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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Platen assembly for thermal printer
Exposure apparatus including a read circuit for reading electrical signals from a plurality of photoelectric converters
Method and apparatus for automatically identifying the location of pressure sensors in a tire pressure monitoring system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air filtering chimney to clean pollution from a city and generate electric power
Water heater electrical enclosure insert/foam dam
Electric heater for a semiconductor processing apparatus
Scatterometry alignment for imprint lithography
Methods and systems for precisely relatively positioning a waist of a pulsed laser beam and method and system for controlling energy delivered to a target structure
Static attitude determination and adjust of head suspension components
Photosensor apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sensor utilizing evanescent wave
Mineral matter analyzer apparatus and method
Ultraviolet sterilization device with autocleaning structure
Method of setting grids and/or markers in measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for simultaneous transmission of same frequencies
High voltage switching matrix for electrical safety compliance test equipment
Method and apparatus for inspecting integrated circuit pattern
Testing MEM device array
Method and apparatus for joint kinematic and feature tracking using probabilistic argumentation
Radar apparatus having function of estimating target's width
Global positioning system receiver
Location services system that reduces auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Radio transceiver and method of controlling direction of radio-wave emission
Radiation detection apparatus and system
Method of obtaining pore pressure and fluid saturation changes in subterranean reservoirs by forward modeling
Gradient coil/RF antenna unit and magnetic resonance apparatus employing same
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for liquid-solution
Semi-conductive shell for sources and sensors
Asymmetric optical focusing system
Ophthalmologic operation microscope
Endoscope objective lens
Spatial light modulator, spatial light modulator array, and image formation apparatus
Three-dimensional structure forming method
Arrangement and apparatus for optical beam transformation
Display optical system
Optical element that is adjustable for optimizing extinction ratios
Tilt servo apparatus for use in ROM system
Aligning implement for optical fibers and optical fiber array fabricated by use of the aligning implement
Fiber optic force sensor
Optical fiber for WDM transmission
Integrating optical components on a planar light circuit
Apparatus and method for fiber optic link with built-in test
Optical coupling device
Optical MEMS switching array with embedded beam-confining channels and method of operating same
Optical distribution device and light waveguide connector cable
Resonant coupling of optical signals for out-of-plane transmission that includes output beam modification
Original reading lens, original reading lens unit, original reading device, and image forming device
Optical modulation element and projection apparatus
Liquid crystal display device having nut member fixed on housing
Liquid crystal display device
Substrate for liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display having the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Full color transflective cholesteric liquid crystal display with slant reflectors above transmissive pixels
Camera having proper exposure controlling function
Strobe light emitting apparatus and camera
Lens barrel incorporating the cam mechanism
Exposure apparatus, maintenance method therefor, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and semiconductor manufacturing factory
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, stage apparatus, and alignment method
System for laser beam expansion without expanding spatial coherence
Binderless storage phosphor screen
Apparatus and method for the exposure control of a photographing device
Color image processing apparatus and color image processing method
Pulsed-laser systems and methods for producing holographic stereograms
Motor control apparatus for controlling operation of mover of motor
Compensated self-biasing current generator
Reference-voltage generating circuit
Computer server
Dynamically constructed rasterizers
Information processing apparatus and method
Color digital printer having a graphical user interface for displaying and selecting images for local and remote printing
System for efficiently distributing print jobs
Multiplier circuit
Digital camera and document photographing and transmitting method of the same
Code generation method, terminal apparatus, code processing method, issuing apparatus, and code issuing method
Image processing apparatus and method allowing control of degree of edge enhancement
Printing control system for separation printing
Controlling a watermark strength embedded into a digital image
Vision-based highway overhead structure detection system
Method of recognizing partially occluded and/or imprecisely localized faces
Method and apparatus for operator condition monitoring and assessment
Method and system for detecting suspected anomalous shadows
Image discrimination apparatus and image discrimination method
Collaborative diagnostic systems
Method for locating face landmarks in an image
Compression of digital data and coding of the compressed data in order to protect them against transmission errors
Method and apparatus for reducing image acquisition time in a digital imaging device
Dynamic computing imagery, especially for visceral osteopathy and for articular kinetics
Graphics plotting apparatus
Method and system for spatially compositing digital video images with a tile pattern library
Computerized deformation analyzer
System and method for wireless transmission of security alarms to selected groups
Building emergency path finding systems and method
Event driven information system
Microwave sensor
Acoustic wave ice and water detector
Alarm device interface system
Alarm with removable detection circuitry cartridge
Apparatus and method for activating an inductance loop vehicle detection system
Apparatus and method for energy recovery
Surface discharge type plasma panel divided into a plurality of sub-screens
Method of driving plasma display panel
Shared pixel electroluminescent display driver system
Organic EL display device
Display apparatus and image signal processing apparatus
Magnetic display
Liquid crystal display panel, liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal television
Drive circuit of active matrix type display device having buffer with parallel connected elemental circuits and manufacturing method thereof
Designing force sensations for force feedback computer applications
Computer system with passive wireless mouse
Method for image texture describing
Plasma display panel, and apparatus and method for driving the same
Image processing apparatus and method
Display device and method of driving a display device
Information storage apparatus using a magnetic medium coated with a wear-resistant thin film
Disk apparatus having an improved clamp structure
Method and apparatus to control pole tip protrusion
Microactuator servo control during self writing of servo data
Method and apparatus for measuring write-induced pole tip protrusion
Disk spacer with gradually deepening groove formed only in a middle portion of an outer circumferential surface thereof
Magnetic disk apparatus having an adjustable mechanism to compensate write or heat element for off-tracking position with yaw angle
Apparatus for look-ahead thermal sensing in a data storage device
Data erasing apparatus
Apparatus for providing head amplitude characterization
Systems for self-servowriting using write-current variation
Apparatus for providing head amplitude characterization using gain loops
Defect management for HDD with variable index architecture
Spin valve sensor for high areal density applications
Magnetoresistive head with an intermediate layer between first and second magnetization free layers and perpendicular magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
Magnetoresistive device in a thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same having particular electrode overlay configuration
Method for servo pattern application on single-side processed disks in a merged state
Optical recording device and optical recording method, control program for the optical recording device, and computer-readable recording medium recording the control program
Multi-value data recording and reproducing device
Method for optical data recording and reproducing
Optical head device and objective lens
Laser drawing apparatus, laser drawing method, a master for manufacturing hologram, and manufacturing method thereof
Read-only optical recording medium with ZnO near-field optical interaction layer
Semiconductor memory with embedded DRAM
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and programming method for the same
Shift register unit and signal driving circuit using the same
Shift register
Access circuit and method for allowing external test voltage to be applied to isolated wells
Semiconductor memory device for controlling output timing of data depending on frequency variation
Memory device and method having low-power, high write latency mode and high-power, low write latency mode and/or independently selectable write latency
Memory device employing open bit line architecture for providing identical data topology on repaired memory cell block and method thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling refresh operations in a dynamic memory device
High-speed semiconductor memory having internal refresh control
Semiconductor memory device
Method for selecting memory device in response to bank selection signal
Nuclear power plant system and method of operating the same
Integrated connector unit
Storage capacitor with high memory capacity and low surface area
Extended thin film capacitor (TFC)
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Exhaust fan timeout system
Lighting unit for flat panel display device
Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components
Matrix substrate having wiring lines formed in different wiring layers
Magnetron, and microwave oven and high-frequency heating apparatus each equipped with the same
Method and apparatus for forming optical materials and devices
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Glass for fluorescent lamp, glass tube for fluorescent lamp, and fluorescent lamp
Plasma producing apparatus and doping apparatus
Windowed package having embedded frame
Method and packaging structure for optimizing warpage of flip chip organic packages
Dynamic random access memory circuitry having storage capacitors within a well
Semiconductor light emitting diode
Organic thin film transistor array substrate
Vertical tunneling transistor
Package for optical semiconductor
Light-transmitting module containing an driving device in a package
Memory array having a layer with electrical conductivity anisotropy
Low magnetization materials for high performance magnetic memory devices
Memory devices and electronic systems comprising integrated bipolar and FET devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Lateral channel transistor
Functional device, method of manufacturing therefor and driver circuit
Photodetector with polarization state sensor
Memory device
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Remote control and power system
Transmission line phase shifter with controllable high permittivity dielectric element
Miniaturized microwave integrated circuit using complementary conducting surfaces
Antenna ground system
Surface-mount type antenna and antenna apparatus
Planar wideband antennas
Dual-band planar antenna
Method and apparatus for passive optical extraction of signals
Temperature control in optical amplifier systems to reduce PMD fluctuation
Clock recovery based on VLSOA power monitoring
Optical component, optical amplification module, and optical transmission system
Microneedle array systems
Volume absorbing laser beam dump
Tunable filter
Fast wavelength-tunable laser system using Fabry-Perot laser diode
Tunable semiconductor lasers
Multimode semiconductor laser module, wavelength detector, wavelength stabilizer, and Raman amplifier
Breaker distribution module
Combined harmonic filter and phase converter or phase shifting device
Gas insulating apparatus and method for locating fault point thereof
Control circuit for vehicular power transmission apparatus, and abnormality determining device for the control circuit
High voltage ESD protection circuit with low voltage transistors
Built-in battery controller for personal telecommunication device
Apparatus and method for controlling output of secondary battery, battery pack system, and electric vehicle
Uninterruptible power supply device
Motor stator assembly and fabrication method thereof
Quad shaft contrarotating homopolar motor
Turbine generator vibration damper system
Circuit arrangement for operating an electrical machine
Valve control device
Multiphase motors with single point sensing based commutation
Method of transmitting and receiving QPSK digital signals
Extracting fine-tuned estimates from correlation functions evaluated at a limited number of values
Non-coherent FSK demodulator
Demodulation method and demodulation apparatus
Delay settings for a wide-range, high-precision delay-locked loop and a delay locked loop implementation using these settings
Broadband amplifier having offset microstrip section in a housing module
Methods and apparatus for improving the operation of a variable gain amplifier (VGA)
Circuits, architectures, systems and methods for overvoltage protection
Programmable logic device
Logical operation circuit and logical operation method
Programmable current booster for faster edge-rate output in high speed applications
Detection and correction circuit for blind equalization convergence errors
Low-loss coupler
A/D converter
Fast look-ahead path modulation apparatus
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key data
Separation enhanced Gray codes
Method and system for joint decision feedback equalization and complementary code key decoding using a trellis
Fast motion estimation using N-queen pixel decimation
Method and system for extracting key frames from video using a triangle model of motion based on perceived motion energy
System and method for bandwidth compression of frequency and phase modulated signals and suppression of the upper and lower sidebands from the transmission medium
Method for generating orthogonal spread codes in mobile communication system
Iterative fast fourier transform error correction
Interference cancellation receiver for use in a CDMA system
Acquisition circuit for low chip rate option for mobile telecommunication system
WDM cross-connects for core optical networks
Method and apparatus for transmitting data from a rotary part to a stationary part of a data generating system
Phase lock loop circuit and optical repeating apparatus, optical terminal apparatus, and optical communication system having the same
Method for measuring transmission loss in optical transmission line for test, and slave station, master station, and optical communication system using the method
Method and apparatus for extending optical communication
Acoustic communication device and acoustic signal communication method
Dynamic allocation and de-allocation of multiple communication channels for bandwidth on-demand
Method for avoiding interference in a digital communication system
Transmitting and receiving circuit, mobile communication terminal device employing the same and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for searcher beamforming in CDMA base station system using array antenna
Method and apparatus for scheduling packet data transmissions in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for time and frequency synchronization of OFDM communication systems
Pre-computation and dual-pass modular arithmetic operation approach to implement encryption protocols efficiently in electronic integrated circuits
Residue number system based pre-computation and dual-pass arithmetic modular operation approach to implement encryption protocols efficiently in electronic integrated circuits
Indexing method for mapping multiple segments of coded fields into a table-structure field
Reassembly engines for multilink applications
Serial data transmitters
Method and apparatus for providing differentiated Quality-of-Service guarantees in scalable packet switches
Transmission line terminating apparatus that performs packet processing
Method for marking packets of a data transmission flow and marker device performing this method
Communication network utilizing autonomous servers to establish a communication session
Method and apparatus for coordinating a change in service provider between a client and a server with identity based service access management
Wireless device connection in single medium wiring scheme for multiple signal distribution in building and access port therefor
Iterative maximum likelihood channel estimation and signal detection for OFDM systems
Method and apparatus for matching transmission rates across a single channel
Method and apparatus for maximizing receiver performance utilizing mid-packet gain changes
Frequency tracking loop and method of frequency tracking
Turbo-reception method and turbo-receiver
Viterbi decoding with channel and location information
Minimum variance unbiased and moment estimators of carrier frequency offset in multi-carrier systems
Non-linear echo cancellation in discrete multi-tone systems
Telecommunications apparatus and plug-in unit for same
System and method to reduce echoes in voice communications
Utilities module for proactive maintenance application
System and method for electronic message status notification and reply using various electronic media
Personal message service with enhanced text to speech synthesis
Accelerator for intelligent voice response system
Method and apparatus for quick modem reconnect
Telephone call screening system and method and caller registration system and method for use therewith
Image processing device and method, and recording medium
Expanded color space
Image processing apparatus and method
Hierarchical hybrid shot change detection method for MPEG-compressed video
Picture-signal processing apparatus and method using weighting for black-level control
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Image pickup control device for controlling an exposure time and a method of driving an image sensor during such exposure time
Modeless digital still camera using touch-sensitive shutter button
Selectively overlaying a user interface atop a video signal
Receiving device used in high-definition television
Method and apparatus for recording on a storage medium or replaying from a storage medium data packets of a transport stream
Method for efficient MPEG-2 transport stream frame re-sequencing
System and method for reproducing a video session using accelerated frame playback
Packet data recording/reproducing system
Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and record medium
Method of estimating backward motion vectors within a video sequence
Object-based bit rate control method and system thereof
Light-emitting device having specific linear thermal expansion coefficient and gas barrier properties
High-efficiency power supply apparatus used with a display panel driving system and method thereof
Printed circuit board method and apparatus
Low cost thermal management device or heat sink manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Snow shovel
Agricultural implement trailer
Draper belt connector assembly for a harvesting machine
Ultra-lean dilution apparatus
Disengageable worm wheel gearbox
Fishing rod holder
Fluid injection spray system for a wind machine
Three-way actuation control of a hydraulically actuated fuel injector
Molding apparatus
Sleeved invertible glove for collection and disposal of materials
Decorative bow
Spring mounted light
Safety side-release belt buckle
Band and wrist device
Insulated container and liner
Fluid applicator
Applicator device
See-through bookbag
Personal carrier
Hand tool retaining device
Foam applicator with wiper insert
Toothbrush with toothpaste feed system
Folding stand for sheet music or other reading or visual material
Refrigerated cabinet with molded liner
Hollow-door closet
Kitchen cabinet installation device (SP3)
Mop Stand
Convertible table and flower pot holder
Sliding track assembly for drawers
Adjustable chair
Mechanism for chair
Foldable frame for beach chair
Detachable seat
Multi-function seats
Ergonomically integrated seat and work station
Carseat and stroller with folding linkage system
Baby seat cover
Egg holder toy
Decorative display
Window covering cord tie-down device with side clips
Paper towel transfer apparatus
Telescopable wand assembly of a vacuum cleaner
Hip compression screw assemblies and joints therefor
Interactive self-diagnostic system
Fitting for dental syringe
Suction oral brush
Method and apparatus for applying a bonding agent to an orthodontic band
Guided tissue regeneration plate for use in a process for growing jaw bone in anticipation of performing dental implants
Dual function inboard barrier/bridgeplate assembly for wheelchair lifts
Ramp assembly with locking mechanisms
Ring and ball tossing game apparatus and method for playing the same
Powered lighting for in-line skates, rollerskates, ice skates, and for walking or jogging
Roller-type skiing device for negotiating a slope
Board for gliding on snow
Method and apparatus for playing card games
Board game for teaching project management skills
Method of playing a baccarat game
Method and apparatus for redeeming a game piece
Multi dimensional puzzle
Balloon novelty device
Illuminated balloon apparatus
Light transmitting peg for use in a toy illuminating assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and a method for preparing a processing bath, a manifold, and a use of a manifold
Device for stirring the content of a tank comprising a bubble elevator
Homogenization valve with outside high pressure volume
Process for producing aqueous dispersion of a polymer substance
Apparatus for optically enhancing chemical reactions
Apparatus for screening and/or crushing screen materials
Chipper shredder chute
Rotary driven sprinkler with mulitiple nozzle ring
Waterfall clock
Pivoting transfer apparatus for transferring mail between trays and cartridges
Containment system for spills
Cooling pot with vertically adjustable coil plate
Method of manufacturing a blade for fluid machinery
Cutting insert for grooving
Tangential cutting insert
Apparatus for drill press
Drilling tool and throw-away tip for use in drilling work
Drilling tool
Anti-rotation mounting mechanism for round cutting insert
Solder collecting capsule and solder extracting desoldering tool using same
Quick change precisor
Method and apparatus for backing up a friction stir weld joint
Process and fastening member for forming a friction-welded joint
Friction stir welding apparatus
Linear friction welded brake shoe assembly
Wave soldering fixture
Protective gas for tig welding
Method using laser shock peening to process airfoil weld repairs pertaining to blade cut and weld techniques
Air bearing for a motion system
Tool clamping mechanism and pull stud
Method and apparatus for machining a radius or diameter feature at non symmetrical locations on a workpiece
Battery jig for facilitating the electrical connection of a line of dry cell batteries
Means for adjusting the illuminating angle of lighting device of socket wrench
Hold-down clamp
Stapler and method for the attachment of steel framing
Light bracket assembly for mechanics creepers
Stapler and guide assembly for same
Multi-purpose press for producing formed parts
Foam shut-off construction
Apparatus and method for molding and curing silicone
Apparatus for ejecting threaded injection molded parts
Injection molding system with pressure bushing locating ring
Injection nozzle for injection molding machines
Golf ball injection molds
Injection mould
Kneading degree adjusting device for twin extruder
Multilayer container package molding apparatus
Sizing device for plastic blow molding machines
Mold for tire and vulcanizing press fitted to receive mold
Roll-out apparatus for corrugating roller
Signature slow-down unit of folding machine
Liquid ink printer including a variable throughput active-passive wet sheet dryer assembly
Reusable camera system which authenticates a refill station
Camera picture printing user interface and method
Thermally actuated slotted chamber wall ink jet printing mechanism
Print media handling system and method of using same
Print cartridge
Method of multi-dot interlace printing
Ink cartridge for compact printer system
Heat-generator supporting member for ink-jet head and ink-jet head employing the same
Indexing scraper cleaning method and system for inkjet printheads and printing mechanism including the system
Method of printing to automatically compensate for malfunctioning inkjet nozzles
Ink cartridge for ink jet printer and method of charging ink into said cartridge
Image forming method, ink-jet recording method and instruments used in such methods
Ink-jet recording methods and apparatuses
Carriage for ink-jet hard copy apparatus
Modular commercial printer
Tape-shaped printing medium and method of printing on tape-shaped printing medium by means of ink-jet printer
Ink jet recording medium for a pigment ink
Photo-pen with the function of displaying a phone calling and illumination in dark
Combination light pen
Wheel and tension spoke system
Vehicle wheel having a balance weight retention shoulder
Wheel and adapter
Retaining article for wheel ornamentation and method of making
Independent suspension for a vehicle
Motion stabilizer
Shock absorber device for a vehicle wheel suspension
Vehicle wheel suspensions using spring combined with flexible armoring for modifying the stiffness curve
Suspension bushing apparatus
Roller sunshade for mounting on car roof
Folding hood for a motor vehicle
Cover system for truck containers
Seat suspension assembly
Utility vehicle body convertible for carrying cargo or passengers
Child car seat
Passenger compartment side collision protection assembly
Seat reclining mechanism with integrated seat armrest features
Over-center ejector blade lock
Utility trailers
Attachment mounting structure
Method and apparatus for towing a vehicle
Towbar adapter
Streamline rooftop deck for motorhomes
Lateral vehicle cargo restraint tool
Rail cap for pickup trucks
Headlight arrangement
Attachment mechanism for a vehicle light
Lighting system for mass-transit vehicles
Truck bed lighting system
Vehicle bed liners
Attachment connection for vehicle trim component
Device and method for avoiding hearing damage during activation of vehicle occupant restraint systems
Rollover protective structure for a mobile machine
Inflatable curtain with anchor device
Protective bag for vehicle occupant's head
Inflatable vehicle occupant protection device
Vehicle rollover curtain with improved deployment
Inflatable curtain
Inflatable side airbag curtain module
Air bag system for motor vehicle
Inflatable belt device and combined inflatable belt and tongue
Passenger restraint system
Mounting mechanism for inflatable restraint system
Vehicle interior member having air bag door portion and method for molding the same
Air bag system
Vehicle inflatable restraint system
Staged air bag inflator
Inflator for side curtain
Intelligent restraining system
Device for letting pressurized gas stream into a safety device
Pedestrian safety module device
Outboard sill pretensioner
Skid mechanism of safety seat belt retractor
Hydraulic velocity damper
Pull out tailgate step
Rack system for a vehicle
Hitch supported carrier for a vehicle
Wiper system
Window deicer and anti-icer
Automatic jack and wheel change system
Electropneumatic brake valve with release and running modes
Method and device for controlling a wheel brake
Direct manipulating direct-graduated release cap for 26-type control valves
Push rod and plate assembly for brake actuators and method of forming same
Solenoid-activated contaminant ejecting relay valve
Anti-lock brake sensor holder
Brake control system for vehicle
Hydraulic structure of automatic brake control system
Method and brake system for control of brake pressure build-up during a control process
Electromagnetic valve
Device for controlling brake system of vehicle with checking of battery condition
Failed bearing indicator
Hand truck having ground engaging lever for tilting
Shopping cart with internal seat
Structure of a joint for bracing rods of a baby stroller
Apparatus for supporting a steering column
Shock absorbing type steering column apparatus
Opening system for a movable vehicle body part of a motor vehicle
Steering column support bracket
Support piece for bodywork elements
Vehicle construction
Process for controlling braking-force distribution in vehicle
Reinforcing frame for a working vehicle
Motorbike rider training device
Motorcycle covering
Advanced motorcycle chassis and braking system
Pedaled propulsion system
Pedal mounted bicycle stand
Surface vessel with a waterjet propulsion system
Arrangement for mounting propulsion unit to boat hull
Marine propulsion control
Composite material wing structure
Airbag payload landing system for damping landing impact forces on a flying payload
Aircraft cabin environment
Zoned aircraft de-icing system and method
Methods for using satellite state vector prediction to provide three-axis satellite attitude control
Retainer for self-standing packaging bags supplied to a bag-packing packaging machine
Empty case centering device for a disk packaging apparatus
Apparatus for holding a plastic bag
Device for removing packaging material from a web roll
Drink or other liquid container with unfolding spout
Tamper evident pouring spout
Planar blank for an envelope and an envelope made therefrom
Inside bangtail envelope
Reusable bag
Container with improved hand hole
Container for a hot water heater or similar article
Paper container and method for manufacturing the same
One-piece multiple-compartment shipping and display box
Paperboard beverage carrier
Container lid with printed coupon
Silo with dense phase discharge
Method of loading recyclable containers into trailers
Apparatus for placing groups of products on pallets
Apparatus for releasing items within a confined space
Sticker transfer for lumber stacker
Trough lifting mechanism
Transportable apparatus for unloading material from a dump truck
Vehicle restraining device
Constant normal force sheet material feed mechanism
Destacking apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus provided with sheet sensor and image forming apparatus
Electronic book verification system
Sheet material guide
Yarn unwinding tension stabilizer and a yarn unwinding tension stabilizing apparatus for a warping creel using the same
Hook assembly and method of extending reach
Over-center pelican hook
Jack Handle and method of manufacturing and using same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Furnaces for reheating siderurgical products
Hearth rolls for heating furnace and soaking furnace of vertical heat treating furnace and vertical heat treating furnace including hearth rolls
Cemented carbide cutting tool
Fixed Constructions
Method for installing a steady rail track
Paver having adjustable screed angle using a tamper bar
Pavement ramp and ramp making process
Paving machine and pavement edger therefor
Crowd control rail assembly
Sign bracket for sign stand
Animal waste collection device
Retaining wall and fascia system
Apparatus for erecting a foundation element in the ground
Ground anchor
Method for laying tile or pipe underground
Coupling device for a skid steer
Sanitary fitting
Tool for moving debris within a gutter
Support apparatus or a concrete form system
Linkage member for an anti-tip/interlock device
Latch fastener mechanism for thin sheet materials
Switching cabinet
Socket pipe coupling for subsea pipeline systems
Apparatus for static underground drilling
Sealing arrangement
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Prandtl layer turbine
Leak reducing structure in a steam turbine
Nested bridge seal
Water booster methods and apparatus
Joint for a turbine component
Cooling systems for gas turbine engine airfoil
Direct air fuel injected watercraft engine
High load bearing UV coating for cylinder head gaskets and head gasket incorporating the same
Apparatus for supplying a fuel by means of a fuel supply unit arranged in a housing
Fuel injection pump and snubber valve assembly
Radial piston pump for high-pressure fuel supply
Inner core/cylinder block assembly for linear compressor and method for assembling the same
Compressor control at voltage and frequency extremes of power supply
Ceiling fan mounting assembly
Axial fan, particularly for motor vehicles
Fan with low noise, high air flow and high wind pressure
Centrifugal compressor
Heat dissipating device for portable apparatus
Hub retention for lug nut covers
Torque screw fastener
Device and method for interconnecting structural parts
Pivot apparatus including a fastener and bushing assembly
Tube assembly device
Locking joint mechanism
Relieved tapered roller bearing with true rolling contacts
Partial arc bearing assembly and method of making the same
Sheet-metal cage for roller bearings
Roller bearing cage
Press-alignable bearing assembly
Sealing assembly
Wheel balance weight
Mechanical duty rubber bellows
High pressure aerator valve
Gate valve
Threaded connection for oil country tubular goods and its method of manufacturing
Co-extruded dual durometer hardness pipe gasket
Pipe connector having a connecting portion formed onto one pipe end
Connector for connecting spirally corrugated pipe to wall
Leak-free flexible conduit
Service riser
Mounting adapter for instrument holder
Decorative lighting louver element
Vehicle lamp
Motor vehicle headlight having a single light source and adapted to produce a dipped beam and a main beam
Modified lamp series
Combination lighting system, alarm clock, radio and television having secondary power supply
Various color light refraction bulb
Non-glaring aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures
Vehicle signal lighting unit
Two-dimensional area tilted illumination system having curved reflecting mirror
Dimmable lighting apparatus
Optical waveguide structures
Adaptor for use of alternate gas fuel
Low-emissions industrial burner
Burner assembly
Ash and debris collector and bagger
Portable gas burner
Direct current electrical controls for heating systems
Window type air conditioner having injection-molded upper and lower casings
Air conditioning automatic shut-off system
Method and apparatus for spraying pressurized water
Humidifier with wick change indicator
Portable fan with misting nozzles
Method and apparatus for cooling furnace
Rigid evaporative heat exchangers
Multiple plane weigh platter for multiple plane scanning systems
Method and apparatus for fluid seal in an optical probe tip
Disposable cap for instant thermometer measuring probe
Machine-vision ring-reflector illumination system and method
Method of calculating thermal resistance in semiconductor package accommodating semiconductor chip within a case which can be applied to calculation for semiconductor package with radiation fins
Differential thermal analysis sensor
Method of checking wirebond condition
Method and apparatus for characterizing a quench
Apparatus for projecting electromagnetic radiation with a tailored intensity distribution
Protective assembly for an optical device
Compact light mixing and diffusing apparatus
Optical fiber connector assembly
Fiber optic connector, supporting member used therein, and method of connecting the fiber optic connector to a fiber optic cable
Tunable fiber optic connector
Easy-to-clean optical connector
Multiaxial optical coupler
Optical module and a method for fabricating a same
Opto-electric common jack type connector
Adjustable magnification fogless mirror
Temple structure for eyeglasses
Producing colored light beams from white light
Liquid crystal projector
Image forming apparatus
Processing solution supply apparatus
Developing apparatus
Illumination optical apparatus and projection exposure apparatus
Watch or other jewelry article with replaceable electronic images
Ergonomic comfort pads for portable or notebook computers
Body wearable keyboard
System for mounting components in a computer chassis
Communication main layout rack structure
AC drive display
Processor/memory non-intensive rendering for page printers
Bar code reader and method of reading bar code
Dual mode barcode scanner
Method of performance, evaluation and payment of the advertisement in the commercial technique and apparatus
Secure digital postage print module
System for detecting multiple superposed sheets
Reading data from a smart card
Remote smartcard terminal link
Video coloring book
Method for training a person to properly support the head of a young infant
Planetary teaching age
Display device and method therefor
Disc storage container
Method for temporary or permanent disposal of nuclear waste using multilateral and horizontal boreholes in deep islolated geologic basins
Housing for an electrical apparatus
Method of depositing a thermoplastic polymer in semiconductor fabrication
Cost effective modular-linear wafer processing
Wafer carrier
Method for transporting and electrostatically chucking a semiconductor wafer or the like
Antenna mounting system
Battery terminal gripping assembly
Stacked electrical connector assembly
Edge connector for flat circuitry
Shielded electrical connector with superposed terminals
High speed, high density electrical connector
Electrical connector with reinforced actuator
Electrical connector for flexible flat cable
Device for electrically connecting a coaxial line to a printed circuit card
Flat plug-in contact member for electrical plug-in connections
Electrical connection method
Wire-jointing assembly for a joint box
Connector for thin cartridge
Safety structure in a socket
Strain relief apparatus for use in a communication plug
Stress relief apparatus for an electrical conductor
Latch assembly and connector assembly including the same
Patch panel with patch cord plug keyway
Grounding bracket for a shielded cable connector
Electrical connector with retaining device for releasably retaining component package therein
In-jack shunt connections and methods therefor
Panel-mount connector
Bus bar assembly
Connecting device for at least one non-bared conductor
Cable organizer
Circuit connection structure for a junction block
Grounding device for an electrical connector
Terminal block with reduced dielectric material
High density connector module
Universal electronics cabinet
Rack with several assembly levels
Media feed apparatus for imaging system
PC card connector assembly
Locking assembly for securing semiconductor device to carrier substrate
Support assembly for rack-mounted installation of printed circuit boards
Assembly carrier
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