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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Locking swivel apparatus
Car seat baby bib
Shirts having neck size adjusting function
Variable flexion resistance sport boot
Jewelry structure
Fastening mechanisms maintaining electrical connections among fastened components
Krutch klip and kup
Monitor improved in a tilting and combining structure
Cable management assembly, system and method
Adjustable hanging device
Lid with drink opening
Hose holder
Multi-purpose pillow with attached blanket
System of implantable devices for monitoring and/or affecting body parameters
Medical examination table
Examination table
Hand-held potassium super oxide oxygen generating apparatus
Interactive toys
Portable race device for displaying real-time race information
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for fluid recovery in a semi-aqueous wash process
Device for packaging and dispensing a cosmetic composition and associated dispensing method
Graphene structure, method for producing the same, electronic device element and electronic device
Substrate holding device and substrate processing apparatus
In-situ continuous coke deposit removal by catalytic steam gasification
Single action press for manufacturing shells for can ends
Support structure carrying thrust load of transmission, method of manufacturing thereof and thrust needle roller bearing
Plasma torch and system with electromagnetic shield assist mechanism
Manufacturable and inspectable cooling microcircuits for blade-outer-air-seals
Process and apparatus for producing service blades
Rim disk assembling device for full face wheel for vehicle
Apparatus for workpiece assembly
Folding hand-operated cable winch
Hand held quick-clamping device
Wildlife protective cover having a conductor/insulator guard and system for power distribution and transmission systems and related methods
Folding knife with spring wear pin
Handheld power tool with a detachable handle
Compression device
Tire pressure detecting device and tire monitor system
Shock isolation cradle
Children's ride-on vehicles having battery charge indicator assemblies
Vehicle glove box door incorporating variations in rib structure for adjusting impact deformation proximate to respective knee and hand hit areas
Seatbelt apparatus
Apparatus and method for providing indoor location information using lighting control network
Rocker molding-step for a vehicle body side assembly
Powered step device of motor vehicle
Decorative outer wrap subassembly and method of fabrication
Suspended drawbar control with selectable operating modes
Electric power steering device and attachment structure for motor and controller for the same
Apparatus and method for reduced backlash steering tiller
Composite structural part comprising pyrotechnic detonating rupture means
Aircraft engine nacelle inlet having electrical ice protection system
Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing, and de-orbiting earth satellites using robotics
Articulated assembly of solar generator panels and space vehicle
Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing, and de-orbiting earth satellites using robotics
Rotary beverage filling machine for filling cans with a liquid beverage
Fluid capture apparatus
Self closing container
Air lock cover vent for telecommunications equipment
Hanging chute
Sheet brake using a partitioned blower nozzle array
Image forming apparatus
Drinking water pitcher having a removable upper reservoir
Horse bits
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for producing tesserae of glass mosaic containing a metal foil
Dielectric electroactive polymers comprising an ionic supramolecular structure
Plasma processing method and apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Needle holder of multiple needles for sewing machine
Lid assembly for washing machine
Non-aqueous washing machine with modular construction
Fixed Constructions
Traffic cone apparatus and method of production
Anchor attachment for a roof panel rib
Wall mounting apparatus
Split barrel structure of hinge
Electrical floor-hinge device
Apparatus and methods for operating a tool in a wellbore
Casing running and drilling system
Temporary well zone isolation
Apparatus for connecting underwater tubular members
Method and arrangement for performing drilling operations
Magnetic tool for retrieving metal objects from a well bore when using coil tubing
Method for natural gas production
Method for drilling with improved fluid collection pattern
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve timing control device
Apparatus for and method of controlling variable valve mechanism
Camshaft adjusting device
Valve gear of internal combustion engine
Hydraulic control system for a switching valve train
Exhaust gas purifying system and abnormality determining method therefor
Engine-driven work machine
Positive crankcase ventilation device and system
Engine torque control apparatus and method for adjusting engine torque control apparatus
Swirler assembly and combinations of same in gas turbine engine combustors
Method for operating a gas turbine and a gas turbine for implementing the method
Systems and methods for starting aircraft engines
Fuel supply apparatus for motor cycle
Valve for controlling a connection in a high-pressure fuel injection apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection valve with pressure gain
Pre-chamber igniter having adjustable electrode
Piston for automatic transmission
Control apparatus of construction machine and method for calculating input torque
Brake holder for a floating-caliper disk brake with a brake pad guide spring
Power transmission device
Transmission apparatus
Plunger seal for pump
Actuator for controlling brake hydraulic pressure and solenoid valve thereof
Method for operating a furnace
Appliance exhaust duct cover and method of assembling same
Gas cooking equipment and method for producing gas cooking equipment
Automatic climate control system for vehicle
Positioning system for portable solar panels
Solar power generation apparatus with non-equidirectional solar tracking stages
Unitary air conditioner
Method for controlling air conditioner
Single wafer dryer and drying methods
Ballistic missile interceptor guidance by acceleration relative to line-of-sight
Construction rule tape and layout tool
Co-ordinate measuring machine
Tracking qualification and self-optimizing probe microscope and method
Anti-entrapment system
Laser line generating device with graduated base
Light line generating device
Slope Level
Electronic balance having a calibration weight arrangement
Magnetic shear force sensor
System for electro-statically indicating movement of tread
Vehicle wind tunnel balance
Single-fracture method and apparatus for automatic determination of underground stress state and material properties
Amplifier calibration methods and circuits
Heating system and method of testing a semiconductor device using a heating system
Testing apparatus for electronic device
Inter-device bearing estimation based on beam forming and motion data
Rain sensor arrangement
Telecommunications module
System for testing passive optical lines
Planar lightwave circuit and optical receiver
Array substrate, liquid crystal panel, and manufacturing method of array substrate
Unitary air conditioner and method of controlling variable operation thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling energy supply
Decoy bits method for direct encryption and key generation
Providing recommendations using information determined for domains of interest
Efficient parallel processing of a network with conflict constraints between nodes
Methods and systems for clustering emails using email addresses
Systems and methods for transferring message data
Propagating state information to network nodes
Generation of background content requests for performance analysis
Methods for obtaining content from a peer device
Information processing system and data management method
Method for managed social networking services
Criteria-based data push
Efficient maintenance of a distributed system membership view
Method and system for managing cloud computing environment
Apparatus with cartridges for the preparation of drinks, with activation following the reading of an optical code carried by the cartridge
Method and apparatus for determining watermark symbols in a received audio signal that can contain echoes, reverberation and/or noise
Integrated view of multi-sourced information objects
Near-duplicate filtering in search engine result page of an online shopping system
Circuit-level abstraction of multigate devices using two-dimensional technology computer aided design
Area array device connection structures with complimentary warp characteristics
Information processing system, access method, and terminal device
Challenge-dynamic credential pairs for client/server request validation
Homomorphic evaluation including key switching, modulus switching, and dynamic noise management
Preventing sharing of sensitive information through code repositories
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
Electronic data security apparatus
Providing, at least in part, at least one indication that at least one portion of data is available for processing
Capacitive touch panel with improved visibility
Preview image generation for printers
Method and system for application broadcast
Mobile terminal, restricting system and method of accessing an information using the mobile terminal
Universal emergency power-off switch security device
Optical rule checking for detecting at risk structures for overlay issues
System and method for mining tags using social endorsement networks
Printing device and method
Image forming apparatus that delivers image data displayed on digital signage devices and computer-readable non-transitory medium with image forming control program recorded thereon
Semiconductor substrate-based system for an RFID device, RFID device, and method for manufacturing such a semiconductor substrate-based system
Transaction card with extended magnetic strip
Smart card system comprising a card and a carrier
Digital image capturing and processing system employing an area-type image sensing array exposed to narrow-band illumination from a narrow-band illumination subsystem for a time duration controlled using a photodetector operated independently from said area-type image sensing array
Electronic device and method for transmitting information on barcode by using infrared LED
RF tag system which allows a scheduled start RF tag and a remote start RF tag to share the same frequency band
Plane-fitting edge detection
Finger detection in 3D point cloud
Optimal patch ranking for coordinate transform estimation of microscope images from sparse patch shift estimates
Identifying updated content in images
Monitoring space usage in a computer rack
Methods for feature analysis on consecutive tissue sections
Size measurement device and size measurement method
Image noise level detection and removal system and method
High accuracy learning by boosting weak learners
Contextual HDR determination
System and method for crowd sourcing
Method and apparatus for activation and deactivation of aircraft container tracking device
Embedded web application gallery
Complementing operation of display devices in an augmented reality environment
Methods and apparatus for increasing co-mailing discounts
Electronic content distribution and exchange system
Network-based sales system with a customizable user interface
System and methods for conducting surveys
Cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Transaction terminal device and transaction terminal control method
Method and system for controlling certificate based open payment transactions
Systems and methods for conducting transactions with a customer using text messages
Method and device for forming surface treatment data
Suppression of real features in see-through display
Obscured relationship data within a graph
Method and apparatus for creating structural drawing
Variable resolution virtual reality display system
Gradation drawing device
Generating augmented reality exemplars
Display apparatus, display system, and display method
Currency inspection using mobile device and attachments
Article retrieval equipment
Automated banking machine
Correlation of suspect currency note received by ATM to the note depositor
Remote monitoring
Wirelessly charging electronic lock device
Apparatus and methods for distributing and displaying emergency communications
Multichannel preferred device notification
Apparatus and method for controlling traffic of electronic device
Vehicle driving control system
Method for production of electric signs and an electric sign
Indicator for connector
Liquid crystal display device and method for driving same
Brightness compensating method and self-illuminating display device
Liquid crystal display device and method for driving same
Output of video content
Driving method to improve stereoscopic image display visibility
Display controller device having a debug interface
Multimedia apparatus, music composing method thereof, and song correcting method thereof
Devices and methods for noise modulation in a universal vocoder synthesizer
Prevention of unintended distribution of audio information
Monitoring head wear
Head-medium contact detection using a thermal sensor and surface charge control of a slider
Recording/reproducing apparatus and recording medium
Detecting defective connections in stacked memory devices
Semiconductor memory device
Memory device that supports multiple memory configurations
Semiconductor memory device including precharge circuit
Cable having improved wires arrangement
Inductor and inductor core
Ultracapacitor with improved aging performance
Poly-vinylidene difluoride anode binder in a lithium ion capacitor
Method for producing capacitor
Emergency button for vehicle
Electronic housing for switching devices, in particular for low-voltage switching devices
High brightness electron impact ion source
Modified spectrum incandescent lamp
Encapsulant materials and a method of making thereof
High-z oxide nanoparticles embedded in semiconductor package
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Hybrid heterojunction photovoltaic device
Self-limiting chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition methods
Atomic layer deposition of HfAlC as a metal gate workfunction material in MOS devices
Method of forming self-aligned metal lines and vias
Extrusion-resistant solder interconnect structures and methods of forming
Methods of dividing layouts and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same
Methods to reduce debonding forces on flexible semiconductor films disposed on vapor-releasing adhesives
Simultaneously fabricating a high voltage transistor and a finFET
Integrated circuits with spacer chamfering and methods of spacer chamfering
Method of measuring breakdown voltage of semiconductor element and method of manufacturing semiconductor element
Use of repellent material to protect fabrication regions in semi conductor assembly
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Tsv wafer with improved fracture strength
Semiconductor device for suppressing a temperature increase in beam leads
Systems and methods for providing low-noise readout of an optical sensor
Method and structure to fabricate closely packed hybrid nanowires at scaled pitch
Manufacturing method of back illumination CMOS image sensor device using wafer bonding
Image pickup unit and image pickup display system
Photoelectric converting apparatus
MOSFET structure and method for manufacturing same
Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Substrate with strained and relaxed silicon regions
Semiconductor device comprising a field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Active matrix substrate and method for producing same
High-K spacer for extension-free CMOS devices with high mobility channel materials
Semiconductor light emitting device
Light-emitting device
Body of doped semiconductor material having scattering centers of non-doping atoms of foreign matter disposed between two layers of opposing conductivities
Method and structure to reduce parasitic capacitance in raised source/drain silicon-on-insulator devices
Electro-mechanical switching devices
Nanowire transistor structures with merged source/drain regions using auxiliary pillars
Method for forming field effect transistors
Method for fabrication of copper-indium gallium oxide and chalcogenide thin films
Fluorinated tin oxide back contact for AZTSSe photovoltaic devices
Solar cell module and method for producing the same
Mixed orientation semiconductor device and method
Processes for uniform metal semiconductor alloy formation for front side contact metallization and photovoltaic device formed therefrom
Light emitting diode and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting diode
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
Integrated conductive substrate, and electronic device employing same
Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting diode including the same
Solar cell having organic nanowires
Semiconductor structure and method for its production
Method for manufacturing transparent electrode
Electrochemical energy store
Battery assembly and method of switching connection in battery assembly
Nanostructured Pt.sub.xM.sub.y catalyst for PEMFC cells having a high activity and a moderate H.sub.2O.sub.2 production
Stack for a solid oxide fuel cell using a flat tubular structure
Flexible substrate antenna and antenna device
Aperture-fed, stacked-patch antenna assembly
Connector having a retainer with outer surface flush with outer surface of the connector housing
Anti-rotation seal for connector assembly
Receptacle connector and receptacle connector assembly
Low profile connector
Arrangement for energized rail for movable sockets
Light bulb socket assembly
Plug, socket and connection apparatus
Assembly comprising coaxial cable and right-angled coaxial connector and manufacturing method thereof
Spark plug having long service life
Flush mounting utility component assembly
Weatherproof outdoor electrical box
Spacer and/or spacer damper
Power system and control method of the power system
Wireless power transmission system, and method and apparatus for controlling power in wireless power transmission system
Battery device, battery management system, and battery management method
Control system, control apparatus, and control method
Bank card presence detection to avoid a wireless charger demagnetizing a bank card
Apparatus and method for switch state detection and controlling electrical power
Electrical machine with magnetic flux intensifier
Tool for manufacturing coils for dynamoelectric machines and method therefor
Reaction force compensation device
Windscreen wiper motor
Method and device for generating electrical energy
Overshoot prevention for deep dimming startup
Circuit configuration having a resonant converter, and method for operating a resonant converter
Low work-function, mechanically and thermally robust emitter for thermionic energy converters
Port isolation in shared transformers
Low noise amplifier
Differential amplifier
Process for adjusting the sound volume of a digital sound recording
Dynamically reconfigurable filter bank
Reconfigurable voltage desensitization circuit to emulate system critical paths
Electronic device and motherboard
Use of relative permittivity in different materials to enhance capacitive switch sensitivity
Dynamic voltage level shifters employing pulse generation circuits, and related systems and methods
Symmetrical capacitor arrays succesive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Semiconductor device including an analog/digital conversion circuit
Digital-to-analog converter with switching elements controlled by a microcontroller
Latency reduced error correction scheme with error indication function for burst error correction codes
Compression of integer data using a common divisor
Interference reduction for multiple signals
Systems and methods for reducing audio distortion during playback of phonograph records using multiple tonearm geometries
System and method for wireless communication with and control of motorized window coverings
Signal transmission arrangement with a transformer and signal transmission method
Method, light module and receiving unit for light coding
Microfabricated optical apparatus
System and method for a blended signal
Beacon placement suggestion based on target region
Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Closed loop MIMO harmonized feedback
Dynamic trigger algorithm for antenna switch diversity
Apparatus and method for removing interference by ICS repeater using standardizer
Receiver system for audio information
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Integrated access network
Method of controlling optical network unit (ONU) in sleep mode
Traffic control on an on-chip network
Network event tracking
Transmitting device, method for monitoring memory, and transmission system
Packet exchanging device, transmission apparatus, and packet scheduling method
Communication system and apparatus for providing supplementary service in femto cell
Adaptive uplink/downlink timeslot assignment in a hybrid wireless time division multiple access/code division multiple access communication system
Displaying a known sender's identifier to a recipient of a joint senders' message
Systems and methods for sharing videos and images in a texting environment
Methods and apparatus to reduce forwarding state on an FCoE-to-FC gateway using port-specific MAC addresses
Communication management system, communication terminal, communication system, and recording medium
Method of controlling connection between nodes in digital interface
Network information extracting system and method thereof
Multiple-speed message channel of messaging system
Efficient bandwidth estimation
Tunneling within a network-on-chip topology
Turbo decoding techniques
Method for generating an HTML document that contains encrypted files and the code necessary for decrypting them when a valid passphrase is provided
Identifying reset source and reason in a TCP session
Detecting the introduction of alien content
Systems and methods to enforce security policies on the loading, linking, and execution of native code by mobile applications running inside of virtual machines
Non RFC-compliant protocol classification based on real use
Shared data encryption and confidentiality
Providing display content according to confidential information
Browser activity replay with advanced navigation
Rugged and mobile media server and method for providing media to passengers on a public transport vehicle
Radio communication method, radio communication system, radio base station and user terminal
Method and system for establishing a session key
Connective device, application program and content retrieval system
Apparatus having a conductive housing and an antenna with tunable resonance
Base-station control device, wireless communication system, and base station
Mobile radio communication devices, servers, methods for controlling a mobile radio communication device, and methods for controlling a server
Remote radio equipment
Mobile device
Intelligent interactive voice response system for processing customer communications
Terminal, information leak prevention method, and computer-readable recording medium
Wireless communication system with enhanced power management
Methods and systems for providing telecommunications services
Management system, management device and image forming apparatus
System, user interface display control method, server, information processing apparatus and storage medium
Memory control circuit and image forming apparatus
3-dimensional data processing apparatus and method
Stereoscopic image output system
Image processing device, imaging device, image processing method, and recording medium
Enhanced 3D display method and system
Electronic device and method
Systems and methods for video content analysis
Method for fast 3D video coding for HEVC
Communication device, communication system, and communication control method
Methods for processing multimedia flows and corresponding devices
Context and content based automated image and media sharing
Focus adjustment apparatus, focus adjustment method, program and image pickup apparatus
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and program
Method and apparatus for representing storage capacity allocation of an audio/video recording device
Automatic synchronization of subtitles based on audio fingerprinting
Classifying spoken content in a teleconference
Validating asset movement using virtual tripwires and a RFID-enabled asset management system
Method for mapping between signaling information and announcement information and broadcast receiver
Color processing apparatus and method therefor
Second screen subtitles function
Systems and methods for secure supply chain management and inventory control
Speaker apparatus and electronic device having the same
Earphone with at least one air orifice
Method for manufacturing surface acoustic wave device
Template for implanting a housing of a hearing instrument
Headphone assembly
Sound processors having contamination resistant control panels and implantable cochlear stimulation systems including the same
Method for playing back the sound of a digital audio signal
Audio jack with included microphone
Narrow-angle directional microphone
Method and apparatus for controlling multimedia execution on a device
Medical body area network (MBAN) with automatic in-facility spectrum use enforcement
Systems and methods for transmitting variable beacon profiles
Method and electronic device for performing exchange of messages
Usage of software programs on mobile computing devices
Wireless access point tile download prioritization
Method for performing measurement and terminal
Systems, methods and apparatus configured to manage neighbor cell lists
Mobile communication system, base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, control method, and computer readable medium
Wireless device, wireless base station, and control method for a failure in a wireless network
Detecting deviation in broadcasting device properties
Intelligent subscriber notification based on a confidence level of viewing messages
Performance-based cell aggregation in a mobile network
Main synchronization sequence design method for global covering multi-beam satellite LTE
Systems and methods for sharing scanning information
Mechanism to enable WiFi offload based on power preference of user equipment
Frequency accommodation
Methods and apparatuses for communicating in television white space (TVWS) based on TVWS enablement signal
Method for communicating data using bandwidth request channel, user equipment and base station conducting the same
Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
Method and system for delay scheduling
Radio resource management apparatus of base station in mobile communication system and method of managing the same
Adaptive silencing mechanism for device-to-device (D2D) discovery
Heat-generating film, and heat-generating product comprising same
Low cost LED driver with integral dimming capability
Lighting device, illumination device, and lighting fixture
Systems and methods for synchronous operation of debris-mitigation devices
Touch panel and method of manufacturing the same
Electrode substrate and touch panel
Package substrate and electronic device
Method of controlling contact load in electronic component mounting apparatus
Apparatus for securing printed circuit boards
Portable electronic device and battery pack for the same
Air-cooled heatsink for cooling integrated circuits
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cleaning device
Electric iron
Charcoal container with cover
Waste bin
Escalator decking
Two-tone moving step panel for escalator
Dishwasher cage
Drum washing machine
Washing high pressure equipment
Washing high pressure equipment
Handle for upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner head
Handle for folding upright vacuum cleaner
Pivotable appliance console
Probe for a portable coordinate measurement machine
Portable coordinate measurement machine
Digital camera
Digital camera
Digital camera
Toner supplying cartridge
Toner supplying cartridge
Screen for projection
Non-slipping foam attachment for eyeglasses
Roll-up electronic keyboard
Drum lug
Currency acceptor system
Proximity interface for transaction acceptance systems
Account balancing calculator
Ink tank for printer
Label printer
Binder insert
Book annotation station
Magnetic memo center
Rotating carrousel storage device
Ball point pen
Door angel
Car including toy-car, motor car, replica car and scale-model car
Fold-out, hand-held electronic game
Playing card back
Bubble machine
Toy kitchen
Golf club back cavity
Rotary torso exercise machine
Torso machine
Exercise device
Multifunction rocking exercise device
Wood type head for a golf club
Wood type head for a golf club
Bore sighting apparatus
Firecracker assemblage
Fishing float
Faucet spout
Faucet spout
Faucet spout
Water treating device
Collection header for filtration
Sprayer having a detachable shield
Faucet handle
Toilet flush system
Stove or heater
Stove or heater
Air freshener device
Exhaust hood
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture
Nasal allergy-curing member
Percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy device
Dental implant fixture
Electrode for stimulating the skin
Nasal dilator
Connector for endoscope
Tartar detection device
Instrument handle
Instrument handle
Instrument handle
Instrument handle
Elastomeric finger joint
Picture window replacement frame sill
Glass tile array
Acrylic window insert for a garage door
Acrylic window insert for a garage door
Glass panel
Piscine surface plate
Sash with interlock for a window
Pig swimming pool
Convention center
Fiberglass swimming pool
Fiberglass swimming pool
Two-sided manhole step
Car-used auxiliary light
Light assembly for attachment to the headpiece of a stethoscope
Portable focused beam searchlight
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Led taillight
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Light with swivelling reflector and lamp
Desk lamp
Headlight module for work vehicle
Cover cap for wide angled lighting fixture
Drywall finish piece for recessed lights
Mini piezoelectric lighter head
Pair of eye shadow applicator strips
Cosmetic case
Hair remover
Combined hair cutting machine and stand
Cosmetic article basket and mirror
Lipstick compact case
Reversible adjustable hunting safety harness
Safety helmet
Underwater face mask
Fighting fish bowl
Bird food dispenser
Strap tip cover for an animal halter
Disposable receptacle for pet excrement
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Lower portion for a coffin
Human Necessities
Hole cutting device
Wheel supported implement for working and grading soil
Tine assembly for a cultivator
Transport drawbar
Seed planter apparatus and method
Plant cutter apparatus
Powered actuator system for mower parking brake system
Tent with anchors
Vegetation element
Protective winter turf cover
Method of attaching a tubular sleeve to a pot
Calla lily plant named `Tahiti`
Petunia plant named `Mediopimo`
Hybrid carnation plant named `CFPC Mel`
Caladium plant named `Florida Whitewater`
Verbena plant named `Usbenal5`
Hypericum plant named `Esmfire`
Carpinus coreana plant named `Kuro Bijin`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI218`
Raspberry plant named `Driscoll Francesca`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 10`
Verbena plant named `Usbenal8`
Variety of Petunia plant named `Sumpet 08`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S54`
Astilbe plant named `Rhythm and Blues`
Verbena plant named `USBENAL11`
Variety of pelargonium plant named `Pacburg`
Daylily plant named `Just Plum Happy`
Calibrachoa plant named `Uscali28`
Astilbe plant named `Rock and Roll`
Miniature rose plant named `JACposun`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Mango`
Petunia plant named `Ustuni153`
Hybrid carnation plant named `CFPC SARI`
Calla lily plant named `Romeo`
Saintpaulia plant named `Butterfly Blue`
Calla Lily plant named `Black Star`
Bulk milk tank with adjustable ladder
Automated foot bath apparatus and method
Dog toy and toothbrush system and method
Water dispenser for small animals or pets
Hummingbird feeder having removable vessel unit
Fish hook
Fishing rod rack assembly for pick up truck
Rodent catching apparatus
Garden pest trap
Bone allograft packaging system
Hypericum plant named `Esmamber`
Fragile container handling system for retort/sterilization processes
Do-it-yourself cigarette maker and component assemblies
Biodegradable cellulose acetate structure and tobacco filter
Thong-type garment with wireframe construction
Thermoelectric modules and a heating and cooling apparatus incorporating same
Protective body vest
Head covering
Disposable sweatband liner
Tamper resistant institutional shoe and method
Sports footwear with improved flexibility
Shock absorbers for footwear
Method of making striped metal beads
Portable icebox
Combined diffuser and concentrator for a hair dryer
Multipurpose treatment table
Make up application kit
Cleaning brush device
Advertising table
Adjustable tailgate table
Futon frame that assembles by means of sockets
Mechanism for a divan bed
Storable bed assembly
Bed with adjustable elevation components
Rotary actuator, especially for adjustable furniture, including beds and bottom for beds
Head section support for a surgical table apparatus
Bed sheet fastener system
Cushioning device including a restraint structure
Supporting device, notably mattress, mattress support or for a seat
Variable density therapeutic cushion
Air filled therapeutic pillow
Mobile food/drink serving apparatus
Picture hanging device
Method of covering a potted plant
Camping coffee maker
Coffee-making device with pressure control
Multi-purpose cooking appliance of the automatically-opening hinged type
Foam cook top range stand construction system
Charcoal dispensing system
Barbecue device
Barbecue stove structure having a switch
Nut piercer
Flushable toddler toilet chair liner
Toilet seat lifting device
Lint-free wiper
Pot and pan washing machine
Pliers with jaw spacing and load measuring readings
Power toothbrush with brushing pressure feedback
Intravaginal retention device for a tailed animal
Incontinence device insertion kit
Device for prevention of involuntary urination
Apparatus to assist disabled persons
Stainless steel canister for propellant-driven metering aerosols
Method and apparatus for optimizing controlled positive airway pressure using the detection of cardiogenic oscillations
Arrangement and method for feedback control of a gas flow in a breathing assist apparatus
Expiration cassette that is removably insertable in the expiration section of a ventilation
System and method for transient response and accuracy enhancement for sensors with known transfer characteristics
Self-moistening tracheostomy device
Neo-natal oxygen delivery system
Device for therapeutic purposes on human tissue, for influencing injected magnetic particles with an alternating electro-magnetic gradient field
On-board inert gas generating system optimization by pressure scheduling
NoFoam system for testing a FOAM delivery system on a vehicle
Inerting method and apparatus for preventing and extinguishing fires in enclosed spaces
Process and installation for fighting a fire in an aircraft compartment and aircraft equipped with such an installation
Snap on, thigh to pedal, auxiliary propulsive system for bicycles
Therapeutic magnetic hand wrap or grip
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reservoir unit
Fuel supply device of an internal combustion engine with a fuel filter
System for spin-cleaning closed-end filter cartridges
Membrane desiccation heat pump
Steam heating device
Pullout spray head with pause button
Combination paint roller and shield
Cleaning material and sealing material for microscopic particles
Coating wiper for moving strip
Wafer cleaning apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing multiple cleaning and vacuum drying operations in enclosed vessels
Apparatus for cleaning filters
Work roll for use in rolling apparatus
Sheet metal forming tool
Method of forming tubular member with flange
Method of manufacturing an article by diffusion bonding and superplastic forming
Hemming device and hemming method
Method for hemming
Manufacturing process for a grooved structure and structure obtained by this process
Offset nose assembly with improved deflector and guard assemblies
Method and apparatus for forming parts from a continuous stock material and associated forge
Method of producing a turbine blade
Method for producing a golf club head
Internal chill casting method for manufacturing a cast product containing a pipe therein
Device for lateral containment of liquid steel between crystallizing rolls of a casting machine for a steel strip
Method for continuously casting between two rolls austenitic stainless steel strips with excellent surface quality and resulting strips
Method of continuously casting electrical steel strip with controlled spray cooling
Method and apparatus for manufacturing light metal alloy
Process for incorporating a metallic semi-finished product by casting
Method and apparatus for removing ceramic material from cast components
Polycrystalline diamond partially depleted of catalyzing material
Rotatable tube cutter
Process for minimizing waste during processing of a length of stock
Adjusting device for a table saw
Quick release device for band saws or the like
Apparatus and method for providing an enhanced metal cutting saw blade
Method for removing solder bumps from LSI
Electrical terminal tinning process
Assembling apparatus for electrical machine having permanently magnetized field magnets
Level adjusting apparatus for a power tool
Roller type reversible adjustable wrench
Motorized light bulb changer
Damaged light bulb base extractor
Ratchet socket
Power driven wrench
Screw driving tool
Pressing tongs
Arrow extractor device and method
Soft-grip wire stripper
Hammer with resilient swivel pivoted joint
Multi-function portable tool
Combination tool having a hammer
Stationary bit holder
Pair of Scissors
Hair clipping device with internal vacuum
Cutting tool with linear oscillating drive
Punch and emboss tool with interchangeable dies
Sawing machine with dustproof assembly
Cutting tool with hardened tip having a tapered base
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Thermal regulation of a coated work-piece during the reconfiguration of the coated work-piece
Centrifugally cast hollow straight sided fiberglass reinforced columns
Floating heated packaging shoe
Apparatus and method for producing print
Printing process for absorbent substrate
Method of forming a nonwoven composite fabric and fabric produced thereof
Artificial leather shoe and artificial leather suited therefor
Method for the preparation of a negative working printing plate
Media clamping apparatus for an external drum imaging system
Article for use in preparing a lithographic printing plate by imaging in a printer engine
Cladding for a printing machine
Extendable auto printing and drying machine
Print screen frame tensioning system
Method and apparatus for reversing sheet material in sheet-processing machines
Seal for chambered doctor blade
Method of ink agitation by ink aspiration
Printing machine provided with a cleaning device
Sheet-fed printing machine
Printing device for rotogravure printing machines
Device for controlling rotation of rotating drum
Substrate and method of forming substrate for MEMS device with strain gage
Method of manufacturing a head chip
Stamp, method, and apparatus
Offset and screen combination printing method
Offset lithographic printing press
Device for articulating a tire-pressure sensor on a motor vehicle rim
Air-conditioning system for a vehicle
Air conditioner for a vehicle
Temperature control system for a vehicle
Window with a windup window shade fastened thereon
Seal with compliant magnetic appendage
Fuel tank
Adjustable pedal controller with obstruction detection
Cranking-caused vibration suppressing apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Steering wheel
Hybrid-gas generator, in particular for filling a gas bag
Theft prevention device
Wiper arm shaped as an aerodynamic deflector
Motorcycle control lever
Pneumatic brake booster with variable force transmission ratio
Transit vehicle door operator and lock
Multiple trough coil car
Apparatus for performing mechanical tests on structures
Method and mechanism for transporting work
Adjustable centerline foot brace system
Boat with swing seating
Boat hook attachment
Portable dock structure
Reconfigurable boat deck
End portions for a flexible fluid containment vessel and a method of making the same
Folding rigid-bottom boat
Replaceable, reflecting kayak rudder system with pedal and trim adjusting features
Magnetic condensing system for cryogenic engines
Device for controlling an engine
Equipment for wrapping groups of products in plastic film
Automated filling machine and associated method
Method and apparatus for product packaging
Apparatus for inserting a fastener into a packing strip or plate
Method and apparatus for compressing a mattress with an inner coil spring
Sealing device for a disposable cup
Wrapped deck pallet formed of two orthogonally related cardboard sheets and method
Skein label
Package with shrink film lidstock
Feminine hygiene disposal method
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing muntin bar assemblies
System and apparatus for filling containers with bulk particulate materials
Vertically movable dock bumper device
Device for selecting and conveying printing plates
Coating film transfer tool
Supporting or guiding device for sheets in a sheet processing machine, particularly a printing press
Device for smoothening the unwinding from the cylinder of the loops of yarn forming the weft reserve, in weft suppliers for fluid jet looms
Cork extracting device
Automatic can opener
Funnel set
Micro structure for vertical displacement detection and fabricating method thereof
Micromechanical resonator device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dissolvable product feed apparatus
Method for drying paste-like materials
Maintaining a plug-free system during a silica soot creation process
Method of producing a quartz glass tube and drill body for performing the method
Quartz making an elongated fused quartz article using a furnace with metal-lined walls
Method for manufacturing optical gratings
Process for melting and refining vitrifiable materials
Method of applying a protective organic coating to an optical glass fibre
Dipeptide derivatives as growth hormone secretagogues
Production of synthesis gas from a hydrocarbon containing formation
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation and tuning production
Textiles; Paper
Supporting disk for supporting a rotor
Method of improving properties of open end yarn
Method for producing tubular knitwear items and products obtained thereby
Method and apparatus for producing automatically shaped tubular knitwear items with graduated anatomic support and control and products obtained thereby
Method and device for producing a structured, voluminous non-woven web or film
Sewing machine and the system thereof
Configurable electronic controller
Cool down temperature control system for clothes dryer
Fixed Constructions
Moveable track connection
Method and apparatus for forming a concrete foundation wall
Bucket filler
Dispenser for use in a tank of water
Column-and-beam join structure
Retractable structures comprised of interlinked panels
Vacuum heat-insulating block
Constructional elements
Awning installation device
Retractable in house open stairwell cover
Reversible plastic building board with different colored sides
Method and apparatus for controlling break points and reducing rip currents in wave pools
Above-ground self-supporting swimming pool
Drain cover
Motor vehicle locking device with a shaft as the coupling means
Remote control lock device
Simple deadbolt assembly
Farm gate stop device
Door hinge with an integrated door stop
Mounting plate for fastening a furniture fitting, such as an arm of a hinge for a piece of furniture
Pressure sensitive sensor
Overhead door locking operator
Method and apparatus for retaining slats of a vertical blind
Lift control device for a roller shade
Tensioner/slip-joint assembly
Liner hanger running tool and method
Forming a wellbore casing while simultaneously drilling a wellbore
Continuous circulation drilling method
Surface deployed cement separation plug
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Combustion-driven hydroelectric generating system with closed loop control
Thermal micro-actuator based on selective electrical excitation
Connecting rod apparatus of hermetic compressor
Internal combustion engine and method
Exhaust gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Safety device for a washing system for liquid fuel burners in gas turbines
Counterrotatable booster compressor assembly for a gas turbine engine
Two-stroke internal combustion engine with air injection system
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve operating mechanism
Actuating device for securing a camshaft of an engine of a motor vehicle in a start position
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Hydraulic valve actuation systems and methods
Manifold for housing high-pressure oil in a camless engine
Oil pump for internal combustion engine and method of operating the same
Process for checking the operability of an exhaust gas purification catalyst
Exhaust gas purification system
Internal combustion engine with SCR and integrated ammonia production
Temperature management of catalyst system for a variable displacement engine
Reducing agent dosing device
Self-piercing radiator drain valve
Piston cooling device for multicylinder engine
Cooling system for water-cooled internal combustion engine and control method applicable to cooling system therefor
Fuel igniter and head for use in diesel engines and related systems and methods
Direct fuel injection internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for providing a hydrogen enriched fuel to combustion prechamber
Air induction system for multi-cylinder engine
Intake arrangement for combustion air
Adhesively bonded engine intake manifold assembly
Cross-flow cylinder head
Compression ignition internal combustion engine
Combustion engine improvement
Control system for an internal combustion engine boosted with an electronically controlled pressure charging device
Displacement on demand with throttle preload security methodology
Method of starting a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine without using a starter motor
Method for the damping of load impacts in the drive train of a motor vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine equipped with an electronic control system
Evaporative fuel processing system for in-cylinder fuel injection type internal combustion engine and method
Combustible-gas sensor, diagnostic device for intake-oxygen concentration sensor, and air-fuel ratio control device for internal combustion engines
Method and electronic control device for diagnosing the mixture production in an internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio feedback control apparatus
Throttle device for engine
Throttle valve control device for an internal combustion engine
Combustion system for hybrid solar fossil fuel receiver
Waste heat recovering apparatus for an engine
Methods for retaining gas turbine engine nozzle basesheets
Flame holder for a hybrid rocket motor
Method and arrangement for obtaining a low-emission tanking operation of a tank system including a tank system of a motor vehicle
Composite intake manifold assembly for an internal combustion engine and method for producing same
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, in particular with direct injection, computer program, control and/or regulating unit, and fuel system for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection apparatus for marine engine
Recoil starter
Combustion detecting apparatus of engine
Piston for fluid machine and method of manufacturing the same
Electrohydraulic motor pump aggregate, attachable element and pressure limiting valve
Alternate flow of discharge gas to a vaporizer for a screw compressor
Hydraulic system pump charging and recirculation apparatus
Hydraulic control device
Linear actuator
Rotary buckle structure
Method for manufacturing a pressure roller
Sliding structure for a reciprocating internal combustion engine and a reciprocating internal combustion engine using the sliding structure
Portable belt lacer
Electronically controlled dampener for hydrostatic transmission
Method for assembling a mechatronics sensor
Shift actuator for a transmission
Caston piston
Method to create a hot melt form for use with an air induction assembly
Multiple-layer cylinder head gasket with integral pressure sensor apparatus for measuring pressures within engine cylinders
Articulated seal
Armoured, flexible pipe and use of same
Multi-section protective cover system for hot water pipes
Tube for transporting a fluid in an automobile
Movable office support system
Method and apparatus for warming and storage of cold fluids
Floor element for a floor heating or cooling system, and a process for manufacturing the element
Heat pump system
Refrigerating device
Supercritical pressure regulation of vapor compression system by use of gas cooler fluid pumping device
Adaptive defrost control for a refrigerator
EMI reducing structure in refrigerator
Wheeled carpet dryer with handle
Plate-type heat exchanger
Heat exchanger tubing and heat exchanger assembly using said tubing
Heat exchanger with cut tubes
Runout correction rifle barrel
Firearm with fixed cartridge magazine top
Paintball feed system
Feed mechanism for paint ball gun
Compressed air distributor
Ball throwing machine
Arrow rest for archery bow
Method and device for judging aiming errors of a weapon system and use of the device
High-speed supercavitating underwater vehicle
Towed airborne vehicle control and explosion damage assessment
Low cost ignition device for gas generators
Explosive device with assembled segments and related methods
Universal angle means
Combination compass
Angular velocity sensor
Angular velocity sensor
Setup gage
Cover for a sealed linear encoder and a sealed linear encoder
Controller for monitoring fluid flow volume
Velocity measuring apparatus to establish purge gas velocity prior to welding
Ultrasonic transducer and flow sensor configuration
Load detection structure for vehicle seat
Bell assembly having actuatable clapper
Vibration pickup and an insulating disk for a vibration pickup
Tire and rim assembly centering method
Optical workstation
Method and apparatus for measuring effects of exhaust gas recirculation deposits
Vehicle wheel alignment method and tire force measurement system
Automated sample analysis system
Grinding and sample presentation for analysis
Micromechanical apparatus for measurement of forces
Sensor probe for measuring temperature and liquid volumetric fraction of a liquid droplet laden hot gas and method of using same
Device for measuring the oxygen concentration in gases
Testing device for the ultrasonic inspection of barstock
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with elevated and tilted scanhead connectors
Cleanliness evaluation in sputter targets using phase
Method of determining physical properties of wood
System and method for determining the status of an object by insonification
Method of stress testing footwear
Intelligent gas identification system and method thereof
Micromechanical structure, in particular for an acceleration sensor or yaw rate sensor and a corresponding method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for non-destructive testing of leaded packages
Combined surface and wellbore electromagnetic measurement system and method for determining formation fluid properties
Manufacturing method of printed circuit board using dry film resist
Crown tightening tool
Machine control over the web
Method for controlling printing in a mail-processing device
Resilient road sign
Liner for use in processing chamber
Process of fabricating a circuitized structure
Method for producing dendrite interconnect for planarization
Method of delivering target object to be processed, table mechanism of target object and probe apparatus
Method of making ceramic multilayer circuit boards mounted in a patterned metal support substrate
Molded high impedance surface and a method of making same
Cable stripping device
Spreading code sequence acquisition system and method that allows fast acquisition in code division multiple access (CDMA) systems
Component placing and transferring apparatus
Electric-component mounting system
Apparatus for feeding electronic component and method for mounting electronic component
Circuit board and a method for making the same
Method of manufacturing multilayered printed wiring board using adhesive film
Method for producing printed circuit board with embedded decoupling capacitance
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