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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Data reproducing apparatus and data reproducing system
Human Necessities
Divider support apparatus with integral adjustable torsional preload mechanism and vibration damper
Protective glove having contoured wrist guard
Shoe with directional conditioning device for laces or the like
Wireless actuator
Top plate and mechanical room of a refrigerated showcase
Oral-care device and system
Brake system for wall arm
Respiratory anaesthesia apparatus with device for measuring the xenon concentration
Biventricular stimulation device with shortened inter-ventricular delay
Systems and methods for enhancing or optimizing neural stimulation therapy for treating symptoms of movement disorders and/or other neurologic dysfunction
Implantable leads, electrode portions and methods for securing
Medical device with low EMI leakage
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of manufacturing a droplet discharging head
Aluminum engine cylinder liner and method
Method of making a pump
Method for manufacturing a double walled pipeline
Drive assembly for a sleeve housing device in a magazine
Reciprocating type electric shaver
Automatic bale size calibration on round balers
Optical component lens assembling apparatus
Variable cutoff printing unit and method of printing
Method for improved plate change and sheet-fed offset printing press having a plate change apparatus
Printing press having an anilox inking unit with an associated washing device
Diagnosis monitoring device for yaw rate sensor
Grab bar end cap
Contrast container holder and method to fill syringes
Fluid dispenser with improved shelving system for accommodating containers of various sizes
Manual filling aid with push button fill
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Radiation collimator for infrared heating and/or cooling of a moving glass sheet
Process of producing a glass-ceramic, the glass-ceramic made therby and its uses
Glass preform manufacturing method
Glass container forming machine and method
Enhanced oil-based foam drilling fluid compositions and method for making and using same
Textiles; Paper
Knitting tool arrangement and knitting tool
Steam ironing device, ironing board and ironing system, with means for providing an electrically charged steam output
Fixed Constructions
Self-sustaining washroom for mobile use
Panel equipped with metal fabric
Externally braced inflatable structures
Side lock apparatus
Two-axis hinge device and mobile terminal apparatus
Dual action power drive unit for a vehicle door
Adjustment of a motorized positioning device
Expanding coupling means for powered window covering
Downhole lubrication system
Well string centralizer and method of forming
Fracturing method and apparatus utilizing gelled isolation fluid
Method of radially expanding a tubular element
System, method and apparatus for enhancing wellbore treatment fluid flexibility
Tilted drive sub
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve cover with decoupled NVH isolation and sealing features
Exhaust gas additive/treatment system and mixer for use therein
Control apparatus and control method of an internal combustion engine
Cooling system having variable orifice plates
System and method for crankcase gas air to fuel ratio correction
Device for injecting mono-propellant at a flow rate that can be modulated with an injection speed that is stable
Combined cycle power augmentation by efficient utilization of atomizing air energy
Ethanol separation using air from turbo compressor
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Injector assembly having multiple manifolds for propellant delivery
Method for the cold start of an internal combustion engine
Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Controller and control method for internal combustion engine
Cable assembly with retainer
Hydraulic system for an automatic transmission
Supporting structure of ball screw shaft
Gear wheel
Drive unit and method for accessing a drive unit
Microfluidic valve having free-floating member and method of fabrication
Valve controller
Plug assembly with moveable mounting members
Dispenser related technology
Device and method for controlling the temperature inside a refrigerating unit of a combined refrigerator-freezer
Quick-release spindle for gun tube
Cheek rest for firearm
Shoe-based weight measuring system
Navigation system performing route guidance for vehicle
Method for testing pipettes
Temperature-based CPU operation frequency controller of a CPU powered by a CPU power supply to protect against multiple circuit overheating
System and method for providing environmental impact information, recording medium recording the information, and computer data signal
Displacement measurement apparatus for microstructure and displcement measurement method thereof
Method of determining coherent test conditions
Method and system for logic verification using mirror interface
Computer system and method for determining a regional impact of earthquake events
Lens barrel apparatus for camera
Waterproof housing compatible for a plurality of cameras
Digital photographic device
Developer supplying apparatus
Electrophotographic endless belt, electrophotographic apparatus having electrophotographic endless belt, and process for producing electrophotographic endless belt
Image forming apparatus having a cooling section in a fixing apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus for holding a recording medium by electrostatic force
Reinforced cleaning member, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using same
Power converters with limited operation to conserve power and with adjustments that overcome ringing
Computer system power policy adjustment in response to an affirmative indication from a user
System and method for improving the performance of operations requiring parity reads in a storage array system
Storage device, data processing system and data writing and readout method
Switcher for debugging and debugging method
Suppressing execution of monitoring measurement program pointed to by inserted branch after threshold number of coverage to reduce instruction testing overhead
Switching circuit implementing variable string matching
Hierarchical memory access via pipelining with deferred arbitration
Credit mechanism for multiple banks of shared cache
Method, medium and system for recovering data using a timeline-based computing environment
Memory hub and method for memory sequencing
Apparatus and method for pipelined memory operations
Affinity-based clustering of vectors for partitioning the columns of a matrix
Dedicated command port for memory controllers
Hole-filling content addressable memory (HCAM)
Adaptive caching
Device and method for data protection by scrambling address lines
Memory buffer device integrating refresh logic
Method and apparatus for implementing heterogeneous interconnects
Nonvolatile memory and card reader provided with the same
High speed, low current consumption FIFO circuit
Bus system, bus manager device, node device, and program for bus manager device
Peripheral device driver installing device, peripheral device, system and method for transferring a device driver to the peripheral before disconnecting from an information processor
Meta data creation apparatus and meta data creation method
Data acquisition system
Electronic drink coaster
SONET/SDH payload re-mapping and cross-connect
Automated call launching
Distributed services architecture through use of a dynamic service point map
Methods and systems for sharing a network resource with a user without current access
Synchronized transmission of audio and video data from a computer to a client via an interface
Fast dynamic measurement of bandwidth in a TCP network environment
System and method for event notifications in a multimedia network
Bi-directional affinity
Querying applications using online messenger service
System and method for managing states and user context over stateless protocols
Targeted network video download interface
Web based device management and monitoring interface
Method and system for tracking clients
Method for estimating a traffic matrix in a communication network using stationary data
Printing sub-system for java and internet applications
Method for making available features for alternative connections of primary connections
System using truncated superior resource name and unique number obtained from global counter maintained by a server for generating unique subordinate resource name
Validation of configuration settings prior to configuration of a local run-time environment
Products and processes for controlling access to vending machine products
Network system, server, web server, web page, data processing method, storage medium, and program transmission apparatus
Method for the automatic retrieval of engineering data of systems
Apparatus and methods for determining and processing medical outcomes
System and method for managing recurring orders in a computer network
Example based machine translation system
Archive system and data maintenance method
Method and storage system that enable sharing files among multiple servers
Storage control method for database recovery in logless mode
Electronic design for integrated circuits based on process related variations
Method of identifying paths with delays dominated by a particular factor
Apparatus, system, and method for designing via pads having extended contours
Routing display facilitating task of removing error
Method for parallel simulation on a single microprocessor using meta-models
Methods and apparatus for variable latency support
Data processing in digital systems
Method and program for designing semiconductor device
System and method for simulating network connection characteristics
Method and system for facilitating electronic circuit and chip design using remotely located resources
System and method for automatic selection of transmission line macromodels
Inter integrated circuit extension via shadow memory
Methods for optimizing die placement
Method for managing appliances
Measurement system optimization
Selectable communication control between devices communicating using a serial attached SCSI (SAS) protocol
System and method for generating message notification objects on dynamically scaled timeline
Methodology and apparatus for implementing write combining
Interface for multifunctional system having multiple services
Hierarchical data navigation tool populated by a web service
Systems and methods for performing schema matching with data dictionaries
Dynamic distributed customer issue analysis
Block processing of input data in graphical programming environments
Method for correcting a mask pattern, a computer program product, a method for producing a photomask, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Tire profile design method
System and method for managing divergent threads in a SIMD architecture
Detection of support components for add-in card
Method of sharing a parcer
Implementing check instructions in each thread within a redundant multithreading environments
Method and apparatus for processing an event occurrence within a multithreaded processor
Method, apparatus and article for generation of debugging information
Method and system for dynamically distributing updates in a network
Object oriented distributed software system with methodology for piggybacked reflective callbacks
Intercepting function cells
Method and system for providing an end-to-end business process for electronic supplier qualification and quality management
System and method for comparing objects
Exception handling method and apparatus for use in program code conversion
Method and apparatus for establishing a bound on the effect of task interference in a cache memory
Method and apparatus for simulating dynamic contact of objects
Storage device system and signal transmission method for storage device system
Touch point and attribute tracking system and process
Method and structure for assigning a transaction cost
Product selling system and method for operating the same
Method and system for managing a mortgage-backed securities index
System and method for invoice confirmation and funding
Configuring dynamic database packageset switching for use in processing business transactions
Security constrained unit commitment pricing optimization using linear programming for electricity markets
Releasing decrypted digital content to an authenticated path
Education support system, target presentation method, recording medium, and carrier wave
Electronic shelf label
Apparatus, method, and program for speech synthesis with capability of providing word meaning immediately upon request by a user
System and method for cantonese speech recognition using an optimized phone set
System and method for Mandarin Chinese speech recognition using an optimized phone set
System and method for effectively implementing a Mandarin Chinese speech recognition dictionary
Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording transducers
Method of soft-decision decoding of Reed-Solomon codes
Mobile terminal apparatus
Housing for an electronic device
Portable telephone
Fiber optic communication assembly
Dispersion management system for soliton optical transmission system
Adding wavelengths to an optical communication network
Measuring a talking quality of a communication link in a network
Method and apparatus for operating a PLL for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Method and apparatus of storage anti-piracy key encryption (SAKE) device to control data access for networks
Flexible, selectable, and fine-grained network trust policies
Obtaining a signed rights label (SRL) for digital content and obtaining a digital license corresponding to the content based on the SRL in a digital rights management system
Method and apparatus for providing secure streaming data transmission facilities using unreliable protocols
Supplicant and authenticator intercommunication mechanism independent of underlying data link and physical layer protocols
Collapsing chained credentials
Physical access control
Transformer hinge design
Switch circuitry and access point
Method and system for provisioning a wireless device
Method for performing hard hand-off in cellular mobile communication system
Handover method for next generation mobile communication system having overlapping area
Universal portable unit
Method, system, and apparatus for detecting a position of a terminal in a network
Position-matched information service system and operating method thereof
Wireless mobile call location and delivery for non-geographic numbers
System and method of accessing mobile phone network subscriber information from the TCP/IP network
Enhanced wireless handset, including direct handset-to-handset communication mode
Apparatus, method and system for matching subscriber states in network in which public land mobile network and wired/wireless private network are interworked
Program, relay apparatus control method, wireless communicating apparatus control method, and system
Method of manufacturing ultrasound probe
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Skin imaging and analysis systems and methods
Digital x-ray material testing and bone densitometry apparatus and method
Image space compensation scheme for reducing artifacts
X-ray device for tomosynthesis
Method for making and reproducing a tomogram of an object, said tomogram pertaining to a section roentgenogram
Waveguide with hand switch
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electric-mechanical-acoustic converter and method for producing the same
Optical techniques for measuring layer thicknesses and other surface characteristics of objects such as semiconductor wafers
Precision composite article
Consumption information management apparatus, image formation apparatus, and consumption information management system
License plate frame and method and apparatus for making the same
Vehicle area detecting apparatus and vehicle area determining method
Control apparatus for an automobile
Chemistry; Metallurgy
ARC furnace with DC arc and AC joule heating
Arrayed waveguide gratings
Substrate provided with antireflection films and its production method
Feature extraction and normalization algorithms for high-density oligonucleotide gene expression array data
Calibration method and device for visual measuring systems
Fixed Constructions
Docking unit for portable computer
Protector system for fiber optic system components in subsurface applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Magnetic encoder, wheel bearing and method of manufacturing magnetic encoder
Pressure balanced inertia solenoid valve
Microphone holder
Telephone and its holder
Low-temperature apparatus
Laser system using phase change material for thermal control
Measuring instrument
Optical system for oblique incidence interferometer and apparatus using the same
Method and devices for time domain demultiplexing of serial fiber bragg grating sensor arrays
Real-time wavelength calibration for swept lasers
Soil particle and soil analysis system
Searching system using X-ray and millimeter-wave signal
Method and apparatus for indicating an over-current condition
Variable optical attenuator which applies a magnetic field to a Faraday element to rotate the polarization of a light signal
Magnetoresistance effect film and device
Apparatus for detecting position
Introducing reduced dataset information into a primary image dataset
Low frequency acoustic projector
Low-noise towed acoustic linear antenna
Ultra-wide field of view concentric scanning sensor system with a piece-wise focal plane array
Zoom optical system and camera comprising the same
Optical arrangement for illuminating objects and double--confocal scanning microscope
Photographic zenith telescope
Microstructures with assisting optical elements to enhance an optical effect
Optical system for scanning and optical scanning apparatus
Laser radiation source and process for generating a coherent total laser radiation field
Method and apparatus for optimizing the output beam characteristics of a laser
Image processing apparatus and method with locking feature
Subwavelength optical microstructure light collimating films
Virtual waveplate and optical channel interleaver formed therewith
Microstructured optical fiber
High contrast display panel and a method of making a high contrast display panel
Large screen fiber optic display with high fiber density and method for its rapid assembly
Optical waveguide having a weakly-confining waveguide section and a strongly-confining waveguide section optically coupled by a tapered neck
Multiple planar complex optical devices and the process of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for cutting waveguides to precise differential lengths using time-domain-reflectometry
Multimode interference coupler with tunable power splitting ratios and method of tuning
Optical signal device
Broadband light source system and method and light source combiner
Spectrally-shaped optical components using a wavelength-dispersive element and a reflective array
Fiber optical switches based on optical evanescent coupling between two fibers
Device for multiplexing/demultiplexing and method therewith
Method for determining and implementing electrical damping coefficients
Universal splitter for splitting ribbon fiber and buffer tubes
Structure facilitating easy assembly of fiber-optic communication components
Method and apparatus for positioning optical elements
Pluggable transceiver module with extended release and removal lever
Inter-bay fiber management assembly
Multi-body modular repeater system and articulated housing for use therewith
Communication network based on the atmospheric transmission of light
Optomechanical mount for precisely steering/positioning a light beam
Adjustable lens assembly
Lens barrel and method of assembling the same
Zoom lens having a cam mechanism
Apparatus and method for modulating optical intensity with amplitude noise suppressed by using linear optical modulator
Traveling wave optical modulators and a method for the production thereof
Optical routing/switching systems
Optical switch having a saturable absorber
Camera including a device for controlling the photographing optical systems to prevent obscuring of an image in the finder optical system
View finder having an object lens system and an eye-piece lens system arranged on a common shaft
Specification-variable camera
Cover for a camera for protecting image capture lens and electronic image display
Waterproof case for camera
LED reflector device
Photographic camera system
Low energy source front projection screen for large screen pictorial displays
Driving mechanism of optical device
X-ray diagnostic apparatus having a storage luminescent screen
Photometry device
Electric flash device predicting quantity of overrun light according to target quantity of emission
Camera with multimode power button
Optical instrument, gas replacement method and cleaning method of optical instrument, exposure apparatus, exposure method and manufacturing method for devices
Wafer chucks and the like including substrate-adhesion detection and adhesion correction
Electrostatic image developing method and apparatus using a drum photoconductor and hard magnetic carriers
Image forming method
Image forming apparatus and toner container therefor
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Liquid developing electrophotographic device
Image forming apparatus
Subunit attaching structure and subunit attaching/removing method in image forming apparatus
Generator for a timepiece
Time period setting structure of timer
Electronic chronograph watch
Computer housing for a portable computer
Guide/ejector device for computer
Drop detection systems for portable information processing apparatus
Personal computer system housing and security system
Computer casing with reusable shielding pieces
Tongue and groove gasket seam for EMI
Heat dissipation structure for electronic apparatus component
CPU cooling arrangement for portable computer
Method and apparatus employing associative memories to implement message passing
Segment-controlled process for controlling castouts from a communication cache in a port in any of multiple nodes in a communications network
Integrated circuit device which outputs data after a latency period transpires
Eye open/close detection through correlation
Method of protection of data transmission according to both medium specific protection data and additional protection data
Touch panel with high operability in low temperature environments
Method for creating and utilizing electronic image book and recording medium having recorded therein a program for implementing the method
Printing system, printing apparatus, information processing apparatus and storage medium storing font download control program
Printer detecting data precisely in response to change in data transmission speed
Method of modifying printer driver output
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium storing program for controlling the same
Method and apparatus to enable job streaming for a set of commonly shared resources
Image forming apparatus capable of controlling timing for a plurality of laser beams to write an image
Method for printing multi-page images
Video processing apparatus for processing pixel for generating high-picture-quality image, method thereof, and video printer to which they are applied
Method and apparatus for assigning color management actions within a computing system
Printing system and method
Image forming apparatus and recording control device
Method and circuit module package for automated switch actuator insertion
Card adapter
Handheld code reader with optimal optical reading distance
Method and apparatus for highly efficient representation and compression of images
Methods and apparatuses for measuring an extent of a group of objects within an image
Automatic method for developing custom ICR engines
System and method for creating a call usage record
Recovering an invisible digital image from a distorted image replica
Watermarking an informational signal
Image processing method using multiple images
Image processing apparatus for generating a single image of an object using overlapping partial images
Conversion of output device color values to minimize image quality artifacts
Memory efficient shear-warp voxel projection algorithm
Reverse engineering of polymeric solid models by refractive index matching
Image processing method and x-ray apparatus having image processing means for extracting a thread-like structure in a noisy digital image
System for detecting photocopied or laser-printed documents
Image processing algorithm for characterization of uniformity of printed images
Method and apparatus for multi-view three dimensional estimation
Interpolation of a sequence of images using motion analysis
Encoding and/or decoding system for three-dimensional color ultrasonic image
Intra compression of pixel blocks using predicted mean
Low cost video compression using fast, modified Z-coding of wavelet pyramids
Video signal processing
Apparatus and method of encoding/decoding a coded block pattern
Voice-data telephonic interface control system
Call center for handling video calls from the hearing impaired
Display apparatus and display method
Multi-feature speech/music discrimination system
Technique for recognizing telephone numbers and other spoken information embedded in voice messages stored in a voice messaging system
Drive circuit for magnetic head and winding configuration of magnetic head suitable for the drive circuit
Tape cassette including memory unit storing reproduction control instructions
Tape guide with wear resistant coating
Disk clamping mechanism
Cartridge picker assembly
Automated storage library with multiple independent robots
Optical data system and optical disk relating thereto
Variable data recording/reproducing speed control apparatus and method of an optical recording system
Magnetic card reader and magnetic data reproduction method using signal peak point intervals
Shear-based transducer for HDD read/write element height control
Load/unload mechanism stably holding head slider in recording disk drive
Electromagnetic inductive drive and method of making the same
Disk cartridge and disk player
Support structure for compact disc
Optical disc apparatus
Editing image data
Information recording medium including playback interrupt information table
Recording medium and tape drive apparatus that calculates available partition recording area using maximum frame number information stored in a memory-in-cassette
Compressed audio information recording medium, compressed audio information recording apparatus and compressed audio information reproducing apparatus
Moving picture playback apparatus
System for detecting an edge of a moving data storage medium
Disk drive apparatus
Magnetic disk drive unit and production method therefor
Method and apparatus for erasing information from a disk within a magnetic disk drive using an externally generated magnetic field
Magnetic card reader and magnetic data reproduction method, data demodulation method and demodulator of magnetic record data
Magnetic head having write head element with high aspect ratio coil
Tape head modules having adjacent substrates each provided with write and/or read elements
Lead overlaid type of sensor with sensor passive regions pinned
Adaptive servo gain adjustment to improve disc drive seek performance
Method and apparatus for settling determination control systems
Head actuator with head support excitation shield
Method and apparatus for magnetic transfer
Optical compact disc with an increased memory capacity
Optical recording medium allowing high-density recording and reproduction of information
Figure of merit in optical recording structures
Objective lens drive device of optical pickup
Method of controlling optical disk apparatus
Optical pickup device having a movable-side member driven with a predetermined inclination
Optical disk signal processing apparatus using modulated light source in a playback operation
Method for crystallizing optical data storage media using joule heat and apparatus therefor
Asymmetric MRAM cell and bit design for improving bit yield
Programming a phase-change material memory
Memory system capable of increasing utilization efficiency of semiconductor memory device and method of refreshing the semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory having refresh function
Semiconductor memory device
High speed clock synchronous semiconductor memory in which the column address strobe signal is varied in accordance with a clock signal
Writing operation control circuit and semiconductor memory using the same
Real-time multitasking flash memory with quick data duplication
Semiconductor device and method of driving and method of producing the same
Programming with floating source for low power, low leakage and high density flash memory devices
Method of reducing disturbs in non-volatile memory
Load for non-volatile memory drain bias
Flash memory with DDRAM interface
Storage and retrieval for resistance-based memory devices
Defective memory component of a memory device used to represent a data bit in a bit sequence
Antifuse memory cell and antifuse memory cell array
Antifuse memory cell and antifuse memory cell array
Semiconductor memory having a redundancy circuit for word lines and method for operating the memory
System and method for improving DRAM single cell fail fixability and flexibility repair at module level and universal laser fuse/anti-fuse latch therefor
Design for test to emulate a read with worse case test pattern
Wafer burn-in test and wafer test circuit
Contactless flash memory with buried diffusion bit/virtual ground lines
Intermediate boosted array voltage
Bus driving circuit and memory device having same
Semiconductor memory device capable of adjusting phase of output data and memory system using the same
Circuit and method for reducing memory idle cycles
Precharge and reference voltage technique for dynamic random access memories
Twisted bit-line compensation for DRAM having redundancy
Synchronous mirror delay with reduced delay line taps
Fuse read sequence for auto refresh power reduction
Apparatus for selecting bank in semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device with improved setup time and hold time
Nuclear plant containment with prefabricated component support structure
Method and apparatus for testing nuclear reactor fuel assemblies
Capacitor and method of storing energy
Over-current and thermal protection device
Shunted multiple throw MEMS RF switch
High voltage isolated rotor drive for rotating anode x-ray tube
X-ray source bearing housing assembly
X-ray tube envelope with integral corona shield
X-ray tube metal frame gettering device
Highly compact EPROM and flash EEPROM devices
Ball-arranging substrate for forming bump, ball-arranging head, ball-arranging device, and ball-arranging method
Logic process DRAM
NAND-type memory array and method of reading, programming and erasing using the same
Heat sink securing means
Shielded electronics package structure with enhanced mechanical reliability
Over-voltage protection for electronic circuits
Single-piece molded module housing
Method and apparatus for replenishing dye solution in a dye laser
Passively mode-locked fiber lasers
Precisely wavelength-tunable and wavelength-switchable narrow linewidth lasers
High average power chirped pulse fiber amplifier array
Antiguided fiber ribbon laser
Optical amplifying apparatus, optical amplifying method, and optical communication system
Two-mirror figure "8" ring resonantor
Laser with gain medium configured to provide an integrated optical pump cavity
Electric-optical singlet sigma and singlet delta oxygen generator
Excimer or molecular fluorine laser having lengthened electrodes
Gas laser device
Wavelength conversion apparatus using semiconductor optical amplifying element for laser oscillation
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser with reduced parasitic capacitance
Structure and method for index-guided buried heterostructure AlGalnN laser diodes
Renovation load center and method of replacing existing load center
System and method of clamping a charger input when no charger is detected
Pulse with modulation inverter generation using a correction co-efficient and a reference to the ratio to obtain a real duty ratio
Capacitor module for use in inverter, inverter, and capacitor module
Resonant inverter control system
Adjustable speed drive for single-phase induction motors
Amplitude calculation circuit
Simplified finite impulse response (FIR) digital filter for direct sequencespread spectrum communication
Adaptive equalization circuit and method
Half sine wave resonant drive circuit
One-hot decoded phase shift prescaler
Single-end-zero receiver circuit
Phase lock loop having a robust bandwidth and a calibration method thereof
Phase locked loop frequency generating circuit and a receiver using the circuit
Apparatus for data recovery in a synchronous chip-to-chip system
Information reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Multi-mode variable rate digital cable receiver
Method and apparatus for glitchless signal generation
Central multiple access control for frequency hopping radio networks
Receiver and method for recovering data from spread spectrum radio signals
Apparatus and method for adaptive CDMA detection based on constrained minimum mean squared error criterion
Interference suppression in a CDMA receiver
System and apparatus for designing and producing signalling waveforms for direct-sequence code division multiple access communications
Apparatus and method for distortion compensation of high power amplifier in DS-multicode CDMA system
Integrated receiving apparatus of subtractive interference cancellation receiver and adaptive MMSE receiver
Method and device for generating an error signal in connection with coherent heterodyne reception of lightwaves
Reverse path optical combining using an optical commutator
Optical parallel transmission system
System and method for low-jitter asynchronous optical regeneration using wavelength sampling
Format insensitive and bit rate independent optical preprocessor
Apparatus and method for multiplexing and/or demultiplexing optical signals having substantially equal dispersion
Optical transmission system using in-line amplifiers
Fault isolation of an optical link by correlating PMD events with other measurements
Long-band light source for testing optical elements using feedback loop
Wavelength re-use
Method for tail-biting and decoding recursive systematic codes
Method and system for demodulating a receive signal including a pilot signal
Power control with effective Eb/N0
Method employed by a base station for controlling initial power ramp-up using short codes
Satellite-based communications system with terrestrial repeater and method therefor
Satellite communication system and satellite for such a system
Channel management technique for asymmetric data services
CDMA mobile communications system and communication method
Cell searching method in asynchronous wideband code division multiple access system
Reference wavelength providing device for performance monitor in WDM optical transmission system
Reception interface unit in transmission system
Method and apparatus for controlling modem data pump parameters based on processor loading
Method for minimizing the number of data packets required for retransmission in a two-way communication system
Relay communication system
Method and system for making a charged telephone call during an Internet browsing session
Receiver driven differentiated service marking for unicast and multicast applications
Configurable telephone line distribution modules for designating primary and secondary telephone lines
Method of handoff between base stations in a wireless communications system
Control data over a ring network
Automatic filtering and creation of virtual LANs among a plurality of switch ports
Switching system including a mask mechanism for altering the internal routing process
Search engine for forwarding table content addressable memory
Receive filtering for communication interface
Method and apparatus for transmitting data to a node in a distributed data processing system
Packet scheduling using dual weight single priority queue
Method of managing a queue of digital cells
Routes and paths management
High-speed trunk cluster reliable load sharing system using temporary port down
Packet switch and switching method for switching variable length packets
TDM-quality voice over packet
Method for the transmission and control of audio, video, and computer data over a single network fabric using ethernet packets
Method and system for network traffic rate control based on fractional tokens
Method for monitoring and controlling traffic in real time in an ATM switching node
Methods for providing extended wireless data transport services
System and method for performing explicit rate marking for flow control in ATM networks using a virtual bandwidth-based methodology
System and method for congestion control in packet-based communication networks
System and method for scheduling reservation of traffic with priority
System and method for regulating message flow in a digital data network
Communicating voice over a packet-switching network
Receiving device with demodulating function based on orthogonal detection and equalizing function based on maximum likelihood sequence estimation
Baseband processor with look-ahead parameter estimation capabilities
Method for equalization of complementary carriers in an AM compatible digital audio broadcast system
Transmitter and transmitting method increasing the flexibility of code assignment
Iterative decoding of data packets employing decision feedback equalization
Three-state differential data transmission with self latching ability
Switched voltage adaptive slew rate control and spectrum shaping transmitter for high speed digital transmission
Frequency scanning FSK receiver
Method and apparatus for recovering data symbols from a signal received by a radio communication device
Frequency error estimation method and system for a QPSK demodulator
Receiver and phase extraction circuit
Hybrid software/hardware discrete multi-tone transceiver
Method in digital quadrature modulator and demodulator, and digital quadrature modulator and demodulator
High-speed flexible longest match retrieval
System and method for providing address discovery of services in mobile networks
Power control scheme for maximizing carrier signal-to-noise ratio in multicarrier transmitters
DSL auto baud
Equalizer training in the presence of network impairment
Calculation and verification of transmit power levels in a signal point transmission system
Simple technique for implementing a cryptographic primitive using elementary register operations
Telephony control mechanism
Advanced priority statistical multiplexer
Establishing a communication link
Intermixing data and voice on voice circuits
Alert suppression in a telecommunications fraud control system
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including tailored announcements
System and method for toll notification when placing a call
Calling-party-pays call processing for cellular and paging
Ring trip detection circuit and method for subscriber line interface
Multimedia private branch exchanger and private branch exchange system
Method of distributing telephone calls to ordered agents
Method and system for remote call forwarding of telephone calls from an IP connection
Automatic call manager traffic gate feature
Internet telephone service using cellular digital vocoder
Echo canceler adaptive filter optimization
Double-talk detector
Image processing device
Data input system
Image processing apparatus and method therefor, and storage medium
Communicating apparatus
Facsimile machine and facsimile communication method
Color conversion apparatus that interpolates output color values obtained from a color conversion table in accordance with weighted input color values
Image reproducing method
Digital still camera and image data processor
Lens cap detection
Camera with solid-state image pickup elements and control device for controlling optical low-pass filter
Exposure control device
On-screen display format reduces memory bandwidth for on-screen display systems
Image pickup apparatus and image reproducing apparatus having an operating member
Television program recording system
Method and apparatus for recording/reproducing video data using memory management
Cable broadcasting system
Cable connected network server platform for telephone white-yellow page services and emergency 911 location identification
Method and system the transmission of facsimile-encoded information between multimedia-capable communication terminal equipment
Method of protecting high definition video signal
Method and apparatus for selecting optimum frequency for upstream data transmission in a network system utilizing cable modems
Active techniques for video transmission and playback
Using a receiver model to multiplex variable-rate bit streams having timing constraints
Data compression assembly having several data-compression channels
Method for compressing image information at high speed and method for transferring real-time moving images utilizing the same
Method and apparatus for digital image coding and decoding, and data recording media
Rate control for an MPEG transcoder without a priori knowledge of picture type
Optical blending for multi-projector display wall systems
Adjusting a softness region
Digital clocking synchronizing mechanism
Device and method for expanding legacy switches
Telecommunications system
System and method for dynamic optical switching using a diffractive optical element
Optical cross-connect switching system
Time slot management method and a main station and substation realizing such a method
Node for optical communication and wavelength-division multiplexing transmission apparatus having a ring structure composed of the same nodes
Self-configuring distributed switch
Optical packet exchange system and optical switch
ATM switch
Communications system and method of controlling same
Network and method for ATM network operations
Connection setup method, service control point, and communications network
Method for improving a network structure, especially an IN (Intelligent Network) network structure
Compatibility server with in-supported telephone number portablility
Automated telecommunications call processing method
System and method for establishing a communication connection
Method of providing a personal communications service, call routing method, and service control point
Method and system for audibly announcing an indication of an identity of a sender of a communication
Data transmission method in a TDMA mobile communication system
Connection between mobile stations using different speech coding rules
System and method for providing redundancy in a telecommunications system
System, device and method for mobile radio communication employing selection process capable of decreasing data buffering delay
Portable telephone and automobile system
Adaptive antenna directivity control method and system therefor
Method for selecting the way to perform a handover, and a cellular radio system
Method and apparatus for assigning use of a radio frequency communication resource
Technique for enabling emergency call callback of a terminal without a valid subscriber identity
Method and radio communications system for controlling signaling
Method and device for preventing toggling between two zones of a wireless communications network
Electroacoustic transducer
Field layer speaker for consumer products
Speaker device
Uniform flash-emission controller
X-ray system for forming X-ray images
Electrical appliance with two identically built casing shells
Handle integrating mechanical functions with electronic status indicators and adjustment feature
Portable terminal device
Circuit board assembly having a compact structure
Low thermal resistance interface for attachment of thermal materials to a processor die
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