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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Crispers lettuce variety
Lettuce cultivar Borromini
Plant transcription factors
Maize variety hybrid X18B731
Maize hybrid X08C970
Maize hybrid X13B580
Bacillus thuringiensis gene with coleopteran activity
Maize hybrid X03C220
Dispersions of rasagiline citrate
Use of manzamine compounds in anti-cancer therapeutic regimens
Therapy of neurological inflammatory diseases with (5'-deoxy-5'-adenosyl) cobamamide, recombinant human growth hormone, interleukins IL-1, IL-6, IL-11, epidermal growth factor, and physiotherapy
Flurbiprofen and muscle relaxant gel combinations thereof
Synthesis of high molecular weight iron-saccharidic complexes
Use of benzo-fused heterocycle sulfamide derivatives for the treatment of substance abuse and addiction
Lanthanide metal complexes useful in treating cancer
Broad spectrum antibacterial compounds
Glucagon receptor antagonists, preparation and therapeutic uses
Chemical compounds and the uses thereof as a medicine
Indazoles, benzothiazoles, benzoisothiazoles, benzisoxazoles, and preparation and use thereof
Amino tetrahydro-pyridopyrimidine PDE10 inhibitors
Cistus extracts
Process for producing a mixture and also use of the mixture containing buckwheat
Method of extending the production time of a pasteuriser
Apparatus and method for connecting two elongate body tissues
Femoral ring loader
Composition and process for bone growth and repair
Orbit distractor
Spinous process fusion reduction plate for lumbar spine
Dynamic fixation device and method of use
System and method for controlling tissue treatment
Antenna for thoracic radio interrogation
Scanner device and method for computed tomography imaging
Accurate operational surface handling
Wound care system
Implantable or insertable medical devices for controlled drug delivery
Removeable embolus blood clot filter and filter delivery unit
Method, device and system for modulating an activity of brown adipose tissue in a vertebrate subject
Pyrazole derivatives as protein kinase modulators
Agents useful for reducing amyloid precursor protein and treating dementia and methods of use thereof
CDK inhibitors
Deazapurines and uses thereof
Substituted phenylaminothiazoles and use thereof
3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexyl derivatives as modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Tetra-O-substituted butane-bridge modified NDGA derivatives, their synthesis and pharmaceutical use
Certain kynurenine-3-monooxygenase inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of use thereof
Compositions and methods for non-parenteral delivery of oligonucleotides
Instant thickener comprising probiotics for hot or cold foods and beverages to be administered to dysphagic patients
Compositions, methods, and kits for assaying complement activation
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A protease
Protein product for treatment of infectious diseases and related inflammatory processes
HSP60, HSP60 peptides and T cell vaccines for immunomodulation
Macrocycles and their uses
Method for processing microbiologically produced cyclic oligopeptides
Pegylated C-peptide
Vaccine formulation potentiated by the combination of DNA and an antigen
Staphylococcus aureus DIV1B for use as vaccine
Protein-based Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine
Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants
Methods for inhibiting hematopoiesis with a hedgehog antagonist
Imaging infection with compounds that bind to thymidine kinase
In-shower lotion compositions comprising up to 10% free fatty acids wherein ratio of unsaturated to saturated fatty acids is at least 1:1
Peeling capsules
Solid pharmaceutical composition containing 6-oxo-6,7,8,9,10,11-hexahydrocyclohepta (C)chromen-3-yl sulfamate and polymorphs thereof
Ion generation apparatus
Drug coated balloon catheter
Safety syringe
Use of erythropoietin and substances increasing and/or prolonging the activation and/or stimulation of erythropoietin receptors for treating and/or preventing schizophrenia and related psychoses
Imaging systems and methods, particularly for use with medical instrument used in open surgery
Process and apparatus for the annihilation of harmful waste containing polychlorinated hydrocarbons
Performing Operations; Transporting
Narrow I.D. monolithic capillary columns for high efficiency separation and high sensitivity analysis of biomolecules
Silicone dispersions
Multi-stage flash evaporator
Porous web, particularly for filtration of biological fluids
Oil filters containing strong base and methods of their use
Wet gas scrubber
Preferential oxidation reactor and fuel cell system using the same
High efficiency water purification system
Rhodium-loading solution and rhodium catalyst prepared using the same
Air quality enhancement system
Apparatus and method for printing in both image and aroma domains intelligently
Method for manufacturing solar cell electrode
Complete sanitary system for the toilet; floor base collection and drain structure, mechanical apparatuses and plumbing method
Bonded body of a carbon thin film covered article and a rubber
Laser lap welding method for galvanized steel sheets
Method for manufacturing photoelectric-conversion-device, device for photoelectric-conversion-device manufacturing device, and photoelectric conversion device
Laminate, and polishing material and grinding material using the same, and method for producing the laminate
Electrical heater for injection-molding nozzle
Method of forming a molded article from thermoformable thermoplastic sheets
Heat treatment of thin polymer films
Disk and process for producing base material for disk, and disk roll
Composite material for brazing and a brazed product manufactured using the same
Articles comprising high melt flow ionomeric compositions
Method of nanopatterning, a cured resist film use therein, and an article including the resist film
Decorative and protective nonslip covering of multiple uses and the production process and composition thereof
Structures for creating spaces while installing anchor sheet and attachment piece subfloors
Material for packaging electronic components
Positioning device and positioning method for two-sided adhesive tapes
Vehicle CD player plug-cover
Sensor system and algorithm for reliable non-delineated on-street parking indications
Folded dual split package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Garbage in power out (GIPO) thermal conversion process
Method for the sequential production of a heterogeneous catalyst library
Process for preparing a zinc complex in solution
Method for separating suspended solids from a waste fluid
UV disinfection system for waste water and drinking water including a cleaning device
Anaerobic waste treatment apparatus
Method of preparing Neramexane or a salt thereof
Conversion of carbon containing feedstock
Method and device for synthesizing acrolein
Method of producing n-butyraldehyde
Process for producing para-xylene
Carbon linked modulators of gamma-secretase
Method of purifying 8-isoprostane
Pyrrole inhibitors of S-nitrosoglutathione reductase as therapeutic agents
Antiviral compounds and their methods of use
Increasing the in vivo biological activity of biologically active compounds
Phase transfer catalysts
Sulfonamides for the modulation of PKM2
Crystalline forms of (S)-1-(4-(5-cyclopropyl-1H-pyrazol-3-ylamino)pyrrolo[1,2-f][1,2,4]triazin- -2-yl)-N-(6-fluoropyridin-3-yl)-2-methylpyrrolidine-2-carboxamide
Method for producing ester-functional silanes
Isolation of nucleic acid
Environmental stress-inducible 557 promoter isolated from rice and uses thereof
Processes for making multimodal molecular weight distribution polyolefins
Organic electronic devices and polymers, including photovoltaic cells and diketone-based and diketopyrrolopyrrole-based polymers
Aliphatic polyester manufacturing method
Preparation of polyamide block copolymers
Thermosetting monomers and compositions containing phosphorus and cyanato groups
Halogen-free, phosphorus-containing flame-retardant polymer foams
Method for producing an monofilament and use of the monofilament
Bitumen upgrading using supercritical fluids
Fuel reformer
Liquid detergent compositions
Fabric conditioners containing bleach and olefinic pro-fragrance
Method for preparing cell populations with anti-tumor immune response activity
Thermal treatment apparatus and fluid treatment method with fluidic device
Biological production of pentose sugars using recombinant cells
Microaerobic cultures for converting glycerol to chemicals
IDNA vaccines and methods for using the same
Female specific insect expression system
Nucleic acids encoding engineered anti-IL-23R antibodies
Txr1 and enhanced taxane sensitivity based on the modulation of a pathway mediated thereby
Peroxidase gene nematode inducible promotors and methods of use
Platform of dendritic cell (DC)-based vaccination
Asymmetric hydrolase and gene thereof
Method for producing an L-amino acid using a bacterium of the Enterobacteriaceae family with attenuated expression of the rcsA gene
Pectin lyase, pectin lyase polynucleotide, enzyme preparation, and method for producing single cells of plant tissue
Sucrose mutase with improved product specificity
Cell penetrating peptide
Methods of screening for a compound that reduces atherogenesis
Farnesyltransferase inhibitors for treatment of laminopathies, cellular aging and atherosclerosis
Concurrent analysis of multiple patient samples using solid phase addressable multiplex test with high signal-to-noise ratio
Gene expression profiles being predictive for the response of tumors to pharmaceutically effective compounds
Method and nucleic acids for the analysis of colorectal cell proliferative disorders
Method for simultaneously producing iron, coke, and power
Method for the production of battery grade lithium carbonate from natural and industrial brines
Reduced ferrite steel liner
Low carbon resulfurized free cutting steel
Polymerized film forming method and polymerized film forming apparatus
Electrolysis system for generating hydrogen gas
Textiles; Paper
Paper finishing process
Method for an energy efficient production of cellulose pulp in a continuous digester
Non-aqueous, liquid coating compositions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gravity power generating apparatus
Faux filament lighting device
Infra-red heater assembly
Furnace system with case integrated cooling system
Optical system for projecting an IR or UV test signal with optical alignment of the projection axis in the visible spectral region
Charged particle beam exposure apparatus
Lensless imaging with reduced aperture
Luggage overweight-indicating appratus
Concept for determining a measurement value at a component
Self-encoding sensor with microspheres
Method for selective control of helper T cell function
Method of making a microbead array with attached biomolecules
Agglutination based sample testing device
Shared bandwidth reservation in PL, ATM, FR and IP/MPLS networks
Method and system for rehoming a digital subscriber line access multiplexer
Semiconductor device and penetrating electrode testing method
Magnetostrictive stress sensor
Radiometric imaging device and corresponding method
Sensor device for measuring the compression travel and/or the compression rate of wheels and/or axles of vehicles
Calibration method for automotive radar using phased array
Systems, devices, and methods including implants for managing cumulative X-ray radiation dosage
Apparatus and methods for electron beam detection
Marine seismic acquisition method and system
Deghosting seismic data
Wellsite communication system and method
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Fluidic display device, and associated method
Interferometric modulator in transmission mode
Scan type image display device
Display device and display method
Method of manufacturing light diffusion film, light diffusion film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display
Polarizer and fabrication method thereof
Method and system for switching optical channels
Bidirectional wavelength cross connect architectures using wavelength routing elements
Photonic crystal three-port circulator with multiple second air columns
Sliding mechanism and electronic device using the same
Light barrier device and display unit
Display apparatus
Polarizing plate, method for producing polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display device
Lens drive device, image-capturing device, and electronic apparatus with shape memory alloy actuator
Portable projector and screen mounting system
Measurement apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method using pupil filling by telecentricity control
Photoresist pattern forming method, and microlens array forming method
Image forming method and image forming device for detecting transferred image transferred to transfer belt
Control apparatus, control method for control apparatus, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and fixing device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus having an anti-tack agent applicator
Toner and method for producing the same, toner container, developer, image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Vibratory alarm assembly
System for monitoring and/or controlling equipment in a hazardous area
Method for detecting a random process in a convex hull volume
Case for a tablet computer
Information processing apparatus and method for controlling same
Image processing system, image processing server, and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus of processing three-dimensional video content
Adaptive packet ciphering
Information processing apparatus, content providing system, information processing method, and computer program
Key structure of operation section of electronic device, input device and electronic device using same
Touchscreen overlay
Establishing an authenticated wireless connection between short-range wireless terminals more conveniently
Touch panel
Method for rapidly testing capacitance sensing array fault conditions using a floating conductor
Single layer multi-touch capacitive sensor
Coordinate detection apparatus and display apparatus
Management apparatus and method for analyzing an abnormality of a state of an image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, method, and medium storing program
Electronic document generating apparatus, electronic document generation method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Image processing device and image processing method
Apparatus and method for estimating edge areas of digital image
Method and device for generating partial views and/or a stereoscopic image master from a 2D-view for stereoscopic playback
Image processing apparatus for emphasizing details of an image and related apparatus and methods
Method for recognizing shapes and system implementing said method
Object detection apparatus and object detection method
RAM-based event counters using transposition
Medical imaging equipment and a measuring method for detecting the position of a conveying device of the medical imaging equipment
Intelligent display method for multimedia mobile terminal
Methods and apparatus for distributed learning of parameters of a fingerprint prediction map model
Position detection system for detection object and position detection method for detection object
Wake-up assisting apparatus and wake-up assisting method
Rate adaptation in wireless systems
Identifying a potential vehicle incident within a communication black spot
Infrared laser landing marker
Parallelized streaming accelerated data structure generation
Display control apparatus, electronic device, and computer program product
2D/3D image switching display device
System and methodology of coordinated collaboration among users and groups
User interface metaphor methods for multi-channel data sonification
Transport speed adjustment device, transport speed adjustment method and transport speed adjustment program for adjusting transport speed of tape medium
Fluid dynamic bearing unit and rotating device
Transfer control apparatus and reproducing apparatus
Writing and reading user data using servo spirals
Contents processing apparatus and method
Method and system for precompensation of data output
Writing timing-based servo patterns in perpendicular and non-oriented magnetic media
Bit-locked interface for magnetic recording
Recording apparatus and recording method
Write PLL for optical disc labeling applications
High data density optical recording medium
PLL circuit and disk drive
Compatible optical recording medium
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for optical data recording medium, optical data recording medium, and method and device for reproducing data from optical data recording medium
Determining optimal read reference and programming voltages for non-volatile memory using mutual information
Semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor device including plural chips stacked to each other
Method of and apparatus for final storage and safe operation of a nuclear-power stations
Nuclear fuel pellet inspection
Organic solvent dispersible conductive polymer and method for manufacture thereof
Thick film paste containing lead-tellurium-lithium-titanium-oxide and its use in the manufacture of semiconductor devices
Electrical control cable
Transformer and display device using the same
Transformer winding
Coiled magnetic ring
Electrochemical capacitor
Illuminated keyboard with light guide tube
Cable interlock between power switches
Solid state low bay light with integrated and sealed thermal management
Plasma display panel having inert film and manufacturing method
Apparatus and method for generating X-ray using electron cyclotron resonance ion source
Mass spectrometers and methods of ion separation and detection
Methods and systems for mass spectrometry
Metal species surface treatment of thin film photovoltaic cell and manufacturing method
Vapor phase deposition processes for doping silicon
Semiconductor devices having nanochannels confined by nanometer-spaced electrodes
Self-aligned devices and methods of manufacture
Method and apparatus for depositing a pattern on a substrate
Solderless back contact solar cell module assembly process
Contact formation method incorporating preventative etch step reducing interlayer dielectric material flake defects
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Display unit and substrate for display unit
Junctions comprising molecular bilayers for the use in electronic devices
Transistor with InGaAsP collector region and integrated opto-electronic devices employing same
Semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Solar cell module and method of manufacturing the same, and mobile apparatus with the solar cell module
Nanostructured photodiode
Method of manufacturing organic semiconductor nanofibrillar network dispersed in insulating polymer using a blend of organic semiconductor/insulating polymer and organic thin film transistor using the same
Functional molecular element and functional molecular device
Polymer transducer and a connector for a transducer
Piezoelectric device and manufacturing method therefor
High consistency resistive memory and manufacturing method thereof
Electrochemical cell and electrochemical capacitor
Secondary battery including protective circuit module to protect battery when swelling occurs
Power source device
Polymer battery pack and manufacturing method of the same
Battery pack comprising three case coverings
Secondary battery having a wall with varying thicknesses
Pouch-type lithium secondary battery having a variable tab
Battery pack
Metallic structures for solid oxide fuel cells
Modular interconnection system
Battery pack
Method for evaluating positive electrode active material
Battery module and its method of manufacture
Nonaqueous electrolyte and lithium-ion secondary battery using thereof
Fuel cell system and driving method thereof
Apparatus for recirculation of a cathode gas in a fuel cell arrangement, method for shutting down such a fuel cell arrangement
Fuel cell system and method of operating the same
Proton conducting membranes for fuel cells having a proton gradient and methods for preparing said membranes
Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell
Patch antenna device
Nano and micro based antennas and sensors and methods of making same
Mobile communication base station antenna
Pulse generation method and laser light source apparatus
Light source apparatus and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
Quench detection system for a superconductor fault current limiter
Charging station for portable electronic devices
Charging station for portable electronic devices
Permanent magnet rotor
Rotor or a stator for a superconducting electrical machine
Inverter control when feeding high impedance loads
Power generation device for providing electric power by utilizing magnetocaloric effect
Brushless motor driver and brushless motor system
Low power isolated output circuit
Joint special burst and transport format combination index (TFCI) detection
Multi-antenna receiver in a radio controlled clock
Operational amplifier, analog arithmetic circuit, and analog to digital converter
Balanced-input current-sensing differential amplifier
Response waveform synthesis method and apparatus
Relaxation oscillator circuit including two clock generator subcircuits having same configuration operating alternately
Precision oscillator with temperature compensation
Analog-digital converter and power saving method thereof
Pipelined A/D converter circuit provided with A/D converter circuit parts of stages each including precharge circuit
Data interface clock generation
Channel hopping based content protection having an out-of-band communication band
Docking unit and vehicle power adapter with frequency modulated audio signal injection for connecting portable media player and/or communications device to vehicle FM radio and audio system for playback of digital audio broadcast stream
Method and device for mono- and multi-antenna reception for Alamouti-type links
MEMS based multiband receiver architecture
Temperature compensation in a telecommunications device
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for adaptive synchronized decoding of digital video
System and method of providing motion estimation
QAM CDMA and TDMA communication methods
Picosecond optical switching using RF non-linear transmission lines
Optical transmission system
Optical transmitter and optical transmission system
Optical transport apparatus and optical transport system
Method and apparatus for determining the location of a node in a wireless system
Method and apparatus to reduce non-linear distortion in mobile computing devices
Communication system
Low overhead feedback scheme for codebook based closed-loop MIMO
Method of transmitting and receiving orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal using multiple antennas, and transmitter and receiver thereof
Resource allocation for orthogonal decode-and forward-input multiple-output relay channels with finite rate feedback
Method and user equipment for feeding back multi-cell channel state information
Dual WiMAX radio modem
Transmission system and method of correcting tilt of the transmission system
Apparatus and method for improved distributed compensation of filtering effects mitigation in an optical network
Systems and methods for providing fault detection and management
Hierarchical closed-loop control of policy, goal, and resource allocation in bandwidth management
Quality measuring system, quality measuring apparatus, quality measuring method, and program
Fail to wire removable module for network communication link
Communication control device and communication quality measurement method
Flow state aware management of QoS through dynamic aggregate bandwidth adjustments
Congestion control in a wireless communication network
Dynamic update of route table
Adjusting MSS of packets sent to a bridge device positioned between virtual and physical LANS
Inferred discovery of a data communications device
Method and apparatus for processing calls
Problem with GCSNA arq
Self-timed timer
Method and apparatus for determining a precoding matrix for precoding symbols to be transmitted to a plurality of wireless devices
Multi-antenna communication systems utilizing RF-based and baseband signal weighting and combining
Apparatus and method for tuning the frequency of a bandpass filter to an offset frequency around a carrier frequency
Semiconductor integrated circuit and receiver
Method for transmitting signal of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing type, and apparatus applied to the same
Data encryption
Mobility management message analysis
Communication device
Automatic in-vehicle mobile device detection
Voice message transmission to multiple destinations and playback
System, method, and apparatus for proximity-based authentication for managing personal data
Power efficient emergency call triggered tracking method
Techniques for personal security via mobile devices
Methods and systems for emergency call handling with position location over communication networks
Location sensitive caller and callee based call prioritization
Method and apparatus for network maintenance and supervision of a controlled display portion
Systems and methods for processing telephone calls
Intelligent call platform for an intelligent distributed network
Method and apparatus for dynamically terminating calls over distinct access links
Printing apparatus that prints with changed print settings, control method for printing apparatus, and storage medium
Document image reading apparatus
Method and apparatus for selective inter-layer prediction on macroblock basis
3D glasses, method for driving 3D glasses, and system for providing 3D image
Testing apparatus and method using same
Image sensor and image sensing apparatus with plural vertical output lines per column
Photo-sensor, measurement apparatus and camera system
Image processing device and image pickup device using the same
Imaging apparatus and display apparatus capable of changing the angle of a display unit
Camera module
Optical system drive device, image capture device provided with optical system drive device, and mobile device mounted with image capture device
Image pickup apparatus with inclination guide display
Video reproducing apparatus, method, and computer readable medium
Methods and apparatus for motion search refinement in a SIMD array processor
Region-of-interest coding with background skipping for video telephony
Method and apparatus for imaging of features on a substrate
Image capturing system, image capturing device, information processing device, and image capturing method
Thermal imaging method and apparatus for evaluating coatings
Image processing device, image processing method, and camera module
Information processing apparatus, method, and program
Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, and information processing method, and program
Magnetic sound box device
Audio speakers
System and method for controlling an audio feature of a hearing assistance device
Earphone integrated with a microphone
Method for monitoring entities
Multi-user resource allocation and medium access control (MAC) overhead reduction for mobile worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) systems
Multi-user transmission method, multiple input multiple output transmission system using the same, scheduling method and access point using the same for scheduling simultaneous transmission
Resource mapping method and apparatus in wireless communication system
Method for frequency division duplex communications
Method for allocating wireless resource, base station, and mobile station
Method and apparatus for keep-alive bits transmission
LED driving method and driving power source device
Intelligent power control system
Automatic light regulating power supply device
Intelligent electrical systems for powering electrical circuits
DC/DC converter, control circuit thereof and lighting apparatus using the same
Systems, devices, and methods including implants for managing cumulative x-ray radiation dosage
Flexible printed circuit and touchscreen
Transparent thin plate
Wiring board capable of containing functional element and method for manufacturing same
Device for receiving an electrical contact
Rotatable transfer apparatus with elastic module
Casing assembly
Pivotable display guide mechanism for an electronic mobile device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Computer network management protocol including specification of multiple data items
System and method for programmably controlling data transfer request rates between data sources and destinations in a data processing system
Network delivery of interactive entertainment synchronized to playback of audio recordings
Method and system for data transmission accordance with the form of the data transmission based on control information exchanged between applications of a data transmitter and a data receiver before data transmission is started
Methods and apparatus for caching network data traffic
System for providing enhanced grade of service for connections over a large network
Router placement methods and apparatus for designing IP networks with performance guarantees
Method and system for managing addresses for network host interfaces in a data-over-cable system
Method and system for aggregating objects
Object-oriented apparatus and method for determining new object location relative to an existing object
Input/output operation request handling in a multi-host system
Interposed graphics device driver module processing function requests within module in standard mode, and passing function requests to specialized mode device driver in specialized mode
System for transferring motion picture data between peripheral device interfaces by second peripheral interface issuing data transaction based on information set by processor to designate first peripheral interface
Magnetic disk control unit, and firmware active-interchange method therefor
Data transfer interfacing
Method and system for sharing a communications port
Providing device status during bus retry operations
Pipelined read transfers
Timer based arbitrations scheme for a PCI multi-function device
Dynamic allocation of bus master control lines to peripheral devices
Data bus device which requests additional information as well as apparatus information from devices attached to a data bush and which retains the additional information with the apparatus information for further use after a bus reset
Apparatus and method for addressing electronic modules
Method and apparatus for transferring data on a split bus in a data processing system
Bus bridge that provides selection of optimum timing speed for transactions
Data bus control for image forming apparatus
Host adapter having a plurality of register sets and corresponding operating nodes
System for memory based interrupt queue in a memory of a multiprocessor system
Linearly addressable microprocessor cache
Method and apparatus for implementing a learn instruction in a depth cascaded content addressable memory system
System and method for on-line, real time, data migration
Integrated cache buffers
Prefetching hints
Method for implementing a pseudo least recent used (LRU) mechanism in a four-way cache memory within a data processing system
Comprehensive multilevel cache preloading mechanism in a multiprocessing simulation environment
Process and system for switching between an update and invalidate mode for each cache block
Memory interface for functional unit of integrated system allowing access to dedicated memory and shared memory, and speculative generation of lookahead fetch requests
Method and apparatus for performing access censorship in a data processing system
Subsystem replacement method
Memory control system and memory control method
Architecture and configuring method for a computer expansion board
Digital signal processor with management of memory allocation between program and data memory
Object oriented storage pool apparatus and method
Method and system for improving data storage and access for programs written in mid-level programming languages
Method for dynamically placing procedures of a program in a memory
Cache-less address translation
Apparatus for dynamically reconfiguring a processor
Cumulative lookahead to eliminate chained dependencies
Process of operating a microprocessor to change wait states
System with wait state registers
Expanding instructions with variable-length operands to a fixed length
Mechanism for multiple register renaming and method therefor
Decode and execution synchronized pipeline processing using decode generated memory read queue with stop entry to allow execution generated memory read
Out-of-pipeline trace buffer for holding instructions that may be re-executed following misspeculation
System for processing a cluster of instructions where the instructions are issued to the execution units having a priority order according to a template associated with the cluster of instructions
Method and apparatus for detecting system configuration changes
Single sign-on (SSO) mechanism having master key synchronization
Network security device
Packet processing device and mobile computer with reduced packet processing overhead
Method of authenticating a magnetic card
Single chip computer having integrated MPEG and graphical processors
Integrated circuit card, integrated circuit card processing system, and integrated circuit card authentication method
Method for accessing information
Computer method and apparatus to prompt for administrative password to flash a corrupted non-volatile memory
Power on/off control device for computer
Sleep mode transition between processors sharing an instruction set and an address space
Clock run controller
Method and apparatus for automatically determining the phase relationship between two clocks generated from the same source
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for re-addressing defective memory cells
Triple modular redundant computer system
Method software and apparatus for saving using and recovering data
Method of testing a control system
Debugging method and debugging apparatus for microcomputer system and recording medium on which debug program is recorded
Virus extermination method, information processing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium with virus extermination program recorded thereon
System and method for computer operating system protection
Programmable hit and write policy for cache memory test
Method and apparatus for providing uninterrupted communication over a network link
Apparatus and method for detecting abnormality-Monitoring circuit malfunction
Device and method for testing integrated circuit dice in an integrated circuit module
Scanable latch circuit and method for providing a scan output from a latch circuit
Signature compression circuit and method
Method and apparatus for errors and erasures decoding
Cyclic redundancy check in a computer system
Interactive circuit designing apparatus which displays a result of component placement and wire routing from a layout design unit
Poly routing for chip interconnects with minimal impact on chip performance
Integration of manufacturing test of multiple system on a chip without substantial simulation
Simulation system, simulation evaluation system, simulation method, and computer-readable memory containing a simulation program, having less trace information for reverse execution
Setting instance breakpoints in object oriented computer programs
Identifying date fields for runtime year 2000 system solution process, method and article of manufacture
Method and apparatus for dynamically deoptimizing compiled activations
Method and apparatus for performing byte-code optimization during pauses
Method and system for analyzing and displaying program information
System for remote loading of objects or files in order to update software
Satellite broadcast video picture improving apparatus and method
System for serving information including an archive and delivery storage medium unit
Method for providing scalable in-band and out-of-band access within a video-on-demand environment
Local area network for simultaneous, bi-directional transmission of video bandwidth signals
Interactive entertainment system for presenting supplemental interactive content together with continuous video programs
Subscriber frequency control system and method in point-to-multipoint RF communication system
Cheesecake in a cone
Ice confection
Ice cream holder
Removable athletic arm sleeve
Teether bib
Sole for footwear
Footwear sole
Sandal upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Lace cover for a shoe or similar article
Side element of a shoe upper
Shoe with slanted collar
Carrier for contraceptives
Ballroom shoe key ring
Carrying case
Handbag design
Crate for bottles
Storage box
Article carrier
Exterior compartment of a handbag for an article such as a mobile phone, eyeglasses or the like
Golf bag top
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Toothbrush head with bristles
Continuous sheet material
Combined table with nesting benches
High chair
Lap desk
Floor covering material display
Glove merchandising display
Glove merchandising display stand
Pocket watch storage cabinet
Drawer unit
Sock display
Book support rack
Portable desk
Organizer rack
Table base
Table base
Under-seat storage compartment
Rear legs and upper cross connections for a chair
Crib bumper with pockets
Tub deck
Soap dispenser
Storage device
Tab-tie panel
Optical disk container
Barbecue grill shaped like a race car
Barbecue grill
Microwave oven
Microwave oven
Barbecue grill
Handle for pastry blender
Handle for kitchen utensil
Drinking glass stem
Tool handle
Handle for kitchen tools
Utility lighter
Party snack tray
Tilted soup bowl
Flour/sugar dispensing container
Insulated beverage holder
Container, in particular for transportation of apple-shaped fruit
Multipurpose tool
Grippable drive socket
Kayak shaped bottle opener
Palm sander
Wrecking pry bar
Folding knife
Multiple use tool
Key handle and latch plate
Door lock knob
Hose guide
Window wreath hanger
Securing tie
Squared overlap coil
Rounded overlap coil
Pump cap container with side finger grips
Liquid dispenser
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated light bulb shape
Article-containing package
Tubular food container
Box for holding one or more articles
Two-piece lid
Combined metal bottle and cap
Jar body
Bottle portion
Flashlight with clock
Alarm clock
Talking cowboy clock
Electronic scale
Stand, especially for the mounting of a recording, detecting and controlling device
Hollow round urban terrorism traffic barricade
Soldering iron tip
Cut gemstone, in particular cut diamond
Cut stone
Jewelry setting
Support stand for Christmas trees and other trees and plants
Basketball sports plaque
Baseball sports plaque
Necktie clip
Fish hook zipper pull
Surface configuration of a bus body and/or toy
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Cab and sleeper of a truck vehicle
Trailer for a coiled tubing reel
Portion of a motorcycle rear fender and rear fender support cover
Bike deflector
Three-wheeled stroller frame
Tread of a tire
Tire tread
Bumper of a truck vehicle
Rear bumper for a vehicle
Brake shoe for a vehicle
Exterior sun visor for a truck
Floor mat
Wheel cover
Wheel hub
Wheel spoke
Marine propeller with thrust edges
Automobile door striker
V8-V6 truck bracket
Chambered boat hull
Boat tower
Two-piece hardtop for a sport utility vehicle
Multipurpose portable rechargeable battery pack
Power supply apparatus
Power supply apparatus
Solar battery module
Multiple outlet side entry wall tap
Electrical connector
Grip for headshell of electric connector
Mold produced housing for enclosing the connection between a cable and a connector
Processing apparatus
Push button front element for an electrical control and signaling unit
Portion of a frequency changer
Electronic device housing
Video receiver
Television set
Television set
Digital video disc player
Wireless communication device
Radio communication device
Wireless transmitter for microphone
Optical disc player
Digital audio player
Combined CD, tape, radio player and recorder for automotive use
CD/cassette player
Combined record player, radio tuner and amplifier
Stereo monitor receiver
Pager programmer
Shower radio
Speaker box
Speaker deck for internet appliance device
Sound mixing console
Antenna housing
MP3 radio bezel
Computer mainframe
Electronic computer
Integrated computer and display system
Internet appliance device housing
Dual screen computer interface
Computer housing
Computer data storage device
Driver set
Monitor for computer
Data input device
Computer mouse
Game controller
Optical trackball
Phosphor screen scanner
Lower metal cover for compact flash card
Animated computer mouse cover
Computer stand
Support base for an electric device such as a computer, TV controller, video game machine, or audio or video disc player
CD-ROM medium
Compact and mini disk
Display icon for an electronic hitch coupling system
Ice dispenser
Mini bar
Combined work bench and oven
Portable tile saw
Casting mold
Decorative slot pattern for circular saw blades
Aerosol actuation unit
Surveillance camera body
Musical wooden drum
Toner cartridge
Video printer
Combined printer, facsimile, copier and scanner
Cover for color ink cartridge
Span double click pen
Free ink writing instrument
Food product
Rippled pasta
Portion of a footwear heel
Footwear upper
Components of footwear
Set of crutch handle covers
Water-tight container
Convex compacted rectangular bag
Personal tool carrying device
Cosmetic box
Market bag
Removable inner bag for a handbag
Toothbrush head with bristles
Toothbrush head
Toothbrush head
Combined toothbrush and paste dispenser with cap
Toothbrush for children
Light-reflective wall covering
Continuous sheet material
Picture frame
Chaise lounge
Occasional chair
Shepherd hook shaped flower pot holder
Computer table
Night stand
Crib endboard frame
Computer equipment support rack for attachment to a workstation
Holder for toothbrush
Three compartment dual level large soap dish
Wrench socket holder with locking member
Pole caddy
Utility shelf and associated support arms
Wall shelf
Decorative valance
Decorative valance
Extruded headrail for vertical blind
Storage container for recorded media disk
Liquid dispensing article
Lunch box warmer
Microwave oven
Pan corner
Lid handle for an article of cookware
Handle for kitchen utensils
Top surface of a nutrition plate
Handle for kitchen tool
Oven face
Side shelf
Utility lighter
Serving plate for children
Inflatable cooler
Coaster holder
Container for food
Potato masher
Head for a slotted turner
Rolling pin
Motorized grass trimmer
Three cutting wheel tubing cutter
Dent removal tool handle
Cylinder portion of a lever-type lockset
Graspable portion of window hold open mechanism
Gate hinge
Holder for concrete reinforcing elements
Adjustable duct bracket
Stationary clip holder for a tape measure with a belt clip
Carpet protector
Clamp for a pair of skis and ski poles
Combined bottle with cap
Back support vest
Pool table leg
Pool table blind
Pool table apron
Vanity table
Electric iron
Waste paper basket
Clothes treating apparatus
Vacuum cleaner
Nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner handle
Rim of glasses
Pencil sharpener
Automatic vending machine for merchandise
Trash can attached advertisement board
Hanging display with removable signs
Magnetic disk drive for game machine
Controller for video games
Skating board bike
Member for use in a hula-hoop
Rolling toy
2-piece upright toy vacuum cleaner
Wireless remote controlled toy snowmobile
Golf tee
Golf club head
Neoprene headcover for a golf club
Swimming oar
Trigger lock for air rifles and air hand guns
Set of cleaning devices
Rear sight for a firearm
Fly fishing reel
Crank handle for a fishing reel
Spinning reel foot and stem
Fishing rod holder
Nozzle for dispensing fluids
Plastic sprinkler base
Handle of long-handled sprinkler
Shower head
Shower head, especially for head showers
Shower nozzle, especially for body showers
Shower head, especially for head showers
Shower head, especially for head showers
Shower head, especially for head showers
Solenoid valve
Shower control knob
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Shower diverter control
Shower diverter control
Shower diverter escutcheon
Shower diverter escutcheon
Piping for a water well
Faucet handle
Bathtub sidewall channelling
Bathtub support
Tank for water closet
Modular vanity unit
Model of cornered tub for hydro-massage
Combination reservoir stand and misting funnel circulation fan
Centrifugal electric fan with a fan wheel contained in a spiral housing, equipped with one lateral grid
Ceiling fan motor housing
Cover for an apparatus for generating radioactive isotopes
Biomedical data recorder chassis
Chest multisensor array
Foot device
Dual rod corner retractor clamp
Clitoral therapy device
Curved medical device for the application of a tack to the body of a patient
Replaceable blade cartridge for cornea incising devices
Gel cassette
Bone plate
Combined pacifier and toy
Massage device
Premier S corner without brackets
Interlocking building element
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Framing element
Premier S panel without brackets
Profile track for fastening moldings to walls and floors
Two level stool
Candle in a container with a lid
Pocket lamp
Lamp with reflector for bicycle
Mixed vegetables candle jar
Carrot candle jar
Mixed peppers candle jar
Task pole lamp
Adjustable tracklight
Lighting fixture
Low profile light fixture
Pendent lamp
Vanity bar light fixture
Oil lamp holder
Light fixture decoration
Smokers's implement
Detergent tablet
Detergent tablet
Detergent tablet
Cosmetic pencil and case
Detergent tablet
Blower for a hair dryer
Eyelash curler
Protective cap for a safety razor
Warmer insert
Animate form dental flosser II
Back scratching device
Pet bed
Ergonomic animal leash
Cremation urn ornament
Mail slot immobilizer
Coin dispenser
Human Necessities
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 224`
Guzmania plant named `Bolero`
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 222`
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 201`
Chrysanthemum plant named `True Yellow AT`
Anthurium plant named `Red Flare`
Bermudagrass named `90NB-Kid`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Selena`
Hibiscus plant named `Plant No. 179`
Hibiscus plant named `Plant No. 115`
Peach tree named `Corinthian Pink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sparkling Yolaurie`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Bright Stephanie`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Soft Heather`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Fall Delano`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yopatricia`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Sweet Dreams`
Begonia plant named `Chicago Fire`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mariyo`
Verbena plant named `Balwilblu`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Golden Spotlight`
Azalea plant named `First Place`
Jewelry setting
Jewelry setting
Apparatus and method for determining contact lenses
Extension deceleration orthosis
Process for the preparation of a solid dispersion of at least one polyhydric alcohol in a fatty body and the resulting dispersion for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use
Decontamination solution and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
High throughput solid phase chemical synthesis utilizing thin cylindrical reaction vessels useable for biological assay
Transducer assembly
Universal handle for hand-held implement
Poppet seat for air regulating devices
Device for regenerating printed sheet-like recording medium
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polyolefins prepared with metallocene catalysts having 2-substituted indenyl type ligands
Color-stable polycarbonate composition and articles molded therefrom
Process for preparing pigment composition, pigment composition and its use
Gene encoding glycosyltransferase and its uses
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Energy absorbing tube support for furnace
Silver halide color photographic material
Low-power multi-bay parking meter
Method of making nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Feedback control for scanning tunnel microscopes
Programmable switch for FPGA input/output signals
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