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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Marker mapping and resistance gene associations in soybean
Defensin polynucleotides and methods of use
Maize variety X6N745
Agricultural security assembly
Pet deterrent
Treat dispenser
Automated animal care device
Food storage insert
Hair treatment application system comprising an absorbent substrate
Scalp soother
Mohawk hair cutting guide
Safe room system for folding attic stair assembly
Cushioning toothbrush
Transversal cleaning apparatus
Deployable table assembly
Stabilisation of objects
Electronic apparatus
Adjustable furniture apparatus
Method and apparatus for removing moisture from a mattress topper
Conveyor support frame method and apparatus
Wall assembly for goods display
Locking system for adjustable telescopic props
Corner shelf assembly
Tiered organizer and display rack
Picture frame and hanger combination featuring a recessed cord reel
Garment separator assembly and method of use
Ecological and ergonomic kettle
Immobilization device for radiation therapy treatment
Interventional MR imaging with detection and display of device position
Multispectral imaging for quantitative contrast of functional and structural features of layers inside optically dense media such as tissue
Absorbent products and methods of preparation thereof
Cremation casket
Meal-serving stock shelf-equipped wheelchair
Synthetic polysaccharides, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Implantable stimulator
Capacitor and inductor elements physically disposed in series whose lumped parameters are electrically connected in parallel to form a bandstop filter
Estimating flap thickness for cochlear implants
Optimizing pitch and other speech stimuli allocation in a cochlear implant
Endoscopic device delivery system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rotating pressure washing stand for spa or pool filter
Truck mounted debris grinder
Rotatable fountain display device
Prevention of particle adders when contacting a liquid meniscus over a substrate
Automatic wax removing device and automatic wax removing method using same
Tail end ring control in a curved guide of a coiler
Method of fabricating micrometer scale components
Friction stir method and a pair of workpieces joined by such method
Method for holding high speed friction spot joining tools
Crate assembly jig system, assembly, and method
Box cutter with retractable blade
Punching device, paper processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Quick release blade lock assembly
Sheet punching device and image forming system
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and data control device
Image forming apparatus that controls an exposure amount intensity for forming a first image formed of an equal or smaller number of consecutive dots than a predetermined number in a predetermined direction is higher than an electric intensity for forming a second
Pneumatic tire with tread having notch portions in shoulder block
Trailer tire pressure monitoring system
Vehicle control device and vehicle control method
Method for supplying the electrical on-board power network of ships with external energy
Classification method for pedestrian protection system
Method for using a table of data to control access and a locking mechanism using same
Vehicle dash accessory holding device
Lift system and apparatus for use with motorized tricycles
Sliding parking switch
Acoustical warning system
Wheelchair with detachable walker
Foldable structure for baby stroller
Steering column comprising a steering bearing, and a steering bearing of a steering column
Position adjustable steering device
Steering apparatus
Shopping cart bottom shelf monitor
Two-wheeled vehicle parking mechanism
Electronic device holder on bicycle
Bicycle meter assembly with positioning function
Bicycle frame with adjustable suspension components
Multi-use vehicle assembly
Bushing securement device
Connecting element and fastening arrangement for seat rails in an aircraft
Dispensing system and method of controlling the system
Shipping system for plants or other items
Package with lid sealing system
Three-pronged box flap closure device
Stackable open topped box with indented side edges
Container cap locking mechanism
Apparatus and method for product display alignment
Slide-open package of tobacco articles
Slide-open package of tobacco articles with a coupon, and packing method and machine for producing the same
Towel dispenser with auto-load arrangement
Automatic document feeder
Image forming apparatus
Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
Medium feeding direction switching mechanism and medium issuing and collecting device
Sheet retention device
Image forming apparatus and sheet reconveyance propriety discriminating method
Control system for a hydraulic elevator, which includes a speed regulator for controlling the speed of displacement of the elevator car
Wrist support
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Vacuum degassing apparatus and vacuum degassing method for molten glass
Method for production of styrene from toluene and syngas
Linear amine functionalized poly(trimethylene ether) compositions
Plasticiser esters
High shear system and process for the production of acetic anhydride
Sulphonyl-1,2,4-triazole salts
Intermediates for fluorinated tetrabenazine carbinol compounds imaging agents and probes
Naphthyridine derivatives having inhibitory activity against HIV integrase
RNAi modulation of SCAP and therapeutic uses thereof
2'-substituted oligomeric compounds and compositions for use in gene modulations
Tumor suppressor gene P33ING2
Nano-linked heteronuclear metallocene catalyst compositions and their polymer products
Cloning and sequencing of the ferulate esterase gene from Lactobacillus buchneri LN4017
Conveyance rack, method for retaining metal ring, and method for heat treatment of metal ring
Textiles; Paper
Method of controlling drainage of wash water remaining in a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Modular booth system
Floor panels with edge connectors
Ceiling panel clip
Door made of polyurethane and method for manufacturing the same
Device and method for aligning hinges on door during installation
Fall restraint traveler device
Retractable canopy assembly
Swimming pool hose holder
Magnetically repelling lock assembly
Hide-away closet door hardware
Roll-up door guard
Window covering
Climbing safety assembly
Tree stand ladder locking device
Impregnated diamond structure, method of making same, and applications for use of an impregnated diamond structure
SALT ring handling system and method
Reduction of expansion force via resonant vibration of a swage
Retrievable flow module unit
Swellable packer anchors
Process of sealing a breakthrough created during the production of hydrocarbons in a subterranean formation
Electrical submergible pumping system using a power crossover assembly for a power supply connected to a motor
System and method for anchoring an expandable tubular to a borehole wall
Drill rig and associated drill rig traverse system
Multi-ram drill rig and method of operation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermal engine with an improved valve system
Apparatus and method for reheating turbine steam
Internal combustion engine valve actuation control arrangement
Actuator unit with reduced actuator pin friction
NO.sub.x emission reduction system and method
Method and control device for metering fuel to combustion chambers of an internal combustion engine
System for use in controlling the operation of power generation systems
Methods and systems for reducing the formation of oxides of nitrogen during combustion of engines
Small-sized power package
Method for damping tower oscillations, an active stall controlled wind turbine and use hereof
Coupling arrangement
Friction clutch device
Hydraulic energy recovery system
Differential fluid pressure energy conversion system
Compressor and expander device with pressure vessel divider baffle and piston
Variable-elastomer semi-active damping apparatus
Transmission gear ratio changing without disassembly for a work machine
Device for storing low-molecular gases
Diaphragm for a valve
Fuel float valve
Valve lockout device
Valve assembly and components therefore
Beach towel anchor system
Anchoring apparatus for a mechanized irrigation system
Spherical object formed of several joint parts and method for producing spherical object formed of several joint parts
Boiler for use in a steam generating device
Gas cooking appliance
Solar powered compressor/pump combination
Centrifugal dryer with replaceable blades and self-cleaning rotor seal and centrifugal dewatering tower
Process for drying material and dryer for use in the process
Drying furnace and drying method
Heating vessel
Heat dissipation system with boundary layer disruption
Confinement group for a plate heat exchanger, a method of obtaining such an exchanger, and a method of absorbing stress in a confinement group for pack-type plate heat exchangers
Trigger mechanism with cam surface sear
Firearm sight
Tracking system using fixed optical radiators
Systems and methods for determining the shape of glass sheets
Distributed jammer system
Measurement of vertical track modulus using space curves
System and method for monitoring resources in a water utility network
Ultrasonic flow sensor for use in a fluid medium
Radial mode transducer flow meter
Method and apparatus for spectrophotometric characterization of turbid materials
Apparatus and system for electro magnetic field measurements and automatic analyses of phase modulated optical signals from electrooptic devices
Force detecting mat with multiple sensor types
System and method for generating a change in pressure proportional to fluid viscosity
Method and apparatus for measuring residual stresses in a component
Systems for measuring backscattered light using rotating mirror
Detection element, detection apparatus for detecting target substance, method of detecting target substance and metal-containing member
Moisture indicator for potted plant soil
Dendrimer based electro-optic sensor
Micro integrated planar optical waveguide type SPR sensor
Neutron detector
Method for measuring magnetic permeability and reference sample used in the latter
Method and system for correcting for temperature variations in ultrasonic testing systems
Quantification schemes for quantifying nucleic acids
Netrin receptors
High impact resistant acceleration sensor
Signal readout circuit of amperometric sensor
Methods of detecting anomalies in ambient alternating current fields
Verification of a fabrication process used to form read elements in magnetic heads
System and method for A-GPS positioning of a mobile device
Methods for improving computational efficiency in a global positioning satellite receiver
Boring tool control using remote locator
Tunable optical active elements
Image pickup device with two cylindrical lenses
Variable-focal-length lens system and imaging apparatus
Variable focal distance lens system and imaging device
Barrier mechanism and camera
Electromechanical device with optical function separated from mechanical and electrical function
Polarization-controller driving method for optical fiber transmission systems and apparatus in accordance with said method
Electronic reading devices
Oscillator device, optical deflector and image forming apparatus using the optical deflector
Video training system
Image stabilization apparatus, imaging apparatus, and optical apparatus
Optical element, integrated optic device and optical information transmission system
Lens barrel supporting frame, lens retaining structure, lens barrel and camera
Display with controlled formation of bubbles
Photoelastic modulator system
Recording device
Light-modulating material with transmissivity changing in electrified state and vehicle using the same
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
Electronic apparatus with protective panel
Stereo image display with switch function between horizontal display and vertical display
Imaging device
Image capture apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus and failure detection method therefor
Belt device and image-forming apparatus
Development device and image forming apparatus that uses this device
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Holographic storage medium and method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data to and/or from a holographic storage medium
On-demand auto-tuner for a plant control system
Process for rapidly controlling a process variable without overshoot using a time domain polynomial feedback controller
Digital linear voltage regulator
Clocking scheme for efficient digital noise reduction in mixed-signal systems-on-chip
Managing power consumption in a data center based on monitoring circuit breakers
Managing a plurality of processors as devices
Node management device and method
Checkpoint consolidation for multiple data streams
Disc drive failure diagnostic system and method
System and method for avoiding categorizing potential link error events as actual link error events based on a proximity to a physical layer signal state change
System and method of dynamically optimizing a transmission mode of wirelessly transmitted information
Network-aware adapter for applications
Method and apparatus for obscuring data on removable storage devices
Portable information terminal and data protecting method
Data access method, channel adapter, and data access control device
Computer memory addressing mode employing memory segmenting and masking
Method, system, and article of manufacture for remote copying of data
Applying quality of service (QoS) to a translation lookaside buffer (TLB)
Communication system, storage device, and control device for accessing external file data on a page unit or sector unit basis
Method and system for fixing a mirror of a dataset
Globally unique transaction identifiers
Multi-usage print setting in an information processing apparatus
Method of using printed forms to transmit the information necessary to create electronic forms
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Method and apparatus for peer-to-peer services
System for excluding recipients in an electronic communication system
Routing messages in a client server environment over multiple networks
Methods and systems for accessing email
System and method of live data search on a mobile device
Authenticated distributed detection and inference
Method and computer system for providing remote direct memory access
System and method for leveraging end-users' preferences for efficient communications
Computer system partitioning using data transfer routing mechanism
Recording and playback of video clips based on audio selections
Digital mixing system with double arrangement for fail safe
File management device and electronic equipment
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Method, system and computer readable medium for addressing handling from a computer program
Method and system for image recognition using a similarity inverse matrix
Methods and systems for pricing products that enhance productivity
Patent summarization systems and methods
Computer-readable medium storing program for controlling archiving of electronic document, document management system, document management method, and computer data signal
System for and method of determining a host vehicle lane change
Method and system for processing physician claims over a network
Mask-pattern determination using topology types
Controlling operation of a digital system utilizing register entities
Method and system for creating, viewing, editing, and sharing output from a design checking system
Method for laying out decoupling cells and apparatus for laying out decoupling cells
Methods and apparatus for analyzing transmission lines with decoupling of connectors and other circuit elements
FPGA circuits and methods considering process variations
System and medium for placement which maintain optimized timing behavior, while improving wireability potential
Wordline booster design structure and method of operating a wordine booster circuit
Controlling impedance and thickness variations for multilayer electronic structures
Concept for monitoring the manufacture of objects consisting of multiple material layers
Manufacturing system and controller, controlling method, controlling system, and control program for the manufacturing system
E-mail based user authentication
Random biometric authentication utilizing unique biometric signatures
Method of downloading contents and system thereof
System using internet application for automatically monitoring image-forming device and sharing collected device information among departments within a company
Method and apparatus for simultaneous bidirectional signaling in a bus topology
Information processing apparatus, assignment method and display method of information processing apparatus, and computer-readable program product
USB devices pre-configuration for KVM switch
Communications channel interposer, method and program product for verifying integrity of untrusted subsystem responses to a request
Fibre channel elastic FIFO delay controller and loop delay method having a FIFO threshold transmission word adjuster for controlling data transmission rate
Detection and indication of premium channel availability
Identifying a cable with a connection location
Modularized electronic switching controller assembly for computer
Method and system for driving a bi-stable display
System and method of driving a MEMS display device
Input device
Detachable and reattachable portal pages
Display screen management apparatus
Layout apparatus, layout method, and program product
Image-providing apparatus, image-printing apparatus and image-printing system comprised thereof
Image output apparatus, history management method, and history management program
Deterministic space management in deduplication applications
Method and apparatus for communication within control systems
Auditing of wireless network node databases
File recovery under linux operating system
Method and system for quantifying a data page repetition pattern for a database index in a database management system
Melody retrieval system
Method and apparatus for creating data carousels
Apparatus and method for browsing contents
Distributed subscriber management system
Methods and apparatus for providing an insertion and integrity protection system associated with a wireless communication platform
Apparatus, system, and method for interpolating high-dimensional, non-linear data
Method and system for simulating flow of fluid around a body
Selectively powered retirement unit using a partitioned allocation array and a partitioned writeback array
Program version management taking into account system stability
System and method for intercepting, instrumenting and characterizing usage of an application programming interface
Compile time evaluation of library functions
Method and system for compiling a source code
Diabetes care management system
Printing control apparatus and method
Apparatus, method and program for processing an image
Apparatus and methods for improved printing in a tandem LED printhead engine
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and program
Electronic paper system, image processing apparatus for electronic paper system storage medium storing image processing program, and image writing method using image processing apparatus
Systems and methods for a product authorization service
Transparent micropatterned RFID antenna and articles incorporating same
Automatic teller machine using banknote packages packed in advance
RFID tag and article-monitoring system using same
Vehicle-use image processing system, vehicle-use image processing method, vehicle-use image processing program, vehicle, and method of formulating vehicle-use image processing system
Two stage detection for photographic eye artifacts
Iris recognition method utilizing matching pursuit algorithm
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Bleeding detection using a blanket ultrasound device
Capsule endoscope system and endoscopic image filing method
Multi-zone passageway monitoring system and method
Image processing apparatus, program and recording medium for document registration
Measurement apparatus and method of measurement of video spatial scale, offset and cropping
Apparatus and software for geometric coarsening and segmenting of still images
Image blur detection using cumulative blur widths
Highlighting comparison method
Collateralized equity and debt obligation financial product
System and method for analyzing data associated with statistical arbitrage
System and method for block trading
Unique identity trading charms for a secure controlled internet communication system
Method for defining animation parameters for an animation definition interface
Rotational motion dice game system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable medium
Method and apparatus for decoding a control channel in a wireless communication system
Handoff between a SIP network and a cellular communication system
Method and terminal for receiving traffic information and method for providing traffic information
Backpack-type large-scale promotional mannequin
Display for displaying compressed video
Array panel and method of driving the same
Method of driving plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
Method of driving plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
Driving circuit and organic electroluminescence display thereof
Pixel circuit
Apparatus and method for data transmission using bit masking and bit restoration, and apparatus and method for driving image display device using the same
Method and circuit of selectively generating gray-scale voltage
Vehicular heads-up display system
Information input device
Force sense presentation device, mixed reality system, information processing method, and information processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing process, and recording medium
Apparatus and method of displaying infinitely small divisions of measurement
Music training system
Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and data signal
Apparatus and method for speech recognition using probability and mixed distributions
Translation system and method of providing translation service
Disc device having multiple disk carry-in speeds
Disk drive configured to calculate head rebound distance
Adaptive data recovery procedure based on radial positioning
Method and system for calibrating an optimized power
Phase adjusting device, magnetic storage medium, and storage device
Magnetic storage medium and magnetic recording device
Auxiliary tool for assembling voice coil motor
Objective lens, optical pick-up device, and optical disk device
Assembling method for optical system of optical pick-up
Method of controlling focus of optical information storage media recording and/or reproduction apparatus and apparatus therefor
Recording apparatus, method for controlling the apparatus, and storage medium storing control program
Recording/reproducing apparatus and method
Objective lens, optical pick-up device, and optical disk device
Optical device integrated head
Optical pick apparatus
Optical recording medium, and recording and reproducing method
SRAM cell with intrinsically high stability and low leakage
Non-volatile memory programmable through areal capacitive coupling
Converting SRAM cells to ROM cells
Memory device having bit line leakage compensation
Method and apparatus for storage device with a logic unit and method for manufacturing same
Device under test de-embedding
Dome contact used in pushbutton switch
Image display apparatus
Charged particle beam irradiator and rotary gantry
Method and structure for ballast resistor
Support structures for on-wafer testing of wafer-level packages and multiple wafer stacked structures
Integrated non-isolated VRM and microprocessor assembly
Laminate substrate and semiconductor package utilizing the substrate
Package mounted module and package board module
Semiconductor device and insulating substrate utilizing a second conductor with a non-joint area
Spinel wafers and methods of preparation
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and integrated circuits capable of saving layout areas
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and fabrication method therefor
Semiconductor memory device having a capacitor structure with a desired capacitance and manufacturing method therefor
Terminal box for solar cell module
Phosphor for white light-emitting diodes and fabrication of the same
Nanowire light emitting device
Integrated coupling structures
Medical balloon incorporating electroactive polymer and methods of making and using the same
Antenna device for portable terminals and radio unit for receiving broadcast waves
Utility pole grounding plate
Manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method for an electronic component
Frequency-tripled fiber MOPA
Wavelength conversion apparatus, laser light generating apparatus and wavelength conversion method
Pulse mode modulation in frequency converted laser sources
All-fiber color laser and light-illuminating method thereof
Semiconductor laser
Method for making arrangement for energy conditioning
Desktop charger holder
Oscillator device, optical deflector and optical instrument using the same
Rotating electric machine
Fan system and starting method thereof
Crystal device for surface mounting
Systems and methods for frequency modulation adjustment
Method and arrangement for removing DC offset from data symbols
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Logic signal transmitting circuit
Voltage trimming circuit
Mode selection for data transmission in wireless communication channels based on statistical parameters
DTV transmitter and method of coding main and enhanced data in DTV transmitter
Run length limiter and run length limiting method
Method and system for utilizing undersampling to remove in-band blocker signals
FM transmitter
Equalizer-based receiver to eliminate training sequence interference in TDD systems
Wireless communications devices, wireless communications systems, and methods of performing wireless communications with a portable device
Interference suppression in computer radio modems
Simultaneous receiving and transmitting of data over a network
Method for reducing the calculation complexity for code acquisition and correlation
Method and apparatus for transmitting multiple channels in a wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) optical communication system with reduced raman crosstalk and nonlinear distortions
Receiver having an apparatus for varying decision threshold level and an optical transmission system having the same
Method for performing a radio frequency test on a mobile phone
Methods and systems for synchronizing wireless transmission of data packets
Systems and methods for facilitating dispatch communications
Fast session setup extensions to H.324
Transaction control system including portable data terminal and mobile customer service station
System and method for multicast/broadcast reliability enhancement over wireless LANs
Systems and methods for wireless transmission and reception of data including frequency and channel code selection
Time division multiple access for network nodes with multiple receivers
Method and system for reliable broadcast or multicast communication in wireless networks
Passive optical network system and method of data transmission in the passive optical network
Inline repeater and optical fiber communication system
Polarization envelope modulation for signaling and labeling in optical networks
Information processing apparatus
Wireless broadband communications network using message diffusion architecture
Method and apparatus for providing secure voice/multimedia communications over internet protocol
Method and apparatus for performing automatic retransmission request in a mobile communication system
Method, system and apparatus for media gateway to transmit and receive multicast data
Unsupervised traffic estimation for low-power media streaming
System and method for switching from a unicast to a multicast data transmission session
Quality of service network and method
Circuit-switched switching system
Method for improving subscriber access capacity, broadband access device and network
Multi-link transport protocol translation
Switching hub and LAN system
Automated attendant multimedia session
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Supporting both packet and circuit-based wireless networks
Signal space expansion for a 16 QAM scheme
Predistortion apparatus and predistortion method
Orthogonality detector, and quadrature demodulator and sampling quadrature demodulator using detector thereof
System and method for user password protection
Means of mitigating denial of service attacks on IP fragmentation in high performance IPsec gateways
Symmetrical range controller circuit and method
Encryption operating apparatus
Systems and methods for obtaining information on a key in BB84 protocol of quantum key distribution
Verification of encryption key
Apparatus and method for unilaterally loading a secure operating system within a multiprocessor environment
Service mobility management system using XML security and the method thereof
Data entry systems
Automated DSL performance adjustment
Method and system for processing call setup messages using call attributes
Method and system for providing calling name identification requery
Interworking of multimedia and telephony equipment
Microphone systems for telephones
Image reading apparatus
Image processing circuit, displaying apparatus, and printing apparatus
Image pickup apparatus
Image capturing apparatus in which pixel charge signals are divided and output in a different order than an arrangement of pixels on an image capturing element and then rearranged and stored in a same order as the arrangement of the pixels on the image capturing element, and method thereof
Method and apparatus for processing a pixel signal
Digital gamma correction circuit and digital gamma correction method
Image pickup device that identifies portions of a face
Semiconductor integrated apparatus and black level correction method for image sensor
Digital camera with non-uniform image resolution
Information processing apparatus that overlays image information with line-drawing information
Image sensing apparatus and method which combine a plurality of images obtained from different areas at different time intervals
Method and apparatus for the creation of image capture device parameter curves
Camera module package
Image pickup apparatus and method of controlling the same
Imaging device with burst zoom mode
Image storage system
Video apparatus
Method, system, and apparatus for communication by means of transmitted signals over visual media
Electronic conference system, electronic conference controller, information terminal device, and electronic conference support method
Electronic conference assistance method, and information terminal device in electronic conference system
Sealed, waterproof digital electronic camera system and method of fabricating same
Cross-color/dot interference reduction circuit, imaging apparatus having cross-color/dot interference function, and cross-color/dot interference reduction method
Information providing system and image forming apparatus
Vector sound-intensity probes operating in a half-space
System and method for evaluating accuracy of an automatic location identification system
Method for operating mobile communication terminal, mobile communication system, and method for providing contents thereof
Minimized IP connectivity establishment procedures
Method and apparatus for calibration and channel state feedback to support transmit beamforming in a MIMO system
System for adjusting a light source by sensing ambient illumination
Apparatus and method for controlling lighting brightness through digital conversion
Heating device
Circuit board ready to slot
Three-dimensional printed circuit board
Method of manufacturing and insulating sheet
Substrate for mounting semiconductor chip and method for producing same
Electrical device with stabilization structure and method of forming same
Cover unit, electronic device, and image forming apparatus
Fastening structure for expansion card
Heat sink for dissipating heat and apparatus having the same
Aircraft electronics cooling apparatus for an aircraft having a liquid cooling system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Water retention net
Apparatus and system for plant production
Aerobic treatment of liquids to remove nutrients and control odors
Vegetation substrate
Myocardial grafts and cellular compositions useful for same
Process for storing enriched nematodes
Mechanical assembly of metals having incompatible ionization energies
Insecticide including disodium octaborate tetrahydrate and method for treating wood therewith
Morphogen treatments for limiting proliferation of epithelial cells
Method of permeant removal from cell suspension in a porous container
Lawn pesticides and processes
Citric acid tri-alkylamide surfactants
Low foam N,N'-dialkyltartaramide wetting agents
Method for maintaining freshness of cut flower
Process and agent for sanitation of contaminations caused by viruses
Alkoxyimino-substituted bicyclic compounds compositions containing the same and method of making such compounds
Biocide and biocidal cloth containing a metal pyridinethione and additional biocide
Substituted 2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazines as herbicides
Composition having nematicidal activity
Method for pressure baking including a filling encapsulant
Injection of foodstuff to fill bagels and breads
Process for obtaining improved structure build-up of baked products
Method of manufacturing dough for preparing yeast-leavened foods
Apparatus for severing the vent of slaughtered poultry
Shellfish opening knife with hinged blade guard
Tableted product prepared by vacuum freeze-drying of a plant belonging to genus aloe of family Liliaceae and the method for producing same
Process for producing cheese
Use of soy isolated protein for making fresh cheese
Whey salt powder, process for its production and its use
Method and composition for treatment of infant diarrhea
Yogurt production process
Coffee concentrate
Soluble coffee having intensified flavor and color and method of making same from a coffee extract
Reduced fat agglomerated chocolate
Food products having enhanced cocoa polyphenol content and processes for producing the same
Flavored beverage stirrer
Frozen dessert containing lactic acid bacteria
Soft textured, aqueous-based ice confection
Method for the modification of protein structure in finish shaped feed pellets, balls or the like in order to achieve shape stability, and feed mass made in accordance with the method
Sea cucumber carotenoid lipid fraction products and methods of use
Oligosaccharide removal from animal feed
Rhamnogalacturonan hydrolases
Pectate lyases
Cooking aid of the lump type
Nutritional system for nervous system disorders
Liquid food products
Method of and line for breadcrumb production
Production of a food acid mixture containing fumaric acid
Sweetener composition
Stable salad dressings
Extraction apparatus and method
Method of preparing and using isoflavones for the treatment of alcoholism
Insulin supplemented infant formula
Sterol concentrates its application and preparation
Footwear sole with air chambers defined therein and a method for making the same
Sintered porous plastic material
Glitter containing filaments for use in brushes
Hinged panel for furniture
Method for producing a furniture element and such an element
Recyclable carpet
Ornament with printed insert
Method for warming cheese slices
Structure textile material made of at least two base nonwoven fabrics and method for its manufacture
Cyclone type dust collecting apparatus for a vacuum cleaner
Cyclone separator
Focusable optical instrument with a sealed optical system having no internal optical moving parts
Endoscope having an immobilization system for components of an inner optical system
Endoscope having elevation and azimuth control of camera
Endoscope rubber part having a perfluoromonomer structure
Apparatus, methods and kits for simultaneous delivery of a substance to multiple breast milk ducts
Bipolar vascular sealing apparatus and methods
Suture with toggle and delivery system
Stapling and cutting in resectioning for full thickness resection devices
Tissue bonding system and method for controlling a tissue site during anastomosis
Multi-lock anterior cervical plate
Strain-inducing conical screw for stimulating bone transplant growth
Disposable dermal curette
Variable composite sheath with interrupted sections
Catheter system for treating a vascular occlusion
Angioplasty catheter with transducer using balloon for focusing of ultrasonic energy and method for use
Aspiration system and method
Method and apparatus for emergency treatment of patients experiencing a thrombotic vascular occlusion
Tissue excision and cutting apparatus and its forceps
Delivery assistance device
Splinter removal device
Cable sleeve system for bone fixation
Apparatus for rigidly fixing craniomaxillofacial tissue grafts and bone plates
Vessel sealing system
Expandable vein ligator catheter and method of use
Electrosurgery system
Treatment of vascular lesions
Stabilizer for robotic beating-heart surgery
Driveable catheter system
Surgical microscope apparatus
Dysmetric dyslexia screening procedure administered on the internet
Method and apparatus for providing patient care
Apparatus and method for monitoring the temperatures on the plantar aspects of a human foot and other vital health information
Ultrasonic sensors for monitoring the condition of flow through a cardiac valve
Method and apparatus for reconstructing a high fidelity pressure waveform with a balloon catheter
Method for recording ultrasound images of moving objects
Device and method for nonclinical monitoring of breathing during sleep, control of CPAP treatment and preventing apnea
Acoustic border detection using power modulation
Detecting a relative level of an ultrasound imaging contrast agent
Safety mechanism and methods to prevent rotating imaging device from exiting a catheter
Parametric imaging ultrasound catheter
Dental restorations
Micro abrasive blasting device and method with integral flow control
Double syringe barrels with ported delivery ends
Syringe apparatus having a plunger tip with a flexible spring lever
Device for mechanical coupling of an electromechanical hearing aid converter which can be implanted in a mastoid cavity
Elbow support compression and method
Absorbent article such as a sanitary towel, an incontinence protector, a pantyliner or the like
Faecal collector with optimally shaped bag
Absorption material having temperature dependent absorption capacity and the use thereof in an absorbent article
Intravesicular device
Embolic protection system and method including an emboli-capturing catheter
Coronary artery stent with ports for collateral circulation
Partial encapsulation of stents
Braided branching stent, method for treating a lumen therewith, and process for manufacture therefor
Low profile delivery system for stent and graft deployment
Balloon expandable stent with low surface friction
Medical device for delivering a therapeutic substance and method therefor
Subcutaneously implanted cannula and method for arterial access
Intraocular lens
Intraocular lens injector cartridge
Method for making and using IOL insertion apparatus
Bioabsorbable two-dimensional multi-layer composite device and a method of manufacturing same
Shoulder prosthesis with anatomic reattachment features
Prosthetic joint having at least one superhard articulation surface
Composited intervertebral bone spacers
Breast prosthesis
Locking device for a prothesis
Lower leg prosthesis
Ankle brace
Shoulders stabilizing brace
Splint bandage and method
Cervical immobilizing device
Penile size enhancement device and method
Urine discharge apparatus for female
Phaco tip with fluid bypass port
Liquefracture handpiece tip
Modular CPR assist device
Public access CPR and AED device
Eye wash system
Cardiopulmonary bypass blood recovery method
Containers for parenteral fluids
Hair coloring compositions
Packaged hair coloring composition
Method and composition for the treatment of benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) and prevention of prostate cancer
Rhodiola and used thereof
Compositions comprising icariside I and anhydroicaritin and methods for making the same
Methods and compositions for stimulating tissue growth and epithelial moisturization
Propofol formulation with enhanced microbial inhibition
Method for diagnosing and alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
Compositions and methods for regulating metabolism and balancing body weight
Bishphosphonate/estrogen synergistic therapy for treating and preventing bone loss
Chargeable pharmaceutical tablets
Compound possessing potent thrombin receptor antagonist activity
Phosphoglycolipid and methods for its use
Compositions and methods for the treatment of skin disorders
Use of inhibitors of gag synthesis for the treatment of corneal haze
Methods for treating ocular diseases
Methods and compositions for eliciting an immune response with hsp90-peptide complexes
Prevention of infectious diseases with hsp70-peptide complexes
Method for the production of activated marked tumor-specific T cells and use thereof in treatment of tumors
Multipotent neural stem cell cDNA libraries
Pharmaceutical composition containing ezrin mutated on tyrosine 353
Compositions and methods using myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG) and inhibitors thereof
Genetic engineering of cells to enhance healing and tissue regeneration
Cancer treatment method utilizing plasmids suitable for IL-2 expression
Composition for treatment of a bacterial infection of the digestive tract
Composition for treating dental caries caused by streptococcus mutans
Method of inhibiting apoptosis
Gene therapeutic treatment of blood vessel associated disorders
Thermally stable enzyme composition and method of preparing the same
Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of inflammatory processes
Method of augmenting T cell-mediated immunity against Toxoplasma gondii
Capsular polysaccharide adhesin antigen, preparation, purification and use
Acellular pertussis vaccines and methods of preparation thereof
Live attenuated salmonella vaccines to control avian pathogens
Papillomavirus: biosynthetic process and assays
Monoclonal antibodies directed to the HER2 receptor
Cyclic regimens using cyclic urea and cyclic amide derivatives
Glucose-containing preparation
Method and composition to treat musculoskeletal disorders
Mixture of a diol and an alpha-hydroxy acid for the treatment of hyperkeratotic skin diseases
Chemokine--glycosaminoglycan complexes and their use in treating or preventing receptor mediated diseases
Method of treatment with a non-antigenic toxin-conjugate and fusion protein of internalizing receptor system
Conjugates comprising galactose .alpha.1,3 galactosyl epitopes and methods of using same
Non-naturally occurring targeted lipolytic compounds and related compositions and methods
Secretion of T cell receptor fragments from recombinant Escherichia coli cells
Chimeric and radiolabelled antibodies specific to human CD20 antigen and use thereof for treatment of B-cell lymphoma
4-fluoroalkyl-3-halophenyl nortropanes
1,4,7,10-Tetraazacyclododecane butyltriols, processes for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing them
Resin-based pulp capping and basing cements
Dental materials having a nanoscale filler
Amorphous silicas and oral compositions
Cosmetic compositions containing chick pea extract and retinoids
Compositions containing solubilized antiperspirant active
Benzoxazole derivatives for use in cosmetic compositions and for stabilizing synthetic polymers
Method for diminishing wrinkles and fine lines of the skin by the topical application of .DELTA.5-androstene-3.beta.-ol-7, 17 dione and metabolizable precursors thereof
Method of moisturizing the skin by the topical application of .DELTA.5-androstene-3.beta.-ol-7,17 dione and metabolizable precursors thereof
Flourous anhydrous composition and cosmetic products for makeup or care containing it
Self-tanning cosmetic compositions
Treating hair by targeting enzymes
Hair cosmetic composition in the form of a water-in-silicone emulsion comprising at least one fixing polymer
Liquid sunscreen compositions which both deposit and lather well
Organic silicone resin powder
Method for the propagation of hair
Use of a content of catechins or a content of green tea extract in cosmetic preparations for tanning the skin
Spill resistant pharmaceutical compositions in semi-solid form
Unilamellar liposomal preparations with high active substance content
Aerodynamically light particles for pulmonary drug delivery
Artificial pancreas
Method of producing a sustained-release preparation
Stabilized tibolone compositions
Pharmaceutical formulation
Stable thyroid hormone preparations and method of making same
Pharmaceutical preparations for the controlled release of beta-lactam antibiotics
Controlled release pharmaceutical compositions containing tiagabine
Method for clamping and electrostatically coating a substrate
Effervescent composition with dry extract of ginkgo biloba
Pharmaceutical compositions
Topical preparation for introducing insulin in living organisms
Adhesive plaster with microcapsules containing essences, and method for its preparation
Method for the synthesis of chlorine dioxide
Anhydrous, hydrophilic absorbent wound dressing (tube) with antimicrobials or other pharmaceutically active agents
Method and construct for producing graft tissue from an extracellular matrix
Medicament delivery system
Localized delivery of genetic information from biostable materials
Monolayer modification to gold coated stents to reduce adsorption of protein
Ignitable beehive type wick end in an aromatic oil lamp and the attachment for instantaneously enhancing the density of the essence oil
Perfume-containing cake, process for making it, and articles using it
Apparatus for assisting systolic and diastolic cardiac function
Method for producing platelet rich plasma and/or platelet concentrate
Blood filter
Intranasal delivery system
Apparatus and method for isolated lung access
Cardiac assist catheter pump and catheter and fitting for use therein
Tubular medical device
Perfusion balloon and radioactive wire delivery system
Pivoting needle template apparatus for brachytherapy treatment of prostate disease and methods of use
Medical device for inserting a guide wire having a retractable needle
Method of occluding a patient's ascending aorta and delivery cardioplegic fluid
Process and device for application of active substances to a wound surface area
Catheter system with catheter and guidewire exchange
Wound dressing for the controlled release of active substance to wounds, and process for its manufacture
Ultrasound enhancement of percutaneous drug absorption
Syringe needle protector
Volumetric infusion pump with servo valve control
Method for testing a technique intended to predict onset of heart arrhythmia using an animal test subject
Magnetic therapeutic device
Ergonomic steering wheel system
Endovascular laser device and treatment of varicose veins
Elongated member for intravascular delivery of radiation
Radiation dosimetry system
Chinese herbs extract
Skin-coloring powder mixture
Portable exercising device
Adjustable exercise handgrip assembly
Basketball game apparatus
Running exerciser structure
Exercise machine
Elliptical exercise device
Golf ball with an oxygen barrier
Golf ball with lattice structure
Painted golf ball
Sport ball training cover
Method for manufacturing a rubber basketball
Moving practice green and ball pickup apparatus
Gut-clamping mechanism in gut-stretching equipment for tennis rackets
Golf club striking plate with variable thickness
Golf club with unique ball striking face configuration
Putting box
Bat with elastomeric interface
Self-loading practice batting tee
Football kicking trainer
Glance blow detecting punch, kick and blocking bag and stand
Golf position and parallel indicating device for the top of backswing
Practice golf club
Golf training and game system
Sharpening guide assembly configured for wear resistance and method of manufacturing same
Billiard cue having a vibration damping axial aligning shaft-handle connector
Childrens maze game apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for the purification of commercially available diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPPD)
Multimedia backwashable filtration system
Pleated fluid filter medium frame
Filter cartridge arrangement
Method for distilling a mixture containing a plurality of components and apparatus for realizing the same
Parts washing method with centrifugal filter
Method for removing oil from water including monitoring of adsorbent saturation
Method and apparatus for removing oil from water including monitoring of adsorbent saturation
Air/oil separator
Air filtering device having a toroidaly shaped shroud attached to a fan guard for holding a toroidally shaped filter element
Filtration assembly
Metal-ceramic composite candle filters
Porous folded filter device for filtering a fluid contaminated with particles
High flow capacity filter
Process and apparatus for treating gaseous products of sol-gel manufacturing
Anti-air pollution & energy conservation system for automobiles using leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel or alternate fuel
Gas separation with split stream centrifugal turbomachinery
System and method for photocatalytic treatment of contaminated media
Semiconductor manufacturing system with getter safety device
Use of solid hydroxides as scavenging materials for cyanide gas
Combined flue gas desulfurization and carbon dioxide removal system
Reduction purification method of nitrogen oxide-containing exhaust gas
Process for reducing nitrogen oxides on SCR catalyst
Method and apparatus for directly sampling a fluid for microfiltration
Photochemical gas-liquid process for halogenating alkylbenzenes
Continuous flow reactor having a plurality of alternating bends
Process and apparatus for plating copper on particulate graphite
Drop forming methods and apparatus
Blowing agent powder and process for producing the same
Process and means for down stream processing
Use of monolithic sorbents for preparative chromatographic separation
Amorphous silica-alumina, a carrier combination and a hydrocracking catalyst containing the same, and processes for the preparation thereof
Porous titania, catalyst comprising the porous titania
Method of milling a cerium-rich material for oxygen storage and release in exhaust gas catalysts
Hydrogenation catalyst and method of hydrogenating heavy oil
Crystalline gallium nitride and method for forming crystalline gallium nitride
Compounds and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Bidentate organic phosphite ligands and compositions
High performance catalyst systems for the synthesis of alkylenecarbonates
Chemical processing using a dual feeder system, a sample port assembly, and a fluid flow control system
Plant for continuously regenerating foundry sand and associated method
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Devices and methods for using centripetal acceleration to drive fluid movement in a microfluidics system
Testing multiple fluid samples with multiple biopolymer arrays
Device and method of applying microdroplets to a substrate
Multichannel pipette head
Compressed loading apparatus and method for liquid transfer
Tube for sperm washing and concentration and method for sperm washing and concentration
Analytical system and method
Analytical system and method
Apparatus and method for manufacturing electrophysiology harps
Bioarray chip reaction apparatus and its manufacture
Cryogenic homogenization and sampling of heterogeneous multi-phase feedstock
Method of removing contaminants from an aerosol using a new electret article
Device for air cleaning
Method of separating a low density fly ash fraction from an overall group of fly ash
Centrifugal mud separator
Apparatus for separating plasma or serum from the red cells with a blood sample
Hydrocyclone and process for removing foreign substances from a liquid
Apparatus for painting door of vehicle
Electrospraying apparatus and method for introducing material into cells
Metering device for paint for digital printing
Method and apparatus for cleaning treatment
Substrate coating apparatus
Method and apparatus for air masking portion of component during plating or coating
Electrostatically painted polymers and a process for making same
Method and apparatus for curing ultraviolet-curing resin
Method and apparatus for controllable electrical charging of a web support
Coating defect detecting and marking system
Multi-layer interference coatings
Vacuum metalization process for chroming substrates
Article having a decorative and protective coating thereon
Coated air duct insulation sheets and the like and the method of coating such sheets
Non-skid surface structure
Simplified ozonator for a semiconductor wafer cleaner
Facultative landfill bioreactor
Method for remediation of aquifers
Ultrafine-grained titanium for medical implants
Method and device for completing outer joint elements that are formed without cutting
Method and apparatus for preventing cracking of the shank junction of die blocks
Blanketing molten nonferrous metals and alloys with gases having reduced global warming potential
Method and apparatus for containing and ejecting a thixotropic metal slurry
Method for applying an edge protector to a plate made of a brittle material, such as glass or a glass-ceramic material, in particular a cooking surface
Composite wear component
Method of applying a corrosion-resistant coating
Powdered material rapid production tooling method and objects produced therefrom
Method for producing a nonevaporable getter
Workpiece holder
Hole roughening device and method
Method of shaping a workpiece using an electrochemical machining tool
Electrochemical machining process for fabrication of cylindrical microprobe
Method for processing ceramic green sheets
Brazing material for use in joining a metal plate to a ceramic substrate
Pattern generator with improved precision
Speed adjusting device for a drill
Apparatus and method of polishing with slurry delivery through a polishing pad
Method and apparatus for polishing work
Method and apparatus for detecting polishing endpoint with optical monitoring
Method of manufacturing lapping control sensor for magnetoresistive effect head
Wafer transfer apparatus and wafer polishing apparatus, and method for manufacturing wafer
Slurry dispenser having multiple adjustable nozzles
Alkanolamine semiconductor process residue removal process
Method and apparatus to place wafers into and out of machine
Bilateral edge-type machine for edge-machining glass or stone-like plate materials and the like
Method of flattening a surface of a semiconductor film
Two stage knife sharpener
Planarizing machine containing web-format polishing pad and web-format polishing pads
Abrasive tape, process for producing it, and coating agent for abrasive tape
Apparatus and method for reducing removal forces for CMP pads
Polishing apparatus
Wood treatment
Method for production of cores for doors, partitions, furniture and such cores
Procedure for the fabrication of a blank for a structural product
Method of manufacturing large-scale ceramics board
Pottery plaster formulations for the manufacture of plaster molds
Method for producing bodies of consolidated particulate material
Trim part and method for manufacturing same
Use of state-change materials in reformable shapes templates or tooling
Method for encapsulating a chip on a carrier
Foil-covered automotive interior plastic part having a decorative preform and method of making same
Foamable thermoplastic sheet-like synthetic resin, thermoplastic foamed resin and their production method
Method of manufacturing a body of insulating material
Rotationally molded door with integrally molded hinge member
Method of extruding thermoplastic elastomer foam using water as a blowing agent
Decorative tape adhesive molding
Process and apparatus for molding polymer sweep fittings
Injection molding method using a fixed die and a movable die
Support material with low pit level
Packaging container and a method of producing a packaging container
Precut blister roll for thermoformer machine
Method and apparatus for producing synthetic resin films
High-efficiency plasma treatment of polyolefins
Method and apparatus for stereolithographically forming three dimensional objects with reduced distortion
Method for coating a metal shaft with plastic
Method for manufacture of EMI shielding
Thin light managing system for directing and distributing light from one or more light sources and method for making optics structures for use in the system
Facility and machine for producing padded-like packing material
Integrated release films for phase-change interfaces
Surfacing laminate with bonded with pigmented pressure sensitive adhesive
Flexible multi-layer gasketing product
Pitch-based carbon foam heat sink with phase change material
Reactive silicone/alkylenimine barrier laminating adhesives and applications thereof
Processless direct write imaging member containing polymer grafted carbon and methods of imaging and printing
Processless printing plate with cover layer containing compounds with cationic groups
Method for forming a positive image
Planographic printing
Support for printing plate and printing plate
Method for making a lithographic printing plate by a negative working non-ablative process
Polyester monofilament for use in screen gauze
Cylinder for a rotary press
Passivation of ink jet print heads
Gas extraction device for extracting gas from a microfluidics system
Photosensitive compositions and clean running photopolymer printing plates
Method for patterning thin films
Method for preparing an ink jet recording element
Ink image-receiving sheet and method of forming image using the same
Photographic quality inkjet printable coatings
Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire
Drive mechanism for a vehicle, especially a multilane electromobile
On-demand transfer case with synchronized range shift and adaptive clutch control
Engine torque control strategy
Battery system
Airbag coatings providing improved thermal resistance
Speed ratio control device
Transmission cover and supporting arrangement for all terrain vehicle
Plastic closure with compression molded barrier liner
Colored composition
Outside diameter adjuster for folding cylinder
Encapsulated MEMS band-pass filter for integrated circuits and method of fabrication thereof
Deposited thin film void-column network materials
Plasma etch techniques for fabricating silicon structures from a substrate
Method of anodizing silicon substrate and method of producing acceleration sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for generating recoverable sulfur containing compounds from a spent acid stream
Process for making sodium carbonate
Spinel type lithium manganese complex oxide and lithium secondary battery
Strontium iron oxide particle powder and process for producing the same
Spindle-shaped hematite particles and process for making spindle-shaped hematite particles
Process for producing layered rock-salt type lithium cobalt oxide by hydrothermal oxidation
Water quality meter and water quality monitoring system
Device for disinfecting water comprising a UV-C gas discharge lamp
Water purifying means
Electrolytic ozone generating method, system and ozone water producing system
Method of clarifying water using low molecular weight cationic dispersion polymers
Methods for pressure stabilized removal of contaminants from solution
Surge anoxic mix sequencing batch reactor systems
Water treatment system and process
Process for treating aqueous waste containing copper and copper CMP particles
Heat treating apparatus using quartz glass
Process and system for wastewater solids gasification and vitrification
Flame attenuated fiberglass
Light-transmitting color film, method for producing the same, and coating solution for forming the color film
Plate made of glass material
Transparent electro-conductive structure, process for its production, transparent electro-conductive layer forming coating fluid used for its production, and process for preparing the coating fluid
Methods and apparatus for producing silver based low emissivity coatings without the use of metal primer layers and articles produced thereby
Nonaqueous sizing system for glass fibers and injection moldable polymers
Glass composition and substrate for information recording medium
Cement composition
High solids bentonite slurries and method for preparing same
Electric-field-inducible deformable material
Piezoelectric ceramic
Method of biaxially aligning crystalline material
Pyrolytic carbon coated carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite and useful as components for pulling single crystal apparatus
Processes for making a silicon carbide composition
Production of passive devices
Method of casting pitch based foam
Porous aluminum oxide structures and processes for their production
Metal-ceramics composite, heat dissipation device employing it, and processes for producing them
Method for the reduction of the degree of shrinkage of hydraulic binders
Coated roofing insulation and roofing systems including such insulations
Ecological method of phyto-remediation of alkaline and chemically degraded soils using scented geranium (Pelargonium sp.)
Composition system
Method and apparatus for composting organic waste together with its packaging cartons, boxes or crates on site
Process for treating sludge
Process and apparatus for inflating airbags and remediating toxic waste gases
Hardened porous ammonium nitrate
Capsicum lachrymator
Compound for use in organic EL device and organic EL device
Method and agents for permanently styling hair, with a base consisting of N,N-disubstituted mercaptoacetamides
Naphthopyrans having a perfluoroalkyl substituent in position 5, preparation and compositions and matrices containing them
Silver halide imaging materials
Recombinant production of novel polyketides
N-methyl-N-(3-{3-[2-thienylcarbonyl]-pyrazol-[1, 5-.alpha.]-pyrimidin-7-yl}phenyl)acetamide and compositions and methods related thereto
Hybrid anthracyclines from genetically engineered streptomyces galilaeus strains, process for production and uses thereof
Ketolide antibacterials
Biologically active phosphotriester-type compounds
Signal generating oligonucleotide-based biosensor
Normalized nucleic acid libraries and methods of production thereof
Method of preparing polypeptides in a cell-free translation system
Compositions and methods for treating Papillomavirus-infected cells
Methods of quantifying viral load in an animal with a ribonuclease resistant RNA preparation
Replication-competent virus expressing a detectable fusion protein
Methods and compositions for impairing multiplication of HIV-1
Nucleotide sequences of HIV-1 type (or subtype) O retrovirus antigens
Bacterial superantigen vaccines
Bacillus thuringiensis cryet33 and cryet34 compositions and uses thereof
Use of conantokins
Compositions and methods for use of defensin
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
In Utero treatment of CFTR-related deficiencies
Nucleic acid encoding a retinoblastoma binding protein (RBP-7) and polymorphic markers associated with said nucleic acid
Methods and compositions for regulating T cell subsets by modulating transcription factor activity
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist beta (IL-1rabeta)
Method for culturing recombinant cells
Therapeutic use of 20-kilodalton human growth hormone
Modulation of vascular cell adhesive molecule expression through oligonucleotide interactions
AMPA-binding human GluR2 receptors
Use of anti-sense sequences to increase responsiveness to gene amplification
PACAP receptor protein, method for preparing said protein, and use thereof
Screening assays using cloned CRF receptors
DNA encoding a galanin receptor
Antimicrobial/endotoxin neutralizing polypeptide
Method of isolating receptor and ligand DNA
Modulators of the function of FAS receptors and other proteins
Myostatin gene promoter and inhibition of activation thereof
Process for producing erythropoietin containing no animal proteins
Cloning and regulation of an endothelial cell protein C/activated protein C receptor
Conditional immortalization of cells
Murine monoclonal antibody protective against Plasmodium vivax malaria
Methods for modulating SLAM-expressing T cells
Immunoassay for phthalic acid esters
Cyclic tetrapeptide derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Methods of enhancing bioactivity of chemokines
Methods and compositions for targeting compounds to the central nervous system
Cyclic hexapeptides having antibiotic activity
Modified polysaccharides containing polysiloxane moieties
Process for hydrogenating unsaturated polymers
Hybrid ziegler-natta and cycloalkadienyl catalysts for the production of polyolefins
Polymerization catalyst
Coordination catalyst systems employing agglomerated metal oxide/clay support-activator and method of their preparation
Concentrate suitable for the preparation of cathodic electrodeposition coating compositions
Process for making melt-spun spandex
Solid electrolyte
Alkoxyhydridosiloxane resins
Polymer electrolyte membrane assembly for fuel cells
Prepeg and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials
Aircraft window
Silicon dioxide-coated polyolefin resin and process for its production
Radiation sensitive resin composition and use of the same in an interlaminar insulating film
Pigment preparation
Thermoplastic elastomer composition, powder, pellets, and moldings
Sizing agent composition for printing paper
Process for preparing colored pigments
Modified carbon products useful in gas diffusion electrodes
Metal pigment composition
Process for making high aspect ratio reflective metal flakes
Source reagent composition and method for chemical vapor deposition formation or ZR/HF silicate gate dielectric thin films
Method of treating concrete structures
Phase change inks
Moisture resistant coated metal substrates
Low-cost, user-friendly hardcoating solution, process and coating
Infrared-transparent structure including an adherent, infrared-transparent polymer layer
Method of using pressure sensitive adhesive double coated sheet
Fluorescent material for packaging optical devices
Conjugated polymers with tunable charge injection ability
Liquid-crystalline medium
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal displays
Photopolymerizable composition sensitive to light in a green to infrared region of the optical spectrum
Polishing composition
Deicer and pre-wetting agent
Food grade vegetable oil based dielectric fluid and methods of using same
Corrosion inhibitors and synergistic inhibitor combinations for the protection of light metals in heat-transfer fluids and engine coolants
Method and composition of drilling with fluid including additive
Well treatment fluids comprising mixed aldehydes
Fluid system having controllable reversible viscosity
Method of removing contaminants from used oil
Sapo-supported hydrodesulfurization catalyst and processes therefor and therewith
Process for making a lube base stock from a lower molecular weight feedstock
Reformate upgrading using zeolite catalyst
Extreme pressure lubricant
Functional fluids
Method of preparing lower alkyl fatty acids esters and in particular biodiesel
Composition for the treatment textiles
Laundry pre-treatment or pre-spotting compositions used to improve aqueous laundry processing
All purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Low odor, hard surface cleaner with enhanced soil removal
Aqueous cleaning solution for removing contaminants surface of circuit substrate cleaning method using the same
Solvent compositions
Detergent tablet
Reduced residue hard surface cleaner
Method for washing clothes, in particular working clothes
Bleach compositions containing metal bleach catalyst, and bleach activators and/or organic percarboxylic acids
Cleaning composition for removing adhesives
Methods and compositions for bleaching a dye in solution
Phenol oxidizing enzymes
Washing and cleaning process
Stable bleaching agents containing bis(organosilyl) peroxides
Method and apparatus for culturing cells and tissues
Modified VEGF oligonucleotides
Antisense modulation of interleukin 12 p35 subunit expression
Cyanobacterial and plant acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Human papilloma virus vectors
Recombinant adenoviral vectors comprising a splicing sequence
Methods for rapid PEG-modification of viral vectors, compositions for enhanced gene transduction, compositions with enhanced physical stability, and uses therefor
Monocyte derived cells with immunostimulating properties, their preparation and uses
Native-state histoculturing skin extracellular support
Serum-free culture medium for immortalized human colon epithelial cell line
Subunits of NADH dehydrogenase
Isolated proteins having retinol dehydrogenase activity, and which associate with retinol binding receptors
Human gene encoding human chondroitin 6-sulfotransferase
Modified DNA-polymerase from carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans and its use for coupled reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction
Human kinesin-like protein HsKif16b
Human phospholipase A2 protein
Chitinase chitin-binding fragments
Human aminopeptidase P gene
Human matrix metalloprotease gene, proteins encoded therefrom and methods of using same
DNA sequences for matrix metalloproteases, their production and use
Plant porphobilinogen synthase and fusion protein thereof
Antisense modulation of RECQL2 expression
.gamma.-phosphoester nucleoside triphosphates
Genes encoding branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase complex from Streptomyces avermitilis
Production of chitosan and chitin
Sequential activation of one or more enzymatic activities within a thermocycling reaction for synthesizing DNA molecules
Practical in vitro sialylation of recombinant glycoproteins
Method for the enantioselective reduction of 3,5-dioxocarboxylic acids, their salts and their esters
Vector derivatives of gluconobacter plasmid pF4
KUZ, a novel family of metalloproteases
Methods for screening UDP-glucose:glycoprotein glucosyltransferase (UGGT) activity and nucleic acid encoding for UGGT
Protein kinase assay as a method for identification of fungicides
Antisense modulation of expression of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factors (TRAFs)
Sequencing by hybridization
Converting diploidy to haploidy for genetic diagnosis
Interaction trap systems for detecting protein interactions
Nucleic acids encoding neural/pancreatic receptor tyrosine phosphatase
Protection of partial complementary nucleic acid fragment using a electroconductive chip and intercalator
Genetic markers which identify individuals who decrease their blood pressure through exercise
Methods for improving the therapeutic response of humans having major depression and carrying the gene for apolipoprotein E4
Compositions, kits, and methods for hydrodynamic stress-related regulation of gene expression
Amplification and detection of mycoplasma pneumoniae targeting the ORF9 region of the hmw gene cluster
Ku70--related methods
Up-converting reporters for biological and other assays using laser excitation techniques
Amplified array analysis system
High resolution DNA detection methods and devices
Rupestris stem pitting associated virus nucleic acids, proteins, and their uses
Wear-resistant camshaft and method of producing the same
Aluminum-killed low carbon steel sheet for containers and method of making
Process for increasing the yield in the manufacture of titanium dioxide by the chloride process
Apparatus for injecting solid particulate material into a vessel
Direct smelting plant
Method for purifying aluminum
Aluminum-silicon alloy having improved properties at elevated temperatures and articles cast therefrom
Dispersion-strengthened aluminium alloy
Uniformly dispersed, finely sized ceramic particles in metals and alloys
Methods of producing steel plate, hot-dip steel plate and alloyed hot-dip steel plate
Friction stir grain refinement of structural members
Plasma reactor and shields generating self-ionized plasma for sputtering
Multiple species sputtering method
Spin valve sensor with improved pinning field between nickel oxide (NiO) pinning layer and pinned layer
Surface treated vacuum material and a vacuum chamber having an interior surface comprising same
Circuit forming apparatus of semiconductor device
PE-silane oxide particle performance improvement
Semiconductor device fabricating method and system for carrying out the same
Highly conformal titanium nitride deposition process for high aspect ratio structures
Method and apparatus for forming an HSG-Si layer on a wafer
Diamond film depositing apparatus and method thereof
Barrier layer deposition using HDP-CVD
Bi-directional processing chamber and method for bi-directional processing of semiconductor substrates
Method of manufacturing a barrier metal layer using atomic layer deposition
High temperature silicon surface providing high selectivity in an oxide etch process
Method for forming non-single-crystal semiconductor thin film, and method for producing photovoltaic device
Laminate article
Method for manufacturing pcb's
Chemical solution for forming silver film and process for forming silver film using same
Substitutional electroless gold plating solution, electroless gold plating method and semiconductor device
Method for depositing copper or a copper alloy
Corrosion-resistant coatings for steels used in bromide-based absorption cycles
Wet etching system for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method of forming an electrode for a thin film transistor
Method of treating corrosion in reinforced concrete structures by providing a uniform surface potential
Process for pickling steel
Gas diffusion electrode assemblies and processes for producing the same
Process for electrochemical oxidation of organic compounds
Method and apparatus for controlling flow in an electrodeposition process
Method of removing acid formed during cathodic electrodip coating
Ultrasonically assisted plating bath for vias metallization in printed circuit board manufacturing
Conformable nickel coating and process for coating an article with a conformable nickel coating
Electroplating apparatus and method of using the same
Process for producing a porous layer by an electrochemical etching process
Method of forming monocrystalline silicon layer, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Mechano-chemical polishing of crystals and epitaxial layers of GaN and Ga1-x-yA1xInyN
Textiles; Paper
Monofilament and process for producing the same
Negative material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing the same
Polypropylene terephthalate twisted yarn and method for producing the same
Composite materials with highly aligned discontinuous fibers, and methods of preparation thereof
Method and device for process control in cellulose and paper manufacture
Process for acid bleaching of lignocellulose-containing pulp with a magnesium compound
Arrangement and method for recovery of energy in a paper machine forming section
Decorative wet molding fabric for tissue making
Method and apparatus for imprinting, drying, and reeling a fibrous web
Simplified through-air drying paper making machine having a twin wire forming section
Leader device for installation of on machine seamable papermaker's fabrics and belts
Roll for a paper/board machine or finishing device and method for fastening an inner tube into the interior of the same
Additive for paper making
Method and apparatus for film coating a moving paper or board web supported by a belt to form a coating application zone with adjustable length
Fixed Constructions
Filter system for mobile debris collection machine
Stationary pool leaf net filter
Automatic pool cleaner including motion sensor and repositioning means
Vacuum IG window unit with dual peripheral seal
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Secondary piston compressor
Method of end bonding tubular sections and bonding a flange on the end of tubular sections
Method for molding a bearing sleeve for a multiple pole, shaded pole subfractional-horsepower induction motor
One piece differential bearing adjuster lock and fastener
Composite shaft
Constant velocity fixed joint
Overload clutch
Torsional vibration damper with movable masses
Five speed power transmission with two simple planetary gear sets
Electronically controlled limited slip differential assembly
Dual Drive continuously variable transmission
Lubricating construction for a final reduction gear unit
Line pressure control unit of automatic transmission
Control device of automatic transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic tensioner with relief valve
Tensioning device
Graphite bursting disc
Method of making a pipe with coupling conforming to pipe diameter
Universal joint
Sample holder apparatus
Optical fiber diffuser
Method of and means for producing combustible gases from low grade fuel
Article surface with metal wires and method for making
Baton structure
Arrowhead with interchangeable blades
Micrometer, method for manufacturing cylindrical component for micrometer
Process for constructing a spectrophotometer
Measuring movement of solid particles and particle interactions in a flowing system
Device and method for sensing low level iodine in aqueous solution
Combination ion-selective electrode with a replaceable sensing membrane
Two dimensional gel electorophoresis system
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Chromatography cartridge end cap fixation
Low cost total reduced sulfur analysis system
Assay device
Xanthene dyes and their application as luminescence quenching compounds
Use of wicking agent to eliminate wash steps for optical diffraction-based biosensors
Real time detection of antigens
Methods and test devices for determination of glycated haemoglobin
Methods of detection of amyloidogenic proteins
Hematology control and system for multi-parameter hematology measurements
Medical ultrasonic imaging system with adaptive multi-dimensional back-end mapping
Liquid crystal display and method
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing process of thin film transistor used therein
Color filter manufacturing method, color filter manufactured by the method, and liquid crystal device employing the color filter
Photothermographic photosensitive material and photothemographic method
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Rapid processing of high contrast aerial color negative film
Silver halide color photographic lightsensitive material and novel pyrrolotriazole compound
Sub-lithographic contacts and vias through pattern, CVD and etch back processing
Method for forming resist pattern
Method for forming conductive pattern and producing ceramic multi-layer substrate
Photopolymerizable thermosetting resin composition
Negative-working photolithographic patterning material and method for the preparation of ion-implanted and metal-plated substrates by using the same
Phenylenediamine derivative-type additive useful for a chemically amplified photoresist
Resist composition and patterning process
Water-processable photoresist compositions
Bottom anti-reflective coating material composition for photoresist and method of forming resist pattern using the same
Exposure method and aligner
Pattern exposure method having no uniformity in pattern density or configuration
Resist coating and developing processing apparatus
Reticle having accessory pattern divided into sub-patterns
Use of alkoxy N-hydroxyalkyl alkanamide as resist removing agent, composition for removing resist, method for preparing the same and resist removing method using the same
Composite relief image printing plates
Roll having zirconia coating
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic process, and electrophotographic image forming method
Transparent film for forming toner image and process for forming toner image using the same
Developer for electrostatic latent image
Developing agent and method for manufacturing the same
Automated collection and analysis patient care system and method for diagnosing and monitoring respiratory insufficiency and outcomes thereof
Magneto-optical recording medium
Magnetooptical recording medium on which high-density information can be recorded and method of reproducing the recorded information
Method for forming a thin film and for manufacturing a thin film
Base plate for suspension assembly in hard disk drive with stress isolation
Magnetic data-storage targets and methods for preparation
Optical recording medium and method for making the same
Method for fabricating nanoscale patterns on a surface
Multilayer ceramic circuit boards with embedded resistors
Rare earth metal-based permanent magnet, and process for producing the same
Process for producing Fe-B-R based permanent magnet having corrosion-resistant film
Stable plasma process for etching of films
Partially ionized plasma mass filter
Method for fabricating an electrode of a plasma chamber
Method of sticking transparent electromagnetic wave shield film
Method for coating lamp bulbs
Method for forming fluorescent film in PDP by using a photopolymerizable photosensitive phosphor paste composition
Methods and arrangements for insulating local interconnects for improved alignment tolerance and size reduction
Method and apparatus for localized liquid treatment of the surface of a substrate
Process of drying semiconductor wafers using liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide
Method to reduce the node contact resistance
Enhanced side-wall stacked capacitor
Etching method and etching apparatus
Optimized reachthrough implant for simultaneously forming an MOS capacitor
Method of reducing phase transition temperature by using silicon-germanium alloys
Method for establishing ultra-thin gate insulator having annealed oxide and oxidized nitride
Method of salicide formation
Process of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having an amorphous silicon gate
Fabrication of a notched gate structure for a field effect transistor using a single patterning and etch process
Nonvolatile memory cell, method of programming the same and nonvolatile memory array
Method of making a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a contact plug in a semiconductor device
Ruthenium silicide processing methods
Semiconductor device with silicide layers and method of forming the same
Method of silicide formation by silicon pretreatment
Method of improved copper gap fill
Method of singulation using laser cutting
Method of preventing dishing phenomenon atop a dual damascene structure
Ozonated DI water process for organic residue and metal removal processes
Plasma etch method for forming patterned chlorine containing plasma etchable silicon containing layer with enhanced sidewall profile uniformity
Methods and etchants for etching oxides of silicon with low selectivity
Defects reduction for a metal etcher
Method for metal etch using a dielectric hard mask
Fabrication technique for controlled incorporation of nitrogen in gate dielectric
Field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Device and method for stacking wire-bonded integrated circuit dice on flip-chip bonded integrated circuit dice
Radiating plate structure and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same structure
Method of fabricating plated circuit lines over ball grid array substrate
Rigid adhesive underfill preform, as for a flip-chip device
Production of semiconductor device
Copper interconnections for metal-insulator-metal capacitor in mixed mode signal process
Composite iridium barrier structure with oxidized refractory metal companion barrier and method for same
Semiconductor manufacturing process and semiconductor device
Doped structures containing diffusion barriers
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for planarizing an oxide layer
Semiconductor device having capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor memory and method for manufacturing capacitor
Die attachment utilizing grooved surfaces
Semiconductor device an a method of manufacturing the same
Method of encapsulating semiconductor devices utilizing a dispensing apparatus with rotating orifices
Method for forming semiconductor device
Semiconductor flip-chip package and method for the fabrication thereof
Method of making metallization and contact structures in an integrated circuit comprising an etch stop layer
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Double layer electrode and barrier system on hemispherical grain silicon for use with high dielectric constant materials and methods for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating a bipolar transistor with ultra small polysilicon emitter
Semiconductor device having gate spacer containing conductive layer and manufacturing method therefor
Low thermal budget process for manufacturing MOS transistors having elevated source and drain regions
Formation of ultra-thin active device area on semiconductor on insulator (SOI) substrate
Method of producing a II-VI semiconductor component containing selenium and/or sulrfur
Method and apparatus for precoining BGA type packages prior to electrical characterization
Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Method of fabricating transistors with low thermal budget
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing non-volatile semiconductor memory device storing charge in gate insulating layer therein
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor film and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and structure for a conductive and a dielectric layer
Method for forming contact holes on conductors having a protective layer using selective etching
Methods and apparatuses for binning partially completed integrated circuits based upon test results
Packaging die preparation
Method for forming a reduced thickness packaged electronic device
Dynamic break for non-contact wafer holder
Multilayer passivation process for forming air gaps within a dielectric between interconnections
Method and system for copper interconnect formation
Method of making a dual damascene structure with modified insulation
Processes to improve electroplating fill
Method for improving faceting effect in dual damascene process
Plasma etch process in a single inter-level dielectric etch
Method for forming dual gate oxide
Process to control poly silicon profiles in a dual doped poly silicon process
Method of producing dynamic random access memory (DRAM) cell with folded bitline vertical transistor
Method for forming a triple well structure
Method for producing a DRAM cell with a trench capacitor
Method for fabricating a memory cell
Method of manufacturing an integrated semiconductor device having a nonvolatile floating gate memory, and related integrated device
Method for manufacturing dual voltage flash integrated circuit
Semiconductor device having a fuse and a fabrication method thereof
Process for fabricating high density memory cells using a metallic hard mask
ESD protection device for SOI technology
Semiconductor circuit using trench isolation and method of fabrication a trench isolator
Addition of planarizing dielectric layer to reduce a dishing phenomena experienced during a chemical mechanical procedure used in the formation of shallow trench isolation regions
Method and structure for isolating integrated circuit components and/or semiconductor active devices
Semiconductor device
Self aligned gated Schottky diode guard ring structures
Method of fabricating reduced critical dimension for conductive line and space
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having a capacitor
Method of manufacturing contact structure
Method of making an electric conductive strip
Electrical isolation in panels of leadless IC packages
Ultra high density integrated circuit BLP stack and method for fabricating the same
Process for producing electrical connections on the surface of a semiconductor package with electrical-connection drops
Dual-dies packaging structure and packaging method
Copper interconnection structure incorporating a metal seed layer
Assorted aluminum wiring design to enhance chip-level performance for deep sub-micron application
Test structures for electrical linewidth measurement and processes for their formation
Method of forming alignment marks for photolithographic processing
Method of fabricating a resistor and a capacitor electrode in an integrated circuit
Fabricating method of optical semiconductor device
Method of making floating gate non-volatile memory cell with low erasing voltage
Process for fabricating a planar heterostructure
Photovoltaic panel and method of producing same
Process for producing light emitting device
Method for fabricating semiconductor light emitting element
Methods of electrostatic control in semiconductor devices
Silicon-and-nitrogen-containing luminescent substance, method for forming the same, and light emitting device using the same
Organic light-emitting diodes and methods for assembly and emission control
Organic electroluminescent device
Rechargeable lithium electrochemical cell usable at low temperature
Lithium secondary battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Air recovery battery
Sealed storage cell with an aluminum terminal
Module configuration
Stack battery structure
Hermetically sealed rectangular battery
Latex binder for non-aqueous battery electrodes
Electrode, method of producing electrode, and cell comprising the electrode
Secondary battery with planar electrodes having collectors with polygonal through holes
Technique for rapid cured electrochemical apparatus component fabrication
Electrochemical cell with an anode containing sulfur
Lithium secondary battery
Nickel-metal hydride secondary battery
Method for manufacturing a thin-film lithium battery by direct deposition of battery components on opposite sides of a current collector
Series-connected microcell electrochemical devices and assemblies, and method of making and using the same
Method and apparatus for regenerating the performance of a PEM fuel cell
Fuel cell stack assembly with edge seal
Method of fabricating a semiconductor mesa device
Material for organic electroluminescence device and method for producing the same
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