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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Secure pocket
Bedding assembly
Shower nozzle having a brush
Cleaning tool
Template based AV/VA interval comparison for the discrimination of cardiac arrhythmias
Photoacoustic analyzer of region of interest in a human body
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for sinogram completion
Method and system to generate object image slices
Automatic fecal and urinary treatment device
Method and compositions for bath
Sound processing and stimulation systems and methods for use with cochlear implant devices
Multi-directional bore configuration header
Left atrial pressure sensor lead
Method for monitoring end of life for battery
Performing Operations; Transporting
Scrubber brush with sleeve and brush mandrel for use with the scrubber brush
Support for lawn furniture leg
Method and means for piloting control of a forward-moving vehicle
Cable tie structure
Fixed Constructions
Self releasing cable system
Intelligent flushing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control method for four-wheel drive vehicle
Line profile asymmetry measurement
Displacement transducer with selectable detector area
Position measuring instrument
Crystal grating apparatus
Chemometric analyzer with a spatial radiation modulator having a plurality of radiation filters
Optical spark mode discriminator methods and systems
System and method for enhancing confocal reflectance images of tissue specimens
Imaging systems and methods to improve backscattering imaging using circular polarization memory
Particle-measuring system and particle-measuring method
Fluorescence measuring device for gemstones
Surface-enhanced-spectroscopic detection of optically trapped particulate
Method for correcting detector signals of a unit for reconstructing tomograms from projection data
Detection apparatus for x-ray analysis, including semiconductor detectors having uncooled active areas
Optical system for measuring metabolism in a body, method and program
Apparatus and method for correcting for aberrations
Detecting loops between network devices by monitoring MAC moves
Radio transmission apparatus, routing method, and routing program of radio network
Router which facilitates simplified load balancing
Host fail-over switch presence detection compatible with existing protocol and host controllers
Method and system for providing location-based addressing
Internal core connected to bond pads by distributor and collector
System and method for detection of near-wellbore alteration using acoustic data
Zoom lens system and optical device using thereof
Zoom lens system and camera including zoom lens system
Zooms lens system and electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Curved screen display mechanism
Solid-state imaging device equipped with light converging micro-lenses and camera apparatus using the same
Light pipe and polarized-light source
Two-dimensional planar photonic crystal superprism device and method of manufacturing the same
Field reconfigurable line cards for an optical transport system
Imaging device for optically extracting features of an object
Support device for positioning an optical element
Replacement apparatus for an optical element
Optical device
Low temperature nematic liquid crystal alignment material and LCD compensator incorporating the liquid crystal alignment material
Liquid crystal display device having OCB mode liquid crystal layer and method of fabricating the same
Metamaterial structures for light processing and method of processing light
Display control device and method
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Print production system
Camera module
Solid-state image pickup device for auto-focus and auto-focus camera using the same
Image processor, image output device, image input device, and multifunction device
Image forming apparatus including a counting section for counting the toner image
Color mis-registration measurement using an infra-red color density sensor
Systems and methods for adding post-collation operations and interleaved imaging jobs to an imaging job
Image forming apparatus for preventing defective fixing of a toner image
Sheet moisturizing apparatus and image forming system
Electron emitter, charger, and charging method
Conductive member, charging member using the conductive member, process cartridge using the charging member and image forming apparatus using process cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with wireless communication function between toner cartridge and developing unit
Fluorocarbon resin-coated member with a specified relative film density, manufacturing method thereof, fixing device using the member, and image forming apparatus using the device
Image forming method and image forming apparatus for same
Method for supplying power, and fixing and image forming apparatuses
Cleaning unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Indicator assembly for a wearable electronic device
Method and system for modeling of magnet cryogen cooler systems
System and method for dynamically creating and editing function block types in a process control environment
Method and apparatus for temporarily decreasing an equivalent series resistance to decrease noise during a voltage change
System and method for dynamically changing the power mode of storage disks based on redundancy and system load
Apparatus for supplying power to controller
Memory system
Generating random data
Synchronized memory channels with unidirectional links
Compact display module
Vibration damping carrier for a disk drive
Foldable multi-display apparatus and method thereof
Method, apparatus and system to dynamically choose an optimum power state
Power-saving circuitry and method of CPU
Method and apparatus for automating the root cause analysis of system failures
Method for testing network devices using breakpointing
Apparatus, method, and computer product for pattern detection
ECC control apparatus
Processor control system for supplying control instructions to a processor
Isolating a drive from disk array for diagnostic operations
Stored memory recovery system
Method and apparatus for rendering a cell-based switch useful for frame based protocols
Self diagnosing HVAC zone configuration
Anti-virus protection at a network gateway
Method for predicting and avoiding danger in execution environment
Folding USB flash memory device for providing memory storage capacity
Memory controller and method for scrubbing memory without using explicit atomic operations
Control device and control method for memory
Method and apparatus for computing file storage elements for backup and restore
Method for U3 adapter
Method and system for creating and sending handwritten or handdrawn messages via mobile devices
Method and system for communications with remote embedded applications
System and method for transparent electronic data transfer using error correction to facilitate bandwidth-efficient data recovery
Memory controller
Apparatus for storing data having minimum guaranteed amounts of storage
Mechanism to handle uncorrectable write data errors
Image forming apparatus and method of acquiring memory area
Printer, control method for the same, and control device
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Background transport service
Secure hierarchical namespaces in peer-to-peer networks
Method of organizing and analyzing field warranty data
Method for downloading high-volumes of content from the internet without adversely effecting the source of the content or being detected
Integrated information communication system using conversion table to convert an external packet into an internal packet by embedding a header
Communicating messages between components in a client/server environment using a object broker
System and method for delivery and updating of real-time data
Method and system for midstream transcoding of scalable packets in response to downstream requirements
Systems and methods for providing server operations in a work machine
System and method for electronic message status notification
Systems and methods for controlling the number of clients that access a server
System using selected controller for sharing and directing web content in real time among network devices
Method and system for diagnosing, collecting information and servicing a remote system
Method and system for integrating interaction protocols between two entities
Experience/preference information providing system
Method and system for a method for evaluating a message based in part on a registrar reputation
System and method for concurrently decoding and transmitting a memory request
Methods and apparatus to configure a communication port
Transmitting streams over asynchronous networks
Automatic video display on a computer
Network-based information management
Management of software images for computing nodes of a distributed computing system
Network control verification system, control communication terminal, server apparatus, and network control verification method
Event database management method and system for network event reporting system
Device, method, and network system for replacing content
Structured-document path-language expression methods and systems
Assigning and managing patron reservations for distributed services using wireless personal communication devices
Update protection system and method
Text correction
Rendering dynamic data in a web browser
Rain sensor for detecting rain or other material on window of a vehicle or on other surface
Dense formats for media metadata
System and method for implementing a management component that exposes attributes
Cost-benefit approach to automatically composing answers to questions by extracting information from large unstructured corpora
Digital-audio-signal recording apparatus
Computer graphics systems and methods using stratification by rank-1 lattices
System and a method for automatic air collision avoidance
System and method for storing data using a machine readable vocabulary
Apparatus and method of executing multi-clipboard
Type path indexing
Reporting module definition language system and method
Controlling access to a database using database internal and external authorization information
Dynamic synchronization of tables
Circuit delay analyzing method, circuit delay analyzing apparatus, and computer product
Non-orthogonal structures and space tiles for layout, placement, and routing of an integrated circuit
Logical simulation device
System for analyzing an electronic circuit described by characterization data
Overhead power transmission line conductor selection
Anti-rollback control for hybrid and conventional powertrain vehicles
Continuous median failure control system and method
Method for improving prediction of the viability of potential petroleum reservoirs
Structural unit analysis
Method and apparatus for securely transmitting encrypted data through a firewall and for monitoring user traffic
Methods and apparatus for automated creation of security policy
Information processing apparatus and method, and program therefor
Network with fibre channel fabric snapshot service
Port binding scheme to create virtual host bus adapter in a virtualized multi-operating system platform environment
Portable device for one-on-one transfer between another such device wherein device is restricted to data storage and transfer with single interface for data exchange
Automatic tracking of user data and reputation checking
Image processing apparatus
Network printing system, server, printing machine, and printing method
Printing device
System and method for incrementally transforming and rendering hierarchical data files
Media library assembly having first data transfer assembly that receives first command signal and transmits second command signal to second data transfer assembly to decrease time-to-data
Fast adaptive document filtering
Method of indexing digitized entities in a data collection to facilitate searching
Secure remote configuration of targeted devices using a standard message transport protocol
Method for finding quotient in a digital system
System and method for creating a runtime connection interface for attributes and element tags defined within a subclass in a markup document
Measuring an operating system's boot duration
Processor for computing a packed sum of absolute differences and packed multiply-add
Processor for performing group floating-point operations
Method and system for program editing and debugging in a common language runtime environment
Freight information management method and freight management system using electronic tags
Locating source code when stopping in a debugger
Remote management system, intermediary apparatus therefor, and method of updating software in the intermediary apparatus
Maintaining mobile device electronic files including using difference files when upgrading
Interlaced protocol for smart card application development
Apparatus, method and system for improved reservoir simulation using a multiplicative overlapping Schwarz preconditioning for adaptive implicit linear systems
Job management in presence of implicit dependency
Probabilistic scheduling
Image processing apparatus and its control method
Document display method and apparatus
System and method for improving throughput in printing impositioned documents
Information processing system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing control program capable of processing document data
Table-driven approach for inserting and printing tabs
Controlled moving window adaptive histogram equalization
Image processing method, recording medium with recorded image processing program and image processing apparatus
Device, system and method for determining compliance with a positioning instruction by a figure in an image
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Background maintenance of an image sequence
Method and apparatus for reducing brightness variations in a panorama
Image correction across multiple spectral regimes
Apparatus and method for edge handling in image processing
Image control apparatus, image control method and program
Layout system for consistent user interface results
ATM customer marketing system
Method and apparatus for facilitating electronic acquisition and maintenance of goods and services via the internet
Method and system for auction of assets with non-exclusivity of use
Method and system for transferring money in business-to-business internet transactions
Fabrication facility major excursion event cost forecast model
Market determination system
System and method for low power radio operation in a wireless packet network
System and method for selecting a user speech profile for a device in a vehicle
Method for simultaneously creating audio-aligned final and verbatim text with the assistance of a speech recognition program as may be useful in form completion using a verbal entry method
Extraction and matching of characteristic fingerprints from audio signals
Personal shared playback
Method and apparatus using harmonic-model-based front end for robust speech recognition
Spindle motor and recording disk drive having spindle motor
Optical disc device
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
Magnetoresistive effect element, and magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus including the same
Recording apparatus and liquid ejecting apparatus
Lensless optical servo system for an optically assisted disk drive
High density memory array for low power application
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method for writing therein
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
Internal reference voltage generating circuit for reducing standby current and semiconductor memory device including the same
Sensing circuit for organic memory
Phase controlled high speed interfaces
Method of providing content to a target device in a network
Method and apparatus for repairing a jet pump diffuser adapter to tailpipe weld
Material of case for storage cell
Laser control circuit
Light source capable of lasing that is wavelength locked by an injected light signal
Photonic device having higher order harmonic emissions
Semiconductor laser, semiconductor laser driver and method of driving semiconductor laser reducing feedback-induced noise by modulated optical output
System and method for processing multiple audio signals and for controlling multiple devices with control signals
Method and device for safely disconnecting electric drives
System and method to relieve ESD requirements of NMOS transistors
Voltage regulator
Switching power supply
Low voltage stress power converter
Inverter circuit
Quadrature modulation compensation
Joint demodulation using a viterbi equalizer having an adaptive total number of states
Electronic battery-powered hearing instrument, and method for operating such a hearing instrument
System for, and method of, processing quadrature amplitude modulated signals
Digital broadcasting receiver, driving method thereof, and self-diagnosis method thereof
Method and system for down-converting an electromagnetic signal, and transforms for same, and aperture relationships
Method and apparatus for combined encoder/syndrome computer with programmable parity level
Concatenated iterative and algebraic coding
System and method for ultra-wideband (UWB) communication transceiver
Rake receiver with time-shared fingers
Communicating signals according to a quality indicator and a time boundary indicator
Method and system for greedy user group selection with range reduction for FDD multiuser MIMO downlink transmission with finite-rate channel state information feedback
Base station antenna system and method for estimating mobile station direction in wireless communication system
System and method for on-chip filter tuning
System and method for providing a multiband antenna
Mobile terminal device alone and in communication system
Automotive hands-free apparatus
Resonance frequency shift canceling in wireless hearing aids
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for a multi-band switch
Optical double sideband modulation technique with increased spectral efficiency
Digital broadcast receiving tuner and receiving device incorporating it
Probabilistic estimation of achievable maximum throughput from wireless interface
Multi-carrier communication apparatus
Method of performing power control in a mobile communication system
Method of reverse link dynamic power control in a wireless communication system using per-flow quality feedback for multi-flow data traffic
Scaling adjustment using pilot signal
Turbo decoding module supporting state n metric value normalization operations
Multiple source wireless communication system and method
Code division multiple access communication system, and a base station control device and a base station thereof
Physical layer processing for a wireless communication system using code division multiple access
Reconfiguration of a communication system
Packet reorder resolution in a load-balanced network architecture
Printing apparatus and reception buffer management method
Data transmission apparatus and data transmission method
System and method for implementing optical light-trails
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system
Carrier frequency offset estimation preamble symbols
Systems and methods for pseudo-random signal generation in a multi-carrier communications system
Source synchronous link with clock recovery and bit skew alignment
Unified data packet for encapsulating data packets having diverse formats
Methods and arrangements employing digital content items
Systems and methods for reserving cryptographic key material
Two-slot dynamic length WFQ calendar
Efficient mechanism for fast recovery in case of border router node failure in a computer network
System and method for monitoring DSL service provisioning
Cooperative TCP / BGP window management for stateful switchover
Device for processing data packets without use of a microprocessor and a memory
Mobile communication system and method thereof
Method and apparatus to support a large internet protocol forwarding information base
Packet processing using a multi-port memory
Method and system for efficient flow control for client data frames over GFP across a SONET/SDH transport path
Communication device and method
Techniques for reducing adjacencies in a link-state network routing protocol
Integrated web browsing service apparatus and method thereof
Clock recovery circuit and data receiving circuit
Signal transmitting method in mobile communication system
Frequency tracking for OFDM transmission over frequency selective channels
Method to adaptively scale the input to a channel decoder
Decoding techniques for multi-antenna systems
Early-late synchronizer having reduced timing jitter
GFSK/GMSK detector with enhanced performance in co-channel interference and AWGN channels
Distributing access to a data item
Hardware-based software authenticator
Platform and method for establishing provable identities while maintaining privacy
System, method and software for supplying activation information to a subsystem
Copy protection built into a network infrastructure
System and method for providing telephone call notification and management in a network environment
Method and system for remote call forwarding of telephone calls from an IP connection
Method and a system for settlement of trading accounts
Method and system for notifying a caller that a cellular phone destination is available
Method, apparatus and articles incorporating a step size control technique for echo signal cancellation
Recording apparatus, communication apparatus, recording system, and control method therefor
Scan description language
Method and apparatus for preparing and transmitting electronic program information and apparatus for producing electronic program guide from the electronic program information
Control apparatus for an in-vehicle device, control method for an in-vehicle device, and control program for an in-vehicle device
Information storage medium containing enhanced AV (ENAV) buffer configuration information, reproducing method thereof and method for managing the buffer
Method and system for signaling
Broadcast receiving apparatus
Mechanism and apparatus for encapsulation of entitlement authorization in conditional access system
Using broadcast television as a portal for video on demand solicitation
Detector for digital television signal
Speaker apparatus
On demand multicast messaging system
Frame structure for bridging operation in high-speed wireless personal area network and data transmitting method thereof
User interface and data structure for transmitter fingerprints of network locations
Access control for wireless systems
Handheld computing device
Fan field replaceable unit
Apparatus for transferring heat between two corner surfaces
Electronic device and cooling unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Systems and methods for delivering feed rations to feedbunks using a global positioning system
Enclosure for wildlife surveillance system and security apparatus therefore
Helical and pre-oriented loop structures for supporting diagnostic and therapeutic elements in contact with body tissue
Device for reduction of thermal lensing
Disposable oximetry sensor
Signal processing apparatus
Biomagnetic field measuring apparatus
Petroleum exploration and prediction apparatus and method
Emg electrode apparatus and positioning system
High definition electrical impedance tomography
Endoscope apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Measurements with CT perfusion
Image producing method and X-ray CT apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic exposure control in CT scanning
Method and apparatus for panoramic dental X-raying
Method and system for generating a three-dimensional object
System and method for mapping a surface
Time-of-day call forwarding in a wireless centrex services system
Current-controlling electrode with adjustable contact area
Electrical tissue stimulation apparatus and method
Coronary Sinus Cardiac Lead For Stimulating and Sensing The Atria of the Right and Left Heart and System
Electronic impedance transformer for inductively-coupled load stabilization
Iontophoretic drug delivery system
Procedure and machine for electro-inducing/stimulating deep-layered muscle contractions using a biphasic faradic pulse sequence
Method and apparatus for detection of premature atrial contraction
Implantable medical device with autosensitivity algorithm for controlling sensing of cardiac signals
Implantable heart stimulator with automatic adjustment of the sensitivity setting
Automated template generation algorithm for implantable device
System and method of generating a low-pain multi-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implantable cardioverter/defibrillator (ICD)
Method for checking beam generation and beam acceleration means of an ion beam therapy system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for determining the layer thickness distribution in a paint layer
Multifunction acoustic device
Robotic paint/surface coating removal apparatus
Computerized system for generating a tool path for a pocket
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium storing program codes realizing such method
Power-limiting control method and system for a work vehicle
Data collection and manipulation apparatus and method
Circuit arrangement for a motor vehicle
Communication system and method utilizing message frames having multiple thresholds for a multi-device vehicle occupant protection system
Method of estimating quantities that represent state of vehicle
Method and device for determining correction values for wheel speeds
Steering angle sensor for vehicle
System, method and apparatus for searching geographic area using prioritized spacial order
Hot airflow generation device
Sheet winding detecting device and image forming apparatus
Method of winding optical fiber on reel
Management method for fiber processing and a management apparatus thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Energy distribution network
Apparatus for recording and/or playing back catalog information
Waveguides and method of making them
Lighting apparatus having quantum dot layer
Product management system, and host computer and recorded medium used in the system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Vehicle-mounted electronic control apparatus
Cylinder indentification apparatus for WT controlled internal combustion engine
Method to improve engine synchronization performance
Ignition timing control system and method, and engine control unit for internal combustion engine
Method for detecting heat exchanger tube failures when using input/loss performance monitoring of a power plant
Fault-tolerant multi-node stage sequencer and method for energy systems
Electric heater with prevention plate on back-reflection dome
Small diameter low watt density immersion heating element
Method and system for low-dose three-dimensional imaging of a scene
Radiation insensitive fiber light source for interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes (IFOGS)
Method and system for determining a navigating vehicle location
Method and device for transmitting navigation information from data processing center to an on-board navigation system
Pressure vessel
Intelligent electronic device with assured data storage on powerdown
Method and system for autoflight information display
Majority component proportion determination of a fluid using a coriolis flowmeter
Fraud detection through general inference
Methods and systems for enhanced automated system testing
Computed tomography apparatus for determining the pulse momentum transfer spectrum
Method for determining the molecular weight of a substance contained in a solution
Pipe inspection systems and methods
Mass spectrometric data analyzing method, mass spectrometric data analyzing apparatus, mass spectrometric data analyzing program, and solution offering system
Electronic test system with test results view filter
Methods and apparatuses for signal analysis
Single ended attenuation measurement
Magnetic resonance method for forming a fast dynamic imaging
Motor vehicle trajectory measurement
Location beacon system
Method, and related system and apparatus, for providing travel-related information to a mobile communications device
X-ray reflectance measurement system with adjustable resolution
System for marking the locations of imaged tissue with respect to the surface of the tissue
Add-drop filter utilizing chiral elements
Image fiber imaging apparatus
Planar optical waveguide with alignment structure
Connecting device for connecting at least two optical waveguides, in particular optical waveguides of different refractive index
Wavelength multiplexer and optical unit
Method and apparatus of cross-connecting optical fibers with layered substrates forming fiber optic ribbons
Fiber tap monitor based on evanescent coupling
Multiple methods and systems for connecting or tapping into fiber optics
Tunable chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion compensator utilizing a virtually imaged phased array
Single-element optical wavelength bandpass filter formed in optical fiber or optical waveguide and method of manufacture thereof
Optical wavelength tunable filter
Correlators and cross-correlators using tapped optical fibers
Optical coupling module having a first and second ferrules
Polarization maintaining optical fiber connector and method of tuning (PM connector)
Sensor for a receiving device for cooperation with an optical fiber
Optical module with metal casing accommodating electrically insulative holder for holding semiconductor package
Optoelectrical transceiver module with de-latching mechanism
Fiberoptic splice closure
Submarine optical cable, optical fiber unit employed in the submarine optical cable, and method of making optical fiber unit
Buffer tube having a high fiber count ribbon stack packaging configuration and corner cushions
Distance-measuring device of camera and focusing method of camera
Lens-fitted photo film unit
Camera with diaphragm restriction clearing section
Linear filament array sheet for EUV production
Laser oscillating apparatus with slotted waveguide
Printer with video playback user interface
Methods for generating a calibration product for an image producing device having a plurality of toner stations
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method of determining liquid toner depletion
Liquid-development electrophotographic apparatus
Web conditioning charging station
Cradle for a fusing assembly
Image forming apparatus with environmentally-controlled first and second charging members
Blade seal for a xerographic module
Electronic wrist-worn device and method of controlling the same
Multi-variable matrix process control
Method for control of a plant
Semiconductor processing process control system and its control method
Adaptable state based control system
Diagnostic device, diagnostic method, and network system having diagnostic facility
Page back system and method for remote paging in a control system
Deflection compensation for numerical controlled manufacturing
System and method for providing trim optimization through the pooling of information related to manufacturing configurations and market demands
Method and device for safely monitoring a speed of an electric machine
Valve positioner system
Process and device for determining in real time the behavior of a craft, in particular of an aircraft
Tone generating electronic device with paging module for verification of energy curtailment
Data management system
System and method for using a wireless enabled portable computer system as a wireless modem
Multiple damping device of speaker system for video display equipment
System and method for non-invasive diagnostic testing of control valves
Data resynchronization between modules sharing a common clock
Remote diagnosis method and system, and portable information processor therefor
Method and apparatus for determining control actions incorporating defectivity effects
Data processing system
Data bus for a plurality of nodes
Data processing system, method, and product for automatically tracking insertions of integrated circuit devices
Intelligent test point selection for bit error rate tester-based diagrams
Signal repeater for voltage intolerant components used in a serial data line
Super-node normalized belief propagation for probabilistic systems
Content-based image retrieval apparatus and method via relevance feedback by using fuzzy integral
Image identification apparatus and method of identifying images
Signal processing method and video/voice processing device
Wireless, frequency-agile spread spectrum ground link-based aircraft data communication system with wireless unit in communication therewith
Automated test system and method for device having circuit and ground connections
Recipe comparison system
Vacuum process apparatus and method of operating the same
Machining based on master program merged from parts programs
Automatic transporting system and method for operating the same
Machine and system for packaging food products
Intelligent fabric
Sim manager API
CAE waveform assessor
Multi-frequency communication system and method
System and method for fast approximate energy minimization via graph cuts
Hand-held fingerprint scanner with on-board image normalization data storage
Method, data processing equipment and program for correcting scanning errors as well as associated text recognition system
System and method for locating image features
Apparatus and method for recognizing color space of a digital video input
Authentication system and method
Time series analysis and forecasting program
Workflow manager
Retail terminal utilizing an imaging scanner for product attribute identification and consumer interactive querying
Remote prescription refill system
Method, apparatus and recording medium for generating an image file having hierarchical image data representing a plurality of still images having different display dimensions
Image capture methods and devices employing steganographic processing
Methods and systems using multiple watermarks
Tomographic segmentation
Image processing apparatus and method that determines the thickness of characters and lines
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for processing image data to obtain color-balance adjusted image data based on white-balance adjusted image data
Method for image alignment under non-uniform illumination variations
Data communication control apparatus and its control method, image processing apparatus and its method, and data communication system
Method for picture coding and decoding, and also method for constructing a sub-picture data unit for an electronic apparatus, electronic apparatus, and data carrier for use in an electronic apparatus
Image data compression method image data compression apparatus and recording medium and data signal for providing image data compression program
Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, encoding method, and decoding method
Motion predictive arbitrary visual object encoding and decoding system
Variable-length decoding method and apparatus employing code length and a recording medium
Remote diagnostics and prognostics methods for complex systems
Monitoring system
Method and system for master to master communication in control systems
Traffic density analysis apparatus based on encoded video
System and method for presenting information to passengers in conveyance
ASR talkoff suppressor
Mobile communication terminal apparatus having character string editing function by use of speech recognition function
Digital audio signal player having a simulated analogue record
Data recording and reproducing apparatus and data editing method
Optical disk drive
Dynamic variation of output media signal in response to input media signal
Method and system for processing clips
Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
Information recording medium
Guide shaft support mechanism and recording medium recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup actuator
Recording and reproducing method for optical information recording medium and optical information recording medium
Incore monitoring method and incore monitoring equipment
Method for carrying equipment out of nuclear power plant
Side-slotted nozzle type double sheet spacer grid for nuclear fuel assemblies
Fuel assembly for a pressurized-water reactor
Anti-scatter grid for an X-ray device
Superconductor cables and magnetic devices
Maintenance method and system for plasma processing apparatus etching and apparatus
Mass spectral peak identification
Detection of process endpoint through monitoring fluctuation of output data
Method and structure for nitride based laser diode arrays on an insulating substrate
Six sector antenna structure
Portable telephone
Telephone provided with a connected antenna
Adaptive cancellation for wireless repeaters
High power, low noise, fluorescent device and methods related thereto
High brightness laser oscillator with spherical aberration
Rare earth-doped medium with photorefractive grating as compact laser source
Edge emitting lasers using photonic crystals
Monolithic solid state laser assembly and method of manufacture
Passivated optical device and method of forming the same
System and a method for handling laser communication multiplexing in chaotic secure communications
Surface-type light amplifer device and method of manufacture thereof
Wavelength stabilization of tunable lasers by current modulation
Semiconductor laser device
Single mode operation of microelectromechanically tunable, half-symmetric, vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Semiconductor laser with multiple quantum well active layer including modulation-doped barrier layers
Power generator controller
Method for automatic carrier suppression tuning of a wireless communication device
Calibration of a quadrature receiver
Process and system for reducing leakage of local oscillator
Method and apparatus for automatically adjusting speaker and microphone gains within a mobile telephone
Automatic gain control method and device
AGC window detector
Methods and apparatus for implementing an interpolation finite impulse response (FIR) filter for use in timing recovery
PLL lock detector
Direct downconversion receiver
Bandwidth management for DSL modem pool
Communications interface for wireless communications headset
Integrated antenna coupler element
Active cancellation of a wireless coupled transmit signal
Synchronization of wireless communication between devices
Analog-to-digital converter bank based ultra wideband communications
Fast-synchronizing high-fidelity spread-spectrum receiver
Base station for detecting short codes
System for detecting short codes
Techniques to increase data transmission rate of spread spectrum communications systems
Synchronous amplitude modulation for improved performance of optical transmission systems
Method and apparatus for stabilizing a broadband source
Laser driver circuit and system
Tertiary optical media interface
WDM optical transmission system and an optical transmission line thereof
Optical transmission system, its method, and optical amplification transmission line
Apparatus and method of compensating for wavelength dispersion of optical transmission line
System and method for controlling variable optical attenuators
Device for applying time-delays to optical signals
System and method for selecting a data transmission mode
System and method for estimating noise characteristics in the presence of non-stationary noise
Adaptive data compression in a wireless telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for stability margin determination in a repeater
Adaptive filter utilizing proportional affine projection algorithm
Acoustic echo processing system
Detection of bridge taps by frequency domain reflectometry-based signal processing with precursor signal conditioning
Method and apparatus for determining available transmit power in a wireless communication system
Method and system for controlling transmit power of network nodes
Common control channel uplink power control for adaptive modulation and coding techniques
Intra-piconet location determination and tomography
Control of forward link power CDMA mobile communication system
Communication system between road and vehicle
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating antenna weight selection utilizing deterministic perturbation gradient approximation
Timing recovery switching for an adaptive digital broadband beamforming (antenna diversity) for ATSC terrestrial DTV based on a differentiator
Multichannel multiuser detection
Satellite frequency generation incorporating secondary power supply
Satellite mobile telephone cell departure prediction
Method and apparatus for reducing signal interference in satellite broadcast systems employing terrestrial repeater stations
Method and arrangement for handling network specific subscriber data during roaming by use of SIM card information storage
Communication system utilizing a constellation of satellites and method therefor
Time division multiple access communication system
Digital broadcasting signal receiver
Multi-dimensional spread spectrum modem
Method and system for alternative transmission traffic routing in dense wavelength division multiplexing optical networks
Tunable wavelength add/drop multiplexer based on integrated optic devices
Local area network system including shared equipment
System for transporting full T1 frame of data/voice channels and additional DSO data channels over E1 communication link
Multiplexing digital signals
Method of transmitting variable-length frame, transmitter, and receiver
Adaptive phase shift filtration of pointer justification jitter in synchronous-plesiosynchronous signal desynchronization
Tone sending device of electronic private branch exchange
Communications device, method thereof, communications system and recording medium
Clock regeneration circuit
Method and apparatus for signal equalization in a communication system with multiple receiver antennas
Hybrid ARQ for a wireless Ad-Hoc network and a method for using the same
Throughput enhancement after interruption
Adaptive electronic transmission signal cancellation apparatus for full duplex communication
Method and system for improving battery performance in broadcast paging
Methods and system for ensuring royalty payments for data delivered over a telephone network utilizing bidirectional communication
System and method for measuring wireless device and network usage and performance metrics
Method and system for adaptively managing a communications network
Method for reporting the time distribution of a succession of events
Class switched networks for tracking articles
Local service handover
Radio local area network
Mobile communication system and mobile communication method
Path provisioning on ring-based networks
Data pipeline timing optimization technique in a multi-port bridge for a local area network
Network system
Dynamic routing over secure networks
Method and apparatus for managing inter-domain addresses between a plurality of domains
Node configurations within communication systems
PVC management system and method
State information and routing table updates in large scale data networks
Method and apparatus for provisioning and monitoring internet protocol quality of service
Converting asynchronous packets into isochronous packets for transmission through a multi-dimensional switched fabric network
Servicing priority traffic in multiport network switch
Data transfer method and data transfer system
Frame identifier for identifying layer 2 data packet types for upper layer packet classification in a network switch port
System and method for preparing and sending an electronic mail communication using a wireless communications device
System for and method of recovering temporal alignment of digitally encoded audio data transmitted over digital data networks
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses
Combining narrowband applications with broadband transport
Dynamic throughput allocation in a converged voice/data services network interface
Private branch exchange systems for packet communications
Multiple service provider prepaid wireless service card
System and method for treating a call for call processing
Method and apparatus for reduced state sequence estimation with tap-selectable decision-feedback
Dual mode phone line networking modem utilizing conventional telephone wiring
Receiver estimation engine for a chaotic system
Method and system for quadrature modulation and digital-to-analog conversion
Efficient multipath centroid tracking circuit for a code division multiple access (CDMA) system
Receiving apparatus
Multicarrier receiver
Demodulator arrangement, method to demodulate, and telecommunication system comprising such a demodulator arrangement
Mechanism for completing messages in memory
Call party profile presentation service in a multimedia-capable network
Multiple access method, devices for performing this method and communications systems using these methods
Base station for supporting communication rate modifications
Clock switching circuit
Apparatus, computer readable medium, transmission medium, and method for synchronizing a received signal based on a maximum likelihood principle using a bisection technique
Method and apparatus for initializing a synchronizer for same frequency, phase unknown data across multiple bit-sliced interfaces
Complex acoustic path and gasket for use with microphones
Keypad module and electronic apparatus with keypad module
Line interface circuit with event detection signaling
Remote control of CPE-based service logic
Methods and apparatus for initiating a voice-dialing operation
Voice dialing methods and apparatus implemented using AIN techniques
Speaker-phone system change and double-talk detection
Internet/telephone access device
User interface assembly, and associated method, for alerting placement of a call to a mobile station
Digital cordless telephone with speakerphone in a remote handset
Filter system and method to suppress interference imposed upon a frequency-division multiplexed channel
Telephone accessory device
Adaptive dialing system and method
System and method for supporting multiple call centers
System and apparatus for providing telephone communication between a caller and a special number call answering facility
Method and apparatus for using telephone house wiring for voice/data network
Subscriber circuit for public telephone set
Traffic track usage measurement system
Service control platform
Testing of telephone lines
Method of universal communication and devices thereof
Method for creating a telephone digital switching platform
Real-time transaction routing augmented with forecast data and agent schedules
Method and system for enterprise service balancing
System and method for automated customer calling
Profit-based method of assigning calls in a transaction processing system
Method and apparatus for servicing emergency calls from a data network
Classification of blocks for compression based on number of distinct colors
Apparatus and method for simultaneously managing paper-based documents and digital images of the same
Document analysis method to detect BW/color areas and corresponding scanning device
Image processing apparatus
Video scene grabber
Multiple mode digital X-ray imaging system
Information signal recording/reproducing apparatus and method thereof
Program position user interface for personal video recording time shift buffer
Method and apparatus for geographically limiting service in a conditional access system
System and method for translating MPEG packets which include PCR data into DIRECTV packets which include RTS data
Network distributed remultiplexer for video program bearing transport streams
Method and apparatus for media data transmission
Method for synchronizing audio and video streams
System and method to compress image data using fixed and variable length compression
Method and apparatus for visual perception encoding
Video and audio multiplex recording apparatus
Video coding and decoding methods
FEC scheme for encoding two bit-streams
Error concealment in a video signal
Image processing apparatus and method for interpolating missing pixels
Optical cross-connect
Optical switching matrix
Node device, communication network having a plurality of node devices, and control method therefor
Method for generating the optimal PNNI complex node representations for restrictive costs
Method for switching a first communication link to a second communication link between two communication systems
Method and arrangement in communication networks for managing user related features through a user interface
Method for offering and keeping ready network capacity as well as network management unit for implementing the method
Service provision in a telecommunications network
Method for executing several services during a telephone call
System and method for providing user-configured telephone service in a data network telephony system
Apparatus and method for spare capacity allocation
Method for routing service calls in a telecommunication network, as well as a telecommunication network, switching center and program module therefor
Personal computer-based paging system
System, controller and method for alerting mobile subscribers about emergency situations
Mobile communication system
Methods and systems for communicating between subscribers of different application-layer mobile communications protocols
Communication terminal apparatus and transmission method of information necessary for communication using a downlink shared channel (DSCH)
Cellular mobile radio network and method for operating such a network
Method and system for one party to pass a calling invitation to another party
Method and system for processing incoming calls on a communication unit
Priorty communication system and method of operation
Apparatus, and associated method, for adaptively selecting a handoff threshold in a radio communication system
Method of protecting a limited local area against electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile radio terminals, radio station and mobile radio terminal
Reconnection of dropped call in mobile communication system
Self-configurable paging system for a cellular telecommunications network
Transmission link optimization
Method of optimizing handoff hysteresis values in a cellular telecommunications network
Ported loudspeaker enclosure
Direct coupling of waveguide to compression driver having matching slot shaped throats
Electret microphone
Hearing aid
Passenger seat with built-in speakers and audio system therefor
Acoustical noise reducing enclosure for electrical and electronic devices
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