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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Suspension device in agricultural implement
Agricultural implement with pivoting tool frame
Methods for modulating photosynthetic activity
Plant tubby-like proteins
Unwanted plant removal system having a stabilization system
Unwanted plant removal system having variable optics
Platelet additive solution having a .beta.-galactosidase inhibitor
Alkoximino-substituted anthranilic acid diamides as pesticides
Induction heating for the delivery of thermal therapy
Probe device
Hemostasis valve and guidewire pacing system
Atrial tachyarrhythmia detection system and method
Medical laser target marker and its use
Method of and apparatus for measuring center detector index on CT scanner with limited field of view access
Pyrazolylbenzothiazole derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Pacemaker with vagal surge monitoring and response
Electromagnetic therapy device and methods
Neurostimulator involving stimulation strategies and process for using it
Tonality-based optimization of sound sensation for a cochlear implant patient
Deep brain stimulation device having wireless power feeding by magnetic induction
Treatment of mood and/or anxiety disorders by electrical brain stimulation and/or drug infusion
Treatment of tissue in sphincters, sinuses, and orifices
Systems and methods for treating pain using brain stimulation
Method and apparatus for optimizing the operation of a cochlear implant prosthesis
Systems and methods for automatically optimizing stimulus parameters and electrode configurations for neuro-stimulators
Method and device for treating myocardial ischemia
High-energy anti-tachycardia therapy
Defibrillators detecting orientation of electrode connection to adjust energy dosage
Performing Operations; Transporting
Generation of color images
Optical writing device, image forming apparatus, and method and program product for controlling optical writing device
Exposure device and image forming apparatus, with driving unit setting barycentric position
Clutch fill command based on clutch slip speed profile synchronization prediction
Electric launch of a hybrid vehicle having a belt alternator starter and a dual clutch transmission
Information presentation device
Mixed cycle compression ignition engines and methods
Driving power distribution apparatus and method for controlling torque coupling
Apparatus and method for monitoring of infrastructure condition
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methoxyimino compounds and fungicide composition comprising same
Method for producing linear pentenenitrile
Continuous catalytic generation of polyols from cellulose with recycle
Protease inhibitors
Methods for the synthesis of organic sulfides by using sulfides and organic sulfur-indium complexes
Spirocyclic 3'-alkoxytetramic acids and-tetronic acids
Trypsin-like serine protease inhibitors, and their preparation and use
Process for the preparation of cyclic enol ethers
Heterocyclic oxime compounds
Double-stranded RNA oligonucleotides which inhibit tyrosinase expression
Blue phosphor, light-emitting device, and plasma display panel
Methods for the prevention and control of pathogenic infections in bees and relative composition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Dual state liquefied petroleum gas engine assembly
Pressure sensor failure diagnosis method and common rail type fuel injection control apparatus
Method for wind turbine yaw control
Vehicle mounted energy airflow conversion apparatus
Surface shape measurement apparatus
Environmental monitoring of microbe metabolic transformation
Detector surface constructed from one or a plurality of planar optical waveguides
System serving a remotely accessible page and method for requesting navigation related information
Selective control of an optional vehicle mode
Navigation device
Systems and methods for determining position using light sources
Method for detection of a fluid leak related to a piston machine
Semiconductor travelling-wave evanescent waveguide photodetector
Measurement data correction method, optical tomography measurement device and storage medium stored with program
Sample transfer device and sample transferring method
Nanocomposite thin films for high temperature optical gas sensing of hydrogen
Measurement of particles in liquid using reflected light
Excitation-intensity-dependent, color-tunable, dual emitting nanocrystals
Non-contact component inspection system
Charged particle beam device
X-ray testing method and X-ray testing device
Radiation grid and radiographic apparatus provided with the same
3D x-ray microscopy imaging system
3D X-ray reflection microscopy imaging system
Method and apparatus for wavelet based elemental spectrum analysis
Methods for detection and identification of cell type
Methods of associating an unknown biological specimen with a family
Surge current detection device
Semiconductor device which can transmit electrical signals between two circuits
High speed latch comparators
Pressure detection apparatus
Method for determining the size and shape measure of a solid material in an arc furnace, an arc furnace, a signal processing device and program code and a memory medium
Flexural mechanism for passive angle alignment and locking
Operator identifying apparatus, operator identifying method and vehicle-mounted apparatus
System including thermal control unit having conduit for dispense and removal of liquid thermal interface material
Test system and probe apparatus
Method for diagnosing an electronic display device
Electric power conversion apparatus
Architectural framework of communication network and a method of establishing QOS connection
Swarm intelligence based methods to enable cooperative communication in a mesh network
System and method for routing internet traffic over internet links
Route control system and route control method in a switching apparatus
Design-for-test technique to reduce test volume including a clock gate controller
Electric field detection probe, method thereof, and manufacturing method of circuit board
Travel support system, method, and program
Image processing device, radar apparatus equipped with the same, method of processing image, and image processing program
Shape measurement instrument and shape measurement method
Imaging apparatus for generating an image of a region of interest
Atmospheric monitoring
Optical device and associated methods
Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens barrel capable of retracting into lens barrel body
Catadioptric projection objective with tilted deflecting mirrors, projection exposure apparatus, projection exposure method, and mirror
Shutter device with multi-stage diaphragm
Security document with micro-prisms
Image-pickup display device having optical element provided with diffraction element portion
Zoom lens, and optical apparatus and method for forming an image of an object using the zoom lens
3-D waveguide coupling device capable of two-step coupling and manufacture method thereof
Compact optics for concentration and illumination systems
Optical fiber cable
Lens barrel
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
Optical transmission device, optical transmission system including the same, and optical transmission method
Thermal imaging camera for taking thermographic images
Optical modulator
Display device and repairing method for the same
Active device array substrate with protecting electrostatic discharge circuit having switching devices
Light emitting module, backlight unit and liquid crystal display device
Transflective liquid crystal display device having high aperture ratio and method of fabricating the same
Display device
Liquid crystal device, method of manufacturing liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Array substrate, liquid crystal display device, electronic device
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving liquid crystal display device
Active matrix substrate, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display unit, liquid crystal display device, television receiver, and method for producing active matrix substrate
Active matrix substrate, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display unit, liquid crystal display device, television receiver, and active matrix substrate manufacturing method
Pixel array substrate
Pulsed fiber-MOPA with widely-variable pulse-duration
Image blur correction device, imaging lens unit, and camera unit
Image photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Camera body, interchangeable lens, accessory, camera system, and method for rewriting information
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Lithographic apparatus and positioning apparatus
Optical element and illumination optics for microlithography
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing a substrate handler
Color and monochrome image processing and outputting apparatus
Image forming apparatus performing color shift correction process on binary data
Automatic paper management and color profile utilization
Image forming apparatus and guide therefor capable of reducing toner scattered on recording medium
Image erasing apparatus and method of carrying recording medium in image erasing apparatus
Image forming apparatus having tension-providing mechanism for belt
Image forming apparatus to control photosensitive member irradiation
Charging roller for image forming apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Image forming device and image forming method
Developing roller manufacturing method, developing roller, developing device, and image forming apparatus
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and toner image fixing method
Image forming apparatus, clear layer forming apparatus, and image forming system
Cooling device including a water-absorbing member and image forming device
Laser fixing device and image forming apparatus
Power plant operation control system and a power plant maintaining and managing method
DC-DC converter
Information processing device and display device
Recording-medium storing power consumption reduction support program, information processing device, and power consumption reduction support method
Retransmission above the gamma interface
Clickjacking protection
Method and apparatus for retransmission
Fault tolerant routing in a non-hot-standby configuration of a network routing system
Memory test circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, and memory test method
Systems and methods for proactive management of a communication network through monitoring a user network interface
Administration of storage systems containing three groups of data-operational, backup, and standby
Systems and methods for authenticating requests from a client running trialware through a proof of work protocol
Hard disk controller which coordinates transmission of buffered data with a host
Method for automatically backing up digital data preserved in memory in a computer installation and data medium readable by a computer having the associated instructions stored in the memory thereof
Memory apparatus supporting multiple width configurations
Combined mobile device and solid state disk with a shared memory architecture
Storage area dynamic assignment method
Optical information recording medium, information recording method for optical information recording medium and optical information recording device
Storage system and volume pair synchronization method
Write combining protocol between processors and chipsets
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Program guide with a digital storage device
Semiconductor integrated circuit and filter and informational delivery method using same
Performance allocation method and apparatus
USB bridge
Apparatus, system and method for configuration of adaptive integrated circuitry having heterogeneous computational elements
Approach for managing print errors using a print agent
Method and apparatus for printing images comprising individual information corresponding to face recognition information on second side of sheet of printing paper
Computing system having CPU and bridge operating using CPU frequency
Printing system, printing apparatus and print control method therefor
Printing apparatus, layout adjustment method, program and recording medium
Systems and methods for lossless compression of data and high speed manipulation thereof
System and method to optimize data communication in a computational network
Communication device control program, communication device and communication device control method
Web-based groupware system
Method and apparatus for improving SIP parse performance
Method and system for communication using a medical imaging protocol
Junk electronic mail detector and eliminator
Method for supporting session mobility
Database query optimization using index carryover to subset an index
Network AV system
Client-side measurement of load times
Customizable asset governance for a distributed reusable software library
Rescue configuration
Dynamic HTTP load balancing
Method for converting dynamical systems with continuous states into Markov decision processes with discrete states
Apparatus and methods for operator training in information extraction
System and method for delivering content to a communication device in a content delivery system
Method and apparatus for routing dispatching and routing reticles
Social network analysis
System and method for detection of spun vehicle
Processing digital images including headers and footers into reflow content
Permuting records in a database for leak detection and tracing
Access control and protocol/policy determination based on the client's environment
System and method for active diplexers
Dictionary word and phrase determination
System for normalizing a discourse representation structure and normalized data structure
Concurrent parsing and processing of HTML and JAVASCRIPT.RTM.
Feed translation for a social network
Deep model statistics method for machine translation
Method and apparatus for distributing content
System and method for modeling and analyzing complex scenarios
Shared log-structured multi-version transactional datastore with metadata to enable melding trees
Image search apparatus and method thereof
Multi-dataset global index
Access control policy compliance check process
System and method for the transformation and canonicalization of semantically structured data
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Populating a structured presentation with new values
Apparatus, method, and program for integrating information
System and method for fitting feature elements using a point-cloud of an object
Methods and apparatus for adapting pipeline stage latency based on instruction type
Circuit design supporting apparatus and circuit design supporting method
Structure, design structure and process for increasing magnitude of device threshold voltage for low power applications
Method for determining a radiation measurement for thermal radiation, arc furnace, a signal processing device programme code and storage medium for carrying out said method
Memory power estimation by means of calibrated weights and activity counters
Power management
Methods and systems for characterizing a cellular constituent using response profiles
Rapid method of pattern recognition, machine learning, and automated genotype classification through correlation analysis of dynamic signals
Methods and systems for processing genomic data
Evaluating shellcode findings
Protecting persistent secondary platform storage against attack from malicious or unauthorized programs
Direct memory access transfer efficiency
Interlocked plug and play with power management for operating systems
Program guide with a digital storage device
Computer-implemented system and method for conducting field inspections and generating reports
Touch event-driven display control system and method for touchscreen mobile phone
Touch pad
Protection-plate-attached electronic member
Swipe gesture classification
Infrared sensor integrated in a touch panel
High speed noise tolerant multi-touch touch device and controller therefor
Method and apparatus for graphically indicating the progress of multiple parts of a task
Image processing apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus and method
Conversion and query for data dragged on web-sites
System for downloading digital content published in a media channel
Methods and systems for printing device load-balancing
Method and system for automatic sharing and custom user interface features in a fleet of multi-function devices
Mobile terminal for displaying human contact data and method thereof
Data negotiation using serial voltage identification communication
Non-negative matrix factorization as a feature selection tool for maximum margin classifiers
Belt type continuously variable transmission and control method thereof
Crash sensor system and method for a vehicle
Integrated microprocessor system for safety-critical regulations
Search engine for scientific literature providing interface with automatic image ranking
Transmission control module
System for and method of detecting clutch engagement of a manual transmission
Context aware data presentation
System and method for determining originality of data content
System and method of using academic analytics of institutional data to improve student success
Vehicle control apparatus, vehicle control method, computer program for implementing same method, and data storage medium storing same computer program
Pseudorandom binary sequence checker with control circuitry for end-of-test check
Digital rights management method and digital rights management-enabled mobile device
Document management system, document manipulation apparatus, and computer readable medium
Apparatuses, system and method for authentication
Method and apparatus for synchronizing updates of authentication credentials
Credential sharing between multiple client applications
Systems and methods of classifying sessions
Single precision floating-point data storing method and processor
System and method for implementing a random number generator
On-site configuration of a hardware device module of a security system
Systems and methods for focusing product testing based on areas of change within the product between product builds
Semantic subtyping for declarative data scripting language by calling a prover
Software update management apparatus and software update management method
Device, method and computer program product for managing a software development process
Method and system for storing trace events in a database table
Fine-grained software-directed data prefetching using integrated high-level and low-level code analysis optimizations
System and method to securely load a management client from a stub client to facilitate remote device management
Creation and use of virtual device drivers on a serial bus
Systems, methods, and computer program products for transaction based load balancing
Information processing system, information processing method, and computer readable medium storing program
Mechanism for continuously and unobtrusively varying stress on a computer application while processing real user workloads
Electromagnetic field simulation apparatus and computer readable storage medium storing electromagnetic field simulation program
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image processing method and recording medium on which image processing program is recorded
Method for generating print data and a color printer system
Motion compensation in functional imaging
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer-readable medium
Bio-reader device with ticket identification
Color processing apparatus and method thereof
Advanced watermarking system and method
Calibration of a multi-pinhole SPECT system without pre-knowledge of point source markers 3D coordinates
Method and system for dynamic feature detection
Device for determining the 3D coordinates of an object, in particular of a tooth
Document processing methods
Imaging apparatus, control method, and recording medium thereof
Fluid dynamics approach to image segmentation
Method and apparatus for analyzing nudity of image using body part detection model, and method and apparatus for managing image database based on nudity and body parts
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer-readable medium
Associating optical character recognition text data with source images
Calibrating apparatus
Method for segmenting an image using constrained graph partitioning of watershed adjacency graphs
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key value data of coordinate interpolator
Method for screening color separations of a lenticular image, computer program product and method for producing a lenticular image on a printing material
Image processing apparatus and method for managing margin data
Apparatus and method for reducing image noise
Digital image processing and enhancing system and method with function of removing noise
Image processing device, image processing method and non-transitory computer readable medium recording image processing program
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image data compression apparatus, decompression apparatus, compressing method, decompressing method, and storage medium
Image processing method and apparatus for detecting an edge of an object within an image
Extraction method of an interest region for multimedia mobile users
Semantic representation module of a machine-learning engine in a video analysis system
Computationally efficient feature extraction and matching iris recognition
Systems and methods for spatio-temporal analysis
Characterizing datasets using sampling, weighting, and approximation of an eigendecomposition
Method and system for analyzing a plurality of parts
Systems and methods for facilitating an analysis of a business project
Negotiation support systems and methods
System and method for facilitating a secured financial transaction using an alternate shipping address
Method and system for crediting a retailer for an internet purchase
In-store wireless shopping network using hand-held devices
Providing recommendations for reciprocal links in website creation system
Narrowcasting from public displays, and related methods
Facilitating business transactions between trading networks
System and method for locating products in association with productivity and cost information
Apparatus, method and program for formulating and solving problems over a network
System for managing construction project bidding
Systems and methods regarding targeted dissemination
Currency system to reward constructive behavior
Performing a check transaction using add-in modules
Stock purchase indices
System for delivering advertisements to wireless communication devices
Stock purchase indices
Materials supply contract system and method
System and method for legal document authoring and electronic court filing
Cloud enabled payment processing system and method
Lifecycle tracking and management using RF
Constructing view compositions for domain-specific environments
Analysis model generation program, analysis model generation apparatus, analysis model generating method, and method for manufacturing apparatus with analysis model generating method
Methods and systems for planning configurable manufacturing capacity
Method and system for remote monitoring deformations of a structure
Radiator detecting device
Portable terminal device and method of controlling the same
Mobile inventory unit monitoring systems and methods
Thermal measurement system and method for leak detection
Wireless access point and method for saving power consumption of the wireless access point
System and method for incorporating a low power mode in wireless communication
Restart operation with logical blocks in queued commands
Traffic light passing support system, in-vehicle apparatus for the same, and method for the same
Collision warning device having guardrail detection
Electrophoretic display device driving circuit, electrophoretic display device, and electronic apparatus
Scanning drive circuit and display device including the same
Image display apparatus
Active matrix liquid crystal display device and driving method with overlapping write periods
Method of modulating/demodulating a signal, apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus including the apparatus
Systems and methods for generating an icon
Display device having optical sensors
Configurable imaging system
Color look-up table on film
Interactive image and graphic system and method capable of detecting collision
Converting digital values corresponding to colors of an image from a source color space to a destination color space
Computer graphics processor and method of rendering images
Method, system and apparatus for power saving backlight
Data storage device, data storage apparatus, and methods for storing and reading datas
Head gimbal assembly
Liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same
Injecting processing fluid while writing data
Systems and methods for high order asymmetry correction
Systems and methods for improved timing recovery
Electrical lap guides and methods of using the same
Optical disc recording device
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and control method thereof
Optical information storage medium reproduction apparatus and control method of the same
Disk device
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and method of writing into the same
Flash memory device, memory system and method of operating the same
Memory system
Method for transmitting a data transfer block and method and system for transferring a data transfer block
Storage device, electronic device, and storage device control method
Ion implantation device and a method of semiconductor manufacturing by the implantation of boron hydride cluster ions
Flat Ni particle, laminated ceramic electronic component using flat Ni particle, and production method flat Ni particle
Ceramic powder composition, ceramic material, and multilayer ceramic capacitor fabricated thereby
High voltage EDLC cell and method for the manufacture thereof
Push-on switch
Operation panel device for an elevator
Contact device and electromagnetic switch using contact device
Gas discharge device incorporating gas-filled plasma-shell and method of manufacturing thereof
Reduction of delay between subsequent capture operations of a light-detection device
Method and apparatus for enhanced ion mobility based sample analysis using various analyzer configurations
Thermo-stabilized nano- and micro- flow LC/ESI-MS interface and a method thereof
Ionization device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Sealing structure for wire lead-out hole
Cooling system for semiconductor devices
Interconnect structure device
Leadframe and semiconductor package made using the leadframe
Three dimensional semiconductor device
High voltage semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same
Bipolar transistor with emitter and/or collector contact structure forming a Schottky contact and method of production
Method, structure and design structure for customizing history effects of SOI circuits
Methods, apparatuses, and systems for micromechanical gas chemical sensing capacitor
Pixel structure
CMOS-MEMS cantilever structure
Method for manufacturing microcrystalline semiconductor film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Manufacturing method and structure of LED chip
Breakdown voltage MOS semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory device including a stacked structure and voltage application portion
Thin film transistor having Schottky barrier
Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film photoelectric conversion device having a stacked transparent oxide and carbon intermediate layer
Concentrated photovoltaic and solar heating system
Semiconductor device and method for producing same
LED module
Light-emitting diode having a reflective layer between a transparent insulating layer and an electrode
Light emitting diode package having interconnection structures
Light emitting diode (LED) package having wavelength conversion member and wafer level fabrication method
Method for changing ultrasound wave frequency by using the acoustic matching layer
Electric universal drive
Vibratory actuator
Slow wave transmission line
Wide-band antenna
Antenna system for mobile vehicles
Antenna with integrated RF module
Wavelength conversion laser light source, laser light source device and two-dimensional image display device adopting the same, and method of setting temperature of wavelength conversion element
Semiconductor laser device
Beam diagnostics and feedback system and method for spectrally beam-combined lasers
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Method for organizing cables in a cabinet to reduce impeded airflow
Vacuum insulated switchgear
Breakaway mechanism for charging cables of electric vehicle charging stations
Arrangement and a method for cooling
Electrostatic discharge protection
Method for current conditioning, in particular on a fault current limiter
Battery pack having a sensor activated off switch
Method for solar power energy management with intelligent selection of operating modes
Battery thermal system control strategy
Motor and electronic device using same
Systems and methods for fluid distribution for cooling and lubrication of electric machines
Power supply converting AC to DC and using changing voltage of AC to force DC into a load
Electromechanical transducer and manufacturing method therefor
Torque ripple suppression control device for permanent magnet motor and electric power steering system
Controller for motor, and vehicle
Wound field synchronous motor drive
Sub-channel acquisition in a digital television receiver designed to receive mobile/handheld signals
Switching amplifier with an inductor
Drive amplifier
Enhanced doherty amplifier with asymmetrical semiconductors
Speaker driver circuit driven by positive and negative voltages
Filter, especially for filtration of electromagnetic interference
Compact multi frequency-range impedance tuner
Method and apparatus for a low power AC On-Die-Termination (ODT) circuit
Buffer with active output impedance matching
Method and apparatus switching a semiconductor switch with a multi-stage drive circuit
Method for logical processing of continuous-valued logical signals
Filter device and control method of the same
Polyphase nonlinear digital predistortion
Leakage tolerant phase locked loop circuit device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method to linearize the output from an ADC
Digitizing apparatus, digitizing method and capacitance touch sensing apparatus
Device and method providing 1-bit error correction
Systems and methods for retimed virtual data processing
Method of handling packet loss using error-correcting codes and block rearrangement
Management of decoding effort in an iterative decoding scenario
Variable length codes for coding of video data
Method and system for a delta quantizer for MIMO pre-coders with finite rate channel state information feedback
Method and system for a double search user group selection scheme with range reduction in TDD multiuser MIMO downlink transmission
Architecture and method for supporting ZIF or LIF/IF systems
Evaluation device and method for providing a transceiver system with performance information thereof
Semiconductor integrated communication circuit and operation method thereof
Wireless transceiver
System and method for switching ringing state session with customized alerting tone
Phase-locked circuit and radio communicating device
LR polyphase filter
Apparatus, and associated method, for forming a compressed motion vector field utilizing predictive motion coding
Receive diversity and multiple input multiple output (MIMO) using multiple mobile devices
Apparatus, methods and computer programs
Electromagnetic wave circuit disruptor and method
Push to talk over cellular (POC) server capable of changing session priority settings when receiving authorized override message
Electronic equipment for a wireless communication system and method for operating an electronic equipment for a wireless communication system
Wireless communication system using custom earmold
Complex vector quantization codebook for use in downlink multi-user MIMO mobile broadcast systems
Multi-configuration adaptive layered steered space-time coded system and method
Apparatus for mobile satellite communications and method of controlling communications route
Method of transmitting information for supporting legacy system and multi-carrier system
Method of splicing encoded multimedia data streams
Quality based handover procedure between co-located cells
Optical communications network, power supply controlling method, station-side equipment, subscriber-side equipment, and semiconductor chip
Propagation apparatus and dispersion value setting method
In-service optical dispersion determining system and method
Polarization multiplexed light transmitter and control method thereof
Method, device and system for generating a contribution data stream
High-density wireless local area network
Apparatus for transmitting/receiving beacon signal and method thereof
Diffusion oriented method and apparatus for stream cryptography
Wireless communication system, base station, terminal and wireless communication method
Communication system, transmission apparatus, and receiving apparatus
Simplified equalization scheme for distributed resource allocation in multi-carrier systems
Method of identifying a precoding matrix corresponding to a wireless network channel and method of approximating a capacity of a wireless network channel in a wireless network
Method of performing ARQ procedure for transmitting high rate data
Method and system for data communication
Communication system hierarchical testing systems and methods--entity dependent automatic selection of tests
Method and system for medium access control (MAC) layer specialization for voice and multimedia data streams
Network system and method for providing an ad-hoc access environment
Method for controlling electric power of electric power controller, LRWPAN-ethernet bridge and sensor node
Method and device for updating a multimedia broadcast conditional access plug-in
Bifurcate space switch
Loss adjustment control in a tandem media communication network
Distributed transcoding on IP phones with idle DSP channels
Reverse ENUM based routing for communication networks
TPS decoder for DVB-T television system and receiver using the same
Iterative estimator and method of channel and noise variance for multiple input multiple output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Cancellation of burst noise in a communication system with application to S-CDMA
Method and apparatus for performing signal correlation at multiple resolutions to mitigate multipath interference
Intruder traceability for shared security associations
Defining classification thresholds in template protection systems
Communications-service fraud detection using special social connection
Method and apparatus for use in a communications network
Method for secure single-packet remote authorization
System and method for extending secure authentication using unique session keys derived from entropy
Content reproducing apparatus and program of the same
Broadcast receiver and method of receiving broadcast thereof
Iterative demapper
Method and apparatus for new cell identification in a WCDMA network with a given neighbor set
Information processing device, receiving method, and wireless communication system
Alternate galois field advanced encryption standard round
Image forming apparatus, computer readable medium and medium
System and method of secure encryption for electronic data transfer
Detection, selection and provision of external antennas for a mobile device
Using network authentication to counter subscriber identity module card man-in-the-middle subsidy lock attack
Wireless base station device
Portable terminal device
Speaker module of portable terminal and method of execution of speakerphone mode using the same
Expendable and collapsible sound amplifying cellular phone case
Electronic apparatus
Voicemail notification server load balancing
System, method and device for managing messages
Method, system, and computer program product for contacting intended customers
Method and apparatus for security protection of an original user identity in an initial signaling message
Mobile device having increased security that is less obtrusive
Intuitive voice navigation
System and method for providing enhanced client satisfaction during phone interactions by intelligent automatic call routing
Call abuse prevention for pay-per-call services
Forwarding apparatus, telephone server, forwarding method, and forwarding system
Enhanced directory assistance system with voice over IP call handling
Intelligent communication routing
Echo path change detection in telecommunications networks
Dual optical path image scanner for automatic image quality measurements in an image production device
Image processing apparatus that can output copy-forgery-inhibited pattern image, method for controlling image processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
Selection of exposure intensity and cleaning field intensity setpoints for optimum line width using sensor reading
Print control apparatus, print control method, and program therefor
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program
Solid-state imaging device, camera system, solid-state imaging device reading method and program
Noise reducing image processing apparatus
Display control device, imaging device, and printing device
Control apparatus, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Electronic apparatus with holding structure of display panel
File management apparatus and control method thereof
Imaging apparatus and video data creating method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Solid-state image pickup device
Method for transmitting/receiving broadcasting signal and broadcasting signal receiver
Image pickup device and production method thereof
Digital camera for recording still image with speech
Method and apparatus for data synchronization
System, method, and computer program product for translating an element of a static encoded image in the encoded domain
Multiplexing apparatus and demultiplexing apparatus
Portable pan-tilt camera and lighting unit for videoimaging, videoconferencing, production and recording
Method and apparatus for connecting video call in dual standby mobile communication terminal
Apparatus and method for controlling camera of portable terminal
Content display device
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Method for deciding radio bearer of mobile IPTV system
Program recording and playing apparatus and portable terminal for recording and playing programs
Video delivery device, video receiver and key frame delivery method
Channel change to an available channel of a spectrum
Method and apparatus for coding and decoding using bit-precision
Image input device
Device for outputting luminance signal and method thereof
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
RFID reader cancelling leakage signal
Method and device for emulating multiple RFID tags within a single mobile electronic device
Automobile keyless entry system having an RFID interrogator
Electronic device with electret electro-acoustic transducer
Audio reproduction device and audio-video reproduction system
Providing information to a mobile device based on an event at a geographical location
Method and apparatus of requesting customized location information at a mobile station
Methods and apparatuses for use in estimating a location of a mobile device within a structure
Method and system for configuring IP address in a wireless communication system
Method for configuring mobile units
Configuring relations between cells in different radio access networks
Wireless communication method and communication apparatus
Media independent multi-rat function in a converged device
Managing session information in a wireless communications system
Response mechanisms for wireless networks using wide bandwidth
Multi-user, multi-mode baseband signaling methods, timing/frequency synchronization, and receiver architectures
Method of DCR operation in a broadband wireless communication system
Data communication method and apparatus via interlock between heterogeneous networks in radio access system supporting multi radio access technology
Method for dividing a subcarrier permutation zone and an information configuration system
Method of transmitting and receiving frame in a wireless communication system
Communication apparatus
Method of packet reordering and packet retransmission
Controlling mobile-device roaming
Scheduling information method and related communications devices
Method of dynamic resource allocations in wireless systems
Transmission protection scheme
System and method for implementing personalized interaction
Communication switching method in communication system
Method for transmitting channel information in wireless communication system
Random access preamble collision detection
Method and system wherein timeslots allocated for common control channels may be reused for user traffic
Method of allocating radio resource in broadband wireless access system
Systems and methods for coordinating the scheduling of beamformed data to reduce interference
Powertrain driveline warm-up system and method
Method of driving light sources, device for driving light sources, and display device having the same
Lighting system for horticultural applications
Structure of an LED decoration lamp
LED lighting device and driving method for the same
Method of and device for controlling shed lighting
Lamp end of life (EOL) detection circuit
Illuminating device
Electrodeless lighting system and control method thereof
Electronic ballast and method for operating at least one discharge lamp
Special purpose modes in photonic band gap fibers
Security protection device and method
Open-close type compact electronic device
Adjusting mechanism for adjusting a position of a screen and related display device
Mobile terminal
Noise reduction apparatus of mobile terminal
Mounting structure and motor
Power converter
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Waste stream digestion system
Hybrid maize plant and seed 34N16
Process for devitalizing soft-tissue engineered medical implants, and devitalized soft-tissue medical implants produced
Compositions and methods for the preservation of living tissues
Suspensions of particles in non-aqueous solvents
Herbicidal compositions
Poly(bromoaryl)alkane additives and methods for their preparation and use
PPP2R1B is a tumor suppressor
Slow release formulations comprising anionic polysaccharide
Herbicidal compositions
Substituted N-aryl nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds
Nematicidal trifluorobutenes
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Method of protecting plants from bacterial diseases
One-dish frozen dinner product having an integral bread ring and apparatus for shipping and preparing same
Reprocessed batter and method for continuous rework fermentation
Method and apparatus for preparing boned pork products
Tomato raisin
Reduced fat lipid-based fillings
Acidic oil-in-water type emulsion composition
Extraction of sterols from cocoa hulls
Kernel oil from plant kernel, process for extracting same, pharmaceutical composition and thereof
Sweetening composition and its uses
System for continuously producing gum with improved texture and flavor release
Carboxylic acid and amino acid or amino condensate reactants and manufacturing method therefor
Polycyclic quinone and ionophore composition for the synergistic reduction of methane formation in ruminant animals
Nutritional supplement for the management of stress
Salt substitute compositions
Multi-layer food products
Process for manufacturing thermoplastic-trimmed article of clothing
Flexible material
Fireproof thermally insulating barrier, a method of fabricating such a barrier, and a garment comprising at least one such barrier as internal insulation
Supplementary fiber structure for leather and leather gloves, shoes, garments and upholstery with supplementary fiber structures and process for adding a supplementary fiber structure to leather
Deodorant pad system
Method of making a lever device for clamps of a garment hanger
Electric cooking apparatus
Door lock
Pad and Adhesive Bandage
Method for manufacturing shaped components from web materials
Method and apparatus for assembling refastenable absorbent garments
Artificial salivary gland
Method for spray-coating a medical device having a tubular wall such as a stent
Anesthetic composition for intravenous injection comprising propofol
Treatment of acne using alkanolamine compositions
Method for preventing and treating peripheral neuropathy by administering selegiline
Delivery of anti-migraine compounds through an inhalation route
Suspension aerosol formulations
Glycerol-lactate esters for use as an energy supplement during exercise and recovery
Estrogen mimetics lacking reproductive tract effects
Reduction of hair growth
Carbonic emulsion skin care compositions and method for removing chemically bound residues and mineral deposits from hair
Use of PDE V inhibitors for improved fecundity in mammals
Medicines for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Indole derivatives, process for preparation of the same and use thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use
Method of use of (imidazol-5-yl)methyl-2-quinolinone derivatives to inhibit smooth muscle cell proliferation
Active oxygen scavenger
Quinoline derivatives as NK3 antagonists
Process for producing camptothecin
Methods for treating cardiac arrhythmia
Vanadium compounds for treating cancer
6-azauracil derivatives as IL-5 inhibitors
Sulfonylalkanoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Method for preparing colloidal solution of bismuth sodium tartrate
Processing animal tissues by decellularizing, increasing surface area and acylating
Methods for the identification of fungal glucose utilization inhibitors and antifungal agents
Use of adeno-associated viruses for decreasing the radiotherapy-induced or chemotherapy- induced resistance in cancer patients
Use of parovirus capsid particles in the inhibition of cell proliferation and migration
Method of using lectins for contraception, prophylaxis against diseases transmittable by sexual contact, and therapy of such diseases, and apparatus for administering lectins
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Therapeutic agents for achondroplasia
Use of calcitonin gene-related peptide in the prevention and alleviation of asthma and related bronchospastic pulmonary diseases
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Method of treating heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
Method for treating hyperthyroidism
Multicomponent vaccine containing clostridial and non-clostridial organisms in a low dose
Proteosome influenza vaccine
Death domain containing receptor 5
1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyrimidine-2-one compositions and therapeutic methods therewith for pain and inflammation
Methods and compositions for controlling protein assembly or aggregation
Acyl deoxyribonucleoside derivatives and uses thereof
Alkyne-aryl phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors
Topical testosterone formulations and associated methods
Pharmaceutical compositions containing plasma protein
Molecules that home to a selected organ in vivo
Single-chain antigen-binding proteins capable of glycosylation, production and uses thereof
Single-chain antigen-binding proteins capable of glycosylation, production and uses thereof
Receptor-mediated uptake of peptides that bind the human transferrin receptor
Methods for preparing conjugates
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Extracorporal system for treating disease with radionucleotides
Initiator for polymerizing and/or cross-linking polyorganosiloxanes with cross-linkable functional groups, corresponding compositions and their uses
Transparent conditioning shampoo
Method of reducing hair growth employing sulfhydryl active compounds
Ophthalmic compositions containing copolymers of sulfonated styrene and maleic anhydride
Implant device with a retinoid for improved biocompatibility
Tablets immediately disintegrating in the oral cavity
Methods for delivering compounds into a cell
Methods for stabilizing biologically active agents encapsulated in biodegradable controlled-release polymers
Method of making microencapsulated DNA for vaccination and gene therapy
Melt-extruded orally administrable opioid formulations
Low temperature coatings
Pulverulent mannitol and process for preparing it
Inhalation administration of biophosphonates
Multifunctional polymeric tissue coatings
Compositions and methods for minimizing adverse drug experiences associated with oxybutynin therapy
Hydrophilic polymers and methods of preparation
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising poly-.beta.-1.fwdarw.4-N-acetylglucosamine
Apertured polymeric film web with diol/surfactant additive
Superabsorbent polymers having delayed water absorption characteristics
Methods of using cyanovirins to inhibit viral infection
Method of bacteriostasis or disinfection for permselective membrane
Apparatus and method for producing antimicrobial silver solution
Sterilized cyanoacrylate solutions containing thickeners
Tape cast multi-layer ceramic/metal composites
Process of making polymer articles
Implantable medical catheter having reinforced silicone elastomer composition
Odor control composition and process
Interface for iontophoresis
Pigment mixture comprising BiOCI pigments
Granules based on pyrogenically produced aluminium oxide, process for the production thereof and use thereof
Composites made using functionalized nanoparticles
Sunscreen for animals
Topical composition comprising olive leaf extract
Method of treating onychomycosis with urea and an antioxidant
Golf ball cover compositions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Heated fuel strainer assembly
Magnetic filtration system
Air filter for gasoline and diesel engines
Method and apparatus for particle separation including mechanical separation of particles
Filter and manufacturing method thereof
Polymer, polymer microfiber, polymer nanofiber and applications including filter structures
Air filtration indicator
Furnace filter system
Filter and production method thereof
Air purification device for air handling units
Gas storage and dispensing system with monolithic carbon adsorbent
Purifier of noxious gas and method for manufacturing the same
Service reservoir purge of air dryers in pump-off mode
Method for odor control
Method for the catalytic decomposition of N2O
Method for processing chopped fiberglass bundles
Composite metallic ultrafine particles and process for producing the same
Reaction and temperature control for high power microwave-assisted chemistry techniques
Low temperature sorbents for removal of sulfur compounds from fluid feed streams
Process for production of molecular sieve adsorbent blends
Catalyst for producing epoxy compounds and method of producing epoxy compounds using the same
Method for the dehydrogenation of triisopropyl benzene and diisopropyl benzene
Catalyst pretreatment in an oxgenate to olefins reaction system
Chiral catalysts for asymmetric acylation and related transformations
Process for the preparation of nonracemic syn-1-(4-hydroxy-phenyl)-2-(4-hydroxy-4-phenyl-piperidin-1-yl)-1-propanol compounds
Process for the carbonylation of pentenenitrile
Catalyst for the low-temperature pyrolysis of hydrocarbon-containing polymer materials
Closed cyclone system having a flow rate distributor and use of same
Sparger configuration for fluidized bed hydrocarbon partial oxidation reactors
Process for early detection of reactor fouling in gas phase polymerization
Pumpless microfluidics
Directional acceleration vector-driven displacement of fluids (DAVD-DOF)
Microfluid driving device
Method for performing microassays
Apparatus and method for coating implantable devices
Compartment for powder coating of workpieces
Adhesive coating method
Curtain coater and method for curtain coating
Process for repairing coated substrate surfaces
Polymer for data storage, data storage media coated by the same, data storage device and method using data storage media
Multistep single chamber parts proceeding method
Substrate treatment process and apparatus
Method of cleaning infant feeding bottles
Case for use in sintering process to produce rare-earth magnet, and method for producing rare-earth magnet
Electrochemical machining method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for electrodischarge wire machining
Apparatus and method for rejuvenating cooling passages within a turbine airfoil
Component bonder and bonding tool
Laser drilled holes for film cooling
Laser apparatus and laser annealing method
Laser welding method
Method for producing shaped bodies or applying coatings
Automatic soldering machine
Method for welding a differential housing
Alkali metal fluorozincate and method for producing it
Control method of arc welding and arc welder
Online monitoring system and method for a short-circuiting gas metal arc welding process
Welding torch for use in gas metal arc welding
Method for producing spectacle lens and lens processing system
Stretchable interconnects using stress gradient films
Method of manufacturing consolidated cellulosic panels with contoured surfaces and variable basis weight
Method for producing ceramic matrix composites
Production device and method for opened fiber bundle and prepreg production method
Method for predispersing compounding ingredients
Anisotropic heat diffuser plate
Method of manufacturing a PTFE preform using thermal fusion
Method for manufacturing a foam panel
Wear-resistant three-dimensional foamable structure and the method for manufacturing it
Resin molding machine and method of resin molding
Method for producing a hybrid frame or hybrid housing and corresponding hybrid frame or hybrid housing
Process for the production of a cable and device for performing this process
Nano-size imprinting stamp using spacer technique
Method and apparatus for forming slider end stops on zipper
Optical disk, method for producing the same, and apparatus for producing the same
Liquid-crystalline resin composition and molding
Co-cured composite structures and method of making them
Stress release method
Colored contact lenses and method of making same
Method and apparatus of optical information recording medium, and optical information recording medium
Self heat sealable packaging and a method for making same
Coated article
Self-constrained low temperature glass-ceramic unfired tape for microelectronics and methods for making and using the same
Method of partially embedding non-woven fiber mat to reinforcing fibers impregnated with a thermoplastic resin and composition therefrom
Laminate for coffee packaging with energy cured coating
Electrophotographic transfer sheet and process for forming color image using the same
Multiple layer film of a new non-PVC material
Solid surface products
Photosensitive resin laminate and production method thereof
Polymeric film
Methods for reducing amine odor in paper
Honeycomb sandwich panel
Method for accurate placement of fluid materials on a substrate
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet and process for producing the same
Cationic polymer and inkjet recording sheet
Radiation-curable coating for ink jet printing
Method for preparing a plastic surface for printing with toner
Composite form with imprintable magnetic card
Method of etching high aspect ratio openings
Method for cleaning vehicle windows
Conduit channel for insulated conductor lines and devices of an in-flight entertainment system in an aircraft
Lubricant for transporting containers on a conveyor system
Resealable bag with arcuate rupturable seal
Semi-rigid hand-held food package
Packaging box for golf ball
Method and apparatus for making a tissue paper with improved tactile qualities while improving the reel-up process for a high bulk web
Micromachine manufacturing method
Optically controlled switches
MEMS wafer level package
Single electron devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Integrated processing of natural gas into liquid products
Hydrogen gas generating systems, fuel cell systems and methods for stopping operation of fuel cell system
Primary reactor liquid water and air injection for improved management of a fuel processor
Process for production of ultrathin protective overcoats
Direct growth of nanotubes, and their use in nanotweezers
Family of discretely sized silicon nanoparticles and method for producing the same
Sparingly soluble alkali metal silicate
Hydrogen cyanide synthesis process
Process for the removal of oxalate and/or sulphate from Bayer liquors
Palladium complex salt and use thereof for adjusting palladium concentration of an electrolytic solution for deposit of palladium or one of its alloys
Removal of cell growth from a body of water
Media for water treatment
Rubber derivatives and method for their preparation
Method and apparatus for neutralizing alkaline wastewater without using mineral acids
Sewage treatment process
Method for bacterially treating tank toilet systems and apparatus for using same
Combined laser-scribing and laser-breaking for shaping of brittle substrates
Flint/amber laminated glass container and method of manufacture
Highly durable hydrophobic coatings and methods
Optical glass
Well cement additives, compositions and methods
Construction board materials with engineered microstructures
Process for the production of ceramic tiles
Low temperature sinterable and low loss dielectric ceramic compositions and method thereof
Ceramic heater and method for manufacturing the same
Process for selective production of propylene from hydrocarbon fractions with four carbon atoms
Method for oligomerizing olefins to form higher olefins using sulfur-containing and sulfur-tolerant catalysts
Preparation of high octane alkylate from Fischer-Tropsch olefins
Organic electroluminescent device
Process for producing optically active aminoalcohol
Phenylheteroalkylamine derivatives
Kinetic resolutions of chiral 2-and 3-substituted carboxylic acids
Process for the separation of enantiomers and enantiopure reagent
Glycerolipid compounds useful for the transfer of an active substance into a target cell
4-aminobut-2-ynecarboxylic acid derivatives
Compositions comprising undecamantanes and processes for their separation
Method for making ethyl ketone cyanohydrin
Amine compounds, resist compositions and patterning process
Factor VIIa inhibitory (thio)urea derivatives, their preparation and their use
Selective liquid phase hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds to give the corresponding alcohols in the presence of a Pt/ZnO catalyst
Method for producing 2,3-dichloro-1-propanol and epichlorohyrin
Method of treating fluorine compound
Methods for protection of stratified squamous epithelium against injury by noxious substances and novel agents for use therefor
Method for separating hydroxymethylthiobutyric acid
Compositions based on dimethyl disulphide with a masked smell
Process for the preparation of xanthophyll crystals
Process for the preparation of meso-zeaxanthin
Conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Selective liquid phase air oxidation of toluene catalysed by composite catalytic system
Process for the transesterification of keto ester with alcohol using polyaniline salts as catalyst
Polymerizable halogenated vinyl ethers
Process for the production of piperidine derivatives
Storage and transportation of N-vinyl-epsilon-caprolactam
Production of 5-methyl-N-aryl-2-pyrrolidone and 5-methyl-N-cycloalkyl-2-pyrrolidone by reductive amination of levulinic acid with aryl amines
Pyrrolothiazine and pyrrolothiazepine compounds having serotonin-2 receptor antagonistic and .alpha.-1-blocking action
Process for the preparation of indole derivatives and intermediates of the process
4-aryl-1-(indanmethyl, dihydrobenzofuranmethyl or dihydrobenzothiophenemethyl) tetrahydropyridines or piperazines
Electrochemically stable onium salts and electrolytes containing such for electrochemical capacitors
Nitroimidazole derivative and diagnostic imaging agent containing the same
Imidazole derivatives with anti-inflammatory activity
Method for producing 1-substituted-1,2,3-triazole derivative
Estrogen receptor modulators
Carbamate and oxamide compounds
Process for the manufacture of furfural
Cyclic acetal compound, polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Cyclic .beta.-amino acid derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-.alpha.
Substituted fused pyrroleimines and pyrazoleimines
Cyclobutaindolecarboxamide compounds
3-nitropyridine derivaives and the pharmaceutical compositions containing said derivatives
Heterocyclic inhibitors of ERK2 and uses thereof
N-(4-sulfonylaryl)cyclylamine-2-hydroxyethylamines as beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Indole Derivatives useful for the treatment of CNS disorders
Indol-3-yl derivatives
Stereoselective synthesis of nucleoside analogues
Benzoxazines, thermosetting resins comprised thereof, and methods for use thereof
Oxazalidinone compounds and methods of preparation and use thereof
Antirheumatic agent
Process for imidazo[4,5-c]pyridin-4-amines
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Substituted pyrazole derivatives condensed with six-membered heterocyclic rings
Naphthyridine derivatives, processes for their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Substituted imidazo[1,5-a][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-d][1,4]benzodiazepine derivatives
Methods and compounds for inhibiting MRP1
2-aroylimidazole compounds for treating cancer
Process for the preparation of ruthenium compounds
Raw material compounds for use in CVD, and chemical vapor deposition of ruthenium compound thin films
Polymerization catalyst
Synthesis of 3,6-dialkyl-5,6-dihydro-4-hydroxy-pyran-2-one
Process of forming thin film and precursor for chemical vapor deposition
Process for producing organotitanium compound and process for addition reaction
Agents and methods for the treatment of proliferative diseases
Efficient method of synthesizing combretastatin A-4 prodrugs
Polymeric surface coatings
Sugar modified nucleosides
Method for the detection of specific nucleic acid sequences by polymerase nucleotide incorporation
Association of the muscarinic cholinergic 2 receptor (CHRM2) gene with major depression in women
Nucleic acids for the diagnosis and treatment of giant cell arteritis
Fluorescent dye and method of measuring nucleic acid
Method of preparing a protein array based on biochemical protein-protein interaction
Process for inactivating prions in lipoproteins
Using polyamide nucleic acid oligomers to engender a biological response
Immunological methodology for discerning human papillomavirus
Use of human serum resistant vector particles and cell lines for human gene therapy
Aspergillus fumigatus profilin
Modification of PI-TA gene conferring fungal disease resistance to plants
Antimicrobial peptides and derived metapeptides
Angiogenesis inhibitor
Human proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Nucleic acids and polypeptides
Tumor suppressor encoding nucleic acid, PTX1, and methods of use thereof
Polynucleotides differentially expressed in adenocarcinomas, polypeptides encoded thereby, and methods of use thereof
Method of cell culture using neurturin
Keratinocyte growth factor-2 products
Bone stimulating factor
Lysyl-oxidase HOHEC84 polynucleotides
Method of removing N-terminal alanine residues from polypeptides with Aeromonas aminopeptidase
Production of membrane proteins in the milk of transgenic mammals
Substances and their uses
Methods of screening using human G-protein chemokine receptor HDGNR10 (CCR5)
Apo-AI/AII peptide derivatives
Expression systems utilizing autolyzing fusion proteins and a novel reducing polypeptide
Isolated human Ras-like proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human Ras-like proteins, and uses thereof
Methods, systems and kits for immuno-detection of epitopes expressed on molecules
Monoclonal antibodies that suppress B cell growth and/or differentiation
Cyclic peptide antifungal agents and process for preparation thereof
Cyclohexapeptides having antimicrobial activity
High polymer solids slurry polymerization employing 1-olefin comonomer
Catalyst systems for the polymerization of olefins and the stereoregular polymerization of alpha-olefins via metallacyclic intermediates
Method for polymerising ethylene
Copolymers of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene having reduced extractable content and improved solution clarity
Rapidly crosslinking fluoropolymer
Alkenylphenol copolymer and process for producing the same
Silicone gel composition
Olefin polymerization catalyst composition and preparation thereof
Process and composition for rapid mass production of holographic recording article
Reactive mixtures of substances on the basis of propargyl-alcohol blocked polyisocyanates, method for preparing the same and the use thereof
Plastic lenses for spectacles
Self-emulsifiable polyisocyanate with high functionality and process for producing the same
Epoxy hardener of imidazole or trihydric compound with methylol groups, trimethylolpropane and tetramethylguanidine (adduct)
Retardation film and process for producing the same
Aryl-substituted poly-p-arylenevinylenes
Porous structures having a pre-metallization conductive polymer coating and method of manufacture
Polyester association thickeners
Composition comprising a cationic polymerization compound and coating obtained from the same
Hyperbranched ether-ketone co-polymers
Thermoplastic resin composition
Process for the purification of polyarylene sulfide
Functional fusing agent
Synthesis of siloxane resins
Dicarboxy functionalized silicone
Reduction in polystyrene foams with dibasic esters
Fep pellet
Method for producing ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer resin composition
Polyamide based thermoplastic silicone elastomers
Preparation of nondusting free-flowing pigment concentrates
Oriented high density polyethylene film, compositions and process suitable for preparation thereof
Viscosity stabilizer for natural rubber, viscosity-stabilized natural rubber composition and process for producing the same, and method of controlling rise in viscosity of natural rubber
Heat-resistant composition
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Self-adhesive addition-crosslinking silicone compositions
Polyimide film
Thermosetting resin compostition of a radically curable resin mixture and carbon fibre
Crosslinkable rubber compositions and uses thereof
Polyolefin compositions having high tenacity
Resin composition comprising ethylene-based polymers and process for its production
Thermoplastic resin composition and production processes thereof
Cellulose fiber reinforced composites having reduced discoloration and improved dispersion and associated methods of manufacture
Preparation of flame retardant expandable poly(arylene ether)/polystyrene compositions
Fluoropolymer blends
Methacrylic-urethane oligomers, method of preparation and oligomer-containing resin compositions
Expoxy functionalized ethylene copolymer asphalt reaction products
Modification of asphalt cement
Cyanine dyes
Preparation of liquid formulations of basic azo dyes
Inorganic particles and methods of making
Method of treating precipitated calcium carbonate fillers
Coating material for absorbing radiant heat, manufacturing method thereof
Polymeric binders for ink jet inks
Printing ink composition
Blue luminous ink composition
Fluorine-containing resin powder coating composition
Ambient temperature curing coating composition
Coating agents which can be used for multi-layer enameling
Pigment dispersing resins
Resin composition for intermediate layer of three-layer resist
Process for treating adhesion promoted metal surfaces with an organo-silcon post-treatment
Antistatic powder coating compositions and their use
Dry-in-place zinc phosphating compositions including adhesion-promoting polymers
Hydrophobic material
Anionic electrodeposition coating composition
Resin dispersion for cationic electrodeposition and cationic electrodeposition coating composition including the same
Chemical-mechanical planarization of barriers or liners for copper metallurgy
Adhesive for inorganic vapor-deposited film
Process for producing optical element
Method of modifying a surface molecules, adhesives, articles, and methods
Plasma display panel with improved mixed green-color fluorescent material
High selectivity SiC etch in integrated circuit fabrication
Smectic polymer liquid crystals, process for production thereof and electronic device
Gel-free colloidal abrasive polishing compositions and associated methods
Compositions comprising 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane and use of these compositions
Olefin production utilizing whole crude oil
Fuel additive composition for improving delivery of friction modifier
Antioxidant, antiwear/extreme pressure additive compositions and lubricating compositions containing the same
Dispersants and lubricating oil compositions containing same
Fragrance composition comprising a mixture of nitriles
Low viscosity alkyl diphenyl oxide sulfonic acid blends
Stable aqueous laundry detergents containing vinyl pyrrolidone copolymers
Method and apparatus for producing cleaning agent
Carbonate based liquid laundry detergent booster
Laundry composition
Highly productive alpha-amylases
Method for the one step preparation of textiles
Method for purifying a thermoplastic norbornene resin, a substrate using such a resin, and a magnetic recording medium using such a substrate
Antisense modulation of PTPN12 expression
Artificial chromosomes, uses thereof and methods for preparing artificial chromosomes
Plasmid stabilization
Molecular-biological marker for analytical electron microscopy
Methods and compositions to reduce or eliminate transmission of a transgene
Homologous recombination antibody expression system for murine cells
Viral recombinant vectors for expression in muscle cells
Method for preparing retrovirus vector for gene therapy
Process for continuous purification and concentration of leukocytes from blood
Culture medium for in vitro culture of in vitro-produced porcine embryo and method for in vitro production of porcine embryo using the culture medium
Therapeutic methods relating to human carbamyl phosphate synthetase I polymorphism
Nematode MDH-like sequences
Regulation of gene expression by protein methylation
Processive sugar transferase
Human lysozyme gene, its encoded polypeptide and the method for preparing them
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Linoleate isomerase
Process for the manufacture of a vitamin E intermediate
Production of complex carbohydrates
Linear amplification of specific nucleic acid sequences
Thermostable proteolytic enzymes and uses thereof in peptide and protein synthesis
Process for the preparation of substituted 3-phenyl-propanoic acid esters and substituted 3-phenyl-propanoic acids
Method to produce succinic acid from raw hydrolysates
System and methods for blood glucose sensing
Multifunctional and multispectral biosensor devices and methods of use
Capsular polysaccharide adhesin antigen, preparation, purification and use
Identification of drugs and drug targets by detection of the stress response
Compositions containing a urea derivative dye for detecting an analyte and methods for using the same
Compositions and assays utilizing ADP or phosphate for detecting protein modulators
Glycerol as a predictor of glucose tolerance
Method of determining global coagulability hemostatic potential
Mobility-modified nucleobase polymers and methods of using same
Methods for producing transgenic plants containing evolutionarily significant polynucleotides
Probes and methods for detection of nucleic acids
ACE genotype which correlates with improved success in sodium excretion in hypertensives with exercise
Rapid fluorescence detection of binding to nucleic acid drug targets labelled with highly fluorescent nucleotide base analogs
Method of making and using ferrous metal particle briquettes
Method and apparatus for solar heating a mining leach solution
Aluminum alloy structural plate excelling in strength and corrosion resistance and method of manufacturing same
Non-oriented electrical steel sheet with ultra-high magnetic flux density and production method thereof
Steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
High resistance steel band or sheet and method for the production thereof
High-strength high-toughness precipitation-hardened steel
Method for producing AlMn strips or sheets
Method and apparatus for casting, hot rolling and annealing non-heat treatment aluminum alloys
Oxide superconducting conductor and its production method
Apparatus for applying thin layers to a substrate
Pre-treatment for salicide process
Transparent conductive stratiform coating of indium tin oxide
Method for producing indium tin oxide film
Ultra-thin seed layer for multilayer superlattice magnetic recording media
Target and process for its production, and method of forming a film having a high refractive index
Sputtering target with a partially enclosed vault
Sputtering of aligned magnetic materials and magnetic dipole ring used therefor
Apparatus and method for self-centering a wafer in a sputter chamber
Semiconductor film, semiconductor device and method of their production
Dopant precursors and processes
Chemical vapor deposition of barriers from novel precursors
Fabrication method for semiconductor integrated devices
Process for producing aluminum oxide films at low temperatures
Method for growing thin films
Reactive gaseous deposition precursor feed apparatus
Barrier layer for an article and method of making said barrier layer by expanding thermal plasma
Grounded centering ring for inhibiting polymer build-up on the diaphragm of a manometer
Method of improving moisture resistance of low dielectric constant films
Method of metallizing a substrate part
Method for partially plating on a base
Electroless copper plating solution and high-frequency electronic component
Metal filling method and member with filled metal sections
Method of coating with combined kinetic spray and thermal spray
Bearing manufacturing method for compressor
Electrolytic solution for electrochemical deposit of palladium or its alloys
Continuous crystal plate growth process and apparatus
Oxide superconductor, manufacturing method thereof, and base substrate therefor
Method of fabricating a CMOS device with integrated super-steep retrograde twin wells using double selective epitaxial growth
Stacked memory cell having diffusion barriers
Thermal annealing process for producing low defect density single crystal silicon
Thermal annealing process for producing silicon wafers with improved surface characteristics
Cruicible and growth method for polycrystal silicon using same
Textiles; Paper
Polyvinyl alcohol polymer production method and polyvinyl alcohol polymer
High elongation splittable multicomponent fibers comprising starch and polymers
Hollow carbon fiber and production method
Bioabsorbable multifilament yarn and methods of manufacture
Paper making machine fabric as well as tissue paper produced thereby
Process for producing adhesive for fusion bonding, adhesive for fusion bonding obtained by the process, and adhesive fabric containing the adhesive for fusion bonding
Spill resistant carpet backing
High temperature peroxide bleaching of mechanical pulps
Mask for differential curing and process for making same
Use of a transfer belt for a soft tissue paper machine
Process and apparatus for determining the properties of a traveling material web
Composition for de-acidification of cellulose material
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for collecting material floating on a body of water
Boom curtain with expandable pleated panels, containment boom containing the same, and use thereof
Drain guard catch basin
Manhole debris-catching system
Single tear pre-cut insulation blanket
Insulated glass and method of making same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for correcting a gas sensor response for moisture in exhaust gas
Coolant fan control for fuel cell systems
Impregnated convoluted boot
Wire connection box with rapidly-assembled lamp rod
Heater and method for manufacturing the same
Microprocessor controlled heater/cooler system
Method of installing a refractory lining
Systems and methods for monitoring or controlling the ratio of hydrogen to water vapor in metal heat treating atmospheres
Method and apparatus for cooling a CVI/CVD furnace
Heat processing apparatus
Method and measuring device for measuring at least one property of moving web
System and method for sensing movement in a compressor system
Optically coupled sensor for application to combustible liquids
High speed sampling circuit
Method of fabricating pressure sensor monolithically integrated
Device for qualifying products containing volatile substances
Non-contact laser capture microdissection
Method and apparatus for differentiating blood cells using back-scatter
Methods of separating particles using an optical gradient
Disease type and/or condition determination method and apparatus and drug screening method and apparatus
Balancing planarization of layers and the effect of underlying structure on the metrology signal
Fluorescent polymer-QTL approach to biosensing
Poly (1,4-ethylene-2-piperazone) composition, method for production of a poly(1,4-ethylene-2-piperazone), composition TCE-detecting method and sensor
Method and apparatus for inspection of hot glass containers
Coating of pre-cast electrophoresis slab gels
Magnetizable bead detector
High throughput high performance chromatography system
Method and system for identifying and quantifying chemical components of a mixture
Serum/clot separation surface determination apparatus
Detection system using liposomes and signal modification
Method and diagnostic kit for diagnosis of endometriosis
Method for counting leukocytes and leukocyte counter
Methods for differentiating and monitoring parathyroid and bone status related diseases
Wafer-level testing apparatus and method
Micro-electromechanical apparatus and method with position sensor compensation
Bar-shaped light guide, line-illuminating device incorporated with the bar-shaped light guide and contact-type image sensor incorporated with the line-illuminating device
Optical waveguide probe and manufacturing method of the same, and scanning near-field optical microscope
Passive, temperature compensated techniques for tunable filter calibration in bragg-grating interrogation systems
Sealing gasket for cables
Exposure mask for liquid crystal display device and exposure method thereof
Method of manufacturing an electro-optical device
Thin film transistor and liquid crystal display device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Apparatus for radiographically imaging elongated objects
Method of and apparatus for correcting image sharpness in image reading system
Heat-sensitive recording material
Black and white silver halide display elements having good light stability
Halftone phase shift mask and mask blank
Positive photoresist composition
Chemically amplified resist and a resist composition
Photoresist compositions
Positive resist composition with (bis-tri fluoromethyl) methyl substituted styrene
Bi-layer resist process
Photomask for aberration measurement, aberration measurement method unit for aberration measurement and manufacturing method for device
Photoresist removal from alignment marks through wafer edge exposure
Method for structuring a photoresist layer
Method of using heat-depolymerizable polycarbonate sacrificial layer to create nano-fluidic devices
Dry clean process to improve device gate oxide integrity (GOI) and reliability
Plasma processing method
Treating composition and process for toner fusing in electrostatographic reproduction
Apparatus for controlling temperature of moveable electrically heated objects/drums
Positive charging single-layer organic photoreceptor for liquid development
Carrier for electrophotographic developer
Toner compositions comprising polyester resin and polypyrrole
Database system for predictive cellular bioinformatics
Electronic musical keyboard operated by foot for amusement and exercise
Magnetic optical member with a polymer substrate
Process for producing glass substrate for magnetic recording medium and glass substrate for magnetic recording medium obtained by the same
Magnetic recording medium
Recording medium for optical data storage devices, method for producing said recording medium and optical data storage device with a corresponding recording layer
Information recording medium and method for producing the same, and method for recording/reproducing information thereon
Method of forming a semiconductor array of floating gate memory cells and strap regions, and a memory array and strap regions made thereby
Single-chamber fillable phantom for nuclear imaging
Methods for the prevention of radon emissions
Process for forming varistor ink composition
High temperature electrically conductive material
Electrical power transmission system using superconductors
Communication wire
Magneto sensitive fluid composition and a process for preparation thereof
Bilayer CMP process to improve surface roughness of magnetic stack in MRAM technology
Ceramic capacitor and method for the manufacture thereof
Method of making electrets through vapor condensation
Conductive electrolyte for high voltage capacitors
Retaining device for sensor
Quiet pushbutton switch
Slim switch
Backlit full travel key assembly
Rocker switch
Pull-string switch system and method of making a pull-string switch
Volume adjustment apparatus and method for use
Polymeric liquid metal switch
Filter bag
High-voltage circuit breaker having an insulating nozzle
High-voltage circuit-breaker including a valve for decompressing a thermal blast chamber
Removal deterrence structure for a mechanical interlock
Image pickup device including electron-emitting devices
Apparatus and method for focusing ions and charged particles at atmospheric pressure
Ion trapping
Means and method for a quadrupole surface induced dissociation quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Wafer heating devices for use in ion implantation systems
Substrate processing apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Oriented conductive oxide electrodes on SiO2/Si and glass
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor memory devices
Method for manufacturing a capacitor
Thin silicon circuits and method for making the same
Method of spin etching wafers with an alkali solution
Method for manufacturing multi-layer package substrates
Metal-on-metal capacitor with conductive plate for preventing parasitic capacitance and method of making the same
Etching method and etching apparatus of carbon thin film
Method of making a semiconductor device by forming a masking layer with a tapered etch profile
Method for making a radio frequency component and component produced thereby
Method for the formation of active area utilizing reverse trench isolation
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device and method for lowering miller capacitance for high-speed microprocessors
High performance MOSFET with modulated channel gate thickness
Method to produce localized halo for MOS transistor
Method and system for making cobalt silicide
Method for fabricating nitride memory cells using a floating gate fabrication process
Method of manufacturing a portion of a memory by selectively etching to remove metal nitride or metal oxynitride extrusions
Floating gate memory fabrication methods comprising a field dielectric etch with a horizontal etch component
Power diode having improved on resistance and breakdown voltage
Embedded metal nanocrystals
Organic low K dielectric etch with NH3 chemistry
Process for producing a semiconductor device including etching using a multi-step etching treatment having different gas compositions in each step
Planarization process for semiconductor substrates
Process for preparing insulating material having low dielectric constant
Transistor with improved source/drain extension dopant concentration
Abrupt source/drain extensions for CMOS transistors
Methods of Fabricating Gate and Storage Dielectric Stacks having Silicon-Rich-Nitride
Polysilicon opening polish
Selective thickening of the source-drain and gate areas of field effect transistors
Method of forming a metal-oxide semiconductor transistor
Sacrificial polysilicon sidewall process and rapid thermal spike annealing for advance CMOS fabrication
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Process for manufacturing transistors having silicon/germanium channel regions
Method of fabrication SOI devices with accurately defined monocrystalline source/drain extensions
Method for forming silicide at source and drain
Method of fabricating semiconductor components
Integrated circuit package configuration having an encapsulating body with a flanged portion and an encapsulating mold for molding the encapsulating body
Bump fabrication process
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Apparatus and method for leadless packaging of semiconductor devices
Method of inspecting process for manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Sealing mechanism of multi-chamber load-locking device
Semiconductor wafer, method for producing the same, and wafer chuck
Rotary substrate processing apparatus and method
Using sonic energy in connection with laser-assisted direct imprinting
Method for forming shallow trench isolation
Method of improving surface planarity prior to MRAM bit material deposition
Method for forming a conductive copper structure
Method for forming dual damascene line structure
Method of forming dual damascene pattern using dual bottom anti-reflective coatings (BARC)
Integrated circuit devices with high and low voltage components and processes for manufacturing these devices
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuitry and method for manufacturing the circuitry
Method of forming a floating gate in a flash memory device
Method of reducing leakage using Si3N4 or SiON block dielectric films
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of wafer marking for multi-layer metal processes
Method for forming isolation layer in semiconductor device
Method of forming a SiGe-on-insulator substrate using separation by implantation of oxygen
Silicon-on-insulator wafer for RF integrated circuit
Method for etching a trench through an anti-reflective coating
Shallow trench isolation method and method for manufacturing non-volatile memory device using the same
Process for producing barrier film and barrier film thus produced
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including steps of forming groove and recess, and semiconductor device
Low temperature integrated metallization process and apparatus
Structures and methods to enhance copper metallization
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of making a metallization line layout
Methods of packaging an integrated circuit
Heat dissipating IC devices
Method of making a wafer level chip scale package
Bonding pad isolation
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit package utilizing an interposer surrounded by a flexible dielectric material with conductive posts
Stacked fill structures for support of dielectric layers
Semiconductor memory device manufacturing method
Low profile non-electrically-conductive component cover for encasing circuit board components to prevent direct contact of a conformal EMI shield
Flip-chip on flex for high performance packaging applications
Arrangement of microlenses in a solid-state image sensor for improving signal to noise ratio
Method for making an integrated circuit device including photodiodes
Active pixel sensor with intra-pixel charge transfer
Process for forming a metal oxy-nitride dielectric layer by varying the flow rate of nitrogen into the chamber
Method of manufacturing an active matrix type device
Negative differential resistance reoxidized nitride silicon-based photodiode and method
High dielectric constant materials forming components of DRAM such as deep-trench capacitors and gate dielectric (insulators) for support circuits
Silicon solar cell with germanium backside solar cell
Method for combined fabrication of indium gallium arsenide/indium phosphide avalanche photodiodes and P-I-N photodiodes
Nitride semiconductor element with a supporting substrate
Substrates having increased thermal conductivity for semiconductor structures
Light-emitting or light-receiving semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Compound semiconductor light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Thermoelectric material improved in figure of merit, process for producing thereof and peltier module using the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Laminate sheath type battery
Closed type battery case
Structure for preventing reverse insertion of a storage battery
Silver-zinc alkaline rechargeable battery (stacking order)
Alkaline storage battery
Electric energy storage device
Double current collector cathode design using chemically similar active materials for alkali metal electrochemical
Pellet process for double current collector screen cathode preparation
Electrode materials derived from polyquinonic ionic compounds and their use in electrochemical generators
Nonaqueous electrolyte lithium secondary batteries
Method for manufacturing electrode for secondary battery
Interfacial and edge seals for unitized electrode assemblies of fuel cell stack assembly
Method and apparatus for collecting condensate in an integrated fuel cell system
Fuel cell system and method for operating same
Fuel cell using variable porosity gas diffusion material
Fuel cell power system and method of controlling a fuel cell power system
Monopolar cell pack of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and direct methanol fuel cell
Nitride-based semiconductor laser device and method of forming the same
Method for fabricating a set of distributed feedback semiconductor lasers
Integrated type gas-insulated switching apparatus
Cable junction box with universal hardware mounting
Waterproof structure of electric junction box
Microwave oven for easily setting food menu required to be cooked
Apparatus for hot-pressing a planar product
Microwave thawing apparatus and method
Twin plasma torch apparatus
Method and apparatus for increased routing density on printed circuit boards with differential pairs
Adhesiveless transfer lamination method and materials for producing electronic circuits
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