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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Forward advancing landscape edging apparatus
SanSSoil (soil-less) indoor farming for food and energy production
2', 5'-dideoxy-5-fluorouridine derivatives having cytotoxic activity, a process for the manufacture thereof and application thereof
Inhibitors of viral replication, their process of preparation and their therapeutical uses
Compositions and methods for enhancing brain function
Pyrimidin-4-yl)oxy)-1h-indole-1-carboxamide derivatives and use thereof
Prop flower and method of manufacture
Electronic toothbrush
Laundry treatment apparatus
Pump riser
Vehicle seat
Assembly for adjusting a lumbar region of a seat
Case and mounting apparatus for a tablet computer
Sloped bin cover
Garage door screen
Vehicle interior detailing tool
Separator for separating fluid and SCR urea injection system using the same
Adaptable patient interface
Surgical stapling instrument having a medical substance dispenser
Systems and methods for installing and removing an expandable polymer
Multi-layer electrode ablation probe and related methods
Dental prostheses devices and methods
Instrument with laser proximity sensor
Systems and methods for attachment of dental prostheses
Introducer for otolaryngological devices
Biodegradable coatings for implantable medical devices
Intravascular stent
Surgical extraction device
Robust swing leg controller under large disturbances
Cremains storage assembly
Foot flexion and extension machine
Vibratory actuator and device for sexual stimulation
S isomers of alpha-methyl-hydrocinnamic acid for the treatment of blood disorders
Substituted aminobutyric derivatives as neprilysin inhibitors
Use of 3-(R)-[3-(2-methoxyphenylthio)-2-(S)-methylpropyl]amino-3,4-dihydro- -2H-1,5-benzoxathiepine for treating cancer and in particular for preventing and/or treating cancer metastases
HSP90 inhibitors with modified toxicity
Cannabinoid composition including a cytochrome p450 enzyme inhibitor
Artemisinin and its derivatives for use in the treatment of kidney disease
Benzene or thiophene derivative and use thereof as VAP-1 inhibitor
HIF inhibitors and use thereof
Methods for modulating bacterial virulence and related compounds
Process for the preparation of apixaban
Nuclear receptor binding agents
Compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
2-aminopyrazine derivatives as CSF-1R kinase inhibitors
Benzyl-1H-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridines and use thereof
Inflammatory disease model and method of treatment
Assays and methods of treatment relating to vitamin D insufficiency
Compositions and methods for treating hyperproliferative epidermal diseases
Anti-fatigue composition, formulation and use thereof
Polyesteramide platform for site specific drug delivery
Use of bacterial polysaccharides for biofilm inhibition
Use of bacterial polysaccharides for biofilm inhibition
Biomarkers for assessing peripheral neuropathy response to cancer treatment
Fusion protein for suppressing cancer cell growth and suppressing vasculogenesis, and anticancer composition comprising same
Porous scaffold material, and method for producing same
Subcutaneous administration of iduronate-2-sulfatase
Humanized anti-IL-10 antibodies for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
Universal carrier for targeting molecules to GB3 receptor expressing cells
Anhydrous hydrogel composition and delivery system
Methods and compositions for diagnosing disease
Skin cleaning kit
Process for treating sol-gel capsules
Antibody-conjugated double-emulsion nanocapsule and preparation methods thereof
System for radiation sterilization of medical devices
Biodegradable shape-memory material and method
Hand-operable vacuum device
Unobstructing microdevices for self-clearing implantable catheters
Integrated, extendable anesthesia system
Divided cannula with each nare communicating with each flow path
Elastic cap for the protection of the distal end of a catheter having an inner and an outer hose
System and method for correction of intracerebral chemical imbalances
Medical injection system comprising a medical injection device and a dose limiter module
Safety device for a pre-filled syringe and injection device
Single-use syringe
Leads with electrodes disposed in mesh material and methods and systems using the leads
Systems and methods for percutaneously implanting into a patient a paddle lead of an electrical stimulation system
Implantable medical leads having oscillating cable conductor lumens
Systems and methods for making and using improved connector contacts for electrical stimulation systems
Portable phototherapy device
Radiation containing seeds and method for high visibility magnetic imaging
Treating diabetes melitus using insulin injections with less than daily injection frequency
Sprinkler comprising a shutoff member held in position by a fusible member with the aid of a moveable bearing means
Method and formulation for neutralizing toxic chemicals and materials
Exercise device
Exercise machine cable adjustment system
Selectable stride elliptical
Exercising apparatus
Monofin, tail and method
Scoop and go golf ball retriever
Parabolic golf club system
Golf club distributed impact sensor system for detecting impact of a golf ball with a club face
Game of horseshoes
Screen baseball game apparatus without temporal and spatial limitations
Exercise device and method of using the same
Hand-worn article with an anti-slip surface
Bushing, skateboard truck and skateboard
Apparatus and method to play a multiplayer, online game
Rotary assembly comprising a flexible wire
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation systems and methods of using them
Pressure cycling wastewater treatment apparatus
Exhaust gas purification device
Three-way catalyst systems including Nb--Zr--Al-mixed oxide supports, Ba--Pd, and Rh--Fe material compositions
Nucleophilic porous carbon materials for CO2 and H2S capture
Air dryer system for a locomotive with optimized purge air control
Integrated osmosis systems and methods
Membrane comprising self-assembled block copolymer and process for producing the same by spray coating (IIc)
High performance vacuum venturi pump
Catalyst for production of butadiene, process for producing the catalyst, and process for producing butadiene using the catalyst
Process for the preparation of a catalyst support
Methods and systems for promoting hydrogen gas distribution within cellulosic biomass solids during hydrothermal digestion
Methods and systems for promoting hydrogen gas distribution within cellulosic biomass solids during hydrothermal digestion
Controlled fluid delivery in a microelectronic package
Sample preparation paper cartridge
Vehicle washing installation
Impingement sprinkler
Monitoring of optical fiber stripping
Semi-automated heat exchanger tube cleaning assembly and method
Apparatus and method for producing a tailored sheet metal strip or metal profile
Pipe bending machine with rear calender and its respective calendering procedure
Material containing vessels for melting material
Power tool adaptor and a reversible tool bit holder adaptor for a power tool adaptor
Method of manufacturing screw thread and screw thread
Laser nozzle having an external mobile element
Tin-based solder composition with low void characteristic
Measuring method for optical fiber hole insert
Vacuum-grooved membrane wafer polishing workholder
Dry cleaning casing, dry cleaning apparatus and attachment method of screen plate
Universal ratcheting tool
Filament tape utilization device and method
Nail removal tool
Plastic bag making apparatus
Comminution process to produce wood particles of uniform size and shape with disrupted grain structure from veneer
Solid carbon products comprising carbon nanotubes and methods of forming same
Wet process of fabricating fiber wall panels
Melt distribution device
Multi-material three dimensional printer
Method for producing tire having tread with foamed material and hollow tread pattern elements
Coating structure material
Thermosettable coating compositions using pendant carbamate-functional polyurethane polymers and methods of forming the thermosettable coating compositions
Adhesive-tape system for forming a tear-open strip
Inking unit of a printing unit, printing unit and method for operating a printing unit
Paper cutting apparatus and printing apparatus
Liquid ejecting head having support members for supporting circuit board
Liquid-supply apparatus and image-forming system including liquid-supply apparatus
Apparatus and method for thermal transfer printing
Inkjet printing apparatus and manufacturing method for absorbent substrate
Method for adapting relative settings of printing heads, and printing machine
Image forming apparatus, roll print medium conveyance control method and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
Colour-forming materials, contact recording devices and pressure recording devices
Low profile caster
Tire rim and associated use thereof
Air maintenance pumping assembly and tire
Cap having expanded pad and towing pipe mounted to said cap
Thermal dissipation system of an electric vehicle
Air vent
Cable connector
Vehicle seat
Child car seat with height-adjustable seat cushion
Sleeping compartment for a recreational vehicle
Collision avoidance assistance device
Flashing headlight for a motorcycle
Window lighting system of a vehicle
Occupant position detection device and airbag deployment control system
Air curtain unit including mounting clip
End-fitting tensioner for a safety belt system
Foldable holding device in floorboard
Illuminated coat hook to assist in locating coat hook in the dark
Lamp structure
Brake booster for a vehicle and method for operating a brake booster of a vehicle
Brake booster and method for its operation
Method and system to control vehicle operation
Apparatus and method for activating catalyst of hybrid vehicle
Method and device for assisting a driver in lane guidance of a vehicle on a roadway
Foldable stroller to form a trolley
Steering column apparatus
Drive device for a tracked vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Collapsible anchor
Vest having continuous strap system
Connecting means comprising a hatch and a bellows
Aircraft systems and methods with integrated tank inerting and power generation
Systems and methods for a winch drum and drum door
Method for packing cable
Reusable bag holder and system and method of using the same
Pouch container
Die cut, scored and coated board divider
System, method and capsule for preparing a beverage
Inflatable refuse containers and methods of use
Semi-automatic and/or fully-automatic order-picking system
Method for transporting containers with gripping action on a handling and transporting apparatus and container and transport apparatus having self-adaptive gripping elements
Resin delivery system with air flow regulator
Glass substrate comprising an edge web portion
Bobbin holder adapter
Assembly for roping an elevator
Extraction component for a corkscrew and a corkscrew
System for the controlled tapping of liquids from containers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ammonia borane purification method
Bushings comprising notched terminal ears
Process for the production of magnesium fluoride sol solutions from alkoxides comprising addition of carbon dioxide
Glass sheet
Synthesis and processing of ultra high hardness boron carbide
Compositions and methods for the treatment of hyperglycemia and metabolic syndrome
Process for preparing N-(4-cyclohexyl-3-trifluoromethyl-benzyloxy)-acetimidic acid ethyl ester
Compositions and methods for the treatment of hyperglycemia and metabolic syndrome
Composition preventing the polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers and the removal thereof before polymerization
Ionic liquid composition
Water-soluble metalworking oil agent, metalworking fluid, and metalworking method
Besylate salt of a BTK inhibitor
Compositions and methods for inhibiting cytochrome P450 2D6
Bicyclic thiophenylamide compounds
Alkynyl alcohols and methods of use
Crizotinib preparation method
Pure crystalline Form II of L-malic acid salt of sunitinib and processes for its preparation
Production of polyketides and other natural products
Compounds as modulator of JAK-STAT pathway, methods and applications thereof
Antibacterial compounds
Preparation method of ticagrelor and intermediates thereof
Herbicidal 3-(2-benzyloxyphenyl)-2,4-dihydroxy-1,8-naphthyridine derivatives
Imidazopyridazines as Akt kinase inhibitors
Cyclic thienouracil-carboxamides and use thereof
Process for the preparation of olanzapine pamoate
Spiro azetidine isoxazole derivatives and their use as SSTR antagonists
2-amino-6-methyl-4,4a,5,6-tetrahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-8a(8H)-yl-1,- 3-thiazol-4-yl amides
Chemical compounds
Polymorphs and process for preparation of (2S, 5R)-7-oxo-N-[(2S)-pyrrolidin-2-yl-methyloxy]-6-(sulfooxy)-1,6-diazabicycl- o[3.2.1]octane-2-carboxamide
Monophosphite compounds having an ether group
Rapid selection method for HIV gp-120 variants
Antibodies against the CXC-ELR family of chemokines
Macrocyclic compounds for inhibition of inhibitors of apoptosis
Biomass treatment for hydrothermal hydrocatalytic conversion
Process for making a modified starch product
Isosorbide-derived epoxy resins and methods of making same
Bioerodible polymer compositions
Non-metal catalyzed room temperature moisture curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution
Low density high impact resistant composition and method of forming
Polystyrene foam products with improved adhesion and water resistance, and methods of making the same
Conductive carbonized layered article
Liquid crystal medium and high frequency components comprising same
Process and device for devolatizing feedstock
Use of zeolites for stabilizing oils
Induction and stabilization of enzymatic activity in microorganisms
Oligonucleotides for making a change in the sequence of a target RNA molecule present in a living cell
Polynucleotides encoding ZCYTOR17 ligand antibodies
Alteration of neuronal gene expression by synthetic piRNAs and by alteration of piRNA function
Disease resistant plant expressing WRKY45 under control of infection-responsive promoter
Markers of definitive endoderm
Compositions, methods and uses for stimulating immune responses
Process of production and extra-cellular secretion of lipids
Method of determining and confirming the presence of an HPV in a sample
Method of predicting responsiveness of B cell lineage malignancies to active immunotherapy
Method for preparing blast furnace blow-in coal
Highly heat-resistant and high-strength Rh-based alloy and method for manufacturing the same
Aluminum alloy forged material for automobile and method for manufacturing the same
Method to produce highly transparent hydrogenated carbon protective coating for transparent substrates
Method of strengthening glass using plasma torches and/or arc jets, and articles made according to the same
Method for selecting polycrystalline silicon rod, and method for producing single crystalline silicon
Textiles; Paper
Dryer comprising a dismountable member
Vacuum assisted dryer systems and methods
Fixed Constructions
Street sweeper
Method to utilize a ship in a novel way and a multi-purpose ship
Gravity-based foundation system for the installation of offshore wind turbines and method for the installation of an offshore wind turbine foundation system
High strain dynamic load testing procedure
Methods and apparatus for the installation of columns/piles
Universal, attachable urinal
Method of basement construction
Entry door latch actuator system
Door system and control
Door fitting for the height adjustment of sliding doors
Three-dimensionally adjustable pivot device
Apparatus and method for controlling opening and closing of vehicle windows
Screen window for garage door
Quick connect for wellbore tubulars
High temperature drilling with lower temperature rated tools
Fluid collection reservoir and anti-spill mechanism
Fluid pulse valve
Securing layers in a well screen assembly
Apparatus and method for extracting petroleum from underground sites using reformed gases
Systems and methods for generating in-situ carbon dioxide driver gas for use in enhanced oil recovery
Reducing rotational vibration in rotational measurements
Method and device for determining a drill bit's position in a borehole
Cutting pick tool
Liquefied breathing gas systems for underground mines
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine thermal shroud with improved durability
Adjustment shaft actuator for lift-switchable valve trains of internal combustion engines
Reducing agent supplying device
System and method for gas/liquid mixing in an exhaust aftertreatment system
Gaseous fuel mixer and method
Method and systems for storing fuel for reduced usage
Vehicle control system
Nozzle with guiding devices
Fuel injector and fuel-injection system
Wind turbine rotor blade with a profile with a thick trailing edge
Wind blades with mechanical elements for pretensioning in tension fabrics
Apparatus for heating working fluid of gas turbine-solar power generation system
Stroke piston for a stroke piston compressor
Hydraulic system
Modular clamping system
Journal oil bearing
Device for reducing pressure pulsations
Automatic transmission and a dog clutch for an automatic transmission
Differential system for a machine
Large-ratio strain wave gearing speed changing apparatus
Expanding piston hydraulic chain tensioner
Pressure regulating valve
Water supply valve and water supply valve assembly for wall mounted drum type washing machine
Solenoid valve with a metallic tube bobbin
Method and apparatus for removing, repairing, refurbishing, replacing, and/or installing valve between two fixed spool pieces
Extruded encapsulated fillers to provide crush protection
Connector apparatus and docking station connection therewtih
Stopper for sealing the housing of an exhaust gas sensor, exhaust gas sensor, and manufacturing method for an exhaust gas sensor
Magneto-cryogenic valves, systems and methods for modulating flow in a conduit
Counterbalance pipe
Posture holding apparatus
Dual anchor device
Externally protruding light-capture window well
Folding illumination stand
Lighting device
Head of solar street light
LED light with manually operated sound device
Light duct homogenizer
Light guide plate and backlight module having same
Bi-metal strip-seal
Air conditioning system using outside air
Reverse cycle defrost method and apparatus
Heat pump with exhaust heat reclaim
Bucket assembly for a beverage container
Gate unit and high temperature oven having the same
Water condenser
Cleaning apparatus for cooling tube array
Locking firearm safety
Firearm having a dual cam, cock on close bolt action
Apparatus and method for broad spectrum radiation attenuation
Relaying of missile body roll angle
Absolute encoder
Rotation angle detecting device
OCT probes and OCT optical probe component for use therein
Micromachined piezoelectric x-axis gyroscope
Compound optical proxy for sensing and pointing of light sources
Tunnel entrance specification device and method thereof, computer program for specifying tunnel entrance, and recording medium on which computer program is recorded
Navigation route cooperation navigation system and method of controlling the same
Positioning autonomous vehicles based on field of view
Distance measuring laser pointer
Liquid pressure meter, liquid level meter, and warning system
Apparatus for monitoring a rotating machine part
Ambient light sensor
Analyzer and analysis method
Pressure detector
Remote fire extinguisher station inspection
Device for detecting leaks in packages
Wind tunnel balance and system with wing model and wind tunnel balance
Method of collecting, preparing and analysing undisturbed soil samples for purposes of defining soil hydraulic conductivity and equipment for collecting, preparing and analysing undisturbed soil samples for purposes of defining soil hydraulic conductivity
Particle count measurement device
In situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining method
Methods, sampling device and apparatus for terahertz imaging and spectroscopy of coated beads, particles and/or microparticles
Phase synchronizing pulse amplitude modulation fluorometer
Method of detecting irregular current flow in an integrated circuit device and apparatus therefor
Method for determining geomechanical parameters of a rock sample
Methods of monitoring adherence to lurasidone therapy
Amplified optical circuit
Electronic device and method for maintaining functionality of an integrated circuit during electrical aggressions
Method and system for improving efficiency of XOR-based test compression using an embedded serializer-deserializer
Rotation position detection device
Hall effect sensor arrangement
Self-propelled apparatus with an anti-drop system
Hyperbolic shooting method and device
Low-frequency magnetic reluctance marine seismic source
Magnetic resonance apparatus
Rain gauge
Anti-reflective film, comprising hard coating layer, having superb optical characteristics
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Reducing immersion projection optical system
Incident illumination device for a microscope having a planar light source
Image display device, image display method, storage medium, and image display system
Peripheral field-of-view illumination system for a head mounted display
Wearable device with input and output structures
Display apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Forward-imaging tunable lens systems and probes
Three dimensional self-alignment of flip chip assembly using solder surface tension during solder reflow
Resin composition for formation of optical waveguide, resin film for formation of optical waveguide which comprises the resin composition, and optical waveguide produced using the resin composition or the resin film
Optical coupling module and photoelectric conversion device including same
Ferrules for fiber optic connectors
Optical module
Extruded encapsulated fillers to provide crush protection
Method and device for connecting an optical element to a frame
Display screen and its manufacturing process
Transflective image display apparatus and control method thereof
Liquid crystal display having injection holes with different heights and method of manufacturing the same
Electrochromic window insert assembly and methods of manufacture
System and method for improving chroma key compositing technique in photography
Vehicle camera cleaning system
Lighting apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Focal-plane shutter and optical device
Alternating space decomposition in circuit structure fabrication
Lithographically produced features
Photosensitive resin composition and application thereof
Forming conductive metal patterns using water-soluble polymers
Position measuring apparatus, position measuring method, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus
Printing control device and printing control system that generate toner-scattering prevention plane data
Method of digitally printing and a digital printing system
Method and device for digital printing to a recording medium with liquid ink
Resin composition for toner, toner, developer and image forming apparatus
Method for integrating a synthetic hologram in a halftone image
Environment dependent--temperature independent color changing label
Automated root cause analysis
DC-DC converter
Computer system, arrangement for remote maintenance and remote maintenance method
Secure and efficient content screening in a networked environment
Portable electronic device integrated with a key
Device and method for reconfigurable power conversion
Augmented reality proximity sensing
Energy efficient high-speed link and method to maximize energy savings on the energy efficient high-speed link
Load device and electronic device assembly with load device
Memory power management and data consolidation
Event logging and error recovery
Collaborative collection of diagnostics data of software programs
Verification of serialization of storage frames within an address space via multi-threaded programs
Microcontroller and method for controlling peripheral circuits
Hierarchical multi-core debugger interface
Apparatus and method for detecting clock tampering
Back up and recovery in virtual machine environments
Simulated NVRAM
Two-level hierarchical log structured array architecture using coordinated garbage collection for flash arrays
Deallocating portions of provisioned data storage based on defined bit patterns indicative of invalid data
Selection of post-request action based on combined response and input from the request source
Set selection of a set-associative storage container
Matrix ordering for cache efficiency in performing large sparse matrix operations
Memory data security
Instruction and logic for a binary translation mechanism for control-flow security
System and method for computer memory with linked paths
Techniques for synchronization of a print menu and document annotation renderings between a computing device and a mobile device logged in to the same account
System and method for efficiently accessing internet resources
Indicating a sending buffer and receiving buffer in a message to use to validate the message in the receiving buffer
Autostop safety system
Methods and systems for adapting object locating
Web browser device for structured data extraction and sharing via a social network
Discovering relationships in tabular data
Apparatus and method for automatically generating visual annotation based on visual language
Effect analysis method, and management device
Creating an audio file sample based upon user preferences
Subject-matter analysis of tabular data
Generating natural language text sentences as test cases for NLP annotators with combinatorial test design
Predicting the quality of automatic translation of an entire document
Loading data with complex relationships
Generation of synthetic context frameworks for dimensionally constrained hierarchical synthetic context-based objects
Supporting linked multi-user decision making in environments with constrained shared resources utilizing durable files
Hierarchical diff files
Inferred operations for data analysis
Data locality in data integration applications
Database schema upgrade as a service
NoSQL relational database (RDB) data movement
Storage device data migration
Tag management in a tag cloud
Splitting database partitions
Checkpoint capture and tracking in a high availability system
Search and search optimization using a pattern of a location identifier
Automatic generation of an extract, transform, load (ETL) job
Method and apparatus for detecting multimedia content change, and resource propagation system
System and method for implementing nested relationships within a schemaless database
Assigning a single master identifier to all related content assets
Method of hierarchical timing closure employing dynamic load-sensitive feedback constraints
Context-aware reliability checks
Implementing system irritator accelerator FPGA unit (AFU) residing behind a coherent attached processors interface (CAPI) unit
Evaluating on-chip voltage regulation
Distributed hardware device simulation
Method and apparatus for calculating delay timing values for an integrated circuit design
User authentication and verification through video analysis
Context aware recertification
Method and apparatus for detecting malware on a computer system
Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium storing program
Enhanced computer performance based on selectable device capabilities
Systems and methods for surface elements that provide electrostatic haptic effects
Operation input device
Projector and electronic device having projector function
Touch interface with person recognition
Energy and effort efficient reading sessions
Configuring movement-based user interface control
Providing application look-ahead in a state-based application framework
Display cursor for motion controller
System and method for providing a preview of a digital photo album
System, method and computer program product for synchronizing data written to tape including writing an index into a data partition
Controlling a storage system
Determination of memory access patterns of tasks in a multi-core processor
Data processing apparatus for transmitting print data, method for controlling date processing apparatus, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus for executing a print job based on a received print request
Extending a content repository using an auxiliary data store
Synchronization of time between different simulation models
Managing a data set
Automatically branding topics using color
Managing acronyms and abbreviations used in the naming of physical database objects
Device and method for determining interest, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program
True random number generator with repeatedly activated oscillator
Evaluating and optimizing a trajectory function
Method and apparatus for sharing instruction scheduling resources among a plurality of execution threads in a multi-threaded processor architecture
Accuracy of operand store compare prediction using confidence counter
Developing rich internet application
Drag and drop portlet deployment
Programming device
Data processing system and data simulation method in the system
Monitoring communication quality utilizing task transfers
Data object with common sequential statements
Compiler method for generating instructions for vector operations on a multi-endian processor
Runtime optimization of multi-core system designs for increased operating life and maximized performance
Computer system backup performance optimization through performance analytics
Empirical determination of adapter affinity in high performance computing (HPC) environment
Suspending transactional-memory transactions without stack corruption
Thread scheduling across heterogeneous processing elements with resource mapping
Selecting virtual machines to be migrated to public cloud during cloud bursting based on resource usage and scaling policies
Job scheduler for remote maintenance of servers and workstations
Detecting deployment conflicts in heterogeneous environments
Decision support system for order prioritization
Image forming apparatus and method for reserving an image forming appratus
Method and device for sensing a position of an object
Business process diagram data collection
Stereoscopic display device
Display device with a backlight, control method of controlling a backlight of a display device and program of same
Collaborative overlay of user interface elements rendered on the display of a computing device
Memory system
Dynamic enhanced and diffuse broad spectrum UVC or alternative controlled ionizing radiation source emitters for mobile and fixed placement disinfection of clinical surfaces
Optical signal coupling assembly
Compact parabolic solar concentrators and cooling and heat extraction system
Hierarchical multiple-level control of adaptive cooling and energy harvesting arrangements for information technology
Rotor assembly, electromechanical transducer and wind turbine
Thermal management in a multi-phase power system
Electric starter with integrated electronic filter for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for providing electrical isolation
Analog/digital conversion circuit
Encoding and writing of data on multitrack tape
Asset protection based on redundantly associated trusted entitlement verification
Detachable magnetic retainers
System and method for extracting triggered data from a variable data string and embedding the triggered data into a secure barcode
Spatial recognition in an autonomous vehicle group
Method and device for measuring system performance in real time
Device for evaporating a volatile liquid
Tool for catching IC package
Heat sink base and shield
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Offset arm for towing rotary mowers and the like
Dry crop supplement injection systems, micronized crop supplements for use in injection systems, and methods for injection of crop supplements
Clutch and brake for rotating body
Portable deer stand
Deer hoist
Visor sunglasses
Snowboard binding
Heeling apparatus and method
Contact lens applicator and cartridge used in connection therewith
Wearable drink holder
Storage pouch with retention net
Oral cleaning device with internal water bladder
Adjustable height table having multiple chairs/ottomans with storage and method therefor
Slide rail structure for case cabinets
Self-adjusting anti-glide apparatus
Seat mounting system for a motion chair
Chair with advanceable seat
Electric opener for furniture recliner mechanism
Stadium chair
Convertible seating furniture
Spring-edge furniture construction
Flexible bar-type back pivot mounting arrangement for a chair
Ergonomically correct swinging chair
Foldable armrest for a seat having a collapsible back
Beverage holder
Child seat
Adjustable merchandise display apparatus
Tubular bumper mount and apparatus
Modular rack conversion apparatus and method
Display device for golfing-related items
Door plate assembly with solar-powered lighting unit
Revolving support stand with dual power outlets
Barbecue grill assembly with a shelf component
Grill implements with removable handle
Foot scrubber
Joint device
Endoscope assemblies having working channels with reduced bending and stretching resistance
Dentition image reading apparatus
Self-sampling brush and method for use
Forceps for endoscope and manufacturing method of forceps
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Device and method for isolating a surface of a beating heart during surgery
Two-tiered multistrand suture folder
Light delivery systems and applications thereof
Apparatus and methods for measuring accommodation of a lens in an eye
Method and apparatus for calibrating and certifying accuracy of a wavefront sensing device
Multi-parameter capability transmitter for wireless telemetry systems
Method and apparatus for enhancing patient compliance during inspiration measurements
Intracorporeal member with improved transition section
Pressure-pulse-wave detecting apparatus
Central blood pressure waveform estimation device and peripheral blood pressure waveform detection device
Blood-pressure monitoring apparatus for use in dialysis, and dialyzing apparatus
Motility analysis, display, and interpretation system
Non-invasive method of determining diastolic intracranial pressure
Method and system for predicting human congnitive performance
Bone densitometer providing assessment of absolute fracture risk
Method and device for calibrating a gravity-sensitive image pick-up device and for imaging by means of such an image pick-up device
X-ray system alignment method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for displaying information relating to delivery and activation of a therapeutic agent using ultrasound energy
Ultrasonic receiving apparatus and ultrasonic diagnosing apparatus using the same
Bilateral simultaneous doppler measurement of segmented sphygmomanometry
Systems and methods for assessing vascular effects of a treatment
High Frequency ultrasonagraphy utilizing constructive interference
Security device comprising a stop member for drilling instrument used in particular in dental surgery and device pre-calibrating and storing drilling depth
Assembly for the manufacture of medical, dental-medical, dental-technical and technical parts from ceramics
Water jet flossing apparatus
Use of finite element analysis for orthodontic mechanics and appliance selection
Virtual orthodontic treatment
Distal protection device
Expandable delivery appliance particularly for delivering intravascular devices
Orthopaedic brace assembly
Universal sized carpal tunnel device
Trauma cervical collar
External device diminishing odds of patient disengaging hip replacement
Reformable convex adapter for ostomy appliance
Urine collection device
Eye drop container transport apparatus
Surgical tool with integrated pressure and flow sensors
Dual function inboard barrier/bridgeplate assembly for wheelchair lifts
Wheelchair table with ergonomic aid
Wheelchair brake apparatus and wheelchair including same
Motorized stationary bike for lower body rehabilitation
Supinator/pronator therapy system
Leg exerciser with a massaging function
Defective capsule removing mechanism
Oral feeding bottle
Reusable nonmetallic cannula
Lens blank convenient for masking unpleasant odor and/or delivering a pleasant odor upon edging and/or surfacing, and perfume delivering lens
Optical and ultrasound probe for monitoring blood volume changes
Enhanced catheter with alignment means
Luer receiving vascular access system
Devices, systems and methods for patient infusion
Medical device
Gasket for bypass type prefilled syringe
Ultrasound energy driven intraventricular catheter to treat ischemia
Safety harness
Rotary exercise device
Multipurpose exercising apparatus
Body exerciser having a reset adjustment function
Device for exercising foot muscle
Torso exercise methods and machines
Method and system for generating an exercise program
Golf ball cores formed from blends of neodymium and cobalt synthesized high molecular weight butadiene rubber
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf balls with thermoplastic silicone-urethane copolymers
Golf ball dispenser
Multiple material golf club head
Golf club head with customizable center of gravity
Golf club head
Motorized golf cart with detachable golf club carriers
Grip for catching a ball
Flying toy
Arrowhead and method of attaching same to an arrow shaft
Educational play apparatus and system
Weight holder attachable to athletic ball striker
Portable recoil wall
Indoor walking workout facility
Practice device for enhancing strike ability of a boxer
Golf club angular orientation indicating device
Golf aiming and alignment system and method
Truck for skateboard or roller skate
Method and device for playing a game in which a player is charged for performing game playing actions
Input device, data processing device, data processing method, game device and medium
Toy top game unit
Dynamic energy converter
Squeezable elastic toy
Toy support apparatus
Ultrasonic remote aeroplane for air-battle game
Long range flying disc sporting toy
Space frame structure made by 3-D weaving of rod members
Magnetic levitation device with mechanical stabilization, especially for models, toy, or design objects
Toy article
Performing Operations; Transporting
Non-contaminating paint strainer
Filter element including bonded end caps and support core
Multiple downcomer fractionation trays having liquid distribution devices
Device for dehydrating sludge
Apparatus and methods for separating particles
Precision fluid dispensing system
Method for separating adhered paper from paper-covered gypsum board
Mineral collector compositions and processes for making and using same
Solid bowl centrifuge with liquid release during rotation
Centrifugal separator with an arrangement for hindering inadvertent cover removal
Multi-functional shower head
Spray dispensing device with nozzle closure
Shower head assembly
Spray bar assembly
Integrated air flow booth and methods
Interactive play fountain
Spray applicator
Condiment dispensing nozzle apparatus and method
Liquid dispensing system with improved sealing augering screw and method for dispensing
Pipe renovating system and method
Box detector in barcode environment
Method for recovery of compression wood and/or normal wood from oversize chips
Fume hood management system
Dual action valve for molten metal applications
Apparatus for cleaning engine block passages
Tool holder
Self-aligning connection device of detachable type
Expanding sleeve fixture
Tool holder
Cutting point for a drill
Rotatable cutting tool
Machining the teeth of double sided face gears
Method and apparatus for electrochemical-mechanical planarization
Method for the calibration of a wire bonder
Device with an electrode for the formation of a ball at the end of a wire
Device with electrodes for the formation of a ball at the end of a wire
Friction stir welding method and component part welded by the method
Solder ball attachment system
Bearing device
Apparatus and method for forming workpieces
Bearing unit
System for real-time control of semiconductor wafer polishing
Synchronous tape head polishing device and method
Method and apparatus for planarizing a microelectronic substrate with a tilted planarizing surface
Apparatus for reciprocally powering one or more working tools
Adjustable tool body with fluid actuation
Carrier head with a vibration reduction feature for a chemical mechanical polishing system
Thermal-chemical polishing device and method thereof
Mechanical stress free processing method
Apparatus and methods for conditioning polishing pads in mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Non-metallic particle blasting nozzle with static field dissipation
Polishing pads and methods relating thereto
In situ friction detector method and apparatus
Turbine ported grinding wheels
Grinding pin for grinding machines comprising resin bonded selections of rough grit and fine grit
Polishing pad with built-in optical sensor
Disk for grinding concrete
Abrasive band tightening apparatus
Device for locking/unlocking the movement of a notched member
Toggle lever clamping device
Fastener supply and positioning mechanism for a tool
Machine tool with a chamber for lubricating agent and a pressure equalization device for said chamber
Gripping device having length adjusting mechanism
Work transfer device
Tablet cutter
Stapler for forming staples to various sizes
Interlocking erosion control block with integral mold
Moulding tool for the manufacture of precision articles, especially contact lenses
Adjustable rotary device for a horizontal injection molding machine
Valve pin with thermocouple
Arrangement for an integral two-stage ejector
Equipment for hot moulding of articles made of thermoplastic material
Dual cylinder injection molding apparatus
Molding machine
Electric circuit apparatus of injection molding machine
Molding and method and device for manufacturing the molding
External thickness control and method
Insulated apparatus for injecting and removing compressed air from a cooled mold cavity
Plastic film heat seal apparatus
Composite spare wheel well
High pressure co-cure of lightweight core composite article utilizing a core having a plurality of protruding pins
Method and system for treating a power transmission belt/belt sleeve
Endless tension belt and a method for fabricating the same, and a resilient endless belt traveling apparatus
Tire building apparatus
Plastic bag making apparatus
Method of manufacturing bags having complementary closure strips, a manufacturing machine, and bags obtained thereby
Method and apparatus for forming a stable container bottom
Method and apparatus for producing a display panel, method for adhering an adhesive sheet and method for adhering plates
Systems and methods for curing a fluid
Apparatus for positioning receiving material during the application of an ink image thereto
Registration error reduction in a tandem printer
Flexible paper guide
Printer and roll-shaped printing medium therefor
Continuous stream ink jet printhead of the gas stream drop deflection type having ambient pressure compensation mechanism and method of operation thereof
Ink jet apparatus
Burst mode printing to compensate for colorant migration
Ink jet device
Ink-jet head control method and ink-jet printer
Head chip
Piezoelectric transducer and ink ejector using piezoelectric transducer
Inkjet printhead with high nozzle to pressure activator ratio
Plurality of barrier layers
Piezoelectric actuator and liquid discharge head
Apparatus and method for cleaning ink jet printer
System and method for maintaining the front of a fluid jet device
Printing apparatus
Systems and methods for operating fluid ejection systems using a print head preparatory firing sequence
Fluid interconnect port venting for capillary reservoir fluid containers, and methods
Ink cartridge sealing member
Pressure-regulating airbag for embedding-type ink cartridge and the method for assembling it
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge with pressure-controlling module
Ink cartridge
Guide for solid ink stick feed
Off axis inkjet printing system and method
Off-carrier tubing layout
Method and apparatus for preventing theft of replaceable printing components
Ink cartridge identifying apparatus
Printing method and apparatus
Image formation apparatus
Method for assessing color performance in a printing device
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Modular printhead mounting
Printer utilizing inkjet recording head
System and method for positioning print heads based on print job
Binding device and method of binding
Spiral coil and bookbinding device and bookbinding method using the same
Post print finishing device with spiral binder
Systems and methods of attaching a cover to a text body
Security feature comprising a perforation pattern
Extended width notebook system
Binder, notebook or portfolio with cover retaining mechanism
Pen with variable penholder styles
Fitting of a wheel onto the hub of the motor vehicle
Assembly for supporting and drivingly connecting a wheel
Wheel bearing device
Wheel hub/joint unit with clamping and separating device
Pneumatic tire having tire shoulder provided with curved surface
Tubeless tire
Trailer hitch
Tow hitch rear bumper assembly
Trailer tongue jack having manually powered guidance
Suspension system for a vehicle
Ball pivot
Device for damping pivotal movements of a wheel-supporting pendular arm of a motor vehicle
Air vent provided with a cover
Interchangeable air vent assembly and vehicles incorporating same
Friction reducing sunroof mechanism
Dispenser for dispensing fill material into a golf course divot hole and a method and apparatus for mounting a dispenser to a golf cart
Hardtop vehicle roof with three rigid roof parts
Containment for receiving a removable vehicle top
Vehicle engine cooling system without a fan
Muffler hanger
Torque-limit signal system for filler neck cap
Control panel for a vehicle
Engine operation controller for hybrid electric vehicle
Hybrid powertrain
Injection system for dosed injections of two liquids into a reaction chamber
Brake control apparatus
Vehicle seat hinge mechanism with reclining with forward dumping, memory return and fold-flat functionality
Motorized remote controlled reclining child car seat
Motorized remote controlled reclining child safety car seat
Pivotable reclining child safety car seat
Electrically actuated lifting and transferring apparatus
Vehicle-mounted collapsible chair
Vehicle seat
Vehicle seat
Headrest-mount display mounting structure
Vehicle seat
Seating system
Garbage can for use in an automobile
Deck beam and support rail
Underfloor lifts
Motorcycle loading and unloading apparatus
Apparatus and method for accessing and extending a truck bed
LED lamp assembly
Overhead storage apparatus for vehicles
Amplifier securing clamp
Bumper device for automated guided vehicle
Rear cargo barrier system
Method of folding a gas bag for a vehicle occupant restraint system and folded gas bag
Vehicle steering device
Method of folding air bag
Air bag device, production method of an air bag device, activation method of an air bag device and vehicle with an air bag device
Inflator device ignition of gas generant
Seat-belt guide anchor
Seat belt retractor with load limiting
Seat belt retractor
Vertically engageable carrier foot
Headlight cleaning system operating exclusively by spraying with washing liquid
Brake effort monitor
Braking system having vacuum booster whose boosting ratio is lowered at fixed transition point at which wheel cylinder pressure increase is initiated
Solenoid valve
High integration electronic assembly and method
Glide element for a telescoping uncoupling lever
Brake rigging system
Utility cart
Foldable three-wheel baby carriage with a shock-absorbing function
Shaft assembly safety mechanism
Frame assembly for a motor vehicle
Tailored blank article and manufacturing method of the same
Expandable trailer
Gel-air impact bumper and retractable impact spoiler with attached impact hood shield
Traction enhancing system for boat launching and retrieval
Force-sensing fifth wheel
Rolling wheel support structure for crawler traveling apparatus
Isolated idler assembly
Cartridge assembly for a track chain
Base of bicycle saddle
Recreational vehicle seat with storage pocket
Auxiliary wheel conversion assembly for a motorcycle
Front fork
Dual-footboard scooter
Electrically powered two-wheeled vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling a bicycle transmission
Hydrodynamic device
Remotely activated buoy
Engine alignment jig assembly for small watercrafts and method of positioning engine using the same
Personal watercraft
Exhaust structure of exhaust system for a boat
Dirigible balloon rigidified by helium tanks
Flight control surface control unit
Aircraft weapons bay acoustic resonance suppression system
K-spar configuration for bonded wing construction
Side wall supported armrest for aircraft
Entrance deterrent for airplane flight crew compartment
Method and apparatus for providing an aircraft emergency safety control system
Traction vehicle for aircraft and engagement and hoisting device therefor
Reusable module for the storage, transportation, and supply of multiple propellants in a space environment
Application of adhesive to and processing of adhesive on receptacles for smokers' products
Lock member attachment device
Container for a potable liquid
Bottle-type plastic container
Container and method for making container for fragile products
Leak proof closure mechanism for resealable bag
Folding finger tamper-indicating band arrester
Sanitary liquid dispenser
Container with rotary closure
Scrubbing structure
Product packaging having a non-thermoformed blister-like compartment and methods for making same
Memory device protective container
Bulk bag for meat and meat products
Freight container
Water tank
Trash can hold down apparatus
Mobile trash pulverizer
Multi-cell reciprocating conveyor slat and method of manufacture and non-continuous guide structure
Multi-conveyor system
Method and apparatus for effecting movement of an article by employing flowable particulate matter
Manually-operated shrink-wrap device
Axial-position adjustment apparatus for arm shaft equipped with paper roll support arms in paper web feed unit
Winding roll presser device and long material winding method
Process for winding a running material web and winding apparatus for conducting the process
Segmented vacuum roll
Folder superstructure with a copy diverter, and process for dividing up a product stream into two sub-streams
Method and device for separating printing plates
Sheet transport device
Rotary drum of folding device
Jaw cylinder device at the folding station of a web-fed printing press
Device and method for longitudinally folding a stack of webs
Sheet material conveying apparatus and recording apparatus
Paper-like materials processing apparatus
Sheet double feeding detector, method and program of such a device
Inspection opening in an elevator car
Elevator escape device
Tension member for an elevator
Variable-incline ramp system
Slab transfer handling system
Electrically operable vehicle jacks
Dosing device for liquids
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composite backed prestressed mirror for solar facet
Ink composition for ink jet recording, ink jet recording method, composition for color toner, and composition for color filter
Cement compositions with improved fluid loss characteristics and methods of cementing in subterranean formations
Compositions and methods for sealing formations
Color flame candles or lamps and method of making
Apparatus and method for rapid disruption of cells or viruses
Textiles; Paper
Fabric repair coloring device and method of using
Ergonomically adjustable control panel and method
Fixed Constructions
Rotary spreader for elongated screed
Separable magnetic attachment assembly
Lighting strip for direction and guidance systems
Boom curtain with zipper connections and method of assembling boom
Fish test circuit and method for evaluation of waterway barrier fish bypass systems
Apparatus for isolating and leveling a machine foundation
High security manhole insert cover
Dispensing system
Waterstop for foundation elements and method of installation
Bracket for bridging member for metal stud wall
Drywall / paneling lift
Quick adjustment mechanism for blade pitch of concrete power trowel
Drywall compound dispensing device
Corner scaffold structure
Metal fence rail
Vertical conveyor device for various sized payloads
Fuel door lock actuator
Opening and closing device for a vehicle door
Enhanced offset stabilization for eccentric reamers
Hollow auger head assembly
Superabrasive cutters and drill bits so equipped
Drill pipe protector
SCR top connector
Apparatus and method for preparing variable density drilling muds
Pile boring tools
Valve element
Using a rotating inner member to drive a tool in a hollow outer member
Sonic drill head
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary engine and method for determining engagement surface contours therefor
Compressor with built-in motor, and mobile structure using the same
Device for reducing the sealing gap between a rotating component and a stationary component inside a rotary turbo-engine through which a flow passes axially
Sealing arrangement between components of a rotating assembly as well as a method for producing a sealing joint
Compact turbocharger
Gas turbine engine blade containment assembly
Connection of blades on a rotor disc of a gas turbine
Bladed rotor with a tiered blade to hub interface
First-stage high pressure turbine bucket airfoil
Airfoil shape for a turbine bucket
Low-noise pressure reduction system
Exhaust turbocharger
Liquid injection apparatus
Exhaust valve for combustion engines
Self-energizing combustion seal flange
Piezoelectric valve system
Fuel injection valve
Compensator assembly having a flexible diaphragm and an internal filling tube for a fuel injector and method
Float apparatus of carburetor
Combustion chamber arrangement
Control valve and variable displacement compressor having the same
Coated end wall and method of manufacture
Compact control mechanism for axial motion control valves in helical screw compressors
Hydraulic motor with disc valve commutating slots complimentary in shape to port plate ports
Means for optimizing the disc valve in a gerotor motor
Motor-type fuel pump for vehicle
Oil free screw compressor operating at variable speeds and control method therefor
Stacked redundant blowers
Speed control of variable speed pump
Self-compensating clearance seal for centrifugal pumps
Blade part in turbofan
Pump having multiple volute passages and method of pumping fluid
Cooling device for projector
Fuel pump with contamination reducing flow passages
Microfluidic flow control device with floating element
Plastic encapsulated bolt and anchor assembly
Retaining ring for a rotor
Wood screw
Flanged ball pin and method for manufacturing thereof
Ball joint bearing block lubrication device
Combination thrust bearing and journal bearing, and method for distributing fluid to same
Key locking device
Friction disc and method for making a lining forming it
Double-acting baulkring-type synchronizer
Ratchet one-way clutch and stator using ratchet one-way clutch
Bi-directional one-way clutch
Vented disc brake rotor
Linkage for joining a lever to a brake cable
Actuator comprising a sleeve support
Toothed belt
Pushing block for CVT belt and manufacturing method therefor
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Fluid recovery system for an automatic transmission unit
Cooling system for working fluid used in automatic transmission of automotive vehicle
Control apparatus of an automatic transmission and a method for controlling a shift operation of an automatic transmission
Hydraulic controller for an automatic transmission
Shift control apparatus of automatic transmission of motor vehicle
Control device for an automatic transmission
Control system for a continuously variable v-belt transmission
Brush seal device
Plastic boot for sealing double-tube driveshaft
Structure of check valve with silencing cover
Timing lock device for a faucet
Valve piezo electric
Canister purge valve noise attenuation
Coupling mechanism and valve system for a pressurized fluid container
Pipe joint and coupling
Method and apparatus for coupling HVAC conduits
Torque-limiting bolt-and-nut assembly
Frangible hose connector
Bell and spigot joint with locking strap
Fluid coupling system
Compartment seal
Method of installation of electrically heated pipe-in-pipe subsea pipeline
Damping of conductor tubes
Drain Gasket
Seal between a conduit and cable
Self-flushing gutter pipe
Device for slidably and rotatably supporting dispensing apparatus
LED retrofit method and kit for converting fluorescent luminaries
Channel slot cover for track lighting
Radiating system for projector device
Lamp device for vehicles, and combination of vehicle body and lamp device
Method and apparatus for light redistribution by internal reflection
Flash tube reflector
Internally illuminated holiday garland
System and method for disabling a furnace
Household lighter with piezoelectric ignition mechanism
Non-circulating tank and kit for use with liquid heating unit
Deflector for centrifugal pellet dryer screen
Method and apparatus for training a shooter of a firearm
Mobile ballistic missile detection and defense system
Fin lock system
Method and apparatus for making a ceramic arrowhead blade
Water resistant device for base of fiber-optic Christmas tree
Method for measuring the surface height of a material bed conducted on a conveyor belt to thermal treatment
Distance information acquisition apparatus or system, pattern projector, and distance information acquisition method
Thermometric nursing bottle
Sampling vessel for thermal analysis of molten metal
Method and apparatus for shuttling microtitre plates
Electrical enclosure optical communication port seal
Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging system for performing receive-focusing at voxels corresponding to display pixels
Acoustic logging tool
Method and apparatus for a downhole NMR MWD tool configuration
Illumination engine for a projection display using a tapered light pipe
Optical pickup deformable mirror
Illumination optical system and projector
Short pulse laser stretcher-compressor using a single common reflective grating
Optical device package
Protected optical interface
Optical module and optical communication system
Socket for optical fiber connector
Lens array for use in parallel optics modules for fiber optics communications
Parallel fiber optics communications module
Method for alignment of optical components
Optical-electric printed wiring board, printed circuit board, and method of fabricating optical-electric printed wiring board
Telescoping trough
Polarization recapture system for liquid crystal-based data projectors
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image recording apparatus
Apparatus for processing photographic materials
Photographic processor having an exposure section with an inclined media path
Photographic film developing apparatus
Carrier for developer for electrophotography
Wristwatch having sliding shutter-type covers
Expandable and contractible keyboard with adjustable key sizes
OCR/BCR sequencing priority
Sales transaction system with electronic coupon processing
Low-cost write protect tab for a non-volatile memory device
Method and system for ensuring connection of a module to an electronic apparatus
Registration mark detection using matched filtering
Property management system
Method of automated rail loading of automotive vehicles
Credit card referral methods
Method and articles for providing education and support related to wildlife and wildlife conservation
Apparatus for use in a self-service terminal and a method of processing a financial instrument at a self-service terminal
Device and method for promoting the selection and use of a transaction card
Security chassis
Module latching mechanism for mailing machine
Evaluation apparatus with voting system, evaluation method with voting system, and a computer product
High speed, high volume coin sorter
Inductive coin sensor with position correction
Ampoule storage container
Bonus accumulator for chance game
Credit system for gaming machines and gaming tables
Method for cashless gaming
Gaming device having changed or generated player stimuli
Containers for articles of frozen confectionery
Cash drawer controlling apparatus and a method of controlling cash drawers
Thermal printing a two-color sales receipt
Display device by columnar light
Electronic educational toy appliance teaching letters words and numbers
Teach-aiding weight set
Distributive processing simulation method and system for training healthcare teams
Inflatable three-dimensional display
Evacuated enclosure mounted acoustic actuator and passive attenuator
Recording tape cartridge
Single-reel tape cartridge with leader locking mechanism
Tape reel assembly with self-adjusting flange for a data storage tape cartridge
Optical detection of alignment and/or absence of tape cartridge leader pin
Method and apparatus for the storage, display and retrieval of flat media
Mercury-containing material, method for producing the same and fluorescent lamp using the same
Lamp body for a fluorescent compact spot and flood light source
Process for forming field emission electrode for manufacturing field emission array
Field emission display using carbon nanotubes and methods of making the same
Method of assembling color crt and assembling device
Stocker apparatus with increased input/output capacity
Display device and method of fabricating the display device
Antenna mounting device
Electrical connector having a ground plane with independently configurable contacts
Self-aligning electrical connector
Flat cable connector with improved actuator
Connector structure
Circuit board-to-board interconnection device
Coaxial connector contact and coaxial connector having it
Multipole electrical connector
Electrical connector with strengthened actuation device
Socket for IC package
Plug connector with central pole
Security device of power receptacle
Cable assembly with internal circuit modules
Cell for protecting a stripped end of a cable with sealant
Rigid support ring molded into elastomeric connector lip
Waterproof connector and method of inserting terminals in waterproof connector
Straight blade plug and connector having a variable position cord grip
Structure of connecting shielded connectors
Card connector unit provided with first accommodating position and second accommodating position
Electrical distribution center assembly
Structure for connection of harnesses in vehicle
Card connector assembly with improved ejection device
Cable retention apparatus
Connector, connector assembly and a method of connecting a connector
Cable end connector assembly
Electrical connector with rear retention mechanism of outer shell
Filtered and shielded electrical connector
Modular jack assembly having improved positioning means
Cable connector assembly
Electric power strip including a cell charging receptacle
Connector assembly for igniter system and shorting assembly
Modular connector for very high frequency applications
Joint connector
Electrical connector with distribution contacts
Telecommunication connector
Line connector with permanent or temporary screw clamp
Method and structure for connecting a terminal with a wire
Wiring base and electrical connection box
Raman amplifier and pumping apparatus, and program
Flexible cable leader
Wire feeding guide for use with an electrical box
Device for winding a multipole stator
System and method for tracking a component in a network environment
Printing system for printing at a user selected location
Speaker system
Surface static reduction device
Ball grid array circuit board jumper
Stopping device and method for printed circuit board automation modules
SMT passive device noflow underfill methodology and structure
Pressure point contact for flexible cable
Electronic module
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