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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Nitrogen transport metabolism
Genes that alter capacity to accumulate heavy metals and salts or resistance to heavy metals, salts or drought, and transformants expressing the genes
Stress-regulated genes of plants, transgenic plants containing same, and methods of use
pH sensitive prodrugs of 2,6-diisopropylphenol
Method and composition for treating periodontal disease
Methods of treatment of inflammatory diseases
Methods and compositions for blocking platelet and cell adhesion, cell migration and inflammation
Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid compound
Anti-viral uses of leflunomide products
Muscarinic agents as therapeutic compounds
Heterobicyclic amide compounds
Methods and compositions for optimizing blood and tissue stability of camptothecin and other albumin-binding therapeutic compounds
Cinnamoyl compound and use of the same
Dihydropyridine derivatives for use as human neutrophil elastase inhibitors
Isoquinoline potassium channel inhibitors
Pyrazine-2-carboxamide derivatives as CB2 receptor modulators
Indolymaleimide derivatives
Anti-inflammatory agents
Amide prodrug of gemcitabine, compositions and use thereof
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of a gene from the JC virus
Compositions for ameliorating fecal properties
System and method for inhibiting cellular proliferation with tachykinins
Repeat sequence protein polymer active agent congjugates, methods and uses
Peptidomimetic inhibitors of retroviral proteases and their use as antivirals
Dental materials based on ROMP composites
Ink jet of functionalized waxes
Analogs of benzoquinone-containing ansamycins and methods of use thereof
Mercury contamination extraction
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oxidation catalyst for purifying exhaust gas
Catalytic cracking catalyst for heavy oil and production process for olefin and fuel oil
Catalyst and method for producing catalyst
Process for producing aqueous emulsion
Laser ablation for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Primer composition and uses thereof
Transfer substrate, method for fabricating display device, and display device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Active carbon, production method thereof and polarizable electrode
Process for the alkylation of phenols
Method for purifying and concentrating dinitrogen monoxide
Process for the production of acetic acid
Process for preparing purified terephthalic acid
Fluorinated esters
Process for the synthesis of quinoline derivatives
Quinoline potassium channel inhibitors
Conjugates of artemisinin-related endoperoxides and hydrazone derivatives for the treatment of cancer
Benzimidazole derivatives as raf kinase inhibitors
Benzimidazole carboxamides as raf kinase inhibitors
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Penicillin crystals and process for producing the same
Metal complexes having vitamin B.sub.12 as a ligand
Method for separation and purification of hydrocodone by preparative chromatography
Method for producing borazine compound
Dispersant using kraft lignin and novel lignin derivative
Three component chimeric antisense oligonucleotides
Nucleic acids encoding the human ALEX1 protein
DNA in the presence of gellan
Fusion proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
BRAF35 protein and BRCA2/BRAF35 complex and methods of use
Method for quantitative analysis for prolyl hydroxylase activity using fluorescence polarization
Kit for detecting the level of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor P16 gene expression
Antibodies that bind TAT294
System and process for production of polyvinyl chloride
Radial multi-block copolymer containing tapered block, and preparation method and usage thereof
Moisture curable silicone hot melt
Resin composition and process for producing resin molding
Self-emulsifying liquid stabilizers
Fine fluoropolymer powders
Soy-based thermosensitive hydrogels for controlled release systems
Silyl ester copolymer compositions
Coating to reduce friction on skis and snow boards
Laundry product
Ethanol production
Use of a modified phosphate for enhancing the natural mutation rate in bacteria and mutating recombinant DNA phage inserts
Maize cellulose synthase encoding sequences and uses thereof
Nucleic acid sequences encoding D1 and D1/D2 domains of human coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor (CAR)
Method of genome-wide nucleic acid fingerprinting of functional regions
Method for generating overexpression of alleles in genes of unknown function
Intracellular formation of peptide conjugates
Modified xylanase exhibiting improved expression
Use of Rev-erb family of receptors in screening
Agricultural screening system and method for detection of infectious microorganisms
Target molecule attachment to surfaces
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hybrid turbocharger
Electrical energy generator
Luggage with weight scale built in to luggage frame
Method and system of optical imaging for target detection in a scattering medium
Optical sensing
Self-sterilizing input device
Power control unit
Polysaccharide-peptide conjugates for use as thrombin substrates
Method and apparatus for ion sequestration and a nanostructured metal phosphate
Immunosubtraction method
Hazardous substance removing method, hazardous substance removing material used therein such as air filter, mask, wipe sheet, and the like, and storage method thereof
Target substance detecting element, target substance detection apparatus and target substance detection method
Liquid property sensor
Probe and method for fabricating the same
Test apparatus and pin electronics card
Retrievable formation resistivity tool
Downhole cover
Silcone-containing prepolymers
Motor control device and corresponding control method
Lighting of discharge lamp by frequency control
Method and apparatus for enhanced frequency measurement
Tension unit for a drum set pedal
Key actuating apparatus and key actuation control system
Radiopharmaceutical pig
High temperature high voltage cable
Direct current superconducting power transmission cable and system
Coaxial cable having wide continuous usable bandwidth
Method for predicting a future voltage and/or current curve
Operating unit and lamp with component alignment for safe failure mode
Display device with reflective structure for improved light emission
High-fidelity reflection electron beam lithography
Dose uniformity correction technique
Polymer based electrospray nozzle for mass spectrometry
Methods and apparatus for reducing radio frequency emissions in fluorescent light lamps
Method for manufacturing nitride-based semiconductor device
Nitride semiconductor laser element and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing active matrix substrate, active matrix substrate, electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Low viscosity precursor compositions and methods for the deposition of conductive electronic features
Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
Substrate processing apparatus and a manufacturing method of a thin film semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Deep trench based far subcollector reachthrough
Dual layer hard mask for block salicide poly resistor (BSR) patterning
Deposition of crystalline layers on polymer substrates using nanoparticles and laser nanoforming
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a surface probing device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device capable of suppressing impurity concentration reduction in doped channel region arising from formation of gate insulating film
Method of fabricating oxide semiconductor device
Radiant energy heating for die attach
Atomic layer deposition of tantalum-containing materials using the tantalum precursor TAIMATA
Method for evaluating impurity distribution under gate electrode without damaging silicon substrate
Pseudomorphic Si/SiGe/Si body device with embedded SiGe source/drain
Method of manufacture of an apparatus for increasing stability of MOS memory cells
Method for processing laser-irradiated thin films having variable thickness
Semiconductor devices with improved heat dissipation and method for fabricating same
Packaged electronic element and method of producing electronic element package
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Power feed device to power pins of electrical component
Semiconductor device having reinforcement member and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, semiconductor device module and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Efficient provision of alignment marks on semiconductor wafer
Electronic component comprising electrodes and ring residue
Reinforced semiconductor structures
Electronically scannable multiplexing device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Transistor with InGaAsP collector region and integrated opto-electronic devices employing same
Reactive sputtering process for optimizing the thermal stability of thin chalcogenide layers
Semiconductor device used as high-speed switching device and power device
Wide-bandgap semiconductor devices
Semiconductor switching module
Photosensitive device
MIS-type semiconductor device
Semiconductor device storage cell structure, method of operation, and method of manufacture
Method for creating a functional interface between a nanoparticle, nanotube or nanowire, and a biological molecule or system
Layered composite film incorporating quantum dots as programmable dopants
Semiconductor device having an electrode pad
Optical sensor element and method for driving the same
Semiconductor light emitting device
Actuator and material for the actuator
Organic thin film transistor, flat panel display apparatus comprising the same, and method of manufacturing the organic thin film transistor
Organic semiconductor material and organic device using the same
Mobile type power supply, connection device, and carried type electronic equipment
Supported catalyst and method for preparing the same
Mounting assembly for a vehicle power junction box
Photovoltaic system having a solar module
Charging control in an electric vehicle
Charging device and rechargeable power tool set
Apparatus and method for cooling rotor and stator motor cores
Electric motor
Compact high power alternator
Actuator for operating a roller blind and method of operating such an actuator
Charging control apparatus, charging control method
Wind turbine generator, active damping method thereof, and windmill tower
Driver circuit
Control circuit for a high-side semiconductor switch for switching a supply voltage
Dynamic and differential CMOS logic with signal-independent power consumption to withstand differential power analysis
Sense amplifier based flip-flop
Devices and methods for controlling a slew rate of a signal line
Apparatus for ultrasonic vibration-assisted machining
Method and device for load matching
System and method for correcting spatial luminance variation of computed radiography image plates
Discharge lamp ballast, lighting system and projector
Air flow passage of microwave oven
Method for filtering particles out of a beam of radiation and filter for a lithographic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Capacitor structures, DRAM cell structures, and integrated circuitry, and methods of forming capacitor structures, integrated circuitry and DRAM cell structures
Method for increasing capacitance
Method for fabricating capacitors with hemispherical grains
Method of forming DRAM capacitors with a native oxide etch-stop
Method for improving electrostatic discharge (ESD) robustness
Method for forming high density flash memory
Method for fabricating a nonvolatile memory including implanting the source region, forming the first spacers, implanting the drain regions, forming the second spacers, and forming a source line on the source and second spacers
Use of etch to blunt gate corners
Process for fabricating EEPROM memory cell array embedded on core CMOS
Method for manufacturing silicon carbide MOS semiconductor device including utilizing difference in mask edges in implanting
Process for forming MOS-gated devices having self-aligned trenches
Multiple threshold voltage semiconductor device fabrication technology
Alignment dip back oxide and code implant through poly to approach the depletion mode device character
Integrating high voltage and low voltage device with silicide block mask
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Formation of junctions by diffusion from a doped film at silicidation
Method to reduce parasitic capacitance
Method of forming a MOS transistor
Process of forming self-aligned silicide on source/drain region
Method for heat treatment of SOI wafer and SOI wafer heat-treated by the method
Fabrication process of semiconductor device having an epitaxial substrate
Method for manufacturing resistors
Polysilicon load for 4T SRAM operation at cold temperatures
Method of creating a rough electrode (high surface area) from Ti and TiN and resulting article
Method for forming layer of hemispherical grains and for fabricating a capacitor of a semiconductor device
Method of forming a shallow trench isolation structure
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation
Shallow trench isolation on a silicon substrate using nitrogen implant into the side wall
Isolation region forming methods
Method of forming isolation structure for isolating high voltage devices
Method for making a semiconductor device
Thermal oxidizing method for forming with attenuated surface sensitivity ozone-teos silicon oxide dielectric layer upon a thermally oxidized silicon substrate layer
Method of simultaneous fabrication of isolation and gate regions in a semiconductor device
Method of forming oxide film on an SOI layer and method of fabricating a bonded wafer
Method of forming epitaxially grown semiconductor layer on metal layer and light emitting semiconductor device comprising said semiconductor layer
Native oxide removal with fluorinated chemistry before cobalt silicide formation
Method of forming T-shaped gate
Method of making a density multiplier for semiconductor device manufacturing
Flash memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manually manufacturing capacitor
Method of self-aligned contact hole etching by fluorine-containing discharges
Vertically mountable semiconductor device and methods
Method for transferring particles from an adhesive sheet to a substrate
Tungsten bit line structure featuring a sandwich capping layer
Semiconductor device having polysilicon interconnections and method of making same
Multilevel interconnection in a semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Dual damascene CMP process with BPSG reflowed contact hole
Method for forming dielectric layers
Interconnect structure using a combination of hard dielectric and polymer as interlayer dielectrics
Method for forming interlayer dielectric layer
Dual barrier and conductor deposition in a dual damascene process for semiconductors
Method of fabricating a contact in a semiconductor device
Method to reduce the damages of copper lines
Method of filling gap with dielectrics
High aspect ratio contact structure for use in integrated circuits
Nitride etch stop for poisoned unlanded vias
Method using a photoresist residue
Methods for forming iridium-containing films on substrates
Sacrificial germanium layer for formation of a contact
Method of fabricating a trench isolation structure for a semiconductor device
Stepper alignment mark structure for maintaining alignment integrity
Polishing method
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing inter-metal dielectric layers for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor wafer fabrication
Apparatus and method for plasma etching
Autoaligned etching process for realizing word lines and improving the reliability of semiconductor integrated memory devices
Method for chemical processing semiconductor wafers
Semiconductor wafers processing method and semiconductor wafers produced by the same
Method of coating amorphous silicon film
Method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process for realizing an intermediate dielectric layer for enhancing the planarity in semiconductor electronic devices
Method for modulating uniformity of deposited layer thickness
Apparatus for forming silicon oxide film and method of forming silicon oxide film
Semiconductor producing apparatus and producing method for epitaxial wafer using same
Polysiloxane coated fabrics for use in air bags
Wettable soft polyolefin fibers and fabric
Light-activated antimicrobial and antiviral materials
Aminoplast resin/thermoplastic polyamide presize coatings for abrasive article backings
Photocatalytic filter with fiber glass mat carrier
Magnesia-spinel refractory and method of producing the same
Sintered ceramic body for spark plug, process for preparing the same and spark plug
Large format fireclay refractory block and method of producing the same
Process for regenerating catalysts
Process and vessel for regeneration of a catalyst including monitoring and monitoring and control of combustion completion
Selective aromatics disproportionation process
Catalyst for the conversion of low carbon number aliphatic hydrocarbons to higher carbon number hydrocarbons, process for preparing the catalyst and process using the catalyst
Process for activating a metallocene catalyst supported on silica
Activator solid support for metallocene catalysts in the polymerization of olefins, a process for preparing such a support, and the corresponding catalytic system and polymerization process
Supported metallocene catalyst system and method for polymerizing olefins
Aluminum-phosphinimine complexes as catalysts for the (co)polymerization of ethylene
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing indolyl-amido ligands
Selective bifunctional multimetallic reforming catalyst
Catalytic compositions and methods for suppression of halogenation of organic compounds with oxidation products of halogenated organic compounds in gaseous emission streams
Process for the preparation of a supported catalyst
Process for forming high activity catalysts
Process and apparatus for the production of activated carbon
Process for obtaining a diffusion resistant lenticular element
Protecting film for sublimation transfer image receiver on of and protected sublimation transfer image receiver
Herbicidal mixtures
2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazines, processes for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Tank mixtures and premixtures for weed control programs that include postmergence applications of glyphosate plus graminicides in glyphosate tolerant soybeans
Brassinosteroid analogs useful as plant growth regulators
Substituted 3-phenyluracils
Herbicidal 2-(5-isoxazolinyl methyloxyphenyl)-4,5,6,7-tetrahydro -2H-indazole derivatives
Aminoacetonitrile derivative agricultural and horticultural insecticide containing the same and use thereof
Matter of composition and method for using the same as plant bioregulators
High temperature superconductor composite material
Ba-Ca-Cu-O compositions superconducting at up to 126K and methods for making same
Alkali-metal-carboxylate-containing drilling fluid having improved corrosion properties
Petroleum quench oil
Clarification method for oil dispersions comprising overbased detergents containing calcite
Viscosity drift control in overbased detergents
Grease composition containing pao, alkylaromatic synthetic fluid and white oil for industrial bearings
Refrigerating machine oil
Detergent compositions containing fragrance precursors and the fragrance precursors themselves
Nonirritating cleansing composition
Aqueous cleaning solutions containing elevated levels of N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone
Thickened paint and coating remover
Machine dishwashing compositions with a polymer having cationic monomer units
Thickened acidic, hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions particularly useful for ceramic surfaces
Liquid cleaning compositions and shampoos containing dianionic or alkoxylated dianionic surfactants
Nonaqueous detergent compositions containing specific alkyl benzene sulfonate surfactant
Process for preparation of coated peroxygen compounds
Powdered abrasive cleanser containing borax pentahydrate
Cleaning formulation
Water-repellent detergent
Methods of treating viral infections
Synthetic polypeptide having fish growth hormone-like activity, nucleic acid encoding for the polypeptide and method using same
Thrombin binding polypeptides
Pharmaceutical compositions
Isolation and structural elucidation of the cytostatic linear and cyclo-depsipeptides dolastatin 16, dolastatin 17, and dolastatin 18
Homeopathic preparations of purified growth hormone
Family of protease inhibitors, and other biologic active substances
Conjugates of lipophilic moieties and fragments of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP)
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Method of promoting erythropoiesis
Synthetic analogs of thrombospondin and therapeutic use thereof
In vivo method of improving survival rate of brain neurons
Water miscible macrolide solutions
Topical treatment or prevention of ocular infections
Compositions and methods for treatment of neoplastic diseases with combinations of limonoids, flavonoids and tocotrienols
Dry flowable polyoxin compositions
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Gene therapy for regulating bladder smooth muscle tone
Method for preventing restenosis using a substituted adenine derivative
Topical administration of amifostine and related compounds
Method and means for treating glomerulonephritis
4- Halogenated steroids, preparation method and intermediates, application as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Method of treatment of nausea, vomiting, and other disorders using estrogens
Use of estrogenic compounds as anti-fungal agents
Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of transplant rejection or autoimmune or inflammatory conditions comprising cyclosporin A and 40-0-(2-hydroxyethyl)-rapamycin
Azetidinone derivatives for the treatment of HCMV infections
Arylpiperidine and aryl-1,2,5,6-tetra-hydropyridine urea derivatives
Certain substituted caprolactams, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and a process for their preparation
Indole-2,3-dione-3-oxime derivatives for therapeutic use
Cyano-indole serotonin-reuptake inhibitor compounds
Phosphodiesterase 4-inhibiting diazepinoindolones
1,5 Benzodiazepine derivatives
Thrombin inhibitors
Imidazoquinoxaline protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Diazole derivatives as serotonergic agents
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Method of treating a patient having precancerous lesions with phenyl pyrimidinone derivatives
Salts of aminoimidazole carboxamide and 5 amino or substituted amino 1,2,3-triazole, induce apoptosis, inhibit DNA synthesis and control cyclooxygenase activity
Vitronectin receptor antagonist
13,13A-Didehydroberbine derivatives
Compounds useful for inhibition of farnesyl protein transferase
Trovafloxacin oral suspensions
4-oxo-4,7-dihydro-thieno[2,3-b]pyridine-5carboxamides as antiviral agents
5-HT7 receptor antagonists
Methods of treating bone loss
Nitroxyl compounds and drugs and reagents containing the same as the active ingredient
Neurotrophic difluoroamide agents
1-trifluoromethyl-4-hydroxy-7-piperidinyl-aminomethylchroman derivatives
N-substituted azaheterocyclic carboxylic acids and esters thereof
Penicillaminamide derivatives
Compounds as inhibitor of tumor necrosis factor alpha release
Oxazolidinone combinatorial libraries, compositions and methods of preparation
Pharmaceutical composition
Kappa agonist compounds pharmaceutical formulations and method of prevention and treatment of pruritus therewith
Phenyl-substituted 1,4-dihydropyridines
Method for the prevention of ischemic spinal cord injury caused by aortic crossclamping
Inhibition of osteoclastogenesis
Fungicidal mixtures
Nucleoside analogues
4-haloalkyl-3-heterocyclylpyridines and 4-haloalkyl-5-heterocyclylpyrimidines, processes for their preparation, compositions comprising them, and their use as pesticides
Method and compositions for inhibition of adaptor protein/tyrosine kinase interactions
Method for treating depression
Salt of (2R,3R,4R)-3,4-dihydroxy-2-hydroxymethylpyrrolidine
Pyrrolidine carboxylate and pyrrolidine amide hair revitalizing agents
Liquid pharmaceutical formulation containing zotepine
Compositions for killing dust mites and methods of using same
Antitumor compositions containing taxane derivatives
Radicicol derivatives
Non-steroidal polycyclic ring sulphamate derivatives, their preparation and their use as oestrone sulphatase inhibitors
Inhibition of hair growth
Tocotrienols and tocotrienol-like compounds and methods for their use
Formulations for treating disease and methods of using same
3-phenyl-4-(4(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)-2-(5H)-furanone as a cox-2 inhibitor
Emulsion containing ascorbic acid and its uses in the cosmetics and dermatological fields
Carbamoyloxy derivatives of mutiline and their use as antibacterials
Uses of hydroxy and ether-containing oxyalkylene esters for treating metabolic conditions
Tranilast-containing preparation for external application and method of producing the same
Method of treating mammals
N-aminoalkyl-2-anthracenecarboxamides; new dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Transdermal therapeutic device and method with capsaicin and capsaicin analogs
Method for preventing and treating peripheral neurophathy by administering selegiline
Method for preventing sexually transmitted diseases
Method for controlling the rheology of an aqueous fluid and gelling agent therefor
Extended catalyst life Fischer-Tropsch process
Method for producing expanded polyolefin particles
Silicone surfactants for the production of open cell polyurethane flexible foams
Polymer foams
Urethane molded products for polishing pad and method for making same
Radiation-polymerizable composition and printing inks containing same
Enhancement of activation for `biological` tissue adhesives, bonding agents and sealants using "color change" chromophores
Denture adhesive comprising a polymeric activator and methods of preparing the same
Active-substance-containing moulded bodies based on biodegradable thermoplastically processable polymers
Ink compositions comprising a latex and processes thereof
Surface-modified fillers, process for their preparation and their use
Thermoplastic resin composition containing silan-treated foliated phyllosilicate and method for producing the same
Polymer filled with solid particles
Vacuum de-aerated powdered polymer additives
Method for preparing alkaline solutions containing aromatic polymers
Resin composition resin molding and method for inhibiting polymerization of vinyl compound
Composition and process for preparing high molecular weight polyester
Aqueous pigment and/or filler dispersions containing a special combination of dispersing agents
Additive and method for enhancing the heat age properties of elastomers
Method of improving the abrasion resistance of a rubber composition
Cross-linked solid polyelectrolyte and use thereof
Silicone rubber composition
Complexes of heavy metal ions and a polymer, and their use for selective removal of compounds from liquids
Active-methylene functionalized latex polymer prepared in the presence of a hydrophilic isoprene sulfuric acid polymer, and sheet material comprising same
Flame retardant hot melt compositions
Air curable water-borne urethane-acrylic hybrids
Barrier compositions and articles made therefrom
Emulsions containing silicone polymers
Clearcoat composition and method for intercoat adhesion
Process for the preparation of stable aqueous urethane dispersions
Graft copolymer emulsions and two-package waterborne urethane coatings
Powder coating composition
Thermoplastics with improved flexibility and transparency
Molding composition containing syndiotactic vinylaromatic polymer
Hydrogenated block copolymer and composition of the same
Thermoplastic compositions with improved fire resistance
Recovery of triarylmethyl halide protecting groups cleaved during oligonucleotide synthesis
Low gloss weatherable polymer composition
Golf ball core compositions
Fluoropolymeric composition
Method of production of particulate polymers
Process for the manufacture of impact resistant modified polymers
Block copolymers
Water-soluble or water-dispersible grafted copolymers
Pressure sensitive adhesive containing macromer having repeat hydrophilic moieties
Heat-hardenable paint compositions
Surface-treated superabsorbent polymer particles
Chemical amplifying type positive resist composition
Polyetherimide or polysulphone with polyepoxide partially reacted with aromatic polyamine
Polyester/polyamide blends with improved color
Powder coating prepared from pet resin-products as raw material and process for the preparation thereof
High solids slurry polymerization
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Group 8, 9 or 10 transition metal catalyst for olefin polymerization
Bis-phosphinimine catalyst
Quinolinoxy and pyridinoxy single-site catalysts containing benzyl ligands
Emulsion polymerization process utilizing ethylenically unsaturated amine salts of sulfonic, phosphoric and carboxylic acids
Concrete admixture
Vinylaromatic and olefin pseudoblock polymers
Method for preparing hydrophilic silica gels with high pore volume
Polysiloxane compound which is stable during storage and produces vulcanisates which can be permanently wetted with water
Resin additive, curable resin composition, and cured resin
Acrylic functional organopolysiloxanes and radiation-curable compositions
Fluorochemical composition comprising a urethane having a fluorochemical oligomer and a hydrophilic segment to impart stain release properties to a substrate
Phenol-novolacs with improved optical properties
Method for producing a copolymerized polyester resin
Hot melt adhesives produced from linear alternating polyketones
End-functionalized aniline-based oligomers, corrosion-resistant copolymers and methods of making the same
Single step process for the preparation of poly (oxyalkylene)-alpha, omega-dicarboxylic acid
Deproteinized natural rubber and process for producing the same
Disulfide core polypeptides
Versatile surface plasmon resonance biosensors
Isolated muteins of proteins SCP-1, and compositions containing the mutein
Family of proteins belonging to the pancreatic ribonuclease a superfamily
Human Nkx-2.2 polypeptide-encoding nucleotide sequences
Multivalent and multispecific antigen-binding protein
Binding compositions specific for interleukin-10
Pasteurized, purified von Willebrand factor concentrate and a process for the preparation thereof
Low molecular weight displacers for protein purification in hydrophobic interaction and reversed phase chromatographic systems
Water-soluble azo compounds and process for the preparation thereof
Genomic DNA sequences of ashbya gossypii and uses thereof
Oligonucleotides having chiral phosphorus linkages
ZAP-3 tumor associated genes and their uses
VANILREP1 polynucleotides and VANILREP1 polypeptides
Interleukin-1 type 3 receptors
Ryegrass pollen allergen
Nucleic acids encoding human calcium sensor protein
Energy transfer hybridization assay composition
2'-O-alkylthioalkyl and 2'-c-alkylthioalkyl-containing nucleic acids
Printing molecular library arrays
Method of producing xylose
Trisaryl-1,3,5-triazine ultraviolet light absorbers containing hindered phenols
Non-yellowing para-tertiary-alkyl phenyl substituted triazine and pyrimidine ultraviolet light absorbers
Process for preparing piperazine-substituted aliphatic carboxylates
Intermediates in the synthesis of (.+-.)-camptothecin and related compounds and synthesis thereof
Synthesis for 4-aryl-5-pyrimidine imidazole substituted derivatives
Process for synthesizing biaryl inhibitors of farnesyl-protein transferase
Process for preparing carbamoyl pyridinium compounds
Process for preparing 2-alkyl-3-aminothiophene derivative and 3-aminothiophene derivative
Process to prepare cyclic-sulfur fluorine containing oxazolidinones
Aromatic tetracyclic compounds of the retinoid type method for preparing and use
Process for making 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors having varied heterocyclic ring systems
Process for the preparation of 1,3-diaza-spiro (4.4) non-1-en-4-one derivatives and 1-cyano-1-acylamino-cyclopentane intermediates
Preparation of phosphonium compounds as intermediates for glycine antagonists
Biphenyl hydroxy imino butyric acids and their derivatives for treating arthritis
O-(perfluoroalkyl)dibenzofuranium salt derivatives, intermediates for the preparation of the same, process for the preparation of the intermediates, perfluoroalkylating agents, and process for perfluoroalkylation
Silicone Functionalized sorbitan esters
Pyronin antibacterials, process and novel intermediates thereto
Process for preparing gamma-butyrolactone, butane-1,4-diol and tetrahydrofuran
Process for producing dikegulac, its salts and derivatives
Process to produce .alpha.-tocopherol-acetate
Process for producing 3-methyltetrahydrofuran, and process for producing an intermediate thereof
Process for a phenylthiobutyl-isoquinoline and intermediates therefor
Sphingosine derivatives and medicinal composition
Fuel lubricity additives
Metallocenes with ferrocenyl-substituted bridges used in olefin polymerization
Metallocene production process
Process for the removal of heavy metals
Process for the preparation of acylferrocenes
Silylation of hydroxyl group-containing compound
Process for preparing organohalosilanes
Method for producing optically active phenylpropionic acid derivative
Phenylsulfonylureas, processes for their preparation, and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulations
Process for preparing cyanoacetic esters
Method for producing .alpha.-hydroxy-.beta.-aminocarboxylic acids
Synthesis of an overbased detergent from sludge coming from the production high BN overbased alkylaryl sulfonate or overbased sulfurized alkylphenate
Wire bonding CU interconnects
Multichip semiconductor device and memory card
Package having very thin semiconductor chip, multichip module assembled by the package, and method for manufacturing the same
Substrate for packing semiconductor device and method for packing a semiconductor device in the substrate
Consistent alignment mark profiles on semiconductor wafers using PVD shadowing
Semiconductor device with common bit contact area
Footwear with hydroelectric generator assembly
Phase change assisted heat sink
Electric starter motor
Turbine guide and a method for regulating a load cycle process of a turbine
Hydropowered turbine system
Wind energy collection system
Wind powered machine
Electrical power generation system having means for managing the discharging and recharging of metal fuel contained within a network of metal-air fuel cell battery subsystems
Method and apparatus for voltage regulation in multi-output switched mode power supplies
Reduced impact power up/down mode in electrical circuits
Power station having a generator which is driven by a turbine, as well as a method for operating such a power station
Electric water heater with simplified phase conversion apparatus
Emergency supplemental power supply for outage protection of critical electric loads
Electric switching device and a method for performing electric disconnection of a load
Circuit for the protection of electrical devices
High performance ironless linear motor with supported windings
Linear shuttle motor assembly and a controller therefor
AC generator for vehicle
Electrical machine, in particular claw pole generator
Permanent magnet rotor cooling system and method
Motor cover arrangement
Generator cooling with mixing downstream of the cooler
Cutout start switch
Power conversion methods and apparatus
Permanent magnet dynamoelectric rotating machine and electric vehicle equipped with the same
Flux barrier synchronous reluctance motor
Non-circular field winding enclosure
Method for coiling a wire around a stator core
Fixing structure for coil assembly and power-steering device
Subsynchronous reluctance electrical machine
Apparatus and method of mechanically commutating a brushless motor
Motor with external rotor
Piezoelectric linear step motor and variants
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Omni-directional ultrasonic transducer apparatus having controlled frequency response
Encapsulated thin-film resonator and fabrication method
Cathode ray tube including a plurality of necks
Field emitter
Electric discharge lamp apparatus and insulating plug therefor having a particular front portion
Compact low pressure discharge lamp having spring element to connect the supply leads of the lamp to the electric terminals of the mounting plate
RFQ accelerator and ion implanter to guide beam through electrode-defined passage using radio frequency electric fields
Cathode ray tube having an electron gun with magnetic elements
Electron beam plasma formation for surface chemistry
Flat-type image display apparatus with insulating positioning members
Picture display device with picture balance correction system
Color cathode ray-tube with electron gun having a reinforcing electrode
Electron-emitting source and method of manufacturing the same
Microelectronic substrate assemblies having elements in low compression state
Electron multiplier electron source and ionization source using it
Tungsten halogen lamp with infrared reflecting film and method for manufacturing the same
Discharge space structure of plasma display panel and method of fabricating its barrier
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus driven by internal combustion engine
RF plasma source for material processing
Open-loop light intensity calibration systems and methods
Long life discharge lamp operating circuit with reduced lamp flicker
Transformer winding technique with reduced parasitic capacitance effects
System for driving a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp connected to a piezoelectric transformer
Light source using dielectric barrier discharge lamp
System for correcting electron beam from single cathode in color CRT
Signal processing for scanning beam velocity modulation
Claw type torque motor and throttle valve employing same
Electronic starting and operating control system for a single-phase synchronous motor with a permanent magnetic rotor, also in case of failure
State advance controller commutation loop for brushless D.C. motors
Electric motor and motor control system
Drive system for a permanently excited electric motor having at least one phase winding
Control device for brushless motor
Steering control apparatus
Movable barrier operator
Wiper controller apparatus of water drop sensitive type
Servo control apparatus
Linear feed drive system with integrated weight relief for positioning tools in relation to a workpiece
Minimum energy regulation system for an asynchronous motor by field oriented control
Induction motor power/torque clamping for electric vehicle performance
Safe Class-2 motor control circuit and method adapted for electric vacuum cleaning system suction motor and agitator motor control
Electromagnetic induction type charging device
System and method for preservation of battery power during reconditioning
Device for managing battery packs by selectively monitoring and assessing the operative capacity of the battery modules in the pack
Method of controlling charging and discharging
Battery state monitoring circuit and battery device
Motor vehicle alternator having a single voltage sensor and a half-wave controlled rectifier bridge for increasing output
Regulation system for a permanent magnet generator
Two-inductor boost converter
Self-oscillating switch-mode DC to DC conversion with current switching threshold hysteresis
System for digital measurement of breakdown voltage of high voltage samples
Probe for monitoring radio frequency voltage and current
Method of fabricating a magnetic shield for a plastic molded electricity meter frame
Method and device for compensating for angle errors when measuring electrical power
Calibration target for calibrating semiconductor wafer test systems
Method and apparatus for monitoring SOI hysterises effects
Test fixture with quick connect and release board interconnect mechanism
Method and system for detecting and characterizing mechanical damage in pipelines using nonlinear harmonics techniques
Mageto-impedance effect element
Magnetic field sensing element
Total magnetic flux measuring device
Method and apparatus for rapid T2 weighted MR image acquisition
Process for rapid sample trajectory calibration for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for identifying errors in magnetic resonance imaging examinations
Microwave type concentration measuring apparatus
Thickness measurement device for ice, or ice mixed with water or other liquid
Temperature managing apparatus for multi-stage container
Monitor TEG test circuit
Method for inspecting an integrated circuit by measuring a voltage drop in a supply line of sub-circuit thereof
Method to perform IDDQ testing in the presence of high background leakage current
Method to perform IDDQ testing in the presence of high background leakage current
Simulation-based method for estimating leakage currents in defect-free integrated circuits
Method for analyzing schottky junction method for evaluating semiconductor wafer method for evaluating insulating film and schottky junction analyzing apparatus
Reduced voltage quiescent current test methodology for integrated circuits
Arrangement for detecting jamming situations in electric drives
Circuit and method for testing whether a programmable logic device complies with a zero-hold-time requirement
Programmable I/O cells with multiple drivers
Tristate structures for programmable logic devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
High-performance interconnect
Programmable delay element
Mixed voltage output driver with automatic impedance adjustment
Buffer with fast edge propagation
Method and apparatus for dynamic termination logic of data buses
Method and apparatus for generating true/complement signals
Two legged reset controller for domino circuit
Self-timed domino circuit
Direct coupling field effect transistor logic (DCFL) circuit
Low-power sense amplifier for memory
Detection circuit
Glitch-free clock selector
Clock multiplier using nonoverlapping clock pulses for waveform generation
Self-timed semiconductor integrated circuit device
Signal comparison system and method for detecting and correcting timing errors
CMOS-compatible power-on reset circuit
Integrated circuit device with input buffer capable of correspondence with highspeed clock
Method, architecture and/or circuitry for controlling the pulse width in a phase and/or frequency detector
Digital DLL circuit
Apparatus and method for ensuring the correct start-up and locking of a delay locked loop
Self-timing control circuit
Digital waveform generator apparatus and method therefor
Method and apparatus for transmitting an electrical signal featuring pulse edge compression
SR flip flop
Latch circuit
Double edge trigger d-type flip-flop
Delay locked loop using bidirectional delay
Integrated circuits with variable signal line loading circuits and methods of operation thereof
Offset correction circuit and DC amplification circuit
Clock stretcher and level shifter with small component count and low power consumption
Complementary tuned mixer
High-speed, multiple-input multiplexer scheme
Decoder circuit and decoding method of the same
System and method for dissipating heat in an electric device
Switched body SOI (silicon on insulator) circuits and fabrication method therefor
Low power substrate bias circuit
Negative load pump device
Internal voltage fall-down circuit
Biquadratic basic cell for programmable analog time-continuous filter
Filter circuit
Microphone amplifier with digital gain control
Power amplifier
Method and device for measuring the distortion of a high-frequency power amplifier and method and means for automatically equalizing a high-frequency power amplifier
Power consumption control for low noise amplifier
Low power gain controlled amplifier with high dynamic range
Step-controlled frequency synthesizer
Transmitter and an oscillator network for use in the transmitter
Mis variable capacitor and temperature-compensated oscillator using the same
High-frequency oscillator using FETs and transmission lines
Low phase noise, wide tuning range oscillator utilizing a one port saw resonator and method of operation
Method and apparatus for switching in metal insulator metal capacitors and fet tuning capacitors for low noise oscillators
Uniform amplitude modulator
Attenuation equalizer for transmission lines
RF balun and transformer with shunt compensation transmission line
High frequency package
Short-stub matching circuit
Transmission or delay line transformers
Wall mount filter for a digital subscriber line (xDSL) network and methods of installation and manufacture
Dielectric resonator filter having reduced spurious modes
Elliptical resonator with an input/output capacitive gap
Tuning circuit having switchable capacitor controlled by a selection circuit
Two pole circuit breaker calibrated in assembled state
Circuit breaker thermal magnetic trip unit
Starter magnet switch
Electromagnetic switching device
Magnetic field stabilization method, magnetic field generating apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Wire core for induction coils
Insert for expandable transformer enclosure
Post-mountable planar magnetic device and method of manufacture thereof
High-Q inductive elements
Bistable micromechanical switches
Temperature responsive switch with shape memory actuator
Variable voltage protection structures and method for making same
Variable resistor in which an electrode connected to a resistor can not be required
Electronic door unlocking system
Battery economizing in a communications system
Flashing light assembly for use on a portable, traffic-control, safety sign
Security system for a motor vehicle opening leaf comprising a protective cover
Warning device for filter-changing time
Seat belt warning device
Signal light system for agricultural equipment
Fire alarm system
Detector-array with mask warning
Intelligent alarm filtering in a telecommunications network
Personal security and tracking system
Vehicle locator light
Electromagnetic energy detection
Communication pad structure for semiconductor devices
Alarm device for physically challenged individuals
Intra oral electronic tracking device
In-bed state detection system
Driver condition monitoring apparatus
Apparatus for water flow measurement
Liquid level sensor for internal combustion engine
Smoke detector
Livestock sorter
Talking container closure and package incorporating same
Sensor mounting arrangement
Controller for use in an interconnection system
Beeper system
Optical display device and method of operating an optical display device
On delay device for a visual display unit
Learning-by-example programmable remote control system
Method for time-stamping a message based on a recipient location
Circuit and method for providing simultaneous transmission of page data in a paging system
Bootstrapped location determination
System and method for communication between remote locations
Encapsulated installation
System and method for telemetrically providing intrabody spatial position
Passive visual system and method of use thereof for aircraft guidance
Pushbutton arrangement
Data encoding/decoding process
Dual rate encoding scheme and apparatus using the same
Image processor and integrated circuit for the same
Method and device for maximizing the ratio between signal and quantization noise when converting between analogue and digital form of a multi-carrier signal
Data converter with reduced supply and resistor string voltages
One-wire device with A-to-D converter
Current interpolation circuit for use in an A/D converter
Apparatus and a method for analog to digital conversion using plural reference signals and comparators
Microwave detector for the detection of target microwave frequencies based on partitioned band sweeping
Range-gated radar motion detector
Method and apparatus for attaching a radio frequency transponder to an object
Signal processing method in a motor vehicle radar system and radar system therefor
Method for association
Efficient data association with multivariate Gaussian distributed states
UWB dual tunnel diode detector for object detection, measurement, or avoidance
Method and apparatus for satellite positioning system based time measurement
Integrated split spectrum positioning system receiver
Remote tilt antenna system
Satellite landing system having instrument landing system look alike guidance
Radiogoniometry method and device co-operating in transmission
Antenna system and method for direction finding
Method for use with analog FM cellular telephones
Fast-wave resonant antenna with stratified grounding planes
Antenna arrangement
Low profile tunable antenna
Semiconductor chip package that is also an antenna
Transmitter-and-receiver device
Automatic retractable antenna system in portable phone
Balanced, retractable mobile phone antenna
Antenna array with housing
Communication module for a means of transportation
Vehicle window antenna system
Antenna connector
Contrawound toroidal helical antenna
Extended dielectric material tapered slot antenna
Interleaved crossed-slot and patch array antenna for dual-frequency and dual polarization, with multilayer transmission-line feed network
Apparatus and method for reconfiguring antenna contoured beams by switching between shaped-surface subreflectors
Wideband microstrip dipole antenna array and method for forming such array
Asymmetric dipole antenna assembly
Radiation shielding device
Universal communications system for space applications
Dual band retractable antenna system with capacitive coupling
Antenna connector
Process for the preparation of 3,4-dihydroxybutanoic acid and salts and lactones derived therefrom
Method for the preparation of salts of carboxylic acids using copper catalyzed dehydrogenation
Process for the solid state synthesis of enantiopure B-aminoalcohols from racemic epoxides
Single-step method for producing glycol monoethers from olefins
Optically active secondary alcohol and process for the production thereof
Process for the production of halogeno-o-hydroxydiphenyl compounds
Process for the selective hydrogenation of hydroformylation mixtures
Processes for the preparation of perfluoroalkanes and iodine pentafluoride
Thermal fluid blends containing 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro(1-phenylethyl)naphthalene
Upgrading light oligomers
Selective hydrogenation catalysts containing palladium, also tin and/or lead, and the preparation and use thereof
Catalyser for aromatising aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons, methods of producing and using said catalyst
Diene compound and process for producing the same
Lower alkane oxidative dehydrogenation catalysts and a process for producing olefins
Sparc-deficient transgenic mice
Seed specific polycomb group gene and methods of use for same
Method for reducing expression variability of transgenes in plant cells
Shoot meristem specific promoter sequences
Fumonisin detoxification compositions and methods
Enhancement of tomato phytoene synthase gene expression with a modified DNA
Constructs and methods for enhancing protein levels in photosynthetic organisms
Soybean cultivar 02322780
Inbred corn plant F351 and seeds thereof
Synthetic corn hybrid P89
Music box having an improved, rigid base frame
Adjustable shoulder rest for a stringed instrument
Saxophone muffler
Resonance body for a string instrument
Snare drum simulator practice pad
Elastic mounting device for a tom-tom drum holder
Stretching structure of a drum foot pedal
Cymbal holder with vibration damping
Apparatus and method for instructing the playing of notes of a finger operated instrument
Optimal looping for wavetable synthesis
Musical tone signal processing apparatus and storage medium storing programs for realizing functions of apparatus
Musical sound editing apparatus and recording mediums on which a musical sound program is recorded
Sound system and method for creating a sound event based on a modeled sound field
Coaxial musical instrument transducer
Internal self heat piping AMTEC cell
Multi-wire self-diagnostic thermocouple
Substrate and collector grid structures for electrically interconnecting photovoltaic arrays and process of manufacture of such arrays
Solar tracker
Electrical isolation of component cells in monolithically interconnected modules
Solid-state photoelectric device
Process for stampable photoelectric generator
Flashover protection cover with stress reduction hinges
I/O shield for electronic assemblies
Circuit board RF shielding
Grounding structure for electromagnetic wave shield
Remote replication and translation of a magnetic field
Device for compensating variations in the length of tensioned cables, with substantially constant traction
Variable buoyancy cable
Wire-mesh cable trough
Sealable electrical outlet enclosure
Face-to-face multi-chip package
Multi-chip chip scale package
Siding box
Bracket assembly for utility enclosure
Electrical line penetration through a housing wall
Cable splice closure
Electrical connection of a movably disposed electrical component with a flexible, elastic conductor track carrier
End structure for a shielding wire and method of producing the same
Method for producing a flexible cable harness
Terminal for connection by ultrasonic wave and a structure therefor
Coated fine metallic wire and method for fabricating semiconductor device using same
Foamed-polyolefin-insulated wire
Flame resistant silicone rubber wire and cable coating composition
Electrically optimized hybrid "last mile" telecommunications cable system
Singulation methods and substrates for use with same
Circuit board for a semiconductor device and method of making the same
Device and method of controlling the bowing of a soldered or adhesively bonded assembly
Ball-grid array IC packaging frame
Microelectric lead structures with plural conductors
Surface mountable coaxial solder interconnect and method
Electrical connections with deformable contacts
Sinusoidal radio-frequency clock distribution system for synchronization of a computer system
Device for reducing the time for measuring on a cable
Object position detection system and method
Personal computer keyboard
Keyboard assembly having highly waterproof key switches
Switch unit
Contact device and a tool for handling it
Waterproof switch device
Auxiliary position switch assembly for a circuit breaker
Semiconductor device handling and sorting apparatus for a semiconductor burn-in test process
Process for sorting mailings
Cassette assembly with rejection features
Interrupter with a resistor insertion system having a long insertion time
Method and device for connecting two millimeter elements
Automatic chuck loadable stud welding tool and magazine therefor
Aluminum nitride-based sintered bodies, corrosion-resistant members, metal-buried articles and semiconductor-holding apparatuses
Power segmented electrode
Plasma processing apparatus
Displacement controlled butt welding
Laser beam machining apparatus
Method and apparatus for receiving a universal input voltage in a welding power source
Heating device for heating a moveable part of an automobile, especially a steering wheel heater
Glove with incorporated adjustable heater
Fixing device
Side wall fusion heater
Light irradiation annealing apparatus having infrared radiation cut filter
Stove automatic shut off control
Process and apparatus for measuring enthalpy changes by means of differential thermal analyzer (DTA) apparatus, operating with quasi-isothermal heating technique
Apparatus and method for microwave heating using chaotic signals
Microwave heated serving utensil
Microwave oven and components therefor
Wall mounted microwave oven
Target for laser cathode ray tube and fabrication method thereof
Rod lens array and image read apparatus and system using the same
Variable electrode traveling wave metal-semiconductor-metal waveguide photodetector
Area sensor with optical axis having narrow angular characteristics
Light detecting system for detecting light projected from a projector
Color scanning system for reducing or eliminating the effects of imperfections in or on the image
Scanning probe and scanning probe microscope
Optical data link
Ion mobility spectrometers and methods
Quadrupole mass spectrometer assembly
Particle beam apparatus with energy filter
Superconducting transition-edge sensor with weak links
IR radiation sensing with SIC
Sensors using detector arrays
Solid state optical spectrometer for combustion flame temperature measurement
Fire detector with replacement module
Method and system for inspecting a low gloss surface of an object at a vision station
Passive infrared detector
Dual acquisition imaging method and apparatus
Radiation detecting device and radiation detecting method
Arc chamber for an ion implantation system
Apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Cleaning apparatus using ultraviolet rays
Apparatus for emitting a beam to a sample used for manufacturing a semiconducor device
Water drop detector on transparent substrate and initiating method and output stabilizing method therefor
Optical inspection apparatus with removable inserts
Fluid flow detector
Radiation image reading apparatus
Radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Quantum dot infrared photodetectors (QDIP)
Negative differential resistance device based on tunneling through microclusters, and method therefor
Semiconduction devices having a thin film structure exhibiting high conductivity
Self-aligned silicide gate technology for advanced deep submicron MOS device
Optoelectronic material, device using the same, and method for manufacturing optoelectronic material
Net strain reduction in integrated laser-modulator
Fuse structures
Lock in pinned photodiode photodetector
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Polysilicon-via structure for four transistor, triple polysilicon layer SRAM cell including two polysilicon layer load resistor
Capacitors, methods of forming capacitors and integrated circuitry
Semiconductor device which includes a capacitor having a lower electrode formed of iridium or ruthenium
Semiconductor device capacitor having a recessed contact plug
Semiconductor capacitive device having improved anti-diffusion properties and a method of making the same
Low resistance power MOSFET or other device containing silicon-germanium layer
Semiconductor gate trench with covered open ends
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having vertical transistors with the floating and control gates in a trench and fabrication method therefor
Insulated gate bipolar transistor for zero-voltage switching
MIS transistor and manufacturing method thereof
MOSFET structure having improved source/drain junction performance
Trench isolation for micromechanical devices
Integration type photovoltaic apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Vertical bipolar transistor having a field shield between the metallic interconnecting layer and the insulation oxide
Integrated circuit isolation structure employing a protective layer and method for making same
Self-aligned transistor contact for epitaxial layers
Semiconductor structure for a MOS transistor
Thermal neutron shielded integrated circuits
Modified lead frame for improved parallelism of a die to package
Device for removing a flip chip die from packaging
Integrated circuit package including window frame
Semiconductor device
Underfill of chip-under-chip semiconductor modules
Reduced cross-talk noise high density signal interposer with power and ground wrap
Semiconductor device having cap
Lead frame with heat spreader and semiconductor package therewith
Method for mounting a semiconductor chip on a substrate, and semiconductor device adapted for mounting on a substrate
Reinforcement of lead bonding in microelectronics packages
P-contact for a Group III-nitride semiconductor device and method of making same
Integrated circuit structure with thin dielectric between at least local interconnect level and first metal interconnect level, and process for making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of recovery of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol from poly/ethylene terephthalate/wastes
Active matrix electro-luminescent display thin film transistor
Method of forming semiconductor devices using gate electrode length and spacer width for controlling drive current strength
Semiconductor structure with a titanium aluminum nitride layer and method for fabricating same
Method for fabrication of silicon on insulator substrates
Sensor thin film transistor for an optical detecting sensor
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