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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Miniature x-ray catheter with retractable needles or suction means for positioning at a desired site
Performing Operations; Transporting
Photo printer
Dual channel air/fuel ratio gauge
Vehicle-mounted intrusion detection apparatus
Athermal zero-shear interferometer
Optical metrology of single features
Measuring graduation for a position measuring system
Angular sensor with a magneto-electric transducer and a magnetic deflection device
Variable reluctance-type resolver
Dual mode fiber-optic interferometer with circular-core fibers and birefringent modal filters and an interfering method thereof
Method and apparatus to measure fiber optic pickup errors in interferometry systems
Measurement of complex surface shapes using a spherical wavefront
Alarm condition distributed fiber optic sensor with storage transmission-reflection analyzer
Mixer-based in-service time domain reflectometer apparatus and methods
Measuring apparatus and measuring chip
Wavelength tunable surface plasmon resonance sensor
Real-time web inspection method and apparatus using combined reflected and transmitted light images
CT apparatus, CT imaging method and method of providing service using the same
Method for estimating a scattered radiation, particularly to correct tomography or bone densitometry measurements
Radiological imaging apparatus and method
Wideband complex radio frequency impedance measurement
Electrical short tracing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for computing a path through specified elements in a network
Methods and system suppressing clutter in a gain-block, radar-responsive tag system
Nuclear magnetic resonance measuring apparatus
Method and selector switch for switching between two antenna units
System, apparatus, and method for conducting electromagnetic induction surveys
Diffusing film comprising transparent resin and scatterers
Zoom lens, camera, and mobile information terminal
Lens apparatus and camera
Signal converter for converting digital input signal to optical modulation signal
Two-dimensional micro-mirror array enhancements
Method of microlens array and projection type of liquid crystal display apparatus
Method and apparatus for combining light paths of colored light sources through a common integration tunnel
Device for acquiring stereoscopic images
Imaging system using combined dichroic/high-pass filters
Digital camera module with anti-fouling lens adhesion
Retainer, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Liquid-crystal display device
Apparatus and method for displaying image
Projection exposure mask, projection exposure apparatus, and projection exposure method
Stage system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Catadioptric system and exposure device having this system
Electronic timepiece and display switching method and display switching program for electronic timepiece
Biasing scheme for low supply headroom applications
Pulse width modulator and loading system thereof
Photovoltaic-type charger
Collapsible structures having enhancements
Hard disk common support structure
Web print submission from within an application
Image processing method, apparatus and controller
Printer control apparatus, printer and printing system
Data processing system, printer, image recording system and image recording method
Use of e-mail for capture of document metadata
Techniques for configuring programmable logic using on-chip nonvolatile memory
System for controlling the distribution and use of rendered digital works through watermarking
Method for computing optical flow under the epipolar constraint
Adjustable guide for viewing biometric surface patterns
Image processing apparatus and method
Reflectometry system with compensation for specimen holder topography and with lock-rejection of system noise
Method and apparatus for correcting inclination of IC on semiconductor wafer
Edge achromatization circuit and method
Implicit page breaks for digitally represented handwriting
Image compression method
Image collation method and apparatus and recording medium storing image collation program
Method and apparatus for segmenting images
Segmentation method and system for Multiple Raster Content (MRC) representation of documents
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
System and method for identifying objects
Method and apparatus for detection of radioactive material
Surface covering unit
Security system and moving robot
Ambient condition detector with multi-function test
Wireless motion monitoring device incorporating equipment control module of an exercise equipment
Apparatus and method for reducing the risk of decubitus ulcers
System and method for communicating with an appliance through a light emitting diode
On-vehicle device including numerical information notification function
Pixel structure of a display
Liquid crystal display with multi-frame inverting function and an apparatus and a method for driving the same
Liquid crystal display
Apparatus for displaying drawings
Bi-directional scan switch matrix method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus, control method for the same, control program, and storage medium storing the control program
Virtual keyboard system with automatic correction
Operational amplifier circuit, driving circuit and driving method
Image processing device for adjusting characteristic data based on reference image and image display apparatus using the same
System and method for producing a video signal
Method and apparatus for measuring color-texture distance, and method and apparatus for sectioning image into plurality of regions using measured color-texture distance
Methods and systems for transparent depth sorting
Sealing member, rolling bearing, thin motor, and bearing device
Magnetic head parking system of hard disk drive
Disk holder pop-out preventing device
High reliability storage drive and data write method
Apparatus and method for detecting and compensating for resonance frequency in data storage system
Data storage device having single actuator assembly or multiple actuator assemblies
Moving magnet voice coil motor using Halbach arrays
Hard disk drive having disk locking apparatus utilizing offset dummy slider/suspension arrangement
Version tracking of disk write operations
Magnetic recording apparatus, magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording method
CPP-type magnetic head with less deformation and a magnetic recording/reproducing system using the same
Perpendicular recording magnetic head with a write shield magnetically coupled to a first pole piece
Semiconductor materials used in magnetic recording head assemblies to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge
Magneto resistive head and magnetic recording apparatus
Modular rotary actuator assembly for a rotatable media data storage device
Carriage arm assembly for locating magnetic head, and magnetic disk apparatus using the same
Method of measuring compensation value for short track seeking in hard disc drive and method of compensating for bias using the same
Head positioner and information recording/replaying apparatus
Motor torque constant variation compensation
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for controlling seeking of a transducer based on phase dependent state error
Method of adjusting record signal waveform of optical disk, method of storing record signal waveform adjustment data, and optical disk recorder
Objective lens driving apparatus
Memory device and method having data path with multiple prefetch I/O configurations
Multi-pulse reset write scheme for phase-change memories
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device which stores multi-value information
Floating-body DRAM using write word line for increased retention time
Random access memory with post-amble data strobe signal noise rejection
Semiconductor memory device with late write function and data input/output method therefor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, memory module, storage device and the method for repairing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Externally clocked electrical fuse programming with asynchronous fuse selection
Fixed phase clock and strobe signals in daisy chained chips
Data output apparatus for memory device
DQS postamble filtering
High voltage variable resistor device
High frequency apparatus for transmitting or processing high frequency signal
Solid electrolytic capacitor and electric circuit
Organic electroluminescence device, planar light source and display device using the same
Arc discharge lamp containing means for reducing mercury leaching
Low-pressure discharge lamp
Plasma display panel having dummy barrier ribs
Plasma display panel
Liquid crystal display device having an electromagnetic-wave shielding member
Rectifier diode device
Multilayer board and a semiconductor device
Polymer solder hybrid interface material with improved solder filler particle size and microelectronic package application
Packaged combination memory for electronic devices
Method and structure for cooling a dual chip module with one high power chip
Package substrate manufactured using electrolytic leadless plating process, and method for manufacturing the same
Substrate-based IC package
Semiconductor device
Mask and method for using the mask in lithographic processing
Heterojunction bipolar transistor having specified lattice constants
Embedded DRAM gain memory cell having MOS transistor body provided with a bi-polar transistor charge injecting means
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Single poly-si process for DRAM by deep N-well (NW) plate
III group nitride compound semiconductor luminescent element
Resistance-changing function body, memory element, manufacturing method therefor, memory device, semiconductor device and electronic equipment
Semiconductor package having built-in micro electric mechanical system and manufacturing method thereof
Power semiconductor component in the planar technique
Buried emitter contact for thyristor-based semiconductor device
Precursor for hafnium oxide layer and method for forming halnium oxide film using the precursor
Mask ROM and the method of forming the same and the scheme of reading the device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having capacitor element
Space process to prevent the reverse tunneling in split gate flash
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
Swing-type display device
Molecular wire transistor (MWT)
Integrated circuit implementing protection switch for battery charging and discharging with enhanced reverse voltage protection
Miniature high performance coupler
System and method for wireless device
Antenna elements for a missile
Active magnetic radome
Transmission line conductor for log-periodic dipole array
Planar antenna and antenna system
MEMS reflectarray antenna for satellite applications
High speed switching driver
Semiconductor laser driving apparatus
Loss point detecting method and distributed raman amplifier applying the same
Edge emitting laser with circular beam
Locally-outcoupled cavity resonator having unidirectional emission
Gas laser device and exposure apparatus using the same
Long wavelength VCSEL device processing
Display device including ion generator and electronic appliance
Multiple path variable speed constant frequency device having automatic power path selection capability
Protection device for protecting a voltage source and a load supplied thereby
Battery charger amusement device
Permanent magnet element and electric machine
Controlled reluctance AC induction motor
Dual concentric AC motor
Electrodynamic actuator
High temperature superconducting synchronous rotor coil having multi-piece rotor core
Drive device
Movable MEMS-based noncontacting device
Motor controller
Rail-to-rail input linear voltage to current converter
Method and device for initializing an asynchronous latch chain
Operational amplifier with selectable performance characteristics
Low threshold voltage circuit employing a high threshold voltage output stage
Circuit and method for controlling gain in an amplifier
Apparatus and method for controlling a delay chain
Timing circuit for separate positive and negative edge placement in a switching DC-DC converter
Impedance-matching wave filter
Method for setting a termination voltage and an input circuit
Position detector
Fracturable incomplete look up table area efficient logic elements
Method and apparatus for generating narrow pulse width monocycles
Adiabatic charging register circuit
Line driver
Inverse DWT method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for a solid-state atomic frequency standard
A/D conversion device having input level shift and output correction function
Current-steering digital-to-analog converter
Method and apparatus for coding information, method and apparatus for decoding coded information, method of fabricating a recording medium, the recording medium and modulated signal
Voice-controlled system for providing digital audio content in an automobile
Deterministic distortion insensitive adaptive receiver using decision updating
Unified DSL transceiver
Apparatus for generating motion control signal from image signal
Orthogonal code generating circuit
Apparatus for controlling a plurality of receiver fingers in a CDMA receiver
Fast initial acquisition and search device for a spread spectrum communication system
Method and apparatus for intelligent speaker
Acoustic echo canceller
Receiving method and receiver
Method of scheduling regular signal transmission in a cellular wireless system
Method and apparatus for providing orthogonal spot beams, sectors, and picocells
Method and system for enhancing channel capacity in a point to multipoint radio communications system having different kinds of terminals
Wireless communication method and apparatus for optimizing multi-user detection
Control of amplitude level of baseband signal to be transmitted on the basis of the number of transmission codes
Method and system for rate adaptive ISDN communication
Method and apparatus for guaranteeing data transfer rates and delays in data packet networks using generalized discrete data transfer rate approach
Method for enabling interoperability between data transmission systems conforming to IEEE 802.11 and HIPERLAN standards
Reduced pin count media independent interface
Multiplexer circuit and analogue-to-digital converter
Serial data mapping apparatus for synchronous digital hierarchy
Apparatus and method of splicing digital video streams
Aligning data packets/frames for transmission over a network channel
Method and apparatus for managing the flow of data within a switching device
PLD-based packet filtering methods with PLD configuration data update of filtering rules
Control cell management method of ATM switching system
Packet transfer apparatus with the function of flow detection and flow management method
Method and system for a Unicast endpoint client to access a multicast internet protocol (IP) session
Conditionally nonblocking switch of the upturned decompressor type
High-speed stats gathering in a network switch
Data communication link
Content processor
Apparatus and method for performing high-speed IP route lookup and managing routing/forwarding tables
Method and apparatus for distributed bandwidth allocation for a bi-directional ring media with spatial and local reuse
Interference signal removal system
Information processing using a soft output Viterbi algorithm
Carrier phase estimation based on single-axis constant modulus cost criterion and Bussgang criteria
Communication system with reduced power variation and method therefor
Apparatus and method for SCDMA digital data transmission using orthogonal codes and a head end modem with no tracking loops
Speed enhanced cryptographic method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for isolation in a data access arrangement using analog encoded pulse signaling
Audio file transmission method
Distributed redirect server
Method and apparatus for supporting on-demand connectivity for network applications
Methods and apparatus for personal routing in computer-simulated telephony
Method and apparatus for interfacing telephone apparatus to a digital, analog or hybrid telephone switching system
Interactive voice response systems with general-purpose blocks
Method and system for providing remote access to previously transmitted enterprise messages
Network interface device and method
Bracing apparatus
Articulating camera for digital image acquisition
System and method for selecting photographic images using index prints
Apparatus and method for converting multi-source input images
Image pickup apparatus using a selector circuit
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Signal processing apparatus
Image pickup apparatus of a surrounding area of a vehicle
Image processing apparatus and method
Digital camera and exposure control method of digital camera
Recording device, recording method, electronic device method of controlling electronic device, computer readable media, and reproducing device
Position measuring system
Narrowband video codec
Method and apparatus for video deblocking
Image transmitter
Protection of data on media recording disks
Device for video transmission between a camera and a control room
Color image pickup apparatus with light source distinguishing function
System and method for locating individuals and equipment, airline reservation system, communication system
Gatekeeper supporting handoff and handoff method in IP telephony system
Method of and apparatus for activating a spread-spectrum radiotelephone
Hearing aid comprising an array of microphones
Suppression of perceived occlusion
Earphone jack
Tabbed speaker frame with oversized diaphragm
Area sensor and display apparatus provided with an area sensor
Stroboscopic illuminator
On-vehicle image pick-up apparatus and method of setting image pick-up direction
Heat-dissipating module
Magnetically enhanced convection heat sink
Cooling system for adjustable electric drive
Electronic thermal management
Expired Patents Due To Time
Fluid powered diaphragm pump
Multi-piston hydraulic pump for a free piston engine
Internal electrical connector for a hydraulic control unit
Multirotor vacuum pump
Device for supplying an apportioned minimum amount of fluid
High pressure pump
Spherical fluid machine with control mechanism
Non-elastomeric stator and downhole drilling motors incorporating same
Modified positioning mechanism for stationary scroll of scroll compressor
Hermetic rotary compressor
Cooling system for a rotary vane pumping machine
Rotary fluid mover
Rotary piston engine
Double-throw air motor with reverse feature
Tire vulcanizer
Take-off apparatus for plastic tubular sheets
Spin pack for spinning multiple component fiber yarns
Injection unit for an injection moulding machine
Apparatus for eyeglass lens curing using ultraviolet light
Compression mold
Device for aligning an injection nozzle with a mold sprue
Multiple mold workstation with single injection feeder and hydraulic pumping station
Tiebar structure for injection molding machine
System for providing proximate turbulent and coherent gas jets
Electric gas lighter with dual ignition safety device
Decorative candle display and method of forming the same
Candle cup
Oxidant-driven dust recycling process and device for rotary kilns
Device and method for treating combustibles obtained from a thermal processing apparatus and apparatus employed thereby
Orthodontic device
Mandibular and maxillary arch expander
Apparatus and method for preventing tooth grinding in patients wearing braces
Method of determining the approximal passability of an interdental space
Ultrasonic scaler with adaptive amplitude
Bite block
Grinding tool for dental purposes
Retainer for dental prosthesis
Video game apparatus and image synthesizing method thereof
Pressure ulcer wound care models, methods and kits
Training device preferably for improving a physician's performance in tympanocentesis medical procedures
Interactive educational display board
Reusable writing table
Method for facilitating transmucosal delivery of steroidal active agents
Backplane assembly for printed circuit boards
Compression interconnect system for stacked circuit boards and method
High density electrical connector assembly and connector for use therewith
Press-Contact electrical interconnectors and method for producing the same
GBIC connector with circuit board mating faces
Low profile connector
High density connector system
ESD protective connector apparatus
Power supply plug structure for a notebook computer
Connector driving apparatus for driving a plurality of connectors relatively to a plurality of mating connectors
Connector with locking lever
Switch-equipped coaxial connector
Connector with shorting terminal
Tubular lamp assembly
Connector system for smart cards
Electronic device having a housing adapted for mounting with differently-sized network socket connectors
Half-fitting prevention connector and method of producing same
Device for locking two mating connectors
Pressure-contact terminal and electric connection box containing pressure-contact terminals
Connector system
Divided-type connector
Connecting structure type (III) of electrical wires and bulb units of a decorative lighting net
Connector for electrical cords and cables
Waterproof connector and method of assembling the same
Shelled connector mounted on electric equipment
Retention member for connector
Smart card connector
Next generation interconnect
Cordless electrical appliances and connectors therefor
Electric connector having depressible contact pieces capable of conveying a relatively large current
Terminal block arrangement for an electrical system
Digital cross connect/interconnect module
Electrical connector
Carrier plate for forming a plug contact
Helical drive human powered boat
Cooler for marine stern drive
Non-mold method of forming objects and articles formed thereby
Travel surfboard
Sea windows for rafts
Hydrodynamic throwing disc
Balloon powered bubble blowing device
Manipulable beaded string
Toy vehicle trackset having plural intersections
Device to influence the driving performance of a remote-controlled model vehicle
Brassiere having integrated inflatable bladders for the holding of comestible liquids
Shaping frame
Lens grinding apparatus and lens grinding method and component therefor
Carrier device in polishing apparatus and method for controlling carrier device
Surface polishing applicator system and method
Polish applying and buffing mitt, kit and method
Method for dressing a polishing pad, polishing apparatus, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus
Chemical mechanical polish machines and fabrication process using the same
Chemical mechanical polishing with a plurality of polishing sheets
Method of washing a semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for chemical mechanical polishing
CMP polishing slurry dewatering and reconstitution
System for dislodging by-product agglomerations from a polishing pad of a chemical mechanical polishing machine
Cavitational polishing pad conditioner
Quick change bit holder
External abrasive machine
Apparatus and method for polishing a substrate
Polishing apparatus
Carrier head with pressurizable bladder
Hand machine tool adjustable front handle
Edger blade sharpener
Method and apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing using a patterned pad
Cleaning apparatus for maintaining semiconductor equipment
Dispensing station for chemicals and the like
Pressure regulating system
Ventilation device
High efficiency air mixer using jet streams
Gable end roof ventilator
Ventilation filter mechanism
Ventilation temperature and pressure control apparatus
Discharge geometry for axially arranged rotary separator
Electronic instant ticket lottery system and method
Non-rectangular and/or non-orthogonal arrangement of gambling elements in a gaming apparatus
Progressive wagering system
Virtual environment viewpoint control
Three-dimensional image processing system having dynamically changing character polygon number
Function expansion device and operating device using the function expansion device
Voice communication during a multi-player game
Drive arrangement
Clutch disk assembly having a two stage dampening mechanism having a further vibration dampening mechanism that functions in both stages of dampening
Constant velocity fixed joint with an axially mountable cage
Variable length double telescoping drive shaft assembly
Propeller shaft assembly for a motor vehicle especially a passenger car
Adjustable rotating shaft guard
Hollow shafts with gas assist molding
Simulated shattered glass novelty device and method of use
Golf practice kit and method for using the same
Method and apparatus to determine golf ball trajectory and flight
Golf club with adjustably flexible shaft
Mallet style golf club
Solid golf ball
Golf ball containing plastomer and method of making same
Dimpled golf ball
Projectile machine with remote control for basketball practice and the like
Baseball and softball training apparatus and method
Collapsible sport pole
Flag football device and coupling therefor
Throw and catch ball game
Hockey stick shaft and method of making the same
Self-propelled arrow
Continuously variable transmission
Hand exercise device
Fold-up exercise treadmill and method
Pedal with adjustable pivot stops
Boxing exercise apparatus
Method for establishing exercise activities using recyclable materials and related structures
Bed exercise machine
Arm exercising device
Flexible exercise device for continuously increased tension
Method and apparatus for changing operating modules
Tear-away container spout
EMI shield plug
Signature-delivery-pitch regulating apparatus for a delivery apparatus of a folding machine
Method and apparatus for the automatic control of a blood centrifuge
Centifuge with pneumatic drive and filtration of the atmosphere of its chamber
Miniaturized source of ionizing radiation and method of delivering same
Fluid circulator for nonlinear compliant circuits
Isolation apparatus
Cardiac reinforcement devices and methods
Device for locally immobilizing a beating heart
Endoscope system having spatial frequency converter
Anatomical visualization system
Suction retractor
Surgical retractor assembly with controlled rotation
Central nervous system shunt monitoring system
Selecting limit values in particular for patient monitoring systems
Acetic acid as a signal enhancing contrast agent in fluorescence spectroscopy
Method for improving non-invasive determination of the concentration of analytes in a biological sample
Needle and needle probe
Percutaneous mapping system
Ablation catheter tip with a buffer layer covering the electrode
Catheter apparatus for guided transvascular treatment of arterial occlusions
Medical system architecture
MRI coil and MRI apparatus
Radiotherapy system
Open field system for magnetic surgery
Method and apparatus for optically imaging solid tumor tissue
Diagnostic medical ultrasound system with wireless communication device
Medical ultrasound diagnostic imaging method and system with nonlinear phase modulation pulse compression
Methods and systems for determining velocity of tissue using three dimensional ultrasound data
Ultrasound transmit waveforms having low harmonic content
Method and apparatus for ultrasound image quantification
Sizing catheter for measuring septal defects
Non-invasive blood pressure sensing device and method using transducer with associate memory
Blood-pressure monitoring apparatus
Methods of measuring cardiac output using a non-invasively estimated intrapulmonary shunt fraction
Patient monitoring apparatus
Phonospirometry for non-invasive monitoring of respiration
Exercise workout support device
System and method for predicting human cognitive performance using data from an actigraph
Method of use for a biopsy instrument with breakable sample segments
Portable equipment for obtaining and analyzing ruminal liquid and urine
Diagnostic test apparatus
Guidewire having exchangeable inner member
Coated superelastic stent
Ultrasonic ablation device and methods for lead extraction
Method and apparatus for applying acupressure
Triangular hand massager
Apparatus and method for pressure management
Hand held massage implement
Wound covering
Near hyperthermic heater wound covering
Catheter system and method for posterior epicardial revascularization and intracardiac surgery on a beating heart
Surgical handpiece
Apparatus for electroporation mediated delivery of drugs and genes
Radio frequency ablation device for treatment of the prostate
Ultrasound transmission apparatus having a tip
Drug pump systems and methods
Nasal irrigator
Fast response intra-aortic balloon pump
Safety needle cannula module that is activated by a safety syringe and plunger module
Front load pressure jacket system with syringe holder
Injection device
Hypodermic needle with weeping tip and method of use
Therapeutic face and eye masque
Ostomy appliances
Absorbent structures coated with foamed superabsorbent polymer
Absorbent article and method for the directed drainage of fluids emerging in a localized manner
Disposable therapeutic breast pad
Waist belt for absorbent articles
Single use universal access device/medical container combination
Method for inhibiting restenosis
Method for forming a radioactive stent
Diode pumped, multi axial mode intracavity doubled laser
Laser surgical procedures for treatment of glaucoma
Cryogenic device, system and method of using same
Electrosurgical system
Systems and methods for creating lesions in body tissue using segmented electrode assemblies
High frequency thermal ablation of cancerous tumors and functional targets with image data assistance
Catheter system having a tip section with fixation means
Ablation catheter system having circular lesion capabilities
Left atrium ablation catheter and method
Method and instrumentation for posterior interbody fusion
Intervertebral link device capable of axial and angular displacement
Plate and screw assembly for fixing bones
Biocompatible absorbable rivets and pins for use in surgical procedures
Tome apparatus for implanting spinal fusion device
Systems and methods for placing materials into bone
System and method for bone segment navigation
Manual bone anchor placement devices
Hingeless intraocular lens microcartridges
Retrieval device for insertion into a body lumen
Microdermabrasion device and method of treating the skin surface
System and method of use for ligating and cutting tissue
Anastomosis device and method
Means and method for performing an anastomosis
Anastomosis device and method
Apparatus for deploying a guidewire across a complex lesion
Apparatus and method for performing an endarterectomy
Vascular filter convertible to a stent and method
Barbed Bodily tissue connector
Gastrointestinal compression clips
Adjustable tension device for sutures
Retractable tether pacifier device
Defibrillator with impedance-compensated energy delivery
Method of treating for impotence and apparatus particularly useful in such method
Method for scar collagen formation and contraction
Composite structures and methods for ablating tissue to form complex lesion patterns in the treatment of cardiac conditions and the like
Inlet port plug for inflatable thermal blankets
Upper body warming blanket
Stent for expanding body's lumen
Self-expanding stent delivery system and method of use
Method for deploying an endovascular graft having bifurication
Intravascular stent
Stented grafts for coupling vascular members
Expandable medical device with ductile hinges
In situ venous valve device and method of formation
Stented grafts for coupling vascular members
Stapled heart prosthesis and method of installing same
Intraocular lenses made from polymeric compositions
Middle ear prosthesis
Prosthetic device for the repair of a hernia
Implant for spinal fusion
Interbody spinal fusion implant having an anatomically conformed trailing end
Resorbable interbody spinal fusion devices
Plugging and centralized device for locating the stem of a prosthesis
Biomedical article made of alumina ceramics
Artificial esophagus
Specification of an artificial limb
Prosthetic foot with reinforcing member
Phakic intraocular lenses
Methods and apparatus for implementing run-length limited and maximum transition run codes
Metal ligand containing bleaching compositions
Method for strengthening cellulosic substrates, cellulosic nonwoven wipes, and paper filter stock
Washing machine
Horizontal axis washing machine incorporating flush tumble cycle
Formaldehyde scavenging in microbiocidal articles
Oxidizing composition and uses for dyeing, for permanently setting or bleaching keratin fibres
Use of flavylium type compounds non-substituted in position 3 for dyeing keratinous fibres and compositions containing them
Process for preparing dyes and/or brightener formulations
Treatment of substrates to enhance the quality of printed images thereon with a mixture of a polyacid and polybase
Method of stabilizing dye solutions and stabilized dye compositions
Process for dyeing or printing and novel reactive dyes
Electrode, cell using the same and process for producing electrode
Liquid mixture suitable as gasoline
Method for producing a hydrogen-rich and low carbon monoxide gas
Cold trap equipped with curvilinear cooling plate
Minivent air filter
Soluble fertilizer formulation
Method for producing fertilizer grade DAP having an increased nitrogen concentration from recycle
Process for reducing oxidic slags
Iron smelting process and plant according to the multiple zone smelting process
Corrosion resistant cemented carbide
Acid fluxes for metal reclamation from contaminated solids
Method for treating particulate material in the fluidized bed method and vessel and plant for carrying out the method
Method for delivery of gas-enriched fluids
Method for manufacturing reduced iron pellets
Process for producing iron briquettes and/or cold iron sponge
Method and system for improving the efficiency of a basic oxygen furnace
Recovering vanadium from petroleum coke as dust
Apparatus and method for liquid scrubbing contaminants from a gas flow
Electrostatic filter and supply air terminal
Process for the preparation of ink for ink-jet recording
Acid-stable and cationic-compatible cellulose compositions and methods of preparation
Pigment granulation
Process for preparing quinacridone pigments
Gypsum-cement system for construction materials
Method of treating cement clinker
Method for crystallizing amorphous layer
Method and system of controlling taper growth in a semiconductor crystal growth process
Method of manufacturing quantum sized doped semiconductor particles
Single crystal-manufacturing equipment and a method for manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure having a crystalline alkaline earth metal oxide interface with silicon
Vertical heat treatment apparatus
Array and method for coating of objects
Apparatus for the coating of substrates in a vacuum chamber
Compliant wafer chuck
Process for regenerating catalytic converters
Method for cleaning a workpiece
Method of cleaning or purifying elastomers and elastomeric articles which are intended for medical or pharmaceutical use
Silicon steel sheet and method thereof
Non-chromium anticorrosive treatment
Copper alloy
Method for creep-sizing annular-shaped structures and device therefor
High energy gun propellants
Method for producing a seam reinforcement
Cleaning product and production process therefor
Variable high pressure vibration welding process
Method of producing ceramic article with relief decoration
Method of producing a multi-layer ceramic substrate
Continuous vacuum lamination treatment system and vacuum lamination apparatus
Thermoplastic liner pipe for potable water
Heat activated transfers with machine readable indicia
Transfer foil for printing on objects and objects printed therewith
Multilayer optical disk
Integral special service mailing assembly and a method for using same
Apparatus for reducing process drift in inductive coupled plasma etching such as oxide layer
Apparatus for manufacturing elastomeric articles
Method and apparatus for detecting a polishing endpoint based upon infrared signals
Method for processing recycled waste paper for integrated packaging
Methods for deinking and decolorizing printed paper
Soft tissue product exhibiting improved lint resistance and process for making
Treatment of cellulose material with additives while producing cellulose pulp
Method and device for mixing of a fluid into a pulp-suspension at the lowest pressure of the suspension
High wet and dry strength paper product
Suction roll sealing strip
Upflow delayed coker charger heater and process
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System for recovery of metals from solutions thereof
Production of iron ore pellets
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew