
Method and device for driving a gas discharge lamp
Method for driving backlight unit
Complex home appliance and method of controlling and installing the same
Radiographic imaging apparatus
Hyperthermal neutral beam source and method of operating
Folded substrate with interposer package for integrated circuit devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for improving diagnoses
Device for shaping infarcted heart tissue and method of using the device
Thermal sensor positioning in a microwave waveguide
Detection of stroke events using diffuse optical tomagraphy
Wireless medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment
IR spectroscopic endoscope with inflatable balloon
Living body function measurement method
Method for determining analyte concentration using periodic temperature modulation and phase detection
Robust stain detection and quantification for histological specimens based on a physical model for stain absorption
Non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters
Quantitative method and apparatus for measuring QT intervals from ambulatory electrocardiographic recordings
Apparatus for processing body signals
Sliding-dome and split-top MRI radio frequency quadrature array coil system
Device for cushioning of compression surfaces
Radiographic image diagnosis apparatus capable of displaying a projection image in a similar position and direction as a fluoroscopic image
Diffraction enhanced x-ray imaging of articular cartilage
Section reconstruction method and radiographic apparatus
X-ray mammography apparatus with a compression plate that automatically adjusts to uniformly apply pressure
Methodology to optimize positioning of multi-detector gamma cameras utilizing tangential detector motion
Pulmonary vein arrhythmia diagnostic device and method for use
Steam generating device for use in sauna
Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
Ultrasound echogenic cardiac lead
High speed telemetry system
Single complex electrogram display having a sensing threshold for an implantable medical device
Network compatible RF wireless link for medical device data management
Bi-directional telemetry system and method for transmitting data at high transmission rate
Edge extension of intensity map for radiation therapy with a modulating multi-leaf collimator
Fractional monitor unit radiation delivery control using dose rate modulation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ozone catalytic converter unit of optimal design
Method and device for recognition of delivery data on mail matter
Cutting and sorting automation system and method for manufacturing a liquid crystal device using the same
Blow molding method for superplastic material and system
Process and apparatus for the automatic measurement of processing and workpiece characteristics when grinding gears
Surveillant concurrent engineering process tool for environment rendering (SCEPTER) for resin flow monitoring in composites
Maintenance method for image forming system and image forming apparatus employed in said image forming system
End to end binding using imaging material and continuous sheet printing
Traction control system
Method and system for an in-vehicle computing architecture
System for selecting between automatic and manual control of a number of gear ratios of a semiautomatic transmission
Failure diagnosis apparatus
Image processing system for estimating the energy transfer of an occupant into an airbag
Apparatus and method for determining condition of road surface
Diagnosing brake problems from minor wheel slip variations
Apparatus and method for detecting abnormality in a position detection device
System for controlling a vessel
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundaries and a computer process for implementing same
Elliptical satellite system which emulates the characteristics of geosynchronous satellites
Miniature attitude sensing suite
Point of sale product personalization system
Apparatus and method of distributed object handling
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Skull pot for melting or refining inorganic substances
Application of silane-enhanced adhesion promoters for optical fibers and fiber ribbons
Textiles; Paper
Clean garment managing system air shower room and computer readable record medium
Method of carrying out an optimized fiber or paper manufacturing process
Fixed Constructions
Automated bore planning method and apparatus for horizontal directional drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for forming image including rotational member using electroconductive rolling bearing
Shift control apparatus of automatic transmission for vehicle
Pressure control system and control method for a multiple-ratio transmission with pre-staged ratio shifts
Emergency driving device for motor vehicles
Water heater
Method for determining launch system velocity, acceleration and displacement certification parameters
Method for dynamic autocalibration of a multi-sensor tracking system and apparatus incorporating it therein
Method and apparatus for identification of hazards along an intended travel route
Device for use with a portable inertial navigation system (PINS) and method for processing PINS signals
Algorithm for determining travel direction for automobiles
Information furnishing apparatus for coping with emergency during car driving
Position and heading error-correction method and apparatus for vehicle navigation systems
Method and system for exchanging routing data between end users
Route guiding explanation device and route guiding explanation system
Delta height bias and terrain floor generators for a ground proximity warning system
Device and method for digital position measuring
Scalable code absolute logic function (SCALF) encoder
Process parameter sensor apparatus, methods and computer program products using force filtering
Fluid level measuring system for machines
Liquid gauging apparatus using a time delay neural network
Device and method for optical performance monitoring in an optical communications network
Method and apparatus for detecting spark failure based on the number of crankshaft revolutions
Method and device for taking into account friction losses during the simulation of masses on stationary test benches
Produce recognition method
Cell designs for optical biosensors
Method and apparatus for quantitatively evaluating scintillation, antiglare film and method of producing the same
Analysis device which uses X-ray fluorescence
Combinatorial material analysis using X-ray capillary optics
Method of determining a crystallographic quality of a material located on a substrate
Neural network based multi-criteria optimization image reconstruction technique for imaging two- and three-phase flow systems using electrical capacitance tomography
Measurement of lateral yarn density distribution
Sampling inspection managing system
Device and method for automatic calibration of a microelectromechanical structure included in a control loop
Apparatus and method for determining compliance margin of a waveform relative to a standard
Energy meter having programmable functions
Method of estimating signal frequency
Test executive system and method including process models for improved configurability
Semiconductor integrated circuit with IP test circuit
Systems and methods for facilitating testing of pad receivers of integrated circuits
Automatic adjustment of velocity scale and pulse repetition frequency for doppler ultrasound spectrograms
Split PPS/SPS architecture for military aircraft flying in civilian airspace
Microprocessor and microcontroller stabilized geophysical instruments
Methods of tomographically inverting picked events on migrated seismic data
Optical switch
Molecular fluorine laser
Holey optical fibers
Optical fiber for metropolitan and access network systems
Compound semiconductor optical waveguide switch
Laser direct writing of planar lightwave circuits
Tuning of optical waveguide devices containing an organic material
Sheathed optical fiber cutting method and apparatus
Ferrule connection type optical isolator with optical fiber
Compound optical and electrical conductors, and connectors therefor
Optical waveguide element, a three-dimensional optical waveguide circuit and optical system
Optical device with optical fibers and rod lenses
Self-aligned fiber optic connector for NxM arrays
Wide-bandwidth chirped fiber Bragg gratings with low delay ripple amplitude
Optical switch
Optical integrated circuit device having protrusion, fabrication method of the same and module of optical communication transmission and receiving apparatus using the same
Device and method for improved long term signal attenuation performance of fiber optic cable and apparatus interfaces
Water-resistant cable
Optical fiber ribbon assembly with strain relief
Method for producing non-linear optical organic crystal film
Camera having oversized imager and method
Information processing method, information processing system, electronic device, and cartridge
Design rule generation system and recording medium recording program thereof
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method thereof
Image forming apparatus
User detection system for an image-forming machine
Method of detecting life of image bearing member, image forming apparatus and cartridge
Image forming apparatus which sets parameters for the formation of paper
Reassembled toner cartridge and method of manufacture
Two-component developing device, image forming apparatus, and stirring screw thereof
Apparatus and method for supplying new and recovered toner to a developing device
Image forming apparatus using liquid developer
Powder image transfer system with heat exchanger
Image-forming apparatus and fixing unit with heat circulator for high heat exchange efficiency
Fixing apparatus
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively performing an image fixing process
Fixing device that uniformly heats unfixed toner images along a fixing nip portion
Heating roller for fixing a toner image and method of manufacturing the same
Image forming apparatus and paper carrying controlling method for achieving high speed both sides printing with a limited number of drive sources
Image forming method and apparatus with toner recycling unit
Recording and reproducing apparatus and time calibration method of recording and reproducing apparatus
Adaptive feedback/feedforward PID controller
Process for the processing of safety-relevant data
Distributed optimization system and method
Method and system for remote gas monitoring
Method and apparatus for dynamic model building based on machine disturbances for run-to-run control of semiconductor devices
Method for automatically shutting down a machine during an operator's absence
Method of detecting and controlling in-situ faults in rapid thermal processing systems
Electronically tracked road-map system
Multimedia information and control system for automobiles
Computer device for production equipment
Model-based testing via combinatorial designs
Method and system for supporting off-line mode of operation and synchronization using resource state information
Method for transmitting data over a data bus with minimized digital inter-symbol interference
Browser-based arrangement for developing voice enabled web applications using extensible markup language documents
Data processing methods and apparatus for supporting analysis/judgement
System and method for a multidimensional, discrete wavelet-transformation
Method and system for determining measurement repeatability and reproducibility
Document management system and document management method applied thereto
System and method for retrieving registry data
Managing directory listings in a relational database
Federated searches of heterogeneous datastores using a federated datastore object
Apparatus and method for retrieving vector format data from database in accordance with similarity with input vector
Database management methods and equipment, and database management program storage media
System for searching a data base for information associated with broadcast segments based upon broadcast time
Method and system for performing phrase/word clustering and cluster merging
Method and apparatus for indexing of topics using foils
Method for constructing a catalog of the files on a network and a catalog so constructed
Method and system for conducting reverse index scans
Method and system for a distributed hidden database across a plurality of computer media
Method for dynamic validation of a distributed database segment which yields a suitable successor
Method and apparatus for event modeling
Mechanism for performing polling in a system
Partitioned access control to a database
Relational database access system using semantically dynamic objects
SQL query generator utilizing matrix structures
Interactive intelligent searching with executable suggestions
Method and apparatus for mapping one catalog into another catalog
System and method for performing region-based image retrieval using color-based segmentation
Method and apparatus for distributing information to users
Map-based directory system
Transistor level circuit simulator using hierarchical data
Method of extracting parameters of diffusion model capable of extracting the parameters quickly
Method and apparatus for improving patient compliance with prescriptions
System and method for selectively defining access to application features
Computer virus screening
High speed on-line backup when using logical log operations
Method and apparatus for configuring a computer using scripting plug-in
Method and system for typesafe attribute matching
Method and system for converting code to executable code using neural networks implemented in a very large scale integration (VLSI) integrated circuit
System and method for accessing a shared computer resource using a lock featuring different spin speeds corresponding to multiple states
Encoding and recording a message within an image
Optimal ratio estimator for multisensor systems
Document image recognition apparatus and computer-readable storage medium storing document image recognition program
Background surface thresholding
Optical character recognition system having context analyzer
System and method for control using quantum soft computing
Robot managing system, robot managing method, and information managing device
Information processing system which understands information and acts accordingly and method therefor
Food safety administration system
Database clean-up system
Hierarchical relational definition system for defining an object and method therefor
Method and apparatus for resource allocation when schedule changes are incorporated in real time
Container tracking system
Project work management method and system
Global document creation system including administrative server computer
Medical diagnostic system service platform
System and method for forecasting energy usage load
Method and apparatus for facilitating management of information technology investment
System and method for evaluating craftsmanship
Electronic shopping system utilizing a program downloadable wireless telephone
Method and system for an online talent business
Multi-node network marketing computer system
System and method for directing and instructing customers to deal with specific merchants using incentives
System and method of reducing unexpended warranty costs
Marketing strategy support system for business customer sales and territory sales information
Method of creating a telephone data capturing system
Watermark-based object linking and embedding
Image processor and image processing system
Detection of auxiliary data in an information signal
Protecting images with an image watermark
Watermark detection
Image processing apparatus and method, image synthesizing system and method, image synthesizer and client computer which constitute image synthesizing system, and image separating method
Image processing using adjoining relationships between image parts
Recordable method of processing figure
Transforming video images
Method and apparatus for interpolating a digital image
Image processing method capable of correcting red eye problem
Methods and apparatuses for normalizing the intensity of an image
Medical network system
Method to aid object detection in images by incorporating contextual information
System and method for dynamic image recognition
Image position detection technique in which input parameters can be easily determined
Automated DNA array image segmentation and analysis
Automated method and system for the delineation of the chest wall in computed tomography scans for the assessment of pleural disease
Method for measuring and analyzing digital video quality
Method and apparatus for motion detection in the discrete cosine transform domain
Coding method, code converting method, code converting apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Pipelined discrete cosine transform apparatus
Data compression through adaptive data size reduction
Transcoding using block-based motion vectors
Video processing system also compressing coding decision data
Method and apparatus for transcoding coded picture signals from object-based coding to block-based coding
Method and arrangement for quantizing data
User selectable variable trick mode speed
Device and process for remote management of a network of audiovisual information reproduction systems
Method and system for secure cashless gaming
Accounting system in a communication network
Method and apparatus for providing additional information about a broadcast
Communication control device and method for CDMA communication system
Circuit arrangement for measured value detection, transfer and analysis
System for distributing road surface information, system for collecting and distributing vehicle information, device for transmitting vehicle information and program for controlling vehicle
Traffic information gathering via cellular phone networks for intelligent transportation systems
Methods for range finding of open-ended assessments
Parametric virtual speaker and surround-sound system
Method and apparatus for intelligently managing multiple pronunciations for a speech recognition vocabulary
System and method of noise-dependent classification
Method and apparatus for objective sound quality measurement using statistical and temporal distribution parameters
System and method for providing comfort noise in a mobile communication network
Apparatus for quantizing phase of speech signal using perceptual weighting function and method therefor
Systems and methods for communicating through computer animated images
Method to allocate storage elements while in a reset state
Disc drive apparatus of slot loading type
Disk transfer device with alignment mechanism
Loading device in magnetooptical disc recording apparatus
Disk apparatus
Method of restricting reproduction for information signal, information signal reproducing device, and information signal recording medium
Apparatus for reproduction or recording data or information with a photodetector and digital error signal and evaluation signal processing
Video data recording and reproduction using time slot allocation
Downsized disk unit with reduced noise
Digital recording system using variable recording rate
Recording device having detection means for detecting additional information in reception data and for recording the additional information in a positionally fixed area in a recording track
Recorded contents protection scheme for digital recording/reproducing system
System and method for backing-up data stored on a portable audio player
Optical disk reroducing device
Picture recording and reproducing apparatus and method
Replay appliance for recording media containing information blocks
Editing method and apparatus for moving pictures
Method of registering a running time on an information carrier, information carrier and apparatus
Optical storage carrier player with an observing window
Optical disk apparatus using tilt and aberration correction control system
Optical information reproducing method in which either a first edge signal or a second edge signal is selected depending on a length of a mark on an optical information medium
Optical disk recording and/or playback apparatus, optical disk recording and/or playback method and tracking control method
Optical pickup for performing recording or reading operation on recording medium having prepits
Method and apparatus for focus control of an optical disk drive
Head cleaning in Optical disk drives
Optical pickup device
Optical disk recording apparatus and method of recording data on optical disk
Method for determining optimum recording power of optical disk
Control circuit for a radiation source, apparatus comprising the control circuit, optical transmitter comprising the control circuit, and method for controlling a radiation source
Container for nuclear fuel elements
Installation for loading fuel rods into a nuclear fuel assembly
Field analysis of geological samples using delayed neutron activation analysis
Applications of a semi-empirical, physically based, profile simulator
Apparatus and method for robotic alignment of substrates
System and method for simultaneous transmission of signals in multiple beams without feeder cable coherency
Distributed feedback type semiconductor laser device having gradually-changed coupling coefficient
Laser amplification system
Excimer laser device
Narrow bandwidth oscillator-amplifier system
Semiconductor laser with lateral light confinement by polygonal surface optical grating resonator
Plastic substrate for solid-state laser
System and method of packaging a laser/detector
Method and apparatus for planar index guided vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Optical signal power monitor and regulator
Semiconductor laser diode
Semiconductor laser, and manufacturing method thereof, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Operational monitoring for a converter
Programmatic resetting of circuit breakers
Signal separation
Binary self-correcting phase detector for clock and data recovery
Precision timing generator apparatus and associated methods
Method and apparatus for analog bias current optimization
Method of detecting a DC offset in an automotive audio system
Automatic gain control device and method, and radio communication apparatus having the automatic gain control function
Impulse noise blanker
Method and apparatus of cancelling multi-channel echoes
Method and system for controlling frequency
Emulating narrow band phase-locked loop behavior on a wide band phase-locked loop
System and method for radio signal reconstruction using signal processor
System and method for performing power management without losing data, connectivity or reachability
Low IF receiver
Method of detecting battery pack type and mobile electronic device
Base transceiver station of digital mobile telecommunication system
Booster for amplifying the transmission output of a handy phone
Programmable filtering mechanism to allow bandwidth overlap between direct sequence spread spectrum communication device and frequency-hopping transmitter
Digital matched filter
Wireless infrared peripheral interface for a communication device
Direct space-to-time pulse shaper and optical pulse train generator
Double-pass optical amplifiers and optical network equipment
Gain equalization system and method
Method and device for generating signal constellations in PCM space for high speed data communication
Echo cancellation apparatus in a digital mobile communication system and method thereof
User equipment utilizing weighted open loop power control
Base station utilizing a weighted open loop power control
Base station for controlling initial power ramp-up using short codes
Communication terminal apparatus, base station communication apparatus and radio communication method
Radio communication method and radio communication system
Cellular communications system/method with uplink interference ceiling
Dispatch system and method of assigning a shared channel to remote units
Satellite communication system with multiple variable data rate carrier
Method and means for allocating time slots in a TDD system
Method, mobile station and base station for frequency synchronization of a mobile station in a radio communications system
Base station oscillator regulation independent of transport network clocks in cellular telecommunications network
Systems and methods for implementing large CDMA cell sizes
Host rejection filtering in a digital audio broadcasting system
Digital audio signal processors
Enhanced code allocation method for CDMA systems
Optical add-drop multiplexer of WDM optical signals
System for controlling a telephony device bus in a switching system
Multiplexer for asynchronous data
Cell transmitting system for bit-multiplexing low-speed data
Methods and apparatus for retiming and realigning sonet signals
Synchronization system and method, and recording medium
Reducing modem transmit latency
Desynchronizer for a synchronous digital communications system
Method of providing continual network access for subscriber communication lines
Emulating circuit-switched communications in a packet-switched environment
Hierarchical encryption technique for dense wavelength division multiplexed systems using a wavelength bus architecture
Method and system for reconfigurable channel coding
Transmission system for transmitting digital signals on a radio subscriber line network
Spread spectrum base station for simultaneously receiving and processing multiple channels of data
Spread spectrum mobile station for simultaneously receiving and processing multiple channels of data
Arrangement and a method relating to power supply in a communications network
System and method for providing high-speed communications using a public terminal
System and method for using a portable information device to establish a conference call on a telephony network
Apparatus and method for providing a transient port
Method and system for virtual network administration with a data-over cable system
Method and apparatus for determining VoIP QoS characteristics of a network using multiple streams of packets and synchronizing measurements of the streams
Wireless communications architecture with an upstream area that overlies a plurality of smaller downstream areas
Service selection on IP access networks
Local addressing of mobile units in a WLAN with multicast packet addressing
System and method for providing high-speed local telecommunications access
ATM communications device
Self-configuring source-aware bridging for noisy media
Method and system for classifying network devices in virtual LANs
Message and communication system in a network
Flex slotted Aloha transmission system and method
Apparatus for and method of establishing a route utilizing multiple parallel segments in an asynchronous transfer mode network
Decision making engine receiving and storing a portion of a data frame in order to perform a frame forwarding decision
Ethernet switch with a share memory structure and method for sharing memory
Method for sharing network information and a router apparatus
Switching network with complete transfer of the contents of a header field of a cell
Distributed voice mail system
Communication switching module for the transmission and control of audio, video, and computer data over a single network fabric
Gateway carrying out routing optimization
Channel compensator for DS-CDMA receiver
Method of setting-up and controlling synchronization within a modem
Clock recovery in multi-carrier transmission systems
Programmable digital signal processor for demodulating digital television signals
Internet radio system with selective replacement capability
Quality of service (QoS) enhancement to multilink point-to-point protocol (PPP)
Data packet transmission scheduling
Providing quality of service (QoS) in a network environment in which client connections are maintained for limited periods of time
Method and apparatus for implementing persistence in name services associated with computer system
Clock forwarding circuit with automatic clock delay detection and initial parameter setting features
Timing recovery system for a 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-T ethernet physical layer line interface
Method for data regeneration
Data encryption key management system
Data transmission-reception system employing portable radio terminal
Method and system for the processing of tariff data
Broadcasting of different tariff periods in a telephone system
Method for call forwarding without hairpinning and with split billing
Portable communication unit with discrete allocable blocks of airtime
Linear multichannel detection system for billing by spectrum convolution
Methods for detecting defective communications lines
System for intercept of wireless communications
Call waiting response status
ACD tier based routing
Computer telephony integration hotelling method and system
Fully modular multifunction device
Modem apparatus, communication control apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and communication control method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Broadcasting receiver for receiving and regenerating records of digital broadcasting
Data transmitting apparatus, data receiving apparatus and data transmission control apparatus
Transmitting system and transmitting apparatus
Method for supplementing digital image with picture element, and digital image encoder and decoder using the same
Image coding apparatus
Video signal coding method and coding device adapted to control code amounts according to the characteristics of pictures
Format programmable hardware packetizer
Alarm display and method
Modular digital telephone system and method including an universal telephony shelf
Fixed-length cell data and time-division data hybrid multiplexing apparatus
Network structure for realizing part of a wireless ATM system and method for executing inter-switch handover in said network structure
Method for checking a switching center, line unit and switching center for implementing the method, as well as an appertaining computer program
Packet transmission in mobile telecommunications systems
Method and system for performing handover in a mobile communication system
Prefix translation dispersed configuration and method for exchange system
Telecommunications apparatus, system, and method with an enhanced signal transfer point
Method and apparatus in a communication network for switching messages to communication terminal equipment
System, method and apparatus for automatically distributing multimedia calls
Application of TCAP criteria in SCCP routing
Method for automatically processing setting of portable telephone additional services and portable telephone fitted with automatic response function
Failure redundancy between modem interface cards and outdoor units in a wireless communication system
Method and radio set for transmitting messages
Method, switching means and telecommunication systems for performing data communications between subscriber stations
System and method for OTA over CDMA data channel
Technique for effectively managing processing loads in a communications arrangement
Frequency re-use for TDD applications
Apparatus and method for extending service area in mobile communication system
Methods and systems for providing temporary identification numbers for mobile terminals
Cellular phone system with outgoing message selection system
Conference call
Method of co-operation between entities of a cellular mobile radio network during call handover
Method for conducting handoff back to anchor communication scenarios
Packet control channel feedback support for contention and reservation based access
Method and apparatus for asynchronous reservation-oriented multiple access for wireless networks
Methods and apparatus for excluding communication channels in a radio telephone
Method and article of manufacture to align and reinforce a driver's installation irrespective of driver diameter
Apparatus and methods for proportional audio compression and frequency shifting
Hearing aid, ear piece, aid for its insertion into the ear and device for making a cast of the deepest part of the auditory passage
Electroacoustic transducer and structure for mounting an electroacoustic transducer
Membrane support system
Method of synthesizing a three dimensional sound-field
Infrared radiation system with multiple IR radiators of different wavelength
System and method for controlling surface mounting process
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