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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Swather tractor with frame suspension
Cotton air harvester
Bale picking truck
Product distribution apparatus with system and method of automatic meter calibration
Plant watering system
Portable apparatus for milking animals
Collar used for pet training
Sifting scoop
Pickup device for animal waste
Pet waste containment system
Manufacturing method for eyelet and structure thereof
Applicator with extendable implement
Adjustable length pen holder
Locking device
Motor vehicle seat with an adjusting device
Ready to assemble sofa and method for packaging same
Vehicle seat frame and method
Vehicle seat assembly
Seat net apparatus
Passively air-conditioned motor vehicle seat
Harness cover for a child restraint system
Shelving system and collapsible work bench
Molded plastic dishwasher rack tine members including elastomeric bumpers
Vertical rotisserie broiler
Surgical stapler
Electrochemical dispensing apparatus and method
Cervical occluder
Method of facilitating inhalation of controlled quantities of exhaled air
Method and device for gas supply during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Dispenser and counter
Golf club head having ribs
Golf club head with multi-material face
Training instrument for sports
Muscular memory training apparatus and method
Golf putter with trampoline-effect drumhead striking surface and pendulum plumb-bob peripheral weight distribution
Computer system and controlling method thereof
Video games with revenue participation
Gaming device having transformable wild symbols or cards with wild signal indicators
Gaming device having changed or generated player stimuli
Interlocking game chips
System and method to handle playing cards, employing elevator mechanism
Providing multiple hands of an online game in a single table environment
Transmissive LCD display system for gaming machine
Gaming system and a method of gaming with random bonus game selection
Performing Operations; Transporting
Acoustic acceleration of fluid mixing in porous materials
Skid steer mixer attachment
Sheet handling system
Orthopaedic surgical instrument
Controlling arrangement for a rolling stand and items corresponding thereto
Autofrettage process and autofrettage apparatus
Hot bulge forming die apparatus
Method for manufacturing fitting including blind nut and tap tool for use in this method
Method for providing a controlled spark plug orientation in an engine structure
Casting nozzle for a horizontal continuous casting system
Rotary cutting tool and cutting insert therefor
Pressure-activated ID grooving tool
Key duplication method and machine
Method for manufacturing a module with a hollow area by hot isostatic compression
Apparatus and method for removing pressure adhesive labels from backing and affixing to target substrate
Pressing apparatus for pressing heat sinks on a circuit board and pressing tool thereof
Hand-operated crimping tool
Pulling pliers method and apparatus
Shutter-type crimper
Method of manufacturing panels having integrated heat pipes and/or inserts maintained by tongues
Power tool safety mechanisms
Machine tool
Devices, systems, and methods for recovery and recycling of carpet components
Finishing apparatus with resiliently mountable finishing belt guide
Machine tool with rest apparatus and machining method thereof
Multiple jaw vise and method of making the same
Tie-down tension enhancer
Rail fence retractor
Clamping device and method for connecting a clamping jaw to a clamping device
Method of operating power equipment with detection and reaction systems
Drive mechanism for a reciprocating tool
Transferring mold and production process of transferring mold
Head for the automatic positioning of fibre blankets
System and method for deposition and removal of an optical element on an endoscope objective
Vacuum relief
Method of making flexographic printing members
Method for operating a cleaning apparatus of a printing press and printing press for carrying out the method
Recording apparatus having an adjustable restraining member
Ink set for inkjet recording, image recording method and image recording apparatus
Printhead having CMOS drive circuitry
Printing apparatus and ink discharge failure detection method
Attachment, liquid container, and liquid supply apparatus
Ink tank and ink jet printer
System and method for incorporating inkjet printing into a printing press process
Efficient data scanning for print mode switching
Ink jet recording apparatus equipped with ultraviolet light irradiation device
Label for receiving indicia having variable spectral emissivity values
Pneumatic tire with tread having projections for preventing stone trapping
Seal structure for retractable roof vehicle
Sealing members for radiator assemblies and radiator assemblies comprising the same
Rotational variable torque damper for a seat assembly for a vehicle
Vehicle seat
Assist grip
Passenger reminder system
Pick up truck, rail cap assembly with lighting system and method of use
Energy absorber for automotive bumper
Active bolster with internal tear joints
Flangeless inflators and methods of making such inflators for use with inflatable airbag cushions
Vehicle seat
Fixture having airbag outlet flap
Airbag and airbag device
Guide loops for a seat belt system
Vehicular air conditioning apparatus
Vehicle driving force control device
Device for transporting an object in a cell
Baby stroller folding device
Camera car
Vehicle side fairing system
Vehicle steering apparatus
Self-contained jettisonable tracked drive
Motorcycle saddlebag apparatus and method
Safety device on steering handle
Protection device with aerodynamic effect for a motor vehicle
Actuator mounting
Electric bicycle
Automated mooring method and mooring system
Payload delivery units for pressure protecting and delivering a submerged payload and methods for using the same
Watercraft for transportation and exercise
Floor panel for forming a loading area in a cargo hold of an aircraft
Fittings for attaching the vertical tail stabilizer of an aircraft
Annular airborne vehicle
Aerodynamic body and high-lift system comprising such an aerodynamic body
Nacelle assembly having inlet airfoil for a gas turbine engine
Apparatus and method for packaging a load having projections
Closure with unitarily-molded tamper-evident feature
Packaging methods and packs made thereby
Device for delivering a composition, the device including a membrane forming a check valve
Packaged toy with selector
Folding container
Element for controlling filling and/or drawing of a pressurized gas, tank and circuit provided with such an element
Catwalk and conveyor support system for grain handling
Methods for mounting or removing belts from telescoping conveyor mechanisms that cooperate with packaging systems having clippers
Cargo container handling system and associated method
Rolled material dispenser with energy harvesting
Auxiliary feed conveyor
Image forming apparatus
Recording medium post-processing apparatus and image forming system
Bookbinding system with controlled trimming unit
Sorting by controlling scanned document velocity
Liquid medicine dispensing device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for thermally conditioning molten glass
Reducing methane slack when starting and stopping biogas fermenters
Textiles; Paper
Device for meltblowing
Oval steel cord with oval wires
Sewing aid
Roller iron steamer accessory kit and system
Fixed Constructions
System for fastening a rail, and tensioning clamp for a system of this type
Machine for laying concrete paths
Milling machine with cutter drum speed control
Wall panel with extended integral post
Fuel cartridge for fuel cells
Adjustable connector for securing a roof to a structure
Spring flange for roofing systems
Collapsible shelter
Bleacher seating system
Rotary locking mechanism for outside vehicle door handle
Safety lockout hasp
Driving device for driving two door panels to synchronously move
Spacer tube for an insulated glazing, as well as device and method for production of the spacer tube, and insulated glazing having a spacer frame composed of such spacer tubes
Impregnated rotary drag bit with enhanced drill out capability
Method of expanding a tubular element in a wellbore
Multilateral expandable seal
Method and apparatus of mounting a valve on a flange with flexible bolts to stop oil flow from a ruptured pipe or device
Lock mechanism for blowout preventer and method
Downhole apparatus with a swellable support structure
Processes and systems for treating oil and gas wells
Multi-point chemical injection system for intelligent completion
Wellbore cleaning method and apparatus
Flow guide actuation
Drill string with modular motor units
Methods for application of reservoir conditioning in petroleum reservoirs
Method for pre-treatment of subterranean sites adjacent to water injection wells
Viscous oil recovery using emulsions
Steer systems for coiled tubing drilling and method of use
Pedestal support for mine prop
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind turbine blade with cambering flaps controlled by surface pressure changes
Welding slot sealing structure and welding method
Electro-hydraulic variable valve lift apparatus
Rocker arm
Construction machine
Evaporation unit for producing a gas including at least one reducing agent precursor and/or a reducing agent and device and motor vehicle having the evaporation unit
Cooling fan for internal combustion engine having axially adjustable fan rotor
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
Multistep turbocharger arrangement
ASU nitrogen sweep gas in hydrogen separation membrane for production of HRSG duct burner fuel
Scoop of a running-gap control system of an aircraft gas turbine
Structural reinforcement strut for gas turbine case
System and method for reducing hydrocarbon emissions in a gasoline direct injection engine
End burning type gas generator
Johnson Sexton cycle rocket engine
Air-oil separator for extracting oil from engine blowby gas
Fastening element and fluid injector assembly
Control method for internal combustion engine system, and internal combustion engine system
Stop-start self-synchronizing starter system
Rotor blade attachment
Magnetically-conformed, variable area discharge chamber for hall thruster, and method
Jet suction pump
Compressor assembly including separator and ejector pump
Quick assembly blades for ceiling fans
Wind turbine blades with twisted tips
Fan assembly
Connection insert
Fuselage cell structure of an airplane for the simplified installation and attachment of fasteners for fastening conduits
Hydraulic thermal compensation for bearing systems
Rolling bearing
Crankshaft bearing assembly
Propeller shaft
Coupling assembly having transport lock
Clutch unit
Drive uncoupler
Bimetallic brake rotor
Energy absorbing element
Method for producing a control chain
Vehicle door driving apparatus
Dual clutch transmission device
Seven speed dual clutch transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Powertrain with two planetary gear sets and two motor/generators for hybrid vehicle
Pump cover inlet porting and seal for hybrid transmission
Gearbox for a wind energy plant
Head for air pump
Flow control valve for a broken sprinkler
Fluid pressure control device with integrated pressure sensor
Hull joint connection
Thin design display apparatus and display unit detachment method
Hammer union lock and related methods
Holder systems for mobile devices
Actuating lever for a longitudinal adjustment device of a motor vehicle seat
Wirelessly connectable light source
LED light has geometric-unit(s) incorporated with projection means
Artificial candles with glowing canopies that flutter
Interchangeable attachments for accessories for pets
Surface lighting unit, surface lighting light source device, surface lighting device
Lighting device for a vehicle
Gas burner
Solar reflector, collecting window and heat storage
Indoor unit of air conditioner
Temperature-controlled enclosures and temperature control system using the same
Tray assemblies and methods for manufacturing ceramic articles
Heat exchange device and method
Heat exchanger assembly
Automated improvised explosive device training system
Non-pyrotechnic detonation simulator
Non-pyrotechnic cueing device
Nitinol ring marmon clamp
Method for detonating an unexploded munition
Methods of adjusting gloss of images on substrates using ink partial-curing and contact leveling and apparatuses useful in forming images on substrates
Microfluidic device and method of use
Method of calibrating pressure measurement unit
Method and device for carrying out an adaptation and a diagnosis of emission-relevant control devices in a vehicle
Method of estimating the transverse grip of a pair of tires by comparative analysis
Measuring arrangement and measuring process for fluid pressure cylinders
Stud scanner
Ultrasound multiphase fraction meter and method for determining phase fractions in a multiphase fluid
Equipment for concentrating and analyzing components contained in a flowing medium and analyzing method
Laser scanning assembly having an improved scan angle-multiplication factor
Fiber optic connector of a fiber optic connection termination system
Fusion-splice fiber optic connectors and related tools
High refractive index oxygen permeable contact lens system and method
Polarization modulation wheel
Lens arrays with angle difference and projection apparatus
Apparatus to measure fluids in a conduit
Length measurement system based on optical recognition pattern for length measurement
Time-varying barcode in an active display
Multifunctional portable consumer payment device
System and method for image analysis pointing-error correction
Short-vowel intrinsic-sound learning system
System, method, computer program and data set which are intended to facilitate language learning by means of sound identification
Training aid
Computerized testing system for evaluating skills of formatted product producers and methods useful in conjunction therewith
Method for manufacturing thin film magnetic heads
Method for producing a molybdenum film for the construction of a lamp and molybdenum film and lamp with molybdenum film
Lighting connector devices and uses thereof
Lighting connector devices and uses thereof
Lighting connector devices and uses thereof
Multi-orientation plug
Electric connector assembly
Female connector assembly
Visible open for switchgear assembly
Connector with locking mechanisms
Process of manufacturing a stator
Permanent magnet air heater
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Optical system with tracking controller
Vibro-tactile alert and massaging system having directionally oriented stimuli
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optically-based system for processing banknotes based on security feature emissions
Cleaner strip for rollers of cartridge loader
Calibration methods for placement machines incorporating on-head linescan sensing
Heat seal position measurement device for plastic film
Thermal printer
Preventing crease formation in donor web in dye transfer printer that can cause line artifact on print
Image recording apparatus and facsimile apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing uneven use of heating elements on thermal print head
Optical scanning lens, optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for thermal management in a thermal printer having plural printing stations
Internally marked quartz glass, quartz glass substrate for optical member, and marking method
Signal receiver for tire air pressure monitoring system
Setting device with rotating actuator and illuminated index display
Vehicular safety brake light system
Emergency stop warning system
Sensing device for detecting wetness on a glass pane
Method of calibrating an intelligent input push rod assembly
Consumable replacement by mobile input/output bins
Crane safety devices and methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Color shifting carbon-containing interference pigments and foils
Edge formation process for aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for the optical detection of foreign fibers and other impurities in a longitudinally traveling yarn
Fixed Constructions
Notebook computer and docking station having anti-theft lock
Vehicle door stop safety system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for controlling an electromechanical regulator
Biaxial driving mechanism and image inputting apparatus used this mechanism and light projecting apparatus used this mechanism
Lighting fixture
Method for measuring two-dimensional displacement using conjugate optics
Method for determining the thickness of a multi-thin-layer structure
Interferometer for measuring the thickness profile of thin transparent substrates
Combining interference fringe patterns to a moire fringe pattern
Integrated circuit image sensor for wheel alignment systems
Imaging optical system for oblique incidence interferometer
Method and apparatus for calibrating a fabry-perot interferometer based measurement system
Methods and apparatus for fiber optic gyroscope dead band error suppression modulation
Storage medium for use with a three-dimensional map display device
A/D-converter with lookup table
Shaped illumination geometry and intensity using a diffractive optical element
Simplified polarization independent optical sampling using a spatially split waveplate
Compact imaging spectrometer
Process and arrangement for detecting or recognizing an object
Light analyzer
Computer color matching method of paint and preparing method of paint using the same method
Retardance sweep polarimeter and method
Optical path structure for open path emissions sensing
Dry particle distribution measuring apparatus and method
WDM measurement system
Ellipsometer and precision auto-alignment method for incident angle of the ellipsometer without auxiliary equipment
Method of analyzing silicon-germanium alloys and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor layer structures with silicon-germanium alloy layers
Identification of material inclusions in pulp and paper using Raman spectroscopy
Monitoring of vapor phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Unbiased code phase estimator for mitigating multipath in GPS
Methods and apparatus for radar data processing
Systems and methods for target location
Enhancements for GPS based bi-static radar
Distancing and positioning systems and methods
Synchronization of video recording and laser pulses including background light suppression
Method and device for space-time estimation of one or more transmitters
GPS based tracking system
Determining desired pseudolite locations based on predicted GPS coverage
System and method for evaluating uniformity of a wave field in a radar cross section test range
Radar apparatus in which the direction of the antenna is recognizable from outside
Collimating lens
Taking lens system
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
System and method for imaging an object
Interferometric source of multi-color, multi-beam entangled photons with mirror and mixer
Recognition of the maximum position of a revolving dial or slide on microscopes
Method and apparatus for employing electrooptic materials subject to optical damage as a medium for control of light beam attributes using electrode-generated electric fields
Two-dimensional micro-mirror array enhancements
Heads-up display system with optical rotation layers
Compound lens arrangement for use in lens arrays
Depolarizing plate and an optical apparatus using the same
Objective lens, method for correcting manufacturing error thereof, and optical pick-up device using the same
Multilayer optical bodies
Symmetric, bi-aspheric lens for use in transmissive and reflective optical fiber components
Internal electromagnetic radiation shield with ground connection for removable small form factor transceivers
Mount for an optical element in an optical imaging device
Optical mount and method for use thereof
Lens control device for moving range correction
Optical element
Multilevel light-intensity modulating circuit
Active matrix type liquid crystal display device having particular positioning reference pattern and fabrication method thereof
Liquid crystal display and projector having electrode section with equal areas and different heights
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Active matrix display device
Construction and method for interconnecting flexible printed circuit and wiring board, liquid crystal display device, and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
LCD having dummy electrodes or light-cutting film with current leakage preventing slits
LCD having display capability on both sides
Electrochromic display device
Resonant enhanced modulator (REM)
Wavelength conversion apparatus
Photonic signal frequency up and down-conversion using a photonic band gap structure
Laser wavelength converter
Non-linear optical material
Ultrashort-pulse source with controllable wavelength output
System and method for converting a plurality of wavelengths
Method and apparatus for omnidirectional three dimensional imaging
Olfactory special effects system
Back face transmission screen
Three-dimensional-picture-generating apparatus, three-dimensional-picture-generating method and program-presenting medium
Stage device having drive mechanism for driving a movable stage, and exposure apparatus and method of detecting position of the stage
Exposure apparatus
Continuously adjustable neutral density area filter
In-vacuum exposure shutter
Device for processing of a strip-shaped workpiece
Semiconductor exposure apparatus and method of driving the same
Position measuring apparatus and exposure apparatus
User interface for navigation and control of a printing system
Annual date mechanism for clock movement
Planisphere watch
Electronic regulation module for the movement of a mechanically wound watch
Battery powered electronic device and control method therefor
Low cost multi-range input circuit for industrial analog input modules
Switchgear cabinet monitoring arrangement
Device and method for converting a low voltage signal into a high voltage signal
Electronic apparatus having sub display unit with adjustable inclination angle
Slidable cover mechanism for main unit
Method and apparatus for aliased item selection from a list of items
Apparatus for convenient and comfortable cursor control device
Hand-held personal computer
Apparatus for retaining peripheral device
Low height USB interface connecting device and a memory storage apparatus thereof
Mounting apparatus for disk drive devices
Variable length and directional cooling duct
Information processing device
Heat dissipating device
Method and apparatus for controlling an electronic control
Color adjustment apparatus and method
Efficient buffer rendering
Indicator to show that a cached web page is being displayed
Graphical query analyzer
Operation input apparatus using sensor attachable to operator's hand
Character input interface for compact electronic devices
Communication terminal having a predictive character editor application
High fidelity image delivery with color correction notification
Method and system for compiling and using placebot agents for automatically accessing, processing, and managing the data in a place
Method for enhancing printing quality
Printing apparatus for continuous printing
Identification tag
Method and apparatus for forming and correcting color image
Robust colorimetry transform
Texture caching with background preloading
Image processing method and its apparatus
Virtual reality warehouse management system complement
System and method for using and collecting information from a plurality of depth layers
Method and apparatus for determining a representative Z values in a video graphics system
Texture mapping system used for creating three-dimensional urban models
Rendering discrete sample points projected to a screen space with a continuous resampling filter
Image processing apparatus, recording medium, and program
Cuts removal system for triangulated CAD Models
Distance sensitive remote control systems
Gate entry system using short range radio communications with user terminal devices
Apparatus and methods for resolution of entry/exit conflicts for security monitoring systems
Method and apparatus of obtaining security tag operation using local magnetic marker
Portable gas alarm device
System for providing information and an apparatus which receives the information
Message record/play arrangement for public vehicle
Surveillance and collision avoidance system with compound symbols
Abnormal operation prevention circuit for display device and method for operating the same
Plasma display panel and plasma display apparatus having the same
Electro-luminescence panel
Pen coordinate reading device with pen attribute detecting function
System and method for providing voltages for a liquid crystal display
Display device and method for driving the same
Cholesteric liquid crystal display
Field sequential liquid crystal display apparatus
Variable time-out for multi-tap key entry
Circuit for detecting valid range of video signal
Time sequential lookup table method for a display
Reconfigurable color converter
Graphics display system with video synchronization feature
Block move engine with macroblock addressing modes
Data processing apparatus having DRAM incorporated therein
Optical output adjusting apparatus based on shortest recording marks
Tape path for a cartridge tape drive
Disk playback apparatus
Motor control circuit with adaptive controller path selection for different load conditions
Method and apparatus for reproducing data and method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
Method of formatting a disk recording medium and information recording apparatus
Apparatus for accessing recording disk by controlling the coarse and precise actuators
Portable data storage cartridge encoded multi-position mechanical indicator
Magnetic tape cartridge
Editing and switching of video and associated audio signals
Physical identification data addressing method using wobble signal, wobble address encoding circuit, method and circuit for detecting wobble address, and recording medium therefor
Servo write head with gaps for writing high and low frequency transitions
Producing a soundtrack for moving picture sequences
Information reproduction apparatus and method for erasing program data
Methods for detecting and mitigating the effects of hard drive head crashes
Method for testing magnetic tape drive apparatus
Continuous recording apparatus by interpolating the audio signal during seeking operation
Piezoelectric actuator and shock sensor
Dynamic absorber for an actuator arm in a disk drive
Method and apparatus for monitoring temperature
Method and apparatus for controlling write current in writer drivers
Thermal-assisted magnetic storage device and method for driving the reading/writing head thereof
Method and system for making TMR junctions
Exchange biased self-pinned spin valve sensor with recessed overlaid leads
Modified gimbal tongue designs to reduce particle sensitivity
Low-profile pivot assembly
Low particulating latch for a disc drive
Dual plane actuator
Single-sided unipolar device driver for a piezoelectric transducer in a disc drive
Seek trajectory adaptation in sinusoidal seek servo hard disk drives
Write/read head supporting mechanism, and write/read system
Positioning control method
Air bearing slider with an angularly disposed channel formed between a side rail and a leading side air bearing surface
Slider having leading surface for contaminant deflection
Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
Magnetic recording medium and method for reproducing magnetic recording
Method for forming a magnetic pattern in a magnetic recording medium, a magnetic pattern forming device, a magnetic recording medium and a magnetic recording device
Method for reducing the frequency of burn
Identification method for level and upright assembling of optical disk driver
Method and apparatus for optical tracking in an edge-guided tape recorder
Method and apparatus for a high-speed search of an optical medium
Focusing control apparatus, recording medium, and optical disk playback apparatus
Optical disc drive with satellite beams for generation of quadrature error signals for radial position detection
Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical head device, inclination detection apparatus using the same, and optical information processing apparatus using the same
Pickup moving mechanism for optical disk apparatus and pickup moving method therefor
Optical element and optical pick-up
Lens for optical recording and reproducing system
Near-field optical head
Optical disk and optical disk drive
Magnetoresistive memory (MRAM)
Local thermal enhancement of magnetic memory cell during programming
Circuit and method for reading a toggle memory cell
Semiconductor memory device capable of holding write data for long time
Semiconductor memory device with simple refresh control
Source-biased memory cell array
Radiation-hardened static memory cell using isolation technology
Concurrent searching of different tables within a content addressable memory
Searchline control circuit and power reduction method
CAM cells and differential sense circuits for content addressable memory (CAM)
High density dynamic ternary-CAM memory architecture
Method and apparatus for testing a CAM addressed cache
Dual-bit floating-gate flash cell structure and its contactless flash memory arrays
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device capable of high-speed data reading
Method and system to minimize page programming time for flash memory devices
EEPROM erasing method
Memory cell configuration
Circuit for fast and accurate memory read operations
Kicker for non-volatile memory drain bias
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Program algorithm including soft erase for SONOS memory device
Semiconductor device removing disconnection defect in fuse element of its program circuit to stably perform coincidence comparison operation
Imaging apparatus having video memory function
Fault-tolerant solid state memory
Semiconductor memory with jointly usable fuses
Semiconductor memory module
Read only data bus and write only data bus forming in different layer metals
Semiconductor memory module with low current consumption
Semiconductor memory device having a stable internal power supply voltage
DRAM cell having a capacitor structure fabricated partially in a cavity and method for operating same
Memory circuit including booster pump for programming voltage generation
Semiconductor memory device with mode register and method for controlling deep power down mode therein
Feedback biasing integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device capable of masking undesired column access signal
Memory system's improvement in efficiency of data process between host, buffer memory and nonvolatile memory
Asynchronous input data path technique for increasing speed and reducing latency in integrated circuit devices incorporating dynamic random access memory (DRAM) arrays and embedded DRAM
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device, method for refreshing the same, and electronic equipment
Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
Transparent electroconductive film
Conductive electrolyte system with viscosity reducing co-solvents
Capacitor having an adhesion layer at the cathode contact
Electrostatic chucks with flat film electrode
Flash memory array with dual function control lines and asymmetrical source and drain junctions
High voltage switch circuitry
Board-level EMI shield with enhanced thermal dissipation
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Semiconductor device realized by using partial SOI technology
Multi-band, low-profile, capacitively loaded antennas with integrated filters
High efficiency transmit antenna
High up/down ratio GPS antennas with serrated absorber
Electronically scanned antenna system, an electrically scanned antenna and an associated method of forming the same
Method for reconstructing the gain/phase diagram of a transmit/receive module of a phased array antenna
Ionizing apparatus and discharge electrode bar for the same
Metal-clad electrical gear with a rupture disk protected against atmospheric attack
System for sampling a signal in an electronic instrument using a unipolar A/D converter
Motor control circuit having motor protective circuit
System and method for filtering multiple adverse characteristics from a power supply source
Inrush current protection circuit
Over-voltage crowbar for lightning surge and ESD protection
Active backup power supply with power factor correction and output voltage regulation
Soft-start of DC link capacitors for power electronics and drive systems
Output feedback and under-voltage detection system
Parallel connected converters apparatus and methods using switching cycle with energy holding state
Circuitry for resetting magnetic field of transformer
Zero switching power converter operable as asymmetrical full-bridge converter
Method for controlling a matrix converter
Multi-positionable power distribution unit
Push-pull booster circuit with a pair of inductors for coupling
High-frequency diode oscillator and millimeter-wave transmitting/receiving apparatus
Analog to digital converter utilizing resolution enhancement
Power-scalable asynchronous architecture for a wave-pipelined analog to digital converter
Rate matching and channel interleaving for a communications system
Noise shapers with shared and independent filters and multiple quantizers and data converters and methods using the same
High precision analog to digital converter
Method and apparatus for pilot estimation using a wiener filter
Distributed Raman amplification system
Method and apparatus for controlling transmissions of a communications system
Method and arrangement for defining transmission power in a mobile station
Gaseous cavity for forward-looking sonar quieting
System and method for communicating additional data in a data communications system
Method and apparatus for monitoring errors in a wireless transceiver
Method of measuring the error rate of an optical transmission system and apparatus for implementing the method
System and method for maintaining a plurality of media conferences
Network protocol for wireless devices utilizing location information
Method and system for determining network characteristics using routing protocols
System and method of providing multiple installation actions
System and method for printing and scanning a user-completed digital still camera image proof sheet and order form
Image forming device
Document end detecting unit, document reading unit, and facsimile apparatus
Facsimile communication system
Scanning apparatus for scanning both transparent and reflective objects
Scanner of variable scanning speeds
Image forming apparatus using a single optical fiber to transmit electrical signals
Method of and apparatus for recording image by exposure to light beams
Image reader
System and method for scanning a document
Digital camera with nonvolatile memory for storing image management data
Method and system for remote printing of documents
Document scanner having replaceable backing and automatic selection of registration parameters
Apparatus and method for real-time testing/adjusting of television picture colors
Solid-state image pick-up apparatus, driving method therefor, and image input apparatus
Method of driving solid-state image sensor
Recursive metric for NTSC interference rejection in the ATSC-HDTV trellis decoder
Image sensor having black pixels disposed in a spaced-apart relationship from the active pixels
Lens system for camera
Electronic camera that synthesizes two images taken under different exposures
Illumination compensation using built-in reference
Updating transmitter data stored in a preset channel memory
Video display mode automatic switching system and method
Video switching apparatus for switching between a plurality of channels
Multi-camera surveillance and monitoring system
Monitor camera system and method of displaying picture from monitor camera thereof
Wireless communication system for video packet transmission
Cable modem clock synchronization using software parsing with hardware assist
Monitor for display re-imaging and display re-imaging system
Display of a hiearchical telecommunication network
Replicating and recombinant networking systems and methods for wireless networks
Method & apparatus for W-CDMA handoff searching
High-G mounting arrangement for electronic chip carrier
Removable visual indication structure for a printed circuit board
Card insulator and retention guide for a computer system having hot plugable adapter cards
Guided munitions electronics package and method
Composite construction baffle for modular electronic systems
Electromagnetic interference gasket
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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