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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Bundling system for long products
Red leaf lettuce varieties
Soybean cultivar S07-04KL904015
Large arbor fly fishing reel, spool, drag and ventilation system
Treatment for basal cell carcinoma
Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) based delivery systems
Formulation of a mixture of Free-B-Ring flavonoids and flavans for use in the prevention and treatment of cognitive decline and age-related memory impairments
Cooking apparatus and control method of the same
Method for reducing cholesterol in oils or fats
Process for making a healthy snack food
Natural supplement of cholesterol lowering oil seeds and nuts and method of manufacture
Tool bag with integrated exterior foam pad
Automotive dismantler's stands
Direct application brush for horses and livestock that releases active ingredients
Artist assistive device
Foldable host unit case for a computer with dual crossover pivotal mechanisms
Adjustable leg rest assembly
Ergonomic adjustable chair
Bicycle storage and retrieval assembly
Suspension display rack
Method of preparing sushi rice
Endoscope apparatus
Endoscope connector device, endoscope cable lead-out unit and endoscope device
Polymer covered vaso-occlusive devices and methods of producing such devices
Surgical connector systems and methods of use
Method and apparatus for laparoscopic aortic repair by intravascular devices
Drill stop sleeve for a dental drill, dental drill device with a drill stop sleeve, and set containing several drill stop sleeves
Connection rod for screw or hook polyaxial system and method of use
Medical robotic system with different scaling factors
Short-coherence interferometric measurement of length on the eye
Alignment method for ophthalmic measurement apparatus and alignment device of the same
Automated diagnostic hearing test
Method of growing stem cells on a membrane containing projections and grooves
Atraumatic connections for multi-component stents
Method and system for treatment of regurgitating heart valves
Hip prosthesis with monoblock ceramic acetabular cup
Apparatus for replacing a damaged spinal disc
Insertion tool for use with intervertebral spacers
Negative pressure urine receiver
Amino-propanol derivatives as sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor modulator
Pyrrolidin-2-one derivatives for use as DP.sub.1 receptor agonists
Fused pyrrole derivatives
Phenylurea derivatives as inhibitors of tyrosine kinases for the treatment of tumour diseases
Oxindole hydrazide modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs)
(2-carboxamido)(3-Amino) thiophene compounds
Aryl-quinazoline/aryl-2-amino-phenyl methanone derivatives
Modulators of muscarinic receptors
Visual function disorder improving agents
Ibandronate sodium propylene glycol solvate and processes for the preparation thereof
Host cell protein knock-out cells for production of therapeutic proteins
Topical formulation for prevention and treatment of acne
Blood replacement product
Cyclic peptide compound
Methods of treating neurological conditions with hematopoietic growth factors
Inhibitors of the interaction between HMGB polypeptides and toll-like receptor 2 as anti-inflammatory agents
Pharmaceutical administration form for peptides, process for its preparation, and use
Erythropoietin: remodeling and glycoconjugation of erythropoietin
Methods for reducing GNRH-positive tumor cell replication
Fibroblast growth factor-like polypeptides
Methods and means for producing proteins with predetermined post-translational modifications
Exendin agonist compounds
Devices for crude oil treatment and upgrading
Isolation and identification of T cells
Monoclonal antibodies, antigens and diagnosis and therapy of malignant diseases
Composition comprising the polyprotein NS3/NS4 and the polypeptide NS5B of HCV, expression vectors including the corresponding nucleic sequences and their therapeutic use
Carbohydrate encapsulated nanoparticles
Spherical composite particles and cosmetics with the particles blended therein
Method of making catheters with porous structure for carrying additional agents
Processes and devices for sterilizing contaminated objects
Aviator emergency oxygen system
Expandable body cavity liner device
Steerable device for introducing diagnostic and therapeutic apparatus into the body
Percutaneous array delivery system
Three-way stopcock, and liquid transfusion circuit or blood transfusion circuit either using the three-way stopcock
Automatic syringe
Enhanced bleed back system
Delivery of a low volume liquid bolus
Radiation system and lithographic apparatus
Modular patient support system
Retaining system
Push-button sprayer equipped with a projecting side nozzle
Pre-tensioned resistance exercise band
Self-powered running machine which can be folded in order to occupy less space
Elliptical exercise device and methods of use
Seat mountable exercise device
Exercise bench assemblies having wheels with integral brakes
Solid golf ball
Golf club moveable disc shaft angle adjustment technology
Golf club head
Strap for snowboard boots or bindings
Game and game apparatus
Systems and methods for accessing online content during online gaming
Casino wagering game of three-dice football
Action figure toy
Teething toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Modular drinking water filtration system with adapter rings for replaceable cartridges to assure proper fit
Methods of reducing thermo-oxidation of polymers such as polyacrylonitrile
Microfluidic separator
Holding container, external container for kneading and transportation, and kneading device
Apparatus and method for stirring and mixing of beverages
Process for the production of emulsions and dispersions
Micro reactor device and method of manufacturing micro reactor device
Discharge cell for ozonizer
Method for producing catalytically-active materials
Micro fluidics system and treating method using same
Mixing appliance pertaining to a chemical or biochemical analyser and comprising a pipette driven in oscillating manner
Method for recovering and/or recycling material
Composite and method of manufacturing the same
Titanium oxide photocatalyst thin film and production method of titanium oxide photocatalyst thin film
Processing-subject cleaning method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method and device
Dish washer and sump mounting structure thereof
Washing mechanism for optical members
Wire/fiber ring and method for manufacturing the same
Reinforced member
Reinforced aluminum alloy and its process of manufacture
Selectively reinforced powder metal components
Premounting device for cutting ring fitting
Deburring welded pipe
Chromium-free welding consumable
Medicine storing and dispensing apparatus
Tool-mounting attachment
Method of forming a core component
Method and apparatus for separating a stamper from a patterned substrate
Individual support device for a container provided with a neck and installation provided with transport devices with such a support device
Apparatus for coating a roll core
Molding structure
Method of making hermetic seals for hermetic terminal assemblies
Rib forming apparatus and method
Fully emptiable flexible tube with an amplified return effect
Silver alloy reflective films for optical information recording media, silver alloy sputtering targets therefor, and optical information recording media
Compound, optical filter and optical recording material using the same
Adhesively bonded seams and seams forming methods
Strip tape
Wide format printer having alternative print zone arrangement
Recording apparatus and recording method
Ink loader mechanism using an ink stick carrier
Piezoelectric inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Nozzle plate, inkjet printhead with the same and method of manufacturing the same
Image forming apparatus
Shield assembly for ink jet printing
Inkjet printer and a hose for use in the inkjet printer
Thermal print head and method for manufacturing same
Electro-optical device and image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing method
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Ink jet printing apparatus, method for determining print medium, and method for determining ink ejection amount
Image-recording element with fluorosurfactant and colloidal particles
System element for the transporting and positioning of tools
Friction modifier applicator system for traveling cranes
Tire with sidewall insert
Tire sensor device and tire information transmission method
Tire wheel assembly
Tire with integral foamed noise damper
Reduced wind resistant haulage vehicle apparatus
Front rail having controlled thickness for energy absorption
Hybrid drive chain and hybrid vehicle equipped with same
Driving position adjusting device
Refuse collection vehicle and lifting apparatus therefor
Towing device
Vehicle information display apparatus, system and method
Passenger airbag device without housing
Occupant restraint system
Airbag arrangement for a motor vehicle
Textile belt strap having load recognition
Speed-limiting accessory drive system and method of controlling speed of a driven accessory
Power output system, vehicle including the same, and method of controlling power output system
Electro-mechanical coupler for use with model trains
Foldable and height-adjustable stroller
Breakaway steering system
Truck tailgate with motion control devices
Vehicle having aerodynamic fan elements
Bicycle sound generator
Vehicular frame assemblies and vehicles having support bracket
Covering device for a hinge of an aircraft
Structure of check valve for air-packing device
System and method for filling hydrodynamic bearings with fluid
Disposable urinary device and dispenser
Spoon basket structure of dish washer
System for dispensing a liquid substance
Traveler's kitchen kit
Trash can liner with bag securing mechanism
Revolving device for a conveyor chain or a conveyor belt
Automatic pallet exchanger of machine tool
Sheet pick-up device
Separation and extraction device
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet material information detection apparatus, sheet material processing apparatus, and sheet material processing method
Device and method for hygienically delivering a liquid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polyarylether membranes
Method and apparatus for decontamination of fluid
Electrolytic device and method for disinfecting water in a water supply system by means of the generation of active chlorine
Process for conditioning an aqueous solution for efficient colloidal precipitation
Method of supporting denitrification
Tertiary filter septic system and method
Strong, lower density composite concrete building material with foam glass aggregate
Implementing a pressure-induced phase transformation in beta-eucryptite to impart toughening
Non-acidic, high calcium load aqueous fertilizer
System and process for production of nitrobenzene
Methanol synthesis
Depolymerization process
Stabilization of olefin metathesis product mixtures
Method for producing lactic acid ester
Method for the prepration of aliphatic chloroformates
Method and compositions for inhibiting formation of hydrocarbon hydrates
Compound modified with glycerol derivative
Process for preparing 1,2,3,9-tetrahydro-9-methyl-3-methylene-4H-carbazol-4-one and ondansetron therefrom
Bicyclic sulfonamide derivatives which are L-CPT1 inhibitors
Production process of bifunctional epoxy monomer by selective oxidation of diolefin compound
Heterocyclic compounds useful as malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors
Preparation of flavonoid compounds
Derivatives of artemisinin, and their uses in the treatment of malaria
Chemical reagents capable of selective attachment to and reaction with peptides and proteins
Iodizing agent and process for preparation thereof
Method for asymmetric synthesis
Replication vector showing cell-specific expression
Method for opening tight junctions
Administration of products of the 5-lipoxygenase metabolic pathway to enhance antimicrobial defense
Polypeptide inducing apoptosis
Bivalent IgY antibody constructs for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Knobs and holes heteromeric polypeptides
Binding molecules against SARS-coronavirus and uses thereof
Humanized antibodies
Compositions and methods for preventing or treating cancer
Fluoropolymer for chromatic aberration-free lens and chromatic aberration-free lens
Olefin polymerization process with sequential discharging
Cationic compositions and methods of making and using the same
Photo-curable adhesive composition, optical pick-up device using the same and optical recording/reproducing drive including the optical pick-up device
Poly(arylenebenzimidazole) polymers and copolymers
Siloxane polymers and uses thereof
Method of neutralizing polysiloxanes containing acidic residuals
Process for the recycling of plastics
Semiconductor encapsulant of epoxy resin, polyphenolic compound, filler and accelerator
Method for improving mechanical properties of polymer particles and its applications
IR reflective elements made of impact-resistance plastic, and a process for their production
Rubber toughing of thermalplastic clay nanocomposites
Ink jet ink, method of producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and yellow ink
Organic composition, liquid crystal display including the same and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
Fire retardant formulations
Flame retardant additives, emulsion type coating compositions, and flame retardant compositions
Chemical synthesis methods using electro-catalysis
Process for making biodiesel from crude tall oil
Process for in-situ passivation of partially-dried coal
Mixture, comprising a surfactant and a cosurfactant
Innovative biosensors for chemical and biological assays
.DELTA.5 desaturase and its use in making polyunsaturated fatty acids
Polynucleotides encoding useful polypeptides in Corynebacterium glutamicum ssp. lactofermentum
Rps-1-.kappa. nucleotide sequence and proteins
Vectors and recombinant host cells comprising nucleic acid molecules encoding Fibroblast Growth Factor-like polypeptides
Expression of a recombinant transgene
Method to enhance Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of plants
Insulin related transcription factor and uses thereof
Method for the separation and sorting of different biological objects utilizing differences in their viscoelastic properties
Polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding same
Polynucleotides encoding useful polypeptides in Corynebacterium glutamicum ssp. lactofermentum
Modified xylanases exhibiting increased thermophilicity and alkalophilicity
Polynucleotides encoding C-type lectin polypeptides and methods of use thereof
SM38 nucleic acid molecules
Carotenoid hydroxylase gene, method for preparing hydroxylated carotenoid, and novel geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase
Gene targets for enhanced carotenoid production
Method for producing phosholipid
Low-density lipoprotein receptor related protein-1 (LRP-1)in clearance of alzheimer's amyloid-beta peptide from the central nervous system
Oligoribonucleotides and ribonucleases for cleaving RNA
Multiplexed polymerase chain reaction for genetic sequence analysis
Alumina layer with enhanced texture
Method for processing alloys via plasma (ion) nitriding
Regeneration process of alkaline permanganate etching solution and unit therefor
Conductive planarization assembly for electrochemical mechanical planarization of a work piece
Method for producing separator and electrodeposition coating device
Pulsed deposition process for tungsten nucleation
Textiles; Paper
On/off reversible adhesive
Non-aqueous washing machine and methods
Fixed Constructions
Method to increase a capability of soil to sustain loads
Sound absorbing material
Truck-mounted pumping system for treating a subterranean formation via a well with a mixture of liquids
Method and apparatus for insulating a resonator downhole
Automated excavation machine
Boom arrangement for a scaling device and scaling device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vane for a gas turbine engine
Turbine airfoil with a multi-impingement cooled spar and shell
Downstream plasma shielded film cooling
Pump system and pump unit
Constant velocity joint
Yoke for universal joint and universal joint
Expandable universal-joint boot
Starting unit
Load-torque lock
Shock absorbing member for vehicle
Damping valve with a directionally-dependent cross section
8-speed transmission
Conductive polymer drive for actuating eccentric members of a motor
Power output apparatus and hybrid vehicle equipped with power output apparatus
8-speed transmission
Mixing valve for a contrast therapy system
Vacuum feeding joint
Universal mounting assembly for an object and method
Customized electronic candle
Omnidirectionally illuminated helmet
Backlight assembly, display module having the backlight assembly and method of manufacturing the backlight assembly
Optical device and illumination device
Air:fluid distribution system and method
Lockout algorithm for a furnace including a pollutant sensor
Lighter with built-in clip
Combination heat recovery--solar collector
Engine cooling radiator
Heat dissipation system
Heat dissipation system
Heat sink with heat pipes
System, apparatus, and method for rapidly displacing an object
Techniques for articulating a nose member of a guidable projectile
Method of recognizing and tracking multiple spatial points
Apparatus for measuring stray light in lens module
Recording liquid, liquid cartridge, liquid discharge device, and liquid discharge method
Electronic apparatus emitting light through a unitary transparent base chassis
Product dispenser with crankable assembly
Liquid filling method and device
Method and apparatus for determination of source polarization matrix
Resistive materials for microbolometer, method for preparation of resistive materials and microbolometer containing the resistive materials
Method and apparatus for frequency-converting infrared light
Circuit pattern inspection apparatus
Method of imaging radiation from an object on a detection device and an inspection device for inspecting an object
Resonant cavity biosensor
Fused test source
Nanobiosensor and carbon nanotube thin film transistors
Method and system for microfluidic device and imaging thereof
Method for uniform analyte fluid delivery to microarrays
Methods and kits for the in vitro diagnostic or for the monitoring of a disease involving an inflammatory reaction
Nonhuman model animal of Th2-mediated hyperimmune response
Methods and apparatus for analyzing an analysis fluid
CFTR polypeptides methods to overcome biosynthetic misprocessing
Methods and compositions using stearoyl-CoA desaturase to identify triglyceride reducing therapeutic agents
Method for detecting the presence of prostate cancer
Use of non-absorbable fat in determining dietary fat absorption
Spectrum analyzing method, distortion detector and distortion compensation amplifying device
Systems and arrangements for sensing current with a low loss sense element
Sensor and method for detecting analytes in fluids
Inspection device and inspection method
On-die heating circuit and control loop for rapid heating of the die
Test apparatus and test method
Method of obtaining accurately a heat-dissipating requirement for electronic systems
Zero-phase current detecting apparatus
Memory reduction in GNSS receiver
Electronic cassette type of radiation detection apparatus
Parametric nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy system and method
Magnetic resonance local coil arrangement and method for communicating an overload occurrence
Magnetic resonance coil composed of relatively movable constituent elements
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Lens barrel, image pick-up apparatus and lens position adjustment method
Light deflecting method and apparatus efficiently using a floating mirror
Light deflector, optical scanner, and image forming apparatus
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Actuator, optical scanner and image forming device
High power and high brightness diode-laser array for material processing applications
Dichroic mirror
Retro-reflection product using water based resin and fabrication method thereof
Optical waveguide and method for manufacturing the same
One step fiber end-face polishing process
Bend limiter
Pair of spectacles with interchangeable lenses
Method of spatially separating wavelengths of multi-wavelength signal using electronically controlled thermal structure
Generation of a desired three-dimensional electromagnetic field
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display (LCD) device having an electrostatic discharge protection circuit and a high voltage supply circuit
Liquid crystal display with controlled viewing angle properties
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Illumination unit and liquid crystal display device including the same
Antireflective film, polarizing plate including the same, image display unit including the same and method for producing antireflective film
Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display device
Contact structure
Display element
Apparatus for reducing wavefront errors in output beams of acousto-optic devices
Projector having a metal plate between a bottom surface of a projector main body and a lamp unit
Screen having image viewable only in ambient light
Screen, rear projector, projection system, and image display unit
Screen, fresnel lens sheet used for the same, and image display apparatus using the same
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for compensated illumination for advanced lithography
Providing a pattern of polarization
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Photothermographic material and image formation method
Copolymer for semiconductor lithography and process for production thereof
Sacrificial compositions and methods of fabricating a structure using sacrificial compositions
Alkali-developable photosensitive color composition
Radiation system and lithographic apparatus
Toner, electrophotographic apparatus and process cartridge
Driving circuit for light-emitting diode
Method and circuit for reducing switching ringing in switching regulator
Multiphase DC-DC converter
Input device and method for menu control on a portable computing device
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Housing mechanism for electronic device
Print content transmission device, print device, and print system
Print management device, print management method, print management storage medium, and print system
Method for printing a digital print file and a printer adapted for applying the said method
Resolution and device independent plain-paper input system
Massively scalable multi-player game system
Image forming apparatus and electronic document management method
Method and apparatus for typographic glyph construction including a glyph server
Wireless mouse having a power switch with dual engagement modes
Touch sensing apparatus using varying signal delay input to a flip-flop
Systems and methods for highlighting print jobs in a print queue
Document management apparatus and document system
Runtime loading of configuration data in a configurable IC
Methods and apparatus for control and configuration of programmable logic devices
Remote controller with hands-free function for portable terminal
RFID tag and manufacturing process thereof
Printed material having location identification function, two-dimensional coordinate identification apparatus, image-forming apparatus and the method thereof
Control system for a banknote handler
Personalized ink font
Method and apparatus for analyzing twinned crystal
Cashbox and apparatus for emptying the cashbox
Anonymous electronic voting system and anonymous electronic voting method
Grouping assembly of coin validation and return/payment mechanisms
Resonance tag, method of reversibly changing resonance characteristics of resonance circuit, and capacitive element
Methods and systems of attaching a radio transceiver to an antenna
Method for determining a relative position of a mobile unit by comparing scans of an environment and mobile unit
Apparatus for video graphics array testing
Driving method of plasma display panel
Spontaneous light emitting device and driving method thereof
Buffer circuit and organic light emitting display with data integrated circuit using the same
LED driving circuit and a serial LED illumination system using the same
Image display device, image display method, image display program, and computer-readable storage medium
Display device and method of driving the same
Enhanced cursor control using interface devices
Information transfer system, a transmitter, a receiver and a record carrier for use in the system
Miniaturized optical mouse core
Wired mouse with mobile cell unit
Key pad assembly and electronic device having the same
Soprano steel pan set and associated methods
Drum hi hat with adjustable upper hi hat rod
String bender for electric guitar
Recombinant music composition algorithm and method of using the same
Portable electronic apparatus
Disk drive comprising a servo accelerator implementing state space equations for a plurality of task objects
Magnetic disk drive and base with guide
Method and apparatus for disk damper extending across all data tracks of a rotating disk surface upwind of the voice coil actuator in a hard disk drive
Hard disk drive
Magnetic head with stabilized ferromagnetic shield
Method for the detection of a magnetic field utilizing a magnetic vortex
Magnetic disk drive with load/unload mechanism having first and second protrusions
Solid body surface evaluation method, magnetic disk evaluation method, magnetic disk, and manufacturing method thereof
Solid state transport-based thermoelectric converter
Conductive polymers having highly enhanced solubility in organic solvent and electrical conductivity and synthesizing process thereof
Device applications for voltage switchable dielectric material having high aspect ratio particles
Data cable with cross-twist cabled core profile
Apparatus for applying a load
Capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Electric double layer capacitor with a sealing plate fitted inside a container
Heavy current coupling
Driving circuit for switching elements
Organic electroluminescent display device with nano-porous layer
Mercury-free metal halide discharge lamp
Advanced image intensifier assembly
Plasma display apparatus using filter
Short-wavelength light-emitting element arranged in a container with a window having a window board formed of a calcium fluoride crystals
Method for manufacturing GaN semiconductor light-emitting element
Electric device having nanowires, manufacturing method thereof, and electric device assembly
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for fabricating a thin film semiconductor device, thin film semiconductor device, and liquid crystal display
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming a stack of heat generating integrated circuit chips with intervening cooling integrated circuit chips
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for introduction impurities and apparatus for introducing impurities
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by forming separation regions which do not extend to the peripherals of a substrate, and structures thereof
Critical dimension reduction and roughness control
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Nitride film forming method, semiconductor device fabrication method, capacitor fabrication method and nitride film forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing NAND flash memory device
Method of fabricating a MOSFET having doped epitaxially grown source/drain region on recessed substrate
Non-volatile memory device, method of manufacturing the same and method of operating the same
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, semiconductor device, and wiring board
Composite flip-chip package with encased components and method of fabricating same
Light exposure apparatus and manufacturing method of semiconductor device using the same
End effector gripper arms having corner grippers which reorient reticle during transfer
Method for evaluating a gate insulation film characteristic for use in a semiconductor device
Method for fabrication of fin memory structure
Method for fabricating a semiconductor component and semiconductor component
Integrated circuit devices having fuse structures including buffer layers
Organic thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and organic light emitting display device having the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Dual-gate sensor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor storage device and method for manufacturing the same
Formation of standard voltage threshold and low voltage threshold MOSFET devices
Split source RF MOSFET device
Gallium nitride high electron mobility transistor having inner field-plate for high power applications
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Active matrix display device having a column-like spacer
Optical device
Solar cell with integrated protective diode
Solid-state image sensing device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with burried semiconductor regions
Light-emitting element and display device
Integrated circuit including memory having reduced cross talk
Production method of semiconductor device
Fuel supply device for direct methanol fuel cells
Insulative feed through assembly for electrochemical devices
Low Pt content direct methanol fuel cell anode catalyst: nanophase PtRuNiZr
Method of manufacturing a solid electrolyte battery having particle ink layers
Additive for non-aqueous electrolyte solution of secondary battery and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Fuel cell stack
Fuel cell system and diagnosis system for the fuel cell system
Dielectric filter for base station communication equipment
Communication system, transmitting device, transmitting method, receiving device, and receiving method
RF system having a one-dimensional nanostructure multi-port coupler
Tunable microstrip devices
Slot antenna
Low cost multiple pattern antenna for use with multiple receiver systems
Apparatus for identifying target satellite in satellite communication antenna and method thereof
Board connector
Electrical enclosure, and panel assembly and mounting assembly therefor
Electrical connector with lever and camming slide
Electrical connector
Coaxial connector
Hinged module coupling with integrated cable connection
Terminal fitting
Spark plug with optical sensor
Multi-coaxial cable assembly and manufacturing method of the same
Electrical arc fault circuit interrupter apparatus and method
Power supply control circuit and electronic circuit
Three phase rectifier circuit with virtual neutral
Control apparatus for AC-AC converter
Power control apparatus, power control method
Magnetic path closed electric generator
High resistance magnet and motor using the same
Linear motor
Electromagnetic actuator, method of manufacturing a part of an electromagnetic actuator, and lithographic apparatus comprising and electromagnetic actuator
Increasing amplifier bandwidth by positive capacitive feedback
Composite high-frequency component and mobile communication apparatus
Slew rate control in output driver
System for transmission line termination by signal cancellation
Implementing logic functions with non-magnitude based physical phenomena
Systems and methods for providing defect-tolerant logic devices
Programmable core for implementing logic change
Drive circuit for a switch in a switching converter
Low current wide VREF range input buffer
High-speed amplitude detector with a digital output
Level shift circuit and method for the same
Amplifier circuit, digital-to-analog conversion circuit, and display device
Parallel type analog-to-digital conversion circuit, sampling circuit and comparison amplification circuit
Encode circuit and analog-digital converter comprising a digital average unit and a logical boundary detection unit
Equalizing filter circuit
Electromagnetic field tactile display interface and biosensor
Image reading apparatus and method that determines originality of paper sheet using fingerprint of rear surface
Color processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Laser print apparatus with toner explosion compensation
Pixel conversion device and pixel conversion method
Intelligent light source with synchronization with a digital camera
Active pixel image sensor with low noise reset
Electronic view finder utilizing an organic electroluminescence display
Image Manipulator for a camera
Camera unit and apparatus for monitoring vehicle periphery
Digital camera module and method for assembling the same
Imaging-device cleaning apparatus
Apparatus for increasing field of view of an optical system
Solid state imaging apparatus and driving method of the solid state imaging apparatus using four pixel addition
Multi-input and multi-output device and tuner for two-way opencable
System and method for video processing demonstration
Broadcasting receiver
Apparatus and method with receiving of broadcast data signal, communicating with external device, and controlling image to be displayed in accordance with communication
Apparatus for compensating for color shading on a picture picked up by a solid-state image sensor over a broad dynamic range
Organic electroluminescent element and the manufacturing method
Ball grid array (BGA) connection system and related method and ball socket
Portable computer enclosure
Electronic apparatus
Fan holder
Heat dissipation device having a clip assembly
Heat dissipation apparatus
Mounting apparatus for fan
Aircraft electronics cooling apparatus for an aircraft having a liquid cooling system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Immunoassays for catalytically-active, serine proteases
Discrimination between antibodies against HTLV-I, HTLV-II or related retroviruses, new peptides, detection of antibodies and immunoassay kits
Methods and means relating to retrotransposon and retroviral integration
Papillomavirus cellular receptor
Methods and compositions for secretion of heterologous polypeptides
Nucleic acid probes for detecting Candida species
Human phosphatases
Computer-aided visualization and analysis system for sequence evaluation
Methods for diagnosing hypertension by detecting a mutation in the human G protein .beta.3 subunit gene
Methods for haplotyping Rfp-Y and B-F genes in chicken
Interaction trap systems for detecting protein interactions
In-situ hybridization of single-copy and multiple-copy nucleic acid sequences
Purified nucleic acid encoding transcription factor regulatory protein
Method for detecting a risk of cancer and coronary heart disease and kit therefor
Compositions and methods for determining anti-viral drug susceptibility and resistance and anti-viral drug screening
Sample processing to release nucleic acids for direct detection
Selective isolation of bacterial mRNA
Method for high throughput thermodynamic screening of ligands
Methods for assessing the beef characteristics of live cattle
Method of using eukaryotic expression vectors comprising the bk virus enhancer
Apparatus for determining base sequence of nucleic acid
Acid-inducible promoters for gene expression
Methods for determining binding of an analyte to a receptor
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting tumor cell growth
Use of urinary trypsin inhibitor for the diagnosis of the onset of AIDS
Methods of treatment of eye trauma and disorders
Assays for growth hormone secretagogue receptors
Screening for SUR1 antagonists using adipocytes
Identification of the P21WaF1-PCNA interaction site and therapeutic applications thereof
Monitoring immunotherapy of malignant tumors
Tumor-specific P450 protein
Methods of detecting non-small cell lung carcinoma and ovarian cancer
Method of detecting drug-receptor and protein-protein interactions
Human phospholipase A2 and related nucleic acid compounds
Diagnostic compositions and devices utilizing same
LDH1 assay
Cell flow apparatus and method for real-time measurements of cellular responses
Treatment of bacterial infections
Methods for generating and screening novel metabolic pathways
Fragile histidine triad (FHIT) nucleic acids and methods of producing FHIT proteins
Isolated DNA molecules encoding RANK-L
Human GTPase-associated proteins
Nucleic acids encoding a functional human purinoreceptor P2X2 and P2X4, and methods of production and use thereof
h-TREK1 polypeptides and h-TREK1 polynucleotides
Genomic sequences for protein production and delivery
Methods for recombinant peptide production
Method for purifying covalently closed circular DNA
Genomic polyphenol oxidase gene fragments of plants
Programmed sequential mutagenesis
Primers for use in detecting beta-lactamases
Maltohexaose and maltoheptaose-forming amylase, and its preparation and uses
Process for processing sucrose into glucose and fructose
Products containing a dextran composition obtained from culturing Leuconostoc mesenteroidesssp. cremoris
Method of vitamin production
Xylitol dehydrogenase of acetic acid bacteria and gene thereof
Cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositions comprising microorganism culture media
Process for microencapsulating cells
Process for producing trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline
Purified Coprinus laccases and nucleic acids encoding same
Aldehyde dehydrogenase
Mutants of formate dehydrogenase from Candida boidinii, new gene sequences encoding these and use of the new formate dehydrogenases
Polymerase stabilization by polyethoxylated amine surfactants
Method of promoting enzyme diversity
Enzyme with galactanase activity
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding mammalian endoglucuronidase and uses therefor
Process for separating HIV from a fluid
Modified interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme with increased stability
Polynucleotide compositions encoding broad-spectrum .delta.-endotoxins
Method for producing amide compounds using a nitrile hydratase from a thermophilic bacillus
Trichosporon sp RRLY-15 (DSM 11829) and its use to prepare S(+)-6-methoxy-methyl-2-naphthalene acetic acid
Microbial system for formaldehyde sensing and remediation
Multicomponent system for modifying, degrading or bleaching lignin or lignin-containing materials, and processes for its use
Nucleic acid ligand diagnostic Biochip
Method for making cartilage and implants
Bioreactor and related method
Determined DNA sequences derived from a papillomavirus genome, their uses for in vitro diagnostic purposes and the production of antigenic compositions
Rhesus neuropeptide Y5 receptor
Hepatic progenitors and method of isolating same
IkB kinase, subunits thereof, and methods of using same
Recombinant cells regulated by tetracycline
Protein which induces interferon-gamma production by immunocompetent cell
Ornithine biosynthesis enzymes
Tissue culture process for producing a large number of viable cotton plants in vitro
Methods for the selective regulation of DNA and RNA transcription and translation by photoactivation
Compositions and methods for packing of alphavirus vectors
Design for an electrode
Assessment of ion availability in heterogeneous media using ion-exchange membranes
Method and apparatus for screening catalyst libraries
Automotive hydrocarbon sensor
Self-assembled metal colloid monolayers having size and density gradients
Use of doubly or triply charged cations in immunochemical assays
Preparation of biopolymer arrays
Oscillation apparatus and methods for multi-analyte homogeneous fluoro-immunoassays
Homogeneous fluorassay methods employing fluorescent background rejection and water-soluble rare earth metal chelates
Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
Method of manufacturing integrated circuits
Method for establishing reference coordinates for a point on a component
Reverse profiling method for profiling modulated impurity density distribution of semiconductor device
Fractal filter applied to a contamination-free manufacturing signal to improve signal-to-noise ratios
Method of mounting a chip on a flexible foil substrate for positioning on a capsule
Method for manufacturing quantum wires
Method for fabricating micro inertia sensor
Method of fabricating a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor sensor device
Method for forming polycrystal silicon film for semiconductor elements
High density wire bond BGA
Method of interconnecting an electronic device
Saw-singulated leadless plastic chip carrier
Circuit chip package and fabrication method
Wafer level packaging process of semiconductor
Method for packaging a semiconductor chip
Stacked package of semiconductor package units via direct connection between leads and stacking method therefor
Multilayer high density micro circuit module and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, press die and guide rail including forming a crack perpendicular to an extension of the sealing resin
Anneal-free process for forming weak collector
Method for producing semiconductor device
Method of forming a TFT by adding a metal to a silicon film promoting crystallization, forming a mask, forming another silicon layer with group XV elements, and gettering the metal through opening in the mask
Laser annealing method and laser annealing device
Method of producing a semiconductor device with overlapped scanned linear lasers
Process for fabricating double recess pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor structures
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a shallow doped region for a shallow junction transistor
Method of fabricating embedded DRAM
Semiconductor device having an improved interconnection and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device having epitaxial planar capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Barrier layer to protect a ferroelectric capacitor after contact has been made to the capacitor electrode
Mixed mode process for embedded dram devices
Capacitor and conductive line constructions and semiconductor processing methods of forming capacitors and conductive lines
Semiconductor processing methods of forming contact openings, methods of forming electrical connections and interconnections, and integrated circuitry
Nonvolatile memories with high capacitive-coupling ratio
Method and structure for textured surfaces in floating gate tunneling oxide devices
Process for fabricating a bit-line using buried diffusion isolation
Dual bit isolation scheme for flash memory devices having polysilicon floating gates
Method of fabricating flash memory
Method of forming poly tip to improve erasing and programming speed split gate flash
Method of forming a split gate flash memory cell
Method of forming buried-strap with reduced outdiffusion including removing a sacrificial insulator leaving a gap and supporting spacer
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device with silicided gates and peripheral region
Advanced titanium silicide process for very narrow polysilicon lines
Use of polysilicon field plates to improve high voltage bipolar device breakdown voltage
Method for fabricating a on-chip temperature controller by co-implant polysilicon resistor
Method of manufacturing mixed mode semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having capacitor and method of fabricating the same
High quality isolation structure formation
Alignment method and semiconductor device
Method for fabricating an integrated circuit configuration
Method for fabricating SOI wafer
Structure and fabrication method for non-planar memory elements
Method for forming shallow trench isolation filled with high-density plasma oxide layer
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
Method for fabricating singe crystal materials over CMOS devices
Method for optimising the etch rate of polycrystalline layer
Method for fabricating compound semiconductor substrate having quantum dot array structure
Compound semiconductor device having a reduced source resistance
Method of activating compound semiconductor layer to p-type compound semiconductor layer
Method for manufacturing asymmetric channel transistor
Process for breaking silicide stringers extending between silicide areas of different active regions
Method to reduce device contact resistance using a hydrogen peroxide treatment
Method for forming self-aligned contact
Method to enhance the formation of nucleation sites on silicon structures and an improved silicon structure
Multi-step spacer formation of semiconductor devices
Method for fabricating isolated anti-fuse structure
Semiconductor device having multilevel interconnection structure and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of passivating a metal line prior to deposition of a fluorinated silica glass layer
Interconnect structure and method for forming the same
Method for forming an interconnection in a semiconductor device
Planarization using laser ablation
Fabrication method for a borderless via of a semiconductor device
Process for fabricating semiconductor device and apparatus for fabricating semiconductor device
Tri-layer resist method for dual damascene process
Batch process for forming metal plugs in a dielectric layer of a semiconductor wafer
Metallization for uncovered contacts and vias
Method for cleaning a process chamber
Method for the formation of a boron-doped silicon gate layer underlying a cobalt silicide layer
Method of forming copper/copper alloy interconnection with reduced electromigration
Post gate etch cleaning process for self-aligned gate mosfets
Diamond slurry for chemical-mechanical planarization of semiconductor wafers
Method of preventing micro-scratches on the surface of a semiconductor wafer when performing a CMP process
Wafer holding head and wafer polishing apparatus, and method for manufacturing wafers
Semiconductor device with self aligned contacts having integrated silicide stringer removal and method thereof
Method for insulating metal conductors by spin-on-glass and devices made
Etchback method for forming microelectronic layer with enhanced surface smoothness
Method for forming a deep trench capacitor of a DRAM cell
Method for etching metal film containing aluminum and method for forming interconnection line of semiconductor device using the same
Plasma cleaning and etching methods using non-global-warming compounds
Plasma processing system apparatus, and method for delivering RF power to a plasma processing
Plasma treatment to improve DUV photoresist process
Etch process for fabricating a vertical hard mask/conductive pattern profile to improve T-shaped profile for a silicon oxynitride hard mask
Method of etching a wafer layer using a sacrificial wall to form vertical sidewall
Plasma deposition of spin chucks to reduce contamination of silicon wafers
Method for preventing film deposited on semiconductor wafer from cracking
Methods and apparatus for treating a semiconductor substrate
Method of forming silicon nitride films
Removal of carbon from substrate surface
Method of improving washfastness of metallized fabric
Process and apparatus for angularly sueding a textile web containing fill and warp yarns
Tear/puncture resistant semi-laminate material
Non-woven composite, a process for its production and its use
Boron oxide-silicon dioxide mixed oxide
High thermal conductive silicon nitride sintered body and method of producing the same
Dielectric ceramic compositions
Dielectric ceramic composition
Transition metal compound, catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymerization, and process for producing olefinic polymer
Process for sulphurizing catalysts in the presence of carbon and elemental sulphur
Dehydrogenation catalysts
Process for preparing supported nickel catalyst for reforming hydrocarbons
Influencing the activity of plant growth regulators
Solid mixtures based on sulfonylureas and adjuvants
Agricultural or horticultural preparation with light stability
Method of enhancing the metabolic function and the growing conditions of plants and seeds
Enhancement of seed/fruit/nut yields from flowering plants
Process for preparing (1R,2S,4R)-(-)-2-[(2'-{N,N-dimethylamino}-ethoxy)]-2-[phenyl]-1,7,7-tri-[m ethyl]-bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane and pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salts thereof
High temperature superconductor/insulator composite thin films with Josephson coupled grains
Mutual solvents comprising 2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol mono-or di-isobutyrate and stable emulsions thereof
Cleanup additive
Water-soluble cutting fluid
Grinding aids for X-ray fluorescence analysis
Traction drive fluid
Two-stroke cycle lubricant and method of using same
Methods for forming amorphous ultra-high molecular weight polyalphaolefin drag reducing agents using non-metallocene catalysts and alkylaluminoxane
Cosmetic composition for removing make-up from and/or for cleansing the skin, in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion
Soap wrappers
Process for producing soap bars
Soap bar
Method of stripping resists from substrates using hydroxylamine and alkanolamine
All purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Shower rinsing composition
Detergent compositions
Enhanced soil release polymer compositions
Enzyme-containing particles and liquid detergent concentrate
Mid-chain branched surfactants with cellulose derivatives
Laundry bleaching compositions
Stable bleaching agents containing bis(organosilyl)peroxides
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Azeotropic composition of hexafluoropropylene dimer and acetonitrile and separation process using the same
Grease cutting light duty liquid detergent comprising lauryol ethylene diamine triacetate
Personal liquid cleansing composition comprising high levels of polyethylene glycol
Bicyclic aldehyde and ketone odorants
Regulation of cytokine synthesis and release
Mediation of cytokines by melanin
Inhibition of .beta.-amyloid binding to the p75 nerve growth factor receptor
Stabilized compositions containing hemoglobin
Therapeutic uses of BPI protein products for human meningococcemia
Compositions isolated from stromal cells and methods for their use
Elicitor protein produced by Trichoderma virens that induces disease defense response in plant
Methods for preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease
(Substituted)Acyl dipeptidyl inhibitors of the ice/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Freeze-dried placebo pharmaceutical composition designed to imitate a medicine, in particular based on proteins or polypeptides
Moenomycin and its derivatives for the production of pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceuticals containing moenomycin or its derivatives
Quinolinone glycoside, production process, and anti-allergic agent
Induction of immune response to antigens expressed by recombinant adeno-associated virus
Methods of inhibiting phagocytosis
Nucleoside analogs and uses in treating Plasmodium falciparum infection
Arabinosyladenine derivatives
Cyclodextrin-based rotaxane dyes, labeling agent using the dye, and a method for labeling
Method for treating liver dysfunction
Antithrombotic organic nitrates
Geranylgeranyl-derivatives, process for the preparation thereof and related pharmaceutical compositions
24-hydroxyvitamin D, analogs and uses thereof
Compositions and methods of treating abnormal cell proliferation
Use of 5alpha-androstanediol or 5alpha-androstanedione to increase dihydrotestosterone levels in humans
Cephem derivatives
3-Azetidinylalkylpiperidines or -pyrrolidines as tachykinin antagonists
Azetidinone derivatives for the treatment of HCMV infections
Synergistic compositions comprising an oxathiazine and a benzothiophene-2-carboxamide-S,S-dioxide
Use of brinzolamide to prevent visual field loss
Brinzolamide and brimonidine for treating ocular conditions
1,2,4-benzothiadiazine derivatives, their preparation and use
Compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Benzimidazole derivative
Method for treating attention deficit disorder
Surgical irrigation solution and method for inhibition of pain and inflammation
Trisubstituted-oxazole derivatives as serotonin ligands
3-benzoylindole derivatives and drugs containing the same
5-HT1F antagonists
Fungicidal trihalophenyl-triazolopyrimidines
7-aminopyrido[2,3-D]pyrimidine derivatives
Polycyclo heterocyclic derivatives as antiinflammatory agents
Benzamidine derivatives substituted by amino acid and hydroxy acid derivatives and their use as anti-coagulants
Pyrimidin-2,4,6-trion derivatives, method for producing the same and medicinal products containing these compounds
Treatment of stereotypic, self-injurious and compulsive behaviors in man and animals using antagonists of NMDA receptors
Camptothecin derivatives having antitumor activity
Tricyclic amide and urea compounds useful for inhibition of G-protein function and for treatment of proliferative diseases
Substituted bis-acridines and related compounds as CCR5 receptor ligands, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-viral agents
Zolpidem salt forms
Use of aryl substituted azabenzimidazoles in the treatment of HIV and AIDS related diseases
Pharmacological agents
Method and kit for treating illnesses
Single isomer methylphenidate and resolution process
Compositions of optically pure (+) norcisapride
Substituted phenylamidines
Carbamate and urea compositions and neurotrophic uses
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Methods for the pulmonary delivery of biological agents
Treatment and prevention of reactive oxygen metabolite-mediated cellular damage
Aromatic ring derivatives
Pesticidal 1-polyarylpyrazoles
Leukotriene A4 hydrolase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions containing pyrylium compounds, pyrylium salts and process for manufacturing a medicament containing the aforesaid compounds
Five member ring sulfenate esters and thiosulfinate esters
Use of .gamma.-tocopherol and its oxidative metabolite LLU-.alpha. in the treatment of disease
Ophthalmic viscoelastic compositions
Methods for the inhibition of angiogenesis with arglabin
Prostaglandin compounds and derivatives thereof, compositions containing the same and method of using the same for the treatment of congestive heart failure
Selectively cytotoxic acetogenin compounds
Hypoestoxides, derivatives and agonists thereof for use of antiparasitic agents
Endothelin antagonist
Long chain carboxybetaines in antimicrobial formulations
Carnitine supplemented diets for gestating and lactating swine
Method for preventing and treating pain
Malodorant compositions
Use of creatine
Use of creatine or creatine compounds for skin preservation
N,N'-bis(2-hydroxybenzyl)ethylenediamine-N,N'-diacetic acid in iron chelating therapy
Carboxylic acids and acylsulfonamides, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Substituted .beta.-amino acid inhibitors of methionine aminopeptidase-2
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Pharmaceutical composition containing bupropion hydrochloride and a stabilizer
Use of 6,7-substituted 2-aminotetralines suitable for preparing a pharmaceutical composition for the therapeutic treatment of inflammatory and/or autoimmune pathologies
Fungicidal 2,6,6'-trimethylbenzophenones
Polyglycerol partial esters of fatty acids and polyfunctional carboxylic acids, their preparation and use
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with long chain (C6+) or aromatic matrix polymer-compatible monomeric, oligomeric or polymeric intercalant compounds, and composite materials containing same
Processes for the recovery of poly(arylene sulfide)
Foamed thermo-elastic article
Polymer articles including maleic anhydride and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers
Crosslinking of radiation-crosslinkable pressure-sensitive adhesive films
Use of a photopolymerizable composition for the decoration of metallic ornaments
Flame retardant additive for radiation curable acrylic compositions
Process for medical implant of cross-linked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene having improved balance of wear properties and oxidation resistance
Contact lens of high water content and high water balance
Gels including bioactive components
Label adhesive with dispersed refractive particles
Oligomeric silane treated metal hydroxide product and a method of preparing the same
Re-dispersible polymer powder and aqueous polymer dispersions obtainable therefrom
Method of applying a die attach adhesive
Pentavalent phosphorus compound, production and use thereof
Use of polymer dispersions as binding agents for sealing compounds and coating compounds
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using said rubber composition
Aqueous resin compositions
Method for preventing or retarding the formulation of gas hydrates
Polyester molding composition
Flame retardant polymer compositions with coated boron phosphate
Golf balls cover compositions
Rubber composition for tire tread and pneumatic tire using same
Rubber composition with liquid high Tg polymer and tire with tread thereof
Binder for non-woven fabric
Thermoplastic elastomers of high strength and elasticity and of good dyeability and polymer blends of high strength produced therefrom
Antimicrobial polymer latexes derived from unsaturated quaternary ammonium compounds and antimicrobial coatings, sealants, adhesives and elastomers produced from such latexes
Solid surface materials derived from aqueous latex dispersions of thermoplastic polymers
Acrylic modified waterborne alkyd dispersions
Aqueous ink jet compositions comprising a hydrophobic polymer functionalized polyuronic acid dispersent, and method of using
Stabilized blocked isocyanates and their use in polyurethane stoving lacquers
Acrylic aqueous miniemulsion copolymer thickeners and latex paints containing said thickeners
Polymer blends of olefin elastomers, syndiotactic polypropylene and styrene-butadiene-styrene copolymers, method of blending, products made therefrom, and method of making products
Novolak type phenol resin
Rubber composition, method of formulating and blending the same and article and tires made therefrom
Hollow vessel for heat sterilization
Process for preparation of block copolymers in mixed alkane/cycloalkane solvents
Gel-free process for making hydrogenated functionalized anionically polymerized polymers
Process for making hydrogenated gel-free functionalized anionically polymerized polymers
Process for production of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin
Process for the preparation of polymer particles
PVC polymerization with metered addition of emulsifiers
Syndiotactic vinylaromatic polymerization using multiple reactors in series
Process for producing polyethylenes having a broad molecular weight distribution, and a catalyst system used thereby
Metallocenes containing aryl-substituted indenyl ligands and their use as catalysts
Polymerization catalyst systems comprising substituted hafinocenes
Process for producing vinyl polymers
Vinyl fluoride interpolymers of low crystallinity
Fluoroplastic polymers with improved characteristics
Composition based on a dicyclopentenyloxyalkyl ester of (meth) acrylic acid and its applications in the building sector
Polymeric dimethyl- dicyclopentadiene/limonene resin
Polymeric colorant and colored material for ocular lens using the colorant
Stamp adhesive
Rubber stabilized with carnosic acid
Polysiloxanes having polyether quat functions
Light-stable elastomeric polyurethane mouldings and process for the production thereof
Liquid MDI adducts with improved freeze stability
Coating for coils
Modified polytrimethylene terephthalate
Functionalized hydroxy fatty acid polymer surface active agents and methods of making same
Thermoplastic polyester elastomer and composition comprising the same
Substituted polythiophenes, processes for their preparation their use
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer
Peptide analogues
Treatment of tropical spastic paresis with peptide T
Method for preparing a peptide derivative, and intermediates for the preparation of the peptide derivative, and method for preparing the intermediates
Ligand (ACT-4-L) to a receptor on the surface of activated CD4+ T-cells
Method for detection and prevention of human cytomegalovirus infection
Zinc finger protein derivatives and methods therefor
Regulators of apoptosis
Production and use of recombinant protein multimers with increased biological activity
Serological identification of cattle, sheep or goats infected with anaplasma species
Human G protein coupled lysophosphatidic acid receptor
Method of producing water-insolubilized regenerated collagen fiber
Antimicrobial proteins
Antibodies for detecting p27 protein
Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies relating to fragile X syndrome
Isolation and use fibronectin receptor
Aglyco products and methods of use
Antigen found on a small subset of human hematopoietic cells which binds to monoclonal antibody MG1
Single-chain forms of the glycoprotein hormone quartet
Method for purification of recombinant proteins
Method of detection of influenza virus and compounds for use therein
Carbohydrate derivatives and their solid-phase synthesis
Method for identifying mycobacterial species by comparative sequence analysis of rpoB gene
Mycobacterium tuberculosis specific DNA fragment
Mammalian cell surface antigens: related reagents
DNA molecules encoding a calcium-integrin binding protein
Testis specific glycoprotein zpep10
Phosphorothioate oligonucleotides having modified internucleoside linkages
Antisense modulation of zinc finger protein-217 expression
Synthesis of sulfurized 2'-substituted oligonucleotides
Process for the preparation of 2'-O-alkyl-guanosine, cytidine, and uridine phosphoramidites
Environmentally friendly sugar-based vinyl monomers useful in repulpable adhesives and other applications
Process for glucan preparation and therapeutic uses of glucan
Process for the recovery of cellulose carbamate
Preparation of betamethyl carbapenem intermediates
Trisaryl-1,3,5-triazine ultraviolet light absorbers
Methods for the preparation of tris-aryl-o-hydroxyphenyl-s-triazines
Process for the preparation of guanine
2-piperazinone-1-acetic acid derivatives and their use
Heterocyclic sulfamides
One pot synthesis of 5,10-dihydrophenazine compounds and 5,10-substituted dihydrophenazines
Process of preparing lysergic acid
Process for preparing a morphinan derivative
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Disubstituted glutarimide method for preparing same, and use thereof
2-phenylpyridine derivative and production method thereof
Method for manufacturing a color coupler used in a silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Derivatized biotin compounds and methods of use
Phenylimidazolidines containing nitrooxy or carbonyloxy groups
Process for making substituted pyrazoles
Stable arylpyrrole particles, process for their preparation and suspension concentrate compositions comprising them
Semi-synthesis of paclitaxel using dialkyldichlorosilanes
Process for the preparation of N-(3-hydroxy-succinyl)-amino acid derivatives
Synthetic techniques and intermediates for polyhydroxy, dienyl lactone derivatives
Method and device for production of lyophilized hydrochloride-1.beta., 10.beta.-epoxy-13-dimethylamino-guaia-3(4)-en-6,12-olide
H2S scavengers for polysulfide products and methods for scavenging H2S from polysulfide products
19-norpregnane steroids as neurochemical initiators of change in human hypothalamic function
Process for making carboxylic acid esters
Isomer enriched conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Transition metal compound, olefin polymerization catalyst component, olefin polymerization catalyst and process for producing olefin polymer
Compositions and metal complexes having ancillary ligands
Method for making alkanol-or alkane-sulfone plumbate
Process for extracting copper values from copper containing ores
Boron-containing carbosilanes, boron-containing oligo or polycarbosilazanes and silicon borocarbonitride ceramics
Process for preparing primary aminoorganosilanes
Process for preparing alkoxysilanes
Preparation of organohalosilanes
Process for the continuous preparation of 3-halopropylorganosilanes
Triaryl phosphate ester composition
Supported catalysts containing a platinum group metal and method for producing diarylcarbonates
Catalyst comprising at least one phosphonite ligand based nickel (O) complex and method for the production of nitriles
Pyrimidin-4-one derivatives, their use, intermediates for their production, and processes for producing these intermediates
Process for producing propionic acid derivatives
Liquid crystal compounds, mixtures and devices
Substituted heterocylic compounds, method of preparing them and pharmaceutical compositions in which they are present
Cyanate esters having flame resistant properties
Preparation of neopentyl glycol hydroxyprivalate granules
Tertiary alkyl ester preparation using large-pore zeolite catalysts
Cycloaliphatic compounds
Process for preparing arylalphosphinic acids
Method for preparing aromatic carboxylic acids, aromatic aldehydes, and aromatic alcohols
N-(4-carbamimidoyl-phenyl)-glycine derivatives
Thermally stable aminosulfur trifluorides
Method of producing 2,4-dichloro-5-hydroxyacetanilide
Insecticidal biphenylthiohydrazides
Process for preparing triarylamine dimer
Continuous method for producing aromatic amines
Process for the decoloration of aqueous effluents comprising aromatic amines
Process for the preparation of N,N'-dialkylalkanediamines
Process for producing organic trisulfides
Process for the preparation of .alpha.-diketones from ketols or ketals from ketols
Preparation process of fluorine substituted aromatic compound
Glycol purification
Method for producing a dinitronaphthalene-isomer mixture having a high 1,5-dinitronaphthalene proportion
Method for producing aromatic nitro compounds
Process for the manufacture of fluorine-substituted hydrocarbons
Process for the manufacture of difluoromethane
Catalytic system and process for dehydrogenating ethylbenzene to styrene
Process for the separation of isobutene from normal butenes
Process for obtaining butene-1
Powerful reductant for decontamination of groundwater and surface streams
Sterilization of medical waste materials in an improved irradiating facility
Animal model for identifying a common stem/progenitor to liver cells and pancreatic cells
Transgenic organisms having tetracycline-regulated transcriptional regulatory systems
Strawberry endo-1,4-.beta.-glucanase genes and their uses
Pesticidal toxins and nucleotide sequences which encode these toxins
Soybean cultivar 6163049318
Soybean cultivar 03422820
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36M28
Hybrid maize plant and seed 37M34
Synthetic corn hybrid P129-WX
Inbred corn line LH293
Stringed instrument slide
Plectrum auxiliary device for string musical instruments
Musical instrument open hole cup plug, plug removal/storage tool, and kit
Multimembrane percussive instrument and a method for mounting multiple drum heads
Drum tuning device
Waveform reproduction device and method for performing pitch shift reproduction, loop reproduction and long-stream reproduction using compressed waveform samples
Component mount and components for musical instruments
Stringed musical instrument transducer and method for forming a stringed musical instrument transducer
Shock hardening device for torpedo-mounted dispensers on torpedoes
Structure and method of installing photovoltaic module
Photovoltaic device and process for producing the same
Amorphous silicon photovoltaic devices and method of making same
Sea electrode for a high voltage direct current transmission system
Interlaced, counter-rotating, multiple-helix cable
Gasket system for EMI isolation
Electronic packaging and method of packaging
Electric power cables
Overhead cable
Package for housing a photosemiconductor device
Connector with collapsible walls
Electrical box with supplemental support for carrying fixtures
Molded plastic enclosure
Interchangeable adapter face plates
Apparatus for processing the end of a coaxial high frequency cable
End seal assembly for a splice case
Apparatus and method for measuring weight of an occupying item of a seat
Circuit breaker unit
Bell alarm with automatic reset for small frame air circuit breaker
Ceiling fan and light control "STIK"
Arc quenching current limiting device including ablative material
Isolator switch
Method for manufacturing conductive wafers, method for manufacturing thin-plate sintered compacts, method for manufacturing ceramic substrates for thin-film magnetic head, and method for machining conductive wafers
Method and apparatus for a contact start plasma cutting process
Arc welding monitoring system
Air heater with perforated resistance element
Plane heating element without electromagnetic waves and a manufacturing method thereof
Noncontact article temperature measuring device for food
Progressive hot twisting apparatus for use in a process for manufacturing a hollow turbomachine blade
Rapid roasting oven with movable heating elements
Removable reflector rack for an ultraviolet curing oven
Wafer holder
Multiple-layered ceramic heater
Control for electric water heater
Cooktop with a non-metallic hotplate
Temperature controlled thin film circular heater
Apparatus for performing chemical and physical processes without sample transfer within a microwave radiation field
Microwave oven
Heat cooking device allowing control of fan rotation number
Adjustable microwave field stop
Distance detector having pairs of sensors arranged as a mirror image with respect to a virtual line
CMOS active pixel sensor using native transistors
Two-dimensional image detector
Semiconductor color image sensor
Imaging device having an integrated position sensing device
Optical receiver with a control loop providing wide dynamic range
Double sheet detector for automated transaction machine
Scanning probe microscope assembly and method for making confocal, spectrophotometric, near-field, and scanning probe measurements and associated images
Power-modulated inductively coupled plasma spectrometry
Scanning probe microscope
Microscopic system equipt with an electron microscope and a scanning probe microscope
Structurally stable infrared bolometer
Method and apparatus for non-destructive determination of film thickness and dopant concentration using fourier transform infrared spectrometry
Imaging system functioning on submillimeter waves
Radiation detection apparatus
Rotating articulation for a transmission attenuation correction device
Non-orbiting tomographic imaging system
Miniaturized gamma camera with very high spatial resolution
Solid state gamma camera
Two-dimensional image detecting device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for optimizing linac operational parameters
Methods and apparatus for mounting an X-ray detecting unit to an electron microscope
Ion-beam source with uniform distribution of ion-current density on the surface of an object being treated
Ion implantation device
Charged-particle-beam exposure device and charged-particle-beam exposure method
Photocatalyst, light source and lighting device
Portable sterilizing apparatus
Method of detecting position of mark on substrate, position detection apparatus using this method, and exposure apparatus using this position detection apparatus
Method and device for the contactless measuring of strand-like textile material
Cross optical axis inspection system for integrated circuits
Capacitor circuit structure for determining overlay error
Semiconductor device employing resinous material, method of fabricating the same and electrooptical device
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Optical semiconductor device with enhanced light reception
Nitride compound semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor device with a tunnel diode and method of manufacturing same
Low triggering voltage SOI silicon-control-rectifier (SCR) structure
III-N semiconductor light-emitting element having strain-moderating crystalline buffer layers
Field effect transistor and its manufacturing method
High electron mobility transistor
Asic routing architecture
Charge coupled device and a driving method thereof
Thin film transistor type photo sensor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Vertical fuse and method of fabrication
Using polysilicon fuse for IC programming
Semiconductor inductor
Semiconductor device having oblique portion as reflection
Method and a circuit for improving the effectiveness of ESD protection in circuit structures formed in a semiconductor
Self-aligned symmetric intrinsic device
Metal line structure and method of manufacturing the same
Wiring structure of semiconductor memory device and formation method thereof
Semiconductor device having pellet mounted on radiating plate thereof
Stacked bottom lead package in semiconductor devices
Anisotropic stress buffer and semiconductor device using the same
Heat dissipating device package
Semiconductor device
Moisture enhanced ball grid array package
Semiconductor devices with integral contact structures
Fabrication process of a semiconductor device having a nitride film
Method of using a polish stop film to control dishing during copper chemical mechanical polishing
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit having heat sinking means for heat generating wires
Semiconductor device with copper wiring and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Integrated circuit memory devices including titanium nitride bit lines
Interlevel contact including aluminum-refractory metal alloy formed during aluminum deposition at an elevated temperature
CSP pin configuration compatible with TSOP pin configuration
Deep-submicron integrated circuit package for improving bondability
Universal I/O pad structure for in-line or staggered wire bonding or arrayed flip-chip assembly
Flexible substrate based ball grid array (BGA) package
Method for improving a stepper signal in a planarized surface over alignment topography
Fabricated wafer for integration in a wafer structure
Vertical axis wind turbine
Gas expansion turbine for low power output
Apparatus for providing a digital representation of the weight of an object
CMOS passive input circuit
Electric machine
Linear electric machine
Motor and manufacturing method thereof
Electric rotating machine with reduced thickness and volume of insulation
Spindle motor and disc driving apparatus comprising the same
Portable communication device with electromechanical transducer means and a battery pack therefor
Flywheel-rotor apparatus
Submersible pumping system utilizing a motor protector having a metal bellows
Reduced stiction for disc drive hydrodynamic spindle motors
Self unloading magnetic coupler
Wound cover arrangement for an electric motor rotor
Brushless polyphase machine, in particular motor vehicle alternator
Core sheet, core and method of manufacturing an armature
Vehicle AC generators stator and method of manufacturing the same
Permanent magnet rotary machine and electric vehicle using the same
Commutator and method of manufacturing the same
Commutator and method for manufacturing
Electrical machine including toothless flux collector made from ferromagnetic wire
Stepper motor with shaped memory alloy rotary-driver
Electrical component, in particular saw component operating with surface acoustic waves, and a method for its production
Resonator structures
Wide-band single-phase unidirectional transducer
Electronic driving circuit for a bistable actuator
Vibration actuator to control pitching vibration
Ultrasonic transducer with epoxy compression elements
Oscillation gyroscope
Piezoelectric step motor
Piezoelectric motor and a disk drive using same
Dimmable metal halide lamp without color temperature change
Electron gun
Lamp holder for low-wattage-lighting systems
Indirectly heated cathode for a CRT having high purity alumina insulating layer with limited amounts of Na OR Si
Color picture tube shadow mask having a column-to-column spacing with a pseudo-cyclic variation
Cathode ray tube comprising a deflection unit
High efficiency fluorescent lamp with low color rendering property
Electroluminescent phosphor thin films
Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing same
Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing same
Direct current discharge lamp and light source having the discharge lamp attached to reflector
Photocatalyzer and lamp or lighting fixture having a photocatalyzer
Apparatus and method for automatic recovery of sulfated lead acid batteries
Vehicle with supplemental energy storage system for engine cranking
Optimization of mobile station battery charging with a two slot charger by sharing a charging period
Combination battery charger/controller
Charge/discharge control circuit and chargeable electric power source apparatus
Battery charge indicator
Portable electronic device and method
Lithium-ion and lithium polymer battery recharging
Battery conditioning scheme
Controller of adjustable DC voltage for a transformerless reactive series compensator
Converting available electrical power to desirable electrical power
Current stacked bandgap reference voltage source
Start-up circuit and voltage supply circuit using the same
Waveform translator for DC to 75 GHz oscillography
System for measuring partial discharge using digital peak detection
True average wide dynamic range microwave power sensor using diode stack attenuator-diode stack
Measuring configuration, and use of the measuring configuration
Method for using an insulated electrical probe
Rotation detecting device for detecting direction of rotation
Method for identifying the direction of rotation of a wheel using hall probes
Systems and methods for calibrating an absolute position encoder
Apparatus and method of determining the orientation of an object relative to a magnetic field
Detection of passing magnetic articles while adapting the detection threshold
Electrical sensing of valve actuator position
Magnetic head and disk tester with yaw correction
Field sensor and device and process for measuring electric and/or magnetic fields
System and method for lithology-independent gas detection using multifrequency gradient NMR logging
Method for formation evaluation while drilling
Magnetic resonance imaging method and magnetic resonance imaging system
Field-frequency lock system for magnetic resonance system
Partial fourier acquistion of MR data over a limited field of view and image reconstruction
Magnetic resonance transmission antenna
Apparatus and method for reducing the recovery period of a probe in pulsed nuclear quadrupole resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance detection systems by varying the impedance of a load to reduce total Q factor
Multi-probe MRI/MRT system
Apparatus for use in a DMM for measuring the battery voltage of the DMM
Alternator testing apparatus and method
Arc detection architecture based on correlation for circuit breakers
Method for detecting power plane-to-power plane shorts and I/O net-to power plane shorts in modules and printed circuit boards
Method for electronically measuring size of internal void in electrically conductive lead
EMI susceptibility testing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for moving an article relative to and between a pair of thickness measuring probes to develop a thickness map for the article
Method and apparatus measuring parameters of material
Method and apparatus for detecting resistance of oxygen concentration sensor
Probe needle for vertical needle type probe card and fabrication thereof
High-frequency probe capable of adjusting characteristic impedance in end part and having the end part detachable
Flexible semiconductor interconnect fabricated by backside thinning
Interposer for semiconductor components having contact balls
Device probe socket forming part of a test head, interfacing between test head and a probe handler, used for device strip testing
Background leakage zeroing by temperature and voltage dependence for IDDQ measurement and defect resolution
Interconnect for testing semiconductor components and method of fabrication
Circuit for driving conductive line and testing conductive line for current leakage
Hot carrier measuring circuit
Electrical circuit to detect load current
Superconducting circuit having superconductive circuit device of voltage-type logic and superconductive circuit device of fluxoid-type logic device selectively used therein
Data input buffer circuit
Reducing I/O noise when leaving programming mode
Integrated circuit output buffers having feedback switches therein for reducing simultaneous switching noise and improving impedance matching characteristics
Programmable multi-standard I/O architecture for FPGAS
Real-time reconfigurable vision computing system
Field programmable gate array with mask programmable I/O drivers
Embedded memory block with FIFO mode for programmable logic device
PLD having a window pane architecture with segmented interconnect wiring between logic block arrays
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Digital voltage translator and its method of operation
Bidirectional data transfer path having increased bandwidth
Adiabatic charging logic circuit
Self-aligning poly 1 ono dielectric for non-volatile memory
Poly spacer split gate cell with extremely small cell size
Circuits and methods using vertical complementary transistors
Device improvement by lowering LDD resistance with new silicide process
Field effect transistor and liquid crystal devices including the same
Cooling method for silicon on insulator devices
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Resistor constructions
Circuit for providing isolation of integrated circuit active areas
Semiconductor device with insulated gate transistor
Edge termination for silicon power devices
Nitride based sidewall spaces for submicron MOSFETs
Field emission display device with focusing electrodes at the anode and method for constructing same
Electric gas-lighter
Circuit for synchronizing the ignition of electronic ballast discharge lamps
Glow discharge apparatus having direct production of visible light from neon or xenon
Fluorescent lamp stabilizer harmonics reduction method
Light emitting device driving circuit
High field effect neon lamp
Method and apparatus for adaptive hybrid vehicle control
Phase commutation of a switched reluctance motor by single phase sensing of inductance
Motor driving apparatus
Intermittent windshield wiper controller
Control system and method for cycle-based processes
Touch calibration system for wafer transfer robot
Tolerance based motion control system
Motor control apparatus
Variable speed three-phase motor drive with two inverter circuits
Dual stator winding induction machine drive
Timing clock generation circuit using hierarchical DLL circuit
Delay lock loop circuit, system and method for synchronizing a reference signal with an output signal
Phase locked loop
Master-slave type flip-flop
Master slave flip flop as a dynamic latch
Programmable delay circuit and method with dummy circuit compensation
Methods and circuits for restoration of a drooped DC signal
Level shift circuit having plural level shift stage stepwise changing potential range without applying large potential difference to component transistors
Differential mixer with improved linearity
Low-distortion lossless feedback double-balanced active mixers using linearity augmentation
Phase synchronization
Leakage current correcting circuit
Semiconductor power converting apparatus
Local substrate pumping in integrated circuits
Charge-pump device and method of sequencing charge-pump switches
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electronic control apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Adamantane derivatives
Condensed 4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzo[C]thiophenes as enhancer for cell differentiation induction factor action
Chemical vapor deposition of PB5GE3O11 thin film for ferroelectric applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Alternating current-starting device for a helicopter turbine engine unit
Multiplexed synchronization circuits for switching frequency synthesized signals
Multi-sided capacitor in an integrated circuit
Plasma display panel with insulating layer having specific characteristics
Selective silicide thin-film transistor having polysilicon active layers with crystallizing metal agent introduced only in the source/drain regions
SOI Semiconductor device with field shield electrode
Diode connected to a magnetic tunnel junction and self aligned with a metallic conductor and method for forming the same
Low on resistance high speed off switching device having unipolar transistors
Method for estimating induced electromotive force and speed of induction motor, method for correcting misalignment of shaft thereof, and induction motor controller
Inverting hold time latch circuits, systems, and methods
Internal clock signal generating circuit employing pulse generator
Spot killer circuit
Programmable gradual illumination lighting device
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