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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Two-pulley belt tensioning mechanism
Potato quality
Fishing lure with safety features
Line guides for fishing rods
Adjustable buoyancy fishing bobber system
Fishing tackle and lure holder
Adjustable cake cutter
Footwear article with limited rotational movement and damped end of course
Convertible traction shoes
Lunch box with configurable handle, accessories, containers, and display inserts
Portable hair dryer optimally having a dual heating source
Mascara brush
Device stand with suction base
Shelving unit whose support board is in quick and easy assembly
Bracketing system
Infant car seat cover
Gravity-fed storage and dispensing unit
Adjustable picture-hanger assembly
Milk foamer
Torque-transmitting, variably-flexible, corrugated insertion device and method for transmitting torque and variably flexing a corrugated insertion device
Method of treatment with the combination of a gem or a crystal removably attached with a mechanical coupling device to an acupuncture needle or to a vibratory device for acupressure treatment
Surgical stapler
Packaging container for test sensors
Tissue dilator and method for performing a spinal procedure
Cryosurgical catheter
Systems and methods for optical detection of lipofuscin concentrations in a subject's eye
Ophthalmological photographic apparatus
Condensate glucose analyzer
Real-time 3D ultrasonic imaging apparatus and method
Ultrasonic probe of radial scan type, ultrasonic observation apparatus and ultrasonic diagnosing system
Transobturator methods for installing sling to treat incontinence, and related devices
Pediatric digital wrap
Ambulatory infusion pump assembly and housing therefor
Medical device with collapse-resistant liner and method of making same
Ultrasound catheter
Template system for multi-reservoir implantable pump
Methods, systems, and kits for implanting articles
Constricting mechanism for use with a surgical access assembly
Access assembly with ribbed seal
Container for storing a product to be injected, and an injection device for use with the container
Indwelling needle
Safety syringe
Hydraulic exercise machine system and methods thereof
Exercise assisting apparatus
Golf club head
Ball bat including visual indication of whether internal structural tampering with the ball bat has occurred
Rebounding soccer practice net
Athletic striking apparatus
Golf game apparatus and method
Golf swing training device
System and method for golf instruction
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for cleaning fuel storage tanks
Method and system for generating microbubble-contained liquid and microbubble generator to be assembled in the system
Device for sound attenuation in a flow duct
Film coating medical devices
RF shielding gasket for vibratory separator
Method and apparatus for uniformly applying a multi-phase cleaning solution to a substrate
Cleaning cup system for chemical mechanical planarization apparatus
Method for reclaiming lands polluted by hexavalent chromium
Roll profile for both shape control and free ruled rolling
Temporary safety barrier system
Integral blow tube and tamping pin
Turret tool rest and machine tool
Method of evaluating the quality of a lapping plate
Self-cleaning mower ground roller assembly mounting system
Picking apparatus for an electronic device
Support arm for a clamping and centering element of a gripper frame for holding three-dimensional components in the motor vehicle industry
Folding pocket utility knife
Three-in one trimmer head
Reciprocating pruning saw
Food preparation mould
Gate insert heating and cooling
Variable-pitch moulding units and moulding machine
Bonding apparatus and bonding method
Molding apparatus
Method for drying a printing ink on a printing substrate in a printing press, and a printing press
Printer having easily mountable media transport arrangement
Liquid drop dispenser with movable deflector
Liquid drop dispenser with movable deflector
Printhead with columns extending across chamber inlet
Print head having nozzles with varied spacing and inkjet printer including the same
Printer waste ink apparatus
Ink container for ink jet printer, holder for the container, carriage for the holder, and ink jet printer
Carrier for an ink distribution assembly of an ink jet printhead
Print assembly having high speed printhead
Cloth holding frame
Image forming apparatus, landing position shift correction method, and landing position shift correction sheet member
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Device for printing receipts using two printing units, particularly on thermal paper, and related printing method
Chalk line marking system
Composite tire assembly
Moon roof frame module for reinforcement of automotive roof
Transmission shift control mechanism and method of installation
Working vehicle
Energy storage system for a hybrid vehicle
Saddle ride, fuel cell powered vehicle
Power-generating device for electro-magnetic or any electric engine
Single motion load bearing release handle
Adjustable lower seat for use with a stand and lean type backrest
Apparatus for locking double-folding seat for vehicles
Interior rearview mirror system for a vehicle
Rear seat hidden storage
Integrated energy storage and rear suspension assembly
Mechanical absorption systems for an active bonnet hinge
Stowable apparatus for securing an extension ladder to a pickup truck
Vehicle cargo area extender and step
Control component for hydraulic circuit including spring applied-hydraulically released brake
Brake control system and method for automotive vehicle
Furniture cart
Bi-directional utility vehicle
Steering wheel for vehicle
Omni-directional vehicle with full circumferential revolvable hitch
Steering system with variable flow rate amplification ratio and associated method
Continuously variable transmission
High speed watercraft suitable for rough water conditions
Linking assembly between a mechanical system and an adjustment actuator comprising engagement/disengagement members
Container for the collection, storage and disposal of liquids and method
Method for filling a container with gas
Food service set assembly system and method
Combination knockdown pallet structure and article container
Merchandise security display bag
Tamper evident container
Triple-flap container closure
Loosefill package for blowing wool machine
Air filling bag with outer film strengthening structure
Device for aligning disordered sheet-type products
Actuatable loadport system
Methods and apparatus for repositioning support for a substrate carrier
Dispenser for folders
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for non-contact measurement of a media stack in an image production device
Resilient belt sheet compiler with mixed sheet length mode
Printing apparatus and printing medium feeding method
Cable brake for sea deployments of light cable
Feedback-based document handling control system
Systems and methods for determining skew contribution in lateral sheet registration
Set of elevators and method for controlling a set of elevators
Adjustable, collapsible and portable game hoist
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Self-cleaning light source module
Explosive matrix assembly
Textiles; Paper
Embedded type system positioning spinning method
Connection device for piezoelectric actuators of jacquard bars of knitting machines
Fixed Constructions
Cable release lever
Thermally and electrically insulated composite manhole covers
Methods and apparatus for foundation system
Screening, crushing or mixing bucket
Ground clearing apparatus
Reinforced upper frame for supporting cabin of heavy construction equipment using welding deformation preventing structure, and method of manufacturing the same
Composite sound barrier panel
Observation shelter
Adjustable vertical brace
Work space management system
Display apparatus having mechanism for opening and closing display panel
Screen connection pass-through for hoses, electric/power cords, telephone and cable lines
Method and system to recover usable oil-based drilling muds from used and unacceptable oil-based drilling muds
Method for enhanced recovery of oil from oil reservoirs
Submersible pumping system and method for boosting subsea production flow
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gear pump for actuating a clutch
Apparatus and method of diaphragm assembly
Turbine rotor blade with spiral and serpentine flow cooling circuit
Variable valve timing mechanism
Exhaust emission control device
Engine with cylinder disabling mechanism
Hydrocarbon retaining and purging system
Ejector-type rotary device
Release pin
Connecting structure for hand-operated tools and handles
Bearing seal and swing device
Clutch with dual area piston and independent pressure control
Electronically controlled fluid coupling device with fluid scavenge control and slip speed sensor
Electronically controlled fluid coupling device with fluid scavenge control and check valve
Hydrostatic continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for controlling a braking system
Disk brake device
Bicycle chain connecting link
Oil-free chain
Automatic transmission
Multiple-cushion ring sprocket assembly
Piston/cylinder unit
Check valve and shut-off reset device for liquid delivery systems
Hydraulic override
Flange connection
Action wobble spring mounting assembly and method of manufacture
Light-emitting product
Modular luminaire system
Display device
Light redirecting film systems having pattern of variable optical elements
Light guide member, flat light source device, and display device
Combustion method and apparatus
Shower head with air introduction
Apparatus for reducing pollution from a flare stack
Method and apparatus for injecting a gas into a two-phase stream
Color changing thermostatic controller
Radiant tube heater
Electrical submersible pumping systems having stirling coolers
Cooling device for vacuum treatment device
Water spillage management for in the door ice maker
Air-heated heat exchanger
Desiccant cartridge
Water spillage management for in the door ice maker
Device for drying laundry by means of a current of air
System and method to control energy input to a material
Vapor chamber
Cooling device for interior and exterior surfaces of a mud pump liner
Micro-heat exchanger
Thermal module with porous type heat dissipater
Protection device for vehicle floor pan
Ammunition assembly with alternate load path
Kinetic energy absorber
Method of dimensioning and producing stiffened structural components, use of structural condition sensors and an aircraft
Casing assembly of a monitor
Method and system for predicting long-term exposure to a hazardous environment
Method and system for measuring physical parameters with a piezoelectric bimorph cantilever in a gaseous or liquid environment
Low cost multimode calorimeter
Magnetostrictive load sensor and movable unit comprising same
Time and angle based cylinder pressure data collection
Method to diagnose an exhaust gas sensor disposed in an exhaust gas region of an internal combustion engine and device to implement the method
Technique and phased array transducer for ultrasonic inspection of coarse grained, anisotropic welds
Apparatus and methods for dilution
Method to optimize micro-optic lens in LED flashlight application
Optical assemblies
Interchangeable charm system for glasses
Eyewear with pinhole aperture and lens
Optical engine for a projection display device
Projector with a lens barrier module
Device for displaying color images
Medium evaluation method
RFID tag
Document processing devices, systems and methods thereof
Spend diagnostics and lead management
Electronic-ink based display tagging system employing a plurality electronic-ink display tags having a stacked architecture and being powered and programmed by a portable tag activation module
On-demand point-of-sale scanner access
System and method of teaching and learning mathematics
Teaching game method for simulating management of a business operation
Electrical connector
Electric connection box
High frequency electrical connector
Probe connector
Environmental protective covering for universal serial bus connectors
Connector apparatus
Signal plug
Electrical contact with multiple contacting points
Lock attachment for audio-visual connector
Cassette for use within a connectivity management system
Wiring process and wiring assembly of cable connector
Universal serial bus connector with antenna capabilities
Dual-barrel, connector jack and plug assemblies
Electric plug and method of providing the same
Cable sheath splitter
Storage apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for detecting, recording and deterring the tapping and excavating activities of woodpeckers
Piezoelectric speaker
Hand-held controller for bed and mattress assembly
Add-on unit for connecting to a mobile station and a mobile station
Double check valve assembly for fire suppression system
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasonic linear or curvilinear transducer and connection technique therefore
Wave transmission-reception element for use in ultrasound probe, method for manufacturing the wave transmission-reception element and ultrasound probe incorporating the transmission-reception element
Haptic pointing devices
Electrical circuit for the control of piezoelectric drives
Antenna and method of production
Ultrasound horn
Piezoelectric device
Heat-sensitive recording apparatus
Ink ribbon positioning system of a color printer
Method for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure and apparatus used therefor
Microwave antenna for use in a vehicle
Display apparatus for vehicle
Engine start control system
Inductive charging system employing a fluid-cooled transformer coil and transmission cable
Vehicle imaging system with stereo imaging
Headlight adapter system
Optical vehicle display
Programmable vehicle stopping system and process for route learning
Digital electrochromic circuit with a vehicle network
Process for testing the ground contact of parts of a networked system
Circuit arrangement for measuring the deceleration of a vehicle, caused by a pre-crash braking procedure
Passive RF-RF entry system for vehicles
Device for detecting a key inserted into a motor vehicle lock
Remote starting device for cars
Windshield wiper device
Angle sensor which makes it possible to prevent rattling caused by backlash between gears inside the angle sensor
Integrated starter alternator troller
Control device using magnetic force to create force vector to control an object
Mounting structure for sensor in industrial vehicle and industrial vehicle
Method for manufacturing a microintegrated structure with buried connections, in particular an integrated microactuator for a hard-disk drive unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Resistors for electronic packaging
Method and apparatus for measurement and automatic control of acid concentration
Textiles; Paper
Brushless dc motor in washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Driver side waterproof power window apparatus permitting operation of multiple windows when submerged
Arrangement using measured pitch and locating field measurements to determine a positional relationship
Apparatus and method for electric field telemetry employing component upper and lower housings in a well pipestring
Method and system of communicating in a subterranean well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electronic throttle control position sensor
Device for detecting abnormality of sensor, and control device for vehicle
Coil on plug signal detection
Underground hydroelectric plant
Fan motor having two-stage speed control
Electric motor fan seal ring
Linear actuator
Self-cleaning oven having smoke detector for controlling cleaning cycle time
Stabilized common gimbal
Apparatus and methods of the remote address of objects
Information processing apparatus and method, and providing medium
Method and apparatus for safe single-channel evaluation of sensor signals
Measuring device for contactless detection of a rotational angle
Orientation measuring instrument
Method and apparatus for short term inspection or long term structural health monitoring
Magnetic resonance imaging device having magnetic field disturbance compensation
Socket pin and socket for electrical testing of semiconductor packages
Method for testing semiconductor components
Test carrier and method of mounting semiconductor device thereon
Self-closing spring probe
Integrated trigger function display system and methodology for trigger definition development in a signal measurement system having a graphical user interface
Hand-held ignition voltage tester
Process for measuring output harmonic relative to output fundamental with enhanced accuracy
Power supply slew time testing of electronic circuits
Method and apparatus for efficient measurement of reciprocal multiport devices in vector network analysis
System and method for combining integrated circuit final test and marking
Apparatus and method for testing computer equipment for susceptibility to neutral to ground noise
System and method for determining the polarity of an electrostatic event
Work bench for holding electric wires and system for producing wire harness subassembly
Ground resistance monitor
Test carrier with decoupling capacitors for testing semiconductor components
Active feedback pulsed measurement method
Test head manipulator for semiconductor tester with manual assist for vertical test head movement
Method and apparatus for electrical characterization of an integrated circuit package using a vertical probe station
Sliding tray holder for ease in handling IC packages during testing of the IC packages
Method and device for testing differential protection relays or differential protection relay systems
Method for displaying residual capacity of battery, battery pack and portable electric device using the method
Scanning AC hall microscope
Magneto-electric device
Devices and methods for mapping complex magnetic fields through discrete magnetic potential measurements
Dual-function NMR probe
Tunable birdcage transmitter coil
Magnetic resonance imaging receiver/transmitter coils
Apparatus and method for a superconductive magnet with pole piece
Method of cancelling lorentz force-produced oscillations in a gradient tube, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus operating according to the method
Methods and apparatus for non-destructive control and forecasting concrete strength
Polarization transfer by cross-correlated relaxation in solution NMR with very large molecules
Quantitation and standardization of magnetic resonance measurements
Magnetic resonance imaging
MR imaging system with interactive MR geometry prescription control
Method and apparatus for the deception of satellite navigation
Situation awareness system
Radar multibeam velocity sensor
System and method for locating radio frequency identification tags using three-phase antenna
Radar transponder
Radar method for measuring distances between and relative speeds of a vehicle and one or more obstacles
Method for determining the vertical distance between an object and a device with a variable position
Talking buried object detector
Nonspecular visual display and method
Computer controlled video microscopy system
Personal display with vision tracking
Image projection apparatus
Gimbal-mounted virtual reality display system
Video camera with optical zoom mechanism and picture stabilizer
LCD including spacers used in combination with polymer walls
LCD panel in which the scanning line and the line connected to the drain of the TFT are parallel
Liquid crystal display
Color liquid crystal display with reduced data line wiring
Connecting part of outer circuit in liquid crystal display panel and a fabricating method thereof
Method and apparatus for substrate defect testing by surface illumination
Twisted nematic liquid crystal display device with improved viewing angle characteristics
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Tape carrier package and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display having light deflecting element on a surface of a substrate, facing the liquid crystal cell
Methods and apparatus for detecting and reducing color errors in images
Fill strategies in the optical kerf
Electronic display devices and methods
Skew adjustment for optical writer in a document printer/copier
Image forming system, intermediate transfer medium and method with temporary attachment features
Image forming apparatus
Gate transition counter
Ball joint gimbal system
Servo control apparatus and servo control method
Circuit for synchronous rectification with minimal reverse recovery losses
Versatile power flow transformers for compensating power flow in a transmission line
Sleep mode VDD detune for power reduction
Biasing scheme for low supply headroom applications
Semiconductor integrated circuit with quick charging/discharging circuit
Noise-shaped digital frequency synthesis
Digital voltage controlled oscillator
Clock system for an embedded semiconductor memory unit
Semiconductor integrated circuit equipped with function for controlling the quantity of processing per unit time length by detecting internally arising delay
Phase adjustor for semiconductor integrated circuit
Clock control method and circuit
Hand-held electronic device with a keyboard optimized for use with the thumbs
Home entertainment device remote control
Apparatus and method for portable handwriting capture
Status indicating device of a portable computer
Intelligent power supply control for electronic systems requiring multiple voltages
Power unit and power source switching apparatus for a computer
System and method for determining a path in a graphical diagram
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for designing the same
Computer user interface with head motion input
Context sensitive remote control groups
Keyboard incorporating multi-function flat-panel input device and/or display
Changing the status of a window for docked applications and application bars
Selection navigator
Method, system and computer program product for dynamic language switching in user interface menus, help text, and dialogs
User interface enhancement for windows-based operating systems
Method and apparatus for providing visual feedback during manipulation of text on a computer screen
Method of interacting with a computer using a proximity sensor in a computer input device
Adaptive frequency touchscreen controller using intermediate-frequency signal processing
Ergonomic mouse extension
Ergonomic computer mouse
Color liquid crystal display device and image display method thereof
Method of transition between window states
Method for automatically switching windows of different sizes
Synthesizing computer input events
Optical printer head, light-amount correction method for optical printer head and optical printer
Graphical user interface shop floor control system
Graphical image data reformatting method and apparatus
Memory arrangement for exposure data used in multiple exposures and method for processing multiple exposures
Method and system for generating and displaying a slide show with animations and transitions in a browser
Dynamic texture loading based on texture tile visibility
Image displaying method, device, and computer-readable storage medium
System and method for implementing accumulation buffer operations in texture mapping hardware
Method for modeling graphical objects represented as surface elements
Detail-directed hierarchical distance fields
Method and apparatus for reproducing a shape and a pattern in a three-dimensional scene
Method for virtual clipping a three-dimensional graphics image
Methods and apparatus for recording and information processing, and recording method therefor
Efficient representation of connectivity information in progressive mesh update record
Display operation method to change the number of images to be displayed and to independently change image direction and rotation of each image
Methods for quantizing and compressing digital image data
Toll collection system, on board unit and toll collection method
Keyless entry control and transmitter for the same
Personal alarm monitor system
Shoplifting monitoring apparatus and attachment unit
Security system and enclosure to protect data contained therein
Arrangement for spatial monitoring
Antenna with reduced magnetic far field for EAS marker activation and deactivation
Child monitoring system
Automatic verification of smoke detector operation within calibration limits
System for assisting drivers to negotiate intersections
Driving mechanism for liquid-containing ornament
Liquid-crystal display control apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
System and method for driving a nematic liquid crystal
Display apparatus with drive circuit capable of reducing power consumption
Device and method for displaying gray shades
Method of displaying an image on liquid crystal display and a liquid crystal display
Brightness offset error reduction system and method for a display device
Device and process for displaying images and sounds
Pixel clock generator for automatically adjusting the horizontal resolution of an OSD screen
Method and system for sampling rate conversion in digital audio applications
Read channel
Disturbance detection in a data signal
Box structure for TV-VCR combo
Video camera having an eject mechanism
Low noise magneto-resistive read head preamplifier
Current sense amplifiers enabling amplification of bit line voltages provided by bit line sense amplifiers
Sense amplifier with dual linearly weighted inputs and offset voltage correction
Clocked sense amplifier flip flop with keepers to prevent floating nodes
Method and apparatus for receiving high speed signals with low latency
Delay locked loop of a DDR SDRAM
Retractable electrical/optical connector
Variable resistor
Conductive polymer compositions containing perhydrotriphenylene
Protective element
Magnetizing method for a permanent-magnet motor
Coil device
Liquid cryogen-free superconducting magnet system
Fine taper adjustment in a magic cylinder
Thermal protector
Microelectromechanical micro-relay with liquid metal contacts
Thermally actuated control device
Volume control knob for use with a laptop computer
Electrostatic micro relay
CMOS-compatible MEM switches and method of making
Adjustable armature assembly for a circuit breaker and method of using same
Bi-metal trip unit for a molded case circuit breaker
Motor operator for a circuit breaker
Rotary contact assembly for high ampere-rated circuit breakers
Appliance and method of using same having a send capability for stored data
Electrical fuse box for motor vehicles
Color shadow mask assembly with increased resistance to heat and vibration
Electron gun structure including cathode support strap with opening portion
Color cathode-ray tube
Cathode ray tube having multiple sets of orbital correction coils
Cathode ray tube with enhanced beam deflection efficiency and minimized deflection power
Image display apparatus and method for producing the same
Programmable image antenna
Ion-implantation apparatus and method of ion-implantation by use of this apparatus
Device for producing a free cold plasma jet
Thermal diode for energy conversion
Cusp filter
Semiconductor device and a process for designing a mask
Semiconductor device provided with on-chip decoupling condenser utilizing CMP dummy patterns
Circuit chip package and fabrication method
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Flip-chip bonding structure with stress-buffering property and method for making the same
Method for fabricating on-chip inductors and related structure
High voltage transistor using P+ buried layer
Electrical detection of V-groove width
Semiconductor device
Active trench isolation structure to prevent punch-through and junction leakage
Semiconductor device and production method thereof
Method of fabricating buried source to shrink chip size in memory array
Reduced RC delay between adjacent substrate wiring lines
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit packaging for optical sensor devices
Method for double-layer implementation of metal options in an integrated chip for efficient silicon debug
Structures and methods of anti-fuse formation in SOI
Partially-overlapped interconnect structure and method of making
Wiring structure of semiconductor device
Microwave amplifier generating distortion-reduced high output microwave power
Conductive mesh bias connection for an array of elevated active pixel sensors
Silicon anti-fuse structures, bulk and silicon on insulator fabrication methods and application
Detector layer for an optics module
Semiconductor photodetector, method for manufacturing semiconductor photodetector and photodetector module
Ultrasound motor and electronic apparatus equipped with ultrasonic motor
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device having mutually opposing thin plate portions
Organic electroluminescent device and its manufacturing process
Organic electroluminescent device
Jump start assembly and a method for jump starting a vehicle having a pair of dissimilar batteries
Portable solar generator
Multiplexer for cellular telephone
Circuit for dealing with higher harmonics and circuit for amplifying power efficiency
Non-reciprocal circuit element with ground terminals on one side free of input/output terminals
Triplate striplines used in a high-frequency circuit and a shielded-loop magnetic field detector
Broadband microstrip-waveguide junction
Planar transmission line to waveguide transition for a microwave signal
Traveling wave power combiner and radio base station
Coaxial cavity resonator
Easy trim dish mount
Window glass antenna apparatus for vehicles
Chip antenna
Integrated matched antenna structures using printed circuit techniques
High performance multimode horn
Dual band antenna
Slotted cable antenna structure
Precision multi-layer grids fabrication technique
Integrated flat antenna and radio frequency unit for point-to-point microwave radios
Antenna unit
Radio unit for computer systems
Scanning directional antenna with lens and reflector assembly
Phased array antenna apparatus
Concentrator for coupling local wireless networks to a wired network
Stacked dipole antenna for use in wireless communications systems
Method for controlling the radiation pattern of an antenna means, an antenna system and a radio communication device
Layered electronically scanned antenna and method therefor
Circularly polarized antenna device and radio communication apparatus using the same
Coaxial connector
Direct current motor
Switching apparatus and method for a segment of an electric power line
Charge/discharge control circuit and secondary battery
Method for gauging battery voltage of portable terminal
Battery charging and discharging system
Power distribution system
Data protective receptacle with power saving function
Lamp fault detection
Method and apparatus for coordinating uninterruptible power supply modules to provide scalable, redundant power
Stator assembly of rotary electric device and method of assembling the same
Laminated magnetic core for electric machines
Rotating maching with advanced excitation means
Motor including embedded permanent-magnet and method for making the same
Retractable grounding device for a spindle motor
Permanent magnet rotating electric machine and electrically driven vehicle employing same
Salient pole synchronous machine rotor including continuously extending end plates
Electromechanical battery design suitable for back-up power applications
Wheel with a generator
Structure of rotor for outer rotor type brushless motor
Constant-frequency control circuit for a switching voltage regulator of the hysteretic type
Switching DC-to-DC converter with discontinuous pulse skipping and continuous operating modes without external sense resistor
Electric element control apparatus, battery system, and inverter motor system
Control method to reduce body diode conduction and reverse recovery losses
Charge pump for reference voltages in analog to digital converter
Method of minimizing errors in rotor angle estimate in synchronous machine
Method of estimating a rotor position of synchronous motor, method of controlling synchronous motor with no position sensor and a controller of synchronous motor
Position detection of switched reluctance machines
Electronically commutated DC motor
DC current brushless motor driving apparatus and air conditioner with using thereof
Rotational speed control circuit for motor
Exciter system with protection for manual regulator failure and an electric generator incorporating same
Method and circuitry for implementing an inductor-capacitor phase interpolated voltage-controlled oscillator
Tunable, distributed, voltage-controlled oscillator
Linearization scheme for voltage controlled oscillator
PLL detection circuit with lock judgement circuit
Variable delay line detector
Mixer circuit
Power booster method and apparatus for improving the performance of radio frequency linear power amplifiers
Class E Doherty amplifier topology for high efficiency signal transmitters
CMOS power amplifier for driving low impedance loads
Mechanism for minimizing undesirable effects of parasitic components in integrated circuits
Amplifier linearization by learned linear behavior
Phase and amplitude detector and method of determining errors
Transistor circuit with direct-coupled stages
RF power amplifier system employing AC-DC power supplies and RF combining
Transconductance amplifier circuit
Low-frequency, high-gain amplifier with high DC-offset voltage tolerance
Operational amplifier trim method with process and temperature error compensation
Preamplifier circuit for a photodetector
Low-power, low-noise dual gain amplifier topology and method
Variable capacitance circuit
System and method for multimode operation of a digital filter with shared resources
Compact multilayer BALUN for RF integrated circuits
Thin film piezoelectric element
Piezoelectric vibrator
Load actuation circuit
High frequency MOSFET switch
Voltage clamp for a failsafe buffer
Ground bounce prediction methodology and use of same in data error reduction
Digital leakage compensation circuit
Circuit and method for contact pad isolation
Expandable interconnect structure for FPGAS
Configurable logic element with expander structures
Programmable logic arrays
Programmable logic array integrated circuits with blocks of logic regions grouped into super-blocks
Regenerative tie-high tie-low cell
Switching arrangements
Low voltage differential voltage-controlled ring oscillator
High voltage driver having overshoot/undershoot protection circuitry
Clock period sensing circuit
Dual-control ring voltage controlled oscillator
Clock buffer with LC circuit for jitter reduction
PLL frequency synthesizer operated with reduced settling time constant during frequency changeover
Method for digital synchronization of video signals
Signal generator having fine resolution and low phase noise
Arrangement for the warbling (sweeping) of a frequency synthesizer
Bubble suppression method and apparatus
Pre-amplifier design for high-speed analog-to-digital converters
Embedded mechanism offering real-time self failure detection for an analog to digital converter
Front-end sampling for analog-to-digital conversion
Continuous time bandpass delta sigma modulator ADC architecture with feedforward signal compensation
Delta compression of floating point coordinate data
Remote controller for a multi-device television receiving system providing channel number auto-completion, presettable audio hush level and base channel auto-reaffirm
Method and apparatus for reducing distortion produced by a nonlinear device
Transmitting device, receiving device, and receiving method
High frequency network communications over various lines
Reliable and fast frame synchronization scheme for flex paging protocol
Method for coding or decoding and device for coding or decoding
Communications and control network having multiple power supplies
Method and apparatus for integrating controls
Precision microwave/millimeter wave modulated signal source
Photographic system for enabling interactive communication between a camera and an attraction site
Method for improving exposure resolution using multiple exposures
Automatic test instrument for multi-format video generation and capture
Circuit for stabilizing a high voltage
Cathode ray tube protection system
CMOS imaging device with integrated defective pixel correction circuitry
Methods and apparatus for automated repair detection of solid-state X-ray detectors
Producing image data in a virtual set
Signal generator
TV receiver having kinescope with 16:9 aspect ratio screen and dot pitch for 480 lines per frame resolution
Method and device for precision tuning, and method and device for matching vestigial sideband signal in television
Overlay graphics memory management method and apparatus
Database navigation system for a home entertainment system
Video camera system with interchangeable lens assembly
Deinterlacing apparatus of digital image data
Set top integrated visionphone user interface having multiple menu hierarchies
Communication system for transmitting a plurality of images and audio information
Security control system
Reduction of devices to quiet operation
Multisegment electroluminescent source for a scanner
Automatic adjustment of incandescent lamp voltage
Flasher string
Lamp ignition with compensation for parasitic loading capacitance
Apparatus and method for discharge treatment
Microwave discharge type electrostatic accelerator having upstream and downstream acceleration electrodes
Apparatus for generating a compound plasma configuration with multiple helical conductor elements
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