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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mucking device
Rock windrower
Threshing plate for a tailings conveyor of an agricultural combine
Pet training device
Animal transportation and tracking system
Slow-pull dog leash
Children's toy for collecting fish at a shore line
Fishing rod with line indicator grip
Upright tree stand
Food staging device
Apparatus and methods for splitting a pomegranate apart
Figure moulding and weight loss aid systems and methods
Skydiving garment with enhanced aerodynamic control
Garment with neck and head covering
Mechanical module for a vehicle key and a key provided with such a module
Tilting umbrella with adjustable cover
Handle assembly for cane
Luggage having bottom frame member
Universal VELCRO.RTM. cleaning tool
Collectable personal display shelf
Width-adjustable alternating air inflation mattress
Adjustable armrest with adjustable cupholder
Souvenir and method of displaying a relic
No-spill drinking cup apparatus
Nestable beverage containers and methods thereof
Combination water and coffee dispenser
Apparatus and method for preparing pressed coffee
Coffee machine
Rotary kilns for alternative fuels
Lid holding handle
Portable toilet structure covering system
I-beam base construction for tub/shower
Shower head
Ophthalmic apparatus
Viewing verification systems
Predicting efficacy of psychiatric treatment
Device for determining tooth status underneath a crown
Methods and systems for performing thoracoscopic coronary bypass and other procedures
Apparatus, systems, and methods for constraining and/or supporting tissue structures along an airway
Multiconfiguration braking system
Inhaler assist device
Programmable switching circuit with charge pumps for bio-stimulator
Endovascular electrostimulation near a carotid bifurcation in treating cerebrovascular conditions
Lumen-traveling biological interface device and method of use
Apparatus and method for safely lowering user from structure with track-actuated hydraulic brakes
Sports ball launcher
Game played with tiles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water sprinkler
In-sink dishwasher
Apparatus and method to apply liquid to solid waste disposal site
Method and device using high interior pressure to reshape structural section
Device for changing tooling
Method of manufacturing a liquid dispenser
Pipe feeding mechanism of an automatic pipe bender
Precision double-sided aspheric element
Drill body as well as support pad therefor
Compositions and methods for dissimilar material welding
Extractor tool for bearing rings
Tether for tubes of an exhaust system joint
Method for installing an assembly
Fixing device for printed circuit boards
Rivet removal tool and method
Retractable open end wrench
Wrenching tong
Screwdriver with revolving cylinder containing replaceable screwdriver tips
Oscillation reducing suspension device for a fan motor of a combustion-powered tool
Hammer drill and/or chisel hammer
Self-aligning coupling for lift guides
Bush cutter with a versatile operating rod
Apparatus and method for cooling the cutting means in paper logs cutting machines
Perforating apparatus with fine setting
Table saw mill attachment
Method and apparatus for preparing and inertial placing with compacting a concrete mix
Method and system for manufacturing cable bead
Compacting apparatus
Ink supply amount control method and apparatus for printing press
System and method for generating edible decorative items
Security device
Booklet page turning apparatus, booklet page turning method, and ID printing apparatus
Omniview contents display systems
Level and chalk line marker
Tire of a vehicle with a sensor element
Vehicle dynamic control systems with center of gravity compensation based on cargo information
Air-conditioning system for vehicle
Boat command chair with instrument pod
Skateboard bindings
Vehicle seat
Solid-state light sources for curing and surface modification
Lighted exterior mirror assembly for vehicle
Positioner of safety belt for vehicles
Fast lock fixing clip for vehicle seatbelt
Stabilization system for lifting vehicles
Method for operating a hydraulically working brake system, and brake system
Push cart with expandable load-carrying area
Chair with a height-adjustable seat
Retractable air deflection apparatus for reduction of vehicular air drag
On-board tool storage structure
Bin moving assembly
Triangle track vehicle wheel
Front axle support with arrangement of a steering gear and a front axle stabilizer
Extendable motorcycle running board assembly
Board sliding device with air pump for sliding on ground
Submersible vehicle launch and recovery system
Aircraft fuselage structure and method for its production
Personal flight vehicle including control system
Cam apparatus for a beverage filling assembly
Bottle cap with releasable external formations
Cap and container with cap
Bowl with utensil holder
Cover having knee support for use when servicing a toilet
Sport ball bag for containing a plurality of balls in a small interior space
Electronic cigarette container and method therefor
Device for arranging plastic containers with one or more devices for blowing down containers overlying erecting means
Paper retrieving mechanism
Multi-function peripheral
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Jam processing assisting device and image forming apparatus including the jam processing assisting device
Earphone cord winder
Pop-top can opener
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for making glass and methods
Textiles; Paper
Machine and method for sewing, embroidering, quilting and/or the like employing curved sewing needles with corresponding movement of needle bars
Direct current power supply for a washing appliance
Fixed Constructions
Road paver with layer thickness measuring device
Full metal jacket compaction wheel cleat and method of manufacturing thereof
Methods for installing a bounded paving system
Portable ramp assembly
Snowplow with auto angling and wireless controller
Oil containment barrier boom for shorelines/marshes/wetland
Mesh system
Backfill system for retaining wall
Machine bucket assembly
Digital electronic volume/flow control sensor toilet
Extendable backdrop erecting device
Cementitious exterior sheathing product with rigid support member
Vapor barrier ceiling seal apparatus
Structural member and a method of manufacturing said member
Deployable truss beam with orthogonally-hinged folding diagonals
Construction layout stripping having a plurality of pairs of uprights thereon
Telescoping pull-down attic ladder
Truss deadweight
Adjustable return fitting
Closing device
Spring biased hinges and methods therefor
Door and window sill pan flashing with extension coupler
Subsea well containment and intervention apparatus
Wellhead tree pressure compensating device
Composite formulations and methods of making and using same
System and method for drilling multilateral wells using magnetic ranging while drilling
Method for monitoring flood front movement during flooding of subsurface formations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic radial piston engine
Micro-electromechanical actuator with control logic circuitry
Method and device for operating a steam turbine comprising several no-load or light-load phases
Phev (pneumatic hybrid electric vehicle)
Systems, methods and apparatuses for converting thermal energy into mechanical and electrical power
Ceramic based enhancements to fluid connected heat to motion converter (FCHTMC) series engines, caloric energy manager (CEM), porcupine heat exchanger (PHE) ceramic-ferrite components (cerfites)
Power plant
Metering socket
Valve train for internal combustion engines for actuating gas exchange valves
Forced air valve guide for an internal combustion engine
Quasi resonant gate controller for a power driver
Procedure to diagnose a particle filter and device to implement the procedure
Internal bypass exhaust gas cooler
Internal combustion engine cooling unit
Twin carburetor for V-type engine
Direct fuel injection engine
Arrangement at a supercharged combustion engine
Pilot oil ignition gas engine and method of operating pilot oil ignition gas engine
Engine air charge system with branch conduits
Exhaust gas waste gate system with charge pressure control
Toroidal engine
Mass balancing mechanism of an internal combustion engine
Plant for the gasification of biomass
Coolant recovery type gas turbine
Coolant recovery type gas turbine
Motorbrake for an internal combustion engine
Fluid machine
Auto choke apparatus
Evaporative fuel adsorption device
Fuel injection control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system for engine in small-type vehicle
Connection arrangement for a tube like fuel line
Starting device for internal combustion engine
Systems and methods for collecting solar energy for conversion to electrical energy
Control device for the continuous drive of a hydraulic control motor
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Structural unit with axial adjustment limiting elements
Torque control bolt for hose clamp
Quick twist connector for marine battery
Brake system including modular S-cam bushings
Method for when necessary automatically limiting a pressure in a hydraulic system during operation
Centrifugal clutch and vehicle provided with the same
Dual mass flywheel using air dampening
Non-back-bending chain
Locking clip and system
System for moving a carriage along a guide
Hot gas seal
One piece double membrane diaphragm valve
Pressure release valve
Gate valve pressure equalization system
Stand for pressure relief valve
Removable vehicle seat support
Configurations and methods for offshore LNG regasification and heating value conditioning
3D chemical pattern control in 2D fluidics devices
Lamp with wide-angle light emission and bulb thereof
Heat sink and LED cooling system
Modular LED lighting system
Lighting system, space with a lighting system, and method of providing an illumination profile using such a lighting system
Flashlight with mounting apparatus
Illuminating device
Lens and lamp using the same
Flashlight with improved optical density
Low profile lamp using TIR lens
Surface light source device
Air conditioning system for buildings and air-conditioned building, especially a zero energy house
Water-heating dehumidifier
Indoor unit for air conditioner
Refrigerator modular storage assemblies
Indoor unit of packaged air conditioner
Defrosting methodology for heat pump water heating system
Segmented liner system with microencapsulated phase change material
Composite washing system
Accessory rail trigger guard holster
Bolt catch-release lever
Activation unit for munition-free decoys
Level stamp
Work piece cutting guide
Instrumented deep tillage implement
Method, device and system for calibrating positioning device
Device and method for calibrating an X-ray detector, calibration apparatus and X-ray apparatus
Glazing erosion indicator
Method of and a device for acoustically monitoring the course of a process, such as a milking process
Method to linearly measure gas volume flow in ducts and flow sensor
Method for measuring a medium that flows through a measuring tube
Portion measuring and dispensing device
Sensor having resin mold casing and method of manufacturing the same
Intelligent temperature indicator label and method
Apparatus for delivering pressurized fluid
High-pressure sensor, method and tool for its manufacture
Device and method for measuring engine torque and control program
Load acquisition for machine clamp registries
Coupling electrochemistry to mass spectrometry and high performance liquid chromatography
Detector for detecting sulfur components
Body motion detector
Vibration type angular velocity sensor
Video rate-enabling probes for atomic force microscopy
Simultaneous inversion of induction data for dielectric permittivity and electric conductivity
Monitor visor
Device for laser-optical generation of mechanical waves for processing and/or examining a body
Optical connector with improved dustproof mechanism
Method for splicing an optical fiber element
Optical module, method of producing optical module, optical transmission module, and electronic apparatus
Optoelectronic signal conversion module
Magnetic securement device for eyewear on hats
Spectacle frames using celluloid plate and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for color correction for three-dimensional (3D) projection
Video recording prevention system
System and method for managing resource sustainability performance
Method for controlling vacuum pumps in an industrial furnace complex
Digital shower system and operating method for water monitoring information thereof
Rotational cable shortening device
Generation of standby images of applications
Disaster recovery in a networked computing environment
Preventing log wrap with debug scripts
System health monitoring
Analyzing factory processes in a software factory
System and method for protection of content stored in a storage device
First storage control apparatus and storage system management method
Binary tree based multilevel cache system for multicore processors
Memory module system
Retargeting of a write operation retry in the event of a write operation failure
Storage system and data management method for mirroring volumes with allocate on use function
Control method of device in storage system for virtualization
Defer separating children in parallel copying garbage collection
Storage system and method for prioritizing data transfer access
Extensible framework for handling different mark up language parsers and generators in a computing device
Expander to control multipaths in a storage network
Real time communications system
Video data filtering method and system
Method and system for transferring files using file transfer protocols for palm OS mobile computer
Data-intensive computer architecture
Event processing
Speculative and coordinated data access in a hybrid memory server
Selective registration for remote event notifications in processing node clusters
Augmenting service oriented architecture governance maturity
Method and apparatus for communicating during automated data processing
Storage apparatus and its data processing method
Method to apply network encryption to firewall decisions
Method and apparatus for correlating end to end measurements through control plane monitoring of wireless traffic
Image delivery management server and image delivery management system
Retry communication control method and system
Control device, method and program for deploying virtual machine
Log collector in a distributed computing system
System and method for automatically distinguishing between customers and in-store employees
Starting other processing elements (OPEs) responsive to a determination that currently-running OPEs are inadequate to invoke a library for a multi-library application
Automated paper consumption tracking and auditing
Method for information tracking in multiple interdependent dimensions
Information display panel
System and methods for mobile application development using mobile devices
System and method for modeling conditional dependence for anomaly detection in machine condition monitoring
Natural language processing (NLP) portal for third party applications
Screen capture
Deadline-driven parallel execution of queries
Method and apparatus for document matching
Simplified query generation from prior query results
System and method for naming dimension members in a data analyzing system
Apparatus and method for displaying search results using tabs
Terminal metal connection inspection
Implementing and checking electronic circuits with flexible ramptime limits and tools for performing the same
Method of designing optical systems and corresponding optical system
Endpoint control of multiple substrates of varying thickness on the same platen in chemical mechanical polishing
Machining installation for workpieces
Distributed spectrum sensing
Dynamic content configuration for serving content to microbrowsers
System and method for user authentication
Controlling execution of executables between partitions in a multi-partitioned data processing system
User identification method applicable to network transaction and system thereof
User identification method applicable to network transaction and system thereof
Keyboard input method and assistant system thereof
Providing dynamic context assist for a command line interface
Computing-system identifier using software extraction of manufacturing variability
System and method for remotely operating a wireless device using a server and client architecture
Portable memory drive with portable applications and cross-computer system management application
Manipulating hidden data entries via representative markers
Distributed function execution for hybrid systems
Application message conversion using a feed adapter
Model-driven display of metric annotations on a resource/relationship graph
Electronic device with widgets and method for configuring widgets
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for controlling presentation and selection of objects that are digital images depicting subjects
Layout converter, layout conversion program, and layout conversion method
Storage system and control method thereof as well as program
Methods and systems for inventory management
Modeling and searching patterns in a data sequence
Method, system, and computer program product for enabling file system tagging by applications
Method and apparatus for situation-based management
Method for control of a gearbox
Random number based data integrity verification method and system for distributed cloud storage
Data privacy engine
System and method for discovery enrichment in an intelligent workload management system
Aspect-oriented parallel programming language extensions
Scalable property-sensitive points-to analysis for program code
Efficient egonet computation in a weighted directed graph
Efficient egonet computation in a weighted directed graph
Deterministic serialization in a transactional memory system based on thread creation order
Techniques for customizing a toolbar using widgets
Computer system and method of scheduling a virtual processor to run on physical processors based on the number of possessing cycles of each virtual computer
Method and system for recovering stranded outbound messages
Automated computerized method to determine the conductor structure of a gradient coil
Individualized ranking of risk of health outcomes
Dynamic discount device
Memory chip device
Transition phase trouble detection in services delivery management
Systems, methods, and media for survey management
Generating targeted group based offers to increase sales
System and method for resolving transactions with lump sum payment capabilities
Method and system for configurating products
Dynamically and predictively updating mobile devices as mobile users pass through projected locations
Methods and systems for processing and displaying advertisements of variable lengths
Method and system for a global goal based social networking
System for establishing health care reimbursements
Consumer oriented services system and method
Techniques for unregistering and transferring software licenses
Apparatus improving item transactions with real-time controls and navigation
External elevator/advertising board system for buildings
Films and membranes for acoustic signal converter
Audio with sound effect generation for text-only applications
Dynamic prosody adjustment for voice-rendering synthesized data
Methods, systems, and products for indexing content
Cache memory, processor, and production methods for cache memory and processor
High-speed memory system
Method for production of monolithic inductive component
Rotor body and production method thereof
Efficient use of CRC with limited data
Image processing apparatus and control method for processing an image signal
Fast erasure decoding for product code columns
Method and apparatus for data transmission using multiple transmit antennas
Electronic devices having multiple keypads and related methods
Mobile malicious software mitigation
Lightweight secure authentication channel
Bilateral control system and method of a vehicle-use front seat audio device and a back seat entertainment device
Methods and computer program products for reporting internet protocol television related data collected from application and device data
Wireless multimedia content brokerage service for real time selective content provisioning
Systems and methods of processing closed captioning for video on demand content
Networks and systems for generating and/or delivering hybrid broadcast content
Multicasting system and multicasting method
Video stream protection
Method of producing an ink jet recording head
Wiring process
Expired Patents Due To Time
Thin and lightweight ballistic resistant garment
Hand protection system
Garment collar former
Versatile swimsuit with accessories
Disposable infant wear
Shawl type garment
Apparel with panel attachments along selected margins
Waiter's hot plate arm-shield gauntlet
Open-back hat
Disposable safety hood having unique air supply connector
Internally and externally accessible display mounting apparatus for cap or apparel
Disposable menstrual Panty
Protective hat for an infant
Protective helmet with adjustable sizes
Toilet bowl sanitizing apparatus
Apparatus for dispensing detergent
Method and arrangement for automatically raising a toilet seat
Evacuation system provided with a shut-off valve, and process for maintaining in operating conditions a shut-off valve in a vaccum evacuation system
Portable toilet
Method and apparatus for a bathtub mountable chair
Showerbath baseplate
Unitary pedal control of brake and fifth wheel deployment via side and end articulation with additional unitary pedal control of height of patient support
Extruded side rail apparatus
Sheet and blanket support
Apparatus for positioning a patient-support deck
Ambulatory assist arm for a bed
Mattress assembly
Method of treating wastewater from industrial laundries
Unbalance detecting device and method of washing machine
Fan-powered edge-of-dock leveler
Wafer scrubbing brush core
Mop, mop element, and mop element assembly
Grout scrubber
Bull-nosed cleaning, and coving, drywall tool
Wheel detailing apparatus
Vehicle wiper device for openable window glass
Brushing implement combining broom, dustpan and refuse can
Apparatus for removing coatings from deck tiedowns on marine vessels using ultra high pressures waterjetting
Dust shield apparatus for floor machines
Grommet having a resilient flange
Arrangement for controlling an angularly movable member
Adjustable hinge
Method and apparatus for covering a hand tool
Method and apparatus for conditioning textile fibers
Dual spacing clamp tie
Hose clamp with stepless internal clamping surface and method of making the same
Zipper slide handle, tab or pull apparatus
Reinforcing clip for laser toner cartridges
Fastener with removable head
Shoe string retaining device
Method for joining nonwoven mesh products
Apparent space-dyed yarns and method for producing same
Wafer and transport system
Starter spring rewinder
Method for the lining of existing pipes
Rivet setting tool cycle control
Blind rivet disassembling device and method and production system using the method
Method and apparatus for uniformly crimping a stent onto a catheter
Method of manufacturing a medicated porous metal prosthesis
Large unit weight hot rolling process and rolling apparatus therefor
Process for manufacturing a prefabricated vehicle door module
Thermomechanical means to improve the critical current density of BSCCO tapes
Making of bismuth 2212 superconducting wire or tape
Method of manufacturing a plurality of electronic components
Integrated circuit inductors
System and method for manufacturing an electric heater
Method for manufacturing heating element having coating layer of catalyst and electronic dust collector using said heating element and air conditioner provided therewith
Methods of forming thin-profile battery circuits and constructions, and methods of forming button-type battery circuits and constructions
Pressing device
Apparatus for mechanical joining
Device for securing a nozzle of a parts installer
Tool for connecting a flexfoil and a pin-line contact member
Apparatus for loading shape memory gripper mechanisms
Push-pop coin cell battery compartment and method of use thereof
Method of manufacturing lead frame and integrated circuit package
Automatic defect detection and generation of control code for subsequent defect repair on an assembly line
Method of producing a multichip package module in which rough-pitch and fine-pitch chips are mounted on a board
Printed circuit board scrap removal and printed circuit board fabrication process
Method for producing vias in the manufacture of printed circuit boards
Connecting plate for battery holder and method of producing the same
Method of manufacture of a full-face wheel assembly
Fluid metering roll and method of making the same
Method for manufacturing honeycomb structures made of titanium
Method of forming a lubricating film on a linear motion ball bearing
Compact pruning saw
Cutting head for a wire cutting machine, in particular a strimmer
Trimmer with retractable edger handle
Sewing cutter
Device for measuring angles
Orienteering compass and distance measuring device
Method and apparatus for performing rear wheel alignment on motorcycles having a swing arm rear suspension systems
Sighting assembly
Wallpaper level edge tool
Coordinate measuring machine having a non-sensing probe
Optoelectronical position detection
Gas-blowing device for cleaning and drying a plurality of plate lug surfaces for producing pore-free cast-on-strap joints for lead-acid batteries
Process for capillary dewatering of foam materials and foam materials produced thereby
Fluid exchange system and an associated spherical-shaped semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing system
Method of forming an air seal and supporting a conveyor within a conveyor dryer
Footwear with replaceable eyelet extenders
Lightweight snowplow assembly
Control system for jack for a snow plow
Snow blade attachment
Method and apparatus for replacing internal splines in a power mining shovel drive train
Snow plow having removable plow guard attachment
Streamlined resilient connection system for attaching a wear member to an excavating lip structure
Illuminated sign and sign plate therefor
Illuminated sign
Inflatable information carrier
Holder for an airline-type fold-down tray
Apparatus to distinguish containers
Magazine safety
Locking mechanism for firearms
Game caller kit and method
Fishing lure dressing keeper
Fish hook remover
Seedling raising sheet, method of manufacturing same, seedling raising method, culturing method, and transplanter
Thermoplastic flower pot with a thin skirt
Adjustable glazing for motor vehicles
Sealing or guiding assemblies and methods of making them
Capping head with torque adjustment
Easy to clean gutter system
Automatic downspout drain extension
Parked vehicle protector
Roof bracket
Anchoring system for manufactured housing
Portable automotive service building
Simulated multi-pane glass panel
Prestressed unitary building method and structure
Frame construction for modular office furniture
Holder for adjustable positioning of reinforcing rods
Utility standard
Vented metal roof
Prefabricated composite building panel with fire barrier
Concrete form assembly
Interlocking and insulating form pattern assembly for creating a wall structure for receiving poured concrete and method for producing a form pattern assembly
Storage dome for combustible bulk material
Frame wall reinforcement
Anchor rod for a connection anchoring system
Threaded anchor for poured concrete metal deck floors and wood frame floors
Composite baluster
Magnetic wedge installer
Constructing method for underground continuous double-row walls and the structure of continuous double-row walls
Building panel and method and apparatus of forming same
Facia board rack
Insulated closure structure and method
Building panels with plastic impregnated paper
Cushioning conversion system
Sealing tool and process for sealing packages
Carton opening apparatus
Method of packaging pharmaceuticals
Collapsible bag for stacking and method thereof
Stage and thread assembly for highspeed envelope packing apparatus
Method and system for steering an articulated combine
Bale collector
Mower having castor wheel assemblies with rotational braking mechanisms
Weed trimming device
Centrifugal spinning machine and method for centrifugal spinning
Stable double covered elastic yarn, process for making same, and fabric comprising same
Fiber conduit plate for an open-end spinning device
Combination power station with power/heat cogeneration
Fan decoupler system for a gas turbine engine
Hybrid-composite gas turbine exhaust nozzle compression link
Internal combustion engine and method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Method for determining the fullness or quality of a catalytic converter that stores gases
Compression ignition type engine
Control device for direct injection engine
Internal combustion engine exhaust treating apparatus and method
Hydraulic jack device
Manufacture of Nitinol rings for thermally responsive control of casing latch
Electromechanical device and insulation method thereof
Converting thermal energy to mechanical motion
Steam turbogenerator set having a steam turbine and a driven machine for producing electrical power, and method for operation of the steam turbogenerator set
Low NOx combustor for gas turbine engine
Fluid manifold
Method for the diagnosis of an air conditioning system
Ice bank chillers
Rotary damper assembly
Refrigerating apparatus
Solar-powered refrigerator
Refrigerant relief device for vehicle air conditioner
Display refrigerator evaporator cover
Indoor unit for an air conditioner
Beverage bottle holder system
Modular portable air-conditioning system
Gas venting device for dry ice pelletizer and methods for retrofitting same onto existing dry ice pelletizers
Process for distillation of multicomponent fluid and production of an argon-enriched stream from a cryogenic air separation process
Process and plant for the purification and cryogenic separation of air without precooling
Glass plate bending method and apparatus
Baffle mechanism for I.S. machine
Frequency and amplitude modulated fiber spins for PMD reduction
Flat knitting machine
Security case
Operator for a latch system
Latch system for movable closure
Steering wheel lock
Vehicle security device
Handle for the door of an automobile vehicle comprising a lock cylinder cap
Path scheduling method and system for rolling mills
Process and installation for rolling a metal strip
Hydraulic machine
Forging machine
Method and apparatus for closely coupling machines used for can making
Tool controlling apparatus
Method of leveling strips and leveling equipment of strips
Automated rolling mill administration system
J-channel siding cutter
Closed-die forging process and rotationally incremental forging press
Method and apparatus for assessing the ripeness or firmness of fruit and vegetables
Ethylene monitoring and control system
Sampling method and sampling apparatus for the microbiological analysis of air
Method for testing sealed containers
Rotary viscosimeter
Device for noncontact intermittent contact scanning of a surface and a process therefore
System and method for detecting engine malfunction based on crankcase pressure
Motor vehicle speed monitoring system
System for detecting malfunction of internal combustion engine radiator
Flow rate sensor
Mass flow sensor system for fast temperature sensing responses
Sensor having a membrane
Liquid level point switch sensor
Gravity-type horizontal shift sensing apparatus
Angular velocity sensor
Vibration gyro sensor
Semiconductor physical quantity sensor and production method thereof
Bridge monitoring system
Stress evaluation method and apparatus therefor
Cryogenic, absolute, high pressure sensor
Two-layer structure composite material for detecting cracks
Method of determining fluid inflow rates
Method and apparatus for measurement of breakaway and running forces of a plunger in a syringe barrel
Permanently instrumented actuated valve assembly, with internally-gauged, permanently instrumented shaft
Device for high throughout sample processing, analysis and collection, and methods of use thereof
User-replaceable pipette gun grip
Support and testing apparatus for snow plow assembly
Automated confirmation of the presence of at least one ring in an article of manufacture during assembly of the article of manufacture
Crank assembly
Cam-controlled power differential gear for a sheet acceleration system
Slide apparatus
Linear actuator with anti-reverse-rotation mechanism
Reinforced anti-backlash nut with graduated thread depth fingers
Triangular gimbal
Electromotoric operating mechanism for height adjustment of an article of furniture
Friction damper and pedal device for vehicle having the friction damper
Device for adjusting a two-part gear lever
Gear change mechanism in a vehicle
Security brake mechanism for motor vehicles
Counterbearing for a spring of a selector lever assembly and method of making same
Cam shaft support and enclosure assembly
Indexing apparatus
Cork extractor
Modified ratchet devices
Ratchet screwdriver having a concealable ratchet shifter
Screwing element
Triple drive open-end wrench
Drive socket
Adjustable box wrench
Workpiece clamping device
Depth stop for a hand-held screw driving tool
Method of forming improved apertured films by using fluid perforation
Precision blanking press with knife-edged ring and counter cylinder
Apparatus for cutting a scrap tire
Die apparatus for cutting end of bumper bar
Dual positioning and orienting saw infeed apparatus
Adjustable precision indexing jig
Sheet material cutting system
Blind cutting machine
Guide bar guide assembly and associated band saw apparatus
Radial piston pump
Composite piston for reciprocating machine
Piston of internal combustion engine
Tea or non-carbonated drink dispenser
Method and apparatus for relocating counter-top appliances
Brewing completion indicator
Assembly for feeding prepackaged coffee portions to a brewing unit of a coffee machine
Automatic French Press beverage maker
Automatic resetting safety cut-out device for toaster sliding support blockage
Electric cooking appliance in particular deep fryer
Aluminum foil compression mold and method of molding food
Electrothermal cooker
Dual spit rotisserie assembly and method of cooking therewith
Device for proofing dough
Screen printing apparatus having a pressurized upper chamber
Retractable pallet attachment for screen printing
Lip stenciling device
Sheet transport system for a rotary printing press
Method for specifying engraving of a gravure cylinder for coatings containing particle dispersions
Device for fastening flexible printing plates
Recording material comprising a substrate and a ceramic layer applied to a surface of the substrate
Printing machine state display
Device for firing a pyrotechnic propellent composition
Projectile with expanding members
Bullets for use in hitting targets at short range
Transport system
Highway-vehicle system with improved braking, enhanced stability and provisions for electric power take-off
Method of making depressed center railcars
Palletizing system for items on wheels
Convertible portable table assembly
Vehicle tool tray
Removable easel shelf
Penetration resistant panel
Cement, reduced-carbon ash and controlled mineral formation using sub- and supercritical high-velocity free-jet expansion into fuel-fired combustor fireballs
Mounting system for securing planting units in planting machines
Split meter roller for agricultural air carts
Hopper system with lid
Embroidery machine mounting frame apparatus and method
Transparent template for facilitating embroidery alignment using a support frame of a sewing machine
Multi-purpose sailing kit assembly
Anti-vibration structure for watercraft with straddle type bench seat
Distributed machinery structure for ships
Containment structure and method of manufacture thereof
Watercraft stabilization apparatus
Secure mooring connection anchor
Foldable boat
Annular flow electrostatic powder coater
Integrated edge exposure and hot/cool plate for a wafer track system
Vertical oven with a boat for the uniform treatment of wafers
Method and medium for coloring live bait worms
Egg injection apparatus and method
Automatic milking machine arm detacher with sloping splash shield
Amusement articles possessing microbe-inhibiting properties
Training device for pets
Leash assembly having pet refuse bag dispenser mechanism
Protective garment for pets
Sub-critical water-fuel composition and combustion system
Valveless rotating cylinder internal combustion engine
Inboard four cycle gasoline marine engine for small water craft
Stratified scavenging two-cycle engine
Multi-cylinder engine
Internal combustion engine decompression valve kit and method for making same
Engine starting apparatus
Starting device for an internal combustion engine and method for starting the internal combustion engine
Cylinder head for internal combustion engine
Two stroke cycle engine
Mounting bracket assembly
Control system for cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine mainly intended for a motor vehicle
Diesel engine fuel injection control device and fuel injection control method
Fuel injection valve with a movable valve seat
Slave piston assembly with valve motion modifier
Throttle valve device for an internal combustion engine
Individual knock threshold
Fuel feeding system
Drive unit for driving fuel pump for small-sized vehicle
Wiring arrangement for engine fuel injector
Stand alone multi stage fuel pump
Unit fuel injector
Fuel injection timing system
Valve with a variable valve cross section
Fuel storage device diagnostic apparatus
Fill block
Fuel injection control system for compressed natural gas-fueled automotive vehicle
Air amplifier for nitrous oxide injection application
Method for in-cylinder catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons in direct injected spark ignition engines
Splitting machines
Tile cutter
Mobile fryer and steamer cooking apparatus
Wind box with an oil guiding device
Aerosol holding chamber for a metered-dose inhaler
Powdered medication inhaler
Method for providing respiratory airway support pressure
Method for determining a parameter related to spontaneous breathing efforts by a subject, and breathing-assist apparatus operating in accordance with the method
Automated stop/start control in the administration of CPAP treatment
Laryngeal mask assemblies
Pelvis immobilizer
Endoscopic linton procedure using balloon dissectors and retractors
Photothermal vascular targeting with bioreductive agents
Compositions and methods for intervertebral disc reformation
Diaphramatic myoplasty
Hair coloring tool
Heterocyclic quaternary polyammonium silicon polymers and their use in cosmetic compositions
Sealed cosmetic case
Method for removing particles from a surface of an article
Processes for cleaning a cathode tube and assemblies in a hollow cathode assembly
Methods for cleaning semiconductor surfaces
Method and device for treating holes or recesses extending into workpieces with liquid treatment media
Boelube R dissolving alkaline cleaning solution
Methods of spin cleaning substrates using carbon dioxide liquid
Recovery device
Device for treating substrates in a fluid container
Collapsible shelter with flexible, collapsible canopy
Modular, interconnectable valve
Method for conserving a resource by flow interruption
Method and apparatus for maintaining a constant ratio of gases in a mixture subject to steady state and intermittent flow conditions
Addressable valve arrays for proportional pressure or flow control
Method and apparatus for yawing the sprays issued from fluidic oscillators
Switch valve
Solenoid valve seat and method of making same
Rupture disk assembly
Method of mounting a tire on a rim and device for use in said method
Tire removal machine and relative accessories
Rear window screen assembly for trucks
Rolling steel door
Window blind opening and closing device
Stepped lamella for guiding light radiation
Method for removing cores from castings
Method and apparatus for manufacturing light metal alloy
Casting steel strip
Injection control method and device of die-casting machine
Method and apparatus for continuous casting
Thermal interface member
Heat sink for CPU
Electronic apparatus with a flat cooling unit for cooling heat-generating components
Capillary evaporator
Integrated heat pipe vent condenser
Heat exchange element and a heat exchanger made up of the same
Layered heat exchangers
Folded tube for a heat exchanger and method of making same
One-trip squeeze pack system and method of use
Plunger lift controller and method
Apparatus for remote control of wellbore fluid flow
Drive head assembly
Caged slip system and release methods
Hydraulic running tool
Enhancement of flow rates through porous media
Method of recording a cross-load on a mobile repair unit for a well
Methods of completing an uncemented wellbore junction
Control line connector
Unlocking packer setting method and device
Parallel-fed nonstagnant integrated water distribution network for domestic water and fire sprinkler application
Rotary hammer
Hand operated electric tool, especially a jigsaw
Method and system for measuring data in a fluid transportation conduit
Earth formation surveying device
Hydraulic underreamer and sections for use therein
Electro-hydraulically controlled tractor
One-way drill string clutch
Drill string apparatus and method of extending the length of a drill string
Cutter element with expanded crest geometry
Superhard material enhanced inserts for earth-boring bits
Reinforced abrasive-impregnated cutting elements, drill bits including same
Vehicle device
Remote drop box lubrication circuit for tractors
Arrangement for firmly locking an engine bonnet to a vehicle cab
Motorcycle drive assembly with improved transmission-to-engine mounting
Multi-cone earplug and method of forming and using
Hearing protective device
Muffler insert and process for the production thereof
Exhaust silencer and communicating pipe thereof
Safety structures for pole climbing applications
Mechanical arrangement for feeding fluid at a minute flow rate
Personnel carrying vehicle
Storage platform and lift apparatus
Apparatus for storing vehicles with multiple support platforms, collapsible supports between platforms, and a torque-reaction arm lift system
Elevator control apparatus for minimizing service response times
Brake cable connecting device for drum brake
Integrated aircraft wheel, brake and axle
Ventilated disc brake rotor
Disk brake for vehicles
Rotor with viscoelastic vibration reducing element and method of making the same
Composite brake drum
Hydraulic parking brake lever arrangement for a railroad vehicle braking system
Vapor control valve with bypass circuit
Inflation system and valve for use therein
Aseptic product dispensing system
Multiple cleaning chemical dispenser
Balance float controlled valve assembly
Liquid level controller
Remote controlled drinker system
Backward flow prevention valve
Fuel supply system
Hydraulic safety fuse device
Back flush valve for one-way flush of drainage catheters
Hydraulic power steering control valve
Parylene micro check valve and fabrication method thereof
Roll-off self-powered fuel dispensing platform system
Energy attenuation device for a fluid conveying line and method of attenuating energy in such a line
Apparatus for repair of high temperature and pressure conduits, method for repairing high temperature and pressure conduits, and a sealing device for repairing high temperature and pressure conduits
Pipe for conveying solids
Sleeve assembly for protecting conducting wires against damage by cutting implements
Membranes suitable for medical use
Conduit element for exhaust gas conduits of motor vehicles
Tubing for handling hydrocarbon materials and having an outer jacket layer adhered thereto
Composite structures having improved containment strength
Multi-wound metal tube
Forming fabric woven with warp triplets
Apparatus for controlling the tension of catch selvage yarn in a weaving loom
Method and arrangement for limiting the loom shed opening angle
Pneumatic Tuck-in apparatus for shuttleless loom
Method and apparatus for imparting and alternating twist and weaving a multi-ply yarn in continuous motion
Stent and method for manufacturing such a stent
Dispenser, and method of filling the same
Materials bagging machine
Apparatus and method for controlled penetration of compressed fluid cylinders
Gasoline vapor recovery system
Anti-foam splash-proof venturi
Foot seal for liquid handler
Filling device for shipping container
Recreational vehicle sanitary sewer connector
Tool supporting device
Business card holder and dispenser
Apparatus for applying a label to a compact disk or the like
Labelling device
Heating plate welding machine with adjustable fixing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and device for production of octagonal or polygonal beams
Method and apparatus for producing a power transmission belt
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Three-way diverter valve
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