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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Yield increase in plants overexpressing the SHSRP genes
Poneloya lettuce variety
Lettuce variety `E01L.1935`
Methods of screening agents for activity using teleosts
Fishing lure jig head
Fishing lure
Tree stand
Storage device for cryopreservation of biological samples
Compound and method for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux
Antiviral compounds
Substituted sulphonamido phenoxybenzamides
Dietary fiber supplements for appetite suppression
Treatment and prevention of dengue virus infections
Method for treatment of cachexia by administering inhibitors of adipose triglyceride lipase expression or activity
Process to make pelletized granules based on endomycorrhizal fungi covered with minerals clays and their composition
Herbal composition for treating diabetes
Low pH aerated products
Animal feed compositions and processes for producing
Seamless capsule manufacturing apparatus
Multipurpose clothes hanger
Combination wig and carrying pouch
Shoe and method of making same
Umbrella case
Actuatable cosmetic device
Accessible cabinetry system
Constricting member of chair footrest ring
Conductive fiber connecting method and structure
Infant bouncer
Portable gate assembly
Adjustable curtain rod assembly
Extending pot
Milk frothing system
Infrared portable broiler
Compressible, deformable, or deflectable tissue closure devices and method of manufacture
Eye therapy system
Ophthalmologic apparatus and control method thereof
Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of changes in volume of breast and other organs
Scanning polymerization of dental material
Electrostriction devices and methods for assisted magnetic navigation
Two-piece wearable absorbent articles
Absorbent articles comprising an iron complexing agent
Hermetically sealed implantable ophthalmic devices and methods of making same
Tissue repair and replacement
Bone implant
Expandable osteosynthesis cage
Modular lumbar interbody fixation systems and methods with reconstruction endplates
Load carrier frame and system
Partially erodable systems for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
Sleep apnea prevention mask
Stem cell delivery device for orthobiologics applications
Feminine hydro-therapeutic massage device
Teat unit for feeding bottles
Capsule for sublingual and gastro-intestinal delivery of a liquid medication in a single volume limited dose
Compositions containing moxifloxacin for treating otic infections
Methods and compositions for increasing the anaerobic working capacity in tissues
Therapeutic compounds
Tetomilast polymorphs
Combination composition comprising oxycodone and acetaminophen for rapid onset and extended duration of analgesia
Cyclopropyl amide derivatives
Imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazines, processes, uses, intermediates and compositions
Polymorphic forms of Lapatinib ditosylate and processes for their preparation
Method for manufacturing pure guar flour
Swinglea glutinosa leaves derived material in combination with pyrethroids for control of acari
Equol-containing extract, method for production thereof, method for extraction of equol, and equol-containing food
Method and composition for transdermal drug delivery
Notch-based fusion proteins and uses thereof
Process for the preparation glatiramer acetate (copolymer-1)
Dimeric IAP inhibitors
Method of treatment for neutropenia using stable formulations of recombinant human albumin-human granulocyte colony stimulating factor
Meal-time insulin analogues of enhanced stability
Genes and proteins of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae and uses thereof
Agent for treating allergic or hypersensitivity condition
Combination of CD37 antibodies with ICE
Methods of increasing bone mass in a subject comprising inhibiting DKK1
Extracellular IFI16 as therapeutic agents
Means and methods for treating or preventing brain tumors based on the nuclear receptor tailless (TIx)
Combination of syrosingopine and mitochondrial inhibitors for the treatment of cancer and immunosuppression
Sunscreen compositions
Shaving process
Cosmetic compositions having volatile linear alkanes
Artificial bone capable of being absorbed and replaced by autogenous bone and its production method
Multi-day delivery of biologically active substances
Pharmaceutical composition containing donepezil hydrochloride, tablets produced therefrom and methods for producing the same
Unshrunken tissue equivalent and methods for producing such an unshrunken tissue equivalent
Freshening compositions having a malodor control component and methods thereof
Reconstitution device
Drip chamber for an infusion device and infusion device having a drip chamber
Systems and methods for reducing or preventing backflow in a delivery system
Clean volume mascara compositions comprising at least one film former and at least one silicone elastomer
Tension systems and methods of use
Barbell support
Method of taking sliding exercise
Sizing fit cycle
Golf ball with an outer core having a high coefficient of restitution
Golf ball with material-filled grooves
Digital compass ball marker
Training device, system and method for improving a baseball player's swing of a baseball bat
Slot machine with isometric symbols
Position sensing gesture hand attachment
Ball ejection system and method for wheel games
Portable toddler swing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microdevice and method for separating an emulsion
Ceramic filter and method for manufacturing the same
Self supporting isobaric structure for electrolyte aeration in cells for electrorefining or electrowinning non ferrious metals
Production of organic compound nanoparticles with high repetition rate ultrafast pulsed laser ablation in liquids
Catalytic materials for fuel cell electrodes and method for their production
Dehydrogenation catalyst and method for producing the same
Microfluidic devices and methods of use
Food chopper
Method for obtaining non-magnetic ores from a suspension containing ore particle-magnetic particle agglomerates
Microfluidic apparatus for the atomisation of a liquid
Dual powder coating method for aluminum substrates
Heterobifunctional polymers and methods for layer-by-layer construction of multilayer films
Screen panel with improved apertures
Feed trough for a processing apparatus
Casting tube mounting, in particular for a sliding closure
Cutting tool
Cellulose nanofiber, production method of same and cellulose nanofiber dispersion
Rotary-driven tool for cutting machining with a cutting body
Method for producing conical or hypoid wheels using the plunging process
Fabrication method of electrode for spark surface modification, and spark surface modification electrode
Method for producing a steel pipe using a high energy density beam
Abrasive article for use in grinding of superabrasive workpieces
Electric tool
Suction structure, robot hand and robot
Method for the slicing of food products
Fracture toughness of ceramics
Apparatus for cooling stator
Metal mold for injection molding of framed glass and manufacturing method for framed glass
Plasticizing system including opposite-facing surfaces for contacting opposite sides of solidified-resin particle
Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
Machine and method for manufacturing composite filters
Process of making a medical balloon
Structured metal heat shield
Composite material and coated cutting tool
Foam-filled panel and process for manufacture thereof
Assembly for producing paper packaging for fast food, particularly comprising deep coated pleats
Method for producing an adhesive tape having a protruding liner
Polymeric particles
Pressure sensitive adhesive comprising functionalized polyisobutylene hydrogen bonded to acylic polymer
Image forming apparatus configured for bi-directional feeding of medium
Liquid discharge head and image forming apparatus
Recording apparatus with a radiating unit for curing ink
Recording apparatus
Printing system ribbon including print transferable circuitry and elements
Pneumatic tire
Pneumatic tire with tread having central land portion, middle land portions and shoulder land portions
Reinforced radial tire
Torsion key saddle
Collapsible hard top for sport utility vehicle
Wheel lift container
Driver assistance system for a vehicle
Managing parking space availability
Modular, customizable and scalable mechanical design for the electric car assembly based on the existing vehicle chassis
Airbag system for passenger protection
Brake control apparatus
Brake control device
Integrated hydraulic hybrid drivetrain system
Motorized reverse trike with tiltable body
Vehicular system having user-interface assembly
Lifting platform
Stand-up pedal board
Apparatus for pre-rotating aircraft tires
Asymmetrical single main rotor unmanned aerial vehicle
De-icing and/or anti-icing system for the leading edge of an aircraft wing
Dispersed space based laser weapon and power generator
Medicine dispensing device
Apparatus and methods for dispensing adhesive to labels
Can bottles in a bottomed, cylindrical configuration, and can products filled up therein with a soft or hard drink
Portable work bench paint tray with stair adaptor
Flame retarded compositions
Self-supporting storage bag with resealable pour spout
Variable height adjustable storage capacity container
Container, in particular for beverages
System and method for covering an opening of a fluid conduit connector
Cap assembly having storage chamber for secondary material with inseparable working member
Carry out bowl having convertible base
Garment bag
Egg package
Plate-shaped member holding system, plate-shape member packing device, and method for holding a plate-shaped member
High-speed storage
Method and arrangement in pneumatic material conveying system
Discerning between original media and blank media in a common feed path printer device
Cable tensioning cycling system
Electrical contacting device for elevator support tensile carriers
Portable lifting system
Hoist spooling assembly and methods of using same
Tension strap based aerosol delivery system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of gas distribution and nozzle design in the improved chemical vapor deposition of polysilicon reactor
Purification of silicon by electric induction melting and directional partial cooling of the melt
Hollow silica particles and method for producing the same
Ultra-high purity zinc bromides and quaternary ammonium bromides for use in zinc-bromine batteries
Method of producing hydrazine-coordinated Cu chalcogenide complex
Bioreactor system for aquarium and septic tank
Pulling rolls with deflection limitation for use in glass manufacturing and processes incorporating the same
Mold, casting apparatus, and method for producing cast rod
Method for producing cellular glass from waste glass streams
Three-dimensional printing glass articles
Method for preparing silica-dysprosium oxide core-shell nanoparticles
Method for producing alcohol compound
Method for producing hydrocarbon oil, fischer-tropsch synthesis reaction device, and hydrocarbon oil production system
Process for vapor phase hydrogenation
Polyglycol ether-free sulphosuccinates based on polyglycerol partial esters and use thereof
Sodium diformate production and use
Process for preparing cycloheptene
Cis-alkoxyspirocyclic biphenyl-substituted tetramic acid derivatives
Process to prepare pioglitazone via several novel intermediates
Method for producing phenyl-substituted heterocyclic derivative
Oral formulations for treating metal overload
Heterocyclic alkanol derivatives
Morpholinyl derivatives useful as MOGAT-2 inhibitors
Process for producing epoxy compounds
Process for preparing zanamivir and intermediates for use in the process
Tetrahydro-azacarboline MCH-1 antagonists, methods of making, and uses thereof
Compounds for treating papilloma virus infection
Cyclic amine compound and acaricide
Streptavidin macromolecular adaptor and complexes thereof
Truncated human vitamin D binding protein and mutation and fusion thereof and related materials and methods of use
Cyclic peptide analogues for non-invasive imaging of pancreatic beta-cells
Compositions and methods for treating antiphospholipid syndrome
PD-1 antibody
Labeled protein and method for obtaining the same
High molecular weight polyethylene fibers and membranes, their production and use
Fluorescent polymers of 7-hydroxycoumarin compounds, chemical sensors comprising them, and polymerizable fluorescent compound of 7-hydroxycoumarin
Conducting and semiconducting organic materials
Method for producing polymer particles
Aqueous epoxy and organo-substituted branched organopolysiloxane emulsions
Chloroprene rubber and chloroprene rubber composition
Swellable compositions for borehole applications
Ionic liquid desulfurization process incorporated in a contact vessel
Process, method, and system for removing heavy metals from fluids
Alkoxylated quaternary ammonium salts and fuels containing them
Pre-burning, dry process methodology and systems for enhancing mettallurgical solid fuel properties
Continuously variable transmission oil composition
Cleaning and disinfecting liquid hand dishwashing detergent comprising a benzyl alcohol/ethanol mixture
Oxidation catalyst for bleaching, and bleaching composition using the same
Algae growth system for oil production
Device for diagnosis of physiologic status and/or selection of the best spermatozoa of a semen sample based on chemotaxis, and procedure of use thereof
Multi-stage cartridge for MEMS particle storing system
Biocatalysts and methods for conversion of hemicellulose hydrolysates to biobased products
Composition for a mitotic remodeling of chromosomes
Modified xylan production
Plant promoters and uses thereof
Compositions for the in vitro derivation and culture of embryonic stem (ES) cell lines with germline transmission capability and for the culture of adult stem cells
Process and support structure for the cultivation of living cells
Overexpression of phytase genes in yeast systems
Method for production of L-amino acid
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Production method for biomass alcohol
Methods for enhancing the degradation of cellulosic material with chitin binding proteins
Bio-matrix stretcher
Protease detection
Method of nucleic acid amplification
Method for characterising the biological activity of helminth eggs, in particular Trichuris eggs
Metal recovery method and dialysis device
Method for coating a substrate in a vacuum chamber having a rotating magnetron
Lanthanoid aluminate film fabrication method
Method for ultra-uniform sputter deposition using simultaneous RF and DC power on target
Membrane electro-catalytic system and process for obtaining fuel gas
Anodizing apparatus
Methods for passivating metallic implantable medical devices including radiopaque markers
Fixed Constructions
Method of attaching a fastener to a cementitious material body
Construction system for building curved structures
Screen tent apparatus for beach chair
Canopy tensioning apparatus
Flexible room dividers
Separation device
Arrangement for a down-the-hole hammer drill for use in soil consolidation through jet grouting
Well treatment
Methods, systems and apparatus for coiled tubing testing
Device for mounting systems on aircraft or spacecraft
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Drive unit and method for its operation
Reset type rocker braking method and device
Silencing apparatus for vehicle
Device, having a system heating unit, for providing a reducing agent, heat transfer method and motor vehicle
Method and storage container for determining a stored amount of ammonia for catalytic exhaust gas purification
Catalytic converter for confined areas
Oxygenate compound synthesis device, systems including the device, and methods of using the same
Two-stage cooled exhaust gas recirculation system
Combustion device for a gas turbine configured to suppress thermo-acoustical pulsations
Linear actuator for a variable-geometry member of a turbocharger, and a turbocharger incorporating same
Advanced angled-cylinder piston device
Increasing the efficiency of supplemented ocean thermal energy conversion (SOTEC) systems
Time-based multi-mode pump control
Multi-inlet vacuum pump
Connector assembly
Wheel bearing of an aircraft landing gear
Tilting pad radial bearing with an aligning device for a single-shaft turbomachine
Suspension strut bearing
Air drained bearing compartment with oil shield
Parallel dual clutch unit
Torque converter drive connection
Apparatus for reducing vibrations in a vehicle
Pneumatic spring strut having a resilient piston bearing
Power transmission device
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
Hybrid drive arrangement
Drive device for a motor vehicle
Medical valve
Method for controlling pressure keeping facility for cooling and heating system provided with plurality of sensors
Energy storage system including an expandable accumulator and reservoir assembly
Solid-state lamps with improved radial emission and thermal performance
Lamp having outer shell to radiate heat of light source
Uniform illumination of lamps
Optoelectronic module
Detachable light emitting device using light emitting diode modules
Checker brick with through passages for a hot blast stove
Dryer air circulation adaptor and filter and filter bypass assembly
Firearm trigger lock
Baffle for use in a sound suppressor for a firearm
Weapon silencer and method of making weapon silencer
Gas pressure regulator with in-situ rotatably adjustable adaptor sleeve
Folding buttstock for firearms with recoil assemblies contained within the buttstock
Armor plate and method of producing same
Gas controlled delay timing device
Testing device for checking the quality of a paint or lacquer layer
Infrared sensor array and manufacturing method of infrared sensor
Pressure sensor, sensor probe comprising a pressure sensor, medical apparatus comprising a sensor probe and a method of fabricating a sensor probe
Biosensor and methods for manufacturing
Microorganism number measurement device
Field effect transistor-based bio sensor
Method for determining speed of a signal species in a medium and associated apparatus
Assay for vascular calcification
Magnetic carbon nanotube based biodetection
CD93 or use of soluble fragment thereof
Genes from 20q13 amplicon and their uses
Antibody binding to envelope protein 2 of hepatitis C virus and method for identifying genotype of hepatitis C virus using the same
High-frequency cobra probe
Finger voltage sensor
Method and system for removing a pulse having a different pulse width relative to that of other pulses in a clock signal of an analog to digital converter
Test carrier
Locating a mobile station and applications therefor
Orientation and localization system
Wi-Fi position fix
Tool for imaging a downhole environment
Bidirectional optical transmission and receiving device
Foldable eyewear
Photosensitive resin composition for microlens
Injection molding machine
Injection molding machine
Multiphase transformer for a multiphase DC-DC converter
System, method, and computer program for segmenting a content stream
Image forming apparatus with reduction layout function, image forming method, and storage medium storing control program therefor
Tamper-proof RFID label
Power negotiation in a communications device
Electronic corporate credit system and biometric identification and documentation card
Sea floor sampling device and method
Systems and methods to activate a security protocol using an object with embedded safety technology
Data center equipment location and monitoring system
Conditional RFID
Vacuum insulation panel quality control systems and methods for using same
Mosquito misting system and method for using same
System including an indicator responsive to an electret for a power bus
RFID evaluation system, target position indicating apparatus, and target position indicating program for changing a posture of an RFID tag
Systems for automatically tracking patching connections to network devices using a separate control channel and related patching equipment and methods
Prostate phantom, system for planning a focal therapy of a prostate cancer comprising such prostate phantom and method for planning a focal therapy of a prostate cancer implementing such system
Cube picture display system with base openings
Support device for harmonica and microphone
Recordable optical recording medium
Recordable optical recording medium having recording layer containing organic dye
Electroactive material, and use thereof in anodes for lithium-ion cells
Sealed dual plunger switch assembly with simultaneity
Structure and method for single crystal silicon-based plasma light source and flat panel display panels and micro plasma sources
Drawing apparatus and method of manufacturing article
Method for constructing an electrical circuit, and electrical circuit
Method for producing cell for light-emitting device and method for producing light-emitting device
Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
Reverse stack structures for thin-film photovoltaic cells
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Substrate cleaving under controlled stress conditions
Trench formation with CD less than 10 NM for replacement Fin growth
Etching trenches in a substrate
Method of forming a dielectric film
Structure and method to create a damascene local interconnect during metal gate deposition
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing a body-contacted SOI FINFET
Semiconductor device with recess gate and method for fabricating the same
Solder bump connection and method of making
Partial solution replacement in recyclable persulfuric acid cleaning systems
Method for creating ultra-high-density holes and metallization
Motor control multilayer circuit board
Metal shield for integrated circuits
Solid-state imaging device with plural CCD registers
Structure, structure and method of latch-up immunity for high and low voltage integrated circuits
Integrated circuit including DRAM and SRAM/logic
Semiconductor device with SEG film active region
Non-volatile memory device employing semiconductor nanoparticles
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor devices grown on indium-containing substrates utilizing indium depletion mechanisms
Planar waveguide with patterned cladding and method for producing same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor with channel protection film of specific resistivity
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Solar cell module terminal and solar cell module terminal box
Photoelectric conversion element
Vertically correlated clusters of charged quantum dots for optoelectronic devices, and methods of making same
Electrode for photovoltaic device
Photovoltaic module
Method for transferring a uniform phosphor layer on an article and light-emitting structure fabricated by the method
Proportional to absolute temperature current generation circuit having higher temperature coefficient, display device including the same, and method thereof
Fuel cell and separator constituting the same
Fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same
Fuel cell system having fuel circulation structure, method of operating the same, and electronic apparatus including the fuel cell system
Electrolyte membrane and membrane-electrode assembly
Operating a redox flow battery with a negative electrolyte imbalance
Terminal fitting
Circuit board connector and method for connecting circuit board
Flex circuit blind attachment apparatus and system
Electrical connector adapter
Single-piece plug nose with multiple contact sets
Augmented track to facilitate removal of stiffening layers from a cable retained in the track
Node redundant power architecture for two domains with electronic circuit breakers
Electric vehicle, electric-vehicle charging stand and communication system therebetween
Pulse width modulation signal generating circuit and motor driving circuit
Smooth mode transition plateau for a power supply controller
Engine starting apparatus
Motor controller having multi-functional pin and control method thereof
Circuit and method of frequency jitter, and application thereof in switched-mode power supply (SMPS)
Methods for addressing aging of XO crystals
Vehicle-mounted noise filter
Vibrating piece having a support arm section including mount sections in a mount region thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Distributing multiplexing logic to remove multiplexor latency on the output path for variable clock cycle, delayed signals
Use of Frequency addition in a PLL control loop
Method and apparatus for closed loop control of supply and/or comparator common mode voltage in a successive approximation register analog to digital converter
DA converter
Methods and apparatuses to secure data transmission in RFID systems
Cooking device with electrodes in a lower face of the top plate
LED flash module, LED module, and imaging device
Non-contact and non-disposable electric induction LED lamp
LED device, LED driving circuit and method
Driving circuits and driving methods thereof
Electronic ballast and method for operating at least one discharge lamp
LED drive circuit
High intensity discharge lamp control circuit and control method
Pulse-excited mercury-free lamp system
Microwaveable packaging for food products including a frozen component
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Interchangeable attachment assembly for a lawn tractor
Lawn maintenance vehicle
Bale handling device
Knotter reset arm relief mechanism
Irrigation emitter device
Method for cutting trees in the vicinity of a power line and a topping saw
Teat cleaning brush
Pet carrier for travelers
Bedding removal and refilling system for animal cages
Device for simulating static load of a connection to a rack for animal cages
Pet enclosure with retractable access tunnel
Device for restraining a cat
Horse hair braiding tools and methods for their use
Pooch pooh catcher
Lighted pet safety collar
Animal cage guards
Nest arrangement for poultry
Spinning reel with uniform velocity spool
Spinning-reel reciprocating device
Washer and bearing system for fishing reel
Dual-bearing reel centrifugal braking device
Structure of electric buoy
Applicator assembly
Sterol esters as food additives
Method and apparatus for processing tobacco
Device and method for inspecting filter rod for cigarette
Flat-folded personal respiratory protection devices and processes for preparing same
Snowboard boot and binding
In-line roller skate provided with an internal support for a user's foot
Slider for opening or closing a reclosable fastener disposed in a two dimensional plane
Intermediate rib for collapsible umbrella
Illuminated walking assistance apparatus
Adjustable flexible hair curler
Reusable artificial fingernail having molded textured surface
Decorative nail files incorporating glitter and luminescent material
Structure of a lipstick case
Cosmetic unit, in particular mascara unit
Hair clip inner protector
Reversible backpack
Transferable purse liner
Removable bottle holder
Single bottle carrier
Liquid supply device, and cleaning apparatus provided therewith
Zoned mascara brush and package including the brush
Vertically adjustable mobile computer workstation
Overhead storage unit
Storage locker device
Valet rod
Golf club cleaning rack
Wire management system
Cabinet for acoustic equipment or the like
Method and device for mounting a modular drawer and support inside a cabinet
Seating unit with novel seat construction
Seating unit with reclineable back and forwardly movable seat
Back for seating unit
Chair adjustment assembly
Adjustable armrest assembly with single adjustment lever
"7"-shaped seat belt pillow
Lumbar device
Folding chair
Chair backrest with an adjustable headrest
Fixture for covering a gap between the backrest and the lower part of a seat of a motor vehicle
Ergonomic chair
Multi-function headrest
Covering for child's seating device
Display stand
Area rug hanging display
Merchandising rack
Checkout terminal and associated method having movable scanner
Container attachment device and method of use
Water pitcher
Drinking cup with straw lid
Cutlery base with built-in illumination equipment
Utensil holding device
Decorative artificial icicle
Lid grip
Device for crushing foodstuffs
Mixing accessory having flexible wires mounted in a crossed manner
Food holder and lifter with adjustable handles
Household grease storage container
Dispensing device for moist towel
Dispensing cover
Shower curtain assembly
System and method for programmably dispensing material
Bubble pump for dispensing particulate-ladened fluid
Floor mop with pressurized sprayer
Dishwasher accessory for securing and supporting stemware
Flexible hose
Needle package with point guards
Method and apparatus for treatment of cardiovascular tissue mineralization
Surgical drape with a liquid barrier
Detection of cleanliness of a medical device during a washing process
Ophthalmic apparatus
Fogging method for a wavefront sensor
Eye tracking system
Computer-automated implementation of user-definable decision rules for medical diagnostic or screening interpretations
Medical device with control arangement for a device component
Articulator for dental casts
Dental prosthesis
Dental flossing tool
Dental crown remover with basket
Mixing arrangement
Manipulable dental model system for fabrication of dental appliances
Unitary metal injection molded orthodontic bracket
Apparatus for positioning the mandibular jaws
Device for processing orders for supplying orthodontic bands
Prosthetic device for intraosseous dental implants
Single-stage implant system
Snap-in healing cap
Guided tissue regeneration plate for use in a process for growing jaw bone in anticipation of performing dental implants
Device for producing tooth impressions and impression tray therefor
Device for mixing two pasty materials, especially for mixing a dental impression material with a catalyst material
Device and method for in-vitro examination of an enucleated eye
Plug for connecting to a walker
Apparatus for loading condoms onto mandrels
Method for injection molding manufacture of controlled release devices
Wheelchair seat having adjustable telescoping assembly
Tablet feeder
Medication dispenser for dispensing flat dosage forms
Pump having a magnetically suspended rotor with one active control axis
Inhaler spacer
Inhalation apparatus
Device and method for fluid aeration via gas forced through a liquid within an orifice of a pressure chamber
Nasopharyngeal airway with inflatable cuff
Fastening structure adapted for both tracheal and endo-tracheal use
Humidification unit, method of making same, and ventilatory system using such a humidification unit
Arrangement in anesthesia apparatus
Oxygen-delivery system with portable oxygen meter
Single lumen to multiple lumen transition catheter and method
System and method for increased flow uniformity
Breathing apparatus
Replaceable lens system
Vehicular fire extinguishing device
Poly-bilt truck
Fin with movable flap
Golfing aid
Dual-purpose shoe
Snowboard body
Snow skis having asymmetrical edges
Method of playing a variation of the card game "twenty-one"
Psycho-social game that measures emotional distance between players' responses
Board game
Board game with nesting pieces
Three-dimensional noughts and crosses type of game
Structure of a playing figure for soccer game tables
Animated light supporting display with side-to-side head movement
Link structure for rods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Flotation machine for a fiber suspension and method of using same
Oil-gas separating method and bottom-hole spiral separator with gas escape channel
System and method for removing solid particulates from a pumped wellbore fluid
Fluid filter manufacturing apparatus
Ceramic filter element
Faucet and valve for a water filtration system
Method and apparatus for cleaning filters
Press-expansion plug filter assembly for use with air pressure inflation systems for tractor trailer tires
System for reclaiming process water
Patient ventilator oxygen concentration system
Method and apparatus for dissolving water-soluble gas in the sea and isolating it deep in the sea and a method for its installation
Oxygen separation and combustion apparatus and method
Preparation of standard gas mixtures
Auto-aspirating rotational dispersion device
Multi-stage aerator
Mixing reservoir for an automated recirculating particle size analysis method
Stacked static mixing elements
Rotatable hammer insert with bullet tip
Arrangement facilitating single fastener attachment for strikers of a wood comminuting rotor
Material processing apparatus
Closed-loop cyclonic mill, and method and apparatus for fiberizing material utilizing same
Disintegrating and grain-regulating device for granules
Refining disk
Spray nozzle assembly
Flexible liquid feeding assembly
Device for mounting a pump on the neck of a container with a fixing flange
Inkjet airbrush system
Liquid projection apparatus
Squeeze operated foam dispenser
Portable dynamic pre-pressurized sprayer for use with water or dilute aqueous solution
Pump connection
Double-barreled syringe with detachable locking mixing tip
Adhesive applying apparatus
Apparatus for producing multi-color images on substrates using dry multi-colored cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) pigment materials
Device for separating mixtures of valuable substances
Wireless system and method for sorting letters, parcels and other items
Inside out gas turbine cleaning method
Cleaning solutions and methods for semiconductor wafers
Integrated laser cleaning and inspection system for rigid thin film media for magnetic recording application
Method of controlling and improving SOG etchback etcher
Pipe cleaning nozzle
Cable guide for pipes
Method for producing a molded part and a molded part produced according to said method
Drill bit having diamond impregnated inserts primary cutting structure
Tool holder having a clamp plate for transmitting clamping forces from a clamping arm to a cutting insert
Tool and method for processing perforations
Clamping device
End mill chucking structure
Retract type chuck
Gripping apparatus
Fixture for clamping work pieces for drilling and making pocket hole joints
Drill guide apparatus
Rotary cutting tool and holder therefor
Generation of periodic structures on rotationally symmetrical components
Process and machine for fine machining of tooth flanks of geared workpieces
Method and device for thermally bonding connecting surfaces of two substrates
Modular furnace system
Method and apparatus for forming solder bumps
Compact cartridge hot runner nozzle
Method and detail for processing a stator vane
Locking device for a wooden planing machine
Zero gravity robotic system and method for using same
Protective cover for a working part of a machine that moves in a linear direction
Two-sided gripping device
Multilevel clamp device
Adjustable pick-and-place tool for an automated robotic device or the like
Rotary tool holder
Tile spacer remover tool
Clamping apparatus
Nail gun with safety portion mechanism for preventing misfires
Nail-type fastener collation strip with fastener guide rings, and combination thereof
Structure for accommodating a motor
Workstation and spring-assisted door therefor
Gripper with enhanced gripping power accuracy and repeatability
Work assist device
Material handling device
Self-adhesive stamp construction
Feed roller
Drill bit
Concrete vibrator head with enhanced vibration and fluid bearing
High speed-perforating apparatus
Road surface cutting system and method for performing same
Injection molding unit for an injection molding machine
Molding tool for molding with cylindrical core
Connector block for injectors
Nozzle for injection mold
Mold for injection molding
Mold clamping apparatus
Modular apparatus for cooling and vacuum sizing an extruded plastic profile
Molds alterable in numbers for injecting molding machines
Continuous rotary melt thermoformer
Composite bodies, in particular sailing or surfboards
Structural assembly device
Thermoformed closure for cartons
Winding cores for pressure-sensitive tape and methods of making same
Belt-type media support for a printer
Imaging apparatus having a biased platen
Media sensor system for printer mechanism
Tape printing apparatus
Portable printer
Ink jet printing on a receiver attached to a drum
Print device using hydrophilic/hydrophobic polymers
Ink jet head and ink jet recorder mounted with the same
Ink-jet recording method, ink-jet recording apparatus and information processing system
Dynamic control of printhead temperature
Method and apparatus for controlling printing operation with externally supplied parameters
Ink jet printhead with reduced crosstalk
Electrical apparatus for ejecting material from a liquid
Ink jet print head having press member
Ink jet printing using drop-on-demand techniques for continuous tone printing
Ink jet printer head
Liquid droplet discharging head and ink jet recording device
Paddle type ink jet printing mechanism
Electrical interconnection for wide-array inkjet printhead assembly
Fluid ejecting device with varied nozzle spacing
Ink reservoir
Ink jet printer method of providing an image on a receiver so that the image has reduced graininess
Vent system for ink jet pen having internal pressure regulator
Replaceable liquid container
System for securing tubing
Ink container
Fluid supply valve
Production process of color filter, liquid crystal display device using the color filter produced by the production process, and ink-jet head
Image forming device
Printing apparatus and method
Structure for adjusting printhead to platen spacing in a printer and related methods
Ink jet marker
Device for authenticating a security document
Kicker with adjustable contact points, for a sheet output apparatus in a printer or copier
Binding sheet media using imaging material
Method and apparatus for making an album page
Method and apparatus for making an album page
Tuck label easy opening pull tab
Unibody binder and the process of making the binder
Clinch fastener
Fastener for a folder
Structure of a paper binder
Document holder with a quick-release fastening device
Hanging pen and cord thereof
Multi-purpose writing instrument
Self-adhesive element dispenser and applicator device and method thereof
Paint can holder
Band device for vehicle wheels
Method for designing low-vibration omni-directional wheels
Traction enhancing mat
Hub cap filter for tire inflation system
Tire with segmented belt
Draw bar clamp lock
Front air spring suspension with anti-dive and anti-roll properties
Suspension-strut bearing
Regenerative suspension for an off-road vehicle
Vehicle roll damping
Weight reduced front steer beams
Applique with integrated light filters
Temperature controller for vehicular battery
Device for regulating the cooling of a motor-vehicle internal-combustion engine
Vehicle door window light reflecting device
Vehicle window assembly
Ballistically deployed vehicle and utility covers
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Vehicle hatch dismantling device
Pivoting device for pick-up truck camper shells
Dual draw and return fuel manifold with integral mounting bracket for a vehicle
Device for preventing a fuel tank to be overfilled
Vehicle motive power transmission structure
Starter/alternator control strategy to enhance driveability of a low storage requirement hybrid electric vehicle
Motor vehicle serial hybrid drive for I.C. engine operated only at or near full load
Car for aiding outdoor walking
Thermal management of fuel cell powered vehicles
Convertible head support
Vehicle seat
Vehicle occupant protection system
Trailer having actuatable tail ramp
Combination dump and spreader apparatus
Portable enclosure for semiconductor processing
Two piece camper attachment
Detachable railing system
Strap assembly
Dunnage bars
Vehicular headlamp
Pivot structure of a vehicle lamp
Powered screw drive extendable and pivotal rearview mirror assembly
Vehicle automatic anti-glare device
Two-part push-broom locking system
Retainer for overhead system wiring harness
Cable holder for attaching cables to a support structure
Road block, mounted at the rear end of a vehicle
Vehicle bumper system
Seat belt tightener
Vehicle occupant position detector and airbag control system
Bus seat safety restraint
Automotive impact energy absorbing structure
Inflatable airbag
Air bag apparatus
Steering wheel air bag module
Airbag device and casing thereof
Air bag inflation exit gas dispersion features
Airbag apparatus
Bicycle rack for trucks
Fold-out wiper arm
Reciprocating wand vehicle wash apparatus
Apparatus for operating a vertical wheel hand brake
Method and apparatus for applying a brake force in a towed vehicle hydraulic brake system proportional to a hydraulic pressure generator power input
Control apparatus for the application and release of a hand brake
Hydraulic vehicle brake with blocking means and method for operating same
Wheel driven pump in a hydraulic brake system
Brake system for vehicles with routine judgment of normal operation of pressure sensors
Mobile tank lid opener and retention apparatus
Collapsible coin carrying cart
Cart for module replacement
Stock cart
Golf cart cooler
Guidance and safety illumination for baby carriages
Steering column having a magnesium upper mounting bracket release break-away bar
Steering arrangement for a motor vehicle
Cockpit module structure for vehicle
Vehicle hood support and latch system
Trailer guard
Arrangement for attaching a plastic vehicle body to a metal frame and related method
Pivotable rack apparatus for a pickup truck
Four-wheeled utility vehicle
Automatic outrigger for a vehicle
Steering system for a vehicle
Electric power steering device
Hydraulic power steering system with a pressure relief valve
Anti-coupling device for semi-trailer
Fifth wheel vehicle trailer
Crawler or tracked vehicle having pivotable tracks
Steering knuckle
Motorcycle locking stand
Foldable frame for a bicycle
Connection clamp, in particular for handlebar and front mounting units of bicycles and the like
Bicycle head lock ring assembly
Power clutch mechanism of scooter
Bicycle frame
Cable disc brake
Chainless bicycle drive system
Motorcycle forward shift control
Transfer pipe system
Surfboard fin cover
Floatation device for a child
Manually adjustable boat light
1-step safety belt inflatable into a life vest
Emergency self-inflating flotation device
Trolling motor column mounting system
Opening reinforcement for aerostat envelope
Apparatus and method for confinement and damping of vibration energy
Lifting surface with active variable tip member and method for influencing lifting surface behavior therewith
Rotor shaft support and drive arrangement
Aircraft lift arrangement
Crashworthy aircraft seat
Aerodynamic noise reducing structure for aircraft wing slats
Liquid circuit reservoir
Multipurpose holder for use by an aviator
Aircraft having multiple fuselages
Hook cable support assembly
Landing truck for an aircraft in a forced landing
Payload fairing with jettisonable mass acoustic suppression
Combination solar array assembly and antenna for a satellite
System and method for automatically dispensing paint into a paint roller tray
Frames for plastic bags
Anti-rotational system
Folding bulk container
Shipping and display container for chain and bulk goods
Stackable bakery tray
Flexible bags having stretch-to-fit conformity to closely accommodate contents in use
Flexible bags having enhanced capacity and enhanced stability in use
Container having snap fit cap disengageable by rotation
Closure having torque-reducing feature
Lock for compartment cover
Dispenser package for fluent products and method of manufacture
Adjustable container and a method for forming an adjustable container
Method for stacking boxes and removal of individual boxes from the stack
Convertible container for food and condiment
Package with easy-opening cover portion
Carton with supplemental information panel
Closure having a lenticular lens
Perfuming device for perfuming the headspace of a container
Carton and divider panel
Foldable carrier means for simultaneously carrying central container and side container
Magazine for road flares
Collapsible carton sleeve
Packaging material
Child resistant package
Aerosol spray dispenser
Aerosol powder valve
Method of securing bale wrappers to bales and a fastener for carrying out the method
Octagon shaped stackable flexible intermediate bulk container and method of manufacture
Returnable gasket rack
Conveyor system including roller-guided carriage assemblies
Variable counterweighted take-up assembly for endless conveyor and endless conveyor system having such variable counterweighted take-up assembly and method of controlling same
Impact idler roller system for conveyor belt
Bidirectional conveyor elevator
Receiver for pneumatic conveyor
Stacking machine for part trays
Bulk mail container unloading system, apparatus and method
Sheet inversion device
Multi-roll media supporting and supply system
Device for receiving and/or conveying flat products
Sheet discharging apparatus and a sheet discharging method
Apparatus for stacking sheets
Drop table attachment for sheet feeding machine
Bank-note processing device
Reverse feeding device
Apparatus for slowing down and guiding a signature and method for doing the same
Apparatus for delivery of printed sheets of paper or the like in successive stacks
Method for slitting and processing a web into plural use supply forms
Handling stapled documents for post-processing operations using magnetic forces
Winder for elastomeric fibers
Paper reel for yarn packages
Method and apparatus for control of a group of elevators based on origin floor and destination floor matrix
Method of communication of travel destination information between user and a plural vehicle transport system
Apparatus for lifting and transporting stacks of strapped blocks
Windlass assembly
Axial support of winding drum in hoisting apparatus
Lifting apparatus
Control valve device
Carbonated and non-carbonated water source and water pressure booster
Vapor control
Beverage feeding apparatus
Pump for concentrate packages
Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as container identification and product fill control
Computerized fluid supply systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Use of fluorinated ketones as wet cleaning agents for vapor reactors and vapor reactor components
Ink, method of reducing kogation on heater of ink-jet recording head, ink-jet recording process, ink-jet recording apparatus, recording unit, and method for lengthening the life of recording head
Product and process for coating wellbore screens
Vivo induction for enhanced function of isolated hepatocytes
Method and apparatus of cooling heat-treated work pieces
Manifold system of removable components for distribution of fluids
Coating process for forming a metallic mirror surface on a receiving surface
Method for stripping copper in damascene interconnects
Textiles; Paper
Split reed including a weaving reed and an auxiliary reed having a non-planar guide path
Controllable medium device and apparatus utilizing same
Laundry stand
Ink-jet printing cloth, and ink-jet printing process and production process of print using the same
Device and process for separating and transferring a leader strip
Fixed Constructions
Vibration plate with a sole
Adjustable reinforcement insertion guide for a slip form concrete barrier mold
Method of resurfacing a road
Highway underdrain plastic apron endwall with anti-floatation wings
Self-bagging waste collection device
Arrangement and method for diverting tidal flows in brackish fairways
Apparatus for reduced flow fish passage
Sea wall revetment system
Modular flood containment structure
Screwed steel pile and method of construction management therefor
Formation of capping beams for piles
Rotary type construction machine and cab, equipment housing cover and counterweight for such construction machine
Leak-containing sheath for frost-resistant hydrant
Faucet with adjustable delivery spout and operating lever
Connection between the intake end of a discharge pipe and the outlet end of a connection curve of a water toilet
Partition screen connecting device
Apparatus for applying TPO adhesive to a single-ply roofing membrane
Decorative scroll for a baluster
Scaffold structure
Continuously adjustable rescue strut
Quick setup canopy apparatus
Sliding door locking system
Electrified emergency exit device having an accessible hold off lock
Automotive vehicle decklid latch system
Rotating shaft unit with two shaft sections which can be located selectively at a relative angular position
Strip applying hand tool with corner forming apparatus
Clear plastic industrial traffic curtain
Security bar assembly
Operating structure for vertically collecting/shutting a blind
Carrier and spacer assembly
Trackless roll-up door opening covering
Hanging for a roller blind with lateral guidance
Ladder attachment kit
Accessory for a fence post
Frictional vibration damper for downhole tools
Tubing spider
Emergency dump apparatus for buoyancy air tanks on buoyant riser systems
Non-circular gauge reaming row inserts
Corrosion-resistant thread joint for percussion drill element and method of achieving such resistance
Apparatus for remote adjustment of drill string centering to prevent damage to wellhead
Method and apparatus for a drill cutting injection system
Methods for the dynamic shut-in of a subsea mudlift drilling system
Downhole adjustable bent housing for directional drilling
Core drill
Methods for seabed piston coring
One-piece ram element block for wireline blowout preventers
Electrical connector system
Pressure compensated stuffing box for reciprocating pumping units
Frac plug with caged ball
Method and apparatus for stimulation of multiple formation intervals
Flapper valve assembly apparatus and method
Self-regulating lift fluid injection tool and method for use of same
Reverse circulation drilling system with bit locked underreamer arms
Drillout bi-center bit
Yieldable mine roof support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vane restraint mechanism for axial-vane rotary device
Double rotor-vane pump
Apparatus and methods for relieving thermally induced stresses in inner and outer bands of thermally cooled turbine nozzle stages
Gas turbine engine blade containment assembly
Enhanced coating system for turbine airfoil applications
Apparatus and method to supply oil, and activate rocker brake for multi-cylinder retarding
Oil seal
Device for operating a gas exchange valve
Internal-combustion engine having a ventilation system
Method for manufacturing an intake muffler particularly for compression circuit for refrigeration systems and the like
Muffler structure
Locomotive engine temperature control
Gas-liquid separation device for internal combustion engine used in outboard motor
Engine charge air cooler
Method and device for determining gas pressure and temperature in an hollow space
Apparatus for controlling internal combustion engine at decelerating state
Throttle shaft and plate assembly
Method and apparatus for influencing background noise of machines having rotating parts
Carburetor with diaphragm type fuel pump
Engine dual fuel supply apparatus
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Vapor fuel processing system having canister for absorbing vapor fuel contained in fuel tank
Device for treating fuel in internal combustion engines
Fuel feeding aggregate for an internal combustion engine
Fuel supply system of diesel engine
Dual valve member and fuel injector using same
Hydraulic valve with hydraulically assisted opening and fuel injector using same
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection device for engine
Carburetor with a rotary throttle valve
Laser ignition
Straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine
Lubrication fins and blades for a swash plate type compressor
Capacity controller of capacity variable compressor
Vehicle generator control
Apparatus and method of controlling air compressor
Oil transfer pump
Piston pump
Fuel pump
Hydraulic motor seal
Cooling gas in a rotary screw type pump
Flexible impeller removal and installation method
Multi-stage side channel pump
Molecular drag vacuum pumps
DC brushless fan
Downrod coverings
Decorative cover for a ceiling fan suspension rod
Method and control system for controlling multiple compressors
Gas compression system and method utilizing gas seal control
Radial compressor with wall slits
Blower and a manufacturing method of the same
Axial flow fan
Fan with adjustable guide vanes
Jet pump slip joint clamp apparatus
Vacuum ejector pump
Bellows actuator for pressure and flow control
Fixing clip
Threaded fastener
Countersunk head screw
Fastener with substrate-engaging portions
Snap-in panel fastener
Anti-distortion insert for mounting optical elements on a honeycomb panel
Thrust bearing assembly
Retainerless precessing roller bearing
Bearing systems having reduced noise and axial preload
Preloading method for preload-adjustable rolling bearing and manufacture of the same
Linear guide assembly
Antiwear lubrication coating for bearing surfaces for hydrodynamic fluid bearings
Cages for split roller bearings
Clutch with high lever ratio
Friction clutch with wear take-up device for friction linings, in particular for motor vehicle
Clutch actuating apparatus
Twin-coupling with improved braking stability and less torsion
Electromagnetically actuated power transmitting assembly
Magnetic powder clutch
Alternator pulley unit with a built-in one-way clutch
One-way clutch
Complaint one way over-running clutch pulley
Liquid controlled disk braking device
Rotary motion limiting arrangement
Automatic shoe clearance adjustment device for a drum brake
Push rod seal for disc brake actuator
Fastening support
Passive vibration isolator with profiled supports
Two-chamber step bearing with hydraulic damping
Vibration and/or shock absorbing devices and compensator elements utilized therein
Shock isolator system
Energy absorbing shear strip bender
Fixing clamp
Clutch device, particularly a starting element with adjustable clutch cooling for high power loss
Compression spring complaint one-way over-running clutch pulley
Multi-clearance labyrinth seal design and related process
Water passage splitter structure of a water tap
Fluidic control element
Connector for prohibiting gas from flowing back
Intake tract negative pressure relief valve for I.C. engine
Shock actuated sensor for fluid valve
Control valve trim for high-pressure fluid flow
Fluid control valve and fluid supply/exhaust system
Sanitary diaphragm valve
Self cleaning irrigation valve with offset manual on actuator, body/bonnet alignment, and captured screws
Controlled valve
Self cleaning irrigation valve with offset manual on actuator, body/bonnet alignment and captured screws
Balanced plug valve with contour wall
Extractor valve assembly
PTFE tube
Multi-lumen hose with at least one substantially planar inner partition and methods of manufacturing the same
Flexible conduit, such as pipe for medical or surgical use
Apparatus for connecting tubular bodies
Adjustable bouquet design stand
Hose coupling
Clampless fluid transfer hose coupling
Trapped fluid volume compensator for hydraulic couplers
Deck wash valve
Electrofusion coupler
Connection fitting with an attachment projection divided by slits into holding tongues
Elliptical expansion plug for universal nozzle casting
Supporting device for a liquid crystal display
Dual mode propane fuel dispensing apparatus and method
Swivel lantern with tripod
Flexible light track for signage
Translucent flexible rope light and methods of forming and using same
Shape lamp
Ballast housing for luminaire
Latching switch for compact flashlight providing an easy means for changing the power source
Lamp having pull cord guide device
Remote control lantern with automatic shut-off feature
End connecting structure for fitting lights
Plastic cover plate motor vehicle headlights
Multiple weapon self defense device
Light-emitting device and support pillar assembly
Method for deeply staged combustion
Catalyst combustion device
Air heating burner
Low NoX burner apparatus
Method and apparatus for a fuel-rich catalytic reactor
Ash retainer and grill support
Adjustable ventilator cartridge filter
Safety knob for domestic gas apparatuses
Device for automatically balancing a liquid-based heat-transfer system
Drainless humidifier with water level sensing
Gas fired tube and shell heat exchanger
Expansion valve
Sloped cutter knives on tube-type ice maker
Curing oven combining methods of heating
Combined heat exchanger, particularly for a motor vehicle
Plate type heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger
Safe projectable target
Sectional target board of a dartboard
Pump dispenser
Electronic thermometer
Method and apparatus for quantitative nondestructive evaluation of metal airfoils using high resolution transient thermography
Contactless smart card high production encoding machine
Swept impact seismic technique and apparatus
Anti-fogging and anti-reflection optical article
Real time observable sample mounting fixture
Projection-type display device
Polarized light separation device, method of fabricating the same and projection display apparatus using the polarized light separation device
Method and apparatus for latched bimorph optical switchs
Fiber optic connector having receptacle housing for radially aligning mating inserts
Optical fibre connector
Light receiving/emitting element module and manufacturing method thereof
Fiber optic module
Ferrule assembly and optical module
Semiconductor laser module
Spectacles with open-sided assembly members
Spectacle-mounted micro display ocular
Display device and display optical system unit
Flash light emission apparatus and method for adjusting the same
Camera and camera assembling method
Integrated front projection system
Solid rod dust-proof structure for projecting apparatuses
Radiation oncology portal imaging assembly and method of portal imaging
Photographic combination for use in radiography
Shutter for camera
Post-print treatment processor for a photofinishing apparatus
Auto-mechanism for removing film leader card from 35 and APS film after processing
Parts maintenance managing system
Electronic watch with correcting mechanism
Remote control thermostat
High force feel bumper with low final load
Device for enhancing the visibility of portable computer display screens by shielding direct and indirect light from the display screen and the eyes of the user
Printing system and data processing method thereof
Printing with a multi-segment printhead
Card reader
Apparatus and system for at least recording information on or reproducing information from a card-shaped recording medium
Apparatus for positioning magnetically coded substrate relative to a magnetic read head
Hand-held acquistion device
Methods and apparatus for enhanced scanner operation employing bar code and bar code fragment time and position of data collection
Internet-based system and method for routing, tracking and delivering packages using URL-encoded bar code symbols
Method of reconstructing successive scans of a bar code
Optical information reader and recording medium
Autognomic decision making system and method
System and method for collecting financial transaction data
Method and apparatus for tracking an object using a continuously adapting mean shift
Access control system
Paper discriminating apparatus
Automatic vending machine for dispensing products in a hangable paper or plastic bags
System for card to card transfer of monetary values
Security element for electronic article surveillance and method of manufacturing a security element
Device for the pivotable mounting of information carriers
Structure of speaker
DVD retaining structure for DVD case
Disc drive latch
Electronic control circuit
Method and apparatus for removing carbon contamination in a sub-atmospheric charged particle beam lithography system
Apparatus for forming phosphor layers of plasma display panel
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Substrate temperature control system and method for controlling temperature of substrate
Method for conserving a resource by flow interruption
Substrate body transfer apparatus
Dual orientation leveling platform for semiconductor apparatus
Trench isolation for active areas and first level conductors
Packaged device adapter assembly and mounting apparatus
Top mounted cooling device using heat pipes
Anisotropic conductive film and production method thereof
Flat flexible cable connector
Electrical connector
Power connector
Card-type device connector
Extension plug-in unit
Dual actuating shutter safety system
Electrical connector
Self-aligning electrical interconnect
Card connector equipped with means for preventing undesired card removal
Card connector
Connector with terminals having increased capacitance
Wiring unit with paired in-line insulation displacement contacts
Electrical plug-in connector for providing an electrical connection between two regions separated by a partition wall
Rotating connector adaptor
Insulation displacement contact terminal
Insertion socket for use with a flat cable
Sealed passage device
Adjustable brace
Image process apparatus and image process method
Integarated front projection digital whiteboard system
Loudspeaker with differential energy distribution in vertical and horizontal planes
Apparatus and method for handling an integrated circuit
Connecting device for flat circuit
Terminal connection structure of flat circuit belt
Dielectric member for absorbing thermal expansion and contraction at electrical interfaces
Method and system for securing a personal computer to a rack
Connecting device for an assembly of line replaceable modules for electronic wallets and rack equipped with same for receiving such an assembly
Retention member for card edge connector
Modular inter-cabinet horizontal cable support apparatus
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