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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mold for imprint, process for producing minute structure using the mold, and process for producing the mold
Embossing apparatus and method
Selectivity replicating viral vector
Tumor and mutation suppressing plant extract
Food material technology with controllable functional characteristics and industrial process applications, and the resulting fabricated foods
Extrusion die assembly for high density products
Suction cup
Support structure torque transfer function
Attachment device for sheet material
Optical mirror element
Tissue augmentation, stabilization and regeneration technique
Devices for use in transluminal and endoluminal surgery
Deuterated ocular solutions for LTK and other surgical eye procedures
Arrangement for improving the image field in ophthalmological appliances
Driving circuit of electromechanical transducer device and retina scanning display device having the same
Apparatus for monitoring the presence of secretions in the respiratory system of a patient
Method and apparatus for the non-invasive determination of prominent structures of the body of a human being or an animal
Probe for 3-dimensional scanning and focusing of an ultrasound beam
Dental articulator
Dental impression trays
Injection device
Method for treating morbid obesity
Method of laterally inserting an artificial vertebral disk replacement implant with curved spacer
Frusto-conical spinal implant
System for protecting a coated medical implant
Apparatus and method for minimizing arm fatigue of a videographer
Articulated custom ankle-foot orthosis systems
Device for the epicardial support and/or resumption of cardiac activity
Method for preventing, or reducing the severity of, graft-versus-host disease using pluri-differentiated mesenchymal progenitor cells
Branched polyalkylene glycols
Method to detect IgE
Viral protein
Polypeptides encoded by polynucleotides that are useful for detecting resistance to streptogramin A or to streptogramin B and related compounds
Use of antibodies for the vaccination against cancer
Ovarian cancer cell and myeloma cell surface glycoproteins, antibodies thereto, and uses thereof
Anti-IL-9 antibody formulations
Combined methods for tumor coagulation and tumor treatment
Cover for a urine drainage bag
Delivery of therapeutic devices
Therapeutic device and system
Adjustable elliptical exercise machine
Total body elliptical exercise device with independent upper and lower body motion
Basketball goal system
Method for conducting a targeted training and a corresponding training device
Golf ball
Training apparatus
Universal grip-handle for exercise equipment
Snow riding implement
Paging system and location verification for remote access to wagering systems
Betting exchange system
Systems and methods wherein a lottery number combination is associated with a limited number of occurrences
System and method for awarding prizes in a local edition of an online game
Poker game method and apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Monolithic column technology for liquid chromatography
Filter installation and method for operating one such filter installation
Semipermeable membrane system for magnetic particle fractions
Two stage catalytic combustor
Method of forming a catalyst element having a thermal barrier coating as the catalyst substrate
Process for hydrogen production via integrated processing of landfill gas and biomass
Heat exchange method and apparatus utilizing chaotic advection in a flowing fluid to promote heat exchange
Double-walled chamber for ultraviolet radiation treatment of liquids
Fuel reformer and methods for using the same
Microfluidic flow device and method for use thereof
System and method for spray coating multiple medical devices using a rotary atomizer
Method for applying a film to a planar substrate, deflecting element and device for applying a film to a planar substrate
Composite powder coating material, process for production thereof and method for the color matching of powder coating material
High temperature silicone processing of fuser structure
Method and reactor for the non-thermal decomposition and pasteurization of organic process materials by electroporation
Resist film removing method
Thermic lance
Mounting structure for measuring device and grinding machine with the structure
Nonwoven web forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for manufacturing base member bearing projections, and base member bearing projections
Method for producing transparent polypropylene based sheet and transparent polypropylene based sheet
Covering element for veins, method for the production and use thereof in surgery
Resin-coated metal sheet
High strength long-life aluminium tube material with high sagging resistance
Elastomeric urethane composition
Resin-based panels having translucent veneer layers
Optical recording materials and recording mediums using the same
Method of attaching a label to a thermoplastic substrate
Thermal-release double-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet and method of processing adherend
Ink jet printer using UV ink
Method for evaluating bleeding, and image recording method and apparatus
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus
Inkjet printhead assembly with printhead segment cradle member
Printhead auto-alignment detection system that uses a printed printhead alignment pattern cotaining fluorescing material
Ink jet printer with high capacity tank and associated ink refilling system
Solid ink sticks with corner guides
Filter device and liquid droplet ejecting device
Gaseous detection for an inkjet system
Method of printing with a personal computer and connected printer
Inkjet printer assembly with a controller for detecting a performance characteristic of a printer cartridge
Nozzle drive control device and method
Printing apparatus for assigning data subjected to discharge by an abnormal nozzle in accordance with predetermined priorities
Printing apparatus and printing position control method
Method of processing and printing print job portions for enabling bindery efficiencies
Binding tool for documents or the like
Ink jet printing of etchants and modifiers
Amphibious vehicle which has elements for forming a floating bridge
Antidazzle apparatus for movable bodies
Retractable roof and vehicle fitted with said device
Airbag with automatic vent closer
Energy absorbing vehicle hood stopper assembly
Braking system for vehicle
Method for controlling a drive train
Lightning protected golf cart
Articulating interlocking structural extrusions for recreational vehicles and the like
Motor vehicle endgate hinge having dual pivot axes
Endgate assembly with damper releasable from keyed stud
Rudder pedal assembly including non-parallel slide rails
Gripper device
Stack holding device to prevent push-out
Image formation device and paper feed mechanism
Method for detecting paper feed shingling errors and synchronizing a printer and a feeder
Sheet aligning device of a printing press and method of controlling the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Filamentous carbon particles for cleaning oil spills and method of production
Process for the preparation of magadiite from an organic structuring agent of quaternary diammonium type
Process for preparation of perovskite
Method for producing an .alpha.-alumina power
Method and apparatus for generating mercury (II) sulfide from elemental mercury
Point-of-use water treatment system
Method and apparatus for decontamination of fluid
Oxygen scavenging compositions and packaging comprising said compositions
Method of retarding quicklime for glass manufacture
Spiro[3.3] heptyl-dioxan derivatives and their use in liquid crystal media
Multifunctional multipolymeric surfactants for oil and bitumen recovery and other applications
Hydrocarbon fuel additives and fuel formulations exhibiting improved combustion properties
Protein having an EGF-like repeat sequence
Mammalian genes involved in viral infection and tumor suppression
Methods for monitoring multiple gene expression
Methods and compositions relating to fortilin, an anti-apoptotic molecule, and modulators of fortilin
Chemical analysis using dynamic viscometry
Immunomodulatory compositions
Cleavage of nucleic acids
Methods and compositions for treating obesity
Case hardened gear and method of producing the same
Rolling element and method of producing the same
Method for generating nanostructures and device for generating nanostructures
Internal antennae for plasma processing with metal plasma
Apparatus and process for producing electrophoretic device
Electrolytic etching method and apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Process and device for producing a web of tissue
Creping blade with a highly smooth bevel surface
Temporary wet strength additives
Fixed Constructions
Quick connect transit boarding platform panel
Flood prevention device
Cable coupler having retained wedges
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Resting element for a compressor or turbine
Turbine airfoil with multiple impingement cooling circuit
Universal joint
Long travel, high force combination spring
Chain transmission device
Chain guide
Valve drive device
System and method for facilitating pipe and conduit coupling
Electrostatic discharge solution for angled fuel port of a fuel pump
Pre-assemblable, push-in fitting connection for corrugated tubing
Connecting piece comprising a gripping element on the outer surface for rotating the connecting piece
Position adjustment mechanism
Vehicle lamp
Illumination device with semiconductor light-emitting elements
LED lighting device inlaid on a ceiling
System for improved backlight illumination uniformity
Portable lighting device
High resolution multicolor ink jet printer
Light emitting sheet module
Methods for detecting contaminants in a liquid
Method of checking the function of a sensor
Microfluidic device for controlling sample introduction in microcolumn separation techniques and sampling device
Reverse protein delivery into cells on coded microparticles
Methods of secretory vimentin detection and modulation
Methods of identifying and isolating cells expressing DC-sign
Optical fiber plug connector
Image-combining device and projection display apparatus having image-combining devices incorporated therein
Illumination optical system and projection-type image display apparatus
Projector with extendible screen member
Projector and focus adjustment method
Projector and method of controlling ultrasonic speaker in projector
Method for making a relief printing form
Exposure mask, method of designing and manufacturing the same, exposure method and apparatus, pattern forming method, and device manufacturing method
Exposure system, test mask for flare testing, method for evaluating lithography process, method for evaluating exposure tools, method for generating corrected mask pattern, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Imaging member
Financial institutions and instruments in a virtual environment
Virtual environment with formalized inter-character relationships
Commercial vehicle safety barrier
Method for fabricating magnetoresistive read head having a bias structure with at least one dusting layer
Magnetic nanoparticles having improved magnetic properties
Valve comprising a magnetic control device
Thick film getter paste compositions with pre-hydrated desiccant for use in atmosphere control
Low dielectric constant group II-VI insulator
Electron temperature measurement method, electron temperature measurement program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the electron temperature measurement program
Use of step and flash imprint lithography for direct imprinting of dielectric materials for dual damascene processing
Apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Fluorene compound and organic light-emitting device using same
Monoaminofluorene compound and organic light-emitting device using the same
Polymeric compound and organic luminescence device
Method and apparatus for generating hydrogen
Fuel cell system and stack used therein
Fuel cell system with a water holding member
Cylindrical lithium secondary battery
Lithium battery separator having a shutdown function
Lithium battery separator having a shutdown function
Anode material for a high temperature fuel cell
Combination fuel cell and ion pump, and methods and infrastructure systems employing same
Reformer and fuel cell system having the same
Polymer-zeolite nanocomposite membranes for proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells
Electrical connector
Loadbreak electrical connector cover and method of use for preventing arcing during electrical system repairs
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector assembly with stiffener
Electronic module with easily operated latch mechanism
Electrical connector with metal shell having convex hull extending from the surface of the front portion thereof
Telecommunication connectivity system
Connector assembly, receptacle type connector, and interface apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Liquid crystal display device
Insulating glass units
Cloisonne articles and method of making same
Thermoplastic- and UP- or EP-based laminate plastics
Flexible plate device
Coated charge roller
Pull tab labels for match mounting a tire with a rim
Unidirectional fiber sheet for reinforcing concrete beams and methods of preparing the same
Selectively tearable covering sheet
Rewritable optical data storage disk having enhanced flatness
Optical information recording disc
Vehicle floor mat
Moisture barrier protection system and method
Laminate having improved barrier properties
Antiballistic shaped part
Window molding for a vehicle
Tier sheet for layered and stacked packaging
Composite molded product for use as a button for electric devices and method of manufacturing the same
Mine brattice cloth
Profiled shape to be glued to a surface for finishing the edges of set ceramic tiles or similar items
Protection of oxide superconductor
Transfer material-carrying member
Radiation cured island coating system
Printed-circuit board
Component of printed circuit boards
Laminated electric part
Magnetic recording medium comprising multilayered carbon-containing protective overcoats
Transparent substrate with antireflection coating
Biaxially oriented polyester film having more than one layer
Thermoplastic resin coated aluminum alloy sheet, and method and apparatus for production thereof
Ink-jet recording sheet
Thermoplastic resin film with excellent printability
Method for gloss coating articles
Method of attaching a strip to a rubber molded part
Multi-layer film having self limiting heat seal and methods relating thereto
Breathable wallcovering
Superdielectric high voltage insulation for dynamoelectric machinery
Coated glass fibers, composites and methods related thereto
Fluorine-containing maleic acid terpolymer soil and stain resists
Method for production of a low density polyethylene-lamellar silicate composite material
Fade resistant black coating for roofing granules
Surface modified polymer beads
Magnetic recording media
Recording sheets
Ceramer composition and composite comprising free radically curable fluorochemical component
Articles prepared from water-based hydrophilic coating compositions
Lens and an optical apparatus with the lens
Laminated glass and primer used for its production
Laminate for sealing capsules
Titanium nitride barrier layers
Ink jet recording medium having a coating containing cellulose ethers and optical brighteners
Low-stress interface between materials having different coefficients of expansion and method for fabricating same
Clad steel pipe
Thermal spraying composite material containing molybdenum boride and a coat formed by thermal spraying
Substrate with zinc oxide layer, method for producing zinc oxide layer, photovoltaic device, and method for producing photovoltaic device
Magnetic recording medium containing a Cr(Ta205) underlayer
Process for using surface active agents to produce high etch gains for electrolytic capacitor manufacturing
Electromagnetic wave generating composite
Isotopic semiconductor batteries
Battery system for implantable medical device
Fuel cell system
Thermally integrated staged methanol reformer and method
Method for steam reforming hydrocarbons using a sulfur-tolerant catalyst
Gas injection system for treating a fuel cell stack assembly
In-line dry cell cartridge or housing
Metal foam support, electrode and method of making same
Battery cell sleeve for spacecraft applications
Composite cathodes, electrochemical cells comprising novel composite cathodes, and processes for fabricating same
Hydrogen storage alloy powder and method of manufacturing the same
Non-stoichiometric AB5 alloys for metal hydride electrodes
Method for designing and making photolithographic reticle, reticle, and photolithographic process
Mask with alternating scattering bars
Apparatus for transferring structures
Color filter, liquid crystal display panel, computer, and method for manufacturing color filter
Printing method
Method of manufacturing plasma addressed electro-optical display
Active control of temperature in scanning probe lithography and maskless lithograpy
Offset printing plates having high print run stability
Electrophotographic photosensitive member
Binder resin with reduced hydroxyl content
Magnetic toner for developing electrostatic images, process for producing it, image forming method and process cartridge
Toner particles containing a mixture of a modified linear polymer, a cross-linked polymer and a wax
Toner composition and developer for electrostatic image development
Flexographic element having an infrared ablatable layer
Radiation-sensitive mixture comprising IR-absorbing, anionic cyanine dyes and recording material prepared therewith
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Photosensitive resin composition
Photosensitive resin composition and photoresist ink for manufacturing printed wiring boards
Positive photosensitive composition
Planographic printing member and method for its preparation
Process for depositing a plasma polymerized organosilicon photoresist film
Method of forming lead frames with preformation support
Method of manufacturing a stamper suitable for producing optical discs
Laser marking method and apparatus
Developing method and developing apparatus
Cyclic ureas in photoresist developers
Method of forming sharp corners in a photoresist layer
Exposure method
Maskless lithography system and method with doubled throughput
Processing method of light-sensitive silver halide photographic materials showing less tendency to sludge formation
Developer composition for use in the processing of light-sensitive silver halide photographic materials
Photographic element containing a DIR coupler
Silver halide color photographic material and image-forming method
Method for analyzing intracellular components
Transgenomic viruses
Virus protein antigens of the JC virus
Binding moieties for human parvovirus B19
Neurofibromatosis gene
Methods for testing oligonucleotide arrays
Materials and methods for indentifying and analyzing intermediate tandem repeat DNA markers
Analyte detection assay and methods of use
Simple and efficient method to label and modify 3'-termini of RNA using DNA polymerase and a synthetic template with defined overhang nucleotides
Detector for nucleic acid typing and methods of using the same
Compositions, methods and kits for identifying naturally occurring RNA sequences having affinity for RNA-binding proteins
Multiplex amplification and separation of nucleic acid sequences using ligation-dependant strand displacement amplification and bioelectronic chip technology
High throughput assay system
Nucleic acid mediated electron transfer
DNA sequences by mass spectrometry
Targeted therapy to a biomedical device
Methods of screening for agonists and antagonists of the interaction between the human KIAA0001 receptor and ligands thereof
Cell motility assay
Diagnostic methods useful in the characterization of lymphoproliferative disease characterized by increased EPR-1
Methods and materials for the diagnosis and treatment of sporadic basal cell carcinoma
Method for prediction prostate cancer patients' resistance to hormonal treatment by measuring serum concentrations of chromogranin A
FVlla/TF activity inhibiting compounds
Microbiological testing apparatus and method
Method for protein stabilization of wines
Nucleic acids and polypeptides related to a guanine exchange factor of Rho GTPase
Neurotransmitter transporter SC6
End selection in directed evolution
Histidine kinase
Ribosome recycling factor (FRR) of Staphylococcus aureus
Keratinocyte growth factor-2 formulations
Molecular cloning and expression of the Pro8 isoform of human IL-3
Single chain forms of the glycoprotein hormone quartet
Method of increasing product expression through solute stress
Monoclonal antibodies directed against the microtubule-associated protein tau
Method for intracellular DNA amplification
.alpha.1,2 fucosyltransferase
Production of aspartic and malic acids with microbacterium
Process for producing malonic acid derivatives
Continuous process for producing 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Hydroperoxide lyases
Method and apparatus for altering ionic interactions with magnetic fields
Polynucleotides encoding glutamyltrna synthetase from staphylococcus aureus
Type II restriction endonuclease, HPY 188 III, obtainable from Helicobacter pylori J188 and a process for producing the same
Protein tyrosine phosphatases
SH2-containing inositol-phosphatase
Type II restriction endonuclease, HpyCH4III, obtainable from Helicobacter pylori CH4 and a process for producing the same
Thermophilic polymerase III holoenzyme
Biodegradation of ethers using a bacterial culture
Container for storing and examining placentas
Apparatus and method for maintaining and growth biological cells
Method and apparatus for obtaining electric field-enhanced bioconjugation
Thermal and fluid cycling device for nucleic acid hybridization
Culture vessel and microscope for observing sample in culture vessel
Method and apparatus for contacting gas and liquid
Apparatus for heating and cooling deep well pharmaceutical microplates
Use of a non-mammalian DNA virus to express an exogenous gene in a mammalian cell
Mutant human growth hormones and their uses
DNA encoding turkey hypothalamic vasoactive intestinal peptide
Asymmetric hammerhead ribozymes
DNA sequence encoding the tumor suppressor gene ING1
Culture and transportation of bovine embryos
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of human mdm2 expression
Use of collagenase in the preparation of neural stem cell cultures
Method for multifragment in vivo cloning and mutation mapping
Nucleotide sequence encoding the enzyme I-SceI and the uses thereof
Method for determining likelihood of developing clinical tolerance
Partial interesterification of triacylglycerols
Reverse displacement assay for detection of nucleic acid sequences
Analytical process for testing mixtures for toxic constituents
Systems and methods for the synthesis of organic compounds
Layer structure for determination of analyte concentration based on micellar recognition system
Fluorescence energy transfer in particles
Method for fabricating reliable multilayer bottom electrode for ferroelectric capacitors
Polarization method for minimizing the effects of hydrogen damage on ferroelectric thin film capacitors
Method for fabricating ferroelectric capacitor with improved interface surface characteristic
Silicon-on-insulator wafer having conductive layer for detection with electrical sensors
Method of using critical dimension mapping to qualify a new integrated circuit fabrication etch process
Determining endpoint in etching processes using principal components analysis of optical emission spectra with thresholding
Methods of making microelectronic connections with liquid conductive elements
Method of quality control in semiconductor device fabrication
Intra-tool defect offset system
Characterizing of silicon-germanium areas on silicon
Method of wire-bonding a repair die in a multi-chip module using a repair solution generated during testing of the module
Optical semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Buried heterostructure vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diodes using impurity induced layer disordering (IILD) via a buried impurity source
Method of making P-type group III-nitride semiconductor device having improved P contact
Process for fabricating single crystal resonant devices that are compatible with integrated circuit processing
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Controlled collapse chip connection (C4) integrated circuit package that has a fillet which seals an underfill material
Method and apparatus for forming a plastic chip on chip package module
Integrated circuit with tightly coupled passive components
Process for producing a sealing and mechanical strength ring between a substrate and a chip hybridized by bumps on the substrate
Low-pin-count chip package and manufacturing method thereof
Lead frame, resin-encapsulated semiconductor device and fabrication process for the device
COF packaged semiconductor
Integrated circuitry fuse forming methods, integrated circuitry programming methods, and related integrated circuitry
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor by using a self-align technology
Method of forming a thin film transistor
Method for forming a transistor with reduced source/drain series resistance
Method of fabricating LDMOS transistor
Fast MOSFET with low-doped source/drain
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating static random access memory cell with vertically arranged drive transistors
Damascene process for forming ferroelectric capacitors
Method of fabricating a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Method for forming a titanium dioxide layer
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method of forming embedded DRAM structure
Methods of forming integrated circuit capacitors having protected layers of HSG silicon therein
Method of forming a capacitor
Method for fabricating a DRAM cell capacitor including etching upper conductive layer with etching byproduct forming an etch barrier on the conductive pattern
Human Necessities
Method for treating hyperkeratotic disease with a Halobacterium halobium lysate
Conditioned packaging for shellfish or crustaceans
Methods of oxygenating tissues
Peroxy acid treatment to control pathogenic organisms on growing plants
Increased stability cottage cheese product
Edible fat spread
Method for producing an aged tea material and method for producing a tea beverage
Chocolate refining process
Dietary supplements containing dehydrated cactus fruit juice and ginseng berry juice
Chewing gum with increased flavor release using an aliginate material and method of making
Method for continuous gum base manufacture
Method for shaping and dispensing pureed food
Granular feed nutrient supplements
Jerky-type pet treat manufacturing process and product
Ruminant feed additive composition and process for producing the same
Mixed feed with an amino acid
Composition and process for controlling glucose metabolism in companion animals by dietary starch
Feedstuff additive which contains D-pantothenic acid and/or its salts and a process for the preparation thereof
Chew toy for dogs and method of making the same
Gelled emulsion products containing chitosan
High viscosity cereal and food ingredient from viscous barley grain
Process for removing flatulence-causing oligosaccharides in legumes
Method for producing finely ground kava root
Method of producing high flavonol content polyphenol compositions
Process for producing an oxidation-protected vitamin C preparation
Wireless grinder-brewer interface and method of use
Method for repairing blood vessel system
Hydrogel wound dressing and the method of making and using the same
Anti-caries oral care compositions and their methods of use
Method of preparation and composition of a water soluble extract of the plant species Uncaria for enhancing immune, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor processes of warm blooded animals
Herbal hormone balance composition
Interleukin-12 inducer and medical composition
Intestinal absorption of nicotine to treat nicotine responsive conditions
Agent for treating papilloma virus-positive malignant and premalignant lesions
Method of stimulating growth in aquatic animals using growth hormones
Use of bacterial phage associated lysing enzymes for treating various illnesses
Presentation of hydrophobic antigens to T-cells by CD1 molecules
Anti-edema agent
Aerosol formulations containing salmeterol xinafoate, an anticholinergic agent and tetrafluoroethane
Process for stabilizing proteins
Anhydrous topical skin preparations
Compositions and methods employing a ligand for CD21 or CD19 for modulating the immune response to an antigen
Colon cancer KH-1 and N3 antigens
Method for treating and/or imaging breast cancer using radioactive iodide
Liquid crystalline peroxide compositions and methods for coloring and/or bleaching hair
Sunscreen composition containing sol-gel microcapsules
System and method for coloring and conditioning nails
Film-forming composition comprising a polyurethane in aqueous dispersion and a plasticizer
Anhydrous skin lotions having antimicrobial components for application to tissue paper products which mitigate the potential for skin irritation
Oil-in-oil and three-phase emulsions
Two-phase cosmetic and/or dermatological composition which can be used in particular for removing make-up from the eyes
Cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations containing photostable UV filters
Methods of regulating skin appearance with vitamin B3 compound
Polish composition for nail makeup and/or care containing a volatile fluorinated compound
Oxidizing agent containing several components and process for permanently reshaping the hair using this agent
Cosmetic raw materials, cosmetic products, and methods of manufacturing cosmetic products
Cosmetic compositions comprising a film-forming polymer
Use of an extract of Cordia dichotoma
Medical dressing for application and maintenance of medication on body tissue
Aqueous aerosol compositions for delivery of atomized oil
Bioerodible porous compositions
Oral preparation containing at least one active pharmaceutical substance in a matrix capable of swelling in an aqueous medium
Methods and formulations for making bupropion hydrochloride tablets using direct compression
High load formulations and methods for providing prolonged local anesthesia
Formulation of fast-dissolving efavirenz capsules or tablets using super-disintegrants
Biodegradable polymers, compositions, articles and methods for making and using the same
Pharmaceutical formulations containing a combination of carbidopa and levidopa
Process for providing herbal medicants in cellulose derivative capsules
Controlled release oral dosage form of ketoprofen
Starch microcapsules for delivery of active agents
Sustained-release preparation utilizing thermal change and process for the production thereof
Pharmaceutical composition in form of solid lipidic microparticles suitable to parenteral administration
Method for preventing crystal formation in a dispersion of a liquid in a matrix
Transdermal administration of fenoldopam
Anti-microbial coating for medical devices
Single-phase transparent aqueous cosmetic composition
Performing Operations; Transporting
Food products containing seamless capsules and methods of making the same
High surface area alumina solid
Method of and apparatus for painting vehicle bodies with various color paints
Paint system
Method of uniformly coating a substrate
Multilayer coating film formation process
Powder coating involving compression of the coating during curing
Method and plasticating extruder for producing fiber-reinforced polymer compositions
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for depositing titanium oxide coatings on flat glass
Optical transmission systems and apparatuses including bragg gratings and methods of making
.alpha.-amides of L-amino acid as fragrance precursors
Process for the gentle recovery of extract fractions from hypericum, pharmaceutical preparations containing the same and their use
Diamino compounds, polyamic acids, polyimides, liquid crystal aligning films using said polyimide films and liquid crystal display devices using said aligning films
Terminally modified, amino, polyether siloxanes
Proteins encoded by chicken anemia virus DNA and diagnostic kits and vaccines employing said proteins
RANTES homolog antibody
Method of affinity cross-linking biologically active immunogenic peptides to antibodies
Polyimide angularity enhancement layer
Process for pre-adhering a drawn polyester filament by applying polyepoxide and tertiary amine at separate sites
Method for making hot melt adhesive pellet comprising continuous coating of pelletizing aid
Water repellent for treating solids
Process for softening or treating a fabric article
Synthetic .alpha.-L-iduronidase and genetic sequences encoding same
Gas introduction pipe and magnetic recording medium production method using the pipe
Non-plasma CVD method and apparatus of forming Ti1-xA1xN coatings
Liquid precursor mixtures for deposition of multicomponent metal containing materials
Chemical vapor deposition of low density silicon dioxide films
Method for protecting refractory metal thin film requiring high temperature processing in an oxidizing atmosphere and structure formed thereby
Method of providing a metal pattern on an electrically insulating substrate in an electroless process
Method of removing a thermal barrier coating
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for eliminating bearing assembly hoot noise
Method of manufacturing a magnetic head
Mechanism for dispensing liquid onto an integrated circuit wafer with minimized back-splash
Single mask screening process
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew