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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Water insoluble helychrisum extract, process for preparing the same and uses thereof
Surgical instrument for manipulating surgical suture and methods of use
Method and clamp for gastric reduction surgery
Apparatus for sealing surgical punctures
Apparatus and method for securing a portion of a body
Gastric coil manipulator
Bone anchor assembly and methods of use
Fundus camera
Biological information utilization system, biological information utilization method, program, and recording medium
Acoustically activated dental instrument
Pants-type diaper
Disposable wearing article
Implants for administering substances and methods of producing implants
Covered stent
System and method for delivering and deploying an occluding device within a vessel
Vertebral cage device with modular fixation
CPR chest compression monitor and method of use
Resuscitation device and method
Presbyopia treatment by lens alteration
Mutant luciferase
Stent and delivery system with reduced chemical degradation
Clostridium toxin, and process for the preparation of immunogenic composition
Protective antigens for group B Streptococcus hypervirulent strains
Antibody fragment-polymer conjugates and uses of same
Binding domain-immunoglobulin fusion proteins
Anti-TGF-beta receptor II antibodies
Chelator-functionalized nanoparticles
Personal care compositions containing hydrophobically modified non-platelet particles
Oral drug delivery system
Sterilizing material supply apparatus and isolator
Implant system and method for bulking tissue
Agent for dyeing and/or bleaching keratin fibers, comprising composition (A), anhydrous composition (B), and at least one fatty substance
Upper body exercise and flywheel enhanced dual deck treadmills
Method of providing golf contents in mobile terminal
Game state presenting device, game state presenting method, information recording medium, and program
Secured inter-processor and virtual device communications system
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and process for desalination of brackish water
Method of making and using adsorbent to remove heavy metal from waste water
Monolith filter apparatus and membrane apparatus, and method using same
Method for the production of silicon from silyl halides
Selective, integrated processing of bio-derived ester species to yield low molecular weight hydrocarbons and hydrogen for the production of biofuels
Multi-well rotary synthesizer
Micro passage chip and fluid transferring method
Method and apparatus for modifying pressure within a fluid dispenser
Centrifugation method and chamber for washing and continuous separation of blood constituents
Orientation-controlled self-assembled nanolithography using a block copolymer
Controlled deposition and alignment of carbon nanotubes
Device and method for liquid treating disc-like articles
Container rinsing system and method
Method for producing molybdenum metal powder
Cutting insert and associated milling cutter
Surface grinding machine and grinding head therefor
Device for polishing hard surfaces, especially glass surfaces
Cable manufacturing process
Method of making a stent formed from crosslinked bioabsorbable polymer
Imprint apparatus and method for fine structure lithography
Techniques for forming burst cutting area mark
Tin-plated steel sheet
Clad textured metal substrate for forming epitaxial thin film thereon and method for manufacturing the same
Self-cleaning system and window-glass
Sealed glass package
Printed article
Replaceable impact resistant thermal protection system
Composite air and foam protective packaging
Method of manufacturing thermoplastic membrane articles and methods of use
Alloy, in particular for a bearing coating
Method of manufacturing ceramics molded component and mold employed therefor as well as ceramic component
Recording apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus preventing recording surface of recording medium and paper discharge roller from contamination
Inkjet recording apparatus
Ink set for inkjet recording and inkjet recording method
Ink jet printing apparatus and method
Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
Liquid discharge recording head and recording apparatus
Polyfunctional epoxy compound, epoxy resin, cationic photopolymerizable epoxy resin composition, micro structured member, producing method therefor and liquid discharge head
Ink chambers for inkjet printer
Image forming apparatus and method
Back pressure adjustment apparatus for liquid ejection head
Liquid applicator and liquid supply method to be used in liquid applicator
Waste phase change ink recycling
Image forming apparatus and storage medium storing diagnostic program used therewith
Multiple color fluorescence security imprint
Ring binder mechanism with polymeric housing and actuator
Travel multiplier mechanisms for writing instruments
Work machine and unloading system for unloading an agricultural product from a work machine
Illumination system
Construction vehicle
Method of clutch control to start an engine with a hybrid transmission
Airflow based idle speed control power security
Turbine airfoil with a compliant outer wall
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ballast water treatment apparatus
Ballast water treatment apparatus
Controlled atmosphere when sintering a frit to a glass plate
Dye-based ink
Process and system improvement for improving and recuperating waste, heavy and extra heavy hydrocarbons
Enhanced biodiesel fuel having improved low-temperature properties and methods of making same
Cellulose producing strain of proteus myxofaciens
Methods for increasing homologous recombination of a nucleic acid sequence
Substrate for cell culture, producing method thereof and screening method for cell culture conditions utilizing the same
Neural progenitor cell populations
Chemically modified mutant serine hydrolases show improved catalytic activity and chiral selectivity
Method of inducing chirality to epoxides using 2,3:4,6 di-O-isopropylidene-2-keto-L-gulonic acid monohydrate
Method for identifying novel genes
Antagonist anti-Notch3 antibodies and their use in the prevention and treatment of Notch3-related diseases
.DELTA.6 desaturases and their use in making polyunsaturated fatty acids
Methods of identifying modulators of GPR81 receptors
Detection of dysplastic or neoplastic cells using anti-MCM6 antibodies
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Copy number variation determination, methods and systems
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Swirling column nozzle, swirling column smelting equipment using the same, and swirling column smelting method
Method for manufacturing high strength steel plate
Al-Mg-Si alloy suited for extrusion
Creep-resistant steel
Method of making and using alloy susceptor with improved properties for film deposition
Composite showerhead electrode assembly for a plasma processing apparatus
Unit for the electrolysis of water
Textiles; Paper
Fibres treated with antimicrobial agents
Wet paper web transfer belt
Use of cyclodextrins for odor control in papermaking sludges, and deodorized sludge and products
Fixed Constructions
Road miller
Tire rapid entanglement and arresting device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hot-gas-ducting housing element, protective shaft jacket and gas turbine system
Jet vane and method for manufacturing a jet vane
Centrifugal compressor
Reciprocating-piston compressor having non-contact gap seal
Electric motor in an overflow capture vessel in a tank
Guide vane having hooked fastener for a gas turbine
Device for guiding powdery fluidic media
Bearing assembly, and bearing apparatus and motor assembly using same
Drive belt
Traction-drive type driving-force transmission mechanism and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Shift control device of automatic transmission
Method of object transfer for a heat treatment system
Freezing detection method for fuel cell
Sample processing units, systems, and related methods
Apparatus and method for measuring concentration of carbon dioxide in water
Calix[4]arenes for the selective detection of Zn.sup.2+
Drum type container for analytical elements
Pro108 antibody compositions and methods of use and use of Pro108 to assess cancer risk
Multiplexed analysis of clinical specimens apparatus and methods
Target substance detecting element, target substance detecting apparatus, and target substance detecting method
Methods and compositions for detecting the activation state of multiple proteins in single cells
Illumination apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
Image signal processing apparatus and virtual reality creating system
Lighting device and projection image display unit
Shutter device
Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method of the same
Rinsing method, developing method, developing system and computer-read storage medium
Optical component for EUVL and smoothing method thereof
Circuit pattern forming method, circuit pattern forming device and printed circuit board
Fixation of a spiral spring in a watch movement
Gesture training
Optical disk storage medium
Methods of fabricating high-k metal gate devices
Methods for distinguishing a set of highly doped regions from a set of lightly doped regions on a silicon substrate
Light emitting device and display
Process for producing a contact area of an electronic component
Offset field grid for efficient wafer layout
Combined etching and doping media
Method of making damascene diodes using selective etching methods
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Techniques for forming solder bump interconnects
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor structure and method for making same
Platinum complex and organic light-emitting element using same
Fuel cell and fuel cell stack
Reticulated and controlled porosity battery structures
Method and apparatus of manufacturing negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the negative electrode
Bipolar plate coating architecture for fuel cells and methods of making and using the same
Metallic separator for fuel cell
Active material and a secondary battery using the active material
Power storage apparatus
Fuel cell system having a plurality of gas/liquid separation units
Molybdenum/air battery and cell design
Electrode for fuel cell and fuel cell using the same
Mezzanine-type electrical connectors
Card edge connector and latch thereof
Fastener for a socket connector
Connector assembly
Electrical connector assembly wth compact configuration
Mobile terminal device
Battery post connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Electrically powered element and a battery therefor
Expandable carrier pouch
Pen-type vessel for nail polish
Chair of modular construction
Control device for seat post of office chairs
Foldable chair
Safety device for a blender
Eye tracker control system and method
X-ray CT scanner
X-ray imaging system
Locking system for body support device for stand-up wheelchair
Pressure swing contactor for the treatment of a liquid with a gas
Three dimensional universal unit for movable structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for in-vessel treatment
Mixing element body for stationary type mixer
Collet chuck
Inside broaching machine
Connection member for friction stir welding
Joint isolation system and a dump body incorporating the same
Guide device for relative movement between ram and column formed of splittable members
Tool having an illumination function
Fastening arrangement for joining body components
Fluorescent tube with cable, surface illuminating device and method of manufacturing same, and liquid crystal display
Feeder system for feeding object-carriers with objects, in particular for printing machines, and a printing machine equipped with the system
Drop-on-demand ink jet printer with controlled fluid flow to effect drop ejection
Print media handling and ejection system
Ink jet head
Ink-jet print head having ink chambers defined by an entire thickness of a chamber sheet, and method of manufacturing the same
Head chip and head unit having head chip
Ink feeding circuit device for raster drawing machines
Ink reservoir for ink-jet printer
Pressure-compensation device
Retroreflecting sheet having printed layer
Mechanical penholder
Dual wheel assembly
Composite wheel having a shallow rim
Bicycle rim
Wheel hub for bicycle
Rolling bearing unit with rotation speed detection instrument for use in cars and method for working outer race for use in this bearing unit
Openable motor vehicle roof
Motor vehicle roof with at least one cover which can be moved above the fixed motor vehicle roof
Adjustment device, especially for adjusting a seat in a motor vehicle
Linear recliner assembly having bias cam mechanism
Child's seat, especially for mobile use in an aircraft
Foldable vehicle seat
Backrest of a motor vehicle seat
Raisable/lowerable vehicle bed carrying loads
System for controlling operation of cylinder of vehicle
Container lockdown device
Motorized headlamp adjuster
Bracket attached to vehicle body
Vehicular seat
Vehicle exterior mirror system with signal light
Expandable, redeployable automotive headrest
Apparatus for fixing roof rack to vehicle roof
Automobile body structure
Automotive floor structure
Cab for construction machinery
Steering tie rod end
Convertible orientation bicycle lamp
Conformal sliding bearing
Marking element for carriageways
Dunnage bar
Ejected paper receiving unit for large printer and large printer equipped with the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High capacity mobile lime slaker
Rolling bearing
Ball bearing
Fixed Constructions
Hydraulic shovel with hoisting hook
Lockable bearing unit
In-line connector for window spacer frame tubing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Supplemental seal for the chordal hinge seals in a gas turbine
Device for cooling a component subject to temperature stress of nonuniform intensity
Steam turbine
Methods and apparatus for improving engine operation
Compressor with pulsation pressure reducing structure
Lubrication pump for a swash plate type compressor
Method and a device for measuring the pump operating parameters of a diaphragm delivery unit
Compressor arrangement
Balancer for multistage centrifugal pumps
Fan wheel structure for a blower fan
Impeller structure
Fluidal machine
Double quarter turn fastener
Fastener devices, such as lock-pins
Pivot joint
Spherical joint for coupling three or more links together at one point
Thrust bearing assembly
Bearing support
End cap joint for linear fixtures
Lighting apparatus and method
Track mounting system
Omnidirectional lighting device
Illuminating packaging material
Vehicle lamp
Guide plate, surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Guide plate, surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Edge-lit illumination system
Linear illumination source
Illumination unit for a device having a multi-color reflective liquid crystal display
Wireless remote cooking thermometer system
Temperature probe with improved structure integrity and operation reliability over high temperature and voltage
Judging method and processing apparatus
Pulsed laser heating simulation of thermal damage on coated surface
System and method for automatically adjusting a lens power through gaze tracking
Color mixing device
Three dimensional real image system
Fiber optic adapter
Coupling device for connecting an optical fiber to an optical transmitting or receiving unit and transmitting or receiving device having a coupling device
Semiconductor laser module and process for manufacturing the same
Platform and optical module, method of manufacture thereof, and optical transmission device
Decorative fixing seat on spectacles
Magnetic buckle for eyeglasses
Spectacle apparatus having replaceable nose pad
Contact lens with moulded inversion mark
Illumination optical system and projection display apparatus incorporating the same
Integrated front projection system with shaped imager and associated method
Projector having an upper cooling fan
System for mounting infrared receiver behind mirror in rear projection television applications
Remote maintenance / manipulation / replacement system
Transfer chamber with side wall port
Wafer processing system including a robot
Electronic device with data bus and energy bus connection
Projection system and method for using a single light source to generate multiple images to be edge blended for arrayed or tiled display
Color image display device and projection-type image display apparatus
Picture projection apparatus
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew