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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compositions, methods and devices for maintaining an organ
Compositions and methods for controlling nematodes
Compositions for the control of plant pests
Treatment for paresis/paralysis
Fungicidal N-cycloalkyl-benzyl-thiocarboxamides or N-cycloalkyl-benzyl-N'-substituted-amidine derivatives
Substituted 1-benzyl-cinnolin-4(1H)-one derivatives, preparation thereof, and therapeutic use thereof
Anti-oxidant herbal composition
Modified pectins, compositions and methods related thereto
Surgical portal with rotating seal
Surgical retractor
Tissue retractor and method for using the retractor
Endoscopic apparatus and method
Surgical retention port and method of use
Flexible endoscopic surgical instrument for invagination and fundoplication
Systems, methods and devices for removing obstructions from a blood vessel
Surgical instrument assembly
Integrated cement delivery system for bone augmentation procedures and methods
Expandable retractor and methods incorporating the same
Thermal cautery surgical forceps
Methods of cutting tissue using a medical instrument
Preshaped ablation catheter for ablating pulmonary vein ostia within the heart
Intrastromal refractive surgery by inducing shape change of the cornea
Tabletop drug dispensing vial access adapter
Thermal monitoring
Heart age assessment
Tachyarrhythmia detection and discrimination based on curvature parameters
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method for displaying ultrasound image
Visual imaging system for ultrasonic probe
Breathing circuit with embedded acoustic reflectometer
Reusable diapers having first and second liquid-absorbent flaps
Tubular implantable sling and related delivery systems, methods and devices
Vascular stenting for aneurysms
Electrical conduction block implant device
Techniques for attaching flexible leaflets of prosthetic heart valves to supporting structures
Knee prosthesis
Systems and methods for posterior dynamic stabilization of the spine
Methods of repairing herniated segments in the disc
Cryotreatment device and method
Multiple lumen heat exchange catheters
Systems and methods for evaluating treatment tables for refractive surgery
Walking assistance device
Indole compound
Curcumin derivatives
Method for treating arthritis
Sulfonyl semicarbazides, semicarbazides and ureas, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods for treating hemorrhagic fever viruses, including infections associated with arenaviruses
Anticancer effect enhancer
Alkylated heterocyclic reaction products useful as antioxidants
Thioxanthone ring system derivatives
Synthesis of 8H-3A-aza-cyclopenta [A ]indenes and 5,10-dihydropyrrolo[1,2-B]isoquinolines derivatives and their use as antitumor therapeutic agents
Insecticidal arylpyrrolines
Hexahydro-1H-4,7-methanoisoindole-1,3-dione compounds
Hydrazine-substituted anthranilic acid derivatives
Sulfonated precursors of thymidine for the treatment of epithelial hyperplasias
Deuterated etravirine
Fluorinated diaryl urea derivatives
Macrolides and their use
Product containing extract from Zanthoxylum avicennae (Lam.) DC., and preparation process and use thereof
Methods for treating autoimmune disorders, and reagents related thereto
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating an inflammation
Therapeutic target and diagnostic marker for asthma and related conditions
Antibiotic peptide derived from ribosomal protein L1 of Helicobacter pylori and use thereof
Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor treatment of medical disorders
Oral administration of a calcitonin
Method for producing insulin analogs having a dibasic B chain terminus
Compounds for treating amyloidoses
Therapeutic vaccine targeted against P-glycoprotein 170 for inhibiting multidrug resistance in the treatment of cancers
Toll-like receptor 3 antagonists
Engineered versions of CgtB (.beta.-1,3 galactosyltransferase) enzymes, with enhanced enzymatic properties
Anthrax antigens and methods of use
Recombinant foot and mouth disease vaccine
Methods of using insulin-like growth factor antibodies to treat tumors
Rhodamine derivatives for photodynamic diagnosis and treatment
Method for treating skin with retinoids and retinoid boosters
Biocompatible material composition adaptable to diverse therapeutic indications
Aerosolized fosfomycin/aminoglycoside combination for the treatment of bacterial respiratory infections
Vitamin powder composition and method of making
Solid moss control composition
Microgranules insoluble in gastric fluid, method for obtaining same and pharmaceutical preparations
Gastric retained gabapentin dosage form
Wound care device
Catheter and method of making the same
Embolic filters with controlled pore size
Embolic protection device
Blood clot filter
System for providing servo-controlled resuscitation
Power injector having calibrated pressure monitoring functionality
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Brachytherapy appliance and method
Implantable vascular access device
Rapid local anesthesia linear injection device
Surgical access apparatus with centering mechanism
Composition used for increasing calmodulin and method thereof
Methods to regulate polarization of excitable cells
Endovenous laser treatment generating reduced blood coagulation
Counteracting drug-induced obesity using GLP-1 agonists
Use of tetrahydrobiopterin as a marker and a therapeutic agent for fabry disease
Hair treatment compositions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vessel, dispensing devices, kits and methods for containing fluids
Cooling system
Hollow body comprising an integrated oil separator unit
Filtering device
Exhaust gas purification apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Water separation method and apparatus
Oxygenation of water for a population of fish
Gasification and steam methane reforming integrated polygeneration method and system
Method and device for producing ammonia
Tubular reactor with jet impingement heat transfer
Separating apparatus
Process to manufacture main body of bike helmet
Process for producing a repair coating on a coated metallic surface
Method of manufacturing evaporation donor substrate and method of manufacturing light-emitting device
Systems and methods for processing a magnetic disk
Method of making a coated glass substrate with heat treatable ultraviolet blocking characteristics
Process for removing a composite coating present on the surface of a gas cartridge
Method for machining workpieces
Process for manufacturing polishing pad
In-situ formation of reinforcement phases in ultra high temperature ceramic composites
Insertion plunger and method for inserting wrap-around labels and container bottom labels into an injection mold
Fluid pressure lamination system
Packaging laminate, method for manufacturing of the packaging laminate and packaging container produced therefrom
Biodegradable starch-containing blend
Leaflet production
Preparation process of microbeads, and microbeads
Multi-stage process for producing multi-modal linear low density polyethylene
Coated article having antibacterial effect and method for making the same
Composite articles made by process for joining brass part and silicon carbide ceramic part
Coated article with IR reflecting layer and method of making same
Patterned nanowires
Release sheet for stamper-receiving layer, and optical recording medium-producing sheet
Coated glass and method for making the same
Structural member of different materials
Optical body having polyacrylate skin layer
Multilayered coated cutting tool
Oxide coated cutting insert
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape roll
Modifying agent for coating composition for producing protective layer in thermosensitive recording medium, coating composition for protective layer in thermosensitive recording medium, and thermosensitive recording medium using the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Thermoplastic, polymeric materials providing high IR absorption, method for the production thereof, and use thereof
Process for the preparation of zeolites having B-CHA structure
Method for preparing pyrochlore-type oxide and method for producing electrocatalyst for fuel cell
Installation for the treatment of wastewaters and biological disc for such an installation
Method of manufacturing printed wiring board with component mounting pin
Ceramic member, probe holder, and method for manufacturing ceramic member
Combustible structural composites and methods of forming combustible structural composites
Dark quenchers for donor-acceptor energy transfer
Hydrocarbon treatment method and apparatus
Vinyl ether compound, vinyl ether polymer, and method for producing vinyl ether compound
Use of maleimide salts to control phytopathogenic fungi
4,5 dihydro-(1H)-pyrazole derivatives as cannabinoid CB.sub.1 receptor modulators
Bis(styryl)pyrimidine or bis(styryl)benzene compounds, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition for prevention or treatment of diseases featuring amyloids comprising the same as an active ingredient
Pyridazinyl amine derivatives, the use thereof in the preparation of picorna virus inhibitors
Amide compounds, their pharmaceutical compositions, their preparation method and their uses
Method for the synthesis of a rare-earth organophosphate and use thereof for preparing a preformed catalytic system
Poly-N-acetyl glucosamine (PNAG/dPNAG)-binding peptides and methods of use thereof
HWBAO62 polypeptides
Emulsion polymerisation process
Pulsed driven displays
Polycarbonate and/or polyurethane polyorganosiloxane compounds
Polybutylene naphthalate-based resin composition and electric cable using polybutylene naphthalate-based resin composition
Biodegradable polymeric compositions comprising starch and a thermoplastic polymer
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition having improved initial tack
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded article obtained from the same
Organic-inorganic hybrid pigment compositions
Solvent-based dye sublimation ink composition
Solvent-based inks comprising coated magnetic nanoparticles
Procedure for preparation of a reflective and oxide inhibiting coating
Liquid crystal system and liquid crystal display
Alignment layer with reactive mesogens for aligning liquid crystal molecules
Composition comprising ionized germanuim dioxide, method of making and use thereof
Lubricant for compression refrigerating machine and refrigerating apparatus using the same
Ether composition
Advanced moisture management laundry additive for providing soft hand, moisture transport and antistatic protection for polyester, polyester/spandex polyester/cotton and cotton fabrics
Microorganism testing device
Oligoribonucleotide inhibitors of Nrf2 and methods of use thereof for treatment of cancer
Crystal structure of glutaminyl cyclase
Methods for analysis of molecular events
Nitrate reductase fusion proteins and uses thereof
Method for producing xylitol from lignocellulosic hydrolysates without detoxification
Method for producing acetic acid using anaerobic microorganism and method for producing bioethanol
Biomarkers useful for diagnosing prostate cancer, and methods thereof
Coloration analyzing apparatus and method
KASPP (LRRK2) gene, its production and use for the detection and treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Potent LNA oligonucleotides for the inhibition of HIF-1A expression
Use of a growth-stimulating protein
Isolation of CpG islands by thermal segregation and enzymatic selection-amplification method
Diagnostic test for cardiomyopathy
Method for detecting risk of progression of low grade cervical dysplasia
Process for producing a foamed slag on austenitic stainless melts in an electric arc furnace
Method for continuously annealing and preparing strip of high-strength steel for the purpose of hot-dip galvanisating it
Control of ion angular distribution function at wafer surface
Reduced maintenance chemical oxide removal (COR) processing system
Production of bulk silicon carbide with hot-filament chemical vapor deposition
Density modification in arrays of surface-attached nucleic acid molecules
Textiles; Paper
Production of amino lignin and amino lignin cellulose resins and adhesives
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust gas treatment system
Nip rollers with removable disks
Surface-oxide abrasion-resistant lubricant coating and method for forming the same
Production process for structure and production process for liquid discharge head
Surface with two paint strips for detection and warning of chemical warfare and radiological agents
Aerial vehicle with paint for detection of radiological and chemical warfare agents
Hydrogen sensor, hydrogen detecting system and method
Organic chemical sensor with microporous organisilicate material
Nano-porous membrane based sensors
Conductivity sensor device comprising diamond film with at least one nanopore or micropore
Diabetes-related biomarkers and methods of use thereof
Method for supplying gas mixtures for an analyzer
Methods and kits for the determination of the presence and quantity of vitamin D analogs in samples
Cellulose substrates, compositions and methods for storage and analysis of biological materials
Methods to predict risk for celiac disease by detecting anti-flagellin antibody levels
Detection and monitoring of liver damage
Platelet aggregation assays using a CD40L-binding agent
Fluorescent silica-based nanoparticles
Negative working, heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Photosensitive resin composition, dry film, and processed product made using the same
Optical diffusers, photomasks and their methods of fabrication
Pattern forming method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Toner for developing electrostatic image, method for preparing toner for developing electrostatic image, developer for electrostatic image, toner cartridge, process cartridge, image forming method, and image forming apparatus
ZnO vapor deposition material, process for producing the same, and ZnO film
Iron-based soft magnetic powder for dust core and dust core
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing transparent transistor with multi-layered structures
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for making contactless portable objects
Solid state light emitting semiconductor structure and epitaxy growth method thereof
Thin film transistor substrate, display device having the same and method of manufacturing the display device
Flexible interconnect pattern on semiconductor package
Optical sensor and method for making the same
Fabricating MEMS composite transducer including compliant membrane
Alteration method and alteration apparatus for titanium nitride
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Solar cell structures, photovoltaic panels and corresponding processes
Method for manufacturing large-area vacuum plasma treated substrates and vacuum plasma treatment apparatus
Method for producing photovoltaic cell
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus, film forming method, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Underfill flow guide structures and method of using same
Semiconductor package with a metal post and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device by forming portions thereof at the same time
Separation method of nitride semiconductor layer, semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, semiconductor wafer, and manufacturing method thereof
Structure and method to fabricate a body contact
Producing transistor including multi-layer reentrant profile
Chalcogenide absorber layers for photovoltaic applications and methods of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing information aquiring semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for producing same
Plate interconnect method for an embedded fuel cell sensor
Battery latching mechanism having connecting block and receiving hole for portable electronic device
Sealed battery cell and method of manufacturing the same
Lithium secondary battery
Positive electrode active material for secondary cell and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell using the same, and method for analysis of positive electrode active material for secondary cell
Non-thermofusible phenol resin powder, method for producing the same, thermosetting resin composition, sealing material for semiconductor, and adhesive for semiconductor
Modified planar cell (MPC) and stack based on MPC
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Footwear with a power generator
Pulse detection device and method of manufacturing the same
Insulin pump having missed meal bolus alarm
Device and method for determining and displaying travel or fitness quantities of a user of a sports equipment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for feedback controlled electrospray
Servo controller and method
Tire pressure maintenance and monitoring system
System for notifying person of level of danger of occurrence of tire failure
Motor, electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle
Hybrid power system for an electric vehicle
System and method for providing step-down power conversion using an intelligent switch
Apparatus for monitoring area adjacent to vehicle
Wire harness system
System for sensing whether an object struck in a collision is a pedestrian
Remote control system for a vehicle door
Theft resistant system for vehicles equipped with combined starter-alternators
Vehicle tracker having switchable polarity output terminals and related methods
Control unit for electric power steering apparatus
Aircraft emergency warning system
Multi-layer, self-aligned vertical combdrive electrostatic actuators and fabrication methods
Micromechanical tunable capacitor and an integrated tunable resonator
Frequency sensitivity analysis and optimum design for MEMS resonator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Lead-free amber-colored electric lamp
Gas discharge lamp
Adhesive film for semiconductor, lead frame and semiconductor device using the same
Transistor devices
Single crystalline aluminum nitride film, method of forming the same, base substrate for group III element nitride film, light emitting device and surface acoustic wave device
Fixed Constructions
Roadway sensor with improved insulated signal carrying wires
Movable barrier operator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electrical circuit for providing a reduced average voltage
Heat-dissipating fan
Armature for an electric machine
Safety locking device for electromechanical equipment and aircraft wheel brake equipped therewith
Piezoelectric bending transducer and use thereof
Sealed beam high intensity discharge lamp system for aircraft
Method and apparatus for guiding an aircraft through a cluster of hazardous areas
Capacitive sensor apparatus
Magnetic micro-encoder and micro motor
Apparatus for and method of generating a pulse signal
Testing circuit and method for MEMS sensor packaged with an integrated circuit
Electronic device workpieces, methods of semiconductor processing and methods of sensing temperature of an electronic device workpiece
Optical path structure for open path emissions sensing with spinning mirror
Particle count correction method and apparatus
Automated cathodic protection monitor and control system
Apparatus and method for the measurement of electrical properties of materials through non-magnetizable materials
Ion mobilty spectrometer incorporating an ion guide in combination with an MS device
Acceleration sensor
Method and apparatus for fine resolution brushless motor control
Arrangement for detecting motion of an encoder
Electrical probe
Rush current limiting circuit for a PFM control charge pump
Method and measuring device for measuring the spectra in adjacent channels
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for characterizing a device and predicting electrical behavior of the device in a circuit
Method and an apparatus for measuring the ratio of the amplification factor of a signal level normalizer
Test system and methodology
Internal generation of reference voltage
Burn-in board with adaptable heat sink device
High resolution analytical probe station
Boundary-scan testing of opto-electronic devices
Tester for a plurality of circuit breakers having a range of rated currents and multiple trip functions
Method and instrument for measuring a magnetic field, a method for measuring a current waveform, and method for measuring an electric field
Device for measuring the strength of a vector component of a magnetic field, current-measuring device and use of a field-effect transistor
Magnetic field correcting method, magnetic field generating apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Inspection apparatus using nuclear-magnetic-resonance
System and method for verifying failure detect circuitry in safety compliance test instruments
Blind spot detector
System and method for displaying radar data
Pet camera with individually rotatable detector modules and/or individually movable shielding sections
X-ray pixel detector device and fabrication method
High density electrical interconnect system for photon emission tomography scanner
Miniature personal and area radon and thoron monitor
Synchronous radio-imaging of underground structures
Geometric compensation method for charged particle beam irradiation
Semiconductor device having test mark
Pulse power system for extreme ultraviolet and x-ray sources
System and method for dynamically regulating a step down power supply
Method and apparatus for tunneling leakage current compensation
Four-state switched decoupling capacitor system for active power stabilizer
Power supply circuit having value of output voltage adjusted
Electronic array having nodes and methods
System using body-biased sleep transistors to reduce leakage power while minimizing performance penalties and noise
Circuit for generating a defined temperature dependent voltage
Voltage generator circuit for use in a semiconductor device
Clock divider circuit with duty cycle correction and minimal additional delay
Method and system for controlling the duty cycle of a clock signal
Method and apparatus for synchronously transferring data across multiple clock domains
Outlet strip controlled by PC using low voltage powertap
Prevention of incompatible keyboard selections from being entered during power initialization
Vehicle-mounted apparatus of a dedicated short range communications system
Intelligent roadway system
Method and device for controlling paper documents of value
Remote input/output (RIO) smart sensor analog-digital chip
Organic electro luminescence device
Control method and systems for improving luminance, luminous efficiency and color temperature in an AC-PDP
Method of driving a plasma display panel in which the width of display sustain pulse varies
Plasma display panel
Display device requiring no scramble circuit
Method of bonding piezoelectric element and electrode, and piezoelectric microactuator using the bonding method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Test circuit
Semiconductor chip, memory module and method for testing the semiconductor chip
Data register with integrated signal level conversion
Semiconductor device capable of reducing noise to signal line
Semiconductor device
Radiation image conversion panel and method of manufacturing radiation image conversion panel
Variable resistor
Current switched magnetoresistive memory cell
Polarizing device for a permanent magnet rotor
High performance bulk metal magnetic component
Flyback transformer mounting structure for video apparatus
Tunable voltage controlled oscillator
Switch with magnetically coupled rocker armature
Phase shifter capable of miniaturizing and method of manufacturing the same
Compact disconnect switch
Motor protection trip unit
Mid-range circuit breaker
Plasma information display element and method for producing the same
Plasma display apparatus
Plasma display panel having reduced addressing time and increased sustaining discharge time
Discharge light-emitting device and method manufacture thereof
Plasma display panel with a mesh electrode having plural openings
Beam-index-type cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube including an electron gun with specific main lens section
Cathode ray tube with modified in-line electron gun
Multipole unit for a color picture tube with integrated spring element
Funnel structure for cathode ray tube
Evacuation use sample chamber and circuit pattern forming apparatus using the same
Convergent charged particle beam apparatus and inspection method using same
Lens system for phase plate for transmission electron microscope and transmission electron microscope
Plasma processing apparatus and method for confining an RF plasma under very high gas flow and RF power density conditions
Antenna for producing uniform process rates
Plasma density information measuring method, probe used for measuring plasma density information, and plasma density information measuring apparatus
Time-of-flight mass spectrometry utilizing a split memory
Portable underwater mass spectrometer
Multipole ion guide for mass spectrometry
Metal halide lamp with reduced change in color temperature
Discharge lamp with improved light distribution characteristics
Flat luminescence lamp
Lamp assembly with internal reflector
Temperature-controlled thermal platform for automated testing
Glass attachment over micro-lens arrays
Electronic device with electrode and its manufacture
Doped silicon diffusion barrier region
Semiconductor integrated circuit including insulated gate field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Non-uniform gate/dielectric field effect transistor
EEPROM memory cell and method of forming the same
RuSixOy-containing barrier layers for high-k dielectrics
Method of manufacturing a bipolar transistor of double-polysilicon, heterojunction-base type and corresponding transistor
Optimized blocking impurity placement for SiGe HBTs
Semiconductor device and process of production of same
Non-volatile memory using ferroelectric gate field-effect transistors
Semiconductor device
MIS semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Memory array having shallow bit line with silicide contact portion and method of formation
Short-channel schottky-barrier MOSFET device and manufacturing method
Static pass transistor logic with transistors with multiple vertical gates
Submicron MOSFET having asymmetric channel profile
Electron beam ion source with integral low-temperature vaporizer
Multichip semiconductor package device
Bumped die and wire bonded board-on-chip package
Defect knowledge library
Semiconductor memory device capable of preventing oxidation of plug and method for fabricating the same
Damascene capacitor formed in metal interconnection layer
Non-volatile memory device having a bit line contact pad and method for manufacturing the same
MOS transistors with nitrogen in the gate oxide of the p-channel transistor
Semiconductor storage device with self-aligned opening and method for fabricating the same
Multilayer electrode for a ferroelectric capacitor
Schottky-barrier tunneling transistor
Semiconductor apparatus with improved ESD withstanding voltage
Semiconductor device with element isolation using impurity-doped insulator and oxynitride film
Thin film using non-thermal techniques
Multiple chip guard rings for integrated circuit and chip guard ring interconnect
Module with adhesively attached heat sink
Sealed liquid cooled electronic device
Flip chip integrated circuit packages accommodating exposed chip capacitors while providing structural rigidity
Package with integrated inductor and/or capacitor
Semiconductor chip and method of producing the same
Flip chip interconnection structure and process of making the same
Semiconductor device, method of manufacture thereof, circuit board, and electronic device
Semiconductor die package including cup-shaped leadframe
Multi-chip package
Leadframe having slots in a die pad
Frame for semiconductor package
Film carrier tape for mounting electronic devices thereon and method of manufacturing the same
Flexible interconnect substrate of a tape-shaped semiconductor device, semiconductor device and circuit board
Super thin/super thermal ball grid array package
Electronic apparatus
Interleaved termination ring
Method and apparatus for marking microelectronic dies and microelectronic devices
Use of a reference fiducial on a semiconductor package to monitor and control a singulation method
Integrated circuit package capable of improving signal quality
ESD protection circuit with self-triggered technique
Isolated stripline structure
Stacked chip-size package type semiconductor device capable of being decreased in size
Integrated ground shield
Floating gate transistor with horizontal gate layers stacked next to vertical body
Method for manufacturing display device, display device, and electronic apparatus
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Heterojunction structure with a charge compensation layer formed between two group III-V semiconductor layers
High frequency semiconductor device and method of manufacture
Self-aligned lateral-transistor DRAM cell structure
Two-transistor pixel with buried reset channel and method of formation
Light emitting diode
Selective filtering of wavelength-converted semiconductor light emitting devices
Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device and method of forming the same
Thin film LED
Thermoelectrically active materials and generators and Peltier arrangements containing them
Vibration type actuator apparatus
Piezoelectric motor
Phase change memory device on a planar composite layer
Oxygen isolation and collection for anode protection in a solid-oxide fuel cell stack
Resonant operation of MEMS switch
Four-drop bus with matched response
Direct current motor having commutator segments firmly embedded in insulation bond
Grounding device for electric power distribution systems
Spark plug
Spark plug
Breaker failure annunciator system
Multi-channel power supply selector
Connection to grid type engine generator apparatus
Method of using a cell
Preliminary charging state apparatus, program and method
Energy regulation system for an electrical power supply bus
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator with switchable power source and patient warning system cardiac device
Rotating electric machine with sloped tooth surfaces for cogging torque reduction
High power permanent magnet hybrid alternator rotor
Rotor of a turbogenerator
Stator and stator manufacturing method
Vehicle alternator having impact and vibration resistant terminal connection
End cap assembly for a switched reluctance electric machine
Stepping motor having a predetermined number of teeth corresponding to magnetically stable points per rotor rotation
Method and apparatus for generating electrical energy
Momentum-decoupled direct drive
High-speed precision positioning apparatus
Brush assembly
Device for connecting and insulating a thermal protector for electrical windings of motors
Vibration type brushless motor
Outer rotor type induction motor
Electric machine with cooling rings
Method for driving a switch in a switch-mode converter, and a drive circuit for driving a switch
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus and lamp apparatus
Safety-guard detective circuit of a fan motor
Method for improving the efficiency of an electrical machine
Quadrature ring oscillator
Absolute value amplitude baseband detector
Wideband power amplifier linearization technique
Method and apparatus far reduction of distortion in a transmitter
Transmission amplifier
Digital linearizer of high power amplifier and digital linearizing method
Power amplifying device
High performance BiFET low noise amplifier
Digital power amplifier
Switching amplifier with voltage-multiplying output stage
System and method for establishing the input impedance of an amplifier in a stacked configuration
Variable transconductane variable gain amplifier utilizing a degenerated differential pair
Exponential function generator embodied by using a CMOS process and variable gain amplifier employing the same
Adaptive power amplifier system
Bias control circuit for power amplifier
Variable impedance network with coarse and fine controls
Adaptive analog equalizer
Power amplifier driver and method of using
Filter circuit
Filter circuit
Wafer-scale package for surface acoustic wave circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric resonator
Piezoelectric resonator and piezoelectric oscillator
Surface acoustic wave filter device with balanced and unbalanced terminals
Piezoelectric quartz plate and method of cutting same
Serial digital audio data port with multiple functional configurations
Cascode signal driver with low harmonic content
Termination pair for a differential driver-differential receiver input output circuit
Power-on reset circuit
Driver with bulk switching MOS power transistor
Inverter circuit
Voltage output differential (VOD) correction circuit for differential drivers
Semiconductor integrated circuit with input/output interface adapted for small-amplitude operation
Latching dynamic logic structure, and integrated circuit including same
Clocked half-rail differential logic with sense amplifier
Programmable logic core adapter
Tileable field-programmable gate array architecture
Interleaved VCO with balanced feedforward
Latch circuit
Receiver circuit of semiconductor integrated circuit
Circuits and methods for accurately setting a phase shift
System and method for comparator threshold adjustment
Loop filter capacitor multiplication in a charge pump circuit
Global clock tree de-skew
Programmable current reference circuit
Frequency synthesizer using a VCO having a controllable operating point, and calibration and tuning thereof
Method for phase locking in a phase lock loop
System for controlling the amplitude of an oscillator
Hardware-friendly general purpose data compression/decompression algorithm
Central radio device and associated appliance
Security system utilizing group supervision polling
Slew rate control circuit
Detection of obstacles in surveillance systems using pyroelectric arrays
Method and system for symbol binarization
Piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer
Organic EL device and method of manufacturing the same
Multicolor lamp system
Electrodeless lighting system and bulb therefor
Free-running circuit arrangement
Operating circuit for a discharge lamp with preheatable electrodes
Microwave oven
Photoelectron linear accelerator for producing a low emittance polarized electron beam
Ion accelerator
Cross talk compensation circuit
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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