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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
System and method for producing locomotion animation
Human Necessities
Corn preparation device
Shoelace fastener system
Cyclone separator for a suction cleaning appliance and suction cleaning appliance with a cyclone separator
Method for generation of an image in contrast agent-supported MR angiography and magnetic resonance apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining optimal neuromuscular detection sites, novel diagnostic biosensor array formed in accordance with the same, and novel method for testing a patient using the novel diagnostic biosensor array
Tomography by emission of positrons (PET) system
Determining inserted catheter end location and orientation
Edge detection for computed tomography projection data compression
Portable vehicle and multi-application assistance seat
Patient movement support device and method
Lead assembly including a polymer interconnect and methods related thereto
MRI compatible implanted electronic medical lead
Antenna arrangements for implantable therapy device
Neurostimulating lead having a stent-like anchor
Iontophoresis-based medical device
Medical device for controlled drug delivery and cardiac monitoring and/or stimulation
Load bearing tactical vest frame
Performing Operations; Transporting
Arc detector for plasma processing system
High energy density beam welding system using molten metal droplet jetting
Laser marking system
Weld filler, use of the weld filler and welding process
Systems and methods for installing solar energy systems
Robotic indexing station
Method of repairing a wind turbine blade
Extendable handle
Method and system for associating a tire pressure sensor to a wheel location in an intitiator based tire pressure monitoring system
Vehicular pedestrian collision detection sensor
Accessory mounting system suitable for use in a vehicle
Anti-theft device for vehicle
Attachable wiper assembly for a windshield
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods and systems for generating cell lineage tree of multiple cell samples
Textiles; Paper
Hand held felting machine
Fixed Constructions
Beam structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
AC electrical generation system
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Output power control of a wind power generator through bendable tail wing and tail rod
Spacing gauge with thermal indicia for solar panel mounting systems
Linear displacement detection apparatus
Spectroscopy device, spectroscopy apparatus and spectroscopy method
Navigation device, navigation method, and computer product
Method and apparatus for correcting scattering in SPECT imaging
Arrangement and method for detecting an object which is arranged on a body, in particular for carrying out a security check
Method and apparatus for testing a test object
Analyzer and analytic system
Protein switches incorporating cytochrome c, cytochrome c.sub.3 and bovine serum albumen (BSA) monolayers and method for producing same
Determination of optimal local sequence alignment similarity score
Structure for a duty cycle measurement circuit
Importation of virtual signals into electronic test equipment to facilitate testing of an electronic component
RF integrated circuit test methodology and system
Identification of a defective filament in a fluorescent lamp
Electrical safety devices and systems for use with electrical wiring, and methods for using same
Systems and methods for testing and diagnosing delay faults and for parametric testing in digital circuits
Decoupled clocking in testing architecture and method of testing
Method and apparatus for selectively utilizing information within a semiconductor device
MEMS device with tandem flux concentrators and method of modulating flux
System and method for positioning in configured environments
System and method for determining a reference location of a mobile device
Method and apparatus for radiation imaging
Imaging apparatus, imaging system, its controlling method, and storage medium storing its program
Dual-sided microstructured, position-sensitive detector
Mask for coded aperture systems
NMR CryoMAS probe for high-field wide-bore magnets
Compact zoom lens
System and method for display device with end-of-life phenomena
Lens, method for making same, and related lens module
Optical scanning apparatus and method for adjusting the same
Movable body apparatus and optical deflector using the movable body apparatus
Optical scanning device, optical scanning method, program, recording medium, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Micro array lens using optical fiber
Method for manufacturing IR cut-off filter coated lens array
Fresnel lens with cavities
Diffractive optical element and optical system using the same
Polarizer and manufacturing method thereof
Monolithic polarization controlled angle diffusers, associated methods and lithographic systems incorporating controlled angle diffusers
Dry film for optical waveguide and method for manufacturing optical waveguide by using the dry film
Opto-electric bus module and method of manufacturing the same
All fiber magneto-optic on-off switch for networking applications
Integrated visible pilot beam for non-visible optical waveguide devices
Lens actuator
Lens driving device
Actuator for lens driving mechanism
Interconnect structure for MEMS device
Optical modulator
Method and apparatus for providing a light absorbing mask in an interferometric modulator display
Display device and method of repairing the same including transmitting and reflecting regions and an opaque conductive film below a connecting portion
Large scale liquid crystal structures
Liquid crystal display device
Cholesteric liquid crystal display (LCD) device, and method for its production
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Image pickup apparatus
Lens driving apparatus with anti-shake mechanism
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and contamination removal or prevention method
Lithographic apparatus, and motor cooling device
Shutter and camera module with same
Actuator body and throttle mechanism
Portable electronic device with replaceable camera module
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus with cartridge loading device
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Variable interference cleaning blade method
Image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Charging device and an image forming apparatus provided with the charging device
Magnetic field generating member and manufacturing method thereof, magnetic particle support body, image development device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Intermediate transfer device and image forming apparatus using same
Sliding member and fixing device, and image forming apparatus using the same
Holographic recording and reproducing apparatus
Maintaining date and time with time zone rule changes
Profile configuration for a data processing apparatus
Method of estimating the volumetric carrying capacity of a truck body
Load controlling device, load controlling method, load controlling circuit, load controlling program, and computer-readable recording medium where load controlling program is recorded
Modular programmable lighting ballast
Switching power converters with diode reverse current suppression
Step-up DC-DC converter
System for circulating power usage information on a closed ring communication path with multi-node computer system
Power switch device
Method, apparatus and system to dynamically choose an aoptimum power state
Method and system for digital frequency clocking in processor cores
System and method for selecting optimal processor performance levels by using processor hardware feedback mechanisms
Apparatus providing locally adaptive retiming pipeline with swing structure
Portable terminal
Battery cover latch mechanism and portable electronic device using same
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for controlling semiconductor integrated circuit
System and method for indicating status of an on-chip power supply system
Methods, systems, and products for verifying integrity of web-server served content
BIOS test system and test method thereof
Virtual computer system
System and process for packet delineation
System and method for determining display function of BIOS error information
Storage system and management method thereof
Method and system for using dynamic random access memory as cache memory
Method and apparatus for increasing an amount of memory on demand when monitoring remote mirroring performance
Method and system for finding maximal stripes in cache memory with content addressable memory
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner
Semiconductor device
Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
Data processing system
Memory device with vertically embedded non-flash non-volatile memory for emulation of NAND flash memory
Flash memory apparatus and access method to flash memory
Flash memory module, storage apparatus using flash memory module as recording medium, and address translation table verification method for flash memory module
Method and apparatus for generating media-exchangeable multimedia data, and method and apparatus for reconstructing media-exchangeable multimedia data
Data prefetch throttle
Methods and systems for reducing the spread of files on a network
Protection of user-level applications based on page table information
Tamper resistant module having separate control of issuance and content delivery
System for providing security in a network comprising computerized devices
Storage area dynamic assignment method
Method and system for minimizing unnecessary topology discovery operations by managing physical layer state change notifcations in storage systems
Model driven application framework
Portable computerized device adapted for ad hoc security associations
Method for rearranging a logical volume
Filtering application messages in a high speed, low latency data communications environment
Engine for rendering widgets using platform-specific attributes
Memory system and method for improved utilization of read and write bandwidth of a graphics processing system
Trusted LPC docking interface for docking notebook computers to a docking station
Path maintenance mechanism
Document processing apparatus and a method for controlling a document processing apparatus
Print control apparatus and method
High speed image reconstruction for k-space trajectory data using graphic processing unit (GPU)
Techniques for operating a data storage assembly via a series of web pages and a commit-at-the-end, wizard-style behavior
Apparatus, system, and method for asynchronous complex inbound transactions from SAP applications using service oriented architecture
System and method for modifying documents sent over a communications network
System and method for detecting unused accounts in a distributed directory service
Call completion via instant communications client
System, method and apparatus for establishing interactive media session based on IP Multimedia Subsystem
Method and apparatus for autocorrelation of instant messages
Multimedia application interface
Method for grouping exchange 2007 journal messages
Supporting multiple service discovery protocols on a device
Communication bandwidth control method for a broadcast communication system, a server and a user terminal used in a broadcast communication system, and a program
Speculative distributed conflict resolution for a cache coherency protocol
Agent-based event-driven web server architecture
Method and system for remote television replay control
RDMA network configuration using performance analysis
Method and system for monitoring the quality of service in telecommunication networks, components and compute products thereof
Apparatus and method for real-time monitoring and controlling of networked appliances using an intermediate server
Technique for monitoring source addresses through statistical clustering of packets
Load balancing techniques for inter-domain traffic engineering
Content delivery system via a communication network
Wireless communication apparatus selectively connecting to peripheral apparatuses
Telecommunications network administration graphical user interface
Method and system for rapid evaluation of logical expressions
Method, system and computer readable medium for addressing handling from a computer program
Information processing apparatus and sound output method
Forecasting demand and availability of resources of a military installation
Document managing system and method thereof
Methods, apparatus, and program products to optimize semiconductor product yield prediction for performance and leakage screens
Information technology integration cost estimator
Receiving apparatus, sending apparatus and transmission system
Virtual sound source device and acoustic device comprising the same
Enterprise server version migration through identity preservation
System and method for minimizing transmitted data between diverse institutions
Generating a worst case current waveform for testing of integrated circuit devices
Enhancing a power distribution system in a ceramic integrated circuit package
Method of switching external models in an automated system-on-chip integrated circuit design verification system
Simulation method and computer-readable storage medium
System and method for verification of integrated circuit design
Reversing the effects of sequential reparameterization on traces
Method of executing handover in broadband wireless access system
Semiconductor device with dynamic array section
Enhanced verification by closely coupling a structural overapproximation algorithm and a structural satisfiability solver
Ripple and foam creation apparatus and method using fluid particle data
Method and apparatus for importing data into program code
Methods for creating primitive constructed standard cells
Computer aided design system and computer aided design program using a geometric surface model
Control apparatus for vehicular drive system
System and method for lean blowout protection in turbine engines
Geometric source separation signal processing technique
Method and system for reducing critical dimension side-to-side tilting error
Authentication and tracking system
Network policy management and effectiveness system
Method and system for network access control
System and method for efficient transfer of image data to a service provider
Variable length command pull with contiguous sequential layout
Process for monitor to operate in DPMS mode
Buffer amplifier, driver IC and display apparatus using that driver IC
Display processing apparatus, display processing method, and computer program product
Printing system with tray selection substitution
Document processing apparatus and document processing method
Method for providing requested fields by get.sub.--Data operation in TV-Anytime metadata service
Portable application registry
Web data usage platform
Compositional balance and color driven content retrieval
Method and apparatus for storing relationship data for accounts and contacts
Recording medium with copy protection indicating information and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, reproducing and restricting reproduction of the recording medium
Virtualization assist for legacy x86 floating point exception handling
Vehicle and traveling state determination method of vehicle
Engineering system with automatic generation of entity templates
Data locations template based application-data association and its use for policy based management
Archive stream based install
Geospatial modeling system providing simulated tree trunks and branches for groups of tree crown vegetation points and related methods
Techniques to manage critical region interrupts
Method and system for variable thread allocation and switching in a multithreaded processor
Generating an Interim Connection Space for spectral data
Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Electronic device including optical dispersion finger sensor and associated methods
System and method for reconstructing a diagnostic trajectory
False alarm recognition in hyperspectral gas plume identification
Transmitter/receiver antenna for MR with improved decoupling between antenna elements
Medical image forming method and apparatus with grayscale conversion processing
Color processing method for identification of areas within an image corresponding to monetary banknotes
System and method for providing a real-time, online biometric signature
Defect inspection method and apparatus
System and methods for transforming biometric image data to a consistent angle of inclination
Method and system of structural light-based 3D depth imaging using signal separation coding and error correction thereof
Data processing apparatus, data processing method and recording medium
System and method for remote navigation of a specimen
Fingerprint sensor and method of transmitting a sensor image to reduce data size and data rate
Image processing apparatus for identifying and classifying an object in an image, method of controlling same, and computer-readable storage medium storing a computer program for controlling same
Image encoding apparatus and control method thereof
Image processing device, image forming device, computer readable medium and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
Detection of artifacts resulting from image signal decompression
Method of inspecting granular material and inspection device for conducting that method
Image processing apparatus, an image processing method, and a computer readable medium having recorded thereon a processing program for permitting a computer to perform image processing routines
Image processing apparatus and image processing control method
Apparatus for producing optical signatures from coinage
Compensation system for selected paths in hierarchical networks
Latency locator
Introduction support method and system, and introduction method and system
Virtual couponing method and apparatus for use with consumer kiosk
System and method for providing access to network services
Methods for viral marketing with visual communications
Internet billing method
User interface for retirement administration and distribution system
Systems and methods for safeguarding employee stock options from stock price fluctuations
Graphical user interface for financial activity concerning tropical weather events
Financial activity based on tropical weather events
Open end mutual fund securitization process
Systems and methods for providing financial instruments including contrary positions
Method and system for providing a community of interest service
Image processing system using vector pixel
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
Message broadcasting billing system and method
Intelligent luggage tag
Device for detecting the relative position of two elements via electric circuit section having mechanical function in at least one of the elements
Server component for monitoring modules of printing machines utilizing RFID tags
Device for a bed alarm
Noise power estimation apparatus and method
Power control techniques for wireless devices
Vehicle communication system
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display
Hybrid control of haptic feedback for host computer and interface device
Electronic apparatus
Technique for enabling color blind persons to distinguish between various colors
Imaging device camera system and driving method of the same
Method and apparatus for determining a bit boundary of a repetition-coded signal
Optically-readable disk with copy protection device
Apparatus and method for controlling the rotation velocity of an optical disc
High density array system with active movable media drawers
Phase-change optical information recording medium and method for recording and recording apparatus using the same
Data processing apparatus and method for reproducing data of an optical recording medium
Posture adjustment method of magnetic head
Disk drive employing comb filter for repeatable fly height compensation
Automatic track generation
Reproducing apparatus, program and recording medium
Recording member cutting device and recording member cutting processing apparatus
Method and system for rotational control of data storage devices
Optically-readable disk with copy protection device
Disk drive comprising slanted line servo bursts having a varying tilt angle
Thin-film patterning method for magnetoresistive device
Electromagnetic heads, flexures, gimbals and actuators formed on and from a wafer substrate
Disk drive rotating phase based servo bursts based on radial location of head
Optical disc drive and method of controlling focal position
Fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation mechanisms
Method to balance spindles in a plurality of disk drives
Optical recording/reproducing write strategy method, medium, and apparatus
Program method with locally optimized write parameters
Predictive thermal preconditioning and timing control for non-volatile memory cells
Memory elements and methods of using the same
Multilevel cell memory devices having reference point cells
Memory system and method having volatile and non-volatile memory devices at same hierarchical level
Diagnostic method and apparatus for non-destructively observing latch data
Multi-bank memory accesses using posted writes
Semiconductor memory device, sense amplifier circuit and memory cell reading method using a threshold correction circuitry
Fractional turns transformers with ferrite polymer core
Hinge assembly and portable electronic devices using same
Method of producing a coin-type electrochemical element
Switching device having a coupling element
Combined circuit breaker and disconnector for an alternator with actuation by an assembly of a main shaft and secondaries shafts
Dual reference capacitive sensing user interface
Device for detecting the three states of a circuit breaker
Multi-function light switch with extendable module
Laminated thick film dielectric structure for thick film dielectric electroluminescent displays
Starting aid for discharge lamp
On demand circuit function execution employing optical sensing
Electro-dynamic or electro-static lens coupled to a stacked ring ion guide
Field emission cathode capable of amplifying electron beam and methods of controlling electron beam density
Electric lamp with inner assembly and outer bulb and method for manufacturing
Nanowire electronic devices and method for producing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Production of integrated circuit chip packages prohibiting formation of micro solder balls
Silicon wafer for semiconductor with powersupply system on the backside of wafer
Substrate for forming semiconductor layer including alignment marks
Photoelectric converter and X-ray image pick-up device
High density SRAM cell with hybrid devices
Light-emitting diode and method for fabrication thereof
Modifiable gate stack memory element
SiC semiconductor device having outer periphery structure
Field effect transistors with channels oriented to different crystal planes
Photoelectric conversion device
Structures including passivated germanium
ZnO-based thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device and display
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Monolithic vertically integrated composite group III-V and group IV semiconductor device and method for fabricating same
Asymmetric field effect transistor structure and method
Non-volatile two-transistor programmable logic cell and array layout
Thin-film transistor, array substrate having the thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing the array substrate
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Photoelectric conversion device and method of producing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Light-emitting device with point symetrical bonding electrodes
Laser diode epitaxial wafer and method for producing same
Terahertz electromagnetic wave radiation element and its manufacturing method
Display substrate having the same and method of manufacturing the display substrate
Quartz crystal device accomodating crystal blanks of multiple shapes and sizes
Phase change memory device and fabrication method thereof
Coax core insulator waveguide
Antenna module for a wireless electronic device
Double structure broadband leaky wave antenna
Vertically integrated electronically steered phased array and method for packaging
Chip card holding module and electronic device using the same
Phased laser array with tailored spectral and coherence properties
Drive laser for EUV light source
Integration of laser sources and detectors for a passive optical network
Sparkplug for an internal combustion engine
Semiconductor switch arrangement and an electronic device
Breaker device for low-voltage applications
Arrangement for energy conditioning
Semiconductor device
Method for controlling a cluster of wind turbines connected to a utility grid
Power converter with transient processing capability
Electrical machine and method of retrofitting an electrical machine
Linear synchronous motor
Robot with internal pressure explosion-proof structure
Method and apparatus for a leakage energy recovery circuit
Voltage detection device and voltage detection method
Power supply with reduced switching losses by decreasing the switching frequency
Method and apparatus for reducing latency in a clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit
Bias balancing circuit
Inrush current limiting circuit and electronic device using the same
Differential latch, differential flip-flop, LSI, differential latch configuration method, and differential flip-flop configuration method
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and system for a fast-switching phase-locked loop using a direct digital frequency synthesizer
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Receiver system and method for automatic skew-tuning
Compressed sensing characterization system and method
Composite signal analog-to-digital converting device
Providing error correction coding for probed data
Communication apparatus, transmitter, receiver, and error correction optical communication system
Apparatus and method for computing LLR
Method of encoding and decoding using LDPC code and apparatus thereof
K-delta-1-sigma modulator
Sigma delta modulator and sigma delta A/D converter using the same
Encoding a gray code sequence for an odd length sequence
Method of generating spreading codes, CDMA transmission apparatus, and CDMA reception apparatus
BOC signal acquisition and tracking method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of pilot symbol assisted receivers in the presence of narrowband interference
Auto-tuning amplifier
RF mixer with inductive degeneration
Method and system for estimating channel of a mobile station in a communication system
Accessory for a portable electronic device
Wireless communications device with voice-to-text conversion
Method of controlling idle mode in broadband wireless access system
Antenna interface circuits including multiple impedance matching networks that are respectively associated with multiple frequency bands and electronic devices incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for controlling wavelength tuning of optical source for optical communication
Multimode optical transmission device
Apparatus and methods for optical communication
Wireless monitoring system and child station therefor
Method and system for antenna selection diversity with prediction
Wireless network system and method of transmitting/receiving data in wireless network
Wireless communication system and image forming device
Portable terminal device and on-vehicle device
Cellular repeater watermarking system and method
Systems and methods for saving power in a digital broadcast receiver
CDMA communication system and method
Method and apparatus for mitigating interference from terrestrial broadcasts sharing the same channel with satellite broadcasts using an antenna with posterior sidelobes
Load balancing in set top cable box environment
Mobile communication system, edge router, and transfer control method, program and recording medium used therefor
Multi-bit-rate optical communication method, optical network unit, and optical line terminal
Transmission apparatus
Packet sending apparatus and packet transmission system
Transaction layer packet compression
Traffic modeling for packet data communications system dimensioning
Method and apparatus for reassembling DOCSIS MAC frame in cable modem including plural receiving channels
Method and device for building of a network coding scheme for data transmission, corresponding computer program product and storage means
Method for creating a dynamic address table for a switching node in a data network and a method for transmitting a data message
Method and system for fault-tolerant quality of service
System and method for preventing count-to-infinity problems in ethernet networks
Method for applying macro-controls onto IP networks using intelligent route indexing
System and method for translucent bridging
Location privacy for internet protocol networks using cryptographically protected prefixes
Media access control protocol with priority and contention-free intervals
Method for determining transmission path of router system
Methods and system for solving cross-chip-trunk continuous destination lookup failure
System and method for providing local services within a consolidated network architecture
Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Determining modulo count in sleep capable system
Method and apparatus for real-time pulse parameter estimator
Method and apparatus for a multicarrier receiver circuit with guard interval size detection
Method for estimating frequency offset at a subscriber station receiver in a multi-carrier system
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Method and apparatus for output data synchronization with system clock in DDR
Systems and arrangements for clock and data recovery in communications
Stegotext encoder and decoder
Method for making vehicle-related data available to an authorized third party
Stegotext encoder and decoder
Secure execution environment by preventing execution of unauthorized boot loaders
Communication device
Multiple-band radio frequency (RF) circuit and method for a wireless communication device
Direct memory download in a voice data and RF integrated circuit and method for use therewith
System and method for obtaining telecommunication access numbers
Methods and apparatus for controlling a mobile device by using a pivoting input switch
Method and apparatus for distributed data transfer over multiple independent wireless networks
Method and system for providing quick directions
Image reading device and computer program product
Device for conversion of a hard-copy document containing text or image data into the electronic document
Image forming apparatus and image processing method therefor
Color pixel error diffusion in a CMYK input color space
Image processing apparatus and method, printer device, and computer readable recording medium
Image forming apparatus, image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer data signal, and computer readable medium
Focus detection apparatus and focusing control apparatus utilizing photoelectric converting element output
Method for detecting and selecting good quality image frames from video
Image pickup apparatus
Interpolator for a CMOS image sensor using a digital register
Red-eye filter method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method for color-noise reduction
Driving device and image stabilizing system
Common mode feedback circuit supporting dual data rate, programmable gain amplifier having the same, and image sensor having the programmable gain amplifier
Fixing structure
Image processing apparatus and method
Region clustering based error concealment for video data
Display device having image pickup function and two-way communication system
Apparatus for descrambling a data retrieved from an optical storage medium, and method therefor
Digital television with subscriber conference overlay
Video input switching and signal processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, method, program, and recording medium
Automatic antenna tuner system for RFID
Methods for interrogating objects to be identified over a communications medium
Electronic apparatus
Gain adjusting method and a gain adjusting device
Electrostatic acoustic transducer based on rolling contact micro actuator
Location of cooperative tags with personal electronic device
Position determination for a wireless terminal in a hybrid position determination system
Wireless local area network (WLAN) and method of transmitting frame in the WLAN
Methods, systems, and products for selective broadcast enhancement
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving information using random access procedure in mobile communication system
Traffic handover control device and method of multi-mode mobile communication terminal
Comprehensive registration method for wireless communication system
Arrangement and method relating to service provisioning control
Method of call routing and connection
Organic EL display device and method for manufacturing the same
Magnesium oxide-containing barrier layer for thick dielectric electroluminescent displays
Remotely monitored and controlled distributed emergency power system
Multifunction microwave oven with superheated steam and the control method thereof
Grid control system for eliminating soft radiation emissions from an X-ray tube
Single-shot spatially-resolved imaging magnetometry using ultracold atoms
RF power recovery feedback circulator
Multilayer wiring board and its manufacturing method
Electric part
Multilayer interconnection substrate and manufacturing method therefor
Key structure and electronic device having the key structure
Universal solder pad
Printed circuit board and electronic apparatus having printed circuit board
Electronic control unit with expanded blocks
Communication device
Heat sink having enhanced heat dissipation capacity
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Gellan gum tablet coating
Hydraulic-actuated blade adjuster
Method for lagoon remediation
Cryoprotectant solution containing dimethyl sulfoxide, an amide and ethylene glycol
Reduction of sperm sensitivity to chilling
Diphenyl based solvents in blooming type germicidal hard surface cleaners
Sustained release animal repellents
Hydrophilic polymer blends used to prevent cow skin infections
Method of making natural botanical sculpture
Non-hazardous pest control
Purified extract from Harpagophytum procumbens and/or Harpagophytum zeyheri dence
Equine herpesvirus type 1 glyocoprotein D (EHV-1gD)
Selective herbicides based on a substituted phenyl sulfonyl amino carbonyl triazolinone
Use of an extract of Alchemilla vulgaris to inhibit angiogenesis
Method and apparatus for aseptically removing animal hides
Food casings having modified release properties and methods of manufacture
Fermentation composition, process for preparing the same, and use thereof
Coating for frozen confectionary
Pourable fatty dispersions
Low-fat snacks having improved eating qualities and dough compositions used to prepare low-fat fabricated snacks
Process for forming an oat-based frozen confection
Peptide mixture and products thereof
Deodorant agents for oral use for discharges and method for relieving odor of discharges
Method for producing frozen fried foods for microwave cooking
Anti-caking and anti-dusting composition and corresponding methods
Pro-fragrance linear acetals and ketals
Method of preparing and using isoflavones for the treatment of cancer
Oxygen scavenger accelerator
Process and system for coating a feed composition with a feed additive
Two-component packaged food products
Postpartum brassiere
Treatment of cellulite
Protective glove with multiple layer construction
Traction splint
Padded handle
Method for making fabric-based, adhesively mounted printed circuit for upholstered seats and the like
Drive arrangement for a massage chair
Process for making a picture frame
Anchor sheet framework and subflooring
Surgical instrument
Apparatus and method for removing cells from an endocervical brush in a liquid-based pap test system
Optical forceps system and method of diagnosing and treating tissue
Fibrin glue applicator system
Surgical instruments and procedures for stabilizing the beating heart during coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Crimping device for cranial cruciate ligament stabilization
Temporary vascular seal for anastomosis
Orthopedic trial prosthesis and saw guide instrument
Acetabular alignment apparatus and method
Device attachable to a therapeutic head for adjustably holding an ultrasound transducer, and therapeutic head in combination with such a device
Method of treating a heart using cells irradiated in vitro with biostimulatory irradiation
Medical devices using electrosensitive gels
Method and apparatus for harvesting and implanting bone plugs
Power-assisted liposuction instrument with cauterizing cannula assembly
Apparatus and method for delivering and deploying an expandable body member in a uterine cavity
Large area thermal ablation
RF ablation and ultrasound catheter for crossing chronic total occlusions
Electrosurgical electrode for wedge resection
Electrosurgical instrument for ear surgery
Drainage tube indwelling device for endoscope
Surgical tools for use in minimally invasive telesurgical applications
Trans-scleral method and apparatus for measuring intraocular pressure
Method for measuring the intra-ocular pressure through the eyelid and device for realizing the same
Technique for diagnosing attention deficit disorder
Continuous blood-pressure monitor apparatus
Apparatus and method for blood pressure pulse waveform contour analysis
Pulse wave detecting device and method for manufacturing the same, and portable wrist device
Method to increase transpulmonary thermodilution cardiac output accuracy by use of extravascular thermovolume to control the amount of thermal indicator
Arrangement for the determination of the effective pulmonary blood flow
Pressure sensing module for a catheter pressure transducer
Electrode array system for measuring electrophysiological signals
Method and apparatus for displaying lung sounds and performing diagnosis based on lung sound analysis
Tinnitis masking and suppressor using pulsed ultrasound
Device and method for production of medical fittings
Dental composite
Absorbent article having deformation inducing means
Adhesive patterns for feminine hygiene articles
Absorbent article
Method and compositions for enhancing blood absorbence by superabsorbent materials
Process for making a garment with dual refastenable sides and butt seams
Adjustable construction of diaper cup for discharge disposing apparatus
Apertured web for disposable body exudates absorbent garments and method for making same
Interventional procedure expandable balloon expansion enabling system and method
Apparatus for imparting physician-determined shapes to implantable tubular devices
Endovascular graft and process for bridging a defect in a main vessel near one of more branch vessels
Covered stent and method of making it
Endoprosthesis delivery catheter with sequential stage control
Stent cell configurations
Method and apparatus for tissue treatment
Endovascular graft having bifurcation and apparatus and method for deploying the same
Endovascular graft
Ureteral stent system apparatus and method
Prosthesis with biodegradable surface coating and method for making same
Stent delivery device using stent cups and mounting collars
Anterior chamber phakic lens
Mechanical heart valve
Mechanical heart valve prosthesis
Composite material and methods of making the same
Intervertebral disc prosthesis with liquid chamber
Intervertebral disc prosthesis
Enhanced fatigue strength orthopaedic implant with porous coating and method of making same
Spinal fixation system
Strain regulating fusion cage for spinal fusion surgery
Dynamic fusion mechanostat devices
Expandable intervertebral spacers
Apparatus and method for fixation of osteoporotic bone
Connector assembly for mating components, connector assembly for a bone cement mixing and delivery system, and bone cement container having a connector assembly
Prosthetic suspension unit including an elastomeric energy storage element
Ankle brace and support and method
Method of visualization of the vitreous during vitrectomy
Laser eye surgery system using wavefront sensor analysis to control digital micromirror device (DMD) mirror patterns
High repetition rate erbium: YAG laser for tissue ablation
Protective spiking port, container implementing same and method for protecting a container
Echinops extract with anti-cancer activity
Remedies for multiple sclerosis
Method and composition for treating irritable bowel syndrome using low doses of opioid receptor antagonists
Method to determine TGF-.beta.
Multibinding inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2
Methods and compositions for stimulating tissue growth and epithelial moisturization
Method of treatment and pharmaceutical composition
Benzamide ligands for the thyroid receptor
Methods for increasing levels of acetylcholine
Potassium channel inhibitors
Alkaloid halide salts of swainsonine and methods of use
Use for pain management
Calcitonin mimetics
Method of treating Bulimia Nervosa and related eating disorders by administration of atypical antipsychotic medications
Use of pyridazino[4,5-b]indole-1-acetamide derivatives for preparing medicines for treating diseases related to the dysfunction of peripheral benzodiazepin receptors
Methods for detection of promoter polymorphism in a UGT gene promoter
Analgesic methods using synthetic catalysts for the dismutation of superoxide radicals
Sleep inducing agent
Method and compositions for the treatment or amelioration of female sexual dysfunction
Method of providing coginition enhancement with 5.alpha.-pregnan-3.beta.-ol-20-one sulfate
Low potency unpreserved sterile topical corticosteroid compositions for dermatitis
Synergistically acting compositions for selectively combating tumor tissue
Use of surface active agent for the manufacture of a medicament for treatment of disorders of the middle ear
.beta.-L-2'-deoxy-nucleosides for the treatment of hepatitis B
Composition containing embryo bud and seed coat from rice and fruit body of Ganoderma lucidum for treating diabetes
Therapeutic drug for endotoxin blood symptom and multi-organ failure induced thereby
Pourable alginate compositions
Biodegradable implant precursor
Sustained delivery of an active agent using an implantable system
Sensitization of HER-2/neu overexpressing cancer cells to chemotherapy
Uteroglobin gene therapy for epithelial cell cancer
Methods of predicting the outcome of HBV infection
Lymphotactin uses
TNF receptor action modulation
Method for preventing diarrhea
Compositions and methods for the treatment of anorectal disorders
Activated protein C formulations
Method and compositions for the treatment of cerebral palsy
Clostridial toxin derivatives able to modify peripheral sensory afferent functions
Inactivated respiratory syncytial viral vaccines
Immunogenic conjugates of Gram-negative bacterial autoinducer molecules
Dendrimer precursor dyes for imaging
Methods and compositions for treating or preventing sleep disturbances and associated illnesses using very low doses of cyclobenzaprine
HIV integrase inhibitors
Treatment of arthritis and other similar conditions
Methods of treating ophthalmic, otic and nasal infections and attendant inflammation
Lotions containing vitamin D3 derivatives
Immobilization of vitamin A acid by cationic polyelectrolytes
Conjugate comprising an active agent, a polypeptide and a polyether
Compositions for the delivery of negatively charged molecules
Immunotoxins directed against malignant cells
Terminally-branched polymeric linkers and polymeric conjugates containing the same
Matrices for drug delivery and methods for making and using the same
Tissue marking using biocompatible microparticles
Radiolabeled vasoactive intestinal peptide analogs for imaging and therapy
Radioactively coated devices
Dental restorative composite
Impression compositions comprising triglycerides
Cosmetic composition comprising a copolymer and utilization of the copolymer in a cosmetic composition
Cosmetic compositions containing anise extract and retinoids
Process for making mild moisturizing liquids containing large oil droplet
Personal wash compositions containing particle-in-oil dispersion
Low VOC hair spray compositions having enhanced styling benefits
Anhydrous hydrophobic cosmetic composition in the form of a compact powder
Sunscreen lotion or spray composition
Topical cosmetic compositions comprising benzaldoximes
Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers and dyeing process using this composition
Mousse forming hair treatment composition containing n-methyl alkyl glucamide surfactant
Perfume composition using organopolysiloxanes
Medicaments comprising relaxin and their use
Cosmetic skin conditioning compositions containing red yeast rice extract
Anhydrous composition containing a volatile fluoro compound, and uses thereof, in particular cosmetic uses
Cosmetic compositions containing multi-block ionizable polysiloxane/polyurethane and/or polyurea polycondensates in solution, and uses thereof
Walnut seed meal extract
Subversion of bacterial resistance by low solubility antibiotics
Method for the preparation of microspheres which contain colloidal systems
Porous drug matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Apparatus and method for preparing microparticles
Process for preparing a directly compressible solid dosage form containing microcrystalline cellulose
Multicomponent biological vehicle
Microspheres containing condensed polyanionic bioactive agents and methods for their production
Transdermal preparation contacting a loratidine metabolite with antihistaminic activity
Sustained delivery of polyionic bioactive agents
Portable disinfectant apparatus
Indicator for liquid disinfection or sterilization solutions
Method to apply compositions to a surface
Hydroxyapatite, composite, processes for producing these, and use of these
Polymeric blends with zwitterionic groups
Method of making an expandable fluoropolymer device
Porous membranes
Apparatus and method for depositing a coating onto a surface of a prosthesis
Alkoxysilane/alkysilane copolymer coating of medical devices
System for tobacco smoke neutralization
System for aspirating and irrigating tract wounds
Apparatus and methods for beating heart bypass surgery
Artificial heart with arrhythmia signalling
Catheter for controlling the advancement of a guide wire
Enhanced balloon dilatation system
Pressure gauge with digital stepping motor and reusable transfer plug
Cerebral embolic protection assembly and associated methods
Cap and luer connector for a fluid transfer device
Fluid delivery apparatus with flow indicator and vial fill
Method and apparatus for drug infusion
Aseptic connection device
Cannula for use with a medical syringe
Backflow proof structure for syringe
Method for testing the ability of an iontophoretic reservoir-electrode to deliver a medicament
Smear-resistant cosmetic
Fugitive color fire retardant composition for aerial application
Biosorption system
Chemical protective covering
Sectional horizontal bar convertible into parallel bars
Exercise apparatus
Therapeutic exercise apparatus
Convergent exercise machine and method
Handle and exercise arm assembly for use with an exercise machine
Strength-saving structure for foldable treadmill exerciser
Exercise for the muscles of the pelvic floor
Multi-layer golf ball
Golf ball cores formed from blends of neodymium and cobalt synthesized high molecular weight butadiene rubber
Solid golf ball
Golf putter for aligning player's head
Pendulum-type golf putter
All-in-one golf ball marker and position indicator
Golf club with fixed-tension shaft
Goal post with adjustable components
Playing-field enclosure
Game apparatus, method, storing medium and transmitting medium for predicting results of sports
Simulation system
Actuating device for game machine
Volleyball video game system
Game device, collision determination method and information storing medium
Amusement game system and a computer-readable storage medium
Systems and methods for providing security in a video game system
Toy dice
Race game device
Mounting bracket structure of remotely controllable toy rally car
Bed lifting mechanism for model truck
Running toy with a pivotal undercarriage mechanism
Balloon suspension device
Apparatus and method of use for sound-generating finger puppet
Embodied voice responsive toy
Bicycle mounted noise-making device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for purifying low grade acetonitrile and other constituents from hazardous waste
Thermally-managed separation and dewatering processes for recovering acid products
Method for packing capillary columns with particulate materials
Method for dehydrating crude oil and petroleum products and device for realizing the same
Whirlpool bath filter and suction device
Horizontal solids recycler
Strainer arrangement for straining liquid from a mixing arrangement
Feed distributor for a liquid distributor of a distillation column
Liquid dispenser for distilling column, and corresponding distilling column
Pressure liquid filtration with ultrasonic bridging prevention
Universal filter for soda pop and bottled water bottles
Process employing thin-walled, extruded activated carbon filter
Multi-functional filter for removing contaminants from an enclosure
Ceramic structure
Air cleaner inlet device
System and method for purifying and distributing chemical gases
Air flow control in a gas fractionalization system and associated method
Vent filter with direct sample capability
Bulk tank depressurization filter apparatus and method of using it
Canister mounting structure
Partially carbonized asymmetric hollow fiber separation membrane, process for its production, and gas separation method
Geometric separation processes involving modified CTS membranes
Desiccant bag with integrated filter and method of making same
Method and apparatus utilizing ethanol in non-thermal plasma treatment of effluent gas
Method for treating toxic compounds-containing gas by non-thermal plasma
Methods for the regeneration of a denitration catalyst
Process and apparatus for treating wastewater
Rapid dialysis cell and method for automated instrumentation
Hydrogen permeable membrane and hydride battery composition
Vessel for mixing a cell lysate
Method and apparatus for preparing liquid dialysate
Polyelectrolyte dispersants for hydrophobic particles in water-based systems
Method and apparatus for energy efficient self-aeration in chemical, biochemical, and wastewater treatment processes
Production process and apparatus for high purity silicon
Method of forming metal colloids, metal colloids and method of forming a metal oxide sensitive layer for a chemical sensor device
Arrays with mask layers
Method of information storage and recovery
Synthesis and analysis of mixed inorganic oxides and catalysts
Devices and methods for accessing reaction vessels
Hydrogen and elemental carbon production from natural gas and other hydrocarbons
Methods for removal of impurity metals from gases using low metal zeolites
Aqueous solution which can be used in an ion-exchange process
Bead and process for removing dissolved metal contaminants
Catalyst component and system
Storage catalyst
Catalyst system for purifying oxygen rich exhaust gas
Process for the preparation of fluid bed vinyl acetate catalyst
Promoted porous catalyst
Process for reactivating a deactivated dehydrocyclodimerization catalyst with water
Heat treating a molecular sieve and catalyst
Pentacyclic anion salts or tetrazapentalene derivatives and their uses as ionic conducting materials
Catalyst of mixed fluorosulfonic acids
Circulating fluidized bed reactor with selective catalytic reduction
Steam-hydrocarbon reformer and process
Fluid delivery system for a microfluidic device using a pressure pulse
Multiple fluid sample processor with single well addressability
Method for controlling reactions
Pipette and handling automatic machine for microtitration plates with permeable bases
Sample processing device with a chamber forming member
Small particle polyacrylamide for soil conditioning
Flotation machine for a fiber suspension and method of using same
Method and apparatus for ultrasonically assisted melt extrusion of fibers
Masking for engine blocks for thermally sprayed coatings
Wall paper pasting system
Process for application of a fluoropolymer coating to a threaded fastener
Coating material and application methods therefor
Process and device for coating a support using a crosslinkable silicone composition
Low dielectric constant polyorganosilicon coatings generated from polycarbosilanes
Elastomeric covered roller having a thermally sprayed bonding material
Process for improving the corrosion resistance of a metal surface
Power mode phaco
Portable airborne contamination control system including a main and remote unit
Single transducer ACIM method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for in-situ reticle cleaning at photolithography tool
Method and apparatus for removing native oxide layers from silicon wafers
Cleaning shoe for pipe
Method of improving vacuum quality in semiconductor processing chambers
Recovering microorganisms from soil by suspending soil in a citrate buffer
Extrusion molding process and the related apparatus
Thermal shock-resistant ceramic article
Method of lubricating a die cavity and method of making metal-based components using an external lubricant
Methods for preparing and applying coatings on metal-based substrates, and related compositions and articles
Lubricant composite and process for the preparation thereof
Method for producing a hose coupling and a hose coupling
Fine copper powder and process for producing the same
Method of making a flux, a brazing wire, and a brazing paste
Device for machining optical workpieces
Chip suction type machine tool
Press with automatic tool changing function and tool cartridge changing device
Grinding machine with single-handed operation
Apparatus for use with automated abrading equipment
Motor-driven hand grinder
CMP method and substrate carrier head for polishing with improved uniformity
Conformal disk holder for CMP pad conditioner
Cut-wire type ferrous shot for blasting and a process of using a cut-wire type ferrous shot for blasting
Method and apparatus for planarizing and cleaning microelectronic substrates
Scented engineered abrasives
Abrasive tools for grinding electronic components
Hydrophobic optical endpoint light pipes for chemical mechanical polishing
Plastic wood, method of processing plastic wood, and resulting products
Method for manufacturing counter top edging from floor tile
Apparatus and method for producing cast concrete articles
Process for producing a non-combustible moulded article, especially a building panel
Process of preparing pellets of synthetic organic fiber reinforced polyolefin
Method for forming a thermoset golf ball cover
Electromagnetic and mechanical wave energy treatments of UHMWPE
Method of making an air bag cover having a decorative applique preform bonded thereto
Method and manufacturing an automotive reflector
Separator for fuel battery and method of producing the same
Coinjection stretch blow molded container
Insert for use in conjoining tubular end portions
Pultrusion method and device for forming composites using pre-consolidated braids
Method of micro-fabrication
Process for producing embossed multiply cellulosic fibrous structure having selective bond sites
Adhesive tape for electronic parts
Decorative laminate incorporating photoluminescent material
Sheet for protecting paint films of automobiles
Tamper indicating adhesive device
Clear, high-barrier polymer-platelet composite multilayer structures
Fuel permeation barrier fuel tank
Process for sealing food products such as processed cheese slices
Breathing film
Release liner and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Polyamide fiber substrate having strain resistance, composition and method
Magnetic recording medium
Bond-compatible composite membrane
Dust filter bag containing nano non-woven tissue
Laminates prepared with reactive hot melt adhesive
Method of producing a laminated structure
Laser imageable printing plate and substrate therefor
Method and apparatus for dispensing viscous material
Apparatus and method for printing solder paste
Image transfer drum for document printer/copier
Recording sheet package, correction information sheet for the same, and thermal printer for use therewith
Method for producing desired tantalum phase
Image transfer process and transfer sheet for electrostatic dry toner copier/printer
Fluorene compounds
Composition of aromatic carboxylic acid compounds and thermosensitive recording material using the same
Composite thermal transfer sheet
Heat-sensitive recording material and method for producing the same
Evaporated lubricants for imaging element
Method of forming a protective overcoat for imaged elements and related articles
Method for protecting a paper security document or identification document
Garage door message banner
Hot dieless foiling
Defroster deflector
Nozzle for ventilating a motor vehicle
Weather strip
Weather strip
Method for fixing a fabric to a structural part
Method of producing a plastic component and fuel tank for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a clutch in the power train of a motor vehicle
Drive arrangement for a motor vehicle
Staged venting of fuel cell system during rapid shutdown
Cigarette lighter adapter with one-piece solderless ground contact
Sponge sheet
Cage plate adjusting mechanism for a bicycle rear derailleur
Lubrication system for small watercraft
Trolling motor bow mount impact protection system
Package opening method and apparatus
Process and apparatus for forming dual compartment pouches from a continuous web
Delaminating membrane lid for a canister containing a particulate-type product
Method and apparatus for threading of paper or paperboard web
Micromechanical component and appropriate manufacturing method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the continuous production of hydrogen
Catalytic or non-catalytic processes with enriched oxygen as a reactant
Method for preparing carbon-containing composition
Preparation of calcium silicate and sulfur dioxide
Process for preparing polysilicon using exothermic reaction
Process for recovering the carbide metal from metal carbide scrap
Lithium/nickel/cobalt composite oxide, process for preparing the same, and cathode active material for rechargeable battery
Method for treating waste-activated sludge using electroporation
Water purifying apparatus
Reticulated liquid treatment device
Method for the control of biofilms
Polypeptides having lactonohydrolase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Treatment of water containing organic wastes with ammonium nitrate
Biologically active support containing bound adsorbent particles and microorganisms for waste stream purification
Process and apparatus for decoloring liquids and water product thereof
Method and device for biologically treating a fluid charged with organic materials whilst producing biogas
Scale inhibitors
Glass substrate for magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium, and method of manufacturing the same
Frequency selective plate and method for producing same
Method of making hydrophobic coated article
Method for producing a magnesia based deposit
Transparent substrate bearing an anti-stain, hydrophobic coating, and process for making it
Mesoporous transition metal oxide thin films and methods of making and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for cleaning and removing flux from an electronic component package
Optical fiber core wire binder and optical fiber unit
Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent low transmittance glass
Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent glass
Fly ash treatment by in situ ozone generation
Method of manufacturing an aerated autoclaved concrete material
Conversion coatings prepared or treated with calcium hydroxide solutions
Method for producing a cement admixture, concrete and fluorine-containing oxyalkylene compounds
Fine spherical silica and liquid sealing resin composition containing same
Ceramic composition and ceramic electric device
Vapor deposition material
Process for producing low impurity level ceramic
Substrate with ceramic coating for camber modification and method for making
Sintered silicon nitride, components made therewith, specially valves, methods for the production and use thereof
High pressure and low temperature sintering of nanophase ceramic powders
Low temperature sintered BI2O3-ZNO-NB2O5 ceramics and method for its formation
Refractory filaments
Method for producing ceramic green sheet
Method for manufacturing ceramic substrate and non-fired ceramic substrate
Method of removing an organic binder from a green ceramic form
Non-slumping sprayable refractory castables containing thermal black
Carbon fiber binder pitch
Method for producing a molded part
Method of producing a water-repellent product, and product and method for waterproofing a surface of a building material
Process for producing pozzolanes, synthetic blast furnace slags, belite or alite clinkers, or pig iron alloys from oxidic slags
Platelet/flake magnesium oxide, methods of making the same, and magnesium oxychloride/oxysulfate ceramic materials
Hydrolyzable polymers for explosive and propellant binders
Process for preparing perfluorinated organic compounds by electrochemical fluorination
Process for the preparation of compounds having -CH2-CHF-groups
Malonic acid derivatives, processes for their preparation, for their use and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods of inhibiting angiogenesis using naaladase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compounds
Ocular hypotensive lipids
Terpene ethers and their use
E-2-[4-(4-chloro-1,2-diphenyl-but-1-enyl)phenoxy]ethanol and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Naphthoquinone derivative and electrophotosensitive material using the same
Method for producing (meth)acrylic acid
Soluble double metal salt of group IA and IIA of hydroxycitric acid, process of preparing the same and its use in beverages and other food products without effecting their flavor and properties
Separation of components from aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures thereof by extractive distillation
Heterocyclic derivatives which inhibit Factor Xa
Agent for prophylaxis or treatment of dysuria
N-phenyl-N'-phenylpopylpiperazine derivatives and process for the preparation
Pyrrole substituted 2-indolinone protein kinase inhibitors
2,4-diaminopyrimidine derivatives
Benzofuran derivatives
Pyrimidin-aminomethyl-pyridine derivatives, their preparation and their use in the control of helicobacter bacteria
Heterocyclic ring-fused pyrimidine derivatives
Bicyclooctane derivatives as plasticizers
Macrolides with antitumor activity
3,6-disubstituted penam sulfone derivatives
Catalyst activators comprising expanded anions
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Fatty acid derivatives of bile acids and bile acid derivatives
Derivatized oligonucleotides having improved uptake and other properties
DNA coding for a peptide of a papilloma virus main capside protein and use thereof
Expressing gp140 fragment of primary HIV-1 isolate
Methods and kits for detecting antibodies against an HIV variant
Hepatitis C surrogate virus for testing the activity of hepatitis C virus protease, a recombinant gene and a use thereof
Bee venom protein and gene encoding same
Methods of modulating of angiogenesis
Antisense modulation of BCAS1 expression
Vertebrate apoptosis gene: compositions and methods
Methods of treatment utilizing variants of vascular endothelial cell growth factor
Polynucleotides encoding chemokine.alpha.-5
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
DNA encoding Rhesus ob protein
Human potassium channel polynucleotide and polypeptides and uses thereof
Prostate specific fusion protein compositions
Method and kit for evaluating the metastatic tendency of tumors
Methods of identifying compounds that modulate body weight using the OB receptor
Methods of identifying modulators of a DP prostaglandin receptor
Monoclonal antibodies specific for human interleukin-5
Identification of human cell lines for the production of human proteins by endogenous gene activation
Directed switch-mediated DNA recombination
Synthetic human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus
Antibodies for the detection of beer spoilage lactic acid bacteria and kit employing the antibodies
Method of inhibiting leukocyte trafficking by anti-CCR2 amino-terminal domain antibodies
Prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Therapeutic compounds comprised of anti-Fc receptor antibodies
Modified enzymes and their use for peptide synthesis
Peptide nucleic acids
Catalyst components for the polmerization of olefins
Organometal catalyst compositions
Solid catalyst component for .alpha.-olefin polymerization and process for producing .alpha.-olefin polymer
Catalyst system for olefin polymerization
Method for production of porous material
Method for production of porous cross-linked poymer
Organic anti-reflective coating polymer and preparation thereof
Catalysts based on fulvene metal complexes
Phosphonylated derivatives of aliphatic heterochain and acrylate erpolyms and applications thereof
Organic-inorganic hybrid polymer materials with compositional gradient, and processes for preparing the same
Process for preparing polyurethane foam
Reduction of color degradation of triphenylmethane polymeric colorants within polyurethane foams
Low density microcellular elastomers based on isocyanate-terminated prepolymers
Hardeners for epoxy resins, processes for producing the same and methods of using the same
Photosensitive resin and photosensitive resin composition
Coating composition and method for coating therewith
Electroluminescent devices using blend systems
Data storage media containing clear polycarbonate terpolymer
Method for the continuous microbiological production of polyhydroxy butyric acid
Flexible printed substrate
Dispersions and process for making them
Siloxane emulsions
Deposited plastic film
Titanium dioxide nucleating agent systems for foamable polymer compositions
Thermoplastic resin additive
Golf ball with cover having at least three layers
Grafted thermoplastic compositions and fabricated articles therefrom
Hybrid polymer electrolyte for lithium battery and method of preparing same
Colorant compounds, phase change ink compositions, and methods of printing
Nigrosine compound, resin composition, molded product, crystallization temperature lowering, fluidity improving and surface gloss improving method
Dispersion composition and process for production thereof
Methods for producing titanium dioxide pigments having improved gloss at low temperatures
Ink set having excellent color reproduction
Phase change inks
Non-calcined lead of a colored pencil
Process for providing increased conductivity to a material
Precipitated silica
Chemical mechanical polishing compositions, and process for the CMP removal of iridium thin using same
Stable, foamed caulk and sealant compounds and methods of use thereof
Adhesive tape strip
Method for manufacturing adhesive tapes
Display device adopting light-emitting compound as color-developing substance
Chemiluminescent reagents and chemiluminescence analysis methods with the use of the same
Process for producing electroluminescent phosphor with extended half-life
Ferroelectric liquid crystal display element and manufacturing method thereof
Polymerisable liquid crystalline compounds
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) fluid loss control aid for drilling fluids
Sulphydryl acid and imidazoline salts as inhibitors of carbon corrosion of iron and ferrous metals
Material for bearing retainer
Method of reclaiming used motor oil for further use
Detergent compositions containing a cationic detergent and builder
Fatty acids, soaps, surfactant systems, and consumer products based on branched 17-carbon fatty acids
Detergents and cleaners comprising narrow homolog distribution of alkoxylated fatty acid alkyl esters
Mild cleansing bar compositions
Cleaning solution for semiconductor surfaces following chemical-mechanical polishing
Method of removing grease, oil or flux from an article
Solid detergents with active enzymes and bleach
Solid detergents with active enzymes and bleach
Corrosion resistant sanitizing/disinfecting cleaning and wood preservative formulation
Degreasing compositions
Cell activity assay apparatus and methods for making and using same
Double container device and method for detecting and enumerating microorganisms in a sample
Method and apparatus for determining the effect of a drug on cells
Method and system for providing real-time, in situ biomanufacturing process monitoring and control in response to IR spectroscopy
Antisense modulation of inhibitor-kappa B kinase-alpha expression
Method for cloning and expression of MlyI restriction endonuclease and MlyI methylase and BstNBII methylase in E. coli
Identification and comparison of protein-protein interactions that occur in populations and indentification of inhibitors of these interactors
Long terminal repeat, enhancer, and insulator sequences for use in recombinant vectors
Method chromosomal rearrangement by consecutive gene targeting of two recombination substrates to the deletion endpoints
Generation of dopaminergic neurons from human nervous system stem cells
Immortalized human colon epithelial cell line
Means and methods for nucleic acid delivery vehicle design and nucleic acid transfer
Method of determining susceptibility to schizophrenia
Geranyl diphosphate synthase genes
Human phosphatidylinositol synthase
DNA polymerase
Nucleic acids encoding HsKifC2, a kinesin motor protein
Motor proteins and methods for their use
LLG polypeptides of the triacylglycerol lipase family, and compositions and methods for their use in enzymatic hydrolysis, and protein and gene therapies
Engineering nicking endonucleases from type IIs restriction endonucleases
Composition and methods for bioremediation
Method and means for modulating PGE synthase activity
Process for delaying the deactivation of glutaryl amidase during catalysis with a thiol
White rot-lignin-modifying fungus Flavodon flavus and a process for removing dye from dye containing water or soil using the fungus
Isolate of Antrodia camphorata, process for producing a culture of the same and product obtained thereby
Phosphoserine phosphatase gene of coryneform bacteria
Thermostable polymerases having altered fidelity and method of identifying and using same
Microbial process for producing hydrogen
Optical resolution of 4-halogeno-3-alkanoyloxy-butyronitrile
Device for monitoring cells
Use of phage associated lytic enzymes for the rapid detection of bacterial contaminants
Genes encoding several poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase (PARG) enzymes, the proteins and fragments thereof, and antibodies immunoreactive therewith
Adenosine detection in small samples
Test strip for measuring analyte concentration over a broad range of sample volume
In vitro methods for screening for blood coagulation disorders using metal ions
Nucleic acids encoding a novel family of TGF-.beta. binding proteins from humans
Electrochemical denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acid
Adenoviral based promoter assay
Method and reagents for combined PCR amplification and hybridization probing
Semiautomated method for finger-printing bacterial DNA
Probe/mobility modifier complexes for multiplexnucleic acid detection
Methods and kits for detection of cryptosporidium parvum
Methods and kits for identifying elite event GAT-ZM1 in biological samples
Androgen-metabolic gene mutations and prostate cancer risk
Methods and apparatus for determination of length polymorphisms in DNA
Cholecystokinin (CCK) gene as a risk factor for smoking in women
Method for monitoring nucleic acid assays using synthetic internal controls with reversed nucleotide sequences
Methods for the identification of compounds capable of inhibiting HIV-1 viral replication employing murine cell lines expressing human topoisomerase I
Detection of Rupestris stem pitting associated virus
Methods of utilizing the TT virus
Process for producing leather
Method for the heat treatment of iron ore lumps in a reduction system
Method for the direct reduction of iron oxides
Method for producing directly reduced iron in a layered furnace
Process for recovery of metals from metal-containing ores
Method of alloying ferrous material with magnesium injection agent
Flat product, such as sheet, made of steel having a high yield strength and exhibiting good ductility and process for manufacturing this product
Method of producing unidirectional electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent film characteristics and magnetic characteristics
Situ desulfurization scrubbing process for refining blister copper
Process for organic acid bioleaching of ore
Method and system for pressure oxidation of sulfide gold ores involving enhanced oxygen-sulfide contact
Hard material titanium carbide based alloy, method for the production and use thereof
Furnace flue dust processing method
Tilting rotary furnace system for recovery of non-ferrous metals from scrap or dross and method of operation
Method for producing directly-reduced iron, liquid pig iron and steel
Production of zinc oxide from complex sulfide concentrates using chloride processing
Aluminum-based alloy and method for subjecting it to heat treatment
Magnesium alloy and method of producing the same
Cast iron for use in high speed machining with cubic boron nitride and silicon nitride tools
Bar product, cylinder rods, hydraulic cylinders, and method for manufacturing
Copper-based alloy excelling in corrosion resistance, method for production thereof, and products made of the copper-based alloy
Vacuum ARC vapor deposition method and apparatus for applying identification symbols to substrates
Workpiece with wear-protective coating
Durable thermal barrier coating
Metal bond strength in polyolefin films
Sputtering assembly and target therefor
Sputtering chamber with moving table producing orbital motion of target for improved uniformity
Very high aspect ratio gapfill using HDP
Apparatus for depositing high deposition rate halogen-doped silicon oxide layer
Method of processing selected surfaces in a semiconductor process chamber based on a temperature differential between surfaces
Self contained, independent, in-vacuum spinner motor
Purity silicon wafer for use in advanced semiconductor devices
Gas manifold for uniform gas distribution and photochemistry
RF powered plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor and methods of effecting plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Methods for forming metal oxide layers with enhanced purity
Electrically conductive polymeric foam and method of preparation thereof
Copper seed layer repair technique using electroless touch-up
Printed circuit board manufacture
Sheet with aluminum coating that is resistant to cracking
Phosphating process with a metalliferous re-rinsing stage
Corrosion inhibitor of NiCu for high performance writers
Diaphragm cell
Electrolysis plate
Electrochemical cell using a folded double electrode plate
Car body coating process
Process for the electrolytic processing especially of flat items and arrangement for implementing the process
Methods and apparatus for electropolishing metal interconnections on semiconductor devices
Fluoride crystalline optical lithography lens element blank
Method of making bipolar transistor semiconductor device including graded, grown, high quality oxide layer
Textiles; Paper
Bicomponent fibers of isotactic and syndiotactic polypropylene, methods of making, products made thereof
Method and calender for treating a sheet
Method and apparatus for sizing a yarn sheet
Apparatus for applying foamed coating material to a traveling textile substrate
Finish composition for treating yarns
Washing system and washer for a fiber suspension
Press for imprinting and drying a fibrous web
Seal construction for a suction box in a suction roll in a paper/board machine
Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Fixed Constructions
Cell confinement structure
Magnetoresistance effect element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil system and housing with periodic oil diversion
Combination of an air filter and a membrane carburetor
Blank used for manufacturing single-headed piston, and method of producing the blank
Method for producing a micromembrane pump body
Power cylinder non-metallic liner seal assembly
Micrograin adhesive method and a joint produced by it
Lightweight support base for an equipment
Torsional vibration dampers
Drive chain
Emergency replacement belt
Automatic transmission powertrain
Hydrostatic mechanical torque divider transmission with four areas
Locking differential with improved tooth meshing configuration
Starting and driveline shock protection control method and system
Powertrain for automatic transmission and hydraulic control system for controlling the same
Shift control apparatus and shift control method of automatic transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Method for manufacture of overhead light fixture
Arrow for a crossbow or bow
Sensor mount assembly for a fuel cell system
Method for housing sensors in a package
Method of manufacturing sensor and resistor element
Spill containment system with a flexible corrosion-resistant liner
Headspace sampling apparatus and method
Headspace sampling apparatus and method
Micromachining method for workpiece observation
Sample cassette having utility for histological processing of tissue samples
Sampling and analysis system
Polarization based sensing
Optical chemical/biochemical sensor
Process control using ideal die data in an optical comparator scanning system
PH sensor with electrical noise immunity
Gas sensor and corresponding production method
Oxygen sensor
Sensor for analyzing gases
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Thin porous layers for thin-layer chromatography
Computer program and database structure for detecting molecular binding events
Method for determining an analyte present in a solution
Diagnostic microarray apparatus
Polymeric assay film for direct colorimetric detection
Apparatus for screening compound libraries
Microarray loading/unloading system
Junction profiling using a scanning voltage micrograph
Backside failure analysis for BGA package
Photodetecting device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal alignment structures and optical devices containing same
Forming a display having conductive image areas over a light modulating layer
Silver halide emulsion
Preparation of high bromide photographic emulsions with starch peptizer
Heat-developable image recording material
Photographic processing compositions containing stain reducing agent
Photographic processing compositions containing stain reducing agent
Multilayer color photographic element having an integral lenticular support
Phase shift mask and phase shift mask blank
Photomask for projection lithography at or below about 160 nm and a method thereof
Photo-lithographic mask having total internal reflective surfaces
Reticle cleaning without damaging pellicle
Low thermal distortion Extreme-UV lithography reticle and method
Methods of determining processing alignment in the forming of phase shift regions
Positive working photoresist composition
Photoresist compositions and patterning method
Photoresist composition containing photo base generator with photo acid generator
Resist material and fabrication method thereof
Resist compositions and patterning process
Poly-hydroxy aromatic dissolution modifiers for lift-off resists
Device for manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device achieving higher integration, method of manufacturing thereof, and method of forming resist pattern used therefor
Method of etch bias proximity correction
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Fuser members having increased thermal conductivity and methods of making fuser members
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus using the same
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Transparent film for electrophotography and toner image forming method using same
Toner for developing electrostatic image and process of preparing same
Emulsion aggregation process for forming polyester toners
Toner and production method of the same
Point of care diagnostic systems
Cashless transaction clearinghouse
Method of playing a knowledge based wagering game
Gaming device
Slot reel peripheral device with a peripheral controller therein
Gaming device having different sets of primary and secondary reel symbols
Label/tag with embedded signaling device and method and apparatus for making and using
Method of marking disks
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording media, manufacturing method for thereof and apparatus for using the media
Glass-ceramic substrate for a magnetic information storage medium
Optical recording medium
Phase change optical disc
Stacked integrated circuits
Method of making light colored, electrically conductive coated particles
Solid polymer electrolyte employing a crosslinking agent
Solid polymer electrolyte, method of making, and electrochemical device using the same
Method for producing impregnable fine mica tapes with an incorporated accelerator
Multifunctional protective component
Magnetorheological compositions
Multi-layer tunneling device with a graded stoichiometry insulating layer
Coating material for inner surface of cathode-ray tube
Process apparatus and method for improved plasma processing of a substrate
Method and apparatus for sputter etch conditioning a ceramic body
Apparatus and method for pulsed plasma processing of a semiconductor substrate
Fixed device for the bulb socket
Method for reducing emitter tip to gate spacing in field emission devices
Shield for wafer station
Single semiconductor wafer processor
Process system with transfer unit for object to be processed
Machine for etching the edge of a wafer and method of etching the edge of a wafer
Apparatus and method for selectivity restricting process fluid flow in semiconductor processing
Process to decapsulate a FBGA package
Wafer processing system
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming implants in semiconductor fabrication
Method of forming a tunnel oxide layer of a non-volatile memory cell
Method of forming ONO flash memory devices using rapid thermal oxidation
Methods of forming materials comprising tungsten and nitrogen, and methods of forming capacitors
Method to improve copper process integration
Method for fabricating a inductor of low parasitic resistance and capacitance
Methods for improved planarization post CMP processing
Anisotropic wet etching
Process for improving line width variations between tightly spaced and isolated features in integrated circuits
Simplified process for producing nanoporous silica
Reduction of tungsten damascene residue
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with oxide mediated epitaxial layer
MOSFET with metal in gate for reduced gate resistance
Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor processing methods of forming a contact opening to a conductive line and methods of forming substrate active area source/drain regions
Method of forming a capacitor
Method of forming a contact structure and a container capacitor structure
Capacitor plate formation in a mixed analog-nonvolatile memory device
Method for forming a planar surface over low density field areas on a semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Controlling packaging encapsulant leakage
Method of forming bonding projecting electrodes
Semiconductor processing methods of forming a plurality of capacitors on a substrate, bit line contacts and method of forming bit line contacts
Semiconductor wafer with crystal lattice defects, and process for producing this wafer
Fabrication of fully depleted field effect transistor with high-K gate dielectric in SOI technology
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Fully amorphized source/drain for leaky junctions
Method for fabricating polysilicon TFT
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Method for fabricating high aperture ratio TFT's and devices formed
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device using a silicon-rich silicon nitride ARC
Manufacturing process of semiconductor devices
Low dielectric constant dielectric layer fabrication method employing hard mask layer delamination
Method of wire-bonding a repair die in a multi-chip module using a repair solution generated during testing of the module
Method for characterization of LDMOS devices at the die reference plane
Method and apparatus for achieving bond pad crater sensing and ESD protection integrated circuit products
Sloped substrate support
Carrier box for semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
BGA semiconductor package improving solder joint reliability and fabrication method thereof
Process and apparatus for revealing an alignment mark on an integrated circuit wafer
Selective substrate implant process for decoupling analog and digital grounds
Method for manufacturing integrated structures including removing a sacrificial region
Method for simultaneously forming a storage-capacitor electrode and interconnect
Trench DRAM cell with vertical device and buried word lines
Method for fabricating semiconductor storage device
Method of fabricating a MOS transistor in an embedded memory
Methods for fabricating scalable non-volatile semiconductor memory device with double-sides erase cathodes
Method of manufacturing high side and low side guard rings for lowest parasitic performance in an H-bridge configuration
Chemical treatment of semiconductor substrates
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device
Integrated electrical circuit with passivation layer
Selective silicon formation for semiconductor devices
Method for forming a lower electrode for use in a semiconductor device
Interconnect method and structure for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device a burried wiring structure and process for fabricating the same
Contact/via force fill techniques
Etch stop in damascene interconnect structure and method of making
Integrated circuit fabrication method for self-aligned copper diffusion barrier
Method for improving the liquid dispensing of IC packages
Methods for forming ground vias in semiconductor packages
Semiconductor device with a coating of Pb-free Sn-base solder and manufacturing method therefor
Method for manufacturing solder mask of printed circuit board
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and its fabrication method
Multi-chip module system and method of fabrication
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of making microwave, multifunction modules using fluoropolymer composite substrates
Inductor or low loss interconnect and a method of manufacturing an inductor or low loss interconnect in an integrated circuit
High efficiency color filter process to improve color balance in semiconductor array imaging devices
Organic light emitting diode color display
Method for fabricating a bipolar junction transistor with tunneling current through the gate of a field effect transistor as base current
Method of producing semiconductor light-emitting element
Method for fabricating a light-emitting device with uniform color temperature
Laser diode and method for fabricating the same
Thin film Hg-based superconductors, thermoelectric materials and methods of fabrication thereof
Organic electroluminescent element
Electrolytes having improved stability comprising an N,N-dialkylamide additive
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell having a positive electrode with Ti-attached LiCoO2
Gel electrolyte and gel-electrolyte battery
Printing electrochemical cells with in-line cured electrolyte
Battery sealed in battery case of resin film
High energy density secondary battery for repeated use
Hydrogen absorbing alloy for alkali storage battery, hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode for alkali storage battery, and alkali storage battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery with a lithium copper titanium oxide electrode
Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Additives for electrochemical cells
Electric connector having shield plates
Cable connecting structure
Cable structure with improved grounding termination in the connector
Socket contact for electrical connectors
Electrical connector for reducing electrical crosstalk and common mode electromagnetic interference
Electrical connector for high speed signal transmission
Contact securing sleeve for use with a coaxial cable
In-line multi-plug self-aligning connector
Electrical connector with programmable keying
Card connector with improved shell structure
Safety enhancement device combination for electrical apparatus or appliances
Data connector for selective switching between at least two distinct mating connector plugs
Electrical connector with separate receptacles using common filter
Contact pin design for a modular jack
Multichannel phone plug
Fuse stab connector for electronic modules
Electrical box
Electrical joint connector
Implantable hearing aid with tinnitus masker or noiser
Multiple head dispensing method
PCB and method for making PCB with thin copper layer
Method of forming micro-via
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