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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Weed trimming apparatus, weed trimmer head, and trimmer line retention device
Method and system for monitoring and control of hydroponic growing environment
Hybrid corn variety 570102
Lettuce variety 45-189 RZ
Tobacco inbred plants K326 SRC, CMS K326 SRC, K346 SRC, CMS K346 SRC, NC1562-1 SRC, NCTG-61 SRC, CMS NCTG-61 SRC and hybrid NC196 SRC
Aquatic organism rearing system and aquatic organism rearing method
Aquarium lighting system
Perimeter defense assembly
Clonostachys rosea inoculated plant materials with fungicides and adjuvants
Organic acid antimicrobial compositions
Multifunctional refrigerant container and method of operating such a refrigerant container
Electronic cigarette and its soft sucking rod
Method and device for heating control of an electronic cigarette
Method of forming an underwire channel of a bra
Head harness
Sleeve assembly for a garment and method of manufacture
Novelty apparel with multiple attached conformable selectable indicia
Cushioning sole for footwear
Systems and methods for umbrella/parasol/personal sunshade closure
Systems and apparatus of magnetic clasping
Portable workstation
Luggage case with two zipper pockets
Oral care system
Work top with extensible retaining means
Universally adjustable rack
Chair with reclining seat back
Anti-slip protective cover
Bean bag chair with storage compartment
Popcorn salt holding and dispensing system and method
Cup holder with a handle
Coffee pod adapter system
Barbecue cooking assembly
Toilet seat assembly
Expanding curtain
Soap with handle
Washing apparatus
Footwear cleaning device
Catheter for tracheo-bronchial suction with visualization means
Compressible arteriotomy locator for vascular closure devices and methods
Uterine compression devices and methods
High tibial osteotomy guide
Methods and devices for cutting and collecting soft tissue
Polyaxial screw assembly
Spatially resolved oxymetry
Detection of EMG activity using sensors on both sides of the body
Systems and methods for compound motor action potential monitoring with neuromodulation of the pelvis and other body regions
In-place display on sensory data
Wearable electrocardiogram measurement device and method for compressing an electrocardiogram
Mammographic apparatus
X-ray imaging apparatus and method of operating the same
Method, apparatus, and system for analyzing elastography of tissue using one-dimensional ultrasound probe
Oral care implement with fluid applicator and method of assembling the same
Conducting polymer nanowire brain-machine interface systems and methods
Device for using saved frequency information
Method and apparatus for detecting imminent structural failure of an electrical lead in an implanted cardiac therapy medical device
Methods and systems for treating cardiac arrhythmias
Rate adaptive cardiac pacing systems and methods
Telemetry double buffering and oversampling for an implantable medical device
Implantable lead
Implantable electrical lead including a cooling assembly to dissipate MRI induced electrode heat
Multi-element contact assemblies for electrical stimulation systems and systems and methods of making and using
Systems and methods for disposing one or more layers of material between lead conductor segments of electrical stimulation systems
Interference mitigation for implantable device recharging
Variable voltage compliance for current output generator
Implantable lead with an electrostimulation capacitor
Closed loop neural stimulation synchronized to cardiac cycles
Implantable pulse generator with a stacked battery and capacitor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separating apparatus in a vacuum cleaner
Exposure head and image forming apparatus with light emitting element emitting light forming first and second diagrams having angle
Internally supplied applicator with fingers and foil packet
Method and apparatus to control logic valves for hydraulic flow control in an electro-mechanical transmission
Method and device for locating the wheels of a vehicle
Wheel watcher
Apparatus for identifying threats using multiple sensors in a graphical user interface
LED lighting power source and LED lighting system
Method for determining operating state of element of transmission
Adaptive brake scheme during a distributed power communication loss
Engine idle speed and turbocharger speed control
Apparatus and method for controlling remote train operation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Anti-microbial disinfectant wipe and method of use
Fixed Constructions
Wearing point attachment for plough share with asymmetric hole pattern
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air conditioning torque compensation energy matching inertia transfer
Method for starting an internal combustion engine
Scanning microscope using heterodyne interferometer
In-vehicle device and wireless communication system
Ranging device and ranging module and image-capturing device using the ranging device or the ranging module
Method and device for determining the distance to a retroreflective object
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling an electrical boiler
Spatial positioning of spectrally labeled beads
Time-resolved spectroscopy system and methods for multiple-species analysis in fluorescence and cavity-ringdown applications
Portable electronic device and method for testing polarizing ability of glass using the same
Device and method for taking spectroscopic polarimetric measurements in the visible and near-infrared ranges
Optical to optical infrared imaging detection system
System for monitoring for risk of road shoulder collapse, and transport vehicle
Method for the inspection of bottles or containers in a bottling or container filling plant and an apparatus for the inspection of bottles or containers
Method to determine the satin-effect on metal plated substrates
Systems and methods for indicating the position of a web
Method to predict min cell voltage from discrete min cell voltage output of stack health monitor
Mobile sampling of target substances
Non-contact tachometer and sensor
Digital multimeters including a remote display
Power sensor for a current carrying conductor
System and method for the analysis of DNA sequences in biological fluids
Detecting apparatus and imaging apparatus
Wideband I-V probe and method
Determining solenoid health
Adaptive device-initiated polling
Method and apparatus for communicating data over a data network
Precedence-based routing/re-routing
Boundary scan paths with shared scan cells and resynchronization memories
Determining enclosure breach ultrasonically
Location estimation system, method and program
Anisotropic depth velocity model estimation above the receiver array in walkaway or 3D VSP data
Targeted acquisition using holistic ordering (TACHO) approach for high signal to noise imaging
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Zoom lens, imaging device and information device
Objective-optical-system positioning apparatus and examination apparatus
Optical system with high contrast
Light amount adjustment apparatus having plurality of plate-like light-shielding blade members and method of manufacturing the light-shielding blade members
Deposition donor substrate and deposition method using the same
Headup display device and method for controlling the same
Zoom lens system, optical apparatus, and method for manufacturing zoom lens system
Photoelectric composite wiring module and method for manufacturing same
Optical connector and method of connecting fiber array
Optical switch and method for controlling optical switch
Method of making a fiber optical cable assembly
Electrically controlled optical oscillator for a single-side subcarrier optical phase-locked loop
Device for correcting the wavelength dependence in diffraction-based optical systems
Light emitting device assembly, surface light source device, liquid crystal display device assembly, and light output member
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display
Display device with stacked polarizers
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device that includes both a transmissive portion and a reflective portion
Reflective liquid crystal display panel and device using same
Wavelength division multiplexing and optical modulation apparatus
Position detection apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Removable member-holding device and image forming apparatus
Sheet reversing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, method, and program storage medium
Removing toner from longitudinal member in printer
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and developing device
Image forming apparatus including counter-rotating developing rollers and controlling method
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling minimum halftone dot size
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and fixing method using an oiling unit and removing member
Fixing device, fixing method, and image forming apparatus for fixing a toner image using a first laser unit and a second laser unit
Toner fixing apparatus and electrophotographic printing device
Bending receiver using heat-shrinkable toner
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Apparatus and method for removing toner deposits from the surface of a cleaning element
Rotatable member cleaner for electrophotographic printer
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Network PLC control system engineering configuration layout and connection path display
System and method for encoding ballast control signals
Apparatus for determining pickup pose of robot arm with camera
Method and device for controlling a manipulator
Methods and systems for mapping railroad tracks
Control of throttle and braking actions at individual distributed power locomotives in a railroad train
Universal dimmer
Resettable high-voltage capable high impedance biasing network for capacitive sensors
Multiple phase switching regulator with phase current sharing
Method and apparatus for providing a power factor correction (PFC) compatible solution for nonsinusoidal uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Power amplification device
Low noise reference circuit of improving frequency variation of ring oscillator
Power supply having an auxiliary switch to control a relay switch connected in parallel to a main switch for continuing supply power when the main switch is off
Power consumption control method in multicore CPU
Clock distribution with forward frequency error information
Vertical positioning unit for display device and display device having the same
Power supply control method and device
Power saving techniques for battery-powered computing devices
Method of achieving high reliability of network boot computer system
Systems, methods, and media protecting a digital data processing device from attack
Remedying method for troubles in virtual server system and system thereof
Systems and methods to secure backup images from viruses
System and method for definition, creation, management, transmission, and monitoring of errors in SOA environment
Computer virus screening methods and systems
Server reachability detection
Method and system for decoding graph-based codes using message-passing with difference-map dynamics
System and method for in-network power management
Simultaneously supporting different block sizes on a single hard drive
Sequentially written journal in a data store
Dynamic SLC/MLC blocks allocations for non-volatile memory
Methods and apparatus for migrating thin provisioning volumes between storage systems
Semiconductor memory device and method of testing the same
Techniques for scheduling requests for accessing storage devices using sliding windows
Increasing functionality of a reader-writer lock
Information processing apparatus and driver
Analysis technique of computer system
Hardware off-load garbage collection acceleration for languages with finalizers
System and method for managing a cache using file system metadata
Address translation caching and I/O cache performance improvement in virtualized environments
Flash memory distribution of digital content
Apparatus and method for authenticating personal use of contents by using portable storage
Managing services on a network
Modifying a disk drive while preserving calibrated parameters stored in a non-volatile semiconductor memory
Computer system managing I/O path and port
Commonality factoring for removable media
Device and method for manipulating communication messages
Dynamic disk throttling in a wide area network optimization device
Disk array subsystem and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for detecting defects in an image forming apparatus
Processor for performing encryption mask processing using randomly generated instructions and data
Transposing a packet firewall policy within a node
Printing managing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and printing managing method
Event-driven module loading
System and method for projecting content beyond firewalls
A/V equipment control over a network
Method and application server for using a SIP service from a non-SIP device
Intention-based automated conflict prediction and notification system
Device and method for disseminating content data between peers in a P2P mode, by using a bipartite peer overlay
Remote email or SMS control of CE device such as TV
Campaign for downloading data into portable communicating objects
Solving timeout issues in backup devices
System and method for pushing information from a mobile computer to another device
Method and system to process issue data pertaining to a system
Method and system for sharing different web components between different web sites in a portal framework
KVM switch, information processing apparatus, and computer readable recording medium
Method and system for active profile server
Codeless provisioning
Promotion infrastructure having dual input and dual output interface
Reporting information to a network
Method and apparatus for the addition and removal of nodes from a common interconnect
Information processing apparatus and boot completion notification program
System and method for a software application to determine if the storage device and the operating system is an internal drive or an external drive
Data classification and hierarchical clustering
Codebook generating method
Arrangement and method for network management
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer-readable medium and computer data signal
On-screen user-interface graphic
Systems for receiving and forming marketplaces for working on digital information blocks
Arrangement for a distributed file system having data objects mapped independent of any data object attribute
Systems and methods for rule inheritance
Control apparatus and control method for vehicle mounted with automatic transmission
Organizing nearby picture hotspots
Root-cause analysis system and associated methods
Closed loop postage metering system
Image processing apparatus, computer program product, and preview image displaying method
Chemical web browser
Method and apparatus of translating language using voice recognition
Cross language tool for question answering
Generalized notion of similarities between uncertain time series
Promotion infrastructure having dispensing controls
Promotion infrastructure having third party posting service
Apparatus and method for knowledge graph stabilization
Method for extracting and storing records of data backup activity from a plurality of backup devices
System and method to research documents in online libraries
Storing results related to requests for software development services
Exposing and using metadata and meta-metadata
Apparatus, method, system and computer-readable medium for storing and managing image data
Method and system for describing and organizing image data
Automated topic discovery in documents
Methods and apparatus for boolean equivalency checking in the presence of voting logic
Reducing crosstalk in the design of module nets
Methods and apparatus for clock simulation with calibration
Method and system for context-specific mask inspection
Task-based multi-process design synthesis
Modeling and cross correlation of design predicted criticalities for optimization of semiconductor manufacturing
Photomask manufacturing method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Computer based models for disposable articles, disposable article material, and/or disposable article converting machines
PLD architecture for flexible placement of IP function blocks
Clock domain crossing verification support
Method and system of estimating a derating factor for soft errors in a circuit
Controlling feed operations of a machine tool and work-piece relative to a programmed fixed cycle
Injection molding controller, manufacturing method thereof, and injection molding system using the same
Method of aligning a transmission synchronizer
Method for determining an optimum sampling frequency, and a power analyzer performing the method
Method for adaptive obstacle avoidance for articulated redundant robot arm
Delay analysis device, delay analysis method, and delay analysis program
Method and system for producing a dental prosthesis
Method of designing dental-implant prosthesis
Implementing sequential segmented interleaving algorithm for enhanced process control
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, computer program and control unit
System and method for molecular communication
Methods for secure enrollment and backup of personal identity credentials into electronic devices
System and process for providing dynamic communication access and information awareness in an interactive peripheral display
Method, apparatus and computer program product to utilize context ontology in mobile device application personalization
Apparatus and method for designing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) having different fidelities
Digitally shredding on removable drives
Television tuning on start-up
Gestured movement of object to display edge
Electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus having the same
Light emitting device and method for driving thereof
Method of interfacing with multi-point display device
Force-sensing modules for light sensitive screens
Force-sensing modules for light sensitive screens
Sensor system and optical touch sensor
Scanning mirror touch screen with minimum bezel height
Control surface for a data processing system
Capacitance sensor, sense method, and manufacturing method
Touch panel
Providing a visual representation of various resources related to passages of classic literature
Portable device and method of providing menu icons
Behavior recognition system
Allocating control among inputs concurrently engaging an object displayed on a multi-touch device
Facilitating access to functionality via displayed information
Setting control using edges of a user interface
Communication apparatus
Dynamic DEVMODE support
Monitoring device, information processing system and computer readable medium for trouble prediction
Image forming apparatus and job performing method
Image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus, and storage medium storing control program therefor
Method of determining influence of a member within a dataset
Control apparatus and control method for continuously variable transmission
Method for stabilization of optimal input speed in mode for a hybrid powertrain system
Dynamic assertion providers for logic-based security policy languages
System and method for identifying a location of interest to be named by a user
Master teaching jig
Quality regulating apparatus and method
Validating files using a sliding window to access and correlate records in an arbitrarily large dataset
System for information discovery in video-based data
Systems and methods for aggregating search results
Efficient string pattern matching for large pattern sets
System and method for identifying similar media objects
Device and method for controlling automatic transmission
Fast floating point compare with slower backup for corner cases
User authentication apparatus and method for supporting PMIPv6 in next generation networks
Encrypting operating system
Nonvolatile full adder circuit
Apparatus for calculating absolute difference
Machine division
Method for determining a time course of an accident occurring in a risk-prone installation
System and method for monitoring debug events
Facilitating processing in a computing environment using an extended drain instruction
Systems and methods for synchronizing software execution across data processing systems and platforms
Software and method that enables selection of one of a plurality of online service providers
Device and a method of managing a plurality of software items
System and associated method for determining and applying sociocultural characteristics
Extraction of executable code and translation to alternate platform
Maintainable dynamic instrumentation technique for changing versions of software
Operand data structure for block computation
Methods and systems for merging virtualization sublayers
Logic design verification techniques for liveness checking with retiming
Proximity transaction apparatus and methods of use thereof
System and method for numerically evaluating thermal comfort inside an enclosure
Geometric correction of a recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing image data for an irregular output scan path
Person positioning and health care monitoring system
Imaging apparatus and optical filter
Method and system for left ventricle detection in 2D magnetic resonance images
Mounted component inspection apparatus, component mounting machine comprising the mounted component inspection apparatus, and mounted component inspection method
Apparatus for evaluating images from a multi camera system, multi camera system and process for evaluating
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Method for flexible feature recognition in visual systems incorporating evolutionary optimization
Image detecting system, image detecting method and computer readable medium
Multi-grayscale overlay window
Visual credential verification
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method and image processing program for performing color classification of image data
Automatic super-resolution transformation for images
Image processing device and image processing method
Automatic dominant orientation estimation in text images based on steerable filters
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Reconstruction of shapes of near symmetric and asymmetric objects
Apparatus for encoding image and apparatus for decoding image
Image binarization based on grey membership parameters of pixels
Fast in-loop filtering in VC-1
Photometric calibration method and device
Visual processing device, visual processing method, program, display device, and integrated circuit
Automated template layout method
Automated template layout system
Multi-user remote health monitoring system with biometrics support
Medicine management apparatus and medicine management system
Method, system and computer program product for correlating information and location
Predicting shipment origin points
System and method for receiving and responding to promotional offers using a mobile phone
Catalog based price search
Method to create a customized e-commerce store
Discovery of behavior-based item relationships based on browsing session records
System and method for consumer-selected advertising and branding in interactive media
Systems and methods for foreign exchange risk management
System and method for changing the view of a trading screen
Pay yourself first with user guidance
Methods and systems for providing a yield curve index
Method and apparatus for repricing a reimbursement claim against a contract
Reliability evaluation device, reliability evaluation method, and computer program product
Volumetric data exploration using multi-point input controls
Method and apparatus for deactivating an alarming unit
Control device and method
Automated vehicle crash warning system using external lights
System for measuring body balance signals and a method for analyzing the same
Method for error detection in a packet-based message distribution system
Timing adjustment in multi-hop communication system
Wireless transmission for a medical device
Method for reducing temperature-caused degradation in the performance of a digital reader
Display device having dual scanning signal line driver circuits
Liquid crystal display panel and display apparatus having the same
Communication system and method
Advanced video gaming methods for education and play using camera based inputs
Touchscreen text input
Image information detecting device
Display device in a mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Device and method for converting three color values to four color values
Optically addressed gray scale electric charge-accumulating spatial light modulator
Speech recognizing apparatus
Systems and methods for conversation enhancement
Computationally efficient audio coder
Food processor with phonetic recognition ability
Thermal-assisted-magnetic-recording head having a high refractive index core and multiple thin film cores, and magnetic recording system using the thermal-assisted-magnetic-recording head
Heat-assisted recording head and heat-assisted recording device
Motor with a chucking device having a turntable and a plurality of balls, and a disk drive apparatus including the motor
Data recovery device and method
Track-dependent data randomization mitigating false VFO detection
Write-once information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus, information reproducing method, information reproducing apparatus and manufacturing method of the information recording medium
Optical pickup apparatus
Domain-wall motion type magnetic random access memory with inclined regions and initializing method
Three terminal magnetic element
Read-only memory (ROM) bitcell, array, and architecture
System and method of reference cell testing
Formulaic flexible collision-free memory accessing for parallel turbo decoding with quadratic polynomial permutation (QPP) interleave
Single-strobe operation of memory devices
Curvature distribution crystal lens and X-ray reflectometer
Electrical assembly for use with a rotary transformer and method for making the same
Low loss magnetic core
Cryostat having a magnet coil system, which comprises an LTS section and a heatable HTS section
High performance electrodes for EDLCS
Capacitive discharge fuse programming apparatus and method
Light emitting apparatus with an organic electroluminescence cell
Light emtting device
Large emission area light-emitting devices
Flat panel display panel having dam shaped structures and method of manufacturing the same
Discharge tube, ferrule, lighting device, display device and television receiver
LED lamp and production method of the same
Injection locked Long Josephson Junction pulse source
Transparent OLED device with high intensity
Antenna for portable electronic device
Compact antenna system with a diversity order of 2
Segmented antenna reflector with shield
Multi-orientation phased antenna array and associated method
Broad band dipole antenna
Three-terminal vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) and a method for operating a three-terminal VCSEL
LD-driver improving falling edge of driving signal
Current sensor for measuring inhomogeneity of potential distribution of arrester
Method to eliminate current surge during spindle spin up
ESD protection apparatus and ESD device therein
Energy-efficient fast charging device and method
Full charge capacity value correction circuit, battery pack, and charging system
Vehicle battery charging site registration device and method
Apparatus and method for controling power quality of power generation system
Method and apparatus for sensing multiple voltage values from a single terminal of a power converter controller
Power factor correction circuit
Discharge loop for power supply circuit and active control circuit thereof
Synchronous electric motor system
Determining stuck conditions for electric motors using inductive sensing
Mobile terminal and method of controlling a driving voltage of a power amplifier therein
Code error detecting device, wireless system and code error detecting method
Apparatus and method for automatic gain control using phase information
Audio processing system
Variable frequency resonator
Harmonic impedance tuner with four wideband probes and method
Wideband low frequency impedance tuner
Multiplexed bi-directional circulator
Signal transmission device and signal transmission method
System providing a switched output signal and a high resolution output signal
High-bandwidth interconnect network for an integrated circuit
Circuit configuration for protecting a circuit element having overcurrent and overtemperature detection
Line driver
Methods and systems for improving frame decoding performance using known information
Multi-phase clock generator
Two-wire transmitter
RAM list-decoding of near codewords
Method and apparatus for channel coding and modulation for unequal error protection in transmitting uncompressed video over wideband high frequency wireless system
Error event processing methods and systems
Decoding methods and apparatus for fractional multidimensional trellis coded modulation systems
Viterbi decoder and writing and reading method
Reconfigurable adder
Integrated circuit with configurable analog to digital converter
Method for determining compressed state sequences
Providing a feedback loop in a low latency serial interconnect architecture
Narrowband interference rejection for ultra-wideband systems
Method and apparatus for reducing the load of managing the power save state of a partner
Joint interference cancellation of pilot, overhead and traffic channels
Link re-establishment in a wireless network
Transmission power control method and transmission power control apparatus
Filter circuit
Applications of universal frequency translation
Method and apparatus for dynamically adapting FM tuner sensitivity to a local environment for a single-tuner system
Method of determining station status of non-audible tuner in dual-tuner system
Low radiation wireless communicator
Systems and methods for visual alerting mechanisms on a mobile communication device
Unit for and method of motion estimation and image processing apparatus provided with such motion estimation unit
Apparatus, module, and method for implementing communications functions
Radio communication device and semiconductor integrated circuit device used for the same
Infrared communications receiver
Method and apparatus for optical signaling
Wireless communication terminal apparatus and method of controlling same
Managing a dynamic data pool on ad-hoc networks
Headset having infrared emitter and infrared receiver
Time-sliced search of radio access technologies during connected-mode radio link failure
Data transmission system
Methods and apparatuses of initiating communication in wireless networks
Group management method and system in interworking system of IMPS system and SIMPLE IM system
Downlink transmission in a multiple-user multiple-input multiple-output ("MU-MIMO") wireless communication system
Method for transmitting signal in multiple antenna system
Method and system for reusing antennas in a multi-antenna system while operating in a narrowband receiving mode
System and method for intercepting cellular satellite communication
Methods and procedures to allocate UE dedicated signatures
Method and system for initiating a vehicle data upload function at a plurality of mobile vehicles
Scrambling code allocation in a cellular communication network
Apparatus and method for cross-connecting optical path in wavelength division multiplexing system
Stacking of units in a passive optical network
Method of transmitting receiving a data in a wireless communication system
Wireless communication terminal and QoS information collection method
Network optimized distribution
Data flow amount control device and data flow amount control method
Methods and receivers of carrier frequency offset detection
Distortion and aliasing reduction for digital to analog conversion
Data link layer tunneling technique for high-speed data in a noisy wireless environment
Composite voice applications and services using single sign-on across heterogeneous voice servers
Technique for determining transport capacity required to achieve controllable worst case throughput
Method and system for the identification of potential internet service customers
Affecting node association through load partitioning
Multi-wideband communications over multiple mediums
Communication system, terminal device, and communication method for performing communication based on the real-time transport protocol/RTP control protocol
Base station apparatus and data retransmission method of the same
Communication device comprising a carrier sense function and communication method
Internet telephony with interactive information
Control system of communication network
Method of setting up a call-back
Information processing apparatus and data communication method
Method and apparatus for channel estimation in OFDM
Method and device for aquiring a channel with frequency offset less than half symbol rate
2K mode interleaver with odd interleaving only and per OFDM symbol permutation code change in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
Method and apparatus for receiving signal for MIMO system
Joint demodulation using a viterbi equalizer having an adaptive total number of states
Method and device to compensate for baseline wander
Methods and systems to resolve cyclic ambiguity of a channel impulse response
Device and a method for adjusting power spectral densities of a plurality of telecommunications lines
OFDM demodulation device and method
Data copyright management
Information updating device and integrated circuit thereof, information updating method, and recording device and integrated circuit thereof
Visual universal decryption apparatus and methods
Data and application access combined with communication services
Data and application access combined with communication services
Device, method, and system for secure mobile data storage
Advanced LLR processor for wireless telecommunication system
Synchronization circuit, synchronization method, and reception system
Information distribution system and program for the same
System and method for restricting wireless communication
Method and apparatus for universal xDSL demarcation interface with multi-functional capability and signal performance enhancement
Message having a first protocol revision field indicating a message format and a second protocol revision field indicating mandatory features in a standards revision
Radio transmission signal detection circuit
Wireless communication apparatus and power-supply apparatus
Foldable mobile phone
Magnetic semiconductor element for authentication and user device using such an element
Method and apparatus for dynamically scheduling ringing signals
Overvoltage protection with power sink
Voice authentication for call control
Mobile terminal authentication method and system
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Cellular telephone set and character display presentation method to be used in the same
Rule based hierarchical account resource management system and method
Systems and methods for visual presentation and selection of IVR menu
Methods and systems for relaying out of range emergency information
Method and device for establishing a communication connection between a control center and a terminal
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Distributed conference bridge and voice authentication for access to networked computer resources
Configuration with the payment button in the mobile communication device, the way the payment process is started
Ultrashort laser micro-texture printing
Method and apparatus for secure document printing
Laser print apparatus with dual half tones
User defined associations of colors to cartridges for color printers
Method, apparatus and technique for enabling individuals to create and use color
Video refresh adaptation algorithms responsive to error feedback
System and method for integrated timing control for an LCD display panel
Imaging apparatus
Portable electronic device with rotatable camera module
Camera device and method for adjusting the orientation of the window of a camera cover
Imaging device
Camera control apparatus and camera control method
Automatically expanding the zoom capability of a wide-angle video camera
Image pickup apparatus and method of picking up image
Method and apparatus for detecting traveling characteristics of shutter
Imaging system and pixel signal readout method
Video camera for reconstructing varying spatio-temporal resolution videos
Zoom adjustment system and camera
Image processing apparatus and control method for image processing apparatus
Image sensor pixel structure employing a shared floating diffusion
Information display device, information display method, information display program, and recording medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Imaging apparatus
Content reproduction device
System and method of recording programs of favorite channels
Video output apparatus, display system, and video output method for outputting video signal to display apparatus
Methods and systems for short range motion compensation de-interlacing
Moving image processing apparatus and method thereof
Multi-pass video encoding based on different quantization parameters
Broadcasting processing apparatus and control method thereof
Method of assigning priority for controlling bit rate of bitstream, method of controlling bit rate of bitstream, video decoding method, and apparatus using the same
Image processing device and image processing method
User sensitive information adaptive video transcoding framework
Encoding device, encoding method, and program
Television conference apparatus, method of controlling television conference, and computer-readable medium storing control program executable on television conference apparatus
System to freely configure video conferencing camera placement
Wireless entertainment system
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving encrypted programming content such that it is accessible to authorized users from multiple set top boxes
Methods, devices, and computer program products for providing instant messaging in conjunction with an audiovisual, video, or audio program
Apparatus and method for calibrating images between cameras
Gesture recognition apparatus and method thereof
System and method for bit-allocation in video coding
Method and system for creating an interpolated image using up-conversion vector with uncovering-covering detection
Encoding apparatus for encoding binary signals generated from binarized multivalued syntax elements and method for performing the same
Image pickup apparatus and image combining method of image pickup apparatus
Recording medium having a data structure for managing graphic information and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
Playback apparatus, recording method, and playback method
Playback apparatus and playback method
Method for recording and managing a multi-channel stream
RFID sensor tag and sensor data storing method
Diaphragm for speaker, speaker using the diaphragm, and system using the speaker
Hearing aid and method of operating a hearing aid
Communication method for radio communication system
Radio communication system, neighbor cell list optimizing system, base station, and neighbor cell list updating method
Wireless communication system, base station, and wireless communication method
Method for routing ad-hoc signals
Mobile peer-to-peer content sharing method and system
Method and apparatus for transmitting pilot in a wireless communication system
Method of performing random access procedure in wireless communication system
Communication system using multi-radio mode, monitor node apparatus, control node apparatus and base station apparatus
Radio network controller with IP mapping table
System and method of controlling registration on a multi-technology handset
Wireless network system and wireless access point device thereof
Method and apparatus for enabling registration of aggregate end point devices through provisioning
Transmission rate switching based on rate switching time information
Methods and apparatuses for fast power control of signals transmitted on a multiple access channel
Methods and apparatus for extended generic messaging in a networked geolocation system
Method of searching for free band for a cognitive telecommunication terminal
Method and system for processing resource in process of connection mobility management
Determination of user equipment antenna capability
LED lamp
Method for initiating and controlling a lighting equipment
Radiographic apparatus
Flexible wiring board and method of manufacturing same
Display and damping member attached to display
Magnetic circuit board connector component
Disk drive transport, clamping and testing
Chassis system with front cooling intake
Semiconductor device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Developmental regulation in anther tissue of plants
Inbred maize line NP2316
Inbred maize line PH7JB
Inbred maize line PH77V
Inbred maize line PH70R
Methods of isolating the androgenic sex hormone from crustacean prawn and marine shrimp and methods of use
Chemical attractants for yellowjacket wasps
Sulfur compounds and intermolecular compounds containing the same as the component compounds
Shelf life extension of microemulsions containing active aza biocide
Process for preparing chitosan particles
Fungicidal composition containing N-(.alpha.-cyano-2-thenyl)-4-ethyl-2-(ethylamino)-5-thiazolecarboxamide
Hair-colorant preparations and methods of using the same
Apparatus and method for forming casingless sausages
Calcium fortified products and methods of preparation
Fermentation-based products from corn and method
Confectionery compositions containing fiber
Method for preparing zinc-oligopeptide easily absorbable by the human body
Press-formed grain snacks and process therefor
Incubation method for obtaining solid culture of Zang Zhi, solid culture obtained therefrom, processed products and use thereof
Nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical preparation comprising triglycerides with seven-carbon fatty acid
Automatic pear processing machine
Method for treating particulate material with a coating medium and an apparatus for carrying out the method
Epilation device
Apparatus for manufacturing cleaning pad
Synthetic pillar and board made recyclable materials
Convoluted surface fiber pad
Article having a no-slip surface and method of applying same
Water-and oil-repellent treatment of textile
Programmable slow-cooker appliance
Beverage making cartridge
Low contaminant polyester wiper
Floor mat system
Vacuum cleaner utilizing electrostatic filtration and electrostatic precipitator for use therein
Housing for test strip device and test strip therefor
Vessel harvesting retractor with bilateral electrosurgical ligation
Surgical tool for trimming wire strands
Tendon repair using adhesive
Sutureless anastomosis systems
Surgical stabilizer devices and methods
Umbilical cord clamp and cutter
Methods and tools for femoral intermedullary revision surgery
Spinal fusion instrumentation system
Treatment and removal of objects in anatomical lumens
Shape memory polymer actuator and catheter
Magnetically navigable and/or controllable device for removing material from body lumens and cavities
Anterior lumbar plate and method
Orthopedic hook system
Screw and rod fixation assembly and device
Heating treatment system
Electrosurgical generator
Ablation system with selectable current path means
Method and device to enhance RF electrode performance
Surgical instruments for treating gastro-esophageal reflux
Distal catheter assembly with proximal mounting member
Electrosurgery with improved control apparatus and method
Thermal treatment catheter having preferential asymmetrical heating pattern
Device for treatment of atrioventricular valve regurgitation
Near point of use laser water treatment systems and methods
Absorbent article such as a sanitary napkin, a diaper, an incontinence guard, or a panty-liner
Cover material with improved fluid handling properties
Protection and comfort tampon
Absorbent garment tab having zones of different elasticity
Patient discharge system and method for self-care of a post-surgery drain
Preformed curved prosthesis that is adapted to the external iliac vessels
Intragastric stent for duodenum bypass
Balloon expandable stent with a self-expanding portion
Flexible stent
Implantable stroke risk reduction device
Covered stent with encapsulated ends
Intraocular lens
Device for retaining a prosthesis within a body passage
Method of making an orthopeadic implant having a porous metal surface
Bone prosthesis and method of Access
Intervertebral spacer device having a radially thinning slotted belleville spring
Intervertebral prosthetic joint
Method of distracting vertebral bones
Methods and apparatus for forming shaped axial bores through spinal vertebrae
Lordotic spinal implant
Method and apparatus for treating a vertebral body
Knee-joint prosthesis with a hydraulic damping cylinder
Cosmetic covers for prosthetic limbs
System for the control and monitoring of functional device for the disabled with energy from outside the body and a method for the remote control thereof
Method and devices of inflammation control, and therapy
Isolated selective organ cooling method
Method and apparatus for treating presbyopia
Standardized extracts of Scutellaria lateriflora
Topical nail care compositions
Delivery of compounds for the treatment of migraine through an inhalation route
Delivery of .beta.-blockers through an inhalation route
Delivery of antihistamines through an inhalation route
Antimicrobial agent
Pharmaceutical compositions to tetrac and methods of use thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising thiram
Methods of treating benzodiazepine site (BZD-S) associated syndromes using 2' hydroxyflavonoids
Use of proteasome inhibitors to treat dry eye disorders
Use of 5HT3-receptor antagonists for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome
Oxazolidinones to treat eye infections
Thiazolidine derivatives and its use as antifungal agent
Naphthyridine derivatives
Nasal delivery of apomorphine
Treatment of dyskinesia
Treatment of pulmonary hypertension
Methods for inhibiting diabetic complications
Methods for treating otic and ophthalmic infections
Method of cryopreservation of tissues by vitrification
Method and apparatus for processing blood and blood components
Bone resorption suppressing agent
Method of treatment of cardiovascular injuries
Method for treating thyroid disorders with a botulinum toxin
Peptide-based vaccine for influenza
HBV/HCV virus-like particle
Chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors and methods of using the same
Bioavailable prodrugs of androgenic steroids and related method
Non-peptide CCR1 receptor antagonists in combination with cyclosporin A for the treatment of heart transplant rejection
Imidazotriazinone-containing compositions for nasal administration
Pyrimidine carboxamides useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Inclusion complees of a high potent opioid peptide, pharmaceutical compositions and method of treatment
Sustained release compositions, process for producing the same and utilization thereof
Process for generating multilayered particles
Compositions and methods for drug delivery using amphiphile binding molecules
Assessment of gastric emptying disorders
Receptor binding conjugates
Method of producing ceramic crowns
Nail enamel compositions containing bismuth oxychloride
Coated powder and cosmetic prepared by blending the same
Agent for coloring fibers
Anhydrous pigment paste and its use in cosmetics
Method of treating acne vulgaris and composition
One-pack type post-foamable oxidation hair-dye compositions
Method for preparing cyclohexane carboxylic acids
Additive for hair growing agent and hair growing agent composition
Solid cosmetics
Quickly disintegrating solid preparations
Reduced form of Cenzyme Q in high bioavailability stable oral dosage form
Taste masking rapid release coating system
Suppository and composition comprising at least one polyethylene glycol
Liposomal camptothecin formulations
Porous particles comprising excipients for deep lung delivery
Pharmaceutical tablets comprising an NSAID and a prostaglandin
Implant with permeable element
Bioavailable dosage form of isotretinoin
Edible film formulations containing maltodextrin
Degradation control of environmentally degradable disposable materials
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives
Non-chemical water treatment method and apparatus employing ionized air purification technologies
Purification of fibrinogen from milk by use of cation exchange chromatography
Apparatus for the delivery of drugs or gene therapy into a patient's vasculature and methods of use
Process for reducing protein allergens in latex products
Liquid venting surgical cassette
Guiding catheter reinforcement with angled distal end
Process of making a catheter
Method for making balloon catheter
Through-transmission welding of catheter components
Ultrasonic septum monitoring for implantable medical devices
Ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
System and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery
Cardiovascular system associated protein kinase 2 (CSAPK-2) antibodies
Oral compositions
Compositions for giving the skin a coloration similar to that of a natural tan, based on a pigment of the monascus type, and uses thereof
Hair care compositions and improved hair quality
Titanium dioxide particles
Oligosaccharide aldonic acids and their topical use
Fire suppressant having foam stabilizer
Method of making installation zone for ceramic doll eye and structure thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chromatography column system and method of packing of a chromatography column
Systems and processes for performing separations using a simulated moving bed apparatus
Automated system for de-oxygenating and dispensing solution
Low profile extruded underdrain
Key track system
Fuel filter assembly having a conductive spring
Bag clip for a pool cleaner filter bag
Rotary evaporator with a pendulum system with an offset fulcrum
Processing of shipboard wastewater
Vapor delivery system for solid precursors and method of using same
Interconnected filter frame and filter framing method
Swivelling filter head assembly
Industrial bag house elements
Air cleaner
Collapsible pleated filter element
Exhaust gas cleaner
Filters employing both acidic polymers and physical-adsorption media
Oxygen concentrator
Method for removing mercaptans from fluid fluxes
Mixed matrix nanoporous carbon membranes
Methods for the preparation of polyesters, poly(ester amide)s and poly(ester imide)s and uses of the materials obtained therefrom
Hollow fiber membrane system assembly with an internal reflux system
Combustion exhaust gas treatment system
Method and apparatus for directly sampling a fluid for microfiltration
Chemical change agent for coal and method of using same
Three-dimensional articles of indeterminate axial length
Automated chemical synthesizer and method for detecting liquid shortages in the same
Coated activated carbon
Single crystalline phase catalyst
Molybdenum-bismuth-iron-containing metal oxide catalysts for fluidized layer, method for preparation thereof, and use thereof
Regeneration of used supported noble metal catalysts
Single-stage process for preparing glycol monoethers from olefins
Oxide and method for production thereof
Process for reforming petroleum hydrocarbon stocks
Process for the preparation of a catalyst useful for liquid-liquid sweetening LPG and light petroleum distillates
Process for separating reaction mixtures and recycling quaternary salts and bases
Method for producing a sintered honeycomb body
Process for producing a strong-acid cation exchange resin
Stripping process with fully distributed openings on baffles
Testing method and configurations for multi-ejector system
Method and device for detecting the type of replaceable piston-cylinder units for pipetting or dosing apparatus
Method of adjusting the height of a nip of an adhesive applicator apparatus for a web of corrugated board and apparatus for putting the method into practice
Quick connect hot melt unit
Photoresist recirculation and viscosity control for dip coating applications
Nickel electrode for alkaline storage battery and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Apparatus and method for cleaning peripheral part of substrate
Modular belt cleaning apparatus
Enhanced dissolved oxygen groundwater remediation method and system
Rolling process for producing biaxially textured substrates
Surface coated aluminum fine powder and aqueous chromium-free corrosion inhibiting coating composition including the same
Method for making articles from nanoparticulate materials
Process for preparing a powdered W-Al alloy
Method for making a joint between copper and stainless steel
Apparatus for ultrasonic processing of workpieces
Method for production of 3D laser-induced head image inside transparent material by using several 2D portraits
Method of forming multiple machining spots by a single laser
Solder bonding method, and electronic device and process for fabricating the same
Welding torch for use in gas metal arc welding
Method for cutting honeycomb core
Method of reworking a conditioning disk
Compression-cutting and facing method
Method of manufacturing a lamp
Board and board composition and manufacturing method thereof using crushed vegetational material and clay
Method and device for magnetic alignment of fibres
Method of preparing preforms for RTM molding processes
Method and apparatus for peeling a lens sheet from a forming mold therefor
Article having predetermined surface shape and method for preparing the same
Method for hot pressing cellulosic and lignocellulosic mats
Injection-moldable, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer
Applique for A-pillar area of vehicle
High speed method of making plastic film and nonwoven laminates
Container with improved neck portion and method for making the same
Molding system and related method using a side-gated injection mold with vacuum assist and resulting blow molded article
Method of producing a composite magnetic sheet
Business accessory article with graphic image and method of making
Surface smoothing of stereolithographically formed 3-D objects
Method and apparatus of treating a disc plate
Laminated sheet and manufacturing method therefor
Insulated door assembly with low thermal deflection
Fiber reinforced composite cores and panels
Tire construction method for improving tire uniformity
Apparatus for automatically fabricating fuel cell
Fluorochemical adhesive material and laminate comprising the same
Sliding member with composite plating film
Cap closure and detachable liner
Film laminates as high barrier films and their use in vacuum insulation panels
Method of manufacturing windshield using ion beam milling of glass substrate(s)
Colored building boards, manufacturing methods thereof
Substrate with stretch and heat sealing properties to make a multidirectional restraint module design
Electrostatic dissipating polymeric multi-layer article or laminate
Polymer films
Tufted covering for floors and/or walls
High luster, flexible multilayered film with a polyamide outer layer containing nanodispersed filling material and utilization of said film for packaging foodstuffs
Flame-retardant polyamide-based protective sheet
Multi-layered sealant
Cellular structure with internal limiting member and method for making the cellular structure
Tuftable and tufted fabrics
Tungsten-precursor composite
Synthetic turf game surface
Film composite, method for producing the same and its use
Polymeric adhesive and structures with multiple polymeric layers, their process of preparation and their use
Planographic printing plate and method of producing the same
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Devices and methods for integrated circuit manufacturing
Ink and underprinting fluid combinations with improved inkjet print image color and stability
Imaging media containing heat developable photosensitive microcapsules
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet
Coating liquid for forming ink-receiving layer
Medium for identifying matter to be identified and method for production thereof
Method of manufacturing thermal transfer film for forming three dimensional patterns through dissolution processes
Two-layer dynamic heat convection water glass bottle
Electric cigar lighter assembly
Device for satellites including power supply means and associated with heating means
System for packaging, storing and transporting agricultural produce
Apparatus for applying adhesive to blanks in packing machines for smokers' products and the like
Multilayer polymeric/zero valent material structure for enhanced gas or vapor barrier and uv barrier and method for making same
Coated paperboards and paperboard containers having improved tactile and bulk insulation properties
Method for making printed and/or embossed decorative grass
Oxygen scavenging high barrier polyamide compositions for packaging applications
Process for fabricating a microelectromechanical optical component
Method for producing micromachined devices and devices obtained thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing high-purity sulphuric acid
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy for battery, method for producing the same, and alkaline storage battery using the same
System and method for preparing fuel for fuel processing system
Gas generating system for a fuel cell system and method of operating a gas generating system
Process for the production of synthesis gas in conjunction with a pressure swing adsorption unit
Method of manufacturing carbon nanotubes
Graphitic polyhederal crystals in the form of nanotubes, whiskers and nanorods, methods for their production and uses thereof
Method for manufacturing crystalline layered sodium disilicate
Filtration aid for the bayer process
Process for producing a lithium transition metal sulphide
Constructed wetlands system, treatment apparatus and method
Self-contained cooling system feed and bleed system
Apparatus for etching or depositing a desired profile onto a surface
Recording media having protective overcoats of highly tetrahedral amorphous carbon and methods for their production
Aerogel substrate and method for preparing the same
Production of sheet glass
Method of delaying the set time of cement and the compositions produced therefrom
Resistor for refractory shaped bodies, and shaped bodies derived therefrom
Method of manufacture of phosphate-bonded refractories
Light-transmitting sintered body, light-emitting tube and electric discharge lamp using same
Method of manufacture of ceramic materials
Dielectric ceramic composition
Dielectric ceramic composition
Consolidation and densification methods for fibrous monolith processing
Alumina-based composite sintered material, wear resistant member and a method of manufacturing alumina based composite sintered material
Carrier substance for a hydraulic binder
Surface-treated materials and method for making them
Method of depositing a compositionally-graded coating system
Method for producing high-temperature lubricious glassy films on silicon-based ceramics
Substrate smoothed by coating with gypsum-containing composition and method of making
Active steel repassivator for corroded steel in chloride contaminated reinforced concrete structures
Protecting composite material parts against oxidation
Method for cement clinker production using vitrified slag
Composition and method for waterproofing explosive materials
Thermoplastic polymer propellant compositions
Polymers based on N-carbamyl-N'-dimethylsilyl methyl-piperazine traceless linkers for the solid phase synthesis of phenyl based libraries
Attrition resistant Fischer-Tropsch catalyst and support
Process for converting oxygenates to olefins with direct product quenching for heat recovery
Liquid-crystalline medium
Fluorinated carrier solvent
Manufacture of alpha-olefins
Alkylaromatic process with catalyst regeneration
Process to produce oxazolidinones
Diaminobenzene derivative, polyimide obtained therefrom, and liquid-crystal alignment film
Preparation of non-hazardous brominating reagents
Processes for preparing 6-hydroxy-3,4-dihydroquinolinone, cilostazol and N-(4-methoxyphenyl)-3-chloropropionamide
Preparation of N-acylamino acid esters and N-acylamino acetals
Preparation of low-dust stabilisers
Quarternary ammonium compounds
Anthracene compound and chemiluminescent composition comprising the same
Meta-benzamidine derivatives as serine protease inhibitors
Polyisocyanates as coating components for coating means rich in solids
Diazo derivatives and process for their preparation
Chemicals from synthesis gas
Method for the preparation of 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4-hexafluoro-1-butanol
Crystal of bicalutamide and production method thereof
Thiolalkyl benzoic acid derivatives
Process for producing bisphenol A
Prostaglandin derivatives
Process for preparing dimethyl ether from crude methanol
Air oxidation of an aromatic aldehyde to an aromatic acid
Method for carrying out the catalytic gas phase oxidation of propene to form acrylic acid
Process for preparing cyclohexanedicarboxylic esters
Method for producing symmetrical and asymmetrical carbonates
Reactive coalescents
Crystalline sodium salt of pravastatin
3-substituted-3-(substitutedsulfonyl or sulfanyl)pyrrolidine-2,5-diones useful for inhibition of farnesyl-protein transferase
Bipyrrolinonylidene-type compound, colorant therewith, and method of production thereof
Process for the preparation of 1,5-dideoxy-1,5-imino hexitols from oximes or imines
Squaric acid derivatives
Heterocyclic cytotoxic agents
Crystal modification of 1-(2,6-difluorobenzyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxamide and its use as antiepileptic
Process for preparing 2-alkyl-3aryl-and-heteroaryloxaziridines and novel 2-alkyl-3-aryloxaziridines
Method for producing 2-alkyl-4-isothiazoline-3-one
Cyclic hydroxamic acids as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF- .alpha. converting enzyme (TACE)
Thin-film epoxidation of an unsaturated oil or alkyl fatty acid ester
Gem-diesters and epoxidized derivatives thereof
Catalytic oxidation of organic substrates by transition metal complexes in organic solvent media expanded by supercritical or subcritical carbon dioxide
Process for ascorbic acids using alkaline earth silicate catalysts
Fluorescent lanthanide chelates
Mono- and di-fluorinated benzothiepine compounds as inhibitors of apical sodium co-dependent bile acid transport (ASBT) and taurocholate uptake
Substituted 8-arylquinoline phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors
Farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Aminomethyl-pyrroloquinazoline compounds as thrombin receptor antagonists
Olanzapine crystal modification
Aminoquinazolines which inhibit signal transduction mediated by tyrosine kinases
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
D-proline derivatives
Alkyl cobalt(III) dioximates and process for forming the same
Preparation of organochlorosilanes by the silylation of conjugated dienes with trichlorosilane
Method of making sulfur containing organosilicon compounds
Sulfofucosylacylglycerol derivatives and administration thereof as medicaments
Macrolides with antibacterial activity
Chemical compounds
Cytokine receptor and nucleic acids encoding the same
End selection in directed evolution
Sugar derivatives of hydromorphone, dihydromorphine and dihydromorphine, compositions thereof and uses for treating or preventing pain
17.beta.-acyl-17.alpha.-propynyl-11.beta.-(cyclic amino) aryl steroids and their derivatives having antagonist hormonal properties
Method for the preparation of oleanolic acid and/or maslinic acid
Adenoviral capsid containing chimeric protein IX
Nucleic acid transfer phage
Nucleic acid and polypeptide p10 of a Borna Disease virus (BDV) and their use for diagnostic and immunization purposes
VMP-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia
Anti-bacterial methods and materials
Immunization of dairy cattle with Mig protein
Bacterial receptor structures
Process for isolating and purifying proteins and peptides from plant sources
Cotton event PV-GHGT07(1445) compositions and methods for detection thereof
Methods for treatment of multiple sclerosis using peptide analogues at position 91 of human myelin basic protein
14-3-3.sigma. arrests the cell cycle
Methods and compositions for stabilizing microtubules and intermediate filaments in striated muscle cells
Antibody against hypoxia proteins
Nuclear matrix protein fluid assay
Isolated human secreted proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human secreted proteins, and uses thereof
Method for the production of mucin-type glycopeptide
Antibodies against ligand for receptor activator of NF-kB
Methods and compositions useful for stimulating an immune response
DNA encoding human apoB48R: a monocyte-macrophage apolipoprotein B48 receptor gene and protein
Substitutional variants of APO-2 ligand
Variant TLR4 nucleic acid and uses thereof
Recombinant P53 adenovirus methods and compositions
Scorpian toxins
Engineering of living cells for the expression of holo-phycobiliprotein-based constructs
Bovine VDJ cassette, BF1H1, suitable for antigenization
Thrombin inhibitors
Solvent free coating compositions for soiling-resist ant facades
Ethylene styrene copolymer with isolated styrene
One pot preparation of bimetallic catalysts for ethylene 1-olefin copolymerization
Plastic lens composition, plastic lens, and process for producing the plastic lens
Method for obtaining coating compositions having reduced VOC
Branched polyolefin synthesis
Method for obtaining a stabilized photochromic latex, latex obtained, and application to ophthalmic optics
UV curable elastomer composition
Process for making poly (urethane-urea)/addition polymer composite particles
Initiator/amidine complexes, systems comprising the complexes, and polymerized compositions made therewith
Water-soluble homopolymers and copolymers having an improved environmental acceptability
Polyelectrolyte complexes and a method for production thereof
Powder paint binder composition
Latex replacement polyurethane foams with improved flame retardancy
Process for the manufacture of polyurethane foam, amine polyesterpolyol used in this process and foam obtained
Joining electroconductive materials with electroconductive adhesive containing epoxide-modified polyurethane
Organoborane amine complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Radiation-curable coating compounds
Phosphorus element-containing crosslinking agents and flame retardant phosphorus element-containing epoxy resin compositions prepared therewith
Ambient cure fast dry solvent borne coating compositions
Organic compositions
Polyester having improved crystallization behavior and extrusion blow molded articles made therefrom
Poly (trimethylene terephthalate) and a process for producing the same
Process and apparatus for crystallization of polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT)
Process for producing polycarbonate
Polycarbonate and molded polycarbonate articles
Non-linear polymer product derived from dilute multi-component feeds
Antiviral linear polymers
Removal of volatile organic compounds from polymer dispersions
Process for the preparation of an impact-resistant polymer composition
Rubber compositions and methods for producing the same
Methods for producing diene-based rubber/inorganic compound complexes and rubber compositions containing the same
Low temperature curable organopolysiloxane coatings
Low temperature curable organopolysiloxane coatings
Low temperature curable organopolysiloxane coatings
Epoxy optical sheet and process for producing the same
Antistatic compositions
Candle wax compositions stabilized with UV absorber-metal combinations
Process for preparing pigmented shaped articles comprising poly (trimethylene terephthalate)
Glycerin triester plasticizer
Polycarbonate moulding compounds
Flame-resistant thermoplastic molding material
Flame retardant polycarbonate/graft copolymer blends exhibiting heat aging stability
Optical film and liquid crystal display using the same
Fuel system part
Polycarbonate blends
Polyester based resin composition and molded product therefrom
Resin molding
Liquid form addition curing type silicone rubber composition for roll forming
Developer-soluble metal alkoxide coatings for microelectronic applications
Process and method for the preparation of asymmetric monofunctionalized indocyanine labelling reagents and obtained compounds
Paint colorant product and method
Recording liquid for ink printers, method of the manufacture thereof, and method of image recording
Water-based ink composition
Reaction of carbon black with diazonium salts, resultant carbon black products and their uses
Method for protecting metals against corrosion and non-polluting reactive composition therefor
Thickened aqueous coating compositions containing film-forming polymeric binder
Slurry and method for chemical mechanical polishing of copper
Adhesive tape for adhering inserts to a page of a magazine
Photo-induced electron transfer fluorescent sensor molecules
Ruthenium silicide wet etch
Chiral swallow-tailed liquid crystal and its fabrication method
Photo-responsive liquid crystal composition, information-recording medium and information-recording process
Flame resistant polycarbonate/ABS plastic molding materials
Method and fluid for checking the saturation of a formation in the immediate vicinity of a well
Method for removing H2S and CO2 from above ground hydrocarbon streams
Making an olefin product from an oxygenate
Method for drying the charge from a unit that treats petroleum cuts with a low water charge
Process for treatment of C4 hydrocarbons that comprise butadiene and acetylene compounds that comprise stages for distillation and selective hydrogenation
Process for increasing hydrogen partial pressure in hydroprocessing processes
Integrated process for aromatics production
Use of a natural oil byproduct as a reduced-emissions energy source
Fire log system
Magnetic recording media and magnetic recording apparatus used thereof
Multi component controlled delivery system for fabric care products
Processes for making substantially anhydrous structured surfactant pastes and other detergent ingredients and compositions employing same
Process for manufacturing industrial detergent and components thereof
Method for the application of durable press finishes to textile components via the use of hydrophobic bleaching preparation
Cleaning composition
Composition for washing a polishing pad and method for washing a polishing pad
Acidic cleaning formulation containing a surface modification agent and method of applying the same
Diols and polymeric glycols in dishwashing detergent compositions
Process for producing particles of amine reaction products
In vitro amplification of nucleic acid molecules via circular replicons
Expression systems for functional nucleic acid expression
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Ozone-induced gene expression in plants
Recombinant adenovirus
Modified adenoviral fibre and uses thereof
Production of proteins
High-sensitive detection of environmental pollutants
Bone precursor cells: compositions and methods
Immortalized, homozygous stat1-deficient mammalian cell lines and their uses
Neutral sphingomyelinase
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Transgenic animal having a disrupted PDE7A gene and uses thereof
DNA molecule encoding a variant paraoxonase and uses thereof
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences
Nucleic acids corresponding to 46798 a novel human matrix metalloproteinase and uses thereof
Methods for the identification of inhibitors of histidinol-phosphate as antibiotics
Nucleotide sequences encoding the dapC gene and process for the production of L-lysine
Signal detection techniques for the detection of analytes
Quantitative transient protein expression in plant tissue culture
Method and apparatus for detecting cancerous cells using molecules that change electrophoretic mobility
Ubiquitin ligase assay
Method of screening for non-steroidal neuropsychiatric agents
Method for detecting bacterial exacerbations of chronic lung disease
Determination of biologically active forms of proteolytic enzymes
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Identification and applications of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus host susceptibility factor(s) for improved swine breeding
Methods for amplification of nucleic acids
High sensitivity phage display biomolecule detection
Molten steel producing method
Nickel-base superalloy
Nickel-base alloy
Ni-Cr-Mo alloys resistant to wet process phosphoric acid and chloride-induced localized attack
Modified electrochemical hydrogen storage alloy having increased capacity, rate capability and catalytic activity
Soft Cr-containing steel
High strength steel for induction hardening
Magnetic films including iridium, manganese and nitrogen
High purity cobalt, method of manufacturing thereof, and high purity cobalt targets
Rectangular magnetron sputtering cathode with high target utilization
Photo mask blank and method of manufacturing the same
Spraying method to form a thick coating and products obtained
Slide member
Multilayer film deposition apparatus, and method and apparatus for manufacturing perpendicular-magnetic-recording media
Sputtering method for forming film and apparatus therefor
DLC coating system and process and apparatus for making coating system
Beam shaped film pattern formation method
Preformed heating element and method of making
Thin film deposition apparatus for semiconductor
Multi-zone resistance heater
HDP-CVD deposition process for filling high aspect ratio gaps
Plasma CVD film-forming device
Substrate having a modified native oxide layer for improved electrical conductivity
Method for manufacturing copper-resin composite material
Passivating of zinc surfaces
Electrolytic process for the production of chlorine dioxide
Hydrogen/oxygen generating system with temperature control
Plating apparatus and method of managing plating liquid composition
Method of forming copper interconnects
Electrocatalytic cathode device of palladium and iridium on a high density or porous carbon support and a method for making such a cathode
Plating apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of making a fracture-resistant calcium fluoride single crystal and its use
Single crystal seed alloy
Crystal growing apparatus
Process for coating silicon shot with dopant for addition of dopant in crystal growth
Device for mounting a substrate and method for producing an insert for a susceptor
RTA chamber with in situ reflective index monitor
Textiles; Paper
Separating and recovering components from plants
Spin draw process of making partially oriented yarns from polytrimethylene terephthalate
Low density acrylic fiber
Polyester fiber
HMLS-fibers made of polyester and a spin-stretch process for its production
Aliphatic polyester multi-filament crimp yarn for a carpet, and production method thereof
Soft polypropylene melt spun nonwoven fabric
Fluorinated treatment for soil resistance
Process for the production of a bituminous sealing sheet
Agent and method for coloring keratin fibres
Process for digesting woodchips with a sultaine and a polyglycoside
Papermaker's nip thickener fabric
Method and arrangement for mixing pulp components in the manufacture of paper
Methods and system for manufacturing and finishing web products at high speed without reeling and unwinding
Method for using water hydraulics in a paper or board machine
Apparatus for treating a fibrous web
Process for applying a softening or emollient lotion to a paper product and paper product obtained according to this process
Fixed Constructions
Thermoset tile with freeze-thaw resistant feature
Safety contact strip
Method of producing a window section
Potentiometric sensor for wellbore applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compound-type energy generation system
Configuration for sealing three-dimensional enclosures
Bi-directional piloted solenoid-operated valve
Combined thermocouple and thermopile capable of generating multiple EMF signals
Microwave heating applicator for heating a moving fluid
Desiccants and desiccant packages for highly moisture-sensitive electronic devices
Scale conditioning agents
Arm and safety switch
Heating facility having magnetically attached temperature sensing device
Dispensing apparatus
Imaging system for luminescence assays
Microelectrode biosensor and method therefor
Gas sensor
Structure of gas sensor designed to minimize error of sensor output
Electrophoresis analysis apparatus and sample vessel used therefor
Method for determining the amount of chlorine and bromine in water
Method and apparatus for monitoring a hydrogen containing gas stream
Method for the analysis of gaseous components and test kit, in particular test kit for the implementation of this method
Coated membrane for assessing the invasive capacity of a cell
Methods and reagents for cyanide-free determination of hemoglobin and leukocytes in whole blood
Composite membrane sensor
Methods of fabricating semiconductor substrate-based BGA interconnections
Method for measuring concentration of stable free radical compound
Method and apparatus for monitoring optical switches and cross-connects
Method for manufacturing flat display element
Manufacturing method of active matrix substrate
Color filter substrate and method for making the same, electro-optical device and method for making the same, and electronic apparatus
Process for doping silver halide emulsion grains with Group 8 transition metal shallow electron trapping dopant, selenium dopant, and gallium dopant, and doped silver halide emulsion
Method for processing silver halide light-sensitive photographic material
High chloride emulsion having high sensitivity and low fog
Silver halide color photographic material
Fingerprint protection for clear photographic shield
Method for shrinking critical dimension of semiconductor devices
Photographic printmaking method
Silver halide photographic processing solution
Method to reduce corrosivity of photographic processing effluent
Method of correcting a photomask and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Technique for making deep microstructures in photoresist
Photopolymerizable composition and recording material using the same
Photoresist compositions comprising blends of ionic and non-ionic photoacid generators
Method of designing photosensitive composition and lithography process
Photoresist adhesion improvement on metal layer after photoresist rework by extra N2O treatment
Method for structuring a photoresist layer
Method for fixation of toner on a support or printing stock
Flexible imaging member seam treatment
Method for producing toner by mixing colored particles and outer-additive by mixer with stirrer of high speed rotation
Dry toner
Carrier and two-component developer for electrophotography
Polymer materials with independent latent images visible in polarized light and methods for their production
Computing device to allow for the selection and display of a multimedia presentation of an audio file and to allow a user to play a musical instrument in conjunction with the multimedia presentation
Photodetector, photosensing position detector, coordinate input device, coordinate input/output apparatus, and photodetection method
Action for keyboard-based musical instrument
Portable keyboard tremolo musical instrument
Instant musician, recording artist and composer
Sound system and method for creating a sound event based on a modeled sound field
Waveform generating method, performance data processing method, waveform selection apparatus, waveform data recording apparatus, and waveform data recording and reproducing apparatus
Magnetic recording medium possessing a ratio of Hc(perpendicular) to Hc(horizontal) that is not more than 0.22 and magnetic recording disk device
Subseedlayers for magnetic recording media
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording mode using floppy disk
Process for producing magnetic recording medium
Information recording medium
Apparatus for dissolving nuclear fuel
Wide-range type thermistor element and method of producing the same
Cable with coating of a composite material
Transmission cable structure
Resistive film
Method for production of a regular multi-layer construction, in particular for electrical double layer capacitors and the corresponding device
Charge storage devices with overlapping, folded electrodes
Insertion-type liquid metal latching relay
Apparatus exhibiting tactile feel
Electrical switch
Trigger switch
Mechanical switching contact
Dual-sided electrical outlet
Electric supply unit and method for reducing arcing during sputtering
Fractional substraction resistive readout for position sensitive photo-multiplier tubes
Shallow trench isolation scheme for border-less contact process
Detection of nontransient processing anomalies in vacuum manufacturing process
Methods to form rhodium-rich oxygen barriers
Method to enhance epitaxial regrowth in amorphous silicon contacts
HF vapor phase wafer cleaning and oxide etching
Methods of removing at least some of a material from a semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor processing methods utilizing low concentrations of reactive etching components
Semiconductor device having a ferroelectric capacitor and fabrication process thereof
Wiring layer dry etching method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of fabricating integrated circuit devices having dielectric regions protected with multi-layer insulation structures
Method for removing carbon-containing polysilane from a semiconductor without stripping
Method of fabricating polysilicon film by excimer laser annealing process
Method for fabricating thin-film transistor
Method for forming a self-aligned silicide of a metal oxide semiconductor
Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric thin film
Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device having a polysilicon electrode
Barrier formation using novel sputter deposition method with PVD, CVD, or ALD
Enhanced T-gate structure for modulation doped field effect transistors
Composition for polishing semiconductor wafer, semiconductor circuit wafer, and method for producing the same
Method of forming low-dielectric constant film on semiconductor substrate by plasma reaction using high-RF power
Capacitor for semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for reducing hydrogen contamination in dielectric materials in memory devices
Semiconductor structures and manufacturing methods
Method of making vertical diode structures
Bipolar transistor and method for producing same
Amorphizing ion implant method for forming polysilicon emitter bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device comprising MIS field-effect transistor, and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for encapsulating articles by stencil printing
Thermo-mechanically robust C4 ball-limiting metallurgy to prevent failure due to die-package interaction and method of making same
Solder compositions for attaching a die to a substrate
Method of making a contact terminal with a plated metal peripheral sidewall portion for a semiconductor chip assembly
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having chamfered silicide layers therein
Method of forming a small pitch torch bump for mounting high-performance flip-flop devices
Electric terminal for an electronic device
Determination of a process flow based upon fault detection analysis
Embedding resin, wiring substrate using same and process for producing wiring substrate using same
Semiconductor processing methods of forming integrated circuitry and semiconductor processing methods of forming dynamic random access memory (DRAM) circuitry
Control of Vmin transient voltage drift by maintaining a temperature less than or equal to C. after the protective overcoat level
SiGe vertical gate contact for gate conductor post etch treatment
Etch process for recessing polysilicon in trench structures
Method of making a semiconductor device that includes a dual damascene interconnect
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Smooth metal semiconductor surface and method for making the same
Method of separating two layers of material from one another
Gate structures having sidewall spacers using selective deposition and method of forming the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for forming EPROM with low leakage
Spacer like floating gate formation
Laminating method for forming integrated circuit microelectronic fabrication
Method for forming an antifuse
Method to form copper interconnects by adding an aluminum layer to the copper diffusion barrier
Integrated circuits and methods for their fabrication
Method for fabricating CMOS transistor of a semiconductor device
Ultra-thin resist shallow trench process using high selectivity nitride etch
Method for etching dielectric films
Methods of forming DRAM assemblies, transistor devices, and openings in substrates
Method of etching a dielectric material in the presence of polysilicon
Process for fabrication of a SIMOX substrate
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device having a metal silicide layer and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming an integrated circuit interconnect using a dual poly process
Organic luminescence device
Method of manufacture of silicon on insulator device with improved heat removal
Adhesion enhanced semiconductor die for mold compound packaging
Packaged microelectronic devices and methods for assembling microelectronic devices
Unmolded package for a semiconductor device
Surface barriers for copper and silver interconnects produced by a damascene process
Method of fabricating contact holes in a semiconductor device
Light-receiving device and image sensor
Production process of light emitting device
Carbon-graded layer for improved adhesion of low-k dielectrics to silicon substrates
Photodetector and method having a conductive layer with etch susceptibility different from that of the semiconductor substrate
Enhanced interface thermoelectric coolers with all-metals tips
Oxide superconductor and method for producing same
Organic light emitting devices
Organic electrolytic cell with a porous current collector
Fuel cell system and method for regulating liquid fuel for the same
Electrochemical cell with carbonaceous material and molybdenum carbide as anode
Electrochemical cell with zigzag electrodes
Gold additive for a cathode including nickel oxyhydroxide for an alkaline battery
Process of forming a negative battery paste
Metal current collect protected by oxide film
Coated fuel cell electrodes
PEM fuel cell with alternating ribbed anodes and cathodes
Organic fuel cell methods and apparatus
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Inexpensive dielectric coolant for fuel cell stacks
Cooling system for fuel cells
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Unit cell of flat solid oxide fuel cell and fuel cell stack comprising the same
Ground connector assembly with substrate strain relief and method of making same
Method for making an optical component
Locking structure and wire-harness component
Heat distributor for electrical connector
Apparatus and method to contain a cord
Adaptable electrical tubing system
Cord cover and deployment member and methods of use
Wiring connection method and wiring connection structure
Optical transducers and methods of making same
Speaker diaphragm and method of manufacturing same
Cartridge heater with moisture resistant seal and method of manufacturing same
Selectively configurable circuit board
Printed circuit board having footprints, circuit module having a printed circuit board, and method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
Method of producing ceramic multi-layered substrate
Method for forming bonding pads
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Fabrication method for circuit board
Method of manufacturing a printed wiring board having a discontinuous plating layer
Printed wiring board
Circuit board and a method for making the same
Cover for ceiling-mounted electrical outlet
Central bar structure for hi-hat cymbals
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