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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Luggage strap connector
Slide fastener chain
Waterproof box structure
Mattress assembly
Systems and methods for processing software objects in connection with a map-based gameboard
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electronic device manufacturing apparatus
Method and apparatus for precision rolling of rotationally symmetrical components
Method for manufacturing an inkjet head
Apparatus for punching, stamping and/or shaping flat elements
Method for producing a metallic core for use in cylinder sleeves for an electrophotographic process
Method for manufacturing archery risers
Component mounting apparatus
Adjustable wheel assembly
System for feeding caps with rotating-drum accumulation device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ion source and repeller structure
Fixed Constructions
Discharge valve for a flushing cistern
Multipoint lock assembly
Universal system for mounting rack doors
Subsea power umbilical
Directional sensor system comprising a single axis sensor element positioned at multiple controlled orientations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for assembling gas turbine engines
Method and apparatus for achieving power augmentation in gas turbines using wet compression
Method and apparatus for achieving power augmentation in gas turbine using wet compression
Method and apparatus for achieving power augmentation in gas turbines using wet compression
Vapor-compression refrigeration apparatus with backup air-cooled heat sink and auxiliary refrigerant heater
Shape measuring instrument
Dual purpose light assembly
Vehicle compass system with continuous automatic calibration
Nanowire array based solar energy harvesting device
Leakage tester
Failure independent path protection with p-cycles
Built-in self test (BIST) with clock control
Display apparatus incorporating corrugated beam actuators
Telecommunications module
Electro-optical device, projection-type display device, and electronic apparatus
Dimmable LED power supply with power factor control
System and method for identification of memory
Artifact selection using textual reports
Testing apparatus and testing method
Preferred resource selector
Mobile communication extended error codes and dynamic error handling
Assessment of processor performance metrics by monitoring probes constructed using instruction sequences
Mobile network application test
Parallel destaging with replicated cache pinning
Extending a cache coherency snoop broadcast protocol with directory information
Read and write requests to partially cached files
Affinity group access to global data
Controlling access to groups of memory pages in a virtualized environment
Hybrid cache state and filter tracking of memory operations during a transaction
Combined rank and linear address incrementing utility for computer memory test operations
Method and apparatus to generate zero content over garbage data when encryption parameters are changed
Method and portable device for managing memory in a data stream management system using priority information
Identifying high-conflict cache lines in transactional memory computing environments
Managing high-conflict cache lines in transactional memory computing environments
Disabling a display refresh process
Local bypass in memory computing
Semiconductor memory device and computer system including the same
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Information processing system, information processing device, portable information terminal and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
Systems and methods for cache coherence protocol
Resolving a dead shortened uniform resource locator
Database synchronization
Generating a summary of social media content
Email spam and junk mail as a vendor reliability signal
Utilizing social media for information technology capacity planning
3-D stacked multiprocessor structure with vertically aligned identical layout operating processors in independent mode or in sharing mode running faster components
Dynamically managing a system of servers
Expert availability identification
Individual XML message processing platform
Sharing topics in social networking
Method and system for transmitting an application message between nodes of a clustered data processing system
Exchange of information between processing servers
System and method for pushing information from a host system to a mobile data communication device
Smoothing peak system load via behavior prediction in collaborative systems with temporal data access patterns
Method and device for sharing objects in service groups of CPNS enabler
System and method for keyword-based notification and delivery of content
Methods and apparatus for automated local network formation using alternate connected interfaces
On-demand caching in a WAN separated distributed file system or clustered file system cache
Verification of distributed symmetric multi-processing systems
Calculating the effect of an action in a network
Methods and apparatus to provide presence information
Implementing a private network isolated from a user network for virtual machine deployment and migration and for monitoring and managing the cloud environment
Iterative refinement of pathways correlated with outcomes
Tagging scanned data with emotional tags, predicting emotional reactions of users to data, and updating historical user emotional reactions to data
Multiple template based search function
System and method for exclusion of irrelevant data from a DOM equivalence
Method of answering questions and scoring answers using structured knowledge mined from a corpus of data
Generating a regular expression for entity extraction
Language detection based upon a social graph
Dynamic webpage change animation
Display of hypertext documents grouped according to their affinity
Generation of test data using text analytics
Performing a function on rows of data determined from transitive relationships between columns
Managing multiple windows on an operator graph
Recommendation engine using inferred deep similarities for works of literature
Star and snowflake schemas in extract, transform, load processes
Time-series data management device, system, method, and program
Discovering relationships between data processing environment components
Plural architecture master data management
Plural architecture master data management
Managing a template in an operator graph
Managing a template in an operator graph
Document search system which reflects the situation of using documents in the search results
Systems for generating a global product taxonomy
Optimizing user selection for performing tasks in social networks
Goal-oriented user matching among social networking environments
User commentary systems and methods
Determining missing media control information based on previous media transmissions
Determining missing media control information based on previous media transmissions
Test framework for computing jobs
Method and system for modeling a flip-flop of a user design
Method and system for implementing translations of parameterized cells
Apportioning synthesis effort for better timing closure
Run-to-run control utilizing virtual metrology in semiconductor manufacturing
Method for protecting the integrity of a fixed-length data structure
Method and apparatus for roaming digital rights management content in device
Fixing security vulnerability in a source code
Digital media privacy protection
Undiscoverable physical chip identification
Deletion of content in digital storage systems
Method and apparatus for device driver state storage during diagnostic phase
Receiver side indication of preview content for template emails
Identifying core content based on citations
Mobile terminal capable of displaying objects corresponding to 3D images differently from objects corresponding to 2D images and operation control method thereof
Augmented screen sharing in an electronic meeting
De-duplication with partitioning advice and automation
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium for identifiable information about print jobs
Apparatus and method for dynamically providing web-based multimedia to a mobile phone
Changing the compression level of query plans
Changing the compression level of query plans
Supply chain cyber security auditing systems, methods and computer program products
Testing a software interface for a streaming hardware device
Testing a software interface for a streaming hardware device
Determining software complexity
Scaling a cloud infrastructure
Optimizing memory bandwidth consumption using data splitting with software caching
Health data collection tool
Method and apparatus for providing omnidirectional lighting in a scanning device
Capturing data for individual physiological monitoring
Multi-mode video event indexing
Recording the location of a point of interest on an object
Method and device for filtering a disparity map
Image processing apparatus and method
Intelligent modular robotic apparatus and methods
Active learning on statistical server name extraction from information technology (IT) service tickets
Multi objective design selection
Predicting change-points in continuous time-series data using two classifier stages
Provision of alert messages to customers of an establishment
Infrastructure asset management
Automatically suggesting groups based on past user interaction
Universal user interaction module for web transactions with user controlled conditions
Providing recommendations in a social shopping trip
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium which controls the displaying of content from a server
Padding for multi-channel memory
Automatic selection of different visualizations for the organization of multivariate data
Generation of animated gesture responses in a virtual world
Target independent stenciling in graphics processing
RFID antenna system and method
Portable electronic apparatus, and falling prediction method
In-store marketing sign
Source driving circuit and data transmission method thereof
Organic light emission diode display device driving circuit including a charging circuit
Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
Elements for self assembling displays
Display apparatus utilizing independent control of light sources for uniform backlight output
Linkable electronic display devices
Automated confirmation and disambiguation modules in voice applications
Audio encoding device and audio encoding method
Method and apparatus of suppressing vocoder noise
Dynamically optimizing read performance by adjusting servo-based head location
Tape dimension compensation
Low friction tape head
Optical element holder and optical pickup provided with same
Method and apparatus for automatic transition of a volatile memory between low power states
Physically unclonable function based on breakdown voltage of metal-insulator-metal device
Gate driving circuit
Matrix and compression-based error detection
Voltage comparator circuit and usage thereof
Anisotropic conductive film composition, anisotropic conductive film, and semiconductor device
Transformer coil
Graphene mounted on aerogel
Key assembly and electronic device
Electromagnetic relay
Fabricating pillar solder bump
Compositional graded IGZO thin film transistor
Glass pattern and method for forming the same, sealed body and method for manufacturing the same, and light-emitting device
Integrated circuits having magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) and methods for fabricating the same
High aspect ratio plasma etch for 3D NAND semiconductor applications
DT capacitor with silicide outer electrode and/or compressive stress layer, and related methods
Patterning a conductive film in a manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Run-to-run stability of film deposition
Patterning transition metals in integrated circuits
Semiconductor-on-oxide structure and method of forming
Electrical coupling of memory cell access devices to a word line
Formation of CMOS device using carbon nanotubes
Forming IV fins and III-V fins on insulator
Patterning transition metals in integrated circuits
Printed transistor and fabrication method
Ball grid array package with laser vias and methods for making the same
Detecting and driving load using MOS transistor
Method of forming semiconductor fins and insulating fence fins on a same substrate
CMOS transistors with identical active semiconductor region shapes
CMOS with dual raised source and drain for NMOS and PMOS
Semiconductor devices containing an epitaxial perovskite/doped strontium titanate structure
Semiconductor device and methods for forming a semiconductor device
Partial sacrificial dummy gate with CMOS device with high-k metal gate
Gate driver circuit
Semiconductor device having insulation layer with concave portion and semiconductor layer formed over concave portion, electro-optical device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of manufacturing electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of making including cap layer and nitride semiconductor layer
Coating apparatus and coating method
Luminescence conversion element, method for the manufacture thereof and optoelectronic component having a luminescence conversion element
Wavelength converting substance, wavelength converting gel and light emitting device
Auto-compensating temperature valve controller for electro-rheological fluid micro-channel cooled integrated circuit
Thermoelectric device, in particular intended to generate an electric current in a motor vehicle
Solid electrolyte material, lithium battery, and method of producing solid electrolyte material
Rechargeable battery pack
Secondary battery
Fuel cell
Filter that is variable by means of a capacitor that is switched using MEMS components
Glass antenna and window glass
Electric connector and detection terminal included therein
Method for manufacturing a printed circuit board that mounts an integrated circuit device thereon
Component mounting method
Method to provide a more robust GFCI circuit breaker
Activation control apparatus, image processing apparatus, activation control method, and activation control program storage medium
Internal electrification scheme for power generation plants
Charging control unit
Elimination of power consumption when charger/adaptor is not in use
Charge/discharge instructing apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium
Battery management system and driving method thereof
Donut stator core-frame attachment technique
Rotor and motor including rotor
Fluid-cooled electric machine
DC-DC converter that supplies voltage of a DC power supply to a load while boosting or stepping down the voltage of the DC power supply
Rotary electric machine controller, rotary electric machine control method, and method of creating control map
Motor driving device
Monolithic body MEMS devices
Amplification device and amplification method
RF device and method for tuning an RF device
Tunable filter structures and design structures
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method of the same, and mobile phone
Device select system for multi-device electronic system
Programmable logic circuit using three-dimensional stacking techniques
Single-power dual-polarity Marx bank circuit
Active band stop filter
Method for controlling a permanently excited synchronous motor
Decision-feedback analyzer and methods for operating the same
Sets of rate-compatible universal turbo codes nearly optimized over various rates and interleaver sizes
Method, device, and apparatus for error detection and correction in wireless communications
System and method of representing business units in sales performance management using entity tables containing explicit entity and internal entity IDs
System and method for dictionary-based cache-line level code compression for on-chip memories using gradual bit removal
Wireless signal processor and wireless apparatus
Wireless device and method for performing antenna tuner updates that minimizes adverse effects on transmit and receive channels
Anti-interference method and device for a wireless communication system
Transceiver with board-level configuration of on-chip or external transmit/receive switch
Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals and method of transmitting and receiving broadcast signals
Light device, communication unit and positional information management system
Dispersion management in optical networks including both coherent and direct detection receivers
Physical-layer channel bonding
Managing distribution of software updates in near field communication (NFC) mobile devices
Bluetooth headset for mobile phone
Method and system for achieving continued listening experience for car radio head unit
Data rate control in an optical line terminal
DWDM hybrid PON LT configuration
Radio over Ethernet
Wireless transmit/receive unit for providing services or activities in a wireless local area network
Allowing a rejected wireless communication device access to a communication channel
Network computing management
Page layout in a flow visualization
Service quality management system and method
Systems and methods for modifying carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) for dense networks
Systems and methods for optimization of branch synchronization node determination in a peer-to-peer network
Frame delivery path selection in hybrid communication networks
System and method to provide a centralized alerting and awareness system through the use of an ear piece or other user interface
Statistics module for network processors in virtual local area networks
Recording medium having stored therein a transfer program, transfer apparatus, and transfer method
Phase detector
OFDM generation apparatus in a multi-carrier data transmission system
Method and apparatus for improving throughput of 5 MHZ WLAN transmissions
Adaptive bandwidth switching via short-circuitable download
Credential validation using multiple computing devices
Method, apparatus, system, and computer readable medium for providing apparatus security
Managing user access to query results
Upstream signal processing for client devices in a small-cell wireless network
Detecting proxy-based communication
Method and apparatus for manipulating AVPs in a diameter routing agent
Verification of configuration using an encoded visual representation
Network-level access control management for the cloud
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive self-synchronized dynamic address translation as an intrusion detection sensor
Clock synchronization for multi-processor/multi-chipset solution
Method and apparatus for monitoring wireless network access
Scheduling and execution of DAG-structured computation on RDMA-connected clusters
Script compliance using speech recognition and compilation and transmission of voice and text records to clients
Voice input state identification
Comprehensive tsunami alert system via mobile devices
Method and apparatus for spectrum use
Using personalized tones to indicate when a participant arrives and/or leaves a conference call
Image segmentation
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Stereoscopic video signal processor with enhanced 3D effect
3D image photographing apparatus and method
System and method for generating a depth map and fusing images from a camera array
Moving image data encoding apparatus capable of encoding moving images using an encoding scheme in which a termination process is performed
Multi-projection system
Camera module
Content-sensitive user interface for an intelligent television
Method and apparatus for increasing effective contrast ratio and brightness yields for digital light valve image projectors
Collaborative capture of photographic images
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Natural gazes during online video conversations
Method of video call modification
Computer readable recording medium and terminal apparatus
Method for handling interference during the transmission of a chronological succession of digital images
Providing a regional channel in a digital broadcast environment
Method and system for configuring media-playing sets
Video security systems and methods
Projector, projector control method, and recording medium storing projector control program
Handheld electronic device and corresponding noise-canceling headphones
Electro-acoustic transducer
MEMS microphone with out-gassing openings and method of manufacturing the same
Audio signal quality measurement in mobile device
Time multiplexing based common channel scheduler algorithm for flexible resource sharing
Method, apparatus, and system for interference and noise estimation
Methods and apparatus for clear channel assessment
Quality of service to over the top applications used with VPN
Radio base station, radio terminal, and communication control method for applying a reference signal parameter
Methods and apparatus for enhanced cell detection
Area network system and network connection method
Communication system, communication program, communication apparatus, mobile terminal and, communication method
Method of operating radio communications systems using SDR (software defined radio) radio stations
Methods and apparatus for identifying and authorizing location servers and location services
Determination of UE location in a cell
Methods and apparatuses for communication in a personal area network
Beacon transmit power schemes
Method for monitoring machine type communication device in mobile communication system
Method for downlink communication by means of a downlink superimposed radio signal, a base station and a user terminal therefor
Scheduling request enabled uplink transmission
Apparatus, a method and a computer program for interconnecting multiple computer networks
Peer to peer multiple identifiers
Wireless communications devices configured for multiple radio access technologies and related methods and systems
LED driver circuit
Power supply for light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Connecting element for a multi-chip module and multi-chip module
Assembly comprising functional devices and method of making same
Method of manufacturing coreless substrate
Electronic module with laterally-conducting heat distributor layer
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Producer cell that generates adenoviral vectors encoding a cytokine and a conditionally lethal gene
Hair conditioners for treating split ends
System for preserving food products
Method for surface treating animal tissue
Fruit and vegetable processing method
Pourable dessert liquid product
Macchiato coffee concentrate system
Liquefied gas extraction process
Food bars containing nutritional supplements and anti-constipation and regularity maintaining-agents
Coated chewing gum products containing antacid and method of making
Process for production of water-soluble vegetable fibers, biodegradable film, paste, chewing gum and low calorie food products
High gelling protein and a process for obtaining same from soybean
Production of hydrolysate seasoning
Combination of plasma and hyperimmunized products for increased performance
Ruminant feed material with decreased rumen digestibility
Phytase polypeptides
Processes for making novel inulin products
Dietetic food composition and dietetic method using such composition
Process for mycelial culture using grain
Highly soluble and stable mineral supplements containing calcium and magnesium and methods of making
Oxygen scavenging packaging
Food composition containing a monoglyceride memomorphic phase
Method for making a puffed food starch product
Treatment of brain damage
Treatment composition for dyed hair
Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors and uses thereof
Methods for treating urinary incontinence in mammals
Compositions containing synthetic soil-extract materials and medicaments based thereon
Chemical alteration of mammal urine and mammal blood
Coelomic fluid extract from Pheretima posthuma for providing sperm immotility
IL-17 homologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Methods for promoting production of myelin by Schwann cells
Immuno-modulating effects of chemokines in DNA vaccination
Solubilization of flavonols
Method for the treatment of symptoms related to normal hormonal variations in women
Method of administration of paclitaxel-plasma protein formulation
Lipid-conjugated polyamide compounds and related compositions and methods thereof
Targeted polymerized liposome diagnostic and treatment agents
Indicating shaving preparations
Hair fixative composition containing an anionic polymer
Osmotic device containing diltiazem and an ACE inhibitor or diuretic
Administration form comprising an acid-labile active compound
Process for producing small particles of biologically active molecules
Amphiphilic biodegradable block copolymers and self-assembled polymer aggregates formed from the same in aqueous milieu
Simple tablet compression using gelatin
Quick-release extrudates, method for preparing the same and compositions obtained from said extrudates
Dihydroxy open-acid and salts of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Film-coated tablet for improved upper gastrointestinal tract safety
Enteric coated pharmaceutical tablet and method of manufacturing
Pharmaceutical formulations in hydroxypropylmethylcellulose capsules
Solid carriers for improved delivery of hydrophobic active ingredients in pharmaceutical compositions
Conditioning of bioactive glass surfaces in protein containing solutions
Layering process for multiparticulate dosage form
Method for preventing crystal formation in a dispersion of a liquid in a matrix
Transdermal delivery of opioid antagonist prodrugs
Hard tissue repairing materials and the process for producing the same
Bioactive ceramic coating and method
Treatment of autoimmune diseases
Serine carbonates
Agent for stabilizing foodstuffs and cosmetic agents, and a method for the production thereof
Sun protection compositions containing UV protection factors and esters of hydroxycarboxylic acids and alk(en)yl oligoglycosides
Serine protease variants having amino acid substitutions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for making composite structures containing microporous polyvinylchloride
Solvent resistant photosensitive compositions
Pressure cycling reactor
Fuel processor with integrated fuel cell utilizing ceramic technology
Method and apparatus for performing biological reactions on a substrate surface
Monitoring hybridization during PCR using SYBR.TM. Green I
Method and apparatus for making particle-embedded webs
Apparatus and method for coating photoreceptor substrates
Method for controlling gloss level
Method of connecting plates of an electrode to a terminal of a storage cell, and the resulting cell
Dimensionally stable wood composites and methods for making them
Prepreg and process for manufacturing same
Method of increasing the strength and fatigue resistance of fiber reinforced composites
Retro-flective sheeting on metal coil composites
Symmetrically structured, multi-layered film
Additive-containing molded resin and process for producing the same
Multilayered polymer films with recyclable or recycled layers
Gas barrier packaging laminate method for production thereof and packaging containers
Ultralight, sound and shock absorbing component set
Light storage and reflecting device
Mounting structure for an electronic component and method for producing the same
Thermal imaging composition and member and methods of imaging and printing
Heat mode sensitive imaging element for making positive working printing plates
Radiation treatable printing plate
Lithium batteries
Recording sheets with lightfastness-enhancing siloxanes
Oriented polyester imaging element with nacreous pigment
Thermal imaging process and products using image rigidification
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanotechnology for chemical radiation, and biotechnology sensors
Nanotechnology for electrochemical and energy devices
Method of activating metal hydride material and electrode
.alpha.-alumina powder and heat-conductive sheet containing the same
Highly dispersible reinforcing polymeric fibers
Highly dispersible reinforcing polymeric fibers
Method of finishing a drywall and a compound therefor
Plaster-based prefabricated structural element exhibiting water resistance
Photocatalytic composition and method for preventing algae growth on building materials
Garbage disposing device
Pattern exposure method, exposure device, formation of nucleic acid array, and formation of peptide array
Mesogenic materials with anomalous birefringence dispersion and high second order susceptibility (X(2))
Lithium battery, polymer electrolyte, electrolyte material, di(meth)acrylic ester, and di(meth)acrylate polymer
Method of fractionation of biologically-derived materials using critical fluids
Mammalian artificial chromosomes
Modified adenoviral fiber and target adenoviruses
Isolated nucleic acids from Micromonospora rosaria plasmid pMR2 and vectors made therefrom
Methods of inducing nervous tissue regeneration
Nucleic acids and polypeptides
Germinal center kinase cell cycle proteins
Process for obtaining DNA, RNA, peptides, polypeptides, or protein by recombinant DNA technique
Human interferon-.epsilon.: a type I interferon
Receptor that binds trail
Nucleic acids and polypeptides related to a guanine exchange factor of Rho GTPase
Monoclonal antibody probe for detection of adhesins associated with mature endospores of pasteuria SPP
Gas barrier polyurethane resin
Particulate carbonates and their preparation and use in thermoplastic film compositions
Epoxy resin compositions and premolded semiconductor packages
Process for reduction of acetaldehyde and oxygen in beverages contained in polyester-based packaging
Platable dielectric materials for microvia technology
Thermoconductive liquid silicone rubber composition for fixing rolls and a fluororesin coated fixing roll
Titanium-containing interference pigments and foils with color shifting properties
Stretch releasing pressure sensitive adhesive tape and articles
Liquid crystal compounds, liquid crystal medium and liquid crystal display
STN liquid-crystal display
Storage and shipping apparatus for cultures and specimens
Cell cultivating flask and method for using the cell cultivating flask
Isolation of cellular material under microscopic visualization
Electroactive materials for stimulation of biological activity of stem cells
pRGR: a positive selection vector system for direct cloning of PCR amplified DNA fragments
Host strain for low uninduced expression of foreign RNA polymerase genes
Genetically engineered cell culture adapted infectious bursal diseases virus (IBDV) mutants
32140, a novel human aldehyde dehydrogenase and uses therefor
Isolated and purified 12R-lipoxygenase protein and nucleic acids
Human DNase
Recombinant .alpha.-L-iduronidase, methods for producing and purifying the same and methods for treating diseases caused by deficiencies thereof
Process for the production of an enzyme preparation containing xylanase and carboxymethyl cellulase from termitomyces clypeatus having accession no 11CB-411
Native TNF receptor releasing enzyme
Calpaines, production and use thereof
Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase polypeptides, polynucleotides and modulating agents and methods of use therefor
26335, a novel human serine/threonine dehydratase and uses thereof
Process for the fermentative preparation of metabolic products and for the nucleotide sequences encoding for the sod gene
Compositions and methods for saccharide synthesis
Method for producing ethanol with frequent input of yeast
Process for preparing optically active 1,2-diols
Enzymatic polymerization of anilines or phenols around a template
Fermentation process
Growth state-specific immunofluorescent probes for determining physiological state and method of use
Assay for modulators of metallo-enzyme activity
Diagnostic reagents for renal function disorders and method for analyzing urine samples
Method for selection of insertion mutations
Nucleic acid amplification method: ramification-extension amplification method (RAM)
Gene markers for beef marbling and tenderness
Methods and compositions for aptamers against anthrax
Screen employing fluorescence anisotropy to identify compounds with affinity for nucleic acids
Aircraft structure element made of an Al-Cu-Mg alloy
High thermal conductivity composite material, and method for producing the same
Process for repairing a coated component
CVD of metals capable of receiving nickel or alloys thereof using inert contact
Sequential method for depositing a film by modulated ion-induced atomic layer deposition (MII-ALD)
Passification of zinc surfaces
Surface treatment method sliding member and piston
Member with film formed by thermal spraying of thermal spray material
Silicon wafer and epitaxial silicon wafer utilizing same
Textiles; Paper
Carbon fiber bundle
Method of repairing a paper machine dryer journal moisture barrier
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vehicle cooling/heating circuit
Cinnamomi and poria composition, method to prepare same and uses thereof
Method for screening compounds for the treatment of neoplasia
Modulation of the sulfonylurea receptor and calcium in adipocytes for treatment of obesity/diabetes
Method for assaying human thymidylate synthase and assay kit
Microplate thermal shift assay for ligand development using 5-(4"dimethylaminophenyl)-2-(4'-phenyl)oxazole derivative fluorescent dyes
Method of manufacturing an element with multiple-level surface
Color tailorable pigmented optical bodies with surface metalization
Transparent laminate and plasma display panel filter utilizing same
Optical compensatory sheet comprising substrate, orientation layer and optically anisotropic layer
Silver halide photographic emulsion
Transmission heat-development photosensitive material
Photographic element containing a high-dye-yield coupler for producing a yellow hue
Color photographic silver halide material
Method for processing silver halide color photosensitive material
Alternating phase shifting masks
Phase-shift photo mask blank, phase-shift photo mask and method for fabricating semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for using phase shifter cutbacks to resolve phase shifter conflicts
Binary and phase-shift photomasks
Hinged pellicles and methods of use
Methods and structures for protecting reticles from electrostatic damage
Methods of patterning radiation, methods of forming radiation-patterning tools, and radiation-patterning tools
Reticle cover for preventing ESD damage
Photomask and method for forming micro patterns of semiconductor device using the same
Ionization radiation imageable photopolymer compositions
Negative working chemical amplification type resist compositions
Light-sensitive composition and method for forming relief image using said composition
Method of forming a pattern
Partially crosslinked polymer for bilayer photoresist
Method of reducing photoresist shadowing during angled implants
Method for forming photo-mask
Semiconductor mask alignment system utilizing pellicle with zero layer image placement indicator
Process for developing exposed radiation-sensitive printing plate precursors
Multi depth substrate fabrication processes
Optical lithography beyond conventional resolution limits
Image forming method
Photosensitive body for electrophotography and manufacturing method for the same
Photoreceptor for forming electrostatic latent image
Toner compositions comprising polythiophenes
Master batch pigment, toner including the master batch pigment and method for manufacturing the toner
Electrophotographic toner, production method thereof and electrophotographic image forming system
Toner, toner production process and image forming method
Label having a protective cavity and method of manufacture
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic composite particles or magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium and a magnetic storage apparatus
Optical recording material
Ceramic circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Blind via formation in a photoimageable dielectric material
Optical material and optical element using the same
Transparent conductive film of zinc oxide
Electroluminescent device
Lithium secondary battery
Refuelable and rechargeable metal-air fuel cell battery power supply unit for integration into an appliance
Air depolarized electrochemical button cell
Electrochemical cell with novel header assembly
Cooling system for a battery pack
Battery pack
Battery with encapsulated electrode plates
Method for transferring thermal energy and electrical current in thin-film electrochemical cells
Electrode, secondary battery and method of producing the same
Composite positive electrode material and method for making same
Lithium secondary battery and method of manufacturing the lithium secondary battery
Carbonaceous electrode material for secondary battery
Positive active material for lithium secondary batteries and method of preparing the same
Prismatic high rate cell
Button cell constructions and thin profile battery constructions
Fuel cell battery with a stack of planar cells
Fuel cell system including fuel cell for generating electric energy by chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen
Method for increasing the operational efficiency of a fuel cell power plant
Oxidant injection control
Copper foil with low profile bond enahncement
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew