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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Anti-oxidation bulk product dispensing system
Bra cup support member
Sewing tool holder
Headgear having a camera device
Bicycle shoe/pedal system
Disposable cup with removable scripture stickers
Carrying case for a wig
Suction cup
Table with integrated lighting
Gripping head for groups of products
Portable foldable bed
Spring back hinge with or without spring lock mechanism
Plush backrest cover with tube-like arms for combination safety/booster seat assembly
Foam seat cushions
Trim cover assembly and sewing method for forming same
Chair capable of interlocking back support and footrest
Seat device comprising improved audio device for use in an aircraft or spacecraft
All-terrain baby walker
Adjustable vial holder
Portable folding display
Bicycle stand
Food plate
Yoga mats
Magnetic/floating force based brewing structure
Kitchenware item with a handle which works with a cover
Vacuum cleaner for bedding
Cleaning appliance
Cleaning appliance
Compression stocking
Tissue fixation device to grasp, retain and release tissue
Endovascular flexible stapling device
Endoscopic tools for the removal of balloon-like intragastric devices
Precision hip replacement method
Surgical instrument for assisting in distinguishing anterior capsule during cataract surgery
System for treating skin wounds, bandaging and biochemical activation equipment for employing this system
Protective container for holding reusable diagnostic components
Systems and devices for profiling microbiota of skin
System and apparatus for providing baseline data for automated patient management
Apparatus and method for automatically identifying a problem with sensing heart activity
Device and method for providing feedback on breathing rate
Delivery catheter including side port and electrodes
Dental retractor for protecting a patient's teeth from contact with the inner side of a patient's mouth and tongue
Dental work site illumination system
Method of fabricating an implantable medical device comprising a rapamycin derivative
Intra-ocular implant
Dynamic intervertebral implant
Memorial urn
Resistive actuation unit for tub systems
System for performing a unitizing dose process of blister packs
Feeding device and methods using the same
Methods of use for 2,5-dihydroxybenzene sulfonic acid compounds for the treatment of cancer
Compounds for the treatment and prevention of retroviral infections
4-(8-methoxy-1-((1-methoxypropan-2-yl)-2-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-4-yl)-1H-imi- dazo[4,5-c]quinolin-7-yl)-3,5-dimethylisoxazole and its use as bromodomain inhibitor
Trypsin-like serine protease inhibitors, and their preparation and use
Antiproliferative benzo [B] azepin-2-ones
Co-micronization product comprising ulipristal acetate
Method for treating erectile dysfunction
Ruthenium carbon monoxide releasing molecules and uses thereof
Phosphate-binding magnesium salts and uses thereof
Method for using type II pneumocytes in pulmonary fibrosis
Vaccination response for immunodeficiency or high cortisol
Combination of a MC1R receptor agonist and UVB for the treatment and/or prevention of pigmentation disorders
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating an inflammation
Active protease-resistant antibody FC mutants
Real-time analysis for cross-linked peptides
Methods for preventing or treating disorders by increasing bioavailability of iron and related pharmaceutical formulation
Peptides for promoting angiogenesis and use thereof
Amyloid beta peptides as therapy for multiple sclerosis
Apolipoprotein mixtures
Bone paste composition
Stabilized glucagon solutions
Methods for hematopoietic precursor mobilization
Bacterial vaccine
Serologic correlates of protection against bacillus anthracis infection
Prevention and treatment of mycobacterium infection
Vaccine comprising Streptococcus pneumoniae capsular polysaccharide conjugates
Vaccine comprising Streptococcus pneumoniae capsular polysaccharide conjugates
Combination neisserial compositions
Powdered protein compositions and methods of making same
Cancer treatment methods using remote conditioning
Synthetic mimics of miR-124
Anthracenyl-tetralactam macrocycles and their use in detecting a target saccharide
Radiolabelled glutaminyl cyclase (QC) inhibitors and uses of same
Hair thickening compositions and methods of use
Water-gel emulsion compositions and methods
Molecule mixture comprising an amphipathic molecule type A, which has a positive total charge in the hydrophilic range, and an amphipathic molecule type B and A polyphenol C, method for producing said molecule mixture and use thereof
Dosage and administration for preventing cardiotoxicity in treatment with ERbB2-targeted immunoliposomes comprising anthracycline chemotherapeutic agents
Antimicrobial wound-covering material and method for manufacturing same
Flash safe seal feature
Method for electrostatic coating of a medical device
Mobile device holder and air freshener
Volatile material dispenser and its housing and cartridge
Method and device for detecting a fault condition
Centrifugal separating assembly with a container body having a common inlet-outlet port
Patient interface device including a pneumatically adjusting forehead support
Implantable solid-liquid drug delivery apparatus, formulations, and methods of use
Analyzing a washout period characteristic for psychiatric disorder therapy delivery
Erythropoeitin production by electrical stimulation
Cooling systems and methods for conductive coils
EUV light source with spectral purity filter and power recycling
Exercise device providing automatic calculation of seat position and/or crank length
Golf ball core with soft outer transition volume and negative hardness gradient
Batting aid apparatus
Smart sport device
Character model animation using stored recordings of player movement interface data
System to launch a toy entity and methods of play
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for automatic decantation of multi-phase chemical fluid
Fluid filtration system
Filter media support core
Heat reactivated process for desiccant air dryer systems using blower purge and method therefore
Separation membranes formed from perforated graphene and methods for use thereof
Method of making a honeycomb having channels containing a porous adsorbent
Catalytically active body for the synthesis of dimethyl ether from synthesis gas
Methods and processes of coating zero-PGM catalysts including with Cu, Mn, Fe for TWC applications
Catalyst blends
Process to obtain hydrogen peroxide, and catalyst supports for the same process
Method for catalyst regeneration
Fluid delivery devices, systems, and methods
Shredder support frame
Paint spraying device
Showerhead with mode switching member
Method for coating plastic substrates
Stable catalysts for electroless metallization
Portable classifier screen shaker assembly
Adhesive bond using different adhesives
Device for cooling rolls
Rolling machine and method of rolling gear using the rolling machine
Crankshaft and method for producing the same
Methods for manufacturing thin walled enclosures and related system and apparatus
Coating additive
Head unit, stop holder and method for stabilizing a drilling machine
Method and apparatus for separation of workpieces and articles produced thereby
Laser nozzle having an external mobile element made of electrically insulating material and an insert made of electrically conductive material
Engine manifold sensor assembly
Process for the manufacture of thin-walled elastoporous parts in the form of bushings in metal-rubber (MR)
Tire mounting method using a tire mounting device
Lens edgeing system, method of detecting a tool exchange time and method of manufacturing spectacle lens
Process and apparatus for manufacturing an abrasive wire
Method and apparatus for feeding joining elements
Modular telescoping power pole and bar clamp/spreader tool
Free arm worker support
Device for handling objects in a glove box
Hair-clipping device and cutter-member assembly for such a device
Method and apparatus for producing figured veneer
Powdered lignin
Method and device for the molding of wood fiber board
Ramped stiffener and apparatus and method for forming the same
Injection-molding station for the manufacture of multilayer preforms
Method and apparatus for sealing and structurally renewing a wall of a manhole
Installation for making a fuselage portion of an aircraft
Tire puncture sealing agent
Adjustable compression screw press
Catalytic converter holding material
Method of forming a perforated composite panel
Layer system comprising gadolinium solid solution pyrochlore phase
Method for transferring a sheet between two conveyors
Liquid discharge head and method for producing liquid discharge head
Thermal transfer film, and organic electroluminescent device prepared using same
Loose-leaf folder device
Quick release skewer assembly
Tire bead extraction device for tire-changing machines
Combination tow strap and jumper cables for vehicles
Power supply system for a vehicle climate control unit
Vehicle cover device
Power management in electric vehicles
Counterweight for tensioning the wire of a catenary in a railway line
Vehicle seat protector
Transmitted sound insulating member, and transmitted sound insulating structure including the transmitted sound insulating member
Webbing take-up device
Removable cushion that provides an insulated cooling volume
Cargo mat
Magnetic supporting device for use outdoors
Sled module
Vehicle travel assistance apparatus and vehicle travel assistance method
Fixed block track circuit
Compact trailer, particularly for bicycles and motorcycles
Floor structure of a motor vehicle body with a lightweight construction
Vehicle steering system and manufacturing method for vehicle steering system
Column unit for an electric power steering apparatus
Steering gear mechanism
Motorcycle passenger bar
Electric-powered self-balancing unicycle with steering linkage between handlebars and wheel forks
Wide beam, multi-hull icebreaker vessel
Appratus for mooring floater using submerged pontoon
Method of transporting a hydroelectric turbine system
Floating board device
Stratospheric balloon having improved compressive strength
Inflatable parachute airbag system
Systems, methods and devices for satellite navigation
Filling device and controller for filling an administration container
Flexible packaging materials and methods of making and using same
One-piece food container with rim
Dropper with a light
Cable tie with support member
Packaged collectible display system and assembly
Mini-keg growler cap, components, accessories and designs for the same
Supporting device and assembly, and method for mounting a pair of wiper blades
Method for producing a synthesis gas
Retrieving device
Motion controlled actuator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aluminum phosphates, compositions comprising aluminum phosphate, and methods for making the same
Process for producing dry synthetic natural gas (SNG)
Synthesis method of precursors to produce molybdenum oxide MoO3 and related materials
Fenton Reactor and method for sewage treatment using the same
Porous catalytic substrate
Method and apparatus for bending a glass sheet and an electronic device casing
Glass-melting installation comprising two furnaces
Microcapsules and concrete containing the same
Fertilizer products and methods
Destruction of chemical agents by a wicking compound and high temperature incendiary
Organo-amine acid gas adsorption-desorption polymers, processes for preparing same, and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of dimethyl ether
Reactor for carrying out an autothermal gas-phase dehydrogenation
N,N-substituted 3-aminopyrrolidine compounds useful as monoamines reuptake inhibitors
Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
Oxazolidinone and imidazolidinone compounds
Process for total synthesis of flavonoid compounds and isomers thereof
Chemical compounds
Solid forms comprising optically active pyrazolylaminoquinazoline, compositions thereof, and uses therewith
N-[2-(3-amino-2,5-dimethyl-1,1-dioxido-5,6-dihydro-2H-1,2,4-thiadiazin-5-y- l)-1,3-thiazol-4-yl] amides
Antisense conjugates for decreasing expression of DMPK
Compositions and methods for the treatment of cast nephropathy and related conditions
Modified biotin-binding protein
Immunogens, compositions and uses thereof, method for preparing same
Method for producing soluble recombinant interferon protein without denaturing
TGFB type II-type III receptor fusions
Antibodies for oncogenic strains of HPV and methods of their use
Use of a tetraphenylborate (TPB) salt for the separation of biomolecules
Peptides that bind to amino-truncated amyloid-beta-peptide and use of said peptides
Polyarylene ether sulfone (PAES) compositions
Chemically modified dendrimers
Low-resilience polyurethane foam and production method thereof
Ultra-hydrophilic antireflective coating composition comprising siloxane compound, ultra-hydrophilic antireflective film using same, and method for preparing ultra-hydrophilic antireflective film
Method for treating reinforcing fibre and method for producing a reinforced composite article from the treated fibre
Curable fluoroelastomer composition
Transparent thermoplastic polyamide container
Pigments with an iron silicate-containing coating
Ink system for cure under low-energy conditions
Fluorinated coatings with lubricious additive
Adhesive resin composition, laminate, and self-stripping method
Luminophores and core-shell luminophore precursors
Method for treating Mn-activated complex fluoride phosphor
Yellow light afterglow material and preparation method thereof as well as LED illuminating device using same
Crosslinking chitosan for reducing permeability in a well
Method for purifying water formed during hydrocarbon synthesis
Natural oil derivatives including primary amine functional groups
Pentose fermentation by a recombinant microorganism
Paecilomyces variotii var. brunneolus GPP1101B, and preparation using same
Means and methods for counteracting, delaying and/or preventing adverse energy metabolism switches in heart disease
Method for highly expressing recombinant protein of engineering bacteria and use thereof
Plants expressing .DELTA.6-desaturase genes and oils from these plants containing PUFAS and method for producing unsaturated fatty acids
Triazine derivatives as differentiation catalysts
Polypeptides having peroxygenase activity
Cellobiohydrolase variants and polynucleotides encoding same
Micromechanical devices for control of cell-cell interaction, and methods of use thereof
Cooling system for forming a mist and methods of repairing or replacing a component thereof
Hot-press formed product and method for manufacturing same
Cold formable spring steel wire excellent in cold cutting capability and fatigue properties and manufacturing process thereof
Extraction of gallium and/or arsenic from gallium arsenide
High-yield-ratio high-strength steel sheet having excellent workability
Target shaping
Crystalline orientation and overhang control in collision based RF plasmas
ZnO film production system and production method using ZnO film production system having heating units and control device
Manufacturing method of machine component
Methods of adjusting insulation in a directional solidification furnace
Textiles; Paper
Shoe upper and method for producing shoe upper
Dimensionally stable nonwoven fibrous webs, and methods of making and using the same
Textile made from chains and process for its manufacture
Coating apparatus
Dry cleaning systems and methods
Dryer device with dryer sheet holder
Method and apparatus for curing of pre impregnated synthetic components in situ
Fixed Constructions
Car shock absorber and car shock absorbing device using the same
Guardrail crash absorbing assembly
Crash absorbing guardrail panel assembly
Convertible tool
System and method for shoreline preservation
Apparatus and method for enhanced grading control
Drain catch with cross bars repair insert
Multi-compartment gabion stormwater treatment system
Door buck
Anchoring mechanisms for a Binishell
Building panels
Exterior opaque hidden frame wall unit
Multi-configurable modular decking system with locking components
Interlocking floor panels with high performance locking profiles
Floor panel and floating floor system incorporating the same
Safety-line anchor
Durable, fire resistant, energy absorbing and cost-effective strengthening systems for structural joints and members
Retention arrangement
Sliding door
In-cabinet step stool
Rope ladder rung and method of manufacture
Hole opener bearing arrangement
Drill pipe identification method and apparatus
Compositions and methods for reducing fluid loss
Downhole tool
Ventilated mine roof support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine for an exhaust gas turbocharger
Apparatus and method for adjusting an inner casing of a turbomachine
Braze alloy compositions and brazing methods for superalloys
Power plant with CO2 capture and method to operate such power plant
Control valve for a hydraulic apparatus with locking facility
Thermoplastic composite muffler
Abnormality detection system of internal combustion engine
Deterioration diagnosis device for an exhaust gas purification apparatus
Urea solution pumping module
Systems and methods for removing fuel from engine oil
Accessory apparatus and method of assembling accessories with a turbine engine
Method for operating a fuel system of an internal combustion engine
Engine piston and a process for making an engine piston
Process for manufacturing an injector body
Internal combustion engine mounted with combustion pressure sensor incorporated glow plug and sensor nonincorporated glow plug
Hydroelectric power generating device and system
Variable displacement vane pump having connection groove communicating with suction-side back pressure port thereof
Apparatus for accessing the nacelle of a wind turbine and associated methods
Motor control topology for airborne power generation and systems using same
Control method of electric compressor, controller, and refrigerator
Intercooled compressor for a gas turbine engine
Energy storage system
System and method for energy storage and retrieval
Construction equipment pressure control valve
Connector usable with floating docks
Wheel bearing retainer and methods thereof
Method for producing bearing shells of plain bearings
Bearing arrangements in a refrigeration reciprocating compressor
Rolling bearing
Roller alignment device and roller alignment method
Wedge clutch with axially displaceable wedge plate
Elastic force transmission element and coupling device
Type water output converter
Gate valve with equalizer port
Device for connecting a pipe or a tube
Reinforced flexible pipe
Electronic tablet mount
Vandal resistant light fixture
LED replacement light assembly with improved cooling features
Illuminating key fob
LED light-diffusing lens adopting asymmetric free-form surface expression
Diffractive luminaires
Display device
Connector and connector assembly
Light source device including phase matching element for measuring the degree of oxygen saturation in blood
Method for making light guide plate
Airflow systems
Sub-cooled condenser having a receiver tank with a refrigerant diverter for improved filling efficiency
Thermally conductive composite element based on expanded graphite and production method
Handgun reset enhancement apparatus
Selectively engageable and removable dust cover for a firearm
Cartridge loading device
Speed reloader for bolt action fixed rifle
Adjustable slide-action stock for firearms
Interleaving angled hexagonal tile for flexible armor
Axilinear shaped charge array
Axilinear shaped charge liner with parabolic apex
Composite shaped charges
Bullet tote
Universal lighted nock and processes therefor
Device and method for measuring the running gear of a motor vehicle
Length artifact and method of measurement
Target-correlated electronic rangefinder
Gyroscope with encased annular rotary core
Controlling media output during consecutive navigation interruptions
Revolving ultrasound field multiphase flowmeter
Ultrasonic flow measurement system
Device for receiving/transmitting terahertz-gigahertz wave and the application thereof
Methods, systems, and devices for calculating temperature change of an electrocaloric effect material
Method for determining adsorption heat and wetting heat of a surface and a measuring cell of a calorimeter
Access network node based barometric reference pressure network
Transmission device
Mixer sensors and methods for using same
In-situ optical density sensor
Ellipsometry system
Particle detector
Electroplating bath analysis
Humidity sensing apparatus
Detection of target DNA sequences using double-stranded oligonucleotides
High density nano-array for sensing
Methods for optimizing domain stability of binding proteins
Processor device for processing signals in an electrical installation
Capacity measuring circuit, sensor system and method for measuring a capacity using a sinusoidal voltage signal
Test device and test system including the same
Distributed wafer inspection
Power device including current transformer and method for compensating of current transformer
Method for small-signal stability assessment of power systems using source side and load side perturbations and unit circle criterion
Method for small-signal stability assessment of power systems using source side and load side perturbations and generalized Nyquist criterion
Magnetometer test arrangement and method
Method for angle determination for moving assemblies, and apparatus
System for sharing atmospheric data
Compliance chambers for marine vibrators
Communication signal repeater system for a bottom hole assembly
Shielding for an electronic circuit
Photographing lens system
Electrowetting display and method of manufacturing the same
Composite wearable electronic communication device
Hermetic sealing of optical module
Wavy structure of spectacle frame
Extended wear ophthalmic lens
Method of manufacturing display apparatus
Display with column spacer structures
Display device comprising a plurality of microcavities having a horizontal width that is gradually decreased according to an increase in a distance from a center
Backlight assembly and display device including the same
Optical biometric security element
Method of producing a phase device based on a twisted liquid crystal having optimized structure operating under unpolarized light
Substrate fitting process and substrate assembly to be fitted
Pixel structure and array substrate
Liquid crystal display device
Vibrating body mounting structure and projection-type image display device including same
Lighting apparatus with light generating device and luminescent body
Polarized projection device and polarized projection system using the same
Screen and multiple-screen system
Focal-plane shutter and optical apparatus
Movable body drive method, pattern formation method, exposure method, and device manufacturing method for maintaining position coordinate before and after switching encoder head
Printing system method and apparatus for comparing calculated sheets needed against sheets available
Printer and method of controlling printer
Image forming apparatus
Toner cartridge and side cover thereof
Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and fixing method for conveying toner images
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Device displaying a series of sequential timekeeping periods
Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and storage medium for reducing power consumption in response to a transition
Collaborative collection of diagnostics data of software programs
Performing memory data scrubbing operations in processor-based memory in response to periodic memory controller wake-up periods
Host swap hypervisor that provides high availability for a host of virtual machines
Live data fabrication
Correlation of source code with system dump information
Using linked data to determine package quality
Detector for high frequency interrupts
Method for prioritizing first failure data capture (FFDC) data for analysis
Systems and methods for backing up storage volumes in a storage system
Method and apparatus for workflow based high availability analysis
Techniques for automatically generating test data
Raid set initialization
Management of memory pages
Volume extent allocation
File system snapshot data management in a multi-tier storage environment
Writing method for solid state drive
Store forwarding cache
Protection of state data in computer system code
Snoop and replay for completing bus transaction
Performance-based grouping of storage devices in a storage system
Read disturb and data retention handling for NAND devices
Active workstation
MFENCE and LFENCE micro-architectural implementation method and system
Profile for media/audio user preferences database
Method and apparatus for selective sharing of semantic information sets
Virtual machine monitoring in cloud infrastructures
Administering virtual machines in a distributed computing environment
Administering virtual machines in a distributed computing environment
Administering virtual machines in a distributed computing environment
Method and apparatus for implementing a dynamic out-of-order processor pipeline
Multi-core processing unit
Undo stack to explore past actions in business analytics
Method, computer system and computer-readable storage medium for creating a layout of an integrated circuit
Emotionally relevant content
NLP-based entity recognition and disambiguation
Device, method and system for displaying a first page of a digital edition by efficient download of assets
System and methods for creating datasets representing words and objects
Techniques for transliterating input text from a first character set to a second character set
Answering time-sensitive questions
Index masking based on insert contention ratio
Recommendation engine using inferred deep similarities for works of literature
Automatic mapping of a location identifier pattern of an object to a semantic type using object metadata
Data duplication detection in an in memory data grid (IMDG)
Nesting level
Method and apparatus of obtaining and organizing relevant user defined information
Geo tagging and automatic generation of metadata for photos and videos
Simplified query generation from prior query results
Defining and transforming entity relationship-XML hybrid data models
Dynamic result set caching with a database accelerator
Hierarchical system manager rollback
Method, device, and computer program for merge-sorting record groups having tree structure efficiently
Context based passage retrieval and scoring in a question answering system
Remote viewing of documents via the web in real-time
Natural language management of online social network connections
ETL tool interface for remote mainframes
Efficient deployment of table lookup (TLU) in an enterprise-level scalable circuit simulation architecture
Integrated circuit topologies for discrete circuits
Method of estimating equivalent radar cross section on the basis of near-field measurements
Donor cores to improve integrated circuit yield
System and framework for multi-dimensionally visualizing and interacting with large data sets
User interface system
Systems and methods for shifting haptic feedback function between passive and active modes
Stylus tip
Sensing electrodes and sensing method thereof
Information processing device, control method for the same and program
Emulating pressure sensitivity on multi-touch devices
Position measuring apparatus and driving method thereof
Capacitive touch panel
User interface assemblies and electrode assemblies having intertwined electrodes
Touch control method of capacitive and electromagnetic dual-mode touch screen and handheld electronic device
Systems and methods for polymorphic content generation in a multi-application, multi-tenant environment
Wireless telephones and methods for sharing information among and between individuals and groups
Changing animation displayed to user
Method and apparatus for displaying items related to contents
Frame choosing during storage constraint condition
Scheduled and secured cloud print services
Display apparatus, display system having the same, and method for setting ID thereof
Wireless communication system and method for converting specific data between a network interface communication standard and an incompatible radio broadcasting communication standard
Combined RF equalizer and I/Q imbalance correction
Extending a content repository using an auxiliary data store
Parallel bootstrap aggregating in a data warehouse appliance
Database auditing for bulk operations
Trace method and information processing apparatus
System and method for pattern based services extraction
Automatically complete a specific software task using hidden tags
Updating software products on virtual machines with software images of new levels
Predicting the success of a continuous software deployment pipeline
Logging and profiling content space data and coverage metric self-reporting
Memory use for string object creation
Method for singleton process control
Discovering work-item relations through full text and standard method analysis
Method and system for distributed application stack test certification
Confluence analysis and loop fast-forwarding for improving SIMD execution efficiency
Verification of a computer program in respect to an unexpected response to an access request
Profile-based per-device code optimization
Techniques for redirecting input/output
Sharing memory between guests by adapting a base address register to translate pointers to share a memory region upon requesting for functions of another guest
Inversion of control for executable extensions in a run-time environment
Apparatus and method for data partition and allocation in heterogeneous multi-processor environment
Managed services coordinator
Heterogeneous core microarchitecture
Resource allocation in job scheduling environment
Wireless bus for intra-chip and inter-chip communication, including resource borrowing embodiments
Systems and methods for managing the execution of processing jobs
Semantic database driven form validation
Method and system for providing game-related incentives to sales professionals in a virtual environment
Display element for displaying information on a push handle
Clustered instrument panel in a transportation apparatus
DC-DC converter and television receiver therewith
Placement and shape of electrodes for use in displays
Multimodal system and method facilitating gesture creation through scalar and vector data
Real-time audio dictionary updating system
Real-time audio dictionary updating system
Formaldehyde free electroless copper plating compositions and methods
Electrically-controlled actuator device, and washing agents dispensing device comprising such an actuator device
Magnetically tunable microstructured surfaces
Device for determining the temperature of a substrate
Laminated glass pane with electrical function and connection element
Closure element having a joint axis mechanism
Vehicle charging unit
Marine turbine comprising a stator, a rotor, a first magnetic bearing supporting the rotor and a second support bearing with rolling element(s)
Wind turbine power conversion system
Encoding and writing of data on multitrack tape
Smart meter system communication methods
Housing for electroic device and method for making same
Radiographic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Auger aid holding stand
Implement coupler
Auxiliary drive for combine augers for cleanout
Fishing line feeder spool support
Fishing reel
Fishing pole and accessory caddy assembly
Archery bow stabilizing scent dispenser
Electric rotary atomizing system for fluid applications
Set of baking moulds for food products
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Brassiere pad
Method of fabricating a ball protective mask
Lofty visual warning devices for walking shoes
Mesh expansion pocket for luggage
Sports bag including an attached mat
Hair depilating device
Container and display system incorporating the container
Wheeled backpack
Clip and holder for portable devices
Bedside book holding apparatus
Strong, externally smooth structures
Scissor lifting table
Adjustable leveling mount
Cable control with overload protection device
Stackable chair
Aircraft seat
Vehicle seat with auto-fold leg
Baby's play gym for suspending toys, reconfigurable as a magazine rack or a chair
Padded safety device for individual crib slats
Tool suspension device
Bracket for turnable boards or similar
Mail collection box
Food scoop
Paper towel dispenser
Cleaning implement
Apparatus for introducing an intubation tube into the trachea
Endoscope system and method of use
Handle assembly for surgical instrument and method of making the assembly
Laparoscopic port site fascial closure device
Balloon method and apparatus for vascular closure following arterial catheterization
Grasper device for use in minimally invasive surgery
Device to permit offpump beating heart coronary bypass surgery
Surgical instruments and procedures for stabilizing the beating heart during coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Dual-use suturing device for suturing wound induced from celioscope surgery
Tissue scaffold anchor for cartilage repair
Support device for endoscopic suturless anastomosis
Soft anvil apparatus for cutting anastomosis fenestra
method of sequentially firing staples using springs and a rotary or linear shutter
Devices with a bendable tip for medical procedures
Implantable devices with polymeric detachment junction
Heated vascular occlusion coil deployment system
Flexible surgical device having a rotatable end effector assembly
Endoscopic stone extraction device with improved basket
Devices and methods for tissue severing and removal
Endoscopic needle
Apparatus and method for the insertion of a medical device
Medical screw and method of installation
Temporary spinal fixation apparatuses and methods
System and method for detecting perforations in a body cavity
Apparatus for performing diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the biliary tree
Adjustable trans-urethral radio-frequency ablation
Bipolar electrosurgical instrument for sealing vessels
Bipolar grasping instrument
Treatment of discrete tissues in respiratory, urinary, circulatory, reproductive and digestive systems
Method of treating disorders associated with sebaceous follicles
Internet-based glaucoma diagnostic system
System and method for full field oscillating stimulus perimeter
Ophthalmological apparatus
Pressure sensor for use in an artery
System and method for displaying medical process diagrams
Noninvasive continuous blood pressure measuring apparatus and a method of noninvasively measuring continuous blood pressure
System and method for measuring ventricular function
Arteriostenosis inspecting apparatus
Urinary incontinence diagnostic system
Neutral electrode
Electrophysiologic measure of endpoints for ablation lesions created in fibrillating substrates
Simultaneous stimulation of an auditory system
Electronic device to detect and generate music from biological microvariations in a living organism
Devices and methods for enhanced microneedle penetration of biological barriers
Method for determining attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication dosage and for monitoring the effects of (ADHD) medication
System and method for automated self measurement of alertness equilibrium and coordination and for ventification of the identify of the person performing tasks
Method and system for predicting human cognitive performance using data from an actigraph
Universal X-ray device having a pivotally mounted radiator and a displaceably mounted detector
Dental x-ray block
Ultrasonic image display apparatus and ultrasonic image display method
Voice-enhanced diagnostic medical ultrasound system and review station
Puncturing needle guide, ultrasonic probe, and ultrasound imaging apparatus
Iontophoretic apparatus
Dental apparatus
Shade determination apparatus and method for specifying and determining colors for teeth and dental restorations
Mandibular occlusal inhibitor
Orthodontic appliance providing enhanced adhesive cure
Dental restoration apparatus
Registration system for phasing simultaneously advancing webs of material having variable pitch lengths
Multi-layered tampon cover
Disposable diaper having mechanical fastening system
Lung assist apparatus and methods for use
Devices and methods for protecting a patient from embolic material during surgery
Locking frame, filter and deployment system
Flow cytometer shunt
Cannula stent
Systems and methods for deploying a biosensor in conjunction with a prosthesis
Self-cleansing bladder drainage device
Delivery apparatus for a self-expanding stent
Stent delivery catheter positioning device
Tissue expander with protection against accidental puncture
Knee prosthesis system
Dynamic implanted intervertebral spacer
Graftless spinal fusion device
Methods and instrumentation for vertebral interbody fusion
Spinal fusion cage with lordosis correction
Modular instrument for positioning acetabular prosthetic socket
Prosthetic foot
Cushion with soft elastic material
Wire-supporting digital splint
Portable thermal rescue/recovery system
Expandable device for thermal therapy
Asynchronous method of operating microsurgical instruments
Laser system and method for treatment of biological tissues
Control device for the therapeutic mobilization of joints
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and cellulite reduction
Walker apparatus
Device and method for exercising eyes
Withdrawal spike
Integrated automated drug dispenser method and apparatus
Nursing bottle with vent
Substitution infusion fluid and citrate anticoagulation
Method for coloring keratin fibers
Two step permanent coloring of hair
Functionalized fiber material and method for treating fiber material therefor
Gradual permanent coloring of hair using dye intermediates dissolved in alkaline water with a gelling agent
Polyurethane-sealed biocompatible device and method for its preparation
Flow control device
Device for delivering single-phase or multiphase fluids without altering the properties thereof
Apheresis apparatus and method for producing blood products
Hermetic flow selector valve
Shock wave aerosolization method and apparatus
Occlusion balloon catheter with distal valve
Retractable catheter systems and associated methods
Intraluminal visualization system with deflectable mechanism
Catheter with integral anchoring means
Pretreatment method for enhancing tissue adhesion
Blood collection assembly
Partial aortic occlusion devices and methods for cerebral perfusion augmentation
Implantable drug delivery device with peristaltic pump having retracting roller
Injector systems and syringe adapters for use therewith
Encoding of syringe information
Infusion device with disposable elements
Device for automatically injecting injection liquids
Multi-compartment syringe
Syringe assembly
Disposable syringe
Cassette for delivering fluids, especially dialysis fluids
Adapter integrated into a lead body
Treatment device for photodynamic therapy and method for making same
Fire extinguisher
Folding portable exercise apparatus
Leg press
Angle-adjusting device for a treadmill frame
Method and apparatus for treadmill with frameless treadbase
Omnidirectional moving surface
Swim stroke trainer
Golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball having a high moment of inertia and low driver spin rate
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Adjustable ballet bar exercise device
Decorative bowling ball and method therefor
Golf ball retriever
Golf ball stacking and dispensing apparatus and method
Separable-shaft golf club
Golf club head with face inserts
Golf club head
Reinforced golf club head
Iron golf club head
Set of golf club irons
Putter head with visual alignment indicator
Golf club and golf club grip assembly
Transportable basketball system having wind-transmissive mesh backboard structure and sand-anchorable post assembly
Golf course and method of play
Auto-calibrating force and direction sensing scoring system for fencing
Boxing and martial arts training device
Method and apparatus for golf instruction
Replaceable skate assembly
Snowboard binding system
Snowboard boot binding mechanism
Billiard ball rack
Portable game machine
Wireless game control units
Game controller
Video game machine, player character action control method, and video game program
Interactive electronic game system
Memory card device, video game apparatus, and program providing medium
Baccarat game methods and electronic device for playing the same
Skate board maze
Slide apparatus
Random path flume ride
Whipping top based bubble toy
Child feeder apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of sealing, housing and constructing honeycomb filters
Multiple well plate with adhesive bonded filter
Mixer for foamed gypsum products
Carbonating device
Fractal device for mixing and reactor applications
Method and device for threaded closure of pipelines or vessels
Well-plate microfluidics
System and method for milling materials
Disk data destroyer
Adjustable feeding and striking ramp
Integral dilute media/plant clean-up sump and pump
Common correct media sump and wing tank design
Spray nozzle with improved asymmetrical fluid discharge distribution
Multi-nozzle showerhead
Fluid dispenser pump
Device for dispensing a product, particularly product samples, as a spray
Cartridge type coating system
Spray application system
Twin wire electric arc metalizing device
Method of fluid application and applicator assembly therefor
Portable screening device and method
Method and system for manufacturing a photocathode
Infiltration and gas recovery systems for landfill bioreactors
Process for the removal of pollutants from the soil
Method and apparatus for drilling and lining a wellbore
Tool body and method of manufacture
Cutting insert
Cutting tool
Milling cutter insert with chip control and milling cutter using the same
Clamping device, in particular for thin-walled hollow parts
Clamping jaw
Rock drill
Milling cutter
Dicing machine
Solder ball disposing apparatus, solder ball reflow apparatus, and solder ball bonding apparatus
Gas injection type soldering method and apparatus
Bump forming method, presoldering treatment method, soldering method, bump forming apparatus, presoldering treatment device and soldering apparatus
Refractory metal backing material for weld repair
Soldering machine for tape carrier package outer leads
Friction stir welding machine
Joining of structural members by friction plug welding
Solder bath with rotatable nozzle
Adhesive composition for bonding different kinds of members
System and method of shredding wet chips in a flume
Method, arrangement, device and magazine for automatic changing of knife units of a knife ring of a knife ring slicing device
In-line oscillating device
Emery polishing machine
Wide-wheel grinding machine
Rotating back up abrasive disc assembly
Battery powered tools
Method for determining chemical mechanical polishing time
Precision portable flange grinder
Method for seasoning a polishing pad
Methods, apparatus and slurries for chemical mechanical planarization
Method of and apparatus for removing a film layer on a glass plate and glass-plate working apparatus having the apparatus
Blasting apparatus
Abrasive article with universal hole pattern
Clamping device
Strap for gripping an object
Nail stapler
Magnet unit for concrete moulds
Molded foam resin, process for forming the same and speaker diaphragm consisting of the same
Automobile interior member with air bag cover portion
Device for injecting material in a plastic state into a moulding cavity
Die for extruding flowable materials and having a static mixer therein
Process for high shear gas-liquid reactions
Pasta, pastry, cookie, and hors d'oeuvre maker
Bonding apparatus and bonding method of optical disks
Bat with composite handle
Composite material
Ink jet compositions for lithographic printing
Apparatus for flattening a substrate and method thereof
Label printer-cutter with mutually exclusive printing and cutting operations
Paper discharging apparatus of ink-jet printer
Carriage guide for inkjet printer
Drop-on-demand ink-jet printing head
Printhead substrate inputting a data signal and a clock signal, printhead, printhead cartridge, and printer thereof
Printhead assembly having flexible printed circuit board and busbars
Ink jet print head having offset nozzle arrays
Inkjet printhead construction
Ink jet head capable of reliably removing air bubbles from ink
Apparatus for printing etch masks using phase-change materials
Recording apparatus and data control method therein
Apparatus and method for capping one or more printheads in a printing device
Print head purging unit that selects nozzle row to be purged using rotating member
Ink ejectabilty maintenance device, and recording apparatus incorporating the device
Waste ink removal system
Liquid jetting apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink tank mounted on such ink jet recording apparatus
Dual chamber ink-jet cartridge
Dual chamber cartridge
Ink container
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink cartridge and ink jet record apparatus using the ink cartridge
Liquid container and ink jet recording apparatus employing liquid container
Ink delivery system for a miniature inkjet pen
Air purge device for ink jet recording apparatus
Portable electronic device with printing mechanism
Eyelid operation for an ink jet printer
Printing device
Movement control apparatus, printing apparatus, and movement control method
Ink jet ink set/receiver combination
Menu book and method for its manufacture
Photo album constructed from a strip of images
Method of charting a racecourse
Editorial or stationery article, such as diary, exercise-book, book, magazine, newspaper, file-holder, etc., having special ergonomic features
Document or manuscript cover and/or holder
Writing instrument with display window
Transparent or translucent tubular structure
Hitch adapter
Air spring with two part housing
Vehicle air conditioner with rotary door
Heater apparatus for a motor vehicle
Air-guiding nozzle
Weather strip
Vanity mirror
Container covering apparatus
Lowerable motor vehicle roof
Pre-assembled front unit for motor vehicles
Controller of a hybrid vehicle
Modularly-constructed vehicular transmissions
Locking device for a vehicle seat
Adjustable seats
Subassembly for a vehicle seat, in particular a fitting
Locking device for a vehicle seat
Frame structure for use in a vehicle seat back
Midgate assembly including garage door style midgate panel
Multifunction vehicle seat
Easy ejector seat with skeletal crash safety beam
Modified head restraint assembly for motor vehicle seats
Reinforced tank
Carrying apparatus, device and method for use
Building system for support device for goods carriers
Motion activated decorative light
Pivot with a detent
Vehicle equipment control with semiconductor light sensors
Rearview mirror
Box and vehicle bed liner
Rocker panel moldings
Method of triggering a gas generator for an air bag in a motor vehicle
Shock-absorbent lining element for the interior of a vehicle
Apparatus and method for folding a gas bag
Multi-layered inflatable curtain
Tear structure of air bag door
Airbag and its wrapping method
Harnesses and inertia reels
Vehicle step
Rear cargo lid assembly
Vehicle mounted locking firearm support
Car seat netting systems
Retractable cargo box
Load carrier foot arrangement
Plug-n-play module with integral motor connector
Magnetic brake system and elevator trouble detection system
Method for adjusting a brake system of a vehicle
Pallet jack stop
Method and device for detecting a braking situation
Electromagnetic valve
Clutch controled load-securing strap tensioning system for trailer
Locking cargo bar
Composite panel having a securing track incorporated therein and associated apparatuses and methods
Railroad rail lubricating apparatus
Covered cart assembly and methods of assembling and making the assembly
Handcart having a pivotal deck and method of operating same
Method and apparatus for remote sales of vended products
Collapsible stroller chassis
Stroller with spring-biased brake pins
Cast aluminum vehicle subframe with tension/compression struts
Engine mounts, such as for a skid steer loader, having internally snubbed shocks and vibration isolators, and a method of making the engine mounts
Vehicle bed assembly and a method for making a vehicle bed assembly
Five position tailgate assembly
Auxiliary tailgate and retractable stop
Hybrid air boost vehicle and method for making same
Apparatus and method for increasing downward force exerted on a spinning vehicle
Electric power steering device and control method thereof
Power steering system with vehicle braking state input for vibration reduction
Locking system for a rotating joint
Structure for standardizing parts of an endless track
Rubber crawler
Apparatus and method for traversing compound curved and other surfaces
ATV trailer
Car body part and method of its production
Bipod support for a two wheeled vehicle
Bicycle frame assembly
Steering damper system
Handlebar for two wheeled vehicle
Quick release assembly
Transformable tricycle and variations
Offroad tracked vehicle for snow and ice
Snowmobile planetary drive system
Fiber optic light assembly and mounting apparatus for boats
Tensioning device for the fastening belt of the compressed gas bottles to the back of a jacket or the like for underwater activity
Braking system for jet-propelled boat
High-speed paddle wheel catamaran
Actuation mechanism for swinging an aircraft door
Device and process for regulating the power of the engines of a rotary wing multi-engine aircraft
Passenger seat with privacy shell
Unmanned air vehicle and method of flying an unmanned air vehicle
Autonomous satellite docking system
Method and apparatus for aircraft-based simulation of variable accelerations and reduced gravity conditions
Flexible container for liquids
Tilting liquid storage container for either oblique or vertical entry of pipets
Shipping container for frangible panels
Dispensing valve for fluids
Structure of a water outlet valve for water bag mouthpieces
Container lid for beverage preparation and bag retention
Container lid with flip door
Pouring vessel
Pour spout assembly
Package in the style of a carton of cigarettes
Antibacterial and biodegradable extracting container
Cushioning material and container also serving for cushioning using the cushioning material as container
Wound film dispenser with interior retainers and method for manufacturing same
Actuator cap for radially locating a can in a holding device
Folding box for cigarettes
Drop plate feeder
Apparatus and method for conveying and/or transferring fruits
Rail guidable conveying device and apparatus for conveying printed products
Lubrication device
Non-horizontal conveyor for feeding objects
Electronic component feeding apparatus
Signature hopper loader
Method of setting the folding-nip width of a plurality of pairs of folding rollers, and folding machine in which the method can be implemented
Hose cart with ease of use features
Super-capacitor energy storage unit for elevator installations
Rope elevator
Elevator pressure traction arrangement
Valve control unit for a hydraulic elevator
Elevator sheave for use with flat ropes
Fail-safe device for raising/lowering articles
Floor jack apparatus and method
Dual assist hydropneumatic jack
Drip-free nozzle with a fixed jet direction
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metal hydride storage canister design and its manufacture
Optical fiber fusion splice having a controlled mode field diameter expansion match
Perfluoroalkyl haloalkyl ethers and compositions and applications thereof
Methods and apparatus for recycling asphalt shingle material into landscaping, ground cover and erosion control products
Method and system for printing with an inkjet printer to simulate screen printing
Hydrothermal drilling method and system
Forging method
Method of forming nitride capped Cu lines with improved adhesion and reduced electromigration along the Cu/nitride interface
Textiles; Paper
Washing, drying, and storage device for brassieres and bikini tops
Fixed Constructions
Vibratory compactor and method of using same
Asphalt heater
Erosion control and bulkhead apparatus
Structure for fastening soil nails to reinforced soil retaining walls
Apparatus and method for minimizing liquid infiltration into subterranean openings
Roof vents
Light-weight reinforced, tubular plastic footing form members and assemblies
Deck post
Water jet reversing propulsion and directional controls for automated swimming pool cleaners
Hood latch assembly for front end module of vehicle
Easy-to-operate cylindrical lock
Box lock with safety device
Anti-inclination and internal locking device for a cabinet
Rotary mine drilling bit for making blast holes
Fixed blade fixed cutter hole opener
Laminated and composite impregnated cutting structures for drill bits
Rotational impact drill assembly
Percussion tool for generic downhole fluid motors
Perforating gun firing head with vented block for holding detonator
Rotary control of rotary steerables using servo-accelerometers
Expansion shell assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll compressor with mechanically actuated capacity control
Vacuum pump
Composite tubular woven seal for steam turbine diaphragm horizontal joint interfaces
Seal segment for a turbine
Thermal turbomachine, axial flow gas turbine in particular
Turbine blade and gas turbine
Divided insert for steam cooled nozzles and method for supporting and separating divided insert
Structures of turbine scroll and blades
Variable displacement turbine
Cradle mounted turbine nozzle
Chain drive, especially a camshaft/camshaft drive for a motor vehicle
Dry sump engine for a small planing boat
Muffler for internal combustion engine
Closure cap for a radiator of a motor vehicle
Fuel mixer for internal combustion engine
Fuel pump having rotatably supported pipe member between bearing members and fixed center shaft
Fuel Injection valve
Electrical actuator subassembly with external threads and fuel injector using same
Injection valve with single disc turbulence generation
Elastic motor having time-averaged constant torque output
Air compressor assembly
Linear compressor with vibration canceling spring arrangement
Diaphragm-type pumping apparatus
Reciprocating pump with malfunction detecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for dispensing fluids
Hydraulic device with balanced rotor
Gerotor apparatus with balance grooves
Rotary fluid pressure device and improved integral brake assembly
Compressor casing structure
Hydraulic pump with flow guider
Fastener clip for securing to a first sheet of material any second piece, such as an additional sheet of material and such as within a vehicle interior
Ribbed dowel
Tie rod end with purgative grease zerk and purgeless tie rod boot
Bearing and method of assembling the bearing
Air jet type linear guide way
Rolling ball separator structure of a linear drive member
Rolling bearing and spindle apparatus for machine tool
Roller bearings and chain incorporating the roller bearings
Axle bolt
Rotational driving apparatus of magnetic tape device and magnetic tape device
Torque-transmitting torque to thrust apply mechanism having amplified thrust
Constant velocity universal joint
Elastomeric damper for hydraulic clutch actuator
Linkage for joining a lever to a brake cable
Apparatus with vibration-damped component, especially a brake
Wrap spring activated torque transfer device
Console display mounting system
Damper assembly
Silent chain
Eccentric gear
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Family of six-speed dual-clutch transmissions having two stationary planetary gear members
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmission mechanisms having three interconnecting members
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmission mechanisms having four gear sets and a stationary member
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having three continuously interconnected gear members
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having output shaft interconnected with three gear members
Seven-speed planetary transmissions with a stationary interconnection
Family of multi-speed planetary transmissions having a clutched input and one stationary member
Planetary transmissions with clutched input and three brakes
Planetary transmissions with three interconnected gear sets and a stationary member
Lock-up clutch for a hydrodynamic torque converter
Hydraulic torque converter
Compact differential housing assembly
Clutch with no relative rotation
Planetary gear set
Differential case with lubrication passages
Control apparatus for controlling a shift operation in an automatic transmission
Lock-up control device for torque converter of automatic transmission
Single strap floating belt tensioner
Belt tensioner
Movable lever for transmission chain
Seal shaft shutoff device and method
Seal of non-hermetic design
Miniature latching valve
Operating device and valve system
Linear spring-loaded actuator for a valve
Steam pressure reducing and conditioning valve
Method for connection of underwater pipelines and a tool for such connection
Pipe flange and piping system
Method for installing conduit or the like on mountainside
Optical cable guide and support
Method of securing reinforcement wires to an end termination of a pipeline or a cable, an end termination, and uses of the method and the end termination
Fluid line connector assembly
Rail fence flag holder
LED flashlight with replaceable LED
Lamp with decorative element when illuminated
Vehicle headlamp having extended illumination on both sides of a horizontal cut-line
Movable condenser lens
Discharge lamp and headlight for a motor vehicle
Light Straightener
Rear pushbutton type switch arrangement for alluminum alloy flashlight
Surface light source device of side light type
Light having a non-uniform light emission
Illumination device and display device using it
Light pipe, plate light source unit and reflection type liquid-crystal display device
Lighted line
Multi-layer burner module, adapter, and assembly therefor
Relighter control system
Miniature patio heater
Carbon monoxide venting system
Panel optimized for edge stiffness and gasket compression
Freezer tip out bin
Method for manufacturing a cooling element and a cooling element
Cutting blade
Method and apparatus for verifying accuracy of an infrared thermometer
Infrared thermometer
Methods of testing thermal insulation and associated test apparatus
IC handler
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with automatically controlled contrast and brightness
Projector device
Method of extending the working distance of a planar laser illumination and imaging system without increasing the output power of the visible laser diode (VLD) sources employed there
Arrangement of corner reflectors for a nearly omnidirectional return
Data collection system
Low-loss intermatable ferrules for optical fibers and a method of fabrication thereof
Optical fiber connector having compliant alignment features
Optical module for coupling an optical semiconductor element having a sealing cap with an optical fiber
Mounting structure for lenses and a frame of an eyeglasses
Coupling system for securing a one-piece lens to temples
Attachable lens member mounting device, attachable lens member, and spectacles
Sunglass clipped eyeglass set
Film trap and gate assembly for a motion picture projector
Shading device and lens barrel
Fire-rated dome housing for security cameras
Imaging device
Cooling apparatus for projector casing
Automatic document transport method and device using suction to retain unfed documents during feeding
Selective enhancement of black
Fiducial mark patterns for graphical bar codes
Card reader
Electronic card connector
Bar code symbol reading system employing electronically-controlled raster-type laser scanner for reading bar code symbols during hands-on and hands-free modes of operation
Method of reconstructing successive scans of a bar code
Relocatable mental function testing gateway
Information card and information card system
Access controlled system with acoustic mechanical verification transmitter
Proximity card with incorporated PIN code protection
Note acceptor-dispenser validator
Coin hopper with coin anti-jamming componets
Snack dispenser
Paper currency receiving system for a ticket vendor or the like
Biometric enabled casino gaming system
Gaming device and method having an internally-based competition-type bonus event
Method and apparatus for operating a gaming device to dispense a specified amount
Table bonus game
Multiple-service card system
System and method for flexibly loading an IC card
Intelligent metering system
Card for representing color applied to facial features
Refreshable braille display system with a flexible surface
Question-response processing based on misapplication of primitives
Facilitating the spread of encapsulant between surfaces of electronic devices
Whirling amusement device and associated method of operation
Magnetic tape cassette, guide roller, and a method of manufacturing a guide roller
Recording tape cartridge
Adapter device assembly connecting with a hard disk drive and a backplane
Back wire ground clamp
Method and apparatus of manufacturing electron source, and adjusting method of the electron source, and method of manufacturing an image forming apparatus having the electron source
Flat fluorescent light comprising a contact system
Adaptor for shockproof socket
Desorption processing for flat panel display
Method for aligning conveying position of object processing system, and object processing system
Multilayered ceramic substrate and production method therefor
Wafer indexing device
Substrate processing device, substrate conveying device, and substrate processing method
Display device having a pixel portion
Annealed organic light emitting devices and methods of annealing organic light emitting devices
Electrical connector for attaching a circuit board
Electrical connector tie bar
Flexible transmission link having integral connectors
Digital cross connect module with removable jack
Zero insertion force connector basing on surface contact
Socket for electrical parts having separable plunger
Socket for electrical parts
Electrical connector with improved contacts
Electrical connector with improved contact retention
Portable storage device with universal serial bus
Electrical connector with improved spacer
Video/data quick connect system for monitor suspension arms
Self-sealing electrical plug and socket assembly for trucks
Socket apparatus for supplying power source
Cable assembly with latch mechanism
Connector and a connector assembly
Cross-connect jumper assembly having tracer lamp
Plug connector with a switch
Electrical connector with rear ground plate
High speed, high density interconnection device
Remote zone connector and system
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical adapter having noise absorber
Piercing contact clip
Electrical connection or junction device
Secondary part of a linear motor, method for the production thereof, linear motor with secondary part and use of the linear motor
Imaging prevention method and system
Liquid crystal projector device
Device for delivering electronic components
Measuring system with cylindrical housing body carrying elastic tongues for connection to a support member
Printed wiring board thickness control for compression connectors used in electronic packaging
Contactor for semiconductor device and contact method
Ball grid array connector
Surface mount socket contact providing uniform solder ball loading and method
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