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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Adjustable padding system
Adjustable IV catheter cover device
Systems and methods of a power tool system with interchangeable functional attachments
Paint brush with increased ferrule paint reservoir
Drawn air bed ventilator
Integrated domestic utility system
Cleaning apparatus and cleaning method
Localized two-dimensional shift correlated MR spectroscopy of human brain
Casket with combination shelf, drawer, and/or memorialization feature
High/low bed
Ambulatory surgical gurney
Transdermal or transmucosal drug delivery device
Device for enhanced delivery of biologically active substances and compounds in an organism
Tissue contact for satellite cardiac pacemaker
Implantable cardiac stimulator with electrode-tissue interface characterization
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of making a flapper valve assembly
Tool assembly for extracting and installing dual in-line memory module cardlets
Wafer table preparing electrical components and device for equipping substrates with the components
Automatic shaving apparatus system
Method for enhanced black in draft mode
Laser marking method
Control device and method for fuel cell powered vehicle
Drive control apparatus and method and two-wheeled vehicle
Train detection system and a train detection method
Fixed Constructions
Anal cleaning device
Bidirectional opening/closing door unit and refrigerator having the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for estimating quantity of intake air for internal combustion engine
Scan exposure apparatus and method, and device manufacturing method
Rotation angle sensor
Method for avoiding peak temperatures in communication devices
Refractometer and method for measuring refractive index
Method for failure analysis and system for failure analysis
Monitoring activity of a user in locomotion on foot
Anti-interference speed detection methods and detectors thereof
Measuring temperature change in an electronic biomedical implant
Method and apparatus for prioritized release of connections in a communications network
Accelerated scan circuitry and method for reducing scan test data volume and execution time
Sequential tester for longest prefix search engines
Zoom lens
Wide-angle zoom lens
Light modulator device
Scanning apparatus
Image display apparatus and image display system
Method and apparatus for polarizing electromagnetic radiation
Methods for optical beam shaping and diffusing
Diffraction grating device and optical apparatus
Frequency conversion with nonlinear optical polymers and high index contrast waveguides
Dynamic fiber slack management for telecom racks
Reconfigurable optoelectronic circuit
Adding and dropping wavelength-channels
High count telecommunication optical cable with controlled fiber length method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Carrier for multiple splice trays
Optical pickup device and optical disk device
Decentering optical system, holding structure of decentering optical system, and optical apparatus using the same
Curved support for mirror in optical scanning device
Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Fringe field switching liquid crystal displays using trapezoid electrodes
Print processing method, printing order receiving machine and print processing device
Method of processing a roll of exposed photographic film containing photographic images into corresponding digital images and then distributing visual prints produced from the digital images
Polarization rotator and a crystalline-quartz plate for use in an optical imaging system
Image forming apparatus with a fixing device employing a plurality of pressing members
Developing apparatus, developing method, image forming apparatus, image forming method and cartridge thereof
Image forming apparatus switching developing rollers of mounted process cartridges between contact and spaced states and switching the contact position of a feeding belt contactable to drums of the mounted cartridges
Volatile organic compound detector
Parts, and part supplying methods
Personal organization tool
Multiprocessor control system for cycles, for example for competition bicycles
System for determining overall heating and cooling system efficienies
Self-compensating delay chain for multiple-date-rate interfaces
Portable computer equipped with add-on battery
Notebook with an audio player
Loading and unloading mechanism for removable power supply modules
System for persistently encrypting critical software data to control the operation of an executable software program
Semiconductor memory including error correction function
Memory channel utilizing permuting status patterns
Methods and apparatus to reinitiate failed processors in multiple-processor systems
System and method for supporting a fault cause analysis
Audit trail logging and recovery using multiple audit files
Method for restoring a virtual path in an optical network using 1+1 protection
Subsystem replacement method
Data shuffling procedure for masking data
Remote storage disk control device with function to transfer commands to remote storage devices
Associative memory system, network device, and network system
Method of implementing off-chip cache memory in dual-use SRAM memory for network processors
Verification of memory operations by multiple processors to a shared memory
Reducing inventory after media access in an automated data storage library
Storage remote copy system
System and method to enhance availability of a relational database
Method and apparatus of adding grant information to a memory
Virtual memory translator for real-time operating systems
Encapsulation of a TCPA trusted platform module functionality within a server management coprocessor subsystem
Apparatus and method for placing memory into self-refresh state
PVDM (packet voice data module) generic bus
Electronic commerce community networks and intra/inter community secure routing implementation
Unit and program for displaying map
Shared-IRQ user defined interrupt signal handling method and system
Method, apparatus, and program product for facilitating serialization of input/output requests to a logical volume allowing nonserialized input/output requests
System and method asynchronous DMA command completion notification by accessing register via attached processing unit to determine progress of DMA command
Cacheable DMA
Memory system and method having unidirectional data buses
Scalable, two-stage round robin arbiter with re-circulation and bounded latency
High speed data transfer between mainframe storage systems
Web address converter for dynamic web pages
Device communication and control in a home network connected to an external network
Management method for parameter sets for a data technologically parameterizable device
Live connection enhancement for data source interface
Autonomic provisioning of network-accessible service behaviors within a federated grid infrastructure
Determining the geographic location of a network device
Transmitting and receiving messages through a customizable communication channel and programming model
Device and method for automatically detecting and announcing error on booting a motherboard
Simultaneous initialization of a plurality of memory elements from among a plurality of initialization values
Method, apparatus and system for enabling users to selectively greek documents
Method and apparatus for attribute selection
Information management system, control method thereof, information management server and program for same
System and method for information retrieval regarding services
Asset management system for network-based and non-network-based assets and information
File availability in distributed file storage systems
Inter-server dynamic transfer method for virtual file servers
Searching system, searching unit, searching method, displaying method for search results, terminal unit, inputting unit, and record medium
Method of providing online database containing proprietary information
Viewing tabular data on small handheld displays and mobile phones
Semiconductor integrated circuit wiring design method and semiconductor integrated circuit
Performance/power mapping of a die
Lane departure prevention apparatus
System of machine maintenance
Method for assessing plant capacity
Method of depositing low dielectric constant silicon carbide layers
Component and material traceability control apparatus, control method, control program, and control program memory medium
Method of process control
Measurement control apparatus including interface circuits
Sensor fault diagnostics and prognostics using component model and time scale orthogonal expansions
Ink information in image files
Print control method and apparatus
Driver-aid method and device for shifting gears in an automatic transmission
Method and device for controlling the traveling speed of a vehicle
Automated container storage and delivery system
Method and apparatus for generating a directory structure
Apparatus and method for Fast Hadamard Transforms
Parts assembly management system
Method and apparatus for determining an inverse square root of a given positive-definite hermitian matrix
Apparatus and method for controlling device operation in computer
System and method for specifying and utilizing hardware functionality by executing a common hardware register pseudo-language
Reducing data hazards in pipelined processors to provide high processor utilization
Method and apparatus for enabling access to global data by a plurality of codes in an integrated executable for a heterogeneous architecture
Methods and apparatus for modeling gas turbine engines
System and method for automated platform generation
Urgent replication facility
Method of predicting the on-set of formation solid production in high-rate perforated and open hole gas wells
Image data processing apparatus for and image data processing method of pattern matching
Image modification apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Robot device and face identifying method, and image identifying device and image identifying method
Color space transformations for use in identifying objects of interest in biological specimens
Pin protrusion measurement probe
Structure and methodology for fabrication and inspection of photomasks
Background suppression and color adjustment method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and medium recording the image processing program
Handwriting recognition with mixtures of bayesian networks
Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Image processing method storing input encoded data into a memory
Rate allocation for mixed content video
Method for transcoding a JPEG2000 compressed image
System and method for image-based surface detail transfer
Detecting skew angle in a scanned image
4.times.4 pixel-based edge detection and edge enhancement without line buffer overhead
Non-rigid image registration using distance functions
System and method for generating pre-populated forms
Method and system for local wireless commerce
Purchasing aid logistics appliance and method for use
Computerized auction system for use with multiple purchasing media
Method and apparatus for pricing a commodity
Automated bill payment system
System for controlling the distribution and use digital works using digital tickets
Picture processing device, picture processing method, and game device and storage medium using the same
Mixed reality presentation method and mixed reality presentation apparatus
One-handed operation of a handheld field maintenance tool
Pointing input device
Tray mounted cursor control input device for integration with computer keyboard
Providing force feedback to a user of an interface device based on interactions of a user-controlled cursor in a graphical user interface
Methods and apparatus for accessing and processing multimedia messages stored in a unified multimedia mailbox
LPAS speech coder using vector quantized, multi-codebook, multi-tap pitch predictor and optimized ternary source excitation codebook derivation
Disk drive
Disk array system and method for controlling disk array system
Light source driving unit and optical storage apparatus
Adaptive voltage-mode controller for a voice coil motor
Systems using extended servo patterns with multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
Disk drive self-servo writing using fundamental and higher harmonics of a printed reference pattern
Repeatable timing error correction system for use in a servo writer
Magnetic head for perpendicular recording with hard bias structure for write pole tip
Read/write head with reduced pole tip protrusion
Magnetoresistive sensor with decoupled hard bias multilayers
Current-perpendicular-to-plane magnetoresistive sensor with free layer stabilized by in-stack orthogonal magnetic coupling
Disk drive adjusting seek profile for variable seek times to reduce power dissipation
Reproduced signal evaluation apparatus and method, reproduction apparatus and method, and recording apparatus and method
Magnetic recording disk having a transition zone
Method of detecting a type of disc using a reference ratio and detected ratio
Optical disc apparatus switching focus point between layers
Low voltage differential signal transmitting circuit and optical disc recording apparatus
Radial tilt detection optical head apparatus and optical information apparatus
Write strategy circuit, write strategy method, and optical disk apparatus
Method and apparatus for optical disk recording capable of reducing settling time and generating an accurate channel clock signal
Method and device for adjusting reference level
Magnetic memory device having yoke layer on write interconnection and method of manufacturing the same
Spin-injection FET
MRAM with vertical storage element and field sensor
MRAM with coil for creating offset field
High voltage positive and negative two-phase discharge system and method for channel erase in flash memory devices
Semiconductor memory and burn-in test method of semiconductor memory
Error checking and correcting for content addressable memories (CAMs)
Memory row/column replacement in an integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for mounting microelectronic devices on a mirrored board assembly
Circuitry for a programmable element
Memory driver architecture and associated methods
Method and system for reducing the peak current in refreshing dynamic random access memory devices
Sense amplifier for semiconductor memory device
Multi-ported register files
Manufacture of waterproof wire connectors
Side-pumped solid-state disk laser for high-average power
Near infra-red composite polymer-nanocrystal materials and electro-optical devices produced therefrom
Digital protection relay with time sync function
Video cassette recorder and RCC type switching power supply
Method and apparatus for decoding orthogonal codes
Method and apparatus for determining components of a channel impulse response for use in a SAIC equalizer
Modulator for digital amplifier
Methods and apparatus for reducing power usage of a transmitter and receiver coupled via a differential serial data link
Method of using three-dimensional image interpolation algorithm to achieve frame rate conversions
Method and system for adaptive interleaving
Area efficient parallel turbo decoding
Transmit diversity method and system
Method for steering smart antenna beams for a WLAN using MAC layer functions
Method and apparatus to improve throughput in a wireless network using a minimum received interference power level
Stable operation of media gateway
Radio transmitting/receiving apparatus
Frequency modification circuitry for use in radio-frequency communication apparatus and associated methods
Method of splitting a signal and signal processing circuitry and apparatus utilizing the same
Packet-based multiplication-free CCK demodulator with a fast multipath interference cipher
Optical transceiver
Irregular two-dimensional wide-coverage network
Method and apparatus for laser line-width compensation
Drive control apparatus and drive control method for optical modulator
Receiver and method for a multichannel optical communication system
Method and system for determining origin of optical signal quality degradation
Data-modulating apparatus, data-modulating method, data-demodulating apparatus, data-demodulating method, and data-providing medium
Method, system, and program for connecting network service, storage medium storing same program, access point structure and wireless user terminal
Method for minimizing searching time for a transport format selection in a code division multiple access mobile communication system
Methods and systems for multiplexing of multiple users for enhanced capacity radiocommunications
Modular broadband adapter system
Wireless area network using frequency translation and retransmission based on modified protocol messages for enhancing network coverage
Method of managing non-acknowledgement responses
Identifying faulty network components during a network exploration
Method and apparatus for lossless switchover in a redundant switch fabric
Detection and compensation of ingressing frame offset discontinuities for tandem connection trails
Method and apparatus for autosensing LAN vs WAN to determine port type
Apparatus and method for isochronous network delay compensation
Cipher block chaining decryption
System and method of IP packet forwarding across directly connected forwarding elements
Method and equipment for encrypting/decrypting physical characteristic information, and identification system utilizing the physical characteristic information
Securing uniform resource identifier namespaces
Methods and systems for providing multi-path echo cancellation
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having variable adaptive gain settings
Detection of lightning
Portable terminal
Hinge device for portable wireless terminal
Method and system for providing communication services for hearing-impaired parties
Wireless telecommunications location based services scheme selection
Dynamic interface software for wireless communication devices
Dynamically allocating server resources to competing classes of work based upon achievement of service goals
Method and apparatus for extending PBX features via the public network
Internet facsimile gateway device
System, method and terminal for acquiring content information for printing
Printer having image correcting capability
Systems and methods for efficiently generating and supplying image data for tandem printers
Vertical synchronizing signal generation apparatus and video signal processing apparatus
Portable photographic device and grip with integrated controls for single handed use
Synchronizing image pickup process of a plurality of image pickup apparatuses
Object-based audio-visual terminal and bitstream structure
Performance information edit and playback apparatus
Restricted content viewing methods and arrangements for use in a DVD player
Electronic information content distribution processing system, information distribution apparatus, information processing apparatus, and electronic information content distribution processing method
Method and apparatus for information labeling and control
System and method for controlling and enforcing access rights to encrypted media
Data distribution system
Connecting interchangeable connectors with pins shared by different cable types
Recording-medium reproduction method and recording-medium reproduction apparatus
Method and apparatus for differentiated communications in a wireless network
Method and system for serving packet dormant handoff in mobile communication system
Method for storing and informing properties of a wireless communication device
Information distribution service system based on predicted changes in location of mobile information terminal
Communication control method in mobile communication system and based station used therefor
Method and system for providing channel assignment information used to support uplink and downlink channels
Selective blocking in a communication network
Methods and system for enhanced directory assistance using wireless messaging protocols
Method and apparatus for providing configurable functionality in an electronic device
Loudspeaker spider with enhanced structure
Multi-channel audio enhancement system for use in recording playback and methods for providing same
Data storage cartridge with hard drive and alignment feature
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hot air-blower off-state residual heat preventive control circuit
Active noise reduction for audiometry
Optical high speed communications for a computed tomography x-ray machine
Electronic stethoscope with diagnostic capability
Optical fluid sensor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Glass structures for nanodelivery and nanosensing
Pipette adapter, absorbance measuring pipette, tip, absorbance measuring apparatus, and absorbance measuring
Apparatus and method for ultrasonically cleaning irradiated nuclear fuel assemblies
Beam shaping element for use in a lithographic system
Fixture for use in polishing fiber optic connectors
Electrical surge arresters
Multi-beam scanning optical system
Direct laser imaging system
Method of and apparatus for color conversion data
Variable density verification
Control module for a motor vehicle cab
Electrostatically actuated electromagnetic radiation shutter
Interconnecting micromechanical devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of making optical fibers
Formation of gratings in optical fibers coated with UV-curable polymer
Nonreducing dielectric ceramic and monolithic ceramic capacitor using the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Combination fan and heater
Surface light source device of side light type
Image display device and method of manufacturing a light conductor for such an image display device
Light fixture having a multilayer polymeric film
Vaporizer with mineral salt additive
Optical system with extended boresight source
Optical device for indicating the position of a flexible web
Process and system for determination of layer thickness swell of wood composites
Apparatus and method for measuring three-dimensional shape of object
Method for recording depth profiles in a specimen and apparatus therefor
Portable type distance measuring apparatus
Method for measurement and verification of the optimum optical path for ring laser gyroscope
Distance measurement apparatus and distance measuring method
Apparatus for comparing tensile or compressive stresses imposed on different parts of optical fiber
Apparatus for measuring the wavelength, optical power and optical signal-to-noise ratio of each optical signal in wavelength-division multiplexing optical communication
Method and device for polychromatic fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Hybrid curvature-tilt wave front sensor
Test and measurement system for detecting and monitoring faults and losses in passive optical networks (PONs)
Image displacement test reticle for measuring aberration characteristics of projection optics
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Optical waveguide probe having variable gap focusing
Method and apparatus for retaining and presenting at least one microsphere array to solutions and/or to optical imaging systems
Method for determining shadowline location on a photosensitive array and critical angle refractometer employing the method
Scanner type fluorescence detection apparatus for treating numerous samples
Image defect detection apparatus and method
Post-seal inspection system and method
Method, apparatus, and system for inspecting transparent objects
Radiation detector and x-ray CT apparatus
Reference grid for security equipment
Fluorescent X-ray analyzing apparatus and secondary target device disposed therein
Scanning temporal ultrafast delay methods and apparatuses therefor
Giant magnetoresistive sensor, thin-film read/write head and magnetic recording apparatus using the sensor
Method and apparatus for using a pseudo-random signal in a communication system
Stereoscopic image processing apparatus
CDMA communications and geolocation system and method
Method and device for calibrating the deviation of a received beam from its desired position in a terminal
Lidar-based air defense system
Antireflection film and optical element coated with the antireflection film
Projection lens system and projection image display apparatus using the same
Image reader which can shorten focal length in optical system having optical lens while keeping predetermined image reading width
Zoom lens
Wide-angle zoom lens
Viewing optical system and image display apparatus using the same
Optical instruments
Microscope transmitted-illumination apparatus
Stereoscopic microscope including zoom and relay optical systems
Gyricon display containing chemical absorbents
Thermally actuated optical add/drop switch
Optical switch
Deflectable spatial light modulator having stopping mechanisms
MEMS optical cross-connect switch
Multi-beam optical system
Collimator lens and optical scanning apparatus using the same
Driving system with elastically supporting units
Tunable optical filter and optical modulator
Optical reflector and manufacturing method thereof
Device and method for a folded transmissive phase retarder
Chiral twist laser and filter apparatus and method
Bimetal-based temperature stabilized multi-FBG package with tunable mechanism
Line fiber for WDM optical fiber transmission systems
Contoured large screen display apparatus
Twisting fiber depolarizer
Photonic band gap device and method using a periodicity defect region doped with a gain medium to increase photonic signal delay
Mode shape converter, method for fabricating the mode shape converter and integrated optical device using the mode shape converter
Optical waveguide device and method of forming the same
Multi-port fiber optic device with V-groove dual fiber collimator for WDM application
Wavelength router with a wide passband realized using two gratings of opposite angular dispersions
Multi-functional optical device utilizing multiple birefringent plates and a non-linear interferometer
Dispersion compensation for optical systems
Optical wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer having patterned opaque regions to reduce optical noise
2D optical switch
Fiber optic cross connect with transparent substrate
Optical device module
Optical signal transmission device
Fiber transport holding device and method
Fiber optic cable retainer assembly and clip with a bend-radius control surface
Multi-purpose communications cabinet
Optical fiber breakaway apparatus and method
Lens driving apparatus
Zoom lens barrel
Zoom lens barrel with focusing path and focal length switching path
Zoom lens system and adjusting method of same
Apparatus for varying the optical characteristics of an optical fiber by stretching the fiber
Optical digital waveform generator
Opposing electrode light modulator array and method for manufacturing the same
Electro-optic apparatus and process for multi-frequency variable refraction with minimized dispersion
Optical device and display device using the same
Camera having a built-in and self-contained flash-lighting sub-assembly
Camera and method for inspecting the camera
Optical head device of a self-propelled type
Lens-fitted photo film unit
Lens-fitted photo film unit
Optical printer
Exposure apparatus
Photographic printing system and photographic printing method
Photograph printing device, electronic image input device, film scanner, scratch recognition method, memory medium recording scratch recognition program, and image restoration method
Method and apparatus for modifying a portion of an image in accordance with colorimetric parameters
Camera with automatic stop change device
Inspection method for Levenson PSM mask
Multilayer films with sharp, stable interfaces for use in EUV and soft X-ray application
Wavelength reference for laser
Stage system for exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method in which a stage supporting member and a countermass supporting member provide vibration isolation
Method and apparatus for controlling the dose of radiations applied to a semiconductor wafer during photolithography
Microdevice manufacturing apparatus
Exposure apparatus and method
Method and device for exposing both sides of a sheet
Image printing apparatus and a control method thereof
Developer amount detecting method, developing device, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of controlling toner supply
Developer amount detecting method, developing device, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Encoded device having positioned indicia for use with a toner cartridge
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image forming units and translucent toner detection window
Means for recharging a watch accumulator
Electronic apparatus and control method for electronic apparatus
Reference voltage generator using flash memory cells
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Rotating portable computer docking station
Notebook computer with exchangeable LCD unit
PCI card guide support bracket
Structure for adjustably pressing interface cards against card slots
Computer mainframe cooling structure
Structure of tower-type personal computer
Computer power supply device having dual adjustment temperature controlled air flow device
Series fan speed control system
Memory system having flexible bus structure and method
Method and system for encoding and decoding typographic characters
Document-based query data for information retrieval
Systems, processes and products for network storage and retrieval of physical paper documents, electro-optically generated electronic documents, and computer generated electronic documents
Photocollage generation and modification
Attention-based interaction in a virtual environment
Method and apparatus for electronic memo processing for integrally managing document including paper document and electronic memo added to the document
Apparatus and method for generating a distributed clock signal using gear ratio techniques
Method and apparatus for determining whether the immediate state of a telecommunications switch is adequate for a software upgrade
Method of printing with a host-based printer using a rudimentary internal font without assistance from the host and with minimal printer memory
Automatic feather sexing of poultry chicks using ultraviolet imaging
Information processing method and apparatus
Data pattern correlator
Verifying device
Information sharing system for personal electronic time management systems
Electronic message sorting and notification system
Postscript to bitmap conversion of graphic image files
Method for providing flexible and secure administrator-controlled watermarks
System, method, and product for information embedding using an ensemble of non-intersecting embedding generators
Method and apparatus for selecting retrospective reconstruction parameters
Compound transfer modes for image blending
Computer animation generator
System and method for providing zooming video
Data storage/access network system for zooming image and method of the storage/access
Machine vision methods for image segmentation using multiple images
Method and system for segmentation of medical images
Placing tags on surface string sequences representing a raster image
Preprocessing process and device for motion estimation
Optical correlator based automated pathologic region of interest selector for integrated 3D ultrasound and digital mammography
Defect inspection method and defect inspection apparatus
Method and apparatus for fixating a camera on a target point using image alignment
Method and apparatus for locating ball grid array packages from two-dimensional image data
Image compression and expansion device
Method and apparatus for selecting image data to skip when encoding digital video
Decoding method and apparatus and recording method and apparatus for moving picture data
Dynamic low-level enhancement and reduction of moving picture disturbance for a digital display
Steerable thermoacoustic array
Apparatus and method for recognition and apparatus and method for learning
Mechanism for controlling spacing between optical head and storage medium in optical storage systems
Magneto-optical device and recording/reproducing method
Photo servo patterning on magneto-optical media
Information reproducing device, information recording/reproducing head, and information reproducing method utilizing mono-magnetic domain structure
Optical pickup device capable of stable tracking
Wrong insertion prevention device for cartridge type recording medium
Tape loading apparatus
Hand mechanism of library apparatus comprising integrated rotatable plate portion and bar code reader
Media cartridge magazine including structure for latching cartridges inserted into the magazine
Changer apparatus for information discs
Disc changer with gap maintaining means
Optical head and information recording and reproducing apparatus using it
Recording or reproducing unit with means for compensating the unbalance of plate-shaped information media
Compact disk player instant-on feature
Audio information recording medium and audio information reproducing apparatus
Method of processing data of defect sector in a DVD-RAM system and the DVD-RAM system
Eight-to-fourteen modulation (EFM) signal generation in optical disk reproducing system using EFM demodulated signal error correction flags
Re-timing and up-sampling a sub-sampled user data signal from in an optical disk
Gear-shifting compensation system and method for nonlinear input elements
Apparatus and method for control head unloading on power down in a disk drive
Embedded servo writing method and apparatus for hard disk drive
Apparatus and method for reduction of idle-mode acoustics in a disc drive
Magnetic disk drive capable of preventing stiction of magnetic head
Negative pressure air bearing slider
Disk drive actuator arm with differential load beam base support
Optical disk cartridge
Disc recording and/or reproducing devices with disc exchanging function
DVD recording/reproducing apparatus having a high-speed copying capability
Mounting device for mounting a data storage device
High/low density magnetic head slider with lateral incision
Recording/reproducing head, recording/reproducing disk drive, and method for fabricating magnetic sensor
Magnetic head assembly for a flexible disk drive having grooves formed in the core of the erase head which most closely adjoins the pair of cores forming the write/read head
Magnetic write element having a thermally dissipative structure
Planar double spin valve read head
AP pinned PtMn spin valve read head biased for playback symmetry and magnetic stability
Reducing sensor temperature in magnetoresistive recording heads
Ruthenium bias compensation layer for spin valve head and process of manufacturing
Head suspension assembly with a relay printed circuit board having openings through which electrodes protude
Electromagnetic disc drive microactuator and suspension
Head slider and recording disk drive
Preheating beams for optical recording
Apparatus for reading or writing data markings of an optical recording medium having offset header markings
Recording method of a phase change optical recording medium and recording apparatus
Optical disc with a rewritable area and a read-only area
Audio compact disc title with a relatively high density format
Optical disk and a recording/reproduction apparatus thereof
Optical disk drive device using an optical disk having a continuous information track formed of alternating land/groove revolutions
Information storage apparatus and method for storing data
Optical disk apparatus having tracking control for positioning a light beam along a track on an optical disk
Optical disk apparatus
Data storage system and methods using diffractive near-field optics
Optical pick-up apparatus
Magneto-resistive memory having sense amplifier with offset control
Magnetic memory element, magnetic memory and manufacturing method of magnetic memory
Non-volatile memory cell and sensing method
SRAM cell employing tunnel switched diode
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of activating the same
Integrated circuit memory devices including transmission parts that are adjacent input/output selection parts
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device which stores multi-value information
Multiple output current mirror with improved accuracy
Testing of multilevel semiconductor memory
High density flash memory architecture with columnar substrate coding
Dual-ported CAMs for a simultaneous operation flash memory
Vertical two-transistor flash memory
Array organization for high-performance memory devices
Reference cell circuit for split gate flash memory
Control circuit for a non-volatile memory array for controlling the ramp rate of high voltage applied to the memory cells and to limit the current drawn therefrom
Programming of nonvolatile memory cells
Flash memory with dynamic refresh
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device capable of suppressing writing and erasure failure rate
Device for accessing a ROM unit with groups of memory module information saved therein
Overflow detector for FIFO
Implementation of functions of multiple successive bits of a shift register
Integrated memory with redundancy and method for repairing an integrated memory
Memory having a redundancy scheme to allow one fuse to blow per faulty memory column
Method and apparatus for setting redundancy data for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device which controls sense amplifier for detecting bit line bridge and method of controlling the semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device comprising a test structure
Method of testing a memory cell having a floating gate
Method and structure for testing embedded flash memory
Semiconductor memory architecture for minimizing input/output data paths
DRAM having a reduced chip size
Electronic apparatus storing data in a volatile memory and method for protecting data stored therein
Semiconductor memory device capable of high speed input/output of wide bandwidth data by improving usage efficiency of external data bus
Semiconductor device with test fuse links, and method of using the test fuse links
Semiconductor memory having an overlaid bus structure
Semiconductor memory apparatus, semiconductor apparatus, data processing apparatus and computer system
Semiconductor memory device
Synchronous semiconductor memory device allowing easy and fast test
Integrated memory with row access control to activate and precharge row lines, and method of operating such a memory
Segmented memory architecture and systems and methods using the same
Apparatus and method for adjusting the weight of a velocity limiter for a control rod of a nuclear reactor
X-ray collimator
Monolithic capacitor and process for producing the capacitor
Photolithographically-patterned variable capacitor structures and method of making
Electric energy storage device and method for manufacturing the same
Single-layer dielectric structure with rounded corners, and circuits including such structures
Method of producing liquid crystal display panel
Circuit board frame and method of use thereof for manufacturing semiconductor device
Integrated circuit having conductive paths of different heights formed from the same layer structure and method for forming the same
Retention module adapter
Clip for heat sink
Clip for heat sink
Heat sink
Heat dissipation assembly
Heat sink with chip die EMC ground interconnect
Thermal spreader and interface assembly for heat generating component of an electronic device
Semiconductor unit and cooling device
High density interconnect module
Method and apparatus for coupling circuit components
Ball grid array package
Optoelectronic integrated circuit device
LED with spreading layer
Thermally conductive coatings for light emitting devices
Arrangement for transmitting, radiating and receiving high-frequency signals
Ejection mechanism for a riser card
Extended band erbium doped fiber amplifier
Optical amplifier and optical fiber module included in the same
Fibre gratings
Encased semiconductor laser device in contact with a fluid and method of producing the laser device
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides
High-power semiconductor laser device having index-guided structure with InAlGaP current confinement layer
N-type modulation-doped multi quantum well semiconductor laser device
Organic semiconductor laser
Laser driving method and apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Laser diode assembly
Dark pulse TDMA optical network
System and method for monitoring the operation of a power converter
Method and device for controlling the parallel operation of dc converters
Remote access to electronic meters using a TCP/IP protocol suite
Switching power supply having an improved power factor by voltage feedback
Apparatus and method for utilizing a snubber capacitor to power a silicon-controlled rectifier gate trigger circuit
Low cost switchable power supply
DC to DC converter for operating in selectable voltage modes
System and method for improving control loop response of a power supply
Charge-pumped DC bias supply
Dc-to-dc converter
Switch mode power supply using transformer flux sensing for duty cycle control
Active clamping for zero current zero voltage forward conversion
Apparatus for improving stability and dynamic response of half-bridge converter
Power converter control device and power converter thereof
Rectifier and transformer thereof
High-efficiency adaptive DC/AC converter
Minimum-delay frequency-shift-compensating complex demodulator with arbitrary phase adjustment
Dual image-reject mixer receiver for multiple channel reception and processing
High-fidelity and high-efficiency analog amplifier combined with digital amplifier
Transmission power controller and transmission power control method
Two-way radio with improved squelch
Multiband squelch method and apparatus
Analog audio filter for high frequencies
Signal processing apparatus and communication apparatus
Unknown system identification method by subband adaptive filters and device thereof
Digital data transmission system
Frequency control apparatus and method, and storage medium storing a program for carrying out the method
Phase corrected frequency synthesizers
Method and circuit for built in self test of phase locked loops
Reception method and a receiver
Reduction of power consumption with increased standby time in wireless communications device
Radio communication apparatus capable of updating menu data listing information services
Base station transceiver for frequency hopping code division multiple access system
Signal splitting method for limiting peak power in a CDMA system
Matched filter simultaneously operating for two different type codes
Spread spectrum signal generating device and method in transmitter of mobile communications system
Modulation apparatus and method using zero-crossing detection
System for monitoring quality of optical signals having different bit rates
Apparatus and method for tuning an optical interferometer
Modular optical network units and mounting arrangement
Optical signal receiving circuit and method for receiving optical signal
Monitoring the stability of the wavelength of a light signal in an optical communications system employing wavelength division multiplexing and having a wavelength stabilization circuit
Wide-band optical amplifiers with interleaved gain stages
Multi-wavelength all-optical regenerators (MARS)
Reducing nonlinearities caused by transmission of optical information through nonlinear media
Method of avoiding excessive polarization mode dispersion in an optical communications link
System and method for optically testing broadcasting systems
Method and apparatus for combining serial data with a clock signal
Multiple antenna test system and method to simultaneously evaluate multiple elevations of potential wireless base station sites
Air-surface test system and method to evaluate potential wireless base station sites
Method and apparatus for forward link power control
Radio communication apparatus of diversity transmission system
Co-channel interference reduction in wireless communications systems
Roadside transmitter
Call routing interface for satellite communications user terminals
Low-cost satellite communication system
Multi-mode mobile apparatus and method for calculating frame/time slot offsets, and allowing mobiles to synchronize with different mobile protocols/schemes
Method and apparatus for encoding data for transmission in a communication system
Arbitrary waveform modem
Backplane architecture for providing both loop repeater and multiplexed mode connectivity in the same equipment shelf
ATM cell switching system
High data rate CDMA wireless communication system
Multi-channel parallel/serial concatenated convolutional codes and trellis coded modulation encoder/decoder
Method and apparatus to reprioritize data transfer in a short range Ad Hoc network
Network construction method and communication system for communicating between different groups via representative device of each group
Network communication system not requiring modifications or additions to manager and agent software
System and method for analyzing communication paths in a telecommunications network
Method, interface and system for connecting communication traffic across an intermediate network
Providing data services to telecommunications user terminals
Method of searching using longest match based Randix Search Trie with variable length keys and having prefix capability
Method and apparatus for guaranteeing data transfer rates and delays in data packet networks using logarithmic calendar queues
Flexible scheduler in an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switch
Per user and network routing tables
Hierarchically interconnected routers for exclusively polling low activity network nodes to reduce polling traffic
Dual-speed stackable repeater with internal bridge for cascading or speed-linking
Method and system for mapping virtual connections to asymmetric digital subscriber line latency paths
Segmented performance monitoring of multi-stage ATM node
Method for signaling in a high speed communication system
Method and apparatus for multiple applications on a single ISDN line
Proxy-controlled ATM subnetwork
Method and apparatus for displaying transmission route for use in a switched network and method of detecting a failure using such a method and apparatus
Management of free space in an ATM virtual connection parameter table
Method for the control of flows of digital information
Apparatus and method of allowing user to browse history of relay transmission on data terminal
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Reduced-loss, high-frequency signal transmission system utilizing an over-voltage and over-current protection device
Frequency scanning type receiver
.pi./4 DQPSK encoder and modulator
Method for detection of pilot tones
Symmetric chirp communications acquisition method and apparatus
Automatic frequency control circuit
Data transmission method with a plurality of frequency bands
DMT time-domain equalizer algorithm
Implementing network services over the internet through dynamic resolution of personal host names
Transmission line duplexing processing method and apparatus thereof, and recording medium for recording its processing procedure
System for recovering from disruption of a data transfer
Orthogonal code division multiple access waveform format for use in satellite based cellular telecommunications
Modulation methods and structures for wireless communication systems and transceivers
Method and system for connecting multiple DSL modems to a telephone line
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for high-availability multi-agent cryptographic key recovery
Scheme for fast realization of encrytion, decryption and authentication
Digital message encryption and authentication
Portable terminal device
Cellular phone holding device
Headset and method for a headset
Pluggable noise-controlling apparatus and method
ISDN terminal equipment-resident mechanism for automatically determining service profile identifiers (SPIDS) for subdivided area code
ISDN terminal equipment-resident mechanism for determining service profile identifiers and associated telecommunication switch protocol
Telephone answering system that automatically calls back a caller who has left a message
Information communication terminal device
System, method and apparatus for secure transmission of confidential information
Telecommunications terminal card
Method and apparatus for improved data transmissions on telephone links between service providers and remote clients
Method and apparatus for efficient improved data transmissions on telephone links between service providers and remote clients
System and method for processing call detail records
Mobile to mobile call delivery for calling party pays wireless service
Clip-on fraud prevention method and apparatus
Country to domestic call intercept process (CIP)
System for selectively providing a higher level of directory assistance services
Unified messaging system and method providing cached message streams
Inter-system call transfer
Message transfer system
Telephone transaction support system and telephone call connection control system
DTMF tone detection and suppression with application to computer telephony over packet switched networks
Method for forwarding a call to a telephone behind a key telephone system
Network printer
Method and apparatus of image composite processing
Computer network-based facsimile reception system
Readout system for a full-color image input scanner having three linear arrays of photosensors
Recording device for recording a digital information signal on a record carrier
Method and apparatus for scheduling a multi-point electronic conference
Method for cascading detachable conditional access modules, circuit for inserting a predetermined sequence and circuit for detecting the said sequence in order to implement the method
Method of switching of coded video sequences and corresponding device
Method and apparatus for generating a bounding rectangle of a VOP for interlaced scan type video signals
Color rotation integrated with compression of video signal
Image transmission system and method employing compression and error correction
Optical device
Digital signal recording devices, digital signal recording/ playback devices, and digital signal receiving/recording/playback devices
Thermal cover for T1/HDSL repeater case
Integral patch panel and cable management tray assembly and method of manufacture
Distributed optical switching device
Asynchronous transfer of high speed data signals through an optoelectronic VLSI switch
Optical switching unit, particularly for switching to standby components in optical transmission systems
ISDN channel unit-resident mechanism for usurping time slots assigned to adjacent channel bank card slot
Ring bundling in the design of rings for telecommunications networks
Arrangement for establishing connections through a network
ATM switching network and ATM switching system in which the transfer of inputted cells is controlled by control cells, and signal processing method in ATM switching network
Communications channel synchronous micro-cell for integrating circuit and packet data transmissions
Dialable data services/TDM bandwidth management
Method and apparatus for optimizing a switched arbitrated loop for maximum access fairness
Method and system for transmitting activation codes to a communication device
Subscriber announcement system
Method and apparatus for routing blocked telephone calls
Alpha enhanced paging and voice mail system and method
System and method of providing advertising information to a subscriber through a wireless device
Arrangement system and method relating to data network access
Fast method for capacity estimation of systems
Features for emergency calling and short messaging system
System and method for reducing network signaling load in a radio telecommunications network
System and method for providing roaming incoming screening (RIS) in a wireless intelligent network
Cellular radio access network and location updating in a cordless communications system
Wireless telecommunications system for improving performance and compatibility
Intelligent roaming system with over the air programming
Auxiliary bass radiator units
System for housing a personal S.C.U.B.A diving audio system
X-ray emitter with force-cooled rotating anode
Printed-circuit board having rigid and elastically deformable sections and device having such a printed-circuit board
Printed circuit board with multiple insulative magnetic layers
Closed box for electronic equipment
Printed circuit board bracket assembly and system
Cell board ejector
Electronic control unit with integrated cooling module
Self-heating circuit board
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