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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Comminution machine
Plant promoters
Antiobestic agents and health foods
Compositions of plant carbohydrates as dietary supplements
Substituted anthranilamides for controlling invertebrate pests
Method for preparation of a confectionery product
Article retainer assembly for refrigerators
Fundus imaging apparatus and fundus imaging method
Response testing for conscious sedation utilizing a non-ear-canal-contacting speaker
Device, method and system for monitoring pressure in body cavities
Method of assembling an expandable absorbent garment
Bioresorbable nerve guide rail
Polysilsesquioxane containing polymeric compositions
Cervical disc replacement
Apparatus for deployment of micro-coil using a catheter
Amino alcohol compounds
Broadspectrum substituted oxindole sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Sulfonamide and sulfamide substituted imidazoquinolines
DHA-pharmaceutical agent conjugates of taxanes
Use of phospholipid arachidonic acids for increasing muscle mass in humans
Method of treatment for spinal cord injury
Copolymer-1 improvements in compositions of copolymers
Chimeric interleukin-6 soluble receptor/ligand proteins
Methods and compositions for modulating interleukin-21 receptor activity
Growth differentiation factor-5
Retroviral vectors
Compositions for the relief of xerostomia and the treatment of associated disorders
In vitro methods for evaluating the in vivo effectiveness of dosage forms of microparticulate of nanoparticulate active agent compositions
Golf ball comprising UV-cured non-surface layer
Golf ball conveying apparatus
Slot driven video story
Artificial eye for doll or the like
Genderless construction system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for separating hemicelluloses from a biomass containing hemicelluloses and biomass and hemicelluloses obtained by said method
Method of photochemically removing ammonia from gas streams
Method for separating substances using dielectrophoretic forces
Processing for eliminating sulfur-containing compounds and nitrogen-containing compounds from hydrocarbon
Organometallic complexes that comprise bidentate chelating ligands that combine a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound with an alcohol and their use for catalyzing the oligomerization of olefins
Stent mandrel fixture and method for selectively coating surfaces of a stent
Device manufacturing apparatus and method, and driving method for device manufacturing apparatus
Method of producing multilayer color and/or effect paint systems utilizing self-crosslinking graft copolymers of polyurethane
Siloxane-based resin containing germanium and an interlayer insulating film for a semiconductor device using the same
Providing a surface layer or structure on a substrate
Compositions, methods for producing films, functional elements, methods for producing functional elements, method for producing electro-optical devices and methods for producing electronic apparatus
Fabrication of self-aligned reflective/protective overlays on magnetoresistance sensors
Landfill design and method for improved landfill gas capture
High temperature erosion resistant coating and material containing compacted hollow geometric shapes
Drilling system with stationary work table
Quick chuck
Method for interconnecting tubulars by forge welding
Continuous contour polishing of a multi-material surface
Polishing apparatus
Modular sander-casing architecture
Lens edger
Knife blade dressing apparatus
Substrate polishing apparatus
Steering shaft coupling for automotive vehicle
Method and apparatus for manufacturing multi-layer press molded bodies
Injection molding system with high production efficiency and low system cost
Preparation of co-extruded multi-layered rubber composite and use as component of a tire
Coated article with low-E coating including IR reflecting layer(s) and corresponding method
Ceramic fiber insulation impregnated with an infra-red retardant coating and method for production thereof
Polyester film for forming
Method for continuously making disposable diaper
Process to make boxer shorts having a contracted crotch region
Inkjet printer cradle with cartridge stabilizing mechanism
Printhead assembly with mounting element for power input
Liquid ejecting device and liquid ejecting method
Substrate supporting frame
Method for making a surface acoustic wave device package
Tread for a tire having a rigidity gradient
Motor unit for a ship
Seatbelt use indicating apparatus and method
Vehicle headlamp
Wireless proximity sensor reader transmitter
Method of controlling an electric motor with oscillating output shaft, particularly for automobile wiper systems, and the arrangement of that electric motor
Vehicular brake control apparatus and control method of vehicular brake apparatus
Wheel for belted track vehicles
Resilient mount system for an outboard motor
Recreational watercraft with hydrofoil
Engine control apparatus
Anti-degradation mechanisms for protecting aminated surfaces
Power drive unit with unit load device sensor
Vacuum process system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cesium-lithium-borate crystal and its application to frequency conversion of laser light
Synthesis of ZnO nano-structured materials and its apparatus
Apparatus for treating fluids with ultrasounds
Method for reducing cyclohexenone content of a cyclohexenone-containing organic mixture
3-Hydroxypropyl ester of 2-trifluoromethylacrylic acid and process for producing same
Process for producing cyclic compounds
Optical brighteners
Purine nucleosides
Catalytic composition and its preparation and use for preparing polymers from ethylenically unsaturated monomers
Polymeric and carbon compositions with metal nanoparticles
Organosilicon compound, making method, and rubber compounding agent
Water- and oil-repellent fluoroacrylates
Synthetic polyisoprene rubber
Neutral-coloured 1K polyurethane adhesive
Polyformals and copolyformals with reduced water absorption, production and use thereof
Polyethylene glycol compounds and process of making
Elastomeric compounds incorporating silicon-treated carbon blacks
Wide-gap filler material
Silicone composition useful especially for the production of anti-friction varnish, process for the application of said varnish to a substrate, and treated substrate
Impact modifier compositions with improved flowability
Organic crystal
Ink jet black ink, ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus
Concentrated suspensions
Self-generating foamed drilling fluids
Colloidal and colloidal-like systems in aqueous, clay-based fluids
Isomerization/dehazing process for base oils from Fischer-Tropsch wax
Method and apparatus for thermally upgrading carbonaceous materials
Morphological mutants of filamentous fungi
Systems and methods related to degradation of uremic toxins
Floral induction gene
Modulation of abscisic acid signal transduction in plants
Compositions and methods for altering the biodistribution of biological agents
Methods and compositions for obtaining mature dendritic cells
Recombinant promoters in avian cells
Recombinant MVA virus, and the use thereof
Regulatory segments of the human gene for telomerase reverse transcriptase
Human protein kinase, phosphatase, and protease family members and uses thereof
Method for measuring stiffness of a cultured tissue, using a stiffness measurement device having a vibration detective unit
HER-2/neu fusion proteins
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of diseases characterized by A-33 related antigens
Hepatitis-C virus type 4, 5 and 6
Vibrio bacteria detection and differentiation
Use of NRG4, or inhibitors thereof, in the treatment of colon and pancreatic cancers
Apparatus and method for separating viral particles from cells
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Process and device for producing metal powder
Sputter coating apparatus including ion beam source(s), and corresponding method
Integrated tool with interchangeable wet processing components for processing microfeature workpieces and automated calibration systems
Layered substrates for epitaxial processing, and device
Textiles; Paper
Method for manufacturing paper with a constant filler content
Fixed Constructions
Prefabricated road median wall
Full-displacement pressure grouted pile system and method
Quick-coupler device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for adjusting stator vanes
Fastening arrangement for a split casing
Casing arrangement for a turbocharger of an internal combustion engine
Frame device of a fan
Fail safe cooling system for turbine vanes
Variable stator vane arrangement for a compressor
Method for distribution of gas, gas distributing device and silencer-catalyst system
Device for treating an internal combustion engine exhaust gases
Tidal power generation
Water current generator
Wave energy conversion system
Single-shaft multistage pump
Hydraulic or pneumatic machine with tilting blades
Vacuum pumping arrangement
Shaft bearing retainer
Light emitting art portrayal
Light-emitting module for an optical sight
Lamp with spot light and flood light features
Reflector, projective display and projector
Light emitting device
Electrically switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials including switchable optical couplers and reconfigurable optical interconnects
Burner unit and method for operation thereof
Ink set for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording method
System and method for calibrating a fluorescence microscope
Detector array for optical encoders
Emergency medical service (EMS) stretcher digital scale
Arrangement for determining a temperature loading of an integrated circuit and method
Method and system for determining the buffer action of a battery
Methods for predicting pregnancy outcome in a subject by hCG assay
Method for analyzing substance
Method and apparatus for measurement of blood substitutes
Apparatus and methods for measuring parasitic capacitance and inductance of I/O leads on an electrical component using a network analyzer
Semiconductor device testing method and testing equipment
Method and testing apparatus for testing integrated circuits
Semiconductor test apparatus
Characterizing multiple DC supplies decoupling capacitors in PCB by anti-resonant frequencies
Real-time multistatic radar signal processing system and method
Radar equipment
System and methods for determining the location dynamics of a portable computing device
Multi-channel radiometer imaging system
Circuit for a single photon detector
Parallel optical subassembly module structure
Planar decoupling in optical subassembly
Optical fiber assembly and method of installing optical fibers in a joint housing
Holder of optical transmission lines and multi-core optical wave-guide
Spectacle accessory
Dual display
Light scattering EUVL mask
Positive resist composition
Circuit fabrication method
Laser resist transfer for microfabrication of electronic devices
Sterilization container
Variable output single constant source light fixture
Low-dropout voltage regulator with a voltage slew rate efficient transient response boost circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit including first and second switching transistors having operation states corresponding to operation states of first and second logic circuits
Alternating current converter
Voltage regulator output stage with low voltage MOS devices
DC power supply and integrated circuit device
Multi-channel wireless remote control system
Communication apparatus and communication method
RFID tag with thermal conductive cover
Watch-winding apparatus
Display apparatus controlling brightness of current-controlled light emitting element
Light emitting device and electronic apparatus using the same
Field sequential driving type liquid crystal display apparatus capable of increasing brightness while suppressing irregularity, and its driving method
Active matrix display and switching signal generator of same
Enhanced vision for driving
Patient alignment system with external measurement and object coordination for radiation therapy system
Electron beam apparatus with aberration corrector
Low cost roofing shingles manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
IC socket
Multiphase voltage regulator having coupled inductors with reduced winding resistance
Transformer having a stacked core with a split leg and a method of making the same
Noise suppressor
Separator sheet and method for manufacturing electric double layer capacitor using the same
Variable spacer dots for touch screen
Air guidance device for cooling a switch part of an electrical switch
Multifunction switch for operating a device in a sealed container
Display device and methods of manufacturing and control
Organic light emitting element and light emitting device using the element
Lighting emitting device and electronic apparatus having the same
Image enhancement by sub-pixel imaging
Antenna-coupled microbolometer
Method for manufacturing high-pressure discharge lamp, glass tube for high-pressure discharge lamp, and lamp element for high-pressure discharge lamp
Process for fabrication of a ferrocapacitor
Active matrix type semiconductor display device
Method of fabricating thin film transistor array substrate
Solder ball excellent in micro-adhesion preventing properties and wetting properties and method for preventing the micro-adhesion of solder balls
Method for fabricating an interference display unit
Micro-mechanically strained semiconductor film
Semiconductor methods and structures
Laser diode having an active layer containing N and operable in a 0.6 .mu.m wavelength band
Nitride semiconductor thin film having fewer defects and method of growing the same
Method for manufacturing a stack arrangement of a memory module
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising doping steps using gate electrodes and resists as masks
Integrated circuit resistor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor film by plasma CVD using a noble gas and nitrogen
Semiconductor system having a pn transition and method for manufacturing a semiconductor system
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for patterning dielectric layers on semiconductor substrates
Method for forming a resist film on a substrate having non-uniform topography
Plasma processing method and apparatus
Method for fabricating power mosfet
Method of maufacturing a trench-gate semiconductor device
Vacuum sealed surface acoustic wave pressure sensor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof, circuit board and electronic instrument
Pecvd silicon oxide thin film deposition
Interconnect routing over semiconductor for editing through the back side of an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device producing apparatus and producing method of semiconductor device
Methods of forming semiconductor circuitry
Method for forming tungsten contact plug
Atomic layer deposited HfSiON dielectric films wherein each precursor is independendently pulsed
Method of forming capacitor of semiconductor device
Package design using thermal linkage from die to printed circuit board
Method and structure for manufacturing improved yield semiconductor packaged devices
Electronic device
Semiconductor device
Damascene structure with integral etch stop layer
Multi-tiered lead package for an integrated circuit
Integrated low-k hard mask
Printed circuit board having an improved land structure
Semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
Molded resin semiconductor device having exposed semiconductor chip electrodes
Layered microlens structures and devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having capacitor element
Conductive container structures having a dielectric cap
Semiconductor package
Light-emitting semiconductor device
Stacked electrical resistor pad for optical fiber attachment
Semiconductor arrangement having a MOSFET structure and a zener device
Thin film transistor, thin film transistor substrate, and methods for manufacturing the same
Growing [110] silicon on [001]-oriented substrate with rare-earth oxide buffer film
Integrated circuit configuration comprising a sheet-like substrate
Window interface layer of a light-emitting diode
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices and systems
Semiconductor devices with reduced impact from alien particles
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Device with quantum dot layer spaced from delta doped layer
Image sensor with surface regions of different doping
Energy saving driving circuit for piezoelectric motor
Display device and method for manufacturing thereof
Method of operating a secondary battery system having first and second tanks for reserving electrolytes
Method and system for controllably transferring energy from a high voltage bus to a low voltage bus in a hybrid electric vehicle
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for estimation of battery reserve life using adaptively modified state of health indicator-based reserve life models
Alkaline storage battery
Mobile phone having a directed beam antenna
Wireless communication device with improved antenna system
Structure for an edge of a disk body of an antenna
Structure for repairing or modifying surface connections on circuit boards
Handgrip device for coaxial cable and coaxial cable assembly including handgrip device
Keyed cable assembly to restrain cable under multiaxis stress
Ejecting device for card connector
Card connector
Non-detachable bulb adapter for an energy saving bulb
Power distribution for luggage
Coaxial connector
Low-profile flag electrical terminal connector assembly
Intelligent circuit breaker module
System and method for controlling effective wind farm power output
Battery communication system
Battery pack apparatus and cooling device thereof
Claw-pole electric generator and bicycle electric generator hub
Integrated electric motor and drive, optimized for high-temperature operation
Electrical assemblies using molecular-scale electrically conductive and mechanically flexible beams and methods for application of same
Vibration based power generator
Alignment stage apparatus
Electric linear actuator
Fan operation adaptive control system
Doubled-ended inverter drive system topology for a hybrid vehicle
Feedback parameter estimation for electric machines
Apparatus, method or system for controlling mobile body
Motor drive apparatus having oscillation-reducing control function for output torque
Electric power generating system for vehicle
Frequency selection using capacitance multiplication
Digitally-controlled reference oscillators
Multi-stage amplifier with switching circuitry
Single to dual non-overlapping converter
Integrated power amplifier arrangement
Bi-directional double NMOS switch
Method and apparatus for low capacitance, high output impedance driver
Method and apparatus to generate break before make signals for high speed TTL driver
Level shifter
Logic circuit arrangement
Electric pulse generator and method for generating short electric pulses
High-frequency switching device and semiconductor
Active diode
Phase-locked loop with a pulse generator, and method for operating the phase-locked loop
Phase locked loop system capable of deskewing
Delay locked loop structure providing first and second locked clock signals
DC-DC converter connected to phase locked loop
Circuit having delay locked loop for correcting off chip driver duty distortion
Method for search and matching of capacitors for a digital to analog converter of an SAR analog to digital converter
Method for digital/analog conversion and corresponding digital/analog converter device
Cyclic digital to analog converter
Programmable sample rate analog to digital converter and method for use therewith
Sigma delta beamformer and method with reduced artifact
Character code conversion methods and systems
Data converter with reduced component count for padded-protocol interface
Character string processing apparatus, character string processing method, and image-forming apparatus
Variable length decoding apparatus and method for the image format of a digital video camera
Repeater unit
Planar antenna for wireless communication device and portable computer using the same
Coupling device for a two-part bone-anchored hearing aid apparatus
Electrical equipment having light-emitting device with triplet and singlet compounds in the light-emitting layer
Electroluminescence device
Electronic ballast
Multi-strand substrate for ball-grid array assemblies and method
Structure and method for embedding capacitors in z-connected multi-chip modules
Electromagnetic interference shielding structures for computer hard-drive enclosures
Expired Patents Due To Time
Female support garment
Shoulder-padded T-shirt
Ventilated shirt
Outer garment
Accessory carrying vest
Baseball cap with decorative underbill
Golf boot
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Magnetic fastener unit
Oval key chain
Combined monkey's fist key chain and zipper assist
Personal golf ball caddy
Camera carrying case
Luggage trunk
Carrying device
Toothpaste and toothbrush travel holder
Color match paint applicator
Head portion of an electric toothbrush
Combined brush and hair oil dispenser
Hair styler
Site furniture
Site furniture
Interlocking chair
Site furniture
Computer desk
Computer monitor and keyboard desk
Case for non-circular CD-ROM medium
Apparel fixture
Foldable shelf
Wall cabinet with mirror
Garden stand
Multi-layer baking and cooling rack
Bi-view cabinet
Mobile computer desk
Two-door storage cabinet
TV cabinet
Multi-purpose stand/table
Trigrid display assembly
Pedestal for office furniture
Workspace screen box
Seating portion of a chair
Partition wall
Bin hanger
Extensible parts rack
Article hanging and storage device
Picture frame
Combined picture frame, holder, and camera
Robe hook
Facial pillow
Sipping lid for a beverage holder
Comestible fluid dispenser
Container lid
Base for containers and holders
Travel mug
Microwave cooking tray
Pedestal with ornament holder
Spill proof cup lid
Camouflage insulated beverage container holder
Portable grill
Small sized portable cooking apparatus
Pie plate
Colander with undulating base
Handle for cheese grater
Cutting tool with sleeve
Tongs with ergonomic handle
Holder for drying a paintbrush
Cordless router
Pair of garden scissors
Handy hoe with fork
Wheel assembly for an office chair
Automobile brakes installation and repair tool
Driving head for power tool
Cable reel
Curtain ring with decorative balls
Sock hook
Paint mixing paddle
Combined housing and T-handle for latches and locks
Drawer pull
Front portions of latch housing with pivotal handle
Striker plate for automobile door latch
Surface mount latch
Adjustable cable lock
Basketball rack
Fixture for a proximity sensor in a fluid pressure cylinder
Fuel canister dispensing valve
Casing for a watch
Medication container having timer
Metering device
Dial thermometer
Telematics navigational display device
Clamp meter
Flow meter tube rest gasket with integral float stop
Portable temporary traffic signal
Link-dimpled watch bracelet
Two stone oval gemstone arrangement
Precious stone
Gem stone
Jewelry setting
Pattern for forming polygon
Aircraft instrumentation system
Transmission fluid filter
Surface configuration of a vehicle and/or toy body
Motorcycle ride bell mount
Motorcycle ride bell mount
Motorcycle ride bell mount
Operation handpiece of foldable stroller
Tread of a tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Part of an automobile tire
Auto utensil net
Exterior side panels for an automobile
Vehicle liftglass assembly
Vehicle floor mat
Sports ball wheel cover
Automotive wheel
Vehicle-wheel front face
Automotive wheel
Shifting rod for cruiser motorcycles
Rechargeable battery
Power supply device for remote controller
Pin connector with power and signal pins
Retractable telephone cord
Control panel
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning system controller
Single slide action light control
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning system controller
Electrical connector
Disc player
Voice recorder
Disc player combined with radio receiver and tape recorder
Computer mouse
Scanner for nuclear magnetic resonance tomographic apparatus
Image scanner apparatus
Recording medium
Combined keyboard and mouse tray
Display for web pages with a wireless internet connection
User interface for computer display
Handheld computer
Transmitter for wireless telephone
Microwave antenna and electronics housing assembly
Telephone with the display screen
Key matrix for a handset
Display and key array for a handset
Television receiver
Mini phone without display
Radio receiver
Telephone headset amplifier
Cylinder block
Carburetor float bowl
Carburetor float bowl
Carburetor float bowl
Portable engine
Lawn mower
"High-Dump" grass collector for lawn tractor
Chuck for industrial robot
Mandrel having hooks for forming a coil-wound article for electric motor, generator and alternator
Electronic still camera
Digital camera
Heavy duty pendant for a dome camera system
35mm camera
35mm camera
Safety goggles
Guitar body
Label printer
Serrated postage label
Flip book
3-sided pen
Retractable pen
Clearcap writing instrument
Graphic rail system
Square tissue box cover with recessed border
Toy sofa
Toy weed trimmer
Plush toy race car hand puppet
Football doll
Board game
Stuffed toy
Heart and long bow novelty balloon
Combined gyroscope with base
Desk top toy
Toilet paper dispenser
Surface pattern applied to a dispenser
Full arch dental model base with projecting variable height pins
Suit for treatment of patients with disturbed posture and motor activity
Human Necessities
System, device and method for estimating evapo-transpiration in plants
Apparatus for embolic treatment using high frequency induction heating
Non-invasive imaging of biological tissue
Oversampling pulse oximeter
Non-invasive carboxyhemoglobin analyzer
Manual and automatic probe calibration
Axis shift analysis of electrocardiogram signal parameters especially applicable for multivector analysis by implantable medical devices, and use of same
Method and control apparatus for tracking a contrast agent in an examination subject using a medical imaging device
Device and method for photoactivated drug therapy
Data communication and control for medical imaging systems
Safety adaptor for temporary medical leads
Cochlear electrode system including detachable flexible positioner
Apparatus for destroying pathogen molecules using frequencies
Active implantable medical device having a sophisticated automatic DDD/AAI mode switching
Defibrillation system having defibrillator with replaceable supply module
Impulse force estimating device, impulse force estimating method, and medium storing impulse force estimation program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vehicle suspension control with enhanced body control in steering crossover
Steering actuated wheel lift identification for an automotive vehicle
System and method for controlling a transfer case within a vehicle having variations in tire diameter
System and method for selection of vehicular sideview mirrors via eye gaze
Hang-up cup assembly
Vehicle rollover safety system
System for determining the occupancy state of a seat in a vehicle
Method for stabilizing output of rain sensor and protection method therefor
Method and apparatus for controller power train of motor vehicle
Comfort monitoring system and method for tilting trains
Multi-sensor route detector for rail vehicle navigation
Method and system for facilitating vehicle inspection to detect previous damage and repairs
Rear-wheel steering angle control device
Flight data recorder system
Seismic evaluation method for underground structures
Belt conveyor with regulation member to regulate movement of conveyor belt, and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for sequencing of DNA using an internal calibrant
Textiles; Paper
User interface and method for manipulating singularities for automatic embroidery data generation
Process and apparatus for detecting loop stitch of tubular knitted fabric, and apparatus for linking tubular knitted fabric
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Integrated control system
Method and motor control apparatus for the correction of a computer-established torque in the drive train of a motor vehicle
Zone adaptive cell breakdown
Coupler for an image-forming apparatus
Safety system for an automatic transmission
Device for determining the wheel and/or axle geometry of motor vehicles
Acceleration compensation in a GPS-inertial navigation system
Layout based method for map navigation
Method and device for displaying animated navigation information
On-vehicle information processor with map data and map data management
Navigation system with complex maneuver instruction
Testing system and testing method for structure
Microscopic corner radius measurement system
Method and apparatus for real time measurement of three phase electrical parameters
Method and apparatus for automatically controlled gain switching of monitors
Correlation method for surveillance device detection
Method for determining capacitance values for quieting noisy power conductors
Method and system for characterizing terminations in a local area network
Method and apparatus for generating a fibre channel compliant frame
Application specific waveform generator
Power sensor module for microwave test systems
Fault diagnosis method and system for a sequential circuit
Device with a clock output circuit
MR method utilizing microcoils situated in the examination zone
Magnetic resonance--electrical impedance tomography
Methods of rendering vascular morphology in MRI with multiple contrast acquisition for black-blood angiography
GPS assistance data delivery method and system
Method and system for authenticating objects and object data
Method of locating terminal, and cellular radio system
System and method for configuring generic equipment measurement units with a mobile services switching center
Relative GPS positioning using a single GPS receiver with internally generated differential correction terms
System and method for associating pre-recorded audio snippets with still photographic images
Method of performing optical proximity corrections of a photo mask pattern by using a computer
Image forming apparatus with control of conveying speeds
Techniques for achieving correct order in printer output
Image forming apparatus
Method and system for reducing contamination of a corona charger
Image forming apparatus including a developer bearing member having multiple layers
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image forming units with pivotable subunits
Development apparatus with first and second developer carrying member and a plurality of magnetic field generating means for regulating developer layer thickness
Fluorinated carbon filled polyimide intermediate transfer components
Image forming apparatus having heating and cooling units
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with intermediate conveying path positioned relative to side-mounted after-treatment unit and having slidable top cover
Process cartridge remanufacturing method
Apparatus and methods for increasing bias force on opposing photosensitive member and developing means
Hazardous material classification system
String command parser for message based systems
Numerically controlled machine tool and method
Numerical control apparatus
Interactive system between machine tool and operator
Apparatus and method therefor of maximizing the production run speed of a sheet fabrication machine
Messaging system with protocol independent message format
Semiconductor manufacturing system for simultaneous processing of prescribed number of lots
Device in a process system for detecting events
Arrangement for the central monitoring and/or control of at least one apparatus
Processional travel control apparatus
Anonymously linking a plurality of data records
Copy protection system and method
Integrated network security access control system
Computer virus screening methods and systems
Power management circuit that qualifies powergood disposal signal
Method and system for dynamic clock frequency adjustment for a graphics subsystem in a computer
Disk system and power-on sequence for the same
Method and apparatus for controlling consumption current in computer system
Real-time power conservation for electronic device having a processor
Digital data representation for multi-bit data storage and transmission
Disk array apparatus capable of dealing with an abnormality occurring in one of disk units without delaying operation of the apparatus
Data transmission system, data recording and reproducing apparatus and recording medium each having data structure of error correcting code
Reconfigurable memory with selectable error correction storage
Storage management system and auto-RAID transaction manager for coherent memory map across hot plug interface
Memory error correction using redundant sliced memory and standard ECC mechanisms
System and method for reconstructing data associated with protected storage volume stored in multiple modules of back-up mass data storage facility
Alternative path control system and method
Asymmetrical striping of mirrored storage device arrays and concurrent access to even tracks in the first array and odd tracks in the second array to improve data access performance
Method and system for mirroring and archiving mass storage
Processor interface chip for dual-microprocessor processor system
Redundant array of disk drives with asymmetric mirroring and asymmetric mirroring data processing method
Method and apparatus for providing external access to signals that are internal to an integrated circuit chip package
Method and apparatus for protecting sensitive data during automatic testing of hardware
Dynamic software code instrumentation with cache disabling feature
Procedure for worst-case analysis of discrete systems
Method of and apparatus for performing design synchronization in a computer system
Disk control apparatus
Data processing method and apparatus having address conversion
Reduced latency memory configuration method using non-cacheable memory physically distinct from main memory
Dual cache with multiple interconnection operation modes
Method and apparatus for controlling shared memory access
Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a data storage device
High performance store instruction management via imprecise local cache update mechanism
Cache mechanism for shared resources in a multibus data processing system
Data processing system, cache, and method of cache management including an O state for memory-consistent cache lines
Method and apparatus for improving system performance in multiprocessor systems
Method and apparatus for developing multiprocessor cache control protocols by presenting a clean victim signal to an external system
Method for just-in-time delivery of load data via cycle of dependency
Two-level instruction cache for embedded processors
System for reducing bus overhead for communication with a network interface
Cache memory having a programmable cache replacement scheme
Preventing access to secure area of a cache
Per memory atomic access for distributed memory multiprocessor architecture
Method and apparatus for controlling write access to storage means for a digital data processing circuit
Fault tolerant bus for clustered system
Apparatus and method for handling peripheral device interrupts
Peripheral video conferencing system
Bus arbitration system
Method and apparatus for analyzing buffer allocation to a device on a peripheral component interconnect bus
Method of automatically adjusting interrupt frequency
Smart retry system that reduces wasted bus transactions associated with master retries
Rf PC interface
Method and apparatus for dynamic bus request and burst-length control
Microcomputer with packet translation for event packets and memory access packets
Multiplexing pins of a PC card for providing audio communication between the PC card and host computer
Memory subsystem operated in synchronism with a clock
Input/output control device for reducing standby time of the CPU
Bus construction
Apparatus for receiving data from a synchronous random access memory
Method and system for model-based clustering and signal-bearing medium for storing program of same
Document processing apparatus and computer program product therefor
Method of and apparatus for processing an input text, method of and apparatus for performing an approximate translation and storage medium
Method and system for providing high performance Web browser and server communications
Multi-browser client architecture for managing multiple applications having a history list
Method and apparatus for end-user management of a content menu on a network
Virtual documents generated via combined documents or portions of documents retrieved from data repositories
System and method for selectively preparing customized reports of query explain data
File management method using transposed file
Real time structured summary search engine
Network interactive search engine server and method
System and method for identifying useless documents
Network based classified information systems
Database management system and method for updating specified tuple fields upon transaction rollback
Method, system, and program for determining the join ordering of tables in a join query
Self-learning and self-personalizing knowledge search engine that delivers holistic results
Data enhancement techniques
Method for creating and maintaining a frame-based hierarchically organized databases with tabularly organized data
Storage-controller-managed outboard incremental backup/restore of data
Method and system for translating the format of the content of document file
Optimizing fixed, static query or service selection and execution based on working set hints and query signatures
Method and apparatus for instantiating records with missing data
Network interactive tree search method and system
Document categorization and evaluation via cross-entrophy
Search and retrieval using document decomposition
Method and system for automatic comparison of text classifications
Secure token-based document server
Defining object classes to match corresponding specialized data types in a relational database
File system
Method and system for processing document requests in a network system
Monitoring system for computers and internet browsers
Method, system and apparatus for packet minimized communications
Hierarchical caching techniques for efficient dynamic page generation
Common gateway which allows JAVA applets to make program calls to OLTP applications executing on an enterprise server reference to co-pending applications
Method and apparatus for modeling electromagnetic interactions in electrical circuit metalizations to simulate their electrical characteristics
Method for improving the speed of behavioral synthesis links to logic synthesis
Method and system for breaking complex Boolean networks
Simulation based power optimization
Cell based parallel verification of an integrated circuit design
Efficient design rule check (DRC) review system
Adaptive integrated circuit design simulation transistor modeling and evaluation
Method and apparatus for determining wiring route in circuit board and information storage medium
Adaptive cell separation and circuit changes driven by maximum capacitance rules
Distributed computer aided design system and method
Method for managing metal resources for over-the-block routing in integrated circuits
Veterinary medication monitoring system and apparatus
Unified password prompt of a computer system
System for indirect communication between two computers, each having write access to its own portion of a dual-access disk drive and read access to the entire drive
Verification data generating apparatus, data verification apparatus and storage medium for storing verification data generating program
Redirected I/O for scalable performance storage architecture
Image input device employing a personal computercard/interface or generic interface
Method of providing direct data processing access using a queued direct input-output device
Apparatus and method for differential backup and restoration of data in a computer storage system
System and method for defragmenting a file system
System having an enhanced parity mechanism in a data assembler/disassembler for use in a pipeline of a host-storage system interface to global memory
Print control apparatus for communicating with a selected external apparatus to control a printer
Document reading system, read control method, and recording medium
Address generator for a circular buffer
Ordering keys in a table using an ordering mask
Hybrid technique for performing a column modification operation in a sparse symmetric direct matrix solver
Method and apparatus for rounding in a multiplier
Multiplier cell and method of computing
Digital signal processor
Data processing device and method of computing the costine transform of a matrix
Accessing tables in memory banks using load and store address generators sharing store read port of compute register file separated from address register file
Process for executing highly efficient VLIW
Data processor having an instruction decoder
Programmable accelerator for a programmable processor system
Floating point addition pipeline including extreme value, comparison and accumulate functions
Methods and apparatus for implementing and using processors with sign function capability
Method and circuit for preloading prediction circuits in microprocessors
Test executive system and method including distributed type storage and conflict resolution
Run-time addition of interfaces
Method and apparatus for configuring a computer system
Method and apparatus for in service software upgrade for expandable telecommunications system
System and method for repairing a damaged application program
Tracking PCI bus numbers that change during re-configuration
System, method, and program for automatic error detection while utilizing a software state machine for carrying out the process flow of a software program
Method for expanding secure kernel program memory
Computer-program compilers comprising a program augmentation capability
Constraint language parser which rejects invalid filter constraint during run time
Virtualization system including a virtual machine monitor for a computer with a segmented architecture
Recording in a program execution profile references to a memory-mapped active device
Method and system for load balancing in a distributed object system
Interruption processing circuit for receiving and storing data associated with an event
Window kernel
Method and device for processing several technical applications each provided with its particular security
Method and apparatus for controlling server activation in a multi-threaded environment
Synchronizing one or more workflows using one or more synchronization-join activities that include synchronization logic
Object-oriented workflow for multi-enterprise collaboration
System for switching from a first control program to a second control program based on discriminated transport status of recording medium
Mechanism for holding an integrated circuit card
System and apparatus for the detection of randomness in time series distributions made up of sparse data sets
Data reduction system for improving classifier performance
E-cell (equivalent cell) and the basic circuit modules of e-circuits: e-cell pair totem, the basic memory circuit and association extension
Method for determining thermal exposure of a product
Method and system for providing sufficient availability of manufacturing resources to meet unanticipated demand
Production control system and method
System and method for monitoring risk in a system development program
Method and apparatus for automatically vending a combination of products
System and method for inventory control based on inventory aging
System and method for locating real estate in the context of points-of-interest
System and method of altering transaction terms based upon current inventory levels
Apparatus and method for obtaining lowest bid from information product vendors
System for managing accounting information in a multi-dimensional database
Hybrid installment loan/savings account
Method and a device for use in a virtual environment
Method for verifying the expected postage security device and an authorized host system
Electronic thronttle control with accident recordal unit
Receipt scanning system and method
Interfaced dispensing machines and remote automated payment and inventory management system
Method and device for signalling local traffic delays
Tertiary operation for repairing irregularities
Systems, methods and computer program products for collaborative learning
Method and system for generating a speech recognition dictionary based on greeting recordings in a voice messaging system
Method and apparatus for voice annotation and retrieval of multimedia data
Method and system for performing speech recognition based on best-word scoring of repeated speech attempts
Search optimization system and method for continuous speech recognition
Natural language dialogue system automatically continuing conversation on behalf of a user who does not respond
Hands-free, voice-operated remote control transmitter
Method and apparatus for subsampling phase spectrum information
Data organizational scheme for enhanced selection of gain parameters for speech coding
Speech-encoding rate decision apparatus and method in a variable rate
Language independent suprasegmental pronunciation tutoring system and methods
Fixed codebook structure including sub-codebooks
Computer jukebox and jukebox network
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multiple flash memory devices
Redundant dual bank architecture for a simultaneous operation flash memory
Built-in self-test and self-repair methods and devices for computer memories comprising a reconfiguration memory device
Method of testing detection and correction capabilities of ECC memory controller
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with test circuit
Reduced-pin integrated circuit I/O test
Apparatus for the emission of a combined flow of electrons and electromagnetic radiations
Bootstrapped, piecewise-asymptotic directivity pattern control mechanism setting weighting coefficients of phased array antenna
Method and apparatus for rapid data restoration including on-demand output of sorted logged changes
Impedance measurement system for power system transmission lines
Integrated intrinsically safe input-output module
Reliable message propagation in a distributed computer system
Wide frequency range couplers and detectors for power detection in multiple frequency band systems
Zero hold time circuit for high speed bus applications
Device for using information about the extent of errors in a signal and method
Portable terminal device
Portable storage container for a radio
Location search auxiliary system for cellular radio telephone and method for using same
Device for controlling the connection of a built-in type ear-microphone for portable radio terminal
Hand-free operator capable of infrared controlling a vehicle's audio stereo system
Telephone with key-click sound volume control
Augmenting the capabilities of transceivers
Power saving device for radio communication terminal
Method and apparatus for estimating reverse link loading in a wireless communication system
Broadcast monitoring and control system
Method for controlling forward link power independent of reverse link power control
Satellite communication system using multiple ground station RF power control in a single downlink beam
System and method for synchronization concept for 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum cordless telephone system
Method and apparatus for dispatch communications in a broadcast radio system
Method and apparatus for improving classroom amplification systems and other RF-type amplification systems
Device and methods for channel coding and rate matching in a communication system
Tokenless biometric electronic transactions using an audio signature to identify the transaction processor
Forward error correction with channel adaptation
Method of identifying a frame for erasure in a digital data transmission system
Self test of an electronic device
Methods, systems and computer program products for scheduled network performance testing
System and method for evaluating the operation of a computer over a computer network
Time and activity tracker with hardware abstraction layer
Method and apparatus for transmitting data over data bus at maximum speed
Automatic load sharing for network routers
System and method to discover end node physical connectivity to networking devices
Communication controller for transferring data in accordance with the data type
Data processing system and method for determining a physical location of a client computer system
Data transmission by an alternating-frequency analog signal
Real-time multimedia transmission
File server for multimedia file distribution
Access-method-independent exchange 3
Slave station, master station, bus system and method for operating a bus
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent network services
Network communication system for providing a user with a paging message
Distributed data processing system and error analysis information saving method appropriate therefor
Failure prediction system and method for a client-server network
Cryptographic policy filters and policy control method and apparatus
Method for efficiently revoking digital identities
Combined mobile telephone and personal digital assistant
Wireless telephone with metered shuttle on face
Decimation method for providing pig windows
Satellite broadcast receiving and distribution system
Systems and devices for audio capture and communication during television broadcasts
Client and server system
System for obtaining assistance in operating an apparatus
Telecommunications apparatus and method
Procedure for controlling the set-up of calls with transmission channel requirement of different network terminations
System and method for optimally selecting guard bands in a dual mode network
Beamed antenna system
Service means to provide a service to a user, method realized by such a service means and a telecommunication network including such a service means
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