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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Motor controller and electric power steering system
Generation and starting system
Diacylglycerol acyltransferases from flax
Soybean cultivar 05KL135089
Pharmaceutical comprising PPAR agonist
N-alkyl-heterocyclyl carboxamide derivatives
Correction method and magnetic resonance device
Method for measuring skin erythema
Radiation imaging apparatus and control method for the same
Use of benzylideneaminoguanidines and hydroxyguanidines as melanocortin receptor ligands
Blue colour filters with enhanced contrast
Phenylacetic acid derivative
2-hetarylthiazole-4-carboxamide derivatives, their preparation and use as pharmaceuticals
Sulfamic acid ester compounds useful in the inhibition of steroid sulphatase activity and aromatase activity
N-(1-alkyl-2-phenylethyl)-carboxamide derivatives and use thereof as fungicides
Heteroaromatic glucokinase activators
N-heteroaryl indole carboxamides and analogues thereof, for use as glucokinase activators in the treatment of diabetes
Polysubstituted derivatives of 2-aryl-6-phenyl-imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines, and preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Modulators of CB1 receptors
Metabotropic glutamate receptor isoxazole ligands and their use as potentiators--286
Phophylactic and therapeutic use of hydroxysteroids
Medical lead and method for medical lead manufacture
Treatment of hyperhydrosis
Spectral selection of operating mode in an implantable stimulator device
System and methods for vital sign estimation from passive thermal video
Golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Injection of liquid sorbent conditioning into a sorbent transporting passageway
Collision cell for an MS/MS mass spectrometer
Method of making a composite adsorbent from natural raw material
Metal-polymer composites comprising nanostructures and applications thereof
Catalyst immobilization on siliceous mesocellular foam via click chemistry
Image forming apparatus and control method
Method for cleaning reversible thermosensitive recording medium, and image processing method
Rubber composition for tread and pneumatic tire using the same
Method for torque management in a hybrid vehicle equipped with active fuel management
Plausibilization of sensor signals in the event of a collision
Pump speed command generation algorithm for magnetorheological power steering coupling
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Titanium carbide powder and titanium carbide-ceramics composite powder and method for production thereof, and sintered compact from the titanium carbide powder and sintered compact from the titanium carbide/ceramics composite powders and method for production thereof
Method of making a synthetic alkylaryl compound
Process for producing urethane (meth)acrylate
Glycerol vaporization method
Oxonium and sulfonium salts
Polyfluoralkane carboxylic acid (or its salt) and process for producing the same
Process for preparing vinyl acetate with utilization of the heat of reaction
Esters of (2-hydroxy-3-oxo-cyclopent-1-enyl) acetic acid and their use for preparing (-)-R-homocitric acid gamma-lactone, (+)-S-homocitric acid gamma-lactone and the corresponding (-)-R-homocitric acid and (+)-S-homocitric acid salts
Processes for the synthesis of .gamma. nitrocarbonyl and .gamma. dicarbonyl compounds and their pyrrole derivatives
Tetrahydrocarbazole derivatives as ligands of G-protein coupled receptors
Ionic liquids of heterocyclic amines
Substituted acetophenones useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Phenathrenone compounds, compositons and methods
Inhibitors of 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1
Methods and compositions for use in treating cancer
Pyrrolo[3,2-C] pyridine derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
Process for the preparation of beta-lactam antibiotic meropenem trihydrate
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Substituted [1,2,3] triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidine derivatives as ADP P2Y.sub.12 receptor antagonists
Heterocyclic compounds, their preparation and their use as medicaments, in particular as anti-bacterial agents
Methods for enhancing the degradation or conversion of cellulosic material
Method for producing water-absorbing polymer particles by suspension polymerisation
Free-radical polymerization process
Latex particles having incorporated image stabilizers
Fiber reinforced plastic molding material and fiber reinforced plastic molded article
Integral polyurethane foams comprising dialkyl cyclohexanedicarboxylates as internal mold release agent
Use of a metal organosilicate polymer as dispersion-forming agent
Silicone-polymer-modified vulcanized-rubber compositions, processes for their production, and also windshield wipers encompassing said material
Immunomodulatory oligonucleotides
Antifungal polypeptides
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
Method for controlling a wind energy plant
Offshore wind turbine
Pulse generator wheel, preferably for shafts, and method for manufacturing such a pulse generator wheel
Command and control of autonomous surface vehicle
Optical encoder for detecting relative rotation angle for two members
Optical equipment having wavelength-independent optical path division element
Position detection apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
Detecting device, detecting unit substrate, detecting unit, detecting unit kit and detecting method
System and method for time correlated multi-photon counting measurements
Printing plate registration using a camera
Method and apparatus for inspecting defects of patterns formed on a hard disk medium
Method for state estimation based on the measured data of the data-acquisition system in power system
Stress programming of transistors
Method for monitoring whether the switching threshold of a switching transducer lies within a predefined tolerance range
Packet communications unit
System and method for evaluating performance of microphone for long-distance speech recognition in robot
Communication system having route redundancy
Methods and system for admission control and scheduling in ad hoc wireless networks
Method and apparatus for detecting VPN communication
Method of implementing association in automatic switched optical network (ASON)
Probe card electrically connectable with a semiconductor wafer
Probe card
Carbon nanotube spring contact structures with mechanical and electrical components
Method and system for azimuthal containment using largest gap method
System and method for removing channel phase error in a phase comparison direction finder
Nuclear medical diagnosis apparatus
MUX BOP database mirroring
Magnetic resonance device
End-to-end design of electro-optic imaging systems for color-correlated objects
Shooting optical system
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Zoom lens with high optical performance throughout entire zoom range and image pickup apparatus having the same
Lens apparatus and imaging apparatus
Rotary actuator for auto-focusing a camera lens
Laser scanner device with limited test part accessibility
Scanning unit and image display device
Security element
Rear drawer latch
Acid block for hybrid silicon device processing compatible with low-loss waveguides
Optical waveguide with light-emitting element and optical touch panel with the same
Optical fiber mounting waveguide device and method for fabricating same
Optical fiber connector
Test data processing apparatus and test data processing method
Display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Automated teller machine
Liquid crystal display device comprising color polarizing plate
Projection image display apparatus
Cholesteric liquid crystal display devices with actuating thin-film driving elements
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Method of operating a reconfigurable and integrable optical logic gate based on a single SOA
Image pickup system having ranging function
Optical element and exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and correction apparatus
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus using the same and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus with energy accumulation diagnostics and state correction
Toner adhesion amount measuring apparatus, and toner adhesion amount measuring method
Image forming system
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus with manually-operated unit
Image forming apparatus and image forming method that detects an amount of color misalignment using reflected light
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
Method for manufacturing mold and blade for electrophotographic apparatus, and developer amount controlling blade
Method and apparatus for saving power in an image production device
Image forming apparatus including a sound sensor to determine cleaning failure
Cleaning apparatus having a feeding member and a driving mechanism and image forming apparatus using same
Optical apparatus
Wearable electronic device with secondary digital display
Resonator mounted in a case incorporating a watch module
Multi-degree-of-freedom stage control system
Legged robot
Hybrid car travel mode setting device
Voltage regulator circuit
Bandgap reference circuit with low operating voltage
Reference current generating circuit
User data profile namespace
Methods and systems for inducing behavior in a population cohort
Expected time to collect a print job
Printer capable of refusing receipt of printed materials sent from an unintended source
Profile aware mediating server
System, method and apparatus for establishing interactive media session based on IP multimedia subsystem
Methods and systems for communicating with service technicians in a telecommunications system
Secure communications in a system having multi-homed devices
Apparatus, portable terminal unit, and system for controlling E-mail, and its method, computer-readable recording medium and program product for processing E-mail
Resource scheduler within a network device
iSCSI receiver implementation
Automated discovery of devices in large utility monitoring systems
Methods and systems for processing multi-media editing projects
Multi-party cooperative peer-to-peer video streaming
Method of generating round robin service order lists for improving service performance during server failures
Wireless LAN with channel swapping between DFS access points
Computing apparatus
Anti-theft system for a vehicle, and method for the operation of an anti-theft system
Dynamic RSS services
Method for forecasting unstable policy enforcements
Data fusion using consensus aggregation functions
Integrated conversion method and apparatus
Toner mass sensing precision by normalization to substrate reflectance and adjusted for toner mass level
Spoken document retrieval system
Image search apparatus and image search method
Image storage system, device and method
Semantic table of contents for search results
Private searching on a public search engine
Method and apparatus for creating and utilizing information signatures
Portable USB power mode simulator tool
Structure for improved logic simulation using a negative unknown boolean state
Method for synchronized transmission gear ratio engagement
Method for preventing drive wheels from spinning
Methods, apparatus and articles for an air jet loom
Systems and methods for decoupling steering rack force disturbances in electric steering
Vehicle travel speed control method
Position-dependent compliance compensation in a machine tool
Systems and methods for generating reference voltages
Controller for generating video signal, simulation system comprising the same, and method of generating video signal
Image input detection apparatus and storing medium
Dual-head or hybrid print driver supporting XPS and GDI print paths without performing data conversion between XPS to EMF or vice versa
Information processing method and system
E-mail transmission apparatus, e-mail transmission method and e-mail transmission program
Image processing device and information processing device
Dispatching pages for raster-image processing prior to printing the pages by a printing device
Delivery expert system, method and computer program product
Method and an apparatus to store information regarding web pages
Community driven search using macros
File delete method, file open method, storage medium storing file delete program, and storage medium storing file open program
Facilitating display of an interactive and dynamic cloud of terms related to one or more input terms
Color processing method and image forming apparatus for creating a color separation table
Image output apparatus, image output method, and computer readable medium
Systems and methods for print scheduling
Information processing apparatus, image processing apparatus and method thereof, which create and use a halftone screen
Document management system, document management method, and storage medium
Image recording apparatus, image recording method and image recording program stored on a computer readable medium
Method for controlling an image data acquisition and/or evaluation procedure in medical examinations
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for producing an angiographic image
Method and system for three-dimensional handwriting recognition
Image analysis apparatus, image analysis method, and computer-readable recording medium storing image analysis program
Method and device for recognizing a coin by using the embossed pattern thereof
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer program, and storage medium
Grouping images by location
Baseband signal quantizer estimation
Unique sensing system and apparatus for reading playing cards
System and method for interacting with a media device using faces and palms of video display viewers
Device and method for encoding image data
Image data compression method, pattern model positioning method in image processing, image processing apparatus, image processing program, and computer readable recording medium
Automated processing of paper forms using remotely-stored templates
Method and system of extracting a perceptual feature set
Image information decoding apparatus and image information decoding method for motion prediction and/or compensation of images
Accelerating the hough transform
Image coding method and apparatus, and image decoding method and apparatus
Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus
Image adjustment amount determination device, image adjustment amount determination method, image adjustment amount determination program, and image processing device
Reduction filter based on smart neighbor selection and weighting (NRF-SNSW)
Liquid-crystal-driving image processing circuit, liquid-crystal-driving image processing method, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Identifying patterns in data
Printing device, image data file processing device, method of selecting image data file, and computer program product
Generating an erosion image utilizing parallel pixel processing
Routable image pipeline device
Personal identification system
Data fusion framework for wide-area assessment of buried unexploded ordnance
Content and advertising material superdistribution
Retail system for selling products based on a flexible product description
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for interfacing automatic bill payment systems with card issuer database systems
System and method for conducting electronic commerce with a remote wallet server
Arrangements for controlling activities of an avatar
System and method for upscaling low-resolution images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium storing a program for causing an image processing apparatus to execute an image processing method
Device and method for registering the opening of closures of spaces to be secured
Wireless communications apparatus, processing apparatus, and wireless communications system
Wireless identification tag
Coaxial cable connector with an internal coupler and method of use thereof
Analyte monitoring system and methods
Personal security and tracking system
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic multi-stage amplification in a medical device
Security systems and methods relating to travelling vehicles
Mobile communications system and mobile terminal
Electrophoretic display panel
Optical writing image forming device, control device for optical writing image forming device
Driving system and method for liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display (LCD) driving apparatus and method
Digital document editing method, digital document editing program and digital document editing apparatus
Method and apparatus for displaying map using non-linear compression
Method, medium and apparatus browsing images
Method for high quality audio transcoding
Optical disc apparatus
Optical disc device
Disk drive connecting defect shapes to preempt data loss
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit for magneto-resistive read elements
Perpendicular magnetic recording head having a pole tip formed with a CMP uniformity structure
Magnetic head and manufacturing method thereof
Optical disk apparatus and method of driving the same
Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing holographic data and holographic data storage medium
Combination type optical disk medium, its reproduction method and optical disk apparatus
Optical disk apparatus and a focus-jumping control method thereof
Wobble information recording method, information recording medium, and recording and reproduction method and apparatus thereof
Shift register circuit
Compact and accurate analog memory for CMOS imaging pixel detectors
Output circuit for a semiconductor memory device and data output method
Differential sense amplifier
Memory system and method that changes voltage and frequency
Fuel element of the macrostructured plate type
Ion/electron-conducting composite polymer membrane, manufacturing processes thereof and planar fuel cell core comprising it
Insulating element for busbars and insulating and supporting device for busbars compromising this element
Power-measured pulses for thermal trimming
MEMS capacitive device and method of forming same
Button guide
Switching method and apparatus
Light source apparatus with power feeder structure
Electrodeless discharge lamp
Transistor device having asymmetric embedded strain elements and related manufacturing method
Two-step hardmask fabrication methodology for silicon waveguides
Low K dielectric surface damage control
Plasma treatment apparatus and plasma treatment method
System for decharging a wafer or substrate after dechucking from an electrostatic chuck
Three dimensional integrated passive device and method of fabrication
Forming compliant contact pads for semiconductor packages
Latent catalyst for epoxy resin, epoxy resin composition, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device comprising a plurality of semiconductor chips mounted to stack for transmitting a signal between the semiconductor chips
Chip pad resistant to antenna effect and method
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device, and its manufacturing method
Organic thin film transistor and organic thin film light-emitting transistor
Group III nitride semiconductor wafer and group III nitride semiconductor device
Compound semiconductor substrate having multiple buffer layers
Semiconductor device
Recessed channel array transistor (RCAT) structures
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Pressure sensor and method for manufacturing the pressure sensor
Transparent substrate equipped with an electrode
Solar cell receiver for concentrator modules
Composition for solar cell sealing film, solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the sealing film
Optical communication module
Type II broadband or polychromatic LEDs
Polychromatic LED's and related semiconductor devices
Bottom gate type thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus
Group III nitride semiconductor optical device, epitaxial substrate, and method of making group III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device
Semiconductor device including semiconductor circuit made from semiconductor element and manufacturing method thereof
Piezoelectric actuator and electronic apparatus
Slotted waveguide antenna stiffened structure
Dynamic stability, gain, efficiency and impedance control in a linear/non-linear CMOS power amplifier
Antenna with resonator having a filtering coating and system including such antenna
Millimeter-wave communication system with directional antenna and one or more millimeter-wave reflectors
Structure having photonic crystal and surface-emitting laser
Short-circuit current limiter
Power source system with continuously adjustable output
Solid state power controller (SSPC) used as bus tie breaker in electrical power distribution systems
PMDC motor
Regulated hybrid permanent magnet generator
Bearing device, spindle motor and disk drive apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting end of start up phase
Current detection circuit and voltage converter using the current detection circuit
Adaptive slope compensation method for stabilizing a continuous conduction mode converter
Permanent magnet synchronization motor vector control device
Voltage step-up/down converter
Digital delay line based frequency synthesizer
Voltage-controlled oscillator
Clock/data recovery circuit
Low noise receiving apparatus
Power amplifier circuitry and method
Power amplifier circuitry having inductive networks
Operational amplifier
Sound signal processing device, sound signal processing method, sound signal processing program, storage medium, and display device
Receiver with tuner front end using tracking filters and calibration
Mesh network within a device
Method and device for controlling peak power and pulse width of a broadband gaussian pulse high-power RF transmitter
Multi-mode receiver
Delay stabilization method and apparatus for video format conversion
Automatic power control system for optical disc drive and method thereof
Local binary XML string compression
Detecting and reordering fixed-length records to facilitate compression
Low complexity acquisition method for GNSS
Blanking system
Adaptive IIP2 calibration
TV tuner and the manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus and method for audio conversion
Radio receiver
Multiple frequency band hybrid receiver
DC offset calibration in a direct conversion receiver
Methods and apparatus for push to talk type service
Systems and methods for ramping power amplifier output power
Reliable wireless communication system using adaptive frequency hopping
Lighting device
Active tuning of temporal dispersion in an ultrashort pulse laser system
Systems and methods for transferring single-ended burst signal onto differential lines, especially for use in burst-mode receiver
Optical transmission device and optical transmission method
Method of and apparatus for encoding/decoding digital signal using linear quantization by sections
Simplified interference suppression in multi-antenna receivers
Radio-wave propagation characteristic prediction assisting system and radio-wave propagation characteristic prediction assisting method
Base station and wireless communication system
Communication apparatus
Wireless communication system, wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and program
Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
Multi mode outer loop power control in a wireless network
MIMO communication system and transmission station
Space time coded MB-OFDM UWB system
Allocation of spreading codes for telecommunications channels
Method and system for transmitting/receiving multimedia contents via a radiocommunication network
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Intra-premises wireless broadband service using lumped and distributed wireless radiation from cable source input
Base station apparatus and radio communication parameter setting method
Telecommunication network
Packet-based data processing technique
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Interface board and optical transmission equipment
Method and apparatus for subchannel assignment for suppressing interantenna interference in OFDMA system
Signal receiver and method for estimating residual doppler frequencies of signals thereof
Method and terminal for establishing PT session in order to use PT box
Methods and apparatus related to packet generation and analysis
Communication network apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for communicating MAC layer data in broadband wireless communication system
Personal area network with automatic attachment and detachment
Multi-threaded transmit transport engine for storage devices
Network for exchanging packet signals via a pooled connection
Wireless communication terminal and wireless communication method
Zigbee/IP gateway
Switch assembly having multiple blades in a chassis
Method for suppression index reuse and packet classification for payload header suppression within a wireless network
System of robust DTV signal transmissions that legacy DTV receivers will disregard
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
Receiver and method for processing radio signals using soft pilot symbols
Radio transmitter apparatus, radio receiver apparatus, and wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in a broadband wireless communication system
Start-up automatic frequency control (AFC) method and apparatus
Digital television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in digital television transmitter/receiver
Method and computer program for identifying a transition in a phase-shift keying or frequency-shift keying signal
Method and apparatus for handling of clock information in serial link ports
Method and apparatus to perform redundant array of independent disks (RAID) operations
Cellular and TV interactive mobile wired and wireless systems
System and method for implementing antenna diversity
Mobile radio apparatus
Modifying a signal by controlling transmit diversity parameters
Communication device
Communication device
System and method for two-way radio and telephone conferencing and collaboration
Portable terminal
Circuit device with serial bus isolation
Low-pass step attenuator
Enhanced E911 network access for a call center using session initiation protocol (SIP) messaging
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic international calling rates
Speed activation of pre-determined call-forwarding number
Control of echo cancellation filters
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling same
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for processing image
Image processing apparatus adapted to determine a number of computing units to be allocated to image processing, and corresponding control method, program, and storage medium
Coloring image generating apparatus and coloring image generating method for generating a coloring image from an image using an edge intensity frequency distribution of the image
Image forming apparatus and method for calibration scheduling based on hour-by-hour and day-of-week use frequency
Color printing
System and method for determining three-dimensional information from two-dimensional images
High resolution endoscope
Solid-state imaging device, production method and drive method thereof, and camera
Video processing apparatus and video processing method
Apparatus and method for generating a picture having a high visibility
Imaging apparatus with a rotatable monitor
Shoulder pad, pad unit, and video camera
Camera module with dual lens modules and image sensors
Image processor, imaging apparatus including the same, and image processing method, with blurring processing of background image
Image sensing apparatus and control method for same, and information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and print data generation method, using correlation information recorded as attribute information of image data of frame
Zooms lens system, imaging device and camera
Solid-state imaging device and camera system
Solid-state image pickup device
Picture display apparatus with selectively divided screens, picture display method for selectively dividing screens, and storage medium
High-resolution optical disk for recording stereoscopic video, optical disk reproducing device, and optical disk recording device
Image encoding/image decoding method and image encoding/image decoding apparatus
Transition creation for encoded video in the transform domain
System and method for modeling movement of objects using probabilistic graphs obtained from surveillance data
Method and apparatus to detect a dead pixel of an image sensor and method and apparatus to capture an image from an image sensor
Image capture apparatus, control method thereof, program, and storage medium
Image capturing device which sets color conversion parameters based on an image sensor and separate light sensor
Printed circuit board for a flat-panel speaker
Voice sound input apparatus and voice sound conference system
Determination of the adequate measurement window for sound source localization in echoic environments
Vibration generator for electronic device having speaker driver and counterweight
Mobile station assisted location based service
Portable communication terminal device and response message transmitting method
Providing mobility control information to a communications device
Communication control method, communication system, home agent allocation server, and mobile node
Transfer of communication sessions between base stations in wireless networks
Cost-effective voting
Method and system for coordinating operation modes of a GPRS network
System and method for providing usage monitoring telephony services
Method of communicating data in a wireless mobile communication system
Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing data in the transmitting/receiving system
Communication method, control station, and communication apparatus
Ranging method using new ranging structure
System, apparatus, and method for use of reserved PN-offsets to limit cellular wireless communications
Apparatus for a beacon-enabled wireless network, transmission time determination method, and tangible machine-readable medium thereof
Method and apparatus for wireless communication in high-frequency band
Electronic apparatus having communication function and control method
Methods for frequency-selective persistent scheduling
Method for efficient radio resource management
Transmitting fax in mobile networks
Apparatus and method for effectuating temperature control in roller grills
Driving device of a light source module, light source module having the driving device, driving method of the light source module, and display device having the driving device
Current-balance circuit and backlight module having the same
High-current DC proton accelerator
Printed circuit board and method for fabricating a printed circuit board
Housing for an electronic apparatus
Electric device
Circuit board fixing element
Keyboard and display screen in separate housings connected by cam assemblies that tilt responsive to movement between the housings
Self-cooled thyristor valve
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Fiber shovel
Rotatable shelf
Hand-held condiment grinder
Positioning structure of grill tongs
Recycling apparatus by crushing and pasteurizing used hypodermic syringes and compressing waste
Skate blade angle controlling device of skates for short track
All terrain riding assembly having braking capabilities
Method and apparatus for automatically cutting and shuffling playing cards
Electronic video poker games
Golf card game
Maximum bet table game method and apparatus
Games grid board-life games
Cubical maze module
Poker game using tossed balls
Performing Operations; Transporting
Climatic cabinet
Adjustable workholding jaw assemblies
Platelet fixed on a base plate
Alignment tool for pipe couplings
Ratcheting hand held tool
Sheet post-processing apparatus
Molded seamless vehicle interior panel for concealing an airbag
Printing apparatus and power supply load reduction method for printing apparatus
Image recording apparatus
Calibration system to correct printhead misalignments
Optical navigation system and method
Operation of droplet deposition apparatus
Integrated ink jet print head identification system
Liquid jet recording apparatus and method
Environmental factor detection system for inkjet printing
Ink-jet head, method of producing the same, and ink-jet printing system including the same
Segmented heater configurations for an ink jet printhead
Ink jet recording head and a method of manufacture therefor
Drop-on-demand ink jet printing with controlled fluid flow during drop ejection
Print head maintenance device used in a printing device
Ink jet recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for ink-jet drop trajectory and alignment error detection and correction
Apparatus and method for accurately positioning inkjet printheads
Multiple bit matrix configuration for key-latched printheads
Inkjet recording apparatus including remaining amount of ink detecting function and remaining amount of ink detecting method
Recognition circuit for an ink jet printer
Dual mode communication device for a fluid ejection device
Line backer
Foldable vehicle window shading device
Rear door structure of vehicle
Cover system for truck box with fastening means
Collapsible vehicle seat assemblies
Suspended seat laterally fixed on a structural vertical member for transport vehicle
Active armrest for side impact protection
Straight motion parallelogram linkage
Optical glare limiter
Pickup truck bed trunk
Gas bag module with gas guiding means
No housing driver's air bag module
Seamless door system for an airbag
Air bag device, production method of an air bag device, activation method of an air bag device and vehicle with an air bag device
Interference fit attachment for a rounded member
Air bag cover with ornament
Breakaway web stop for seat belts
Cargo space cover for passenger vehicles
Brake system
Kingpin angle mounted sensor
Cargo area extension device
Independent steering and actuator
Rack-pinion type steering apparatus
Elastic flat tread
Adjustable sissy bar mechanism for use with a motorcycle
Method and device for breaking up bulk materials which have solidified in a container
Paper feeding apparatus
Apparatus for handling paper sheets and the like
Removable turnbar in a sheet accumulator
Apparatus for separating a sheet of print media from a stack of sheets
Sheet media output device
Device for forming a stack of successively arranged printed sheets
Method and system for determining if a mailpiece has properly exited from a mailing machine
Sheet finisher and image forming apparatus therewith
Pipe lifting apparatus and method
Object handling device for lifting of precast bodies such as concrete panels
Textiles; Paper
Door opening device, in particular for an electric household appliance door
Fixed Constructions
Hydraulic breaker
Retention and reinforcement system for knobs and levers
Universal electromechanical strike locking system
Sash lock for a sash window
Door lock with roller catch, especially for motor vehicles
Motor-vehicle door latch
Latch assembly and latch arrangement
Drawer interlock
Lock chassis
Door hinge for vehicle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Low stress seal
Hydraulic seal arrangement, more particularly on a gas turbine
Gland packing
Mechanical rotary seal
Dynamic rotating seal assembly
Method of forming a seal assembly around a shaft
Mechanical face seal
Self gapping socket weld fittings
Securing coupling for corrugated pipes
Vibration decoupling exhaust connector
Tube connector
Junction for flexible tube for high pressure fluids
Ball coupling
Liquid distribution collector module and fixing system for said modules
Method and apparatus for forming cast members having embedded boot type gaskets
Reel of magnetic tape cartridge
Leader with smoothing indenture
Half-inch tape drive in half high form factor
Sealing device for a flat-braid connection
Pulsed operation method for a silent discharge lamp
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew