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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Cotton cultivar L-373
Lettuce cultivar Refugio
Agrochemical formulations comprising a pesticide, an organic UV-photoprotective filter and coated metal-oxide nanoparticles
Compositions and methods for treating viral infections
Medicinal compositions containing aspirin
Substituted 4-aryl-1,4-dihydro-1,6-naphthyridines and use thereof
Phosphonated Rifamycins and uses thereof for the prevention and treatment of bone and joint infections
Template free and polymer free metal, nanosponge and a process thereof
Guava pulp composition
Method of reducing incidence of intraocular pressure associated with intraocular use of corticosteroids
Methods for administration and formulations for the treatment of regional adipose tissue
Anti-diabetes composition containing chicoric acid and/or one of the metabolites thereof
Transdermal delivery of medicinal cetylated fatty esters using phonophoresis or iontophoresis
Heterocyclic tetracyclic tetrahydrofuran derivatives
Spirocyclic cyclohexane compounds
Substituted imidazole derivatives, compositions, and methods of use as PTPase inhibitors
Phosphodiesterase 10A inhibitor
Naphthalene amidine imides
Dual NK1/NK3 receptor antagonists
Unit dose formulations and methods of treating thrombosis with an oral factor Xa inhibitor
3-cyano 5-thiazaheteroaryl-dihydropyridine and the use thereof for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Combinations of pyrazole kinase inhibitors
Aryl sulfonamide amine compounds and their use as 5-HT6 ligands
Methods and compositions using racemic, (R)-, and (S)-fexofenadine in combination with leukotriene inhibitors
Opioid and opioid-like compounds and uses thereof
Imidazothiazole derivatives having proline ring structure
Method of treatment or prophylaxis
Quinazoline derivatives and therapeutic use thereof
Compounds, compositions, kits and methods of use to orally and topically treat acne and other skin conditions by 19-Nor vitamin D analog
2-substituted-1.alpha.,25-dihydroxy-19,26,27-trinor vitamin D analogs and uses thereof
Inhibition of palmitoyl acyl transferase expression and/or activity for the regulation of antiproliferative factor activity
Soluble, degradable poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives for controllable release of bound molecules into solution
Compositions for suppressing obesity
Use of extracts or of extract compounds from Piper cubeba L. as active components in a medicament for the treatment of cancer
Method of diagnosing and treating colon cancer
Orally administered peptides synergize statin activity
LprG as a chaperone of immune adjuvants
Peptide adjuvants
Neutralizing monoclonal antibody against human DLL4
Tissue protective cytokines for the protection, restoration, and enhancement of responsive cells, tissues and organs
Gelled water-in-oil microemulsions for hair treatment
Polyimide microparticles
Compositions, methods and devices for control and clean-up of hazardous spills
Performing Operations; Transporting
Platinum-based electrocatalysts synthesized by depositing contiguous adlayers on carbon nanostructures
RF non-thermal plasma techniques for catalyst development to improve process efficiencies
Detecting nerve agents and determining the types thereof
Control method for producing ground markings, and reference beam generator
Thermoset dampener material
Aqueous one-component dispersion primer for the adhesion of plastic films by means of dispersion adhesives
Method for producing a series of through holes in a layer of material by means of a laser beam
Laser beam welding device and method
Method for creating ornamental structures
Contact material, composite sintered contact component and method of producing same
Methods and systems for processing lignocellulosic materials and related compositions
Barrier laminate and device sealed with it, and method of sealing device
Soft mat
Permeable films
Synthesis of a LiMPO.sub.4 compound and use as electrode material in a lithium storage battery
Porous inorganic/organic hybrid monolith materials for chromatographic separations and process for their preparation
Solder layer and electronic device bonding substrate and submount using the same
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition, pressure sensitive adhesive sheet and surface protective film
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Double-walled carbon nanotubes and methods for production and application
Iron composition based water filtration system for the removal of chemical species containing arsenic and other metal cations and anions
Three pressure hydrogen loading cycle for fused silica
Optical glass, optical elements made therefrom, method of making the optical elements from the glass, and optical components comprising one or more optical elements
Optical glass
Process for lignin conversion to chemicals or fuels with H.sub.2 generated from lignin depolymerization products
Low oxygen biomass-derived pyrolysis oils and methods for producing the same
Process for cis-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Aromatic amic acid salts and compositions
Pentafluorosulfanylbenzoylguanidines, processes for their preparation, their use as medicaments or diagnostic aids, and medicaments comprising them
Process for reducing color of a polyglycerol
Method for separating 1-butene from C.sub.4-containing hydrocarbon streams by hydroformylation
Method for preventing the oxidation of lipids in animal and vegetable oils and compositions produced by the method thereof
Process for separating and/or introducing a flush material in an adsorption separation system
Mixed matrix adsorbent for separation of gasoline components
Heterosubstituted N-thiolated beta-lactam compounds and methods of use
Substituted heterocyclic mercaptosulfonamide metalloprotease inhibitors
Agent for regeneration and/or protection of nerves
Production of 2,5-dihydrofurans and analogous compounds
Phenanthrenequinone-based compound and pharmaceutical composition containing the same for the treatment or prevention of disease involving metabolic syndrome
Barium salt of benzimidazole derivative
Quinoline derivatives as P13 kinase inhibitors
Derivatives of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine-2-carboxamides, preparation method thereof and use of same in therapeutics
Inhibitors of tyrosine kinase receptor dimerization
Organic and inorganic photosensitizer dyes
Process for the extraction of macromolecules from a biomass using thin stillage
Chiral phosphorus compound
Synthetic heparin disaccharides
Non-naturally occurring DNA sequences
Methods and intermediates for chemical synthesis of polypeptides and proteins
Compositions and methods of use for modulators of polypeptides and polynucleotides in treating breast cancer and melanoma
Anti-EDB antibody-targeted IL-10 cytokine for therapy of rheumatoid arthritis
Crosslinkable syrup copolymers with aminoalkyl (meth)acryloyl solvent monomers
Polyfunctional vinyl aromatic copolymer, process for producing the same, and resin composition
Polymer and process for producing the same, composition for forming insulating film, and insulating film and method of forming the same
Method for degrading water-soluble polymeric films
Composites of polysiloxane polymers and inorganic nanoparticles
Polymer compositions, method of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom
Continuous web of optical film laminate with predefined slit lines, and method and system for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Polymerizable liquid crystal compound and its polymer
Cationic alcohols and uses thereof
Microorganism testing device and microorganism testing chip
Cyanobacterial isolates having auto-flocculation and settling properties
RNA interference for the treatment of heart failure
Pharmaceutical compositions for treatment of MicroRNA related diseases
Methods of treatment and prevention of diet-induced obesity and sequelae thereof
Efficient astaxanthin production strains derived from Haematococcus pluvialis
Process for producing antiaging agent, vulcanization accelerator or modified natural rubber by means of microorganism
DNA intercalator detection
Methods for identification of bone anabolic agents
Device for carrying out cell lysis and nucleic acid extraction
Antibody libraries
Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Enigma-Mdm2 interaction and uses thereof
Synthesis of nanocrystalline diamond fibers
Plasma CVD apparatus, method for forming thin film and semiconductor device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Augmented velocity hydro-electric turbine generator
Brushless DC turbo-hydro electric generator
Seesaw-type wave power generating device
Solar tracking device and tracking method thereof
Fluorescence detection device and fluorescence detection method
Fluorescence detection method, fluorescence detecting device and program
Scanning electron microscope and method for detecting an image using the same
Blood group antigens of different types for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Method for on-site drug detection in illicit drug samples
Nucleic acid extraction kit, nucleic acid extraction method, and nucleic acid extraction apparatus
Method for identifying a T-cell receptor protective against a disease
Device and method for analyte sensing
Assay for diagnosing Streptococcus pneumoniae
Method of testing a semiconductor device and suctioning a semiconductor device in the wafer state
Systems and methods for providing a shared charge in pixelated image detectors
Detection apparatus and radiation detection system
Multi-chip reticle photomasks
Security enhanced printed products and methods
Drum tuning apparatus
Fingerboard for stringed musical instrument
Method for manufacturing thin-film magnetic head
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Treatment of nuclear sludge
Method and apparatus for specimen fabrication
Membrane switch sheet
Control assembly
Ion implanter provided with beam deflector and asymmetrical einzel lens
Photon detector
Semiconductor imager and method with spatially separated proximate and distal reset gates to tune relative gain
Spectrometer apparatus
Method for producing a MEMS package
Plasma processing method and storage medium
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method and structure of a surface-mounting type diode co-constructed from a silicon wafer and a base plate
Dicing tape-integrated film for semiconductor back surface, and process for producing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, and RFID tag
Method for manufacturing light-emitting element, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, lighting device, and electronic appliance
Electronic textiles with electronic devices on ribbons
Fabricating current-confining structures in phase change memory switch cells
Adhesive film for semiconductor, composite sheet, and method for producing semiconductor chip using them
Semiconductor package structure and manufacturing method thereof
Optical sensor
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
Methods for fabricating FinFET semiconductor devices using L-shaped spacers
Electrode for an ionization chamber and method producing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Transferred thin film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Performance enhancement in PFET transistors comprising high-k metal gate stack by increasing dopant confinement
Method for fabricating a power transistor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a grain orientation layer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Mask for sequential lateral solidification and sequential lateral solidification apparatus having the same
Conformality of oxide layers along sidewalls of deep vias
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Plasma oxidation method and plasma oxidation apparatus
Devices with gate-to-gate isolation structures and methods of manufacture
Method for reprocessing semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Fabricating method of pixel structure
Arrangement comprising at least one power semiconductor module and a transport packaging
Semiconductor package with integrated substrate thermal slug
Semiconductor package with package main body cooling structure using coolant, and semiconductor package assembly with the semiconductor package and coolant circulating structure
Low-inductive semiconductor module
Semiconductor device with varying bump density regions and method of manufacturing the same
Solid-state image sensor device
Semiconductor device and method of patterning resin insulation layer on substrate of the same
Method for producing a plurality of chips and a chip produced accordingly
Thin film transistor array substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-image led projector for sequentially projecting a series of transparency images onto a screen
Semiconductor device
Driving device for unit pixel of organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
Structure for high density stable static random access memory
Adjustable CMOS sensor array
LED package structure
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device using variable resistance element or phase-change element as memory device
Pixel structure
Semiconductor light-emitting device with sealing material including a phosphor
Electronic package including high density interposer and circuitized substrate assembly utilizing same
Dielectric layer for flash memory device and method for manufacturing thereof
Logic element, and integrated circuit or field programmable gate array
Tunnel field-effect transistor with gated tunnel barrier
Semiconductor device having display device
System and method for ESD protection
Component arrangement including a MOS transistor having a field electrode
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Nanowire fabrication method and semiconductor element using nanowire fabricated thereby
Densely-packed films of lanthanide oxide nanoparticles via electrophoretic deposition
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method therefor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor memory device
Variable light condensing lens apparatus and solar cell apparatus
Semiconductor structure
Light-emitting diode die package and method for producing same
Light emitting device
Red and green fluorosulfide phosphor, preparation method and white-light emitting diodes
Thin-light emitting diode lamp, and method of manufacturing the same
Light-emitting diode die package and method for producing same
Thermoelectric generator for battery charging and power supply
Composite material, and light emitting element and light emitting device using the composite material
Organic electro-luminescent display and method of fabricating the same
Organic light emitting device
Method of manufacturing lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Optimised positive electrode material for lithium cell batteries, method for the production thereof, electrode, and battery for implementing said method
Mixed carbon material including graphite powder cores and surface carbon material on a surface thereof and negative electrode for nonaqueous secondary battery
Process for producing fuel cell catalyst, fuel cell catalyst obtained by production process, and uses thereof
Liquid fuel cell system and boosting unit of the same
Fuel cell
Method of operating polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method of entering and exiting a regenerative/stand-by mode on a fuel cell system where the fuel cell is separated from the regenerative source by a blocking power diode
Ring of fuel cells with a hydrogen generator
Method for synchronizing an electric machine with an electric grid and arrangement of an electric machine and an electric grid
Actuator with integrated equipment for condition monitoring and method for condition monitoring and method for producing an actuator
Rotor for an electrical machine
Electric motor
Motor stator and phase coil preform
Wireless resonant magnetic acutation for untethered microrobots
Permanent magnetic device
Machine tool with an active electrical generator for power generation
Housing attachment for an electrical machine to ingress protection class IP 24W
Photovoltaic power generating system
Solar cell module
Microscopic spectrum apparatus
Small footprint heater
Device for producing a temperature gradient
Portable microwave oven with protective frame
Flex-rigid wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Composite multilayer wiring board
Relay board and semiconductor device having the relay board
Electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Wine glass charm
Autonomous floor mopping apparatus
Fluorescent tanning lamp with improved service life
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for outsorting suspect mail from an incoming mail stream
Method of outsorting return to sender mail using an incoming mail sorting apparatus
Member for removing foreign matter adhering to probe tip and method of manufacturing the probe tip, method of cleaning foreign matter adhering to probe tip, probe, and probing apparatus
Contact carriers (tiles) for populating larger substrates with spring contacts
Tool-holder head, in particular for plasma beam cutting machines
Method and apparatus for automatically re-igniting vacuum arc plasma source
Weld electrode for detecting a misoriented weld nut
Laser welding with beam oscillation
Single motor, multi-axis stage
Transporting and positioning device for tool magazine of machine tool
Eddy current measuring system for monitoring and controlling a CMP process
Apparatus for monitoring rotation of an object about an axis
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Electric device and method for charging and discharging battery unit of the same
Method and system for controlling a permanent magnet machine during fault conditions
Security apparatus for motor vehicle electronic accessory unit
Compulsory drive unit for electrical equipment in a vehicle
Using an imaging device for security/emergency applications
Trailer theft alarm
Mass transportation passenger guidance system
Steering control device
Bicycle control apparatus that communicates power and data over a single transmission path
Micromechanical device and method of manufacture thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for measuring the concentration of nitrogen in argon by means of ion mobility spectrometry
Field emission display including carbon nanotube film and method for fabricating the same
High transmittance alumina for ceramic metal halide lamps
Low-temperature burnt ferrite material and ferrite parts using the same
Semiconductor device free of LLD regions
Fixed Constructions
Post-automatically determined user-modifiable activity performance limit apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Buffered ion sense current source in an ignition coil
Energy generation device for mobile carriers
Vertical axis wind turbine
Air sampler with compensating pump motor speed
Electro-magnetic archimedean screw motor-generator
Spindle motor and bearing assembly
Electric motor torsional decoupling
Current noise insulated spindle motor
Low-pressure discharge lamp with connector
Air-cooled lamp, and article treatment system and method utilizing an air-cooled lamp
Plasma torch incorporating electrodes separated by an air gap and squib incorporating such a torch
Method and apparatus for separating electrical runout from mechanical runout
Fibre Bragg-grating sensor
System and process for exploiting a test
Tire tread integrity monitoring system and method
Time-resolved light decay measurements without using a gated detector
Scanning system with calibrated detection and method
Sensitivity adjusting method for pattern inspection apparatus
Scanning electron microscope and sample observation method using the same
.alpha.-WO3-gate ISFET devices and method of making the same
Ion mobility spectrometer with mechanically stabilized vacuum-tight x-ray window
Device for measuring the oxidizable carbon of a liquid and a method for the use thereof
Bearing provided with rotation sensor and motor employing the same
Semiconductor testing device having a nest with a detachable anvil
Hinged heat sink burn-in socket
Test method for electronic modules using contractors and conductive polymer contacts
Detector for high intensity electrical currents
Device using a detection circuit to determine whether an output current thereof is source-induced or load-induced, and method therefor
Wide-band RF signal power detecting element and power detecting device using the same
Method of determining one or more properties of a semiconductor wafer
Docking system for connecting a tester to a probe station using an A-type docking configuration
Method and system for detecting an arc condition
Holding device for electronic part test, and device and method for electronic part test
Electronic apparatus test circuit
NMR microsample holder which allows safe and simple exchanges of the sample tube
Vertical field type MRI apparatus with a conical cavity situated in the main magnet
Directly cooled magnetic coil, particularly a gradient coil, and method for manufacturing conductors therefor
Electron spin resonance measurement method and measurement device for measuring ESR within the interior of large samples
Method and apparatus for automated detection and indication of movement
System and method for providing useful information for a moving object
Gamma watermarking
Pixelated photon detector
Radiation image storage panel and process for reading radiation image information
Anisotropic transfer function for event location in an imaging device
Application of scatter and attenuation correction to emission tomography images using inferred anatomy from atlas
Dedicated apparatus and method for emission mammography
Apparatus and methods for investigation of radioactive sources in a sample
Apparatus and methods for investigation of radioactive sources in a sample
Scanning microscope and a method of scanning a specimen
Light beam scanning device for micro-area light source
Light emitting device and camera having the same
Radiation image information read-out method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording and reading out radiation images
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Tape stiffener, semiconductor device component assemblies including same, and stereolithographic methods for fabricating same
Positioning-controlling apparatus and positioning-controlling method, and part-mounting equipment and part-mounting method
Servo controller for preventing downward displacement in gravitating axis
Magnetically sensed thermostat control
Biasing circuitry for generating bias current insensitive to process, temperature and supply voltage variations
Method and/or circuit for generating precision programmable multiple phase angle clocks
Routing technique to adjust clock skew using frames and prongs
Structure and methods for measurement of arbitration performance
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of high-speed circuit operation
Differential amplifier common mode noise compensation
Apparatus and method for contacting a conductive layer
Distance information obtaining apparatus and distance information obtaining method
High security electronic combination lock
Decorative motion detector
Environment and hazard condition monitoring system
Building alarm system with synchronized strobes
Method and apparatus for automated collection and transfer of collision information
FED driving method
Driving circuit of display for preventing electrostatic discharge
Piezoelectric actuator
Power controller
Focusing lens for electron emitter with shield layer
MRAM with asymmetric cladded conductor
DRAM sense amplifier for low voltages
Antifuse circuit
Apparatus for adjusting input capacitance of semiconductor device and fabricating method
Circuit for preventing system malfunction in semiconductor memory and method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for testing semiconductor device
Scanning probe microscope
Optical instrument, and device manufacturing method
Flat high-voltage impulse transformer
Rod-core transformer and a lamp cap having a rod-core transformer
Moving coil linear actuator
Contact for vacuum interrupter and vacuum interrupter using the contact
Contact zone for a power breaker
Fail-safe assembly for coacting contacts in a current-carrying system, apparatus or component
Electrical switch with circuit breaker
Field electron emission materials with insulating material disposed in particular area and devices
Electron source having first and second layers
Plasma display panel using helicon plasma source
Plasma display panel with partition walls having different widths
Display device
Cathode ray, tube including an electron gun having specific relation of axial length of focus electrode and focus electrode-screen distance
Shrinkage band and cathode ray tube comprising the same
Protected substrate structure for a field emission display device
Charged particle beam microscope with minicolumn
Adjustable implantation angle workpiece support structure for an ion beam implanter utilizing a linear scan motor
Electron beam apparatus
Method and apparatus for emission lithography using patterned emitter
Radio frequency power source for generating an inductively coupled plasma
Clear plastic packaging in a CMOS active pixel image sensor
Space-angle focusing reflector for time-of-flight mass spectrometers
Control of leachable mercury in fluorescent lamps
Gas discharge tube
Short arc discharge lamp
Shrouded electric lamp having functionally distinguishable center supports
Starting aid for high intensity discharge lamp
Infrared filter system for fluorescent lighting
Voltage-applying probe, apparatus for manufacturing electron source using the probe, and method for manufacturing electron source using the apparatus
Article comprising aligned nanowires
Electron gun and production method thereof
MOS transistor using mechanical stress to control short channel effects
Semiconductor device including a gate insulating film made of high-dielectric-constant material
Field-effect transistor, circuit configuration and method of fabricating a field-effect transistor
Lead frame design for chip scale package
Semi-conductor apparatus, a method of fabrication of the same, and a reinforcing tape used in fabrication of the same
Semiconductor device having capacitors provided with protective insulating film
Interdigitated capacitor and method of manufacturing thereof
Production of semiconductor integrated circuit
Two-mask trench schottky diode
Dual-oxide transistors for the improvement of reliability and off-state leakage
MOSFET transistor with thick and thin pad oxide films
Semiconductor device for improving sustaining voltage
Semiconductor device
Capacitor structure
Contact structure for integrated circuit devices
High frequency integrated devices
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and the method of producing the same
Transistor provided with first and second gate electrodes with channel region therebetween
Semiconductor device including via contact plug with a discontinuous barrier layer
ESD protection scheme for outputs with resistor loading
Permanently on transistor implemented using a double polysilicon layer CMOS process with buried contact
Integrated semiconductor memory fabrication method
Semiconductor memory device
CMOS imager cell having a buried contact
Planar transistor structure using isolation implants for improved Vss resistance and for process simplification
Basic cells configurable into different types of semiconductor integrated circuits
Nonvolatile memory capable of storing multibits binary information and the method of forming the same
Semiconductor device having trench isolation structure and method of fabricating the same
Trench device isolation structure
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device reducing junction leakage current and narrow width effect
Insulating layers in semiconductor devices having a multi-layer nanolaminate structure of SiNx thin film and BN thin film and methods for forming the same
Semiconductor memory devices having dummy active regions
Cavity ball grid array apparatus having improved inductance characteristics
Image sensor having an improved package structure
Optical device packages having improved conductor efficiency, optical coupling and thermal transfer
Method for ball grind array chip packages having improved testing and stacking characteristics
Ball grid array chip packages having improved testing and stacking characteristics
Semiconductor package for three-dimensional mounting, fabrication method thereof, and semiconductor device
FET circuit block with reduced self-heating
Electronic device having fibrous interface
Power source unit for driving magnetron and heatsink to be mounted on printed circuit board thereof
Flip-chip package substrate
Structure for bonding pad and method for its fabrication
Electronic device
Chip package capable of reducing moisture penetration
Semiconductor package including flex circuit, interconnects and dense array external contacts
Shallow trench antifuse and methods of making and using same
Metal trace with reduced RF impedance resulting from the skin effect
Semiconductor device and LSI defect analyzing method using the same
EMI shielding for semiconductor chip carriers
Semiconductor device including memory unit and semiconductor module including memory units
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with stack of semiconductor chips
High speed semiconductor circuit having low power consumption
Semiconductor memory device
Vertical MOSFET with horizontally graded channel doping
Imaging array and methods for fabricating same
Semiconductor package for series-connected diodes
Silicon light-emitting device and display apparatus employing the same
Semiconductor memory cell and method of forming same
Lateral MOS power transistor
High withstand voltage semiconductor device
Memory device comprising single transistor having functions of RAM and ROM and methods for operating and manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Self aligned symmetric intrinsic process and device
Ballast resistor with reduced area for ESD protection
Magnetic shielding for reducing magnetic interference
Extended drift heterostructure photodiode having enhanced electron response
Junction field-effect transistor
Supporting structure for a solid state image sensing device
Substrate for light emitting diodes
Apparatus for suppressing crosstalk in image sensors without degrading red light response
Light emission apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting diodes including modifications for submount bonding
Electromechanical drive element comprising a piezoelectric element
Organic thin-film transistor and manufacturing method for the same
High efficiency coupled line filters
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Optical module
System and method for automatically tensioning wires and for retaining tensioned wires under tension
Spark plug
Power charging system and related apparatus
Power management for battery powered appliances
Stator for reciprocating motor
Strip of lamination sectors and a method of manufacturing a magnetic circuit for an electrical machine
Electrical bus powered cooling fan
Permanent magnet rotor
Rotor disc assembly having rotor rim with alternate magnets and laminated pole pieces
Permanent magnet motor assembly having a device and method of reducing parasitic losses
Efficient stator
Motor having a rotor with interior split-permanent-magnet
Creased armature winding insulator for dynamo-electric machine
Armature of rotating electrical machine and wire winding method thereof
Magnet type stepping motor
Front brake of an electric motor
Motor drive with a combination step control
Automotive alternator
Air-cooled electric rotary machine
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Voltage stabilizer for electrical energy transportation and distribution applications
Semiconductor component for direct gate control and monitoring of power semiconductor switches
Inverter apparatus
Dual current-limiting circuit for DC brushless motor
Controller for a wound rotor slip ring induction machine
Method of controlling and switching for braking an electronically commutated electrical motor
Circuit configuration for supplying an electric motor
Method for starting a sensor- and brushless d.c. motor
Low voltage start up circuit for brushless DC motors
Pulse-controlled electronically commutated motor
Power tool trigger control
Drive unit for initialization
Engine generator
Power generation controller and method for a vehicle
High quality serial resonance oscillator
Low noise level differential amplifier
Distortion canceling circuit
Radio frequency power amplifier module
Delta-sigma amplifiers with output stage supply voltage variation compensation and methods and digital amplifier systems using the same
High output amplifier for stable operation
DC feedback control circuit
Differential amplifier slew rate boosting scheme
High-speed output transconductance amplifier capable of operating at different voltage levels
DC-compensation loop for variable gain amplifier
Low noise amplifier arrangement
High frequency power amplifier and wireless communication module
High-frequency amplifier circuit and radio communication apparatus using same
Differential gain adjusting amplifier system with selectable electroluminescent differential photocell attenuation
Low power active filter and method
Transistor driver circuit
Vehicle door handle system
Vibration switch
Programmable driver method and apparatus for high and low voltage operation
Method for clock control of clocked half-rail differential logic with single-rail logic
Circuit for reducing pin count of a semiconductor chip and method for configuring the chip
Data register for buffering double-data-rate DRAMs with reduced data-input-path power consumption
Digital level shifter for maintaining gate oxide integrity of scaled driver devices
Modified high speed flop design with self adjusting, data selective, evaluation window
Input circuit with hysteresis
Differential circuit and peak hold circuit including differential circuit
Method and apparatus for switching between input clocks in a phase-locked loop
Synchronous clock generator for integrated circuits
Phase frequency detector
Method and circuit to reduce jitter generation in a PLL using a reference quadrupler and an equalizer
Cable fault detector
Power line networking apparatus and method
System for transmitting and verifying alarm signals
Data transmission system, circuit and method
Distributed alarm system
Voice-to-data equipment installation set up method and system
Light-emitting device for optic fiber decoration
EL element with dielectric insulation layer
Operating device for lamps with a regulated SEPIC converter
Ballast with adaptive end-of-lamp-life protection
Lamp lighting controlling apparatus and light emitting apparatus
Wiring substrate having no through holes formed in wiring correspondence regions
Stacked structure for an image sensor
Microelectronic package with an attachment layer including spacer elements
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