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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Vegetarian feeding method for carnivorous fish and shrimp with Spirulina and Chlorella algae using electrolyzed water and sodium thiosulfate, guar and oligofructans as additives
Systems and methods for effecting cessation of tobacco use
Backpack system
Cosmetic color applicator and method for using same
Method and apparatus for routing utilities in a refrigerator
Back support
Headrest position adjusting device and headrest position adjusting method
Apparatus and methods for vacuum operated sorting
Laparoscopic instrument and trocar systems and related surgical method
Direct assay of cholesterol in skin removed by tape stripping
Device for testing needles
Surgical instrument with gearing
Oocyte separation and collection system
Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid
Workability evaluating apparatus, workability evaluating method, and workability evaluating program
Method for image processing and contour assessment of the heart
System, apparatus and method for forensic facial approximation
Method and CT unit for taking x-ray CT pictures of a patient's beating heart
Temporomandibular joint balancing appliance and method for using the same
CPR assist device
Medical aerosol non-diluting holding chamber
System and method for measuring and minimizing the effects of vertigo, motion sickness, motion intolerance, and/or spatial disorientation
Drug delivery medical devices
Leg-powered treadmill
Exercise machine
Golf swing training apparatus
System and method for promoting and tracking physical activity among a participating group of individuals
Modified poker card games using partial community cards
Pathology game and method of playing same
Game machine
Wagering game system with community gaming system
Toy object and task-conditional reward
Free fall amusement ride
Bubble generating device and method for forming a bubble film
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nut grinder
Apparatus and process for coating a component with aligning device
Apparatus for holding a medical device during coating
Screen printing device with infinite loop stencil
Anti-oxidation spray methods and spray equipment for steel billets
Bearing arrangement and rolling unit for a rolling-mill roll
Tire vulcanizing mold manufacturing method, and tire vulcanizing mold
Perforated cutting board and tray
Equipment support rack assembly
Method of manufacturing eyeglass lens
Internal rinsing in touchless interstitial processing
Extrusion granulator for granulation of plastic strands
Method for the intermittent production and continuous supply of a resin-filler mixture in the course of the production of plastic molded parts
Nano-imprinting resin stamper and nano-imprinting apparatus using the same
System and method for controlling a multi-drive printing press
Printing device and printer using the same
Frequency modulation apparatus and frequency modulation method
Laser light control device for image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Detachable roller means and movable bag or case
Apparatus of driving wheels for in-wheel system
Chair having an adjustable backrest for spinal protection
Child car seat and headrest with side impact energy absorption
Truck body for hauling extremely cohesive homogenous materials
Portable water container with pump and filter
Lighting or signaling device with a moveable daytime element
Methods and systems for monitoring fuel status of vehicles
Anti-overspeed system for vehicle and associated method
Bicycle pedal with increased theft protection
Outboard motor control apparatus
Steering apparatus for outboard motor
Aircraft with dual flight regimes
Cutlery tray assembly
Garment bag systems
Glasses headband cover method, apparatus, and system
Bulk wire isolator apparatus
Piece goods conveyance system having individual containers for transporting piece goods, in particular luggage
Sheet processing apparatus that detects staples and image forming apparatus
Sheet conveyor, image forming apparatus and image scanning apparatus
Robot hand and robot
Vehicle lift system accessory
Laser equipped lift pad device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for aging wine or spirits
Fixed Constructions
Compaction apparatus and associated compactor vehicle
System and method for generating energy from subsurface water currents
Tractor blade assembly
Control mechanism
Telescoping jack for a gripper assembly
Tube/pipe spooling device
Running tool with feedback mechanism
Pipeline inspection apparatus and method using radio frequency identification and inertial navigation
Methods and compositions for controlling formation fines and reducing proppant flow-back
Ball and dart launcher with parallel axis release
Method for providing thixotrophy to fluids downhole
Gate valve seat and seat ring
Visco-elastic surfactant spacers
Method and equipment for displaying drill holes and method for directing drill rod when holes are drilled into rock
Method and apparatus for pipe-conveyed well logging
Fluid displacement methods and apparatus for hydrocarbons in subsea production tubing
Flexible hang-off arrangement for a catenary riser
Mining machine automation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary compressor and manufacturing method of the same
Turbine blade tip with vortex generators
Assembly for a valve drive of an internal combustion engine
Cylinder head rocker arm stand repair and process
Locking mechanism for variable actuation using a shuttle pin and return spring
Lubrication system for a breaking tool
Helmholtz resonator for a gas turbine combustion chamber
Abating low-frequency noise using encapsulated gas bubbles
Split-cycle air-hybrid engine having a threshold minimum tank pressure
Spherical two stroke engine system
Rotary engine with exhaust gas supplemental compounding
Sound absorbing structure
Belt driven electric starter system
Boron-based refractory coating for a wind turbine component
Piston-chamber combination
Energy conversion apparatus
Process, sensor and diagnosis device for pump diagnosis
Ball roller bearing, in particular for absorbing combined radial and axial loads
Magnetic coupling assembly with an actively air gap adjustable mechanism
Driveshaft coupling
Torque limiter
Shock absorbing structure
Push type driving belt
Hydraulic pressure supply apparatus for transmission
Shifting device for a gearbox
Backhoe loader
Gasket stop
Valve device
Flapper drain valve adjusting structure
Rotary fluid valve assemblies, systems and methods
Fuel tank vent valve assembly and method of assembly
Spin controlled faucet outlet structure
Air release valve
Valve control hand wheel with position indicator and magnetic couple feature
Speedy construction method for penstock of large scale hydraulic turbine
Bearing apparatus and method for an irrigation pivot structure
Apparatus for receiving insulation
LED bulb
Vertically adjustable cubicle lamp
Luminaire having a pivotable LED
Multifunction taillight
Integral heat sink and housing light emitting diode assembly
Lamp module and desk lamp using the same
Power cord mounted electronic module for portable lamp
Multi-emitter lighting apparatus
LED lighting fixture
Cooler block, especially for a change air cooler/coolant cooler
Paintball gun flow channel system
Lightweight armor and methods of making
Active body
Optical stacked structure inspecting method and optical stacked structure inspecting apparatus
Optical characteristic measuring apparatus
Optical clinometer
Navigation system including database for storing feature information for points of interest
Navigation apparatus
Airplane emergency navigational system
Luminous keying module of handheld device
Ultrasonic flow sensor
Ultrasonic transducer having a matching layer between a piezoelectric element and a coupling element
Method for fabricating haze noise standards comprising nano-structures on an insulating thin layer
Target substance-detecting apparatus and target substance-detecting method
Apparatus and a method for measuring the body core temperature for elevated ambient temperatures
Sealed, slim-line constant force, generation unit
State of health monitoring and reset methods and systems for on-board device driver integrated circuits
Immersible oxygen sensor for molten metals
Method and computer program product for determining whether or not a test protein has thermostability
Sensing unit for bicycle speedometer
Phase/frequency detector and charge pump architecture for referenceless clock and data recovery (CDR) applications
Packet transceiver system and method
Method, apparatus and system for improved inter-domain routing convergence
Multicast communication path calculation method and multicast communication path calculation apparatus
Self-repairing of microprocessor array structures
Three boundary scan cell switches controlling input to output buffer
Providing memory test patterns for DLL calibration
Millimeter wave imager with visible or infrared overlay for brownout assist
System and method for classification of multiple source sensor measurements, reports, or target tracks and association with uniquely identified candidate targets
Rapid acquisition and correlation of synchronization codes for mobile devices with limited memory and computational power
Methods and apparatus for actuated position determination in a wireless communication device
Seismic vibrator having airwave suppression
Optical module
Image-taking lens unit
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Device for varying and adjusting transmitted illumination for microscopes
Electrophoresis display and electronic apparatus including an electrophoresis display
System and method of providing MEMS device with anti-stiction coating
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Deflection device and imaging apparatus
Nanolaminate deformable mirrors
Optical system for 3-dimensional display
Enhanced parfocality
Light-emitting device
Illumination systems
Electro-optic device, method for manufacturing electro-optic device, projector, and electronic apparatus
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system
Holey fiber and method of manufacturing the same
Waveguide structure
Plasmostor: a-metal-oxide-si field effect plasmonic modulator
Optical communication module using refraction plate for optical axis compensation, and manufacturing method of the same
Optical waveguide having chirp grating for high conversion efficiency
Plug/socket arrangement
Universal modular connector
Optical connector
Optical connector
Apparatus and method for preventing unwanted exposure of a device to an undesirable substance
Optical element fixing structure, optical element fixing body, optical element, and optical element holder
Hybrid electro-optic polymer/sol-gel modulator
Touch panel
Electric power generation using liquid crystals
Liquid crystal panel and method of repairing same
Digitally-switchable bandpass filter
Surface light source capable of varying angular range for diffusing emitted light and liquid crystal display apparatus capable of displaying selectively with wide view angle and narrow view angle by using same
Liquid crystal display having a reflective electrode formed on an organic resin film
Liquid crystal display device including protrusion with recessed portion for accepting spherical spacer
Liquid crystal display including sensing unit
Liquid crystal electro-optic device
Liquid crystal display device having particular differences in average thickness of adjacent glass substrates
Liquid crystal display device comprising a second transistor between sub-picture element electrodes in each picture element region
Image taking device
Image capturing apparatus and foreign substance removing method thereof
Energy transfer in scanning laser projectors
Method of controlling the lighting of a room in accordance with an image projected onto a projection surface
Light source device and projector
System for adjusting image of beam projector using camera attached remote controller and method thereof
Device and method for displaying an image on a VUI screen and also a main projection screen
Image display apparatus and information processing apparatus having the same and method of controlling image display apparatus
Image projector and an illuminating unit suitable for use in an image projector
Window well projection system
Lithographic apparatus and method of removing liquid
Method for correcting scanner non-uniformity
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Image forming apparatus and layer thickness calculating method
Sheet post-processing apparatus, and image forming system including the same
Image forming apparatus
Charging device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image transfer device, image forming apparatus having the image transfer device, and method of measuring resistance of a printing medium or an endless track belt of the image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including a toner removing device operable in two modes for removing residual toner on an intermediate transfer member
Fixing member with toner releasing layer, and fixing apparatus with the same
Lubricant supplying device, cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with protective agent applying unit and process cartridge
Mechanical watch movement
Camera based video games and related methods for exercise motivation
Control of friction at the nanoscale
Remote starting control system
Control of flow rate and thermal conditions using two-layered thin films separated by flexible seals and rotatable pivot
Band-gap reference voltage generator for low-voltage operation and high precision
Profile circuit control function
Systems with variable link widths based on estimated activity levels
Electronic device
Power supply control using supply power transition control and dynamic controller parameter(s)
Uncore thermal management
Maintaining routing consistency within a rendezvous federation
Technique for managing addition of disks to a volume of a storage system
Fault-tolerant computer and method of controlling same
Automated software testing framework
Method and apparatus for selecting and providing a set of instrumentation signals for locomotive testing and diagnostic purposes
Method for generating an image file for forgery verification and a method for forgeryverification of an image file
Suspected place identifying apparatus and processing method
Computer system for managing performances of storage apparatus and performance management method of the computer system
Governing access to a computing resource
Computer system, management computer, storage system, and backup management method
Storage system with journal reflecting area control function
Monitoring usage rate patterns in storage resources
Re-entrant processing in a content addressable memory
Apparatus, system, and method for implementing protected partitions in storage media
Resource efficient remote copy pair for data retention
Managing system memory resident device management queues
System and method for detecting multiple matches
Analyzing audio, including analyzing streaming audio signals
System and method for distributing media data
Remotely reprogrammable communications adapter for providing access to an electronic device
DMA shared byte counters in a parallel computer
Image processing system and method
Document composition system and method
Galois field linear transformer trellis system
Mobile phone with camera and printer
Slot-to-interlace and interlace-to-slot converters for an OFDM system
System and method for grid computing
Messaging schema for services interaction on prepaid and subscription system
Method and apparatus for predictively and graphically administering a networked system in a time dimension
Method and system for postal service mail delivery via electronic mail
Availability and scalability in a messaging system in a manner transparent to the application
Asynchronous data storage system with geographic diversity
Bit-granular writes of control registers
Connection control system, connection control equipment and connection management equipment
Integrated service management system
System using BACnet visual test shell for monitoring and analyzing data frames on BACnet MS/TP communication network
Directory service in an automation system
System and method for providing a graphical user interface to, for building, and/or for monitoring a telecommunication network
Printing system, information processing apparatus, installation method, and program for implementing the method
Classification using a cascade approach
Querying data and an associated ontology in a database management system
Drive recorder for vehicle
Video content creating apparatus
Multimodal note taking, annotation, and gaming
Vehicle dynamics control apparatus
Schematization of establishing relationships between applications
Method and apparatus for structuring documents based on layout, content and collection
Method and apparatus for providing sponsorship for a directory
System and method for generating a work of communication with supplemental context
2N-point and N-point FFT/IFFT dual mode processor
Determination of time dependency of search queries
Methods and systems for managing data
Auction program with auctioneer character figure, closeout countdown and bid paddle displays
User interface mechanism to formulate complex query against an entity relationship model
Apparatus of generating browsing paths for data and method for browsing data
Forecasting time-dependent search queries
Caching technique for electrical simulation of VLSI interconnect
Method for designing semiconductor package, system for aiding to design semiconductor package, and computer program product therefor
Method and apparatus for supporting verification, and computer product
Method for process window optimized optical proximity correction
Automatically generating an input sequence for a circuit design using mutant-based verification
Operational cycle assignment in a configurable IC
Systems and methods for simulating link performance
Interface unit for automation systems and method of providing and installing such an interface
Production planning method and production planning system
System and method for detecting misassembly of an exhaust aftertreatment system of a machine
Method and system for determining a predicted flash endurance Vt of a flash cell after N program/erase cycles
Method and system for managing the display of sensitive content in non-trusted environments
System and theme file format for creating visual styles
Methods and arrangements to handle non-queued commands for data storage devices
Location predicative restoration of compressed images stored on a hard disk drive with soft and hard errors
Schema-based machine generated programming models
Integrated content guide for interactive selection of content and services on personal computer systems with multiple sources and multiple media presentation
Current programming apparatus, active matrix type display apparatus, and current programming method
Controller with communication of multi-source tasks
Method for learning the flow rate of hydraulic fluid in an automatic transmission
Method and system to associate cell and item metadata
Hybrid vehicle control system
Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, information processing method and computer program
Modular multiplication acceleration circuit and method for data encryption/decryption
System and method for providing a virtual memory architecture narrower and deeper than a physical memory architecture
System and method for reduction of wait time for software updates
Contracts and futures in an asynchronous programming language
Update package catalog for update package transfer between generator and content server in a network
Build optimizer tool for efficient management of software builds for mobile devices
System and method for partitioning an application utilizing a throughput-driven aggregation and mapping approach
Shareable, bidirectional mechanism for conversion between object model and XML
Relaxed and extended delegates
Shape simulation method, program and apparatus
Recurring meeting schedule wizard
Method and apparatus for providing virtual server blades
Systems and methods using computer vision and capacitive sensing for cursor control
Key combination with electronic memory identifier
User interface feedback using scanner light source
Storing events in an electronic calendar from a printed source
System and method of sorting document images based on image quality
Image processing method, apparatus therefor and memory medium storing program
Moving object recognition apparatus for tracking a moving object based on photographed image
Method for carving volume data based on image
Mr method and apparatus for determining coronal and sagittal image planes from an image data set of a knee joint
Foam assessment
Method and system for implementing a low-complexity scheme in color conversion and down-sampling of image codecs
Anti-piracy image display methods and systems with sub-frame intensity compensation
Watermark embedding and detecting methods, systems, devices and components
Image processing system, image forming apparatus, control method for the same, and program for implementing the control method
Method and apparatus for determining if an optical disk originated from a valid source
Method and apparatus for faster-than-real-time lossless compression and decompression of images
Method and device for image processing and a night vision system for motor vehicles
Method and apparatus for error concealment for JPEG 2000 compressed images and data block-based video data
Image processing apparatus, method of the same, and program for the same
Method and system for aggregating, standardizing and presenting purchase information from shoppers and sellers to facilitate comparison shopping and purchases
Method and system for metering mixed weight mail pieces at an increased average rate
Financial activity based on natural events
Investment structure and method having fixed and contingent components
Order-resource fulfillment and management system and approach
Anonymous merchandise delivery system
Enterprise planning
System for providing step out commissions and compensation for research brokers
Guided performance optimization for graphics pipeline state management
Method of and scaling unit for scaling a three-dimensional model
Method and apparatus for virtual reality presentation of civil engineering, land planning and infrastructure
Method of and system for 3D display of multi-energy computed tomography images
Method and apparatus for detecting container breach via visual cues
Wireless IC tag and process for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for protecting culinary products
Digital receipt for a transaction
System and method for providing an institutional nutrition service
Energy recovery circuit and energy recovering method using the same
Apparatus and method for adjusting image on the basis of characteristics of display system
Liquid crystal display apparatus and monitor system having the same
Display device and driving method thereof
Scan driver and organic light emitting display for selectively performing progressive scanning and interlaced scanning
Liquid crystal display device and a method for driving the same
Hand-held type projector
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program
Methods and systems for adaptive dither pattern application
Handheld computer having moveable segments that are interactive with an integrated display
Session file modification with annotation using speech recognition or text to speech
Providing personalized voice font for text-to-speech applications
Optical recording method, optical recording apparatus, one-chip CPU device, and computer program
Side-by-side magnetic head configuration with flared pole tip layer and read sensor sharing same plane
Magnetic head that includes negative expansion material
Optical disc device
Optical pickup and optical information apparatus
Wobble detection circuit and method for processing wobble signals
Apparatus for demodulating address in pre-groove symbols and apparatus for decoding pre-pit symbols
Method and apparatus for detecting probe position error in a data storage system and method and apparatus for tracking data
Fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation mechanisms
Multi-bit resistive memory
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Self-diagnostic scheme for detecting errors
Semiconductor device
System and method for initiating a bad block disable process in a non-volatile memory
Semiconductor memory device for precharging bit lines except for specific reading and writing periods
Memory cell access circuit
Semiconductor storage device in which inactive word line potential is set
Semiconductor memory device and method for designing the same
Memory cell, memory device, device and method of accessing a memory cell
Memory readout circuit and phase-change memory device
Nanoscale wire coding for stochastic assembly
Method of improving nuclear reactor performance
High force MEMS device
Method for fabrication of thin film phosphor, thin film phosphor, and phosphor product using the same
Integral variable termination for alarm system devices
Pop-up cable electronic marker
Antenna device, electronic device, and method of manufacturing antenna device
Generic pick-up horn for high power thermal vacuum testing of satellite payloads at multiple frequency bands and at multiple polarizations
VAR TSA for extended low frequency response method
Internal utility meter antenna
Contact probe device having a substrate fitted into slits of cylindrical electrodes
Electrical connector for low profile application
Quick plug
Structure of security and protection for connection socket
Electronic device shield and connector case
Joint connector with a plurality of terminals, a housing, and a spring
Semiconductor laser driving unit and image forming apparatus having the same
Repetitively pulsed laser and amplifier with dual resonator for pulse-energy management
Surface emitting laser
Semiconductor optical amplifier pulse reshaper
Arrangement for protection of electronic components
Electromagnetic type retarder
Semiconductor device and booster circuit
Oscillatory system and method for controlling an oscillatory system of this type
Crystal oscillator
Polar transmitter arrangement and method
Phase locked loop having reduced inherent noise
Radio-frequency power amplifier
Low strain variable frequency amplifier
Power amplifying device having linearizer
Output DC offset protection for class D amplifiers
Sound reproduction device
Acoustic surface wave filter module and method of manufacturing the same
Single package television tuning apparatus and television receiver including the same
Switch circuit
Turbo-coding DOCSIS information for satellite communication
Multiple differential transmission system including signal transmitter and signal receiver connected via three signal lines
Method and apparatus for migrating seamlessly in a wireless communication system
Method and circuit for limiting the power of a signal compiled from spread-coded signals
Fast fourier transform based phase locked loop for navigational receivers
Spurious energy correlation for control of linear power amplifiers
DC offset correction for constant envelope signals
Method for measuring nonlinear optical properties, and optical amplifier and optical transmission system using same
Routing a processor communication
Method and system for down-converting an electromagnetic signal, transforms for same, and aperture relationships
Method and system for merging multiple push-to-talk over cellular sessions
Mobile communication system, radio network controller, base station and communication method
Method of predicting transmission speed adaptations
Fast hard handover scheme and mobile station and base station supporting such scheme
Method for assigning time slots and base station apparatus utilizing the same
System and method using primary and secondary synchronization codes during cell search
Single logical network interface for advanced load balancing and fail-over functionality
OFDM radio communications system, transmitter and receiver
Method and system for adapting an effective spreading sequence in a communication system using direct sequence spreading
Systems and methods of sharing information between protocol layers
Method and system for data transmission between a local area network and a main network authorizing format adaptation of said data
Method and apparatus for creation and management of intelligent packets
Multiple access method and radio apparatus utilizing the same
Subcarrier adaptive thresholding
Selection and optimization of potential hub candidates within a network
Method and apparatus for configuring a network topology with alternative communication paths
Method and system for transparent TCP offload with best effort direct placement of incoming traffic
Advanced VPN routing
Integrated information communication system using internet protocol
Transmission apparatus and frame transmission method
Method and apparatus for transmitting data to network and method and apparatus for receiving data from network
Method and system for transmitting streaming data
Managing packet-based telephony
Multi-line appearance telephony via a computer network
QoS-aware handover procedure for IP-based mobile ad-hoc network environments
Telecommunications system to provide analog telephony communications over a packet connection
Testing methods of a semiconductor integrated incorporating a high-frequency receiving circuit and a demodulation circuit
System and method of calculating noise variance
Modulation method with insertion of semi-pilot symbols
Apparatus and method of differential IQ frequency up-conversion
System and method to authenticate a user utilizing a time-varying auxiliary code
Frequency control device and information reproduction apparatus
Method of delivering direct proof private keys in signed groups to devices using a distribution CD
Secure intermediary communications system
Image processing system and authentication method of the same
Key input method in a mobile telecommunication terminal
Method of producing a telephone device
Method and system for measuring acoustic quality of wireless customer premises equipment
Caller identification method, and billing system and method using the same in internet telephony
Mobile phone, incoming call notification method, and incoming call notification program
Charging control system for group communication sessions
Image reading apparatus
Scan method and scanner utilizing the same
Image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus and image reading method
Device and method for comprehensive temperature sensing and calibration of a full width array image sensor
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Data classifying method, multi-dimensional interpolation device, multi-dimensional interpolation method, and computer program
Imaging apparatus for processing noise signal and photoelectric conversion signal
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method for solid-state image pickup element and image pickup apparatus
Photometric apparatus
Imaging apparatus with dilution of pixel data for improved visibility
Solid state image pickup device and camera utilizing a maximum value signal corresponding to a predetermined carrier-accumulation end level
Digital camera
Digital camera
Active pixel sensor with a diagonal active area
Video decoder with integrated audio IF demodulation
Television receiver and control program for the television receiver
Method for providing program specific information recorded on high density disc medium
Apparatus for controlling angle of AV front panel for automobile
Image recording apparatus and image capture apparatus
Motion vector estimation with improved motion vector selection
CATV transmission line monitoring system, method, and program
Method for distributing scrambled digital data decryption keys
Efficient streamed content delivery to portable communications device
Rendering graphics/image data using dynamically generated video streams
Method and apparatus to synchronize audio and video
Sound source localization based on binaural signals
Handoff control method and mobile station
Methods and apparatus for transferring service flow context of mobile broadband wireless access networks
Resource reservation in a wireless network with distributed medium access control
Wireless communication device and method for reducing carrier frequency offsets over a simultaneous multi-user uplink in a multicarrier communication network
Apparatus and method for determining soft of softer handoff in mobile communication system
Implementation of collaborative telecommunications services
Integrated thermal systems
Resilient grounding clip in electronics chassis
Expired Patents Due To Time
Pointing stick with top mounted z-axis sensor
Display method, display apparatus and communication method
Coordinate input device and display-integrated type coordinate input device capable of directly detecting electrostatic coupling capacitance with high accuracy
Position detecting method and apparatus for detecting a plurality of position indicators
Force sensing semiconductive touchpad
Touch sensor display
Coordinate input system having multiple editing modes
Method and apparatus for synchronizing the broadcast content of interactive internet-based programs
Method and system for simultaneously displaying a television program and information about the program
Pattern and color abstraction in a graphical user interface
Apparatus and method for controlling dialog box display and system interactivity in a signal measurement system
Method and apparatus for remote database record scroll/update without refresh
Methods and apparatus for a window access panel
Method and system for providing a splitter bar control
Method and apparatus for leading a user through a software installation procedure via interaction with displayed graphs
Method and system for indexing and controlling the playback of multimedia documents
File menu option for making file templates from pre-existing files
Method to achieve least effort selection from an item list of arbitrary length
Device and method for accurately obtaining measurement data for pool covers and other objects
Method and apparatus for geometric compression of three-dimensional graphics data
User controlled graphics object movement based on amount of joystick angular rotation and point of view angle
Method and system for multi-resolution texture mapping
Method and apparatus for determining texture values of graphical images
Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium for storing image processing programs
High performance low cost video game system with coprocessor providing high speed efficient 3D graphics and digital audio signal processing
Method and apparatus to measure relative visibility of time-varying data in transform space
Apparatus and method for high speed 2D/3D image transformation and display using a pipelined hardware
Method of defining a computer-generated intelligent symbol
Method for indicating the existence of a control object
Video data storage and transmission formats and apparatus and methods for processing video data in such formats
Ink transfer printer and thermal head
Apparatus and method for printing borderless print image
Printing method and apparatus
Thin-film printhead device for an ink-jet printer
Direct firing thermal bend actuator ink jet printing mechanism
Replaceable ink supply module (bag/box/tube/valve) for replenishment of on-carriage inkjet printhead
Electrostatic latent image forming printhead having separate discharge and modulation electrodes
Apparatus and method for forming image with superior image reproducibility
Thermal printing apparatus
Thermoelectric printer
Image formation device for forming a color image composed of plural colors
Systems and methods for object-optimized control of laser power
Displayer and method for displaying
Furnace video camera apparatus
Telecine systems
Remote image monitoring method and system, and recording medium used for executing image monitoring
Apparatus for evaluating digital picture quality
Image input apparatus capable of controlling an imaging device based on information picked up by the device
Camera control system with restrain based on the number of clients having access
Digital camera with detachable auxiliary memory
Camera apparatus for detecting focus value engaged to output picture
MOS-type solid-state imaging apparatus using a unit cell formed of a photoelectric converter, amplification transistor, address capacitor, and reset transistor
Exposure controller having coring value adapted to the discharge pulse count
Clamping apparatus for fixing a small electronic camera on an LCD panel
Method of de-interlacing video signals using a mixed mode spatial and temporal approximation technique
Method and system for decoding data in a signal
Television receiver
Television receiver and receiving method thereof
Digital video effects, apparatus and method
Two pass multi-dimensional data scaling arrangement and method thereof
HDTV receiver having fast digital IF AGC and analog RF AGC
Electromagnetic wave shield usable with a display device
Liquid crystal electro-optical device and process of fabricating same provided with discharge accelerating patterns for minimizing dielectric breakdown
Planar light source device having polarization separator formed of two sheets with mating triangular prisms and different indices of refraction
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device
Staggered waveplate LCD privacy screen
Liquid crystal display device with an adjustment layer not connected to driving circuit to even out height difference in the sealant region
Method for producing a liquid crystal display panel having dummy seal particles arranged in at least two arrays
Liquid crystal panel and its manufacturing method
Process and device for the synchronous addition of odors to visual and/or acoustic stimulation
Exposure method, exposure apparatus and semiconductor device manufactured by using the exposure apparatus
Photolithographic apparatus composed of coater/developer and a plurality of steppers in parallel connected thereto
Adjustment of vertical regist shift between pages, colors or lines in a multiple beam recording system
Exposure method and scanning type exposure apparatus
Photolithographic apparatus
Removable cover for protecting a reticle, system including and method of using the same
Image forming apparatus with a paper positioning device
Sensor and a method for measuring distances to, and/or physical properties of, a medium
Temporal measurements of ultrashort far infrared electromagnetic pulses
Apparatus and method for grading, testing, and identifying gemstones
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Device for detecting diffusely scattered impurities in transparent receptacles
Method for identifying materials, impurities and related defects with diffuse dispersion transparent objects
Laser induced fluorescence capillary interface
Analytical quantification and process control
Apparatus for simultaneous measurement of two polarization states of scattered light
Orientation detector arrangement
Photometric measuring system and a holder for such a system
Optical detector device
Polarized interferential measurement wherein the modulation signal is adjusted to be equal to the duration of the measurement window
Fourier-transform and global contrast interferometer alignment methods
Non-contacting communication and power interface between a printing engine and peripheral systems attached to replaceable printer component
Memory management system for a printing system
Apparatus and method for securing facsimile transmissions
Method and apparatus for scanning original images
High resolution scanner
Scanner and method of controlling lighting cold-cathode tube thereof
Image reading apparatus and adjusting method for the same
Method and apparatus for correcting luminance and chrominance data in digital color images
Method to determine a switching moment and a line terminator, a control network unit and a network unit realizing such a method and a tree-like optical network including such a line terminator, such a control network unit or such a network unit
Terrestrial optical communication network of integrated fiber and free-space links which requires no electro-optical conversion between links
Optical signal power detection with signature bit pattern in WDM systems
Repairing undersea optical fiber transmission systems using soliton signals with wavelength division multiplexing
Optical demultiplexer and method of assembling same
Method and apparatus for bit synchronization in optical communication and networking systems
Very high data rate soliton regenerator
Scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using the same
Scanning apparatus and method employing a lens spinning on an axis normal to the scan plane
Electrophotographic display device and driving method therefor
Chirp-controlled optical modulator and method of controlling chirp in the modulation of an optical signal
Electrochromic structures
Mirror with internal support plate
Reflective fiber-optic isolator
Light source utilizing a light emitting device constructed on the surface of a substrate and light conversion device that includes a portion of the substrate
Nonlinear fiber amplifiers used for a 1430-1530nm low-loss window in optical fibers
Nonlinear fiber amplifiers for a 1430-1530nm low-loss window in optical fibers
Forensic microscope, in particular for examination of writing
Inverted microscope
Flexible microscope slide
Rear projection screen using birefringent optical film for asymmetric light scattering
Compact binocular imaging system using a single display
Image-forming method and image-forming apparatus
Mini-optical light shelf daylighting system
View angle control sheet and method for producing the same
Focal point detection apparatus
Laser optical apparatus
Method of manufacturing nozzle member, and work apparatus
Composite display apparatus
Optical transmitter device
Thermalization using optical components in a lens system
Telescopic optics with peripheral vision
Internal focusing telephoto lens having high speed aperture ratio
Zoom lens system
Taking lens system
Objective lens
Lens barrel having an iris stop unit
Kinematic lens mounting with distributed support and radial flexure
Instrument cluster lens assembly and method of making
Apparatus for visual alignment during trailer hitch-up
Mirrored ear grooming accessory apparatus
Extendable exterior rearview mirror assembly for vehicles
Combined high-speed contact magnetic tape duplicator and cassette loader
Method and apparatus for automatically activating a one of video data channel and a computer data channel in a tape drive in response to detection of the nature of the data recorded on a magnetic tape loaded in the tape drive
Technique for reassigning data sector by detecting soft defect
Method of and arrangement for formatting a magnetizable medium
Method and circuits for high speed powerup of analog reference source for a direct access storage device (DASD)
Disk drive system and control circuitry adapted for downward compatibility
Method and apparatus for starting a hard disk drive having separate landing and data zones
Method and apparatus for calibrating a thermal response of a magnetoresistive element
Adaptive last-track positioning scheme for hard-disk drive formatting
Multi-actuator optics drive system for laser servowriting
Robust detection of data modulated into a timing based servo
Disk device and disk device calibrating method
Cartridge library and method of operation thereof
Performance optimization magnetic tape assembly
Squeeze film damping for a hard disc drive
Disc cartridge and dust-proofing system in disc drive system
Recording or playback device for disk contained in cartridge and the device including a kickout mechanism and a change-over lever
Magnetic disk drive
Milliactuator with integrated sensor and drivers and method of manufacturing the same
Non-magnetic nickel containing conductor alloys for magnetic transducer element fabrication
Case for accommodating disc cartridge
High density flexible disk drive having a large capacity detecting switch provided at a position corresponding to a large capacity identifier hole provided in a case of a large capacity flexible disk
Air bearing slider with increased speed sensitivity
Microactuator suspension with multiple "I" shaped microbeams
Microactuated disk drive suspension with heightened stroke sensitivity
Reader for a low-flying magnetoresistive sensor
Stabilized MR sensor and heat guide joined by contiguous junction
Fail-safe timing circuit and on-delay circuit using the same
Current limiting device
Electrostatic damage protection circuit and dynamic random access memory
Ground distance relay for AC power transmission line protection
Reconfigurable reclosing relay
Overvoltage protection circuit
ARC fault circuit breaker
Wafer support with electrostatic discharge bus
Method of making a vehicle windshield surface hydrophilic
Electrolytic capacitor and method of producing the same
Two-part lockable housing
Electronic assembly including an electronic unit connected to a coil
Detachable case for an electronic organizer
Computer docking guidance system
Cooling assisting device, cooling assisting method, electronic apparatus, and information processor
Cooling rack for notebook computer
Integrated convection and conduction heat sink for multiple mounting positions
EMI containment for microprocessor core mounted on a card using surface mounted clips
Electrical assembly that includes a heat sink which is attached to a substrate by a clip
Enhanced arrangement for supplying continuous power to a circuit board
Reinforced micromodule
Technique for mounting electronic components on printed circuit boards
Circuit board support
Printed circuit board bracket assembly and system
Multimodule interconnect structure and process
Packaging substrate
Electronic device having a single-sided circuit board
Circuit board, manufacturing method therefor, and bump-type contact head and semiconductor component packaging module using the circuit board
Backplane circuit board for an electronic chassis
High speed signals distribution for backplanes
Housing body of electronic equipment
Case for semiconductor circuit of a surge protector
Current sourced gate driver for fast thyristors
Forward converter with improved reset circuitry
Switched-mode power supply and method for driving a switch in a switch-mode power supply for improved switch-on after a waiting period or disconnection from the network
Control circuit compensating for malfunction of pulse width modulation circuitry
Electric power unit with early auxiliary capacitor charging
Circuit associated with a power converter and method of operation thereof
Secondary side switching regulator having a phase lock loop control circuit
Resonant-boost-input three-phase power factor corrector with a low current stress on switches
Dual output alternator system
System for connecting and synchronizing a supplemental power source to a power grid
Inverter circuit
Multiple power supply traction system, and a method of Implementation
Content addressable memory with reduced transient current
CAM match line precharge
Content addressable memory protection circuit and method
DRAM content addressable memory using part of the content as an address
Low-voltage content addressable memory cell with a fast tag-compare capability using partially-depleted SOI CMOS dynamic-threshold techniques
Sense amplifier configuration with fused diffusion regions and a distributed driver system
Semiconductor memory device having reduced interconnection resistance
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having global and local bitlines and split workline driver
Read zero DRAM
Asymmetric ram cell
Semiconductor memory cell
Eeprom cell with improved current performance
Semiconductor memory device capable of realizing a chip with high operation reliability and high yield
Data holding apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Method for reading 2-bit ETOX cells using gate induced drain leakage current
Method to reduce read gate disturb for flash EEPROM application
Reduction of voltage stress across a gate oxide and across a junction within a high voltage transistor of an erasable memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having verify function
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having a function for controlling the range of distribution of memory cell threshold voltages
Method of bitline shielding in conjunction with a precharging scheme for nand-based flash memory devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device improved in readout operation
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with block erase function
Method for efficiently executing soft programming of a memory block
Method and apparatus for generating an echo clock in a memory
Voltage generator
Bit line sense circuit and method for dynamic random access memories
Approach to provide high external voltage for flash memory erase
Simplified peripheral logic for memory device
Memory column redundancy
Integrated circuit devices having mode selection circuits that generate a mode signal based on the magnitude of a mode control signal when a power supply signal transitions from a first state to a second state
Memory architecture
Non-volatile semiconductor memory allowing user to enter various refresh commands
Antifuse circuitry for post-package DRAM repair
Programmable latches that include non-volatile programmable elements
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of activating the same
Voltage supply circuit in a semiconductor memory device
Dynamic random access memory device having booster against battery exhaustion
Low area impact technique for doubling the write data bandwidth of a memory array
Semiconductor memory device and driving signal generator therefor
Multiple bank simultaneous operation for a flash memory
Signal generator with timing margin by using control signal to control different circuit
Output circuit for a double data rate dynamic random access memory, double data rate dynamic random access memory, method of clocking data out from a double data rate dynamic random access memory and method of providing a data strobe signal
SDRAM with a maskable input
High speed address sequencer
Synchronous semiconductor integrated circuit capable of improving immunity from malfunctions
Integrated circuit random access memory capable of reading either one or more than one data word in a single clock cycle
Synchronous type semiconductor memory system with less power consumption
Synchronous semiconductor storage device
Method of resetting sonar images using secondary antenna
Acoustic surveillance apparatus and method
Electronic watch with calendar
Optical pickup device
Multiple layer disk reproducing apparatus, and apparatus for reproducing information record medium
Focus position adjustment device and optical disc drive apparatus
Information recording and reproduction apparatus using a pulsed laser light
Disk-changing unit with modular design
Off-axis optical pickup mechanism for dual-sided optical storage discs
Phase change optical recording medium
Semi-permanent enclosure for optical data storage device
Fast fourier transform calculating apparatus and fast fourier transform calculating method
3-staged time-division switch control system
Ring structure 1:N duplex communication equipment and data communication method
Bit clearing mechanism for an empty list
Dynamic bandwidth and buffer management algorithm for multi-service ATM switches
Method and apparatus for managing control messages in a communication system
Method for automatically aggregating objects
System and method for location-based group services
System and method for improving audio quality on a conferencing network
Subchannel control loop
Piecewise coherent beamforming for satellite communications
Reverse link for a satellite communication network
Secure communication hub and method of secure data communication
Satellite communication routing arbitration techniques
Asymmetric high-speed data transmission apparatus and method in a mobile communications network
Dynamic wireless multiplexing -- switching hub for providing two-way communications with subscriber units
ATM switching architecture for a wireless telecommunications network
Data transmission method in a TDMA mobile communication system
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
Multicode CDMA transmitter with improved signal processing
Router for daisy-chained components
Multiple access communication network with combined contention and reservation mode access
Telephony-enabled network processing device with separate TDM bus and host system backplane bus
Voice communication system and voice communication method
Dynamic DSP allocation for universal access to a packet network
OC3 delivery unit; common controller for application modules
Method for two-stage data transmission
Method of multicasting for mobile host used in any one of subnetworks connected to one another
Self-configuring processors in an asynchronous transfer mode switch
Implementation of access service
Decentralized radiocommunications system and radio station therefor
Transfer method of push-button signals
Statistical time division multiplexer for a wireless asymmetric local loop communication system
Buffer memory with parallel data and transfer instruction buffering
Fibre channel switch employing distributed queuing
Method and apparatus for data channelization and hardware-based network operation and control
Method and device for space division multiplexing of radio signals transmitted in cellular radio communications
Multi-user code division multiple access receiver
Cellular TDMA base station receiver with dynamic DC offset correction
Bi-directional daisy-chain cascading of network repeaters
System for routing a UBR connection
Method and apparatus for detecting and preventing bandwidth overflow in a statistical multiplexer
Communication method and communication system
Video server streaming synchronization
Retiming arrangement for SDH data transmission system
Self-configuring universal communication device for interfacing communication signals having different properties with repeaterless two-wire telephone link
Cladding pumped fiber laser with reduced overlap between a laser mode and an ion-doped region
Wavelength stabilization of wavelength division multiplexed channels
Line narrowed F2 laser with etalon based output coupler
Laser beam generating apparatus and method
High pulse rate pulse power system with liquid cooling
Microlaser-based electro-optic system and associated fabrication method
Multi-quantum well lasers with selectively doped barriers
Epitaxial facet formation for laser diodes based on III-V material systems
Laser diode array assemblies with optimized brightness conservation
Fluorine control system with fluorine monitor
Multichannel laser transmitter with a single output port
Apparatus for providing a stabilized laser source
Inductive melting of fine metallic particles
Apparatus and method for watermark data insertion and apparatus and method for watermark data detection
Receiving apparatus of code spread communication type
Asynchronous spread spectrum clocking
Closed loop power control for low earth orbit satellite communications system
Method and means for frequency hopping in a radio communication system
Wireless communication device
Method for reducing interference, and synthesizer arrangement
Enhanced echo canceler
Method and windowing unit to reduce leakage, fourier transformer and DMT modem wherein the unit is used
Method and apparatus to measure jitter.
Digitally controlled transmission line equalizer
Mechanism for interpolating among samples of received communication signal using asynchronous high speed clock which is a nominal multiple of recovered signalling baud rate
High stability fast tracking adaptive equalizer for use with time varying communication channels
Method for stabilizing the operation of fractionally spaced sequalizer in digital signal receivers
Method of removing blocking artifacts in a coding system of a moving picture
Method of providing an access point into a video data stream and apparatus for carrying out the method
Encoding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and editing method
Data transmitting apparatus
Apparatus and method for repeating simultaneously transmitted signals on a single transmission path
Channel aggregation having low latency and overhead
Lower-complexity peak-to-average reduction using intermediate-result subset sign-inversion for DSL
Quadrature modulator and demodulator
Method and apparatus for the reflection and transmission of quasi orthogonal vectors
Apparatus and method of linearizing a power amplifier in a mobile radio communication system
Apparatus for receiving data
Demodulating digital video broadcast signals
Auto frequency control apparatus
Path-diversity receiving method and system of spread spectrum communication
Adaptive transmission diversity apparatus and adaptive transmission diversity method
Method and apparatus for filtering interference in a modem receiver
Method for transmitting and receiving asynchronous serial data in digital signal processor
Apparatus and method for switching frequency modes in a phase locked loop system
Reactor stud cleaning booth
Self-actuated louvers for venting a CEDM cooling system of a nuclear reactor and method of using the same
Preventive maintenance apparatus for structural members in a nuclear pressure vessel
Top guide grid attachment for a boiling water reactor
Technique and arrangement for tomographic imaging
X-ray projection exposure apparatus with a position detection optical system
Fluorescent X-ray analyzer with path switching device
System for inspection of pipelines
Multi-leaf collimator constrained optimization of intensity modulated treatments
Precision dosimetry in an intensity modulated radiation treatment system
Radiation E.G. X-ray pulse generator mechanisms
Method and apparatus for providing call detail records at subscriber premises
Communication support system in which a caller profile from a data processing device is transmitted to a telephone device upon incoming of a call
LAN connection using analog modems via telephone wiring
Telephone-linked commodity-billing method
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer to implement telephone functions with a displayed telephone of variable size
Communications protocol for least cost call routing system
Method and apparatus for automatic language mode selection
Call controlling apparatus and method used for an order-wire system in a communication system
Remote reconfiguration method for feature-function telephone sets
Virtual end office in a switched telephone network
Two way transmission of subscriber provisional data for an intelligent peripheral in an advanced intelligent network (AIN)
Intelligent phone cord apparatus
Method to alert a phone operator by magnetic means of an incoming call
Communication device comprising an off-hook detection circuit
Bridged tap terminator
Voice and data communications
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having split adaptive gain settings
Remotely controlled speaker phone
Reversible base with positive lock condition
Security apparatus for data transmission with dynamic random encryption
Password synchronization
Steganographic techniques for securely delivering electronic digital rights management control information over insecure communication channels
Simultaneous bi-directional translation and sending of EDI service order data
Key replacement in a public key cryptosystem
Distributed group key management scheme for secure many-to-many communication
Generating a common bass signal
Synchronized sounding/flashing circuit
Audio volume control circuit using pulse width modulation signal
Apparatus for and method of filtering in an digital hearing aid, including an application specific integrated circuit and a programmable digital signal processor
Two line variable word length serial interface
Hearing aid with external frequency control
Hearing aid with different assemblies for picking up further processing and adjusting an audio signal to the hearing ability of a hearing impaired person
Mail generation system with enhanced security by use of modified print graphic information
Technique for disambiguating proximate objects within an image
Method for figure tracking using 2-D registration
Electronic apparatus having improved scratch and mechanical resistance
Optical fingerprint imager with improved optics
Computerized detection of lung nodules using energy-subtracted soft-tissue and standard chest images
Appearance inspection method for electronic parts
Image discriminating apparatus
Image data conversion on the basis of observation light of an output image
Apparatus and method for segmenting and classifying image data
Image processing apparatus
Handwriting input display apparatus having improved speed in changing display of entered handwriting
Method for automatic visual identification of a reference site in an image
Method for deriving character features in a character recognition system
Image decompression system capable of reducing memory capacity
Method for motion estimated and compensated field rate up-conversion (FRU) for video applications and device for actuating such method
Scan interleaving method
Data compression system having a string matching module
Method and apparatus for encoding a binary shape signal
Method and apparatus for digital image processing with selectable background suppression data acquisition modes
Method and apparatus for processing an image, storage medium for storing an image processing program
Digital image processing
Apparatus and method for determining the location and orientation of a reference feature in an image
Apparatus and method for providing optical sensors with super resolution
Tunable optical fiber package
Integrated optical mach zehnder structures
Wavelength specific operations in optical systems
Tunable optical routing device and method
Coated optical fiber
Temperature compensated fiber grating and method for compensating temperature variation in fiber grating
Polymer material and method for optical switching and modulation
Star-type optical coupler
Duplex fiber optic connector system and method of fabrication
Connector assembly
Protective materials for optical fibers which do not substantially discolor
Variable stiffness fiber optic shaft
Process for the production of a waveguide beam converter
Integrated optical beam spread transformer
Mechanism for securing cables
Optical fiber fixing member and method for manufacturing the same
High density splice holder
Variable attenuator device for a rectangular waveguide
Magnetic disk device
Tunerless camcorder which reservation-records a broadcasting signal and method thereof
Apparatus and method for controlling the recording of television programs
Still frame video in index
Recording apparatus for recording moving image and still image
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving scalable video data in a disk-array-based video server
Disk apparatus having a single recording head and capable of simultaneous recording and reproducing
Recording/reproducing device for various formats
Anti-resonance mixing filter
Ceiling fan with attached heater and secondary fan
Game attractant heating device
Electric water heater with simplified phase conversion apparatus
Compact in-line tankless double element water heater
Film unit, method for enabling secure customization of a film unit, and system
Automatic focusing camera
Zoom lens barrel driving system for camera
Strobe device of lens-fitted film unit and production method of strobe device
Exposure compensation device for an auto exposure camera
Finder apparatus
Cartridge, laboratory system, image data recording method, camera and photograph processing method
Low cost, reusable camera system suitable for use with captioned film
Method and apparatus for buffer transfer of media sheets between components in an imagesetting system
System and method for avoiding an erroneous service person call
Toner supply device and toner cartridge
Flicker suppression device in electronic equipment
Remote-controllable, micro-scale device for use in in vivo medical diagnosis and/or treatment
Cardiac rhythm management system with prevention of double counting of events
Heart stimulation device with electrotonic inhibition
Electrical apparatus for medical treatment using EMG envelope signal
Implantable microstimulation system for treatment of sleep apnea
Telemetry system for implantable medical devices
Transcutaneous energy transmission system with full wave Class E rectifier
Diathermy apparatus with automatic tuning for applicator head
Cardiac lead with zone insulated electrodes
Expandable seal for use with medical device and system
System and apparatus having low profile collapsible tines
Perforated size adjustable biomedical electrode
Adaptive cascade control algorithm
Electronic control unit with modifiable pre-set programs for the control of automatic watering systems with plural lines
Language independent building automation architecture for worldwide system deployment
Audio-mixing apparatus and audio-mixing processing method
Manufacturing method for assembling products by generating and scheduling dynamically assembly instructions
Method and apparatus for a semiconductor wafer inspection system using a knowledge-based system
Method for feedforward corrections for off-specification conditions
Integrated management of semiconductor process data
Tooling head controller
Method and system for fabrication of composite parts
Binding and forming processes utilizing pre-personalized components and media incorporating such components
Distributed control system architecture and method for a material transport system
Control unit for an irrigation system
Flywheel reserve power for outside plant of a communication network
Seed ROM for reciprocal computation
Vehicle rear axle load relief method and system
Control unit for vehicle and total control system therefor
Flight management system (FMS) with integrated bit mapped data charts
Path planning process for a mobile surface treatment unit
Apparatus and method for diagnosing an engine using computer based models in combination with a neural network
Analysis device for control devices
Integrity monitor for TCAS mutual suppression
System with light display and data recorder for monitoring vehicle in relation to adjacent vehicle
Vehicle accessory control with integrated voice and manual activation
Vehicle height adjust control apparatus and method
Electric power steering apparatus
Control apparatus for electric power steering system
Tracked vehicle steering system with failure detection
Vehicle arrangement with cooperating power seat and vehicle occupant protection systems
Industrial vehicle
Internal combustion engine control apparatus
Method and device for controlling the drag torque of an internal combustion engine
Work machine speed control system to manage engine overspeed and brake energy
Method and arrangement for controlling vehicle spacing
Task control method with reduced stacked memory requirement
Control system for internal combustion engine
Computer system for indentifying local resources
Navigation apparatus
Method to schedule a vehicle in real-time to transport freight and passengers
Navigation method, in particular for vehicles
Method and device for providing traffic information
Automated vehicle tracking and service provision system
GPS reception ratio detecting apparatus and portable type distance/speed meter capable of indicating GPS signal receiving condition
Full fusion positioning method for vehicle
Positioning system for a motor vehicle having a satellite receiver
Transmitting location-specific weather-related data to terminals within a plurality of regions
Method of processing seismic data signals
Pedestal-mounted sensor
System for surveillance of spectral signals
Management method and apparatus for remote cable-locating transmitters
Further method of creating and rapidly searching a virtual library of potential molecules using validated molecular structural descriptors
Method of simulating an integrated circuit for error correction in a configuration model, and a computer-readable recording medium
Method and apparatus for gate-level simulation of synthesized register transfer level designs with source-level debugging
Integrated circuit with embedded reprogrammable EEPROM and emulation method to facilitate debugging
Weighting method for use in information extraction and abstracting, based on the frequency of occurrence of keywords and similarity calculations
System and method for preventing artifacts in an audio data encoder device
System and method for partially whitening and quantizing weighting functions of audio signals
Apparatus and methods for detecting onset of a signal
Efficient codebook structure for code excited linear prediction coding
Celp speech coding and decoding system for creating comfort noise dependent on the spectral envelope of the speech signal
Speech synthesis method
Methods and apparatus for efficient quantization of gain parameters in GLPAS speech coders
Speech codec employing noise classification for noise compensation
Method and apparatus for performing speech frame encoding mode selection in a variable rate encoding system
Audio data decoding device and audio data coding/decoding system
Pattern matching method and apparatus
Multi-tasking speech synthesizer
Method and apparatus for assembling and presenting structured voicemail messages
Communication device and method for deaf and mute persons
Aggregating and pooling weight loss information in a communication system with feedback
Method and apparatus for automatically generating advisory information for pharmacy patients
Device and method for project management
Conditional purchase offer management system for event tickets
Method for transferring, receiving and utilizing electronic gift certificates
Product classification process for optical subassemblies
System and method for optimizing investment location
Method and system for accommodating electronic commerce in the semiconductor manufacturing industry
System and method for movie transaction processing
Charge allocation in a multi-user network
Method and apparatus for a modular postage accounting system
Information processors having an agent function and storage mediums which contain processing programs for use in the information processor
System and method for optimizing queries with aggregates and collection conversions
Method and apparatus for creating an index in a database system
Method and system for retrieving relevant documents from a database
Method and apparatus for detecting and summarizing document similarity within large document sets
Virtual bookshelf
Integrating campaign management and data mining
Integration of link generation, cross-author user navigation, and reuse identification in authoring process
Fine-grained consistency mechanism for optimistic concurrency control using lock groups
Method of resolving data conflicts in a shared data environment
Corporate and entertainment management interactive system using a computer network
Distributed metadata system and method
Integration of legacy database management systems with ODBC-compliant application programs
Database apparatus
Compression store addressing
Customer support search engine system and method of searching data using the search engine system
System, software and apparatus for organizing, storing and retrieving information from a computer database
Object to relational database mapping infrastructure in a customer care and billing system
Method and system for image querying using region based and boundary based image matching
Method and system for similarity-based image classification
Geographic search engine having independent selections of direction and distance from a relocatable hub
Method and apparatus for synchronizing information between a mobile device and a data collection device through a telephone switching network
Method and apparatus for archiving and deleting large data sets
Import/export and repartitioning of partitioned objects
Using attached properties to provide document services
Method of multiple text selection and manipulation
Decompression of limited range floating point numbers
Enhanced random number generator
High accuracy estimates of elementary functions
Finite impulse response circuit and disk unit
Method and device of determination of an input signal which changes in time
High speed montgomery value calculation
Long instruction word controlling plural independent processor operations
Multiplier circuit for reducing the number of necessary elements without sacrificing high speed capability
System and method for independently executing plurality of programs for control of objects and recording medium in which the programs are recorded so as to execute independently plurality of programs for control of objects
Method and apparatus for implementing virtual threads
Secure event-driven EDI transaction processing using the internet
Systems and methods for executing application programs from a memory device linked to server at an internet site
Communication system and communication method
Internet web page sharing
Computer implemented method and apparatus for receiving facsimile messages using an indentifier appended to a shared telephone number
Multiplexing of multiple data packets for multiple input/output operations between multiple input/output devices and a channel subsystem having multiple channels
Method for reducing perceived delay between a time data is requested and a time data is available for display
Method and system for audio access to information in a wide area computer network
Method and apparatus for automatic call setup in different network domains
Network data visualization system and method for downloading visualization software to a user station after user authentication
Method and apparatus for automatically disseminating information over a network
Method and apparatus for monitoring file transfers and logical connections in a computer database featuring a file transfer record database
Managing unused resources in a service application
Dynamic reconfiguration of network servers
Internet server providing link destination deletion, alteration, and addition
System and method for collecting printer administration information
Fixing device heat shield and method for forming a heat shield in a printer
Process cartridge and drum mount for photosensitive drum
Printing apparatus and method using a sleeved drum
Gap retaining member and developing device employing the same
Image forming apparatus having a photosensitive member of amorphous silicon base and system for exposing and charging the photosensitive member
Color image forming method and device using potential division development
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Image forming apparatus for controlling applied voltage to separation charger
Image forming apparatus for ejecting a sheet formed with an image to any of a plurality of loading units
High-speed broadband wireless communication system architecture
System and method for channel assignment based upon interference and channel quality measurements
Compensating for errors in tuning frequency of a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver
Cellular phone with cancel function for fixed terminal dialing
Scalar cost function based predistortion linearizing device, method, phone and basestation
Transmission power control apparatus and a radio communication apparatus including the transmission power control apparatus
Selection of traffic capable station by RDS radio while listening to other media
Command protocol for circuits used for receiving microwave signals and device implementing the protocol
Apparatus and method for feedback mitigation in a low speed communications receiver
System and method of handling emergency calls from roaming mobile stations in a radio telecommunications network
Alternative carrier selection on repeat emergency calls
Automated warranty registration
Processing overload control at base stations of cellular wireless communication systems
Power management system for a mobile unit by intelligent page monitoring
Method relating to a telecommunication system
Base station hand-off mechanism for cellular communication system
Method for handoff in wireless communication systems using pattern recognition
Method and system for providing a handoff from a CDMA cellular telephone system
Method and system for providing local number portability in a wireless telecommunications environment
Mobile radio device having adaptive position transmitting capabilities
Data messaging in a communications network using a feature request
Method and apparatus for supporting short message services in a wireless number portability environment
Docking station for mobile telecommunication handset
Method for easing congestion in a mobile communication system by temporarily converting a control channel to a conversation channel
Cellular radiotelephone having answering machine/voice memo capability with parameter-based speech compression and decompression
Telephony device comprising a base station and at least a subscriber unit and method for connecting to such a telephony device
Diversity antenna in a SIM card package
Wireless phone with removable personal information manager
Voice recognition button for mobile telephones
Mobile terminal having RF power consumption optimization of extended standby mode
Head mounted display
Video moire reduction
Image display device
Persistent image maker
Driving circuit of plasma display panel
Multicolor multi-element display system
Display device
Variable light attentuating dichroic dye guest-host device
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus used for a video display system
Multiplexed display element sequential color LCD panel
Gray-scale signal generating circuit and liquid crystal display
Single knob intensity control for use in digital test and measurement equipment
Weighted mapping of image data samples to pixel sub-components on a display device
Exo-skeletal haptic computer human/computer interface device
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood analyte measurement with fluid compartment equilibration
Endocardial mapping system
Method and apparatus for archiving and displaying anatomico-physiological data in a normalized whole brain mapping and imaging system
Optical measurement instrument for living body
Method of acquiring MR data especially for cardiac cine data sets
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging of arteries using a magnetic resonance contrast agent
Method and apparatus for measuring absorption information of a scattering medium
Tactile computer input device
Synchronous dynamic random access memory with four-bit data prefetch
Apparatus for performing non-linear signal classification in a communications system
Image output processing apparatus
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