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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Article of thermal clothing for covering the underlying area at the gap between a coat sleeve and a glove
Zipper securing devices
Device and process for cleaning electrified contact rail insulators for rail rapid transit systems
System for a multiplace cots structure
Movable control panel for a patient support
Portable toilet
System and method for diagnosing and treating disease
System to quantify and visualize ventricular rotation pattern of the heart
Implantable device with an elongated electric conductor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electronic assemblies with high capacity heat sinks and methods of manufacture
Method for manufacturing a stator component
Method of an apparatus for assembling an aircraft wheel or brake component on an axle of an undercarriage
Multiple blade razor cartridge
Razor head with moveable blade package
Shaving aid dispenser system for use in a wet shaving razor
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus including optical scanning apparatus
Printing device with duplex printing function
Engine operation start control device of hybrid vehicle
Method and device for controlling micro-hybrid system with regenerative braking for motor vehicle
Vehicle accident history recorder
Haptic feedback apparatus for vehicle and method using the same
Forklift engine control device
Fixed Constructions
Construction of a corrosion-resistant tension member in the area where it enters a structure, particularly an inclined cable on the pylon of a cable stayed bridge
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for connecting plastic elements to metal sheets and constructions
Pendulum bow sight
Surveying instrument
Geomagnetic sensor for detecting azimuth angle and method thereof
System and method including analytical units
Optical system, apparatus and method for performing flow cytometry
Diagnostic method for high sensitivity detection of component concentrations in human gas emissions
Integrated microscope and related methods and devices
Counting device, physical quantity sensor, counting method, and physical quantity measuring method
Method for computing the receive power of a non serving cell, and receiver for doing the same
Link aggregation in software-defined networks
Suspend SDRAM refresh cycles during normal DDR operation
Battery-state monitoring apparatus
Measurement method and apparatus
Pivoting ultrasonic probe mount and methods for use
Electromagnetic seismic vibrator architecture
Interferometric modulator with dual absorbing layers
Optical waveguide attenuator for a polarized light source
Glass large-core optical fibers
Optoelectronic chips including coupler region and methods of manufacturing the same
Planar coaxial electrically and optically conductive structure
Optical transceiver interface with planar alignment and securing
Reflective liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device comprising a second organic film over a third insulating film wherein the second organic film overlaps with a channel formation region and a second conductive film
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Optical systems and methods for absorbance modulation
Cartridge drive shaft gear
Image forming apparatus with threshold adjustment for superposed measurement images
Image forming apparatus
Image fixing apparatus having end region temperature control
Image fusing apparatus using carbon nano-tube heater
Connector for heater, and fixing apparatus
Pheromone for robotic boundary
Alignment software process management
Thermal management for integrated circuits
Device control modules for demand management systems
Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including optimizing C-state selection under variable wakeup rates
Computer room cooling control
Cooling and noise-reduction apparatus
Core file limiter for abnormally terminating processes
Method and system for providing storage checkpointing to a group of independent computer applications
Data transfer control device and data transfer control method
Test data generation and scale up for database testing
Monitoring device, monitoring system and monitoring method
Managing error logs in a distributed network fabric
Assigning a dispersed storage network address range in a maintenance free storage container
Electronic document reading device
Apparatus and method for provisioning storage to a shared file system in a storage area network
I/O controller and method for operating an I/O controller
NAND-based hybrid NVM design that integrates NAND and NOR in 1-die with serial interface
Systems and methods for managing destage conflicts
Handling high priority requests in a sequential access storage device having a non-volatile storage cache
Multi-core processor system, cache coherency control method, and computer product
Providing record level sharing (RLS) to individual catalogs
Systems and methods for migrating data
Optimizing and enhancing performance for parity based storage
Enhancing tiering storage performance
Methods, systems, and computer program products for identifying a container associated with a plurality of files
File management apparatus and file management method
Flash memory controller
Memory system and bank interleaving method
Performance optimization and dynamic resource reservation for guaranteed coherency updates in a multi-level cache hierarchy
Scheduler, multi-core processor system, and scheduling method
Integrated link calibration and multi-processor topology discovery
Method for data delivery in a network
Memory reorder queue biasing preceding high latency operations
Method and apparatus to facilitate system to system protocol exchange in back to back non-transparent bridges
Performing emulated message signaled interrupt handling
Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image processing method
Vector compare-and-exchange operation
File transfer method in converged IP messaging system
Method, system, and computer program product for routing sessions to a specific URL in a multi-site environment
Remote access to local network via security gateway
Distributed symbol table with intelligent lookup scheme
System and method of adaptive transport of multimedia data
Cost management for messages
Context switched route look up key engine
Managing email disk usage based on user specified conditions
System and method for delivering media assets in a cloud environment
System, process, or method for creation, propagation and use of dynamic fractional proxy in collaborative societal decision making within social networks
Transmitting data by means of storage area network
Management of the distribution of contents
Content delivery validation service
Computer-readable recording medium, information processing method, and information processing apparatus
Server authentication
Programmatic redirect management
Computer resource distribution method based on prediction
Method and apparatus for determining disk array enclosure serial number using SAN topology information in storage area network
ISP-aware peer-to-peer content exchange
Methods and apparatus for event distribution and routing in peer-to-peer overlay networks
Automated workload performance and availability optimization based on hardware affinity
Predicting diagnosis of a patient
System, method, and computer program product for management of web page links
Automated application compatibility testing
Controlling gain during multipath multi-rate audio processing
Nyquist constrained digital finite impulse response filter
Method for scheduling power generators based on optimal configurations and approximate dynamic programming
Identifying digital content using bioresponse data
Data caveats for database tables
System and method for configuring a storage network utilizing a multi-protocol storage appliance
Attribute category enhanced search
Multiple node/virtual input/output (I/O) server (VIOS) failure recovery in clustered partition mobility
Systems and methods for healthcare service delivery location relationship management
Using historical information to improve search across heterogeneous indices
Database management method for providing new keyword, computer-readable media and computing apparatus for the same method
Resolution of contact names
Method and system for backup and recovery
Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
Using temporary performance objects for enhanced query performance
Systems, methods, and apparatus for utility common pool database
Using temporary performance objects for enhanced query performance
Method and device for preventing CSRF attack
Method and system for securing a third party communication with a hosting web page
System for enabling a smart device to securely accept unsolicited transactions
Methods for modifying an integrated circuit layout design
Enhanced case-splitting based property checking
Robot system and method of manufacturing workpiece
Tuning order configurator performance by dynamic integration of manufacturing and field feedback
Methods and apparatus to conditionally authorize content delivery at broadcast headends in pay delivery systems
Information provision system, provision information copying device, user terminal device and user management device
Safely processing and presenting documents with executable text
Event driven remote direct memory access snapshots
Service oriented architecture service dependency determination
Providing multi-initiator serial advanced technology attachment support in a multi-initiator environment
Mobile device peripheral device location and connection
Method and apparatus to generate platform correctable TX-RX
Non-disruptive configuration of a virtualization controller in a data storage system
System and method for customizing an interface related to accessing, manipulating and viewing internet and non-internet related information
Event driven remote direct memory access snapshots
Method to emulate message signaled interrupts with interrupt data
Touch input device
Latch circuit and display device using the latch circuit
Information viewing apparatus, control program and controlling method
Optical interference based user input device
Controlling interactions via overlaid windows
Presenting a menu
Automatic visual preview of non-visual data
System and method for searching through a graphic user interface
Method, system, apparatus, program code and means for identifying and extracting information
Station for preparing orders comprising at least one shaft for vertically accumulating and sequentially dispensing containers
Generating a predictive model from multiple data sources
Apparatus and method for generating multimedia play list based on user experience in portable multimedia player
Obtaining hierarchical information of planar data
Automatically mining patterns for rule based data standardization systems
Extent hashing technique for distributed storage architecture
Methods and apparatus for efficiently processing multiple keyword queries on a distributed network
Legacy device registering method, data transferring method and legacy device authenticating method
Arithmetic device for calculating between physical quantities including units, and database used thereby
Machine emulator methods
Reverse debugging
Parallel program analysis and branch prediction
Framework for a software error inject tool
Using a web-based software oriented architecture method and system for integrating 3D design software programs
Systems and methods for remediating a defective uninstaller during an upgrade procedure of a product
Processing proposed program code libraries in a networked computing environment
Dynamically updating code without requiring processes to restart
User customizable queries to populate model diagrams
Method and system for debugging of compiled code using an interpreter
Optimized division of work among processors in a heterogeneous processing system
Preprovisioning using mutated templates
Resolving RCU-scheduler deadlocks
Generating and evaluating expert networks
Method in a computer system for generating a graphical representation of an anticipated product manufactured by a machine
Machines for emulating machines
Image advocacy in portable computing devices
System for making 3D contents provided with visual fatigue minimization and method of the same
Estimating a pose of a camera for volume estimation
Apparatus and method for biometric authentication
System and method for prostate visualization and cancer detection
Multimedia visualization and integration environment
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Collaborative targeted maximum likelihood learning
Determining invariants in a model
Smart survey with progressive discovery
System and method for governing data entry into a network database by multiple entities having varying data requirements
System and method for enabling integrated channels in an IP marketplace
Optimizing edge crossing computations when creating a drawing of a directed graph having a minimum number of edge crossings
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for extending or expanding a viewing area of content displayed on a 2D workspace into a 3D virtual display screen
Method for enhancing depth images of scenes using trellis structures
Map symbol drawing device
Display, apparatus and method for driving display
Artifact-free transitions between dual display controllers
Superimposed display of image contours
Displaying extracted structures from an OCT image superimposed on an eyeground image
Electronic conferencing system, electronic conferencing method, and electronic conferencing program
Lips blockers, headsets and systems
Howling canceller
Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
Optical disc drive having a cable for connecting electric devices
Optical disc device
Disk drive device with hub and wiring member with increased thinness
Monitoring of residual encrypted data to improve erase performance on a magnetic medium
Read channel optimization using evolutionary algorithms
Multi-channel tape head having asymmetric channel arrays
Method and system for radial and tangential tilt calibration of optical storage systems
Recording medium for long-term data retention, recording method, and recording/reproducing apparatus
Resistive memory cell
Magnetoresistance element and non-volatile semiconductor storage device using same magnetoresistance element
Method of programming selection transistors for NAND flash memory
Error correction with non-volatile memory on an integrated circuit
Nonvolatile memory device and operating method thereof
Self monitoring and self repairing ECC
Method, device and computer program product for decoding a codeword
Memory operation of paired memory devices
High-throughput iterative decoding's defect scan in retry mode of storage system channel
Adaptive copy-back method and storage device using same
Radiation-hardened memory storage unit
Cable management bar and patch panel
Method of making a variable capacitor component
Multi-band antenna
Radiation power level control system and method for a wireless communication device having tunable elements
Multi-frequency antenna
Patch panel with modules
Laser driver subsystem
Ultrashort pulse laser processing apparatus
Tunable laser module
Laser apparatus and laser processing method
High energy semiconductor laser
Passively mode-locked pulsed fiber laser
Semiconductor stack and vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Miswire protection and annunciation of system conditions for arc fault circuit interrupters and other wiring devices
High voltage DC breaker apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling electrical loads to provide positive damping of power grid oscillation
Power electronic converter
DC/DC converter with resonant converter stage and buck stage and method of controlling the same
Audio amplifier
Adaptive equaliser with asynchronous detection and inhibit signal generator
Method and apparatus for high density pulse density modulation
Generation of program data for nonvolatile memory
Method, apparatus and decoder for decoding cyclic code
Methods, systems, and apparatus for tail termination of turbo decoding
Low density parity check decoder with miscorrection handling
Chase coding for error correction of encrypted packets with parity
Low-density parity-check decoder
Asynchronous correlation circuit, asynchronous full adder circuit, calculation device, correlation device, asynchronous maximum value N detection circuit, and satellite signal acquisition device
Device triggered wake up of powerline communication devices
Baseband cancellation of platform radio interference
Health risk, mitigating, retractable, wired headset and protective case platform for wireless communication devices
Multicarrier based optical signal transmitting apparatus and optical signal receiving apparatus
Method and system for a polarization mode dispersion tolerant optical homodyne detection system with optimized transmission modulation
Subscriber-side optical communication device, communication system, control device, and power-saving control method
Interference management using out-of-band signaling
Performing inter-frequency measurements in a mobile network
Devices and methods for facilitating signal-to-noise ratio estimation of received wireless transmissions
Creating a system on the fly and applications thereof
System and method for measuring of radio frequency in interplanetary space
Network registration procedures
Terminal of supporting direct communication using infra communication and direct communication method of the same
Systems and methods of using space time block codes
Method and apparatus for channel sounding in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system
Method and apparatus for reducing interference in space frequency block coding communication
Base station, relay station, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
Multicast service
Techniques for broadcast/multicast delivery in wireless networks
Computer readable storage medium storing congestion control program, information processing apparatus, and congestion control method
AMPP active profile presentation
Passive optical network with adaptive filters for upstream transmission management
Neighbor discovery in a wireless system
Airsync: enabling distributed multiuser MIMO with full multiplexing gain
Systems and methods for reducing collisions after traffic indication map paging
Shelf of a network synchronization device, and network synchronization device
Ring based precise time data network clock phase adjustments
Communication with compressed headers
Phase transformation of repeated signals
Method and system for power supply adjustment and polar modulation in a MIMO system
Method and device for channel estimation with colliding interference cancellation
Multi transform OFDM systems and methods with low peak to average power ratio signals
Network nodes
Method for detecting HARQ/NACK feedback signal from repeater
Systems and etiquette for home gateways using white space
System for monitoring elastic cloud-based computing systems as a service
System and method for re-sequencing data packets on a per-flow basis
Apparatus and method for translating an address of a packet transferred between networks
Method and system for extending routing domain to non-routing end stations
System for interconnecting standard telephony communications equipment to internet
System and method for advertisement augmentation via a called voice connection
Quadrature digital-IF transmitter without inter-stage SAW filter and devices using same
Distortion control device and method
Signaling message transmission in a wireless communication network
Sidelobe information suppression via antenna mode modulation
Carrier recovery method and carrier recovery device for pseudo random noise based system
System and method for predicting a positive correlation
Hardware engine to demod SIMO, MIMO, and SDMA signals
Attribute-based access-controlled data-storage system
Using maximal sum-rate mutual information to optimize JCMA constellations
Systems and methods for implementing improved frequency estimation
Multiple algorithm cryptography system
Device and method for certifying one's own authenticity
Secure communications system for mobile devices
Method and system for generating ciphertext and message authentication codes utilizing shared hardware
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and transmission medium
UMTS FDD modem optimized for high data rate applications
Retrievable headset storage case for a portable electronic device
IMT and non-IMT wireless communication device
Prevention of mismatch of authentication parameter in hybrid communication system
Mobile device authentication
Mobile communication terminal that stores accumulated communication charge for an application
Telephony and applications communication in a non-mobile telephone system
Emergency call capable wireless device provisioning
Systems and methods for remote control adaptive configuration
System, method, and computer readable medium for routing an agent to a preferred communications platform in order to receive a customer call
System and methods for controlling advertisements on wireless device assets
System and method for identifying a caller via a call connection, and matching the caller to a user session involving the caller
Producing an image and optical file from a visible first digital image and from a visible second digital image of a machine-readable optical code which encodes information associated with or derived from the first digital image
Ultrashort laser micro-texture printing
Information processing apparatus, output system and non-transitory computer readable information recording medium
Color space conversion
Video signal processing device and video signal processing method
CDS circuit, image sensor including the same, and image processing device including the image sensor
Image-capturing apparatus and image-capturing method
Premium channel promotion system and method
Method and system for content relevance score determination
Apparatus and method for photographing information management
Multiple view display of three-dimensional images
Recorder apparatus
Method and apparatus for browser based advertisement insertion
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving FEC frame headers with variable header modulation
Systems and methods for providing video conferencing services via an ethernet adapter
Methods and apparatus for software license management
Methods and apparatus for software license management
Program guide system for recording television programs
Methods and systems for allocating resources in a network with optical and coaxial components
Controlling presentation flow based on content element feedback
Object detection apparatus and storage medium storing object detection program
Method for processing targeting descriptor in non-real-time receiver
Diffraction microscopy
Point to multi-point services using shared channels in wireless communication
Wireless communication device capable of performing enhanced fingerprint mapping and location identification
Mobile radio communications device, related network device and method
Wireless communication network system, wireless communication apparatus, mobile terminal, connection-target switch determining method, and connection-target change determining method
Mobile communication system, radio controller, base station, and mobility control method
Method and apparatus for distinguishing cells with the same physical cell identifier
Method and system for load balancing of large file transfers on a wireless network
Network element, integrated circuit, cellular communication system and method for correlating information
Methods and systems for manual cell selection in boundary area for wireless devices
Wireless communication apparatus, method and a computer program enabling switching of communication channel based on interference detection
Communication system, compact base station, and communication method
Coding methods and apparatus for broadcast channels
Admission control of emergency connections
Method and apparatus for managing group communications
System, method, and computer-readable medium for configuration of an IP-femtocell system
System for managing mobile internet protocol addresses in an airborne wireless cellular network
Method and apparatus for synchronizing highly compressed enhancement layer data
Routing communications between telecommunications networks
Method for transmitting control information in a carrier aggregation system, receiving method, and terminal
Systems, methods, and media for logging phone calls
Synchronous interface for multi-radio coexistence manager
Automatic verification of check out
Method and apparatus for the multimode terminal to monitor paging messages in CDMA EVDO and frame synchronous TD-SCDMA networks
Communication method using a preamble to share characteristic information, method for generating the preamble, and communication system to which the methods are applied
Resource allocation bitmap configuration method in a group resource allocation method
Method of manufacturing a heated windshield
Component mounting method
Power module and method for manufacturing the same
On board wireless module architecture
Connection assembly and electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Electronic control panel for a room air conditioner
Protective collar for a baby bottle
Floor mop
Lottery ticket scraper
Drain clearing probe
Wheel and lug nut cleaning tool
Package palette
Divided refuse container
Waste disposal container
Trash can receptacle
Frame for a creeper
Steplight with cover
Electrical switch actuator
Radiator for heat generating components in electronic equipment
Circuit pattern of belt tension device sensor bar
Semiconductor device
PCB connector
Chassis assembly for broadband network head-end modules
CATV housing with heat sink fins
User interface
Communications headset
Communications headset
Digital audio player charging station
Digital audio disc player
Disc player
Headset with loopdown band
Headset with loopback band
Communications headset
Hand held optical reader
Dual screen touch point of sale device
Cradle for a handheld device
Liquid crystal display monitor
Interface card
Multi-position monitor
Cover for mini computer
Supporting base
Keyboard with multimedia display and roller module
Internet appliance
Golf ball computer mouse
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Computer enclosure
Maneuvering device
Icon for a portable computing device screen
Display for an arithmetic and control unit
Telephone handset housing
Portable wireless telephone
Remote controller
Waterproof remote control device
Front cover for a handset
Television receiver
Monitor television receiver
Lawn mower
Outboard motor
Outboard cowling
Transmission fluid filter
Transmission fluid filter
Knife for an agricultural cutterhead
Knives for an agricultural cutterhead
High pressure cleaning device
Steam cleaner
Table saw with telescoping fence assembly
About vertically orientated saw
Circular saw blade
Linear actuator
Video camera
Digital camera
Digital camera
Digital camera
Document production device
Digital color copying machine
Image forming apparatus
Toner cartridge
Toner cartridge
Toner cartridge
Control panel
Camera base
Magnifying device
Electronic calculator with printer
Printer cassette
Feet for paper trimmer
Book clip
Magnetic calendar
Decorative memorandum
Ball-point pen
Address label sheet
Novelty item
Surface configuration of a toy vehicle
Toy chair
Golf club
Toy washing machine
Plush toy speed boat hand puppet
Soccer ball doll
Spiral water ball
Self-propelled amusement device
Racket having bearings in frame
Golf tee positioner
Wood type golf club head
Golf putter head with crystal insert
Golf iron head
Hockey stick shaft
Upper torso muscle developer
Golf club head alignment system
Racket sport training and conditioning device
Golf club putter head incorporating face and rear wall inserts
Console for a gaming apparatus
Wagering device display
Firearm safety switch
Ultrasonic pest repeller
Weighted head fishing lure body
Shrimp head lure
Fishing lure
Spinner blade
Fishing light
Distillation unit for solvent
Wall-mounted shower control
Ribbed filter
Faucet handle lever assembly
Sprayer nozzle
Plug for apertures
Water sprayer
Connector for a water tube
Faucet handle assembly
Connector for a water tube
Faucet handle
Connector for a water tube
Faucet handle lever assembly
Draw and return tube assembly having a multi-aperture flange
Faucet handle lever assembly
Combination urinal and toilet
Furnace mounted humidifier
Fan filter
Tabletop air freshener diffuser
Electric fan
Chimney decoration
Ceiling fan blade iron
Ceiling fan blade iron
Tanning booth
Blood pressure sensor
Tray for holding surgical tip attachments
Cardiac electrode
Dental color matcher
Instrument delivery unit
Solution dispenser
Tool holder
Denture box
Tool holder
Skin wound closure
Combination disc cutter and spinal vertebral spreader
Orthopaedic bone plate
Medical device used for opening a glass probe and preparing a medical injection
Interbody spinal implant
Bathtub spa
Modular retaining wall block
Drywall bead perforated flap
Column base
Plastic fence cap
Cloaked roof vent for a tile roof
Tile Roof with a cloaked roof vent
Landscape edging
House facade
Step stool
Battery lamp
Double lamp utility light
Combined lamp housing and support arm
Wall lamp
Receptacle adapter
Decorative candle
Motorcycle side light
Lens assembly for headlamp
Tail lens assembly
Illuminated fastener
Accent light
Parallel arm lamp
Light housing
Reconfigurable windproof lighter style pipe
Razor handle
Hair clipper
Decorative enclosure for a fire extinguisher
Kitchen fire extinguisher
Child safety tether
Personal respiratory protection device that has left and right tabs
Nasal mask
Top of a cage for small pets
Feeding bowl
Pad for a stirrup
Pet identification tag
Human Necessities
Mobile vertical cutter
Method for maximization of artemisinin production by the plant artemisia annua
Carousel-type distribution unit for handling and planting vegetable species
Method and apparatus for real-time determination and application of nitrogen fertilizer using rapid, non-destructive crop canopy measurements
All wheel steer variable load carrying tractor vehicle
Plenum for tiltable cutting deck
Variable speed mechanism and method for controlling the speed of an associated vehicle
Cutting element for a rotary cutting machine
Feed conveyor and crop receiving assembly braking system
Method and apparatus for gathering, transporting, and processing aquatic plants
Structure for confining a rotational angle of a handle of gardening shears
Flower bud wrapper
Portable bouquet holder
Planter elements and combinations thereof
Lobelia plant named `Wesstar`
Weigela plant named `Brigela`
Begonia plant named `Doublet White`
Petunia plant named `Brevt`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Robson`
Hibiscus plant named `Marina`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Everest Pink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Everest Salmon`
Carnation plant named `Klecincre`
Hypericum plant named `Bosaney`
Pentas plant name `Comet`
Begonia plant named `Peggy`
Miniature rose plant named `Ruiskjol`
Dracaena plant named `Jelle`
Oak tree named `Long`
Automatic milking apparatus
Teat spray unit for a rotary milking platform
Milking parlor systems and methods
Horse leg protection system
Bird feeder device
Fishing lure
Fishing fly and method of making fishing flies
Flesh-like jacket for fishing lures
Fishing lure
Reel seat assembly including reel foot holder having variable radius of curvature
Fishing rod for alerting when a fish has been hooked
Electronic fly trap apparatus with cover
Method and apparatus for the disinfection of soil
Kairomone and kill-bait containing insect trap
Apparatus for production of a small tortilla
Automated brine system with a carousel for cooling cheese
Apparatus for freezing
Apparatus for pressure treating shellfish
Treatment apparatus and method for preserving pumpable food products in a pulsed electric field
Partial sock
Undergarment for use with an absorbent article
Women's under/outer garment
Seat pad for cyclist pant, and process of manufacture thereof
Articulated knee and shin guard
Head gear apparatus
Multipurpose personal cover
Disposable glove with pockets
Challenger glove for holding objects
Finger protection device for a musician
Fully detachable garter system
Running wheel shoe
Impact absorber for a shoe
Adjustable and disposable foot care article
Anklet for encircling an ankle of a child and engaging a foot covering so as to prevent loss of the foot covering
Athletic shoe midsole design and construction
Shoe with arch support
Button replacement device
Elastic belt buckle
Five-way buckle
Flexible fastener for garments
Mechanical-fastening element
Closure device for clothing, footwear and luggage items and the like
Method for setting precious gems in jewelry through the use of screws and other stabilizing means
Handle for a luggage
D-ring assembly
Hand held hair dryer
Raincoat-integrated backpack assembly
Waterproof blanket with integrated storage bag
Resilient attachable tool cleaning apparatus
Golf green brush
Broom with mounting bracket for detachable handle
Adjustable fitting and pipe cleaning brush device
Cable port grommet for modular office furniture
Articulating locking mechanism
Garden table
Adjustable screed
Articulating bed frame
Mattress pad and pocket combination
Supporting device such as for instance a cushion
Inflatable baby cushioning apparatus
Method of making reach-in door for refrigerated merchandiser
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Security support system to display items
Picture frame corner clamp
Napkin/picture holder
Self-leveling eating utensil
Communion tray assembly and communion tray
Filter for a funnel for a coffee making apparatus
Device for indicating the calcification status of flow heaters, particularly in expresso machines
Beverage server
Roller grill assembly for cooking human food
Rotisserie oven having tracks for loading a spit assembly
Grill device
Egg roaster
Cooking utensil with removable grip handle
Foot dryer device with diffused heated air flow system
Waterless toilet cabana
Damping device for a toilet seat and lid unit in western-style toilet
Toilet seat raising and lowering lift device
Belt-mounted vacuum apparatus and methods
Brush roll rotation indicator
Adjustable brace orthotic and method of treating plantar fasciitis and related foot disorders
Extended life thermal pack
Protective sideshield removably attachable to an eyeglass frame
Burial service assembly and methods
Patient rotation system
Bath apparatus
Method for treating nerve injury pain associated with shingles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device and method for performing a dehumidifying operation
Self-retaining adsorbent unit
Front-loading precision material sampler with interchangeable retracting chamber
Method for forming a bearing
Refractory anchor
Process for coating blow-molded plastic containers
Wrapped foam swab
Batten elements for securing tiles to a roof and method of making the battens
Bend-straightening machine with drive unit mounted on top of press frame
Method of manufacturing a button medallion
Spring winding device, particularly for spring winding machines
Rolled product for chain and method for producing same
Gage for determining the true dead center of a workpiece on a lathe or milling machine from each tool pocket in the machine tool turret or cross slide
Tube cutter
Work-cutting device
System for cutting and finishing muntins
Manually operated electric machine tool
Scroll saw actuating mechanism
Testing method for non-destructive testing of a welded connector, a testing device and an ultrasonic welding apparatus having such a device
Method of manufacturing connector for flat cable
Machine tool for the processing of workpieces with cutting tool and laser beam
Rubber plug fitting apparatus
Air tool with safety device
Roll-hardening device pertaining to a roll-hardening machine for crankshafts
Tooling for deep rolling fillets of crankshaft journals
Laterally floating roller cage
Grinding jig for grinding gouge chisels
Sharpener for single and double-sided blades
Pipe wrench with differentiated tooth size
Color coded tools
Bicycle crank arm parts/assembly and assembly tools
Combination of screw with driver bit or wrench
Ratchet screwdriver
Masking application apparatus and method for application of a mask
Spring loaded mud flap installation tool
Siding gauging tool
Broom handle mounting means
Margin trowel with bucket hook
Gripping device
Disposable cutting head for clippers
Disposable razor with removable razor head
Device for cutting any width of wood or other materials
Mitre box
Measuring device and method for measuring gas load in liquids, especially in liquid plastic materials
Method of driving ejector pins to eject formed parts
Method of forming open mouth zipper gusset bag
Direct drawing type lithographic printing plate precursor
Multicolor sheet-fed printing press
Method and device for driving a printing press with an integrated imaging device
Multiple color printer having vertically moveable print pad
Device for holding a printing plate
Ink rail for printing press
Method of forming an image by ink jet printing
Method for transferring hot melt ink to a recording medium
Ink capsule for a printer
Multicolor stencil printer having pressing member holding devices
Thermosensitive stencil, production method thereof, thermosensitive stencil printing master making apparatus and thermosensitive stencil printing apparatus
Variable decorative display
Cosmetic pencil sharpener
Process for transfer printing on flat articles
Minimum contact frame
Chalk collector and method
Four wheel drive manual hub lock and unlock tool
Lock construction
Pivot motor
Golf cart cooling apparatus
Air-conditioning apparatus and control procedure for variable displacement compressor
Sealing structure of door weather strip
Ramp apparatus and method for use with motor vehicle flood protection bag
Vehicle door system having a door lock device and door outside handle with an improved water-proofing structure
Intermediate total power takeoff for trucks and self-propelled machines for various operations
Assembly comprising a first chassis and a second chassis tilting laterally with respect to the first chassis, and corresponding railway vehicle
Vehicle table apparatus
Portable stage
Lock structure for manual shift levers
Device for holding and articulating a removable rear shelf of a motor vehicle
Windshield wiper inertia absorption apparatus and method
Articulation system between windscreen wiper components
Window and lens glass cleaning system
Break-away pedal with ball swivel snap-in
Brake lever with plastic material attached thereto
Apparatus and method for use in aerial ropeways
Special electrical cab for rail roads
Car body
Refined intermodal vehicle for forming a train of highway trailers
Impact protection device for rail vehicles
Power steering apparatus
Collapsible control lever
Floating bicycle gear indicator
Gap adjusting mechanism for bicycle pedal
Toe strap receiving device for a pedal
Anti-capsize watercraft
Superelastic sealing closures
Transparent kayak/canoe hull
Boat collision avoidance system using blasts of water
Inflatable deflector
Marine vessel and method of manufacturing
Craft transportable by road
Deployable net for control of watercraft
Throttle lever device
T-bar deck locker security system
Aircraft anti-theft device
Galley waste disposal system and method
Automatic label film applicator
Insulation strapping machine
Coin box cassette loading system
Method of wrapping a flower pot
Servo-controlled pouch making apparatus
De-wiring apparatus
Method and device for retaining partially rolled-up collapsible containers
Container for stacked sheets
Pallet foot
Aerator pad assembly for railway hopper cars
Rolled fabric dispensing method
Method and apparatus for sewing a fringe to a woven fabric material
Machine with a drafting arrangement for processing textile material
Method and apparatus for loosening a closure from a container
Apparatus for sealing beverage containers by means of caps
Microjoinery methods and devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of sequences of interface layers
4-Heteroaryl-1-piperidinealkylamines and derivatives thereof and their therapeutic utility
Rubber products having better abrasion resistance
Process kit parts and method for using same
Textiles; Paper
Control unit for "pilgrim step" operation of the detaching cylinders in a combing machine
Method and apparatus for mixing textile fibers and particulate materials
Motor system for directly driving spindles of spinning machine
Method and relative equipment for coupling an elastomeric yarn to an inextensible yarn
Circular knitting machine
Apparatus for the maintenance of the needle-bearing plates of a needle-punching machine
Fabric frame holder for embroidery
Continuously and combiningly operable breadth expansion and vibration enhanced spray dyeing machine
Method and apparatus for detecting washing machine tub imbalance
Method and system for washing textile and the like
Control for an automatic washer with spray pretreatment
Washing machine
Compact microwave clothes dryer and method
Temperature control and drip valve assembly for a steam iron
Electric iron sole plate
Process and apparatus for removing water from fibrous web using oscillatory flow-reversing air or gas
Fixed Constructions
Bridge joint
Transit switching system for monorail vehicles
Freestanding wall
Plow support assembly
Cover for closing surface disposed utility access opening
Mine disposal apparatus and mine disposal method
Hydraulic control device for working machines
Excavating bucket with replaceable wedge-locked teeth
Excavating tooth point and adapter apparatus
Utilities container
Automatic faucet
Plumbing device for a basin drainage
Dual-acting plunger
End cap for concrete balcony and method therefor
Beam end fitting and a method for realizing joints for wooden beams
Wall panel
Stackable wall panel system
Truss brace and truss structure made therewith
Fire-resistant block
Construction block cap and method
Screening of guttering
Water drainage system for a deck
Splicing member for siding panels
Corner piece for carpet molding
Pocketformer apparatus for a post-tension anchor system and method of using same
Shingle-removing tool
Construction system for modular apartments, hotels and the like
Spa cover lifter
Drain safety cover system and method
Apparatus for cleaning swimming pools
Valve assembly for swimming pool cleaning systems
End cap coping for a swimming pool
Tornado shelter with composite structure and concrete tub encasement
Tubular keyed cam lock with screw attachment
Mortise lock
Vehicle lock assembly including a mounting bracket
Projection lock receiver and method for using a projection lock
Lubricated hinge device
Compression spring hinge mechanism
Spring mounting arrangement for a sash window counterbalance arrangement
Furniture hinge
Automated banking machine enclosure
Reducing motor, particularly for operating vehicle fittings
Door frame assembly and method of mounting the same
Cladding for windows and/or doors
Window brackets
Method for automatic bow adjustment
Airloop window system
Method to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of sedimentary basins from fluid inclusions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine fuel system comprising fuel oil distribution control system, fuel oil purge system, purging air supply system and fuel nozzle wash system
Coolant recovery type gas turbine
System for pressure modulation of turbine sidewall cavities
Protective coatings for turbine combustion components
Cooling steam supply method of a combined cycle power generation plant
Thermal energy retrieval system for internal combustion engines
Valve train for high speed direct injection diesel engine
Actuator piston assembly for a rocker arm system
Mechanical compression and vacuum release
Volumetric efficiency compensation for dual independent continuously variable cam phasing
Crank case having an oil separation wall
Lubricating system in a 4-cycle engine
Treatment device for exhaust of a vehicle
Exhaust purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
Exhaust muffler comprising a catalytic converter
Abnormality test method and apparatus for secondary air supply system of a vehicle
Front module housing
Charge motion control valve
Internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with dual exhaust expansion cylinders
Arrangement of components for engine
Method for operating a four-stroke internal combustion engine
Variable compression ratio internal combustion engine using field-sensitive fluid
Connecting rod for a variable compression engine
Lubricating method and device of internal combustion engine
Roll pin compression limiter
Gas turbine
Method for collection and use of low-level methane emissions
Methods for fuel nozzle staging for gas turbine engines
Fuel injection method for an internal combustion engine
Spark ignition engine with negative valve-overlap
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Fluid cooled cylinder liner for a cylinder of an internal combustion engine
Exhaust valve device for two-cycle engine
Gas powered thermal generator
Exoskeletal engine
Hybrid rocket propulsion system including array of hybrid or fluid attitude-control rocket engines
Dust sensing assembly air intake system
Compressor having piston rotation restricting structure with lubricating inclined guide surface
Combined service main air/product compressor
Pressurized medium delivery device
Variable valve control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Hydraulic cylinder with position encoder
Adhesive anchor and system
Holding device and method
Rocker pin and wire stock for producing the same
Ball screw with inner ball circulation and linear actuator equipped with the ball screw
Decluthable manual override gearbox
Apparatus and method for preventing hunting between ranges in a continuously variable transmission
Cam follower
Shift lever device
Electronic-hydraulic control unit for an automatic transmission for vehicles
Control device for synchronous mesh automatic transmission
Cylinder filler for use with an oxygen concentrator
Liquid cryogen freezer
Manifold for use in a portable liquid oxygen unit
Splitter plate arrangement for a flue gas stack
Air conditioner
Air conditioner for individual cooling/heating
Absorption chiller/absorption chiller-heater having safety device
Thermal storage apparatus and method for air conditioning system
Vapor compression system
Refrigeration system
Pulse tube refrigerator
Pulse tube expander having a porous plug phase shifter
Evaporation tray
Heat-insulating wall
Methods and devices for retaining a heating element within a refrigeration cabinet
Internet refrigerator and operating method thereof
Method and device for refrigerating a sample
Cryogenic condensation and vaporization system
Installation producing low voltage electricity integrated in a unit separating gas from air
Drying apparatus
Method and apparatus for drying pulp
Vehicle interior drying apparatus
Forced convection heat exchangers capable of being used in kilns
Method, control paradigm and means for monitoring and controlling the process variables of a process gas flowing through a dryer hood used in a drying process
Method for reducing VOC emissions during the manufacture of wood products
Spreader apparatus for pellet dryer/cooler
Chamber and installation for drying animal waste
Drier, drier assembly and drying method
Bath reboiler-condenser consisting of brazed plates and its application to an air distillation plant
Modular firearm and method for making the same
Device for inhibiting the loading and use of portable guns
Straight-pull breechblock with rotating boss locking mechanism for repeating weapons
Device for attaching ammunition boxes to a box support for an automatic weapon
Mounting device of pistol laser site
Drone or towed body having infrared flares for stimulating a flying target
Firework launching system and method
K-charge--a multipurpose shaped charge warhead
Method and device for simultaneously measuring multiple properties of multilayer films
Combination tape measure and straight edge apparatus
Log length measuring device
Method and apparatus for providing alignment particularly in construction tasks
Outflow meter
Thermo-sensitive flow rate sensor
Groundwater velocity probe
Fluid level measuring device measuring fluid level in a container at high temperatures and/or high pressures and/or in a chemically aggressive environment using microwaves
Electromagnetic method of the angular displacement monitoring
Sound pressure sensing device
Pressure sensor with a thermal pressure detecting element
Pressure sensor component with hose connection
Magnetoelastic sensing apparatus and method for remote pressure query of an environment
Wheel balancer with control circuit and rim runout measurement
Dynamic bendloss measuring device
Noise testing system with temperature responsive sensitivity
Stress test rig for helicopter transmissions
Accelerated leakage testing
Test device for leakage-proof of a keyboard
Aerosol can content analyzer workstation
High throughput viscometer and method of using same
Pressure cell for subjecting an absorbent article to compressive stress during a liquid-absorbency test
Method for absorbing moisture of composite material
Adhesive testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for characterizing materials by using a mechanical resonator
Ultrasonic inspection method and system
System and method for ultrasonic image reconstruction using mode-converted Rayleigh wave
Gas sensor with phased heaters for increased sensitivity
Apparatus and method for automated biomonitoring of water quality
One-piece battery charge indicator cage
Impact sensor and impact-pressure sensor
Angular accelerometer
Microelectromechanical dual-mass resonator structure
Radar apparatus for detecting a direction of a center of a target
Automatic assembling method and apparatus for assembling photographic film cassettes
Coating apparatus for photosensitive media
Resistor arrays for mask-alignment detection
Manual dual overcenter latch mechanism and lock mechanism
Slide rule and indicator which can also be combined with boxes for medicines and other items
Computer method for collecting on money judgments
Interactive video and audio display system network interactive monitor module interface
Decorative paper holder
Sign support system
Movable wall panel system with self-plumbing panels
Rotating turbulent flow display device
Truck-side display framing system
Windshield document protecting device
Display media back pack and method of visual display
Triboluminescent tamper-indicating device
Kenny clamp
Electronic chip component and manufacturing method thereof
Differential pressure process for fabricating a flat-panel display face plate with integral spacer support structures
Color cathode ray tube and method for manufacturing a shadow mask for a color cathode ray tube
Vacuum film growth apparatus
Low contamination high density plasma etch chambers and methods for making the same
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board
Liquid cooling of removable electronic modules based on low pressure applying biasing mechanisms
Structure and method of manufacture for minimizing filament coupling losses in superconducting oxide composite articles
Method and apparatus for transporting substrates in OLED process
Coaxial connector and method of manufacturing thereof
System for fitting pins into a device such as, for example, a connector
Non-lethal projectile for delivering an inhibiting substance to a living target
PZT microactuator processing
Method of manufacture of a composite shared pole design for magnetoresistive merged heads
Self-powered modification kit for hid luminaire installations
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