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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Agricultural implement hitch
Element of an agricultural machine comprising an adjustable ballasting device
Tailings conveyor system
Soybean variety S03-95021-55-138-AB
Use of polysiloxanes containing quarternary amino groups as formulation auxiliary agents, and agents containing the same
Utilization of a highly fluorinated oligomeric alkane in ophthalmology
Malononitrile compounds and their use as pesticides
Hetaryl substituted homotetramic and homotetronic acids and their use thereof as pesticides
Food preparation oven having quartz heaters
Plant for the continuous processing and packing of meat products
Method of concentrating processed vegetable and fruit products by reverse osmosis
Multifunctional chair
Seat structure
Methods and apparatus for suspending fixtures
Fixed strand descending and lowering system
Safety harness
Endoscope channel cap
Device and method for isolating a surgical site
Arteriotomy closure devices and techniques
Systems and methods for ablation of tissue
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Bonding of soft biological tissues by passing high frequency electric current therethrough
Structures for supporting multiple electrode elements
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Pressure measurement device
Guidewire with chemical sensing capabilities
System and method for automatically monitoring and delivering therapy for sleep-related disordered breathing
Wavelet depulsing of ultrasound echo sequences
Three-dimensional ultrasound computed tomography imaging system
Medical assembly suitable for long-term implantation and method for fabricating the same
Bariatric sleeve
Endovascular graft with pressure, temperature, flow and voltage sensors
Endoluminal device having enhanced affixation characteristics
Pharmaceutical compositions containing compounds with activity for the enhancement of absorption of active ingredients
Fatty acid analogues for the treatment of diseases caused by the pathological proliferation of smooth muscle cells
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabetes
Methods of treating obsessive-compulsive disorder
Methods for treatment of acute lymphocytic leukemia
Antimycotic gel having high active compound release
Dibenzodiazepine derivatives, their preparation and use
Engineered protein kinases which can utilize nucleotide triphosphate substrates
Compositions and therapeutic methods using morphogenic proteins and stimulatory factors
Use of amidoamines to treat or prevent acanthamoeba and fungal infections
Compositions and methods for darkening the skin
Lactoferrin in the reduction of circulating cholesterol, vascular inflammation, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease
Methods of treating dry eye disorders
LV V-Haemorphin-7 neuroactive peptide and methods of use
Recombinant protein production in bovine adenovirus expression vector system
Calcium-independent negative regulation by CD81 of receptor signalling
Mammalian cell surface antigens; related reagents
Vaccine against Gram-negative bacterial infections
Ceramic material and process for manufacturing
Oral care compositions comprising dicarboxy functionalized polyorganosiloxanes
Compositions for the treatment of pigmentation disorders and methods for their manufacture
Delivery system for nucleic acids
Micromesh interproximal devices
Control of gaseous sterilization
Medicament delivery and packaging
Metered dose delivery device for liquid and powder agents
Medical suctioning apparatus and methods of use
Method of making a catheter balloon using a tapered mandrel
Valve assembly including diameter reduction structure for trocar
Reduced slippage balloon catheter and method of using same
Weight lifting system with internal cam mechanism
Therapeutic glove apparatus
One-piece golf ball
Golf balls having a cover layer formed from an ionomer and metallocene-catalyzed polyolefin blend and methods of making same
Golf putter shaft
Golf club with transparent grip
Elliptical exercise device and arm linkage
Puzzle game
Method and apparatus for awarding and redeeming promotional points at an electronic game
Video game characters having evolving traits
Toy mobile
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods of measuring the diffusion rate and partition coefficient of an analyte into a polymer and methods of forming a filter media
Folded mesh filter for particulates
Dual-type air purification system
Reduction of the aerosol-related discharge from a separation column and apparatus therefor
Hydrogen diffusion cell assembly with internal flow restrictor
Filter arrangement for the separation of blood into plasma and cellular components and device for application thereof on the donor
Apparatus for removing particulates from a gas stream
Solid acid catalyst containing platinum group metal component and method for preparation thereof
Hydrocarbon conversion process and catalyst useful therein
Catalyst component comprising magnesium, titanium, a halogen and an electron donor, its preparation and use
Method and apparatus for preparing a sample for analysis of precious metal content
Apparatus and method for immunological labeling for thin tissue sections
Equipment for aligning liquid crystals and method of transporting a plurality of substrates through liquid crystal aligning equipment
Clay-containing mixture or blend capable of forming a moisture resistant gel, and use of that mixture and blend
Evaluation of chamber components having textured coatings
Coupling enhancement for medium with anti-ferromagnetic coupling
Mold and method of molding metallic product
Method for coating a metallic component
Pretreatment processing of metal-matrix carbide power for mold casting of products
Method of flow forming a metal part
Guide device for workpiece machining head, machine having the same, and guide method
Machine tool and lubricant jetting state detector for machine tool
Method for manufacturing a titanium sheet and a shaped component consisting of the titanium sheet
Adjustable angle magazine
Optical fiber cleaver
Manufacturing method for oral quick-dissolving seamless capsule
Outside sideview mirror assembly with reduced wind noise
Extrusion blow molded articles
Glass preform and method of producing the same
Laminate utilizing a metal layer activated by nitrogen plasma treatment
Copper foil for high-density ultrafine printed wiring boad
Polyimide based compositions useful as electronic substrates, derived in part from (micro-powder) fluoropolymer, and methods and compositions relating thereto
Absorbent paper product such as napkin or handkerchief, methods for manufacturing such a product, and apparatus implementing such methods
Wear resistant laminates
Multilayer composite armour
Processing substrate and method of manufacturing same
Polyester film and method for producing the same
Component comprising submicron hollow spaces
Process for producing silica-based film, silica-based film, insulating film, and semiconductor device
Printer for thermally sensitive adhesive sheet
Image transfer onto non-planar surfaces
Liquid drop emitter with split thermo-mechanical actuator
Continuous media printer with downstream drying
Ink jet printer with extended nozzle plate and method
Low profile ink jet cartridge assembly
Ink jet print head
Printing methods and apparatus for mutually interstitial printing and optional interlacing
Half toner and compositor circuit for a printer
Ink-jet printing head and ink-jet printing apparatus and method
Print control based on print head temperature
Wheel arrangement
Pneumatic radial tire with specified tread portion bending rigidity ratio
Tire-use rubber-covered fabric, production method therefor, production method for pneumatic tire using rubber-covered fabric, and pneumatic tire
Swing-out flap plate assembly for a vehicle roof opening
Device to reduce the visible and infrared signature of a military vehicle
Piste-maintenance tracklaying vehicle
Load deformable bicycle seat
Seat mechanism for vehicle
Vehicle support frame
Vehicle transporter with screw actuators
Vehicle structure
Light device for automobile overhead lights
Outside mirror with blinker light for vehicles
Elevatable and extendable platform
Electronic controller for a vehicle leveling system and vehicle leveling system comprising same
Passenger rail car sliding door with high platform threshold
Railway bogie bolster for an articulated wagon
Vehicle front structure, activation controller for occupant protection apparatus, and method of production of vehicle front structure
Steering cylinder shield
Two wheel steering bicycle with each wheel having its own steering control operated by rider's left and right hand respectively and rider positioned facing the direction of motion
High-performance riverboard system
Multilayered submersible structure with fouling inhibiting characteristic
Flexible bag with resealable angled pour spout
Folding serving tray
Absorbent pad with controlled rate of wicking
Device and method for picking up, handling and moving objects
Waste disposal plant for wet garbage, especially for refuse from large-scale kitchens
Replacement method and assembly for paper pick rollers
Device and process for depositing the reserve of thread on the quills of open-end spinning machines
Cable drive assembly
Home navigation tool
Container for consumer products with concealed stretch release adhesive structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing soft magnetic hexagonal ferrite sintered material and soft magnetic hexagonal ferrite sintered material
Compounds used to treat alcoholism
Inhibitors of .alpha.4 mediated cell adhesion
Obtaining tert-butanol
Resveratrol analogs
Compounds with high monoamine transporter affinity
Method for telomerizing non-cyclic olefins
Method for producing acrylic acid by heterogeneously catalyzed gas-phase oxidation of propene with molecular oxygen in a reaction zone
Succinate salt of O-desmethyl-venlafaxine
Process for preparing alkyladamantyl esters and compositions
Ketol fatty acid derivative and plant growth regulating agents
Process for production cilostazol
Water-soluble drugs and methods for their production
Iron catalyzed cross coupling reactions of aromatic compounds
Heterocyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by .alpha..sub.4 integrins
Process for preparing imidazoquinolinamines
Linear carboxy-functional organosiloxanyl derivatives and the use thereof for the treatment of the surfaces of leather
Process and equipment for plasmid purification
Fusion proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Polymorphisms in the region of the human hemochromatosis gene
Solventless method for preparation of carboxylic polymers
Polymer-supported arylbis(perfluoroalkylsulfonyl)-methane
Emulsion polymerization process utilizing ethylenically unsaturated amine salts of sulfonic, phosphoric and carboxylic acids
Syndiotactic styrene polymers and process for the production thereof
Golf ball formed from a polyisocyanate copolymer and method of making same
Blocked polyisocyanates
PVA-containing compositions
Stabilizer mixtures
Oriented films from improved propylene polymers
Blends made from propylene ethylene polymers
Electron beam curable urethane resin for magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording medium using the same
Fluxing agent for underfill materials
Azo dyes
Ink composition containing a particular type of dye, and corresponding ink-jet printing process
Ink, recording method, recording unit, ink cartridge, and recording apparatus
Connecting material and mounting method which uses same
Security film system with reactive adhesives
Green emitting phosphor material and plasma display panel using the same
Anisotropic films based on 1,8-naphthoylene-1',2'-benzimidazole sulfonates and lyotropic liquid crystal systems and methods for making
Diesel fuel reforming strategy
Fabric care composition
Rinse-added fabric treatment composition, kit containing such, and method of use therefor
Nucleotide sequences which code for the mikE17 gene
Wooden leg gene, promoter and uses thereof
Multi-gene expression constructs containing modified inteins
Lac shuttle vectors
Protease variants and compositions
Topoisomerase-based reagents and methods for molecular cloning
Canine IL-13 nucleic acid molecules and fragments thereof
Process for preparing (-) menthol and similar compounds
UTR tag assay for gene function discovery
Method for determining specific nucleotide variations
Heat treatment of age-hardenable aluminum alloys
Apparatus and method for web cooling in a vacuum coating chamber
Method of fabricating free standing objects using thermal spraying
Plating uniformity control by contact ring shaping
Method and apparatus for the electrochemical deposition and removal of a material on a workpiece surface
Direct electrolytic metallization on non-conducting substrates
Contact plating apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing ultrafine fiber and artificial leather
Air-bag arrangement and a method of inflating an air-bag
Explosive/energetic fullerenes
Fixed Constructions
Road mats
Fabric covered structure and method of assembly of such structure
Rock bit with channel structure for retaining cutter segments
Torque reduction tool
Method for handling, processing and disposing of drill cuttings
Method and system for circulating fluid in a well system
Thread integrity feature for expandable connections
Rotary drill bit for casting milling and formation drilling
Multiple bore christmas tree outlet
Methods and apparatus to control downhole tools
Surface pulse system for injection wells
Wellbore liner system
Method and apparatus for hydrogen sulfide monitoring
Bonding anchor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Metering socket
Hydraulic camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for ventilating the crankcase of a combustion engine
Metallic gasket
Intake structure in internal combustion engine
Cylinder intake air quantity determination device
Method for controlling and adjusting the starting mode of an internal combustion engine
Method for balancing the torque generated by the cylinders of an internal combustion engine, in particular a direct-injection diesel engine provided with a common rail injection system
Variable intake module of engine
Methods of operation for controlled temperature combustion engines using gasoline-like fuel, particularly multicylinder homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines
Method and apparatus for solar tacking momentum maintenance in long-duration deployment of a large reflector
Bearing system for high-speed rotating machinery
Storage container for air compressor
Torque releasing device
Constant velocity universal joint and wheel bearing device using the same
Automotive brake system
Pneumatic spring percussion mechanism with an electro-dynamically actuated driving piston
Closed-loop hydraulic adjustable slip differential
Vent mechanism
Reverse flow preventing device and electronic apparatus
Cross over valve
Hydraulic valve actuation methods and apparatus
Providing an indication of the position of a valve member
Method and apparatus for forming leak-proof coupling for beverage distribution system
Method and device for transferring fluid
Lid holder stand
Geodesic mounting apparatus
Overload safety device in a press
Lanyard attaching mechanism
Assembling frame for back light modules
Backlight for LCD's
Rotatable vent
Adjustable exhaust flow for thermal uniformity
Vector transient reflow of lead free solder for controlling substrate warpage
Heat dissipating device with heat pipe
Baffled surface cooled heat exchanger
Method and system for controlling messages printed by an in store label printer and related label structure
Fault locator for testing a complex optical circuit
Electromagnetic radiation detectors having a microelectromechanical shutter device
Sample processing devices
Fluorogenic dyes
Automatic methods for focus and astigmatism corrections in charged-particle beam instrument
Method of reducing bacterial proliferation
Method for detecting megsin protein and use thereof
Method of monitoring the effect of Cathepsin S inhibitors
Allergenic proteins and peptides from dog dander and uses therefor
Binding protein
Radiation converting substrate, radiation image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup system
Method of examining an object by means of elastography
Variable mirror, optical apparatus and decentered optical system which include variable mirror, variable-optical characteristic optical element or combination thereof
Vehicle rear-view mirror with wide viewing angle and reduced image distortion
Cable sleeve and method of installation
Mechanism for rotatable image-taking device
Projection display systems utilizing light emitting diodes and light recycling
Rear projection television with screen panel for receiving projection light
Substituted oxime derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
Multicolor imaging using multiphoton photochemical processes
Process for preparing a substantially transparent conductive layer configuration
Exposure method for the contact hole
Electron beam lithography method
Heat roller
Photosensitive member having deletion control additive
Master batch and toner for use in electrophotography
Toner composition
External connecting electronic apparatus
Barcodes including embedded security features and space saving interleaved text
Automatic adjustment of illumination for reading barcodes and similar items
Gain correction of image signal and calibration for gain correction
Coin validation by signal processing
Beat analysis of musical signals
Carbon-containing lithium-iron composite phosphorus oxide for lithium secondary battery positive electrode active material and process for producing the same
Conductive particles, conductive composition, electronic device, and electronic device manufacturing method
Composite insulator
Stator bar with exruded groundwall insulation
Touch panel
Switch-device sheet
Method and apparatus for detecting end point
Method for forming LED by a substrate removal process
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Transistor of semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Offset-gate-type semiconductor device
Screen-printing metal mask plate and method of resin-sealing vibrating part
Method of forming thin film transistors having tapered gate electrode and curved insulating film
Method of irradiating a laser beam, and method of fabricating semiconductor devices
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with semiconductor region inserted into trench
Etching aftertreatment method
Manufacture of masks and electronic parts
Method of hydrogenating a poly-silicon layer
Method of fabricating flash memory device
Method of forming an antifuse on a semiconductor substrate using wet oxidation of a nitrided substrate
Method for production of charge-trapping memory devices
Methods of fabricating devices and semiconductor layers comprising cadmium mercury telluride, mercury telluride, and cadmium telluride
Terminal land frame and method for manufacturing the same
Method for forming flowable dielectric layer in semiconductor device
Method for making an anisotropic conductive polymer film on a semiconductor wafer
Method of making resistive element having a stable contact resistance
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having TFTs with uniform characteristics
Method of forming field effect transistor and structure formed thereby
Organic photosensitive optoelectronic device with an exciton blocking layer
Chemical pinning centers for high temperature superconductors
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and nonaqueous electrolytic solution
Electronic apparatus using fuel cell
Connecting structure for power cord
Sockets for microassembly
Structure of connector for reducing electro-magnetic wave interference
Circuit board inter-connection system and method
Semiconductor device and a method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Low-output microwave, lighting system and flicker removing method using the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Ground opener with disc scraper mounting
Dethatcher apparatus
Quick release and storage system based on an eccentric rotating element
Belted seed metering device
Agricultural separating device and agricultural separator
Grass catcher support assembly for reel mower cutting unit
Reverse mowing prevention device
Guide member for harvesting stalked crops
Corn head stripper plate adjusting mechanism
Device for forming a groove in the periphery of a bale and pressing wrapping twine into the groove
Kit for holding a plant to a stake
Implement for automatically milking animals, such as cows
Device for securing animals to stationary objects and method therefor
Litter box assembly
Animal box for breeding
Pet bed with heating and cooling feature
Crate DAM
Movement-resistant horse rug
Pet toy ball feeder
Multiple dog leash
Pet clean-up apparatus and method
Disposable pet food server with detachable food chamber
Container for storage and/or shipment of live crustaceans
Transporting apparatus
Ice cream cone holder and drip collector device
Apparatus and method for processing root vegetables
Machine for peeling pears, removing their core, and cutting them into segments
Disposable mask and suction catheter
U-shaped tubular metal for rope chains
Adjustable wristband link
Earring connector
Disposable umbrella
Windproof umbrella
Key storage device
Purse system
Packing case for foldable articles
Turn key compact
Carrying case for portable computer
Multi-purpose traveling luggage
Bait bucket
Sporting equipment bag
Foil dispenser apparatus and method
Two-piece cosmetic applicator
Ornamental banded clothing device receiving interchangeable ornamentation
Structure of variably assembled hair bands
Dual purpose water bottle
Curved longitudinal profile mascara brush
Information apparatus installing desk
Utility tray
Stand convertible to a table or decorative container
Valve for inflatable objects
Breastfeeding breast support roll and method
Label orienting display rack
Refrigerated display case and method for sanitizing a refrigerated display case
Display system
Chilling and/or storing receptacle for bottles or beverage containers
Folding convertible screen/display
Garlic press with detachable cleaner
Gas powered pressureless steam cooker
Vapor-exhausting mechanism of drink supply appliance
Programmable dispenser
Drip collector
Cooking apparatus having opening for food manipulation
Double-walled mug with handle
Folding handle assembly for cooking pans
Door towel dispenser
Compact liquid dosing apparatus with a reservoir
Method and device to recognize and indicate a discharge vessel filling level in a vacuum system
Horizontal drop-feed, dispenser box
Methods of epicardial ablation
Precooled cryogenic ablation system
Method of applying energy to tissue with expandable ligator catheter having multiple electrode leads
Systems and methods for preventing automatic identification of re-used single use devices
Reusable absorbent surgical drape
System and method for monitoring pressure, flow and constriction parameters of plumbing and blood vessels
Nonsurgical intraurethral bladder control device
Transmyocardial implant procedure
Method for preparation of a self-expanding stent for a medical device to be introduced into a cavity of a body
Flexible fluidic force generator
Volumized apparatus for trauma mitigation and associated method
Cross-cantilever connectors for a dental appliance
Blocking device
Dual vial connecting system for lyophilized products
Machine for metering liquid pharmaceutical products
Hyperpolarized noble gas extraction methods masking methods and associated transport containers
Container with reinforced tab
Perfume bottle structure
Dispensing system
Dry powder delivery system apparatus
Turbine dry powder inhaler
Estimation of flow and detection of breathing CPAP treatment
Auto-calibration of pressure transducer offset
Endotracheal medication port adapter
Pneumatically-operated gas demand apparatus
Method and system for reversing physiological changes in human beings using acupuncture and hypnosis
Explosion-protecting and extinguishing safety device
Low sound speed damping materials and methods of use
Baseball pitching device
Watercraft amusement ride
Packaging system for storing and dispensing products
Toy with display card
Performing Operations; Transporting
Treatment of thermoplastic materials with chelating agents, and related products
Vibratory separator screens
Self-centering water drain valve
Predicting electret performance by measuring level of extractable hydrocarbons
Apparatus for the dustfree discharge of fine dust from a dust collector
Cooling system
Process for the regulating or controlling the NOx content of exhaust gases given off during the operating of glass melting furnaces with several burners run alternately
Engine control system and method with lean catalyst and particulate filter
Exhaust purification device for internal combustion engine
Process for generating power and/or heat comprising a mixed conducting membrane reactor
Relating to dispensing apparatus
Apparatus for coating a paper or board web
Oscillating drive for resonance system
Utensil sorting apparatus
Tablet tester
Method and apparatus for detecting misapplied caps on containers
Method of and installation for shaping a metal strip
Entrance roller guide apparatus
Method of cooling a rolled stock and a cooling bed for effecting the method
Progressive wire forming system
Unwinding adjustment device for wire or materials containing several wires
Automobile body repair kit
Apparatus and method for forming screw-thread on a pipe
Power press ram force modulation and apparatus for use therewith
Method and apparatus for hydroforming metallic tube
Auto equalized dual pierce unit
Self-centering trim punch
Transfer apparatus and method for transferring container bodies in a press
Bending device having a control mechanism for controlling joint-type robots of the bending device
Riveting apparatus
Method of casting with improved detectability of subsurface inclusions
Strip casting apparatus
Self lubricating and cleaning injection piston for cold chamber injection unit
Apparatus for precisely guiding a workpiece relative to a work surface
Wire-sawing machine
Coolant safety system for automated welding apparatus
Two position tool slide for screw machine
Router with dust suction hood
Workpiece guide apparatus for wood routers, shapers and the like
Apparatus for parallel aligning elongated workpieces
Precision high speed turning machine
Device for manually sharpening cutting tools
Grip tightener wrench system
Quickly-adjustable gripping and cutting tools
One-way driving control mechanism of a wrench
Wrench adapter assembly
Fastener system with spline recess and driving tool
Gripping apparatus for power tongs and backup tools
Delivery device for a setting tool with a nail magazine
Pneumatic impact mechanism with a drive piston having a reduced wall thickness
Rotary hammer
Terminal protection system for portable power tools
Tool box
Rotatable work bench
Three-point suspension system for mounting a tool to a rail system
Tool box
Safety razor blade tool
Cutting apparatus for moving foodstuff strand
Knife projection sensing system
Corner making tool
Process for in-situ treatment of wood poles
Wide mouth hot fill container
Variable length pipe repair fitting
Transfer press
Global planarization method and apparatus
Servo press controller
Penetration resistant window
High-speed pouch forming, sealing and filling machine, method of operation, and multi-layer film therefore
Screen printing apparatus and method for curved laminated skateboards
Screen printing machines
Screen printing method and screen printing apparatus
Squeegee blade holder
Apparatus for positioning a printing plate to a plate cylinder of a printing machine
Screen printing apparatus
Cleaning device for a printing press
Stencil printer having paper supply controller
Pencil sharpener bit
Breakaway pusher for a timing belt of a mail inserter
Angled-cut paint brush holder
Method for determining the rotational speed of a motor vehicle wheel rotating around a rotating axis
Kit removable adapters for mounting and removing special run-flat tires by using a conventional tire changing machine
Tubeless bicycle tire rim and tubeless bicycle tire in combination therewith
Run-flat tire with specified profile
Vehicle suspension system with variable geometry
Heat pump type refrigerant cycle system
Automatic temperature controlled seats
Vehicle refrigerating cycle apparatus and method for inhibiting cycle corrosion and for facilitating rapid passenger compartment warm-up during low temperature conditions
Vehicular air conditioner using heat pump
Heat exchanger for vehicle air conditioner
Hydrostatic transaxle
Fuel cap extension
Fuel filler cap
Transmission for a dune buggy
Working vehicle
Viscous actuated ball ramp clutch having one-way clutch
Hybrid vehicle
Turn signal switch
Noise insulating member having low degree of water and oil absorbency
Pyrotechnical inflator and method of making same
Anti-theft device including an electric switch for detection of key insertion
Auxiliary reservoir transfer system for windshield washer fluid
Retractable vehicle wash system
Parking brake actuating assembly with brake cable positioning bracket
Hydraulic actuation device
Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicle braking system
Railroad handbrake "off" sensor
Modulator mis-wire test
Chain drive with adjustable friction
System for automated transport of passenger cabins, automobile platforms and other load-carriers
Garbage and debris conveying system
Sheave arrangement suitable for slack pulling carriage
Center beam car with deep upper beam structure
Large capacity car body for pressure discharge railway hopper cars
Retainer member for use in railway coupling devices
Internal neutral positioning spring for railcar shock absorber
Rail brake element
Cart automatic brake mechanism
Electrically controlled clamping system
Guideway transit system and automated vehicle used in this system
Single release lever for steering column tilt and telescope
Laminate structural bulkhead
Electric power steering unit
Centering mechanism for a power steering control valve
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Device for elevating articles for storage within a garage
Locking arrangement for motorcycle
Bicycle steering lock
Apparatus for reducing dissipation rate of fluid ejected into boundary layer
Bottom structure of personal watercraft
Dump-valve device for a craft and pneumatic craft fitted with same
Boat fuel overflow protection system
Stair device
Footstrap for board sports
Sailcloth arrangement for sails of water-going vessels
Electromechanical actuator of the type having a screw-and-nut system
Microgel disersion for hydraulic apparatus and processes
Bypass turbojet-engine cowling comprising an electrically grounded displaceable component
Apparatus for forming sand bags
Dispensing device including a rotatable closing cone
Apparatus for holding a fluid bag composed of gas-tight material
Apparatus and method for manually applying stretch film to palletized products
Dialysis drain bag drainage device
Method and device for emptying a drum filled with solids
Labeling apparatus
Stackable container case
Synthetic resin pallet
Stacking food pan with louvered ventilation means
Combination chemical carrier and bucket device
Reinforced bottle having integral handles
Cap having de-ovalization bead on skirt
Assembly of interconnected containers and containers for use therein
Roasting and pan/cover assembly
Burglar-proof container comprising a hollow body with its closing device
Package for stacked elements with means for separation
Display carton for simulated article inspection
Garment package with foldable flaps and downwardly extending garment covering tab
Packaging of smoking articles
Modular transport container for satellites
Pack structure
Aerosol dispensing system
Cardboard box for containing and dispensing large quantities of wire
Device to protect light strings for storage
Stacking post top casting
Explosion resistant aircraft cargo container
Endless conveyor for agricultural machines
Conveyor apparatus and method
Transport band for conveying along a spiral path
Method and apparatus for detecting a misaligned conveyor
Bucket conveyor
Process for controlling the operation of machines for processing articles, for example for packaging food products, and the machine thereof
Rotary valve and method of operating it
Device for generating a continuous stream of bulk material and determining the transfer rate or batch amount thereof
Storage bin for particulate materials
Apparatus for supplying printed products to a discharge location
Clamping claw for an endless conveyer
Procedure for control of an elevator group consisting of double-deck elevators, which optimizes passenger journey time
Composite handrail construction
Self-propelled stairs moving unit
Machine and method for filling containers, in particular bottles
Modular beverage dispenser
Water cooler and dispenser
Pressurized system and method for dispensing carbonated beverage
Automatic refueling station
Container for high purity liquid chemicals
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Water producing and dispensing machine
Roof-mounted oxygen-fuel burner for a glass melting furnace and process of using the oxygen-fuel burner
Method for transporting cold latent heat and system therefor
Refinery process furnace
Source for thermal physical vapor deposition of organic electroluminescent layers
Textiles; Paper
Processing american buffalo hair to produce a yarn
Condensing zone for a spinning machine
Multi-axial yarn structure forming machine
Circular knitting machine cam holder mounting structure
Device for the attachment of feeders in circular machines for knitted fabrics
Quilt panel cutter with quilting system batch and panel length control
Sewing machine having a display
Buttonhole sewing machine
Tape feeder for a stitching machine
Trousers-fly-serging apparatus
Apparatus for processing a material web
High pressure cleaning vessel with a space saving door opening/closing apparatus
Liquified gas dry-cleaning vessel with self-contained front access lint panel
Pneumatic tire comprising reinforcing metal wire cords with at least one shape memory wire and method of making same
Tissue forming fabrics
Fixed Constructions
Soil sampling apparatus
Apparatus for positive water retention and circulation in storage tanks
Bolt-on well adapter
System and method for controlling the unwanted flow of water through a water supply line
Conduit for pressurizing plumbing systems and supplying zantifree plumbing systems
Steel frame stress reduction connection
Aluminum connector hub for a steel tube
Wall stud connectors
Flexible runner
Lattice girder, in particular for forming a load-bearing guardrail on a suspended walkway
Motor-assisted electromechanical lock system
Lap top lock
Truck/camper security bar
Tilt cord controller for venetian blinds
Roller shade tube with extension wing
Extendable leg means for levelling ladders and the like
Pipe string handling apparatus and method
Pipe cartridge for a horizontal directional drill
Wellbore flow control device
Pre-drilled casing apparatus and associated methods for completing a subterranean well
Method for confirming the integrity of a seal system within a subterranean well conduit Christmas tree valve assembly
Cementing plug
Failsafe safety valve and method
Backhead and check valve for down-hole drills
Method and apparatus for placing a gravel pack in an oil and gas well
Gas displaced chamber lift system having a double chamber
Method and apparatus for increasing fluid recovery from a subterranean formation
Method for controlling the speed of a pump based on measurement of the fluid depth in a well
Apparatus and method for determining a drilling mode to optimize formation evaluation measurements
Impulsive suction pulse generator for borehole
Hydraulic underreamer and sections for use thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydrostatic machine piston
Overexpansion rotary engine
Sealing-steam feed
Removal of inert gases from process gases prior to compression in a gas turbine or combined cycle power plant
Gas turbine combustor by-pass valve device
Dimpled impingement baffle
Oil pump
Annular after reactor for use with a jet engine test cell
Flexible inlet tube for a high and intermediate pressure steam turbine
Boiler scale collecting device before steam turbine
Method for operating a combined-cycle power plant
Method for reusing a substance's thermal expansion energy
Compact head assembly for internal combustion engine
Motorcycle rocker arm
Arrangement for driving valves
Vented valve mechanism for internal combustion engines
Vane type hydraulic actuator
Cylinder deactivation via exhaust valve deactivation and intake cam retard
Rotary valve for internal combustion engines
Multi-cylinder diesel engine with variable valve actuation
Solenoid-operated valve for internal combustion engine
Engine oil pan including sediment basin and baffle configuration
Flow control for an oil nozzle
Breather structure for four cycle engine
Lubricating oil discharge system
Fuel combustion control system for engine
Design to improve turbulence in combustion chambers
Two-cycle engine with exhaust temperature-controlled ignition timing
Retrofit equipment for reducing the consumption of fossil fuel by a power plant using solar insolation
Fuel control system for a gas turbine engine
Electronic throttle control system
Supercharged combustion engine, preferably of diesel type, provided with a device for exhaust gas feedback
Reversible internal combustion engine
Method of controlling compression ignition internal combustion engine
Purge fueling delivery based on dynamic crankshaft fueling control
Engine control with a fuel vapor purge system
Dynamic infrared sensor for automotive pre-vaporized fueling control
Apparatus and method for determining start of injection of a fuel injector
Fuel-injection system for engine
Direct injection engine fuel injection control apparatus and method
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Combustion controller for lean burn engines
Crankcase for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation system in an internal combustion engine and method of using same
Engine cooling arrangement
Evaporative emission canister for an automotive vehicle
On demand/multi-fuel/vapor delivery system
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine with a common rail
Accumulator fuel injection apparatus
Apparatus and method for connecting a fuel pressure tube to a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine
Fuel system
Combination of shim and cam
Variable delivery fuel supply device
Motor vehicle starter incorporating improved overrunning clutch
Spark blanking apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Gravity motor
Axial piston machine with curved bearing surface on the drive plate
Internal oil separator for compressors of refrigeration systems
Micro-machined device for fluids and method of manufacture
Switchable inflation device
Seat valve
Manually operated supply and exhaust changeover valve for fluid Pressure apparatus
Power actuator having an electromagnetic clutch assembly
Friction safety brake having two independent braking circuits
Wet type multi-plate friction engaging apparatus
Quick check brake indicator
Motor base for vibratory apparatus
High value static unbalance-type balance shafts
Ball screw and nut assembly with a nut having a preloaded wiper thread and method of its manufacture and operation
One-way clutch built-in type pulley apparatus for alternator and method for preventing squeal of endless belt for driving alternator
Control device
Controlled two-speed axle shifting with automatic transmission
Shift lever interlock
Integrated push rod locator in cylinder head gasket
Bushing boot for a cam braking system
Dual plate check valve
Cooling module including a pressure relief mechanism
HVAC damper
Flow diverter assembly
Exhauster pressure control system
Isolated proportional valve
Remote valve position indicator
Housing for diverter valve
Hose for a refrigerant for an electrically driven compressor
Low emission disconnect system
Undersea hydraulic coupling member with primary and secondary poppet valves
Low spill quick disconnect coupling
Sealing-tight pipe with acoustic damping for the transport of gaseous fluids, and a method of producing the same
Process for transferring liquefied gases between containers
Pressure build-up evaporator
Heat recovery boiler and hot banking releasing method thereof
Process chamber in connection with a circulating fluidized bed reactor
Fuel and air compartment arrangement NOx tangential firing system
Combustion burner and combustion device provided with same
Waste liquid incinerator and method of incinerating waste liquid
Method and device for burning disintegrated plant-based fuel
Combustion chamber and a method of operation thereof
Woodburning fireplace exhaust catalytic cleaner
Outdoor convertible wood burning fireplace
Manifold assembly for a gas range
Heater trough apparatus
Water heater and gas burner
Utilization of harvest and/or melt water from an ice machine for a refrigerant subcool/precool system and method therefor
System for removing parasitic losses in a refrigeration unit
Refrigeration system
Collapsible cold storage system
Refrigerating plant
Process for producing a pressurized methane-rich liquid from a methane-rich gas
Method for loading pressurized liquefied natural gas into containers
Apparatus for and method of separating a hydrocarbon gas into two fractions and a method of retrofitting an existing cryogenic apparatus
Cryogenic air separation system using an integrated core
Heat exchanger
Laminar flow radiator for motor vehicle
Spoked support ring for air preheater housing
Efficiency condenser
Plate heat exchangers
Ignition component for a pyrotechnic composition or propellant charge
Archery bow with bow string coplanar with the longitudinal axis of the bow handle
Bow string silencers for archery bows
Low energy track
Isolation system mount for mounting sensitive electronic equipment to non-recoiled artillery
Portable telepresent aiming system
Non-lethal personal defense device
GPS guided munition
Spin-stabilized artillery projectile having gas pressure equalizing means
Self-destructing impact fuse
Cantilever having sensor system for independent measurement of force and torque
Elastic surface wave gyroscope
Angular velocity sensor
Apparatus for measuring a characteristic of an object using an optical fiber and light pulses
Electromagnetic flowmeter having low power consumption
Flow rate measuring system for crops supported on a conveyor
Karman vortex flow meter
Airflow sensor
Level sensor
Limit-level sensor and method of determining the undershooting or overshooting of an intended level of liquid in a container
Method and device to determine delivery rate or mass flow rate of material conveyed by a high density liquid piston pump
Apparatus and method for correcting drift in a sensor
Magnetostrictive torque sensor
Apparatus for measuring belt tension
Aircraft weight and center of gravity indicator
Aircraft weight and center of gravity indicator
Tire and rim assembly centering method
Process for sampling open water sheen
Inspection apparatus for gas detectors
Apparatus for testing hollow bodies for defects
Chemical sensor and coating for same
Aspherical curved element transducer to inspect a part with curved entry surface
Apparatus and method for testing strength of electrical bond sites on semiconductor devices
Integrated analysis process and device for hydrocarbon characterization by distillation simulation
Multi-purpose impact sensor
Apparatus for measuring impedance of a resonant structure
Vehicle diagnosing apparatus
Apparatus for storing customer trays
Apparatus and method for predicting clear air turbulence
Apparatus for automated production, and/or packaging and/or testing of fiber optic devices including optical fiber system components and optical fibers
Optical fiber ribbon stranding method and device
Apparatus for removing lead characters from cassette
Wafer center alignment device and method of wafer alignment
Printer and restoration method for printing plates
Motion controlling system for motorized medical equipment carriage
Differential oil pressure control apparatus and method
Transmission control linkage for foot to hand control conversion
Locking device for faucet
Adjustable pedal assembly with electronic throttle control
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Intelligent document handling system
Pill dispensing apparatus
Device to distribute photographic material
Position flag for manually usable means
Disk protection enclosure
Ignition coil for use in internal combustion engine
System for improving energy purity and implant consistency, and for minimizing charge accumulation of an implanted substrate
Process apparatus and method for improving plasma distribution and performance in an inductively coupled plasma
Showerhead electrode assembly for plasma processing
Wafer shipping container
Connector assembly
Eddy current reduction braking system
Article for collecting sound for ears
Subwoofer assembly
Standard-sized vibrating diaphragm speaker structure
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