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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Optimized load prediction for security constrained unit commitment dispatch using linear programming for electricity markets
Human Necessities
Brush cutter
Harvesting head and self-propelled straddling vehicle for harvesting fruit-bearing hedges
Automatic milking apparatus for laboratory animals
Juice extractor with adapted pusher
Flexible connection and release device and method
Assist grip
Transmission device for seat adjuster
Child soothing device with a low frequency sound chamber
Cleaning device and process for producing the same
Packing body
Method and mixture for nerve root repair
Liquid ejection cartridge and liquid ejection device
Adjustable stiffness strap
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter element with threaded top endplate
Microfluidic system
Liquid application apparatus and printing apparatus
Method of manufacturing catalytic converters
Machine tool and workpiece inner surface machining method using the machine tool
Apparatus and method for connecting and disconnecting flexible tubing
Solder return for wave solder nozzle
Method for attaching guide means to a flexible sheet-like structure and preparatory device therefor
Riveting system and process for forming a riveted joint
Process of assembly of master cylinder
Positioning and clamping apparatus
Multifunctional power tool
Paper cutting device having receiving part
Die stamping system
Printing state automatic switching apparatus and method
Printing plate handling device
Ink fountain of a printing press, ink fountain roll and printing press
Adjustment method of printing positions, a printing apparatus and a printing system
Diffractive color system
Pneumatic tire
Heavy-duty pneumatic tire with L-shaped inner bead apex
Pneumatic tire
Recliner mechanism
Vehicle seat with a tumbling recliner
Resettable seat with energy absorber
Seat assembly having a movable head restraint
Chuck reducing device
Vehicle door handle device
Debris removal apparatus for a wiper system
Disk brake provided with an improved device for measuring the normal applied force
Travel drive system for work vehicle, work vehicle, and travel drive method
Method of controlling an auxiliary pump for a transmission
Hybrid vehicle, and hybrid-vehicle control method
Laser-welded crane rail for suspended crabs
Anti-extraction safety device for a guidance set comprising two inclined rollers rolling on a rail
Dashboard support, and method of making a dashboard support
Reservoir tank for hydraulic brake lever assembly
Motorcycle including brake-by-wire system with flexibly supported pressure-generating unit
Aircraft fuselage with circular-arc-shaped exterior contour
Component with carbon nanotubes
Leading edge for aircraft made of reinforced composite material
Flexible container, method and device for filling said flexible container
Composite air and foam protective packaging
Intermodal container for transporting natural gas
Flexible container handling system
Water heater threaded weld fitting having improved weld integrity
Medicine feeding device
Centre-feed roll and production methods thereof
Film transfer tool with application head moveable between exposed and stowed positions
Stapling unit, sheet finishing apparatus, and stapling method
Sheet aligning device, sheet processing device, and image forming apparatus
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus with improved productivity, image forming system and image forming apparatus
Self-orienting aerosol apparatus and method of cleaning a trash can
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods for separating glass sheets from continuous glass ribbons
Constant force scoring device and method for using same
Fixed Constructions
Method and system for optimizing dredging
Modular kit for a wind turbine tower
Locking cylinder for a motor vehicle
Interlock system for multi-door enclosures
Support mechanism and a latch mechanism
Hinge and an electronic device with the same
Articulated extraction pipe
Downhole tubular lifter and method of using the same
Well screen assembly with multi-gage wire wrapped layer
Utilization of low BTU gas generated during in situ heating of organic-rich rock
Cryogenic treatment of gas
Method to measure injector inflow profiles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Self assembling/quick assembly structure using shape memory alloy materials
Condenser system
Coupling device of a switchable cam follower of a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Continuously variable valve lift device and operation logic thereof
Feeder for a camshaft adjuster
Dynamic engine oil pickup system
Exhaust heat recovery system abnormality detection device
Direct-injection spark-ignition system
Engine intake air flow control assembly
Method for operating a combined-cycle power plant, and combined-cycle power plant useful for carrying out the method
Turbine drive system with lock-up clutch and method
Method for providing auxiliary power to an electric power plant using fischer tropsch technology
Integrated gas turbine exhaust diffuser and heat recovery steam generation system
Two-step valve lifter control systems and methods
Automatic choke for an engine
Multi-part piston for an internal combustion engine and method for its production
Friction plate and wet-type multi-plate clutch having such friction plate
Disk brake friction surfaces with tunable indent patterns for minimizing brake pad radial taper wear
Link chain
Apparatus for driving a roller of a printing press and printing press having the apparatus
Shaft isolation seal
High pressure control valve that allows for multiple pressure drops
Two hermetic threaded tubular joints
Cryogenic gimbal coupling
Pressure switch assembly for a furnace
Display device of dryer
Heat exchanger
Supercavitating projectile having a morphable nose
System for protection in particular of large flying platforms against infrared and/or radar-guided threats
Bearing health monitor
Systems and methods for an inertial sensor suspension that minimizes proof mass rotation
Stress sensor and assembly method thereof
Method and device for estimating signal power in compressed audio using scale factors
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for testing
Sensor system and method for manufacturing a sensor system
Failure detect device and failure detect method
Engine test bed supervision system independent of the engine test bed type
Model at a reduced scale of a tire for aerodynamic tests in a wind tunnel
Concentrator device and method of concentrating a liquid sample
Reverse clip cap terminal connector
Information processing apparatus with central processing unit and main memory having power saving mode, and power saving controlling method
Variably delayable transmission of packets between independently clocked source, intermediate, and destination circuits while maintaining orderly and timely processing in one or both of the intermediate and destination circuits
Microcomputer and emulation apparatus
Restoration of network element through employment of bootable image
Providing support for single stepping a virtual machine in a virtual machine environment
Dynamic redistribution of parity groups
Apparatus and method for providing very large virtual storage volumes using redundant arrays of disks
Control of information reproduction and deletion in a library apparatus
Semiconductor data processor
Data-aware cache state machine
Method and apparatus for transferring data from a memory subsystem to a network adapter for improving the memory subsystem and PCI bus efficiency
Flexible multi-area memory and electronic device using the same
Local memory management system with plural processors
Skew free control of a multi-block SRAM
Compressed file system for non-volatile RAM
Storage device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method of managing information in information distribution system
Method and apparatus for creating a backup of data of from multiple sources
Snapshot system
Systems and methods for monitoring network exchanges between a client and a server
Device including serial interface
Packet switch with multiple addressable components
Methods of annotating a collaborative application display
Method and apparatus for permissions based active document workflow
Maintaining structured time data for electronic messages
Content collection
Presenting customized consumer registration information on behalf of a third party
Method and system for distribution and billing of products via a transmission network
Pluggable service delivery platform
Portable high speed communication device
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving data related to paths of a multi-path, multi-tier network
Plug and play sensor integration for a process module
Optimization of service provider load balancing
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked library of multiple formats and multiple protocols
Data processor
Method and system for solving satisfiability problems
System and method for efficient processing of XML documents represented as an event stream
Computer method and apparatus for determining content types of web pages
System and method for building a rulebase
Automatic clustering of tokens from a corpus for grammar acquisition
Method for transferring large supplier catalogs through the internet network
Apparatus and method for passing information between catalogs in a computer operating system
Unilateral session key shifting
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for designing the same
Method and apparatus to boost high-speed I/O signal performance using semi-interleaved transmitter/receiver pairs at silicon die bump and package layout interfaces
Dummy fill for integrated circuits
Integrated synthesis placement and routing for integrated circuits
Alternative methodology for defect simulation and system
Device, method and program for estimating the number of layers BGA component mounting substrate
Genie: a method for classification and graphical display of negative slack timing test failures
Storage system processing read/write data requests with or without logical storage area information
Interface between different clock rate components
Method and apparatus for dynamic management of input/output subsystem addressing
Adaptive content platform and method of using same
Method for real time data replication
Database search in distributed computer system on portion of remote database
Processing business data using user-configured keys
Method and apparatus for identification tagging documents in a computer system
Security for network-connected vehicles and other network-connected processing environments
Secure registration
Attesting to a value of a register and/or memory region
Device and method for accommodating business process
Method for displaying single monitor applications on multiple monitors driven by a personal computer
Transforming server-side processing grammars
Standard platform for network technology group and application method thereof
Program code conversion for program code referring to variable size registers
Real-time scheduling of virtual machines
Optimized interface for simulation and visualization data transfer between an emulation system and a simulator
Task distribution
RFID tag and method of fabricating an RFID tag
Multi-modal one-dimensional barcodes
Request for conformity system
System and method for synchronizing ledger accounts by company group
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program recording medium, and data recording medium
Method and apparatus for marking content during distribution of the content to a client
Method and apparatus for detecting a three-state signal in a base station in a wireless communications system
Data transmission method and data transmission apparatus
Perfected device and method for the spatialization of sound
Adjusting sound characteristic of a communication network using test signal prior to providing communication to speech recognition server
Method for providing a perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) transducer
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method of digital video signal or audio signal
Error correction for multi-level cell memory with overwrite capability
Method of manufacturing a wired circuit board
In-protocol impedance compensation control
Serial communications data path with optional features
Adaptive sleeping and awakening protocol for an energy-efficient adhoc network
Server and method for providing specific network services
System and method for document distribution
Personal authentication method and apparatus sensing user vicinity
Method of dynamically assigning network access priorities
System for dynamically encrypting content for secure internet commerce and providing embedded fulfillment software
Receivers for television signals
Method and apparatus for linking a video segment to another segment or information source
Method for assembling a wafer level test probe card
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Animal skinner method and apparatus
Multifunction foldable float
Device and method for forming vegetable fiber material
Method and apparatus for preparing dental restorations
Lingual arch developer
Root canal filling material
Process for the solvent extraction for the radiolysis and dehalogenation of halogenated organic compounds in soils, sludges, sediments and slurries
Sports swing development device
Methods and apparatus for linking arm exercise motion to leg exercise motion
Swim fins
Swim or dive fin
Swim and scuba fin
Staged expandable swim fin
Golf ball dimples
Multi-layer solid golf ball
Golf ball
Golf ball comprising silicone material
Ball comprised of interwoven rings
Golf ball position marker assembly
Ice hockey training apparatus
Equestrian training method
Golf club selection calculator and method
Electronic poker device that provides a payout based on a number of cards replaced and method for operating same
Systems and methods for coding competitions
Weapon shaped virtual reality character controller
Gaming machine with unified image on multiple video displays
System and method for player tracking
Chutes and ladders water ride
Brake assembly for a toy vehicle
Video enhanced guided toy vehicles
Toy airplane powered by electric motor and capacitor power source
Aerial pump toy
Toy figurine
Toy figure
Soft brick modular building construction set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Network for an oil-smoke exhausting device
Method and apparatus for cleaning a surface of a microelectronic substrate
Fume hood with air chamber and pressure pipe
Collet chuck
Self-synchronizing tap driver for rigid tapping
Plunge base router
Coolant apparatus for a chainsaw sharpener
Method of finishing inner circumferential surface, and reamer
Drilling device
Machining cell with debris shields
Device of a tool spindle
Cutter head adjustment device
System and method for ophthalmic lens manufacture
Power tool having a quick clamping mechanism
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus with stable signals
Semiconductor wafer finishing control
Polishing pad and method of manufacture
Polishing agent for processing semiconductor, dispersant used therefor and process for preparing semiconductor device using above polishing agent for processing semiconductor
Method for controlling MRE stripe height
Hand-held oscillating spindle sander
Method and apparatus for sensing a wafer in a carrier
Grinding machine for centerless grinding of workpieces
Shifting edge scrubbing
Method and apparatus for uniformly planarizing a microelectronic substrate
Fixture for clamping a gas turbine component and its use in shaping the gas turbine component
Drive device comprising a hydraulic motor and a reduction gear
Kayak paddle
Emboss pattern processing apparatus
Air passage opening and closing system and air conditioning system having the same
Bracket interconnection structure for auxiliary component
Motor vehicle transmission system
Parallel hybrid vehicle
Four-wheel drive hybrid vehicle
Gear-change system including a sensor device for detecting the operation of a gear change for bicycles
Foundation system for tension leg platforms
Connector intended for use with tension leg platform
Water floatation cushion with deployable tether
Controlled thrust steering system for watercraft
Apparatus for conveying containers suspended by protruding neck rings
Chemistry; Metallurgy
CMP polishing composition for semiconductor devices containing organic polymer particles
Method for cleaning glass substrate
Fixed Constructions
Delineator pole and mower attachment
Wave energy dissipater and beach renourishing system
Jet head device for sinking pilings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal gear pump having a radial adjustment
Vehicle having improved fuel, lubrication and air intake systems
Control apparatus for vehicle provided with power source and continuously variable transmission and control method therefor
Jet-propulsive watercraft and cruising speed calculating device for watercraft
Piston pump for high-pressure fuel generation
Axial piston pump with outer diameter inlet filling
Reciprocating compressor and method of lubricating the reciprocating compressor
Lubrication coating for the sliding portion of a swashplate compressor
Gas passage structure with improved seal members in a compressor
Pump cylinder and method of collecting pasty materials, liquids, gases and/or mobile objects
Swash plate type compressor having pulsation damping structure
Refrigerant compressor
Manifold assembly for a compressor
Fluid metering pump
Hydraulic pump manifold
Abrasive liquid pump apparatus and method
Fluid suction and discharge apparatus
Trochoid gear pump having means for canceling imbalance load
Scroll-type compressor
Motor coupler
Belt wear detection system and method
Radial piston hydromechanical continuously variable transmission
Tandem torque converter
Eccentric pinion cage
Clutch with a one-way torque carrying bearing
Linear motion shifter
Method for controlling a transmission of a vehicle
Hydraulic control apparatus for an automatic transmission
Engine brake control system for vehicle
Control of infinitely variable transmission
Emergency hydraulic control for adjusting a constant clamping force ratio with regard to a continuously variable transmission
Infinite speed ratio continuously variable transmission
Bellows with impregnation
Apparatus to burn gases
Induced air distribution system
Electrode substrate, method for producing the same, and display device including the same
Dual circuit card connector
Horizontal-type coin hopper
Gaming device having separately changeable value and modifier bonus scheme
Gaming device having a method for randomly generating a bonus round outcome
Method for playing a video gaming machine
Method for assigning prizes in bingo-type games
Drawing aid
Reading aid
Training aids and methods for needle biopsy
Message display candle
Method of manufacturing a low gate current field emitter cell and array with vertical thin-film-edge emitter
Portable electric apparatus having a detachable power source
Electrical connector for flexible printed conductors
Electric connection device, battery having electric connection device, and electronic equipment having battery
RCA-type electrical plug connector
Wireform contactor assembly
Receptacle assembly with a mobile receptacle
Electrical connection and connectors
Protective cover
Quick access device for coupler
Coupling assembly
Electric appliance and a detachable cord thereof
Umbilical disconnect connector
Half-fitting prevention connector and assembling method thereof
Electrical connector having improved performance regarding resistance to high voltage penetration
Identification icon
Stacked modular jack assembly having improved magnetic module
Multi-functional RJ type modulator connector for selectively receiving two RJ plugs of differing configurations
Apparatus for routing a flexible circuit
Electrical connector with overtwisted wire pairs
T-tap connector
Electrical connector assembly with improved contacts
Battery connector structure including a positioning plate with projection for improved electrical contact reliability
Circuit board with increased edge connection capacity
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew