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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Bird feeder with magnetically supported perch
Fishing jig
Apparatus and method of mosquito control
Suspended orthotic shoe and methods of making same
Footwear repair
Ergonomic handle providing horizontal and vertical gripping surfaces
Configurable bolster for operative and therapeutic procedures
Playpen bumper
Portable pad with memory foam insert
Shower tray
Construction industry pods
Hand tool for removal of wax from a surfboard incorporating manual accessories
Pillow for fixing of shoulders of patients in magnetic resonance acquisitions
Support and transfer apparatus for transport of an incapacitated individual
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for applying a liquid mixture to web-shaped printing material
Rotary atomization head painting device
Paper/board web coating apparatus
Exhaust monitoring cup
Cleansing module for fluid-supply apparatus
Computer-aided method for determining desired values for controlling elements of profile and surface evenness
Folding system
Pressing device for forming steel sheet blanks into clips
Method of manufacturing a matrix body drill bit
Method of insertion of a metal picture hanger into a gypsum board wall
Impact tools with slidable grip
Utility knife
Gift wrap paper cutter
Tool device for high-speed machine-working
Case cutter assembly
Collision type identifying device
Retractable mooring line device
Equipment and process for continuously making stack packages of tiles or the like
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chemical strengthening treatment method of magnetic disk glass substrate
High velocity method for deposing diamond films from a gaseous phase in SHF discharge plasma and device for carrying out said method
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus at a carding machine having a cylinder and clothed and/or unclothed elements located opposite the cylinder
Suction apparatus for a fabric-treatment water-jet beam
Control method for spinning cycle in washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Portable curb ramp
Systems and methods for in-line base plate termination in monopole structures
Panel attachment system
Shutter assembly with latch mechanism and catch plate
Astragal boot
Muntin grid
Muntin clip
Retrofit glass fragment catching system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Installation tool for assembling a rotor blade of a gas turbine engine fan assembly
Rocker arm
Fluid pressure operated piston engine apparatus and method
Method and device for regenerating a particle filter integrated into an exhaust line of an internal combustion engine
System for controlling depollution means regeneration
Apparatus for a vehicle
System for controlling the operation of a diesel engine of a motor vehicle
On-vehicle electronic control unit
Air induction housing having a perforated wall and interfacing sound attenuation chamber
Remote start control system for starting an engine of a vehicle based on selected vehicle data carried by a data communications bus and associated methods
Wave power apparatus comprising a plurality of arms arranged to pivot with a mutual phase shift
Tandem pneumatic brake booster
Gearing as well as a rotary encoder equipped with such gearing
Gear system and rotary transducer equipped with this gear system
Transmission equipped with cable-type shift device
Heat exchanging apparatus
Machine gun magazine support
Lightweight composite armor
Method of producing energetically-inert pseudoscents of explosive materials, and compositions thereof
Pneumatic gauging system A.K.A. air gauging system A.K.A. air electric converter
Measuring device
Method and drive for influencing the mechanical load-bearing capability and/or loading of a technical structure
Methods, apparatuses, and systems for advertising on a first-down measurement device
Procedure and device for data transmission between a processing unit and several position measuring instruments
Navigation system
Shake jig for installing shake siding
Custom vehicular monitoring device
Locking plug system
Apparatus and method for calibrating a resistance thermometer and gas analyzer employing same
Strain gauge
High quality factor resonators for liquid immersion biological and chemical sensors
Phased array ultrasonic water wedge apparatus
Method of evaluating ultrasonic signals of a flaw in a workpiece
Collar for measuring the lateral deformation of a test piece during compression tests, such as uniaxial or triaxial compression tests
Deformation sensor
Method and system of semiconductor fabrication fault analysis
Acoustic detection of hidden objects and material discontinuities
Boiler tube inspection probe with centering mechanism and method of operating the same
Vehicle wheel speed calculation device and anti-skid braking control apparatus provided therewith
System for dynamic re-allocation of test pattern data for parallel and serial test data patterns
Boundary scan apparatus and interconnect test method
Mask network design for scan-based integrated circuits
Restoring optical pulses
Input device
Resonant sensor with optical excitation and monitoring device using this sensor
Method for manufacturing optical waveguide using laser direct writing method and optical waveguide manufactured by using the same
Using electro-magnetically induced transparency in photonic crystal cavities to obtain large non-linear effects
Optical clocking with a ring resonator
Spectral filter for green and shorter wavelengths
Optical component for free-space optical propagation between waveguides
Method and device for passive alignment of optical waveguides and optoelectronic components and optical system using said device
Resonant optical devices incorporating multi-layer dispersion-engineered waveguides
Lens barrel incorporating the linear guide mechanism
Memory storing information relating to the condition of a cartridge, and image forming apparatus and cartridge having such memory
Image forming apparatus operable in plural modes of forming images on intermediate transfer member
Image formation apparatus for providing a predetermined temperature lowering period in which the temperature of a fixing unit is reduced
Developing device
Imageable seamed belts with lignin sulfonic acid doped polyaniline
Systems and methods for setting up grid voltages in a tandem pin charging device
Image forming apparatus which recovers toner by developing device
Image forming apparatus
Transfer fixing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and copier
Recording medium conveying unit and image forming apparatus, including recording medium reversing unit
Image forming apparatus having image forming units perpendicular to developer supply units
Method and apparatus for automated crack behavior prediction determination
Information processing apparatus and method
Data transfer system capable of transferring data at high transfer speed
Thermal management for computer systems running legacy or thermal management operating systems
Systems and methods for testing integrated circuits
Method for managing computer, apparatus for managing computer, and computer readable medium storing program for managing computer
Method and system for managing subject device through network and information processing system performing management
Method for loosely coupling metadata and data in a storage array
Replica synchronization using copy-on-read technique
Storage device and storage device control method
Disk cache management method of disk array device
Cache system for network and multi-tasking applications
Plural station memory data sharing system
Techniques for operating non-volatile memory systems with data sectors having different sizes than the sizes of the pages and/or blocks of the memory
Advanced memory management architecture for large data volumes
AV devices and method of controlling the same
Storage system with a data sort function
Method and apparatus for improving transmission performance by caching frequently-used packet headers
Device control and configuration
Method of data transmission management
Method and apparatus for increasing the device count on a single ATA bus
Disk subsystem
Multi-port storage communications controller
Graphical method and system for accessing information on a communications network
Wireless browser
Message publishing system and method
Method and apparatus for connecting terminals in a remote consulting system
Systems and methods for automatically managing workflow based on optimization of job step scheduling
System for on-line financial services using distributed objects
Proactive service request management and measurement
Multi-path content distribution and aggregation
Server based extraction, transfer, storage and processing of remote settings, files and data
Virtual partition for recording and restoring computer data files
System and method for virtualizing basic input/output system (BIOS) including BIOS run time services
System and method for displaying scale-down picture
Method and apparatus for measuring accuracies of fixed-point computations
System and method for automatic detection of collocation mistakes in documents
Automatically adding proper names to a database
Method and system for encoding and accessing linguistic frequency data
Creating a language model for a language processing system
Optimization using a multi-dimensional data model
Method and apparatus for generating summary information for hierarchically related information
Lock-free handle resolution
Method and architecture for integrated circuit design and manufacture
Differentially mis-aligned contacts in flash arrays to calibrate failure modes
Method of optimizing signal lines within circuit, optimizing apparatus, recording medium having stored therein optimizing program, and method of designing circuit and recording medium having stored therein program for designing circuit
Method and apparatus for decomposing a region of an integrated circuit layout
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit with accurate capacitance extraction
System and method for implementing a flexible top level scan architecture using a partitioning algorithm to balance the scan chains
Semiconductor wiring substrate, semiconductor device, method for testing semiconductor device, and method for mounting semiconductor device
Software modeling of logic signals capable of holding more than two values
Apparatus and method of generating network simulation model, and storage medium storing program for realizing the method
Methods for performing generalized trajectory evaluation
Internal combustion engine controller
Material reservation distribution system and method
Method of production control and method of manufacturing electronic apparatus
System and method for fabrication backup planning
Method and system for a reject management protocol within a back-end integrated circuit manufacturing process
Smart overlay control
System and method of coinsurance wafer management
Conflict resolution among multiple controllers
System and method for a cradle-to-grave solution for investigation and cleanup of hazardous waste impacted property and environmental media
Information processing performing prefetch with load balancing
Pen-based interface for a notepad computer
Device and method for influencing the operating mode of at least one vehicle stabilizing device arranged in a vehicle
Providing a directory of frequently used hyperlinks on a remote server
Calculating square root of binary numbers with fixed-point microprocessor
Method and apparatus for displaying gene expression patterns
Automatic tracking of user progress in a software application
Configurable hardware register stack for CPU architectures
Performance markers to measure performance of features in a program
Updating method of firmware of hard disk unit mounted on disk array device and disk array device with function for performing updating method
Signal processing device and method for supplying a signal processing result to a plurality of registers
Method and apparatus for saving install properties in a fileset object and/or system registry for use during uninstall
Presilicon disk model for design, development and validation
Method of modeling of faulting and fracturing in the earth
Encoding method for the compression of a video sequence
Image processing apparatus capable of interpolating error data
Method and apparatus for specifying quantization based upon the human visual system
System, method and program for improved color image signal quantization
Grayscale image de-speckle algorithm
Image restoration apparatus
Noise reduction method, noise reducing apparatus, medium, medium and program
Noise reduction apparatus, noise reduction method, program and medium
Interactive system for analyzing scatter plots
Funds having investment results related to occurrence of external events to investor-selected investment options
Information signal reproducing apparatus, information signal outputting apparatus, information signal reproducing method, and information signal outputting method
Information recording medium, noncontact IC tag, access device, access system, life cycle management system, input/output method, and access method
Method to support the coordination of distributed production-printing
Snow marker for fire hydrants and other utilities
Modular picture frame apparatus
Method of processing user information inputted through touch screen panel of digital mobile station
Speech synthesizing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Generating a task-adapted acoustic model from one or more supervised and/or unsupervised corpora
Memory storage disk handling system
Memory circuit having parity cell array
Radio frequency transmitter having translational loop phase equalization
Method of making a bottomless via
Concatenated forward error correction decoder
Communication system and method using signal to noise ratio estimation for scaling in processing received wireless communication signals
Error correction decoder for turbo code
Wireless speech and data transmission
Radio communication terminal and gain control circuit for the same
Image rejection mixer with mismatch compensation
Stop-on-station method and apparatus
Housing of electronic product
Portable telephone
Techniques for correcting for phase and amplitude offsets in a MIMO radio device
Optical receiving device
Chromatic dispersion compensation by sub-band
Estimating power on spatial channels
Code division multiple access communication apparatus and method thereof
Safe method and system for mobile or wireless computing or communication devices
Method and system for synchronization in the presence of thermal asperity
Cellular radio telephone
Rotating user interface
Portable terminal, access control method, and access control program
Timekeeper with automatic time setting and time setting method for same
Image processing method of generating conversion data for a scanner and calibration method employing the scanner
Disk reproducing apparatus
Digital video reproduction method, digital video reproducing apparatus and digital video recording and reproducing apparatus
Providing content description and connection information in digital broadcast networks
Method and associated apparatus for increment accuracy of geographical foreign agent topology relation in heterogeneous access networks
Mobile communication system with position detection to facilitate hard handoff
Mobile communication control method and system and mobile station thereof
Method of providing a wireless service connection for a mobile vehicle
Method and system for avoiding power outages at the base station in cellular system using variable rate transmission
Method for positioning a mobile station
Low layer paging indicator processing system and method for multi-layer communication equipment used in a wireless communication system
Method of adjusting a signal power in a variable data rate mode in a mobile communication system
Forward and reverse link power control of serving and non-serving base stations in a wireless communication system
Network communication system using assigned timeslots for nodes to request a bandwidth amount for data transmission with a resulting grant for the node to transmit
Wireless local loop antenna
Method of manufacturing a liquid ejection head
Method for forming a composite structure of backing material for use in a transducer assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Enhanced oxidation of air contaminants on an ultra-low density UV-accessible aerogel photocatalyst
Method of depositing film and sputtering apparatus
Methods and apparatus for producing enhanced interference pigments
Method of forming a self-aligned refractory metal silicide layer
Electroplating machine
Waste water treatment tank using an electrochemical treatment process
Disposable test strips with integrated reagent/blood separation layer
Amperometric biosensors based on redox enzymes
On-line analyzer for active halogens
Sensor for the measurement of gas concentrations
Electrodeionization apparatus with fixed ion exchange materials
Electrodeionization apparatus and packing therefor
Method for electroplating a film onto a substrate
Apparatus and method for electroplating
Rhodium sulfate compounds and rhodium plating
Electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen sulfide
Process and equipment for electrochemical dual phase concentration, collection and removal of ions
Sold electrolytes, carbon dioxide sensors and method for correcting the output of sensors
Integration of solvent deasphalting and gasification
Method of providing heat
Selective ring opening process for producing diesel fuel with increased cetane number
Water gardening system
Self-purging in-line filter
Filtering machine and filter cloth therefor
Self-cleaning faucet filter
Pollution separator and filtration apparatus
Sump & filter device for drainage inlets
Vehicle fuel supplying apparatus
Liquid treatment cartridge
Filter chamber
Plasma separation filter
Method for utilizing tyres to clean and/or fertilize water
Method of controlling the phosphorus concentration in biological wastewater purification plants
Trickle tower filter apparatus and looped cord biomedia filter cartridge for use therein
Apparatus and method for supercritical fluid extraction
Method of using stationary phase in reversed phase chromatography, and reversed phase chromatograph apparatus comprising stationary phase
Method of reducing the contamination level of a solvent purification system, and such solvent purification system
Water filtration media, apparatus and processes
High gradient magnetic device and method for cell separation or purification
Spectrum water generator and method of processing water using said spectrum water generator
Auto dosage determination method and apparatus for coagulant control in the treatment of water
Dissolution of gas
Method for inhibiting microbial adhesion on surfaces
Disposable filter bags for pool cleaners
Unrollable media filtration with subsequent folding and pressing of media
Centrifuge with thickened-feed accelerator between inner and outer bowl sections
Methods and apparatus for de-watering sludge
Diffuser master and method of manufacture
Method of manufacture of a two plate reverse firing electromagnetic ink jet printer
Method of manufacture of a curling calyx thermoelastic ink jet printer
Method of manufacture of a buckle strip grill oscillating pressure ink jet printer
Method and system for providing a package for decapsulating a chip-scale package
Piezoelectric ceramics
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Oxide based phosphors and processes therefor
Sheet metal deformation brightener composition
Branched electrically conductive polymers and precursors and applications thereof
Electroconductive composition composite suitable for making same and methods for producing such composition and composite
Epoxy, epoxy system, and method of forming a conductive adhesive connection
Electrochromic system
Halogen exchange reactions in preparing catalysts and their precursors
Process of manufacturing contact lenses in ambient environment
Casting polymerization for producing light guide of LCD
Electrically optimized hybrid "last mile" telecommunications cable system
Heterogeneous display elements and methods for their fabrication
Method for manufacturing ophthalmic lenses
Process for the production of carbon fibers
Method for inverting the convex configuration of a liquid-product storage-tank bottom by applying hardenable material having plastic properties
Method of lining channels
Method for making an expanded polystyrene article
Method of producing cellulose fibers
Method for production of shaped hydrogel of absorbent resin
Method and apparatus for molding three-dimensional objects of complex shape by means of RF heating
Method of constructing a garment with a graphical design thereon
Threaded lid injection mold release
Method and system for reducing polymer degradation products in two stage injection molding machines
Process for the treatment of cellulosic moulded bodies
Stereolithographic method and apparatus with enhanced control of prescribed stimulation production and application
Pulsed pressurized powder feed system and method for uniform particulate material delivery
Method of forming a gasket for automotive lamps
Process for the production of polyolefin moldings
Single-stage apparatus and method for producing containers made of thermoplastic material
Heating blow forming apparatus and heating blow forming method
Method for producing ceramic bodies
Device for avoiding contamination of the tapped steel by flush slag in a tiltable converter with improved composition of the material
Lead-free solder alloys
Use of a solution comprising glucose for peritoneal dialysis having reduced formation of age products
Aroma sensory stimulation in multimedia and method for using
Modular combined pump, filtration, oxygenation and/or debubbler apparatus
Solventless protein assay standard
Chemical analysis system and blood filtering unit
Sensing device with sol-gel derived film on the light source
Spill-resistant microtitre trays and method of making
Fluid sampling system
Material fluidizing assembly
Countercurrent reactor with interstage stripping of NH3 and H2S in gas/liquid contacting zones
Thermal reactor with self-regulating transfer mechanism
Crystallization method and installation
Method and apparatus for purification of hydride gas streams
Glassy carbon and process for production thereof
Method of making a carbon foam material and resultant product
Process for preparing sulfate-containing basic solutions of polyaluminumchloride
Method of manufacturing lithium composite oxide as positive active material for lithium secondary batteries
Method for preparation of small zeotype crystals
Radioimmuno conjugates for use in human therapy and method for their preparation
Radiopharmaceutical compositions and matrices and uses thereof
Dopamine and serotonin transporter ligands and imaging agents
F-18 radiolabeled neurokinin-1 receptor antagonists
Somatostatin derivatives and their radiolabelled products
Magnetic resonance imaging using Hyperpolarized noble gases
Process and device for the production of liquid, disperse systems
Compositions for increasing the MRI contrast in visualizing the digestive tract of patients
Aqueous compositions containing corticosteroids for nasal and pulmonary delivery
Hair styling compositions comprising mineral salt, lipophilic material, and low levels of surfactant
Oral care formulation for the treatment of sensitivity teeth
Method and product for cleaning and/or whitening of teeth
Dentifrice compositions containing .beta.-phase calcium pyrophosphate an anticalculus agent, and fluoride
Method for preparation of plant extract powder
Antiperspirant compositions
Thermal protection of hair keratin
Method for manufacturing, apparatus and technique for applying solid antiseptic emulsions of wax compositions and soluble extracts of vegetative plants to hair
Perfumed products containing a mixture of perfume materials having antibacterial properties
Sample processing method using ion exchange resin
Composition and method for repairing neurological tissue
Method for treating brain cancer with a conditionally lethal gene
Bacteria-and fiber-containing composition for human gastrointestinal health
Human hematopoietic progenitor cell preparations and their expansion in a liquid medium
Method and composition for reconforming multi-epitopic antigens to initiate an immune response
Human monoclonal antibodies to the CD4-binding domain of HIV, uses thereof and synergistic neutralization of HIV
Dietary supplement containing saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and nettle root
Stable extract of hypericum perforatum L., a method for producing the same, and corresponding pharmaceutical preparations
Recombinant multivalent viral vaccine
Immunogenic composition containing inactivated swine infertility and respiratory Syndrome virus
Bovine footrot treatment and prevention
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising bradykinin antagonists for treating sensitive human skin
Solid TCMTB formulations
Polygala senega compositions and methods of use
Liquid soy nutritional products
Chewable calcium supplement and method
Dermatological patch
Method for producing liposomes with increased percent of compound encapsulated
Composition of S-sodium ibuprofen
Method for producing dispersible sterol and stanol compounds
Effervescent formulations
Organic compounds
Bioadhesive tablets
Reduced molecular weight native gellan gum
Cheese curd made using transglutaminase and a non-rennet protease
Method for making a drink of individual portion
Readily-dispersible lipidic hop extract for imparting hoppy aroma and flavor to beer
Stabilized egg flavoring compositions
Functional sodium chloride compositions
Method and composition for modifying the surface of an object
Aqueous coating composition and method
Method of improving moisture resistance for inorganic materials that are sensitive to moisture
Method for temperature controlled spin-coating systems used for making compact discs
Process of preparing metal nitride films using a metal halide and an amine
Stainproof-treating agent, method for stainproof-treating and stainproof-treated article
High gloss coated paper
Method of manufacturing hot dip coated metal strip
Sealable stagnation flow geometries for the uniform deposition of materials and heat
Method for producing a roughened bond coat using a slurry
Coating method using electrostatic assist
Triboelectric chargeable coating powder
Process for coating plastic containers or glass containers by means of a PCVD coating process
Method for corrosion-resistant coating of metal substrates by means of plasma polymerization
Process for making an ultraviolet stabilized substrate
Process for applying light-emission-enhancement microbead paint compositions
Photoreactor composition and applications therefor
Method for forming coatings from radiation curable compositions containing alkenyl ether functional polyisobutylenes
Nonfelting wool and antifelt finishing process
Active-matrix liquid crystal display
Materials for inducing alignment in liquid crystals and liquid crystal displays
Combined turf
Balloons made from liquid crystal polymer blends
Method of attaching a cover to a tubular body such as a knob or a button and a knob or button of said method
Lens blanks for ophthalmic elements
Optical recording medium, optical recording and reproducing apparatus using the same and manufacturing method of optical recording medium
Optical recording medium
Recordable optical media with a silver-palladium reflective layer
Aluminum-thermoplastic panel and method of manufacture
Energy absorbing column protector
Method for assembling ceramic honeycomb structure, and supporting member therefor
Honeycomb structural body and process for production of the same
Deposition of osmotic absorbent onto a capillary substrate without deleterious interfiber penetration and absorbent structures produced thereby
Process to melt bond fibers onto three-dimensional formed film to achieve a cloth-like texture and the film produced thereby
Planar multilayer ceramic structures with near surface channels
Illuminated imageable vision control panels and methods of fabricating
Lowly electrifiable composite polyester film
High density printed circuit substrate and method of fabrication
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Zinc oxide thin film and process for producing the film
Oriented laminated polyester film for pasting on car window
Ink jet recording sheet
Curable compositions
Opaque film with a core layer of metallocene-catalyzed polypropylene
Magnetic recording medium and method for producing the same
High coercivity, low noise magnetic recording medium comprising an intermediate cocrtaox layer
Multilayer structure and process for producing the same
Method for producing a laminated glass pane free of optical obstruction caused by warping, use of a particular carrier film for the production of the laminated glass pane and carrier films particularly suitable for the method or the use
Permeation-resistant ETFE composition and coatings
Fibre reinforced resin composite products
Yarns comprised of bulked continuous filaments of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
Zinc oxide-coated material and fatty acid-solidifying powder and external preparation for skin each made by using the material
Carbon fibers
Electrically conductive heterofil
Polyester yarn with good rubber adhesion made of core-sheath fibers with two different types of polyesters
Enamelled metallic wires
Method of making mineral filler and pozzolan product from fly ash
Microcapsules made of chitin or of chitin derivatives containing a hydrophobic substance, in particular a sunscreen, and process for the preparation of such microcapsules
Chrome coating having a top layer thereon
Radiation-curable formulations
Single or multilayer foil having a layer containing thermoplastically processable starch
Method for producing laminated film/metal structures
Precious metal composition and artifacts made therefrom
Process for coating metallic parts and metallic product thus coated
Fine wire made of a gold alloy, method for its production, and its use
Methods for etching an aluminum-containing layer
Abrasion resistant coating and method of making the same
High-temperature-resistant component and method of providing protection thereof against oxidation
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device using the same
Anodized aluminum susceptor for forming integrated circuit structures and method of making anodized aluminum susceptor
Use of a Ni-base alloy for compound tubes for combustion plants
Welding alloy and articles for use in welding, weldments and methods for producing weldments
Solid fluorescence reference and method
OLEDs containing thermally stable asymmetric charge carrier materials
Organic electroluminescent device
Ceramics, ceramic blank, manufacturing method thereof, sanitary earthenware and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for removing contaminants from the coolant supply of a fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell system and draining method for the same
System and method for optimizing fuel cell purge cycles
Primary metal-power source and ventilation system for the same
Fuel cell electrode-electrolyte unit
Solid polyelectrolyte membrane for fuel cells, and method for producing it
Separator for polymer electrolyte fuel cells and processes for production thereof
Battery circulation system with improved four-way valve
Explosion-proof seal plate for enclosed type cell and production method thereof
Polyethylene separator for energy storage cell
Fastener system of tab bussing for batteries
Thin lithium film battery
Case containing secondary battery
Case of lithium secondary battery based on a polymer coated aluminum material
Silicon-tin oxynitride glassy composition and use as anode for lithium-ion battery
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode for alkaline secondary battery and method of manufacture thereof
Method of producing positive active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries
Solid electrolyte composite for electrochemical reaction apparatus
Vacuum ultraviolet transmitting silicon oxyfluoride lithography glass
Method to uni-directionally expand bandwidth of an asymmetric optical system
Phase shift mask and phase shift mask blank
Color filter for TFT displays
Method for manufacturing color filter
Color filters for displays and methods for preparing same
Nontransparent transmission display material with maintained hue angle
Method and device for the processing of silver halide photographic materials
Electrophotographic imaging members
Toner and developer providing offset lithography print quality
Carrier for electrostatic-charged image developer, developer and image forming process using the same, and carrier core material reproducing process
Negatively chargeable toner and developing device using thereof
Developing agent, image forming apparatus, and method for forming image
Fast-curing photosensitive composition and recording sheet
Panoramic 70mm film system
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning method
Thermal transfer of crosslinked materials from a donor to a receptor
Positive photoresist composition for far ultraviolet ray exposure
Process and composition for generation of acid
Method of making lithographic printing plate and photopolymer composition
Lithographic plate having a conformal radiation-sensitive layer on a rough substrate
Optical recording medium and method for making
Photosensitive resin composition and photosensitive element using the resin composition
Method of preparing a water-less lithographic printing form
Patterning method of chemical amplification type resist film for far ultraviolet radiation
Acrylic copolymer and reflection-preventing film-forming composition containing the same
Manufacturing method of a master disk for forming an optical disk, and the master disk
Shape deposition manufacturing of microscopic ceramic and metallic parts using silicon molds
Method for patterning chemical amplified photoresist
Supercritical compositions for removal of organic material and methods of using same
Packaged color photographic film comprising a blocked phenyldiamine chromogenic developer
Developer for use with carbonless copy paper and photo imaging systems
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive elements having improved image quality
Color photographic material
Color photographic element containing a fragmentable electron donor in combination with a one equivalent coupler for improved photographic response
Tabular grain silver halide emulsion and method of preparation
High chloride emulsions doped with iridium complexes
Non-spherical and non-platelet forms of pyrithione salts and methods of making same
Spherical pharmaceutical granules comprising microcrystalline cellulose and a process for their production
Microbicidal formulations and methods to control microorganisms
Synergistic antioxidant compositions in management of hemorrhoids and other ano-rectal inflammatory conditions
Acidic composition of matter for use to destroy microorganisms
Herbal composition for promoting hormonal balance in women and methods of using same
Method and composition for enhancing oleic acid content of milk produced by ruminants
Methods for using pectate lyases in baking
Process for producing a fruity flavoring agent
Rapid method for manufacture of grated parmesan cheese
Stabilization of cooked meat compositions stabilized by nisin-containing whey and method of making
Cancer Chemoprotective food products
Taste modified hard confectionery compositions containing functional ingredients
Calcium complexes for fortification of foods
Pretzel stick snack item
Ice confectionery articles coated with particulate material flakes
Method of preparing a multifood component
Packaged dough product
Method and apparatus for food marinating
Illustration applicator for food products
Apparatus for manually portioning pizza dough disks and method of operating the apparatus
Process of, and apparatus for, moulding confectionery
Food and beverage additive composition produced from saccharum officinarum leaves
Ginkgo Bilboa flavonoid extract which is terpene-free and has a high flavonoid heteroside content
Method of producing dietary fibrous bread
Fully cooked, shelf stable or frozen noodles
High protein cereal
Human Necessities
Absorbable prophylactic composition for protection against ionizing or non-ionizing electromagnetic waves
Process for expanded pellet production
.beta.-lactam granules free of organic solvents
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