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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Cyclic implant perfusion, cleaning and passivation process and implant produced thereby
Insecticidal composition with enhanced synergistic activity
Device for desolventising under reduced pressure
Robot controlling apparatus and robot system
Telescopic pull-out arrangement
Support beam for a cabinet drawer
Snap-on hook and cover for sunshade
Haptic seating system
In-vivo sensing device with detachable part
Device for inserting at least one anchor piece into a hollow space of a living being
Controlling pressure in adjustable restriction devices
Tamponade trocar device and method
Electro-cautery catheter
Condition monitoring device and monitor main unit for condition monitoring device
Cardiac rhythm management lead with omni-directional pressure sensing
Clear silicone material for the registration of fingerprints
Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof
Flexible and expandable stent
Stable cartilage defect repair plug
Method for inducing cell lysis with immunogenic portions of NY-ESO-1 protein
Methods of using molecular conjugates comprising monoclonal antibodies to dendritic cells
Treatment of follicular lymphomas using inhibitors of the LT pathway
Curable dental retraction composition, method of production and use thereof
Pressurized metered dose inhalers (MDI) containing a solution comprising ipratropium bromide, HFA propellant, and co-solvent and comprising a container with a specific internal surface composition and/or lining
Method and apparatus for supercritical fluid assisted particle production
Pump module method for a medical fluid dispensing system
Gaming machine with locking function and insurance feature
Universal controller for toys and games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for providing a relatively constant rate of dissolution of a solid article within it
Dust separation system for use with mobile equipment
Purification of fluorine containing gases and systems and materials thereof
Catalytic reduction of NO.sub.x
Dehydrating system and method for control of spare membrane unit
Electromagnetic axial agitator
Mixing apparatus
Method for treatment of contaminated fluids
Fuel processor having carbon monoxide removing unit and method of operating the same
Two-stage granular moving-bed apparatus
Process for wholegrain-conditioning of brewer's cereal grains used in beer production
Method for a continuous dry milling operation of a vertical grinding mill and vertical grinding mill
Blood separating device
Method and apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste
Covering material for biomass, and process for its preparation
Method for forming corrosion-resistant film and high-temperature apparatus member
Metal cutting system for effective coolant delivery
Application of high integrity welding and repair of metal components in oil and gas exploration, production and refining
Detecting device for abnormal workpiece rotation in non-circular workpiece grinding machine
Setting device, method and apparatuses for feeding fastening elements
Device and method for injection molding product having hydrophobic pattern
Installation for blow moulding hollow bodies, comprising a pressurized temperature-controlled fluid circuit
Imprint lithography system and method
Method for manufacturing a printed-wiring board having a resistive element
Thermal casting of polymers in centrifuge for producing X-ray optics
Manufacturing method of a display device
Gypsum-containing product and gypsum board
Extrusion coated substrate
Bi-material composite structure with reduced thermal expansion
Heat resistant halogen free substrate core material
Method and device for the production of back-foamed air-permeable textile products
Polymer film splicing method and device, and stretching method
Labeling method
Laser-weldable resin composition and molded product
Integrated molded product of a polybutylene terephthalate resin composition having silicone rubber excellently adhered thereto which concomitantly displays superior heat shock resistance
Coating, article coated with coating, and method for manufacturing article
Print medium cartridge which has an elastic partition member which increases the capacity of a cut piece collection portion
Transporting belt for inkjet and inkjet-recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Ink-jet head and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid discharge substrate and liquid discharge head including the same
Liquid jet head and image forming apparatus
Ink tray of a production printing system having an open bottom section
Inkjet printing device and method for printing multi-coloured images
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing ink jet recording head
Liquid storage container
Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method therefor
Ink jet print head manufacturing method and ink jet print head
Rotating coanda catcher
Printing apparatus and printing control method
Liquid droplet ejection head and image forming apparatus having the same
Printer apparatus
Friction control apparatus for vehicle suspension
Door trim moving applique
Slidable window assembly with retractable sunshade
Children's ride-on vehicle
Current collecting contact member
Adjusting system for a vehicle seat
Control of a slide-out room
Headliner assembly having a reinforcement member and subcomponent routing aid
Guide plate for side air bag
Airbag apparatus
Container assembly for a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle braking assembly
Controlling torque in a flywheel powertrain
Method for controlling a starting clutch
Energy absorbing structure for a vehicle
Motor vehicle body with an adapter carrier for a roof module
Rod for supporting components in a fuselage cell structure of an aircraft
Optimized aircraft manhole
Autophagous multifunction structure-power system
Bag structures and methods of assembling the same
Hydrogen storage tank and manufacturing method for the same
Combined traffic flow and maintenance information display for a passenger conveyor
Integrated tray converter
Sheet processing apparatus
Method and device for a combined signature diverter and slowdown device
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Foam dispenser having selectively pressurized cartridge
Dispenser related technology
Dispenser related technology
Ejection device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods of reforming hydrocarbon fuels using hexaaluminate catalysts
Method and apparatus for forming zinc oxide
Fast reduction of iodine species to iodide
Process to reduce the amount of Cr (VI) in a cement-containing composition and a composition comprising cement and coated metallic sulphate particles
Shape of cone and air input annulus
3D-inkjet printing methods
Soy flour slurry and method of providing same
Radiation curable ink containing gellant and radiation curable wax
Circuit-connecting material and circuit terminal connected structure and connecting method
Cellulose ester pellets, cellulose ester film, manufacturing method of cellulose ester film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display
Aqueous surfactant compositions with a low pour point
Process for increasing the mono-aromatic content of polynuclear-aromatic-containing feedstocks
Process for hydrocracking and hydro-isomerisation of a paraffinic feedstock
Biodiesel-derived combustion improver
Method for preparing a measurement sample for detecting live cells of a microorganism in a test sample
Method of nucleic acid amplification
Mutation within the connexin 26 gene responsible for prelingual non-syndromic deafness and method of detection
Method and arrangement for feeding an anode into a smelting reactor
Coated cutting insert for milling
Apparatus for depositing a uniform silicon film and methods for manufacturing the same
Electrolytic apparatus for producing fluorine or nitrogen trifluoride
Electrolyzer and electrodes
Sealing jig and sealing method for cylinder block plating apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Vehicular upholstery polypropyleneterephthalate fiber fabric
Fixed Constructions
Riser installation method from an offshore production unit
Corrosion-protected, self-drilling anchor and anchor subunit and method for the production thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Alignment device for gas turbine casings
Intermediate housing floor for a fluid kinetic machine
Absorptive muffler suspension
Separable blade for wind turbine
Guide vane for a gas turbine
Variable geometry ejector
Self-attaching female fastener
Power transmission belts
Multi-speed transmission
Control drive with electric motor and planetary gear mechanism
Bicycle rear derailleur
Transmission device and method for operating a vehicle drivetrain
Hydraulic tensioner with overtravel limiter
Fuel cell supply having fuel compatible materials
Light source and vehicle lamp
Lighting assembly having end wall with retaining member
Arrangement for preparation of a fuel for combustion
Image recording composition, image recording ink set and recording apparatus
Image forming method
External stimulus indicator and indication method using the same
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Safety eyewear
Image display apparatus
Projector and image correction method
Method and apparatus for gating photomask contamination
Reflective photomask and method of fabricating the same
Method of designing sets of mask patterns, sets of mask patterns, and device manufacturing method
Method for vertical takeoff from and landing on inclined surfaces
Control of reconfigurable gaming machines
Identification display device
Laser light beam scanning device for reading coded information and scanning optical element for such device
Systems and methods for gesture-based interaction with computer systems
Backlight assembly and method of assembling the same
Fixing mechanism of backlight component and related backlight module
Ring shaped membrane for an electro-acoustical loudspeaker
Electrode stack for capacitive device
Atmospheric pressure plasma reactor
Method of transferring a thin film onto a support
Compositions for dissolution of low-k dielectric films, and methods of use
Secondary battery and method for manufacturing secondary battery
Anode material for high power lithium ion batteries
Positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte battery and non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Fuel cell system
Method of manufacturing fuel cell based power generator
Solid oxide fuel cell column temperature equalization by internal reforming and fuel cascading
Power supply system and control method thereof
Vaporizer and power generation apparatus and electronic equipment in which vaporizer is provided
Method for controlling peripheral system and fuel cell system using the same
Fuel cell system, fuel cell vehicle, and operating method for fuel cell system
Fuel composition for fuel cell and fuel cell using the same
Electrical connector with grooves receiving crumbs
Electrical connector having contact arrangement ensuring reliable high speed transmission
Apparatus for preventing electrical shock in devices
Electrical connector assembly having pick-up cap
Electrical push-pull plug connector
Cable assembly with improved shielding member
Electrical connector with improved notch structure to separate large and small receiving cavities arranged side by side
Card connector with cam feature for facilitating insertion of a card
Plug assembly for a connectivity management system
Terminal block and method of assembling it
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Mosquito guard
Locking mechanism for use with one-time access code
Emergency signaling device
Medically implantable energy storage system having safe recharging capabilities
Image processing device and image processing method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasound converter
Illumination fluence regulation system and method for use in thermal processing employed in the fabrication of reduced-dimension integrated circuits
Solder process and solder alloy therefor
Vacuum chuck with integrated electrical testing points
Robot system
Control apparatus for robot
Mode dependent time to begin printing
Method and apparatus for direct cylinder printer
Method of driving a thermal line printer and thermal line printer
Generating and storing supply specific printing parameters
Sub-pel registration of color planes using cartridge velocity control
Machine-detectable security marking with an increased level of proof against forgery, production of the security marking, and security system comprising this security marking
Display device having two display units
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Hybrid vehicle driven by composit torque generated by an internal-combustion engine and an electric motor, and method of operating same
Antitheft device for construction machinery
Passive remote access control system
Apparatus and method for rail track inspection
Control unit for electric power steering apparatus
System and method for increased sheet timing operation window for registration
Display with micro light modulator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Soft-tone fluorescent lamp
Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals
Fixed Constructions
Hand gun case
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Magnetostrictive electronic valve timing actuator
Vibration control device and driving method thereof
Flat-type monitor
Thermal shield suspension for superconductive magnets
Apparatus for digital communications with multiparameter light fixtures
Electric lamp
Light unit with improved heat dissipation
Apparatus and methods for reducing thin film color variation in optical inspection of semiconductor devices and other surfaces
Systems and method for determining proximity sensor characteristics
Optical part driving device incorporated into a detachable block and optical interferometer including same
Magnetic rotational angle detecting apparatus
Measuring method and measuring system
Athermalization and pressure desensitization of diffraction grating based spectrometer devices
Transducer packaging assembly for use in sensing unit subjected to high G forces
Spark plug cap and spark plug fitting method
Pointing stick device and the manufacturing method thereof
Optical fiber characteristics measuring device and optical fiber characteristics measuring method
Process and apparatus for measuring the opacity in gases
Arrangement for surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
System and method for sensing white paper
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Light and shade inspecting apparatus and light and shade inspecting method
Method and device for detecting faults in flat glass, especially drips, threads and lines
Method for measuring surface leakage current of sample
Portable grain moisture meter
Method for inspecting an object of electrically conducting material
Prevention of arcing in power supplies
Wheel speed sensor with positive mounting latch
Socket apparatus particularly adapted for LGA type semiconductor devices
Test apparatus improved test connector
Test probe and separable mating connector assembly
Interface structure for contacting probe beams
System and method for specifying trigger conditions of a signal measurement system using graphical elements on a graphical user interface
Current sensor programmable through connector
Method for vibration detection during near-field antenna testing
Transmission line pulse method for measuring electrostatic discharge voltages
Handheld tester for starting/charging systems
Arc fault circuit detector device detecting pulse width modulation of arc noise
Method for disabling and re-enabling access to IC test functions
Scannable latch for a dynamic circuit
Timing calibration and timing calibration verification of electronic circuit testers
Low noise microwave synthesizer employing high frequency combs for tuning drift cancel loop
Multiplex voltage measurement apparatus
Circuit and method for monitoring the operational reliability of rechargeable lithium cells
Non-linear hall IC
Amplitude decay of magnetic storage medium
Split type magnetic resonance imaging magnet
Method and apparatus for a pulse sequence for magnetic resonance imaging in an inhomogeneous magnetic field
Nuclear magnetic resonance well logging method and apparatus
Satellite navigation receiver designed for compatibility with aircraft automatic landing systems
Method for determining the phase of information, and an electronic device
Method and apparatus providing improved position estimate based on an initial coarse position estimate
Low cost system and method for making dual band GPS measurements
Optical distance measurement device and method thereof
Single-receiver multiple-antenna RF autotrack control
Support request processing system using GPS data for locating a person requesting a support
Autonomous calibration of a wireless-global positioning system
Method and device for the encoding and decoding of power distribution at the outputs of a system
Location of a cable in a dc connection in a bipolar 12-pulse system for transmission of electrical energy by means of high-voltage direct current
Nuclear magnetic resonance method and logging apparatus
Display unit including first and second active matrix regions that is provided completely outside each other
Electric lamp with light-absorbing medium and interference film
Liquid crystal display including pixel electrodes with plurality of openings
Display panel
Black matrix in liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Multi-layer neutral density sheet having a plurality of light-modulating layers with memory properties
Vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Transflective color LCD device
Liquid crystal display device including shield pattern and color filter coexist together in the vicinity of the inlet
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display panel
Connection assembly of wafer stage chamber
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof and semiconductor manufacturing system
Projection exposure apparatus
Electrical mask identification of memory modules
Stage system and stage driving method for use in exposure apparatus
Producing glossy images on a matte laser printer
Physics package apparatus for an atomic clock
Voltage generator with standby operating mode
Impedance control circuit
Proportional to absolute temperature references with reduced input sensitivity
Threshold voltage-independent MOS current reference
Apparatus and method of mirroring a voltage to a different reference voltage point
Temperature-insensitive output current limiter network for analog integrated circuit
Bandgap reference voltage circuit
Security system with proximity sensing for an electronic device
Adjustable clock skew apparatus and method for generating clock signals
Method and apparatus for providing a clock signal to a semiconductor chip
Zoom-enabled handheld device
Thin pack remote environmental monitor system
Line delay generator using one-port RAM
Quantized queue length arbiter
Management graphical user interface for a network file system
System and method and linking information to a video
Bandwidth effective method for communicating interactive links
Method and apparatus for associating capabilities with a virtual input device and a display object
Visual syntax builder for space vehicle control
Multi-touch system and method for emulating modifier keys via fingertip chords
User interface with non-intrusive display element
Coordinates input apparatus with a plate member separated by a gap from a vibration transmission plate
Application sharing in a frame
Context sensitive pop-up window for a portable phone
Print control apparatus and print control method capable of interruption printing
Icon display processor for displaying icons representing sub-data embedded in or linked to main icon data
Video display configuration detector
Editing support system including an interactive interface
Switched-capacitor summer circuits and methods and systems using the same
Integrator topology for continuous integration
Multi-beam exposure method
Contactless IC card
Distributed tag reader system and method
Systems and methods for wirelessly projecting power using multiple in-phase current loops
System and method for detecting interactions of people and vehicles
Electronic retail price tag system
Method for drawing patterned lines in a system supporting off-screen graphics
System and method for using a graphical interface for the presentation of genealogical information
Parallel processing processor and parallel processing method
Image processing apparatus and method for efficient distribution of image processing to plurality of graphics processors
Variable pre-fetching of pixel data
3D graphic accelerator and method for processing graphic acceleration using the same
System for automatic generation of selective partial renderings of complex scenes
Method and apparatus for rapid processing of scene-based programs
System and method for the coordinated simplification of surface and wire-frame descriptions of a geometric model
Method and system for three-dimensional virtual reality space sharing and for information transmission
Image processing method and device and recording medium in which image processing program is recorded
Data compression method and apparatus implemented with limited length character tables and compact string code utilization
Digital image compression and decompression
Method and apparatus for monitoring operation of a motor vehicle
Integrated access system
Infra-sound surveillance system
Shoplifting monitoring apparatus and attachment unit
Household security and surveillance system utilizing a video recorder
Networks and circuits for alarm system operations
System for tracking possessions
Associating a hand control unit
Method and system for assigning unique identity codes to remote controllers and conserving power based on detecting the unique identity codes
Method for remote communication with an addressable target using a generalized pointing device
LED lamp with a fault-indicating impedance-changing circuit
Celestial object location device
Display device for providing graphical display having a variable number of vertical and horizontal lines of resolution
Color fiber-based plasma display
Luminous display unit
Portable computer with low voltage differential signaling adapter
Driving circuit for a field emission display
Information display apparatus, and display state detection method, display state adjustment method and maintenance management method therefor
Driving circuit for electro-luminescence cell
Method of driving a liquid crystal display
Method of driving liquid crystal display device
Display and its driving method
Drive circuit for driving an image display unit
Liquid crystal display
Active matrix liquid crystal image generator
Method and apparatus for embodied conversational characters with multimodal input/output in an interface device
Apparatus and method for information display
Image display
Associated color texture processor for high fidelity 3-D graphics rendering
System for nonlinear correction of video signals and method thereof
Exclusive use display surface areas and persistently visible display of contents including advertisements
Display of multiple images based on a temporal relationship among them with various operations available to a user as a function of the image size
Method and apparatus for pre-fetching vertex buffers in a computer system
Graphics display system
Disk drive apparatus and motor
Self-synchronizing AC synchronous driver for DC brushless motors
Cartridge screening method with pin-point capabilities on the causes of defects
Switched-capacitor structures with reduced distortion and noise and enhanced isolation
Feed-forward approach for timing skew in interleaved and double-sampled circuits
Method to improve charge pump reliability, efficiency and size
Circuit arrangement to reduce the supply voltage of a circuit part and process for activating a circuit part
Direct-timed sneak current cancellation
Mounting structure for thermistor with positive resistance-to-temperature characteristic
Electrically resistive PTC devices containing conductive polymers
Low inductance multilayer chip and method for fabricating same
Surface mounted low profile inductor
Laminated transformer system and method
Circuit breaker
Safety switching device for connection and safe disconnection of an electrical load, in particular an electrically driven machine
Circuit breaker
Fuse apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for supplying power to a load circuit from alternate electric power sources
Method and system for energizing a micro-component in a light-emitting panel
CRT socket
Shadow-mask type color cathode-ray tube
Color cathode-ray tube with shadow mask and frame
Cathode ray tube
Shadow mask in flat cathode ray tube
Damping scrubber for a tension mask support frame
Gradation fluorescent display device
Resistor for electron gun assembly, method of manufacturing the resistor, electron gun assembly having the resistor, and cathode-ray tube apparatus having the resistor
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Color display tube
Television tube having substantially linear edges
Cathode-ray tube and method for manufacturing the same
Color cathode ray tube and getter assembly
Field emission electron source and fabrication process thereof
Field ion display device
Device for shaping an electron beam, method for producing said device and use thereof
Optical radiator with anti-extraction lock
Electrode-to-ballast interconnect of flat integral type compact fluorescent lamp
High pressure discharge lamp and method for producing thereof
Electric lamp with feedthrough comprising a gauze
Lamp with safety switch
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp device with coupler for coolant fluid flow
Fluorescent lamp and power converter
Anode screen for a phosphor display with a plurality of pixel regions defining phosphor layer holes
Thin-film electron source, process for manufacturing thin-film electron source, and display
Laser fuseblow protection method for silicon on insulator (SOI) transistors
Mother substrate and electronic component utilizing the mother substrate
Method and apparatus for injection molded flip chip encapsulation
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus to reduce thermal fatigue stress on flip chip solder connections
IMD film composition for dual damascene process
Carbon-graded layer for improved adhesion of low-k dielectrics to silicon substrates
Method for reducing capacitive coupling between conductive lines
Method for forming interconnects on semiconductor substrates and structures formed
Semiconductor memory device
Portable electronic device with enhanced battery life and cooling
Apparatus for routing signals
Multilayer ceramic device including two ceramic layers with multilayer circuit patterns that can support semiconductor and saw chips
Method and apparatus for placing identifying mark on semiconductor wafer
Structure of plated wire of fiducial marks for die-dicing package
CMOS active pixel sensor type imaging system on a chip
Organic thin-film light-emitting device
Piezoelectric bending transducer and method for producing the transducer
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Drive mechanism with ultrasonic motor and electronic device with ultrasonic motor
Image display device with array of lens-lets
Environmental barrier material for organic light emitting device and method of making
Low-pass filter
Band pass filter
Cost effective dual-mode shiftable dielectric RF filter and duplexer
Radio frequency signal output module having radio-frequency power amplifier and isolator element
High frequency apparatus
Ultra broadband traveling wave divider/combiner
Symmetrical antenna structure and a method for its manufacture as well as an expansion card applying the antenna structure
Reflector assembly for minimizing reflections of electromagnetic energy from an antenna disposed within a radome
Antenna system for multiple orbits and multiple areas
Integrated dual-directional feed horn
Apparatus and process for reflecting radar waves
Conformal, high-frequency, direction-finding antenna
Hyper-scanning digital beam former
Calibration of differential frequency-dependent characteristics of a radio communications system
Lamp-socket contact
System and method for providing power to electrical devices
DC motor rotation detecting apparatus and DC motor rotation control apparatus
Device capable of increasing rotation speed of magneto motor
Motor having two degrees of free motion with a core having inner and outer winding portions
Electric linear motor
Electric motor
Active power factor correction circuit
Integrated circuit with current limited charge pump and method
Switching power supply device for suppressing an increase in ripple output voltage
Regulator with integratable pulse drive signal
Constant-current/constant-voltage current supply
Synchronous rectifier drive circuit and power supply including same
Power conditioner for solar power generation system
Apparatus for automatic tuning and control of series resonant circuits
Motor starting circuit
Rotating induction apparatus
Control apparatus for alternating-current motor
Sensorless motor driving apparatus
System for the electronic commutation of a brushless DC motor
Voltage-tunable oscillator with dielectric resonator including a ferroelectric ceramic material
Trim effect compensation circuit
Fractional-N type frequency synthesizer
Incoherent demodulator and method of incoherently demodulating an IF signal
Efficient AC coupled CMOS RF amplifier
Linearizer for microwave amplifier
Non-linear distortion generator for both second and third order distortion
Operation amplification circuit, constant voltage circuit and reference voltage circuit
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of electronic devices using cross-degeneration
System and method for a startup circuit for a differential CMOS amplifier
High-frequency power amplifier
Variable transconductance amplifier
Amplitude control of an alternating signal generated by an electronic device such as an oscillator circuit
Programmable logarithmic gain adjustment for open-loop amplifiers
Low noise wideband digital predistortion amplifier
Filter characteristic regulating apparatus and regulating method therefor
Multi-tap kit for cable television systems
Adaptive tuning device and method utilizing a surface acoustic wave device for tuning a wireless communication device
Surface acoustic wave ladder filter having at least one resonator with electrode finger pairs in inverted orientation
Surface acoustic wave ladder filter utilizing parallel resonators with different resonant frequencies
Resonator frequency correction by modifying support structures
Driver circuit for switching device
Lossless gate driver circuit
Methods and apparatus for reducing the crowbar current in a driver circuit
Charge recovery for dynamic circuits
Reduced voltage swing digital differential driver
Integrated output driver circuits having current sourcing and current sinking characteristics that inhibit power bounce and ground bounce
Dual rail power supply sequence tolerant off-chip driver
Current steering logic circuits
High-performance programmable logic architecture
Frequency dividing circuit
Delay circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a clock recovery circuit
Phase difference signal generator and multi-phase clock signal generator having phase interpolator
Signal phase adjustment circuit to set optimum phase
Phase locked loop using sample and hold after phase detector
Timing adjusting circuit
Programmable current source adjustment of leakage current for delay locked loop
Programmable leakage current offset for phase locked loop
Phase locked loop design with switch for loop filter capacitance leakage current control
Programmable current source adjustment of leakage current for phase locked loop
Synthesizer with lock detector, lock algorithm, extended range VCO, and a simplified dual modulus divider
Clock generator for generating internal clock signal synchronized with reference clock signal
Multiple input phase lock loop with hitless reference switching
Rubidium atom oscillator generating a stable frequency
Multistage scrambler for a digital to analog converter
Linearity error compensator
Decoder for reducing test time for detecting defective switches in a digital-to-analog converter
Analog to digital converter using subranging and interpolation
Differential interpolated analog to digital converter
Multi-output DAC and method using single DAC and multiple s/h circuits
Digital to analog converting circuit
DA converter
Method and system for encoding to mitigate decoding errors in a receiver
Multiple stage delta sigma modulator
Circuit configuration for quantization of digital signals and for filtering quantization noise
Voice confirmation system and method for a vehicle
Isolation system with digital communication across a capacitive barrier
Signal transmission system
Tests for non-linear distortion using digital signal processing
Method and apparatus for operating an electrical device
Communications system
Method and circuit for pre-emphasis equalization in high speed data communications
Method of processing a roll of photographic film and distributing visual prints
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program providing medium
On-location video assistance system with computer generated imagery overlay
Solid-state image sensing apparatus, method for driving the same and camera
Electronic still camera
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission of media signals over a data network in response to triggering events at participating stations
Systems and methods for preparing and transmitting digital motion video
Resolution-enhancement method for digital imaging
Pixel readout scheme for image sensors
System and method for color normalization of board images
Broad color gamut display
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
Telephone communication system with integrated pager functionality
Piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer and manufacturing method of the same
Constant current regulator for airport lighting
Stirring of electrochemical cells for extended life
Electromagnetic ballast for serially connected gaseous discharge lamps
Lamp grounding and leakage current detection system
Gas-discharge lamp including a fault protection circuit
Circuit for flashing fluorescent lamps
Gas-discharge lamp having brightness control
Device for turning on light and illumination apparatus
Method for generating surface plasma
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew