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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal model for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis
Vitreous antimicrobial agent and antimicrobial product
Prostaglandin analog compositions and methods to treat epithelial-related conditions
Cardiac muscle regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells
Synchronous office chair
Foldable chair with pull rods
Overhead storage system
Tissue sampling and removal apparatus and method
Vessel sealing instrument
Correction of presbyopia using adaptive optics and associated methods
Ophthalmic operative keratometer with movable fixation/centration device
High resolution laterial and axial tomography
Detecting thermal discrepancies in vessel walls
Ultrasonic doppler measuring apparatus and control method therefor
Finite amplitude distortion-based inhomogeneous pulse echo ultrasonic imaging
Blood flow analysis system
Interlabial absorbent article with improved flushability characteristics
Flattened tubular mesh sling and related methods
Medical implant
Soft and calcified tissue implants
Hobble turning method and preferred applications for said method
Bimetal tibial component construct for knee joint prosthesis
Method of implanting dynamically stable spinal implant
Fat or oil composition
Triacylglycerols of enriched CLA content
Chroman derivatives
Lonidamine analogues and their use in male contraception and cancer treatment
Substituted diketopiperazines as oxytocin antagonists
Anticancer biangeloyl saponins
Methods for inhibition of membrane-fusion-associated events, including Hepatitis B virus transmission
Growth factor complex
Methods for treating transplant rejection
Therapeutic use of interleukin-2 mutants
Process for the stabilization of proteins in an aqueous solution comprising cysteine in a concentration between 150 and 220mM
Drug conjugate composition
Methods and reagents for immunization which generate a CD8 T cell immune response
Integrase cofactor
Biphenyl-pyrazolecarboxamide compounds
Targeted combination immunotherapy of cancer and infectious diseases
Compositions and methods of their use for improving the condition and appearance of skin
Method for exfoliating skin
Branching catheter systems with diagnostic components
Guidewire compatible port and method for inserting same
Needle guards
Fluid collection device having tilting retractable needle
Single-use cosmetic article
Three-piece solid golf ball
Golf swing training device
Apparatus, systems and methods for creating a dynamic riding terrain
Game device with moving objects competing for a game score
Gaming device having a weighted probability for selecting a bonus game
System and method for applying lottery multipliers
Extendable display for a gaming machine
Musical sound production apparatus and musical
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of processing drilling fluid
Field water purification system
Water filtering method and apparatus
Cyclonic separating apparatus
Method for removal of mercury emissions from coal combustion
Planar ceramic membrane assembly and oxidation reactor system
Flue gas purification device having an essentially horizontal through flow
Magnetic agitation system for water retention structure
Chemical processing system and method
White electrically conductive primer composition and method for forming multilayer coating film
Method of forming thin film of organometallic compound, thin film of organometallic compound, method of manufacturing organoelectronic device equipped with the same, organoelectronic device, method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence, organic electroluminescence, and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for manufacturing magnetoresistive element
Method of electroless plating on a glass substrate and method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium using the method of electroless plating
Methods and apparatus for wireless display units for document trays in financial document processing
Process for the plasma cleaning of a component
Hole cleaning method
Tool and a detachable body for chip removing machining
Collet collar stop for a drill bit
Polishing endpoint detection system and method using friction sensor
Conformal gripping device
Process for manufacturing products of mineral wool, in particular monolayer and multilayer products
Multilayer laminate
High strength aluminium alloy brazing sheet
Resin-coated steel plate and press molded can using the same
Insulating film and method for forming the same, and film-forming composition
High ESCR glossy plastic containers
In-mold label with separable part
Formable thermoplastic multi-layer laminate, a formed multi-layer laminate, an article, and a method of making an article
Honeycomb structure
Apparatus for manufacturing bonded substrate
Tablet, process for producing the same, and molded article obtained therefrom
Method and apparatus for producing resin particles using granulation-prevention agent, and resin particles produced by the method
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for LCDs
High-strength laminated sheet for optical applications
Label having transparent and opaque areas
Dielectric film structure, piezoelectric actuator using dielectric element film structure and ink jet head
Inkjet printhead with heat generating resistor
Coating method, liquid supplying head and liquid supplying apparatus
Liquid drop discharge method and discharge device; electro optical device, method of manufacture thereof, and device for manufacture thereof; color filter method of manufacture thereof, and device for manufacturing thereof; and device incorporating backing, method
Spitting method of an array-type inkjet image forming apparatus
Cleaning device of liquid jet apparatus, liquid jet apparatus, and cleaning method
Cover assembly for a print engine with push rod for actuating a refill unit
Protector for ink cartridge
Liquid container and liquid filling method
Ink tank and ink jet printer
Multipass printing
Line head and image forming apparatus using the same
Printing apparatus
Printing method and printing system
Method of normality decision with regard to ink cartridge and printer actualizing the method
Movable closeout device for a convertible roof
Vehicle architecture
Safety seat, suspended in a land vehicle, aircraft or vessel
Continuous recliner
Material-securing tailgate protector
Truck load storage apparatus
Adaptive lighting system having dynamic recalibration
Headlamp module and headlamp assembly with internally reflecting translucent member
Vehicle console mounting bracket
Seat load detection apparatus
Headliner stiffener with energy absorbing mechanism
Simplified height adjuster for D-ring
Vehicle door control system and method
Vehicle center console
Workpiece conveyor and method of conveying workpiece
Inkjet printer unit utilizing image reading unit for printed media collection
Method and apparatus for production of a reinforcement bar
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for on-site production of nitrate ions
Method for the production of hydrocyanic acid
Use of water-soluble polymer complexes in aqueous systems
Ozonation of wastewater for reduction of sludge or foam and bulking control
Methods of controlling chemical self-heating of organic-containing materials
Calcilytic compounds
Method for producing enantiomeric form of 2,3-diaminopropionic acid derivatives
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of amyloid diseases and synucleinopathies such as alzheimer's disease, type 2 diabetes, and parkinson's disease
Process for the preparation of 4,5-diamino shikimic acid derivatives
Inhibitors against complex II of electron transport system
Catalyst for synthesis of 2- and 4-picolines
Processes for the manufacture of chiral and racemic forms of 3-aminotetrahydrofurans, their salts and derivatives
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Crystalline form of omeprazole
Boronic chalcone derivatives and uses thereof
Synthetic mimics of mammalian cell surface receptors: method and compositions
Epitope directed selection of antibodies to murine tissue factor
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor
Method for the production of acrylate adhesive materials using metal-sulphur compounds
Photoactive copolymer
Polymer electrolytes crosslinked by e-beam
Aqueous dispersion of polytetrafluoroethylene and process for its production
Method for preparing a dialkyl carbonate, and its use in the preparation of diaryl carbonates and polycarbonates
Method for producing polycarbonate copolymer
Process for producing phosphonitrilic acid ester
Flame-retardant magnesium hydroxide compositions and associated methods of manufacture and use
Composites with oriented particles and particle networks with method
Polychloroprene latex, process for the production thereof and aqueous adhesive compositions
Polyethylene blends with good contact transparency
Chrome free and zinc-poor, anti-corrosive pigment mixture and method for the production and use thereof
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Dibenzofuran derivatives, dibenzothiophene derivatives and fluorene derivatives
High performance water-based drilling mud and method of use
Hydrocracking process using bulk group VIII/Group VIB catalysts
Preparation of functional monomers for grafting to low molecular weight polyalkenes and their use in the preparation of dispersants and lubricating oil compositions containing dispersant polyalkenes
Oils with heterogenous chain lengths
Dishwasher detergents comprising specific polymers
Process for making organic/inorganic composites
Biomimetic organic/inorganic composites
Platelet-derived growth factor protection of cardiac myocardium
Talaromyces xylanases
Growth factor homolog zvegf4
Selective functionalization of carbon nanotube tips allowing fabrication of new classes of nanoscale sensing and manipulation tools
Kits for detection of nucleic acids using invasive cleavage structures and flap endonucleases
Alloy substantially free of dendrites and method of forming the same
Two dimensional magnetron scanning for flat panel sputtering
Manufacturing apparatus of semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for using solution based precursors for atomic layer deposition
Precoat film forming method
Horizontal Carbon Nanotubes by Vertical Growth and Rolling
Method and apparatus for generating hydrogen
Electrochemical fluorination of acrylic polymer and product therefrom
Textiles; Paper
Materials for dewatering elements
Fixed Constructions
Device and a method for drainage of water from rock caves
Loader attachment system
Support bar assembly for deck hatch
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Trailer with integral axle-mounted generator and battery charger
Engine start system with quadrature AC excitation
Fuel supply pump and tappet structure body
Method for multi orbital engagement of surfaces by free rolling bodies and multi orbital devices based on this method
Piston engine, shaft and rolling bearing for a piston engine
Universal joint
Variable speed transmission for a power tool
8-speed transmission
Headlamp for vehicles
Adjustable-installed recessed lighting
Metal mesh, arrangement of a metal mesh and method for illumination
Light with a clip
LED lighting apparatus
Efficient solid state light source for generating light in a limited region of the color space
Emergency lighting device and system
Backlight module including heat pipe with nano-scaled recesses
Monitoring wall thickness
Lighting device
Detection of analytes using reorganization energy
Distributed fiber optic sensor with location capability
Multidirectional ultraviolet sensor
Detector and method for inspecting a sealed nuclear storage container
Composite receiver assembly having a circuit board on which multiple receiver devices that operate on different sets of wavelengths are mounted
Apparatus for modifying and measuring diamond and other workpiece surfaces with nanoscale precision
Temperature monitoring system
Magnetic crash sensor
Continuous process for the production of combinatorial libraries of materials
Method for detecting T cell response to specific antigens in whole blood
Antibody pair screening methods
Arrays of PDZ domain polypeptides
Synthetic receptors for the detection of analytes
Method for evaluating a potentiometer and circuit arrangement having a potentiometer
Probe based patterning of microelectronic and micromechanical devices
Probe head having a membrane suspended probe
Vertical probe array arranged to provide space transformation
System and method for managing power supplied to a plasma chamber
Method and system to alert user of local law via the Global Positioning System (GPS)
Radar system having single circularly polarized antenna
Method for developing and using an image reconstruction algorithm for multipath scattering
Measuring distance using wireless communication
Radiological imaging apparatus with current regulated units, imaging apparatus with bed, imaging apparatus with opening and closing units, and power supply unit
Method and apparatus for reducing polarization within an imaging device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and static magnetic field correction method
Image pickup optical system and optical apparatus using the same
Compact dual ellipsoidal reflector (DER) system having two molded ellipsoidal modules such that a radiation receiving module reflects a portion of rays to an opening in the other module
Fiber optic connector release mechanism
Component for connecting optical fibers, optical fiber connection structure, and optical fiber connecting method
Nose pad
Liquid crystal display comprising a pixel region including areas with different effective voltages
Electromagnetic shield for display
Thin film transistor substrate for a liquid crystal display wherein a black matrix formed on the substrate comprises an inner aperture formed completely within the black matrix
Stereoscopic image display unit
Direct type backlight module and liquid crystal display using same
Substrate for a liquid crystal display and a fabricating method thereof
Array substrate for liquid crystal display substrate having high aperture ratio and method for fabricating the same
Optical device and projector
Magnetic actuator and light quantity adjusting device
Imaging apparatus and light quantity regulating device used therein
Low-viscosity radiation-curable composition for making an earpiece
Storage phosphor plate for the storage of X-ray information
Thermally developable materials with buried conductive backside coatings
Reticle with antistatic coating
Process for providing marking on security papers
Method for forming an electrophotographic image
Developing method and developing unit
Imaging member
Developing toner for electrostatic latent images, imaging forming method and image forming apparatus
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image and production method thereof, electrostatic latent image developer, image forming method, and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for controllably modulating a laser in a laser projection display
Driver for a brushless motor and data reading/writing device comprising a brushless motor controlled by such a driver
Method and device for synchronously controlling multiple printing presses or multiple units in printing press
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Band gap constant-voltage circuit
System and method for power controller
Device, system, and method for providing a low-voltage fault ride-through for a wind generator farm
Display attribute modification
Distinguishing vibration signals from interference in vibration sensing touch input devices
Uniform illumination of interactive display panel
Structured integrated circuit device
Modularly configurable memory system for LCD TV system
Layout element arranging device, layout element arranging method, layout element arranging program, computer readable recording medium, and electronic apparatus
Generating images using sub-domain photon maps
Personal status physiologic monitor system and architecture and related monitoring methods
Wireless micro-electromechanical (MEMS) apparatus and method for real time characterization of motion parameters
Extended read range RFID system
Identification band
Patient support surface with physiological sensors
Method and device for checking plane's entry into a dive and anti-dive devices for planes using the same
Automatic garage door closing device
Apparatus providing information of a vehicle's surroundings
Method and system for creating true perspective drawings and drawings created by same
Structure of planar illuminator
Display panel driving circuit
Display apparatus
Light emitting module and method of driving the same, and optical sensor
Bidirectional shift register
System for software interaction using printed form
Arrangement for driving a display device
Display with wirelessly controlled illumination
Collaborative and situationally aware active billboards
Scrolling method and mobile communication terminal using the same
Systems and methods for color preservation with image tone scale corrections
Portable telephony apparatus with music tone generator
Method and apparatus for electrostatic pickup for stringed musical instruments
Laminated antiferromagnetically coupled media with decoupled magnetic layer
Combined PTC device
Controller having reduced control key set and method for operating same in a learning, macro, or cloning mode
Starting device for single-phase induction motor
Micro-switching device and method of manufacturing micro-switching device
Ultraviolet emitter display apparatus
Organic electro-luminescent device
Electron injection composition for light emitting element, light emitting element, and light emitting device
Organic light emitting display having an NaF layer and method of fabricating the organic light emitting display
Hybrid ion guide
Mass spectrometer
RF plasma source with quasi-closed ferrite core
Stator with a rotary current winding, brushless direct current machine having a stator, shaped part for winding guidance for a stator with a rotary current winding, and winding method for producing a stator with a rotary current winding
Apparatus and methods for improving the intensity profile of a beam image used to process a substrate
Semiconductor device and a manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Manufacturing methods for thin film fuse phase change ram
Thin film plate phase change RAM circuit and manufacturing method
Structure of mounting electronic component
Flat style coil for improved precision etch uniformity
Manufacture of semiconductor device having nitridized insulating film
Pulsed bias having high pulse frequency for filling gaps with dielectric material
Method of making three dimensional NAND memory
Solder ball mounting method and solder ball mounting substrate manufacturing method
Adhering layers to metals with dielectric adhesive layers
Integrated circuit including sub-lithographic structures
Chip package structure and manufacturing method thereof
High density plasma chemical vapor deposition process
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an interconnect structure that increases in impurity concentration as width increases
Ribs for line collapse prevention in damascene structures
Multilayer build-up wiring board
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Mold compound cap in a flip chip multi-matrix array package and process of making same
Method for processing a base that includes connecting a first base to a second base with an insulating film
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
MEMS structure having a stress inverter temperature-compensated resonating member
Semiconductor integrated circuit and the method of designing the layout
Semiconductor device and wire bonding method therefor
Arrangement for the protection of three-dimensional structures on wafers
Multilayer interconnection structure and method for forming the same
Solid state light source having a variable number of dies
Stacked structures and methods of fabricating stacked structures
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Floating-body dynamic random access memory and method of fabrication in tri-gate technology
Dual-oxide transistors for the improvement of reliability and off-state leakage
Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor for avoiding a latch-up problem
Logic compatible storage device
Semiconductor device
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Vibrational actuator and method for driving vibrational actuator
Piezoelectric stack and production method of piezoelectric stack
Electroactive polymers for lithography
Method and apparatus for optical wireless charging
System and method for determining battery temperature
Fuel cell system including a fuel cell stack and at least one electrical energy storage device
Cathode transient humidity control in a fuel cell system
Rectangular waveguide cavity launch
Antenna with parasitic rings
Non-resonant antennas embedded in wireless peripherals
Wire connector
Connector, circuit board and electronic apparatus
Electrical connecting and switching arrangement
Patch panel
Modular luminaire system with track and ballast attachment means
Switching device for flexible material
Chained-terminals body, method of manufacturing the same, and crimper for crimping the same
Step up pin for coax cable connector
System and method for managing cables in a display base
Electric power supply system
Spindle motor and recording disk driving device including the same
Steering controlling device
Excitation voltage supply for synchronous generator used in a wind turbine, and method of starting a wind turbine having such excitation voltage supply
Resonator for a voltage controlled oscillator and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated dielectric resonator filter and clock extraction device using the same
Nanoscale relaxation oscillator
Distortion compensation amplifying apparatus
Voltage-to-current converter
Reconfiguring impedance matching for high power circuits
Glass based packaging and attachment of saw torque sensor
I/O circuitry for reducing ground bounce and VCC sag in integrated circuit devices
Circuit for generating precision soft-start frequency for either value of address bit applied to external reset pin
Negative voltage noise-free circuit for multi-functional pad
Level shifter circuit
Configurable I2C interface
Pulse width modulation current adjustment apparatus
Very low frequency high pass filter
Filter-based lock-in circuits for PLL and fast system startup
Circuit having a clock signal synchronizing device with capability to filter clock-jitter
Method and apparatus for reducing switching noise in a system-on-chip (SoC) integrated circuit including an analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Method and apparatus for converting PCM to PWM
IQ demodulator
Image capture apparatus
Imaging device
Digital camera with retractable lenses
Method of correcting distortions in digital images captured by a digital camera system
Image sensing apparatus, focus adjustment method, and focus adjustment computer control program
Detachable lens apparatus, camera system and camera for accurate automatic focusing using two driving mechanisms
Digital camera capable of obtaining crop image
Shooting apparatus and servers, systems and methods for managing images shot by the shooting apparatus
Camera control system
Digital camera with a hollow portion for saving an image taking lens
Solid-state imaging device
Method, apparatus, and program for image processing on image data that have already been subjected to image processing
Motion object video on film detection and adaptive de-interlace method based on fuzzy logic
Technique for determining the slope of a field pixel
Solid-state image sensor, solid-state image sensing apparatus, camera, and method for controlling a solid-state image sensor
LED lamp provided with optical diffusion layer having increased thickness and method of manufacturing thereof
Flexible substrates for organic devices
Light-emitting device with enhanced homogeneity of image quality and operating speed of the driver circuit
Display panel and display device
Lamp driving device and method
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in microwave oven
Process for reducing the acidity of hydrocarbon mixtures
Electroplating solution, method for fabricating multilayer printed wiring board using the solution, and multilayer printed wiring board
Package structure for a semiconductor device incorporating enhanced solder bump structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Sector-shaped enclosed pizza food
Caring clown lollipop
Ice cream cone-shaped candy and container therefor
Sinusoidal shaped puffed extrudate snack food
Baked snack chip having scalloped edges
Pneumatic tool
Left and right front interior of a woman's executive jacket
Spring seat
Unclosed crown for a cap
Newborn thong sandal
Footwear sole
Needle injector
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portable book holder
Stackable two-piece container for a crankshaft
Tote bag
Wooden basket
Compact disc sleeve with title strip
Handle for luggage
Toothbrush body
Textile band with silicone patterns
Office chair
Armless chair
Chaise lounge
Shower seat
Table base panel
Child step storage cabinet
Tanktopper cabinet
Dresser and mirror
End portion of seating furniture
Furniture foot
Meditation cube furniture
Suit hanger
Pillow top inflatable mattress
Coffee pot
Electric water kettle
Oval tray
Tea kettle
Beverage container
Travel mug
Dispensing bottle
Culinary whisk
Power head for counter-top oven
External surface configuration for the front panel of a microwave oven
Square cake baking pan
Rectangular cookie baking sheet
Barbeque grilling stone
Spout for making jelly
Paw shaped drinking straw
Wine support
Corkscrew device
Beverage holder
Convertible beverage container holder
Drinking straw
Cake support structure
Utility lighter portions
Heated ice cream scoop
Electric drill
Sliding lock
Screwdriver handle
Collapsible two piece clutch tool
Support rail assembly
Hand tool for oxygen tank and regulator
Pipe holder
Shelf arm
Lamp changer
Pallet rack repair structure
Device for storing a helically-coiled hose
Air grease guns
Wire tie
Cable reel and cable
Cable stripping tool
Wall hook
Lifting handle for a toilet seat
Cycle lock
Locking mechanism
Security face plate for cabinet lock
Spring shackle
Lock assembly component
Hand tool, particularly for trimming pipes
Container body portion
Tall oval bottle
Snack food container cap
Beverage cooler carton
Compact garment packaging
Paper packaging provided with a framework structure
Decorated container
Package for computer cable
Inflatable packing material
Slider for a zippered bag
Prescription bottle cap
Container cap assembly
Actuator overcap for a pressurized container
Wall clock
Watch case
Watch case
Watch case
Stethoscope clock
Automatic temperature control machine
Keypad for a digital rate calculating postage scale
Crab measuring device
Tape measure
Automotive tuning instrument case
Device for measuring force and angles
Pasta measure
Wall mounted thermostat housing
Ring with a round head
Finger ring
Diamond cut
Self watering tray for a plant pot
Cemetery vase flower holder
Award trophy
Christmas tree
Decorative escutcheon with handle punchout and pressure adhesive backing
Hole plug
Selected element of a boat
Automobile wiper blade
Windsurfing boom clamp on device
Motorcycle stand
Ornamental housing
Motor scooter
Electric mobility scooter
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Gear shift knob for automobile
Dashboard panel for vehicle
Wheel with flaring and sculpted spokes
Bicycle fishing pole holder
Automotive wheel
Selectively placeable dent guard with magnetic back and cord-and-handle for easy removal
Protective wheel shield with half moon-shaped hand hold
Vehicle rear bumper
Surface configuration of a rear bumper for a vehicle
Truck cab body
Vehicle steering wheel cover having a design of illuminated flames made of light-transmissive material
Slim gear box
Video camera battery case
Current collector for a battery
Infrared hand-held remote control
Receptacle for an extension cord
Extension cord assembly
Light emitting diode
Multi-outlet power strip
Light emitting diode
Photoelectric conversion connector
Light emitting diode
Cable connector
DVD head unit
Combined radio receiver and clock
Clock radio
Computer system
Hanging message machine
ID tag reading write-in gate
Thin personal computer
Computer case
Video display connector
Notebook computer
USB based portable storage device
Portable information terminal unit
Electronic photo album
Alphabetically-arranged key faces of a keyboard
Portable LCD monitor
LCD monitor
Portable telephone with simplified operation
Telephone set
Communications cabinet
Mobile phone
Cell phone
Mobile telephone handset
Compact wireless intercom
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable radio
Cordless telephone
Communication interface
Audio mixer
Variable volume transmission pump cover
Surface configuration of an engine cover for a vehicle
Adaptor plate
Mount for a pump assembly
Air compressor
Housing for a gas generator for a vehicle airbag device
Air compressor
Sewing machine
Electrostatic chuck
Housing for a barrier movement operator
Horizontal ground boring apparatus
Miter saw
Writing instrument
Ball point pen
Writing instrument
Ball point pen
Adhesive tape
Adhesive tape
Package for dispensing sheets
Milk frother
Human Necessities
Methods and systems for managing farmland
Feedstuffs and methods for obtaining them
Networked computer game system with persistent playing objects
Performing Operations; Transporting
Learning process for a neural network
Rudder steering wheel
Strobed synchronization providing diagnostics in a distributed system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Genetic motif extracting and processing apparatus, genetic motif extracting and processing method, and recording medium recorded with genetic motif extracting and processing program
Fixed Constructions
Computer system having peripheral device look
Process of designing screenless completions for oil or gas wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pipelined memory controller
DVD-audio playback method and playback device
Calorie control apparatus with voice recognition
Method of allocating clusters of computer readable medium to a file while minimizing fragmentation of the computer readable medium
Enhanced fault coverage
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Scannable state element architecture for digital circuits
Method of masking corrupt bits during signature analysis and circuit for use therewith
Method for insertion of test points into integrated circuit logic designs
Wavelet-based analysis of singularities in seismic data
Method for optimizing and method for producing a layout for a mask, preferably for use in semiconductor production, and computer program therefor
Contents information recording method, contents information processing unit, contents information deciphering method, contents information deciphering unit and media thereof
System for automatically selecting clock modes based on a state of clock input pin and generating a clock signal with an oscillator thereafter
Glitch detection circuit for outputting a signal indicative of a glitch on a strobe signal and initializing an edge detection circuit in response to a control signal
Serial interface for reprogramming multiple network interface cards and method of operation
Feedback system for accomodating different memory module loading
Power consumption control of multiprocessor system using separate timers for monitoring processor load rise and drop
Automated failure recovery service
Apparatus and method for performing surveillance prior to boot-up of an operating system
Indexing system for protocol analyzers
Authentication chip with protection from power supply attacks
Debug and data collection mechanism utilizing a difference in database state by using consecutive snapshots of the database state
System, method and program for determining the availability of interfaces to a device from information provided by the device
Method for estimating number of internationalization faults in software code
CD-ROM decoder and method for temporarily storing and retrieving digital data
Information processing apparatus having fault detection for multiplex storage devices
Method and apparatus for sliding window link physical error detection
Method for efficiently identifying errant processes in a computer system by the operating system (OS) for error containment and error recovery
Method and apparatus for harvesting problematic code sections aggravating hardware design flaws in a microprocessor
Data storage subsystem including a storage disk array employing dynamic data striping
Method and system for recovering data from an optical write once read many (WORM) medium with both directory entries damaged
Method and device for storing computer data with back-up operations
System and method for synchronizing mirrored and striped disk writes
Method for testing a computer bus using a bridge chip having a freeze-on-error option
System and method for a shared memory architecture for high speed logging and trending
Early warning mechanism for enhancing enterprise availability
Programmable logic controller method, system and apparatus
Method and system for bypassing memory controller components
Apparatus and method for selectively allocating cache lines in a partitioned cache shared by multiprocessors
Intelligent interleaving scheme for multibank memory
Interface architecture
Multi-processor computer system with lock driven cache-flushing system
Absolute address bits kept in branch history table
Preferential caching of uncopied logical volumes in an IBM peer-to-peer virtual tape server
Fiber channel connection magnetic disk device and fiber channel connection magnetic disk controller
Real time local and remote management of data files and directories and method of operating the same
Microcontroller programmable method for accessing external memory in a page mode operation
Data processing system
Method and apparatus to facilitate testing of garbage collection implementations
Memory controller
System and method for providing cacheable smram
Processing packets in cache memory
Compressed data managing apparatus and method therefor to manage compressed data of a disk storage
Internal processor buffering for implicit writebacks
Disk drive for dynamically allocating memory accessed concurrently by a host interface and a disk interface to facilitate large host commands
Method and system for automatically measuring resource needs in a computer
Cache coherent protocol in which exclusive and modified data is transferred to requesting agent from snooping agent
Method for evaluation of scalable symmetric multiple processor cache coherency protocols and algorithms
System and method for managing virtual storage
High speed LRU line replacement system for cache memories
Designing a cache with adaptive reconfiguration
Method and system for privilege-level-access to memory within a computer
Method and system for restricting the load of physical address translations of virtual addresses
Method for preventing a BIOS to get viruses
Zeroed block optimization in disk mirroring applications
Method and system for migrating configuration settings into a computing system
Method and system for progressive encoding in an active desktop environment
Raid system having multiple reply queues for use with multiprocessor host
Automated multiple data unit transfers between a host device and a storage medium
Multi-functional mini-memory card suitable for SFMI and USB interfaces
Automatic deadlock prevention via arbitration switching
Method and system for integrated wireline and wireless services in a switching system
Method and apparatus for configuring an interface controller wherein ping pong FIFO segments stores isochronous data and a single circular FIFO stores non-isochronous data
Capacitive multidrop bus compensation
Bus architecture for system on a chip
Microprocessor with instructions for shuffling and dealing data
Dynamically allocating I2C addresses using self bus switching device
Fast data transfer system with multiple memory modules and controller
Data synchronization of multiple remote storage
Self service system for web site publishing
Data transfer technique for distributed memory type parallel computer
Object framework and services for periodically recurring operations
Three level direct communication connections between neighboring multiple context processing elements
Method and apparatus for configuring massively parallel systems
System for electronically managing, finding, and/or displaying biomolecular interactions
Method and apparatus of configurable processing
File system with access and retrieval of XML documents
System, method and computer program product for generating software cards that summarize and index information
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for providing browsing information
Synchronization of plural databases in a database replication system
System and method for incorporating concept-based retrieval within boolean search engines
User interface for a distributed messaging framework
Method and system for verifying and correcting data records in a database
Generating in and exists queries using tensor representations
Information access method
System and method for enabling multi-indexing of objects
Method of indexing and searching feature vector space
Document retrieval assisting method and system for the same and document retrieval service using the same
Parallel database record distribution method and parallel database management system
Parallel spatial join index
Dynamic information format conversion
Method and system for clustering optimization and applications
Method and system for retrieving data from multiple data sources using a search routing database
System and method for online agency service of data mining and analyzing
Facility management services defining, scheduling, executing series of tasks performed by service staff
Method and apparatus for synchronizing an XML document with its object model
Internet based method for facilitating networking among persons with similar interests and for facilitating collaborative searching for information
Technique for deleting duplicate records referenced in an index of a database
Poly vectoral reverse navigation
Structured-text cataloging method, structured-text searching method, and portable medium used in the methods
Method and system for facilitating viewer navigation through online information relating to chemical products
Method of executing before-triggers in an active database
Information processing apparatus and information processing method, and program storing medium
Data supply controlling device, method, and storage medium which facilities information searching by user
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location by scanning an optical code
Method for visualizing data backup activity from a plurality of backup devices
Web based integrated customer interface for invoice reporting
Product and method for organizing and searching digital images
Methods, apparatus, and systems for storing, retrieving and playing multimedia data
Several improvements for timing diagrams
Low Vt transistor substitution in a semiconductor device
Verification of scheduling in the presence of loops using uninterpreted symbolic simulation
Apparatus and method for representing gated-clock latches for phase abstraction
Algorithms for determining path coverages and activity
Method and apparatus for identifying propagation for routes with diagonal edges
Wiring designing method
System and method for tracking and reporting pesticide and fertilizer use on agricultural products
Method and computer program product for implementing parental supervision for internet browsing
Encryption using a user-known and personally valuable key to deter key sharing
Method and apparatus for disk cache translation between systems
Method and system for data streaming during the data in phase of the packetized SCSI protocol
Palette management for display of regular graphic objects
Method for connecting caches in external storage subsystem
Disk array control device with an internal connection system for efficient data transfer
Magnetic disk device and disk access method therefor
System and method for locating and using a peripheral device
Method and apparatus for generating status flags in a memory device
Circular buffer control circuit and method of operation thereof
Methods and systems for generating and managing offerings
Computer apparatus, program and method for determining the equivalence of two algebraic functions
Efficient exponentiation method and apparatus
System and method of operand value based processor optimization by detecting a condition of pre-determined number of bits and selectively disabling pre-determined bit-fields by clock gating
Random number generator based on the spontaneous alpha-decay
Shift register allowing direct data insertion
Finding named EJB homes via life cycle support
Generation of address pattern through employment of one or more parameters to store information at parts of storage that are employable with multiprocessing
Global history vector recovery circuits and methods and systems using the same
High-speed processor system and cache memories with processing capabilities
Apparatus and method for conditionally flushing a pipeline upon a failure of a test condition
System of objects and program components
Data processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for annotating static object models with business rules
CORBA wrappers for rules automation technology
System and method for preloading classes in a data processing device that does not have a virtual memory manager
Dynamic firmware image creation from an object file stored in a reserved area of a data storage device of a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) system
Computer capable of rewriting an area of a non-volatile memory with a boot program during self mode operation of the computer
Method and apparatus for preservation of data structures for hardware components discovery and initialization
System and method for reducing computational overhead in a sequenced functional verification system
Anticipatory optimization with composite folding
Fixing incompatible applications by providing stubs for APIs
Method for using a transaction service synchronization interface to perform internal state clean up
Enabling life cycle semantics via naming interfaces
Apparatus and method for synchronizing multiple accesses to common resources
Staggering call stack offsets for multiple duplicate control threads
Level 2 smartcache architecture supporting simultaneous multiprocessor accesses
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely scheduled and/or multiprocessor operating systems
Arithmetic unit using stochastic data processing
Fuzzy-neuro method for discriminating optical disk type
Facilitating agent apparatus and agent system equipped with the same
Electronic mail priority alert service
System and method for defining, refining, and personalizing communications policies in a notification platform
Environmental permit web portal
Method and apparatus for mapping a community through user interactions on a computer network
Expanded object model including roles
System and method for efficiently processing messages stored in multiple message stores
Member management system
Intention achievement information processing apparatus
Goal based educational system with support for dynamic characteristic tuning
Method and system for synchronizing audio and visual presentation in a multi-modal content renderer
Method and apparatus for recognizing from here to here voice command structures in a finite grammar speech recognition system
System and method for bit allocation in an audio encoder
Method, system, and program for providing status in a multi-processing node system
Content addressable memories having entries stored therein with independently searchable weight fields and methods of operating same
Error correcting method and apparatus for N:N+1 channel codes
Memory redundancy implementation
Method and circuit for enabling a clock-synchronized read-modify-write operation on a memory array
Method for selecting an optimal level of redundancy in the design of memories
Adaptive digital filter
Broadcast receiving apparatus
Dynamic logic scan gate method and apparatus
Early error detection using ECC
Method and device for error correction coding and corresponding decoding method and device
Coder with error correction, decoder with error correction and data transmission apparatus using the coder and decoder
System and method of increasing bandwidth for issuing ordered transactions into a distributed communication system
Method and system for controlling the rate of acknowledgment of communication packets
Methods of estimating error rates for communications received using iterative processing and related receivers
Information processing apparatus and method
Method for dynamically switching fault tolerance schemes
Communication apparatus managing inserted package mounting states and communication network management system including the same
Intelligent network providing network access services (INP-NAS)
Expert system adapted data network guidance engine
Connectivity service-level guarantee monitoring and claim validation systems and methods
Small memory device with drivers on device
Apparatus and method in a network switch for modifying a bandwidth request between a requestor and a router
Method for controlling the message flow in a communication network
Method and a device for enabling intercommunication among user processes in a communication management system regardless of the availability of the user processes
Universal serial bus transceiver shortcut protection
System and method for providing a multi-tiered hierarchical transient message store accessed using multiply hashed unique filenames
Managing access to set-top box objects using television conditional access system
System for securing electronic mail
Method and apparatus for listening for incoming calls on multiple port/socket combinations
Method, system, program, and data structure for queuing requests having different priorities
Method and system for deploying smart card applications over data networks
Method and apparatus for managing delivery of multimedia content in a communications system
Method and system for dynamic addition and removal of multiple network names on a single server
Communication method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for analyzing domain name registrations
Method and apparatus for network caching and load balancing
Method for detecting unauthorized network access by having a NIC monitor for packets purporting to be from itself
User terminal for channel-based internet network
Negotiated/dynamic error correction for streamed media
Method and apparatus for enabling database privileges
Electronic certificate signature program
Method for searching for data in at least two databases, and database system having at least two databases
Dynamic resource reallocation
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Network control system, controller, and device
Premium channel promotion system and method
Enhanced security communication system
Authentication process including setting up a secure channel between a subscriber and a service provider accessible through a telecommunications operator
Method and apparatus for facilitating process-compliant layout optimization
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