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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lawn mower with grass striping mechanism
Electroluminescent braided pet leash
Deodorizer for refrigerator
Warming apparatus for motorcyclist
Method and apparatus for preventing the spread of germs while coughing or sneezing
Magnetic clasp for jewelry including safety catch and alignment means
Tennis ball holder
Bi-pole cleaning device
Washing accessories for supporting an article
Bath transfer system
Water pipe starter and cleaning device
Lead with distal tip surface electrodes connected in parallel
Method for determining a metric of non-sustained arrhythmia occurrence for use in arrhythmia prediction and automatic adjustment of arrhythmia detection parameters
Lead system for providing electrical stimulation to the Bundle of His
Method of applying defibrilator electrode pad with folded release sheet
Apparatus and method for transmitting an electrical signal in an implantable medical device
Mechanically-based interval optimization for a biventricular pacing engine
Tree stand support bracket
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method, system and apparatus for the deagglomeration and/or disaggregation of clustered materials
Roller mill
Damping arrangement for a fuel injector
Method and apparatus for depositing material onto a surface
Process and apparatus for producing a turbine component, turbine component and use of the apparatus
Method, an implement and a twister for tying together end portions of wire material extending around a bale
Apparatus and method for simultaneous usage of multiple die casting tools
Methods of assembling well screens
Method of manufacturing a face with different thickness distribution
Hand-operated stapler
Shaving apparatus with a short-hair cutting device and a long-hair cutting device
Arrangement for retro-actively cutting wiper blades
Device and methods for raising and/or lowering a printing form
Construction layout tool
Tire pressure control system
Connecting and guide element for a tire chain
Electric vehicle
Straddle-type vehicle
Hybrid drive, in particular, for a motor vehicle
Backing strip for windshield wiper
Method and apparatus for supporting stop-and-go engine functionality
Control apparatus and control method for vehicle-mounted fuel cell power generation system
Transmitter and receiver device for train detection
Clearance adjusting decelerator and electric power steering apparatus having the same
Satellite active motion damping
Method and apparatus for sealing container
Anti-sifting polygonal carton and methods of assembly
Bottle with multi-fold protective cover and leak-proof closure device
Carrier and method
Plasma television packing structure and panel display device packing structure
Portable liquid dispenser
Method for transferring a product in a packaging machine and transfer device for carrying out said method
Transfer device for the lateral ejection of transported goods and transport unit
Conveyor device having a filling device for vertical flow of material, without demixing, of powdered media
Dispenser for viscous material
Textiles; Paper
Straight-type finish for synthetic fibers, processing method for false twisted textured yarns using same, and false twisted textured yarns
Flexible protective corrugated tube
Method of sewing a decorative seam and trim component made by that method
Random tumbling washing machine wash chamber for improving cleaning while minimizing mechanical damage to clothes
Washing machine and method for manufacturing door thereof
Household pressing iron having an improved cord guide device
Fixed Constructions
Cutoff device with liquid bag
Method and device for connecting a wear part to the support thereof on material handling devices on heavy construction machinery
Cartridge and valve device for mixing effluent with liquid or solid using venturi
Soundproof material
Secure data center having redundant cooling and blast protection for protecting computer servers by the positioning of air handling units, fiber optic cable and a fire suppression system
Debris removal system and method for stadiums and arenas
Housing for electronic lock
Electromechanical cylinder lock
Window regulator for vehicle
Door stop
Single cone rock bit having inserts adapted to maintain hole gage during drilling
Methods and apparatus for well construction
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of efficiency and emissions performance improvement for the simple steam cycle
Device and method for controlling internal combustion engine
Procedure and device to control a reducing agent generation system
Water pump and control method for same
Spark plug location for split-cycle engine
Dilution and dispersion device for the exhaust and/or cooling gases of a vehicle's engine
System and method for the co-generation of fuel having a closed-loop energy cycle
Throttle valve control device
Mass air flow estimation based on manifold absolute pressure
Throttle valve and method of producing the same
Compact, high performance swirl combustion rocket engine
Vapor assisted cold start architecture utilizing tank grade vent valves
Synchronizing common rail pumping events with engine operation
Flange mounted valve manifold
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine on a vehicle
Friction clutch and actuator thereof
Hydraulic actuator having an auxiliary valve
Integrated hystat having single input and independent output
Clutch including damper springs
Multirate tubing flow restrictor
Hot cold water supply crossover manifold
Deep fat tube fryer burner assembly
Waste heat utilization device and control method thereof
Refrigerant charging method in refrigeration system using carbon dioxide as refrigerant
Micro-spray cooling system
Supercavitating vehicle control
High-pressure fixed munition for low-pressure launching system
Explosive-driven electric pulse generator and method of making same
Punch deflection gauge
Measurement of paper stack topography
Gauge head assembly with non-magnetic insert
Method for detecting a jammed charge movement flap of an internal combustion engine
High-efficiency air intake for aerosol air samplers
Device for testing at least one quality parameter of a fluid
Method for measuring for permeability to gases with rapid conditioning and installation for carrying out this method
Autonomous biobuoy for detecting a characteristic of a marine biosphere and method of assembling the biobuoy
Buried pipe examining method
Constant moment testing device for elongated members
Method and apparatus for applying bending load to an axle of an aircraft landing gear
System for statistical analysis of quality control data
Fall detecting method and fall detecting device
Device and method for calculating electro-magnetic field intensity by cooperation of circuit analyses and electro-magnetic wave analyses
Methods and systems for testing wire insulation
Test method and test circuit for electronic device
Input/output characterization chain for an integrated circuit
Microprocessor on-chip testing architecture and implementation
Image forming apparatus including a plurality of developing devices with a toner density detecting feature
Image forming apparatus for preventing image deterioration caused by fallen conductive brush and scatter of developer
Developing method for an image forming apparatus and developing device using the same
Image heating apparatus having flexible rotatable member
Image forming apparatus including a subsidiary transfer part having a fiber optic guide
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having residual toner collection
Automatic planning and cueing system and method
Method and system of programming at least one appliance to change state upon the occurrence of a trigger event
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle
Combustion control of internal combustion engine
Humidity controller apparatus
Liquid animal scent dispenser
Vehicle-pedal backward-displacement preventing device
Techniques to monitor transition density of an input signal
I2C repeater with voltage translation
Measure controlled delay with duty cycle control
Enabling secure communication in a clustered or distributed architecture
Information processing system and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for activating a bleed circuit through logic in response to a back-driven voltage on a supply voltage plane
Signal processing apparatus and a data recording and reproducing apparatus including local memory processor
Methods for saving data on the basis of the remaining capacity of a battery in a suspend mode and resuming operations using the saved data
Method for controlling machines and an information system for operating a machine
Communication control program, recording medium carrying communication control program, communication control method, and data processing apparatus
Performance monitoring for optical transmission system
Characteristic image of electrical data bus
Information processing device equipped with improved address queue register files for cache miss
Storage system and method for acquisition and utilization of snapshots
Storage control subsystem for managing logical volumes
Method of verifying a system in which a plurality of master devices share a storage region
Hot-pluggable peripheral input device coupling system
Method of controlling portable personal device having facilities for storing and playing digital contents by computer and portable personal device operation method therefor
Method and apparatus for converting an external memory access into a local memory access in a processor core
System and method for controlling data transfer for data array control unit having first and second selector with data shift register
Software and process for low-latency audio recording
Structure for handling packetized SCSI protocol data overruns in a multi-data channel host adapter
Agent for integrated annotation and retrieval of images
System and method for simultaneous display of multiple information sources
Method and apparatus for retrieving activity data related to an activity
Flexible web-based interface for workflow management systems
Method and apparatus providing distributed authorization management of communication sessions
xDSL connection monitor
System and method for providing statistics for flexible billing in a cable environment
Integrated information communication system for detecting and discarding external data packets that violate addressing rules
Wireless LAN with dynamic channel access management
Network communication between hosts
Storage-related accounting system and method of the same
Network-device management apparatus and method, recording medium, and transmission apparatus
System and method for computer hardware identification
Methods for automatically installing, maintaining, and repairing device driver through the internet and system thereof
Disk drive employing a non-volatile serial semiconductor memory for storing a control program for a microprocessor
System and method for reducing the size of data difference representations
Tamper resistant postal security device with long battery life
Method for generating training data for medical text abbreviation and acronym normalization
Adaptive borehole assembly visualization in a three-dimensional scene
Article dispensing system and method of dispensing articles
System and method for visualization of continuous attribute values
Firewall providing enhanced network security and user transparency
FIR filter, method of operating the same, semiconductor integrated circuit including FIR filter, and communication system for transmitting data filtered by FIR filter
Railroad curve transition spiral design method based on control of vehicle banking motion
Time domain passivity control of haptic interfaces
Optimized discrete fourier transform method and apparatus using prime factor algorithm
Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering text annotations for non-modifiable electronic content
Method of real-time business collaboration
Highlighting quoted passages in a hypertext system
Interactive technique to automatically find and organize items similar to example items
Method and apparatus for providing a dynamically-updating pay-for-service web site
Indexing productions for use in a left-corner chart parser which parses input text containing input symbols
Apparatus and methods for accessing a collection of content portions
Data display apparatus and data display method
Apparatus and method for reset distribution
RRAM backend flow
Method of verifying and representing hardware by decomposition and partitioning
IC layout buffer insertion method
Process related deviation corrected parasitic capacitance modeling method
Stepped sine wave frequency response measurement system
Testing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program for implementing the method
Diagnostic coordination control
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Tool reserve for single fabrication and homogenous MES
Method of production control and method of manufacturing industrial products
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Processing occluded windows during application sharing
Process for automatic dynamic reloading of data flow processors (DFPS) and units with two- or three- dimensional programmable cell architectures (FPGAS, DPGAS, and the like)
Data management framework for policy management
Annotating programs for automatic summary generation
Window display system and method for a computer system
Dynamic pagination of text and resizing of image to fit in a document
Enhanced system for yaw stability control system to include roll stability control function
High security wireless key for asynchronous delivery drop boxes
Dynamic circuit using exclusive states
Multi-way select instructions using accumulated condition codes
Methods and apparatus for automated generation of abbreviated instruction set and configurable processor architecture
Method and apparatus for prioritizing software tests
Dynamic java class loading for application execution
Circuit verification
Task-based multiprocessing system
Method, system, and program for processing a job in an event driven workflow environment
Method for transmitting function parameters to a remote node for execution of the function thereon
Method and system for indicating anisotropic resistivity in an earth formation
Apparatus for controlling engine rotation stop by estimating kinetic energy and stop position
Wireless IC tag joining method, wireless IC tag-carrying article, and vehicle
Transaction cards having dynamically reconfigurable data interface and methods for using same
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Method and system for the rental of furniture and housewares
Tagging animals
Quality and rate control strategy for digital audio
Recording tape cartridge
Method of self-repairing dynamic random access memory
Partially filling block interleaver for a communication system
Method and device for error correction of data blocks
Network processor having cyclic redundancy check implemented in hardware
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing/modulation communication system for improving ability of data transmission and method thereof
Method of automatic frequency-setting for wireless microphone-receivers
Technique for improving modulation performance of translational loop RF transmitters
Method and apparatus for detecting power levels of varying envelope signals
Communications system and method, wireless communications system, wireless microphone and wireless receiver
Method and apparatus for automatic fast locking power conserving synthesizer
Automatic frequency control system, operation control method thereof and mobile communication device using the same
Carrier and clock recovery using universal frequency translation
Inter-vehicle message disseminating method and apparatus for the application of the method
Method for controlling power of TFCI field for DSCH in 3G standard mobile communication system
GEO stationary communications system with minimal delay
Mobile platform local area network using direct infrared
Apparatus and method for secure, automated response to distributed denial of service attacks
Method and apparatus for preventing packet retransmissions during IPsec security association establishment
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
Mobile telephone
Packaging for dynamoelectric machine diagnostic system
System and method for monitoring and control of wireless modules linked to assets
Remote accessible programming
System and method for delivering rerun video programming on non-HDTV digital side channels
Compensating for frequency shift and timing shift in frequency and time tracking loops based on mobile unit velocity
Method for direct voice telephone call using bluetooth terminal
Method for manufacturing quartz piece
Method of forming a printed circuit board with improved via design
Technique for reducing wasted material on a printed circuit board panel
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Crop residue spreader
Grain pan for combine harvester having horizontal pan area
Antimicrobial treatment of enclosed systems having continuous or intermittent fluid flow
Method of making a bird meat product
Detectable cationic flocculant and method of using same in industrial food processes
Support garment fabrics with cross-linked polyurethane latices coated thereon
Multidisc floor grinder
Vacuum cleaner
Transcatheter surgical patch
Filamentous embolic device with expansible elements
Method for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease and apparatus for use therewith
Implant delivery assembly with expandable coupling/decoupling mechanism
Surgical reamer
Method of treating a fractured bone
Method and apparatus for trephination and irrigation of the frontal sinus cavity
Percutaneous material removal device and method
Ultrasonic transducer array and method of manufacturing the same
Biological passageway occlusion removal
Laparoscopic instrument with parallel actuated jaws
Percutaneous myocardial revascularization growth factor mediums and method
Method and arrangement for invasive or endoscopic therapy by utilizing ultrasound and laser
Tumortherapy device and method
Safety shielded reusable trocar
Ultrasonic tissue-type classification and imaging methods and apparatus
Screw-type skin seal with inflatable membrane
Contained direct particle beam flow abrasion system
Surgical cross-connecting apparatus and related methods
Spine distraction implant and method
Method for fixing at least two bone segments
Selective organ cooling apparatus and method employing turbulence-inducing element with curved terminations
Electrosurgical generator
Low-voltage electrosurgical apparatus
Ablation catheter system having linear lesion capabilities
Electrosurgical handle for bipolar/unipolar electrodes
Method and apparatus for creating a bi-polar virtual electrode used for the ablation of tissue
Systems for tissue resection, ablation and aspiration
Bipolar electrosurgical instrument including a plurality of balloon electrodes
Deflectable interstitial ablation device
Miniature spectrometer system and method
Instrument for compensating for hand tremor during the manipulation of fine structures
Composite materials for avoidance of unwanted radiation amplification
Biosignal monitoring system and method
Medical non-intrusive prevention based on network of embedded systems
Method and apparatus for noninvasive determination of cardiac performance parameters
Remote sensing tonometric catheter apparatus and method
Method of analyzing a cardiac signal
Incentive spirometer
Method for compensating for non-metabolic changes in respiratory or blood gas profile parameters
Inhalation testing method and means
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system with a wirelessly-controlled peripheral
Quality assurance ultrasound phantoms
Ultrasound probe having integrated user-operable function switch
Ultrasonic endoscope including radial scanning and linear scanning ultrasonic transducers
Low-fibrillation moulded bodies
Apparatus for applying cranial occipital pressure
Absorbent article with increased wet breathability
Disposable diaper
Contour of a transdermal therapeutic system
Apparatus and method to facilitate intermittent self-catheterization by a user
Pulling membrane stent delivery system
Extractable variably controlled diameter stent and method of using the same
Pull back stent delivery system with pistol grip retraction handle
Stent graft device for treating abdominal aortic aneurysms
Catheter assembly with controlled release endoluminal prosthesis and method for placing
Articulated expandable intraluminal stent
Therapeutic device for the selective cytoreduction treatment of an obstruction
Posterior/anterior chamber intraocular lenses and methods of implantation
Niobium-titanium-zirconium-molybdenum (nbtizrmo) alloys for dental and other medical device applications
Assembly tool for prosthetic implant
Modular artificial hip joint
Knee joint prosthesis with spinout prevention
Filling transfer apparatus for bone cement
Able-bodied artificial foot phosthesis testing apparatus
Combined reconfigurable multi-purpose external orthopedic fixation device and multi-functional rehabilitative prosthesis
Device for configuring a joint brace
Corrective shin splint insole
Waste evacuation system
Therapeutic heat transfer pads
Laser treatment apparatus
Apparatus for intubation of lacrimal drainage pathway
Lacrimal silicone stent with very large diameter segment insertable transnasally
Device for dilating and restoring the lacrimal duct in the human eye
Method for constructing a casket
Traction and abduction apparatus for treating the legg-calves perthes disease
Health appliance including an expandable chamber for stretching the toes
Fluid control device
Method of manufacturing gelatin capsule containing powder or time release pellets
Keratin fibre dye compositions containing pyrrolo-azole compounds, use thereof as couplers, and dyeing method
Method for making ceramic artificial dental bridges
Metal oxide coated titanium dioxide lamellas
Method for dyeing keratinous fibers with indole compounds, compositions and devices for implementation
Transdermal compositions with enhanced skin penetration properties
Labels and tracking systems for sterilization procedures
Method and device for the production of an aqueous solution containing chlorine dioxide
Balloon catheter
Method and apparatus for assisting a heart to pump blood
Method and systems for establishing vascular access
Device for insufflating gas into a cavity in a human or animal body
Bonding a polymer member to a metallic member
Apparatus and method for selectively positioning a device and manipulating it
Intra-aortic balloon catheter having a tapered Y-fitting
Multipurpose medical device
Internal nasal dilator
System for fluid retention management
Nasal-nasopharyngeal cleaning system
Electrical connector for transducer of implantable drug infusion device
Hazardous fluid infuser
Device for acclimatization to therapy by injections
Retractable cover extraction for intravenous and other therapy needles
Biologic cabling
Apparatus and method for treating chronic constipation
Iontophoretic treatment system
Pacemaker system with therapy for minimizing risk of morning myocardial infarctions or arrhythmias
Four-chamber pacing system for optimizing cardiac output and determining heart condition
Heart stimulating device having fusion and pseudofusion heartbeat detection capability
Induction heating device and method for metallic implants in living beings
Remote magnetic manipulation of nervous systems
Device for external treatment with pulsating light of high duty cycle
Device for external medical treatment with monochromatic light
Real-time monitoring of photodynamic therapy over an extended time
Radiation device with shield portion
Catalytic process for the decomposition of organic pollutants
Hydrothermal processing with phosphate additive
Exercise device
Elastic exerciser system
Modular suspended floor and step arrangement
Exercise machine having a sliding seat selectively coupled to a sliding damping member
Cable crossover exercise apparatus
Ankle, leg and hip exercising device
Bowling ball thumb sleeve
Fluid filled golf ball center with enhanced fluid dynamic properties
Wound golf ball
Wound golf ball and making method
Wood-type golf club head fabricated of metal sheets
Golf club
Golf club head with an insert having integral tabs
Golf putter with adjustable characteristics
Break resistant ball bat
Batting tee for maximizing bat to ball contact
Bat bag
Aiming device for golf putter
Golf club swing baffle and method of attaching to shaft
Cartridge, game machine and bi-directional communication type game system
Radio frequency game controller
System and method for scheduled delivery of a software program over a cable network
Walking apparatus
Electronic interactive puppet
Device for soothing, distracting and stimulating a child
Remote control system for operating toys
Portable athletic starting block
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation tank module for kitchen effluent
Flotation pile oil/water separator apparatus
Self-leveling weir
Device for separating floating layers in a liquid basin
Filter changer with bimodal sealing means
Collapsible filter element assembly
Chemical liquid supply method and apparatus thereof
Fuel filter including slow release additive
Filtration system including a back washable pre-filtration apparatus
Method and apparatus for separating droplets for particles from a gas stream
Rigid multi-functional filter assembly
Corrugated axial filter with simple fold pattern and method of making it
Rotating plate heat exchanger
Apparatus and method for removing condensable aluminum vapor from aluminum etch effluent
Process for treatment of a gaseous mixture by pressure swing adsorption, with variable production flow rate
Method of producing thin palladium-copper and the like, palladium alloy membranes by solid-solid metallic interdiffusion, and improved membrane
Natural gas dehydrator
Air purification process
Process for reducing the nitrogen oxides content of exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine
Methods for the separation of compounds from acidic aqueous solutions
Process for the nondestructive heating and supply of hot ammonia or hot ammonia containing feed gas
Apparatus for plasma treatment of a gas
Three-dimensional, photocatalytic filter apparatus
Multi-stage solvent extraction of metal value
Injection quill for water treatment
Photolytic device for breakdown of organic chlorine compounds
Photocatalyst device and photocatalyst reactor
Reduced catalytic carbonaceous char and process for reducing the inherent carbon catalytic reactivity of carbonaceous chars
Monolithic matrix for separating bio-organic molecules
Process and composition for removing precious metals from activated carbon
Silicoaluminophosphates having AEL structure, a method for their preparation and their use as catalysts for the hydroprocessing of hydrocarbon feedstocks
Method of making brine for regeneration of a softening appliance
Process and apparatus for preparation of phosphorus oxyacids from elemental phosphorus
Methods for transport in molecular biological analysis and diagnostics
Reaction block and cover
Controlled fluid transport in microfabricated polymeric substrates
Automatic distribution apparatus and method of distribution
Method for dispensing separator gel in a blood collection tube
Grinding stones
Decontamination apparatus
System and method for cleaning, processing, and recycling materials
Magnetic filtration for slurry used in chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductor wafers
Electret articles and filters with increased oily mist resistance
Sludge treatment method
Centrifugal separator for mixed immiscible fluids
Centrifugal separator with separation funnel
Device for separating solid particles in a fluid stream
Reactive hot-melt adhesive coating machine
Method and apparatus for processing substrate
Film-forming method and metal material
Method of manufacturing ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Method for treating aqueous composition contaminants
Polycrystalline, metallic sputtering target
High thermal conductivity aluminum fin alloys
Tantalum powder, method for producing same powder and sintered anodes obtained from it
Isotropic carbon/copper composites
Tribochemical polishing of ceramics and metals
Ferrule holder and ferrule grinding apparatus
Polishing method for a device
Methods and apparatus for improved polishing of workpieces
Sizing lapping apparatus
Methods for predicting polishing parameters of polishing pads and methods and machines for planarizing microelectronic substrate assemblies in mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization
Method for conditioning a polishing pad used in chemical-mechanical planarization of semiconductor wafers
Ink feed slot formation in ink-jet printheads
Media blasting apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for knurling a workpiece, method of molding an article with such workpiece and such molded article
Abrasive article having an abrasive coating containing a siloxane polymer
Grinding devices for rubber comminuting machines
Abrasive cutter containing diamond particles and a method for producing the cutter
Ware forming method and apparatus
Process for preparing pellets of saponified ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer
Decorative signage with portions in relief and method of making same
Two-stage forming process for producing an expanded sole
Method for producing a composite bathtub
Heat exchanger tank and method of producing the same
Apparatus and method for thermoplastic extrusion
Apparatus for assembling a battery
Ultrasonic welding apparatus and ultrasonic welding method
Selective infiltration manufacturing method and apparatus to fabricate prototypes and moulds by infiltrating molten droplets selectively into layers of powder
Method of manufacturing a composite optical element
Power transmission belt and method of fabricating the same
Method for the regulation of the temperature of the heated air in an apparatus for the hot-air pasting of plastic films
Method for paperboard production
Method for precision modification and enhancement of shape memory alloy properties
Single-fly membrane roofing system
Highly oriented fluoropolymer films
Automotive trim panel having dual density foam support layer
Method for manufacturing an ink-jet head having nozzle openings with a constant width
Method of forming ink jet nozzle plates
Method of making adhesive tape strip and tape flag pads with center tabbed leader strip
Locomotive cabin ventilation apparatus and method
Full-time four-wheel drive transmission with limited slip clutch
Airbag module
Smokeless gas generating material
Method of manufacturing steering wheel
Simulated boat device
Adhesive system for gluing all-around labels
Folding device
Method of HF vapor release of microstructures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chlorinator and method of using it
Process of preparing sulfuryl fluoride
Process for removing NOx from nitrosylsulphuric acid
Process for the preparation of nitrosyl chloride
Conversion method of carbon monoxide and catalyst
Process and systems for purification of boron trichloride
Rare-earth borate and its precursor, preparation processes and use of borate as luminophore
Method of purification of salt solutions for electrolysis
Ceria powder
Universal insert for a water purifier
Amperometric halogen control system
Electrochemical treatment of effluent water
Buoyant water chlorinator with temperature, pH measurement and chlorine concentration displays
Removal of contaminant metals from waste water
Oxidation and ammoxidation of acrylonitrile process waste water organics
Filtered sanitation system
Process for biological purification of waste water with reversing operation
Optical transmission systems and apparatuses including bragg gratings and methods of making
Process of agglomerating high carbon dusts and a substantially non-dusting high carbon composition therefrom
Ammoxidized lignosulfonate cement dispersant
Method of curing drywall compound
Quick-setting, hydraulic binding agent
Production of porous mullite bodies
Process for preparing calcium aluminate from aluminum dross
Method for forming a ceramic matrix composite turbocharger housing
Target for testing perforating systems
TNAZ compositions and articles, processes of preparation, TNAZ solutions and uses thereof
Solid rocket propellant
Cathode for electrolysis and electrolytic cell using the same
Orientated gel molding method of polyolefin based resin composition
Compliant and crosslinkable thermal interface materials
Yellow dye mixtures comprising water-soluble fiber-reactive azo dyes and use thereof
Interference pigments having a blue mass tone
Kaolin clay agglomerates and process for the manufacture thereof
Aqueous coating composition with improved block resistance containing alkyl polyglycoside surfactant mixtures
Bonding method using fast hardening UV adhesive and slower hardening adhesive
Intumescent material
Polishing compound and a polishing method for silicon wafer
Working liquids and methods for modifying structured wafers suited for semiconductor fabrication
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
FCC process for upgrading gasoline heart cut
Method of removing contaminants from petroleum distillates
Process for converting hydrocarbons by treatment in a distillation zone associated with a reaction zone, comprising re-contacting a vapor distillate with the feed, and its use for hydrogenating benzine
Unleaded aviation gasoline
Additives for oil compositions
Process for the production of a detergent composition
Method for making steel in a liquid melt-fed electric furnace
Producing stainless steels in parallel operated vessels
Method for feeding and directing reaction gas and solids into a smelting furnace and a multiadjustable burner designed for said purpose
Method of fabricating a homogeneous wire of inter-metallic alloy
Ni3Al-based alloys for die and tool application
Aluminium-magnesium alloy plate or extrusion
High-strength, titanium-bearing, powder metallurgy stainless steel article with enhanced machinability
Method of making a weathering grade plate and product thereform
Thin film forming apparatus and method of forming thin film of compound by using the same
Radio-frequency coil for use in an ionized physical vapor deposition apparatus
Integrated PVD system for aluminum hole filling using ionized metal adhesion layer
Plasma density modulator for improved plasma density uniformity and thickness uniformity in an ionized metal plasma source
Ion assisted deposition source
Method and apparatus to improve the properties of ion beam deposited films in an ion beam sputtering system
Ion-beam source with channeling sputterable targets and a method for channeled sputtering
Method of cleaning film forming apparatus, cleaning system for carrying out the same and film forming system
Method for treating articles with a plasma jet
High pressure high non-reactive diluent gas content high plasma ion density plasma oxide etch process
Methods and apparatus for masking a percussive drill member prior to a surface treatment thereof
Process for the treatment of austenitic stainless steel articles
Corrosion inhibiting compositions
Composite anode, electrolyte pipe section, and method of making and forming a pipeline, and applying cathodic protection to the pipeline
Reactive ion beam etching method and a thin film head fabricated using the method
Process for carrying out chemical reactions in an electrochemical cell
Kolbe electrolysis in a polymer electrolyte membrane reactor
Method of in-situ displacement/stress control in electroplating
Water soluble brighteners for zinc and zinc alloy electrolytes
Device for electrolytic treatment of printed circuit boards and conductive films
Method for microplasma electrolytic processing of surfaces of electroconductive materials
Raw material for manufacturing fluoride crystal, refining method of the same, fluoride crystal, manufacturing method of the same, and optical part
Silicon single crystal and process for producing single-crystal silicon thin film
Process and device for the production of a single crystal
Apparatus for supporting a semiconductor ingot during growth
Method of producing a wafer with an epitaxial quality layer and device with epitaxial quality layer
Method and apparatus for growing crystals
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing polyamide monofilaments and monofilament for technical fabric
Hydrophilic yarn dyed polyester process
Ultra-high particulate collection of sub-micron aerosols
Quench vessel
Method for controlling oxygen delignification of pulp
Foam process for producing multi-layered webs
Method and apparatus for measuring sheet thickness in a paper-making machine
Soft absorbent paper product containing deactivated ketene dimer agents
Manufacture of paper
Use of diallyldimethylammonium chloride acrylamide dispersion copolymer in a papermaking process
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Arrangement for analysis of exhaust gases
Protruding bolt bumper
Fork for transmission with a splined shaft
Hydraulic coupling for vehicle drivetrain
Torsional vibration damper with guide paths for coupling elements
Torsional vibration damper or torsionally elastic coupling
Drive belt
Power roller unit and output disc unit for torodial type continuously variable transmission
Vehicular transmission
Blade tensioner with retaining pin and bracket
Process and device for the cleaning of exhaust air from kitchen equipment
Push button controlled police baton with ball bearing locking mechanism
Tracker arrow
Temperature monitoring assembly
Sealed high-density on-line measuring device
Hydrocarbon sensor
Flame ionization detector
Methods for monitoring components in the TiW etching bath used in the fabrication of C4s
Differential axle speed sensing mechanism
System and method employing two dimensional ultrasound array for wide field of view imaging
Image memory for extended field of view ultrasonic diagnostic imaging
Process for manufacturing an electro-mechanical grating device
Process for production of a structure of color filter layer system regions
Method and apparatus for directing a game in accordance with speed of play
Method and apparatus for indicating a status in a game machine
Soft magnetic thin film, method for preparing same and magnetic head
Preparation method of anisotropic conductive adhesive for flip chip interconnection on organic substrate
High conductivity, high strength, lead-free, low cost, electrically conducting materials and applications
Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) polymer blend composition and circuit protection device
Method for making tantalum chip capacitor
Plasma generation apparatus
Method for improving the efficiency of semiconductor chip production
Wafer transfer apparatus
Double-sealed work conveying and transferring apparatus and container inspecting method
Wafer lift assembly
Etching solution for etching porous silicon, etching method using the etching solution and method of preparing semiconductor member using the etching solution
Dual-valent rare earth additives to polishing slurries
Process for the production of an electrode for a fused carbonate fuel cell
Hybrid membrane electrode assembly
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew